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Me & my daughter had purchased used vehicles in July 2016, we both signed up with American Family Insurance for our autos. Everything was going OK until August 2016. For some reason my daughter's auto was added to my policy, she already had an auto policy of her own with American Family. I called my agent Mike **, and asked him why she was added to my policy. He had no answer for the mistake, he said that he would remove her from my policy. I waited a few days and received in the mail a reminder to pay my premium, on the reminder they still had my daughter's car on my policy. So again I called my agent back, he said that her car should have been removed from my policy. He said that they had a new system and that him & his secretary was not familiar with the system yet. I suggested to my agent to call the main office and maybe they could walk him through the process of removing my daughter's car from my policy.

To make a long story short, my policy canceled before he could get her off my, and to make things even worse American Family never offered to reinstate my policy for free, my agent told me that I needed to pay 3- months of premiums in order to reinstate my policy. They also never gave me any time to shop for another insurance company. They notified the financial company that holds the loan to my vehicle, they knew what they cost me and they were taking advantage of the bad situation that they had left me in. I would advise anyone to stay away from this company, they are not honest and they don't take the blame for their mistakes. They don't train their agents when new systems and such are out in place. I don't feel that I trust this company to be there when I need them.

My recent experience with AmFam has been terrible. First off I called them to reissue a policy for a different vehicle (big mistake). I had cancelled a policy on a different vehicle a month before. The agent I was assigned was "out of the country" so I was rerouted to a different agency to reinstate the policy. This was on Sept 17. So I go to register the vehicle and the tag office tells me they don't have proof of insurance. Called the agency and they were unable to electronically send proof of insurance so I paid for 14 days for a car I couldn't even register or drive until the agent decided to come back to the US... Now they're telling me my payment for this month was due 13 days early because my due date was set for the 4th of every month and reinstated my policy on a 17th. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!

They also tried to tell me they refunded me my payment to reinstate my policy I made on the 17th of Sept which was why bill was like the way it was which was a bold face lie. Also turned out they never cancelled my car insurance policy for the month of August up to Sept 17th so they were charging me money for a car that I told them to cancel the policy on I wasn't driving and that I didn't even own anymore. Then tried to tell me I owed for that month when I had already cancelled and paid the balance off. Also let them to talk me into renters insurance which they claim covers anything in the home from damage. Yeah right. I'll be cancelling that policy soon. Bill ** expect another call from me! Also told an agent to hold on for me (he was waiting maybe 15 seconds I kid you not). I get back on the phone and the guy puts me on hold! Long story short they have proved to be unreliable, dishonest, and untrustworthy. This is me giving my HONEST opinion.

Where do I start. Oh, OK... I am from Colorado. First of all if I could give them "0" or "-100" I would gladly do!!! I am a proud single Mom with 3 kids and finally one of them is driving a car and I am not talking about the car from "Toys R US"... LOL. We had a car insurance with "Geico" and paid $380 (my Son drives with a driver license less than 3 years and he is 18) for both cars covered full liability and full tour with $250 deductible. This was the BEST deal around, not ONLY that I consider Geico the BEST company for Customer service as well (very friendly, willing to work with you), but anyway I am not here to write how good Geico is even though I strongly believe they are. I forgot to mention to you (reader) that my Son's car has a "Salvage" Title.

One day I went to my bank and one of the tellers asked me who is my car insurance company, I told her and she said, "Let's just check and see if American Family Insurance would give you a better rate," so long story make short we got on the phone... and after an hour and a half and I am not joking 1.5 on the phone with them, after I told them that Title was Salvage combining Car and Home insurance together they came up with a quote of $320. I was so happy that my Son could save $60 a month because car insurance and gas for the car it's his responsibility. So I went home and all was good till we got a letter from them saying that our car insurance is going up $168.50, because "AutoPay Discount and Paperless Discount was removed," so I called them and they told me that I did not registered for this discounts... BUT the truth is I was told by their agent that I DO NOT have to do anything else.

I gave them all payment information and it's all taken care off. However I said: That the ONLY registration e-mail that I got was for Home Insurance and I did register! And for God Sake how do you RISE my payment by almost $170 a month!!! Later I said, "Ok, send me a link to register!!!" And that was the time where the whole hell broke loose!!! The TRUTH FINALLY CAME OUT!!! They accused me in NOT telling them that one of the cars had a Salvage Title and because of that my insurance went up that much, not ONLY that they do not insure Salvage cars for full tort ONLY Liability!!! WHAT? Did I hear that right???

