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Overall Rating3.5 out of 5
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About Farmers Auto Insurance Reviews

Farmers provides a variety of auto insurance plans, multiple discounts and special coverage options, including price cuts for combining your auto policy with another Farmers plan, e.g., home insurance. It also offers rideshare insurance options and Signal, a driver’s safety app.

Pros & Cons


  • Special coverage options
  • Rideshare insurance
  • Several discounts


  • No gap coverage
  • Some pricey rates

Bottom Line

Farmers offers comprehensive and collision insurance, as well as several add-ons. Its vast agent and customer service network helps to resolve claims quickly. The company provides several discounts, including for bundling policies.

Featured Reviews

Howell, MI

Farmers have been very helpful when I needed to make a claim and have been the lowest priced provider that I have bought from. I have tried others and they were initially lower co...

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Somerton, AZ

Best insurance company ever, have always taken great care of my family, rates are always low, never any hassles with claims, great coverage for the policy on the house, cars and R...

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About Farmers auto insurance

Farmers is one of the largest insurance providers in the country. It lets you customize your auto insurance and has a large network of reliable customer service representatives to help file claims quickly. Farmers provides standard auto coverages, such as liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured or underinsured motorist policies, plus add-on insurance like personal injury protection.

Farmers auto insurance coverage

Farmers provides an array of additional coverage options:

  • New car replacement: If you've put no more than 24,000 miles on your car and it gets totaled, Farmers will replace it.
  • Accident forgiveness: For every three years with a clean driving record, you won't have to pay for one at-fault collision.
  • Loss of use: If your car is out of commission, Farmers will pay for a rental or any necessary cabs or public transportation.
  • Customized equipment coverage: If you have both comprehensive and collision coverage, you can add this insurance to cover theft of or damages to special features like rims.
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) coverage: If you have a fairly new car (from the past ten years), this coverage guarantees manufacturer parts for your vehicle after a covered accident.
  • Rideshare insurance: Often, rideshare companies’ insurance is limited and only kicks in if you have a passenger. This plan covers the gaps to ensure you're always covered.

Farmers auto insurance quotes and costs

Like with most auto insurance, Farmers’ auto quotes and costs are based on several key factors, like car year and driver’s age and driving record. For a 35-year-old with a clean record, the annual premium should be around $1,098. Though this is a bit pricey, Farmers also offers many discounts, including:

  • Good driver
  • Multipolicy
  • Multivehicle
  • Alternative fuel
  • Full payments
  • Electronic payments
  • Homeowners
  • Teen driver
  • Good student
  • Bundled coverage

Farmers also has a program, Signal, that monitors your driving through an app. Once you sign up and complete ten trips with Signal monitoring, you'll receive a 5% policy discount, and next time your policy renews you can earn discounts of 15% or more based on your driving score.

Farmers auto insurance FAQ

How good is Farmers’ auto insurance?
Farmers is a solid auto insurance company. It offers comprehensive coverage and custom add-ons ideal for many drivers.
Does Farmers offer gap insurance?
No, Farmers does not offer gap insurance.
Does Farmers have comprehensive car coverage plans?
Yes, Farmers offers comprehensive coverage plans.
Where is Farmers car insurance available?
Farmers’ auto insurance is available in all 50 states.

Is Farmers good insurance?

Yes, Farmers’ auto insurance provides solid coverage for drivers with a variety of needs. We recommend Farmers if you're looking for customizable auto insurance with several optional coverages.

Farmers Auto Insurance Reviews

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Customer ServiceCoveragePriceStaff

Reviewed Sept. 9, 2023

Guess what I had in my car until today? An insurance card from Farmers stating I had a policy with them as of 02/03/2023 good maximum a year. Guess when my policy was canceled with them, as I JUST FOUND OUT TODAY (Sept. 2023)? 02/03/2023. Yes, this is a massive adulting fail on my part and I'm not proud of it (am also insured with a company other than Farmers/Foremost/AAA as of today).

