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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

We purchased automobile insurance and renter's insurance in October of 2015. We were on auto deduct for 6 month renewal. Shame on me for not checking the policy update, but effective 5/9/2016 the amount deducted was for $372.82 more than originally billed back in October. No excuses, but we had been traveling, Neither Allstate nor its agent, Mr. **, had the professionalism nor courtesy to inform us of any increases either in writing or by phone. No messages were sent to us on "my account" pages. No explanation was forthcoming by our agent other than Allstate had increased its rates. Please note no status changes or claims had taken place. Not a good way to retain clients.

I've felt with a lot of insurance companies but have never been so dissatisfied as I am with Allstate. The claims adjuster would not return phone calls for over three weeks. My car was damaged and I couldn't use it for work but they refused a rental car for the three weeks it took for them to finally resolve the claim. I will never use Allstate again and would recommend you to find better insurance company as well.

DO NOT EVER PURCHASE ALLSTATE INSURANCE. AND IF YOU SHOULD EVER GET HIT BY ONE OF THEIR INSURED, DO NOT LET THEM TAPE YOUR INTERVIEW. On April 16, 2016 we were traveling along the Coast in Oregon on a two lane highway. We were pulling our boat traveling at 55mph. When we slowed to make a left hand turn into the boat ramp, we were hit in the rear right hand side of our boat. The other driver said that they had been following us for some time and decided to pass and when they were passing we turned left in front of them. This is not the way it happened. The Allstate driver came around the corner and we were already in the turn when they plowed into the back of us, and the photos we took support this scenario.

Allstate says that it is 100% our fault and listed a some ORS that do not pertain to this situation as the reason why we are at fault. The other driver sustained damage to the left side of his car, our boat the right side, which makes the other driver's story impossible. In talking to one of Allstate's employees I was told that Allstate automatically always disputes all claims. State laws states that insurance companies need to complete a thorough investigation into the accident, which they did not. I have been fighting Allstate for months now, and I do not think that I will ever get them to pay up, but I will continue my fight even if I have to take them to Small Claims court for partial recovery. (PS) Our insurance company did a complete investigation and determined that we are 100% not at fault which leave us in insurance limbo.

Our SUV was hit in an accident caused by an Allstate insured driver - took a week to get an appraiser out who gave us a check for the body shop and gave us a rental car - WOW - thought we were going to be okay... Another week passes and we are told Allstate is totaling our SUV and now the horror begins... had to give the salvage company my title - unsigned; power of attorney to Allstate to do as they wish with my title and SUV; and a mileage certification WITHOUT ANYTHING IN RETURN FROM ALLSTATE.

So, here we are with no SUV or title and we are waiting for Allstate to cut us a check for what they think our SUV is worth... oh, I forwarded an email with pdfs of the signed documents to Allstate to show them the docs were completed and turned in to the salvage company. I then called Allstate to confirm they received the documents and was told the documents I submitted could not be used because they did not come from the salvage company. Allstate had initially promised to send the check so we would have it within 24 hours and was now told the check would not be cut or mailed until Allstate received confirmation from the salvage company AND that even if they mailed the check on a Friday we would not receive it until Monday!

Allstate appears to have a different 24 hours than the rest of the world. Oh, and if we want to keep the rental car until the check arrives - WE HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! So, so we have no vehicle, we have no title and no money... If we tried to conduct business in such a manner, we would be put in jail for fraud... how is it big business can get away with taking your vehicle and the title and giving you NOTHING in return until they decide when and if they will pay you and even if they do pay you, they decide how much. Criminal enterprise under the guise of a reputable business... I think not. SHAME ON YOU ALLSTATE - YOU DO NOT HAVE GOOD HANDS!

I got a much, much better quote from Geico about 50% less. Been overpaying for years. Customer service is good but...

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We tried canceling our Allstate auto policy back in April. Thought all was good. Until we receive a letter stating our next month's payment is due. Called customer service & it connected us back to the agent that would not cancel policy. Waited until weekend. Called customer service. Was treated rudely and a complaint was filed the corporate office. They never call or email back. Receive a bill stating our policy is being canceled for nonpayment and that we owe $353. Call customer service again. Still can't help, "their hands are tied". Referred to corporate again. Be careful when canceling your policy. They won't do it and are trying to keep customers. But this is the wrong way. I've never missed a payment or have had a claim. Very, Very wrong!

Allstate terminated my policy, 1) without me knowing, 2) after I was told by my insurance agent it was fine and he would help through my situation. My situation was my bank/card information was stolen so my payment didn't come out like it was suppose to. I emailed and called my agent about it. Not only did it take him a week to respond he was absolutely no freaking help at all. All I was trying to do was make the payment. Then when I finally got a hold of him he told me if I paid a certain amount he would reinstate me. I paid what he said to pay and I have not heard back from him!

