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I was hit on the front end of my car by an individual, in a modified Chevy 350 truck, that was behind me, but recklessly attempted to pass me on a two lane city street at a ridiculously excessive/reckless and unlawful speed. The truck not only hit but then literally ran over my left front end. This person was/is insured by AAA insurance. My car was moving at approximately 10-15 mph. I have witnesses plus a video recording. The driver who hit me immediately provided me his details without hesitation and did not ask for mine. He apologized repeatedly telling me it was his fault. We immediately reported the accident to my insurance and also to AAA, his insurance. We provided all the required information and video recording.

It took AAA over two weeks to complete their “investigation” never responding to my calls or the calls from my insurance company. On the 15th day after the accident, AAA finally contacted me to inform me that their insured was not at fault and immediately denied all liability. We were speechless and stunned by their gross negligence and abysmal review process. My insurance company was also baffled by their decision. I shall certainly never use AAA and I would advise everyone to avoid them. There is no point in having insurance if the providers behave like this. We are now looking into taking legal action against AAA.

I had a terrible experience with AAA. Usually I wait about an hour max for somebody to come and jump start my car or fix the problem. I was driving in Washington, DC when my gear shift got stuck while trying to put it in park. I then shut the car off, not knowing that you cannot do that when not in park, and the key got stuck in the ignition with the car's battery on. This occurred at 8:00 p.m. I called AAA, told them my address, told them the problem and they told me that in about an hour, somebody would come to help.

An hour later, they call back saying that it might take about 40 more minutes for somebody to come. I say ok, 1 hour and 40 minutes is fine. 1 hour later I call back and ask if anybody is coming and where they are. AAA tells me that somebody will be there in 20 minutes. After 30 minutes I call back and ask again. Somebody tells me that it will be 20 minutes more until somebody comes. At this point, I start to lose it. I had been stranded in DC on the side of the road for hours in 80+ degree weather while my car remained unlocked, with the key inside the ignition and the battery running. After two more phone calls where I am told '20 minutes' and wait 30 minutes and nobody comes, I call back and am finally told that nobody can come for another hour and fifteen minutes (aka nobody is coming until 12:30 a.m.).

At that point, when you're telling a young woman that she has to wait in DC on the side of a road until well after midnight for somebody to come, it's just terrible service and an incredibly irresponsible way to run your business. Had AAA told me in the beginning that nobody could make it to me until after midnight, I would have paid for somebody else to come and tow my car. It is absolutely ridiculous to continuously tell your client (a gold member too; so don't waste your time paying extra for that) that somebody will be there in 20 minutes when in actuality it is going to take hours. Had I known, I would not have used AAA. I would not have waited on the side of a road in DC for somebody who was never actually on their way. And I wouldn't have put myself in danger by being stranded in DC late at night.

Finally, my male friend arrived and talked on the phone and a tow truck came 30 minutes later (also highly questionable that when a male talks to AAA, they get service). Then there was a whole debacle on whether AAA sent the correct tow truck because they hadn't told the truck that my car was 4-wheel drive. All in all he towed my car away regardless (probably because it was past midnight at this point) and the time that it took to fix my car at the shop the next day was much shorter than the time that it took anyone at AAA to do their job.

I have premium membership for myself as well as my children. On 5.14.2016 AAA was contacted by my son due to flat tire during prob. AAA could not provide him with air, nor a jack nor even show up after three calls. On 7.12.16 AAA refused to tow my Corvette on a flatbed due to a modification loophole. Really?! I think more people should be aware that even with three premium memberships AAA cannot provide satisfactory service due to lack of air (seriously) or loopholes in contract provision. Canceling service.

When I bought my car in Ft. Worth, Texas I automatically went with AAA Insurance, having been covered in another state through them for 7 years. However, over the following week I discovered that their coverage cost nearly twice as much as other carriers (for the exact same coverage!), so after 10 days I cancelled the AAA insurance. I was told that I would need to pay $284.00, which is 11% of the annual premium!! Despite the fact that I was not informed of this during my initial phone conversation with agent Melvin **, nor was it in the subsequent mailed contract that I received, I pursued the issue. I was given the name of Melvin's supervisor, Matthew **, and called him a total of 7 times over the following 3 weeks, leaving messages every time. I never received a callback. Shame on you, Matthew ** and Triple AAA Texas!

