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Last updated: Dec. 6, 2017

148 American Access Casualty Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2017

I was involved in a car accident, I was struck in the back by one of their insured driver. I cannot get through to the adjuster assigned to my case, I have left several messages on her machine and her supervisor no response since October. This is the worst insurance I have ever dealt with.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 23, 2017

I was rear ended very badly while I was on shoulder lane changing a flat when BAM someone asleep on the wheel rear-ended me. Car is totaled and no transportation as of yet. I have left numerous messages to adjuster with no response. I am still awaiting a rental as my legal representative tells me that they were waiting for their client’s statement. NOW I'm being told their insured didn't pay premiums on time and don't have responsibility. I smell a rat.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

My wife had an accident and the person that caused the accident has American Access Casualty for insurance. American Access Casualty would not pay for 2 months because "they" could not get in touch with their client to get his side of the story. He received tickets for no drivers license and failure to control speed (causing accident). I told American Access Casualty the car was paid off and had NO LIEN, however they took it upon themselves to make the check out to me and NMAC who was the former lien holder. It has been a NIGHTMARE trying to get them to understand the check should only be in my name. Also, they gave me a list of companies that would "repair" my car, but I had work done at the first one they recommended (MAACO) and their work was absolutely horrible.

Two companies, Caliber Collision and LMC, where I had work done on my daughter's cars would not work on the car unless I paid for it myself because the insurance company was American Access. They told me that American Access is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to work with and that wanted no part of them anymore... Pay them myself and keep the check. I am returning the check with a copy of the car title and the release of lien letter from NMAC hoping that someone there has enough common sense to figure out there is no lien on the car and will send me a check in my name.

Last, but not least, calling American Access is a real BIG PAIN IN THE ASS. All I ever got was recordings that told me it was after hours (it wasn't) or the person was away from their office, in a meeting or helping another customer. But, the "only" person I was able to connect with was in Customer Service (a term I am now using loosely) who transferred me to another person in claims, but I was disconnected in the process of being transferred. I should have known, huh.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

I am very not impressed with the insurance company and note I understand a lot is going on in Houston because of the flood. But I have been trying to get my car close out and I got the claim letter nothing has been done. I got my credit union involved and they also been calling and calling. One time someone call us back the both of use the rest of the time voicemail. My car has been gone since 08-27-2017 and wanted get my things from my car and the place it was at told me there not sure we’re it's at. I think that this has cause me so much stress and blood pressure is not too good. All I want is this to be done and they say it’s in the process and also ask for more time and today is 10-13-2017. Nothing has been done no contact to my credit union... Very highly upset... I need someone higher than the people to see what is going on... How would you like to not know and be at where I am...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

OMG... This is the insurance company from HELL!! I also filed a complaint with the TX Dept of Insurance... They did nothing... Told me I would have to take them to "small claims court" because TX Dept of Insurance does not recover any settlements owed... What?? So basically you are on your own dealing with these people... My attorney was disgusted with them as well. I was rear ended by one of aa policy holders. It's situation like this that make people go 'POSTAL'.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2017

My policy was due to Expire on the end of 7/2017 so I went into my agency and paid the reinstatement fee to continue with my auto insurance policy. I had no problem. Come the 29th of August I tried to call to make payment. Spoke to a Rep who put my on hold but winded up hanging up on me. Tried calling of which all the rep just disconnected calls or ask to put me on hold and hang up, so finally I tried to pay online of which told me to contact customer service of which I did.

Today 8/30/2017 spoke to a very rude and ** person who asked for my policy number and just straight out front told me, "we No longer do business with your agency so for that reason your insurance has been cancelled you need to go else where and purchase a new policy thru someone else???" I asked her, "what about my Reinstatement Fee I paid?" She said, "what about it? You were covered for 30 days," I said, "so if your employees knew off hand your company was no longer gonna do business with my agency then why wasn't I told before they took my money?" She said," I don't know I'm not them. I am me and I'm telling you that you No longer are covered thru American Access Casualty. Have a nice day." and hung up so now I'm gonna have to come out of pocket for another down payment to insure all 4 of my vehicles.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

I was recently struck by a teen driver, driving alone on his learners permit that was insured by American Access Casualty Company. At first it did not seem bad. They sent an adjuster to my home as the vehicle was not drivable. They confirmed it was not safe to drive. After this there was not a word from them. I tried calling but with long waits on hold and no response when leaving a message with the agent.

