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I called Freeway for a car insurance quote and met with a broker in person to sign up for a 6 month insurance policy. I paid Freeway $198.00 which was the cost for the down payment fee and the first month of my auto insurance policy. After using this agency for one month I had an unsettling feeling regarding their professionalism and I sensed some shady business practices. I decided to call around for new insurance quotes and switched my car insurance before the second insurance payment was due. After setting up a new insurance policy with a different company and canceling my existing policy with Freeway I made a trip to my local motor vehicle department to notify them of my new insurance policy just to make sure that they had my new policy information on record so I didn't receive an insurance laps for my cancelation with Freeway.

To my (not so) surprise, the clerk at the motor vehicle department told me that my car was never insured, and the insurance ID card that I had received from Freeway were fraudulent. In a nutshell... I paid $198.00 for a car insurance policy that never existed and drove my car for 30 days with no insurance! I also had to pay my local DMV $310.00 to avoid getting my license suspended for having plates to a uninsured vehicle.

I immediately called Mercury insurance company because that was the company that I was insured through via Freeway, and a Mercury representative told me that they had no record of me on file and the policy number that I gave them was for a different vehicle. To say that this is a bad company is an understatement. Just as I had suspected... I was scammed! And after reading other reviews I am less hopeful that I'll even get reimbursed. I'm not sure how this company is still in business and I would highly recommend you look elsewhere for auto insurance.

First at all, agent lied I will get the "best rate" for my car. It was not cheap at all. Additionally my bank declined my car loan, because insurance was not full coverage. I paid brokers fee $100 plus to agent for "fool coverage". Got high price for only liability insurance. When I got car insurance with other insurance company called to cancel my policy with Freeway. They don't have electronically sign paperwork. I must to got to they office and cancel. They charge cancellation fee. Can you believe it? They work like in 19 century!!! Freeway insurance services should be closed. Want to sue this "agency".

I got an insurance with them that was fairly expensive -- you know 450 a month so I called them again to get a cheaper one and it now goes down to 176 which is great. Then after 4 months I find out they paid 450 for my older insurance that I was no longer using and they told me I owe the company 400 dollars and that it will go in collections if I don't pay it when the lady from Freeway Insurance herself told me ''Do not worry'', the other one is canceled, no need to pay anymore. That's how insurance works. You don't pay for it and they stop insuring you, but no. Freeway insurance paid 400 plus dollars without asking me or informing me to a policy that I had canceled and I now owe them money. Bunch of **. I would highly discourage the use of Freeway Insurance.

I called to get a quote on a Saturday the rep answered the call asked me to hold and then the automated answering machine said they're closed. Called an office in Houston. The rep got all my info, placed on hold for 15 minutes and they hanged up on me. I have been so damn patient with this insurance provider for 4 years and my experience with the majority of the reps is that they're rude, inexperienced, unprofessional. I've had it with poor service quality. Just done lost a loyal customer.

I got a quote from broker Salvador in their Covina office with a company named Western General located in Calabasas, CA. The broker initially told me my monthly payments will be $198 for 2 cars with a contract for a year and my down payment will cover my first month $400+ 20 transaction fee. Also, he said that I could cancel any time without paying a fee. I agree, Big Mistake. I barely got their insurance for 10 days and got charged my account $198 from Western General for the first month.

Five days later I got a letter from Western General saying that my premium was going to be raised to $398 because my husband didn't have enough driving experience. I call my broker right away and he promised to get my a new policy with a new insurance. Whenever I call he would say that he was looking for a better rate. After a week he never called me back. Before the month was over I cancel Western General only to be told that I still owe $200 for cancellation fee. All this happened during a month period. I called customer service for a refund and was hung up twice. Later I found out that the broker lie about our driving record just to get me to sign with them. Overall, I was out almost $900 for one month coverage.. SCAM, WORST NIGHTMARE..

