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Terry of Terra Ceia, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

We switched to The Hartford when we were shopping for Auto rates this same time last year. They quoted very low rates so we made the change. We have clear driving records - no accidents or tickets. I just received my renewal and have sticker shock! A $434.00 annual increase. This is for just 2 cars. Amazing. I called Customer Service and received a less than satisfactory response. He said that rising medical costs increased the rates, yet PIP didn't increase, only Liability and UM. He absolutely did not care that the rates increased or that I would have to shop around for lower rates. Very poor.

Robert of Burney, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

The price is a little high. I had two claims with AAA, neither was my fault but my rates went up. Hartford offered the lowest rate at the time, so I switched and have since also moved my renter's insurance and business liability insurance to them. I feel the service is excellent and to that extent worth a little extra from what I might pay elsewhere.

James of Woodbury, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

They keep us updated with important information. We have complete confidence in AARP and all that they promote. We like all the helpful guidance and advice that we get from AARP. We believe we can trust any recommendation we get from them, and that includes what insurance company to use.

Peter of Tucson, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

The company has gone above and beyond when my car was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist, fantastic. The agents, office staff and those who were responsible for settling my claim were truly knowledgeable, courteous and professional. They all made me feel like a person, empathetic to all my needs. Over the months that followed up on the rear ending; I would say I was contacted a minimum of twice (2x) to fill me in on all the details regarding my claim. Not once during the entire investigation did the agent give up his search to obtain any answers he could find. It was after all the avenues of investigation were exhausted the case was closed. EXTREME KUDOS.

RONALD of Dagsboro, DE on
Satisfaction Rating

We have been with the Hartford through AARP for 12 years. Last year I had my first accident in 50 years and they raised our rates $800 per year. I asked for their accident forgiveness clause and they claim we did not have that option. BEWARE of the TV commercials where they mention accident forgiveness as YOU have to request it, they never offer it and it is very inexpensive. Looking for another insurance company...

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Sherry of Newport, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

After 17 yrs with no tickets or accidents, they didn't cancel but for my first ticket for over 10 miles OVER THE SPEED LIMIT they raised my premiums from $340 A YR FOR FULL COVERAGE TO $6.200 PLUS. Their ad saying they never cancel is really untrue.

Cindy of Chandler, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

When I changed to Hartford they saved me a lot of money. Hartford was a much better deal than when I was at Liberty. Only thing that bothers me is how much the policy goes up each year but that is typical of most insurance companies. My policy is due but I don't feel like taking the time to call around and when I do I keep getting emails from the different companies.

Stacey of Clinton Township, Michigan on
Satisfaction Rating

Exceeded expectations when I compared their policy to my current one. It was time to renew, and my expenses exceeded my income so I began comparing insurance policies. The Hartford offered a bundle, and the auto insurance policy had more benefits for less money. A phone call with an agent saved me even more, and the conversation was quick, friendly and productive.

R. S. of Palm Harbor, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Last December, in 2015, the auto insurance company we had been with for three years dramatically increased our annual auto insurance premium without any justification. We took AARP's advice and switched to a new annual policy with Hartford at $640 a year. We just received our 'bill' for 2017 coverage on the same car - a 2014 Hyundai 4-door Elantra sedan. We are retired, only drive about 2500 miles locally a year, have owned our home for 15 years (mortgage free) and have had no traffic violations, accidents or claims of any kind.... Yet Hartford increased our rate for the same car and coverage to $854 dollars a year. A 30% increase without any justification!!! This is unacceptable to us, and we also believe it is disreputable to the point of constituting fraud and potentially criminal action. We have also brought this matter to the attention of AARP, who we are hopeful will cancel their endorsement of the Hartford.

bob of Perry, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

Bought new vehicle. Canceled old one April 2015. Received January renewal. Still on insurance December 2016. Never noticed they did not remove since we insure multiple vehicles. Called and they would not give any credit. Zero. Their excuse was we should noticed after several billings. So beware of AARP auto insurance. What a rip off...

Stephen of Lagrange, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

I was with Farm Bureau Inc. for years. AARP advertised Hartford Inc. I checked their price and it was better than Farm Bureau, I bought their bundled insurance, the same as Farm Bureau but after one year it went up 300 dollars. So I switched to Erie Inc. and saved 500 dollars.