I took it to the corporate office. The guy there didn't even help me either. They denied my reinstatement after my agent continually said I was going to be reinstated. Then they told me to get a hold of Bryan to maybe have the policy re written. The same guy I just complained about not returning my phone calls and or emails. I lost my job because I couldn't drive. YOU ARE NOT IN GOOD HANDS. I feel sorry for anybody who has to deal with them. They are a bunch of crooks and liars.

My vehicle was stolen, June 21, 2016. I had always carried full coverage on the truck, but Allstate's claim department has been giving me the run around concerning payment so that I can get another truck. I started with M. **, then spoke to Terry because he was out of the office. I then was given another person, Carrie **. Received 3 emails from and responded to her. Last week I called her because I had not heard from her. Stated she was out of the office, which caused a delay. I gave her the name and phone number of the detective handling the case. Allstate has taken 2 more payment out of my account for my truck, but no communication from them about the check I should have received.

Where do I start. Water claim was made and from the start Allstate made sure to look after themselves. Going on "good faith" with Allstate we went with one of their recommended remediation companies (ServiceMaster) for the clean up since a large water claim had never been made before and therefore weren't familiar with such companies. By all appearances, it seemed to be going well as far as we knew. However, when ServiceMaster employees would should up they merely checked fans and nothing more. Water damage affected two carpeted bedrooms and they did not remove carpet or lift wood furniture off the floor. Should have known at that point all Allstate was interested in was keeping down their costs by having their contractor doing as little as deemed necessary.

It took our plumber who was installing new pipe to point out that the job done was sub-par and the water remained and now the furniture had mold in addition to the extensive mold created in walls as they didn't clean up the water. It took a second and fabulous clean up crew to point out on the Allstate-ServiceMaster invoice that Allstate instructed SM to limit the clean up. Now whether Allstate adjuster poorly assessed wouldn't know as he never showed up after the first day to look over the work. Allstate continued to not fully compensate for the fair amount of the clean up (i.e. damaged furniture) and neglected to even admit any responsibility for the contractor or their own ineptness.

A second recommended Allstate contractor was reluctantly used when two months later a second property claim had to be filed when a storage pod which held belongings (that had to be pulled to sit outside as water damage was repaired) was then broken into. The subpar company Ratpak who was unprofessional to begin with by being late, sending a driver who backed the pod up incorrectly and then left, belligerent office personnel, and provided an ill-secure pod with just a bit of metal to which held the simple lock was cut to break in and still several boxes worth of personal items two days before move in.

Will never recommend Allstate and forward any existing customers to be wary of using their recommended companies as they are only looking after Allstate. Allstate took a no fault position. There is yet more to this story (i.e., unresponsive personnel/adjuster, claims being closed in advance of full mutual settlement) but let's just say buyer beware!

My wife was in an accident 75 miles away from home. She called Allstate and answered all their questions. I arrived an hour and a half later. My wife said she called Allstate. We called again only to find out the 1st person she spoke with never completed the claim? We completed the claim and had an ETA, and confirmation # for the tow truck. When the time went passed the ETA my wife called again, a different person and we went through the process again with new ETA. CHP arrived we explained the scene and circumstances. CHP called his dispatch only to find out that our last tow truck was canceled by Allstate again. After 7 hours alongside the road in 97 degree heat, we called our own service and paid out of pocket.

We had home owners insurance with Oliver ** of Allstate Insurance from McDonough, GA. If I could rate him negative stars I would. He assured my husband and I that we were insured 100% for our belongings. Not once or twice but numerous times. When we moved, our movers robbed us of almost $60k in jewelry and watches. Oliver ** promised that Allstate would replace every single item and that everything was going to be okay. What a con man. The claims department called and stated they could only give us $1k for our items. Good thing we have a fantastic attorney and a great new insurance company who honors their word.

We just got quoted a better rate by another company and we have made several calls and written at least 4 emails to our agent Daniel ** who has not gotten back to us. Why does it have to be him who cancels our policy when every other time any of the associates were able to help?! We feel like were getting ignored and the runaround. We need our policy cancelled effective immediately!!!

I have been a customer of Allstate for over 23 years! I have an automobile that is going on 9 years old... yet my rates had never gone down! And then I just noticed that my last two billings showed an increase of my rates by about $25.00 a month! I questioned my agent as to how this could be... it was some Allstate regulatory fee or something. Then I asked why wasn't I notified of the increase... no answer! I checked around and WOW! I found Progressive Insurance to actually not only have better coverage... but will be over $850.00 less annually! I switched immediately!