I was rear ended by someone with valid AAA insurance. My car was stationary at a stop light. I have four witnesses. The driver who hit me offered her details without hesitation and did not ask for mine - clearly she knew she was in the wrong. As soon as they were contacted with the estimate for my repair, AAA immediately denied all liability. I am stunned by this gross abdication of responsibility. I shall certainly never use an AAA product myself and I would advise everyone to avoid them. There is no point in having insurance if the providers behave like this. I hope a regulator sees this review.

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I had a flat on inside rear of my motor home in the middle of Iowa. Called AAA, was told by the dispatcher I would need my MH towed! All I needed was tire changed. Put on hold 30 min then hung up on. Called back, was told no tow truck was available. Again explained I didn't need a tow. Put on hold again. Then hung up on again. After 8 hours tow truck showed up and changed the tire. The Dispatcher was Extremely rude. And unprofessional!!!

We decided to file a legal BBB and Consumers affair claim against Triple A because of their biased decision and misleading information. We have read so many negative feedback about Triple A. Rest assured; those are not written for fun. Those feedback are real like our feedback. We had an accident at no fault on 7.22.2015 when our car was parked properly and Triple A Insured driver hit our car from behind. We called AAA adjuster Michael ** who was initially very rude and told us he wouldn't help because their insured driver hit 4 other cars in the same accident. Why they didn't give priority to our car about a yearlong?

We called his manager Cathy **. She was less offensive than Michael and tried to pretend to help. AAA own estimate for our damage was $1823. 12 months have passed. We have received Nothing. If we let another 8 months, the case will drop. We have called Kathy ** several times and leave messages after messages to her voice mail and we got hardly a few calls back from her. She is always telling misleading information that they are still waiting to settle down other cars. We are receiving every month a letter from Michael ** that he and Cathy ** still trying to settle with other cars insurance.

We are expecting an immediate apology from Triple A President Marshall L. Doney or we will reach him somehow and inform him about this scam. Lately they have sent an agreement that if we had signed a release that we won't claim anything against their insured, they would reward us $439 that is almost of our damage loss. We signed and sent it back. Michael ** is still writing us a letter telling they still negotiate with other insurance companies. Who can believe that ridiculous play anymore? We can sue AAA insured for $10,000. She got injured at the accident and suffered a lot. Why to sue such a person, and let her suffer more because of her unprofessional insurance agency.

I was involved in a car accident over a year that I didn't cause. The person who caused the accident had AAA. They declared my truck a total but told me I couldn't be paid for the truck till the whole claim was resolved including injury. Nine months later the claim is resolved but AAA claims they sent payment for my truck nine months and that the check was cashed, and because I was cashed they sold my truck. I never signed a release. When I spoke to the total loss department manager Robert ** he said check was cashed there was nothing he could do and hung up.

4 months later I contact him again and this time he says I have to fill out paper for Bank of America so they can start a fraud investigation but I must wait till this investigation is over to get paid for my truck AAA. Now let me say I never signed over the title nor did I sign any kind of release. Why should I have to wait to get payment? I would never do recommend AAA to anyone and if you have to do business with them record all calls as I did against Robert ** in the total loss department.

Can someone explain to me why, AAA of Michigan feels it's in the rights to increase our policy costs because of two rear end collision that my wife was in where she was not at any fault? We have a bull's eye painted on the back of my wife's 2015 Lacrosse. The first person on cell phone, gassed before everyone else did, 3K in damage. Three weeks later, a woman not paying attention, hit my wife causing the same damage. So, we get the sickening review from AAA of Michigan, with a massive increase from these two accidents. The saddest thing is, when asking the AAA folks, they really don't know. How can you penalize the victim and turn them into the enemy? I have been a member for over 35 years. Thanks for the memories AAA, this is the last straw, I will no longer be affiliated with your fraudulent services.

I'm very upset at AAA. I have been with them as my auto and home insurance agent for many years and have always felt satisfied with their rates. However, last year I got a speeding ticket out of state. It was fairly minor. I forgot about it until my recent premium reflected a huge rate increase, apparently owing to my out of state ticket one year ago. I have talked to several customer service agents by phone and also gone into my local AAA office. I asked why such a huge increase since this is the only ticket I have received while with AAA for many years. Mostly they were impersonal and unresponsive, saying, "you got a ticket and this is the increase for the next three years."

I guess what upsets me is how impersonal these people are, when I expected a more personal response for my loyalty and for having a clean driving record. That does not exist these days, I know. In the end humans these days, are just numbers that translate to dollars and cents to these large companies that have such power over our lives. Shame on them all and shame on you, AAA, for treating me thus.

