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I am 30 year old woman. Just got my first car last Feb. so I got this company. I was paying 185 a month for what? I had my car brakes done at Brakes For Less. October 20 I ended up in a minor accident due to my car underneath was heating up and I pushed on the brakes due to being in traffic and my brake pad was hard to push down so I hit a expedition. I was far and still slid and hit them. The company told my grandfather that my car didn't have anything wrong with the brake and I was at fault. Bull crap man. They told my grandfather that I had to get a rental till they found out what they had to do they about the car. They called my grandfather to come sign paperwork so he went to meet the lady he spoke to and they told him that I'd get 1200 back. I heard with my ears soon as he signed the paper he sat and waited and they were like, "Is there something wrong?" He was like, "Where the check at? She need to put down money for another car."

They look at us saying that, "We didn't say that to you." So we were pissed. He demanded to speak to someone else and they refused. It is now august I still have no car. I lost my home health aid job due to me having no car. I have been going through so much now. Today I get a call from the hospital that I went to during the day of the accident saying that they never got a call from the company said I owe them 2900. So my granddad called the company and they said they paid 10000. lol. Really that's not what they said. So I called the hospital back to tell them what they said and the lady was like nooo. SMH. They are liars. I feel like I'm moving backwards too much. I tried to get a lawyer and they couldn't help due to my granddad. SMH. Never.

As of today, August 25th, 2016, Progressive is reportedly having their underwriters call new customers to go over information supplied by the licensed insurance agent. Underwriters as a personality type, are not exactly customer service focused. In fact, after having been with GEICO for many years, I can tell you that I regretted making the switch to Progressive. I felt disrespected as the underwriter asked the same questions, zip code, highest level of education completed (they appear to discriminate), address... on and on. When I had a disagreement about my son who lives out-of-country, they said "No - he must be put on your policy." WHAT? Dealing with a Progressive underwriter regarding customer service is akin to having Donald Trump provide sensitivity training to Mexicans, Latinos and women. It's a total mismatch and Progressive should be ashamed that they lacked the basic knowledge that an underwriter should never go near a customer.

The great news is that GEICO gets it! They are 150% customer focused, treat you with dignity and respect and they are the same from policy application to claims handling. I would NEVER RECOMMEND PROGRESSIVE TO ANYONE. Worst customer experience ever - unless of course you like root canal surgery - then Progressive is for you. The other great news? I went back to GEICO without any issues - same great customer service.

My brand new 2016 Mercedes CLK was damaged in a hail storm. Progressive insisted on using Dentless Paint Repair. There were over 200 dents in the hood and I argued that it would not be fixed properly that way. Sure enough now my car is repaired and there are many imperfections and small pea sized dents. Bottom line - Progressive spent nearly what a new hood would cost to save a couple of hundred dollars and have my car repaired very shabbily and not satisfactory. The adjuster Kevin ** was also evasive and hard to contact. Very unsatisfactory experience.

I've been with Progressive for a year now, and now when its time to renewal they went up 9.00 when I was told is that's what they will not do is go. I feel misled and hate to have to change but they don't live up to their policy and I will pass the word. False advertisement once again. Different company, same tricky tricks.

I have been a loyal progressive customer for over five years. I would not recommend this company if you ever have to file a claim. In April of 2016 my vehicle was hit head on by another driver. Well vehicle was parked at my home! The other driver also had progressive auto insurance. They told me they would get this taken care of and it would be a fair process! Wow they lied. After having to find my own repair shop I took it to them and then Progressive went out to do a secondary inspection and told me that the vehicle was totaled. After doing research and you can Kelley blue book my vehicle was worth between 10,000 and $20,000 after their comparison-shopping they found used vehicles for between 10 and 13,000 and then tried to depreciate off of those used vehicles they had more miles than mine.