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I heard about this company and heard about their "amazing" deals, so I decided to give it a try and save some money. For the first few days, I didn't worry, until I told my daughter to look for reviews online. When she told me about this website, and how she found many bad reviews, I immediately called to cancel my policy. Of course this company doesn't refund, so I knew I wasn't going to get back my first payment. I was only a few days in. I thought "okay, it's canceled. It's done".

A few days later, I check my bank account to find they charged me an extra $20 without my consent. It didn't even come up on my bank charges with their company name. I called them and they said I had accepted this fee. The worker I talked to then said he would have someone call me. No one ever called. A few days later I find another fee! $150! I call them and they had NO excuse to why I was charged!

Not only that, but he then says my policy is still active! I called the next day to get this sorted out, just for them to IGNORE every call. Turns out my policy number wasn't even for my car, the number that was on the bill was not even their actual telephone number! This company can't be trusted! Super unprofessional and rude. If you have a similar incident I advise you call your bank and have it sorted out. I called, and was refunded my money.

I called to get a quote from the company. The girl tells me my price for the insurance. This was on Wed. I make appointment to come in on Thursday and all of a sudden, they not writing anymore more policies for the company. She gave me a price for the day before. They will quote you one price on the phone and tell you something higher when you come into the office. GEICO THEY ARE LIARS ALSO SO BEWARE.

I recently bought insurance through them and then I made my other payment this month or next month and that's when I received the letter stating that they're not going to cover my car because they don't covered GT Mustangs but now they took my money and tell me if I would have had a wreck it wouldn't have paid for it but now they don't want to give me a full refund. They want to keep my money for a policy that was no good to start with. How can you sell somebody something in it doesn't even cover their vehicle and you keep the money. I would like to know if y'all could help me get my money back. I would appreciate it. I live on disability.

The short version of my Department of Insurance complaint: My Freeway Auto Insurance broker falsified my application and mislead me into an agreed premium only to receive a billing statement with my premium nearly doubled. Among many things, I had to constantly “phone chase” my broker with several calls in a day until he decided to respond to me. Freeway Auto Insurance is a fraud that scams their customers by reeling them in with an attractive deal only to significantly up-charge your premium without legitimate cause or notice, after the fact you have already paid a large sum that is “non-refundable”. Don’t waste your time and money. Do your research online and you’ll find countless poor reviews and consumer complaints. Pay a little more for a legitimate company.

The full version of my Department of Insurance complaint: On 06/01/16, I contacted Freeway Auto Insurance and was transferred to a broker named Manir ** (nickname “Mike). After I provided accurate information from my driving record, Manir quoted me $136.78 for the monthly premium of a 12-month auto insurance policy with Stonewood Insurance. I agreed to the $136.78 premium and completed the application online and paid $330.61; $20 "processing fee" and $310.61 "initial payment”. More than two weeks passed and I still had not received any insurance documents in the mail. On 06/16/16, I accessed my account on to check the status of my insurance and found a billing notice dated 06/14/16 for $191.78. I called Stonewood Insurance customer service and spoke with Heather about why I have a bill for $191.78. Heather said that my premium was adjusted because of my driving record.

I told Heather I had already provided all information of my driving record to Manir at the time of application and was quoted a $136.78 premium based off of that record. I went through the entire application process, signed all documents, and paid all fees for that agreed premium. I was not notified in any way (call, email, or notice in the mail) from my insurance provider for the change to my policy. Heather said I was notified yet she did not provide any proof in her records/database of any contact initiated with me. She also made the statement “You gave fraudulent information and lied on your application.” I said it’s not possible to “lie” or provide “fraudulent information” on the electronic application when not only is it already pre-filled by the insurance agent (Manir) but also that I am only able to select “Yes”, “No”, “Accept”, “Reject”, or “I Agree”. On top of that, my driving record and Clue Report can be easily accessed.

