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My 2004 Acura was in a accident, on September 12, 2016. My vehicle was picked up by Nationwide insurance. I'm not getting any help from Nationwide. My vehicle was picked up not totally wrecked. But when Nationwide returned my vehicle back to me. It was a total wreck, the bumper is in the back seat. And both license plates are in the front car windshield. It has been deemed a total loss. The condition that was brought back to me is unacceptable and needs to be repaired. I'm sending pictures of before my vehicles was sent to Nationwide and when it was returned to me.

I was rear ended by a lady with Nationwide Insurance. She was texting and driving and hit me hard. She got a ticket for it. It was totally her fault I was stopped with my turn signal on and turning left and she plowed right into the back of me. My brand new 2016 Silverado was totaled the bed buckled. I had it towed to a body shop that I trusted in August 2016. The truck only had 4400 miles on it. I never heard from Nationwide for about one and half weeks. When I did hear from them they denied the claim. I was livid. How on earth can they do that? She hit me.

So now it has been over a month and Nationwide sent me a letter saying they put over $10,000 in her bank to fix her car. I have been talking to attorney and they are baffled by the whole thing. Well I had a rental car until they denied the claim so I had to pay out of my pocket $350.00. I am at loss of words. I never in my life heard of such crap.

It is now in October 2016 and my truck is still at body shop and I don't know anything yet. I have been given the runaround by Nationwide Insurance. The truck is totaled. The body shop gave me their price and said they didn't want to fix it. I had to go through my insurance co because Nationwide is denying the claim, oh wait they did offer to pay my deductible $500.00. Wow that was nice of them since it was her fault. Needless to say Nationwide Insurance is not paying for my truck but they fixed hers.

I received a pro rated cancellation check today. I still thought I had insurance. I call Nationwide. They informed me that underwriting denied my insurance because my vehicle was housed out of state, WRONG - NOT. I then called Shannon ** with Nationwide my agent located on Main Street Dayton Ohio. She then proceeded to tell me that she told me to email over a utility bill. I said "No you didn't. I live 4-5 blocks away. I could have just brought you a copy." She starts to tell me that it's my fault and she told me to email her at ** which was a lie. I told her "because of you my insurance is cancelled" and what she said was untrue. She said "if you feel like that then go somewhere else for insurance." I told her she was out of line. Bad customer service and didn't try to rectify the situation. Also same office was suppose to quote me home insurance.

When I returned home 6 weeks later still no response. I then call and she says "Oh yeah. Sorry I didn't get back with you." How does this company stay in business with incompetent individual calling themselves agents. They need to go back to school and learn customer service. I however was never told to bring a utility bill as I would have done. My truck is not out of state as underwriting says and the customer service that Shannon ** was giving me was one of the worst. I have been in the real estate industry for over 20 years and own 3 companies and have never experienced the unprofessional customer support that I received with this representative.

Six and a half weeks ago I was rear ended by a person with Nationwide Auto insurance. I have still not been paid for my car. Nationwide let me know within 24 hours that they had accepted liability for the accident. It was cut and dry. Their insured plowed into the back of my car, totaling it. Nationwide gave me one week in a rental and then took the car away. My car had not even been looked at by the body shop until the day they took my rental. It's six and a half weeks later and I am still having to go to a chiropractor daily. With no car. I made a complaint with the insurance commissioner and was granted one more week in a rental. That was four weeks ago. They made a low ball offer on my car. I pointed out to them there was no way it could be replaced for what they offered. Similar age and mileage cars were all two to five thousand more dollars.

They agreed but said it was not their problem. The Claims Specialist is completely incompetent. He tried to have my car towed to a scrap yard two hours away, promising me no one would touch my car until I was paid for it. That was also four weeks ago. Imagine if I had let them. The car would have been stripped and crushed by now and I would have literally nothing. He said, "you have my word no one would touch your car." He lied. Those yards move cars with a forklift and strip them of everything within a week of arrival. Every time I talk to him he acts like it's the first time we have ever talked. Two other claims representatives have called me on his behalf. When I call back they cannot be reached either. My claims rep is now on a two week vacation. I wonder if he is vacationing with no car? The shop where my car was towed has not been paid either.

They were nice enough to let me tow my car out of there so that Nationwide would not have to pay more storage. This was a big deal to my claims rep and the reason he cited he wanted to tow my car to the scrap yard. Now that the car is gone Nationwide has put me in a bad spot by not paying the garage for looking at my car or the tow or storage or anything. They call me several times a week and they also call Nationwide several times a week. Every time they actually reach someone at Nationwide, Nationwide tells them to fax the bill to them. They lie and say they will take care of it. Another week goes by and they never do. I hired an independent insurance adjuster to evaluate the value of my car. He also agrees it cannot be replaced for what Nationwide wants me to settle on. There are no cars available for what they claim is value. It's a limited production vehicle. I am not being unreasonable.

