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Gregory of Erial, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

My daughter needed her car towed. She called and they said to call one hour before she wanted it picked up. She called at 4:00. After 3 hours, the driver called her and said he was there and he left!!! Why would you not call her while you were there? She called 3 more times! I called and I got a guy who said his name was John... No way... He barely spoke English and when I asked him where he was located, he said India! God bless America. Allstate is a horrible insurance company... I used to have them and when I finally had a claim, they told me I didn't buy the right policy!!! They finally picked my daughters car up at 9:00!!!! 5 hours later. Absolutely ridiculous. I am joining AAA tomorrow and filing a lawsuit against Allstate and AARP... Anyone who wants to join a class action lawsuit, please contact me! I AM filing the suit.

Maurice of Bayside, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

We have been with the Hartford for 2 years. We recently received a cancellation notice effective 5/5/17, with no explanation. Attempting to pay the premium, I was told that it would not be accepted due to a NSF by my bank. I have checked my online statement which shows no attempt to retrieve funds... No indication of any overdraft, no action or posting of the transaction AT ALL to my account. I received a confirmation number for the transaction from the Hartford, yet they show no satisfaction of the transaction.

My bank does not have a record of them attempting to retrieve the funds, either. Yet, I am being held accountable for what would appear to be a glitch in their system. I have never filed a claim with them, as my wife and I both have clean driving records, no accidents, no parking citations, etc. As they say, you get what you pay for. Their agent was apologetic, yet attempted to convince me that this was all my mishandling of my account. I have every bill/receipt for my tenure with them and nothing supports their decision to cancel my account. I'm done!

Kathlene of Hayward, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

The reason for this review is AARP is a greedy company. I have been with them for over 15 years and got one ticket and my insurance went through the roof. As one person TV stated, what good is it having car insurance, if you will be penalized for it. Again, news flash. No one is perfect. But that is taking money out of these "WEALTHY SHAREHOLDERS POCKETS" who are greedy just like a lot of these other companies. Really, 1 ticket in over 15 years. I can't wait until I can find someone else. DON'T SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY. All they want is your money. And you get no help from them.

Vickie of Corvallis, MT on
Satisfaction Rating

My first coverage with the Hartford for auto insurance was $513 per year. At renewal second year was $870. A shockingly huge increase considering I have never had any claims. I called and was told by one of their agents that at the end of the year the fire protection class rating defaults back to Class 10, the worst rating possible. The agent worked with me and said the rating should be a #3 which brought the policy down to $673. I thanked him and hung up and decided to get other quotes.

I got some pretty good quotes from Ameriprise so I went with it about 30 days ago. I got home today to find a message from Ameriprise to call them. Come to find out they were raising my auto insurance because unknown to me The Hartford put my auto insurance with Twin City Fire Insurance Company (by the name you would think this was for the homeowner's insurance, but not), and they were not an AM best rated company. Therefore Ameriprise was increasing my policy rate.

I want to know what right The Hartford has to just put my policy with another company without consulting me first and letting me know what negative effects this would have on future policies. I paid the bills to The Hartford, the policy is on their letterhead, but under insurer it list Twin City. So now I have another decision to make since Ameriprise has increased my rates. I can get more quotes and will probably be in the same boat, and I wonder how long this will follow me. This is almost like getting your credit damaged through fault of your own.

AARP obviously is in on this with The Hartford since you have to buy a membership to even get a quote from the AARP Hartford program. Is AARP getting kickbacks? These insurance companies are way too powerful and will continue to suck us dry, and sadly there is nothing we can do about since it is mandatory that we must carry auto insurance. I am canceling my membership with AARP as well.

Natacha of Conyers, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

I was hit by a person that have the Hartford for insurance. From day one it was crazy. They didn't reserve me a rental and I had to wait for that. Then when it was time for payment, the company that was fixing my vehicle called several times to get an understanding of when they will get paid and no response. I finally got in touch with the manager to which he said payment went out and he can't do anything more for me and that I must return the rental. Well how am I suppose to get to work? And why are you sending checks in the mail, what happened to wire or auto pay to these collision companies. This experience have been a nightmare.

