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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

USAA Customer Service for Auto Insurance has gone down the drain! I recently moved in June and had my Post Office forward my mail to my new address. I never received either via Regular Mail nor Email that my Car Insurance Policy expired on 8/13! On 8/15 I called USAA and was informed my policy expired, I made payment and was told to check in the next 24-48 hours when my policy will be reissued. On 8/16 I called again and was told to wait another 24 hours.

On 8/17 spoke to rep Tracy and was informed I had to wait 10 days till the old policy clears!!! I asked to speak to Higher Level of Support/Manager and was asked if they can take my number and someone will call me back in 24 HOURS! I stated NO, I want to speak to a Manager and will wait on the line. Waited for what felt like an HOUR and finally got on the phone with a manager (Brad) who informed me what the other representatives failed to tell me to complete an Coverage Selection form required by my state. Once this form is completed they can reissue my insurance policy. I was then transferred back to rep Tracy who walked me thru completing the form I faxed and emailed the form back. I was also told by rep Tracy that no additional down payment is needed (later on this was a lie and had to pay another $200 to be my policy reinstated).

On 8/18 by rep Tracy contacted me to advise she made a mistake and there are (2) boxes that need to be checked off from the form. I completed this and faxed back and uploaded to USAA Website. On 8/22 rep Tracy call me to state they received my form, all is well, need to wait for the old policy to close to open/reissue my car insurance policy.

On 8/23 voicemail message from USAA I am missing the signature on the form. I called back and speak to rep Jerrad who was the best and professional and explained he sees the completed form with SIGNATURE and will reinstate insurance but will need to pay $200 for the new policy. At this point I paid the $200 to get my policy as I do not want to drive without insurance. The customer experience is the WORST and I would have rate less than 1 star if I had the option. They failed to properly inform the customer 1) Coverage form needs to be completed otherwise NO INSURANCE. 2) USAA Systems are not reflecting coverage form with signature. 3) Escalation process need major overhaul. 4) Misquoted by rep that I did not pay additional monies.

I've been w/ USAA for 28 years and they are getting the boot this week. It's actually a shame. This used to be a great company. In the last 10 years, the culture and the service have been destroyed. Nowadays it is almost impossible to get a human being on the phone and when you do, that person is a **. e.g. I had a broken windshield. USAA requires you to use Safelite. Safelite screws it up twice and USAA tells me that this "is not their problem".

E.g. a couple of years ago, my car is broken into and bunch of stuff was stolen. USAA's auto insurance policy doesn't cover personal property in the car because the state of Colorado's insurance laws don't require them to do this. So much for doing the right thing... They wanted me to file 2 separate claims with 2 separate deductibles. This is not the company it once was. Active duty guys. Don't buy the story. Go out on the open market and find a different company. These guys are scamming you. Fellow veterans, vote with your feet. Absent a chance in leadership and culture, this once great brand will continue to be subpar.

On 7/23/16 My car was damaged by an insured of USAA. It took several phone calls to get an adjuster to contact me about the repairs. They recommended a body shop as they would provide a lifetime warranty on the repairs if I used this shop. My car was returned to me on 8/9/ The paint did not match. The repair place tell me it is due to the difference in materials and the age of the car. The car is a 2014, so not that old. I took the car to another place to get another opinion. The color is at least 6 shades difference. I tried to call USAA 2 times and no callback. I want my car returned to the way it was just before the damage. I have not hear from USAA since the original adjuster contacted me on 7/25. So much for concern or customer service. I am a veteran but you can rest assured I will not change my insurance to USAA. This is not the kind of service they advertise.

I was hit by a teenage driver with 4 children in the car from the rear. After 1.5 weeks of my car in the auto repair shop the auto company called to give me a heads up that my vehicle will be declared totaled by USAA after they said it could be repair. Cost too high. It took USAA another 5 days to call me and notify me that they have declared my vehicle a total loss and I have 3 days to purchase another vehicle but it will take over a week to get me my money for the total payout of my vehicle. I need the money for my vehicle to purchase new one. After 3 days I will pay for the rental not USAA.

