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Conflicting Information and Promises. GEICO EMERGENCY ROAD SERVICE is not for anything but a "tow, a battery boost, a tire change if you have a spare, and a gallon of gas." That is what I was told today. I asked for roadside service to open my hood. They offered to tow it, but would not send someone to open the hood. So they would spend over $100 for a tow but not the same to pop a hood open... I have to wonder whose best and fiduciary interest the premium is paid for?

I called to get auto insurance for 3 vehicles. I asked them right when I was about to pay - to prepare for next year when my son will have his license, what the policy cost will look like. And what they did blew my mind - they added him to the policy and increased the cost of my premium! He can't drive right now due to an accident, and by the time he can drive, his learner's permit will be expired. But according to Geico, they have to add him because he has a learner's permit. B.S. This is just another way for them to charge extra. So I asked to speak to their manager, yes - you guessed it, he wasn't available. Not even 3 seconds passed before those words were coming out of her mouth. Good thing there are soooo many other companies to spend my money with!

I called July 30th and asked how much another 6 months on my policy would be. The rep asked me if I moved and I said yes and gave her my new address. She said the cost of the policy had changed but not by much (I live less than 2 miles from my former address). She told me the new price for the 6 months and I paid it.

A few days later I got an email from Geico saying my payment was declined. I went to my bank account and it showed the payment had cleared. Puzzled, I called and the rep couldn't find where the 6 month payment been declined. It was showing as paid. Then she says that she sees that I was on MONTHLY payments and it was that payment for the 30th was declined by the bank on the 2nd. I told her I am not on monthly payments, I always pay the 6 months all at once. I became concerned that I actually had 2 policies because I knew something was wrong. She checked and said no, it was the same policy number and, even tho I had been paying them the full cost every six months, ALL THIS TIME I was on a monthly payment plan (with the extra $5 a month fee) with bank account info for a account that had been closed for ages.

I told her I never approved of the monthly payments out of ANY account and when I asked the rep on the 30th for the amount of the 6 months, she took my new address and gave me my new price for the policy. Nothing was said about a pending one month payment and how that would affect the price I was going to pay. A rep wouldn't say "Your policy amount has changed to $____ and today we have a pending debit for $____ so the balance to pay it off today would be $____"? How could she not tell you about a pending payment and how it would affect what you are paying? No, didn't sound right. I asked for a supervisor. He said there was nothing he could do. He was sorry for "inconvenience" of the original rep putting me on payments but I had to pay the NEW AMOUNT I WAS NEVER TOLD but I wouldn't have to pay the balance until the end of the year. I just gave up and let it to that.

Now I get an email saying that I have to pay by August 30th. Of course I am hot. I call and explain that even tho I do not feel I owe this payment there was nothing anyone could do so I was told I didn't have to make it until the end of the year. It is a hardship for me since I am not working right now. I am told by the rep to IGNORE any cancellation emails and mail I may get because they are computer generated and I have paid for 5 months. I have ZERO trust right now and am afraid I will call after the 30th and find out I am cancelled. He wouldn't send me something saying I won't get cancelled but he did send a copy of my policy and in the notes wrote that the policy was in effect until 01/01/2017. Nothing saying it can't be cancelled for non payment. The comment below where he wrote this say that it is only effective up until the day it was sent (today) and after it could change so this isn't any sort of proof I won't be cancelled.

Every time I had a car, I always got Geico because they helped me once when my license was suspended for not having insurance by another company because I had switched to Geico. It was a mistake on their part but that rep called Tallahassee and had my driver's license reinstated in 30 mins. I have lost all my faith in them because of the way this was handled. Now I have to find a new insurance company by the first of the year.

I am extremely dissatisfied and feel that I have been cheated by #GEICO. When you use roadside assistance YOUR PREMIUM GOES UP. Mine increased more than 50% - no accidents, no tickets ever. With the terribly cold winter I needed a recharge to my battery to start my car. Each call put me in a higher risk pool. #IHATEGEICO

I plan to relocate to another state and called Geico to get a quote. After being transferred around, an agent changed my policy to the new state at $2200, while I am paying $360 right now. I was shocked and asked her why she did it without my authorization. She said I need to get it as soon as I move, so she cancelled my current policy too!!! I called a few other insurance companies to ask about it, they all said I can keep my current policy for 30 days out of state. I called back Geico to get my old policy back but they refused to do so. The experience is so frustrating. Just to compare, AAA quoted me $900 for the same policy.