I asked for a Manager and they got Him on the phone, his name is "David..." and he told me that all calls are monitored and that he will pull up the call and will personally listen to it!!! Also David said that American Family Insurance DOES NOT cover Salvage Titles Cars and that he cannot believe that if I said that from the beginning I was given the quote!!! But anyhow he will get back to me within 24 Hours!!!

I said OK and it was 10/04/2016. Now 72 hours at least later, I had no phone call from them, no explanation... nothing!!! I talked to about 3-4 other people with regular car titles and they had same story as me with this so called Insurance company, this is just SAD!!! In the end I came back to Geico, but this time it cost us $80 more a month!!! Please do not insure with them. THEY WILL TELL YOU ANYTHING YOU WANT TO HEAR AND THEN WILL STICK YOU WITH A BILL (hoping you will not leave them), but the worst part is that it will most likely it will cost you more to come back to your cheaper insurance!!!

My wife's car was rear-ended by a client of American Family. I filed the claim with them, having been told to do so by my own insurer and by the police officer who wrote the report. They said they needed to talk with my wife and left her one message, which she immediately returned. After hearing nothing else for three weeks, I called in order to move the process along in a friendly way. I reached Dave **, the adjuster, who immediately became defensive and blamed her for not returning any of his many phone calls. He then became adversarial and disrespectful of me, wondering why I would think that his client was responsible. I complained to his supervisor, who defended him as a wonderful person. When ** did reach my wife, he was abusive towards her and told her the "claim was out." When behavior like this is supported by the supervisor, it is clear that there is a culture of disrespect.

American Family Insurance has proven to be a dishonest company with questionable business practices that are not even in alignment with their own stated values. In April, I was hit by a distracted driver insured by AF. I continue to fight for a fair settlement while AF minimizes the impact on my life and well-being. It took me weeks and several manager requests before I even got a call back and was connected to an adjuster. The adjuster proceeded to patronize me and outright lie, stating she did not have my phone number. The rest of the process has been just as disingenuous and infuriating.

I will be fighting for a higher settlement than I might have accepted had American Family behaved with class and fairness. It's unfortunate that in a case where law enforcement, witnesses, drivers and common sense all attest that their driver was 100% at fault, we are headed towards litigation. It's a waste of their customer's money, resources and faith. I think American Family is big enough that they probably get away with bullying the little guy far too often. I won't be among that group, but more importantly I wonder why you would want to give your money to a company that conducts itself in this way.

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I canceled my Homeowners with American Family after my roof was the only roof around my home that wasn't totaled in a hail storm. Fast forward 4 year. I was driving straight and the light turned yellow as I got to the intersection The American Family customer that turned left on the yellow in front of me is only 90% at fault for making the illegal move. She was ticketed. I was going straight, didn't run the light or break the law, as a matter of fact, I was within the law as I cleared the intersection. Their customer turned left in front of me.

I had no ability to avoid the accident but I did my best not to allow it to be a T-bone collision and minimized the damage. The man who called to take my recorded statement and is the adjust has been incredibly rude on every call. He has reminded me three times now that just because the other party got the ticket and broke the law and caused the accident, that doesn't mean they are liable for all the damages. They have suggested I pay 10% or engage my insurance to pay the balance. That is not acceptable. I'm seeking an attorney.

I made the mistake of contacting this company after one of its members destroyed my car and her insurance company called me to get a statement. NEVER TALK TO ANOTHER PARTIES INSURANCE COMPANY. American family said I was partly liable for the accident even though a witness contradicted this with a written statement. American Family made an assumption based on what I said - they don't care about the truth. They are also liars and lazy - as they don't even bother to use the white pages to find an address.

Was T boned by a 17 yr. old girl on her cell phone and she ran a red light and admitted it. I have been in intense pain and suffering for 4 months now suffering from severe whiplash, vertigo, and neck and back pain. I can barely work at all and when I do I am miserable. Every time I call they tell me another agent will call me back and I never get any response from anyone. This company should not be allowed to insure anyone. They make you hire an attorney for all claims filed. Everyone I have talked with talks trash on this company for their inability to pay out to suffering people even when their client admits fault, the police report indicates it and all my Dr.S send them bills and they never fess up to anyone. This company can GO ** themselves. Shame on them for doing this.