Don't believe the online quote; don't believe their commercials! First, I was completely misunderstood and misquoted! I was quoted $143 for two people, two vehicles, what did I get? vehicle, two drivers. It took me almost 3 weeks to get my cards, and when I did found out one vehicle wasn't covered. When I added the vehicle, they changed the policy to be $100 more a month, and that total monthly combined rate was $100 more than what I was paying at my other insurance company! Ridiculous!! When I cancelled my policy, they tried to charge me a cancellation fee! Of course, they made no mention of that when I signed up or when I cancelled. They need to take some responsibility and do the right thing! I will never pay that fee. Do not do business with them! They will misquote you, charge you more, and when you realize it and decide to leave because it is too expensive, they will try to tack on more fees!!!

Okay, they finally came through yesterday and told me they would pay for me to get a used transmission installed so I feel better. So I guess AAA does not suck as much as I originally thought.

Original Review

WARNING to anyone who relies on AAA - they will NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for damages caused to your vehicle by the tow truck. Citi Tow in Orlando brought the wrong kind of tow truck for a flat, dragged my flat tire down the road, then turned it around and dragged it from the rear and forgot to put my car in neutral. Had to stop in the middle of the road to turn it around again and said my car somehow popped out of gear. Now I'm $1,600 out of pocket and have missed three days of work and that's the cheapest quote I've gotten to replace my transmission. #AAA #AAASUCKS

I was a victim in an accident where a driver pulled into my lane and after hitting me, continued to force my vehicle to the right toward a 500 ft. embankment in an area with a narrow shoulder. I fought the steering wheel to keep my tires on the pavement and prevent a more serious accident. As a result I strained my left shoulder and back and had a bruise, possibly from the seat belt across my left chest. You are required to call in your claim these days. I told the person who took the report that I was injured. I wanted an injury claim opened just in case the injury needed diagnostics, physical therapy or surgery. It is easier to open a claim at the time of an accident than go back and prove later that you were indeed injured in the accident. Apparently that individual did not open an injury claim for me.

Every time I called in to find out what I had to do to see a doctor, my call was never returned, but CSAA called the body shop that was fixing my vehicle and harassed THEM! In addition, the only communications I received from CSAA was one letter with a claim number and the name of an individual to contact and another letter cautioning that they would pursue me for insurance fraud. I kept calling and leaving my number, asking for call backs that never came.

When I finally got a hold of a "real person" I was told that my calls had been returned and that the adjuster had left numerous messages on my voice mail. I don't have voice mail on my home phone and that was the only number I had provided CSAA so how is that possible? I asked the clerk how she knew that message had been left on my non-existent voice mail and I was told that the statement was right there in the permanent records... I have no idea who was lying, the clerk or the adjuster.

I asked this clerk what I needed to do to see a doctor about my injury and what was covered. If she had my "records" there, she should certainly have seen that no injury claim had been opened. She told me that I could see a chiropractor. I didn't want to see a chiropractor, I wanted to see a medical doctor and told her so. The clerk was not helpful at all and I ended the call in frustration. I kept calling and finally did get someone at CSAA who seemed to have good customer service skills. He told me that no medical claim had ever been open and said that he would do so.

I explained that I didn't think the injury was going to be a permanent thing and that I had a future appointment to see my doctor for a final "diagnosis" and I would let him know the outcome. I subsequently received a letter from Farmers Insurance, the other party's insurer, stating that my medical claim had been denied. That denial was based solely on some cell phone photos taken by the body shop that was repairing my vehicle and no other information. Their "investigation" determined that there was no way I could have been hurt in that accident. The gist of the letter was that I was somehow attempting to commit insurance fraud.

I called the Farmer's adjuster, explained what had happened, that their elderly insured driver continued pulling toward the right and forcing my vehicle to the right after the initial collision. I explained that I strained my arm, shoulder and chest trying to keep from being forced over a 500 ft. embankment. I only had my left arm available to control the vehicle because the elderly relative who was in the car with me was terrified by the accident and the prospect of going over the cliff. He was trying to open his door and remove his seat belt and I was using my right arms to try and calm him and prevent this.