After the total was given to me they were only going to give me $6000 and then they left me with a $1900 storage bill from the auto shop! So please use caution if you purchase insurance through them. It does no good to pay them $2000-$4000 a year and them not replace your vehicle or repair it or even give you the money to replace your vehicle even if you were not involved in the accident at all. The other driver was driving down the wrong side of the road at 11:30 at night doing 25 miles over the speed limit when he hit my parked vehicle and I am stuck not having a vehicle and all I get is this is what you get! Boy I was wrong to think that a company actually cares about its customers. This has opened my eyes to this company and I am going to be canceling this policy soon as possible so please please please try to find someone else for insurance!!!!!! Thanks.

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A progressive customer back into my car a limited 2015 Subaru WRX, damaging the quarter panel & door. The repair shop I wanted to take my car to was a unlisted body shop at first. Was advised to take it to one of their locations. Nope! You can send a check to the shop I want it fixed. The headache of dealing with progressive agents is just so annoying. I found myself calling the 1800 number, a local business center and leaving voicemails because no one was available. They will never call you back, don't leave a voicemail.

3 days later they're talking about making proper accommodations by providing me a paid rental. What they don't tell you is what kind of rental. I drive a 37,000 dollar car. What the heck is a chevy spark? After a search in Google it was an insult. Call them back had a argument about the rental so they upgraded me into a toyota Yaris. Once again what the hell is that. 1 day later went to enterprise for then rental and fought more in the store. Eventually ended up with a Jeep. No power! But space great.

2 weeks later a progressive adjustor calls me to inform me they're not replacing everything damaged. Just repairing. Well. My car is going to have an accident report against the vin. So I started a diminished value claim. I was informed by progressive they process those too. Thats fine, but I would like to get it done by a outside souce(s). The agent tells me they're not going repair my car if I start opening all these claims.

5 days later, the body shop informs me theres more damage. Left 3 voicemails on the adjusters phone number and get a call today from yet a new adjuster. Why am I getting tossed around? I dont want aftermarket parts in my car. OEM only. Well apparently they're not enforced to install OEM parts. So today I'm upset with the poor handle of progressive's auto repair. If I would have known I would have gone thru my insurance. Too late now!

My husband and I switched to Progressive Insurance because they were much cheaper than our other insurance company. We agreed to their snapshot devices. Well we put the device in both my car and my husbands pickup. Well the device did not do well in my car. So I called Progressive and were told, "Oh no problem we have had cars that have had trouble with the device". So we were told to call a Dealer and have the car towed there. We did. Well now the damn agent Deanne ** and her supervisor are now saying my car is old and they will not fix it. So everyone do not go with Progressive and if you do, DO NOT LET THEM CONVINCE YOU TO PUT IN THEIR SNAP SHOT. They are a bunch of crooks.

My husband and I are now hiring an attorney and sewing their ass off. My car has had regular maintenance and service. It only has 94,000 original miles. It was my mother in laws car and she only drove it to the doctors. I am telling everyone DO NOT USE PROGRESSIVE. IF YOU ARE CANCEL THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. They claim they are number one, yes they are number one at screwing their customers over as well as yelling at them and calling them liars.

I was referred to Progressive when I first bought my car. My banker called and handed me the phone while he was writing my check. The agent was dull, unhelpful, and monotonous. While applying, we got to the mailing address section where he was adamant about being unable to enter my PO Box because he "just can't". I am advised to just put down my condo address so I can obtain the insurance that day to buy my car. That was on a Friday. Over the weekend of the 25th and 26th of June, I was unable to get a hold of anyone to change my address. The Monday after, I change my address to the correct mailing address.

Fast forward to August 8th. I received a letter from Progressive, it was dated August 1st. It was a cancellation notice and I was taken aback since I just made my payment a couple weeks ago. Cancellation states reasons of an early term claim (family member locked my keys in my car while getting their items from it) and RETURNED US MAIL. I had received advertisements and my insurance cards from Progressive and the only emails I got were payment schedules and reminders. So I called the underwriting team and they just kept repeating that there's nothing they could do even if it was a misunderstanding. I logged in online and went to see my documents and found the documents they claimed were returned mail and when I opened them, they had my condo (not mailing) address listed on there and it was sent on June 25th (WHEN I WAS TRYING TO CORRECT MY ADDRESS)!