I am not asking anything for the 20,000 dollars in extra parts on my car or the hundreds of hours of labor installing and tuning it. I just want enough to buy a stock car the same age and mileage as mine. They refuse. They are unreachable by phone or email. They do not return calls to me, the garage or the independent adjuster. I am just out of a car completely. A car I special ordered brand new and spent over a decade building. What they are doing is immoral and it should be illegal.

I was hit by a driver with Nationwide auto insurance. The Sheriff wrote up the police report and stated that this accident was "clear cut and dry" meaning, no doubt at all that is was not my fault. It was the other driver. My insurance company, Erie and I have paid up in full for my auto repairs. I paid out of pocket for my car rental for 12 days and as an uber driver, I lost potential earnings for those twelve days. Nationwide has avoided responsibility. It's been 50 days. Not a word from them.

I contacted a great Attorney this week and we Sat down together as he called Nationwide and left messages for them. After reading several reviews it seems as if Nationwide is a ghost insurance company. They appear to take their consumers money and that's all. They aren't insuring anyone. They are avoiding that all together it seems. I may never get my money back. My insurance company paid over 3000.00 to get me back on the road safely. Erie is good. Nationwide is not really an insurance company as far as I can tell, first hand experience!

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Recently we submitted a claim to Nationwide for storm damage to our roof. The agent while polite came in with his own agenda. He never listened to our concerns or our contractor. Every concern was dismissed. Water damaged on our ceiling he claimed was a tub. There is no bathroom over the area. Out of the six houses on our street we are the only ones who were told that our roof could and would be patched. After the contractor told the agent that the shingles were too old to find response basically was that was our problem. The next day I emailed the agent to say we wanted to decline the claim and not move forward. What he did was proceed anyway as if we didn't matter. They draw you in with low rate that increase for no apparent reason the next year. And low ball you on claims. They don't listen or address your concerns. They send you correspondence telling you that you are valuable but actions have always speak louder than words. Be aware.

I would like to say that I just started Nationwide Insurance few weeks ago. What a big mistake. I'm not happy with them. I've been talking to few different people. The same guy that I end up talking from last week telling me I would have to pay a penalty if I cancel, I feel like I'm being pressured and I don't need this - I'm mentally disabled. I end up swearing and cussing at him. He doesn't seem to listen. I end up talking to two different ladies. They told me I wouldn't have to pay a fee. SOMEONE IS LYING TO ME AND I'M NOT GONNA PUT UP WITH IT!! I'm surprise they are still in business. If I get bad credit rating because of them I will take further action.

I was involved in a incident and the other party had Nationwide Insurance. The other party (T. **) claimed previous damaged to their vehicle in addition to the damaged I cause. The damage I did not do but was billed for was an additional $518. I called Nationwide and let them know their customer (T. **) was comminting insurance fraud. I let them know their customer (T. **) did not ever drive the vehicle that was insured and instead the customer allowed his brother (C. **) to drive the vehicle. The bother (C. **) is a DUI offender so it is cheaper for him drive a vehicle in his brother's name. That in itself is insurance fraud.

It took me 4 weeks to get Nationwide to investigate. I spoke with the body shop who fixed the vehicle and they confirmed with me the extra damage was added onto the bill. I started receiving letters from a collection agency (National Commercial Services) demanding payment in full the total bill. I tried to explaining the situation but no one would listen. I was told I had to pay $1800 or I would lose my license. Naturally I paid the $1800 and hired a lawyer. Do not do business with Nationwide and if you are involved in an accident with someone who insured with them take video and pictures. If you plan on committing insurance fraud Nationwide would be the company to do it with as they welcome it with open arms.

I have spent two month trying to get a hail damage claim processed from a company I've done business with for over 17 years. Everyone on my street has had their roof replaced weeks ago. My initial claim was denied and when I asked the adjuster what I needed to do next, I have pictures of the damage, her reply was "nothing, my word is final", Of course that made me very mad. I had my agent send them back to meet with me and a roofing contractor. They found damage this time, but tried to say this was a different claim. That it must have happened after their visit. No, we've only had one hail storm, this is the same claim. A week goes by I've not heard anything. The reason why, they fraudulently filed a new claim, to cover their tracks. I will be taking this to the insurance commission. Insurance fraud is a two street.

