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I had just called to see what the problem was. Vericona had informed me that my 2 vehicles were not covered and just now found out that my fiance (who is a truck driver and barely home) they will not reinstate my coverage unless they have his insurance card... Yet hard to get by the end of month. Needless to say they were aware of EVERYTHING for months. DO NOT USE THIS INSURANCE NO MATTER WHAT... They tell you one thing in the beginning and mess things up.

I was involved in a minor auto collision recently and everything was handled by Mercury in an appropriate manner except for one person whom was a very disturbing and unprofessional agent. Her name is Magdalena ** who had been assigned my incident. Upon contacting her regarding the traffic collision, I was stunned at her abusive and insulting phone demeanor. She tried to badger me regarding my recollection of the details of the incident. I hope you people have retained the recording of our conversation to hear for yourself just how belligerent and unprofessional this agent is. I'm not going to waste my time explaining everything that was stated as it will only irritate me once again, allowing thoughts of switching insurance companies for our family.

In my opinion, people such as Magdalena ** should never be allowed to speak with clients and kept as far away as possible from phones. With all the competition out there, you don't need people like her giving away your business! I asked for a Supervisor and was contacted by Becky ** from the Claims Department who was extremely nice and professional and appeared to understand the issues with Mrs. **. Mrs. ** explained that she will be taking over my case. And due to Mrs. ** sincere efforts to supersede the previous encounter with a calm and professional attitude, it appears that our faith in Mercury Insurance may be restored.

Aug 21, 2016 my parked car was hit by an insuree of Mercury insurance. The insuree happened to be looking at the damage when I came out the house, her passenger as well along with my guest. It was clear and precise the bumper and angle of the bumper to my driver side door and panel. I call Mercury, make the claim and take it to the repair shop. The damage matches the claim damage both myself, the Mercury, my passenger and the passenger of the car that hit me stated this is the claim damage.

Mercury adjusters declined the claim as pre-existing damage and stated they were only covering the other damage on the bottom driver side by the wheel. Terrible. That is the pre-existing damage. How on earth is my sports car (low to the ground) get hit by a SUV and cause damage down there? I have photos of the predicting damage which took place when I first got the car from another parked car hit and run. The damage they want to cover is 850 vs the 1450 for the actual claim damage. Terrible with photos and all to prove the adjuster is incorrect.

I switched from Farmers Insurance to Mercury Insurance to save about $200 a year. Mercury ended up costing me $300. When I called I wanted my coverage to start on October 1. I reiterated this date several times. They took my payment out of my checking account on September 28. My fault that I didn't double check my proof of insurance when it was sent to me. I didn't think I had to. I didn't realize that my insurance wasn't activated until October 15 by a notice from DMV. When I called Mercury they would not back date my coverage even though they have my money on October 1. This mistake cost me $250 to the DMV. Now a year later a get a notice that I owe them another $62.98 for my four days of coverage (11/14-11/18) and a $50 cancellation fee. So all in all Mercury has screwed me out of $300. They didn't save me a dime. I will never try to save a dollar with someone as dishonest as MERCURY INSURANCE.

On September 12, 2014, I was hit by a high-risk driver insured by Mercury that hit me in my parked car, attempted to flee the crime scene. I had to break off his ignition key to keep him from leaving. He was arrested, blew a... 19, admits liability. Mercury refuses to pay anything, forced me to sue. The drunk driver is a LAWYER and got favoritism from the San Diego court system, very corrupt. Now, I am forced to sue Mercury in the same court system. Mercury likes to take premiums from high-risk drivers, dislikes paying claims when the hit parked cars drunk.

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They're insured, drunk with a 1.9 alcohol blow, and open containers hit my parked 2016 5 month old Mustang in the middle of the night sending it through a small brick wall and into my front yard. The claim handler is doing everything in their power to make it difficult to get Mercury to take financial responsibility for the damage. The claim handler also refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor and stated that no one other than herself could address my concerns, then told me it could be weeks or months before resolution, and that I would be responsible for any storage fees! Worst company I have ever dealt with in my 54 years!!!

