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This is the worse insurance company to deal with when you are the victim of a car accident. They try to get out of taking on full responsibility. I made numerous attempts to reach Melissa ** for some answers and never received a phone call. They tried to get out of paying for my hospital bills claiming the service provided was incorrect and not that serious. I also had my car evaluated by a professional adjuster with 40 yrs exp in the industry which I had a report to back it up. My car lost about 5k with of value and they told me it was more like 1k. If they spent more money on taking care of responsibilities and less money on marketing, they wouldn't need the “Flo of commercials” for clients. Word of mouth and customer service can never be replaced by some catchy marketing. You are ever in a car accident and not at fault. Please hire an attorney and just what you deserve.

Every time I call Progressive to find out what's going on with my claim and they never answer I always get sent to voicemail. I leave a message with my name, number, claim number, and never ever received a callback. Been going on for 2 weeks. It's ridiculous! Once my car gets fixed I'm changing insurance. Flo is a cool lady but Progressive Insurance just sucks ass. Customer service is completely trash!!

Earlier this month, I was backed into in my work parking lot. Thankfully the driver had insurance and stuck around to give me their information. It's been over three weeks, but finally my truck is in the body shop. During my estimate, the Progressive agent told me that I would have to pay the difference for an OEM fender (135.00). I want my repair to look the best that it can, and have had issues with aftermarket parts before, so I am sticking with OEM parts this time. I just think this is petty on Progressive's behalf, and "adding insult to injury" to a somewhat stressful situation. I am not at fault, and wanting OEM replacements, so aren't I entitled to get what was originally on the vehicle? C'mon Progressive, save money on someone else, like your customer's who are at fault!

I have had nothing but problems with Progressive since I opened my auto policy with them a few months ago. The latest was by far the worst. First, they deducted my account two separate payments in one month. When I first called they apologized, verified they received the money and promised to send me a check the next day (the 9th). I called on the 12th to double check and was told there was a 12-day hold on the refund. I told her it should have been sent in the 9th, she looked further into it and said that it had, indeed, been sent on the 9th. I called on the 14th because I hadn't received it and was told it must have gotten lost in the mail. They would have to cancel the check and make sure nobody else tried to cash it before they reissue it to me.

Then I had to resort to email and was told that they didn't know why I had been told it was sent out on the 9th because there was a 12-day hold on payments by check. I explained the funds had been verified and the refund was supposed to be sent out right away. The next email said that it had been overlooked that the funds had been verified but my refund would be sent out that day and I should receive it in 3-5 days. It's been five days and still no check.

I cancelled policy 5 days before payment was to be drafted. I was told I would get a refund. I received a bill for 176.00 in the mail. The reason I cancelled policy was due to a 88.00 a month hike! I called and was told that it was due to a rewrite in policy and they wanted me to pay two months prior larger monthly balance. I said no! I asked to speak with supervisor was told no. I called back a week later to talk with a supervisor. After a 46 minute fight I was transfer to one. I was told the amount due was due to the fact that they bill a month behind! REALLY then why did I owe a month upfront when we started for coverage to be in effect???

There is no month behind. We have ALWAYS paid upfront then month to month. We changed policy two months prior for home insurance same company and guess what!!! WE GOT A REFUND!!! Why we paid upfront! Now I am being told they are crediting me the rate increase so all I owe is 134.00! The quoted rate increase at 27.50 a month times two months. So 176.00 minus 55.00 is not 134.00!!! Maybe that is part of the problem. Jonah told me the 88 a month was overage fee. 88 times two is 176.00!!! UMMMMM.

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I enrolled online with Progressive for the first time 6 months ago. The rate was reasonable and I was assured I would save even more if I plugged in Snapshot. All went well until my renewal premium is quoted at a full $100 more than last 6 month period. I was told I saved $115 by using Snapshot but because I also upgraded vehicles, evidently that savings only applied to the previous vehicle which, by the way, was a 2014 model. Talking to customer-no-service didn't get me anywhere either. All they did was confirm the change in vehicles from a 2014 model to a 2016 model cost more to insure. I can understand collision & comp going up, but no one was able to explain why bodily injury, property damage, medical payments, uninsured motorist, & PIP would also go up. My driving record is clean, no accidents or tickets in more than five years. But Progressive still can't give me answers! Guess it's time to shop elsewhere.

