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Kyung of Cerritos, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA ARE BAD BUSINESS AND THIEVES. I get my car towed by AAA. I give them directions and address. They send my car 6 miles away to wrong address. Call them again. They need me to be present at the location... The driver steals my money... He was drunk or/and high. Very unprofessional, waste of my time and money, I got AAA for roadside assistance but that was THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER - CANCELING AAA.

Ken of Lisbon, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

On Feb. 9, 2017 my daughter slid off the road due to snow. After calling for help was told they could not help because there was restrictions due to weather. But, she could call for a wrecker herself and they would reimburse her. Now if she could call a wrecker then why can't AAA? She had no money on her so she had to bundle up her children and start walking home in the dark on unlit streets. They stated they could not dispatch to residential areas due to weather. So, beware. Your memberships are not usable during winter months in New England. Shame on you AAA!!! Leaving children stranded is just not civil. Shame on you!

Andrea of Denver, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I'm not satisfied with my services with triple A of CO. at all. I have had two incidents happened in one day my first time using their services. Customer service was horrible by reps and supervisors they want to argue about things that they know is complete bs. They were in the wrong when my car had got damages on the back of their tow truck supposedly for malfunctioning of the truck and the driver take full responsibility. And all of a sudden they are treating me like I'm the bad person here that has to pay for the damages. Saying that I have to go through a claims department and see who's to blame here when it's obvious my car was damaged on the back of their truck on the way to our destination.

Meanwhile my car is fixed at a shop waiting for me to pick up but I have to wait for the claims department to get ahold of me to try to fix my car. Two tires were dragged and popped remind you they were brand new. I would never go through this company ever again. I get to wait for my vehicles damages to get paid for before I can take it from the shop. Triple A has been more of a burden than a help. Go elsewhere.

Cameron of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

My girlfriend got T-boned by some sorority girl who was texting and driving through a red light turn a week ago. Our car was dented and the passenger door won't open, and because it's over 10 years old, the claims agent said it's enough damage to count as a total loss. We've been dealing with that news accordingly, and my girl has been having to bum rides to work for a week now (since there is also some fluid leaking and she doesn't want to risk driving it). She filed the claim immediately after the incident, and we provided the info for a witness that stopped and confirmed it wasn't my girl's fault.

Almost a week later, and multiple attempts to contact the agent again, we finally got a hold of her manager who at last directed us back to the claims agent... and she hasn't even touched the case. It had been 4 business days since the claim was filed. I don't know if she is overworked, or just a bad worker, but she hadn't even attempted to contact the sorority chick's insurance company yet. It has been a week now, and through no fault of our own, my girlfriend has been having to bum rides to work AND had to go to the chiropractor because her shoulder has been in pain.

We are simply waiting on our claims agent to DO SOMETHING and help us resolve the current issues of a) having a car that is apparently "totaled", b) shoulder pain, and c) not being at fault for any of it, yet having to deal with these consequences without any sign of hope via payment from the sorority chick's insurance.

AAA, I used to think you were worth the cost, but honestly a lawyer is looking like it would provide more value and expediency than your ineffective claims agents.

Ronald O. of Homewood, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

I'm handicapped with Cerebral Palsy and have been a member with AAA for so many years I can't even count. They came today to pick up my handicap van to take it to the shop for repairs. This shop because it's a handicap van sales shop that sells handicapped vans and repairs them is a hour and half drive from where I live. They picked up my van, drove it that far and dropped it off. I called AAA to see since the truck was already down there and the fact was I couldn't go with the truck when it was picked up because I'm in a power wheelchair and can't get up in the truck and to they won't anybody ride in a car or van that's being towed I couldn't go. I have to have a handicap van and while my van was going to be tied up for days I was going to rent a van till mine was finished with the repairs.