How does this come about your say. Well gather round and I shall tell ye the tale. I move in early 2023 and try to contact AAA, who I initially contacted to get insurance, to advise them of this to update my policy. The AAA rep is after all prominently listed on the Farmers/Foremost portal (when I can get access to it). But he informs me to inform them. Farmers or Foremost? I have no clue, as I once had access to an online portal through Farmers, until I got a cryptic message and didn’t. I think it’s been transferred to a Foremost portal (who is Foremost? No one has explained anything), which I accessed once I think?? I manage to log in and inform them of the move. Okey dokey they say. They quote me a slightly higher rate. Righty ho I say. I log out. I print out my shiny new insurance card. I don’t check my bank account which is linked to AutoPay (my fatal error). I just assume all is well.

I get a few emails from them saying “Billing documents available” and I go, well alrighty, that is how they tell me they’re doing AutoPay, leastways that’s how it’s always been in the past. I continue my prudent driving habits until I need to share my auto ins card and decide to give pay my old portal friends a visit. Oh no. Oh NO.

I call a Farmers lady who tells me I haven’t had insurance since 02/03/23 and... how did I not know? I tell her I never got any notices? She says, "yes you did?" I said they all looked like the generic autopay notices. Also what is Foremost? She says, "They were giving you insurance actually. Farmers is just the name on your card. But you could have logged into both portals." I say, "You are very nice but actually, no I very much could not." I say, "I am an adult in 2023 and have tons of things on Autopay. I did not check my bank statement for the roughly $50/month charge. Yes, I should have done this. I did not. Adulting fail. However, your systems are also BADLY designed."

She is clearly preparing to take this to her boss (She cares! She's a darling!) and says, "If this were a month or so late I could have done something." But then she starts going on about how she has to Demonstrate that I haven't known and Gather evidence and I'm like, "Lady you seem nice but I need to go get me some actual insurance. And given I've been derelict for over half a year now, I'm not going to find anything worthwhile from your reputable establishment, so kindly I must take my leave kthanksbye."

Have I mentioned the charge that caused me to lose insurance back on 02/03/23 (again despite the fact that I also was able to print out a card good 02/03/23 that very day)? THREE. DOLLARS. THAT was the rub and it couldn’t go through on Autopay because Reasons and they sent me a notice about it to my email (I opted into paperless billing like a fool) and it looked just like their notices saying hey we’re doing the Autopay thing and have I mentioned their portal was a nightmare.

Anyway, I am still ultimately the one responsible to carry auto insurance (which I have consistently done since licensed and driving a vehicle) and had I had an accident, my ignorance here would not have been an excuse. Very much aware of this and not proud. Easily the biggest adulting fault of my 30s, or the second biggest after marrying my ex. (Are you happy, Foremost/Farmers/AAA? You are being compared to highly unfortunate ex-spousal units. NOT A GOOD LOOK.)

So TLDR, PLEASE stay away from these people if you a) want to know who you actually are getting your insurance from; b) want a vaguely 21st-century billing and payment experience; c) want the space-time continuum to make some sort of kind of sense. Again. Not saying this wasn't also a major fail on my part. It absolutely was. Over and out.

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Claims HandlingCoveragePrice

Reviewed Aug. 22, 2023

I was with Farmers Auto Insurance for 3 years. My insurance with them was cancelled due to 3 roadside assistance calls and 1 claim. They didn’t renew my insurance. 5 months later they reinstate me and charge me 186.00$ for insurance that was cancelled 5 months ago!! How dare this insurance company reinstate me and ACH my account without authorization from me! Now my account is pending with 2 insurance companies, DANIEL ** Is the agent! Now I’m waiting for my refund from Farmers! This company reinstate my account, without my approval, charge me twice as much as I was paying 5 months ago, and wanted proof of my other insurance company which they had on file 5/3/2023!! Then Farmers wants me to wait 7-10 business days for my refund!! STAY AWAY!

-April H

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    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2023

    I am not normally one to write reviews. However, after my terrible experience working with Farmers Insurance, I felt I needed to go somewhere to warn others about the terrible customer service, lack of communication, and gaslighting that I felt the company did to me during the last four weeks of my not having a car. The story starts with my needing to take my car, a 2018 Hyundai Kona, to the dealership because all of my warning lights had come on suddenly one day. Upon taking it to the dealership, I was told that it looked like an animal had chewed through the wires, resulting in me needing to file a claim with Farmers. This is where the nightmare began.