I applied for car insurance in May 2016. I received the Insurance Card via print and have paid 3 payments as of today. Total insurance bill is around $348.00 dollars or thereabouts. Today, 9/21/2016, I again ordered the print insurance identification card and while I was printing I looked over my policy. My wife and I are sole drivers and owners of our car and am the sole owners of our house for the last 15 years. This home is a single dwelling home. All of a sudden, we have gained a new kid, Brittany **, who was entered on my policy a driver. Called Progressive. The call started out ok then deteriorated at a great speed. The lady at Progressive told me Progressive has the right to add another driver and increase our rate when they want to. I asked the lady at Progressive if she would put our policy under her own car insurance policy as I am tired of paying.

I did some searching and found out that Brittany ** lives near JMU College in Northern Virginia and owns her own car. Received the next payment due on 9/24/2016 of $406.79 even though my total bill is $348.00 and again checked the physical policy on the Internet. The total cost of my insurance went from $348.00 to over $1300.00 dollars for the year. The lady said she would fix our policy. I have been driving for over 50 years with no tickets or accidents and was a professional truck driver along with my wife for over 10 years. I hope this is not an indication of how well this admired company does its business.

I use to refer everyone to Progressive because of how well they DID working with struggling one income families. Yesterday however I was told I can no longer be insured with them for at least 12 months because it lapsed on 9-2-16 but I can keep paying them for our motorcycle. Complete and total bull and after about five more attempts to cancel my motorcycle insurance they call back and say again that they didn't cancel the insurance. I'm not normally a bitty to people over the phone but after the ** "bear with me" I lost it. Progressive insurance you use to be my go to but now that my motorcycle is no longer insured I could care less if you ever stay in business. I'm sure some people have great compliments and service from you, however, not this family.

I live in Illinois, and God knows how bad Illinois drivers are. A car backed up into my 2014 Ford Fusion. The driver made a little dent in the bumper and drove off. It was basically a hit and run. I got the license plate number and made a police claim. Progressive are DEFINITELY liars. Because I have a license plate number, they had access to almost all that they needed to find the driver and their insurance. May I remind you guys I have FULL COVERAGE. They weren't able to find the driver and said we had to pay a THOUSAND DOLLAR deductible. For a HIT AND RUN. Mark those words. Then, my Fusion is in the shop and I still have to pay out of pocket for the rental and I have FULL COVERAGE.

Progressive is stealing from people, and for them to be paying Flo to advertise a rather less professional company is quite selfish. I have a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix with Allstate with Liability on it. My car had gotten hit by a reckless driver and didn't have to pay a dime. They got it fixed and repaired easy and was paying for my rental. And again with Allstate they cover "Hit and Run" accidents with ease of hassle. I would NEVER recommend Progressive to ANYONE because of their level of unprofessionalism and it doesn't make any sense to the consumer. SR-22 has better insurance than them.

So I went through the entire grueling process of applying online to set up an account with Progressive. I finally had confirmed, signed and made payment to go ahead and start my car insurance policy through them and even received a confirmation email that everything had been set up, and I was set up on automatic withdraw payment for the amount due next month. Great.

So after all that I would have THOUGHT that I was set up, the following month comes around and I notice my payment wasn't taken out. I go into my online account and was showing I was going to owe DOUBLE for next month, so I thought okay it's just not taking out the payment because it's the first month and I'll just make up for it next month NO PROBLEM, 2 days later I receive an e-mail my policy was CANCELLED!!! I of course immediately call Progressive to get it resolved. After getting transferring like 5 times they basically tell me that I was supposed to CALL after I already set it up online, and confirm everything over the PHONE??? Even though I already signed the contract, paid AND set up an account. And since I never called to confirm that they were forced to cancel out my account.

I thought it was BS but I obviously need car insurance so I asked what the process would be to set it up again or get it reinstated. The lady transfers me to someone above her apparently (manager? IDK) and he tell me that I would have to CANCEL MY POLICY AND DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN AND THEY RAISED MY INSURANCE ALMOST $200!!! Anyway, moral of the story is don't go with Progressive. They suck. I'm with Geico now and they are awesome, didn't make me call and the insurance is cheaper. (:

Progressive charged me $50 for policy cancellation. I have been their loyal customer since 2014 and from 2011 to 2013. Almost 4+ years. I even talked to their superior and she did not care about any of this and said she can't help. That's really bad. I am moving to best insurance. You all know G**** which gives better customer service and value their customer better. And I will never be Progressive customer again. Very poor customer service and no value for being a loyal customer. They sucks.

Earlier this month my daughter was T-boned by a Progressive insured driver. Was clearly determined it was not her fault, and we started dealing with Progressive. Her car was a 2015 Honda Accord LX, 12 months old with 3k miles on it. After purchasing a extended warranty out the door the car cost 34k. Out the door less warranty it was 32.5K. Well they took car and put in body shop said there was 14k worth of damage. 2 weeks later they call up and say they are totaling it. Will pay us 26k. We fight to no avail. This company are thieves. They could care less about what the car is really worth. They are a piece of **... don't do business with them.

