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Safeco Insurance is a Liberty Mutual company that offers several different insurance products, including home, life and auto insurance. Safeco is a verified InsuraMatch partner. For quotes from Safeco Insurance and others, call InsuraMatch today.

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Last updated: Feb. 14, 2018

64 SAFECO Auto Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 14, 2018

Worst experience ever. Had a claim against SAFECO. Hard to settle with. The settlement was no way close to value of my vehicle... constant argument with claims (Amanda **). She just up and declared the claim was over even though I had not agreed to anything. Said what she would do and next day said she hadn't said that. Caught her in figures that were added wrong. Would only send part of settlement. Still haven't received the rest. This company is a joke... selling insurance with very little liability, so victim has to eat the rest. Hope no one ever has to go through this experience.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 31, 2018

One lady hit my car and she had Safeco. After the accident, an agent from Safeco told me to go ahead and get my car fixed (I got an official letter from Safeco). I went to the car store, and fixed the car. After more than 3 months, I got a call from the car store saying that I needed to pay the repair, because the insurance –Safeco-did not pay it. Now, I have to pay the bill, and it was done in a very expensive store. It is a complete scam. I will take a legal action, because it is completely unprofessional. It is very unprofessional from Safeco to make a person fix the car in a very expensive dealer, and then make the person pay for the repair.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 29, 2018

Safeco was very professional and made what could have been an awful experience not only tolerable but almost enjoyable. Plus we now know where to take this car when and if any repairs are ever needed. I called immediately and gave them a copy of the police report and let them know that the person who hit us ran (drove) off at a high rate of speed such that we were only able to get part of the license plate number. The police have not come up with the suspect. Safeco sent us to a repair shop who did an amazing job of bringing our almost new car back to looking and driving like new. I would recommend them to anyone that I would encounter.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2018

The rep was professional and pleasant to work with and made sure that I understood the process, what options were available to me and that neither I or my passengers were injured. Filing the claim for an accident was quick, easy and convenient.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 30, 2017

Don't ever purchase insurance from Safeco. If you ever have to use it they won't be there for you. Had a wreck on 10/23/17. It is now 12/29/17, I still have NO resolution or answers for my vehicle to be fixed or totaled. My car was lost for 2 weeks and no one at Safeco was even looking for it, new claims rep I guess not sure, then he was in training for another week... so there is the 4 weeks on the rental... and it has just kept going downhill...

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 22, 2017

Safeco insurance take too long to investigate and claim liability when they know the client is at fault. Their client at fault. It's been 3 week. I have paid my own car rentals and towing my car. Going on a month now. My car is total. Still no results. Bad company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2017

This company always answers all my questions I might have and their rates are less than other companies for the same policy I have. When I got into an accident which was not my fault, I got cash for my wrecked car fast with no issues. They're always very helpful. Very satisfied customer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

Customer service – awful. Direct phone line - seems non-existent. When one is finally connected, the line goes dead and no one calls you back. During the policy period and after paid in full, they send you a bill because they had a rate increase while the policy in effect. During a car accident caused by the other driver - over five different SAFECO agents were involved and one was not communicating with the other. My rates doubled (which were already insane). Finally cancelled with them.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

I was involved in a car accident on July 23rd 2017. I was driving northbound on the I-15 in Corona CA in my 2009 Cadillac CTS when I was hit from behind by a SUPER DUTY TRUCK. I was in a stopped position in traffic. Once a beautiful car with low mileage and no defects. In short, about $7000 in damage was done to the driver side rear corner. Also, it should also be mentioned the entire bumper was torn, ripped apart and left hanging.

The person who hit me called his insurer and took full responsibility. I was called by their insurer while still in traffic. Nick ** the representative from Geico Insurance advised me to go to the emergency room, after telling him I had broken my shoulder 4 months earlier, and took the full impact of the accident with this shoulder, by an instinctive move. I saw the other driver was going to hit me, there was no stopping him, all he could do is try to hit the corner of the car, rather than a direct front end hit which would have probably severely hurt all of us. When Nick called, I was having serious throbbing pain in my bicep, triceps and shoulder. I decided to go to the emergency room. I already knew what happened. I was advised by my orthopedic surgeon that this would eventually happen. The shoulder dislocated and then popped back in place.

Myself, I was just a few days away for leaving on a trip to see my son in Phuket Thailand. I have a 3 month period in which to visit with him. My son is 10 years old. Because of the time constraints involved, I had to put the claim through my company, Liberty Mutual where I have full coverage. I choose to use Liberty Mutual’s repair shop for the car repairs because it was close, and I believed they would do the right thing. I should have gone to a certified Cadillac dealership, but felt I could trust them to do the right thing. It was recommended I go to Caliber Collision 9490 E 9th St, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, by Liberty Mutual.

There I spoke with **, a service representative. Here, all they talked about was how good they were, and HOW THEY would guarantee their work (909) 941-3466. Unfortunately, these were ALL miss-truths told to me to lure me in. They in fact did not guarantee their poor quality workmanship, and I had to take my inoperable vehicle to a Certified Cadillac dealership to pinpoint the problems, AND PAY FOR THIS WITH NO REIMBURSEMENT. (I picked the car up from Caliber Collision some 30 days ago.)