I am with State Farm for more than 13 years and was solicited by American family to bring my policies over. The first agent canceled the appointment a few minutes before (Rick **, mn). A day wasted. The second agent (Tippie **, MN) never showed up. 2nd day wasted. The 3rd agent did not have manners and brought someone else to the meeting without informing beforehand. As I told him that this was not agreed upon he yelled in front of my house that I should find another insurance. I exactly did that. 3 days wasted. I called their corporate. They don't even think it is necessary to call back. I am glad I am not insured with them. Imagine how they would treat you as a customer.

I have had this insurance for 2 years and in these two years, I have had my policy cancelled twice, without being told. I drove without insurance for months without knowing. Their excuse was, "We sent you letters" and the reason for canceling was non-payment, even though they were supposed to take the money out of my bank account, as originally setup. When I checked with my bank, no attempt had been made to get money out of my account. My account was untouched. This insurance is not only very expensive, but also has people who don't care about their customers. If I had gotten into an accident while I was driving without insurance, I would have had to pay a lot of money out of pocket. If I had been stopped by the police, my car would have been towed. There were no apologies to rectify this and no remorse whatsoever. If you don't want trouble stay away from this insurance company.

My husband and I have had American Family for over 5 years now and never had an issue until this past May. I renewed our policy for a lower rate and was expecting it to start on the date it's always been. The 17th. So after my automatic payment (always been in place) was taken out, I noticed it was double the actual amount. After contacting my agent, I was told it was an error and they'd correct it. After a few days, I was sent a voicemail stating we were good through July. Our first payment won't be due till July.

Then the first week in July I get a notice telling me I'm 3 months behind on my car insurance. Baffled, I called corporate. Found out the double payment they took in May paid my renters insurance in full and they never touched my auto. Now who gave that kind of permission??? Next I find out that my husband is no longer a named insured. And again who gave permission??? I'm at my wits end with this shady company. Don't waste your time or money.

3 months ago my car was hit on the side by their insured driver who made an illegal left turn because she was not paying attention and hit my passenger side. I took pictures and video of the other driver admitting fault. My car was a brand new Subaru so I wanted to get the car fixed ASAP even though it will never be the same since it's been in an accident now. I got the police report and all her insurance info. I waited about 3 weeks and did not hear anything back from there after submitting pictures, police report, and video and all they could say was because the person who hit me hasn't talked to them they can't do anything.

I had to go through my own insurance (Progressive) and pay my $1,000 deductible to repair the damages and pay $230 for a week rental while my vehicle was in the shop for 10 days. My insurance company is currently in the process of getting my deductible back. If they are unable to do so in the next few weeks I will file complaints against the company and the adjuster Jessica ** based in the St Louis area. The company is only good at holding out on paying for their insured's mistakes as long as possible. I will also sue the other driver in a small claims court as well. I have been patient and I'm glad I went through my insurance in the meantime or else I would still be driving a damaged car which was in brand new condition. I do not recommend this company to any friends or family.

Sub-Agent for American Family Insurance in Marietta, Georgia under Bobby ** whose name was Indiana ** led me to believe that I would save $800 in changing my auto, homeowners and umbrella liability to American Family. The sub-agent couldn't wait to charge my credit card for several thousand dollars. As time went on, the savings shrunk from $800 to $51. I told them to cancel my insurance on the effective date and return my money. American Family and my agent are saying the "check is in the mail". It's amazing how quick they can charge your account but how long it takes to send a check. If it was mailed, it went by Australia and New Zealand. If you are getting a quote from these people, be very, very careful. Don't allow them to charge your account until the savings are absolutely confirmed. I will be filing a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner of Georgia tomorrow.

It took them over 2 weeks to accept liability when their driver hit me from behind. Now they are giving me the run around telling me that different people are handling different parts of my claim. One person is handling the car damage, another paying me for being off work, back pain, etc. Of course that person has never once returned a phone call. I think their strategy is stalling until you sue their customer. So anyone thinking of getting this insurance thinking they will have your back, don't!