I was involved in a accident on Dec. 8, 2015, someone ran the stop light and hit me in the driver side. I lost items during the accident: cell phone, son's car seat and laptop was damaged. My claim for my car have been settled, however my bodily injured claim have not. They have change my adjusters 3 times, not due to my request. The 1st 2 adjusters basically told me the same thing and the 3rd one came on at the end of the case and changing things up from how the other adjusters were planning to handle the case. She is so unprofessional, she never answer the phone, calls while I'm at work. When I return her call she have never answer, claims she be busy on the phone. Doesn't return calls back in a timely manner. I had to contact Ms. ** supervisor, left him a message. I was told he would call me back in 24 hours. I have not yet heard from him.

She gave me an offer and sent me a settlement statement, however, don't have the bills correct, although she have them from the previous adjuster and I have sent them to her 3 times. She waits to the end of business day to send out email. They don't want to compensate me for my lost items. My parents paid some of my medical bills through the health insurance, I was told by the previous adjuster any bills that was paid already goes directly to me, however the 3rd one have went back on her word and stated she going to send it to the health insurance although they haven't requested to be reimbursed. She don't want to include my lost wages in the settlement, even though, the 1st adjuster had already calculated it. The bills I sent her states one amount, however Ms. ** is changing the amounts to lower amount.

She have been a nightmare from hell having to deal with cause she is so unprofessional and unorganized and trying to get over on me. My face is scarred for life due glass getting in my face, but they only want to offer me $4500 to $6,000 bodily injury. She stated the adjuster that supposed of handled my items that was damaged or lost in the accident, she would speak to him and her manager and get back to me about it. However, that was mention on July 22, 2016 and she still haven't gave me an answer concerning that. Nationwide have made me look at them differently, I consider them to be a very bad insurance company after this experience. I have chosen to take my business elsewhere, and probably will be contacting her supervisor's boss next week, since he didn't call me back either to hear my concern. Nationwide have a set of unprofessional and thoughtless adjuster working for them.

I will not recommend them to anyone ever again. The accident was so bad and the hit was so hard, it busted my windows out and the firemen had to cut me out of the car. In addition, the driver didn't have insurance and revoked driver's license, yet Rocky Mount PD didn't arrest him or give him a citation for no insurance. I paid my premium but now I'm having the most difficult time getting a settlement for my injuries, lost wages, and lost items. I had an infant and couldn't hold or care for him, and they wouldn't even compensate me for that. My parents told me to just hired an attorney and let them handle it for me. I told the adjuster she had by next Wednesday to recalculate my bills, and informed me about my lost items that I emailed pictures of what I had left of the items to her, and after that I'm going to take my parents advice. I lost all respect for Nationwide and the way its adjusters conduct business with victims.

I went into a local office here in Knoxville, TN to speak with a Nationwide agent to get coverage for my janitorial business. I was told by the agent Terrance ** that he needed some information about my janitorial service and about myself to get coverage started in which I know that's the process. After giving him my information, I was asked for a two month payment to get the policy started. I paid him via credit card and thought everything was fine. Terrance ** explained to me that I was covered and that he just wanting for the underwriter to review the policy and I will be receiving an welcome package in the mail.

So I went back into the Nationwide office to let them know that I needed to add two prospect customers to my policy. Once I got to the location, Terrance ** was not there to assist me but he had another employee there to assist me. I explained to this lady on this date and time that I was here to add two clients to my (COI) Certificate of Insurance. After her searching through her system, I was told that I don't have a policy with nationwide. I then explained to her, how could this be. She then asked me for my policy number to try and pull it that way. Well... I didn't have my policy number with me, so I asked if she could just pull it from my business name are social. NOTHING!!!

She stated to me that Terrance ** also works out of the Chattanooga TN office and my files could be there at that location and asked me to call the main number to see what they could pull up. So I did. After speaking to a nationwide agent there, it was explained to me that the reason why the local branch does not show that I have an active policy is because the underwriter is keeping my payment for an old policy I had back in 2012.

I was SHOCKED to say the least. I explained to the agent over the phone that yes, I had a policy that I started but canceled that policy because I wasn't getting any business back then. The agent explained to me that was true but for the days I had the policy for a WEEK. That I didn't inform them of the cancellation in time, so that's why they are holding my payment for the new business. I asked how much was it for and was told that it was $61.10. So I asked if they could just take out the old balance to pay off the $61.10. The agent explained to me that she couldn't do that but I have two options. 1) She could just send me the the money back via check or 2) Ask the underwriter if it's possible for them to take out the payment and just send me the overages out of the check. I was asked to hold on while she try contacting the underwriter and use her "magic".

After holding on about 15 minutes, the agent explained to me that she could not get no answer and would it be okay for her to call me back the next morning because the underwriter had left for the day, I told her that would be fine. So I contacted my local agent two days later asking him if he heard anything from the underwriter and here are his words.

