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Elizabeth Kay of Simi Valley, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had this insurance co. (21st Century ), for almost 5 years. The whole time I've had a car loan, and have the required full coverage. I have NEVER asked for help in any way from my auto insurance Co. Today I called their 800 number for roadside assistance, because my car would not start. I am a single mother of a special needs child, and my vehicle is extremely important to my daughter's safety and livelihood.

I called at 9:00 A.M. and was told the agent would call me back with the tow information. 45 minutes later I did not hear from her and so I called her back and was told I would have to WAIT an ADDITIONAL HOUR for service, AND it would COST ME MONEY! After an hour and a half, with no tow truck in sight, I again called back. The man I spoke to was very nice, he told me that my request had never been put through!!! He apologized profusely, but informed me that I would have to wait an additional hour!!

I stated my dissatisfaction, and that I felt that I should NOT have to pay any money, considering the extremely POOR customer service I had received. He insisted that I would have to pay. Therefore, I cancelled my request for service. I have NEVER requested service before, I have NEVER been treated so badly, and I will NEVER ask for help from 21st Century again! I called Triple A and received IMMEDIATE service. The POOR customer service is disgusting! AND I am considering switching insurance companies because of this!

Julie of Barnhart, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

I first obtained auto insurance with 21st Century in 2011. After 5 years, 3 teenagers and an additional 3 autos added to the policy, my 6 month premium went from $823.55 to $2353.72! My stepson had an at-fault accident, and was then immediately removed from our policy as he started driving a car of his mother's. Six months passed and my youngest daughter got her license. They told me when I had added my stepson that boys always cost more than girls. But here I am, looking for new insurance because they stopped offering in the state of MO, and realize they show that accident on my daughter's record now (when she didn't even have a license yet).

After 3-4 hours on the phone with 7-10 different people, I still don't have this resolved. They also now say that I have not been overcharged for the accident showing on my daughter's record because since she has less than 3 years driving experience, they rate her as having had an accident, whether she has or not. So they're saying there is no difference in rates for teenagers regardless of driving history or gender. Quite the opposite of what they told me in the past, when my stepson had a higher rate for being a boy, and then for causing an accident. I can't even explain the frustration after 2 days of dealing with them. The highest rate at the end of using their insurance is now that we're down to 1 teenager and 1 less vehicle on the policy. And yet the rate is at the highest it's ever been. Shame on Farmers for owning such a shady company!

Holly of Menifee, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

21st Century has a smooth professional claims process. Called the claims department, they took down the information and dealt with the other party. It was seamless.

jim of Bainbridge, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a towing bill claim and it was a bit difficult to get them to understand that they owed payment of the bill both under the complimentary free $70 towing coverage and the additional $70 coverage for which I paid a premium. They no longer offer the complimentary free coverage. But this is very reasonable coverage for someone with an excellent driving record.

Timothy of Surfside Beach, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

Last year when our auto insurance came up for renewal, 21st Century Insurance informed me that our auto insurance with them would be cancelled on the renewal date and that they would no longer be writing auto insurance in South Carolina. I had been with 21st Century for over 5 years. I then had to shop for new auto insurance only to find that what we were paying to 21st Century would more than double with other companies. Have had no accidents or claims in the past 5 years, but yet we are having to pay double to insure our vehicles. Both vehicles are getting older and we are older drivers. What a rip off!

Just received our homeowner's renewal policy through 21st Century insurance. The rate on our homeowners insurance has gone up $81.00 for the year. The increase was because we no longer have our vehicles insured through them. Let see now, they cancelled our auto insurance because they were no longer writing insurance in South Carolina, yet we have to pay an additional $81.00 a year for homeowners insurance because we lost the multicar discount and auto/homeowner combined discount. This is fraudulent and unethical. These insurance companies NEED to be audited and regulated for this type of activity. This has all gotten out of hand!

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April541 of Albany, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

After 10 years of being with 21st, I forgot to pay my insurance one month! Realized my mistake the very next month, but it was too late! 10 years of giving them money. No accidents! No tickets! Miss one flipping payment, and it's up yours, go somewhere else! I didn't tell them the only thing I could think of why I must have forgot to pay my March 2017 premium was March 10, 2017 my best friend's sister was murder! Not an excuse, but for someone like me who is never late paying my bills, her murder was all I could think of why I forgot! Well UP 21st you know what! Money grubbing bastards!