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Timothy of Shakopee, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

I was involved in an accident that was 100% the other driver's fault. Even though the Hartford is my insurance carrier, my claims agent did almost nothing to help me out. The only real help I received was from the other driver's claims agent, who was from Progressive. I feel sorry for anyone that has had the misfortune of being involved in an accident while insured by the Hartford. Utter incompetence from every level of employee I spoke with. Just an awful overall experience. My advice is avoid the Hartford at all costs.

Murray of Orem, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

I found out that Hartford canceled my auto insurance policy without giving electronic notification, even though all of my bills and correspondence occurred with them electronically. When I called to complain and ask if anything could be done about the situation, I was told that it was my fault even though the electronic invoices had no indication that cancellation would occur.

Ann of Lacey, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

After my paying them $1000/year or more for 12 years (2 vehicles), my roommate had an accident in my truck (I wasn't in it). I had her covered with my insurance. Hartford took info from the other party but wouldn't take info from me. They even used the other party's photo, which could have been taken anywhere, but refused to use mine. I asked them to slow down, but they closed the claim in 2 days, including the other party filing a claim for injury. Everyone was going not more than 2 mph (it was a parking lot accident). They probably printed up some letterhead for a fake doctor and submitted that. But Hartford believes them. Hartford's attitude was "Too bad, sucker!"

My roommate subsequently moved out so I'll be taking her off my insurance. However, Hartford is still going to raise my rate, unless I prove she's not living here any more (and she won't cooperate in giving me a copy of her rental agreement), and will raise my deductible back to $500 and remove the "no accident in 5 years" discount!!! Even though I had nothing to do with the accident.

I hate this company. If they ever did give me a "no accident in 5 yrs discount", my wallet never felt it. The claims person I dealt with was completely unsympathetic, was anxious to close the claim, didn't give a damn about my "loyalty" (which I supposedly also get a discount for). Not to mention, they raise my rate every year even though my car & truck get older. It's not like they're going to buy me a brand new one if it's wrecked. And their towing and rental car reimbursements were set in the '70s and won't pay for what you have to put out today. Unbelievably poor service.

edward of Bennington, VT on
Satisfaction Rating

The first year their price was reasonable. A year later with two vehicles that are a year older with no claims, and no homeowner claims the cost goes up. Like all insurance companies they are criminal origination. The state makes us send money too.

JAMES of Yakima, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

Hartford likes to play games with you if you happen to get a ticket or accident. We paid our premium and two weeks later they send us a letter saying we were not being reinstated due to non-payment of our premium. We paid our premium and they got the numbers wrong and blamed us!! They would not get back to us about the problem!!! Would not deal with them again or tell anybody to deal with them!!!

cassandra of Southfield, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been paying my insurance every month with my checking account but this month I paid with my credit card over the phone. There was a mix up with my card and they cancel me. I would not have known anything until I called them to pay my homeowner's insurance policy with this company. I talk to the manager to see if he could just use my checking account that they have on filed and he denied my request and told me I had to pay the hold premium which is over 2,000 and then he change his mind and said I could no longer be in that company. That is completely wrong. The same thing happen to my sister. She paid her bill with her credit card and they put in the wrong card number and cancelled her account also. Please be aware of this company.

karen of Lansing, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I am an elderly person who belongs to AARP. They advertise the Hartford as being a low cost plan for car insurance. I have an excellent credit rating with no accidents for over 10 years, yet they were the HIGHEST cost for insurance! Disgusted with their false advertising. Will gladly cancel my account!!

Ken of Mcminnville, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

I acquired a Hartford policy primarily due to their AARP connection. Recently filed a claim which Hartford denied based on some "hidden" clause and because they can not find proof of a phone call made by the car dealer when I traded in the old car. This Insurance Company relies on the "legal" details instead of Customer Service. BE CAREFUL & READ THEIR POLICY DOCUMENT COMPLETELY. They surely fit the description of the "blah, blah, blah" company.

