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Cristin of Vallejo, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I was involved in an accident on 3/7/2017 when I was sideswiped by driver who fled the scene. The other party involved ran a red light to evade me, but fortunately I was able to get a photo of his/her license plate. I immediately reported the claim to AAA, as the damage seemed to be cosmetic only but was extensive.

I received a call the next day from a AAA representative who took my statement on the accident and asked additional questions. He then stated that he would be sending me a claim acknowledgment that outlines my coverage and deductibles. He was friendly and helpful in answering what questions he could, but unfortunately, the majority of my questions were outside of his capacity and I would have to discuss with the owning adjuster. I took my car for an estimate on Friday, 3/10/2017. It took nearly a week for AAA to respond, at which point they attempted to deny a portion of the claim based solely on photos provided by the body shop. I had to call multiple times and insist quite assertively for them to send an appraiser to the body shop to assess the damage in person.

After another week, they accepted the full claim and approved the estimate. Another issue I had was with the replacement of the car seats I had in the vehicle. I asked multiple times for clear instructions on how to get reimbursed for the car seat. One employee told me that I had to replace the seats with the exact make & model. My oldest is 5 and doesn't need a rear-facing convertible seat, and no one would confirm if they would reimburse me for a booster in lieu of the rear facing seat. Finally I got the "right" person by sheer luck who not only approved the reimbursement of my car seat replacement but also confirmed that my deductible was waived because I was able to provide the license plate # of the other vehicle involved.

I finally received my repaired vehicle yesterday, 4/12/2017. To date, I have never once spoken to the "owning adjuster" who was assigned to my claim, despite leaving 5 voicemail messages and emailing him multiple times. Every time I called AAA to ask to speak with a claims supervisor, the person who answered the call would say over and over, "I'm happy to provide you with that information" then proceed to evade and attempt to redirect my questions. Never once was I actually given the opportunity to speak with a supervisor. I've been a AAA policy holder for nearly 20 years and this is the first claim I've filed. Needless to say, I'll be shopping my home and auto insurance come renewal.

Chi of Baltimore, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a AAA customer for years and I have never had a issue. But in recent years customer service has went down tremendously. I renewed my membership a couple weeks ago and the untrained rep downgraded my membership from Premium to Classic!! When I got my new cards I called immediately to complain about the change and yet again a different rep (Bree from MD) was not helpful. After charging me more money to upgrade to Plus she stated she would speak with her supervisor the next day to get me a discount or some sort of refund. Well that never happen when I called her back the next day after she charged my credit card, she acted like she had no idea what I was talking about and tried to sell me a bunch of crap I didn't need, ask for or want!!

The day after that I called back yet again to speak with a supervisor and he was rude and not helpful as well. I stated I wanted to cancel my membership and that I was not happy nor satisfied with my services and he stated basically I'm stuck with it until my membership ends next year because in AAA policy they do not give refunds once the payment has been made!!! CROOKS AND RIPOFFS!!! I will NOT be renewing my AAA membership next year and that's horrible for long term customers. I have been with AAA since the 90's but this is my last year. Customer service isn't what it used to be!!! AAA needs to do better with training their reps properly.

Deep of Stockton, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Myself Deep me & my husband had filed a claim with AAA Insurance more than 2 months before when our car was hit by someone. We have a really bad experience with them because they cut off my rental car service without informing us. When I called them what was the reason they are not able to give us a valid reason and blaming on repair body shop which we selected for our car repair. They just pulled their hands from our case and again blames us. They also didn't pay for remaining rental charges.

I called them again and again but it is such a bullshit to have a talk with it. Their agent Cafey she is such a bad lady told us that she already explained everything to my husband behind reason not paying for a rental even she didn't made a call to my husband from last one month. She ripped off our money for $142 which was not paid by them even they have responsibility to pay for rental until we get our car back from body shop. For me it was such a horrible experience with this company.