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I called GEICO regarding the windshield replacement. They told me I can choose whatever dealer I want, and it's $50 deductible. Then I scheduled an appointment and called GEICO again, and told them it will be $1100 including $700 part fee and $400 labor fee. They GEICO said they can only reimburse me $400, and only advised me to use their recommended service, which will use the cheapest glass and $40/hr labor fee. What a liar...and I even talked with their manager, which is even rude, and they don't really care about you.

I was about to pull into a parking spot at the local hospital when I noticed the driver beside had started to back up, I immediately laid on my horn and watched in horror for 6 entire seconds while this driver continued to back right into me. I was absolutely furious because she did it very slowly so it wasn't like she didn't have time to react to my horn and it was very loud.

Once she realized what she had done she got out of the car and I asked her pretty angrily "Didn't you hear my horn?!?" to which she proceeded to deny. Needless to say we went back and forth before exchanging insurance information. The following day I repeatedly kept getting phone calls from her insurance which was Geico asking for my statement for the accident, her representative even left a voicemail saying that I could just call and leave a voicemail with my statement. I didn't want to do that because I have always been told that you are supposed to give your statement to your own insurance company and they send your statement to the other driver's insurance.

I called my insurance and let them know that Geico wouldn't stop calling me and bugging me for my statement and they said don't worry about it, we will send it to them. About two weeks after the accident I received a letter in the mail from Geico stating they had finished their "investigation" of the accident and they found ME 70% at fault for the accident. I had to read the letter about 5 times to make sure I was seeing things correctly.

First off, I'd like to know how on earth it is possible for someone who gets hit because another driver backs into them? I mean what if I was a child on a bike? Aren't all driver's supposed to look behind them before they back up? I always do, this driver clearly wasn't and she must be hard of hearing if she couldn't hear me blasting my horn from the second her reverse lights came on. So Geico you can put whatever the heck you want on your little letters to the drivers you claim are "at fault" if it makes you feel better or makes your drivers look like good drivers but that hospital has a security camera footage that says otherwise.

In March, I paid for coverage through September. In June, I requested an online price quote. Instead of a price quote, GEICO automatically decided to add my grandson as a driver to my policy. I ONLY WANTED A QUOTE!!! Now I am receiving a cancellation notice. I previously called and discussed the matter with the service representatives. I was told I would receive an exclusion form through email.

As of today, no such form has been sent. I was also told I could find the exclusion form on their website. I have yet to locate it. I was told I couldn’t insure my own car with them since my grandson obtained insurance on it with another company. Basically, they removed the car from my policy which leaves ME uncovered when I drive that car. In order to obtain coverage, I would have to be added to his policy. He only uses the car to drive to college each day. This will be my last transaction for insurance coverage with Geico in September. What a lousy unethical company!! I have been a customer over 8 years. I am so glad my eyes have been opened.

Well I haven't had much claims with any auto insurance company, but the ones I've had with GEICO have been phenomenal. I've had full/comprehensive coverage for just over a year with them. I chose them because they were $50 cheaper/month than my previous insurance company (State Farm) - and they were at least $40 cheaper than all of the other estimates I looked into. I know you don't get a local agent that works exclusively with you, but anytime I've had to call they never have me on hold.

Anyway - I've had two glass claims and that's it. One windshield, which was handled swiftly on their website. One passenger side glass from someone trying to break into my car. The Safelite guys didn't replace my passenger side moulding when replacing the window (as was damaged when whoever pried on my window.) Called GEICO and they sent a claims adjuster literally out within like 20 minutes. He did the estimate, printed out the paperwork and such. Can take it wherever I want to get fixed. Couldn't be happier with them, as a customer - at least in the experience I've had so far with them.

I spoke with guy name Nick at GEICO in the bodily claim in regard my medical claim who discriminate and insulted me over the phone because I have an accent saying "this ** asking for pillow and mattress and he forgot that he's been sleeping on the floor for his entire life. This ** didn't like the $1000 giving for his pain and suffering and asking for more and forgot he never had penny on him before."

In December 2015 my car was stolen and found in a ditch with ~$9,200 worth of damage. Geico dragged their feet on the entire process which resulted in me being without a car for over 3 months. I had no communication from Geico regarding this claim and had to learn everything through the body shop I had chosen. After asking several times, Geico reiterated that I could pick a body shop of my choosing with no limitations, however when it came time to pay the claim, Geico said it refused to pay the labor rates charged by said body shop (never disclosing this to me, which further exacerbated the length of time it took to repair my car).