I didn't get an email or even a phone call!! If it was so important that those pieces of mail got to me, enough for you to cancel my policy, why didn't I get a phone call or email?? A warning?? Also, it will be cancelled on August 11th so I had THREE days to scrounge up money after paying all my bills. I was told the prorated refund could take up to 12 days until I received it, which they don't even know if it included business days or not!

So, one, early term claim: why? I don't know, aren't insurance supposed to HELP you when you needed it? And two, RETURNED US MAIL? Basically you're telling me, if we read this all over again, that my policy is being cancelled and I am financially blind-sided is because your agent is so incompetent that he can't operate a software to input my PO Box for mailing? Not even after I, MYSELF, had to fix it? And even though he knew that my condo address he wanted to put down so bad couldn't receive mail, he didn't THINK to make a note to not mail anything to the wrong address until I fixed it like HE advised??? This sounds like a setup, if you didn't want my business, just say so.

And after all that, I have THREE days to find a new policy that fit my budget. But don't worry about me, Progressive! Even though I've spent money on rent, utilities, car payments, I was able to find one. But it with the money I was putting towards saving and to live off of until next paycheck, which your prorated refund won't even help the slightest bit because it's too slow!!! So, here I am, living off $20 for the next -- oh specifically -- TWELVE (business or not, we don't know!!!) DAYS!

Thanks Progressive! Honorable mentions to Micah and Becky in customer service and Patricia in underwriting for genuinely trying to help me with everything they could. I said it many times, I appreciate you for going above and beyond, but I HATE your company. High Honorable mentions to customer supervisor who scoffed off Becky when she tried to help me further by point blank telling her to not get involved. Yeah, I know you said that.

Started off with great rates. That is where my satisfaction with Progressive starts and ends. I am a incredible driver REALLY. In my 34 years I have been in 1 Accident (not with Progressive) and have not been pulled over FOR ANYTHING in about 13 years. Oh and I delivered Pizza for 15 of those years. So by Monday night I have been on the road as much as the average American will in a week more or less. My problem with this company is that during a period of unemployment they were SOOO quick to let the state know that I had let my policy lapse so the state could revoke my registration. Would not have upset me as much if I had not got the two year registration as a hedge against monetary problems such as unemployment.

I feel like Progressive slapped me in the face at best, that they are in the illegal practice and should be reported to the Superintendent and Department of Insurance at worst. Even if this company is within their rights, I an American Solider feel that this type of Swindling is unconstitutional, unbecoming, immoral and unethical. I will have nothing to do with Progressive its parent, affiliate or subsidiary Companies. Take care when shopping for insurance Friends.

I am not a Progressive client however had the unfortunate opportunity being hit by a Progressive client who was totally at fault with police report and totaled my car. And progressive has taken over 10 months so far and still will not settle. They will not put anything in writing. Lie. Are the most nasty people to deal with and bottom line say... "you need to go thru your insurance to pay get any results". I can assure you the next time I get hit by a progressive client... The first thing anyone needs to do is call a lawyer. Absolutely the worst company I have ever had to deal with and still dealing with. It's all about how not to pay out.

This company is truly Progressive in the way they cancel without proper notice, then make certain you are reported, then after they have cost you 3 times as much as their premium, for missed pmt, they turn you over to credit hounds to ruin your credit over the missed payment. I would never do business with a heartless company as this. Progressive insurance has gotten so big. They don't seem to care enough about their customers to let them know when there is a danger of laps in coverage. I was sent only one email in July that I had missed a payment in May. Instead of at least a phone call to prevent further action, they turned me in to DOT where I had to pay civil penalties and find another insurance company. They are now sending to a collection agency to collect on the month I missed and even after I had changed companies.