3 weeks later I got a letter in the mail with some paperwork that needed filled out, however the paperwork was not included. Just the letter. So I call again. After an hour and a half wait I finally get a hold of the adjusted. She says she will email the paperwork. I then ask her what the update was from the adjuster. She says it looks like there is a total loss but there is a problem. I ask what the problem was and she keeps changing the subject and dancing around it until she finally says the individual driving was not insured under the coverage but it is still under investigation and can take up to 30 days. I then ask what am I going to do about a car. It has already been 3 weeks. She just keeps repeating to call my insurance and ask for advise to everything I say.

I hang up and call my insurance. They then proceeded to take over paying out for my totaled vehicle and told me they will deal with the other insurance company. Doing some research American Access Casualty web page says on the front page that they will insure internationals without a drivers license. I have read a ton of other review where this company has refused to pay out for similar reasons. So this company takes $ from people who are not insurable and does not pay when they hit someone. There has to be a law against this and needs to be investigated.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

On June 24th 2017 at 9:40am, my wife was stopped at a red light in Houston, Texas on N. Antoine. While waiting for a red light she was heavily rear ended by a car. My wife called me directly after the accident and informing me that the driver of the second vehicle did not appear to have a drivers license or real auto insurance because when she called the number of the insurance provided the call would just disconnect or no one would answer the phone.

I informed my wife that she should contact the Houston Police Department and have an officer come to the scene of the accident. When I arrived, which was approx 10 mins, the driver of the second car and a second person representing herself as the driver's mother who came to the scene by another separate vehicle wanted to pay for the damages to my wife's car at least three different times. They spoke in Spanish and to the best of our ability we informed them that we had no idea of how much the damages would be and that we had to called the police.

The police arrived within 10 mins and gave the driver of the second car two tickets. 1. No drivers license and; 2. Failure to control speed. The driver only appears to have a passport from a Central America country of which I do not remember and it is also not important. My wife subsequently received a subpoena to appear in court as a witness against the second driver. The second driver did not appear in court and a warrant was issued for her arrest on 8-22-2017.

Why did I state all of the above? 1. My wife was hit from behind while waiting at a legal City of Houston stop light. 2. The driver of the second car did not have a license to drive a car in the State of Texas or anywhere else in the United States. 3. The Houston Police Department issued the second driver two tickets as mentioned above. 4. As of 8-21-2017 the driver of the second car has a warrant for her arrest.

And yet the Auto Insurance of the car that hit my wife, American Access Insurance Company refuses to return my wife's multiple calls to have her car fixed. After no less than 25 calls to this firm, I went out on the internet and with little effort found multiple sites that depict horrible customer reviews of American Access Insurance Company, many with similar cases of being hit from behind by another driver which is nearly in all cases anywhere within the boundaries of the United States and other western countries, places the blame on the driver who hit a car in front of them.

How is it that we live in the United States of America and insurance companies like American Access are even allowed to sell insurance, take in the premiums and never pay out a claim? If in the future a driver with this insurance hits another car and really hurts someone; that persons family or loved one would bear the complete burden of all the medical bills and loss of wages because in my opinion American Access Insurance Company follows a business model of selling various types of insurance and never actually intending to pay out a claim; even claims like my wife’s case which is clear cut.

It has been two months since my wife was hit from behind and no one from American Access will return her call. It is now left to us to file a claim with our insurance company which has a $400 deductible and some level of burden on us for a rental car while my wife’s car is in the shop. This really is not the issue although it does make me mad.