Further, the manpower handling my claim was totally unorganized and unprofessional. The adjuster Geico sent out was "covering" for the local adjuster. The Geico claim person my claim was assigned to never answered her phone, and she did not know pertinent information to my claim so I was forced to contact the supervisor, who was less than friendly. I have had Geico coverage for over 12 years, had filed claims before, and always had a good experience. It is a sad state of affairs when, due to a large claim, their good reputation with me (when a good insurance company is needed the most) falls way below average. There was absolutely no apology or compassion when I stated how incredibly disappointed I was with their handling of this claim and how I had been a paying Geico insurance holder for 12 years and would be forced to gain coverage elsewhere.

Not only did I pay my deductible, but had to pay $417 in additional labor costs that Geico would not cover and $100 for adding coverage on a loaner vehicle (not a rental). Further, now that this claim is finally over with, I am able to file a theft claim to get my deductible back. For this, I needed some information from Geico. I had to e-mail the auto damage Supervisor numerous times to get simple information, which you would think they would be happy to provide to regain my faith in them. Geico needs to have direct communication with their customers. Geico should treat the handling of EVERY claim (whether large or small) the same. I was extremely disappointed with Geico and will be looking for car insurance and property insurance elsewhere.

I was hit by a guy that had Geico insurance. So they don't want to pay my claim. OK tell me how a man gets insurance that don't even have a driver's license. Then hits my car and they will not pay. And whatever you do don't get Shante **. She thinks it is ok for people to drive, hit someone new car and don't need to pay... WITH NO DRIVER'S LICENSE.

Well it has been since 3/16/16 and GEICO has still not refunded my $1000 waiver fee for an accident I was not at fault. Since the DWI driver with suspended license and no coverage has yet to claim responsibility I won't see my refund for possibly 3 years. Each time I have called GEICO they give me the fine print legalize in the policy and tell me there is nothing they can do till they hear from an insurance company the driver claims to have. Wow... very convenient. I wonder why I wasted all that money for the extra protection for just this kind of event.

After over 20 years with GEICO and no claims filed this is how they take care of their one of the best members you can get. They could care less about you when it comes to "money out of their pocket" or should I say "my money out of their pocket". After all didn't I pay more than the $1000 in the waiver? It is with sincerity that I highly do not recommend this company. It has been the most frustrating and time consuming back and forth since I had to deal with First American Home protection last year. Go to AAA not GEICO. Yes, they cost a bit more but they pay immediately and have so many customer support programs. If I could rate negative stars I would.

Approximately 2 months ago I retained auto insurance through GEICO. On Friday 8/5/16 I received a letter from them stating that a recent motor vehicle report shows that my driver's license is currently under suspension. They state that I need to contact the Dept of Motor Vehicles to reinstate it and send proof to them that it is by 8/20/16 or they will cancel my policy. I called them knowing this was not true. The woman who answered put me on hold to recheck this mistake. When she returned she told me THAT IT WAS SUSPENDED. I knew this was not true... and the DMV was closed so I called local law enforcement and asked questions. It was their opinion also that GEICO had made a mistake. I called GEICO again and I demanded answers from the individual who answered next. After putting me on hold for a lengthy period... she returned. She told me that they had made a mistake and that my license was not suspended and apologized.

For the stress that you have put me through and for your untrustworthiness, unprofessionalism, poor business ethics... You cannot be trusted. On 8/20/16, I will no longer use your services and will find a local insurance company. If you make mistakes like this I fear what could happen if I were to ever be involved in an accident. I recommend that no one use GEICO. YES, you will reimburse me the moneys that I have paid you for additional months after 8/20/16 and I will be filing a state level complaint against GEICO.

I have been with GEICO about a year and tried to add my son's car using the online tools at the end of May. When we went to register the car the second week in July, it turned out the car was not on the policy! (whoops). Okay, I am sure that was my fault, missed a button or whatever, but seems like they should be able to see that we made the effort to add it if they look up access records. In any case, we immediately added it once we realized the miss, this was July 14th. Wouldn't you know, there was a hail storm the next day right where my son works, so his car got damaged. My husband initiated a claim using the online tools, and apparently chose my car instead of my son's (one is BMWX1 and one is BMWX3), so when we went to get the estimate for repairs, it was a different car than the one identified in the initial request.