We have been faithful Mercury customers for 20 years, since we bought our home. We never had a claim before. Then we have an A/C condensate line failure and have minor water damage with some mold next to the A/C unit. Mercury sends out a claims adjuster who takes one look at the damage and states that: "This must've been happening for a long time." We don't think anything of it until Mercury denies our claim, stating that any damage must be reported within 14 days of the incident. Seriously, who checks inside their A/C closet every 14 days? In any case, we hired Servicemaster to come out to resolve the water and mold. They informed us that the damage was fairly recent and definitely less than 14 days.

We give this information to Mercury and they continue to deny the claim, even though it now complies with their ludicrous stipulation. We then spoke with our insurance broker and even he recommended that we drop Mercury, which we will be doing. We will be forced to pursue damages from them in court. Thanks a lot Mercury!

I had a water leak in my kitchen. Not knowing what to do, a friend said I should call Mercury and file a claim, which I did. Everything went smooth until Mercury's adjuster referred me to a contractor that they recommend and that was when my problems started! Since I had been with Mercury for decades, never had a claim, I figured their contractors would be top notch and the work would be guaranteed. BOY WAS I MISTAKEN! Not only did their contractor ruin my tile floor (which Mercury paid for), never finished the job (Mercury paid for), but now he is trying to sue me in Small Claims Court for work that he did that Mercury did not approve.

With over 14 estimates from both the adjuster assigned to my file and the contractor (Topline aka: RW Construction), nothing was made clear. I emailed my adjuster, their supervisor and went all the way to the President of Mercury Insurance. Almost a year later their contractor tried to put a Mechanics Lien against my home, failed! Now he is taking me to Small Claims Court for money I owe him! How? Why? This was a water leak claim I filed with Mercury Insurance. This was a Mercury Insurance contractor referred to me by the adjuster for Mercury, yet Mercury is now telling me "Oh well"! They will not stand up for me, they are now telling me that their contractors are not "Mercury Contractors", and that there is nothing they can do.

I never signed a contract, never signed a "Change Order" as the contractor was ONLY supposed to replace the tile with tile and NOT granite. I WAS NEVER TOLD THAT. All the contractor did was gave me a sample to chose from of the granite and that was it. No mention that it would NOT be covered. Now that he is suing me Mercury wants no part of it! WOW! I'm the customer that has paid my premiums on time for decades, never had a claim, and their contractor is causing me nothing but heartache, and Mercury won't cover it and won't do anything to stand by me their loyal customer! MY LAST WORDS... GO TO ANOTHER COMPANY LIKE AAA OR STATE FARM, where I hear they do stand behind their work, contractors and loyal customers.

DO NOT use Mercury Insurance. Sadly, I found a better rate and cancelled. They charged me a 15% cancellation fee on my unused premium. I wasn't even with them a month. I ended up owing $57. I'm a teacher, and do not receive a paycheck in the summer. I needed that money, and they stole it from me. Go with Kemper. They are cheaper than Mercury. Also, I've been with AAA, State Farm, GEICO, Esurance, Allstate, and 21st Century, and they NEVER ripped me off for cancelling early. Mercury is a rip off.

Promised 100$/month before I decided to choose Mercury but charged me 170$/month. They gave the quote on phone (They call me after I left my number on some website) so I couldn't prove they ever said 100$/month. After I found out I tried to switch to other companies, but Mercury just never picks up phones, and when they finally did, they said I should send an email and didn't tell me which address I should send it to and what to say in the email, until I asked. No response after sending the email until I send another to ask when can I have the insurance cancelled, and their reply was that I have to inform them 5-10 days in advance. That means I have to pay another 170$. Anyway I'll try my best to stop it as soon as possible. Remember to AVOID MERCURY next time!

I am so glad I don't have Mercury Insurance. I was involved in an accident with a driver having Mercury Insurance and was insured. They have done everything possible to get out of paying the claim saying that my doctor was overcharging (false) and I must of had a pre-existing condition (not true). They say I should not have been insured and have offered only a very small amount towards bills. I am disgusted with them. They do everything possible to get out of paying a claim. My insurance company is the best. Maybe I pay they are always very fair in handling any claim.