I was in my first car accident in August and it was the other person's fault. They were nothing but nice to me and tried to help me. My claims representative, Jahda ** and my medical adjuster, Melissa ** were so sweet. Unfortunately, the lady who hit me had insurance that I can only describe as a scam insurance but Jahda and Melissa have helped me even through that so that I will still be able to get my surgery and be out of pain and they made sure my daughter's medical bills were paid. Also, I was worried my rates would go up but they didn't. Honestly, they have made this horrible experience much better.

Snapchot - Don't plug that thing into your car! My car broke down 24 hours after it was plugged into my suburban I just bought. It was serviced and scanned 1 week prior at Chevy. It was perfect. Lawsuit? The reviews say it's happening to others as well as the dealership I brought it to.

I had an accident in August 23. A car driven by a young man hit my car from behind. We stopped on the roadside. The other admitted that he was at fault. I reported the accident to both my insurance and Progressive. Michigan is a no fault state. The agent from Progressive told me that his company would pay me $1000 for the damage, which is the maximum in Michigan. After a month Progressive refused to pay because the other driver changed his report and denied responsibility.

My car was totaled in Georgia while on my way to a vacation. Well, that was a bust. But what was not was the incredible customer service I received. RJ in GA. and Lashonda in Indianapolis were compassionate and took care of everything very quickly. RJ even phoned me a week after arriving home to see how things were going. My settlement check even arrived within a matter of days. It's only been 10 days and everything is settled and I am in my new car. Thank you all so much. All of you that I dealt with at Progressive made that devastating experience turn my frown upside down. I will continue to brag to people about your company and your reps.

My car ended up totaled and Progressive was suppose to give the check amount for what it was worth to my auto loan company so that they can hold the title and the rest of it over to me. Once they considered it to be a total loss they gave me three days to return my rental. So the money I received from them I ended up having to pay out of pocket to extend the rental (that money is now all gone due to rental expenses and I am once again without transportation). It has been very difficult to put a down payment or purchase another car because the loan is still showing up on my credit as open and over due.

It has been three weeks now since they said that the check was mailed over to my bank. My bank has still not received anything from them. I am now messed up with my bank as far as being able to get another auto loan, my credit is now messed up, and I am without a car so I am not able to go to and from work and they are not able to help me in any type of way even though it's mainly their fault. Their answer to this all is to continue to wait a couple more days for the bank to receive it.

I was rear ended by a 16 yr old who didn't have a license & she left the scene. This happened in Sept 2013. There was damage to my car & I did receive permanent neck & back injuries. I had to resign from my job & the accident caused me a lot of stress & anxiety also. I have had auto insurance continuously for over 40 yrs. I have always been told by a lot of people that you should have auto insurance with a reputable company that has been in business long enough that they have the money to pay their claims. I had $25,000 bodily injury on my policy and Progressive offered me $1400 to start. I retained a attorney & it went downhill from there. The person handling my claim decided it wasn't worth his time to pursue my claim so he just dropped it.

One of the attorney partners took it over even though he did not specialize in personal injury cases. I just settled this July 2016 after almost 3 years. I was awarded $14,000 & received $9,333. I am still on disability from a previous illness & I needed the money very badly. Progressive was delaying my claim with everything they could come up with. There wasn't that much damage to my car, I didn't have the injuries I claimed (even though I had x-rays & documents on to back it up), my injuries were caused my age, etc. I now only have the minimum auto insurance available because it doesn't matter how much coverage you have you won't receive what you should if you sign with Progressive. All their money goes to Flo & their shareholders!

Progressive raised my rates without an explanation as to why so when I called I was told that some other people in my area had filed claims this past year so it's costing the company more money. That is a BS response and I refuse to pay for someone ELSE being a bad driver. I will be cancelling my policy for a company that is not run by thieves.

I noticed several people posted negative reviews. I had an accident I reported in August 2016. A friend was driving my car and someone turned left from a 4 ways stop into my car. My friend was heading through the intersection after he had already stopped. The other person denied any fault and he and his 3 friends tried to refuse to give required accident information. I attempted to file with the other insurance company and they said their person was not at fault. Therefore I had to file with Progressive and pay my $500 deductible. Progressive paid for the $2995.00 repair and I had rental car coverage and said my friend was not at fault.

