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Two days ago a speeding teen plowed into the side of my car so hard, it caused me to go over a median into oncoming traffic, in order to save me, the two passengers in my car and the drivers in oncoming traffic, I pulled myself back onto the median and hit a post which destroyed my car and if that wasn't bad enough the teens get off the car laughing. Police and the investigators found them at fault (obviously) and gave them tickets. Progressive supposedly did their investigation (which consist of taking statements and ignoring evidence and facts) and said that their driver is only 70% at fault, that I am responsible for the rest, even though the police report and actual moral truth says otherwise...

The adjuster handling the case, calls me and says that's their offer and nothing I say will change his decision. I told him "so the truth and police reports don't matter?" And he tells me I should have avoided the accident. I said "how, by being psychic!?" Who cares if he almost killed me! They make such a big deal in advertisements about Progressive, that when I found out the other driver was insured by them, I felt relief but now I think it's a nightmare and see what a bunch of greedy crooks they are. I hope their money hungry ways catch up with them because I can't believe what they do is legal. I hope this review helps people stay away from this horrible company.

Had accident couple weeks ago. A guy makes a turn on a do not turn lane. As I come up the ramp I'm slowing down and I stop. Then move up when he moves up noticing he is turning. He slams on his brake all a sudden causing a accident. Putting severe damage to my vehicle. Leaking fluid and damage hood and bumper. Omg Progressive was not helpful and didn't care about how I was or how they could help me get back on the road. I was treated poorly and the situation was handle unprofessionally. They paid for a scratch on his car instead of my severely damage car.

I am their customer and Progressive just lost a customer. Poor customer service and morally unjust not paying attention to the police report instead listening to the guy. Single mom not a dime to fix the damage and they don't even help me - wow. Now we are faced with forcing a payment plan until car is repaired because we have no other means and no family to help us, basically on my own. Progressive is a nightmare to deal with. I'll never go back to them, they treat their customers like crud. Not cool.

I switched to Progressive about a year ago after 20 years with another insurance company. Progressive recommended a policy for me and my four vehicles and since I'm no expert on insurance, I trusted them to provide me with the coverage I was requesting. My mistake. Instead they gave me the bare minimum. Unfortunately, I didn't realize my coverage was so poor until there was an accident and I needed it. Apparently their costs are so low because they give you what the state legally requires instead of a policy that protects your family and your vehicles. By default, you get liability + two items you don't need by law but have to go in and manually reject.

On the flip side, collision and comprehensive - items usually included when you request "full coverage" - are things you have to go in and manually add. That wasn't the case at my other insurance provider. They provided a full policy and helped me decide what deductibles and what items I needed or didn't need from there. I feel like a fool for buying into Progressive's trendy marketing and leaving a trusted company that operated with integrity for one that just wants your money. Lesson learned.

I bought an rv and purchased Ins that day and also set up automatic withdrawal. I got the letter of confirmation of my first payment and they took out my first installment of my bank account and then sent me a cancellation notice with a different account number on it and could not find my payments. I spent hours on the phone several days contacting Progressive. They said it was taken care of so I went on my vacation and in the middle of my vacation they canceled me anyway. I had spoken to a representative. They said they found my payments but could not transfer them to the new account number without getting a copy of my bank statement. I called my bank. My bank will not even fax me a copy of my bank statement. It is not safe.

I cannot believe that Progressive gives out confirmation numbers of a payment and tell me that is no good that I have to fax them a copy of my bank statement. Needless to say I'm halfway across the country with no insurance on my brand new RV because their confirmation number is no good for my payments. 10 phone calls later I still have no insurance and my money is Lost in Space on Progressive. I call and ask to speak to the manager Shaddi that I had spoken to the day before. They said "there are many Shaddi's here. Can I help you?” How many Shaddi’s there in this office in New Jersey? Unfortunately Progressive is the only RV Insurance in New Jersey. It's not fair that I have to deal with people like that. It's stupid.

I have two stories wants to tell. The most recent, today. We have been paying Progressive more than 10 years for auto and home. Never had fault accident. Today, Minnesota is extreme hot weather, we did very first time road side assistance request in more than 10 years, I am surprised that they didn't show up. They never sent their rescue team and keep updating from their office, after one hour, another 25 minutes, after another 25 minutes, another 10 minutes, then another 35 minutes. Finally we waited about 2 and half hours, and we get back home with paid service with someone else. They're only good for you when you are renewing your current policy and very bad for you when you need their service, even the very first time. We will definitely cancel this policy and switch to other company.