When I called to discuss this and to ask that I purchase $800 worth of tires that were 2 weeks old along with alignments they said "it does not matter. We will only give you $100 for the tires because they are in good condition", but did not hesitate to deduct $50 because the driver seat too dirty. When I called to complain and disagree they said it does not matter that I disagree and if I want the tires I could go get them. When was upset that it took over a week to get my money they said that I will have to fedex my title to them then track it, call them when it arrives and they will issue payment.

When I said "that was not acceptable" they said then I will have to drive about 100 mile roundtrip to their facility to give them the title and HUNG UP on me. A lot of work for someone not at fault and their insured person hit me. Luckily my family was not injured because it could have cost them A LOT more after I sue. If you want to be treated fairly DO NOT get USAA Insurance.

I have been with USAA for 10+ years. I never really used them to file a claim, until I had to and realized the insurance I pay for isn't worth it. They have nickel and dimed me for every penny along the way. Even though my car and home were both damaged by the same storm I had to pay both deductibles. Do you know that ANPAC insurance doesn't do that. I will have to come out of pocket for home repairs, and my car they gave me the lowest value they could possibly get away with. USAA has let me down as a customer and my advice, if you are paying monthly premiums with them, you are probably better putting that money elsewhere. They WON'T be there when it actually counts.

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After been customer for 9 years I call USAA and I found out this crooked company have blame me for hitting a pothole and now shows in my driver license like was a car accident "waooo incredible". Now the other's insurance company are giving me a high quote for no reason and "can't change the issue for another year. After 2 years pass by with me not knowing the problem into today then I decide to shop around for another insurance company and the other company told me about it"... USAA THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!! Customer service are rude and not professional! Now is my fault like a car accident for going over a pothole by DMV. WAOOO!

Worst customer service ever. Still waiting on my SSA and refund. You sent checks to an old address despite my calling several times then now can't wire transfer funds because you're waiting for the stop funds/check to clear. You are a multi-million dollar company, are you kidding me. After 37 years as a member you ran me off and now you are holding my funds. What more could anyone say except send my money.

I was in an accident 12/29/15. I broadsided (actually a little off broadside, as I saw her and attempted to miss hitting her). The other driver turned left in right in front of me, I was going 55 mph. Her fault, she admitted, police determined. She was the insured with USAA. They were fair with property damage, but I am bankrupt waiting on a fair settlement. I had concussion, chest wall contusion, back and neck sprain, broken nose, knocked my crown off. I was on a break from working as I had not had a vacation in 18 years. Was to start a new job in February grooming dogs. I can never do that again, as I cannot carry a gallon of milk without serious pain in chest after 7 months.

I freak out when driving and someone is turning. Now 7 mos later they want to settle with my medical to date (and my medical will be ongoing) and $1000. I am over $25k out in cash having to take out loans and use credit cards, as well as borrow from family to survive the last 7 months of my expenses, including my prescriptions, some of which I have done without due to the cost. I would not have been in this position had their client not turned straight across in front of me. She has had previous traffic violations including accidents and open container.

SOLD MY INFORMATION. I asked for a quote and used my cell. I have never done this and the next day I got 12 calls from people who can hook me up with auto insurance. I would give them Zero if I could.

I was in an auto accident. I was making a right hand turn onto a 3 lane northbound street. The other driver was executing a illegal u-turn and cut across 3 lanes of traffic and collided with my vehicle. Now the adjuster Bryan was very rude and without even gathering within 5 hours called and said that he determined it was my fault, and that he would call my insurance company without even having police reports or taking statements. Clearly it was USAA client's fault and the evidence was and is clear. Even the driver said she was at fault. Why is USAA too irresponsible to pay the $500.00 in damages. What gives?

