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Safe auto is the worst auto insurance company in the world. I was quoted one thing which confirms amounts in email and charged double when I called the insurance company. This company has done nothing but lie and deceive consumers all to hold onto a few hundred dollars. Each time you call to cancel you are given new information that you weren't informed about before. They won't allow you to speak to a supervisor and will only transfer you to a line that rings and rings. Safe auto reps aren't even aware of how to file a formal complaint. This is the most bizarre insurance company I have seen. PLEASE BEWARE!!!

TRIED to cancel my policy because I sold my car June 10th. Here we are August 10th and they still have not reimbursed me for the month I paid for insurance when I actually no longer had the vehicle. After numerous phones calls and being misinformed repeatedly, I finally spoke with someone who knew what they were all talking about and I did everything required of me to do/send. Tell me why I still have not been reimbursed and why underwriting has done nothing to complete this transaction. Totally ridiculous and I can guarantee I will never use this company again. I will also be sure and let friends and family know what a poor excuse for a business Safe Auto is. Now I wait for a supervisor to call me back tomorrow between 11pm and 8pm.

Very disappointed. When I called I was told I would only be paying $114. When I called to make my payment they were charging me $207. How can it go up so much in one month? I just decided to go back to my other insurance where they keep the price the same. They sure don't keep going up on their price.

I called Safe Auto two weeks ago to sign up for insurance. After talking to the agent on the phone about the policy, I found out he lied about the policy he was giving me. He gave me state minimum for 122 a month when I was requesting for the same policy I currently have but the same company kept raising their rates with no car accidents or speeding tickets on my record. I called back after finding out I had minimum insurance that did not cover anything. They told me I can cancel if I send them documentation that I currently have insurance. No other insurance company would do that. If I don't want to do business with you I don't have to but they were forcing.

They then told me if I sent them copies that they requested I would get a full refund. A week has gone by and I called them back and they advised me I will receive 66 dollars back after them lying and now not giving me the full refund as they told me. I am currently disputing the charge with my credit card company that has been very helpful to me. Safe auto is a fraud and please no one use them. I don't want people to experience what I have ever.

I was involved in an accident over a month ago. I have Safe Auto. It took them one week to contact me about my claim, two weeks for the claims adjuster to call me, three weeks to tow my car to a shop and 4 weeks to fix my car! My policy covers up to $600 for the rental! I only had the rental 28 days at $20 a day, now ENTERPRISE is charging me $427!!! Now Safe Auto saying there's nothing they can do about it!

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Some drug dealer runs a yield sign and hits my car head on. 2 crackheads come and get the drugs and gun out of his car. Then another car shows up to get the drugs and gun out of there before the cops get there. The car ain't even registered to the gangbanger. He lives over 100 miles away from here. He has full coverage insurance through Scam Auto and they won't even pay any money for insuring somebody that's a hazard to the road and driving around dealing drugs. They just laugh and lie. Safe Auto is a bunch of thieves that pretend they are adjusters. They need to be rounded up like the Knights Templar and set on fire for ripping off Americans.

My 2013 Silverado LTZ truck was hit by a Safe Auto insured driver as I was exiting a hospital parking lot. An SUV with blacked out rear windows backed out of a parking slot into my right front fender and door. Luckily I got a police report. It stated "contributing factors for accident" were "failure to yield" and "improper backing" on her part and the word "none" on my part.

After several weeks trying to get a response from Safe Auto they requested an estimate of damages which I sent to them totaling $4600.00. They sent a lady to take pictures of my truck and then sent me an estimate of $2400.00 for the repairs. Then they sent an e-mail stating that they "had no liability" in the accident and that I was at fault for the incident. When I ask about the police report they replied, "The police officer did not see the accident". After over three months of B.S. I finally got my truck half ** repaired on their estimate and a "take it or leave it" offer. Cheap insurance means virtually no insurance for their customers and anyone who gets damaged by one of their customers.

I was hit by a Safe Auto insured driver. They were quick and courteous when I filed my claim. The next day Kelli ** calls me and explains that an appraisal person would call me the next day. Also I noted that her time was 4:57p.m. My time was 3:57p.m. when she called meaning she called 3 minutes before she was off work. SMH. I waited 2 days no response. So I calls her I'm getting her voicemail every time. I sent her an e-mail in regards to my claim and she responds back saying her computer is having an issue and she apologizes for the delay. Why didn't she call? Then she says could I send her a copy of the police report. Whoa!!! Isn't that her job? She says it would help to determine liability.