We never had any fault accidents and claims. However, for the very first time speedy ticket, they raised rate about 50%. When I explain, that I got the ticket because I was driving to hospital with emergency situation, and I was stopped for driving 73 of 65 highway, they said that was dangerous driving, and they cancelled all our safety discount and raised the bar. Before, they always say something that we are qualify for something forgiveness because of safety driving for many years and being members of many years, but when you need help or happen something, they turned their face very quickly and said "you are dangerous."

From the above two stories, I gave one star, never recommend this company. Now, I am not surprise this company is rated as 3 stars in insurance company rating and reviewing.

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While driving on the interstate, the vehicle in front of me made an abrupt lane change from the left to the middle lane. There was no signal, no warning whatsoever. Their reason for doing so was that there was a big, black, hard object in the lane. I had no choice but to hit the object as my only other alternative would have been to hit the cars to the left of me. My vehicle was damaged, cracked bumper and drip pan underneath the car is now hanging. Progressive claims adjuster Derrick ** has determined the accident to be my fault, stating that I hit a stationary object. I never said the object was stationary. It was in my lane and I only saw it because the vehicle in front of me swerved at the last second to avoid hitting it.

I'm thankful that I was not hurt. My "decision" to hit the object vs. another vehicle not only kept me from being in a real accident but also limited the damages to only my vehicle. How something like this could be determined to be my fault is beyond me. I'm so disappointed and disgusted with this company that I have been a customer of for 5 years with no claims for an at fault accident. In September of 2013 I was pregnant and involved in an hit and run. I took pictures of the person who hit me, as well as his license plate. The local police were able to identify the man and found out that his license was suspended, and the license plate on his vehicle was stolen. Not only did I have to pay my $500 deductible but the damage to my car was never completely repaired. Sure, the bodywork was but the damage under the hood still persist.

I was with Progressive for over 2 years and paid around $200 a month for full coverage with $1000 deductible. One night, a kid hit my parked going 60 mph. The kid borrowed the car from his friend (whose father was out of town). The kid who was driving did not have insurance, but the owner did. The insurance company refused to pay because the driver was not on the policy. So, I had to file under my insurance and pay $1000 for someone hitting my parked car!!! I still have not been reimbursed for my deductible and it's been a year!

I got insurance for a scooter through Progressive since USAA (my beloved insurance company) does not cover scooters. The policy was supposed to be $75. However then there was some confusion over what box I needed to check on form and return, and they increased my coverages and cost to $555! I contacted them and signed the forms the same day electronically (something they conveniently did not mention could be done in their correspondence). They changed my policy back but charged me an additional $126 as part of the prorated higher policy that I did not want or use. What a complete and total scam. I would never use them if I had any other choice and I don't recommend them unless you are desperate.

I purchased policy with a payment plan. At the time of purchase, no one told me that if it's a 5 bill plan, I cannot go to 6 bill plan if there was an emergency and I could not pay on time. So I signed up for autopay. Now, during policy period, I had a change of address and the policy amount was hiked. The entire increased amount was added to last bill. Ever since this happened, I had been trying to contact customer care asking for an additional payment for a month now (since I would still have policy when making the 6th payment, this should not be an issue).

All customer care agents were very rude and outright said no. A couple of days before the last bill was due I decided to try one more time. This time I spoke with a customer care supervisor. She said that now since the amount is invoiced, no change can be made, had I contacted them earlier something could have been done. When I told her I have tried contacting earlier, then she changed her previous statement and said, that nothing can ever be done! This is outrageous!! What kind of dumb people do you hire Progressive!! And I have better things to do in life than sit for hours every day on your customer care with incompetent and dumb people!!

I will never use Progressive again!! I was charge 45$ for not signing a document and $50 for not showing proof of insurance right away. I did complete the insurance part and the signature but yet you still charged? That is why I cancelled my policy. Very dissatisfied and will go elsewhere for my insurance. There is no reason to charge for something so petty. I'm getting a new 2016 car in less than 2 weeks, I will have to use a different insurance agency because of this nonsense.