Dain of Los Angeles, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

My son's new car was sideswiped about three months after he bought it. The other driver was found 100% at fault. We ran the claim through our insurance company (21st Century-Farmers) and after rather long delays, the repairs estimates were approved and the work completed. Part of the repair was to replace a "Stealth Wrap" that we had done. The estimate was submitted and approved by our 21st Century adjuster and the work completed to the tune of $4,000. Our adjuster told the installer of the wrap that the check was on the way. Several weeks later he called to say he still hadn't received the check and was getting worried.

Shortly after that a new person from 21st Century called me to say that our policy had a $1,000 limit on aftermarket parts and that's all they would cover. I reminded him that it was the fault of the other driver and that driver's insurance should be covering 100% of whatever it took to get my son's car back to new condition. He said they would be holding us to our policy limit. I then also explained that his adjuster had approved the repair and that if the wrap had not been on the car, they would have had to pay for the entire right side to be repainted, certainly costing more than the $4,000 wrap. He said he'd see what they could do. Of course we just received a check for the $1,000 made out to the at fault driver. Talk about a cluster **. Needless to say that after many years of having as many as six autos insured by 21st Century, they have just lost our business.

Michelle of Pennsauken, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been long time customer with 21st Century Insurance. They just raised my premium based on a fraudulent insurance claim. I do not have any tickets or accidents in my record for 31 years ever since I have been driving & over 20 years with 21st Century. I have been lucky enough to have NEVER even needed a TOW or ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE. As you know when a kid gets of driving age they must be added the policy. My daughter lets someone drive her vehicle & the driver hit a DOUBLE PARKED car with NO ONE in the car. The man heard the bang and runs back outside.

He LIED and said he was in the vehicle when it was hit. But does not call an ambulance at the scene. He calls his daughter for a ride home. He goes to the doctor sometime later and keeps going to the doctor, submits the doctor bill and a FRAUD claim and 21st Century pays this man 70,000. False Insurance claims is a CRIME. It is not to make extra income! THE MAN WAS NOT IN THE CAR WHEN IT WAS HIT. HIS OWN INSURANCE COMPANY DID NOT BELIEVE HIM AND DENIED HIS CLAIM BUT 21st Century settles the fraud claim for 70,000 UNBELIEVABLE!!! I did not know it was this easy to commit insurance fraud!!

Mohamud of Minneapolis, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been long time Customer with 21st Century Insurance. My renewal come for next 6 month and they raised. I don't any ticket or accidents in my record for 15 years even good Credit. I use to pay automatic every 6 month in full. I called and she told me I had two roadside assistance and someone in claim department entered as accident. She said call claim department and correct, I did called claim department they said "You only had two roadside assistance not a accident." Final they told me "we don't know why you premium is raised but someone will contact to you in 48 hours." Week later I get same Bill in the mail. Finally I went online and shop around and found good deal.

Kenny of San Pablo, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I'm dumping this ** insurance company. I will not and do not recommend them to anyone. My vehicle was scratched thus is being investigated. Requesting my ssn# for any credit issues and a bunch of other crappie. 21st Century can go to hell. Will not longer be a customer after your time-consuming investigation. Have fun **. My credit is good.

Susan of Carpinteria, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

They've been easy to work with and had the lowest estimate of all insurers when I was searching for insurance coverage. Have only once had trouble with them during a premium increase which they later reduced.

Steven of Dunedin, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

When I originally signed on with 21st Century Insurance almost 2 years ago I was paying about 2/3 of my present premium, approximately $700.00 for 6 months. My bill in 2016 was $885.00 for 6 months. I just opened my bill for 2017 and it’s $1042 for 6 months and increase of almost 18% in 6 months... 18%! My pay doesn't go up that fast!! I have no tickets, no accidents and a perfect driving record and yet I'm paying an 18% increase for "6" months. This is called gouging or rape and pillage! Their profit was in the billions of dollars in 2015 and 2016.

When I phoned them I was told they paid out more than they had anticipated. Let’s see. More people in general are driving than ever before and $20,000,000,000.00 isn't enough net profit for them!! I'm now shopping. I have no issue with the company except they are out of control with their rate increases, 18% in 6 months!!! Perhaps I just don't make so much money that it shouldn't matter, but it does! I don’t like being taken advantage of or having my money stolen from me.

