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After being with my former insurance company for years, I learned about MetLife through some coworkers at my former job. What I loved most was that my auto insurance was able to be taken right out of my paycheck every week before I even saw it. I signed up and was very happy. In January 2016 my family and I moved to another nearby city. In February 2016 I changed jobs after learning months earlier that my employer would be closing their doors. I immediately called MetLife to give them my new address information and pay my insurance premium because I knew it would no longer be coming out of my paychecks when switching employers. I gave them my card number over the phone and paid $514.00 on 02/19/2016 for 6 months worth of my auto insurance.

On August 11, 2016 I was in a minor car accident - someone backed into me in a parking lot and caused some front end damage on my vehicle. The police were called and a report was filed. I was later informed by the police department that they could not give me the information of the driver that had damaged my vehicle, due to the law and that my insurance carrier would have to request that information and I would have to go through the insurance companies to get my vehicle fixed.

On August 16, 2016 I called MetLife about the accident, wanting to get my car fixed. I was told that I was no longer insured through MetLife and that they had canceled my policy on June 9, 2016 after sending my renewal notice and not receiving a response. I was shocked. I explained that I had not gotten any type of renewal notice and that if I had gotten it it would have been paid because I have a loan on my vehicle and need to have insurance at all times. Additionally, I did not understand why it would have been canceled on June 9, when on February 19 I had called and paid for 6 MONTHS of insurance.

After much debating about whether or not my insurance policy should have been canceled, I learned that when I had reported my address change back in February, whoever took my information over the phone typed my new address information incorrectly. They had my correct street address, correct city and state, but the zip code in the system was one digit off; the person had entered a 4 as the last digit rather than a 1.

Me, being a logical person, I could understand how someone might hit the 4 accidentally, rather than the 1 on a number keypad. I explained that the incorrect digit had been entered and that had to be the reason I had not received the renewal notice. When I Googled the zip code that was actually entered, rather than my correct zip code, it came up as a city approximately 90 miles away from me. I assumed that after realizing the mistake was on their end, everything would be ok and that we could figure it out and get my insurance reinstated. This was not the case.

After several calls and debating about the situation, I got to a point where I was so upset and couldn't even speak about it anymore. At this point my boyfriend began talking to the MetLife representative about it. The MetLife representative told my boyfriend that MetLife quit receiving my automatic payments from my paychecks sometime in December of 2015 and that when I called in February 2016, the 6 months that I was paying for was to include the amounts that had not been paid since December. That is not true.

Since my former employer has closed their doors, I contacted the corporate office of the company in Arkansas and requested my last 3 months of paycheck stubs from my employment with them. The information I received shows that my MetLife insurance was being taken out of my paychecks through February 4, 2016. I want to know what happened to the money that I paid to MetLife from December 2015 when they claim I quit paying it, until February 2016, when my documentation shows that I was still paying it. I want answers!!!

This incident is destroying my life simply because some incompetent MetLife representative couldn't type my zip code in the system correctly so I could get my renewal notice and question where my money went at that time. Because of the incompetency of this company, I now have a damaged vehicle that I cannot get fixed, I learned that I was driving around for 2 months unknowingly without insurance (thank God nothing more serious happened), I am now forced to pay twice as much for insurance because I am coming up in the system as having been uninsured. And I still have no answers as to where the money went that I had paid from December 2015 to February 2016.

I originally went with MetLife Auto and Home Owners about 10 years ago. I decided to go with them on the recommendation of my independent agent. At the time, I probably picked them more for price than anything else. However, after losing my home and everything in it to a fire, I will be with MetLife even if they are not the cheapest. They brought in a claim guy from their "Major Loss" department and I was very skeptical. They also brought in an arson investigator. However, once the cause of the fire was determined (an electrical component in the alarm system), I felt they were on my side and had my back at every turn! I expected to have to fight for fair settlements. They were very fair, expeditious, and awesome to deal with.

I have done a lot of work for Red Cross Disaster Services and have heard so many horror stories from people who have had major claims due to fires and hurricanes. Terrible stories of dealing with insurance companies who seemed so illusive, inattentive, and argumentative. I recently joined a warehouse club and the representative was telling me how much money the club's insurance saved them and that I should sign up for it. I told her I was not interested because I know the true test of an insurance company is not whether they have the best price, but more importantly, who is on your side when your world falls apart!