I don't blame GEICO for being suspicious, weird that we had a claim the day after we added coverage, but heck it isn't like I could predict a hail storm. Anyway, they called us and asked for all kinds of proofs and the claim is pending review. This I understand, but what really bothers me is that while they are hassling us, they stopped payment on the claim check we had already received and deposited without telling us they were doing so! If a claim is in dispute, I understand holding payment, but there needs to be communication. It also so happens that we did indeed have a car that got caught in a hail storm the day after it was added to the policy, but for the amount of trouble and angst this has caused, it is hardly worth the amount of money in question! Not to mention that I am sure our rates are going to skyrocket!

This is to report the confirm illegalities of Geico Insurance by retracting the insurer's payment and charging insurer twice like it was mailed and billed in the history records but without the insured knowledge thus losing their coverage and worst canceling your insurance. Meanwhile you are not aware that you are not safe to drive provided you were able to found the anomaly at your back and complain.

Worst two US Diplomat cars of the owner were carnapped and the 3rd was a prior lease by the owner that was converted to retrievance lease. Whereto, it was discovered that the ABELOFF Dealership and GM Financial had done phishing in the documents that eventually the dealership processed the car payment by the CAR FRINGE of the car owner who was a US Military Diplomat.

The Geico Insurance is imposing payment for the two car theft car and the 3rd retrievance car which is a crime in the insurance law called Bilateral Jam. Attached is the payment history of the car whereto to bypass their responsibility to the two missing Comprehensive Cars they are deleting prior history and retrieving payments as shown. RESOLUTION: Imposition of the rights of the insured to give full coverage in addition to the unsolicited retracted months, and the sum of difference in the payment paid prior to the presumable and fabricated deadline of coverage. Basis insurance code 44.

My 2009 Kia was total. Geico paid the loan off, and I was to received a check in the amount of $3.035,44. That check I never received. I sign the POWER of ATTORNEY letter, fax it back to Geico the very next day. Someone else forged my name on a POWER of ATTORNEY letter. She also had the check put into someone else name. Travis ** wrote the check. He could not have asked for ID. I have filled out all the necessary paperwork that Geico email to me. My name was forged on the POWER of ATTORNEY. I was told it would take from 30 to 120 days to get my money. That not true because it's been since January 12, 2016 when the check was cashed. Bank of America cashed the check.

Now Geico and the Bank sent me paperwork for the payee on the check to filled out saying he would be willing to take legal action against the person 100% responsible for this, which happens to be his mom, which he had nothing to do with anything and he won't filled out. Geico have my car for Salvage, and I'm out of everything. Geico have the forged Power of Attorney Letter but still no money. My claim #**. The check # Is **. Please help me get my money. Every time I speak with someone at Geico it's the same thing get the paperwork sign. How can we proceed when I can't get the paperwork filled out and sign. Please Help.

I canceled my auto pay for my bill 3 weeks before it was due to be taken from my account. Geico proceeded to take this money out anyway. I call this theft. It has been one month and 9 phone calls and 9 different stories and still no money. I am a disabled person on a very fixed income. As I told them I need my money for meds. I am a diabetic with heart disease. 4 of these 9 calls resulted in "your money will be sent to your bank this evening" (lies).

My GEICO claim adjuster neglected to call the garage my automobile was towed to. The garage was waiting for a call from GEICO to contact them before repairs were made. I had hit a deer and the damage was minor. The appraisal of my car said that I would only have a five day repair. I had rental coverage for 30 days. On the day before that was to end the adjuster called to tell me to return the rental. This is how I found out nothing was happening because he had no clue the status of repairs. I was told although the rental coverage had ended GEICO would offer me a discounted rate on the rental for continued usage.

Three days later the rental company left a voicemail saying they would report the car stolen, because once again GEICO had failed to contact them. I returned the rental immediately in immense fear and proceeded to call GEICO for help. I have been told by many GEICO representatives that there is nothing they can do and they have been so awful as to claim that it was my fault. My claim was mishandled. Sixty days later the car is still not repaired and Enterprise rental has charged my debit card so much as to overdraft my bank account twice.