Richard of Indianapolis, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA is great at collecting your premiums, but when you need to collect on a claim, they disappear. In my case, I was hit in the rear while sitting still by another driver who miraculously had auto insurance. No problems you think, but boy was I incorrect once I finally got my adjusters involved. First off, they don't return phone calls and when you finally talk to someone, they will either give you bad information or just outright lie to you. They first told me to get an estimate, approved the estimate and had me schedule a time with the auto repair shop. I took time off work, scheduled a ride to get back as the repairs were going to take several days and when I dropped the car off, the repair shop told me they couldn't do the work because the car had been "totaled" by AAA.

I had actually been concerned with that and done research prior to moving forward with the claim and my car was clearly worth more than the repairs... not according to AAA. Their value was about 75% of the true value I had determined by Internet searches. It turns out they use something called "Mitchell Vehicle Valuation Report" which is the "standard of the industry" according to AAA.

In fact, it is complete non-transparent and contains old useless data that you cannot challenge or research. I sent my adjusters innumerable links to comparable autos that are currently for sale supporting my dollar amount, but they were unmoved and stuck to their story. I challenged the supervisor to find me one comparable car within 500 miles of my location for the value they were offering and he did make the attempt. He first found me 2 cars that were in a model year 2 years older than mine, and then found another car that was a different body style and had clearly been in a accident. I am still awaiting them to do this.

In this particular case, please remember that they were going to completely reimbursed for all of the loss by the person who hit me. They would rather cheat their own customer when it will cost them exactly nothing than treat them fairly. I would hate to see what would happen when I have a claim that would actually come out of their pocket. I am now bypassing them and going to the other party's insurance in order to be treated fairly. As soon as this claim is settled, I will be terminating my policy with them and moving to a reputable company. Again, use this company at your own risk... There is ample warning out there.

Todd of Wyoming, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

My daughter was involved in a accident back in January. It was not her fault but we did what we thought was right and contacted AAA about the accident. We were told that because we only had comprehensive that there was nothing they could do for us. No questions even ask about what happen or whose fault it might be. Poor customers service #1. Now over 2 months later, I get a rude email from AAA claims stating that they have been trying to get a hold of me and have had not luck doing so I must contact them regarding the claim. What claim right? They also contacted my college age daughter and she told them she could not talk right now as she was walking into class.

I call the claims person and the first question I asked is how and how many times have they tried to contact me and her answer. "We have been trying to reach your daughter and she is not responding." Poor customer serves #2. She lied. She only called her the hour before and according to my daughter she was rude to her as well. I told her we did as we were told to do and contacted Progressive direct. They were great. Easy to work with. Caring. Quick to pay the claim and most of all treated us like people. So adjuster Erin **, not employee of the month. Wednesday I will shopping my insurance so I guess you did your job. You can close this claim forever!

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David of San Clemente, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

On 3/2/17 I was driving North the 5 freeway in San Juan Capistrano. Suddenly the car in front of me swerved to the right revealing a large piece of big rig tire in the middle of my lane. I had 2 seconds to decide what to do: (1) Slam on my breaks and get hit from behind, (2) Swerve to the right or left and crash into vehicles in those lanes, (3) Run over the tire debris hope for the best. I chose 3 and caused 5400.00 in body damage to my car. I filed a claim with my insurance and the adjuster said too bad so sad but this was over 51% my fault and I would have to pay the 1000.00 deductible and my insurance would go up. I said that wasn't fair but again, nothing in life is fair.

I took my car in to be repaired and got a rental car and got my car back on 3/15/17. I again said that I thought it wasn't fair that I should be at fault for debris on the FREEWAY. The insurance adjuster said I could speak to her supervisor. I took down the information and decided to call the next day as I needed time to calm down. I got a call from the adjuster today saying that after re-reviewing the claim, they determined that I wasn't at fault and that my insurance would NOT go up and they WOULD reimburse me the 1000.00 deductible.