    The first day after filing the claim I received an email telling me I would continue to get email and text updates regarding the condition and work being done on the car. However, this would be the only email (or communication) I would receive for the next 10 days. During this time, I would try calling my claims representative, Joshua ** to no avail. Over the course of 10 days, I would try to reach out to Joshua dozens of times, always to be greeted by his monotone voicemail. Additionally, when trying to reach his supervisor, the number would lead to a dead-end, with the same monotone voice on the other end of the line.

    It was not until I called Farmer's help number and got on the line with a human being, almost two weeks later, that someone was able to tell me they'd reach out to Joshua to call me back. When he finally did, Joshua was flippant and dismissive, explaining he had never seen any of my calls, despite my many attempts (as well as the attempts from several other family members trying to get ahold of him). Additionally, he casually mentioned that the supervisor listed on his webpage was no longer his supervisor, meaning the number would lead to a dead number. The conversation also yielded little to no information about where in the process my car was.

    During this whole ordeal trying to get ahold of this illusive claims agent, I would call the dealership to ask for updates, only for them to tell me they were ALSO having a hard time reaching my insurance agent. So essentially, for three weeks, I not only had no car (Joshua did nothing to help me get a rental, even after asking for his help on the phone) but my car was not being worked on and was just sitting at the dealership while Farmers twiddled their thumbs. Overall, Joshua ** was one of the most unprofessional, dismissive, and unhelpful people I had ever had the displeasure of talking to. The nightmare only ended roughly three weeks (and some change) later, when I received word from the dealership (once again, not Farmers) that my car was ready.

    Essentially, the TL;DR of this story is that Farmers did nothing to communicate with me what was wrong with my car or how long it would take for it to be fixed. Every time I tried to reach out, I was met with a voicemail from Joshua, who I began to believe didn't actually even work at this company since he never answered his work phone during business hours. I am not looking forward to dealing with them in the future and will be looking for a different insurance company.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 23, 2023

    On 5/2/23 I called Farmers to add a 7th car to my policy. They said they can only have 6 cars and would need to do a manual underwrite. They took my info and said they'd contact me when done. A week later I called back and they said it is still being worked on and call back. I have called back several times just to sit on hold for 30 minutes to an hour. It is 5/23/23 and still not added. I ask for supervisors. They tell me it's been escalated and I can't really speak to anyone. I told them I have filed a complaint with BBB and every website I can while on hold. They just don't care and have told me to continue to wait. Horrible customer service!

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    Reviewed Nov. 9, 2022

    These people were by far the rudest and most unhelpful people I have ever tried to work with on a claim where their insurer struck my vehicle. After being extremely shady during the entire process they refused my claim based on their insurer's statement which they then refused to allow me access to. For all I know they coached their insurer as to what to say and then hid behind the fact that they won't reveal their claim documentation. Their service department is atrocious and I had to go up 3 levels of supervisors before someone would even speak to me about a simple request of documentation so that I can bring their client to court, all while belittling and demeaning me and trying to just make me go away. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to use this company for my insurance and would highly recommend that you avoid them at all costs. They should be ASHAMED for their lack of customer service.

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    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 22, 2022

    Don't conduct business with them over the phone, every time you call you get a different agent, and a different answer to the same question. Farmers recently bought out MetLife and are trying to implement these two companies together, at best they themselves are confused with the merger. They don't know who you have insurance with, prices change on quotes things you have been told you were covered on, turns out you're NOT. They do nothing but apologize for inconsistencies during the merger. These issues are not the consumers business however they seem to make them yours. Save time and money, shop around and deal with a local agent and NOT the 800 number.

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    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoveragePriceStaff

    Reviewed June 29, 2022

    After having been satisfied, faithful customers of another insurance company for our homeowners and auto policies for over two decades, we received a letter stating that they had been purchased by Farmers Insurance, and that nothing would change regarding our coverage, etc., but it would be handled by Farmers from the specified date, onward. We had heard good things about Farmers and were willing to stay with them, unless we found that there was a good reason to leave.

    A month or so later, our policies were coming up for renewal and we received written notice of a fairly substantial price increase for both policies, even though we had filed no claims, and nothing else had changed in terms of location, coverage, or anything else. Since Farmers had not enlisted one of their agents to contact us and offer to help us through the transition to their company (something any company should do if they pride themselves on customer service), we called Farmers' main office to try to get help navigating the nuances of their policies, and possibly tailor our coverage more to our needs and lower our premiums. This is where the real fun began.