The elderly man who hit me, Farmer's insured, asked me if I was OK right after the accident because I was holding my left arm and chest and being left handed I could not easily control the pen to take down his information. The other driver assumed that I was having a heart attack and wanted to call an ambulance. The other driver told me that he'd had a previous heart attack and it was "no fun". Now how would I have known that if there was no discussion of my chest pain subsequent to the accident? The adjuster said that it was "all news to him" because CSAA had sent him nothing at all regarding any injury but he was still denying my claim.

Even though my injury was not healed, I contacted the adjuster from CSAA, told him what Farmers had said and told him to close out my claim as long as all of my other bills had been covered. I told him about the poor quality rental car that CSAA had provided. The hood latch was faulty so the hood kept popping up, there was some sort or error/warning light that sounded continually, and the car could not even make it up the hill to the home of an elderly relative I take care of. I had to figure out how to get an elderly man, with a cane and an oxygen bottle down the hill to the rental car... and then back up again... because the car wasn't able to get up the hill.

I also told him that we had auto, home and umbrella insurance with CSAA and had been customers for 40 years. I told him that I did not feel that service I received from CSAA following the accident was worth the $5000 or so I'd paid in combined insurance premiums AND that I didn't feel that CSAA was protecting my interests as an insured. I was and still am worried that if we had a claim and CSAA mishandled it as badly as this one, we could lose everything that we worked for our entire lives.

The adjuster apologized once again for the poor service and I thought I was done with CSAA. Lo and behold I received another letter from them stating that I was allegedly going to sue the other driver and they were demanding reimbursements for medical payments that they made. CSAA made NO medical payments on my behalf and there is no lawsuit and will be no lawsuit. I wanted to know what bills they thought they had paid and who told them that I was suing the other driver. I began to wonder if they didn't have my claim mixed up with someone else. Numerous calls to the number of the individual who sent the letter resulted in being transferred to voice mail and there were no return calls.

I called other numbers and spoke to "real people", clerks, who simply directed me back to the numbers I had previously called and had been referred to voice mail. I finally e-mailed a query to CSAA because I was becoming uncomfortable about an ongoing problem with their incompetence. I wanted their answers in writing. I received a canned reply stating they could not answer my query in writing. I had to call the numbers provided, be sent to voice mail, then hope and pray that somebody actually returned my call and didn't lie about leaving me messages on my non-existent voice mail. I have yet to receive anything from CSAA.

I have been a AAA member for 22 years and needed them once when I locked myself out of the car in front of the movie theater. I have always paid my car and house insurance in full on the day the bill arrives. I did this again and sure thing, another bill arrives a week later with a higher premium. I called four times and emailed twice for clarification with no response. I had to send letters to the management team but by the time they responded, I had switched insurances. So you think the drama would have taken an end. No, I get calls every day asking me to join back. At some point, I tell them to make me an offer or to stop calling me. The offer they made me was TWICE as what I paid in the past because my 22 years loyalty didn't count - I was a new customer. Well, it shows how interested in customer service they are.

I had a AAA Gold membership for 2 years and I used it 3-4 times a year. When subscribing for the service I was told that it comes with so many features including tire change service. I was on a highway in the middle of nowhere at 1 am with a rental car when my tire went flat. To my surprise the car did not come with a spare tire, instead there was a useless kit to fix tiny holes in the tire and my tire was literally torn apart. So I call AAA and I am told that they do not provide any help with the tire and the only thing they can do is towing my vehicle to a nearby service center. I had no other choice but having my car towed and spending the night in a hotel to fix the tire the next day. A simple tire change could save me a one day delay in my schedule and the money wasted for the hotel.

It has been over 3 weeks since I was charged for a policy I did not accept and AAA refuses to refund my money. The agent I worked with was entirely incompetent. All they want is your money. He was very swift to charge my card for a policy I had not even signed for. The details of the policy covered absolutely nothing. Thankfully, I was not swayed by the cheaper amount he gave, but looked at the details. Compared to my current policy with Geico which he tried to convince me to cancel, I opted out of the AAA policy. He then said I had to send a "cancellation letter". Considering that I never signed the policy, I was confused as to why it was necessary, but I sent it all the same. I tried to reach out to the agent via email and phone after several days of zero correspondence and no refund. He didn't respond.

