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I hate this company! If Marla or Rochelle ever helps you... hang up the phone and run! Worst ** service and accommodations in the world!!! THEIR CLIENTS WILL REAR END YOU AND THEY WILL NOT GIVE A **! I have never been so upset or angry in my entire life. Their client rear ended me and damaged my entire car and they refuse to help because they have "STATE LIMITS". They are rude and disrespectful and have the most unprofessional people working for them. This company should be permanently closed - SERIOUSLY!

Nobody in the San Antonio office knows anything about their job. They were not trained properly to do their jobs especially DILLION. They did not explain to me the process of getting my check here, I am 7 damn days with a rental car that I have to end up paying $400 dollars out of my pocket. I ask for the corporate number and NOBODY knows how to get in contact with corporate... BUNCH OF BS CSR REPS and a BS OWNER.

I received a call today, no message left - I returned their call, it was Fred Loya. I've had insurance through them for 6 months. My rate was set to drop by $20-$30 by the end of the month. My driving record has always been spotless. Instead of dropping my rate, like our signed papers agreed on, they raised it by $15. They said they sent me a letter confirming that CO state has increased ALL insurance companies. I called around, that was complete **. No one knows what they are talking about.

During the conversation, I was "accidentally" hung up on, lied to, the women were rude and just uneducated. They didn't know the percentage that CO supposedly raised any rates to. She didn't understand that my rate was to drop so told me the rate decrease wouldn't go in effect. I said I'd have to switch insurance and she scoffed and told me they don't do credit checks and every insurance was increasing... I'm new here. That's the only reason I even used them. It nearly felt like a threat. I am going to State Farm tomorrow to switch. The ladies there were actually pretty crappy to anyone other than the Hispanic crowd. It's a damn shame.

My husband and I have had a policy with Fred Loya now for over 3 years. We have been covered since we were 16 without a gap. There have been 0 tickets and 0 accidents in the last 8 years and yet they informed me today that my rate will now more than double. They have horrible customer service and provide no reason for my rate doubling other than Texas rules. I call BS. I will be canceling my policy on both vehicles and finding a company who actually respects their clients. All of the employees I have ever dealt with have been rude and seemed to be inconvenienced by doing their job. Complete disappointment!! NEVER GET A POLICY WITH FRED LOYA, WORST INSURANCE COMPANY EVER!!!

7/25/16 a multi car crash resulted in an F150 pick-up crashing into the side of my work shop, I file a claim and Fred Loya accepted liability. They assured me that it would be handled promptly. It took me and some friends 16 total hours to support and secure my structure. It was four days before a contract adjuster showed up. 5 business days later I was informed that they did not have my information yet. On the 17th business day Fred Loya contacted me and demanded that I file a claim on my own insurance due to policy limits, I am unaware of any law that requires an innocent victim to file an insurance claim on their own insurance.

Fred Loya is insisting that they cannot resolve my claim with me directly which makes no sense when I have repeatedly suggested that I would be open to resolving this claim for my fair and equitable share of the policy limits yet they refuse to explore that option. The simple fact here is that Fred Loya owes me my fair share of the policy limits and they 100% responsible for resolving this claim. It is easy to see why Fred Loya has earned its place at the top of the worst Insurance list.

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On Tue Aug 2, 2016 Fred Loya Insurance violated my civil rights. When I came in on the 2nd to pay my insurance payment I was treated real bad. The procedure at this company is to go to the video desk to speak to a repersentive on video to pay your payment as I always do. This time the rep told me to wait for the agent in the office to finish me. As I was waiting a Hispanic couple walk in & the agent did not say another word to me leaving me at the viedo desk real cold, while treating the couple that just walked in real nice.

After waiting for about 25 minutes I spoke up & told the agent I was here first. She stated "just a little bit longer." Thats when I realize my civil rights were being violated. After she finished with the couple she told me she can't rewrite the same policy & that I need a bank card to rewrite a new policy. I stated that I have a bank card but it's for savings not checking. She no longer wanted to help me even though my record was clean, no accidents doing business with them for nearly 2 years. What's up with that?

June 20, 2016 had an accident and my engine was ruined! Need to get a new engine put in now and 45 days later, still waiting for my truck to be fixed. On June 21st I reported the incident when I got to work. The young lady asked a few standard questions, took the report, never asked if I needed a rental and then sent me on to repeat what happened to the next young lady who asked me basically the same standard questions. After a few days I attempted to get an update on my claim from the adjuster that was assigned to my claim and no answer. Attempted a few more times, same thing. I even told them I was leaving out of town for a business trip and wanted to know something before I left and still, nothing.