We have been with American Family Ins. for 20 plus years. Have had 3 different agents during that time do to agents quitting and also us moving. Never in my life have I had an agent like Stephanie Wendrick treat me so bad as a customer. I was involved in a accident in April 2016 and Stephanie's Assistant told me it was my place to call the police and get all the information. The police told me that they would not give me the information, it is up to the insurance company to do their job. I ended up getting my report on my own and dealt with Allstate Insurance myself. I have to say I would give them 5 Stars. They took care of me like I was one of their own. Now it is June 2016 and I changed insurance companies due to the unprofessionalism of Stephanie Wendrick's Agency. They are that bad!! Not only does she argue with her customers, but she shows her assistants how to argue with the customers. Very unprofessional!!

My son should only have one accident on his record and now he has three because they claimed the one twice and another one which was not his fault, she told me not to claim it because it was on private property and he drives an older car. Well, the other people made a claim and got 1,503.00 without the agency even getting our side of the story and didn't even know this happened until 20 months later when we changed insurance companies. For your sake please check around with other insurance companies and you will get much better Customer Service from other insurance companies!! I would recommend State Farm or Allstate. Their agents are very professional and also the assistants are very professional too. We were ripped off for almost 3 years for 2 claims on our insurance that should not have been claimed, due to American Family not checking with their customers first!!

First of all, this is the worst insurance company ever. Would not recommend it. My wheels were stolen on 6/2/16 and I called the insurance to see if my wheels were covered by them and they said yes. A day later the adjuster came to my house to look at the damages and I was given an estimate for $1,300 but on that estimate they gave me the price for RECYCLED wheels $232 and the wrong size and model of my wheels, brand new cost $1500 each. Then I wasn't happy of course.

I called them back and ask why I was given this estimate with recycled wheels in it. They did fixed it but AGAIN the prices were off and they gave me tires 18" but wheels 19." Now how in the world am I gonna mount 18' tires on 19' wheels? I called the wheel company where they got the prices from and I was told that the price for my wheels is $520, not $232. I emailed them back and asked why the prices don't match and told them to fix the prices on tires since they don't know about sizes.

They fixed the prices but I was only given $200 more. I was not satisfied with the estimate and I was told to go to Mazda Dealership and get a quote on brand new wheels and tires. The estimate Mazda gave me was for $8000, now the questions is: Are they trying to rob me? Why are they giving me $1,500? There's a huge difference from $1,500 to $8,000. It's been a week now and I'm still not satisfied with the service this company has given me. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS "COMPANY."

My wife had been a customer of AFI for 7 years before we met. When we got married, we switched my insurance to AFI and we have been good customers. There has never been a late payment in a total of 15 years. We insured two cars and our home through them during that time. During that 15 years, we cost them within a few hundred dollars of $6000.00 to provide us with insurance. We used the tow service, got hit by a deer, and I ran into a parked car one morning hurrying to a meeting. In that time, they received approximately, $27000.00 from my wife and I.

They listed my recent accident as the reason to discontinue my insurance. For some reason, they discontinued my wife's insurance as well. I read positive reviews that stated that AFI had stayed with other customers through worse for longer. The other reason that they canceled me and my wife is that they claim that they can't get my driving record. I gave them my id number on the phone twice and all information they asked for. It's also a matter of public record. That leads me to believe that they filed their request for my driving record with an error. They are using my middle name on the attached document instead of the one that is on my driver's license. They did not contact me to clear up the issue of the driver's record being unavailable. Possibly, they made the decision because they failed getting my name right. An error they could have cleared up with a phone call.

Next, my wife and I had full coverage. We did not opt on this claim to have AFI pay for my cars repairs. The value of my cars repairs would be less than the repairs would cost. It would have cost the company needlessly as the damage was minor but expensive. Had we opted to have the repairs to my vehicle done, AFI would have been charged a few thousand for the auto body work to replace the bumper, we would have been out half of that, and we would have a few scratches removed. Didn't seem right to charge the company that for my mistake and my car is worth a few hundred dollars more.

In my opinion they are untrustworthy to keep their end of the deal. They are probably a good company except for in the business of insurance. If you want to have a higher chance for an insurance company that is trustworthy you have lots of options. American Family Insurance is currently 15th of customer satisfaction on a list that includes 20 other companies according to as of April 21st, 2016. We are canceling our home insurance through them.