Donna of Cheshire, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

I rubbed the rear fender of a car next to me while backing out of a space. I gave the owner my insurance company's name (The Hartford) and she took it from there. They called me to discuss and confirm the facts, and all was handled quickly and efficiently from there. My rates did not go up. I've been with The Hartford for the past several years and am very happy with them. They are very efficient and courteous when I've had to call for any reason. They offer reduced rates for driver safety course and retirement driving. So far, they have met any need I've had. Very happy with The Hartford.

Pandora of Livonia, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I was very excited to become a member of AARP to enjoy the benefits offered to people over 50. I checked into home and auto insurance and found that I could save money. At that time I had a lease vehicle, shortly after I added my daughter to the policy (18 yrs old) with her older vehicle. The price went up but I understood it was because of a young driver.

After a year I turned in my lease vehicle and purchased a used car. My insurance didn't go down it went up. So I searched for a different insurance company, I found one and cancelled both my home and auto insurance on the same day. I received a refund for the house insurance I had paid and a month later a bill for the auto insurance. I ignored it. They should be sending me a refund for the car also.

I now have a bill collector for Hartford telling me that I owe for the month after I cancelled the policy because if I had read their policy (which you don't receive until after you apply and pay the down payment) I would have seen that the policy continues until the following month after I cancel. I told him that they cancelled my house insurance the same day I called and sent the refund check right away. That I was told by the customer service person that BOTH auto and home insurance were cancelled. I owed no money. The bill collector told me that the customer service person for Hartford is third party. She had no business telling me that.

I am expected by Hartford to read my policy that states that I will still owe for the month after I cancel, WHAT?? I have never had this happen every time I have switched my auto insurance. It was cancelled the day I asked them to. This person told me I have to pay him now and take it up with Hartford to get my money back. This is ridiculous and not good business practice... So do I pay the bill collector? When I contact Hartford I get a third party customer service, the one who has no business telling me anything per the bill collector. What do I do?

Cindy of St Petersburg, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I wish I would have read the reviews before I got this auto insurance. I had State Farm for years but found Hartford through AARP and I saved quite a bit my first year. I just got a 25% rate increase with no accidents or moving violations. The customer service rep blamed it on other people's accidents, then I read the reviews that everyone has experienced this. Plus I just found out I don't have first accident forgiveness. I will start shopping for insurance somewhere else. This is quite a scam for a reputable company. I am disappointed and feel like I was lied to. I worry about my elderly mother being scammed but thought I was intuitive about scams. This cannot be right. Time to shop around. Ridiculous!

judy of Redgranite, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

Rate increases are ridiculous. I do agree with these people. However as an AARP subscriber... I wish I didn't have to be a member. Within 2 weeks of clearing my bank I got another bill from AARP for the same amount. Terrible to take advantage of the elderly people who I know will pay this twice. AWFUL...

Gerry of Santa Fe, NM on
Satisfaction Rating

When I checked into Hartford last year, I was pleasantly surprised at their reasonable rates. Their explanation was that we were not being grouped together with all ages. We were being grouped with other seniors and since that was a more responsible group our premiums would be lower. That sold me and I bought coverage for 3 cars and 2 houses. I got my renewal documents for this year and was flabbergasted that my auto insurance increased 37%. No moving violations, no wrecks and no claims on my record. Explanation: drastic increase in uninsured driver accidents in my state. For this to be true, every uninsured driver in my state would have to specifically target just seniors to run into. The premiums on my rental went up 14% and the premium on our main house went up 6.5%. Again claims and no increase in coverage or value. This brings to mind the old carnival attractions: first they sucker you in but they never let you win.

Jeff of Phoenix, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

AARP which boast itself as the largest company for seniors offering the best in service and discounts is the biggest liars more so than the US GOVT when it comes to assisting seniors. Their customer service, people working for them or who represent them are the biggest liars and thieves around as they make promises and deliver nothing. Don't waste your time or money on these people and company as you will only be disappointed and will be out good earned money. AARP is the biggest rip off company in America, and would never recommend this company to anyone.

Teresa of Mercersburg, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had AARP Auto Insurance for a little over a year. I had electronic payments set up and a payment rejected due to insufficient funds. They cancelled my policy for 1 payment that rejected and could have been resubmitted and paid. It just hit before my check auto deposited. I called 2 times to ask to get reinstate and they stated that it already had been reviewed by management and could not be reinstated. Then they tried to report that I had a time period without insurance coverage. Luckily my new insurance agent worked on this and found that was incorrect as well.

leo of Sunnyvale, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I was great customer, no tickets, dui, accidents or claims in 15 years. I never received paperwork for renewed this year. Only realized it till I put new registration in my car. Paid them full price for the whole year which I do every year. I never knew the requirement to have HARTFORD insurance YOU ALSO HAD TO BE MEMBER OF AARP. I be contacting all tv stations to bring attention to the injustice these companies are doing to the good people of America. Please help to fight their injustice and get a lawyer for all. How do we do internet "fund me" to get this done. Thank you.