So I ask her about a rental car. She says I have to wait and see if the other driver was at fault and to wait on the other driver’s statement. First of all my car isn't drivable since she hit the front of my car. Secondly I received no citations since she ran a red light. We also have a credible witness which is in the police report as well. Every time I call her no answer but she says she's always on her phone but she's magically available to e-mail me back and forth. WTH? Then she says she will call my witness to verify the information provided like I'm lying. My car has major damage and the whole front end is destroyed and I'm not getting anywhere with this company. Couldn't even see my family for the holidays due to no car not even a rental car. I'm very dissatisfied very unhappy and for me to sit around and wait for weeks is absurd. NO WAY!!!

My daughter was involved in a car accident with a Safe Auto insured. This happened in a school parking lot. There was a police report that cited the Safe Auto driver at fault. My daughter was sitting still. That was also noted in the police report. We contacted Safe Auto after we had obtained the completed police report. This accident was greater than two months ago. They have postponed handling our claim in which our daughter has been without a car and we have had to make other arrangements at much expense to our family. I not only called Safe Auto multiple times but each time that I called there was a new person handling my claim due to others being out of the office or it being sent to a different department. Even supervisors were not available to help me.

I faxed the copy of the police report that I obtained two times to them. They continuously put us off and say that they need to have a conversation with their insured to obtain their accounting of the accident. I understand that that is fair. However when their insured does not tell the truth about the accident and it conflicts with the police report this company continues to side with their insured. So now it has been more than two months my daughter is still without her car and I received your voicemail that said that the insured said that she was parked and my daughter hit her. This is completely absurd. I was actually a witness of this accident and I have never in my life been so insulted through a process. I wish that there were some governing official who could evaluate the processes of this company's practices. Very unethical unless you are a Safe Auto insured and you are at fault. I would never use them as my personal insurance.

I have had a pleasant working experience with Safe Auto. They have settled my claims expeditiously and I have had no problems with them or my coverage. My policy includes my car and my son-in-law's car. The premiums are affordable.

It is an affordable insurance with different coverage packages for your needs as a consumer. There are different deductibles. And as I stated before - very affordable. Rates do not go up with tickets or accidents.

I've had Safe Auto for over 5 yrs now and never had any problems with them. Their customer service is excellent. Their claims dept is fast and efficient if you ever need to file a claim. I'm extremely happy with them and would recommend them to anyone looking for a good insurance company.

We have been with Safe Auto since April 2015 and haven't had any claims. They are pleasant when you call with a question or problem. I have no reason not to recommend them at this time.

Safe Auto is the best insurance company I have found so far because they pay their claims in a very timely manner, and if I have any problems they have a 1-800 number so I can speak with a representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These are imperatives I must have in companies I do business with.

It was not very good. They told me I qualified for a better rate then 2 weeks later they said I owe them more money for a ticket almost 4 years ago. They are very disorganized and do not explain themselves in a manner that makes sense. I am not sure I will be doing business with them in the near future.

Safe Auto is open 24 hours a day. They always worked with my age and my driving record. They were friendly, informative, and always available. Safe Auto has something really special about them. I hope more people check it out.

I haven't had much experience yet with my insurance company. It's cheaper than the rest so far. I enjoy that everything can be done online, from quotes to payment. When shopping I found that a lot of the companies that I wanted to check out didn't let me do online quotes or let me start the insurance online.

They have always been ok with me. I have never had any problems with them. They are a fair price and treat me normal. I have no complaints whatsoever about them. They have resolved any issues I have had in the past in a timely and accurate manner.

They are very helpful with your needs. They make sure that you get the best deals. The customer service is awesome, and they try to fix your problems, if there are any, and if they cannot fix them, they will try and find alternate routes. They are also affordable for college students.

I have only used this company since March of 2015, but have not had one issue with them. Wonderful customer service, prices are unbelieveable. I recommend them to anyone needing insurance.

It was basically an online insurance coverage... easy to get and fast. Didn't need to talk to anyone, was able to print cards out right away... Could do it any hours of the day. It's just the minimum someone needed.

It's only 5 dollars cheaper than my last company I was with. I purchased insurance online for 78.00/month. Then they send me a bill two days later for an additional 154.00 to be paid within two weeks. I thought I had found a cheaper rate, but I hadn't. They could've stated the reason I was being billed and charged more. I was upset.