I have lots of time on my hands so I have filed with the Texas Insurance Board to have American Access dropped from being able to sell insurance in the State of Texas. I have also filed with the United States Insurance Board to have them investigate American Access. I have also sent our story to ABC's 20/20; CBS's 60 Mins and other media news magazines in hopes that they will do a story on American Access and help get their license to sell insurance of any kind revoked everywhere in the United States. I also plan to sue the insurance company in Houston Texas in hopes that it will cost them much more in terms of legal fees and my claim than they would have paid if they had just settled the claim. American Access; you have just messed with the WRONG PERSON!!! I have lots and lots of free time and very much enjoy taking on scum bag outfits like your firm.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

I had bad experience with American Access Casualty. They denied my claim even if they got pictures, police report and witness that the other person hit my car. They went with his version of the accident. He was with under the alcohol, run away and they still protecting persecutors that driving and drinking plus were rude that not even contact me cost to fix the damage $6000. Be careful if you insurance don't respond. You will get sued by court later just because want to save money for this company that they only wants your money $$.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 13, 2017

It has taken over three months and 12 hours of time on hold to finally get an estimate to repair my vehicle. Their insured hit my parked car. They ridiculously expected me to take photos of their insured to prove they were in the car and photos of her driver's license. I had a photo of her liability card and she admitted fault to me and later to them. As of this date I am still driving a wrecked car. I have never been able to talk to a representative without a minimum hour long wait. They pay half the going rate for body labor in Texas and refused to even respond to my 26 calls until I filed a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance. This is by far the worst insurance company with the worst customer service I have ever seen. And I AM A Property Casualty Agent with over 18 years in the field. My company would never be so incompetent.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 5, 2017

I've had this insurance company for years and never actually filed any claim until recently and I'm sure everyone knows what happened. They dropped me and said they won't pay, it was a couple thousand dollar bill for a pole my daughter hit. I wish I would have read the reviews before going to them! I get they are cheap but there's a difference between being cheap and just being a fraud! Hopefully a lawyer will be able to do something and I hope enough people complaining will put this dirt bag company out of business!! Worst insurance.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 27, 2017

Attempted to find out why monthly premium was increasing from approximately $390 to $575.87. Was initially informed by the rep who answered that was due to a discount being withdrawn for prior insurance. That needed a letter of experience. I explained that this had not been previously requested by anyone - either their agent nor the underwriter that we had spoken with during the application process. Explained that due to travel, would not be back to residence to get any such information for the next two weeks and did not believe that a less than 48-hour notice was reasonable. The rep said that she could not do anything and I asked to speak to a supervisor.

Luis, a supervisor, came onto the call. He repeated the same story and I also explained that neither their agent nor their underwriter raised the need for the letter. While happy to provide it, it would be in mid-June as Mark **, the other insured, was currently traveling and I was (am) in Nicaragua until the last half of June due to a member of my family being sick. Then Luis raised the point that Mark ** did not live full-time in Houston and that the Underwriting Section (the section that he previously stated he did not manage and could not direct to take action) had yesterday (i.e. 25 May) decided to cancel the policy for this reason.

I explained that Mark only drives while in Houston as it is cheaper to pay for the policy than for him to have to rent a car when in Houston. This had been explained to their underwriter in April during the insurance application and the policy had been approved. Luis committed to, as soon as he finished the call, to send an email containing a copy of the notice from "yesterday" showing this decision to cancel.

After waiting approximately 30 minutes and approximately 15 minutes before the insurance office closed, I called back to state that the letter had not been received. I also asked the person who answered, Mike, if he could tell me the status of my policy. After a minute or two (maybe longer) he stated that based on the notes, that an email "had been sent by a supervisor to underwriting" to cancel the policy. I asked if the note said that underwriting had cancelled or of the supervisor (presumably Luis) had sent an email TO underwriting to cancel. Mike hung up the phone on me.

Based on the statement by Mike, it appears that Luis was not honest when, in the middle of the first call, apparently learned that the policy had been cancelled. I believe that Luis was not truthful and he effort to cancel the policy is retaliatory for questioning the increase. I suspect that many other customer of American Access Casualty have had similar experiences.