I would advise all that may be reading this to GO TO A CERTIFIED DEALERSHIP OF THEIR CAR’S MAKE. You need the 3rd party in your corner, especially if you have a nice car. DO NOT TRUST LIBERTY MUTUAL /SAFECO INSURANCE or CALIBER COLLISION, because they do not have your best interest in mind, and will short cut you! Just read the reviews written about Liberty Mutual and SAFECO Insurance. They seem to rate in the high D+ to C range.

I would also suggest anyone who has insurance with Liberty Mutual or SAFECO Insurance, read all the reviews about these companies. They are not good, and there are MANY. I personally can do better since I pay for full coverage. (I was also hit by a drunk driver 2 years ago, my car was totaled and I suffered a T-spine fracture. Not one word from Liberty Mutual. It was a serious accident. Everyone was trapped in their smashed cars, and was taken to the emergency hospital with serious injuries.

I had underinsured motorist insurance on my policy, the drunk individual was WAY underinsured FOR ALL THE DAMAGE DONE and this person is now serving a prison sentence. Liberty Mutual HAS NOT return a call on this incident either.) I’m starting to believe these people are just common criminals. (There is a reason why State Farm Auto Insurance has 40% of this market with no other company having even half this amount of customers.)

There was a lot of damage done to my Cadillac. The guy’s at Caliber Collision, ** and ** boast about this being the location the dealerships bring the cars they can’t work on. This comment here, made me really think about the amount of damage done here. There was a lot of metal work that needed to be done. I trusted these individuals to do the right thing, fix the car to factory standards and test it to make sure everything worked. I live 125 miles from Caliber Collision today, and was moving when I brought the car to them.

Since I was going on a 5 week trip to Phuket Thailand, then coming back for 10 days, then returning to Phuket for another 6 weeks; I choose to trust Liberty Mutual. I believed Liberty Mutual had a good reputation. From what I have read and seen, they seem to rate a 2 out of 5 in the various rating guides. And Safeco Insurance has the same low rating. I didn’t look this up until a few days ago. I am a little disappointed at the published reviews for both companies.

To make a long story short, I returned and picked up the car on Sept 6th, 2017 and drove the car to San Diego. My flight was 25 hours long and usually involves 2 days with very little sleep. I arrived in San Diego and then slept for 2 days. It was on Saturday the 9th when I drove the car again and that I started to think/feel that something was wrong with the suspension, the car would rock violently on uneven surfaces. Then I realized the lights for the entire right side were out, brake, night, turning, etc. The car was illegal to drive at this point; which is reality. True or False: a car must have functional driving lights to drive on California streets and highways? Aside from the cost of any state or city citations, that of putting innocent citizens at risk, or needlessly damaging my good driving record.

When I picked the car up, I noticed the truck lid was higher than it had been in the past. ** denied this, but I could tell right off there was a modification done. (Marvin K Brown sent me pictures of the non-factory custom modification done on the truck lid and lighting system.) It was in fact this modification that created the short that shorted out the passenger side driving lights making the car illegal and unsafe to drive. It is unfortunate that the individual representatives and Caliber Collision and Liberty Mutual (all of them) thought it best I drive the car across Southern California (illegally) endangering myself, my family’s welfare and any other individuals that might be driving around me. The actions of these individual was unethical, and I believe the coercive acts by these individuals to be a criminal.

I called Caliber Collision on Monday Sept 11th, and did not receive a call back that day. On the following day I received a call from ** who started telling me that the things I was explaining couldn’t be happening, that I would need to drive the car to Caliber Collision, 125 miles away without driving lights. I reminded him that I live in San Diego, 125 miles away. I was moving from Riverside back to San Diego when the accident happened. This was the reason I had to put the claim through my company. The other company (Geico) accepted complete responsibility, but could not work with my time constraints. ** thought it best I drive the car back to Rancho Cucamonga without functional running lights. (I wouldn’t knowingly drive a car that wasn’t fully functional, period.) I’m surely not driving the car 110-125 miles up the I-15 without working lights.

I started calling Liberty Mutual and explaining that I needed my car fixed in San Diego because it could not be driven to Rancho Cucamonga. Natalie **, Heidi ** and Bill ** encouraged me to drive the car to Rancho Cucamonga; there I would find my solution. And I would need to do this without functional driving lights. That was their solution, they stood by it and would not return my calls. That was there answer. Instead, I drove the car ILLEGALLY (putting myself and others at risk) to a local certified dealership to get the answers. I found these individuals at Liberty Mutual/Safeco Insurance to be the most unethical people with NO REGARD for my safety and well-being.