I ask AAA if the truck could bring the rental van back to me since AAA wouldn't let me ride in my van to go with driver. AAA said "No." The truck was coming back to Birmingham, AL. Anyways so with gas being as high as it is here's what's so stupid about AAA. The truck drove a hour and half one way so why couldn't they just bring me the van. If you can get up in the truck one can go with your auto but, in my case I can't ride in my own van because of AAA policies. I couldn't get out of my wheelchair to ride in the truck so a handicapped person with AAA hasn't the rights as their other customers but yet we have to pay the same yearly prices. This sucks. I could see it if that truck wasn't coming back to the same place it left from.

As soon as my time's up with AAA I'll never renew my account with them. All of you might think that just because I'm handicapped and can't do as everybody else can it my bad luck. Well, This could have been you in my condition and how would you have felt stuck without a way to get around. If I had to go to a doctor or hospital then look what it would cost me. If AAA would do me this way it shows just what kind of company they are. LOW DOWN!

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Tamera of Nv, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA's insured driver put a huge dint in my car, while she was visiting Reno. I had no dings in my car previous to this incident, and take pride in parking away from other cars. Nov. 19, 2016 Thanksgiving week, a lady parked her car further to one side of the identified parking area; which this day had very strong winds greater than 20 mph. Her door blew open and damaged my car. She could not have closed her door without having to pull and scrape my door again. At this time, she knew that she caused damage to my car; no question.

There were two other people with me; we waited an hour for her to return to her car. When she opened her door, the designer area of the door aligned 100% with the damage on my car. She hurried and closed her door, as I took pictures. She lied to her insurance, AAA, and said that she did not cause the damage. AAA sent adjusters to measure my car damage and hers. The adjuster, whom obtained the measurements, also confirmed that the file indicates that the measurements align. AAA is saying the measurements are off by 5". I know 100% that the measurements align, so I asked for the measurements and pictures; AAA never sent the file.

I did my own investigation; going to a car dealer measuring the same make, model, year of her car and proved that the same model car door aligns to the damage on my car, there was no measurement difference - it aligned 100%. I sent the info to AAA, and never received a response. AAA is straight out lying about the damage not aligning. They said I have to get with my insurance. Why would I pay a deductible for damage that is confirmed as caused by their client? How can an insurance company straight out lie? I am not done yet, when I know I am right, have witnesses, and pictures. The statement at the end of this site submission states: "I understand that ConsumerAffairs has zero-tolerance policy on fake reviews" - this should also state "zero-tolerance policy for AAA Insurance dishonesty!"

Eliza of Concord, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Requiring me to be there at the vehicle when I am unable to be during a reasonable time of day because I work and traffic is terrible until late at night. Also if their damn mechanics had done the correct fix I would not be in this situation in the first place... I don't even cuss but AAA has really put me off.

Lisa of Fairfield, California on
Satisfaction Rating

Filing a claim with AAA Auto was not painful and was efficiently handled. Calls were always handled and process went okay. It was easy to get answers and information to process claim as efficiently as possible.

James of Banning, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA Auto has excellent customer service and fast response (settled claim). It's a great company with many benefits though they could reward their repeat customers better and the policy could be better discounted.

Lori of Nipomo, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a member of AAA Northern California for 40 years. I moved to Central California and tried to keep my auto policy here. I was able to keep my AAA road card which states 40 Year member. But for auto and home I was told I had to start over again and get the one year level rates which are much higher because it's considered a new policy since my area is covered by Southern California. I'm 1/2 way between San Francisco and LA. My rates were higher and I had to change auto and home policies. I keep the roadside assistance but no longer do business with a company that wouldn't accept 40 years of loyalty. BAD BUSINESS! Bad for the consumer. I'm upset with them. I never did business with any other insurance for my cars and home. I will never do business again.

Marina of Huntsville, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had AAA for roadside assistance in the past but due to financial constraints, I cancelled the account. Today I looked at my bank account and found out they took out $114.00 for a renewed account. I have not had their service in two years and even have a different debit card from when I first signed up. When talking to AAA's customer service representatives, they had to call their own corporate office to see who authorized the automatic withdrawal from my account. When the customer service representative got back on the phone, she claimed that that AAA's corporate office told them that my bank gave them my debit card number, complete with expiration date and authorization code.