Melinda of Exeter, NH on
Satisfaction Rating

Was involved in a car accident that I caused, (no other vehicles or people involved). Police did NOT cite me, give me a ticket, violation, etc. Unfortunately, I live in a "at fault state" so I was made responsible. From the beginning and throughout a 3 month ordeal, the Adjuster and Appraiser were INEPT! I own a Mini-Cooper and cannot be taken to a regular mechanics shop. Appraiser told owner of foreign motor shop, who I always use, that Minis are made in China and to use Chinese aftermarket parts - WHAT! Owner of shop replied, "NO, Minis are made in Germany or Britain... no aftermarket parts available!" Adjuster tried to charge mechanical shop owner body shop hourly rates - NO! Different hourly rates and only did mechanical work... the ** continued.

Once at "preferred" body shop by the Hartford, Appraiser and Adjuster refused to pay for hood replacement! There was a huge dent (couldn't be pounded out) near wheel well. Though, pictures taken by Appraiser, neither Adjuster or Appraiser recognized the fact that a Mini Cooper has a uni-body hood that continues and encompasses wheel well! I HAD TO PAY for this OUT of POCKET!!! Just some of the many scenarios I had to battle with these INEPT jerks!!!

Shelley of Tucson, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

They are very helpful. They answered all my questions and help get me what I need to be covered. They are very pleasant in dealing with and they don't try to bankrupt up in getting insurance which is very important.

Gary of Phoenix, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

Rate Increase - I have been with the Hartford for over 10 years. No accidents or tickets. I just received my renewal notice and was surprised that in the last 2 years that my premium has increased 25.5 %. I called Customer Service and was told it was a General rate increase. I will be changing insurance companies. Whatever happened to the good old days when insurance was based on YOUR driving and not on everyone else.

Shirley of Glen Allen, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had Hartford for quite a few years, not any trouble until I had a few parking lot incidents that were hit and run and most definitely were not my fault, I wasn't even in the car. They raised my rates by almost 250.00 a year, I have a good credit rating and never missed a payment. When I asked why they said it was because their rates have gone up, bologna! Don't be fooled. As soon as you need them, they are there, but they will eventually raise your rates.

Deborah of Makawao, HI on
Satisfaction Rating

Was with this company 18 years... never had a claim (accident etc). Owed them no money, payments taken out automatically out of my monthly SS check... Out of the blue they cancelled me and was rude about it!

JoAnn of Lake Forest, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

The company has good service and they paid the claim after the deductible, but it basically cost us more in the long run. Their rates went up exponentially in one year and we had not had a claim for several years. Customer service claimed that everyone in our area had similar increases and it didn't have anything to do with our history, which had been good for several years. We had a bundled package with home insurance and decided to go to a broker to compare pricing and that resulted in our leaving Hartford Insurance and moving to Safeco for all of our insurance and we save over a thousand dollars in total. Although we were with Hartford for more than a decade, I think they simply assumed we could tolerate their latest huge increase. But cost is as important as customer service when seeking a reputable insurance company.

M. of Huntsville, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

I decided to get the Hartford Auto insurance in 2013 because AARP was recommending it. This past week I had an accident and called the Hartford to make a claim for repairs to my new car. The estimator sent an app that would show me what photos to take to send back. In the meantime, I got an estimate from a local collision repair business near me. The two (2) estimates were not close. From the photos sent to the Hartford I was offered $1,500. The local estimate came up with $4,100. There is a big discrepancy between what the photos show and what the real damages reveal. I feel that the Hartford is trying to take advantage of an insurer. I have paid a lot of premiums to receive this treatment when I call on the insurance company when you need them.

Art of Pittsburgh, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Signed on after many solicitations via AARP. Good competitive rate for 1 year, then the ** hit the fan. Major increase. Asked them why and they said "Because you're 65 yrs old now." WTF. Goodbye. Poor customer service, large rate increase, deceptive practices, IMO. Still receive offers every week. Not in a million years.