Susan of Carpinteria, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Lowest rates of all insurers investigated. I've had only one problem with 21st Century in six years when they attempted to raise my premium for no good reason. Otherwise they've been fair and easy to work with.

Diana of Katonah, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I was merely attempting to change the start date of my policy from a Saturday to the proceeding Friday. After 52 minutes on the phone, I was told that the representative had never seen this "error" message before and would need a supervisor... to change a start date? She was less than helpful. I asked for a supervisor and thrown back on hold again. Then 10 minutes later, was told I was waiting for one. I finally had to leave a callback number - problem was not solved - and I wasted over an hour for a simple, simple request. With claims they are better - hence the two stars but rest assured I will be changing companies this week.

Greg of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I was involved in a minor crash. While sitting at stop light, my car was rear-ended. The driver who hit me was insured and never challenged the fact she was at fault. The accident was reported to both our insurance carriers and her company paid for the damages because the other driver was 100% at fault... 21st Century raised my rates ANYWAY by nearly 40%!

When I pointed this out to them, they said it was a clerical error, but when I got my next banking statement, I saw they STILL had not corrected the "clerical error." This is the reason I do not like having them take the money directly from my account; if I had not noticed, they would have overcharged me by 40% FOREVER! IT took MANY, MANY calls to get this taken care of and it was completely ridiculous. Not ONCE did anybody at 21st Century apologize to me for all the hassle they caused.

Asuncion of Chatsworth, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had an encounter with a pedestrian who claimed that he was hit in the leg and lost 3 days of work. Initially, at the accident site, he said his daughter might have been hurt and he never said anything about himself being hit. If he was really hit, then he would have complained that I hit him at the accident site. But the fact that he changed his story tells me that he lied. However, the insurance adjuster for 21st Century settled the claim less than a week in favor of the pedestrian because she said that is better than going to court. I was willing to go to court. After that my premium went up. I reduced my coverage to lessen my premium. Now my coverage is just the minimum required by law. However I was told recently that the entire California just had a premium increase so my premium will increase again.

JOHN of Saint Augustine, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I hit a deer which is clearly not my fault and 21st Century even told me that it was not my fault. But yet they have it listed on their records as being my fault and so nicely cancelled my ** ins! So now when I try to get ins with another co, they either will not insure me or they want 400 a month! 21st Century is a ** ins co.

Amber of Cary, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I got into a car accident on my way home from work due to black ice and ran over a church sign when I slid off the road. So I call after my accident to find out they conveniently canceled my policy the day before. I have no way to prove it was done after my car accident. Now my license is revoked.The church whose sign I hit wants 2500 dollars for the damage to their sign. They want 1,000 down and 300 a month until it's paid off. This is the worst possible insurance to have. If I would have went with State Farm or any other insurance company I wouldn't have to worry about this. This company is unethical and needs to be investigated.

Anna of Fullerton, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

They hound you with too much paperwork after you have completed paying the premium in full! I had something to do each month with them threatening to cancel me for non-payment of policy! I did everything they asked for within the timeframe they requested. They still cancelled me. They wanted more money, in which I disagreed with. And could not get any representative to see my point of why I should not be owing the additional charges. I called before the due date of when these fees were due and I had her on the phone and asked her to hold on one second while I pleaded with her not to hang up. Steer clear of these guys!! Terrible customer service!!! And she hangs up!!!

Gary of Robesonia, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

After years of being a customer and I underline customer they cancelled my policy for a glitch in the system using the automatic payment system. They can not even give you a call or anything about the cancellation. They are stuck in their computer world and can not even call their long-time customer. So I got this notice after the canceled date and I called and they said this can not be reinstated because the credit card number that I changed few months ago of a hack confirmed by Capital One.

So let's review. I was hacked, 21st Century canceled, got notice after the date. I called to get this straightened out. They said can not be reinstated because of the credit card number. No phone call at all or certified letter about credit card number or anything. Also I had called previously a month ago or so to get a better rate and they snubbed me. Now the kicker. I got in touch with another company and got 200 dollars off from what 21st was charging me! And told them what happened and they said they should have called or something especially a long time customer! 21st Century should be arrested for how they treated a long time customer causing me aggravation.

kim of Los Angeles, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

A 23 year old male uber driver hit me in my car IN MY PRIVATE HOME DRIVEWAY while speeding into my driveway to flip a U-turn. Not only was the claims adjuster, Craig **, not helpful, he didn't answer my questions why he ruled against me until our most recent phone call. In fact, he gave me NO useful help other than this at all. I asked him REPEATEDLY for help regarding how I start the appeal process and all he would tell me is that the claim had been referred to another adjuster who would, sometimes, contact me. I made it clear I wanted information on appealing his unjust decision OUTSIDE 21st Century Insurance but he refused to answer and give me any information.