Beware. What a shady, unprofessional company. Purchased homeowner's coverage. Paid faithfully for years without ever filing claim. Had a minor water leak, fixed the leak without a claim; they would not have covered the amount anyway. 2 months later the tenants said they thought maybe there was mold from the leak. Mold inspection, which I paid for, says maybe there is. Same day as I received the result I opened a claim. Mercury will not assist as they state I needed to report within 1 week of the loss. a) My policy doesn't say "1 week", it says promptly when I know there's an occurrence. b) The occurrence isn't the water leak, it's the possibility of mold. Disappointed that Mercury will not stand behind the policy they wrote me. I will be changing companies ASAP.

Run from Mercury Home Ins. RUN! Bait and switch, liars, unjust, water leak destroyed my kitchen. Mercury's John Lewis said we were covered and so was our neighbor (condo) next door... then they found an obscure rider in policy 6 weeks later and said our HOA covers this which it does NOT in bylaws! We were paying mercury for 10 years for no coverage! Run people... RUN.

I have home insurance w/ Mercury. I had a fire on outside my house which damaged my wood fence on May 31. It is now June 22 and so far all I have is an adjuster. 3 weeks later and nothing has been done!!!

We cancelled our insurance on time as requested by them (3 days prior) and Mercury tried twice to get the money from my bank causing me a 2 times overdraft fees ($68) and also hiding in their contracts - they charged me 10% "penalty" when I went to switch insurance more affordable and better coverage for less than they were charging me. Their agent "forgot" to mention this when we open the policy. It's not that we suppose to read the contract but at least when they sold to somebody a new policy THEY ARE IN THE OBLIGATION to tell you that if you cancel, there will impose a penalty, like when they told you about the coverage, price and term. I submitted a complaint with the State of California and waiting for a response. Terrible customer service when you call to their 800' number, you are transferred so many times that you get frustrated. A good tactic to feel helpless and just pay them that money (the 10% penalty).

I was assigned with an adjuster that don't care, inefficient and seems so confused with everything. This insurance company is very very poor. Please don't be deceived by them.

I had a full coverage auto policy which included personal and commercial coverage. My car was repossessed by Uber/Bama Commercial Leasing (which is also a HUGE SCAM, DO NOT DO IT). The insurance company STILL drafted out a payment when my policy had been cancelled. They are saying that the policy charges a 10% fee of the unused portion of the policy. I had ONE month left and 145$ was paid and I am getting 4.55$ cents back.

I was also lied to about my policy being completely cancelled, my bank account ACH set up, it was coming from the wrong account, and I also am very confused as to how I am charged for a policy I CANCELLED and I don't have a car to be covered. I thought by law, I could not be charged for a full coverage policy unless I had a car. On top of it, I asked for proof of the policy breakdown and they said I would receive an email in 3 business days to see what the breakdown was. They refused to tell me over the phone. This company lies, deceives and steals money.

I had a Mercury auto policy recommended by a super flaky broker who I have since stopped doing business with. After a year of coverage, and absolutely zero incidents that would cause my premium to rise, I moved to a new apartment and started getting all these letters saying I had to exclude my roommate as an eligible driver of my car (apparently because he has a poor driving record). Even though I had lived with a boyfriend for the first full year of my policy who had a bad driving record and never had to exclude him! So, I exclude him, and my policy goes up anyway by $40!! Again, my driving record is perfect, so this made absolutely no sense. Then to top it all off, I get another series of letters saying I have to exclude using my car for business purposes, which incidentally, is 95% of what I use my car for.

So I get fed up and cancel my policy. 3 days after I receive confirmation that my policy is cancelled, Mercury direct debits my account for $121. I call my brokerage and they explain the charge was already in the pipeline, but not to worry, I will get a refund check. Just got the check... for $86!! Apparently they charge a cancellation fee! So I'm $35 poorer AFTER cancelling my policy because Mercury just went into my account and took what they wanted. Buyer beware of Mercury in general and any brokerage who recommends them and doesn't disclose their sheisty business practices upfront. If you cancel with them, you better also immediately cancel direct debit AND deny them any further access to your bank account!