I was very unsatisfied with Heather’s poor customer service from her unprofessional comments and attitude. I called Manir several times and each time he said “I’m busy with a customer” yet he would answer each call I made with the same introductory statement “Thank you for calling Freeway Insurance. This is Mike” which demonstrates that he was not “busy with a customer”. After several attempts, he finally decided to talk with me and said he will call Heather tomorrow morning (06/17/16) and call me before 10:00 AM.

The next morning, it was already past noon and he still didn’t call so I called him and he said that the Clue Report was not run when my application was made for my insurance policy. Manir is the individual who created the application and should have ran the Clue Report, yet he placed blame on the insurance company (Stonewood Insurance) for not having run a Clue Report. Regardless, running my Clue Report should not have changed my premium when I had already provided accurate information about my driving record to Manir. He offered to provide me a policy with a different insurance provider and emailed a new application.

I noticed several inaccurate fields, including mileage, years of prior insurance, odometer reading, usage of vehicle, and so on. Manir refused to make changes to the application with his reason being that “it won’t make a difference to insurance” and that I can provide documents to my insurance about that later. I did not want to continue and agree to an application with inaccurate information, without a clear written statement that a Clue Report was already run, and with the new provider (Infinity Insurance) having countless consumer complaints on record. Also, my insurance sales agent, Manir **, was dishonest regarding the premium and claimed that a Clue Report was run for the first application (with the $136.78 premium) when it was not run and that my premium was adjusted immediately because of Manir not fulfilling that responsibility.

To conclude, I paid $330.61 without having any insurance documentation sent to me for weeks, my broker was dishonest and misled me with false information, customer service was unprofessional and disrespectful, and I was billed in just a few days of starting my policy with a premium that nearly doubled without any proper notification, consent, or agreement to the change. I will not continue services with an unprofessional company that is conducting fraudulent behavior and making efforts to scam their customer by promising a set premium amount only to significantly increase that almost immediately after policy initiation without proper written agreement.

I wanted auto insurance and was told to pay a large 500 broker fee. I said "absolutely not" then he said "ok, only 129.00" which I agreed to. When I printed my policy there were two names that I didn't know that were supposed to live at my house. The policy said they were excluded. This scared me, I immediately felt they were frauds. There was also no policy number. I emailed the broker back, cancelling the policy within ten minutes and no response.

I called many times trying to cancel then today I got a call from their collections dept saying I owe them another 300 dollars. I had to cancel my credit card so they would stop taking money. They got 129.00 for ten min of service. I am going to have my Allstate agent help me cancel this shady policy tomorrow. This is the worst place I have ever dealt with. Not decent or moral, just try to extort money. FRAUD!!!

I was charged a huge broker's fee, the broker agency is located at the MAIN ST, EL CAJON CITY of CALIFORNIA. The lady that spoke with me told that "we are charging you for three months and we will refund your money back if you cancelled before that." After 1 week I sold a car and cancelled the policy and received the letter from the original company letting me know that I will receive the refund after one month. I went many times to the broker and every time, they give phone number to call the original insurance company. After almost one year the original company told me that they charged me for one month $42.97. When I asked the broker about that, they told me the rest of the money are for documents and broker fee $20.00 + $66.02. They never told me about these fee. Most of the people who go to this broker do not speak English. So be aware for their roles.

I was charged a huge broker's fee. I was misled into thinking this is my down payment, meaning it was part of my premium. After one month I was told I could not get this particular insurance because it was a company car at 65.00 per month that I had to get the 119.00 per month insurance. They canceled my policy after charging me the broker's fee and two months payments. Would not issue me a refund until after numerous calls. I threatened to file a complaint with the insurance board and take them to small claims.