When I did have the service, I never signed up for automatic withdrawals. No bank in the world would just give out someone's bank account or debit/credit card number. It is clearly fraud on AAA's part as I had not had the service in two years and somehow, they acquired my bank card information by their own admission. I have called my bank and their fraud department is investigating the matter. If you have had a AAA account in the past, check your bank accounts to make sure they do not do this to you.

Shirley of Starke, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I have dealt with AAA on two separate occasions and the people have been wonderful, very helpful, very informative and the rates have brought me back. Customer service is outstanding and very professional. I will not go anywhere else for auto insurance. I also like that I can count on getting a callback if I leave a message.

Beat of Miami, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I was with a different insurance company before and checked around for competitive premium rates. AAA not only beat everyone else by a long shot, but also offered me valuable recommendations on how to enhance my coverage and still save a bundle. Bought a new car last week. The AAA staff was awesome in how they processed my request to add the new vehicle to my policy. No fuss. They have prompt, courteous customer care with a smile.

Linda of Atlanta, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

Customer service sales department was welcoming, thorough, patient, & keep to their commitment to follow up with me to complete & activate the policy as expediently as possible. They were very helpful with deciphering policy insurance needs for my household.

Joseph of Escondido, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

It was easy to get a rep. He was professional and assisted me through the claim and followed up. The claim process went very well and was handled promptly. I have had SCAAA insurance for my autos for many years. I have had very few claims but have very pleased with the response and customer service with them when I need service. The only gripe would be that I believe the premiums are high. I am retired so I do not drive very much, my driving record is clean and has been for many years, so I believe that my premiums should reflect that.

Sandra of Storrs, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

My car died in rush hour traffic. 4:40 pm I'm on the phone with AAA emergency call line, because of my location. The police come and help move me out of the (L) fast lane on 84 in Windsor, CT where 91 No.-So. merge of 4 lanes with on ramp cars coming from everywhere it seemed. I got half hour tops but you will be notified of any change and the driver will call when in route. 5:15 I call back. Recording states that driver will be there at 5:51 pm. My 1/2 hr I thought turned into an hour wait, upset and not being able to leave my car or go to the bathroom. I wait on hold to confirm just an hour and I'll see them at 5:51. When I finally got through 5:55 I was told that the wrecker went to a police call. I asked “When were you going to tell me?” “We will get back to you...” Now 6:15, “Sorry we will get another wrecker dispatched.” 6:30 still nothing I call a local co AAA contractor. Statement: “Yup I’m free. I'm right off the ramp 1/4 mile, but I can’t come, I can’t take direct calls.”

I can use you and file a claim they said. They would reimburse, nope can’t. Breaks my contract. I'll lose my contract. Oh and good luck getting reimbursed. They will tell you they investigated and their people took all the right steps. You'll see no reimbursement. Now 6:50 on with AAA. Again truck will be there at 7:01. Still sitting on the side of the road driver calls direct be there in 25 min (wasn’t). So let me tell you I started this nightmare sacred cold and alone. AAA was less than helpful and total wait time 4:40 to 7:33, to the garage by 8:05, home 8:30. Try to find a rental car at that hour. Whatever you do, if you are a gold member paying good fees don’t think because you have AAA gold premier, that you will be helped in a emergency – crisis. And note they are in OHIO, no concepts of CT bad areas or here is a really good one. They suggesting that I leave my car with the key in it, in a bad area.

Great company. Oh but they are sorry? I said what does that get me? “You get 4 calls a year. We will remove this one. You’re back to 4.” I laughed and said "You really think I'm doing this again with you." Then I asked the less than concerned operator, how do I get the 4 hours of my life back. I just lost! Good luck!! AAA members in CT Hartford area AAA stinks. Take heed.

Marcia of Coral Springs, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

All companies where I live are competitively priced for auto insurance, but AAA offered the best discounts for a combined home and auto package. They were fair in handling my claim and sent me written correspondence to confirm all updates on my case. I was able to fill out a form initially online and was then contacted by a representative who took a statement. They were professional and fast in handling the claim. They are knowledgeable, too. They arranged a rental car and suggested a very competent shop for repairs.