Haven't had insurance for long with USAA and just got a letter with no explanation that my auto and renters insurance is being cancelled in 3 days with NO REFUND. My account was hacked into which apparently is something that happens with this company and now they want to cancel my policies without even an explanation of why or a refund of the money I paid for the tOmega they're choosing not to cover me. How am I supposed to find insurance within days when I've paid my policies in full within the first month of having it? Is this how they do their customers? Guess so since this isn't the first complaint against them. Feeling frustrated.

Beyond minor tap of bumper in private parking lot. Guy plus 4 witness said no damage. Didn't call police but USAA decide to pay man after he lied. Said everything is good. No damages. Usaa paid damages on a vehicle that didn't even have a scratch on it. 900.00 and they are going to make my insurance go up. My own insurance company didn't even stick up for me, they told me on the phone when I asked. How do you even know or assume it was my fault? There wasn't even a police report, USAA wasn't there. The other guy should have gotten failure to yield. How is it automatically my fault for pulling out parking spot. Either way guess what. No no no damage was done, not even scratch but they paid this guy anyway without even letting me know... Wow. I'm going to someone that will fight for me.

I was driving along. Got hit by a lady who swerved into my lane. Took 6 months to mitigate. USAA lied & told me I would get a percentage back when I should have been found not liable, but somehow I'm 25% liable & USAA gets to keep all the money & I literally was just driving. They do not have your best interest & they do not represent military as they propose they do. I have accident forgiveness too, which I should have never needed but guess what they are doing? Raising my rates! They are a scam. I was with Geico & should have stayed with them! Please don't be fooled at their phoney attempts to say they represent military families because that's a total lie!!!

We were in an accident last week where the woman who hit us had USAA insurance. The police didn't cite her, but it was written up with her "at fault". She readily admitted it was her fault. USAA denied our claim as "he said, she said" and said that since the police didn't witness it, they were denying it. If that's the way they do business, you can bet I will never recommend them to anyone.

As a longtime (over 15 years) customer of USAA for a multitude of their product offerings, including Investment services, banking, credit cards and homeowner and auto insurance, I am qualified to comment about their flawed corporate culture and poor customer service all the way up to the Office of the President. Anyone who watches television must be familiar with USAA's commercial which runs incessantly (at least where I live in Los Angeles) propounding the message "We know what it means to serve." Unfortunately, my years of experience with USAA has shown that USAA does not know what it means to serve their customers/members.

When I challenged a representative in their insurance department that I had numerous experiences where their employees demonstrated that "they do not know what it means to serve" his priceless response was that he had served two tours of duty in the armed services and then hung up on me. Clearly, he was not familiar with USAAs commercial or their corporate slogan. I called the Office of the President to bring attention to the lack of common sense exhibited by their employee. They assured me that they would listen to the recorded call. While they agreed with my interpretation of their slogan's intended meaning that "USAA knows what it means to serve their members" and not only that "USAA knows what it means to serve in the military" they were unwilling to call out their employee for his rude and irrational limited misinterpretation of their slogan and his abrupt termination of my call. I only wish this was an isolated incidence, but it is not.

I have had misinformation and poor service from people in their claims department, credit card fraud department and banking, including by employees with the title of Director. To me it is more important to measure a company by how their respond to legitimate factual complaints about mistakes and errors in judgment of their employees and what they to mitigate or correct the error than that they made the mistake in the first place. But either measure, number of employee mistakes or actions of management to mitigate or correct the mistake, USAA has repeatedly failed with me and thousands of others who voice their issues on a variety of complaint blogs. Just Google “USAA complaints” and see for yourself.

In January of this year my daughter and another gentleman was rear-ended by one of USAA insured drivers. Since January we have been trying to get settlement on the car damage and my daughter's medical claim. Our USAA claim representative is Elizabeth who according to her she knows more about the laws in the state of Missouri than any other person, including myself who just so happens to be a law student.

