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I called AAA at 9:30 am as I was about to drive to work. My battery was dead. They said they would arrive by no later than 11:20 am to jump start my car. At 11:30 I called AAA again to ask why they had not shown up. They said they were 6 miles away and it would take them at least another hour. The representative said he was not sure of how long it would take. I had to call a private tow truck company to have my car towed to the repair center and pay out of pocket although I am a AAA member. Then I called AAA in Winter Park, FL (where I had purchased my membership) and asked them to cancel the membership and reimburse me a prorated amount of the money I paid They said they cannot cancel memberships nor reimburse any money even if they don't provide service. Basically, service is not guaranteed.

I had AAA in other states and they always showed up within 30 minutes. Needless to say I lost a day of work and I am paid hourly. I have a one-hour drive to work. No one should join AAA in Orlando, Florida, because in case of a major emergency, AAA does not show up and does not reimburse you. They never gave me an order number when I called. I cannot fill in the order number.

I've had AAA Plus for myself and 3 family members for over 20 years. Yesterday I got a letter from them that due to my excessive claims they're changing my membership from Plus to Basic due to excessive claims. Over the course of the 20 years we've had to have cars towed less than a couple of times and 3 or 4 calls for dead batteries or flat tires. The basic plan has towing for 7 miles, I live in the country and there are no car dealers or repair shops within those 7 miles. Considering the amount of time we've been members I don't think those are excessive claims. AAA has become nothing but a rip off.

Been with AAA for over 38 years. Never had any issue with them and they treated me well. Now all of a sudden my premiums went through the roof. Was paying 599 buck for my car and now they up it but 200 buck. I do not see the logistic about this drastic increase. I am going to their office and ** up a storm tomorrow. And guess what I will get the same merry go round like usual. Time to get another policy from somewhere and dump this insurance agency.

I was told at 11:51 am someone would be at my address by 130 pm. 3 pm came and I called customer service, they told me that the servicer reached me at 2:08 pm and puts me on hold! She then comes back to the phone 15 minutes later stating that they'd be here in 45 minutes being that battery calls take longer than any other calls, so they're running behind! Well, a phone call would've been nice! Now it's going on an hour and a half still no one, no phone call nothing. I had an appointment at 1 pm, called and told them I'd be there by 215, called them back and told them I had to cancel! AAA is a joke and a rip off and they should be ashamed!

Yesterday morning I called AAA for a (NEW BATTERY) as I knew the battery was slowly dying over the past few days & this morning it was dead. So I told them upfront I needed a new battery. Guy came to my house like 30 minutes later, first thing out of his mouth was, "I don't have a battery to fit your car." You would think with all the info I gave them, that they would have sent someone with the correct battery. So he tested the battery and said the battery was good, that it may be the Alternator. I gave him that mama look, thinking to myself yeah right.

Anyway he jump-started the car & turned it off within 5 minutes, so when I went to start it again, after he left of course the battery was dead, because it didn't have time to fully charge, I was mad as a rattlesnake at that moment. Next day I asked my neighbor for a jump-start, I let it run for 30 minutes and made it to Auto Zone. They tested everything, including the Alternator and code read (BAD BATTERY). They sold me a new battery, installed it, and I was on my way. From now on I will just use AAA for simple things, like changing a tire & discounts.

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My car got broken into. I did a police report, call my insurance company, gave them the police report. They had me too go to 2 everyone store to get receipts so that I can send it to them for the lost items if they can pay me or if I was telling the truth. September 19th 2015 the incident happen. They just reimburse me half of the money and wanted me to buy everything that I had that was on the list. The value of my things they would not give me but they wanted me to buy everything with half of the money. My things cost more than they gave me, the depreciation, and they still would not give me the rest of the money that they said they was going to give - the depreciation money. They came up with every excuse not to pay me.

I sent them all my receipts and they still said that my receipts consist of clothes and shoes that was not on their list. All my receipts did not have anything to do with clothes or shoes. I'm very upset with the situation. Nothing has been handled. I tried calling the head people of the insurance company. They then give me the person that didn't want to help me in the beginning and when I talked to her today she was really yelling at me as if all this was my fault. She said that I would not get anything back because I didn't go out and buy a 6 or $700 computer. If I had to tell someone to get Triple A renter's insurance or homeowners insurance I would tell them to look somewhere else. They are not fair. They treat their customers very wrong and make you very unhappy. Make you feel like it's all your fault.