Donna of Cheshire, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

They are efficient, polite, and thorough in handling details. I have never been disappointed or annoyed during a call. I reported the details and they handled the rest. I didn't have to get involved or follow up any further. Reliable and fairly priced.

Loretta of Clinton Township, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I called a couple dozen insurance companies for rates and the Hartford for my truck and home insurance policies is more than $200 less than lowest price other companies quoted and I received fast service when I have called them. I've never had a claim on truck but one on my house was paid immediately. Very easy to pay on their online site.

Richard of Tucson, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

I am disappointed in that I was hit with a 200$ increase this year. A reward for not having any tickets or accidents in the last 5 years? Most insurance companies are out of control, making us pay for claims of other people. Sick of their practices.

Terry of Terra Ceia, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

We switched to The Hartford when we were shopping for Auto rates this same time last year. They quoted very low rates so we made the change. We have clear driving records - no accidents or tickets. I just received my renewal and have sticker shock! A $434.00 annual increase. This is for just 2 cars. Amazing. I called Customer Service and received a less than satisfactory response. He said that rising medical costs increased the rates, yet PIP didn't increase, only Liability and UM. He absolutely did not care that the rates increased or that I would have to shop around for lower rates. Very poor.

Robert of Burney, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

The price is a little high. I had two claims with AAA, neither was my fault but my rates went up. Hartford offered the lowest rate at the time, so I switched and have since also moved my renter's insurance and business liability insurance to them. I feel the service is excellent and to that extent worth a little extra from what I might pay elsewhere.

James of Woodbury, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

They keep us updated with important information. We have complete confidence in AARP and all that they promote. We like all the helpful guidance and advice that we get from AARP. We believe we can trust any recommendation we get from them, and that includes what insurance company to use.

Peter of Tucson, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

The company has gone above and beyond when my car was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist, fantastic. The agents, office staff and those who were responsible for settling my claim were truly knowledgeable, courteous and professional. They all made me feel like a person, empathetic to all my needs. Over the months that followed up on the rear ending; I would say I was contacted a minimum of twice (2x) to fill me in on all the details regarding my claim. Not once during the entire investigation did the agent give up his search to obtain any answers he could find. It was after all the avenues of investigation were exhausted the case was closed. EXTREME KUDOS.

RONALD of Dagsboro, DE on
Satisfaction Rating

We have been with the Hartford through AARP for 12 years. Last year I had my first accident in 50 years and they raised our rates $800 per year. I asked for their accident forgiveness clause and they claim we did not have that option. BEWARE of the TV commercials where they mention accident forgiveness as YOU have to request it, they never offer it and it is very inexpensive. Looking for another insurance company...

Sherry of Newport, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

After 17 yrs with no tickets or accidents, they didn't cancel but for my first ticket for over 10 miles OVER THE SPEED LIMIT they raised my premiums from $340 A YR FOR FULL COVERAGE TO $6.200 PLUS. Their ad saying they never cancel is really untrue.

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AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance is a program offered by The Hartford especially for AARP members. The program has been around for more than 30 years. The insurer is headquartered in Hartford, CT.

  • Collectible car insurance: AARP/Hartford offers specialized insurance for collectible car owners, so their valuable collectors' items are covered in case of damage.
  • Umbrella insurance options: Customers can also receive umbrella coverage through the company, so their liability is covered even if a judgment is higher than their primary auto insurance coverage limits.
  • Online calculator: The company offers customers an easy-to-use online calculator that allows them to determine the right amount of coverage before purchasing a policy.
  • Many discounts: AARP/Hartford offers auto insurance discounts for many things, including vehicle fuel choice, air bags and more.
  • Lifetime renewability: AARP/Hartford allows customers to renew their auto insurance policies for their entire lifetime, as long as they are able to drive and meet a few basic requirements.
  • Best for Drivers over the age of 50 and drivers who belong to AARP.

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