Jacque of Anaheim Hills, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

The agents are always responsive in a timely manner, patient with my questions and are consistent about keeping me up to date on my insurance policy changes or updates. The prices are competitive and I believe the coverage is acceptable.

EARL AN JENNIE of Hesperia, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had Triple A install a new battery just 5 or 6 months ago. Now I'm having problems when car is turned off and you play the radio for 10 min. or so nothing else on the battery starts to discharge. Only have 52,000 miles on this car and it is kept up. They came out twice and said they would not replace it. The problem is when the car is running it's ok. My alternator is good no problem. I have a friend that had Triple A install one in her car and she has had the same problem and they gave her the same answer, no. We want replace it. They would rather lose my wife and I after 22 years than to replace the faulty battery. My answer to you is never buy a battery from AAA. If they won't help you when you need them after all these years then what good are they. Don't buy your insurance from them...

Dennis of Sunnyvale, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Lifetime guarantee of the repair work for as long as you own your vehicle. I have utilized this insurance company for 56 years. Their rates are reasonable. I have had two accidents and I have had prompt repair estimates and repairs on both of them. After the accidents I had an reasonable increased premium for three years. I have no problem with that. After 3 years with no accidents, you become a "Good Driver", saving me $68.64 on my policy and after 5 years you become a "Distinguished Driver" saving me an additional $61.92 on my policy. I would highly recommend this company for your auto or home insurance.

Kenneth of Hayward, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been with AAA for over 12 years now and just had my first accident. I called AAA to inform them of what just happened. The accident happened in my new brand new car. When I told them what vehicle was in the accident they tell me that car had liability only. I was furious because I asked for full coverage and I had financed this vehicle. I have 4 vehicles total and all have full coverage. So I request them to pull the phone call from when I added the vehicle. That was a month ago. They have not returned phone calls and have not contacted me.

I call them today to find out that they still have not pulled that phone call. The representative I spoke to today tells me they might not be able to pull the phone call and if they can't pull the call that they will not cover the damages. I can't believe that this is happening. I have never had to use the insurance until now and they won't help me. Now I have a brand new car I'm making payments on for another 4+ years that is wrecked. Thanks AAA for ripping me off for more than a decade. Save yourself the hassle and get insurance from someone else.

Angela of Hanover, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

I know insurance companies are out for all they can get, but the experience I just had increased my awareness of that fact. A gentleman plowed into my car and totaled it. For weeks I waited on a response from AAA. It took forever for them to look at the car. They determined the damage to be the fault of their insured and told me to take it to the body shop. Now mind you, half of my front end was hanging on the ground. When I finally convinced them they needed to send a tow, they said they took it to the repair shop. The repair shop made their assessment of damage and tried for a week to get a AAA adjuster to come to the shop. The adjuster came, took notes, and then said he would be in touch. Well again, the body shop had to pursue them for days.

I got a call from AAA that said they determined my car was totaled and they wanted me to get my personal belongings. We did so, but another agent from AAA called and asked us to get our belongings. I told them we had gotten them 3 days before, but I asked how long it would be before they would make an offer. After listing about 3 or 4 action items they'd have to do on their end, I told them that I had a rental I was paying extra on because the rental company they sent me to did not have a luxury vehicle (like the one their client totaled). I said I would take it back and get a luxury car from another rental company. They obviously have some type of "love affair" with Enterprise. The agent said for me that she would check with Enterprise and if they did not have a comparable car they would cover the car I had. I called Enterprise later that day and they said they heard from AAA. Well, IT TOOK 40 DAYS for them to make the first offer.

We promptly took the car back at which time Enterprise asked for $410. Unbelievable. They claim that the agent who said she would cover the car I had never called. This was distinctly different from what I was told when I called earlier. These people are absolute crooks. They claim it is lack of communication. But AAA is hiding its hand. Enterprise is in some kind of way a bedfellow in this foolishness. I knew there was a reason that I dumped their auto insurance years ago. Absolutely no integrity! If anyone ever has to deal with them, I would advise that they record all phone calls and get as much in writing as possible. Having names of people seemingly doesn't work in that they deny they ever said what they know they said! So RECORD any convos with them!!!!