I'm currently shopping for Homeowners Insurance quotes and came across Metlife reviews and I felt I should share my experience. Back in 2010 I was with Geico Auto and paying just under $300 a month for full coverage for two vehicles. I was not complaining but at the same time if I could get a lower premium I was willing too. Talking with a coworker whom had had Metlife Auto before mentioned to me that as employees of my job we get a cool monthly payment for Metlife and he guaranteed it would be lower than I was paying with Geico! So of course I called and spoke with a rep from Metlife and to my surprise the quote floored me! For both cars and 3 licensed adults (1 of the 3 newly licensed and just turning 18) full coverage was right around $72 + windshield protection made it about $86 a pay period!!! HECK YESSS I got with METLIFE IMMEDIATELY.

So let’s fast forward to September 2012 around 11:30ish pm. While at work my very nice, 03 Pearl White Cadillac STS was vandalized in the parking lot. At the time the extremely lazy and obviously distracted security called me from the production floor to escort me to the parking lot where I see my baby TRASHED. This is my experience with Metlife from this point... I immediately contact the police to find out that my situation does not warrant them to send a unit??? What!??? So what am I supposed to do now? They gave me an internet link, instructed me to file a report and within 10 days it will be sign by a sergeant and I can pick it up for my records. OKAY. So I do that immediately after getting off the phone with the local PD. From there I have my brother wake up and give me a ride home.

Now the crazy part is I really don't know why I called the insurance company at now this wee hour in the morning. It had to be close to 1 or 1:30 am pacific time... and an agent answered! So now I go thru all that had happened and this next part completely blew me away. The agent documented my report, had made note about the police report and also had a link to just attach and send once I received the signed report from local PD, dispatched a tow truck in my city to pick my damaged vehicle up and submitted a contact for whichever auto repair company to process the estimates of repair and also had a rental car of the same standard as my STS by 7 am... Metlife provided this for me all shortly before 3am! After getting the rental, the damaged vehicle to the auto repair, waiting about 72 for the appraisal...

The auto repair called me in and expressed that only after going over just the exterior of the vehicle that it’s been his understanding that just at the cost for the exterior repair, that No Insurance company would cover that amount and he hadn't even looked at the interior yet. So I had to take a loss on my baby! The auto repair said that the appraisal would be sent over to my insurance company and they'd contact me, so on the way home about 10 minute from leaving the shop the adjuster calls from Metlife, confirming what I had just been told, that the vehicle unfortunately would be considered a total loss... just cost too much to repair.

Now here what the outcome was... Metlife paid the vehicle off and although I had GAP, I received my original GAP payment back, which surprised me. Metlife extended my rental for another 25 days @ $6 dollars a day (I did have to place a $50 deposit at the time I picked up the rental). Back then it was the new designed 2013 Dodge Charger (BEAST!). Now about 6 weeks??? later I check the mail like usual and I see a letter from Metlife and I thought it strange because for the most part everything I do with them was and is online... So I open the letter and there is another appraisal report which claims that my vehicle had more value than originally appraised so there was a check to me for that amount plus the $50 dollar deposit that I had put for the rental!!!

I am still in shock of how I was treated because of all the horror stories people tell about when they have similar experiences... I looked long and hard to try and find another STS but was not fortunate enough to find one in a condition I thought worth buying so I took that money well some of it and put down on another vehicle. I am still with Metlife now, and again with now both of my vehicles, renters, dentist and vision... All full coverage and still well under the $300 per month mark. Thank you for your service Metlife and thank you for this great experience.

First of all this insurance is high as the sky and second I will not recommend no one else to MetLife. I cancelled my policy and they garnish my checks 2 weeks after I cancelled them, so they put me in a terrible situation and now I having issues because of MetLife. They will not have to worry about me nor anyone else who do voluntary paycheck deductions. I will never do that again.

I never had auto insurance with MetLife. I got them through my employer and that was the beginning of the end for me. I would give an arm to have stayed with Progressive. I had an incident of theft of my vehicle on January 8, 2016, I reported it and immediately I was at fault and committing fraud because a key was used. If it was I didn't authorize it and knew nothing about it. My car had some undercarriage damage and front and back damage easily fixed. It took them two months to say it was totaled after telling me that it was fixable. I had to rent a car because they still weren't done. It took another month for them to say they not fixing it.

All I wanted was my car to be fixed. I didn't want another car and I didn't want a check. I just wanted my car fixed!! I had to pay all this money in rentals and 2500 to fix my car. They took 340 a month out of my check paid on time and did absolutely nothing for me. They were rude and mean and it's sad that I was automatically assumed to be committing fraud. They had tunnel vision and never considered I may have been telling the truth. They took me through going to their attorney who was a complete shyster. They are thieves and I despise this company. They got 340 dollars a month from me from Sept 2016 to April 2016. Still were getting my money while denying coverage.