Called on my way back from my business trip a few days later and found out the 1st young lady that my claim was assigned to, no longer works for the company and they will get an update for me and call me back. Nothing. Called and left a message with a supervisor (they leave their supervisors info on their voicemail) and received a call later that evening from her while I was out to dinner on a Friday night with family and missed the call, no detailed message, just her name and number so I could call her back.

Phone tag!! Several more attempts of trying to get an update on my claim (these people do not believe in picking up the phone when it rings, they send it straight to voicemail), I leave a nasty voicemail letting them know how frustrated I was and saying that I'm getting a lawyer involved, I get a call back at 6:15 p.m. that night while I'm putting my 12 month old baby to sleep and I get the same lame excuse as everyone else is getting, they're waiting on a 3rd party adjuster.

After almost 3 weeks without a vehicle and having my husband miss time from work because we're car pooling, I tell her I need a rental so I can take my 2 kids to the doctor for their shots and she sets me up with that. Fine, I'm kinda happy now I will have a vehicle soon. She also gives me the 3rd party adjusters info for me to call and get an update from them. Who works for who? I don't work for Fred Loya, that's what I pay them to do, right??? NOPE, I have to call. Get lame excuses from that company also on why it's taking so long. FINALLY they come up with an amount they feel is enough to fix my truck. Guess what? It's not enough! Surprise, surprise!! Now have to get my repair guy to call and get a supplemental on the claim.

Almost 2 months later, still waiting! My rental agreement is up next week and my 1st born kid starts school for the 1st time the week after that. What am I to do with no vehicle? Not their problem I guess! So my husband and I have to figure out a way to get our kid to school, get the now 14 month old to the babysitter, both get to work and then get the kids from the sitter/school separately because we don't work together nor do we work near each other. My husband can't keep missing time from work because time is money! Hmm, I guess you get what you pay for with Fred Loya!! It was the cheapest when we were shopping for new insurance and we took the bait! WARNING, STAY CLEAR OF FRED LOYA INSURANCE!!

On May 28 I was hit by a drunk driver, he has Fred Loya Insurance. He was arrested at the scene. I was given delay tactic after delay tactic before an adjuster was finally assigned to my claim. My entire front bumper and right fender were torn off. I received an estimate from Fred Loya in the amount of $800. I obtained my own estimates from 3 random collision places in town. The estimates were roughly $1,900, $2,600 and $2,700. After weeks of more delay tactics, they agreed to a supplemental payment of roughly $900.

However, after they mailed the checks, and before I received them, they VOIDED the checks and called me to notify me, claiming that they had forgotten to include the apartment number on the checks, and would thus have to void them. I instructed them not to since my name was clearly on the check, and I knew my postman would deliver them (which he did). They said, no, they would have to void the checks, and I would receive new ones by Monday of the following week (2 days ago).

On Wednesday (today), I still had not received any checks, so I called their corporate office. They kept me on hold for roughly an hour, then put a supervisor on the phone. She then told me that they had to void the checks because their adjuster made a mistake, and they could not pay that amount. They are submitting the claim to a review department where it will be assigned a new adjuster. When I asked her why I was flat out lied to when I was told they voided the checks due to the apartment number not being on the address, she said that it was because of that, and ALSO because they are not going to pay. I have desperate need of those funds and have made promises based on Fred Loya's agreement to pay and telling me the checks were approved, signed and mailed. This company is the worst and this has completely ruined my summer.

One of their stupid, ugly, and overweight customers hit me and profusely stated that it was all her fault and blah blah blah. I said, "** IDC. Give me your information" (the only time I, as an adult, felt like laying a ** out). This accident happened on May 19th, 2016. It is now July 7th. Damn and Fred Loya is a **. I know how he got rich. He was a ** cattle rancher who never went past the ** 8th grade and was depressed and decided to start selling ** insurance. Anyways, they have finally issued out my 12,500 check but are still lagging on releasing my vehicle. I had signed the agreement to keep the car, but they are still lagging on that... I do not care. At least I am getting paid. Pray that one of their customers does not hit you because it will be a few months until you get paid. Also, you will most likely develop some type of depressive disorder because these people are going to take the fight out of you.