So Elizabeth informs me that I do not have the right to repair the car at a repair facility of my choice, and that USAA has some right to refuse to pay on the claim. Long story short I had it repaired at a shop I trusted instead of a shop that would put second hand parts on the car. As of Today USAA claims that they are finally going to get what they need from their shop that did an appraisal so that the claim can be paid out tomorrow. We will see how this works out, if it does not come out favorably I will just file in court and deal with their attorneys. At least they will know what the laws are in the state of Missouri.

Now to the Personal Injury side of things. Elizabeth again seems to know more about how things happen in injury claims than I do. According to USAA guidelines they will not pay ongoing medical treatment for injured parties in an accident. The parties are required to pay for all of their treatment themselves and in addition USAA will not settle on a claim until all of the injured treatment is concluded. So in their system an injured person who cannot afford medical treatment to get better will not ever reach the conclusion of treatment and get better or back to their original condition.

When I told her I should just file in court she stated "All you are going to do is give away 40% of your claim and get less" than dealing directly with her. She really needs to go back to customer service school and learn that if she wants to save the company money on claims where the in direct neglect per se, she needs to be nice to the person who is on the other end of the line.

USAA will deceive and play games to force you to pay higher premiums. Our tort option was changed without our knowledge or consent, and we were told that the rate on our 2010 Honda Civic was being raised due to, wait for it... wait for it... PARTS UNAVAILABILITY. That's right folks. Apparently USAA feels that it would be difficult to locate parts for a 2010 Honda Civic. It wouldn't be funny if it weren't true. I am a veteran and an insurance professional, and will never use or recommend USAA to anyone, ever. USAA is the very definition of a bad faith insurer. We have opened a complaint with our state's insurance commission and are switching our coverage to a more honest carrier.

Don't buy the myth that USAA has superior customer service. I've been with USAA for >20 years, and my frustrations have steadily grown for years. I'm finally severing ties... too many ridiculously long calls with customer service, routing and rerouting me to other departments, all unable to answer simple questions; repeating myself way too many times to rep after rep -- I've seriously never seen anything like it. I can get insurance cheaper elsewhere (two cars and two homes), comparable (or better) credit card coverage elsewhere, and much better online bill pay... for the life of me I can't explain why I didn't leave 10 years ago. I always rationalized slightly higher rates with the myth that their customer service was just better than the competition... well that hasn't been the case for years now.

Move over cable TV and phone companies, there is a new bad-actor in town. USAA customer (dis) service. I have been an USAA "victim" for about 3 years now and I must say that this company puts the UCK in SUCK! Every, (and I mean every) transaction with USAA customer service is a major debacle. I really cannot think of a time that I had a pleasant experience. The representatives are rude and the rules they enforce are laughable. e.g. trying to pay the auto insurance premium on a car that it is my name that my daughter drives so the policy is in her name (their rule, not mine). EVERY six months I have to fight, kick, snort and plead to pay this premium for my starving student daughter. It should not ought to be this way.

The horrible customer service perpetrated by USAA is just not worth the savings! Time for me to go car insurance shopping for my three cars. Yep, did I mention my and my sons car as well? Congratulations Takia and Princess (couldn't make those names up if I tried!) You have served USAA well in their "lose one customer at a time" business model!

In December of 2015 I contacted USAA to purchase liability insurance so that I could go obtain my Drivers License (I live in the state of North Carolina where you can't get your license without being insured). They were the only company I contacted who could offer a "non-owners" policy in the state of NC. In March of 2016 I acquired my vehicle & went to obtain my license. As soon as I did that I called USAA to get full insurance on my car. They issued me what they told me was the correct full coverage policy on a car that I pay a monthly amount on a loan for. And that the amount I owed on the non-owners policy would roll over into the new policy amount which by law you HAVE to have full coverage on a car you have under a bank and are still make the monthly payments on. How they even were able to issue a liability policy on a car that is still owned by the bank I have no idea.