I took my car into Progressive's shop June 20 for damage to my hood and grill from a piece of plywood kicked up by the car in front of me on the freeway. The original due date came and went without a call. I called and left a message the day after the last due date (June 29), got a call the next day from the quality inspector who said the vehicle didn't pass the quality inspection so he sent it back, but it would be done the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

No call, no email update. I called and left a message on Wednesday, no return call. I emailed my claims representative who said he had nothing to do with the shop but he would reach out to them. Got a call back that afternoon from the shop while I was at work (I work nights) and the message I still have says "the vehicle will be completed Friday afternoon, Monday at the latest and we will set a task to call you back tomorrow afternoon (Friday) and get everyone on the same page."

No call Friday. I waited, have the benefit of the doubt, no call Monday. My husband calls Tuesday morning, no callback. I call and finally get a person by not following the prompts. She had to put me on hold ten minutes while she searched the lot for my vehicle. It was there, it was done. I ask for the manager and tell him I'm not paying my deductible for this kind of service. He says the deductible is an agreement I made with them. I said they didn't uphold their end because the commercials say if you use the progressive shop you'll have someone in contact with you every step of the way. He said he recognized the communication was poor but a few missed phone calls aren't worth $499. Then he offered to fill up the rental cars tank. Well they gave it to me at 3/8ths full and they'll get it back well over half full, so that won't work.

I got his boss's information, that would be Kevin **, he told me they aren't paying for my rental for another day so I need to return it and the deductible is non-negotiable. The rental I only have because they wouldn't return my call. So I emailed my claims rep, then decided I should probably call him. He didn't answer but I got another claims rep that took all these notes and assured me it would be handled and escalated.

I start to feel warm fuzzies again, think maybe they will take care of their diamond level customer, but then I got an email from my claims rep, Hector **. He said he couldn't do anything about it and I need to deal with the shop. Their shop. Progressives shop! The same ones who have been ignoring me, then rude to me. So beyond frustrated with this company and the utter lack of customer service. I mean I don't want to give them one star at this point because for sure they should be in the negative. So with this I checked out their BBB report, I highly suggest everyone go look at that.

So I reported to work on a Sunday evening, as I pulled into the parking lot I was told that my tire was going flat. I am a supervisor at a nuclear facility and did not want to get dirty so I used my AAA membership for the 1st time. Called AAA and they sent me their contractor Bill Tice Automotive to change my tire. The contractor arrived, jacked my jeep up and as I was standing there watching, the jeep fell off the jack, damaged to the passenger door, damage under the jeep which totaled 3,000 dollars. The contractor was notified immediately by his employee.

I contacted Progressive and the adjuster told me to handle the onset of contacting the contractor to see what he would fix. Me I thought that's why I pay for insurance. Ok I did. He refused to fix the car so I then contacted my adjuster and told her he was not cooperating and so it's been almost 1 year and after I paid to have the vehicle fixed, I am still waiting on Progressive to recoup my loss. I have never filed a claim, I have 4 vehicles fully insured through Progressive, never late on my payment which in all totals a house payment! I am very disappointed in Progressive and the lack of attention or even respect to me and my claim is receiving. Every time I want information on my case I have to call or make the first contact for any kind of information. Just to say once this is all done I'm shopping for a new insurance company. Flo you suck!

My horrific experience started June 4th, 2016 with a hit and run accident. To this day PROGRESSIVE has not honored part of the claim. They have made so many mistakes with the claim that it's really shameful. They started by stating that the dent on the lift gate of a GL450 - 2014 MB was not part of the accident because it had rust. Later that changed because the color was not the same... I guess they are color blind. Now it's the dimension that does not measure to the hit. They are a total mess. The car has been sitting in the shop all these days. I have a rented car that with the cost of the rental they would have paid for the dent and yesterday after many calls I hear from a supervisor that they are not honoring that part of the claim.

I guess a ghost from Progressive was at the scene of the accident to be able to determine this because it was a tall truck with front grilles but they disagree. I should have followed advised from friends that told me they were the worse company but since I've haven't had a claim for over 20 years I figured it wouldn't hurt, well now I understand. Progressive should be spending less money on their FALSE commercials and more on customer service... Better and more knowledge adjustors so that they can honor claims. I will take this to this end... It's a matter of principle. I'm not a liar or thief. I want what is truly due to me. Thank you.

