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I have been with AARP/Hartford Auto/Home Insurance for 25+ years. Recently (July/August) I was hospitalized for a month (with cancer!!) and I got home on the 11th of August. Upon going into my account online with Hartford to pay my premiums, I paid my Auto insurance and went to pay my homeowners. When the account came up, it said it could not be paid, so I called the number listed immediately. I was told I was 1 (one) day overdue with my payment and they had cancelled my homeowners' insurance.

I have since had another surgery and have not had a chance until today to find some insurance. I am a 71 year old widow and totally so angry at Hartford for doing this to me. They should be SO ashamed of themselves for treating a human this way, especially someone that could do nothing about it, being I had no one to pay my premium for me. I am now in the process of trying to find auto/home insurance because I never want to see the Hartford name AGAIN!!

After decades of service through AARP, I found that they were charging me nearly 100% more than the competition. When I obtained new coverage and asked them to cancel, they claim they lost more than six cancellation letters, and continue to try and bill be. With the lowest satisfaction levels I have ever seen, how can AARP continue to support this group?

I just experienced the same 20% rate increase that many others have experienced. I switched to Hartford last year due to the AARP endorsement and the fact that they saved me money over Geico. My recent renewal quote is 20% higher for one car and 25% higher for my second car. The rep gave me the same line about there being an overall statewide increase of 15% for the state of Washington. I had no tickets or accidents on either car in the last year. The rep couldn't explain why my rates were 50% above the statewide increase. I have written to the Hartford President/CEO and AARP and have heard nothing. There are too many reviews on the Internet that are the same as mine to be a coincidence. Both Hartford and the AARP are involved in a bait and switch business - and they should be taken to task.

Have been a long time 20 year customer with Hartford Auto insurance. Perfect driving record. No claims, was slammed with 40% increase in my rates (yes, 40%) this year 2016. No reason give and even the Hartford agent said the company was screwed up, basically punishing preferred customers for all the claims they had to pay out last year and recommended switching! Don't even start looking deeply into this company. 60 minutes did documentary on their CORRUPT illegal activities in keeping and spending people's LIFE insurance policies, not notifying the deceased beneficiaries.

Almost all the complaints in ConsumerAffairs about AARP/Hartford auto insurance relates to unjustified rate increases. That lousy outfit has increased my rates by 20% every year for the last 4 years. I have no tickets nor accidents for at least the last 15 years. It is obvious that AARP and Hartford introduced a plan to take advantage of senior citizens by getting them to switch and then bait them. I will complain to both AARP and the Texas Insurance Board. AARP you ought to be ashamed of yourself for promoting this greedy insurance company. I will certainly not renew my AARP membership.

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Several years ago I got a quote from Hartford for auto insurance based on the AARP endorsement. The quote was around $300 a year less than I was paying. I gave the quote to my current agent and he suggested if I could get the Hartford price I should take it. I did. Guess what happened. At the end of the first year the price went up more than $300. I called for an explanation and I was told that Hartford had "re-evaluated" their Illinois rates. Based on the number of Hartford complaints I see my assumption is Hartford pays AARP for their endorsement and AARP does nothing to keep an eye on Hartford's performance. As a result I ignore any endorsements or suggestions made by AARP as they are worthless.

I contacted AARP/The Hartford Customer Service, and the individual I spoke to only gave me double-talk, but no good reason why my auto insurance policy was raised by 20 percent. I changed over to The Hartford through AARP last year, and was given a good rate so I switched to The Hartford. Now one year later, with no negative issues during the past year, because there have been (no moving violations, or tickets of any kind, and no accidents), they raise my policy rate. I have 3 vehicles, a primary residence, and a rental property that I switched to be insured by The Hartford, but I do not see any benefit to me. They raised my rate by 20 percent after only one year, and now my rate is almost exactly what I was paying Allstate at the time I switched to AARP's The Hartford. This looks more like a bait-and-switch, since there is no obvious reason for a 20 percent increase.

When I spoke to the Customer Service representative he tried to tell me that there was a large increase in auto insurance throughout the State of Nevada. He then switched to telling me that one of the reasons was because my wife received a speeding ticket, and I had an accident. When I told him that these issues happened before I switched to The Hartford, and were known by The Hartford at the time I switched, he then went back to saying that the rates were increased statewide. Again, he could never tell me why my policy went up 20 percent after one year with no accidents and no moving violations.

I also sent an email to AARP and I haven't heard anything back from them. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since The Hartford replied to my email by asking me to call their Customer Service, versus providing what I asked for in my email, and that is a written and detailed explanation of why my auto insurance went up by 20 percent! They can't do it because there isn't any legitimate reason!!! Bait and Switch!