After getting nowhere with Natalie ** and Heidi **, it was suggested by Heidi that I call Bill **, a representative that works with Caliber Collision. After many conversations with Bill and Heidi, they both seem to have a problem telling the truth, instead, they were trying to protect themselves and the very unprofessional work performed on my car. They in fact refused to the guarantee the work they performed when fixing my car. Instead, feeding me fabricated stories, meant only to protect their own jobs, not giving a damn about myself, or that I had a $2000 trip planned that could not be cancelled. They tried to use this as leverage to get me to illegally drive the car back to Rancho Cucamonga, 125 miles away. Because these very unethical individuals would not return a phone call, I had to take the car to a Certified Cadillac Dealership to have it repaired. Once I proved the unprofessional work done at Caliber Collision attitudes changed.

Between Sept 11th and Sept 18th, some 30 calls were made. Many of these calls were not returned and I had to go out on my own to have the car repaired and pay for the repairs, electrical and suspension evaluations and car rental. I have not been repaid these expenses. And no one (the names mentioned within) will return my calls. Heidi ** and Bill ** assured me my car would be taken care of, and I wouldn’t need to pay for it. Not one thing spoken from Heidi ** and Bill ** mouths came to be true. Not one! In fact they stuck me with the entire bill, and caused me thousands in unnecessary damages.

Their unethical actions need to be punished (severe fines are called for) and my story documented for all to read. These individuals intentionally caused me thousands in damages because they would not guarantee their work. These individuals are not good and ethical people, but individuals with very low character that should not be allowed to work within the insurance industry!

At first I decided to have the car serviced, tires rotated, the oil changed and see if the wheels were aligned. Firestone came back with issues, and the car could not be aligned. Which also means the car was not aligned at Caliber Collision. I needed a Certified Cadillac Dealership, and Marvin K Brown is the local Cadillac dealer in my area. My car was hit from behind by a SUPER SIZED/DUTY TRUCK and about $7000 in damage was done mostly to the driver rear corner. It was a hard hit, and did a lot of metal damage to that corner. Caliber Collision or Liberty Mutual did not think the rear tires needed to be aligned, or just didn’t want to spend the small amount it would cost to have made sure the car was right when finished. I have a copy of the alignment report from Marvin K Brown, really shameful on Caliber Collisions part.

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND USING THEIR SERVICES, it is deigned to shortcut the consumer, CHEATING them. A Certified Cadillac Dealer would have aligned the rear tires if they had done the work! That I am sure of! So because of the intentional neglect, I have had to suffer from some $2000 in additional damages.

I called Natalie **, Heidi ** and Bill ** many times. Natalie ** called me on the 15th and told me that my only option was to drive the car to Caliber Collision in Rancho Cucamonga, 125 miles away, without functional lights. This ended up being the only true statement spoken by these 3 individuals. They intentionally tried to force me to drive the car illegally to Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I had already started speaking with dealerships and the car was already at Marvin K Brown Cadillac. No one was happy about this when I informed them, but they were a complete waste of my time at Caliber Collision and Liberty Mutual, and it really couldn’t wait any longer.

Once Marvin K Brown diagnosed the light issue, the car had to be fixed before any other road testing could be done. The service manager at Marvin K Brown would not let his tech take the car on a test drive without the driving lights being fixed. The service manager had the suspension looked at, and there was a loose tie rod that was causing the suspension problems.

I have had this car almost 2 years, and within 100 of driving it away from Caliber Collision the car was driving like a 6 horse stage coach, bouncing violently from side to side. Natalie **, Heidi ** and Bill ** refused to help me get the car fixed, instead leaving me with the option to illegally drive the car to Rancho Cucamonga, 125 miles away putting my good driving record at risk, and possibly endangering others by driving without these driving lights. Once I was able to prove the driving lights issue with a neutral 3rd party, the service manager at Marvin K Brown, attitudes changed. However, no help or payments were offered to me. Nor any return calls from this point on, from those mentioned above.

I had to pay for all of this because Liberty Mutual and Caliber Collision were completely and deliberately indifferent to my situation. All they had to do is give me back a functional car, and I would have left back to Phuket Thailand. Instead, they wasted my time, did nothing, and they intentionally expired my return trip to Phuket Thailand, trying to force my hand to drive the car back to Rancho Cucamonga illegally. This all so far has caused me close to $2000.00 in additional damages and loses. This was the situation they put me in, (Caliber Collision) **, **, (Liberty Mutual) Natalie **, Heidi ** and Bill ** and intentionally kept me there. But I would not budge, I was not going to illegally drive the car back to Caliber Collision in Rancho Cucamonga.

I had to pay $100 diagnostics for the suspension and the electrical, each. Then pay to have everything fixed and the rental car for 5 days. Bill **, someone who seems to be in charge definitely does not have my best interest in mind. All this man kept saying is this is maintenance. My Cadillac was hit hard by a vehicle 4 times its size and weight, and according to Bill **, I had this issue prior to the accident. This is complete non-sense on Bill ** behalf and this company’s, Caliber Collision and they should be sanctioned for their serious and intentional unethical behavior. (That was Bill **’s explanation for the loose tie rod.) Bill **, the expert at Caliber Collision/Liberty Mutual doesn’t think the Cadillac rear suspension should have to be aligned after being hit by a SUPER SIZED/DUTY TRUCK and about $7000 in metal damage done to the rear driver’s corner of the car, enough of an impact to dislocate my left shoulder.