I have AAA insurance from 2011. At 2011 I excluded my husband from insurance just because he does not have driver's license. When he got driver's license on 2012 Oct I called AAA and added my husband name. They said, "You are all set." We both can share the car and drive... and also they sent me ID card with both of our names as insured and we thought we both are covered and happily driving from 2012 to present.

On Sept 16 my husband made an accident and they said, "Your husband is not covered in policy. Your claim is rejected," and we have to pay everything from our pocket. When I called back on 2012 to add my husband name to insurance they added and sent ID card (receipt attached) and seems like they did not update their records about policy of my husband and did not ask anything about including policy (or) not... this is the first accident we did it and we came to know my husband insurance not covered. Now they said we send some documents there. It was written with small letters. "Your husband is not covered for damage of vehicle..." We never saw that document before.

We always put ID card in our car with 2 of our names as insured. If my husband not covered why did they add my husband name in insurance as insured. Who is having time to read all the documents. Why did they confuse customers of writing different things on different documents. They took it for granted...and confused and also I did not sign it to exclude my husband name. They just sent the premium amount and we paid and did not care about all these things.

I am been a AAA plus member for years, holding 1 primary account and previously 2 additional accounts, recently just 1. I have never placed a call to request service until yesterday. I placed my first call at 5:03pm because of a dead battery. The representative that took my call asked me if I would like battery service. She said that they would test my battery and would replace it. I confirmed that they would indeed replace it as at that time if it wasn't possible I would have been able to access a battery. She said the current wait time was 40 minutes. At 5:40 they called to confirm that my call had been received and the driver would arrive within 40-45 minutes. I'm not sure how that time changed OR why it took so long for them to "receive" my call when I had called 40 minutes prior.

At 6:17 I called back because still no one had arrived to assist me. They told me that a supervisor would call back within 5 minutes. Surprise surprise... No call from a supervisor. I place a call at 6:45 to inquire about why I hadn't received a call and to find out why STILL there wasn't anyone to assist me. At that time the representative put me on hold for 10 minutes (as they did with each of the phone calls). She came back and told me that the original driver was backed up so they transferred my call to someone that could arrive quicker. Quicker? At this point I had already waited an hour and 45 minutes. She acted as if she was doing me a favor by doing this. They told me that someone would be here... Oh you guessed it in ANOTHER 45 minutes.

At 7:49 the man arrived in a AAA truck no vest stating he was with the company and informed me that there was nothing he could do he didn't have the battery. He could jump me though... What use was that? I replied that it was unacceptable. He called someone I assume his dispatcher. When he was finished with his call he told me someone had a battery for me, BUT guess what another 45 minutes until they would arrive. While he was here I called AAA yet again. As I was waiting (yes that again) the man got in his truck, I assuming he was just moving the truck out of the middle of the driveway. NOPE backed his truck out of the driveway and left without saying one single word.

Once again I called AAA. At this point I insisted on speaking with a supervisor. "She understood" but there wasn't anything she could do. The new driver that actually had my battery was at another call. You guessed it ANOTHER 45 minutes he would arrive. FINALLY close to 9 the man arrived with a battery tested mine and installed a new one. That wrapped up around 10. I like to know why 5 hours is an acceptable wait time for a service that I pay for and have NEVER once even used. I will be looking in to other roadside assistance choices. The kicker if anything happens with my battery ALL I have to do is call them... I can only imagine the wait time then. Disgusting customer service!!!

Okay, I am writing this because I have contacted the phone number of the agent many times, as well as emailed her and received no respond. I personally feeling being abused by one of AAA employee, agent Shelby **. I signed a 6 months contract with a full payment in 07/22/2016. I DID PAY THE FULL AMOUNT that Shelby ** write in my contract on the day 07/22/2016 (which is $290, plus the membership fee $49, make it a total of $339). But on 08/31/2016, Shelby ** prepare an amendment with the increased amount of $116 in my current policy. I received that amendment on 09/07/2016. That amendment said very clear that I will receive a bill for that additional premium, which is $116. I was waiting for the bill until 09/14/2016. On 09/14/2016, I received 2 amendments which was prepared on the same day 09/01/2016. Those amendments said that I need to pay $116 and another $36.