My son slid off the road and the car free fell about 4 feet into a ditch. The engine mounts failed as did 2 of the 4 struts (shock, springs). Flat tires, car all bashed in. Mercury used body and fender inspectors and only checked mechanical parts when they later failed - and claimed it was not accident related. So we've sued them and finding this is a business practice which we are trying to stop.

I had an accident and the other driver has Mercury Insurance. This person made an illegal U-Turn without using any directional lights from the right lane all the way to the opposite traffic, who does that?! I was on the left lane going about 10 miles/hr on a street when all of a sudden I see her car coming towards me without any notice. I immediately put the breaks on my car and tried to avoid her but she was determined to do this crazy U-Turn. Traveling to other countries, you can see this type of behavior on drivers, doing crazy left turns and U-Turns that cover 2 to 3 lanes but this is the USA! Come on!

Anyways, after I gave my recorded statement to my insurance and called Mercury to give all my information. The claim specialist Brielle ** provided me with the claim number, sent me to a collision center to get an estimate and apologized for what happened to me. She also asked me that how severe were my damages. She explained the insured had very limited liability and they wanted to make sure Mercury was going to be able to make the payment for my accident. I sent all the pictures to both of the insurances showing the accident but after a couple of days my insurance told me that Mercury didn't want to accept liability. The other driver completely lied. Mercury insurance said that she had to go with what her insurer said and denied the claim.

Obviously, they don't want to pay for the damages and even though this person calls herself a claim agent, she obviously doesn't want to do her job properly. The pictures show everything clearly but she's just going with what her insured said. Very disappointing at Mercury insurance. This company doesn't really want to be responsible for what happened, they just want to avoid paying when their insured is at fault. Now, I have to wait for the claim to go to arbitration. I'm pretty sure the arbitrator is going to make a decision right away based on the pictures. Even my claim specialist from my insurance told me that the pictures are pretty straight forward and show that I'm not at fault.

Also, my claim representative tried talking to the Mercury claim representative Brielle but she was uncooperative. The other person lied saying that she made a turn from the left lane, if that would have been the case, the accident pictures would be very different! I just don't understand why Mercury insurance is lingering this issue. If you have an option to choose insurances, please do not use this company. They obviously are poorly trained and don't know how to solve a claim. I don't know how this claim representative sleeps at night knowing of what she does for a living.

We have been with Mercury Insurance for twenty years (home, rental property, auto) but have never had a claim. Recently our car was rear ended and Mercury is handling this. It has been a complete disaster. They took a long time to assign an adjuster who was quite uncommunicative. It took over two weeks to have someone look at the car to determine if it can be repaired. After many cancellations someone was able to see the car and we were told that it will be totaled and we will be contacted in 1 day to discuss settlement. No one has called in a week. This insurance company can collect your money but don't expect anything when you actually need them. I intend to pull all my insurance accounts from Mercury soon. This insurance company is unfit for any business. Should be avoided at all costs.

SO I was rear ended by a Mercury Insurance policy holder, who, after 7 days, has yet to notify them. I have provided them with all the accident information including a police report. I have been informed that until their policyholder verbally contacts them to give his side of the story they will not process the claim. In the meantime, I am without a drivable vehicle. Their guidelines clearly are what gives consumers a rotten experience with insurance.

Have a commercial property that is being used for personal storage only. Over 25 yrs with Mercury - never have filed a claim. Some property/casualty survey company demanded to see inside building or would be canceled. Let him in. He found a very old water stain on ceiling tile. He left. I asked what would happen next. He said none of my business. Received a letter April 12, 2016 regarding the water stain. Have to have a licensed contractor inspect roof. Was told if not done in a month would cancel.

I want to Cancel all policies with Mercury which is over 11,000.00 a year. Can not get an answer or have been lied to from the beginning. Why the inspection to begin with. Edward ** from property casualty was rude and say it was none of my business really. Mercury said they can't help. The underwriter said "get more bids". Really this has being going on for three months. The broker has never in 40 yrs dealing with Mercury ever heard of this. So Mercury now goes around on normal wear say "replace it or we will cancel you". This Company is horrible.

