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Steven of Deland, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Signed up for Hartford Insurance through AARP one year ago. They were originally cheaper than the company I was using. After one year with not moving, no tickets, no accidents and the same auto my annual premium increased 50%. Thinking this was in error I phoned and ask them to verify the premium. They said that was the correct amount that they had a rate increase. Now they are way higher than most all other companies even though they keep advertising that they are the cheapest for seniors. I think what they are counting on is after they have you as a customer you will just pay the bill and not question it!

Jose of Hillside, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I changed to the Hartford car insurance because with the AARP membership I got my insurance to go a little lower than what I was paying with my former Insurance company. This didn't last too long. As soon as I made a change to my policy the price started to go up, but the worse happened last week when I replace one car with a new leased one. My policy went up more than $2,000. I was going to have to pay around $5,900 for full cover on two cars. I got the exact same coverage with other company for less than half, so I made the switch. In addition the customer service is not reliable. The website states that customer service is available from 7am to 11pm ET, I tried several times to call around 6:30pm when I get home and I always got a message that says that the office is currently closed, so whenever I needed to call I had to do it early in the morning.

Pamela of Issaquah, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been an AARP member for years. Just moved from TX to WA and going to buy a used car. I sold my car in TX. I have all information from a car I may purchase tomorrow. I decided to get a quote from AARP today. I called and a male voice came on the line. I believe he said his name was Luane, or similar. I told him what the car was. He said that because I live in WA he can't give me a quote because it is the law here. You have to already have auto insurance to get a quote. I said that did not make any sense at all. I said I sold my car to move here in December 2016. He just said "sorry that is the law." Well... I got a quote from State Farm, Prudential, and Progressive. :-( Please don't send me ads for car insurance. I now have three quotes and will choose one.

Donna of Parker, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

Ease of doing business, good business practices, and great customer service have made us very happy customers. The policy coverage and cost was also a better deal when compared to our previous company.

Dorothy of Pelzer, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

I have never had a ticket nor had a claim but they raised my rates 250.00 every year and would not give a reason. My opinion was because I turned 78. I would understand if I had collision but I only have comprehensives and liability on my car. I couldn't pay what they wanted so I changed to Allstate Ins. It is still pricey but not as high as Hartford. When you get older they think you are not playing with a full deck. My mind is as sharp as ever.

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Denise of Portland, Oregon on
Satisfaction Rating

They have annual rates, make it easy to pay online monthly or get a discount for paying in full. Always pleasant if I call and want clarification if I should change coverage as vehicle gets older. AARP is known for standing with a quality company. I've been quoted numerous rates from other insurance companies every year and no one can compete with their rates

I was hit from behind while waiting at a red light and was pushed into the car in front of me. The driver who hit us drove away. The Hartford did not raise our rates and they showed sincere concern that all passengers were OK. My mom who was near 90 at the time I brought to her family doctor and the Hartford paid for it. When the driver was caught and the court had him pay for the damages I called the Hartford telling them I had a check payable to me that I would endorse to them and they sent a letter of thanks.

Valerie of Bellevue, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

Sometimes a customer service rep. can be terse when responding to a problem. I was taken aback when I didn't receive my car renewal notice in a timely manner and the customer rep. told me that even though the situation was The Hartford's fault if this happened again I would be dropped. She spoke to me like cross, rigid old auntie. Not a welcome experience and although this happened several years ago I remember the conversation vividly. Afterwards I began calling other ins. companies hoping to find similar costs so I could change, but The Hartford was by far the least expensive.

Horst of Sarasota, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

2015 I joined Hartford Auto insurance (AARP). Just received the renewal notice which increased from 2000+ to 4000+ for our 2014 and 2015 cars. My wife and I have had no tickets no accident. I never had any insurance claims, driving >50 years all over the world, no tickets, my credit score is >800. This was and is a chock. Shame on AARP recommending us such a terrible Insurance company, shame on Hartford. I can only advise, stay away from this company. I also shall not renew my AARP Membership!!

Stacey of Clinton Township, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

Hartford is customer oriented, and they are very courteous and helpful. Their homeowners' policy is unbeatable, but the price for auto insurance was considerably higher than the other companies, and even with the bundle discount, the cost was quite a bit more than my current company.