I am now looking for an attorney who will help me through an independent, fair and impartial appeal process since 21st Century's Craig was not only not helpful, he tried to foreclose my getting any REAL independent help. He also neglected to answer my questions about an Insurance Commissioner and Insurance Claims review board, etc, claiming he knew nothing. The only thing he was good at was at being a complete obstacle to the fair resolution of this claim.

After reading a number of reviews of 21st Century (after the accident occurred), I see that my experience is common with that company. In fact, reviews of 21st Century contain many sad stories of unjust claim verdicts followed up with jacking up premiums to as much as twice the previous rate - if this happens I will just go to another insurance company as I hadn't had any insurance claim since 1988 and I am not at fault in this recent one. The ENTIRE accident happened in my private driveway.

Craig was personally rude and shutting down of any information I tried to provide at almost every juncture - certainly well over 90% of it. He was a negative experience no one who is a customer of 21st Century Insurance should ever have to encounter. An adjuster who just makes up his own mind then attempts to force his decision down your throat while providing ZERO useful information, NO information WHICH HE WOULD HAVE in the course of his job, regarding outside 21st Century appeals.

All he did was say another 21st Century claims adjuster he gave me no information about would review my case. This is not fair and not good business practices, and in fact in violation of many consumer protection laws. I WILL fight this case outside the unfair practices of both Craig and by proxy 21st Century. Im certain consumer protection laws were violated with regard to how my case is being mishandled, and I will be getting them addressed from outside their company.

Stephanie of Escondido, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I was hit by a car with this insurance. First, they do not call you, you have to follow-up with them like it is not enough hassle to have been in an accident already which wasn't your fault. Then they take a minimum of a week to do something and then you have to call again!! They also look for ways not to pay, they will inspect your car but after that you don't hear anything from them. Horrible experience. Now you don't only have to drive carefully but make sure you are always avoiding others hitting you otherwise you get in a mess with their insurances. I would never work or do any business with this company.

William of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I was treated to the most unprofessional bombast by a 21st Century claims representative. Basically this fraudulent company tries to settle claims by bullying, intimidation and withholding of information. Their insured bullied my daughter and refused to provide his insurance information. My insurance - Costco Ameriprise always excellent - had to chase him for over a month. He did not report to the DMV, did not attempt to contact his insurance or return our insurance agents call or contact us so.

Yet, Jason ** the Farmers Claims representative blames my daughter. Will not address his insured individual's lack of responsibility and lawfulness. ** also refused to address the legal requirement to file an accident report. Simply repeating and repeating he had two years. But the two years to file a claim has no relationship to the duty to report the accident. So this is a material obfuscation of facts.

If you have this insurance, switch as soon as you can. The lowest possible rating is earned by all posters. As I have the time, I will followed this all the way to court. Somehow I do not believe a judge or arbitrator will find the intentional bombastic obfuscation by agent or the insured, trustworthy. Not one little bit. Res ipsa loquitur by the actions of the insured and 21st Century/Farmers insurance company.

Otto of Royal Palm Beach, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

Century21 does not stand by their clients. They are quick to pay out to scammers and then raise your rates. I had a very small accident. I was backing into my driveway and this idiot decides to go into my driveway that am backing into at the same time. Police estimated the cost of damage 20-40.00. They had a lawyer at the site of accident in less than 10 minutes. So they did on purpose (I say insurance scam). Century paid out because it would cost more to go to court than pay out. They said it was my fault and no they were not changing their mind. When I called to complain and immediately raised my premiums by 30%. First of all the accident was not my fault. Second they should have not paid out a scammer. Third raising my rates 30% over such a minor accident by their own standards 774.00 is ridiculous.

I never had an accident in 40 plus years I been driving. Been with them over 5 years. (Hey Century21 what's the use of having insurance if you can't use it) I already found insurance cheaper than what I was paying before it went up. DON'T GET THIS INSURANCE. You will pay for years but when you go to use it they are going to punish you!