Fast forward to today June 29th 2016. I call to have an auto payment set up & they tell me that I owe them 600 something dollars on the next billing cycle. I freak and ask why they say because in May the DMV notified them that I had acquired my license and therefore WITHOUT MY CONSENT they changed my auto policy to the "correct" fully coverage one, which I thought I already had, which bumped my payments up from $153 a month to over $500. When I asked why I had not been notified immediately they say "well, we sent you a notice in the mail". So let me get this straight. I tell them "You issue me the wrong policy to begin with and make changes to my account without my consent?"

The person on the other end just replies with "yes, I can't tell you why because I don't know myself" I've talked to two people who refuse to put me on the phone with a manager & CLAIM they can't see who issued me the policy when I KNOW their systems logs every person who's made changes to the account. So I'm stuck either paying $600 dollars or have my insurance suspended and have to shop elsewhere. USAA is a scam. Their employees are undertrained and will do whatever to make a buck. Beyond ridiculous.

Lucky for me, for the next ten years, I will let my opinion be known to the younger generation of military about USAA. After being with the company for about ten years, it will be coming to an end. The Customer service reps will "" information or just flat out tell you the wrong thing. When you talk to the next person to update your information, they tell you all sorts of new rules even different ones from the time of your original date of change (previous action request not explained or not properly written in their documentation). They have lost records. Have processed a claim against an item that wasn't stolen. Banned me from making transfers for the last 7 years due to their own issue with not contacting the other bank that had my name on the account. Not refunding items for coverage that would not have been covered due to their mislabeling of my items. What a despicable company preying on military members.

My family has hundreds of years of blood, sweat, and tears with three family members as POW in the military. I personally have served as critical family support to one deployed husband at one time and another who was a recruiter in two separate branches. I've been a customer of USAA, paying for Auto insurance, renters insurance, a checking account for over 6 years and three years ago, added an auto loan.

I called USAA recently after I received a letter advising me that due to no fault of my own, and simply for living in Texas, my rates were going up. On the call, the rep reiterated that I had an excellent driving record that my rates were going up for reasons unknown other that I lived in Texas. This is offensive and unacceptable to me. But while I was shopping for better insurance, I decided to upgrade my car. I have very good credit and have demonstrated 3 years of excellent payment history with USAA with one exception. I was hurt badly and spent time in the hospital and that ONE month I was 30 days late. ONE TIME in three years.

Over 30, times, I paid OVER the amount and early, but that was not given ANY weight in determining the loan percentage rate. We had a terrible hail storm recently in the DFW area and I filed the claim with USAA, also my insurance company. They did process the claim quickly, but it took a WEEK to get the money from USAA to my Capital One checking account. USAA insurance put the money in pretty quickly, but the checking is deplorable! Antiquated, sluggish, excessive ridiculous unnecessary hoops I had to jump through just to get the money from MY USAA Checking account to MY Capital One account. In this financial environment, with as many security features that I have to clear just to log into my account, that is just ridiculous and frustrating. It put my new car purchase in jeopardy, as that was the down payment for my new vehicle.

When I spoke to USAA about extending me another loan, I was just plain pissed with what they came back with. 3 years ago I was rebuilding my credit so the 13.5% rate was reasonable. 3 years late, with all problems corrected and removed, I now have excellent credit and when USAA offered me a loan at 13.75% I literally told them articulately what I thought. I was able to get a below 5% rate with the dealership BTW. THAT is how USAA treats its loyal customers.

Insurance: Raises your rates for no reason. Auto Loan: Give you the worst possible interest rate. Checking: Make it incredibly difficult to get your money. And the grand finale: I just got a call from the place that did the appraisal on my hail damage... USAA just sent them a check for the exact same amount I had to fight to get from my OWN checking account. Let me reiterate, I have spoken to customer service AND the executive resolution team, repeatedly - all you will ever get is policy quoted and repeated. Epic, catastrophic fail USAA, you're losing ALL my business.