Christine of Villa Ridge, Missouri on
Satisfaction Rating

We have both home and auto with Hartford. The cost and the service is so much better on both of them than we have ever had with other companies. Absolutely the best experience on all counts. We have had many companies over the years and would absolutely never change unless Hartford went out of business. The only claims we have had so far are for broken glass. In each instance the glass was repaired or sometimes replaced within 24 hours. Great service.

Sonja of Bend, Oregon on
Satisfaction Rating

We've been seeking a different company due to overall dissatisfaction with this claim. (We had always paid premiums faithfully and on time for over 7 years). After a driver slammed into me while I was parked, and sitting in our vehicle by our mailbox with the key off, the repairs left us with an inadequate car. Our deductible for accidents was about $800 - this amount was too high, but the only one that seemed affordable when we signed up. Other companies offer better rates for deductible and other rates overall. It was processed in a timely manner, but the repairs were not totally adequate and we were left with a left car door that never closed properly. They insisted nothing more could be done. When we requested the car door be replaced rather than " fixed" it was denied, despite our dissatisfaction.

Mary Ann of Morisville, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Good customer service overall. AARP/Hartford had the best prices overall for auto/Home insurance. I was able to get the same coverage I had with my prior company for 1/3 less the price.

Katherine of Crescent City, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

They like insuring older people so that when, if ever there is a claim, they can tell you there was no coverage. And, because you are over 50, you must not remember. I have been with them for years and always carried comprehensive. I had never had an accident but when I filed to get my windshield replaced, they said I didn't have the coverage. I know for a fact that I specifically asked the agent to put it on when adding another vehicle. They made up a story about how I wanted to keep the cost low. I asked to hear the recording of that conversation and they told me that was not possible. To replace it was only $178 and I have paid them thousands over the years. BUT DON'T WORRY, THEY'VE GOT MY BACK. They should be saying, WATCH MY BACK.

Loyal of Valley Center, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have two reasons for writing this report. First, The Hartford entices you in with a low premium rate. Then on your next billing they will sneak in huge price increases and add in coverage that you didn't request. Concerning as mostly elderly purchase this insurance and may not be aware of the increase or changes. Secondly, I have a 1M dollar liability and UI policy. After my car was rear ended, the other insurance paid right away their max of $15K. The injuries suffered have caused a permanent mobility issue. The claim is worth $300K or more according to an attorney. The Hartford offered me $5,000. The adjusters are rude, they rarely respond, and they are indifferent. They couldn't care less for their customers.

Peter of Tucson, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

AARP is far superior than Liberty Mutual. About two (2) or more years ago I was involved with someone who rear ended my vehicle. He claimed, to the local authorities he had automobile insurance. He lied and it was AARP that went to bat every step of the way. Their investigative teams are superior, better than Liberty Mutual. Probably twenty (20) years ago I had one of my cars stolen from my carport. It was locked, but somehow the thieves were able to get in. It was recovered the next day. Liberty Mutual sent the car to a dealer that has NO EXPERIENCE repairing Japanese manufactured vehicles. I went to check on the damage only to find the passenger side mirror was torn off, and a thorough inspection with one of the dealer's inspectors. Could not drive it; for I had no key. Liberty Mutual DID NOTHING to assist me. I had to do all the leg work.

The leg work involved numerous calls to Liberty Mutual with ZERO satisfaction. They were to send out an adjustor, which NEVER showed up. Prior to this car being stolen I had my mechanic do a thorough inspection. The car passed with flying colors. He was more than willing to tell Liberty's adjustor, but since he never showed up the point was moot. Sheepishly, Liberty Mutual called three (3) hours later stating the adjustor was lost, and can "we reschedule". I was furious, called the mechanic (he was booked solid), but somehow fit me in. The adjustor from Liberty Mutual DID NOT even take the time to look at the undercarriage of the stolen car, nor talk to the mechanic wrote the car off as a total loss and offered me less than $500 for the car, the car was valued over $2000.

Sheryl of Aylett, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

They processed the claim professionally and timely. But after the claim was filed, when the damage to my car was determined to not be driver error, they still raised our rates to a ridiculous level. Tree fell during a storm and landed in my car. This occurred while I was out of the country on vacation. I claimed the car, they sent us a check. Next cycle for insurance, my rates went up $700.

Tammy M. of Mineola, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I switched to AARP/Hartford because I was an AARP member and would get a discount. When it came time to renew my policy, my premiums increased over $16.00 a month. I've had no tickets, wrecks or claims ever. No prior notification of increase and only explanation was the whole state of Texas raised rates. Then why be a member of AARP? You really don't get a discount.