"I have been out of town attending my grandmother's funeral. I apologize for the misunderstanding. When we set up this policy, I was unaware that there was still a balance owed to Nationwide for the policy that you had in 2014 of approximately $61. Underwriting is rejecting this policy due to this balance. I'm not certain that there will be a refund issued because there have been additional insured's added as well as a balance owed. If you would like to give me a call or come by the office then we can discuss this process, but there is nothing I can do about the balance owed to Nationwide or the cancellation because the underwriters have the final say. Please let me know if there is something else that you need from me. Thanks, Terrance."

Shocked again. "You can contact the billing/customer service department at 1.888.508.8622. They will be able to look up the billing and the policy and speak with the underwriter about this matter. You can also come by the office if you would like to work with me on calling them. If this is the first that you are hearing about this, then that makes 2 of us and I will do whatever I can to straighten things out if you feel that you didn't have a past due amount from the cancellation of your last policy. Thanks, Terrance."

"Hello Keelin, I received a call yesterday from a rep and she said that the underwriter advised her to apply the funds to the collection amount and the difference would be refunded but that is the extent of what she told me. If there is any further info that she spoke with you about, then she didn't mention it to me. I hope this helps. Thanks, Terrance."

"Customer service explained that they provided certificates of insurance to you within that week of coverage. If so, do you no longer need those certificates for that week of coverage that they are mentioning. If they say that I can backdate the coverage then I suppose I can but I've never heard of that. It's usually up to the underwriter, and what the original underwriter stated was that there were certificates provided and that's why she wouldn't back date it. So please let me know if you received certificates or not, because if you did then there is probably no point in me calling over their again. Please let me know if you didn't receive or have any certificates issued and I'll make the call. Thanks, Terrance." Now I am out of money all the way around. STAY AWAY FROM NATIONWIDE INSURANCE. THE OUTCOME WILL NOT BE GOOD. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. DON'T TRUST THEM...

Had the worst experience ever. I pay Nationwide for roadside assistance and in return you outsource that responsibility to the ** company ever. I was locked out of my car with my three kids after a run. We're parked in a busy crowded parking lot near a trail. I call and they connect me to agero. The rep ask me a bunch of questions to locate my account. She never said she couldn't hear me and she read back my answers. After forever she tells me that I don't have roadside assistance but can give her my card number for $56. I knew that was a lie so she COLD transfers me to "customer care". I start all over. After this lady asks me everything, I even pulled up my policy while talking to her, she says, "Mam, I'm sorry. Are you sure you have a progressive policy?" Umm hell no, I have NATIONWIDE.

At this point I'm like put that damn rep back on so she can begin doing her job. But remember she COLD transferred me, dumped me with the wrong insurance co, and went on to ruin someone else's day. SO I START OVER AGAIN, called NATIONWIDE, got transferred to agero and all of a sudden I do have an active policy, and I do have roadside assistance. Then I got a 90 min eta. I called at 1208 pm got in my car at 248pm. Was that rep just stupid? Trying to boost sales numbers by suckering 56 out of me? Just malicious? And I began the call by telling her I WASN'T IN A SAFE LOCATION!!! You hired these people and you need to fire these people or compensate me for my troubles. I had to call family to get my children out of such a situation. You should be monitoring this company which has a 2.8 rating.

Was rear-ended by someone insured by Nationwide in August 2015. Though they contacted me right away and accepted responsibility for the accident, everything moved pretty slowly. Have been taking every opportunity to slow the process even more. The vehicle is commercial and not readily replaced by rental and so downtime for repairs was going to have to be the bare minimum. Out of one side of their mouths they kept saying how helpful they were going to be until they decided the claim would exceed their insureds policy limits, (who has a $25,000 limit these days!!!) then they wanted my insurance to pay for everything then they could get reimbursed by Nationwide.

Finally got vehicle repaired in February out of service 12 days (their estimate was 5 weeks) and I had to find the shop to do the job that quickly (Nationwide authorized shop). Here it is now 2 weeks shy of 11 months since the accident and still no final settlement. The body shop got paid but I have not received my lost wages, medical and pain and suffering settlement plus now Diminished Value appraisal which cost me $525 to acquire and submit ($8700).

Today they offered $6000 to settle that part. I'm tired, their insured nearly cost me my business by his negligence and Nationwide doesn't give a rat's patootie. They are not on my side, not that I expected them to be though they sure made it seem like it way back in the beginning. I will tell everyone how poorly they have treated me, dragged their feet and generally caused my opinion of insurance companies to drop even further than I thought it could go. Judging by the other reviews I've read here I guess I'm not alone. Caveat Emptor folks.

I've been a Nationwide customer since I bought my first vehicle in 2003. At the time I had a local agent and everything was great. If I needed to file a claim I'd call his office directly and everything was taken care of in a very quick fashion. As an added bonus every 6 months when it came time to renew my premium, my payment would always go down by a dollar or two. After my agent retired and closed his office my policy got taken over by another agent, my premiums shot up 20 dollars a month and haven't moved since.