I reached out to an agent in their call center who told me I had to work with the agent who worked on the policy. I then emailed him and his "supervisor". The supervisor said I would receive my refund in 3 business days. That was 2 weeks ago. Last week I called their call center to follow up only to be told the agents had done nothing. Yet another agent requested a cancellation letter and a copy of current insurance (yet again why??). She guaranteed my refund would be received in 5 days. Still nothing. 3 weeks and 4 days since the initial charge, I am speaking with yet another "agent" who will "get to the bottom of it." All faith in their competency and honesty is lost. All I want is my money back. AAA has very incompetent agents. I still HAVE NOT received a refund. I don't know if I ever will.

After being a Northern CA AAA member (Auto & Homeowners) for 10 years we felt that our family was covered. August 2013, I did not receive my monthly bill from AAA. I promptly called and offered payment. I was advised that AAA had switched to a new computer system and that my policy data had been lost. I was told that this had happened to many other members and that my due payment would be spread over the next year as a courtesy for their error and my new bill would be generated promptly. This sounded good until the next month's payment was due and still no bill. I called again and offered payment, again I was given the same apologies, advising that they were working to resolve their system issues and assured that the two months would be spread over the year and the bill would come.

This scenario continued for five months. I notified management and got the same line. Finally in December I received an envelope from AAA. To my dismay I was notified in writing that my Auto policy had been cancelled in October due to non payment. I called again and after an hour going over my notes of all the calls, a supervisor was able to find my closed account and saw that I had called at least 12 times since the first missed payment, but there were no notes on their end as to why I had called. She agreed that my policy had been lost due to the computer changes and promised to research my account and call back the following day. The next day I received an apologetic phone call stating that the records had been recovered with minimal notes in the system, and admitted the cancellation was an error, but then advised that due to the length of time since the policy was cancelled, a new policy would need to be written.

I was OK with getting a new policy so I called in. I spoke directly with the underwriter who informed me that the new policy would cost $1200.00 per year, more than $500.00 more than my old premium - 50% increase! He also advised that I would need to pay the unpaid balance on the old policy before he could write the new one. He offered to accept payment for August - December over the phone. When I told him that I'd been cancelled in October and would not pay for months that were not insured, he stated that the investors were not aware of the error and the new policy required all past months be paid in full. I stalled and told him I would call back in the morning. I wish I had called another insurer right then.

The next morning I spoke to the supervisor from the prior call. She was as frustrated as I was over the whole situation and said she would take this to upper management that day. So... my husband drove 200 miles to work that night without insurance as we had been for 2 months (without notice) and rear ended a new Prius that pulled out in front of him on his way home. The car was totalled and the driver went to the hospital via ambulance for minor injuries. We are still waiting for the bills to roll in. AAA did send a letter stating that they would not cover the accident, but listed our vehicle as a Hyundai Accent. It was a Dodge Dakota. They have also offered to renew our roadside service. So considerate of them. I thought AAA was the way to go... No Way!!!

DO NOT USE AAA IF YOU HAVE A BUSINESS OR YOUR CAR BREAKS DOWN MORE OFTEN OR EXPECT HUGE BILL. Today I received a certified letter claiming that I was using their service for my business and not personally which is not true. I called them but I was told that the only respond I can make is through the mail to the address provided in the letter and they do not offer phone service. "Can you believe that?" The cancellation letter came with service order log showing the towing times I used and a total of $1,500. I am not sure if that is a bill or what so I have to spend the whole day sending them certified letter and dispute these charges or even have to go to court. I do not really care to have AAA service again since they expect everyone to pay and not use the service. Also, if you have a business, do not use AAA or expect a huge bill in the mail.

On March 4th I called AAA to renew my vehicle insurance policy which would expire on March 7th. I should mention that I have not had an insurance claim in the 30 years that I've lived in Nevada. I set the premiums up on a monthly Auto Pay which drafts payments from my bank account automatically and gave them my new debit card number to use for the transactions. Within a few days I had received a "Notice of Renewal Policy" with instructions to attach it to my current policy, an "AutoPay Schedule" thanking me for using that program to pay my monthly premiums along with the dates of each future withdrawal and acknowledging my new debit card number, and a Proof of Insurance Card.

Approximately a month and a half later I was notified by Nevada DMV that they could not verify that I had renewed my vehicle insurance. I called AAA to resolve the issue. The agent I spoke with pulled up my account and could not seem to make sense of what had happened. She put me on hold for a while, then came back and told me that she had "found the call that I had made on March 4th" but she needed to do more research. She agreed to call me back which she did about a half hour later.