My son has had Geico for several years and was paying $91 a month for a 2002 vehicle and last week he had an accident which was his fault. Now he finds out the adults inside the vehicle were not covered for injuries!!!! Any minors inside would have been covered but no adults were. If another vehicle had been involved anyone in those vehicles would have been covered but NO adults inside his vehicle were covered. I have never heard of such a thing, I thought FULL coverage was full coverage! $91 a month is not cheap insurance. This is outrageous and I cannot believe our government allows these insurance companies to do this. READ YOUR POLICY CAREFULLY BEFORE it is TOO LATE!! I would have given them no stars if I could.

I was involved in a three-car accident, with my car being the one in the front of the chain, and the last one to get rear-ended. In Oregon, where I live, state law allows drivers who have been involved in an accident to get their car repaired where they choose. We do not have to go to one of the sketchy places recommended by the insurance companies. The person who caused the accident I was in has car insurance through Geico. The first two people I spoke with at Geico were very friendly, but they were both misleading and dishonest. I told the first person I spoke with that I wanted my car repaired at "my" shop, one that I am familiar with, not the shop they recommended. The first person said OK, but said I HAD to take my car to their shop for an appraisal, and that shop could see me the next day.

When I got the email confirming the details, the email said I was to drop my car off at the shop they recommended and leave it there for repairs. I called them back to correct this. The next person I spoke with was equally nice, but she also said I HAD to take my car to their recommended shop for an appraisal, even if that shop didn't do the repair. The Geico adjustor would meet me at that shop, do the appraisal, and would cut a check to me at that time for the amount of the appraisal, and that would be the end of it. Unfortunately, now that I wasn't getting my car repaired at their recommended shop, the appraiser wouldn't be able to see my car for two weeks. I told the Geico rep that I wasn't comfortable with them just cutting me a check for whatever the appraiser might come up with, because who knows what the actual repair costs would be.

Silence on her part. I made the appointment for an appraisal for two weeks in the future, and then promptly called my repair shop. They said they have Geico appraisers come in to their shop every day to do appraisals, and I do NOT have to take my car to Geico's recommended shop for an appraisal. I was hoping that would be the end my dealings with Geico, but Geico denied the pre and post electronic control module scans my shop does when they repair a car. My shop said they couldn't offer a warranty on the work without the scans, and unless I wanted to pay for them myself, I would need to call Geico to see if they would cover the scans. I left FOUR messages for the appraiser and one message for the appraiser's supervisor, and no one ever called me back. I was shocked when I tried the supervisor's number one more time and he actually answered.

I'm sure he would say he was completely professional during the phone call, but I found him to be condescending, rude, and very frustrating. At this point, if I want a warranty on the work done to my car, I'll have to pay several hundred dollars for the scans. Several hundred dollars I don't have. For an accident that wasn't my fault. If I ever see that little Geico gecko, he's not going to come out of our interaction looking very well. And I'm going to make sure everyone I know does not get insurance through Geico.

I have had another insurance company for over 20 years but due to an increase, not due to my perfect driving record but to my ZIP Code, I got an increase.

I was at first foolishly drawn into how much lower GEICO's rates were than everyone else. Luckily I did not start my coverage right away. In the two days since I ordered the coverage I had four encounters with their customer service all of which I feel like the Kardashians would've done a better job.

First I called the local number so I could get my car inspected even though their inspection report said if you've had continuous coverage for more than two years, it is not needed. And I've had it for 20 years but I figured what the heck, I will go take it there. I called the local office number and a girl answered and before I could even tell her what I wanted, which was basically to ask what hours they were open for the inspection, she kept saying "you need customer service." And I said "but no if you wait and let me tell you what I need", and of course she would not and she transferred me to the voice tier from hell which takes at least 20 minutes to get through, and the robot never understands anything you are saying. Once I screamed at the robot for about 20 minutes it finally understood that I want to speak to a live person but I think the live person was not even as intelligent as the robot.

Then I got disconnected and had to go back to the voice tier. Then I got a fairly nice person who said she was sorry, she did not know why they transferred me to customer service. I did need to talk to the local office and she would call them herself for me and ask them if they were open and if I need an appointment which of course the first person at the local office could've done to begin with if they want to listen to me.

Then as others on here have commented, when I had to call back again for something else I got a person who had no idea what they were talking about. And I asked them "can you send me that in writing?" and they said "I don't now I have to put you on hold and ask my supervisor." At that point I thought I have not even gotten an accident yet, had to use them or even got my policy. I had had enough. I told that person "forget about it, my policy is not going in effect 'til next month. I still have my current auto insurance, I want you cancel my policy. I don't care if my other insurance would be 100 times your price. I've had excellent service for 20 years, I'm not going into the hell."