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Hey, guess what! If you are insured with MetLife then you can run a red light, smash into another vehicle and not be held 100% responsible. That's right! I know because I am on the receiving end of the accident. MetLife has decided that since I didn't magically find a way to avoid colliding with their client that confessed to running a red light, that I was partially to blame. So hey, if you want to have an insurance company that lives up to the "I'm not to blame, no matter what" philosophy, then MetLife is the company for you!

I had a policy with MetLife thru my employer, MetLife was taking their money out of my check every month. Under this policy I had three vehicles, two with full coverage and one with only liability. I sold one and got it out of the policy but amazingly my payment went from $212 a month to $265 a month for two vehicles. I have no accidents, no tickets, no DUI OR SR22. Clear record, so I called thinking it must be a mistake, no it was my payment so I cancelled policy. Now they kept on taking money out of my check and when called to complain and get my money back they were very unprofessional and was told that I was behind in my payments and I still owed them money. How can I owe them money in late or back payments if they have been taking their money out from my check?

But it gets worst, I got home and they sent me a letter telling me that since I did not make my payments I have to pay about $1,500 or I'm gonna be sue and taken to collections. Lady I spoke openly and happily told me that they always win and little guy always lose. I know I need legal help, I just have no idea where I can get it. Do not get their services, unprofessional people, really abusive and thieves. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!

I have been a customer with MetLife for 9 years. I had one at fault accident and a minor speeding ticket more than a year ago. There were some not at fault incidents in my policy but I received a note from MetLife mentioning all these not at fault incidents combined with the 2 at fault incidents as a cause to not renew my insurance. How can an insurance company cancel a policy just based on 2 incidents? This is a very harsh move on their part for a customer who has been with them for 9 years and this clearly shows that they don't value their customers at all so be careful while buying a policy from MetLife Auto.

We were in CA on vacation and a woman hit us not yielding (or looking) from a mini mall. We were not at fault since we were in a moving vehicle and she was looking the other way when she drove into the second lane of traffic and rammed into us. So, after many phone calls when we got back to FL, MetLife finally paid the rental car damage. I had to jump thru hoops to get it paid though. The kicker is, that MetLife blamed us even though we were on a moving regular road and this person wasn't looking and pulled into the second lane of oncoming traffic from a mini mall. The accident report shows the police noted it was the fault of this person. MetLife did not have any other correspondence with us once they paid the rental company. Then, all of a sudden, they raise our rates and it is showing up on their insurance as an accident we caused. WTF? BEWARE!

I got this policy on January 2, 2016. I have been paying on it every month. On May 14th my son, who is on my policy had an accident, he hit a pole. Well I called to get a claim started and they gave me a claim number. On Saturday, I got another car, I tried to add it to my "policy" only to be told that I never had a policy in the first place. I asked why they sent me a policy and ID Cards if I don't have a policy, and I have been getting the runaround ever since. I told them I want all my money back. Of course no one has even tried to contact me.

This company is awful to deal with. They never return calls and take forever to respond to anything. Waste of money!

I have been a MetLife customer for 30 years! Today I received a "Notice of Cancellation or Nonrenewal." They say it is because of an accident two years ago, where I backed into a mailbox and sustained a small amount of damage to my car, and then another six months ago when my husband backed into a parked car and caused a small amount of property damage -- no bodily injuries or anything. 30 years I have been paying their premiums... I have good credit, I've never had a gap in coverage, and we increased the policy limits. What an insult. You are nuts to buy a policy with them.

One of the claim adjusters named Kashea ** made it very hard for me to make a auto claim when the driver that hit my car accepted fault. She asked me to get a video recording of the accident and asked to speak to the owner of the vehicle that I was driving which was under my mom. My mom is on vacation and I don't want to put stress on her life.

If youre in a accident with anyone who has Metlife beware. They will do or say anything not to accept liability. I was hit from behind by a Metlife policy holder. She got a ticket for following too close. 5 days after the accident they are still horsing me around. The claim adjuster came out trying to low ball the repairs. Take pictures and get telephone numbers from witnesses. Met life sucks...

I have had MetLife for several years and could not figure out why my insurance was so high when I have not had any claims and my husband and I have good driving records. I continuously called them to discuss the rates and realized that when I sent them my marriage certificate 4 years ago they never changed our marital status to married rather than unmarried. This company has been overcharging me for 4 years to the tune of about $350 a year. They are trying to tell me that they can only give me a $100 credit. This is not an error on my part and I supplied this company with everything required of me. Basically they just stole $1,500 from me.