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Original review: May 25, 2017

I was rear-ended by someone insured by American Access and suffered some bumper damage that required a rear bumper replacement. It took several weeks and phone calls to get an estimate when an estimate was promised originally in a 24 hour timeframe. I was only reimbursed 1/2 the cost of the replacement and eventually gave up pursuing this issue as it was a drain on my time and energy. Avoid any interactions with this company if at all possible. Unfortunately, this option wasn't available to me.

Original review: May 16, 2017

American Access Insurance Company in IL is the worst insurance company known to man. They should be shut down by the Better Business Bureau. My agent/claims advisor was horrible. Her attitude sucks and I even had to get a lawyer and he stated that her attitude was horrible as well as advised her that she had a attitude problem. The young lady Stephanie was very unprofessional when I took my car in to the car collision place. They said that they have dealt with the company and do not like dealing with this complex at all due to the fact that they have a hassle getting issues appraised. PLEASE IF YOU ARE THINKING TO GO TO THIS INSURANCE COMPANY DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT!!! I had to give them one star and they didn't even deserve that. Horrible just plain old horrible service. Stick to State Farm, Geico, American Family Insurance, companies that stick behind their name.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 12, 2017

I was hit by one of their insure April 7th and still have not got a hold of the adjuster for this damn company. Now I am having to put everything from my insurance and pay out of my pocket when it not even my fault. Piece of crap company. I don't understand how they are "in business".

Original review: April 21, 2017

Do not trust this company! I have full coverage insurance with them, and was struck by someone who was also insured by them. I was not at fault. They would not fix my vehicle on my coverage or the other person either. Stay away from them! I will be switching insurance companies!!!! I'm so upset!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 12, 2017

They don't even deserve one star. The WORST company to deal with. First they make you submit your damage in pictures, don't even send anyone out to look at your vehicle to create an estimate. I got rear ended by one of their insured so there is damage underneath that they do not account for. My claim adjusted never called me, I had to call him twice to even hear back from someone. They give you a 24 hour window where your adjuster should call, clearly didn't happen. This company will only pay MINIMUM on labor, so you know that you will not have your car fixed at a good facility. I have only taken my car to the dealership for any work done on it since it is still under warranty and they will only cover 1/2 of what the estimate actually is.

One lady said I had to take it to one of their "preferred" dealerships, but then the next said I didn't. They also said that if I take it somewhere that charges more than what they are willing to pay I am responsible. The company should not operate as an insurance company. I hope NO ONE gets hit by one of their insured. You will not have your car fixed for a long time if you even get it fixed, or you will have to take it to some BS shop that probably won't even use real parts. I am submitting a claim with the BBB which it looks like I will not be the first or the last. Absolute joke of a company.

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Original review: March 9, 2017

American Access is a horrible company. They are full of excuses and they try to cheat you. My adjuster never answers. She is rude and doesn't explain anything. I advise you not to have this insurance. They try to make money off you instead of helping your situation.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 3, 2017

I was hit (in the rear bumper) in a Home Depot parking lot, I was not in my truck. I watched him hit me, so it was a slam dunk on who was at fault. The problem began when I tried to contact his insurance company. After a month and a half I got my insurance company involved, then they responded and sent me a check for 1/2 of what it would cost to put an oem bumper back on my truck.

After several attempts to contact the adjuster I finally got her and she told me that they would pay for an aftermarket bumper only and 40.00 dollars for labor. She told me my truck was not new enough to pay for oem and their labor price is fixed. I don't care how old my truck is. There was nothing wrong with my bumper. I asked what shop she got 40.00 dollars from. I wanted the phone # so I could call them and she wanted my zip code and I told no. I want to know where she came up with that price (no answer). If there was less than 1 star I would have chosen that. If you are an individual trying to contact them it's a joke. I spent almost an hour in the parking lot with the guy that hit me with success.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 27, 2017