The company is based out of El Paso, TX so in actuality I think they are run by the Juarez Cartel, and it shows. It's been a wild ride by this company and I'm still not done with them. Wth? Unbelievable experience. After reading some of these other reviews, my situation nowhere near as dramatic as some of the others, but here goes.

Two months ago on 4/20/16 my car while in the parking garage of the building where I currently work was hit by someone as she was apparently leaving. I wasn't there. She was kind enough to leave a note on my windshield explaining what happened. I called her when I got home and we had a good conversation and I explained to her that I will go get an estimate for the damages and get back to her. She said "fine." All well and dandy.

When I got the estimate a few days later, 1900 approx, I immediately sent her the information. Immediately she got defensive saying that was too much. She took pictures with her cell of the immediate damage and a few other spots and proclaimed 'I didn't do this! And that scratch there... Not me! I'm going to let my insurance company handle this from here on out!' And I'm like fine! I anticipate that. (I know this has nothing to do with Loya, but to just give you an idea of the type of people they represent typically, bear with me.)

She would only give me her first name and not the last, and would not give me her insurance policy #. Ding! Light bulb goes off... No insurance! Great. Well I spent a good few days trying to call her and texting her, no response. Great. Contacted my insurance company, Geico, opened the claim with them, shared all available info, they said they could cover it, with myself responsible for the deductible. And they indicated they would try to reach her and get her to pay up! No luck on their part.

Well a few weeks later, I get an unexpected call from a rep at Loya Insurance, whom I never heard of, and they indicated they accepted the liability damages to the car and would take care of it. I should await to hear from a damage inspector next. I asked her what was the deal with the insured? She said the person that hit me was not insured and did not own the car, it belonged to her sister. Ok great, welcome myself to that world!

It was another two weeks or so before I heard anything outright. And I had to hound them! I've been hit before, and never has it taken this long. So for the next several weeks I went back and forth, back and forth, back and forth with the company, both the claims rep assigned to my case as well as other reps at the 1-800 number, and the dude assigned to come out to look at my car (His voice box was full, go figure!). 'Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, someone will get back to you soon!' Blah blah. Lot of voicemail and non-returned phone calls. Approx 6 weeks of this.

Btw the primary claims rep that are assigned to head up individual cases at this company might as well not even show for work on any given day, they are that useless, the results would be the same. Well finally after so much phone tag, I finally talk to Ms. claims rep, she says I'm never returning their phone calls! Wth, are you serious??! She indicated they've assigned it to a third party appraiser service to come look at the car. Serious? She gave me the # of a rep there. Well, spent a few days trying to get a hold of him. Nothing. Kept calling both him and Loya for the next week or so, same old rigmarole.

Then one day out of the blue I receive a call from an independent appraiser and he sets it all up. Two weeks ago (it is now 6/22), he came to look at the car and made out his own estimate. About $800 less than the body shop (Can't wait to get into those weeds!). He says he'll provide Loya with the info and I should hear from them soon. A few days. Great. I never did. I had to call them. By now used to it. The rep over the phone confirmed they had the estimate info provided by him, and they would be issuing me a check within the week. That was the week of June 13th. Light at the end of the tunnel?

No. In the mail yesterday, received a letter from my glorious claim adjuster, a standard letter, asking if I was awaiting action on their part. Was the claim ready to be closed? Huh??!! No! I'm awaiting the check your company promised me! Get on the phone today and spoke with the most receptive agent to date. She said she had no idea what was going on, that the claim had been closed, and no check issued. She asked me to hold while she re-opened the claim and issued the check that was supposed to go out last week. 7-10 business days. Just like the last rep told me last week.

That's why I call this Part 1. Definitely at this point not naive enough to believe I'm anywhere near the end. I will be back to write more if I don't receive this check next week. And while all this is still going on, I still have a claim opened with my own company as back up! What other choice do you have!? But based on other reviews I have read, this is nothing new. This company runs a racket. Obviously. And they are getting away with it. They are in the business of representing those not playing by the rules in society, and will continue to get away with it if they aren't seriously reprimanded. Hopefully I won't be back to write part II, but wouldn't count on that being the case.