Her attitude seemed to change to suspicion that I had ever called in the first place and that, if I did call, no action was taken by AAA to renew my policy. I reminded her that she had just told me that she had "found the original call" and that action had been taken because I had a copy of the Renewal Policy, the AutoPay Schedule and a Proof of Insurance Card. The bottom line was that they refused to reinstate my policy and although I had remained calm and civil throughout the conversation, none of the supervisors would talk to me about it.

I immediately got online and purchased insurance from another company. I then took my documents down to Nevada DMV where the bureaucrats there could care less about my story and told me that my fine was $501.00 for "allowing my vehicle insurance to lapse." On April 28th I wrote a letter to Mr. Robert **, the "Vice President, Policyholder Service and Solutions" at AAA detailing the situation and included copies of all my documents received from AAA and asked him to research the matter and to respond back to me ASAP because the fine would escalate in a short time. On May 16th I received another letter from the DMV giving me until May 24th to pay the fine or they would cancel the registration on my vehicle. After three weeks there was still no response whatsoever from Mr. ** or anyone at AAA regarding my letter.

On May 17th I took my story and documentation to the Nevada Division of Insurance where their reaction was, "Wow. AAA really screwed you." They got me a two-month extension with the DMV and are currently following up with AAA. Everyone and every company makes mistakes. Character is defined by how we accept responsibility for those mistakes. AAA responded by throwing me under the bus with the Nevada DMV and refusing to take responsibility for their own internal problems. I have been forced to spend countless hours in a frustrating attempt to resolve a serious problem that I had no hand in creating. I once held highly favorable concepts of AAA's business and ethical practices. I have been both betrayed and injured by a company that I once believed in.

I would give them a zero star rating at this point if I could. The amount of BS that I have had to go through with these guys is absolutely ridiculous and downright infuriating. For the last couple years I have been helping my father take care of finances, AAA being one of those, yet AAA is the only one that can't seem to get their act together. Every single time I call to either inquire/update/change something they say I need permission to do so since I am not on his account. And the last 7 times, 7!, I have had to get my dad to call and tell them to add me as a registered user so I can talk to a representative. No one knows what they are doing over there. Not even their managers, who I have had to talk to multiple times and have said that they took care of it. Save yourself time and money, do NOT go with these guys.

Received phone call this morning from Claims Adjuster regarding a claim filed through my AAA Auto insurance. This gentleman was so belligerent and rude to me on the phone and I explained to him his was being very abusive and rude, however he still continued. Finally I told him I was hanging up due to his rudeness and unprofessional manner.

I received an email for a free insurance quote promotion with a free gift card. I filled out the information provided by the link (in the email) and was contacted by a representative. My insurance is cheaper so I did not switch. Then they told me that I would not receive the gift card. After a few follow up calls, I was advised I would in fact receive the gift card because I did get the free quote. Two months later the same woman who told me I would receive the gift card (Lisa) told me that I would not receive it and that she never said otherwise. I would like the company to honor the promotion and for customer service not to lie to customers. I do not want to give my business to a company that offers false promotions to get your business.

I have had AAA for 5 years. I have called them twice. Once was because I had locked my keys in my car during a blizzard with my daughter. I had to wait 1 hour and 45 minutes. The second time was recently I had taken my mother (83 yrs and has Alzheimers) to a plant nursery and I got a flat tire. I was given a 3 hour wait time window. It was very hot, I am diabetic and had no way to keep my sugar up and it is beyond exhausting to explain over and over to someone with Alzheimers why we are sitting in the hot car for so long.

I have been a loyal customer of AAA Insurance for over 15 years. I changed last year when I decided to check other company prices. Since then I have received offers of $10.00 gift cards from AAA for me to listen to a free quote. I did listen and have received 0 gift cards. This has happened 2 times in the last year. I have notified AAA and was told it's coming, although it has never arrived. I would like companies that make offers to keep their word.

My daughter was involved in an auto accident, with my car, 5 days ago. I contacted AAA claims this past Monday, 3 days ago, to file the claim. I have had nothing but outstanding service from the people I have talked with regarding this claim. I had a rental within an hour of filing the claim. The adjuster was out the next day. Unfortunately the car was totaled. The claim department responsible for paying me for the car was in touch the same day. Within 3 days, this claim is almost settled. And everyone was absolutely amazing. I have been with AAA for many years and fortunately, have not had to file an auto claim with them until now. I am so very glad that I have AAA and will recommend them to anyone that needs insurance.