I was pleasantly surprised. Then 30 minutes later the adjuster called back again and said that, although the accident is still not my fault, they were NOT going to reimburse me the deductible after all. I found the whole experience to be frustrating. I guess I should be grateful that ALLEGEDLY my insurance won't go up because of this. We shall see come renewal time in September.

Arthur of Carmel, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I am a 25 years member of AAA. Today I learned something about Auto Insurance deductibles. I think most consumers believe the deductible is the amount of damage you may be required to pay. What I learned is your deductible is an amount that dictates whether AAA will assist you in collecting damages from the responsible party's insurance company... it now becomes the customer who was deemed not at fault to collect damages. In my case, I had a $1000 deductible, AAA had contact with the responsible party insurance company who will pay. The damage to my vehicle was $120 less than my $1000 deductible. So AAA contacts me to say it's now on me to collect the debt from the other insurance company... yes AAA dropped communicating on my behalf with another huge insurance company. I understand I have to pay the $880 cost upfront... but shouldn't AAA still follow up on my behalf?

T of Los Angeles, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

This review is for AAA Southern California: I decided to switch to AAA for my auto, home and earthquake insurance based on their lower rates and past experience of receiving pretty good service (from many, many years ago). Times have definitely changed. I should have seen the red flag when I returned an agent's initial call (after I submitted a quote request online), left a voicemail and didn't hear back for days, even though his outgoing message promised a call back the same day. When we finally spoke, this agent was courteous and provided all the basic information regarding the premiums and coverages. When I finally decided to pull the trigger and switch, he was quick to send the electronic documents needed to initiate the policies. He was also quick to take my deposit.

But after reviewing the e-documents, I asked this sales agent to confirm a question about the earthquake policy. I didn't hear back for days with the excuse of it being busy because it was the end of the month. Red flag #2. Without ever signing any documents to initiate the earthquake policy -- because I never heard back regarding the changes that I wanted -- I later discovered that the earthquake policy was initiated and became in force anyway. Red flag #3. The lack of responsiveness was so frustrating that I decided to cancel all the new policies and go back to State Farm. That's when I discovered there were important details that the AAA agent omitted during the sign-up process, such as the high finance charges for installment payments (vs. one payment) and cancellation penalties (which I am trying to dispute now).

The bottom line is, although buying insurance is never pleasant, it definitely should not be purchased from a stranger in a call center with only one incentive: the commission. As for the post-sale customer service experience, no one in that part of the call center wants to deal with a former customer disputing a bogus charge either. And no one seems to have the power to do anything about it either. Not much service in customer service these days, at least not at AAA Southern California.

Evan of Scottsdale, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

Probably the worst customer service I have ever received. Long story short, they would not tow my car because it was in a "safe" location. The limited service I received was shocking considering they told me I would get full service when I initially signed up. Never use this company.

Emi of Brooklyn, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I asked this company to go jump start my car. I was in Florida and my wife needed it. They said they can't because I was not with the car. This was never the case before. I called to cancel and the lady was extremely rude. I wanted to cancel my policy and they want to charge me 10 dollars to do that as well. What a scam.

Marcia of Kansas City, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA Insurance (St. Louis based) has Not met my contract terms for a claim I filed with Tia ** after an accident 12/28/16 in which a rental car was needed, glasses busted and lost, 2 upside down passengers (one a chemo patient) were left stranded for 6 days without requested rental car and medical treatment were never provided, despite my making many attempts to contact them and receive proper recompense. None of the medical and lost items were provided. I have contacted the supervisors Mike ** (Total Loss) and Jeff ** (Claims). Still in the rental because Liz ** and Tisha ** mailed the check for the total loss rather than the overnight as I requested. This added 7 extra business days and 6 waiting days to even receive and clear the check. I have had pain and need my glasses.

I have been an over 3 year premium member with them, and they have bullied and tried to ruin my life by not providing the process steps, claims propriety, and have basically tried to eat my entire settlement by forcing me to continue to pay for a rental car they caused me to continue to drive due to their illegal and improper actions. All full and comprehensive coverage premiums were paid up at the time of the accident. Thank you, in advance for any and all help in resolving and making this right for my passenger and me!