One never smiles when I go into the office. She looks like she's always angry. Second when they send me a text they sent me two different prices that I owe. Don't know why I only have a 1999 truck. Then they're rude. I tell them "Why the heck do you have 2 title holders on my insurance?" They couldn't give me an explanation. All they keep saying is "Well maybe those people live or Lived in your house." I said "Nobody's lives in my house for 11 years." I said houses built in 1960, well all the people that lived in your house they have to go on the insurance, so I told her "So the house is build 1960. Everybody that has live there it's going to go on my insurance?" There's about 3 or 4 people on my insurance saying they can't drive my car, so I don't even know who the heck they are. Oh I see you're all stupid. You don't do that. No wonder there's a lot of theft. Looking for a new insurance company.

I would like to know who are the people to blame that is not doing what is needed to stop this kind of company from doing business? I am angry and very upset with my dealings with Fred Loya Insurance company. However, I am just as angry when I can that this company is ripping off people in every way that they can in every state that they are allowed to do business in and that NO ONE is caring enough about their wrongdoing to stop them. Each of these states that are doing nothing about the wron doing of this company is doing more than doing nothing, they are ALLOWING this company to do all the wrongdoing that it does!

That being said, On May 21, 2016 my car was rear ended by one of Fred Loya policy holders in Bakersfield, CA. If you are in a traffic accident and no one is injured, the police do not come to the scene and there is no police report that is completed on your accident. My car was on Belle Terrace, street has one lane going east and one lane going west and there is a lane that divides the two lanes which is a turning lane. My car had moved out of the right lane and had pulled over and stopped in the turning lane with my left signal on. If I had been going to turn right I would have been in the right lane and would have just turned right but I was turning left which mean that I had to be right where I was, this was for turning left.

As I set there waiting for the oncoming traffic to slow so I could safety turn, headlights were approaching from behind me. As I just start to turn my car is rear ended from the back with most of the blow to my car to the back bumper and left corner of my bumper, her front is smashed. We call our insurance and contact Fred Loya insurance and thought it odd that she had contacted our insurance but not her insurance but it had been more than 25 years since we had been in any kind of car accident and then not our fault plus we were told that she probably just had not got around to reporting the accident.

When I contacted Fred Loya Insurance, the man sounded young and was so nice and was being more than helpful. There was something in his voice and he insisted on giving me all the information that I needed as well as information and phone numbers that I might need for whatever reason later on. Then the young man set me up with an appointment to take my car in so pictures could be taken for the claim adjuster.

OK, I'm taking my car in and pictures will be taken and the claim adjuster will make an estimate and write me a check. No, I will take my car in for pictures and the pictures will be sent to Texas for the claim adjuster to look at and from the pictures the claim adjuster will send me a check, based on what he sees in the picture? What? The young man said "It is very important that everything shows in the pictures. Make sure that you contact your claim adjuster and go over all damages with him before he sends you that check because after he send you that check if there is other damage, they will not pay you"!!! I am confused, I have three days before I take my car in and I must have misunderstood, everything will be clear when I take my car in Wednesday.

However, I told the young man that my car had been rear ended and the only thing that was damage was my rear bumper and lights under the back bumper. The man asked, what about my tires, anything leaking, etc. and told me to check my car over very close. I hung up the phone and next morning I went over every inch of my car and notice things and notice that things were not lining up as they should. The next few days I start Googling Fred Loya Insurance and I was shocked at the complaints.

To make a long story short from May 26 to June 6 I made more than 43 calls and all calls to the adjuster would ring and reroute back to the office when the people that answer the phone state that they can help me there is no one else that can. They try to convince me to take my car into any body shop and get it worked on and if the damage is more than what Fred Loya Insurance figures then the body shop person has to contact Fred Loya Supplement Dept. who will then issue them a check. I already had read about the many people who had lost their car because the body shops had put liens on their car for failure to be paid by the insurance company. Long story short, their policy holder 100% to blame and Fred Loya refuse to pay, they tell their policy holder to go after mine and my insurance knows when you are rear ended and proof is there that they are not going to pay.

My insurance is now going after their insurance to pay but they still refuse. My insurance states that this may take several months before we find out or get any money for the damages. My insurance has paid me for damages to my bumper less the deductible which they are also trying to get my Fred Loya. I stated that I am preparing to take the girl that hit me to court that I can sue her for the deductible plus all court cost but my insurance ask me to first wait and see what happens. Maybe if enough of Fred Loya policy holders started getting sued, may be the only way to stop this Insurance company!