If I had taken the car to a CERTIFIED CADILLAC DEALERSHIP, they would have aligned the back tires! Without hesitations or one-sided excuses, like these I’m hearing from Bill ** (Liberty Mutual/Safeco Insurance). This man showed me single handedly, that he did not have my interest in mind. Only short cutting me! I have made some 30 phone calls, with few returned phone calls from Natalie **, Heidi ** or Bill ** (Liberty Mutual/Safeco representatives). All were very disappointed/ mad that I went to a Certified Cadillac Dealership, and not illegally driving the car to Caliber Collision, and possibly endangering others to have the car re-repaired.

Aside from the car repairs (about $700) and 5 day car rental, I’m out the cost of a one way ticket to Phuket Thailand, but also had many other expenses because I was supposed to be in Phuket Thailand, not San Diego. And because of this deliberate indifference, I will lose about 3 weeks of my planned trip. A lot of my time and resources were wasted by these individuals who were trying to intentionally force me to drive the car to Rancho Cucamonga, CA ILLEGALLY to have the car re-repaired. My car sat in storage for more than 3 weeks at Caliber Collision, they should have fixed the car completely (they had the time), instead of rushing it through.

These unethical actions on their parts need to be investigated and sanctioned and any fines and penalties that can be imposed should be! This was wrong, these acts were intentional and cost me probably an additional $2000 when it is all said and done, and I could continue my planned trip. Aside from the lost money, my 10 year son is the big loser. He doesn’t get to spend this time with his father. On top of the plane ticket cost to fly back to America and pick up a car that was not professional repaired. This group of individual’s thinks this is funny, and OFFERED NO ASSISTANCE TO HAVE THE CAR REPAIRED IN SAN DIEGO. NOTHING!!!

On Sept 28th, 2017 I received a call from McKenzie. McKenzie called to tell me she was working on my claim. Everything she stated contradicted the previous conversations with Bill ** and Heidi Sampson, making them both a liar and a thief. They stole my money, and now they want to fight me for it. All these individuals know that I’m about to get back on a plane and leave again, making this harder for me to pursue. They think I am going to forget about this. But I have way too many intentional damages by these individuals to walk away from this. I’m going to publish my story, as a payback for the unethical and illegally acts committed by this group. BEWARE of the INDIVIDUALS!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

My father's parked car was dented because the Safeco driver took a wide turn and hit him. Safeco said it was my father's fault and stated that unless there is a police report, they will take the word of their driver. The police station confirmed that police reports are not done unless there is personal injury and when the officer heard that it was Safeco that requested this form, he said "they know better". It took me over 9 calls to Safeco. Never heard back from any managers or adjusters. I guess once their driver said that he was not at fault, that is all the research they will do!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

Was rear-ended by a drunk at 8am, Safeco ack their insured was at fault! Have been to chiropractor, neck and spine specialist, have a lot of pain in neck and shoulder. This accident happened in April 2017! Was off work all this time as I am and insurance adjuster and my job requires me to climb on roofs! The pip adjuster has lost all the info I and the agent have sent 3 different times and refuses to pay for my time off work (4 months)! Now he won't return any phone calls or emails because I refused to settle the claim! I would never ever have Safeco Ins, crooks to say the least! I have reported this to the State Of Texas Ins Commission! Oh this idiot did offer me 1000.00 for inconvenience! What a joke and has refused to pay any of the medical bills until I settle at this amount! He is trying to force me to settle at an unreasonable $$$ amount! What a piece of ** Safeco is!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2017 I had insurance with Safeco. I changed vehicles then sold one of the four. I never received a Refund on my bill as I was told. Actually the bill went up almost a $100 dollar. Then I was sent a check for 90 Cents. I am going to write the Better Business Bureau since they never offer valid answer from the company. Just a bunch of lies. I want my $65.00 back as first told when I called to have this vehicle removed from my policy. MY policy has been cancelled!!! (Bad Business)

(Rating) F.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2017

I like how with 2 vehicles and renters insurance on the policy, very reasonable rates and we still pay less than $200. Then I filed a claim when someone paralleled parked and backed into my car while I was parked in front of a business. They are quick and polite.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2017

I'm relatively unimpressed with this insurance company and am currently shopping for a new policy. It annoys me when an insurance company just sends a renewal with increases without explanation or credit for not making claims! I feel that an insurance company ought to have a modicum of responsibility; considering the outrageous premiums one pays, to review policies annually, perhaps even give customers some kind of credit for being a good 'payer', for not filing claims, etc. giving customers credit, and/or relief from parts of premiums for continuation of services! When using the oldest form of 'gambling' known to 'legit-folks', it would be nice to feel like we 'win' once in a while!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 27, 2017

In Sept 2015, I was rear ended on the highway by a driver who had Safeco Insurance. I have pre-existing conditions caused by an auto accident about 9 years ago when I was rear ended at a stop light. I've been seeing chiropractors consistently since then for chronic back and neck pain that, I'm assuming, will never totally heal. This accident exacerbated these symptoms and my chiropractor (who was seeing me once/twice a week) saw me directly after the accident. He evaluated my condition and set to work on getting me back to where I was prior to the accident at which time he began charging his services toward insurance coverage. When he felt that I had improved to where I was prior to the accident he charged services to my medical health insurance.