04/07/2016 someone pulled out in front of me and I totaled my car. This person has American Family Insurance, it has been one thing after another. It took 3 days to get a rental even though the police report stated the other driver was at fault. It took until 04/14/2016 for an adjuster to come look at the car and state it was totaled. Once this was done I was advised I need to give the rental car back. I was then told that I need to mail my title to a address that was provided then they would mail me my check for the car. I asked how am I suppose to get another car without a check plus I had to give back the rent a car.

I was told "It can take up to 4 weeks for you to get your check. We are sorry for the inconvenience." My reply was shock so it's okay for American Family to take their time in getting my payment for my car to me but has no concerns on what a burden this on me to have to figure out driving or trying to buy a car without a payment. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ALL THE WAY AROUND.

I had someone hit our brand new Grand Cherokee and the driver took off. We followed him to where he lived. The police came, could not locate him but impounded the car. Detective called me two days later saying they charge the driver with hit and run, leaving a scene of an accident and driving without a license. The mother was the owner of the car and son who is 17 took the car without her knowledge. But still make the owner responsible. I have two kids myself and I always made sure we had insurance on any car they drove, and if they drove our car and were involved in an accident we know as parents we are totally responsible.

We have State Farm and have been with them 26 years and never had we had to go through the hoops like we are going through with American Family. They are crooked and do not return calls. The agent we have been dealing with keeps telling us they have to talk to the driver. It has been 2 months now and they still have not been able to talk to the driver and dragging us on. The damage was only around $2200.00 and no injuries, but you know what my back and my wife's back seem to be hurting lately.

Our insurance State Farm would never do the crap this company does. Most my family is from Wisconsin and I told all my family and friends "switch insurance as fast as you can. This company wants your payment monthly but does nothing for you." I know I do not belong to them, but to be treated like we are the ones at fault is ridiculous and unjustified. If this is the way they handle their claims I hope they go out of business to save a lot of people headaches down the road.

I was exiting a parking lot after a movie and a client of American Family backed into me. I figure it's obvious it's their clients fault. It turns out I'm responsible for 20% of the cost because "I was there". AmFam sends a claims adjuster who lowballs me on cost of repair. They refuse to budge. I turned the claim into my own insurance company who spent some time trying to convince me not to file the claim and how much it could cost me. I filed anyhow and will see what happens. Conclusion is insurance companies will do anything to save a buck no matter at whose peril.

Your property insurance goes up 25 percent every year. Switching vehicles or cancelling gives you a remaining balance that's unjustified. I asked not to be pro-rated, only to be pro-rated. I called my agent from the Greenfield WI location only to get that there's NOTHING he can do for me regarding a remaining balance bill. I called the 1800 number to go over my records only to get straight LIED too. She hung up the phone when I caught her in a LIE. RUN NOW. CANCEL.

I file a claim with American Family Insurance company in April 2015, this company will not return calls or try to settle claim. This company just want to collect your money, for me I been with them for over 10 years and this is my first claim, and they act as if their job is to only collect your money. Storm damage destroyed my business, all my customer furniture, as well as my personal property. This company acts like I didn't have no insurance and still today no response.

If I could rate this place lower than a star I would! They were overcharging me $55 a month for over 2 years. When I got quoted a much lower price from another insurance company I became suspicious why mine was so much higher for so long. Turns out that they decided to put me down for full coverage and high coverage when it wasn't what I asked for. My car is crappy, trust me... nobody would think about full coverage for that thing. My parents were also with me and know I said "just liability". I also got screwed paying a year of renters insurance when I was living with my parents. They offered $300 to forgive and forget when I paid over $1300 more than I ever should have to then.

My brother also was getting charged for 2 cars when he canceled one of them a year ago. He called about to and they said that he wasn't paying for it but it would show up on his billing statement. When we went in to get my stuff figured out we saw that his car was never canceled. At least they are doing right by him and reimbursing that money back, but it never would have even been caught if we didn't have to figure my situation out. They said they wanted to make it right, but when I went in there I felt like they were blaming me and the agent but not the company itself. The fact the company is blaming me for a mistake one of their agents made makes me so mad. They lost a customer.