Fred Loya had no excuse for not accepting blame but the reason they gave for not paying the claim was "He said, she said" They said we will take our policy holders word over another person’s word, I explained that they are supposed to be taking facts over words and going by the Insurance Act and laws that insurance company is supposed to go by. I then explain that if they open their own rule books that explains "Who is at Fault" it will show and explain that their policy holder is at 100 % fault? I was informed by the agent that have the right to decide how they decide who is at fault!

The most terrible company ever! They lasted 3 weeks to successfully finish the initial estimate. They had me jumping hoops with the check they sent out since there was 3 names it was issued out to. When it came to having a supplement estimate done, the insurance said they did not have anyone in my area to do the estimate! Are you serious? They offer services and charge for them when they cannot help you!!! I only spoke to my individual adjuster once, then I was not able to contact her and I spoke to over 10 people over the phone. Every time it was someone different! I so hate this company! Very unprofessional!

I am currently insured by Fred Loya and I was hit by a trailer on April 29, 2016. The insurance of the trailer agreed to pay for the damages and I received a letter on May 13, 2016 from my adjuster that a check would be sent out to me. As of June 6, 2016 I have not yet received any check. I contacted my adjuster a week ago and she told me she would check if the check had been cashed & if not she would send out a new one. I emailed her three days ago & she never replied or contacted me.

Today I called the Fred Loya 1800 number and spoke to someone in regards to this. They told me that in the Notes section of the claim my adjuster did not write anything about underwriting the check to see if anyone cashed it or about sending out a new one. I can't believe it, so much time wasted! I have no car, I've been living off rides to get to work, and I even had to quit my school. On the other hand, another check for the reimbursement of a car I rented has not arrived either and this check was sent out on May 27, 2016. This insurance is a joke! I know of someone else who since March has been waiting for a check.

Today June 13, 2016 and I call in to make payment and they say that they are no longer taking payments at this time due to products and other stuff. Now I'm confused at this time, so I ask her (Kimberley) at the Memorial Drive office in Georgia, "So what do we do? Will our insurance lapse?" She said yes. So whoever has Loya for insurance won't have it if your payment is due this week. That means registration will be cancel subject to be pulled over by the police. Never have I heard of anything like this. Got to call the news people. Have to shine some light on this. I just can't with these folks. They are cheap but sometimes it's better to pay for what you want.

I am a Semi truck driver 1st off. I know most people think we cause all the accidents but insurance statistics prove cars are at fault in over 78% of our wrecks. I was involved in a accident with one of their customers on April 28,2016 on the Atlanta, GA loop. She pulled right out of her lane and into mine without even considering the consequence of her action. Luckily I have a very good quality Dashcam that records GPS trail as well as speed. After I rear ended her and we pulled over I went to check on her and she was fine she said. I immediately went back to my truck to download the footage into my laptop to store it. When the officers arrived (2 female officers) and they asked for my statement on what happened I pulled my laptop from the truck and showed them EXACTLY what happened.

Well long story short is she was cited for "failure to maintain lane" and was told this was 100% her fault. She wanted to argue with the officers saying I was speeding. Nope. Footage said I was 3 miles under speed limit and after locking up the brakes 13 under at time of impact. She tried to say I should have been able to stop, Nope again. The officers informed her a semi truck can't stop like a car. We have too much weight behind us pushing us when we have to stop suddenly. I was told by the officer to be ready to fight her because she feels she did nothing wrong when the camera footage proves otherwise. The officer believes as do I that she is just wanting to sue because It was a BIG TRUCK that hit her and there are a GAZZILION billboards advertising we sue trucks no matter if it's your fault. I filed with my insurance company the next day.

On May 3rd I still haven't heard from her insurance company so I called them. They didn't have a copy of the police report or any information on the wreck. I downloaded a copy of the report online the day after the accident on 4/29/2016. I gave the rep all the same info that is on the report as well as my statement and informed them I have dash camera footage if needed. They gave me a claim number and the adjuster's name and phone number. Well after SEVERAL attempts to contact the adjuster I still haven't received a call back from him and it's been 6 weeks since the accident. My insurance company has tried to contact them as well and was treated very rudely. They informed me but got nowhere with them.