I was saved in the nick of time in my old agent - was very professional as always as were all the people in his office. They immediately corrected everything, make sure that I got back as a current customer since I had a cancellation notice I had put in for 30 days since I was switching companies. I told him I will not switch, I don't care what the prices were at GEICO.

My advice: if you can avoid this company, I would do it in my opinion. If you want to drive yourself crazy to save $20 or $15 a month then you might have to try it like I thought I did. But I will cut back somewhere else, I will not cut back on my sanity. If it was this bad before they even had to do anything, how bad would it be when I really needed them? They kept telling me they had the highest customer satisfaction rating of any company. Well I don't know if they do or they don't but from what I have read here and on other sites online, I certainly do not see that to be the case. Either way I would rather set myself on fire and put it out with the tack hammer than ever go back to GEICO.

I called to set up my GEICO policy for me but for my mom to pay for it. I gave GEICO permission to take payment from my mother. My mother gave her credit card information. They said everything went through. Later I come to find out they took it from my credit card when I did not give them permission to take from my credit card. My mother and I called back, very frustrated, talked hours and gave them days to look into the problem. They did not fix the problem. This caused my rent check to bounce, cost me $100 late fee and 2 NSF fees from my bank and the apartment. Very poor customer service and abuse of information.

My wife was in an accident in which the other driver was at fault. GEICO was the other driver's insurance company. I called and spoke with Michael in claims whom I later found out he was the supervisor in this department. He was so disrespectful and inconsiderate. He would not take the time to listen to my concerns. Every time I tried to talk and explain the situation he insisted on trying to over talk me and not allow me to explain the incident. Not sure how he was trained but I'm pretty sure he needs some remedial training. In the future Michael need to learn how to be patient and understand that the people on the other end of the phone just had an accident and that is the reason why he still have a job.

My first accident in 40 years of driving, I was hit from behind by a truck on the expressway. 100% not at fault. My car was destroyed. Geico offered me $3000 less than my car was worth. Said it was best they could offer. My lawyer called the truck company insurance and in two days I had reimbursement for my car, $3800 MORE than Geico offered. I didn't get reimbursed for lost wages for 2 months. They are not covering my medical charges in full. Can't speak to anyone on the phone because I have a lawyer. They are just horrible to deal with. Fortunately my lawyer is handling everything, and the truck company has been great... switching insurance ASAP... Do not, I repeat, do not purchase Geico car insurance.

The adjuster introduced himself to my boyfriend, who had driven up with me to give me a ride home, as I had assumed I would be leaving my car for repairs after a vandalism. The adjuster argued that the damage done to my upper door edge was from me; that I had locked my keys in my car and tried to open it. I told him it wasn't possible but he said I should just admit it. The car has an electronic lock, no "key" so it can only be opened with the locker in your hand. "Mr. Brainy" obviously couldn't grasp that it wouldn't be possible for me to lock my car with the locker in my hand and within the car simultaneously.

Then he said I had prior repairs to both front and back panels since they're a shade or so off color. I explained that I had not, that he could check his computer because I bought the car and the policy at the same time so any claims would show up. I also said it was my belief that those panels are slightly different due to paint aging on plastic differently than on metal and pointed out that both back side mirrors (plastic) were the same color as the front and back panels. Then he said I bought the car used. I told him it was new. During this time, he rarely addressed me, choosing to speak to my boyfriend. It was maddening when he told me the headlight damage was not due to vandalism but rather delaminating.

I told him it didn't seem possible to me that something like that could happen within two days, that I had washed the car two days prior and they were clear and unscratched. He said car washes do that to them and I explained I hand wash and know every nick in the paint. He showed me three vehicles whose headlight were delaminating to prove to me and I pointed out that the patterns he showed me were either crosshatched or cracked mud looking and that the surfaces of those were still smooth. Mine was obvious "swipes" the same direction, lengthwise of the headlight lens, and deeply gouged within the surface of the plastic. He then said all Mazda headlights do this and it happens to all horizontal surfaced lens.