    After navigating an automated phone tree that was frustrating at best, my wife was confident that she had found the proper choice and proceeded to be placed on hold for an extraordinary amount of time, because their "system" was having technical difficulties. Finally, a person speaking with a very thick foreign accent came on the line and attempted to help with my wife's questions, but in the end had no real answers. Again, a frustrating experience, which prompted us to look for a different company to handle our insurance needs.

    We were successful in our search, and on the day that the new policies were in effect we called Farmers to cancel their policies - exactly two weeks before they were scheduled to lapse. The representative who my wife talked to about this was very helpful and much easier to understand than the first, and the cancelation seemed to go smoothly. There was no mention of any amounts to be refunded to us for the unused portion of the term of our policies, and although mildly disappointed, we accepted that this was just the way Farmers operates. We were happy to be moving on, and that our brief experience with Farmers was behind us - or so we thought. This was on April 28.

    On June 28 we received two letters from the same collection agency - one regarding an amount due on the homeowners policy, the other for the auto policy. Keep in mind that when my wife called to cancel the policies, there was absolutely no mention of any amount that would be due. That was Problem #1. Problem #2 was that Farmers never contacted us to tell us that we owed them money, and why. Instead, they chose to wait a couple of months and hand the "debt" over to a collection agency. This is deplorable business practice.

    We called the collection agency, whose representative was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She informed us that the amounts due were for cancelation charges that are part of Farmers' business policy. This was news to us. Again, the representative who my wife talked to when canceling the policies didn't inform her of any fees, and the Farmers website certainly doesn't display this information where you might be able to find it.

    We agreed to pay the fees, since they were owed; but current and prospective customers need to know about this "business" practice of Farmers Insurance. It, at best, borders on illegal, and is most definitely immoral. Neither my wife, nor I, have ever had any dealing with a collection agency. Our credit is impeccable, and the threat of a "bad debt" being reported to the credit bureaus can coerce people to pay fees or other charges that may not actually be due. Shame on Farmers Insurance. You can be sure that I will accurately and completely inform anyone who wants to know, about my experience with this company.

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    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverage

    Reviewed April 30, 2022

    I had a damage to my wheel and ruptured tire from a big metal object on the highway. I was told by the customer service, it is covered under comprehensive coverage but their adjuster refused to list it as a comprehensive coverage and insisted that it is a collision so I would pay a higher deductible and asked me if I would still like to file the claim or fix it on my own even I already filed a claim and it is already reported as a claim. Even with that, she runs me through circles with appraisals and other obstacles to get my car fixed. 2 weeks later, my car is not fixed or approved to be fixed. Worst claims and payouts. I pay them more than $6000 a year for different cars and I get nothing when I need them.

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    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverageSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 20, 2021

    MetLife recently sold their Auto/home/renters/umbrella business to Farmers Insurance. As with most businesses you get a salesperson immediately, but you will wait for 30+ minutes to get a customer service person and often get hung up on and have to wait another 30 minutes or multiple times. Customer service agents are not empowered to help customers and commonly give excuses and empty promises.

    My renewals are due in 9 days. I've been calling for three weeks asking for new policies. I can't talk to a new policy salesperson since I have existing policies. I've been told multiple times that something would be done to expedite the policies. Since you can get a new policy normally in a few minutes, I'm not sure what Farmers' problem is other than they are having some massive IT issues because of the transition.

    Toward the end, MetLife went downhill probably because they knew they were selling off the business and they hacked customer service. Farmers has not improved the situation, if anything, it has gotten much worse. I can't speak about claims because I haven't had any; however, they have had competitive rates through my wife's employer. Looking at some of the posts on this website and I wonder if I will be satisfied if we ever have a claim. Sales are driven by commission so nobody wants to help if they aren't making a buck and that includes local agents. I hope Farmers at some point distributes us to local agents and disbands this excuse they call on-line customer service for what were MetLife customers.

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    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 7, 2021

    I had Farmers and decided to leave them because the lack of communication from my agent Neyla **. When it was time to renew my policy she would not respond to text, email or phone calls for weeks on end. When she did respond she always had an excuse of a family matter and then never respond after that. Communication is key and she has a terrible way of showing her appreciation or communication with customers. Once she gets you to sign up with Farmers, she no longer has any regard for assisting you further. Shame on her, she is why I will never use Farmers Insurance again.

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