Then I had to move to California and shortly after arriving my wife struck an object that fell off the back of a truck causing undercarriage damage. I filed a claim, and with no local agent anymore everything had to go through call centers. You call, wait on hold, get asked several questions, get transferred to someone else, get put on hold, asked the same questions. The claims adjuster that I got assigned to would never return her calls. She would call me in the mornings when I'm at work, I'd call her back and leave a voicemail stating that I am hard to get a hold of until noon. But she would only want to call in the mornings, I'd call back a couple of times during the day, never getting an answer and leave voicemails that went unreturned.

It go so bad that I asked the supervisor to assign me a different claims adjuster. After taking it to their shop for an estimate on the damage it came to 167$, of which I had to pay 100$ to cover my deductible. So they were shelling out a grand total of 67$. After over 10 days I was getting nowhere. Whenever I did get someone to return my phone call all they wanted to do was ask me for the VIN and then I wouldn't hear from them. Call and wait on hold again after a couple of days, get transferred to someone who would ask me all the same questions and the VIN and then not hear anything.

Finally I gave up and told them it's not worth the hoops they were making me jump through to pay for parts and labor on a 55$ splash shield. I would order the part and put it on myself. Of course this was in a voicemail because you can't get anyone in the call center to answer their phones. I switched to eSurance and have the same coverage for 300$ a year less than what I was paying with Nationwide. Years ago with my local agent I would have said the difference in the payments was worth it for the better customer service. But every time a local agent retires they just transfer all the records and everything gets routed thru call centers to save them money. So they're not worth the higher premiums anymore.

A semi side swiped me on Tuesday 7/5/16 around 5 pm. I called Nationwide immediately. I was happy how fast they picked up the phone, set up a tow truck to come get my car, set up a rent-a-car, an appointment with the body shop and the general professionalism of the lady. She said I could have the car towed to my house as I had gear in the trunk and that someone would come by in the morning and tow it to the body shop. That was Tuesday night. This is Thursday night and I have not got one call from the tow truck place, body shop. The worst thing about it is I have to pursue Miss ** my claims adjuster to try and get some help. She is polite but whole lot more training needs to be done with her. You don't sit on your hands and say "you call 'em, or I don't know how it works, etc." Sad. According to her they have no control over the towing companies. If Nationwide's Miss ** can't resolve this I will be contacting Miss ** her supervisor.

I have full coverage Nationwide car insurance for my 3 cars and still paying for it. My son had an accident with 2014 BMW, four weeks back. He hit on a pole. Police report was filed and car was towed into garage. Nationwide was informed, but no response from their side regarding the claim yet. I have full coverage for all 3 cars and still paying the same amount. When I called Nationwide they are saying that I had to do inspection of the car for insurance. I was not informed about this before. When I said I am still paying the same amount, the representative is saying that he has to talk to supervisor, and they have to present this case in meeting, but no response yet. I am not sure how I deal with this situation. When an accident occur Nationwide is not on your side.

I was in a serious car accident. My doctor gave me disability for 1 year which I can't work or walk. My Nationwide policy covers lost of income which is 25k. They sent me 1500 a month for 6 months then they asked me to visit (their spam doctor) and he wrote a report says that I am able to work and they stop sending me my lost of income money. Now I'm still disabled and have no income at all. Nationwide will never stand with you and they have many ways to screw you.

So I joined nationwide a month ago and paid $110 for my auto insurance. Well now I get a bill for $215. I have no tickets, no points, no wrecks, nothing. I found a new insurance place and call and cancel with nationwide. They still drafted the $215 out of my account and now are telling me they won't refund my money. They drafted out because when they canceled my account they didn't stop the payment draft! Been on the phone all day and no one will give me a reason as to why? This is by far the worst insurance place I have ever dealt with and I'm not done, I will get my money back from this company! Save your time and money and look elsewhere!

We decided to move to Nationwide several years ago. When we moved, the agent and assistant visited our home and we discussed necessary and desired coverages. We own a log sided home and horse farm. We needed coverage on equipment, camera equipment, barns, vehicles, etc. We contracted for multiple lines of coverage and they sent an inspector to view the property. Their underwriting was involved and emailed us with questions. We THOUGHT we had it covered. Every possible thing we could disclose, we disclosed truthfully and honestly. 2 years ago November 2016 I was rearended in a rental while stopped in traffic/construction on the interstate at Thanksgiving. I had camera equipment, a pet, children, electronics in the vehicle when it happened. Travelers Commercial refused to pay saying I was at fault for stopping for traffic (not that they're insured was following to close in construction or anything ha!).