My next email is going to be on the site to let the millions of active, retired, reserve and national guard personnel see exactly how AARP and The Hartford do business, and let them decide if AARP/The Hartford is a organization/company they would like to do business with. I am very sure that the unjustified amount of the increase The Hartford put on my policies will pale in comparison to what doing this type of business will eventually cost them.

It has now been over 3 months and still waiting for my 2006 Mini Cooper S, (pristine condition) to be totally fixed! I was involved in a 'no fault accident', police came and no tix or fine to me. I am 63 years old with absolutely no history of tix or fines. My 2006 Mini Cooper S has only 47,000 miles on her (for 10 years, good history and deemed a 'safe driver' thru the Hartford). I was able to have her mechanically fixed thru a foreign motor shop owner for $3200 with whom I've always used. Appraiser from The Hartford told owner of foreign motor shop, "All Mini parts are made in China." NOT true at all ("Mini parts are made in Germany or Britain", shop owner replied). And even if appraiser wanted him to use after market parts, too few to use for Mini. That was battle # 1.

Battle #2 - Mini is drivable and used 'preferred' body shop thru The Hartford. Again, appraiser is totally inept! Appraiser accused me of 'more damage' that I supposedly did in same area of original damage AFTER mechanically repaired. WHAT!!! I know what 'they' are trying to do - Mini was considered 'totaled' after 3-4 weeks in mechanical shop per appraiser but fixed leaving me with a balance of $1,050 for body repair - WHAT! Body repair is about $5,000 and the Hartford is stalling! I don't think by laws in NH that once mechanically drivable, The Hartford can 'total' my car!!! TOTAL JERKS!

Have escalated to Supervisor as Insurance rep and Appraiser totally clueless. Ready to write to corporate. Supervisor was helpful at first, but, as well, caught in lies per email correspondence to me. I keep all emails, responses to them and documents from 'them' and they ARE just SIMPLY THE WORST company for car insurance. I am a responsible 63 year old woman and was 'sucked into' by AARP - The Hartford!

Called for auto quote since I am over 55 per AARP referral. Was provided a monthly rate of $318 due to a no fault accident. Hartford advertises "will not be dropped due to accident" and "accident forgiveness"... such advertisement conflicts with what they actually do. If you are found not at fault per their advertisements you should not have that held against you, especially when you were hit from behind while sitting in traffic! AARP should not only disassociate themselves, but the federal government should do something about this company... Borderline discriminatory!

My car died on the side of a six-lane highway today. I called the insurance company to request a tow. They referred me to the correct people for that. I was informed after 45 minutes of waiting that I had no tow coverage. I was horrified, as I have (I thought) always had road service. Apparently I have it for the motorhome, but not for my vehicles. I do read the fifty pages of legalese they send every year at the beginning of the insure period, but never realized that I did not have road service. The road service on the motorhome is included, but it is not obvious that it is not included on the cars, and all three are bundled on one policy. Considering the costs and the few times I have ever needed road service this seems to me to be a pretty petty way of bilking the customer.

When another vehicle cut me off in traffic and scratched his rear quarter panel on my bumper, the police accepted his word that he had been run into by my truck. This went to arbitration and even though Hartford had pictures showing no damage to my bumper and my explanation of the accident (The courts had disallowed the police report). I have not had an accident or ticket in many years. Hartford accepted a judgement against me and raised my rates. They may have lower initial rates but they make up for it at arbitration. I no longer insure my three vehicles with them and have found superior coverage.

My insurance for 2015 was $1034. My premium for 2016 is $1930. I called The Hartford and was told that my wife had an accident, which she had. We paid the $785 to Enterprise to settle the claim. We did not claim anything with Hartford. But, because she had an "accident", our premium went up even though Hartford had paid nothing. AARP should be looking for another, honest, company to carry their insurance. I'm quitting Hartford and AARP. They are both full **. "Taking care of the +50 group". Right!!!

April of this year I wrote the following to AARP on my Hartford insurance. After getting my first speeding ticket in more than 30 years, Hartford wanted to raise my annual premium $150.00. I had to drop my Comp to afford continuing to have auto insurance. Then I get my annual bill and find out it went up $38.00. I wrote the following, which they responded with the following, but I never heard anything more, so I called them. Got the run around about how they are the only insurance company that guarantees a rate for a year... blah, blah, blah. What get me more than anything is my home insurance has increased year-by-year as well, and I've never filed a claim. Hartford says that because of my age, which I'm only 60, and of course their costs they have to raise rates yearly.