I purchased insurance for two of my vehicles. One newly bought, through the phone and completed the paperwork online. I was charged $400+ of broker's fee without even being informed of it. I did ask the guy why was it so high, he just told me, "That's how much you'll have to pay to install the insurance." There was no "broker's fee" in this while processing the paperwork. While on the phone and completing the rest of the paperwork at the same time, he told me, "I've already gone ahead and completed some of those information for you, you just have to click agree." Of course, I read over those portions before clicking agree. At the end, I questioned the cost of $600+ for auto insurance and was given the response earlier. Needing insurance to drive my newly bought car home, I paid the price.

Later on as I printed the emailed documents and read them, I learned that I was cheated and lied to. I was never given the broker's fee information document online but was given the broker's fee agreement page. Reading further, I realized that the agent had put in initials for me, however, those initials were not my initials. I have one extra initial when I initial documents. So I called customer service a few days later and was given a case number, waited a few days (was told that upper management would get back to me within 24-48 hours), heard nothing, called back and was told that they would call me again. So I finally called back, maybe a week later, and was told that it says on my record that I told them that everything was okay and fine. I never said that!

I told them that I would be waiting for upper management to call me back regarding the high broker's fee I paid that I did not know about. So, the agent told me that he will put it on my file and email it to his manager and the manager will call me back at 3pm once he returns from lunch. I waited, yet nothing and it's been over a month since I've heard from them and I don't think I'll ever hear from them because they just want to cheat, steal, and lie to their customers and that's exactly what they did to me!!! I've canceled all my policies through them and am now happily insured with Triple AAA. Never!!! Never go through Freeway Auto Insurance, they'll only lie, cheat, and steal from you!!!

I have never dealt with a company that has such horrible customer service. There is employees are rude and unhelpful. I called to see if I could add a car to my policy and I needed to know how much that would cost. They tell me that they cannot tell me how much it will cost over the phone. So how am I suppose to know how much money to bring in to add the car to my policy. It is utter idiocy to expect someone to take off work and come into your office without even being prepared to have the payment ready. I honestly would not recommend this company to anyone.

My daughter and I came into the office on Magnolia and Ball to add her car and herself to my policy. We left with paperwork saying she was added and come to find out she was driving her car for a year with her not being insured. These people are con artists and would not refund the money that she paid for a whole year and was not even covered on her car. They are crooks and should be put out of business. I asked the manager to look at the paperwork we were given and she said there was none. We came back with the paperwork that proved they had all her info and they still said sorry for your luck. I am calling a lawyer and checking into small claims.

I paid Freeway Insurance for premiums amounting for 1 one year of coverage. I found out that they haven't been covering our vehicle but someone else. They have been charging me for premiums and have not been covered for one day. I contacted Freeway Insurance and refuse to reimburse me the premiums that they charge me for no coverage. Please make note that the Broker that help me Tersa ** was very rude, disrespectful and started threatening me and told that if I wanted her to help to shut up and don't say a word!

This company "SLIDES" additional fees onto their policies and when they get approached with reporting them to the state is when they get scared and give you back the additional money they took. I think people should be aware that insurance isn't what it use to be and as many offices they may have and operating in multiple states they use their name to bait you in with their "resources". Upper management sucks in this company and from what the employee said to me, they have to meet goals or they'll get fired. It's unfortunate that employees have to do shady things in order to keep their job but that fact of the matter is very simple. If you want customers then don't rob them and stop forcing your employees to sell us things where they need to lie about it in the client's face. I didn't report them because they gave me back my money but people should be aware.

I with spoke with Nicole Cypress Office was quoted 252.00. 6 months she said was with Mercury. I received card from Dairyland Insurance. Three weeks later I receive a bill saying my driving record showed I had 2 points on it against me. They needed 147.00 or they were cancelling my policy in 4 days. I went to DMV to get a copy of my driving record it showed no points at all. I called back Freeway because Dairyland said Freeway would need to refund me my money. The first guy I spoke with sent me to a recording. I called back the next day after getting copy of my driving record, sent it to someone but still have not heard anything back. I FILED A COMPLAINT WITH CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY GENERAL. I suggest everyone does who has problems with this company. They are scamming people out of money.