Janet of Redding, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

The agents were competent and answer with direct replies for policy questions. They are always pleasant and try to be very helpful. It is a little difficult though to get to the right person, but eventually it happens.

Lydia of Houston, Texas on
Satisfaction Rating

Hartford was very supportive during my claim. The claim filing was done over the phone at the accident scene, was done professionally and the Rep was very helpful. Though the assigned Rep I was given was unavailable at a very important time in the claim, I was able to explain to customer service what I needed and they were very take care of me. The Rep was very helpful in a very stressful situation. I was able to file at the accident scene and give all the info regarding my car and the other driver at the same time. Though the initial interaction was helpful, when I followed up with my assigned Rep, she was unavailable.

Dawn of Anchorage, AK on
Satisfaction Rating

I love the auto insurance service. They did almost everything that needed to be done. I called the representative to submit a claim and she asked me a few questions. Then I decided where I wanted to take my vehicle. She made all the arrangements for me, I just dropped off my vehicle and everything was taken care off. This was great. But while the auto insurance is great, the rental insurance is frustrating. I have been trying to get rental insurance for over 4 months. They keep telling me they are mailing the forms, but I still don't have them.

Diane of Ronkonkoma, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I had GEICO for many years and was paying a very high premium. Hartford was able to give me the top coverage for significantly less. While am fortunate enough not to have had a claim, the rates and overall customer service is great.

Gregory of Erial, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

My daughter needed her car towed. She called and they said to call one hour before she wanted it picked up. She called at 4:00. After 3 hours, the driver called her and said he was there and he left!!! Why would you not call her while you were there? She called 3 more times! I called and I got a guy who said his name was John... No way... He barely spoke English and when I asked him where he was located, he said India! God bless America. Allstate is a horrible insurance company... I used to have them and when I finally had a claim, they told me I didn't buy the right policy!!! They finally picked my daughters car up at 9:00!!!! 5 hours later. Absolutely ridiculous. I am joining AAA tomorrow and filing a lawsuit against Allstate and AARP... Anyone who wants to join a class action lawsuit, please contact me! I AM filing the suit.

Maurice of Bayside, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

We have been with the Hartford for 2 years. We recently received a cancellation notice effective 5/5/17, with no explanation. Attempting to pay the premium, I was told that it would not be accepted due to a NSF by my bank. I have checked my online statement which shows no attempt to retrieve funds... No indication of any overdraft, no action or posting of the transaction AT ALL to my account. I received a confirmation number for the transaction from the Hartford, yet they show no satisfaction of the transaction.

My bank does not have a record of them attempting to retrieve the funds, either. Yet, I am being held accountable for what would appear to be a glitch in their system. I have never filed a claim with them, as my wife and I both have clean driving records, no accidents, no parking citations, etc. As they say, you get what you pay for. Their agent was apologetic, yet attempted to convince me that this was all my mishandling of my account. I have every bill/receipt for my tenure with them and nothing supports their decision to cancel my account. I'm done!

Kathlene of Hayward, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

The reason for this review is AARP is a greedy company. I have been with them for over 15 years and got one ticket and my insurance went through the roof. As one person TV stated, what good is it having car insurance, if you will be penalized for it. Again, news flash. No one is perfect. But that is taking money out of these "WEALTHY SHAREHOLDERS POCKETS" who are greedy just like a lot of these other companies. Really, 1 ticket in over 15 years. I can't wait until I can find someone else. DON'T SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY. All they want is your money. And you get no help from them.

Vickie of Corvallis, MT on
Satisfaction Rating

My first coverage with the Hartford for auto insurance was $513 per year. At renewal second year was $870. A shockingly huge increase considering I have never had any claims. I called and was told by one of their agents that at the end of the year the fire protection class rating defaults back to Class 10, the worst rating possible. The agent worked with me and said the rating should be a #3 which brought the policy down to $673. I thanked him and hung up and decided to get other quotes.

I got some pretty good quotes from Ameriprise so I went with it about 30 days ago. I got home today to find a message from Ameriprise to call them. Come to find out they were raising my auto insurance because unknown to me The Hartford put my auto insurance with Twin City Fire Insurance Company (by the name you would think this was for the homeowner's insurance, but not), and they were not an AM best rated company. Therefore Ameriprise was increasing my policy rate.