My truck was stolen from my garage in Dec 2015. The police finally got it back on Jan 17, 2016. The truck has an extra 4717.0 miles on it now. Still fighting with American family to have truck re keyed and also compensation for the miles on the truck! The value of the truck with the extra miles dropped it 1100.00. The police didn't recover the key in the bust. Now my truck security is compromised!! I have talked to my agent, and also to customer service and still no word back on it. Would not recommend American family to anyone at all!!

An American family Ins. customer Backed into the Ryder rental truck I had rented doing $2400.00 damage. I had purchased rental Ins. from Ryder. The deductible was $1000.00. American Family Ins. offers to pay me $800.00 NOT the $1000.00 I'm charged by Ryder. Due to their customer at fault, I'm out $200.00 plus the time involved to do the police report and all other paperwork. Accident happened Dec. 8th no conclusion from Am Fam until REPEATED phone calls to them asking for claim update status. (Jan 12th) Very poor experience with American Family Ins. I'm Contacting IL Dept of Insurance next.

There is no confusion, I was simply never told that it was a requirement of American Family to have a dual policy, as in renter insurance on a home I do not own in order to receive auto insurance from your company *American Family*. When I decided to give your company *American Family* another chance I was told that things were going to be better this time around than the last time I had auto insurance with your company.

The first time I had auto insurance with you @ $104 monthly and nothing has changed but it's now $130 monthly even though I was quoted $80-$100. (I was never told at any time either when I was first with the company and David was my agent at the Sunshine office in Springfield, Missouri nor the months prior in which I had multiple in office meetings, emails, and phone conferences with Jennifer/Jessica before signing another new contract with your company *American Family* again that I had to have a dual policy or that I had to be married).

First time my policy was canceled because I was not married even though I had told him (David) the insurance agent I was not nor have I ever been married. And after 6 months and no late fees with your company and no inkling anything was wrong *American Family* dropped my auto insurance policy the same day I made a payment at the Sunshine office in Springfield, Missouri.

I remember this because I went straight to JD Byrider to pay my car payment after I left American Family and I was told that I had no insurance... Confused as I just paid them but Dustin the manager of the car dealership kindly called on my behalf to find out what was going on (with it on speaker phone). We were told by David the insurance was being dropped because he had marked me as being married and they *American Family* had assumed I would of gotten married within a few months of up tainting insurance... I never said that... But David also said in order to keep my insurance policy that the rate was increased to $170 and since they didn't think I would want to pay the new balance my policy was canceled without even giving me the option to stay...

Still makes no sense honestly as I do not find it anywhere that in order to have auto insurance a person has to be legally married though I wasn't told through your agency nor did I ever receive a letter but I do have a witness as Dustin was as confused as I still am... That's why I started paying just for comp and collision from JD Byrider until I could get full coverage again.

This is the second time now that I have attempted to go through American Family and I was quoted $80-100 a month the day I was in the Primrose office and spoke to Jennifer. So I made arrangements to meet Jessica that night since Jennifer would not be there and explained that we would be there a few minutes late because Brandon my boyfriend of 12 yrs (not my husband) gets off work at 4:15pm then has to come to Nixa from the other side of Springfield near Willard to pick me up to be at the insurance and she agreed. But when we got there at 10 after they were closed and since it was Friday we had to wait 'til the following Monday. So Brandon had to take unpaid time off work to get there in time so that we could then get insurance only to find out to get my car insured the rate was now $130 monthly, not the amount we had originally agreed upon the auto insurance.

It was never brought up that I had to have a dual policy in order to receive car insurance. In fact the only time it was ever mentioned was when I asked Jessica for a quote on *renters (not homeowners) insurance as we rent (not own) our home* and because we had just moved into a trailer and have never lived in one before. I wanted to know what all would be covered so that down the road when we are in a better financial place I wanted to add that to my policy.

Again I was never told by either Jessica or Jennifer that I had to have a dual policy in order to receive auto insurance and that I also have to have renters insurance. Until I made the mistake of asking for a renters quote that day no one ever mentioned it... So today January 31st 2016 when I was reading my emails I was shocked to see one from *American Family* saying that again my auto insurance is being cancelled because I don't have a dual policy...