Mandi of Fort Bragg, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

On December 24th some woman with no insurance pulled out in front of me totaled my car. Police report even says she has no insurance. My insurance claim adjuster said she will take care of it then proceeded to go on vacation for 3 weeks. Came back, told me my case is closed. Apparently uninsured motorist does not cover uninsured. You could give him all the money you want but in the end they'll do whatever they can to weasel out of their responsibilities. I feel ripped off and neither me or my family will be using their services again.

Rhonda of Rochester, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I called AAA East Auto Insurance department and received a quote for my auto. I told the person that I was speaking with that I wanted an exact quote and had her to run my driver record and Consumer Info. The lady I spoke with was very thorough and gave me a quote for full coverage on 2005 - Toyota Camry for $407 or a prepay of $387.

Then comes the fun part. I spoke with her the next day or so to express my interest in purchasing the coverage. All of a sudden she tells me my current insurance company State Farm showed a lapse in coverage for approximate 10-days in March of 2016. I knew this was not correct and told her I contact State Farm to correct the matter and because her information was incorrect I might just stay with State Farm because a lapse in coverage usually means you pay a higher premium. She quickly stated I would be paying the same premium. I called State Farm and they told me they show no lapse in coverage and did not know where AAA was getting their information from. I also called a couple of other reputable companies and they ran my driver/credit information a said they showed not record of a lapse in coverage.

Today I received a call from AAA from another representative who told me the first person that I spoke with was a new agent in training which I did not believe and I told him AAA credibility was damaged with me. However, he went on to ask me question as to when I purchased the car and I asked him why he said he would be able to calculate the correct mileage. I told give him the same information that I gave the first representative (approx. 3500mi/yr.) and he then told me she had recorded 900mi I told him I did not believe that either.

My reason for not believing him was because the first agent and myself had several conversations and mileage was discussed extensively. He also wanted to know what premium I was paying with State Farm and I refused to give him that information, his rebuttal was he wanted to know if AAA would be saving me any money. I told him I did not like giving out that sort of information so it can be manipulated the company's advantage. He re-phrased his question about what I was paying State Farm and I told him he just re-framed the same question. I just refused to answer.

At some point he made the comment that the information his company was able to obtain from State Farm was limited. He then told me my premium would cost me instead of $407 for 6-mo. it would be $445. In essence AAA was trying to find some slick way of charging me more for my premium since the lapse in coverage did not work they tried the mileage calculation strategy. Too bad the last person that I spoke with did not have all of his facts together as to why I called AAA in the first place, I told the first agent that I spoke with my primary reason for wanting to leave State Farm was poor customer service. Of course if I could save money that would be good. In summary I do not trust this company.

Julie of Cotati, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

The people who work there are very friendly. I call to pay my bill every month. Like all Ins companies, they have their drawbacks. Some people wouldn't notice. The roadside service is 5 star! I have used it 4 times since I got it 5 yrs ago. Each time I have used it they were there quickly. The roadside service price you save good money. The policy itself has helped us more times than I care to admit. Question 1- Would I recommend this Ins company? YES! And I am staying with them!

anonymous of Wellsboro, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA 9 Charleston St Wellsboro PA 16901. They are very dishonest to their customers. According to their tax chart and guidelines it says (I have the papers) "Pennsylvania will recognize a credit for local sales and use tax paid to another state, only if the tax is collected by that state and paid under a provision of state law. This chart does not include local sales tax rates." So according their guidelines they are suppose to count the local tax, use tax and the chart is only state tax. According to them the only follow the chart which is state tax to register your vehicle. When we were in CO we paid 2.9% state 1% county 3% city. Both county and city taxes are considered local tax.