I lost thousands in equipment and that is all we really wanted replaced. So I tried to file a claim on my insurance to get it replaced and was told they would deny it and increase our rates because I didn't have appropriate coverage. YEP... Didn't have coverage, yet I was paying for a supplement line for all my camera equipment and computers. Still am paying for the SAME policy to this day because no one has bothered to return a phone call to correct it or take any action. I don't have a copy of the policy, nor my auto or homeowners policies but they keep taking the money.

Had a vehicle claim, dog ran into the side of the car did damage, took it to their PREFERRED SHOP, wasn't repaired correctly, adjustor would not ever return a phone call and took DAYS to return emails. Finally found my way up the food chain and got someone to get it to another shop after 3 months to get it fixed. Yes it took them 3 months to get what should have been a small issue corrected. On April 27 this year a deer hit the passenger side of our car near the rear door and wheel. VERY minor damage that was reported immediately to the agent (left message and finally spoke to someone).

Yesterday the adjustor FINALLY showed up 2 hours later than his appointment. He then emailed to say he had sent it into the body shop but as of 15 minutes ago they had nothing on it, neither did the rental place (which by the way they only will pay 2 days on even though I have up to 900 on rental and could easily cover the Friday to Wednesday request so that we can take it to the shop which corrected the issue last time instead of shops which have horrible reviews and multiple issues with performance but are easier for us to get to... And he wants to put AFTERMARKET parts on a 2 year old car).

Nationwide advocacy doesn't return emails. They don't return telephone calls. Asked after the last issue to have our rental coverage increased... Never happened. Asked to have equipment added 6 months ago... Never happened. We were trying to avoid making a change when we are in the process of selling our farm but it looks like we cannot avoid it any longer. Nationwide has absolutely no problem taking your money but they damn sure can't or refuse to provide service. #nationwideaintonyourside

I apologize for the interrupt and hope this communique may serve to bring about some kind of positive change. Recently after over a year of claim free tenure with Nationwide Insurance (for both Home and Autox2), I got into a minor fender bender with another driver while at a local Home Depot. I was backing out of a parking space and he attempted (not so successfully) to quickly squeeze through. This resulted in t-bone style collision. After the obligatory unfriendly greetings... I came to find out the other driver was not licensed, not in the country legally, and had no insurance for the vehicle he was driving. Further investigation on my part later would reveal that the gentleman was driving a salvaged vehicle, which had failed all state required safety checks, had been in another collision less than 2 months prior, and was not listed as safe to drive in Texas.

The accident was minor and the only damage to my vehicle was to my rear bumper. The total cost to fix the 2014 Honda Pilot was 1069$. After the accident I had a very pleasant conversation with a Nationwide claims representative [Daniel **] from Iowa. He informed me during our initial conversation that since the other driver was not insured and not licensed that my 250$ deductible described in my uninsured motorist policy would apply. I wasn’t even aware I had this coverage. I was happy to hear this information and felt better that he was supportive. He assured me that Nationwide would attempt to recover the money from the other motorist. I immediately felt better. In addition he scheduled out the repair services needed to fix my vehicle for the next day, and we ended the call.

The tone with Nationwide changed as I brought the vehicle into a Nationwide approved service center for repairs (Caliber Collision). At checkout I was informed by the service center rep that the deductible I would need to pay at the counter (on the spot) would be $500 instead of the previously agreed upon $250 deductible discussed the prior day with Daniel. I called Daniel immediately (while at the service center) and for some reason he magically could not recall the contents of our conversation that occurred the day prior. I was left on the spot to foot the 500$ bill.

The following day I reached out to Daniel to try and determine what had changed. He calmly explained that because they had not determined liability yet I would be required to foot the standard collision deductible of $500 until the liability could be determined. I reluctantly and unwillingly had to accept this as the current state of the matter. He assured me that the investigation would continue and they would rule on the liability soon.

The tone of our next call a few days later turned even worse. He accused me of causing the accident, being at fault and stated that license, insurance, vehicle safety and operability were not determining factors of liability. He told me the 500$ was most likely gone and that Nationwide would wait for the police report to make a final decision. I was aggravated and upset at this turn of events. I felt I had been swindled out of 250$ and lied to by my insurance company. I calmly told him if it continued this way I would cancel my insurance policies with Nationwide. His response to this was smug and uncaring.