Safeco refuses to pay his bill in full because they say that this accident couldn't have caused injury that required the services he performed. They state that with regards to the speed of the cars during the accident and the damage on the car, they only approve "X" amount of medical attention. Apparently, they expect all the victims to be in their 20's with no previous injuries. They refused to discuss the bill and the purpose of the treatment with the doctor who prescribed the treatment.

On the advice of my chiropractor, I got a lawyer but Safeco refused to respond to their communications. The lawyer eventually gave up the case telling me that Safeco wasn't responding/cooperating. Now I have a medical lien against me because I owe Optum for the difference between what they paid the chiropractor and what Safeco is willing to reimburse. I assume that a medical lien means that I can no longer receive medical services from anyone for anything until I pay it off. I hope no OTHER distracted driver runs into me in the future or I am screwed. BTW: To add insult to injury, Safeco treated me like the perpetrator the WHOLE time making references to my medical bill as if I were the one trying to swindle them out of their money. When did it become okay to treat the victim like the offender?

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 12, 2017

Safeco was my insurance company. I was in an accident in Dec. 2016 in which the other person was at fault. Safeco said they would take care of my vehicle and get the money from the other insurance company. I first had my truck taking to Service King as it was a partner of Safeco and was supposed to get priority treatment. (Sorry that's just too funny) My truck was at SK for 4 months and they still didn't get it completely fixed. Finally I took the truck to Ford. For the past 2 months, it's been sitting there waiting for Safeco to give them the acknowledgment to move forward with the repairs.

Emails, phone calls. None of it matters. I even filed complaints with the Texas Department of Insurance and NBC Consumer Complaints. I still can't get anyone at Safeco to do anything. Worst company ever. Note: They are a Liberty Mutual company, so don't expect any better from them. Horrible experience, I will never deal with Safeco again without a lawyer. If you have them as your provider, cancel and switch companies before you need them. They will NOT be there for you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 20, 2017

My perception and opinion: We were badly rear-ended by a delinquent customer of SAFECO. It was a hassle from the beginning to deal with SAFECO, for me and my insurance's experience as well. I do not know what hiring process SAFECO has, but for sure its staff is the worst of breed, not only emotionally, but also intellectually, morally, and in terms of maturity. My insurance informed us that it took SAFECO much longer than usual (any other insurance) to reimburse them as THEY were almost to take action against SAFECO; if so, imagine what Safeco has in store to the public in general.

In my opinion, they have modus operandi of luring you, using linguistics to manipulate you. For example, even though they admit total fault about THEIR customer that caused a very bad accident on our car, they do not take action towards compensating the victim (in this case, us), they prefer rather to protect and protect the culprit, not wanting to resolve the case. OUR CAR LOST A LOT OF VALUE AND NO DEALER WANTS TO BUY IT OR ACCEPT IT AS PART OF PAYMENT. We have requested a Diminished Value for our loss, have in action ignored it.

Also, like others state in here, they have no communication between its agents. It is a blind, deaf, mute "conversation." We already contacted a topnotch legal service as we see no other way to deal with these culprits. Countless e-mails are not responded, adjusters and staff with clearly intellectual, hearing and speech problems, accusations of you the victim of doing mistakes, as I said IT IS their modus operandi — It is a mix of intellectual and emotional disability, with incompetence and will to harass in the worse, cold way.

Also, they like to play victimhood when not answering requests such as they were out of office because of family reasons (as if we have anything to do with their personal problems) or even advocate on behalf of the criminal that destroyed your car because he regrets so much for his fault (as if we should forgive and forget the case). It is an act all along, all to anesthetize you into not taking action. And, if you think for being their customer, understand that a company that has such a deplorable Identity, unconsciously takes as proxy that disrespecting those who are not their customers is gateway of disrespecting their own customers in the future. It goes both ways. I hope SAFECO are put out of business. Please, do not stay there without doing nothing. FILE a complaint with the commissioner!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 14, 2017

My car had hail damage. Filed a claim with Safeco. Sent car to Service King for repair. Car was deemed totaled. Safeco had sent a check to Service King, check was cashed by SK. Safeco total loss adjuster had insisted that I ask about what would happen to check. SK stated that Safeco should have the SK corporate office to ask about the check. Besides, check was not sent to me. Safeco adjuster got belligerent on phone, stating that "I do not have to do anything at all and sit here ". And who knows what else Safeco is willing to do or not do. Safeco wants their subscriber to do their work for them. As a subscriber, I shouldn't need to get involved with internal communications between them and the repair shop. When asked why I had to do this for them, Safeco adjuster gets defensive. My first and last with Safeco. Now I know to avoid them like a plague.