Funny thing is, Hartford only insures people over 50. You know why? Because they have the best driving records, least accidents and tickets. I'm looking to change. This false advertising that they do isn't worth the small difference. However, most insurance companies are in it for the profits. It's that 1% wealth hitting Americans.

My rate just went up over $200 per year. The reason? I was told I drove over 7000 miles. I have not had any accidents or claims. I may have put incorrect info on a questionnaire about my odometer reading. It was probably an 8 and I read 0. The fact that as a senior, a good driver who used the Truelane program, I feel totally betrayed by this AARP Ins. program. If I had any claims I might understand an increase.

My husband was comparing auto/renter's insurance quotes online this past February 2016. We discovered very low rates for both Progressive Insurance and the Hartford. (Note: We have had State Farm coverage for the last 10 years and have been very happy; however, this year, despite having no tickets, claims, or accidents, our insurance rates went up). I contacted the Hartford by phone to confirm the rates that my husband had received online. I spoke with Don, who confirmed the exact same rates for both auto and renter's insurance, with the added information that in Michigan, where we now reside, we would be required to purchase a yearly $16.00 AARP membership, to be eligible to purchase this insurance. I asked many questions and wrote down specifics that Don communicated, including monthly checking account withdrawals, monthly fees, etc.

Two months passed, and I decided to contact the Hartford again, though this time I spoke with a representative named Bonnie. I asked the same questions of Bonnie that I had asked previously of Don, then tweaked (changed) both deductibles to our auto and renter's insurance. Bonnie gave me a quote for each that was a combined $24.76 cheaper than the rates that Don had quoted. Elated, I contacted Hartford again, two days later, to purchase this insurance and to give them our financial information. This time I spoke with Arlene, who listened attentively to my two previous insurance quotes from Hartford. When I asked her to confirm our most recent quotes from Bonnie, Arlene put me on 'hold' to check out this information with her supervisor. Ten minutes later, when she returned to the phone, she stated that she could not give us the rates that either Don or Bonnie had quoted me in earlier conversations.

Despite no changes to our driving record(s), non-attendance to driving school, or previous claims to State Farm Insurance, she stated that we would now be paying an additional $58.03 for both of our insurance coverages. I objected and asked to speak with her supervisor. She asked if I had a written statement (through the form of e-mail) from either Don or Bonnie, confirming the quotes they had previously given. I stated that I had taken careful notes, and could recite specifically what I had discussed with each agent. Bottom line: poor transparency. We ended up staying with State Farm. I am very disappointed in the Hartford's treatment of us (I contacted them a total of three times, with my husband spending time online getting quotes from various insurance carriers). Arlene offered no apologies, and I intend to file a claim with the BBB for their inability to back the rates that are communicated over the phone.

I made an inquiry for an auto policy pricing. I received 4 different prices each getting higher as the procedure went along. I told them that I needed to talk and confirm with my wife to proceed. However, on the 1st of the month I discovered an unauthorized draft pulled from my bank account. It was $100+ higher than their quote and higher than my current policy. This to me was misrepresentation and theft. Now I must wait 12+ days to get my money back. AARP this is bad representation for what you try to portray. I wish I had read the reviews prior to thinking they were an honest company.

Even though I HATED AARP's politics Big Time... they appeared to be the cheapest car insurance for us old folk. All fine & good until one renewal period when they attempted to overcharge me by a couple hundred dollars. No accidents/no tickets, but my insurance was substantially higher. Called & inquired... he just kept cutting the amount DOWN w/each of my questions. Never apologized nor admitted any wrongdoing. Thankfully State Farm (who I used to have) offered me a policy for less plus I no longer had to deal w/AARP their yearly membership fee/their awful magazine/their dreadful politics or their "criminally negligent" car insurance agents.

I took my vehicle into their appraiser and he estimated $2000 in damage. I then took my auto into my own collision repair. I have 1000 deductible. I received a check at my home for $645. Upon inquiry they said they have someone else who could replace windshield for 200 cheaper. Then I received a call from body shop and he told me Hartford would only pay for aftermarket headlight lens. My car is 3 mos. old 4,000 mi and they want to put Chinese made lens on a $46,000 vehicle. Mind you I have been with them for approximately 6 years both home and auto. It would have been a difference of $365 more and they absolutely will not bend because to quote "Your car is not new. Had it been new we would have put OEM parts on." My car is 2015 purchased 3 mos. ago! Stay clear of this company. I am an AARP member. Correction I was an AARP Hartford customer.