On August 13, 2013 my son and I were involved in a very serious car accident. We both saw doctors for medical treatment. The pain was increasing for both of us. Since I had undergone major spinal surgery my general doctor gave me medicine and sent me back to my spinal surgeon. My son was treated and sent home with medicine ultimately being OK. Over the course of months and different medical procedures to try and alleviate the pain that was not going away, my surgeon decided to move forward with another surgery to try and correct the damage that the car accident had done to my back.

We have medical coverage with USAA and were contacted about submitting medical bills and how the procedure worked. They paid out on my son’s bills and a small payment to some of the outpatient procedures that the doctor had ordered for me. But once the big bills started coming in we started having issues. At this point we have now had 17 claims adjustors (literally) and never a straight answer as to what else is needed to pay these bills. We have faxed hundreds of pages of medical records, itemized bills, doctor’s notes and so on. Every time only to be told something is missing and they need more information. We have talked to supervisors who claim they are working on this issue, managers who say they will personally request the information needed and told that they just got the records and it takes time to go through them.

This last time we were told that since my back was pre-existing because of a surgery 4 years prior, they needed one years’ worth of records to prove I was not filing a false claim. I have a 12 inch scar up my back and rods and bolts all through it and I can't bend over like a normal person anymore since the surgery from the car accident. Keep in mind that this claim is now going on three years and no end in sight. I have had the same surgeon for all surgeries and he tried different medical treatments before coming to the conclusion of doing the surgery. After all, just going under the knife and having to rehab from this kind of surgery is no easy task, so to now be told of a possibility of myself filing a false claim is ridiculous. This company has made it clear that they are stalling until a 3 year medical time limit law runs out for me. Which I only recently found out about.

As of my last email they have flip-flopped from needing more documents, to they need time to look it over because it looks questionable. I have requested that they explain the delay, and as to why after almost 3 years they are now all of a sudden backtracking, only to be ignored in countless emails. They do not return calls, answer email questions, or send the documents requested on numerous occasions. They email when they feel like, and blatantly ignore my questions or requests, and just change what the problem is time after time. It is a shame they act so horribly towards their customers when the almighty $$$ is concerned.

I will continue to spread the word on all social media and online resources available to me, as to how they have deceived and lied to a handicapped person for 3 years. They do not take care of their own, as they have you believe from their commercials. Several of my family and friends, 1 of whom had been with them for decades, have already dropped them. Sad day for military people all over the country when you are beaten down by a company that claims to support military. The only thing USAA supports is greed and profit. You and I are just a dollar sign to them

After 13 years with this company I suggest all military members find a company who cares. They dropped the ball, didn't put back my rental on my auto so when I had my accident they won't cover my rental. Big surprise that conversation wasn't recorded. 2 weeks I have to chase them because they think everyone can access their online website even when you call everyday and say you can't. Way to treat your veterans!

I was hit by a USAA insured driver, who was obviously driving way too fast and not paying attention to the road as I was turning into a parking lot. He was going so fast that he put me into a tailspin, damaging the entire passenger side. My spin was stopped as I came to rest with the driver's side of my car pressed up against a small truck who was exiting the parking lot. I was hit so hard the passenger back tire was turned under the body of my 2012 Toyota Camry. I was stranded from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. an hour from home, waiting for USAA to help out with a rental vehicle as it was determined immediately their driver was at fault. However, there were no rental cars in Alabama and I had to wait on my daughter to pick me up and drive me home, an inconvenience to her as she was 30 minutes from the accident and another hour from my home.