They will not give your refund for a policy to cancel - they are a shady insurance company to work with! Had to take up with my bank the amount they refused to give me back. Also, check out their reviews - shady people to get into an accident!

I have been with Mercury for a few years. No problem unless you actually need their assistance! I had an accident in July 2015 and I specifically told my claims adjuster it was not my fault, and if the other driver did not say it was my fault and HIS insurance contacts ME to follow up on the claim why would Mercury insist it was my fault and pay out to the other driver. And then continuously calls me afterwards to rush me to get my car fix or to tell him where to send the money so I can just go on my own time and pay my deductible.

Now March 2016 with another accident; hit and run; one week following the incident the adjuster had not called me and then today they did. WHY? Because the person who I found that hit my car and lied about it (it was in my office complex parking lot so not hard to find the other driver). Insurance company called her first so then she chooses to call me back after I had left her a message prior wondering why I had nobody contact me. Horrible!!! Once this claim is over I am leaving Mercury and never choosing this company again.

By far the worst insurance company in the world. I was charged $138.00 on 3/4/16 and again on 3/31/16, which left me overdrawn in my bank account. I was never notified or anything. I have rent, car payment and bills coming up and this is by far the worst company ever. They're the equivalent of Monsanto. I will make it my sole mission to make sure people do not do business with them.

The only company in the industry to charge you for short term cancellation fees of 10%! That is for the loyal customers over 4 years! Good luck Mercury. Stealing money from customer isn't that hard I guess.

Quote was $95. When my auto policy premium was paid it was $159.00. I have no points on my record. I then try to cancel my policy. They still charge me for the next months premium and say they will only refund a portion of the premium due to a 10% cancellation charge of the whole premium amount. So now I am only getting $80.00. I just paid to get scammed.

I recently purchased a auto policy for our daughter online with Mercury Insurance. (The "front" company was Insurance Answer Center.) After a long, detailed process, the company found us a great rate, $650.00 for a six month policy. Unfortunately, we were being set up for the first phase of this scam. We paid the entire premium that day by credit card, and thought everything was taken care of. 2 weeks later, we receive a bill in the mail for $2,200.00 and a "deposit" of $650.00. Obvious bait and switch!!! I immediately called other insurance companies, and acquired a rate of almost 1/2 that of Mercury ($1,320.00 with State Farm). I canceled the policy that day and started our new insurance with the carrier.

Phase II of the scam: After having to make several phone calls to Mercury, I was finally issued a refund for the policy. You can imagine how surprised I was to see a refund of $310.00. I like to think of myself as a fair individual, and I didn't expect a full refund, as I did have their coverage for a month. (In retrospect, however, I did not know about the scam until I received the bill, which wasted 2 weeks.) That being said, I will absorb the one month. Unfortunately, I received less than 1/2 of the paid premium for one month's service. When I contacted Mercury, they tried to blame it on the "Insurance answer center." Bottom line is I paid someone's commission for an obvious bait and switch routine. We all work hard for our money. TAKE MY WARNING AND SAVE YOURSELF A LOT OF TIME AND AGGRAVATION. Stay as far away from this scam as you can. There is a reason they have 1.something stars!!! Shop elsewhere.

2 unfinished claims within 20 plus years with Mercury Insurance, and NOW they canceled my insurance. They removed my one rating with other rating company.

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Mercury Insurance is a company that has been providing customers with auto insurance policies since 1962. Mercury also offers renters insurance, mechanical equipment insurance and more.

  • Savable quotes: Mercury Insurance offers customers the ability to save online quotes, so they can take time to think or shop around and still receive the same rate they were first quoted.
  • Trustworthy: Forbes Magazine has rated Mercury one of the most trustable auto insurance companies in the country.
  • Discount options: The company offers drivers a wide range of discount options, including multicar discounts, discounts for anti-theft devices and discounts for students that get good grades.
  • Repair guarantee: If customers choose a Mercury-authorized repair shop, Mercury will guarantee the repair for as long as an owner possesses the vehicle.
  • Mobile app: The company offers policyholders access to a mobile app through which they can view info about their account and pay bills.
  • Best for Student drivers, new drivers and drivers who recently purchased a car.

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