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Original review: April 3, 2017

Accident on 3/29, called SAFECO and gave 800# agent all relevant information. Instead of calling me on cell, I get message on home phone the next day. Called adjuster again and left her two messages. Got voice mail the following Monday. She said she had other appointments after 1 PM Friday. Called again and got fast busy on her number? This adjuster Cara ** doesn't seem to be available after 1 PM on Fridays (how convenient). Her number does not go to voice mail - fast busy. This company takes no pride in customer service. The other party's insurance company (Esurance) CALLED me two hours after the accident. That is great service.

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Original review: March 28, 2017

SAFECO insurance is hands down the worst insurance company I have ever been with! The claims adjuster that was sent to my house did not do his job their billing is faulted! I would never recommend this Company to my own enemy!! And don't bother asking them to help you because you will just get the runaround! Do not even waste your time!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 19, 2017

I unfortunately needed to contact Safeco as a snowplow ran into my drivers side window during snowstorm Stella. It was an absolute nightmare from the very first phone call which I was told I did not have glass coverage (I did). I had to spend hours on the phone talking to multiple representatives who did not even have the information that I had previously given a different representative.

My car had gotten towed to a AAA auto garage and Safeco made me tow it to a different garage because they refused to negotiate with the AAA auto shop. They only wanted Safelite to fix car. For a simple window repair it took hours of phone calls to my local agent as well as Safeco agents and I did not even get a rental car during this timeframe. I have my home and auto on this policy and will be changing insurance companies as soon as policy is up as I can not even imagine using this company if I had something major happen to my home or car. A simple glass repair was an absolute nightmare. Will NOT be renewing my policy.

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Original review: March 2, 2017

Unauthorized payment before I even signed up! It seemed kind of shady that they wanted my bank account information to get "a more accurate quote" but since they were referred to me by an Allstate agent, I reluctantly agreed. The agent tells me that she'll call me back short to get the quote. A little when later I get a call from the representative telling me "her girl" mistakenly charged me my first payment! I told them I was no longer interested and wanted a refund. It's been over a week now and I still haven't gotten my money back. Don't waste your time with these unprofessional people. You may or may not save a few bucks but do you really want to rely on someone like this to take care of you when you really need it?

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Original review: Feb. 25, 2017

We got t-boned. Filed a claim. Over 4 months later we are still in a rental car. Call after call email after email with no response. We got a letter from the other person's insurance company saying that they haven't heard from us in 30 days and wondered if we still want to pursue this matter. What I thought that's why we have insurance so we don't have to contact anyone. That's what we pay them for. I think it might be time to contact a attorney. Please for your own sanity look for a different insurance company.

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Original review: Feb. 12, 2017

I was involved in an accident on 12/6 that involved another party sliding in the rain and hitting me in the side of my car. I called SAFECO to inform them of the accident and gave them the description of what happened. The police report was released the following week and it cited the other driver being at fault. After multiple phone calls asking if SAFECO had access to the report it was pointed out to me that they go through a 3rd party in charge of getting the report. They have a maximum of 30 days to get the report and to make a long story short I went and picked up the report and faxed them a copy.

My vehicle was in the body shop for about 10 days and I had a rental vehicle while this was going on. The vehicle was done before they had decided who was at fault. Even the receptionist at the body shop told me that a lot of people were canceling their memberships with SAFECO. I paid the deductible to get the car out of the shop after the repairs were complete. On one of the many calls trying to get a hold of my adjuster, it was told to me that it had been handed over to a third party to handle my refund on my deductible.

Now throughout this whole process I talked to my adjuster a total of one time and that was when he called to let me know he would be handling my claim. Every time I tried to get a status update from him he was either out of the office or busy and I was told he would return my phone call when he got the message that SAFECO was leaving him but that never happened. When I would ask to speak to his manager she was always in meetings.

This process went on for about 2 months until I received a letter in the mail from the other party's insurance company informing me that he was uninsured at the time of the accident. It was almost impossible to get a hold of anyone to let them know of the letter that I had received. I sat on hold for about 1 hr while the lady who directs calls had to look for someone on her floor that I could speak with in management. That was not fault of hers as she was the only one that I talked to in this whole process that actually seemed to care about my position.

To make a long story short I received my refund for my deductible after 3 months. Honestly the other party's insurance company seemed more concerned about determining who was at fault than the company I was giving a monthly payment. The customer service was terrible and I will be canceling my membership later this month. All I can say is do yourself a favor and stay away from this company.

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Original review: Feb. 1, 2017

After I was rear ended and the other party was found 100% at fault, I had to work with my insurance company (Safeco) because the liable person was under insured. I called my Safeco adjuster every day for three weeks and he never answered my call. After escalating the issue they assigned a different adjuster to the claim, and it took another two weeks to send out an adjuster. So it took 5 weeks to even get someone to look at the vehicle. I also had physical injuries and they called me to intimate me about how difficult it would be to collect on my medical expenses that I paid out of pocket. To make a long story short, do not do business with this company! You aren't buying insurance, you are just paying premiums. You have been warned.