Needless to say, my car was totaled out. I then received a 17-page document in which USAA devalued my car, stating it was in "good" condition compared to all those listed in the 17-page document which were in excellent condition. How about that for amazing! (sarcasm). I was told they would not change their rating that they were right and always were right and knew (the guy was from Texas) my car was not in excellent condition. Wow!!! His vitamin A levels must be off the chart - great vision (also sarcasm). No stains in my car (I have no kids at home and no pets and I don't eat in my car). No dents and no scratches and no dings. New tires. (Of course this is BEFORE their driver SLAMMED into my car!!) LOAD OF CROCK!!! So now I, at no fault of my own, am SCREWED!!! BECAUSE OF USAA not willing to MAKE THINGS RIGHT!!! Their driver messed up.

The adjuster, MARCUS, actually had the gall to state it was only an ACCIDENT. - yes, he said it was an accident - that his driver didn't mean to hit me. SERIOUSLY!!! So what, that makes it okay??? And then they throw a couple of dollars my way??? But yet, I CANNOT GET A CAR LIKE I HAD because of their driver's booboo??? I was actually told by Marcus that this is the way insurance is handled. The person at fault generally ends up in a better situation that the one who was just minding their own business. WELL, THANKS USAA!!! Way to stand up and take responsibility -- meanwhile driver's like me will just bend over - NOT! This victim is planning on taking it to the attorney! -Very dissatisfied doesn't even begin to describe my frustration!

I have spent hours on the phone with people at USAA, and nearly all of them have no idea what is going on with my account. I was able to sign up for USAA and pay them for 6 months of Insurance with 0 problems. Once they got my money, I have had nothing but headaches. Every time I call USAA I am transferred at least 3 times before talking to someone that has any idea what is happening with my account. When I finally talk to someone that understands why my account is on hold, they have to submit a request to have someone reach out to me. I always have to wait 2 days before that person reaches out. When they finally reach out, I provide them with the information they need, and I have to wait a few days before hearing anything.

I have had 3 phone calls with support that were over 1 hour, and 2 other phone calls that were over 30 minutes. I am STILL trying to sort out my account hold. I can't even cancel my account with them until this hold is resolved. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with any company. Everyone I talk to is not trained on the problem that I have, and the only people that are able to resolve it do not have an inbound number. I would do anything to never have to deal with USAA again. Unfortunately, I have to keep dealing with these people, but I hope that I can save even 1 poor soul from dealing with a nightmare like mine.

I am a 40+year member. Started with USAA because there was no war clause in their life insurance, and continued with them for all insurance needs throughout my military career and subsequent retirement. Also, in the last 10 years or so I've used their wealth management services. I have considered USAA as a partner with whom I could be totally candid and use them to advise me on the best courses of action.

But, a couple of years ago I happened to mention to one of their customer service reps that I had repaired, out of pocket, some damage I did to my car when I scraped a pillar in a parking garage. She told me that was considered an at fault accident, I should have reported it and that she was going to submit a claim and that would affect my insurance rates. After talking with a couple supervisors, I finally got that sorted out -- I think (who knows what they have in their computers). No longer will I be off guard when talking to them about any issues.

Regarding "Wealth Management". I no longer use their financial planners. They changed planners every six months or so and were not structured to handle my individual stocks heavy account. I need someone who is familiar with my account who can advise my heirs when I pass or become unable to manage the portfolio. I have since secured the services of a private fin planner; interestingly one who serviced my account before leaving USAA. I still have a brokerage account with them - using them to buy/sell -- and am reasonable happy.

Most noticeable in my interface with USAA is the customer service reps. "Back in the day", they were former or retired military who were knowledgeable and experienced, who I could rely upon to have my best interest at heart and with whom I felt I could partner. No longer. Today, they seem to be just entry level kind of young folks for whom this is just a job. Oh, they call me by my rank and thank me for my longevity with USAA. (Incidentally, that rank thing is of no importance to me - I'm not one to glory in that; that was a different life.)