Allstate has totally let me down. I have been a customer of theirs since I was first insured (close to 30 years). I no longer trust them as they have left me hanging for THREE weeks since my car accident and now that know they are supposed to cover my rental car coverage - they are being rude and deceitful. Don't believe their slogan - they don't treat their customers well - AT ALL.

Admitted fault in a fender bender. Both parties have Allstate insurance. I pay extra for rental car insurance. It has now been FOUR days since I turned in the claim (on the day of the accident) and I STILL DO NOT HAVE A RENTAL CAR. The claims adjuster keeps assuring me everything is squared away, and the rental agency ALLSTATE is dealing with says not; I don't know who is more to blame, but I'M SICK OF BOTH ALLSTATE AND ENTERPRISE. I plan on posting a non-favorable review on ENTERPRISE'S website as well.

We have Allstate accident and indemnity insurance. I broke my wrist and it took about 10 phone calls to get anything paid on claims. They gave me a different story each time why claim wasn't paid from not having enough information, even though it was all submitted numerous times, to being paid incorrectly because they had it in as a dislocation, to not being a bad enough fracture. They hardly cover anything. Additionally, the customer service are rude and not helpful. I would never bother getting ANY policy by Allstate!

I was hit from behind from an Allstate insured vehicle. He was turning onto highway and when turning he went over into my lane and when straightening out his car to go back into his lane he hit right back bumper of my vehicle. My bumper guard was pushed off and was hanging on right side. It is now taped up so that whole bumper will not come flying off. I have called Allstate 4 times in last week. I got an answering machine twice saying that someone would return my phone call by the end of day. No one called. I then called a different number. The person I talked to said case was open and that they were talking to person that hit me.

I still never received a phone call. I called the person who hit me. He said he filed a claim and already received a check for damages to fix his car. I called Allstate again and was told that they had to hear other person's side of story first which is what they told me 2 weeks ago. They issued this person a check so I know they already heard from him. I have pictures of damage as does appraiser. I need a rental car in order to get body work fixed. I am very frustrated.

In 2015 I was hit head on by a drunk. After the accident caused massive damage to my car and knocked a cylinder loose which resulted in a hole being knocked in my engine. I had to fight for weeks with Allstate to get them to accept this was from the accident, as the adjuster initially said *I* caused the hole with an ice pick and hammer. After Allstate accepted fault it took another 3 days of fighting to actually get a rental car. Now a year later there are more problems with the engine Allstate gave me, mainly it is leaking antifreeze out of the exhaust making the car unable to drive. Once again Allstate is claiming it is not related to the accident. I contact Allstate and they basically tell me to go ** myself. So I posted on their Facebook page, they delete my post, tell me in PM on Facebook that an agent will contact me within a day, and I still haven't heard anything. I am SO glad I am in good hands.

I bought a policy thru Mr. ** office - there are 2 brothers David and Carlos. When my wife called yesterday (07/19/2016) she and myself spoke to Mr. David ** and all we want is to cancel the policy and he refused to do it and he told to my wife we must have to keep the policy. Right there I knew he was completely WRONG, and I don't understand why he was so upset and besides he was very rude, not acting like a professional at all. One thing really made me angry that he hang out the phone on my wife, so I want to cancel the policy and reimburse us the money back. I'm planning to speak with my attorney also.

I purchased Premiere Care for the extended warranty for our Ford F-150. Our claim for the repair was denied due to rust. We take exceptional care of our vehicle - but were told by Allstate, "You live in the North, that's why you have rust and the claim is denied." How many other people from the North are denied coverage due to this nonsense!?

The contract is also very misleading - Schedule C (Coverage) states in the last paragraph - If you have chosen Premier Care, all parts from Preferred Care are covered, along with all other parts subject to Schedule F - Exclusions. It should state, 'which are subject to'... or insert a comma between 'parts and subject'... Very disappointed with the way I was spoken to and treated. This branch of Allstate needs to take some serious consideration on customer service.

They are a complete nightmare. Mother-In-Law's car was rear-ended, sitting at a traffic light by Allstate's at fault driver. They refused to give her a rental car. Did I mention she is elderly and missed urgent doctor's appointments because of this? I interceded, called the Allstate agent she spoke to and thought I was speaking to Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians. Or, perhaps the Wicked Witch of West in the Wizard of Oz. No, maybe it was the evil Queen in Snow White. I asked for her supervisor's name, and she gave me the Adjuster's contact number. Adjuster had a rental car lined up in 10 minutes. Why did my Mother-In-Law have to go 10 days without a rental car, you mental midgets?