SCAM ALERT!! PROGRESSIVE CAR INSURANCE. Just used this piece of junk for almost 6 months, which supposedly gets you a discount on your next renewal. This thing counts your "hard brakes". MEANING when you have to stop suddenly, but if you are driving and a red light comes at you... Beeeeep! You got a hard brake against you. To make the story short. I got this, after six months I received an e-mail saying I'm getting a $109 discount on my new policy. WOOO HOOOOO!!! I thought, but in the other hand I get an increase of $259 because Florida rates went up.

Insane! Called talked to customer service rep, which said one thing, talk to another one the next day, said something different. Talked to a supervisor which said the Florida increase thing. It's a hassle to drive with this thing on your car, which beeps If you get caught by a red light and it even beeped once on McDonalds drive thru. So there it is, SCAM, FOOLED.

I have Progressive auto insurance. I was rear end hit by a USPS Postal Truck in moving traffic. I was initially told by Progressive that I did not need to talk to the other party who hit me, as they (Progressive) would take care of everything. Well that was a lie. They really meant that my own insurance with them would pay to have my car repaired and I would owe the deductible, as well, and then of course I would show an accident claim on my policy, even though the accident was not my fault. I said "NO", the party who hit me USPS needs to pay for all damage to repair my car to its pre-accident state.

Then I was told that I have to speak to USPS to arrange them to handle the claim, since it is the US Government. I complained again, stating that the claims process is not my job, but your job as an adjuster. Then I was transferred to a different adjuster, who has done the same thing, who now tells me that my claim will be closed, since I did not work with the USPS to process my own claim. I would also have to pay for the repairs myself, as well as rental car, and then Progressive would "Go after" the USPS to get my money back. I said "NO", and I am reporting them to state insurance agency. My car is not fixed, and the Progressive claims handling sucks!!!

I had Progressive Insurance for 10 years and most of the time paid my premiums in full for the 6 month period. In June 2016 I sold me car. At that time the policy was enforce. I had only paid for June because I knew I would be selling the car. In July I let Progressive know (via one of THEIR surveys/polls) that I had sold the car and no longer needed insurance. Now, in August, I get an email saying I owe them money! For what?! They are threatening me with collections if I don't pay $66 for a policy that doesn't exist! In 10 years I never made a claim, paid my bill on full (most times), had one ticket 8 years ago, sold the car and let them know and they are still trying to charge me?! I will not do business with them in the future.

My father was hit by a Progressive customer and admitted fault. The customer service agents were so helpful to us and kept us informed every step of the way and resolved this in less than a week. I never thought being in an accident would be so pleasant. Btw we are with another company for now. We are very impressed with how they handled this. Thank you Lyndsey, Kathy and Barbara.

I've been with Progressive since 2005 and after 11 yrs of loyalty I've to left them because of their stupid credit check system which increased my payment. There is nothing wrong with my credit. Just because there are couple different inquiries in past 3yrs led Progressive to hike my premium. When I spoke to customer service, no one was willing to help, they don't even want to consider the fact that I'm with them for 11 yrs. I even tried online customer service through chat thinking they are willing to help but I get same attitude from these employee. First of all hire someone who can explain in better way why there is a hike in premium and also build a system in a way that can check for not only inquires on the customer's credit report but also their driving history.

What Progressive assumes is if you have 3-4 inquiries on your credit report you are likely to file a claim. What kind of stupid algorithm is that? Have your developer recode your system to put some exception where customers with no history of careless driving record would be forgiven and not get bump in their premium. So, basically the customer service lady told me that I shouldn't have more than 3-4 inquiries on my credit report. Otherwise Progressive will increase the premium, that's 3 yrs of not buying any cars, house, CC or another services. Such a lame excuse. JUST FYI consumers, I was with them for 11 yrs. They just let me go without even trying.

Our grandson is staying with us to work during the summer. He uses our address on driver's license and for school as his personal address. We have been a customer of Progressive since 1998. Our grandson has his own car and carries his own insurance (Esurance) and does not drive our cars. Through a small fender bender (filed on Esurance) Progressive found out he is using our address and has put him down as a driver on our insurance policy (without our permission). He is under 25 and you can guess the change in rates. We are now a past client.