This company is a joke. The employees/agents are all unprofessional and incompetent. I moved 4 months ago and have had to physically go into their office to change my address twice. They charge you $10 for any change you want to make to your policy and you have to physically go to their office to sign a lot of paperwork for any little change. Not only did they NOT make the change of address in their system correctly, TWICE they hung up on me 5 times when calling to sort this out. My policy expired 10 days ago and I didn't even realize it since they have been sending invoices and notices to my old address. This company is beyond difficult to work with. I will not bother with them anymore and will just move on to another company.

I called Freeway, received a great quote, paid the amount, got their insurance. 2 weeks later I got a letter stating that my payment was triple than they quoted me. Two day later my son wreck his 2014 car. Freeway insurance said the car was totaled. Then 2 month later I get a check in the mail for a small amount. They decided not to total the car but fix it. Nobody accepted their offer, it was not enough and no collision shop was willing to work with them. This is a horrible company.

I have had the worst experience with this insurance. I am a college student currently working 2 jobs to pay off this damn company, but no help is coming my way from them. They constantly keep pulling UNAUTHORIZED payments from my bank account (which by the way puts me in the negatives). I STRONGLY suggest to others to avoid the scam and find another insurance company that will help. As of me I'm DONE!! GEICO HERE I COME!!

I called yesterday to get a free quote. The lady was really friendly and told me that I could get a policy as low as $33 a month for basic liability only and it would only cost around $47 to start. Well, I go down to the office to get started with my policy, and I signed up for a policy. It wasn't even close to what I was quoted over the phone. He told me the down payment was $70. I only had twenties, so I gave him $80 and told him put the extra ten towards my first bill. I signed all the paperwork, then the last page said I still have $120 due in two weeks and my first payment due two weeks after that. That was out of my budget. I got home and a friend recommended a different company which I paid a $60 deposit and my bill is $58 a month and I have liability and roadside assistance. I called today to cancel my policy through them because a $200 deposit was out of my price range and they told me I had to come into the office to cancel it.

I go down to cancel it, they refused to give me the $80 back, and told me they're going to send me a bill for the remaining $120 deposit. I was there less than 24 hours. How are you going to charge me $200? I asked for a phone number to a supervisor or someone else I could speak to about it and they said there wasn't anyone else I could speak to. She also told me if I had brought in their quote that they could have beaten it. Why couldn't they beat it in the first place? I've had my license for 6 1/2 years and have an untarnished driving record on top of being a full-time student. It just doesn't make any sense.

I went to Freeway Ins to save some money based on their commercials on tv. WRONG.. I wanted to purchase a liability and the broker said it was gonna be 900 for entire year for me and my new license driver daughter. I paid $613.00 in 3 months and I keep getting bills with a balance is $775.09. First I agreed with the broker I want to pay every 6 months, it never happen then he NEVER talked about $345.00 broker fee. I would have walked away that instant. Ridiculous. Where is the savings, and on top of that it's just a liability. Please keep your eyes open with Freeway Ins - they are big rip off really. $345.00 just for purchasing a liability insurance.. I open up a case. I will come back to you guys... Never said a word about no broker fee. Rip offs.

I think I just been took! First off I called - heard advertisement and was ready to switch. So I asked them could they hold my account until today, so call them, being trusting and tried to complete my policy! Why did they have me in the system with someone else's name - lies, all lies. So I get worried but I proceed because I am like 'it's car insurance, how scam-ish can that be?' Wow am I naive. As a grown woman I always check reviews, Google, the whole nine. Never in my life have I been in a place so money-hungry. I mean times get desperate, but this is insane. And I'm not the one.