I have $6,000 worth of damage to my 2016 Freightliner Coronado truck and want it fixed. This truck is brand new and is now considered a wrecked vehicle so it has also lost value now because of the wreck. These people are sickening. I have contacted their toll free number off of the corp website and AGAIN had to give the info all over again from the police report and give my statement. I informed them when I called the claim # and adjuster's name. I informed them he refuses to return mine or my insurance company's phone calls and will never answer his phone when we call.

My next step is to call the insurance commissioner's office for the state of Georgia and see if they can get a return phone call. I am also filing a report with the BBB. AVOID THIS COMPANY AND PRAY ONE OF THEIR CLIENTS DON'T HIT YOU. MAKE SURE YOU BUY A GREAT QUALITY DASHCAM. Don't pull out in front of semi trucks, we can't stop on a dime.

My story is like everyone elses. I had to fight with them to get a car rental (8 hours on hold and being hanged up on). After my car was "fixed", the body shop did not want to give us our car because Fred Loya did not pay them. After fighting with Fred Loya for a day, the body shop agreed to release the car. After a few more days, we discovered issues with the seatbelts, it took us 3 months to get one of the seat belts fixed, with one still pending.

We called Fred Loya to get the remaining seat belt fixed but they told us that they did not find any issues with it (even though we had video of the different times it would not latch). They told us it was a manufacturer defect (the car is 1 year old and never had that issue prior to the accident). After a few weeks of fighting with them, they finally said to take it to the body shop to get evaluated and to call the Fred Loya rep while we were there. We did and of course the rep never picked up the phone when we were there but the body shop still looked at the car. We tried reaching the rep again to get the part ordered, when we finally did she said that we never called and had to go back to the body shop (30 miles away).

Till this day the body shop has not been able to reach anyone in the supplemental department. Also, they were suppose to replace our kid's car seats because they were in use when we got into an accident. They said that they would only pay a total of $110 dollars for both the booster chair and the regular car seat because I did not have a receipt for them. Who the hell saves the receipts for car seats and where do they shop to determine how much they are going to pay out.

Pros: It's a budget friendly insurance company that give you the illusion that you are covered if something happens. Cons: Miss a payment, they are calling you everyday at least twice a day to tell you that the payment didn't go through and they won't stop until they reach you on the phone even if they leave a voicemail. File a claim: Hard to reach people, on hold for hours to get someone that is not helpful at all. Every rep tells you a different story. People are constantly hanging up on you to transferring to a line that goes nowhere, hard to get them to pay anything.

People I have Never had such a bad experience with Fred Loya Insurance company. These people are rude. They lie, you deal with so many different people that all has different ways of doing thing. No one is ever on the same page. On excessive hold time. My car has been in the shop since June 1 2016. Today is June 6. I was advise they have 48 to 72 hr to provided a supplemental for the repairs. It now has been day 6 and he just got there. They issues me a check for 2 days for rental 50.60. I have not been able to get to work. Almost lost my job. They have not provided an compensation for pain and suffering. I was advised to file a class act against this company.

It's been almost a month since I've been dealing with this fraud insurance company. I was hit on the 9th of May by one of their drivers. They picked up my car a week later and I was never notified of them getting it. Not once did they call me and tell me where the vehicle was located. It wasn't until today June 1st, after countless emails and calling that I found out it was at some salvage yard. Damages were estimated to be over 4K.

When I called they said my car isn't going to get fixed until they get the statement from the other driver who hit me who happens to be out of the country. If they can't get it within 40 days, the claim will be dropped. I haven't been called once by these asshats I'm calling and emailing everyday and they just decide to ignore me. The claim rep is Cecil **, she is no help and isn't professional one bit. I've contacted her numerous times and still not a reply. Dealing with them is frustrating. I'll be seeking an attorney to get these clowns to fix my ** car.

This is the worst customer service experience I have ever seen. I had my SUV stolen and destroyed. Get a hold of my insurance and have the highest expectations since I had heard they were great. So they start off of "yea well I need this and this and this and as soon as you get all this I can clear your claim and we can take care of it". So I get them everything they needed from me, police reports, signed paperwork, you name it. Call them and think finally it's over... NOT. "Well since this happens we can't continue until we get this and that. It takes time to clear claims. My boss said this. Salvage team said that. Well there too many claims." Blah blah blah. It went from "a week two weeks tops" said the adjuster to going on two months and I still don't see the light at the of the tunnel. No help. Worst people to take care of a claim. I can't wait until it's finally over. I'm not looking forward to using these guys ever again.