In a parking lot, someone backed into my wife's vehicle we just bought. We spoke to Progressive and planned that the other parties insured and insurance told us they will not pay. Someone helping us with the claim at Progressive said Progressive will help us get them to pay and if need file a suit. The claims adjuster Breone ** said wrong. If they won't pay, there is nothing Progressive will do. She didn't help. I have either just made a few phone calls. We are their customer. She should have gone them extra mile. We took the vehicle in to Progressive to get a repair quote. The guys checked it over and said there is no body damage and the repairs are cosmetic and priced it at & 339.14. We decided to have them do the repair so the day of, my wife took it in and was told $500. I called in and was told $800 to fix body damage. Come on, folks. Stick to the original price. These folks are liars! I am changing insurance companies, do not buy from them.

I started with Progressive 2/16. I had a no fault accident on my record a year before they gave me a quote of around $1,750 for a 6 month term. This is after I signed up for snapshot and paid in full. I drove on this snapshot for 30 days. They refunded $220 back into my acct because it said I had an 11% drop from good driving then it say to to drive on it for the remainder of the policy to save more. Well every time I turn around I'm kicking the stupid thing when I get into my truck so I said screw it, my rate already dropped 11%. I was happy and figured it would go lower with no tickets, accidents or claims.

Well here it comes time to renew my policy and not only did they send me a payment of $79 before it was time to renew let me remind you (paid in full) my renewal rate was higher than it started, they want $1,810 for another 6 month policy paid in full - that's another $300 added for what, driving good? I emailed them asking "why did my rate go up" and they told me the quote I got the first time was a 1 time discount for new customers but how do you explain where my 11 % decrease is? I will never go with Progressive again - they're a bunch of bs crooks and a waste of money.

I'm a young driver who's had Progressive for a year since I bought my first car. I never got a ticket, involved in an accident, or filed a claim. I moved from New York to Rhode Island (i.e. from a high premium region to a lower one). Right before I moved I contacted Progressive hoping to find out how much my premium would be in Rhode Island so I could decide whether to keep my policy. The representative suspected I was lying about the move and refused to give me a quote. He said they're not going to give me a quote until I actually moved. I contacted them again today at the Rhode Island DMV. I needed Rhode Island auto insurance before I could get a Rhode Island driver's license. The Progressive agent told me the system wouldn't let her write me a Rhode Island policy.

I'm flagged in the system because Progressive believed I didn't move to Rhode Island. They thought I only registered my car in Rhode Island to get a lower premium. They are so wrong. I work full-time in Rhode Island. How am I not living in Rhode Island? I'm very, very disappointed about their decision. I will not give them my business in the future.

I never write reviews. I was compelled to write this review because I am completely outraged at the amount of money they are stealing from me every month in the past two years. Three times I have tried to get them to rewrite my policy to save me money. I keep getting the runaround and they will not do this. I have been with Progressive Insurance for 8 years. I am cancelling my policy because Allstate will be saving me $122 a month! The agent at Allstate explained to me about two speeding ticket points that we're going to be coming off next month. Progressive said only one would come off (that was a lie). The Allstate representative also explained several other details that would save me money, none of which anyone at Progressive bothered to explain to me at all.

Progressive does not care about saving anyone money, they just want you to sign the dotted line and pay them per month. Please do not fall for this scam, do not go with an internet insurance company! Please stick with your local insurance company that has a real office, that you can step into you and talk to a real person. I am excited to be paying so much less per month. I am highly offended by Progressive and the crooked way they steal money from people.