So I check yelp - nothing. So I give the chick correct info, and not to mention credit card info, to get the policy started. And way all day it's been crazy because ** called me 50 times and then I had to actually take my care to a place that wasn't even a Freeway office, so then I'm like, 'really this is in the ghetto'. And she told me that was the closest to where I lived. So a lady named ** comes, takes pic and I'm like what freak! I got taken for a ride for a second, so I realize this and I don't answer any of her texts or calls because it's raining and I am busy doing other things. So she calls back saying...

I went to Freeway Insurance to pay my bill and the agent signed me up with another policy without letting me know. Until I was getting ready to walk out the door she said she need to take a picture of my car and I didn't drive that day. It so happened the next day I had a fender bender and I went to report my accident. The agent read me my coverage and everything was okay. Until all the agent went into the office and delete my coverage and said I don't have full coverage when I had a policy to prove I do have full coverage. They had me so stressed out that day I had to have my wife help me. They also tampered with my file by forging my signature and my initials on the form saying I dropped my full coverage. I'm in the process of taking them to court.

I suggest if anyone want insurance do not go to a broker, go straight to the insurance company. You will get a better deal and you won't be lied to and mislead. I went to Freeway Insurance on Figueroa and Adams. The service was poor and the employees are trained to mislead the clients. Yes us! The people that keep their business going. Do not go to them, they don't care about you having insurance. They are rip offs.

I went to Freeway Auto Insurance thinking I was doing myself a favor with their low payments. WRONG. They cause me headaches the whole time! THREE different times in a matter of a few months my insurance was constantly CANCELED due to their customer service (who barely even helps you) telling me the wrong dates its due! Not only that the first time they kept calling saying I owe $152 to start my insurance which was a lie because receipts get sent to my phone whenever a purchase with my card is made. After 30 minutes of going back and forth on the phone the slow girl finally told me to disregard the call because they made a mistake.

And just last month on March 21 2015 I called to make my monthly payment when the man told me I was too early and my payment isn't due until April 6th 2015. I admit I forgot until the 9th of April 2015 to call to make the payment, when I did they say my policy was canceled a long time ago because AGAIN they told me the wrong due date! So I have been calling all around today to make complaints because now I had to pay another large sum of money to get it back until I can afford a better insurance. It's not worth it! Look around before going with them!

I was charged for the freaking expensive initial set up fees for my auto insurance! First time was around $400 for a monthly premium of $121. I didn't realize that this should not be the case because I am new to United States, just moved here. I got my state driving license and seeking for discount in premium. Yes, they did. But, they charged me another $289 for the initial set up fees. They were taking my money and not helping me to save! They are really so shark!! I am glad that I brought this up to my colleagues and they recommended me to another Company which is way better deal and no any unexpected extra fees! I have filed the complaint to the States' consumer department and hope the investigation outcome would be favorable to the consumer. This is not the way to do business for long run and was hoping to get my initial set up fees back.

Didn't get the service I sign up for. No authorization to take out money out of a 3rd party account and they still did it - overcharge me. Consumers service are a shame.

I worked as an office manager for Freeway Insurance for about six years. During my time with Freeway I came to understand that their practices of selling auto insurance were misleading and unethical. We were trained to lie to customers and for a while some of the agents we hired had no license to sell insurance but sold policies anyhow. I was told by my District Manager to shave hours on employee time cards to reduce our subsidy.

I was in need for insurance. I called Freeway to get a quote. I spoke to a lady named ** who set me up with an insurance policy. She gathered all my information from Arizona which was the state I was living in and the state my car was registered in, and set me up with a policy. She put the wrong address in the system, which was a Texas address (the state freeway is based out of) in order to make a sale. I didn't know this until my tags expired. I went to renew them on ARIZONA and they couldn't find my insurance policy because there wasn't one! This was a insurance policy that did not cover Arizona. I had to pay reinstatement fees for the time I went being uninsured! This was expensive and inconvenient. I'm a young student with not a lot of money to spend on unnecessary fees. I just want to be reimbursed for the money I spent towards my invalid Freeway policy!

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