So at the beginning of there I was t-boned by one of their drivers that they insured. First of all, it took longer than it should of to get someone to come out to look at the damage done to my car. Then when it was time to get a rental car, it took longer than it should of, compared to other insurance companies. After everything was finally said and done, I signed their little paper saying that I could not sue their driver or them for any reoccurring medical issues which I signed in the beginning of March. Right before I signed it another bill came in about owing some more money. Which I faxed them the copy and they sent out another paper with the updated amount. However, on April 25th I received another bill from the physician which was not included in on the bill from the hospital that AAA received and AAA is saying that there is nothing they can do about it since I signed the paper already.

If AAA did their job right they would of known that the physician is separate from the hospital and would of known about this bill that would be coming. I have never been hit by anyone else so I have never been through this process before but I can say that AAA is a joke and I would never do business with for my own insurance. I know next if I get hit by one of theirs then I will definitely be holding on to all the bills for a long time before I submit everything even when they call to ask if I have received the affidavit and I need to sign it and turn it in as soon as possible. The only reason why they get one star is because it would not let me do no stars.

In August of 2010 my car was stolen in Fresno, CA. My 2002 Nissan Sentra was stolen by a known individual and I filed a police report and contacted AAA to file a claim. Unfortunately AAA never filed my claim and can't find any record of the report I've made. After I contacted Fresno Police to report my stolen car I had been given a case number. To add, I went in person to the Police Department to get a copy of the report. AAA didn't honor me as a member since they've lost or never filled through the process of making a stolen car claim. I'm determined to speak with the AAA Corporate Office and demand to have my case investigated.

On August 18, 2010 I was traveling between cities. Once I arrived halfway to my destination my car had been stolen. Inside my car I lost priceless photo albums, medical treatments, important hospital X-rays, purse, money, three luggage filled with clothes, two new tires, DVD, music collection, and other personal items. The thing is I know the person who stole my car and crossed it to the Mexican border to have it stripped and more than likely it's a Taxi Cab. Finally I contacted Mexican Police and even went in person to file a report. The Mexican Commander had been very helpful by providing certain information. The person who stole my car also went to jail. However AAA having better technology than Mexico has no record of my report.

Worst Customer Service EVER. They were eager to insure my vehicle, but once they had me and I had left my previous insurer, they changed the premiums and the available discounts. I have tried time after time to reach the agents I spoke to, but I guess they are "virtual" and have disappeared into the ether. I think I will do the same. I will take my business elsewhere.

I lived in Nevada for a few years. Have a clean record. I was paying 125 dollars a month for full coverage on two vehicles. All of a sudden the gov of Nevada issued 30 thousand illegals driver license. Then my monthly jumps up to 179.00. Then I moved down to Texas and they told me I need to pay 320.00 a month. For what? Will they lost me? I have an appointment with another insurance company tomorrow. Also your travel sucks. Went on a trip to Maui and did all the work ourselves. I am pulling all my accounts from AAA. They don't even have a local office here. In reno the same size as here had 3 offices.

I had full coverage with AAA for about 5 years when I hit a deer. After receiving an email with a very low offer for my car, I turned the offer down. I was deducted for having miles on my car, and they would not reimburse me for my brand new tires. They said they expect to drive on the tires, don't you expect me to drive the car, therefore having miles. The manager would not work with me, and would not return my phone calls. I was then sent a letter saying I would not work with them. This insurance company is a complete joke! Unwilling to work with their customers and provide the service that I paid for. Do not waste your money on this insurance! They will not help when your are in a car accident! Horrible experience!

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AAA is officially a federation of motor clubs that offers auto insurance to drivers across America. The company now has more than 54 million members, and it operates out of its corporate headquarters in both Heathrow, FL, and Washington, D.C.

  • Specialized insurance: AAA Auto Insurance offers policies to drivers of very specific types of vehicles, like classic cars.
  • Educational opportunities: The company offers drivers online courses in defensive driving, which gives customers a 10% discount on their plan.
  • Personal injury protection: Insurance plans cover driver and their families even if they are injured while in another person's vehicle.
  • Accident Assist: People who cover their vehicles with AAA accident can take advantage of the company's Accident Assist program, which provides roadside assistance, towing services and rental vehicles for drivers in the case of an accident.
  • Garage parking discount: AAA offers many unique discounts to members, including ones who choose to park their car in a protected garage rather than outside in the elements.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers looking for reliable insurance, drivers who just purchased a car and drivers with family members.

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