I was rear ended at a stop light by a Safe Auto policyholder driving a Ford F-150 pickup on July 8, 2015. My car is a 2005 Ford Focus SL4. I have two estimates for the damage, one for $2,800 and one for $3,460. The low estimate does not include all of the damage because we are unable to open the trunk because of the accident. Safe Auto sent someone out to take pictures to send back to their home office.

The adjuster then calls to tell me they are going to send a check out for $1,500. He says that is their supplemental policy. That this is the only damage the pictures show, but if the body shops have a problem or question they can call the appraiser. They won't know if there is a problem until they start working on the vehicle and they will not start repairs on a $3,000 estimate for a $1,500 check. So through no fault of my own I am getting screwed by Safe Auto. A car worth $4,000 before this accident is worth $500 to a salvage yard according to several auto dealers in the area. How can this be allowed to happen. These cut-rate insurance companies are nothing but a bunch of crooks ripping off people.

I was struck on the left rear side of my vehicle on May 29, 2015 by an insured Safe Auto driver. The driver left the scene before police arrived and I was not able to get her contact information. However, I did take a picture of her white Nissan Quest with tag number **. The following week my insurance company provided me with the police report and the driver's insurance company. I called Safe Auto Wednesday June 3, 2015 and the customer service rep said an adjuster will me on Thursday June 4, 2015 and if I don't get a return by Friday to call back.

I called back on Friday - the customer service rep said the adjuster called with no response. I called the adjuster Kathy ** and her supervisor Justin ** several times and left messages. June 9, 2015 10:26 am. I'm really not pleased with this waiting service. The customer service rep seems to understand my frustration and put me on hold until she reached Kathy ** the adjuster. Kathy schedules an appointment for me to go to Wolfchase Chrysler Dodge and I get there and they do not service Pontiacs (June 10, 2015).

Spoke with Kathy on the 11th and asked if she could reschedule to have an estimate of my vehicle at Abra Auto Body and Glass. June 19, 2015 @ 8:30am, the customer service manager Buddy did my estimate and told me he never got a claim from the Safe Auto adjuster for my claim (I thought, really). Kathy had me to speak with Brenna (with Abra) to schedule an appoint while she listened in. I called Buddy back and gave him Kathy's contact information.

Today is Monday June 22, 2015 at 1:00 pm and according to Kathy's voice mail she will be out of the office starting June 17th through June 29th (WOW). I left a message with Angel ** at 1:09 pm and I left a message with Justin ** - Kathy's supervisor at 1:02pm. I would like to have my vehicle repaired and a rental car provided at no cost.

Tuesday June 23, 2015 at 12:18 pm, Justin from Safe Auto left me a voice mail about my claim. I dialed his number several times until I reached him at 12:35 pm. Justin asked how he could help me today. I informed Justin that I went to Abra Auto Body on Friday June 19th and was waiting to hear from them. So I called and found out that Kathy has been out of the office since Wednesday the 17th of June and not returning until Monday the 29th of June. I asked Justin who's following up on my claim. Justin said Abra has not uploaded the estimate.. well I guess not because I gave Buddy at Abra Kathy's contact; and she's out of the office. Justin placed me on hold while he called Abra. He informed me that he will get the estimate today and someone else will call me once the estimate is approved.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 @ 2:47 pm, left a message with Kathy **. Thursday, July 2, 2015, I called and spoke with Kathy and she gave me the same run around about Abra Auto Body has not uploaded the estimate for repair. Kathy said once she gets the estimate she will call me back. Friday, July 10, 2015, I left a message with Kathy and Jennifer (Justin's manager). Today is July 13, 2015, 12:15 pm and no one at Safe Auto has returned my call from Friday the 10th. Your company truly lacks courtesy and prompt customer service. It has been seven weeks and my car has not been repaired.

My wife had been taking a class and driven a fairly curvy section of highway at the end of a mountain pass through the winter months in all kinds of bad conditions so was very familiar with the road. She had also taken an emergency driving course as part of her training and has a clean driving record. We'll call her WIFE. It had just finished raining hard and the roads were wet. She is driving her car with a passenger at a safe speed for the road condition and upcoming blind turn she's familiar with. A car careens by her in the passing lane. Let's call him DICK. WIFE enters blind turn to see that DICK lost control on the tighter right-hand turn, obviously crossed her lane, and when she saw him he was just exiting her lane on the right, sliding onto the shoulder then over-corrected and now was coming back across into her lane.