Annie of Clermont, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I currently have 21st Century Auto Insurance and my renewal was coming up so I started to shop around for a new insurance for two reasons: 1) Every renewal my insurance would go up and they could never explain why that was happening all they could it's was the area I live in even though I haven't had any accidents or tickets in over 10 years. 2) The other reason was I need to add my son and his car that he gets in June. I figured since I have been with them for awhile that maybe I could get a good deal. Nope, big mistake. They wanted to charge me almost $600 a month just to add my 18 year old son and another vehicle. I said no I will go with someone else since my insurance ends in less than 30 days.

I found a better insurance for a lower rate. I then called 21st Century to let them know I will not be renewing my policy with them. She said that fine let me cancel that and my policy will June 5. My last payment was already taken by 21st Century and she comes back to say that I will have a remaining balance of $300 and because my payment was already posted for this month that they would bill me.

I asked why am I being bill an extra $300 and they said because I added a driver and I said I didn't I asked for a quote. Her response was because he lives with me and has a valid driver license that's why he was added. And they are telling there's nothing that they can do change and that I have to pay an extra $300. I think this is most ridiculous crap I have ever heard. He doesn't use my car at all and now on my last month they want to pay this all because I asked for quote. If anyone knows how I get this taken off please let me know. Do not get 21st century insurance. They will not work you at all.

Jeanette of Soledad, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

About a month ago I got into a car accident and called my 21st Century Insurance immediately. They sent for a tow truck that would take (2 hours to get to me) so since I was paying out of pocket I cancelled and called a tow truck company that got to me in 45 min. The tow truck driver told me that the insurance had called a tow truck company that was 30 minutes away instead of in the city I was in!

THEN, I got to the auto shop that my insurance "helped" me find and it turned out to NOT be a body shop, so I had to find a shop to take my car while the driver waited. For two weeks my appraiser was not returning my calls after the initial contact. Three weeks in I got a call by another representative that was "still investigating". I ended up finding out the name and number of the appraiser on the opposite end of my accident and gave the information to my new appraiser to move things along. Pretty much I had to do everything. 21st century has been nothing but a waste of money and time.

Patti of Calgary, AB on
Satisfaction Rating

I am a 56-year-old female with no accidents or tickets. I am currently in Canada for a few months and my truck is located in Nevada on a driveway not being driven. I am keeping insurance on it because I am not sure when I will be back home driving it again. I have traveled the past 3 years and have been paying the same amount to keep it minimally insured. My insurance payment was sent to me and I noticed it went up 120.00 for 6 months and phoned to find out why. I was informed that my information is resubmitted every 6 months in Nevada and my credit affected the increase. I have not used a credit card in 3 years and my debit is used to only pay my insurance. He said I am now a risk because I do not use a credit card. I have been using this insurance company since I was 16 years old. I am cancelling my policy. They are absolutely horrible since they merged with the other company.

Mical of New York, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Someone bump into me in the parking lot. Even tho we have a police report, 21st Century said they will pay for the girl's claims. They would not fight that, just to go to court. I ask my insurance for please before make a decision talk to the police and they told me no. Their decision would be based on the interview with each person and not with the police report or the police officer. So my claim will go up... GEICO was the other insurance and I heard they are pretty strong. So guess which insurance I am changing to? The insurance is supposed to fight for you and not just accept a claim..

Dmytro of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

This is a scam company! Will not do business with them ever again and will let all my friends and associates to do the same. They should not be in the business of providing Insurance. Do yourself a favor and go someone else. Their quote may look "pretty", but trust me you will end up paying a lot more as they hide their real fees and charge your account more without even asking your permission. Who does that??? Someone needs to pull their license so they stop ripping-off people. Scammers!!! Stay away from them!

Nicole of Antelope, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a policy with 21st Century since 2010 and recently inquired if they offer additional coverage for someone who started delivering pizzas part time. I was told they do not and no matter what, if I were to get into an accident while working, my policy would not cover me whatsoever. My renewal for the new 6 months went through so I went to the website to print out the new docs and I find that my monthly payment has increased from $116 to $299 due to a new policy...

I called 21st right away and they said that because I let it be known to them that I was delivering pizzas, they had to adjust my policy to a business policy. I asked: first, why it mattered if I wouldn't be covered anyway and second, how can you just increase my policy without knowledge and consent? They were in no way remorseful and offered no apologies. I have cancelled my policy with them and still no apologies or anything, just "that's the way it is". So done with 21st!

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