The case goes to arbitration (in 8-9 months). Hopefully, I'll get some of the $500 back. I've had Progressive off and on for several years. They were following state law, and they were in communication with me. The only thing I noticed is that they now have adjustors come to the body shop and do an assessment (in my case the car was driveable). My advice: Always know your policy coverage - go through the declaration page every time you renew it.

I had been with Progressive for 4 yrs. and when I initially started with their service they recommended "snap shot" to possibly reduce my insurance by 30%. After 6 months of using the Snap shot, I was told by Progressive I qualified for the full discount as I had met all standards for snap shot. When I got billed the next month I was informed my insurance was going up because accidents had been reported in "my zip code." Obviously the 30% discount went out the window. Then I realized every 6 months when it was time for renewal my insurance was increasing by 10, 12 and now $17 dollars a month.

I have no accidents on my record and my licence is clean and clear. When I asked why my insurance went up again, they gave me the same B.S. Progressive is a thief insurance, I DON'T RECOMMEND them at all. I switched to MetLife who carries my Life Insurance policy, got a better quote and got renters insurance added for a less premium. PLEASE DON'T USE PROGRESSIVE as your INSURANCE.

I'm purchase an insurance to Progressive auto and my car got flooded. Now the insurances Doesn't want to cover because they said then I don't have insurance when this happen. Also they rent me a car for 2 days and I have to pay a deposit for the car. In my 42 years I'm never heard this before. The claim person don't even listen to me was so unprofessional. Wow I'm on shock. This company is really no good.

Had this company for well over a year. On time with all payments. I have only liability for 235$ a month which I found absurd but I'm in a rut and can't find otherwise. Emergency came up and I couldn't make the payment. I've never been late. Not even a month late. Just 2 weeks and they told me they were canceling my insurance. (I just needed time to catch back up). I paid them immediately to receive a notice that my next payments were now 481$. Almost DOUBLE for only LIABILITY. Not even COLLISION because they're so ** expensive all because I was A LITTLE late. You're ** scum. Never had an accident. Never had a ticket. No points. Nothing.

3 days ago our vehicle got hit parked with hit and run. Luckily someone saw it got tag and called police. THE Person Did Get arrested. This happened 1 am Sun night Monday morning. So Monday I made claim early that morning at 9 am. I had driver's name address tag but no Insurance info. 8 hours later I called back with info and finally almost 2 days later the claims rep called me back. Here is what he said: We both filled claims but because it's same company we both have it has to have several investigations and will take a while longer. In the meantime they won't supply a rental or anything.

Now even though the other person made the claim they want to talk to her again and isn't answering. It's complete crap. Stall tactics. They want me to pay deductible and go through my policy. That's their answer to everything. If you don't wanna wait pay 500 and forger rental because it goes through my insurance which will raise my rates I'm sure even though someone hit my parked car. I'm new to accidents but what I've gathered from friend's family and the Internet this should not take this long. Again I believe they are delaying it to get me to pay deductible. I've never heard just because someone has same company it takes longer. Their claims reps are rude and lazy. Takes several days to get a callback.

Now almost end of day 3 we have yet to even inspect the damage. No one came out and hasn't even asked me for photos which I'm sure I'll wait another week or month to get the estimate done if they ever step up and pay. Anyone dealing with Progressive should just retain a lawyer. I never wanted to sue. Just get it fixed and have rental in meantime. Pretty basic. No injury or medical bills or anything complicated. That's what bothers me simple open shut case and yet Progressive refuses to handle the situation timely or at all. I will be switching companies as soon as I legally can. If I ever get hit by someone with Progressive I will learn from this mistake and retain lawyer immediately. Progressive is worst insurance I ever had. It's not like 2 people from same policy hit. I've never met this woman in my life.

Got into a car accident 8/7/16. Lady provided wrong info... Was 32 weeks pregnant at that moment, took 3 weeks to find them. Now working with Dorisa ** and she is UNREACHABLE!!! I have so much bills piling up and guess what they only causing me headaches. I had my 15 month old in the car and a full car of people... We have a 2014 Mercedes Benz. They don't want to replace bumper that has a big HOLE in it saying it's fixable... New car. NICE car and they won't replace anything new! WTF.

I have been with this company for YEARS. No accidents, payment are automatic and my account never overdrafts... I leased a car in 2014. I was able to get the legal minimum for my car. The only good part. A year later I looked at my insurance cards and my VIN number was wrong. The last two digits were wrong. I called. They sent everything over. Thank god I was never in an accident. Today I get an email saying my insurance is going up from $199 to $208. Not a big deal, but every 6 months they try to raise my rates... Again I’m a loyal customer with not accidents.