Five and a half hours on the phone waiting to pay my bill, could not get through their website, then yesterday I had a vehicle malfunction. Rear-ended somebody, find out my vehicle is not covered. Mine is not what is full coverage insurance. I ask them why my vehicle is not covered - it is financed. I have to have collision and comprehensive. "Collision was never added to your policy since your vehicle was not Finance on the phone." With them for an hour explaining to them that my car was financed and how was going to pay for my car to be fixed the young lady at the claims Center said my vehicle did not have Collision on my policy. She told me to go back to my policy writer and talk to. I explained to her, "the policy was not set up in person, it was on the phone - not in Hollywood Florida."

I live in Panama City Florida 600 plus miles away. I told her she was nuts, why would I write a policy in Hollywood Florida I don't even live there. Had no idea the policy was written. What is Progressive's problem? They have changed my policy 4X without my approval. Net premiums kept going up. I have a perfect driving record - no tickets, no accidents, been a commercial driver for 32 years. Never even had an accident. Policy kept going up. Went all to check why the premiums went up. They said because other bad drivers in Florida policy went up over $150 for 6 months.

This proves that insurance companies need to be looked at more closely. I rate Progressive Insurance at the lowest category you can get, they're selling their products and that's all it is. Customer service and quality has no meaning to these people. I'm going back State Farm when your policy renewal in September. This is been one of the roughest one and a half years having insurance ever since I was 16.

My car was hit on June 25, 2016 at 6:50 am in the morning when I was going to my marathon, which I never did make it, because I was in a car accident that almost killed me. The driver did not have his insurance card when the police finally did come. The police officer cited the Progressive driver with two tickets. (1) For not having his insurance card and (2) not yielding the right way, which he turned right in front of me without noticing that I was going southbound and not know looking and waiting his turn.

After the accident the Progressive driver get out of the car and blames me for the accident, which it was not my fault at all. The Progressive driver was either under the influence or he was on some drugs, because he kept saying that it will be all right and everything will be taken care of, but as of today nothing is taken care of and I had to file a claim with my own insurance company for my insurance company to tell me that my car is totaled and unrepairable. I've tried several times to contact their Progressive adjuster, but she is yet to return my call. I call her alone today four different times and it went to her voicemail. I feel like this is wrong in so many ways, because my car got damage from one of their drivers that they insured and they want to put me on ignore, which is clearly not right at all.

I think something should be done with Progressive and their adjusters as well, because now it 14 days, since my accident and I have to go through my insurance for this, which is clearly not right. It shocks me that all of the negative comments that are left here, but I should not be that shocked, because if Progressive has done it to me I'm sure they will do it to someone else. It is just sad, because no one should have to worry about not getting their property fixed, when they did not damage it.

I paid almost $300 dollars for a deposit on this car insurance. I cancelled Progressive about 3 weeks later because I found a much cheaper insurance with another company, Progressive refused to return a refund. I repeatedly called for my refund. Each time they told me it was going out today. Now finally again today they say it's going out today and a refund of $90.00 dollars. They refuse to refund me when my insurance was cancelled. I will not recommend this company to Satan, they are complete rip-offs. I can surely tell them where to go but have no directions except down, the money hungry bastards are despicable. $200 dollars for 3 weeks of insurance. Progressive I have no interest in you whatsoever, I am done with this company. Take my advice and steer far away from these animals!!

My experience with Progressive Insurance has been horrific. I cannot get the adjuster, Tequilla **, to respond properly to my claim. She does not respond to messages left for her. It has been over two weeks and I have not been able to get my truck fixed. I have gotten three estimates for over three thousand dollars and Progressive did not even look at the underside of the vehicle and gave an estimate of one thousand dollars. This does not even begin to start on the repairs to my truck. They estimated using aftermarket parts and did not account for the frame damage. This company is unprofessional and slow in responding to my claim. Insurance is paid for in order to take care of claims and the company refuses to settle the matter promptly. The accident was not my fault but the fault of their customer so maybe this makes a difference.

Watch out for Progressive! A car that was insured by Progressive ran a red light & caused $6000.00 damage to my truck. Progressive denied the claim because the driver was not the policyholder!! The irony is that I also am a Progressive client but I won't be for long.