We have been with AARP/Hartford (auto and home) for 15 to 20 years. We noted car insurance premiums were extremely high on the last invoice. I got quotes for SAME coverage from several other major insurance companies. Long story short: after about an hour of waiting and being switched from one person to another, I was told they "have a new plan for me" which lowered my annual premium over $600. However, they took away the vanishing deductible I had earned over the many years (never had a claim).

Based on my experience, one might think they (Hartford) are ripping off many senior citizens with creeping rates who have been loyal customers for years. It doesn't seem Hartford is looking out for Hartford. The AARP should reconsider their relationship with the Hartford. I certainly do not trust Hartford or AARP after this experience. If the Hartford were truly looking out for my best interests, they would have not attempted to gouge me. Buyer beware!

Their online price guarantee is not honored. Buyer Beware!!! I received an email with their online price guarantee and they would not honor it. When I went back online to continue with auto insurance even with a reference number included the Hartford online site could not find it. Needless to say I started a new quote it was higher! Had to call their 800 #. Needless to say their representative danced all around this issue saying there had been computer glitches and actually tried to tell me to read below the line of guarantee that this was only an estimate and could change but that is if you change deductibles, etc. Very upset since AARP recommends this insurance. I called them and they do not log complaints.

I was recently in an auto accident. Having not been in an auto accident in about the last 40 years, I was not familiar with the procedure working with my insurance company. Hartford event number **. Kasey ** handled the liability and he was very helpful and it was quickly resolved. Linda ** handled injury. She said since I had coverage The Hartford would cover it. She, also, said that I would have to take a form to the Doctor to fill out. She said she would be out for a few days and if I should call someone would return my call. I did call. The form never arrived and no one returned my call for 3 or 4 days.

In that time it occurred to me if I allowed the Hartford to pay my medical bills the cost of my auto insurance would probably increase. So I called the other insurance company, USAA. They agreed to pay 100% of the medical bills and, also, paid $500.00 for pain and suffering. So it is abundantly clear that speaking to Linda ** was a waste of my time. It is, also, clear that Linda ** was working in the best interest of the Hartford and certainly not in my best interest. So my question is this the Hartford's policy that your client handle everything? Please take note that I never want to speak with Linda ** again. The reason should be obvious.

In October of 2015 my mother was told that she could no longer drive, so she sold her car. She contacted the Hartford customer service number and canceled her car insurance as of October 31, 2015. Their representative assured her that the insurance would be canceled as of the end of October. At no time did they ask for written termination. She continued to receive bills and called their customer service department three more times. Each time she was assured that her insurance was canceled. I did check to see if the automated payments were coming out of her account, as I'm also on the account, and they had ceased.

To date she has never received a cancellation notice. However, she just received a past due notice for her policy. It appears to be their habit to prey on seniors. I have notes from the initial and second times she called their customer service line, as I helped her with the calls. I definitely WOULD NOT recommend either The Hartford, or their branch of AARP Auto Insurance.

To date I've done the following: Lodged a complaint with the BBB regarding the Hartford, lodged a complaint with the Hartford sales and marketing dept. regarding poor customer service and deceptive business practices with intent to defraud the elderly, lodged a complaint with the AARP regarding their predatory practices, lodged a complaint with the Attorney Generals of Utah, Washington, their business location of Kentucky and their headquarters state of Connecticut regarding your predatory practices, lodged a complaint via the Comment form on the Hartford corporate website, lodged a complaint via the Hartford Facebook, lodged a complaint via the customer service survey form on the Hartford site. Hopefully other seniors will be warned to avoid the Hartford and AARP insurance.

I had Hartford Insurance coverage on my car for over 10 years and never submitted a claim or had an accident or received a ticket. I noticed they started increasing my premiums every year. The second year I inquired why my premiums were again increased. I made inquiries with the third year increase. I never received a justifiable reason for any of the increases. In fact the third inquiry response was to connect me to several different departments with no explanation from any of them. I cancelled my coverage at that point. I would not recommend Hartford Insurance to anyone at this point.

I switched to AARP/Hartford two years ago since they offered a significant discount. However, they increase the premiums every year even though I had no accidents or claims. The first year's increase was $204, the second year $228. I complained and their reason for the increase was because of where I live. I feel that the amount of the increase is exorbitant. I'm in the process of getting quotes from other companies.

We were just informed by The Hartford that after many years and no claims, our premiums would be going up by 20% because we were sideswiped by another driver. The other driver's insurance company accepted 100% liability and paid our damages. While this is not remotely fair, it was actually very good news for us since it sent us running for the door and into the arms of Flo at Progressive, which saved us approximately 40% per year! We had thought we were getting a good price because of our AARP discount, but obviously we were not! Moral to the story: shop around.