Their guidelines state they recognize and will use it to deduct. Well they did not do so according to the employees. All they use is state where their tax guidelines and documents state otherwise. They are thieves by doing this and breaking the law. So they charge you additional tax as if it wasn't ever paid in full. We have now paid 10% sales tax to register a vehicle. And when you tell them in the office "no I got insurance already we don't need any just registering today" man they get mad and then let you know you have to pay an additional $70 because you went there to register, unless you want to sign up for one of their credit cards. LOL no thank you I don't want or need a credit card. Cash is fine with me.

I will never do business with them again. There are other places to register each year that will cost less in gas to drive to then to go in their building and be charged extra by them. They are a horrible company. If you want a customer to be willing to want your insurance and additional business you don't charge them additional money when they come in. I would have considered their insurance when ours expires in 6 months but after the additional crooked charges I will no longer consider getting their insurance or anything else for that manner.

Kyung of Cerritos, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA ARE BAD BUSINESS AND THIEVES. I get my car towed by AAA. I give them directions and address. They send my car 6 miles away to wrong address. Call them again. They need me to be present at the location... The driver steals my money... He was drunk or/and high. Very unprofessional, waste of my time and money, I got AAA for roadside assistance but that was THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER - CANCELING AAA.

Ken of Lisbon, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

On Feb. 9, 2017 my daughter slid off the road due to snow. After calling for help was told they could not help because there was restrictions due to weather. But, she could call for a wrecker herself and they would reimburse her. Now if she could call a wrecker then why can't AAA? She had no money on her so she had to bundle up her children and start walking home in the dark on unlit streets. They stated they could not dispatch to residential areas due to weather. So, beware. Your memberships are not usable during winter months in New England. Shame on you AAA!!! Leaving children stranded is just not civil. Shame on you!

Andrea of Denver, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I'm not satisfied with my services with triple A of CO. at all. I have had two incidents happened in one day my first time using their services. Customer service was horrible by reps and supervisors they want to argue about things that they know is complete bs. They were in the wrong when my car had got damages on the back of their tow truck supposedly for malfunctioning of the truck and the driver take full responsibility. And all of a sudden they are treating me like I'm the bad person here that has to pay for the damages. Saying that I have to go through a claims department and see who's to blame here when it's obvious my car was damaged on the back of their truck on the way to our destination.

Meanwhile my car is fixed at a shop waiting for me to pick up but I have to wait for the claims department to get ahold of me to try to fix my car. Two tires were dragged and popped remind you they were brand new. I would never go through this company ever again. I get to wait for my vehicles damages to get paid for before I can take it from the shop. Triple A has been more of a burden than a help. Go elsewhere.

Paula of Blairstown, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had AAA car insurance for awhile and had been thrilled with the low rates and what I thought exceptional customer service. In 2015, another driver crossed over 4 lanes of traffic and totaled my car. Ten months later, a deer tried to leap over my car but broke the roof and windshield, also causing the car to be totaled. In between all this, I scraped the side of my car on a boulder that was out of my line of vision. This was my fault and the only car damage claim, other than comprehensive, that I have filed in 45 years of driving. This alone raised my rates 40%. Yikes! I know the not at fault claims do not raise your rates, but what would they have risen to if they did??? I have three vehicles insured, a 2009 Hyundai, 1998 Dodge truck and a 2008 horse trailer. I can't imagine what drivers would pay if they scraped up a new car costing three times what my vehicles cost together!!!

Cameron of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

My girlfriend got T-boned by some sorority girl who was texting and driving through a red light turn a week ago. Our car was dented and the passenger door won't open, and because it's over 10 years old, the claims agent said it's enough damage to count as a total loss. We've been dealing with that news accordingly, and my girl has been having to bum rides to work for a week now (since there is also some fluid leaking and she doesn't want to risk driving it). She filed the claim immediately after the incident, and we provided the info for a witness that stopped and confirmed it wasn't my girl's fault.