It then took them over a month for Allstate to inform us Mother-In-Law's car was TOTALED. Oh, and surprise! She only has 3 days with a rental car to find a replacement car. But, WAIT... There's more! They screw us over on what they value her car, which only has 70k miles on it. Oh, and by the way, they tell us it will be at least 5 days (IF NOT LONGER) before they can get a check to us due to paperwork that has to go back and forth. So, let's add this up Allstate. We have no rental car. We're getting a check that is not enough to buy a similar car. AND, there will be a delay before we'll receive the check. My family and I have been with Allstate since 1978. I'm screening other insurance companies pronto and plan to give Allstate a big flush down the toilet with all the other floaters.

Allstate NEEDS to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for their IMMORAL business practices. Allstate IS IMMORAL & UNETHICAL - DO NOT SUPPORT!!! When I was injured in an auto accident (I did not cause), Allstate denied my claim. I was left with mounting medical bills and financial distress due to sustained injuries. Allstate's business practices were to DEGRADE & HUMILIATE, solely to protect their company's bottom line.

We've had Allstate insure our homeowner's policy for 13 years and the first time we had to make a claim (besides for Hurricane Sandy) was this year. Lightning struck the tree next to our house and then ensuing damage has been more than we expected. This happened in April and here we are in July without a settlement yet. The adjuster, Dan **, has rejected every one of the estimates we provided for him. It is clear that Allstate is only concerned about their bottom line and not about their customers. DO NOT use Allstate. You will regret it when you have a claim.

I was contacted May 3 2016 by a lady named Ashley and she said that they found out I had a undisclosed driver living in my household and that she needed to be added to my account. I told her that was my daughter and she did not live with me, that she lives in another city and do not put her on my policy. Later that day I was contacted by a man named Chris ** saying he was the office manager and needed to know if my daughter lived with me and drove my car. I told him no and don't put her on my policy.

My agent Dan never called me so I received my new insurance payment that went up 10.00 and they added my daughter to my insurance. I have never been treated this way... they made it very clear that I had to have my daughter put on my account and that she was the undisclosed person driving my car. Really!!! I believe I should get a total refund for being called a liar and having to find another insurance company on short notice. My job was on the line, I drive for a living. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

I was an Allstate customer for over 20 years. I decided to change companies for more coverage and a better rate. I almost immediately started receiving harassing letters that demanded proof of my new coverage. I finally sent proof of my new coverage only to get a letter from a collections company demanding payment for the month after I switched insurance. I called Allstate and was told that they had received the proof of insurance and someone should be able to get to it in the next couple of weeks but if I received another letter, I should call back!

Allstate ended up sending me over $90 back for time that I was doubly covered. Well I received no more letters and I thought that was the end of the issue. Oh no...I received a letter from New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission stating that my registration was going to be cancelled because Allstate notified them that I had no insurance! So I spent another $6+ in order to avoid standing in a line to show proof of insurance to the State of NJ. Thanks Allstate for being the worst in customer service!

I have been a satisfied customer with Allstate until now, and I must state this is very disappointing. I obtained renters and auto insurance with 2 vehicles on the policy. Both cars are in my name only, however; I allowed a boyfriend whom now is my ex-boyfriend to use one of my vehicles to get to work a few times. This made me nervous. Therefore, I stopped him from driving the vehicle and actually parked the vehicle, because he was unable to be insured with most insurance companies. He does not live with me. He was able to contact Allstate behind my back and have himself added to my policy without my authorization.

No email or phone calls from Allstate at all. He had insurance cards mailed to him to my address, added his email for proof per all state, took the cards out of my mail box before I knew anything about it. I still have my original insurance card without anyone on it but me. My car was in the shop and he was able to go to the dealer shop, act as the owner with the insurance card and get a loaner without me knowing... Apparently, had an accident in the loaner, Allstate called me about the accident, that I had no idea he even had a loaner or were on my policy questioning me about an accident claim?

The dealer never contacted me about any of this either. He was also provided a second loaner car from the dealer and had an accident in that as well. I contacted Allstate after receiving a pay notice to pay for my 2 cars and to have him and the car removed from policy because car was being sold. Allstate then informed I no longer had my BMW on the policy and there was another vehicle added under my name (policy). This was all done without my knowledge or authorization. 'I was totally elated.' Allstate allowed an ex- boyfriend to make primary decisions on my policy without ever notifying me or receiving my authorization.