There is no explanation about why my policy changed that much and that many times. I did try to call Shelby ** many times and sent her an email on 09/14/2016 about this problem. But I see no respond. On 09/16/2016 I received a bill saying that I have to pay $152 (as of 116 + 36). Since I cannot contact the agent, then I have to conclude that this company has the tradition of tricking and fooling customers with the initial low rate, and after you pay your premium, they will continue to charge you more and more, without explaining reason. I am done with this company. I don't care about how much they will charge me about policy cancellation. I will definitely cancel my policy first thing in the morning.

I was in a minor car accident in Aug. It took me 3 days to speak w/ an adjuster even though it says "will return your call within 24 hrs" not 48, 72, 96 hrs, very frustrating. On top of that finally found out I could speak w/ any adjuster, ok fine. Any adjuster looks at my claim and tells me, "I see you were coming out your garage and you and your roommate had contact." Where in the hell DID you get that from? (2) adjusters read that to me. We were nowhere near a garage. After 2 days finally my adjuster told me the accident would probably be 50/50, ok cool...that was it. Haven't heard from her since to let me know what concrete conclusion they came to. I had to call and find out. I also had to call to question my deductible for reimbursement.

The adjuster I spoke with said I would receive it back. I've been calling both adjusters to call me with information on that. Nothing as of this day. I signed up just by hearing all these years of the good ole AAA insurance being the best. I should have went to Yelp/AAA reviews. The other person involved says she's been with AAA for over 20 years and this has been very frustrating to her too. They even said the other person involved in the accident didn't have insurance. He almost got cursed out, because she has AAA also. I'm a new member and will be switching to State Farm which I've had a excellent experience with. Oh! Wait a just came to me that State Farm was very concerned with my well being more than anything by 1st asking me was I alright & you can hear the concern.

Then they continued with the questions. Not once DID AAA ask me how I was!!! Ok that it I'm switching. I believe AAA will be going out of business sooner than later. They're in the same category as cheap insurance, the general etc. That's why I went with AAA, thought they were upholding to their name, not any more. The road side service wasn't too bad for me maybe because of my area. I'm putting this on Yelp also. I'm sooooo disappointed in them. I was raised up on Triple A. Oh well...some good things must come to an end...hey finally got a call as I'm writing this review.

I was in an accident with someone who had AAA Insurance. They were 100% in the fault and should have been cited for an illegal lane change. It is 2 months after the accident and 30 days after I sent in my medical bills. I finally spoke with the adjuster who low balled me. I thought I was doing something by not getting a lawyer. My suggestion is to make sure you have a lawyer when dealing with this shady company to ensure you receive all that is owed to you.

Spent over 20 years with Allstate. Shopped rates and AAA gave us excellent service and outstanding rates. Saved $1000 a year on auto insurance. I recommend this company to anyone interested in dealing with a company that cares about their customers. (2 months now and have not heard from Allstate, dropped them like a bad cold). Happy AAA customer.

If I could give it a zero star rating I would. I called AAA because my truck had been broken into and told the lady that my family and I were stranded as the truck was non-operable since someone tried to steal it so the ignition part was dismantled. It took AAA 5 hours before coming over to help and provide us with a car rental. It was explained to them that my truck was in an unsafe place and unlocked so to please send for a tow truck as soon as possible. This was a Thursday. Come Monday I find out that my truck had not yet been picked up. I called numerous times to AAA and received misleading information and kept on being transferred to different people.

Long story short, AAA opened up 3 different claims for this same call due to the number of call transfers and so it wasn't until probably Tuesday that my truck was picked up and it was taken to a complete different place for repair. They sent a second tow truck on Wednesday and this guy is unable to locate my truck so AAA advised that I file a theft report. I had to drive 3 hours from my house to file a theft report for my truck. Then on Friday I get a call from the auto shop where my truck was left by the AAA tow truck person asking if AAA was ever going to send them paperwork because they had nothing. I contacted AAA to have them explain to me how it was possible that AAA did not know the whereabouts of my car when they had already sent someone to pick it up and dropped off at a complete different shop than the one I previously had agreed to have it sent to. I got no answer and AAA never took responsibility for their wrong doing.