William of Frankfort, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

My wife and I have been AARP members for over ten years and rely on their guidance and recommendations. Three years ago we decided to try AARP/Hartford auto and home insurance. The initial quotes seemed competitive and we signed up. During our three years with AARP/Hartford we had no claims, yet our annual premiums increase dramatically. Auto premiums increased annually by 7.2, 12.7, and 35.1%. Home premiums increased annually by 5.7, 13.9, and 4.3 %. For retirees on a tight budget these increases were hard to accommodate. When we contacted AARP/Hartford they seemed indifferent regarding the increases with an attitude of "take it or leave it". We chose to leave it. It seems like they underbid the initial quotes to get the business and then ramped up the premiums in subsequent years. AARP needs to do a much better job in monitoring the vendors and services they endorse.

Andrew of Glendora, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Hartford Insurance at AARP gave a good quote for my auto and home policy. I switched from Farmers and my reward was a 10% rate increase the next year and this year a killer 24% rate increase. I have a 40 year no tickets, accidents or claims of any kind. Stay away from Hartford.

Kathy of Bridgeport, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

Moved to Washington state earlier this year from Texas. Phoned to let The Hartford know new location. We were then told they were canceling our insurance due to the 2 fender bender no-fault incidents. Left us without coverage. They said they would reinstate our insurance at a later date. Tried this fall and were refused again. We had The Hartford for over 16 years. No accidents until the no-fault ones. They are using false advertising saying they do not cancel for minor accidents. Am very disillusioned regarding AARP. Will not be promoting them to anyone. Have read that this happened to others.

Randy of Orlando, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I had nothing but problems with The Hartford auto insurance through AARP. I received a letter from them saying I needed to send paperwork within 24hours of buying my new car. First, that time frame is impossible to meet. But, I sent what they asked for. A week later I keep getting letter after letter asking for the same paperwork. So, I kept sending another copy. Then finally I had to start calling trying to find out if they had received the paperwork. Finally they said "yes, it shows in my files." But, because I missed the first required time frame they reduced my insurance and took collision off. Again, unknown to me, even after they got the paperwork, they still did not adjust my insurance to show I had collision.

Two years later a car hits my fender. I call to report the claim and was told I do not have collision. They said they would research the issue and told me I could put the claim into the other driver's insurance company being it was his fault. Weeks went by and nothing from The Hartford. Not until the other insurance called them and told them they settled the claim, did The Hartford call me and then all of a sudden I did have collision. All's they had to do is look in my file. Does not take weeks to do that. They actually waited until I did all the work so they would not have to do anything or spend any of their time or money.

Talk about low life, but that is still not even the kicker. They had the balls to bill me for the adjusted amount for the full two years that they said I did not have collision. This company is bad news. Cost me money and it could have cost me much more if in fact it was my fault and there were serious injuries. I cannot believe AARP still sponsors this insurance company. I have also canceled my AARP.

Sherry of Soldotna, AK on
Satisfaction Rating

Several months after enrolling for this year's auto insurance, I received a letter from AARP informing me that, "We inadvertently failed to include a notice about the implementation of a withdrawal fee." Then they said that, because they hadn't notified me, they would be waiving that fee, but turned around and said future withdrawals would include the fee. First, this was not part of what I agreed on, and second, what kind of company charges you for paying your bill? The fee is only $2 but here's the problem: I said I didn't like the idea of being charged a "withdrawal fee" for paying my own bill, so I'd rather just send a monthly check. But it seems that that would cost $5 a month. In other words, it would cost me $60 a year to pay my own bill. This is outrageous! After 15+ years with them (and one small claim 10 years ago), I hope to find a new insurance company that wont search for ways to nickel-and-dime their senior citizens.

James of Onalaska, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

We had been with AARP/Hartford Auto/Home insurance for 10+ years. Our auto insurance continued to increase, therefore I started looking to make a change. (We were lucky & found a company that was 1/3 the cost of Hartford's.) I started looking for a company that we could be under an "umbrella type" of policy for both auto/home. One insurance company told us that Hartford's records reflected that we had 8 comprehensive & 2 accidents claims.