Almost a week later, and multiple attempts to contact the agent again, we finally got a hold of her manager who at last directed us back to the claims agent... and she hasn't even touched the case. It had been 4 business days since the claim was filed. I don't know if she is overworked, or just a bad worker, but she hadn't even attempted to contact the sorority chick's insurance company yet. It has been a week now, and through no fault of our own, my girlfriend has been having to bum rides to work AND had to go to the chiropractor because her shoulder has been in pain.

We are simply waiting on our claims agent to DO SOMETHING and help us resolve the current issues of a) having a car that is apparently "totaled", b) shoulder pain, and c) not being at fault for any of it, yet having to deal with these consequences without any sign of hope via payment from the sorority chick's insurance.

AAA, I used to think you were worth the cost, but honestly a lawyer is looking like it would provide more value and expediency than your ineffective claims agents.

Ronald O. of Homewood, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

I'm handicapped with Cerebral Palsy and have been a member with AAA for so many years I can't even count. They came today to pick up my handicap van to take it to the shop for repairs. This shop because it's a handicap van sales shop that sells handicapped vans and repairs them is a hour and half drive from where I live. They picked up my van, drove it that far and dropped it off. I called AAA to see since the truck was already down there and the fact was I couldn't go with the truck when it was picked up because I'm in a power wheelchair and can't get up in the truck and to they won't anybody ride in a car or van that's being towed I couldn't go. I have to have a handicap van and while my van was going to be tied up for days I was going to rent a van till mine was finished with the repairs.

I ask AAA if the truck could bring the rental van back to me since AAA wouldn't let me ride in my van to go with driver. AAA said "No." The truck was coming back to Birmingham, AL. Anyways so with gas being as high as it is here's what's so stupid about AAA. The truck drove a hour and half one way so why couldn't they just bring me the van. If you can get up in the truck one can go with your auto but, in my case I can't ride in my own van because of AAA policies. I couldn't get out of my wheelchair to ride in the truck so a handicapped person with AAA hasn't the rights as their other customers but yet we have to pay the same yearly prices. This sucks. I could see it if that truck wasn't coming back to the same place it left from.

As soon as my time's up with AAA I'll never renew my account with them. All of you might think that just because I'm handicapped and can't do as everybody else can it my bad luck. Well, This could have been you in my condition and how would you have felt stuck without a way to get around. If I had to go to a doctor or hospital then look what it would cost me. If AAA would do me this way it shows just what kind of company they are. LOW DOWN!

Tamera of Nv, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA's insured driver put a huge dint in my car, while she was visiting Reno. I had no dings in my car previous to this incident, and take pride in parking away from other cars. Nov. 19, 2016 Thanksgiving week, a lady parked her car further to one side of the identified parking area; which this day had very strong winds greater than 20 mph. Her door blew open and damaged my car. She could not have closed her door without having to pull and scrape my door again. At this time, she knew that she caused damage to my car; no question.

There were two other people with me; we waited an hour for her to return to her car. When she opened her door, the designer area of the door aligned 100% with the damage on my car. She hurried and closed her door, as I took pictures. She lied to her insurance, AAA, and said that she did not cause the damage. AAA sent adjusters to measure my car damage and hers. The adjuster, whom obtained the measurements, also confirmed that the file indicates that the measurements align. AAA is saying the measurements are off by 5". I know 100% that the measurements align, so I asked for the measurements and pictures; AAA never sent the file.

I did my own investigation; going to a car dealer measuring the same make, model, year of her car and proved that the same model car door aligns to the damage on my car, there was no measurement difference - it aligned 100%. I sent the info to AAA, and never received a response. AAA is straight out lying about the damage not aligning. They said I have to get with my insurance. Why would I pay a deductible for damage that is confirmed as caused by their client? How can an insurance company straight out lie? I am not done yet, when I know I am right, have witnesses, and pictures. The statement at the end of this site submission states: "I understand that ConsumerAffairs has zero-tolerance policy on fake reviews" - this should also state "zero-tolerance policy for AAA Insurance dishonesty!"