When I went to inspect the truck the truck had damage on the side and front and I reported that needed to be fixed. AAA denied saying that would have to be a separate collision claim and a separate deductible. I told them that this was negligence on their part as this damage was not there before and being that they took days to pick up and my truck was abandoned for day at an unsafe location and that this truck was under their responsibility as of the day I called to ask to have it towed. AAA denied to cover the damage and did not care that they made me lose several days of work dealing with their stupid multiple claims, calling and speaking to multiple staff members and when asked to speak to a supervisor I would get responses such as my supervisor is on vacation or he/she will call you back. They rather lose clients than accepting fault. Dealing with outside folks from Colorado when I live in California is just absurd.

I don't understand why AAA decided to contract outside personnel, perhaps cheap labor, beats me. The customer service that these individuals have has a lot to be desired. They are senseless, rude and heartless. I am saying good bye to 17 yrs of auto, home and life insurance with them and taking my business elsewhere. I hope someone investigates AAA and takes proper steps to correct this picture. Seeing all of these bad reviews only makes me more upset as I feel the pain these people have had as I have experienced it first hand.

I have been using AAA for two years. This morning was the second time I called them for two years. I really had a very bad experience with them. I called for road side services at 7:15 Am to help me. I spoke to a man who told me that "there will be someone coming to help you in 20 min to 1 hour". I waited for one hour nobody show up. A lady called. She said "we do not really know what time you will get the help. I cannot guarantee any time" in a sarcastic way. I waited for another half an hour to called for the second time. I spoke to a gentleman who was very professional and sounded he want to help. I found out that they did not send anyone to help me. I was so angry and I hope the poor man excuse my language. I find out that the first man I spoke to was just lying. They left me down the road for more than two hours and a half. I had to call someone else to come to fix my car.

I would not recommend AAA to anyone because they are not promising. They just take the money send you the card. They do no do their job when needed. I would not give even a half star to them. The rate shop to give them is 0%. Because they made late for two hours and a half. Sorry to say if you have AAA be sure that you will stay down the road with no help. Better save your money in your wallet.

I bought a used Honda on August 25 & called AAA to add it to my existing car policy. Since my premium payment was due September 3, I paid the renewal during the same call. AAA set things up so that the newly purchased Honda wasn't insured until September 3. I have called twice & been told twice that the procedure was started to put the Honda on the policy. I think AAA is stalling to delay initiation of the Honda's coverage until the September 3. That isn't all the time in the world, but I asked for immediate coverage for the newly purchased car. I guess, either I leave the Honda parked in a bank vault until September 3 or I switch my car policy to a company that understands human language & uses information technology.

Service-premium value. I have been a member since 1995. Their DMV service is outstanding. The knowledge and help from the Clovis Ca employees is excellent. When a tow is needed, they send highly qualified companies in a timely fashion. The annual premium is a bargain for the benefits you receive.

Would give negative stars if possible. Signed up for roadside assistance and couldn't resist the low auto insurance premiums. What a mistake! I have always paid my bill on time and have not had any claims. My insurance was cancelled without my knowledge! In my state it is illegal to have a vehicle registered without insurance to the tune of $150/vehicle for the first 30 days. I found out about the cancellation when I called in to see what my bill was and when it would be due as I hadn't seen one in a while. I was informed of the cancellation and asked them to rectify it.

Other insurance companies will cover insurance lapses of up to 5 days -- not AAA! My "lapse" (unknown cancellation) was 4 days. I received a bill for $300 because of this. I was not called or emailed and received nothing in the mail notifying me there was a problem. I called in of my own accord and this is the only way I knew. "Samantha" was incompetent and could not even tell me the correct amount owed on my bill; she had to call me back to correctly charge my card. I am reporting this to the Insurance Administration.

On a side note: this company is archaic. There's no digital presence or way to maintain your account on the Internet (they say they're working on it -- but it's 2016!). Also their phone trees do not function well and boot me off constantly even during business hours. They do not communicate via email or text. An update is overdue! The auto club (roadside assistance) is unnecessary if you can change your own tire and carry jumper cables. Hopefully you do not need to be towed that often.