Calling me out of nowhere telling me that they're adding my brother (with the suspended license) to my police sound like a group of thugs & gangsters instead on insurance agent cursing & threatening me changing insurance agreement telling me what I'm paying hands down!!! Taking money out my account for next month. Days after the agreed upon time drilling $500 altogether. Once they have your information they will steal from your bank account. Now what kind of car insurance company harass you & rob you. They crooks and may God have mercy on they souls. P.S. If you want to go through our hell chose Progressive gangster insurance & thugs for customers service. Constant harassment round the clock. Horrible experience.

Adjuster Keely ** is very disrespectful and rude. She does not deserve to work at Progressive Insurance. If she doesn't like her job she shouldn't take it out on others. She has a horrible attitude, and I would not recommend anyone to Progressive if they have workers such as her working there.

I am a single parent and Progressive thinks that in a day I can magically come up with over $1,035.25. So apparently they do not want to help customers that have financial problems.

Two days ago a speeding teen plowed into the side of my car so hard, it caused me to go over a median into oncoming traffic, in order to save me, the two passengers in my car and the drivers in oncoming traffic, I pulled myself back onto the median and hit a post which destroyed my car and if that wasn't bad enough the teens get off the car laughing. Police and the investigators found them at fault (obviously) and gave them tickets. Progressive supposedly did their investigation (which consist of taking statements and ignoring evidence and facts) and said that their driver is only 70% at fault, that I am responsible for the rest, even though the police report and actual moral truth says otherwise...

The adjuster handling the case, calls me and says that's their offer and nothing I say will change his decision. I told him "so the truth and police reports don't matter?" And he tells me I should have avoided the accident. I said "how, by being psychic!?" Who cares if he almost killed me! They make such a big deal in advertisements about Progressive, that when I found out the other driver was insured by them, I felt relief but now I think it's a nightmare and see what a bunch of greedy crooks they are. I hope their money hungry ways catch up with them because I can't believe what they do is legal. I hope this review helps people stay away from this horrible company.

My husband had an accident July 2nd 2016. Within an hour of the accident I called to make a claim. I talked to Melissa the claims adjuster on July 5th and emailed her the police report and she took my statement and told me she would get back to me. I called her again on July 9th to ask her what's going on with my brand new only a year old still making payments 2012 Toyota Corolla. She told me that I better get it out of the impound because I have a financial obligation. What the heck. Had they told me the first day I called that I didn't have collision on the car I would have borrowed money to take it out by the time they let me know. They actually didn't tell me. I called them to find out what was going on. The bill was over 1500 dollars and the car is all smashed up.

But it does not end there. My husband had a stroke and was taken to the hospital from the scene of the crash. Today is July 22, 2016 and he is still in the hospital because they are giving me the runaround and no one calls you back. When I call Rebecca in the medical claims her voicemail is always full and her supervisor Ashley doesn't call back. Not only have I tried to get some kind of answer from them but the social worker from the hospital has been trying to get answers. We know they don't want to pay but why the hold up. Because of the insurance company holding up the paperwork my husband is stuck in the hospital instead of being in a rehab because he has to learn how to walk and talk again. He is not getting the proper care he needs.

If they would just say they don't want to pay instead of stalling with lies and excuses we can move on. I can truly understand why people don't pay insurance for what they don't do anything for you even if you do have an accident. This has been the worse experience of my life. Because of them I have to figure out how I can pay a car note to a car I no longer have. Find another car care for my husband, go to work and spend all day to get a hold of either Ashley ** or Rebecca **. This insurance company is the most uncaring and unorganized people I have ever dealt with. PLEASE JUST STOP GIVING ME EXCUSES and DENY TO PAY ANYTHING like you're going to anyway SO I CAN GET MY HUSBAND OUT OF THE HOSPITAL AND INTO REHAB. Please someone help me.

I purchased insurance with Progressive on 6/24 via their website. As I was signing up I had some questions about how much coverage I needed as I'm new to this. I wanted my coverage to match what I had with my previous agency. I called and spoke to one of their representatives and I'm upset with myself as I did not write his name down. He promised me he would call the previous agency on the following Monday to get a copy and fix it. Not once did he tell me that being that I have a lien holder listed I could not have just liability or else I would have waited. I was in an accident on Saturday only to then find out that I only have liability. How could it even be approved with just liability and a lien holder clearly listed? I spoke with the Department of Insurance to report this and they said it should not have been done.