My daughter bought her first car at a dealership. She paid in full. The lot would not let her leave unless she had insurance. To make it easy for that day, so she could get home, we called Progressive and added her and her new car to our policy... It was just for a day. The next day, after she got her own policy with GEICO, I took her and the new car off my Progressive policy via their online dashboard. I knew I would get billed for the day or so she was on our policy, but a month later we were still getting billed for her being on our policy. I contacted customer service and they first said I never removed the car or my daughter, then they said I removed the car but not my daughter. They said there was nothing I could do about it. I asked them, "Why would I cancel the car and not my daughter?" I told the customer service rep that I did cancel them both, but still they offered no help or solution, just pay or "they will send me to collections."

I immediately canceled my Progressive policy and went with GEICO. I then filed a complaint at I've had to send them paperwork proving when my daughter got her policy through a long chain of back and forth emails and time dealing with this what should have been a simple fix. I am still getting billed by Progressive along with their threats of sending me to collections and reminding me that driving without insurance is a crime. I'm still not positive this issue will get resolved, but they're not getting another dime out of me. They lost a loyal customer who paid his bill every month over some stupid glitch or greed or both. They gained someone now who will steer as many people away from this company as possible. Even more so after reading the other complaints on here. It really is true what another person said on here - Progressive will step over a dollar to get a dime. I'll never even think about going with this company again.

I purchased my first car in October of 2015, purchased an insurance policy online with Progressive (full coverage) or so I thought. Never spoke with a representative, a rep never contacted me. While I was at work in March 2016, someone backed into my car (hit and run), they said they couldn't do anything about it because I didn't have the person's license plate - but I did have video from the cameras at work & they said that I didn't have full coverage to cover the damages. So after going back and forth I finally just told them to add full coverage back to my claim. Now remind you my car is not paid for, so any lien holder requires full coverage - I never got a notice from the bank saying that I no longer had full coverage, and Progressive never notified them either. My rates never increased/decreased during the time where I "didn't have full coverage" either.

Ok, so in May, a girl pulls out in front of me, (my word against hers, and I get the ticket). I'm like "ok, I have full coverage now, it shouldn't be a problem." THEY SAY THE SAME THING AGAIN! That they dropped my full coverage because I never sent them the consent to rate forms back, FORMS THAT I NEVER RECEIVED! They recited my address back to me as Cornwallis Drive, I said no. I do not live on Cornwallis Drive and as far as I'm concerned I don't even know if that exists. I stay on Cornwallis Rd, which comes up when I log on to my account. Sooo, now I'm stuck with having to pay for the damages to my car. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. I'm currently switching insurance companies, PROGRESSIVE IS TERRIBLE.

I just canceled my coverage and went to pay my balance online but their website is so poorly managed that when I click make a payment it takes me to a blank page. So I have to spend more time out of my schedule to call these incompetent morons to make a $14 payment.

Progressive sucks! I was not able to find an agent locally so I went online and got a quote for auto insurance. When I clicked to pay for the policy it went up $50.00. I called and was told that I would have to sign off of coverage that they automatically added. I waited a week for the documents to arrive to sign and send back, finally called and they had absolutely no record of my conversation the previous week. I now have the docs and have to sign off coverage I never wanted to begin with and then fax them back to these lying bastards to beat the 15-day deadline to get the paid in full discount. This has been a royal pain in the ** and when this policy lapses I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH PROGRESSIVE AGAIN.

My suv was rear ended by their customer. When I went to take it in, I was told they would call me in 48 hrs for a estimate on damages. Well I get a call 2 days later that my vehicle was fixed already. I was ready for my suv back so I just went to pick it up. When I get there a piece of plastic was barely attached and at first they said collision center said it had nothing to do with wreck, but it did.

Thankfully they reviewed photos and came to the conclusion it did so they sent my suv back to get fixed. I went back the next day to pick up and my rear view mirror was shattered. The lady snapped real fast and said there is photos that show I brought it in that way. I said "NO WAY!!" You see I just bought this vehicle 2 weeks prior to getting wrecked into, so I was furious this happened and she tried to blame me for their carelessness!! I said "show me the photos". She went back inside and talked with her boss and they came to the conclusion there was no proof I brought it in that way, so they were gonna honor it and have it fixed.