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Original review: Jan. 27, 2017

I have liability only, no claims, they take my money (premiums) very efficiently. Auto insurance is mandatory by law in my state. Auto insurance advertising costs are certainly passed on to the consumer. Why is advertising for auto insurance needed and/Or permitted by law?

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Original review: Dec. 9, 2016

All in all rates about same as other ins co. Customer service has been rather rude and seems to be bothered when asked certain questions or needing verification when we moved for DMV purpose.

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Original review: Oct. 27, 2016

This post is to make you aware of the type of customer service you'll receive with SAFECO INSURANCE... This started after the "Great Flood of 2016" in Louisiana. Being told TWICE a vehicle is a total loss and yet still fighting. This post is a a bit long but I felt like sharing details would make it a little more understandable what we're dealing with. This is not just hear say information (everything is documented).

8/19/16 - Called into insurance company because check engine light came on. Was told to bring it by a shop. In which this process was delayed due to helping others, working with the flood and shops were absolutely busy with flooded vehicles. Aug-Sept.2016 The truck started to have electrical issues and was now at a point that seemed to be unsafe to drive. The lights began to flicker along with several other issues.

9/30/16 Truck was taking to a local shop who contacted Michael at Safeco. Michael at Safeco contacted my husband and told him to quit driving the truck immediately. He was told to get his belongings out of the truck including truck paperwork, take the plate off the truck, and start shopping for another truck. That the truck would be towed to Copart and we would receive a call from the adjuster with what they are going to give for the truck. He set up for my husband to pick up a rental.

10/01/16 - Rental truck picked up. 10/07/16 - Truck was picked up and towed to Copart. 10/10/16- Adjuster looked at the truck and my husband received a call from Michael with Safeco stating that another adjuster was going to inspect the truck on 10/14/16 and he would receive a call by 2p.m. that day. 10/14/16 - My husband received a call from Ali (adjuster for Safeco) stating, "When I arrived to take a look at your truck there was a worker sitting in it because the air works", she also stated, "I couldn't find any water lines and the filters were dry so your truck will need to go to another shop to be diagnosed. Let me know when you know where you want the truck sent."

10/17/16 - Truck was towed to All Star in Denham Springs. My husband was contacted because they had no clue why his truck was there. My husband explained to them about what was going on and gave them Ali the adjusters information. 10/20/16 - All Star still had not heard from anyone at Safeco insurance. Our insurance agent (who is not employed by Safeco) called and told, "All Star what was going on." My husband was told it would be the middle of the next week before it could be looked at. In email requesting rental services be extended Ali stated the truck is drivable. He could be driving it while waiting on the shop to be able to see it. I found no evidence of water intrusion to this vehicle... Remember this is AFTER a shop found electrical issues AND a Safeco employee told us it was going to be totalled!

10/20/16 - My husband returned the rental and picked up his truck from All Star. At our surprise his truck was being used more than just as a seat in the air. His truck condition was woefully inadequate! The truck now has additional damages as well as was used as storage for other vehicle parts (bumper, lights and other parts that we aren't sure of what they are). We took pictures and a video before we left All Star.

10/21/16 - My husband spoke with Micheal (1st Safeco adjuster) who stated that it was totally unacceptable for the truck to be driven until it has been reevaluated and sent in for a rental extension. 10/24/16- My husband returned his truck to All Star and picked up another rental. 10/25/16- All Star called/email and stated, "The unit that was brought to us has a water mark halfway up the door, we do not accept vehicles that got water that high, due to the amount of electrical problems this causes. If any questions, feel free to call, thanks." 10/26/16- We are NOW being told that Safeco is now requesting the truck have diagnostic testing.

It has been 26 days and we have now been told not once but TWICE that the truck is a total loss and YET SAFECO is requesting MORE!!! My husband's job requires that he be able to pull a trailer (which the rental will not cover) so not only has this been a huge headache but a burden also. We have contacted the Insurance Commissioner and Safeco hasn't replied to them yet either but they still have five business days. Save yourself the headache and pay a little more if required but take my advice and DON'T buy insurance with SAFECO!

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Original review: May 28, 2016

By far the worse insurance roadside assistant I've ever came across in my entire life. Have waited 2 1/2 hrs for someone and nothing but they charge my card right away. I'm 9 months pregnant waiting for a damn tow truck that my insurance couldn't provide. I pay them my monthly payments on time and they sure charged my card right away. Extremely furious and disappointed. Never had this problem with Allstate. Canceling this insurance right away and calling it quits, never worth this type of headache.

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Original review: April 14, 2016

About 6 weeks ago I lost control of my car in a snowstorm and hit a guardrail head on. The vehicle was still running fine, all the lights etc were working fine as I checked while I waited for the tow truck. I reported the accident immediately to Peerless through my agent and rented a vehicle that night. The next day I called them again directly and they told me the car rental was covered, and they would contact me once the appraisal was done.