We contacted Hartford & found that there were 4 duplicates for comprehensive claims plus 2 accidents (1 in 2006 & 1 in 2009 - both close) all settled & closed. We were told that the duplicates were for internal purposes only, however that was not what the "other" insurance company saw in the public files. Therefore from 2006 through 2016 anytime an insurance company would check, Hartford's system reflected the original claims plus the duplicated. Of course no insurance company could offer decent rates. Since I am a 72 year old male/retired I decided to change auto insurance companies. When I did that my homeowners insurance with Hartford increased by 55%. At this point I have no faith in any insurance company.

jack of Abilene, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I switched my auto and homeowner insurance based on cheap quote by AARP/HARTFORD. After one year they almost doubled my former insurance rate and when I dropped them they kept sending me a bill for over $100 for past due payments and said I didn't cancel my insurance! Lucky for me I'd kept the email I sent them on cancellation ~ Plus I never renewed it when it was due. This whole process was a rip off to give me a Bait and Switch. I'm back with my old carrier on Homeowners at about 1/3 the cost of Hartford and will be back with old insurance on car in February. Beware of lowball scams on insurance taking Seniors money!

dorothy of Hanahan, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been with AARP/Hartford Auto/Home Insurance for 25+ years. Recently (July/August) I was hospitalized for a month (with cancer!!) and I got home on the 11th of August. Upon going into my account online with Hartford to pay my premiums, I paid my Auto insurance and went to pay my homeowners. When the account came up, it said it could not be paid, so I called the number listed immediately. I was told I was 1 (one) day overdue with my payment and they had cancelled my homeowners' insurance.

I have since had another surgery and have not had a chance until today to find some insurance. I am a 71 year old widow and totally so angry at Hartford for doing this to me. They should be SO ashamed of themselves for treating a human this way, especially someone that could do nothing about it, being I had no one to pay my premium for me. I am now in the process of trying to find auto/home insurance because I never want to see the Hartford name AGAIN!!

paul of Milford, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

After decades of service through AARP, I found that they were charging me nearly 100% more than the competition. When I obtained new coverage and asked them to cancel, they claim they lost more than six cancellation letters, and continue to try and bill be. With the lowest satisfaction levels I have ever seen, how can AARP continue to support this group?

Bill of Woodway, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

I just experienced the same 20% rate increase that many others have experienced. I switched to Hartford last year due to the AARP endorsement and the fact that they saved me money over Geico. My recent renewal quote is 20% higher for one car and 25% higher for my second car. The rep gave me the same line about there being an overall statewide increase of 15% for the state of Washington. I had no tickets or accidents on either car in the last year. The rep couldn't explain why my rates were 50% above the statewide increase. I have written to the Hartford President/CEO and AARP and have heard nothing. There are too many reviews on the Internet that are the same as mine to be a coincidence. Both Hartford and the AARP are involved in a bait and switch business - and they should be taken to task.

Id of Gig Harbor, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

Have been a long time 20 year customer with Hartford Auto insurance. Perfect driving record. No claims, was slammed with 40% increase in my rates (yes, 40%) this year 2016. No reason give and even the Hartford agent said the company was screwed up, basically punishing preferred customers for all the claims they had to pay out last year and recommended switching! Don't even start looking deeply into this company. 60 minutes did documentary on their CORRUPT illegal activities in keeping and spending people's LIFE insurance policies, not notifying the deceased beneficiaries.

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AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance is a program offered by The Hartford especially for AARP members. The program has been around for more than 30 years. The insurer is headquartered in Hartford, CT.

  • Collectible car insurance: AARP/Hartford offers specialized insurance for collectible car owners, so their valuable collectors' items are covered in case of damage.
  • Umbrella insurance options: Customers can also receive umbrella coverage through the company, so their liability is covered even if a judgment is higher than their primary auto insurance coverage limits.
  • Online calculator: The company offers customers an easy-to-use online calculator that allows them to determine the right amount of coverage before purchasing a policy.
  • Many discounts: AARP/Hartford offers auto insurance discounts for many things, including vehicle fuel choice, air bags and more.
  • Lifetime renewability: AARP/Hartford allows customers to renew their auto insurance policies for their entire lifetime, as long as they are able to drive and meet a few basic requirements.
  • Best for Drivers over the age of 50 and drivers who belong to AARP.

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