I was never contacted about this post, however, after 2 months I did receive and accepted a satisfactory settlement offer. My opinion about having them as my insurance has not changed. No way, but they did deliver in the end.

Original Review

It all started when my vehicle was hit by one of their insured on April 5th. When I called to file the claim I was on the phone for over 1.5 hrs. The reps were very apologetic and friendly but come on! It should NOT take that long. I realize that the time may have been increased because we got disconnected mid stream and I had to call back and deal with someone else but really? My expectation was that the original contact SHOULD have called me back... Then, for the next 6 weeks I have been bounced from person to person, sent email after email with either no response or no follow through. Finally on 05/20 I got a $$ amount that they are willing to pay. "I'll send you an email..." Nada. As a business owner myself I know service and they fall way short of the mark in my book. Fred Loya would never get my business as a consumer.

Got hit by one of their insurer. Just like everyone else have been getting the run around from the adjuster Ms **. Every time I call to check on status on the claim I get excuse after excuse. They have bad customer services bunch of people with no knowledge of the business. I finally got a hold of my insurance to do a claim. And have reached out to an attorney due to the vehicle that got hit is my business vehicle. Sorry if you ever have to deal with this sorry company. They should be embarrassed calling themselves a company.

I was rear-ended over a month ago by their insured. It took three days of my hounding them to get a rental and an estimate. They explained to me that if I agreed to use their body shop, which has lifetime warranty, I would receive better service and prompter return; because they are contracted with Fred Loya. I am a single woman in Houston and don't have the resources or time to shop around; so, I agree.

After days of my calling about my car, twice I was told it would be ready. Then, just before 5 p.m. told that I could pick it up the following week. The day I was to pick it up, I was instructed that the back gate (electrical) was still not functioning properly, but I should be able to pick it up on Monday (this was a Friday). I went to get it after work on Tuesday at 5 p.m.. Immediately I noticed no sound from anything in my car (blinkers, blue tooth, back-up camera, radio). First, thing in the morning I called them and they were going to contact insurance about a supplement.

When I went to leave work that afternoon, I attempted to roll the windows down from the driver's control. The passenger windows would not open. After about 20-30 minutes the passenger window and rear windows opened. Once the car cooled, I attempted to raise the windows and the back windows wouldn't come up. Eventually, they came up over about 45 minutes only raising a few inches at a time. The back gate makes a popping noise when it opens then it slips. I brought the car back at the assurance from the adjuster I would get my car back in the "exact" same working condition it was in when I was hit by their insurer.

Yesterday, their appraiser calls me and tells me they took my car to Chevrolet to be eval'd and the non-functioning part is an amplifier that is corroded and they are refusing supplement not related to accident. Ironically, there was no corrosion prior to the accident and it was fully functioning. Again, at 6 p.m. yesterday their adjuster assured me they would repair my vehicle to pre-accident working condition. These non-functioning issues are a safety hazard to me and my family.

Today at 4:30 p.m., I don't get a call from the shop, the appraiser, adjuster (who reassured yesterday); I get a call from the rental supervisor (on Friday) to tell me they are not paying my rental after today. I am 42 miles from the body shop, which has not put my car back together and wouldn't have it ready for me to pick-up. I call Fred Loya and they tell me there is nothing they can do. They won't pay the supplement because it's a manufacturer defect. Not to mention, the shop working on my car flooded here in Houston the Sunday and Monday before I picked my car up. So, could I maybe assume the corrosion happened there?

Now, I am left paying a rental for the weekend and a vehicle that isn't ready. I was injured and paying my own medical, because all I wanted was my car back in the condition it was in when I was hit. I told them I have seen a doctor twice and no one with person injury has ever contacted me or offered to pay. I will no longer attempted to make contact with these fraudulent, incompetent, and unprofessional individuals. They will now be required to speak with my attorney.

Worst company I have ever dealt with! What a fraud and horrible company! I was in an accident. One of their insured T-boned me while I was driving to work. She was liable and received the ticket. I was contacted by a Loya rep and was asked to take my car in for an estimate. So I did and they took pictures of my car and said they would contact me. Based off of the pictures that were taken the adjuster called me and let me know she would be issuing a check for $1100 and would be closing my claim. She was rude, unhelpful and could never answer any of my questions. I called around trying to get my car in for repairs and none of the auto body shops wanted to even work with Fred Loya because of being ripped off in the past by this awful company!