So I showed him the rear lights which have a horizontal portion, crystal clear. I explained to this man that I had the punk on camera but that, at night, there was not enough definition to allow for identification. I offered a copy of the police report. He said it wasn't necessary. He also didn't provide an estimate and told me to leave my car there, they would repair it, and I would find out how much was covered when I came to pick it up! I called the Geico 800 number while he was speaking with my boyfriend and the rep told me I needed to prove it was vandalism. I asked what he suggested I do - should I have gone, by myself, outside in the dark, confront the man, maybe get stabbed, killed - or raped so I'd have a semen sample they could test against. It was demeaning, insulting and ludicrous!

I have no accidents on my driving record - EVER. I have had no tickets for anything since 1992. Forty years of clean driving history. Forty years of paying for insurance. You would think I would be the type of driver they would want to retain. After my second call to Geico's 800 number, I spoke with a supervisor who said she would look into it because my treatment didn't seem right. Now I am to call yet another supervisor. I finally received a quote last night. Headlight damage is not included. The repair to the upper door edge and dented fender, they say, is $500. By the way, did I mention that it's a pearl paint? "Mr. Brainy" lists the interior as cloth. It's leather. He states standard door speaker. It's Bose. According to the adjuster, he has been doing this for many years. Maybe he should sell shoes.

I was crossing an intersection and a guy decides to make a left turn in front of me, he got a citation for failure to yield right of way. He happened to have Geico insurance also. When I called to make my claim Geico told me that I was 30% at fault, that I should be aware of my surroundings and drive more cautiously because I hit the vehicle's rear door. I should have been able to avoid him completely and will only pay 70% of my claim. THIS COMPANY IS A RIP OFF. I guess to them I should have been walking. That way I wouldn't have gotten in an accident.

I am investigating some cases. I believe there are class action suits against them for this same thing. I am dropping them like a hot potato, and word of mouth goes a long way. I am starting here and if anyone knows where else I can write bad reviews on them please let me know **. I have never been so insulted in my life. They should lose their insurance license for ripping consumers off.

Biggest nightmare!!! GEICO has put me and my family through the ringer for an accident that wasn't my fault!! My wife was at a red light and got hit from behind. The other guy's insurance wanted to total it but the guy didn't have enough coverage. I had GEICO and thought they would take care of me. Instead they have put my family and I through the worst experience ever. They are doing a whole new frame, new bed, new front end, moving the cab to a new frame and fixing the damage to the cab. Over $22,000 in work! They over inflated the value of my vehicle so they didn't have to total it. I told them I didn't feel safe having a body shop "build me a truck" because basically that's what they are doing and I was told the safety of my family isn't his job or responsibility. He just determines if it's totaled or not. The body shop said it would take 3 months to fix after they got parts.

GEICO took my rental away before the first part arrived leaving me with a $1,300 a month rental bill. If you're looking for insurance look elsewhere. As soon as my truck is done I am dropping GEICO and telling everyone the biggest nightmare they gave me! They could have totaled it a month ago and my wife could have been in a new truck and this would all be behind us. But no. They wanted to screw the customer and drag it out to try and save a $1! I have been told that I would get a call by end of business 4 days in a row now still no contact. Just got to show the customer service level.

35 year insurance holder with GEICO, one accident claim history and My Very Basic Non-Collision Coverage Auto Policy Premium is still over $500 a year. Customer service is the worst I have ever seen or heard in all businesses. Better everything GEICO to include much lower auto insurance premiums and a lot fewer commercials. Boo hoo for You GEICO, boo hoo for You!

Recently, the local GEICO adjuster totaled my car. The adjuster and his manager were low ballers. They valued my car very less price than the normal market price. I also sent all recent bills of repair with new part replacement but they didn't even consider 4% of total recent repair cost. The repair cost was of all 4 new tire replacement, tuning with all new spark plugs, new radiator assembly etc. Some repair was of just 3 weeks before they totaled car.

The GEICO adjuster don't listen just keep saying our evaluation is good every time. Their evaluation system for total loss was total trash. While adjusting the value of vehicle they also compared with different model. The report shows a listed vehicle with 50 thousand more mileage than my car is almost equivalent to mine, on the other hand the adjusted value comparing with a vehicle with slightly less mileage than mine is almost half.

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Founded in 1926, GEICO is one of America's oldest and largest full-service insurance companies. Today, the company operates their business out of the corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C, and they have insured more than 22 million vehicles to date.

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  • Customer service satisfaction: The company is known for providing customers with excellent customer service, and they received the 2014 J.D. Power award for Highest Customer Satisfaction Among Auto Insurers.
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