WIFE hits brakes. Tires lock up. She pumps them to get traction again and does all she can to get stopped. DICK's car has already lost a lot of speed before she saw him but is still moving to the left across her lane and just into the passing lane. She couldn't go to the shoulder when she first saw him because he was there. She couldn't go into passing lane because a car was approaching there. And he was now sliding across her lane and made an absolutely unavoidable collision. Wife's passenger went up and talked to DICK. DICK admitted he lost control and was shaking scared. This is a highway, not a little, dinky back road...a US HIGHWAY. DICK contacts his insurance company, SAFE AUTO. DICK lies to them. DICK says his car stalled and he was rolling it off the road to the right shoulder and got rear-ended.

WIFE is contacted by Safe Auto and they tell her she's liable for the accident because she hit him and tells her what DICK said. WIFE tells them what happened. They investigate. They contact her for all the info she has which was pictures of both vehicles, the marks on the roadway -- not hard, black marks but easily visible -- the skid marks on the shoulder, and her witness statement from her passenger who talked to DICK. That was considered "biased" because the passenger, a deputy sheriff, was in her car.

The damage to DICK's car was left rear corner and broke the bumper clips and a little scratched bumper paint. Young DICK's car is remedied with duct tape. WIFE's car, smaller than DICK's, took the impact of the corner of his car about center of grill. Her bumper went under DICK's so she sustained damaged hood, grill, bumper cover, radiator support, etc...a lot of small front end stuff. HOWEVER, not a scratch to front fenders. SAFE AUTO send assessor out and he comes up with a TOTAL LOSS of the car. So...we're out a diesel TDI and 50 mpg. Thanks DICK.

SAFE AUTO tells us that because they have conflicting stories they side with their person, DICK, and deny the payout on WIFE's car. I contact them to find out how it's possible with the pics of damage, the damage to DICK's car on the left rear, when he stated he was turned to the right pulling off the road when struck, and that he admitted to witness he lost control. They agree to investigate further.

SAFE AUTO leaves voice mail stating upon further investigation and contact with DICK, he now admits to losing control of his car. They still deny the claim because there isn't evidence to support the claim (that's right, he now admits to losing control of his vehicle). I call back in and speak with **, the SA rep. He is a weasel. States that without a witness account the conflicting stories don't matter. So the deputy sheriff witness doesn't matter or his conversation with DICK, or his details on the incident.

He also tells me that I'm annoyed because they won't side with WIFE. I tell him I'm annoyed because they're absolutely ignoring, for their own best interest, the damage pictures which obviously and easily prove WIFE's statement and don't line up with what DICK claimed. I also remind him DICK has changed his story now. He states about the damage again. I tell him to review the damage against what was told to him. He states that he and a supervisor have reviewed it. WIFE had to supply them with all kinds of pictures, written and recorded statement, and passenger statement who took initial info from DICK.

SAFE AUTO DENIED CLAIM AFTER ADMITTING THEIR CUSTOMER LOST CONTROL OF HIS VEHICLE AND CHANGED HIS STORY (!!). THEN THEY DENY THAT HE WAS THE CAUSE OF THE ACCIDENT?!?! He lost control of his vehicle on a blind highway turn from excessive speed and created an unavoidable situation! He was still moving across lanes! Crossed wife's lane twice and they deny claim solely based on "conflicting statements."

PACK OF THIEVES. It's actually really sad to see that they've ripped off so many of their good customers and withheld payment on claims they admitted in the wrong. HOPE you never have to deal with them on a claim or as an insurer. DICK's using duct tape. We're out a perfectly good car for absolutely no wrong on our behalf. VERY UNHAPPY.

I was involved in an accident where a client insured with Safe Auto Insurance backed into me from her parking spot after I made a U-turn on a legal street and began driving. Even though I had the right of way on the street, Safe Auto Insurance believes I'm at fault 50%. Therefore, I've only received 50% of the estimate they wrote out for me for the damages on my vehicle and refuse to pay the other half. Because there was not a police report found, or bodily injuries, I'm unable to get the police or an attorney involved.