The lady then said "but I remember you did", so she was practically calling me a liar, which then made me think maybe she accidentally broke it. They said they would order part and call me. It's been over a week and have heard nothing. I am beyond upset that I was the victim in this situation and was treated horrible. My suv wasn't fixed correctly, still hasn't been finished and the inside of my suv was dirty with shoe prints from workers! I suggest no one go here unless you want to be treated unfairly!!! Horrible service. Shame on them!

I was with Progressive for 7 years and it was a constant battle. They were constantly trying to adjust my policy fees up, they would retroactively charge me, etc. but when I found they had been overcharging me, there was no refund and then they cancelled my policy.

After being hit by someone with Progressive Ins. who admitted fault I finally received a call after calling them. They told me I had to go where they wanted it fixed. I told them the car is 2 years old and in mint condition and I wanted it fixed correctly. I wanted a Toyota authorized repair shop to do the work. She asked me, "Do you want your car fixed?" Then I go where they say. After thinking about it I said I would see what their adjuster would quote it, I said, "What if they won't do the repair correctly? Can I take it somewhere else?" Again she said, "Do you want your car fixed?" Unreal, like they are doing me a favor.

What should have been a simple claim is now a disaster. We have a horrendous rental car, which has a flat - and Progressive is not being particularly helpful in resolving the situation. I think the rep actually told him to call AAA, which we don't have. REALLY?

If you have the choice to go with a different insurance company I recommend you do so. Not sure if all insurance companies are like this, but Progressive's customer service is terrible. They will find any excuse to raise your rates. Do not go with Progressive.

I have Progressive Insurance and after being rear-ended, I called Progressive and reported that I was not at fault and they said I did not have to pay my deductible. But after learning that the driver who rear ended my car was also a Progressive driver, the insurance says that I should pay the deductible. It took them 4 days to come and inspect my car for the damages. I am very disappointed and I shall not continue with them ever again.

A Progressive agent blatantly lied to me about a new policy and assured me that my coverage would be the same as my previous company. Next thing I know my lien holder contacted me to state that my coverage didn't satisfy my loan requirements. She put me on liability only. When I called to C.S., they insisted that I did everything online and never spoke to an agent. WHAT??? They accused me of lying and had no recourse for their representatives bold face lies and misrepresentation. The entire company is made up of crooks, cheats and liars. Never do business with these criminals if you know what's good for you.

Progressive added three drivers to my account. It caused a huge increase in my policy. Like more than double the original premium. The paperwork was sent in to remove the drivers and get my premium to go back to normal where it was previously. They never processed the paperwork. The huge premium, for one month, was $1500.00 more than it was supposed to be. The draft overdrew my account. It caused 5 payments to be returned to the creditors. I had 7 fees at my bank. 7 x $35 each $245. The 5 returned items with the creditors 5 x $35 each $175. They would only credit the $245. They said they needed proof of the other fees. I gathered all of the receipts and sent them in.

They now want a business letterhead with each of the creditors to show the fees so they can verify them. Even though the documents that were sent in with the date of the returned item, the amount of the payment that was returned that matches the bank print off with the same amounts. They keep moving the goal posts to keep from paying a lousy $175 back to me that I have out of my pocket. Not to mention all of the time I have had to spend fixing their negligence. I have had so my trouble with them from the start of my policy that I am canceling my policy with them. I do not know how they stay in business. Completely dishonest and unprofessional. Never will I recommend them to anybody!

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Progressive Insurance is one of the country's largest auto insurance companies and has been offering auto insurance since 1937. The company is headquartered just outside of Cleveland, OH.

  • Name your price: Progressive has a unique program for auto insurance that allows people to enter their budget and find a plan that matches closest with what they can afford.
  • Snapshot program: The company offers a device called Snapshot, which plugs into a car and reports stats about a driver's driving habits. This can help ensure that a driver is paying the right amount for their insurance.
  • Progressive app: Progressive has an app that allows its customers to access their information from their mobile devices, in case they need it while they are away from a PC.
  • Loyalty rewards: Progressive's Loyalty Rewards Program gives customers points for loyalty, and it offers benefits like Accident Forgiveness.
  • 24-hour customer service: Representatives of Progressive are available 24 hours a day to help customers.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers who just purchased a car, and drivers who don't do much driving but own a car.

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