After a week I still heard nothing, so I called the auto body business and they said nobody had been in contact with them either. I had a car rental so I thought I would just give them more time. After 2 weeks I started inquiring again because I thought they should have a figure by then, but they didn't. Again I thought I'd have to wait for them to finally respond.

Out of the blue, I received a check from them in the mail with no discussion, no explanation and I considered the amount of the check to be a mistake since it was so low. I called the next day and was told that I should not have gotten a check and that was the incorrect amount even though they still didn't know what that amount should be.

I was told I had to wait my turn, there's a certain number of people ahead of us and to just wait. I knew it was getting close to the 30 day maximum for the car rental and the rental agency had to get an extension approved several times already. I finally call and insist on somebody telling me where my claim stood. This second person finally emailed me the settlement offer and that my vehicle was considered totaled. When we rejected the offer amount she responded to send her some comparable car listings in my area with their prices and she may reconsider the amount.

I sent her about 5 comps that showed the picture, price, location and dealers from screenshots I took on my phone. Her response was that they were completely unacceptable because it wasn't the entire listing. So I sent another complete set of entire listings and didn't get a response. The next day I emailed her to see if she got the listings and I got an automated message that she would be out of the office until the next Tuesday morning. I waited from Friday until Tues. and emailed her again and got another automated message that she was out of the office until JUNE! (This was March.) I had my agent contact them and we heard from the third person. She stated she couldn't open my email to the previous claims rep. and I had to send all the listings to her again, which I did.

At this point I had stopped by the autobody shop to retrieve my plates off my car and they informed me that Peerless/Safeco had called them about 4 days ago and had towed my car to a salvage yard in another town quite a distance away. Nobody had asked me or informed me that they had "disposed" of my vehicle before we had even settled my claim! In this State, I have a right to get another appraisal if I do not agree with their offer, now I have lost that ability. There is no proof of what original condition my car was in before they towed it 100 miles away and deposited it at a salvage yard. They told me I could still have someone go find it in the salvage yard (which is the largest auto salvage company in the US) and they could look at it there. First of all, I would have to pay the appraiser to now travel all day there and back plus pay for the appraisal.

Secondly, Safeco told me if I did this that they would contact an appraiser and I would also have to pay half for an "umpire". Meanwhile, since they dragged out communicating with us, the car rental period expired and I had to pay over $300 so far to rent a vehicle on my own. Which this claims agent told me they would pay for about 4 more days, then they went back on that promise, and shut off coverage of the rental. When I took the rental back, they informed me I would have to pay cash for part of the rental that Peerless wouldn't pay from way back on the first day of rental, with no explanation to me why it was rejected.

I finally contacted the State Bureau of Insurance and was told they did several things wrong and to file a formal complaint so they could investigate, which they have 17 days to respond. There is a method of deceptiveness, it is not a coincidence that they waited until the last minute to finally correspond with me because they knew the car rental was expired and they had illegally towed away my car so I didn't have access to it. I also had planned to have the auto body manager take another look at my car because I believed it was repairable, and now I cannot do that.

Further, Peerless made deductions from their offer because my cars interior was dirty, but they had told the auto body shop that it was settled, and they crammed all exterior car parts, bumper...into the interior of the car grease and all! Their appraiser even outright lied in stating that my car had 5 or so major dents in the door, which my car had zero dents in the doors! They have woven this huge mess that makes it impossible for an everyday consumer to wade through and be made whole. "Full" coverage is a misnomer, as they admit that they do not pay you what it's worth to get on the road again.

They know we will have to pay another few thousand dollars in addition to their settlement. Basically, you can pay for insurance for thirty years then when you need it you find out it's not full coverage, it's partial coverage. My car had fairly new Nissan exhaust and catalytic converter from end to end, new transmission all genuine and installed at a Nissan dealership but they don't give any extra for that, just deductions for false appraisals.

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SAFECO Auto Insurance expert review by Matthew Brodsky

SAFECO Auto Insurance is a Liberty Mutual Company that provides a broad range of insurance products for vehicle and property owners. While the company has a national presence, it also employs local agents who provide services in specific states.

  • Online quotes: SAFECO Auto Insurance's online quote center lets potential policyholders compare products and prices so they can choose options that match their budgets.

  • Roadside assistance: Drivers with SAFECO Auto Insurance can get roadside assistance services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure they are not stranded in unsafe circumstances.

  • Rental cars: The company helps policyholders explore rental car options so they can still drive even when their vehicles are in repair at a mechanic shop.

  • Claims center: SAFECO Auto Insurance's claims center is available 24 hours a day to take reports and provide information about pending claims.

  • Credit-based insurance scores: SAFECO Auto Insurance uses each client's credit-based insurance score to measure how likely it is that the person will file an auto insurance claim.

  • Best for: Drivers who want insurance policies that match their budgets and drivers who want to save money.

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Matthew Brodsky

Insurance Contributing Editor

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Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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