Allstate stated to me they assume they had spoken to him a few times, and he informed them he was my fiance, 'they assumed that meant marriage to Allstate I guess?" This does not authorize him to be placed on my policy or to make primary changes to a policy he was not suppose to be on. How could Allstate allow anyone to make changes to a policy, be added on without the primary authorizing those changes on the policy? He was also able to add another unknown vehicle to my policy without me knowing it. I never received a notice of a new vehicle added and my BMW was taken off without me knowing it.

This was all shocking news to me. Therefore, I had all phone calls pulled from Allstate and they confirmed that I never authorized any transactions for him to be placed on policy or to make changes. They also stated he paid for the premium. I questioned what was the method of payment? Allstate only accepts the primary's payments. All payment was from me (The Primary). Still, I received nothing in the mail stating any changes to policy. They apologized and stated they assumed this would be fine with me, without notifying me of any changes on my policy. This is pure fraud, agony and downright anguish to have to deal with such incompetent people with such a prestigious and prominent company.

I am ashamed of Allstate, in the way they have conducted themselves, and have treated me as if I was not a customer and never existed on the policy. I was wondering if they could add me onto Donald Trump's Policy without him knowing and allow me to make changes as I please. This is totally unfair of Allstate and this need to be investigated fully.

I have been with Allstate and Jerry ** over 30 years. He and his office personnel have been very helpful with any and every situation we have encountered where we have needed assistance. Very pleased with their services throughout the years.

I have been an Allstate customer for 15 years and I have been dealing with Nelson **, all along. I was insuring my home, auto and even had an umbrella policy. About 6 years ago, Mr. ** recommending their accident waiver option and I accepted it without really thinking because my son was in school and he was 22. My premium went up about $400 per year for the gold level protection from a single accident.

It took me years to figure out how it works so I am disclosing what I went through here to inform all other customers. I enjoyed a crystal clear driving record all along but my son had a fender-bender two years ago, according to the police report he was at fault 30% and the payoff was around $800. Nelson, never said anything even though I called their office and spoke to random people many times. Unfortunately, my son had a major accident last September of 2015 and very next week Nelson requested that I should upgrade my protection to their platinum level to cover multiple accidents and violations, so I did. I was shocked when I saw my renewal bill few weeks ago, it went up about $500, and they charge me for the big accident.

Allstate accident waiver count every minor accident against you regardless if it is your fault or not. This is the secret and it is a total rip off. I paid about $2400.00 extra to cover me from a single accident but they never disclosed their dirty little secret. In other words, Allstate telling me I had two chargeable accidents but according to DMV records I had only one. This is a scam so be aware of this game. You will never get a call back or an email back from Nelson's office. I have records of dozens of calls and emails, even when I went there to see him, I felt like I was forcing him to keep me.

Hey, I was the sucker and he took my money with lies and deception. I switched to Liberty Mutual and my premium is $700 less. If you have accident forgiveness from Allstate, cancel it and save that money on the side. They are charging you more than what an at fault accident will charge you, plus they will count every minor fender bender as your fault. What I disclosed here can be verified and I have all the documents, so feel free to email me if you have any questions. Allstate sucks and their accident forgives is a rip-off.

Allstate insurance customer care representative gave me quote and spoke with her everything regarding my previous driving records and she gave me good quote and told me "if you pay full and also auto pay it will reduce in price as good customer." Suddenly after a month Allstate charged more $248.00 without proper information. After calling customer care for 2 days they informed that because of driving records they changed. That's not fair even speaking to Allstate and giving all the information about before quote. They had all the info when they enter your driver's licence number. Don't go with ALLState, you're in good hands that they can cut your throat without informing. That's why they say you're in good hands.

They make it like it's your fault. They don't do their job of ANY customer service via phone or email. They don't respond AT ALL. They just plain suck.

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Allstate Auto Insurance provides quality protection across the United States. It allows customers to adjust limits and deductibles to find the right insurance policy without paying extra.

  • Complete coverage: Allstate offers customizable coverage options that can be tweaked and adjusted in order to include specifics, such as personal injury, broken glass, towing, etc.
  • Teen driving discounts: They offer discounts on teen drivers while many providers increase premiums for teen drivers, even those with clean driving records.
  • Coverage for other vehicles: In addition to car insurance, Allstate offers insurance for boats, motorcycles and other vehicles.
  • Local agents: Allstate has agents and brick-and-mortar offices in every state, which means you can meet with a representative face-to-face no matter where you are in the country.
  • Drivewise app: They have an app that customers can download to track your driving habits and reward you for being safe behind the wheel.
  • Best for Drivers with clean records and teen drivers.

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