All I'm left with to do unfortunately, is take this insurance company and their client to small claims court to try to recover the other half of my estimate to fix my vehicle. When speaking to their claims adjuster, he was rude and spoke to me in a manner as if he was trying to brush me off. Also, when I told him that I believe that I wasn't at fault, he simply asked me if I had any proof and mentioned that his client claimed that her car was at a halt after she backed out of her parking spot making it seem like I ran into her which is not the case. Either way the gentleman at the collision repair shop stated that she should be at fault because I had the right of way on the street. This whole situation has been stressful and even though I wish it would end, it is only the beginning. After reading the other reviews on this insurance company on this website, I'm not surprised at all.

They are scams. Do your research. They will give you easy start up then bill the hell out of you. When you ask why you get no answers. So anyone with same service please post. Just maybe we could get a class action lawsuit. Not that I care about money. But they sure as hell do!?

I'm a victim of a private property accident. My minivan was smashed in on the side electronic door by a safe auto customer. They estimated $1100 to fix. Now all of the sudden the guy who backed into me like a race car driver says there was no accident at all. Now I'm being treated as if I'm trying to add insurance fraud to my resume. They immediately became rude every time I spoke to them. I've never had a return phone call yet, they indicated that they had taken pictures of the other guy's car and they would call me after their vacation of 7 days is up. I've waited a month already. They're trying to get out of their end of the bargain, and being very rude and unprofessional about it. I can not believe they operate within the law. If so, the laws need changed drastically.

So for all of you that even have a thought of ever using Safe Auto Insurance please look at their reviews. My daughter's vehicle was hit by one of their insured motorists on November 7, 2014. Not only did they hit her vehicle but 2 other cars and took out a gas pump which cost 40k to replace. Their insured only had minimum coverage of 10k. They've been BS in us for 7 months.

So, after months and months of dancing around our calls and promises of payment soon... well I still am forwarded to voice mails. When I called again this AM (after no return calls on Monday and Tuesday) I asked for the CEO's name and they say they can't give me his information. I responded that it was public information to which the customer service rep asked her supervisor what to do (without putting me on hold btw). I told them that anyone could Google it and I was going to send him an email to which they hung up on me.

I ran over semi tire-tread on the way to drill (I'm Army National Guard). I called that day and created an incident report. When I returned home, I took my car to Cron's Auto Body to get an estimate. The charges were at least double my deductible so I called back. The Adjuster ** called me on Friday, May 1, 2015 @ 16:16 CST and left a voicemail. The voicemail stated she would call me on Monday. Friday, May 1, 2015 @16:45 CST. I returned her phone call.

Her voicemail says, "Thank you for calling Safe Auto Insurance Company. You have reached the voicemail box of **. My normal office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. I am currently on the phone or away from my desk. Please leave your name, phone number (including area code), claim number, and the reason for your call. Calls received by 2 PM will be returned by the end of the current business day. Calls received after 2 PM will be returned by noon the following business day. My fax number is **. My email address is **. My supervisor is **. Her phone number is **. Thank you for calling safe auto. You have a good day."

I left my information and said I would talk to her on Monday. Monday, May 4, 2015 @ 10:28 CST I called Safe Auto to increase insurance coverage and verify that my rental car was covered by my insurance. I was told that my adjuster (that is **) would have to grant permission for that. Monday, May 4, 2015 @ 15:52 CST Left voicemail for ** with my information and requested she call me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 @ 17:02 CST Called Safe Auto Customer Service to request to speak with a manager. The customer service representative said that there were no managers on site. The main office is in Ohio which is EST. When I explained that I had not received a phone call back she said she would send an email marked urgent requesting someone call me the next morning. Wednesday, May 6, 2015 @ 08:49 CST ** called to let me know the auto repair shop called him. They had left at least two messages for the adjuster. She has not returned either call.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 @ 11:10 CST I called Safe Auto. I spoke with a customer service representative and inform them I wanted to cancel my policy. She asked me why I wanted to cancel. I told her about the horrible service I had received thus far, (actually the fact that I did not receive any customer service). She asked me to please hold, and got the department manager, ** on the line for me. ** stated that she apologized for my experience and that the fact that neither had called me yet would be addressed. She also said that she would call the body shop right away.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 @ 11:28 CST Cron's Body Shop called to let me know that he had finally spoke to a safe auto representative **. She said that she would send the paperwork right over to him. Wednesday, May 6, 2015 @ 12:55 CST Called Safe Auto to verify my policy was cancelled. It was not. The customer service representative informed me they would charge me $25 to cancel. Although I don't believe I should have had to pay it, I told her "It is money well spent!" It is now Thursday at 14:41 CST I STILL have not heard from anyone.

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