Dan of Howell, Michigan on
Satisfaction Rating

I have seen better pricing but I do not trust the companies that have quoted lower prices. Customer service is not good when calling head office but when I call my agent, I get great service. My AAA agent is great to deal with.

jeffery of California City, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Driving home on Sunday afternoon (1/1/2017), California City Blvd was closed due to a power lines on road. Susan and I have only live in California city for a few years and was unfamiliar with the lower south part of the city. We followed other cars. We came to a dirt road, roughly a mile away from the paved one. I wasn't worried about getting stuck, I had AAA peace of mind. Everyone made it through except me. Lost control of my car and went into a mud hole. Several people came over offering to pull me out. But, I didn't know where the hooks to my car was.

I was in ankle deep mud and water, tried to look underneath my car, couldn't find them. I called AAA. I had been a customer for 10 years. The man on the phone was rude and sarcastic. He told me that my AAA MEMBERSHIP WAS WORTHLESS. HOWEVER HE COULD REFER ME TO A TOWING SERVICE. He did not know the rate or any cost of that company.

HE OFFERED NO HELP AT ALL. NO RIDE HOME (WE WERE FIVE MILES AWAY), NOTHING. He made it very clear that since I was (it started at ten feet) sixty feet off of paved road by the time I got off the phone, I was on my own and the peace of mind I had paid for ten years was useless. A kind man and his wife gave us a ride home. I was covered head to toe in mud. So, I rode in the back of his truck. I called AAA again and got some goofy kid, who kept saying she was sorry. But, I should have been told that AAA doesn't go off pavement more than forty feet.

EVEN THEIR OWN PEOPLE DON'T KNOW THEIR POLICY. Susan and I went out the next day and dug our car out. We were about one hundred fifty feet from pavement. On the third, I called AAA member services and cancelled my membership. I ranted and raved for at least five minutes. The woman I spoke to picked her words like a lawyer. She had been here before. NOTHING WAS OFFERED. She asked me if I would like to talk to someone. I shouted back, "WHO? SANTA CLAUS? These people are nothing more than another half assed insurance company. Quick to take your money and slow to pay.

Ameera of Keizer, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

I have AAA through Southern California. I was traveling from Cali to Oregon. My membership had expired and as my car was stuck in the snow and couldn't move it, I called roadside assistance and told the lady that I will pay for the renewal so that I can get helped. She denied me and declined to assist me in any way. I was experiencing financial hardship and considered paying my renewal fee through my credit card. She told me that their policy changed and she couldn't help me at all. She said that I had to call the tow truck guy and pay out of pocket myself.

I hate AAA from Southern Cali. The reps are so rude, have attitude and don't care at all for their customers. I am transferring my membership to Oregon. Going to give it one last try. If I keep getting treated this way? I will take my business and membership elsewhere. AAA used to be really good with everything. I've noticed a huge decline with not only customer service but the demeanor and the total package. I have GEICO for renters insurance. I pay $80 annually for my membership through AAA and $116. Just wow!

Chris of Landenberg, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have never had a problem filing claims. They are easy to get to, friendly and helpful! I've had them for years and never considered switching. Periodically, I check to make sure I'm paying a competitive rate. Previously, I had State Farm for 20 years, maybe filing one claim. When I switched to AAA, I cut my premium in half, with better coverage. You will not be wasting your time getting a quote from them. Their rates are great, and their customer service is the best!