So I call customer service and the people I spoke to were nice, I was able to my rate lower which is nice. I was quoted $187. I needed to update my bank info so I had no choice but to call back... In the meantime I’m searching around and Allstate is willing to give me the same exact coverage for $113. Yes $113 a month. I only kept progressive because I was somewhat lazy and didn’t want to switch the bank info. Progressive is such a rip off. They do not care for their customers. The company itself. Not employees. On my next day off, I’m canceling my insurance and going with Allstate... Such a waste of money.

I am 30 year old woman. Just got my first car last Feb. so I got this company. I was paying 185 a month for what? I had my car brakes done at Brakes For Less. October 20 I ended up in a minor accident due to my car underneath was heating up and I pushed on the brakes due to being in traffic and my brake pad was hard to push down so I hit a expedition. I was far and still slid and hit them. The company told my grandfather that my car didn't have anything wrong with the brake and I was at fault. Bull crap man. They told my grandfather that I had to get a rental till they found out what they had to do they about the car. They called my grandfather to come sign paperwork so he went to meet the lady he spoke to and they told him that I'd get 1200 back. I heard with my ears soon as he signed the paper he sat and waited and they were like, "Is there something wrong?" He was like, "Where the check at? She need to put down money for another car."

They look at us saying that, "We didn't say that to you." So we were pissed. He demanded to speak to someone else and they refused. It is now august I still have no car. I lost my home health aid job due to me having no car. I have been going through so much now. Today I get a call from the hospital that I went to during the day of the accident saying that they never got a call from the company said I owe them 2900. So my granddad called the company and they said they paid 10000. lol. Really that's not what they said. So I called the hospital back to tell them what they said and the lady was like nooo. SMH. They are liars. I feel like I'm moving backwards too much. I tried to get a lawyer and they couldn't help due to my granddad. SMH. Never.

I was fully insured when I was involved in an accident. Progressive did not hold on their side of the contract. They denied my claim why? They claim I didn't have the type of proof of address that they wanted. Mind you I have a Pennsylvania Driver's for the past six or Seven years, not one time was I ever asked for a bill or bank statement. I think their actions in this matter could have been more professional. I am going to Sue the ** out of them.

As of today, August 25th, 2016, Progressive is reportedly having their underwriters call new customers to go over information supplied by the licensed insurance agent. Underwriters as a personality type, are not exactly customer service focused. In fact, after having been with GEICO for many years, I can tell you that I regretted making the switch to Progressive. I felt disrespected as the underwriter asked the same questions, zip code, highest level of education completed (they appear to discriminate), address... on and on. When I had a disagreement about my son who lives out-of-country, they said "No - he must be put on your policy." WHAT? Dealing with a Progressive underwriter regarding customer service is akin to having Donald Trump provide sensitivity training to Mexicans, Latinos and women. It's a total mismatch and Progressive should be ashamed that they lacked the basic knowledge that an underwriter should never go near a customer.

The great news is that GEICO gets it! They are 150% customer focused, treat you with dignity and respect and they are the same from policy application to claims handling. I would NEVER RECOMMEND PROGRESSIVE TO ANYONE. Worst customer experience ever - unless of course you like root canal surgery - then Progressive is for you. The other great news? I went back to GEICO without any issues - same great customer service.

My brand new 2016 Mercedes CLK was damaged in a hail storm. Progressive insisted on using Dentless Paint Repair. There were over 200 dents in the hood and I argued that it would not be fixed properly that way. Sure enough now my car is repaired and there are many imperfections and small pea sized dents. Bottom line - Progressive spent nearly what a new hood would cost to save a couple of hundred dollars and have my car repaired very shabbily and not satisfactory. The adjuster Kevin ** was also evasive and hard to contact. Very unsatisfactory experience.

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Progressive Insurance is one of the country's largest auto insurance companies and has been offering auto insurance since 1937. The company is headquartered just outside of Cleveland, OH.

  • Name your price: Progressive has a unique program for auto insurance that allows people to enter their budget and find a plan that matches closest with what they can afford.
  • Snapshot program: The company offers a device called Snapshot, which plugs into a car and reports stats about a driver's driving habits. This can help ensure that a driver is paying the right amount for their insurance.
  • Progressive app: Progressive has an app that allows its customers to access their information from their mobile devices, in case they need it while they are away from a PC.
  • Loyalty rewards: Progressive's Loyalty Rewards Program gives customers points for loyalty, and it offers benefits like Accident Forgiveness.
  • 24-hour customer service: Representatives of Progressive are available 24 hours a day to help customers.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers who just purchased a car, and drivers who don't do much driving but own a car.

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