I want to know what right The Hartford has to just put my policy with another company without consulting me first and letting me know what negative effects this would have on future policies. I paid the bills to The Hartford, the policy is on their letterhead, but under insurer it list Twin City. So now I have another decision to make since Ameriprise has increased my rates. I can get more quotes and will probably be in the same boat, and I wonder how long this will follow me. This is almost like getting your credit damaged through fault of your own.

AARP obviously is in on this with The Hartford since you have to buy a membership to even get a quote from the AARP Hartford program. Is AARP getting kickbacks? These insurance companies are way too powerful and will continue to suck us dry, and sadly there is nothing we can do about since it is mandatory that we must carry auto insurance. I am canceling my membership with AARP as well.

Natacha of Conyers, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

I was hit by a person that have the Hartford for insurance. From day one it was crazy. They didn't reserve me a rental and I had to wait for that. Then when it was time for payment, the company that was fixing my vehicle called several times to get an understanding of when they will get paid and no response. I finally got in touch with the manager to which he said payment went out and he can't do anything more for me and that I must return the rental. Well how am I suppose to get to work? And why are you sending checks in the mail, what happened to wire or auto pay to these collision companies. This experience have been a nightmare.

Timothy of Shakopee, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

I was involved in an accident that was 100% the other driver's fault. Even though the Hartford is my insurance carrier, my claims agent did almost nothing to help me out. The only real help I received was from the other driver's claims agent, who was from Progressive. I feel sorry for anyone that has had the misfortune of being involved in an accident while insured by the Hartford. Utter incompetence from every level of employee I spoke with. Just an awful overall experience. My advice is avoid the Hartford at all costs.

Murray of Orem, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

I found out that Hartford canceled my auto insurance policy without giving electronic notification, even though all of my bills and correspondence occurred with them electronically. When I called to complain and ask if anything could be done about the situation, I was told that it was my fault even though the electronic invoices had no indication that cancellation would occur.

Ann of Lacey, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

After my paying them $1000/year or more for 12 years (2 vehicles), my roommate had an accident in my truck (I wasn't in it). I had her covered with my insurance. Hartford took info from the other party but wouldn't take info from me. They even used the other party's photo, which could have been taken anywhere, but refused to use mine. I asked them to slow down, but they closed the claim in 2 days, including the other party filing a claim for injury. Everyone was going not more than 2 mph (it was a parking lot accident). They probably printed up some letterhead for a fake doctor and submitted that. But Hartford believes them. Hartford's attitude was "Too bad, sucker!"

My roommate subsequently moved out so I'll be taking her off my insurance. However, Hartford is still going to raise my rate, unless I prove she's not living here any more (and she won't cooperate in giving me a copy of her rental agreement), and will raise my deductible back to $500 and remove the "no accident in 5 years" discount!!! Even though I had nothing to do with the accident.

I hate this company. If they ever did give me a "no accident in 5 yrs discount", my wallet never felt it. The claims person I dealt with was completely unsympathetic, was anxious to close the claim, didn't give a damn about my "loyalty" (which I supposedly also get a discount for). Not to mention, they raise my rate every year even though my car & truck get older. It's not like they're going to buy me a brand new one if it's wrecked. And their towing and rental car reimbursements were set in the '70s and won't pay for what you have to put out today. Unbelievably poor service.

edward of Bennington, VT on
Satisfaction Rating

The first year their price was reasonable. A year later with two vehicles that are a year older with no claims, and no homeowner claims the cost goes up. Like all insurance companies they are criminal origination. The state makes us send money too.

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AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance is a program offered by The Hartford especially for AARP members. The program has been around for more than 30 years. The insurer is headquartered in Hartford, CT.

  • Collectible car insurance: AARP/Hartford offers specialized insurance for collectible car owners, so their valuable collectors' items are covered in case of damage.
  • Umbrella insurance options: Customers can also receive umbrella coverage through the company, so their liability is covered even if a judgment is higher than their primary auto insurance coverage limits.
  • Online calculator: The company offers customers an easy-to-use online calculator that allows them to determine the right amount of coverage before purchasing a policy.
  • Many discounts: AARP/Hartford offers auto insurance discounts for many things, including vehicle fuel choice, air bags and more.
  • Lifetime renewability: AARP/Hartford allows customers to renew their auto insurance policies for their entire lifetime, as long as they are able to drive and meet a few basic requirements.
  • Best for Drivers over the age of 50 and drivers who belong to AARP.

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The Hartford
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