In any event, that insurance rep was, for me, the denouement of a gradual change in USAA. The proverbial Rubicon, so to speak. From that point on I will never again volunteer info to them and don't feel that I can trust USAA to be a valued adviser with my best interest at heart. In my view they are becoming just another company. And, for the first time, I'm starting to compare their rates around the insurance community. In the star ratings below, I've checked 3/5 - Satisfied. But, that would have been 5/5 - Would Recommend to a Friend - a few years ago.

I have been a member of USAA since November of 2015. I would not recommend them to anyone. Please don't fall for their corny commercials about how they appreciate the military, and veterans. I am a veteran of the US Air Force, and am currently battling cancer. I had an insurance overage issue with USAA, and their response was as pathetic as their phone system. First of all at the scene of the accident it took three phone calls, and five minutes on hold just to speak with somebody. When I realized there was an issue with my coverage upon contacting them about a previous conversation to fix the issue their response was, "we have no recording of the conversation, and after speaking with the original representative no recollection of the conversation. After realizing there was an issue with my coverage in March of this year, they fixed the coverage on one vehicle, and not the other two.

All three vehicles were asked to be changed. The response on one of the vehicle, "sorry you're not covered". I stated I know there is a problem with coverage. I had asked for it to be fixed. As you can see there is not much concern for helping, just an apology. Just read the other 916 reviews. I now have to pay for an accident myself, that I should have been covered for if someone had done their job. I will have no way to pay for the medical attention I need simply because USAA does not care. It is against their guidelines to help you out.

I am in an industry that we have paid tens of thousands of dollars to fix a situation simply because we care about our clients and our company's good name. The company that is suppose to be there to protect the military has no interest in doing just that. Don't waste your money. There are many other insurance companies out there that will truly look out for your best interest, and would gladly have your hard earned dollars.

My experience with USAA is horrible. My vehicle was struck by a hit and run driver who was insured by USAA. Two traffic citations were issued against the teenage driver. One for hit and run. My damage was only a $1,000 which was a large dent in the quarter panel. I had photos, accident report and two summons which all backed up the hit and run. It is now the end of May. After numerous calls to their adjuster with no callback. I was informed that they are denying their insured was at fault or involved!! STAY AWAY FROM EVER USING THIS COMPANY!! I have GEICO and they are handling my claim and going after USAA for the deductible. Not that this has anything to with this claim, but I have over 30 years in law enforcement. l investigated thousands of auto collisions and what this company is doing is highly unethical. You have been warned. Have a nice day.

USAA Insurance contacted ME, I did NOT contact THEM...THEY contacted ME. I got a personal letter (HOW they got my information, I will never know) from them TELLING me they can save me A LOT of money over the auto insurance I am paying now. So I go on their website and fill out that quote information, only to have their website SCREAM at me. When I finalize my quote information their website flashes up on my monitor screen in LARGE letters "WE REFUSE YOU INSURANCE!!!"

WTF!!!??? Only a FRAUDULENT, UNprofessional company that runs SCAMS on people do this kind of thing! I've had to put all of my online accounts, cards, and everything else on security alert because I think this company is nothing but a scam, looking to screw you over for your information, whether you give it to them or not. This company is a liar and a fraud. Watch out and be careful you don't get this kind of letter from them when you NEVER gave them your information!!!

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Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.    More about Matthew→

Founded by former U.S. Army officers, USAA Auto Insurance is dedicated to providing affordable insurance and financial services to active duty, retired, and honorably discharged military personnel and their eligible family members.

  • Accident forgiveness: USAA Auto Insurance policyholders can add accident forgiveness, so if they are in an accident, their premiums won't change.
  • On-base parking discounts: Garaging vehicles on-base ensures vehicle safety, and, with USAA Auto Insurance, customers can get policy discounts for parking at work.
  • Top customer service: USAA Auto Insurance received the highest possible rating for their customer advocacy, according to a survey hosted by Forrester Research Inc.
  • All-in-one service: Members can use the USAA Auto Circle to locate, obtain financing and insure their new car. This process can help them save at every step of the way.
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