I have not even got my first bill yet and I'm getting canceled? That in order to keep my auto insurance I must also have renters insurance even though I DO NOT own my home as I can't have one without the other or at least that's what the email said. And also in the email it was clearly stated that if I do not get renters insurance then they will be transferring my policy to THE General and I can expect to pay 100% more than what I'm already paying... I called who I thought was the main company but it was American Family headquarters in Massachusetts I believe and as I explained what was going on the gentleman even seemed to be unsettled but said there was nothing he could do except send them a note explaining my situation as he cannot see my policy.

I filed an auto claim with American Family Insurance. The accident occurred on November 26, 2015. American Family did not send an adjuster to estimate my claim, everything that had to be done in filing the claim was up to me. The accident was the insured parties fault and although the other party received the citation, American Family only covered my claim at 90%. Why should l have to pay out of pocket when it wasn't my fault? I had the worst experience with AmFam. Not once did they call to inquire about my injuries and they treated me as if the accident was my fault. This is by far the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with! I wouldn't recommend anyone to purchase this insurance or to avoid filing a claim with this company, they are terrible!

Back on December 8th, I was t-boned by one of their drivers. They waited until December 22nd before sending one of their agents out to appraise the damage on my vehicle. They refused to let me take it to an auto body shop for appraisal. They wrote me a check for $1,700 on the spot. I knew this was not enough so I drop my car off at an auto body shop on December 23rd for a proper damage inspection and repairs. On December 29th, Brian ** from American family told me my car was totaled. It was $5,100 to fix my car and American family would only pay $4,800. Brian also told me that American family would only cover a rental car for 3 days! 3 days is an absurd amount of time to only cover a rental car. I was out of town so I picked up the rental on January 2nd and returned it on January 4th when I purchased another vehicle.

January 5th I informed Brian ** that I would agree to the total loss and they could pick up my totaled vehicle and I inquired about the check for my vehicle. Brian told me to either mail my title into American family or drive down and sign over my title and they would give me my check. I could not find my title so I had a duplicate title mailed to me. I Informed Brian that I would need a duplicate title on January 12th. Received my title and called American family on January 18th to arrange for the title transfer and to pick up my check. When I spoke with Barbara, she informed me that Brian had not completed his total loss worksheet and she would not be able to cut me a check or send a check to the lien holder on my damaged vehicle until Brian completed his part. I called Brian on January 18th and still have not heard anything back. It has been a total of 2 weeks since I agreed to the total loss of my vehicle.

If I did not have excellent credit and money saved in my bank account, I would not have been able to purchase a vehicle. That would have been over two weeks that I would not have been able to make it to work because American Family refused to cover a rental car for more than 3 days. I feel like American Family Insurance is playing games with me and I do not appreciate it. It was their driver that hit me. I now have to pay my lien holder on the damaged vehicle so I am not charged any fees and to keep my credit in good standing as well as, pay for the car payment for my new car. It has been a month and a half and they still have not taken care of my claim. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy. Thank God I have progressive!

I have been with this company for almost 13 yrs and have not had any major claims besides a couple windshield replacements due to rock chips. I have ALWAYS paid my premiums on time and notified them immediately of any changes. But for the first time I had a major claim due to a tree falling on my car. When I called to make the claim, they told me I didn't have insurance on the car that was damaged. They said I had called and told them I sold the vehicle and replaced the policy with another vehicle. They inaccurately noted what I had asked them to do over the phone. I had asked them to ADD a vehicle we purchased on to our policy. They made an obvious mistake, we still possess the vehicle so we obviously didn't sell it. They did not send any notice to me that the vehicle was taken off the policy. They said the damaged vehicle was uninsured the last 14 months!

I was astonished that I could be driving my FAMILY around in this uninsured vehicle for that long! They will not accept any responsibility for their mistake. So much for customer loyalty! My recommendation is to make any changes to your policy in writing. I didn't this last 13 yrs and they really messed me over on this major repair. Since I trusted them to accurately note the changes I have no evidence in writing. My customer loyalty wasn't enough. They weren't there when I needed them most, which is what a consumer wants in a car insurance.

I have been with American Family Insurance for about 20 years. They treat me like a person and not just a customer. They remember my name. They treat me respectfully and courteously. When I have questions about anything they are always helpful. When I visit their office, I feel almost like I am visiting a friend instead of a business. I have never had an accident so I've never had to file a claim but I'm sure if I did, they'd treat me same as always. I would and do recommend them to anyone.

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