When I bought a 2008 Honda Odyssey from Crown Motors, I had to get insurance to get the title and drive the car off the lot. We called AAA and they gave us a quote which was reasonable, so we figured we could afford this vehicle and continued with the loan and car buying process. Once the car was purchase we waited for the payment to be withdrawn from my bank account. It didn't happen when it normally does. We called and asked what happened. They then said our insurance was changed and the date will change, then we asked again what was the payment. It was $50 more than what they quoted.

1 month later the Bank sent us a letter stating that they aren't on the insurance as Lien holders and the insurance isn't good enough. It has more than a $1000 deductible. We called and asked what is going on. We never asked for such a high deductible. They said we must have asked for a low payment. So they put us on the $2000 deductible. To bring the deductible down to $500 it is an additional $47. Considering all of this we probably would have looked for a different vehicle or tried to negotiate a better price. The false info and unauthorized deductible AAA gave us for our policy has not only cost us more per month but falsely led us to believe we can afford a car that we can't.

NEVER TRUST ANYONE AT AAA. They said they can't do anything for us. Pretty much they told us sorry for your luck!!! If you use AAA get everything in writing, but I recommend anyone before AAA!!! Even our agent doesn't call us back when we needed a question answered. They don't care about their customers, just the bottom line... Profits.

I was in an accident on August 17th, 2016 with someone who had AAA insurance and it was his fault because he came out of a parking lot and hit me on a main road. His insurance company took 2 days to even call me and get my statement. When they finally admitted fault they said they wouldn't pay for the rental I had. Trying to get a hold of someone is like pulling teeth with them!! I called probably over 20 times and left several messages and they never call back. This is the WORST insurance company I've ever dealt with! I wish I didn't have to even give them one star. Good luck if you ever have to deal with them.

AAA is the worst!! I got a flat and had my car towed by a AAA tow service. The tow driver damaged my brake line so I filed a damage claim with AAA. When it happened they told me there was nothing they could do to help me outside of my AAA plan (even though their tow driver damaged my car and left me stranded hours from home until my car could be repaired).

After the repair, I spent a month and a half calling AAA every week to check on the claim. Each time I was told the person handling my case was at lunch, or out of the office until next week, or would call me back tomorrow. Never happened. Finally, weeks later I was told that coincidences happen and it was just a coincidence my brake line was damaged after the tow and they would not be reimbursing the claim. I feel robbed. Aside from the "coincidence", the customer service was terrible and the lack of communication was infuriating. I would never recommend AAA to anyone.

Just FYI. Do not go to AAA car insurance. They took my $$ and then I got my policy. In that same mail I got a decline due to my driving record. Funny my agent didn't see any reason to decline me. Ok so I went back to Allstate and filled out the refund of $195. Nothing happened and today they took another $195. Thankfully I used a credit card and I called them to dispute... $ will be refunded in 24 hrs. ** AAA.

Joined the club end of 2015. First premium after signing up was automatically withdrawn without my authorization. Transaction was reversed by bank due to AAA inability to produce documents allowing the auto withdrawal. I called a week later to manually make the payment and was told by multiple reps there was no balance owed. A few more attempts were made to no avail.

TWO ALMOST THREE MONTHS LATER this payment shows up in AAA system. No one contacts me about this payment or sends any letters but rather they add it to my premium causing it to double, every month, not just one month as it should have been. And they claim that I have missed a payment instead of what it truly is: their system catching up to reflect the unauthorized payment. I've missed no premiums.

Spoke to Miranda on the business side, totally incompetent and doesn't listen. She keeps telling me I can make partial payments and other options which she has no authority to approve or ensure happens. I've been trying to make a payment for a week now and AAA refuses to take it. Miranda says yesterday I'm good to go, tried again still rejected. I was told by other agents the account was flagged for some reason. Miranda was supposed to send proof of authority then she said she had to wait for legal to approve the release of a document that I have a right to have. Oh and they threaten to cancel my policy each month because of their error.

I locked my keys in the trunk of my motorcycle when I was leaving the grocery store. No problem, I have AAA and towing service as well as Lost key protection. Had it for YEARS! So I called AAA and found out that although my bike is covered, they would not come and rescue me. I am now looking for another company. Firing AAA really hurts me, after being a customer for so long, but how could they not help me? I called a locksmith who was a contractor for AAA. He came out and fabricated a key for me. I would love to supply photos, but my keys, purse, phone, driver license, money, etc., were all locked up inside the trunk. If an order number was supplied at the times that I called (more than once) I could not write it down because pens and pads were inside my purse.