On Jan 20, 2017 one of American Access Casualty insureds backed in to my 2017 vehicle and was very nice and polite and told me he was so sorry and admitted it was his fault. We exchanged insurance and I immediately called in to notify American Access Casualty and they said that I needed to send pictures which I did the same day. A few days later I received a call from an adjuster that told me that they received my pictures and an estimate was already done but just like in the reviews before me, they said they would need to speak with their insured and that he had 30 days to respond. It is now past the 30 days and I have left numerous messages for the adjuster and her supervisor but no one will call me back. Something needs to be done about this insurance company. This is just not right. I spoke with my insurance and I can file the claim with them but the claim will go against me and cost me my deductible and the wreck was in no way my fault.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2017

After reading all the negative reviews of AAC online from current and years prior. I was very fearful of how this process was going to be! I was honestly dreading before even speaking with my adjuster Mark ** at AAC. At first I was extremely on edge. However, that was not the case! Mark was a pleasure to work with and never made me feel as if I was going to have any issues with my claim or even need to contact an attorney. He was great at answering his phone and making sure I knew the company policies on rental car reimbursements. He also made sure I got reimbursement for the medical cost for my daughter. He has really made me at ease after reading those reviews. He was a great pleasure to work with during this claim!!

And the recommend body shop he sent me to was amazing, very nice and understanding people! They made the repair process smooth. I was very impressed by the body shop work and staff. I dropped my vehicle off on the 02/14/2017 and had it returned to me on 2/23/2017. Great service! I would recommend the body shop to others in the area! Overall I had a much better experience than I lead myself to believe I would have!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2017

I was T-boned by a driver with this insurance. American Access Casualty customer service is horrible. The adjuster never contacted me, and the person that I was involved in a wreck actually tried to file a claim on my insurance after running a stop sign and hitting me with my 20 month old in the car. My car was totalled and she drove away in her car. She might have been 16 years old. I have been told that they aren't responsible for any towing/storage fees, so I had to pay $300 for towing. My car has been sitting undriveable for almost two weeks. I have called a million times, and even left messages with my adjuster's supervisor, and no call back.

Finally got a hold of my adjuster and he tells me that the person involved in the accident was not a driver on the policy, and they were doing an "investigation" at this time. They also told me that they would have to "decide" whether or not to reimburse me for a rental car, and only up to $20 per day! I have two jobs and take/pick up my kids from school/childcare. I have had to borrow a family member's car!

Also, they informed me that they are unable to get in touch with their own client!!! So now after reading these reviews, I do not believe that she wasn't covered or that they aren't able to get them on the phone. The most ridiculous thing about this company is that if you go to their website, it specifically states that they give insurance to: MEXICANS, INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS, AND THOSE WITH NO LICENSES!!! WTF??? Are we in a third world country??? So this explains a whole lot! I asked them how a person that isn't supposed to be driving, is able to obtain auto insurance, needless to say silence!!!

I have reported this company to the Texas Department of Insurance, and I beg each of you to do the same and shut this company DOWN!!! They are criminals and promote illegal driving at the expense of those that follow the law. So now, I have to file my a claim on my insurance, and will not be able to get another car until after my house is closed on, since I am in the process of building a house. My car was all of 11 months old. I will be taking the person that hit me to court. This company should be closed immediately.

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Original review: Feb. 2, 2017

My son was hit by one of American Access insured, she was texting and rear ended him from the back. It totaled his car but by the grace of God my son was not hurt bad. It took 2 months for them to settle and get my son a check. I had to pay for the rental car which cost me 2000.00. It has been 4 months now and nobody has called me about the receipts sent in 2 months ago. Nobody has called me. I have called and left messages for the supervisor and the supervisor's supervisor. Worst company ever. We were not at fault and it takes an act of God to make anything happen with this company!!

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Original review: Jan. 27, 2017

If you're in the same position I was a month ago--researching this horrible insurance company because someone who has it hit you and they're at fault--and you're wondering whether or not you should subrogate through your own insurance company, let me save you a lot of hassle and headaches. Call your insurance company NOW and tell them you want to subrogate the claim through them.