After hearing nothing from him for over a week I called State Farm and requested an auto quote. I was shocked to find out that the claim with Nationwide was listed as closed and that no further investigation was pending. I was quoted a MUCH higher rate for them. BUT based on my experiences in the past, you get what you pay for. I swiftly signed up and unapologetically cancelled my Nationwide insurance policies today. I was shocked (although I probably shouldn't have been) to see that Nationwide didn’t even attempt to preserve me as a customer. My main logic for cancelling is this: “If Nationwide lies to me and 'nickel and dimes' me over 250$ in relation to a minor incident, what will happen if something catastrophic occurs? I doubt Nationwide is on my side"

The interesting thing about this whole thing is that Nationwide stands to lose thousands worth of policy premiums from me in the future (which are ALWAYS paid on-time) over a 250$ dispute. The whole thing seems financially foolhardy as a company to behave this way. It’s also a sure fire way to drive customers away. That being said I thought I would share my experience in hope of some positive change taking place in the future.

They sold me wrong insurance I did not need. I asked for sr 22 bond insurance - they sold me regular insurance because the person said I did not need that where I live. Well it turns out I do need that where I live so some of the people that work for this company are paid for not knowing about what they sell. I contacted them a few days later to tell them I need the sr 22 bond insurance - that's when I was told they don't cover that in my state so they said they would refund my payment minus a couple days. Well took them 2 months to refund my payment and they shorted my refund because of their negligence of not canceling the day I called and they said they canceled it on that day - unbelievable - need I say more.

I purchased a 6 month auto insurance policy from Nationwide, effective November 5, 2015 - May 5, 2016. I decided not to continue the coverage, and let the policy lapse. Shortly thereafter, I received a letter from Nationwide which read in part, "Unfortunately, the premiums you paid did not completely cover the entire time you were insured... you're responsible for paying the coverage we provided." Excuse me? When I bought the policy, it was for a specific time frame, for the specific price they quoted. If they extended the coverage (without my knowledge or permission, by the way), how is that MY responsibility?

They end the letter with a friendly threat: "We wanted to make you aware it's possible a collection agency may contact you if you don't make your payment. This can have a negative effect on your credit report, and make it more difficult for you to obtain loans or credit." Does that sound more like Nationwide is "on my side", or more like a huge corporation using coercion and intimidation to increase their profits?

Had a terrible experience with having to deal with the people here. For one thing they NEVER call you back. When you do speak to them, they do not have knowledge of the accounts and cannot answer basic questions. I had to call the 1800 number to get simple answers. I spoke directly to Tom at the Plainview Nationwide, who cannot answer questions that he should have knowledge of and states that he will have someone else call back but never does. They cancel insurance without notice and then are very nasty when trying to speak with them about why it was canceled. Get insurance elsewhere and save yourself the trouble of the people in this office who do not know what they are doing!

I've been with Nationwide for several years and have never had a claim. After getting married I sold my car and cancelled my policy for a joint policy with my wife. I was still billed for my policy and was told that it would take 6-8 weeks to get a check back. I was given to the escalation department to complain as it was their fault. I was charged and wanted my money back NOW. How does a multi billion dollar company not have the technology to reverse a charge on the spot? As I read some of the 500+ complaints about them almost all are about over charges and lost money taking multiple months to get back if at all. It will be a cold day in hell before they ever see another dime from me. Class action lawsuit anyone?

Saturday, May 28, my car broke down on PA Turnpike around 630 pm. I called roadside assistance which I have and had with Nationwide about 5 years. They told me it would be a hour and half wait. Mind you, I let them know I'm not in a safe location and I have my baby with me and temperature was high 85. I called back at 8, they said someone should be there 10 minutes. 20 minutes go by, I called again to find out that the tow company they sent. Claimed they were out there and not coming back out.

I spoke to a supervisor who said he will try to get someone out there. I called back after a hour for them to tell me they are sorry, it's looking like a 4-hour wait time but if I can find a tow company that can come sooner do that and they will reimburse me. Mind you my baby and I made the claim at 630 so I had the trooper get a tow company out there by this. It's 1030 pm and they charged me 114$ to tow my car to the next exit and I still had to find a ride home.

I'm disgusted with Nationwide. They showed me they didn't care about me or my child. Holiday weekend stranded on the Turnpike and I been paying them 120$ a month for 5 years and this is the thanks I get. We could of been killed out there, the Turnpike is dangerous and tomorrow morning I will be calling managers, supervisors, executives, etc. After I complain to everyone I am leaving Nationwide because you guys suck.

I don't usually do one of these. I am so upset right now, I want to remove my soon to be ex-husband from my policy, one that I had by myself when I was 18. It wasn't nearly a problem putting him on and taking extra money from me each month and now you won't remove him and these were the reasons I gave. Husband removed from home for 2 years (PFA order to stay away from home). He is ill and is unable to drive per his dr. Filed for divorce already. Have a standing order that we are separated from one another and are on our own as far as our vehicles are concerned. Legally filed in the courthouse through an attorney. I mean really must I go on and tell the gory details of it all? Will someone get satisfaction from hearing our private sad story of our home?