Had accident couple weeks ago. A guy makes a turn on a do not turn lane. As I come up the ramp I'm slowing down and I stop. Then move up when he moves up noticing he is turning. He slams on his brake all a sudden causing a accident. Putting severe damage to my vehicle. Leaking fluid and damage hood and bumper. Omg Progressive was not helpful and didn't care about how I was or how they could help me get back on the road. I was treated poorly and the situation was handle unprofessionally. They paid for a scratch on his car instead of my severely damage car.

I am their customer and Progressive just lost a customer. Poor customer service and morally unjust not paying attention to the police report instead listening to the guy. Single mom not a dime to fix the damage and they don't even help me - wow. Now we are faced with forcing a payment plan until car is repaired because we have no other means and no family to help us, basically on my own. Progressive is a nightmare to deal with. I'll never go back to them, they treat their customers like crud. Not cool.

I switched to Progressive about a year ago after 20 years with another insurance company. Progressive recommended a policy for me and my four vehicles and since I'm no expert on insurance, I trusted them to provide me with the coverage I was requesting. My mistake. Instead they gave me the bare minimum. Unfortunately, I didn't realize my coverage was so poor until there was an accident and I needed it. Apparently their costs are so low because they give you what the state legally requires instead of a policy that protects your family and your vehicles. By default, you get liability + two items you don't need by law but have to go in and manually reject.

On the flip side, collision and comprehensive - items usually included when you request "full coverage" - are things you have to go in and manually add. That wasn't the case at my other insurance provider. They provided a full policy and helped me decide what deductibles and what items I needed or didn't need from there. I feel like a fool for buying into Progressive's trendy marketing and leaving a trusted company that operated with integrity for one that just wants your money. Lesson learned.

I bought an rv and purchased Ins that day and also set up automatic withdrawal. I got the letter of confirmation of my first payment and they took out my first installment of my bank account and then sent me a cancellation notice with a different account number on it and could not find my payments. I spent hours on the phone several days contacting Progressive. They said it was taken care of so I went on my vacation and in the middle of my vacation they canceled me anyway. I had spoken to a representative. They said they found my payments but could not transfer them to the new account number without getting a copy of my bank statement. I called my bank. My bank will not even fax me a copy of my bank statement. It is not safe.

I cannot believe that Progressive gives out confirmation numbers of a payment and tell me that is no good that I have to fax them a copy of my bank statement. Needless to say I'm halfway across the country with no insurance on my brand new RV because their confirmation number is no good for my payments. 10 phone calls later I still have no insurance and my money is Lost in Space on Progressive. I call and ask to speak to the manager Shaddi that I had spoken to the day before. They said "there are many Shaddi's here. Can I help you?” How many Shaddi’s there in this office in New Jersey? Unfortunately Progressive is the only RV Insurance in New Jersey. It's not fair that I have to deal with people like that. It's stupid.

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Progressive Insurance is one of the country's largest auto insurance companies and has been offering auto insurance since 1937. The company is headquartered just outside of Cleveland, OH.

  • Name your price: Progressive has a unique program for auto insurance that allows people to enter their budget and find a plan that matches closest with what they can afford.
  • Snapshot program: The company offers a device called Snapshot, which plugs into a car and reports stats about a driver's driving habits. This can help ensure that a driver is paying the right amount for their insurance.
  • Progressive app: Progressive has an app that allows its customers to access their information from their mobile devices, in case they need it while they are away from a PC.
  • Loyalty rewards: Progressive's Loyalty Rewards Program gives customers points for loyalty, and it offers benefits like Accident Forgiveness.
  • 24-hour customer service: Representatives of Progressive are available 24 hours a day to help customers.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers who just purchased a car, and drivers who don't do much driving but own a car.

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