I was hit by a woman who has AAC over a month ago, and called to create a claim within an hour of the accident. I had some initial concerns because when I looked at the picture I took of the woman's driver's license and realized that it had expired three years ago, and after having read reviews on this very website, I had begun creating a claim through my own insurance company (Allstate). I was also told by AAC that they would not be able to approve my claim until they had heard from the woman who hit me. They had tried calling her several times, but had not heard back, and they told me the only thing they could do was to threaten to cancel her insurance.

But after two business days, I got a call back from the claim adjuster informing me that they finally heard back from her and they had created an estimate of record. I took my car into a nationwide body shop the very next day (January 3rd). After a few days, they tell me they had found additional damage and would need to file a supplemental claim and that's when the problems began. First, the body shop is telling me that AAC is refusing to pay their negotiated hourly rate of $48/hour and that they had only approved half of the additional damage. During this time the claim adjuster at AAC apparently went on a one week vacation and the body shop said they weren't able to speak with anyone else at AAC regarding the claim. The claim adjuster finally gets back and tells me they want to send out someone local to examine my vehicle and that this could take one-to-five days.

Let me tell you, I heard this excuse multiple times and EVERY TIME it was at least five days until anything happened. The local adjuster makes it out and I'm told that they have up to 72 hours to submit their revised estimate. Four days later, the body shop still hasn't heard anything, so again I'm calling the claim adjuster to find out what is going on and yelling at the body shop as to why they apparently are content to just sit around and WAIT for everything without showing any initiative to actually call themselves for an update. One day later, the body shop calls me (today) around 4:00 pm saying they finally received the revised estimate, that AAC is still refusing to pay the negotiated hourly labor rate and now instead of repairing my tailgate, they want it replaced which would add time since they have to order it, plus additional painting to get everything to match.

They want me to speak with their general manager to discuss me paying OUT OF POCKET for the difference in the labor rate charge and I tell them that's BS. I'm not at fault. Why should I have to pay for it? They've had my car now going on a month and NOTHING has been done yet. Long story short, I call Allstate back and beg them to proceed with the claim I had initiated a month ago. There was some going back and forth on whether or not repairs had actually begun and whether or not they could be able to file a claim, but in the end they said they could and are sending out their own adjuster on Monday to see my vehicle. Thank God they're able to respond quickly and no more "one-to-five business days" BS that AAC gives you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 8, 2017

For those who have had problems with American Access and disgusting and childish games. I looked up involving Fair Market Value and the settlement that one is entitled to is the value of their car before an accident. What the car was worth before the accident, what it would sell for, etc. Look up The Law office of Lyndon R. Helton that there is very little leeway from the "Blue Book Price" or Fair Market Value.

My car got totaled involving someone who had their disgusting insurance. They feel they can subtract mega bucks and leave you without a vehicle when the accident was not even your fault, etc. They feel they can go from Plan A to Plan B and spin. They feel they can make false accusations and cheat people out of the money they are entitled to under the law. They feel they can refuse to reimburse people for the damages caused by drivers that have violated the rights of those individuals whom they have damaged their vehicles. The makeup illegal excuses as to not pay the Blue Book or Fair Market Value. There should be a class-action lawsuit involving their disgusting, psychological warfare, and corrupt business practices.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2016

On 11/15/2016 I was hit by someone driving a truck insured with this company. The lady driving the truck was not the owner. I called the police, filed a report and also did so in person. I called the insurance company and left a message and did not receive a call. I called back the next day and received no response. I called on the 16th 8 times and every time someone disconnected the line when I called. When I finally reached someone they said they were having "phone issues". I filed the claim and no callback ever. The adjuster Magdalena and she was of NO help whatsoever. She was extremely rude. I called the manager and he NEVER returned my call. The estimate was processed and I still have not received an update or phone call.