Auto Accident Claim older than one year not yet settled. One of the insured by MetLife Auto ran his car into my gas station and burnt the gas pump on Jan 3, 2015. Police report and claim was filed same week with MetLife Auto. They never settled the claim. I then filed complaint with NJ Department of Banking & Insurance. MetLife then processed the claim for all items but two. They mentioned that these two items can only be settled with actual invoices and not on estimate as submitted by me. I agreed and asked them to proceed. They sent me a release form for the total amount, including the two items that would be settled later with actual invoices. When I complained, they agreed that release should be specific to exclude these two items. But they never sent me the new release form. I have had several email exchanges - one sided exchanges as I write and they do not respond.

So my daughter was in an accident. She was turning left and another car came flying over a hill. Oncoming traffic wasn't visible due to the hill. There was a dip in the road that traffic goes into that makes them invisible to anyone turning. She was speeding and on her phone. She looked up in time to slam on the brakes, but not fast enough to prevent her from hitting my daughter. The other driver was driving an Altima and hit my daughter's Jeep Grand Cherokee (which is a tank) and spun it one and a quarter full turns before pushing it another 30 feet. My daughter's engine parts were spread over a 30 foot area. The girl ended up with a shattered ankle. She was driving someone else's car and was not insured.

We reported the accident, but did not need a rental right away. They had a week to look at the car. They determined it was a total loss. We called the adjuster and left 4 messages. He never returned our calls. We were out of town and I had to call them to find out why the adjuster (name we were given when we reported) was not returning our calls. It took them another day to determine that it wasn't actually assigned to anyone. Because it was a total loss it goes to a different department. He didn't call back because it wasn't his. They did not assign it to another adjuster or so they told me on the phone. It took them another day to assign someone. This was 10 days after the accident.

Having said that, when I got home there were several letters in the mail from them. One said that they were sending the letter because they were unable to contact us. One problem we never received any calls. Not even one at home. Not one on my cell phone or my daughters cell phone. These were all numbers that they had in the report for the accident.

A month ago (3 weeks after the accident) I got a call from an adjuster telling me that they were sending the other parties attorneys a check for $100,000 (the bodily injury max) along with a blank release of liability form. I said I did not want them sending anything. My daughter was not at fault and they knew that because we sent them her statement. They said it didn't matter. They accepted 100% liability. This even though the police report was fiction as was evidenced by pictures from the scene that we have. The cop didn't even get the posted speed limit right. There was a sign in the photo of my daughter's car.

So I argued with them. I did not want them sending a check until there was a signed release that covered me, my daughter and my husband. The adjuster said that it was ok because if the girl's attorneys had a problem with the form they would change it. I don't care about the attorneys. I needed to make sure that they released us from liability. So she told me we needed to take this offer because the girl had $197,000 in hospital bills. She said the poor girl had to spend 4 days in the hospital. Poor girl - don't speed and text next time. In addition to that, you don't rack up that much in 4 days. You also don't settle for $100,000 when you have $197,000 in bills.

I said since they were going to do it anyway I wanted to see a copy of the form. She sent me a fax cover sheet. No document and then when I complained she waited 5 days to drop a copy in the mail. I called last week to ask for a copy of the signed document and she said "oh, we don't have it." They haven't decided if they are going to accept it. So she lied to me the first time. They sent the check because that was all they were liable for. The check goes to the attorneys who put it in escrow. When it ends up being settled if the settlement ends up being less than $100,000 they get their money back. No skin off their nose. It collects interest for them either way.

They basically threw us under the bus by claiming liability. They don't care if we get sued. They have made no attempt to resolve this. They also tried to cheat us on the car rental. This after 30 years with both auto and home policies. Don't use this company - they are crooks. I would have given them a zero except it won't let you give them less than one star.

Purchase Metlife Auto in October 2015. Had them before through my employer. Never had any problems so I decided to come back. Can't say the same this time around. After having the coverage for about 2 months, I find out my policy had been canceled. Metlife indicated their underwriting department confirmed I had a suspended license. After several calls to NCDMV and having to obtain a driving record to prove that information was incorrect, Metlife reinstates my policy. However on my next payroll deduction, they take out 2 months. After calling and speaking with several associates, I'm refunded my money only to find out my collision has been canceled which is required in NC. They tell me they can't add it back. I ask for the steps to cancel the policy. I am told this can be done via email. My email is sent requesting cancellation.

A few days later, I find out it hasn't been cancelled. It had to be sent to a different department to be cancel, payroll deduction was still scheduled, and it would take 8 business days. My main issue with Metlife this time around is the fact for about 3 weeks straight, I had been calling regarding different issues and at no point did anyone relay all the information. I was only provided this information as I called. Had the information been given to me from the beginning, a lot of issue could have been resolved without all the back and forth.