Eliza of Concord, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Requiring me to be there at the vehicle when I am unable to be during a reasonable time of day because I work and traffic is terrible until late at night. Also if their damn mechanics had done the correct fix I would not be in this situation in the first place... I don't even cuss but AAA has really put me off.

Lisa of Fairfield, California on
Satisfaction Rating

Filing a claim with AAA Auto was not painful and was efficiently handled. Calls were always handled and process went okay. It was easy to get answers and information to process claim as efficiently as possible.

James of Banning, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

AAA Auto has excellent customer service and fast response (settled claim). It's a great company with many benefits though they could reward their repeat customers better and the policy could be better discounted.

Lori of Nipomo, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a member of AAA Northern California for 40 years. I moved to Central California and tried to keep my auto policy here. I was able to keep my AAA road card which states 40 Year member. But for auto and home I was told I had to start over again and get the one year level rates which are much higher because it's considered a new policy since my area is covered by Southern California. I'm 1/2 way between San Francisco and LA. My rates were higher and I had to change auto and home policies. I keep the roadside assistance but no longer do business with a company that wouldn't accept 40 years of loyalty. BAD BUSINESS! Bad for the consumer. I'm upset with them. I never did business with any other insurance for my cars and home. I will never do business again.

Marina of Huntsville, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had AAA for roadside assistance in the past but due to financial constraints, I cancelled the account. Today I looked at my bank account and found out they took out $114.00 for a renewed account. I have not had their service in two years and even have a different debit card from when I first signed up. When talking to AAA's customer service representatives, they had to call their own corporate office to see who authorized the automatic withdrawal from my account. When the customer service representative got back on the phone, she claimed that that AAA's corporate office told them that my bank gave them my debit card number, complete with expiration date and authorization code.

When I did have the service, I never signed up for automatic withdrawals. No bank in the world would just give out someone's bank account or debit/credit card number. It is clearly fraud on AAA's part as I had not had the service in two years and somehow, they acquired my bank card information by their own admission. I have called my bank and their fraud department is investigating the matter. If you have had a AAA account in the past, check your bank accounts to make sure they do not do this to you.

Shirley of Starke, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I have dealt with AAA on two separate occasions and the people have been wonderful, very helpful, very informative and the rates have brought me back. Customer service is outstanding and very professional. I will not go anywhere else for auto insurance. I also like that I can count on getting a callback if I leave a message.

Beat of Miami, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I was with a different insurance company before and checked around for competitive premium rates. AAA not only beat everyone else by a long shot, but also offered me valuable recommendations on how to enhance my coverage and still save a bundle. Bought a new car last week. The AAA staff was awesome in how they processed my request to add the new vehicle to my policy. No fuss. They have prompt, courteous customer care with a smile.

Linda of Atlanta, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

Customer service sales department was welcoming, thorough, patient, & keep to their commitment to follow up with me to complete & activate the policy as expediently as possible. They were very helpful with deciphering policy insurance needs for my household.

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AAA is officially a federation of motor clubs that offers auto insurance to drivers across America. The company now has more than 54 million members, and it operates out of its corporate headquarters in both Heathrow, FL, and Washington, D.C.

  • Specialized insurance: AAA Auto Insurance offers policies to drivers of very specific types of vehicles, like classic cars.
  • Educational opportunities: The company offers drivers online courses in defensive driving, which gives customers a 10% discount on their plan.
  • Personal injury protection: Insurance plans cover driver and their families even if they are injured while in another person's vehicle.
  • Accident Assist: People who cover their vehicles with AAA accident can take advantage of the company's Accident Assist program, which provides roadside assistance, towing services and rental vehicles for drivers in the case of an accident.
  • Garage parking discount: AAA offers many unique discounts to members, including ones who choose to park their car in a protected garage rather than outside in the elements.
  • Best for New drivers, drivers looking for reliable insurance, drivers who just purchased a car and drivers with family members.

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