Finally I was fed up and filed through my insurance (GEICO) who was awesome and fixed my car in a timely manner! I've been trying to reach the adjuster who never returns my phone calls or emails! The damage was totaled at $3,580! I didn't think the $1100 dollars they came up with (just by taking a few pictures) would cover the damage to my car! Horrible horrible company. I have no clue how this place is in business. Complete joke and I would never recommend them to anyone! Marisol ** was the adjuster I dealt with absolutely no customer service and very unhelpful! Still haven't heard back from her to this day! Goodluck to anyone who has to deal this horrid company!

Hail storm and check made out to finance company. Yes you heard it right!! While other insurance companies are issue out checks to their customers, this company do not if damage is over $5,000 and you are financing your car. So after 20 years being a customer, I am now writing reviews and never ever again will I do business with this company. Bad customer service. Takes days to get a callback. And rates for insurance are higher and higher.

I was involved in an accident with a Loya insured customer in March of 2015. My daughter was in the car, we were on our way to work/school. The insured was obviously distracted as she changed lanes, ignored the red lights around her and rear ended me at about 40 mpg. Enough to twist a 1 ton steel tow hitch. She immediately pulled into the center turn lane like she was going to take off. I got out of my car and put my hands on the hood of her car yelling at her to stop while on the phone with the police. The police filed a report, ruling her at fault. I went to the hospital that day because I was feeling pain from the accident, my daughter missed school and I missed work.

A Loya rep called us asking us to take the truck to them so they could take pictures. Two days later they offered us a settlement of $1200.00 for the damages, in the meantime I took my truck to my insurance company because I wanted a second estimate and had done my research the minute I found out what insurance company the other person had. My insurance company body shop came back with $3600 in total damages and slight frame damage. Something that the LOYA agent couldn't have even seen.

A representative called me two days after the accident to offer me medical claims settlements. I was on pain meds and anti anxiety medications and was unclear as to what she was saying. She didn't present herself very clear to the point, I thought she wanted to get my account as to what happened and she didn't speak English that well.

Turns out I wound up agreeing to give up all rights to any future claims against them. Here it is a year later, I am still in pain and having problems from the accident, still have nightmares of my daughter screaming, and to top it off the woman that hit me went into my job and told the ladies in the office I was crazy and there was no damage to my car. Do yourselves a favor, if you get into an accident with one of their insured, do not agree to anything. Let your insurance company handle everything for you. If they call you on the phone wanting to talk to you about the accident, refer them to your insurance company. Scam artists.

We were in an accident with a driver that has this company's insurance. It was their driver's fault. We had witness statements but no official police report because of weather related cold reporting. We were given a claim number and tried for three days to contact an adjuster. They give you the runaround. You have to play phone tag. The adjuster finally called at 10:30 at night. He was extremely rude and not helpful. It was a waste of a call.

I called his team leader the next day and played phone tag with her for two weeks. I called her team leader and he answered right away but was no help. When I finally talked to the adjuster she lied to me outright which began another week of phone tag. If you get in an accident with a driver insured by these criminals, forget trying to collect on a claim. They prey on the poor and the high risk drivers with no intention of paying. They will wear you down until you give up unless you can afford a lawyer to sue them but I would imagine they have thousands of pending lawsuits. We will end up getting a loan to fix our truck because our insurance only covers liability. Lesson learned, being insured by these criminals is like not having insurance at all. And pray you don't get hit by one of their "insured drivers."

Their client rear ended us - it's been 16 days, and although we have cooperated, had our car looked at by their appraiser and gave statement to their claims adjuster, NADA. I've called adjuster 3 times. Today received a letter saying since I've been silent on the matter (what?!) they'll close the claim in 5 days. I'm calling Liberty Mutual, my excellent insurance company, to see what else I can do. This is ridiculous!!

Fred Loya's client hit me and admitted her fault but they decided they would not cover the costs because the car she was driving wasn't covered on her policy. Completely absurd!!! She's still liable for damages. NEVER use Fred Loya. BEWARE!!!

Very unprofessional. They never answer your messages... and when they do they will hang up on you. Good luck trying to get a rental car coverage. They only want to cover 30 days even when it was their client who's at fault. I'm surprise they are still in business. Avoid dealing with these crooks.

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