After 21 years with Met and good service, I had to question them on a $70 price increase for renewal. Nothing changed with car, tickets, accidents, other claims, but Met could not help cut my premium. Even discontinued the multi-policy discount for having auto + renter's. GEICO gave me the same coverage for 50% less.

Shame to say goodbye but necessary.

I've been with this company for about 15 or more years with no claims. In July and November 2015, I received cancellation notices from them. I had been driving without insurance for a month. I paid the July fine to the DMV for $330.00. I don't know if it was my fault or not. This happened again in November! The notice I received was postmarked two days before I received it. I've always paid my bill when I received it. They would not reinstate me and I facing the loss of my plates for 23 days and probably another fine. I am a good, careful senior driver. I'm with another company now, and I paid the full premium immediately. I'm happy that I'm no longer with Metlife. I live alone. I need my car because I can't walk to the store or appointments. I'm going to be without my car for almost a month and that is scary. My other bills do not "get lost".

On April 20,2015 I had an accident. I send the pictures and describe to them the incident, even the other driver admit his fault. The insurance respond very well and sent my vehicle for repairs and paid the damages right way. But what make me upset was that they took (7) seven months to refund my $500.00 dollars deductible after I call the them and send them e-mail about 20 times. They not ever responded to my e-mail when I was asking about how was the accident investigation. I moved from AAA insurance to MetLife. But after this poor, very poor costumer service, I move back from MetLife to AAA.

I received solicitations via postal mail to enroll into payroll deductions. I was told this would be a quick and cheaper method for paying my insurance. Well not only did the customer service agent sign me up for more than what I asked for, they also took way too much out of my check. I called to have the mistake corrected and on two occasions was lied to about the changes. I was told the extra policy was deleted and as well that I would not have this mishap to occur again with my payments. Well it happened again and I couldn't be more pissed off!! I ** hate this company and I will terminate my policy effective next business day. I hope no one else goes through what I have.

I transferred to MetLife insurance in July 15th, 2015 and they told me my monthly payment was going to be $195 which I was ok with that. The first day they took that money out of my bank account. A month later when I got my first bill it was $298. What kind of company is this? $100 dollars extra in one month? I call and they said that was going to be my new rate. The first rate was a mistake. I call in September to cancelled after paying another $300. Total of $800 in 2 months and a half. And it’s November and am still getting bills. Am not sure what kind of company is this that take advantage of people's money. I finally switch to Geico and my bill is now $149 and customer service is exceptional. I feel so frustrated just because they took a lot of my money without explanation.

Metlife gives me the best price for the package that I have. I also get a discount on my deductible for every year I am with them. I have shopped around to make sure that I am getting the best price yearly but side by side no other company is cheaper without sacrificing coverage. I am happy with metlife.

Their pricing is the most reasonable of all the quotes I received, customer service is excellent (I haven't - knock on wood - had to file a claim so far). They answer questions clearly. Making changes to the policy is painless. At last year's renewal my premium actually went down by a few dollars. What's not to like?

I like them so far. I have not used them for a long time and I have not had to make a claim yet but the price is pretty good for my 3 cars, and I have full coverage. I also have house insurance with them and their package deal is amazing. I signed up through a friend and she gave me an incredible deal. And when she retired, they honored the deal she made with me.

I don't have much interaction with my insurance company. I have only ever had one claim. It was dealt with quickly. I have called several times with questions and always got answers in a timely fashion. I find their rates a little high, but that seems to be because of my zip code. I don't actually live in Providence, but my town has the same zip code.

Very happy with MetLife, they have deductible forgiveness, and discounts for multiple policies. I have only had one auto insurance claim, and they handled it quickly and easily and applied my deductible credit without a problem. I also didn't notice any increase in my premium afterwards. Also love their homeowners insurance.

I have had an auto insurance policy with MetLife for 10+ years. I have consistently had wonderful customer service any time I have placed a call and I have found many benefits to using them for my personal insurance needs. Many years ago I had a car accident and the claim was resolved quickly and without delay. Currently I am able to make use of a tenure discount (for many years with the same agency), a discount through my employer, as well as a multi-policy discount (I also have renter's through MetLife). I have had no reason to contact MetLife in the past year or so and make use of their website to make payments as well as pull policy information as needed (replacing policy cards etc). The website could use some more attention and bells and whistles but generally it is very straightforward and easy to use.

MetLife is easy to work with but expensive compared to other insurance companies. I especially appreciate that MetLife covers new windshields if damaged by rocks, etc. The company was easy to work with when one of my family members was involved in an accident. They did not give her the runaround like some insurance companies do. Overall, I am satisfied with MetLife.

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