Sabrina of Indian Hills, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

On Sunday December 25, 2016 our car broke down in Leadville, CO. I called AAA assuming their typical responsiveness. I was called back by a AAA representative who informed me that all AAA contract service providers had declined our call for help. The choices given by AAA were to find a place to stay in Leadville and wait until the following day for a tow truck or pay for our own tow and then try to get reimbursement from AAA. I'd never been declined service before, nor ever read or heard that my contract with AAA could be null and void at the discretion of the drivers. Conditions were cold, windy and snowy, however the roads were safe for travel. Friends drove 5 hours and over 200 miles out of their way to get us home to our family for the holiday. We'll be looking for another way to get roadside assistance, since it appears AAA is all about getting your money but not following through with consistent service.

Johnny of Palm Desert, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Any questions I may have or if I want to pay my bill 24 hrs a day I can speak with somebody. With my schedule, that alone says a lot. They are a no nonsense, all around pleasant auto ins co. When adding on my cousin to my policy, it was so easy over the phone and he was instantly added on. It's a little tricky to get a human after hours unless you lie and say it's a roadside emergency on the automated system.

Bea of Anaheim, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been insured with AAA over 30-years. Very satisfied until a recent claim on 11/2016 OMG! A nightmare! Unacceptable service. Claims representative did not do and or returned my calls and or messages. No communication. Very unprofessional and rude. Closed my claim without notification doing exactly what I did not wanted him to do. Favoring the Hertz car rental business after they gave me a horrible service. Talked to his supervisor and got a response about 10 days after and only because I had to talked to the Costa Mesa's branch manager. The letter did not give an apology. Only stated the closing of the claim under their terms. I am very hurt and very disappointed!!! In shock!!! For the first time ever I feel attacked by my own insurance company. I honestly can no longer recommend this company anymore!

richard of Napa, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

On 12/14/2016 my motor home trans stopped working in the hills of Napa valley. I walked 8+ miles to get to a phone in the rain. Got a shop in pope valley that would let me use the phone. No cell service. Told the dispatch everything, size, how many tires. Then we hung up. 4 hrs later I called back. They said they tried to call me? With no cell service? The male dispatch told me to get uber. With no cell service you need a app for that. So I walked back to my RV. 1/2 way a little old lady picked me up. Remember it's still raining, dropped me off at my rv. Then she came back about 45 min later, gave me a sandwich and said she would drive me home. She was like 80+. I said ok. Got home and she called me 45 min later, said she got home by now. It's 9 pm Wed night.

Thurs I called back, said they would send someone out from sabasipol. Then hrs later Richmond walking 4 to 6 miles to get phone service each way them telling me I have to be with my rv. Fri 12/16/2016 they sent a pickup. WHY not a tow truck? By now I'm pissed off so I walked 4to6 miles to call my wife to get me. I talked to Angel from 559 659 3939, got a hold of civic tow set up for 9 am Sat. Cory showed up 10 min early, fix it up now 96 HRS later from my first call in Dec 2016 rain and freezing it got towed.

Your male DISPATCHERS SUCK. The girls tried to help this needs overhauled fixed. I should have gotten better service UBER no. AAA should have sent someone out the first day and never got a order # so let me know what will happen so nobody get treated like this out of the north bay dispatch and your trucks can't tow a F 350. Why with all the freight that come in and out of napa on big trucks you have nothing to tow. You're losing money right and left so to say. Get back to me TIM Condon, Jim **, & Russell **.

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AAA is officially a federation of motor clubs that offers auto insurance to drivers across America. The company now has more than 54 million members, and it operates out of its corporate headquarters in both Heathrow, FL, and Washington, D.C.

  • Specialized insurance: AAA Auto Insurance offers policies to drivers of very specific types of vehicles, like classic cars.
  • Educational opportunities: The company offers drivers online courses in defensive driving, which gives customers a 10% discount on their plan.
  • Personal injury protection: Insurance plans cover driver and their families even if they are injured while in another person's vehicle.
  • Accident Assist: People who cover their vehicles with AAA accident can take advantage of the company's Accident Assist program, which provides roadside assistance, towing services and rental vehicles for drivers in the case of an accident.
  • Garage parking discount: AAA offers many unique discounts to members, including ones who choose to park their car in a protected garage rather than outside in the elements.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers looking for reliable insurance, drivers who just purchased a car and drivers with family members.

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