These are the facts. HE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE. WE ARE NOT TOGETHER. Now after 34 yrs of being with you I have to look for another company. Is that customer service in your eyes? I have filed for divorce in courthouse. I can show all this documentation and it means nothing? Really, I am very sad, but upset I came to you 34 yrs ago and now you show no help to me after being a customer of yours for 34 yrs. I have to go, and I don't like change as far as this stuff goes but times are changing and so will my insurance policy.

This trash company on two occasions has attempted to threaten me into paying for a policy which had expired. After a fully paid for policy has terminated they will bill for another month at one twelfth of the original price for a year. If you do not pay they will report to a collection agency. They use the mail system to provide this extortion. This is violating the R.I.C.O. act, however in this corrupt nation this is just fine.

This particular attempt at legal theft occurred in the fifth ranked most corrupt state of Missouri, where there is at present a fellow named Chris Koster who is the AG for the state. He is poised to be placed into the office of governor in the fall "election". As soon as my credit score is verifiable to being damaged I will file a suit in the equally corrupt 31st judicial court system in Greene County Missouri. This type of theft is rampant in this Fascist country. Now State Farm insurance company is following in the corrupt footsteps of Nationwide Insurance company. I would rate this trash company of Nationwide as minus 0. They have no value at all.

Nationwide isn't by your side. Outsource to small companies that screw you and Allied/Nationwide plays dumb. But they got your money so they don't care. Oh, and they will not say they are at fault. But they will turn you in for no insurance and put the DMV on you.

I've been with a lot of insurance companies since I came to U.S 20 yrs ago, and this is the first time I wanted to give comment to Nationwide Insurance Company. Their claim customer service departments were excellent to serve the customers, and I'm totally satisfy with all the services they tried to help. Within 2 years, there were so many things happened to us: car accidents, hail damage to our car, our house... It makes us feel worry to file claims for those unwanted issues, but their customer services were so helpful beyond my expectation specially Engin **. She was the one who help us go thru hail damage of my house. She works with a professional manner, explained things clear and reasonable, and she gave us fast responds every time when we had questions or problems.

Compare with other insurances companies that I had experiences in the past, Nationwide Insurance Company really build up my trust in them because of the way their customer service handle, and because of how Erin work to represent for this insurance company. I'm sure will stick with them for a long time no matter what, because they keep their promises to stay on my side when I needed help, and it's enough for me to be a loyal customer to them.

Please have an option for ZERO STARS because this company deserves it!! The same day that I signed up for Nationwide - I cancelled because my current insurance debited my account as well and I couldn't have 2 active insurances. I was told I would be refunded the $5 setup fee and the first month. I'm waiting for weeks and nothing received so I contacted Nationwide who advised the check was not released and they would release that day. Another 2 weeks went by and I still did not receive the check so I called again and was told the check was JUST sent the day before BUT I was told it was sent 2 weeks prior. So once again I waited. Called back a week later and was advised the check was issued. Well just the other day I received a $5 check which was the processing fee but not the first month's payment. I called Nationwide who advised the initial payment was issued on 4/28 and the $5 setup fee was issued on 5/4.

Why is it I never received the initial payment but only the $5 setup fee? At this point I'm very pissed. I've talked to several supervisors (who take days to call you back) spoke to escalations numerous times and still no check. One rep told me to talk to customer advocacy who was in a staff meeting (I actually found it alarming that they would have the need to have such a dept). So a new rep told me a stop pay would be issued on the check and it would be overnighted and received by Tuesday. Well that was yesterday and no check. I called today and was advised it's STILL PROCESSING!! At this point I'm contacting the MIA to file a formal complaint. I've never been a customer and already have a bad taste in my mouth with this company which is not a good sign at all. I've been in customer service for over 20 yrs and every time I call I get a different story from a different rep. HORRIBLE. JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY.

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Founded in 1926, Nationwide Insurance is one of America's most popular car insurance companies. The company offers a full range of insurance options -- from farm insurance to motorcycle insurance.

  • Written guarantee: Nationwide operates with a written guarantee for all repairs, so car owners after an accident know how much they will be paying and for what.
  • AutoWatch: The company has a program called AutoWatch, where customers can log in and see the progress of damaged car repairs and actually watch it being worked on while it is in the shop.
  • Vanishing deductible: Nationwide also offers a Vanishing Deductible program, which reduces the amount of the deductible over time if a driver keeps a good driving record.
  • Free quotes: The company offers car owners free, no-obligation quotes, so they can wait to make a commitment when deciding whether to use the company's services.
  • Multipolicy discount: If customers have multiple policies with Nationwide, they will receive a discount on their auto insurance policy.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers who just purchased a car and drivers who also own homes.

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