Was involved in an auto accident with Washington State Troop Nicholas ** 20 May 2015, when he failed to obey basic traffic laws and WSP protocol. From my 2nd phone call to my adjuster, Doris ** (adjuster) treated me like I was responsible for the accident. When I informed my PIP adjuster Robin ** that I was filing a claim for my property damage against the State of Washington, she proceeded to tell me that emergency vehicles were immune from claims (as if she were a lawyer). I won my claim. The Hartford has been a nightmare to deal with. From their horrid customer service, losing documents form my health care providers, and refusing to pay my PIP lost wages with any kind of consistency. DO NOT USE THE HARTFORD, at all.

We received a bill from the Hartford for an additional $20.00. I called and found out that they charge to add a mortgagee to the policy. I have never heard of anything so ridiculous. I checked with our previous carrier (AAA) and they assured me they do not add cost for changes, and they hadn't heard of anyone doing this until I called them. I asked them to credit me the fee, but the person I spoke to refused and said no one else I talked to would. VERY unsatisfied... especially from a large company such as The Hartford. Since they brag about their low rates, I guess they have to nickel and dime people to death to make up the cost.

Call to get quote and discussed everything. Agent set up everything and told me if I called back later, everything set up to go forth. Called back an hour later, the lady asked same questions over. I told her everything was in the system for me to pay. She comes up with close to 1000 pay difference. Unacceptable. After reading reviews, I know it's a blessing that I didn't pay any money. Scamming folks.

AARP/Hartford has told me they will not write a policy for me in South Carolina even though they gave me a quote (looking at my claims) 3 months ago. FORGET THEIR LIFETIME RENEWABLITY!!! They said since I moved to a new state they didn't have to continue coverage because my previous state had to continue because they allowed 3 claims there but only allowed 2 claims in South Carolina.

They said they would be fined if they wrote my policy. I asked if this was a state regulation and they said it was Hartford policy so who would they pay a fine to? Themselves!!! They refused to send me any higher in AARP/Hartford's resolution area and refused to give me the corporate headquarter's address or the names of the CEO CFO or Board of Directors. By the way my 3rd claim causing them to cancel me was a $300 claim for a car backing into my car in a parking lot!! Do not believe anything their ads on TV say... or from your AARP Magazine.

Being an AARP member and after seeing numerous advertised claims of significant savings by switching to Hartford Insurance, I bit and made the phone call to get a quote. After about 5 minutes of hoop jumping on the phone I was given the opportunity to leave a number stating that I would be called back. I received a call from a Hartford agent within the hour and we proceeded to iron out the details needed to give me a quote. At 61 years of age being empty nesters with no insurance claims, accidents, or driving record history, and my wife and I both with excellent credit, I was optimistic of some savings. The process on the phone including discussions took approximately 20 minutes as the agent was able to access my insurance and driving record information online to complete the quote. The agent was pleasant enough however the quote was outrageous when compared to what we presently pay for Homeowners.

Our current homeowners is $1,590 per year with 1,000 deductible all losses. Hartford's quotes was just under $4,700 per year with same deductible BUT $1,500 deductible on any wind and hail claim as agent said in our area (Minnesota), the higher wind and hail deductible is the lowest option they offer. The auto portion of the quote was within $50 per year per vehicle. We have a boat also but was told would have to speak to another department about insuring that. At that point I realized we all were wasting our time due to the tune of an increase of $3,000 per year over what I presently pay for auto and homeowners. The agent said she was surprised there was such a difference and noted that usually they are more competitive. Confirmed that the quotes we talked about would be e-mailed to me which I did receive. My frustration is with the fact that they were not even close while they claim and advertise significant savings in most cases.

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AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance is a program offered by The Hartford especially for AARP members. The program has been around for more than 30 years. The insurer is headquartered in Hartford, CT.

  • Collectible car insurance: AARP/Hartford offers specialized insurance for collectible car owners, so their valuable collectors' items are covered in case of damage.
  • Umbrella insurance options: Customers can also receive umbrella coverage through the company, so their liability is covered even if a judgment is higher than their primary auto insurance coverage limits.
  • Online calculator: The company offers customers an easy-to-use online calculator that allows them to determine the right amount of coverage before purchasing a policy.
  • Many discounts: AARP/Hartford offers auto insurance discounts for many things, including vehicle fuel choice, air bags and more.
  • Lifetime renewability: AARP/Hartford allows customers to renew their auto insurance policies for their entire lifetime, as long as they are able to drive and meet a few basic requirements.
  • Best for Drivers over the age of 50 and drivers who belong to AARP.

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