I have called over 30 times and have no update or returned call. They said they were not able to confirm with their insured the accident occurred even though all information was provided and police report was obtained. Here it is 12/6/2016 and I have called NOTHING done and my car has a hole in the side of my car from the truck that is now RUSTING. They will not provide a rental car unless it is on my credit card in which they will reimburse, which I find hard to believe seeing as how I have no phone calls. This company is ** and should not be operating or selling insurance to anyone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2016

My daughter's car was hit by a student at her college who carries this insurance. She submitted everything that she was asked to quickly and now when we call and wait an hour to get someone but are told that the policy holder has not been able to be contacted. They told her that if he did not contact them in 60 days there would be no payment on the claim. I will wait the 60 days and if I do not get a call back I will take action with the Illinois Attorney General. I am sure I will find that there have been many complaints there as well.

Part 919.80(b)(3) of the Illinois Administrative Code requires an insurer to provide a reasonable written explanation of the delay for any property damage liability claim unresolved in excess of 60 days from the date it was reported to the company. Luckily ours is just property damage around $500 and my insurance company, State Farm, can pay for uninsured or under insured damages. Hopefully the person that hit my daughter's car will just pay the repair and bypass this horrible excuse for a company altogether.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2016

My car got badly rear-ended by a person with this insurance. They still have not sent the estimator and won't pay up front for a rental car. Very rude employees with a bad attitude. They don't answer any question completely and leave the customer hanging. I have called them several times with no final answer and they act like they are trying to help you.

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Original review: Nov. 3, 2016

I was hit by a driver who has this insurance on 9/26/16 that same day I called the company to submit a claim. They took my information and what happened. The driver backed into my car at my daughters school and took responsibility. I also had 3 witnesses as I was inside the school when this happened. I gave the insurance the names and contact info of the witnesses. They told me they would submit the info and that within 24 hrs a adjuster would call me to go over with me what I had to do and where to take my car for an estimate. I waited 2 days and did not get a call from anyone. I call the insurance. After waiting on hold for over 30 minutes a representative gave me the info on where to go to get the estimate. I went to get the estimate on 10/01/16. The person at the shop said it usually takes about a week for the insurance to review the estimate and they would call me to let me know what to do next.

Let’s keep in mind this whole time I never got a call from the adjuster. I let a week pass by and I hear nothing so the week of 10/10/16 I call again, wait for another 30 minutes on hold, then the representative tells me I need to fill out some paperwork regarding the claim in order to proceed with the claim. I asked why the adjuster hasn’t been in contact with me to discuss all of this as it is taking so long and I do not have the time to keeps calling and being on hold. They stated they would send a message for the adjuster to call me. I submitted my paperwork that same week and called again, then they tell me they're waiting for the paperwork from the person that hit me. Flash forward to 10/28/16 after calling a millions times, the adjuster never called me so I called to see what the holdup is now since it’s been over a month since the accident. They tell me that they're waiting for the estimate from the body shop.

At this point I lost it because that was done at the beginning of the month. It blows my mind that 1st the adjuster not once called me, didn’t bother to call the shop to see if I had gone to get the estimate. I told them I had went on 10/01/16 and even told them it was at approximately 10am. The representative states he was going to send an email to the shop to get the estimate and then the adjuster would call me to review the estimate (which I knew wasn’t going to happen as the adjuster never bothered to call me before then). Today is 11/3/16 and I had still not heard anything from the adjuster or anyone at this insurance. I called and they told me they mailed a check yesterday for the amount on the estimate. So basically I did not speak to the adjuster at all. A lot of time could of been saved and a lot of calls could of been avoided. This insurance is HORRIBLE. WORST EXPERIENCE when dealing with a claim.

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Original review: Oct. 24, 2016

Vehicle rear ended by non licensed driver. They wont pay. They will give you the runaround. I am filing with texas insurance board and want everyone else to file in your state to shut these con artist down. Dont get mad, get even. Shut them down. Flood your state with complaints. My car was 2 months ago and not a dime have I seen. But the checks on the mail. Lets hit them where it hurts. Take the time to file with your board of regulators. I had my bmw 3 weeks before it was hit.

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