AAA is the worst insurance company. I had an accident on 07/30/16. My car was salvaged. Having a full coverage they even denied me the rental car. They only cover for parked cars not for the moving cars. Be careful before going for AAA.

On Aug.1, 2016 the rear tire on my Mercury sedan went flat while traveling on US1 in Miami Florida. By the time I pulled off the highway into a shopping center the tire was completely flat and I was driving on the rim. I immediately picked up my cell and called AAA Roadside Service for help. It was 10:46 PM on a Monday night and they answered after a short wait. I was told that they were busy and it would take about 40 minutes before a service truck would arrive. I received a call back about ten minutes later verifying my location and a 40 minute wait for service. I mentioned that the shopping center had closed down and there was only one store still open.

At about 12:45 PM a small van with the AAA logo appeared. It was now raining. I opened the trunk for access to the spare tire. Due to a previous injury, I am unable to lift or remove tires. The technician went to work with a large screwdriver, trying to dislodge the hub cap that covers the wheel lug nuts. After he struggled unsuccessfully for several minutes, I dug into my trunk to find a tool made for prying off caps. I took a while but I found the tool and removed the cap myself. I cannot believe how ill-equipped this service person was. He quickly changed the tire and placed the flat tire in my trunk, but did not put it back where it belonged. In addition he lost some of the hardware used to lock the tire down in place. I did not get home until 2:00 AM Tuesday. I am very disgusted with the extreme wait and the poor service delivered to me. AAA is going downhill fast.

An AAA auto insured driver struck and damaged my SUV. After a couple of days they did admit liability. It took too long for their estimator to look at my vehicle and then it took him too long to get his estimate done. His was a few hundred dollars less than the one my body shop did. His reason was the difference in OEM and aftermarket parts. Well AAA my car had oem bumper and fender on it when your client damaged it. I should be able to get OEM parts put on it. I expressed my dissatisfaction and told them I would disseminate bad reviews everywhere I could. My claim adjuster is Wilnette ** and the estimator in Salt Lake is Stephen.

On my way home from work July 20, 2016 I was hit in the side by a young girl pulling out of a parking lot. By the time I could get my car moved out of the road she had already contacted the police. She told them exactly what happened. That night she filed a claim with AAA. Now 2 weeks later and 4 unanswered phone calls I still wait. My insurance company is State Farm. They are even trying to reach them and no response. AAA Insurance is the pits!!! I have a membership with them but it might be time to depart. Don't want to have any part of them. Their claims service rep is Steven **. What a joke!!! I gave them 1 star because it made me. I would actually give them 0 if I could...

My car broke down in another city, about 3 hours from home, on a Sunday. I called AAA and they found one shop that was open but it was 13 miles away so it would be a $40 surcharge for the tow. I agreed, what else could I do? But when I got there, I found that while the garage was technically open, it was just the oil change guy. There wasn't any mechanic available that day who could actually look at my car. I never would have agreed to pay $40 to have the car towed there if I had known that. Not renewing my AAA membership next year.

Re: Auto accident May 2013. "A driver traveling at a high rate of speed, passed me on my right, cut me off and slammed on their breaks and I rear ended them". I only remember bits and pieces after the accident. The other driver sped away, and then a police officer came to my window and told me there was an ambulance on its way and that is the last thing I remember. Result: My SUV was totaled, I got whiplash and a Traumatic Brain Injury. It has been one nightmare after another. You can read more about it at **.

A friend's home's sanitary drain tile collapsed in their basement. She was very upset, and I informed her that this is a covered loss. AAA will pay for opening up the basement floor and closing the basement floor. But not the repair. Auto Owner's policy covered this for a rental property I had 8 years ago. However, I just learned (AAA informed me) that 2 years ago they dropped this from coverage their policies. Not even my AAA Preferred Policy (a policy I kept after purchasing my 1st home in 1989) covers that. It is now an add on to my policy. Looks like I am going to shop for new insurance to replace the $6,000+ I pay annually now. After being a policy holder since 1985... it is time to move on. Thanks AAA for your new deceptive policies. My eyes are wide open.

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