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The General Auto Insurance

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Last updated: Oct. 13, 2017

267 The General Auto Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

I have had this company for 2 years mainly because I was on Workers Comp and never knew when my checks would get paid. I recently moved from Vermont to NH. I paid my policy payment not realizing that they couldn’t just swap states two days before I moved. NH doesn’t require insurance but I’m responsible and wanted liability. Well they told me NH had all these requirements and they had to cancel my VT Insurance to issue a NH. They only allowed me a refund of $60 dollars from my $110 payment which they were to apply towards a my new policy plus I had to pay $13.98 to complete the payment. So I did.

I was told the next payment would be due on the 9th. of next month of $65 and some change. I get a call tonight saying I have to pay yet another 65.98 for them to issue my policy. Which is not what they originally told me. So I told them to cancel the policy and I do not want a early cancellation fee due to them not knowing what they are doing. I find it very hard to believe NH has all these requirements for insurance coverage when they don’t even require you to carry insurance. I think they are making you have more coverage than what is actually needed. That they are requesting more money than was originally said is very sketchy. How many other people have they tried to pull this on?

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

I have had Direct General for over 8 yrs. during which time I never filed a claim, until hurricane Irma came though Florida. My car sustained wind damages. I called. Was given the run around. I was passed around like a hot potato, from agent to agent. Finally one of them took down my information and said someone would call me back. I received a call back the following weekend on a Saturday, from a very unprofessional Melbis **. She was extremely rude, and verbally harassing me. She asked a bunch of questions about everything except my claim. She then said that an appraiser would be contacting me within a few days.

I got a call about a week later from a Michael **. He came out assessed the damages. He estimated the damages at just under $3000. He told me I would be getting a call from Melbis within a few days. This was on 9/21/2017. I have left her 5 voice messages. She never returned any of my calls. Today she calls and says my claim has been reassigned to another agent for coverage issues. I called that agent… she called me back and says I need to send in proof my 20 yr old don’t live with me or she is denying my claim… horrible service. I told her and her friend before her my son don’t live with me, he uses my address as his billing address. She said she will email me a list of acceptable documentation she wants me to fabricate or she is not approving my claim. Worst company ever. I have cancelled my service today… that is another hassle...

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

    As of September 01, 2017, I had sold my vehicle, it was insured by The General and as of July 2017, I had renewed my policy for a whole fiscal year for $759.75 - Liability. But when I had contacted the insurance co. they had informed me in order to receive a refund, they needed a copy of bill of sale with signature's and to fax to their office, which they gave me the fax #, which in two instances had been incorrect, this began to upset me and when I finally sent copy to correct fax, the date was Sept. 22, 2017.

    I then contacted their office in Arizona, stating that it would not be approved without a hand written consent from me stating I was canceling my policy, now I BECAME FURIOUS and demanded to speak with someone from the corporate office. I was finally connected with corporate on the October 4, 2017, that the young lady I spoke with would handle it and that I would receive payment the very next day. Well it's now October 5, 2017 Thursday evening 6:28 pm and still have not received a penny!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

    The refund policies of this company are horrendous. Never will I ever use them again. I paid my monthly premium and used on 10 days worth, I cancelled because I got much better rates with Progressive... And they said, "the remaining $67 was applied to fees," etc... Screw that... I WILL CONTINUE TO FILE COMPLAINTS UNTIL THEY REFUND MY MONEY.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 6, 2017

    I had General for 2 years. I'll start with "my mistake" on being less than a week late on 2 payments in a row through the span of my business with them. Unfortunate, but understandable reasoning. I am someone who needs paper billing in order to stay on top of things. During a move, I had updated my information with them online. I'm always very tedious when it comes to my billing so I'd be shocked to find out that I went out of my way to select e-billing when I'm always careful to be sure it's mail... But whatever. So after the second bill to my new address was never sent, I called them (nightmare) to verify they will start to mail my bills again. Good as gravy... Nope. They jacked up my rate 2 months later. I called and they said it was because I was previously late on those two bills. Zero incidents, accidents or claims of any kind. But okay, I was 24 so like everything else, I bit the bullet.

    Maybe my rate will go down by the time I turn 25, or I'll take one of these 17 companies up on their offers. My Birthday rolls around, and my good friend leaves me a note on my General bill saying "Happy birthday, I paid off the rest of your premium" I was elated! Almost $400 I don't have to worry about for a few months! It was a sweet gesture. Until I got a letter in the mail stating my bill was late and will be cancelled by the next week. Okay. My friend confirms there's money in the account but The General didn't take it out. Oh great, another excuse for them to jack up my rate. So I call. The nice lady said the payment didn't go through and that she could try it again. We verified the account information and give it a try! She said it would post in 2-3 business days. Great! I call a few days later to check on the status. Hopefully, this puppies paid off and no more worries!!!

    Nope, the new lady said the previous lady was misinformed so when she ran the payment a second time and it did not go through, I was no longer able to have General Insurance now or ever again. WHAT?! $400 isn't anything for my friend to pay, he had it, I saw it in his account while we tried to figure it out. But because YOUR employee was misinformed, I no longer have any insurance and you won't accept the money in full to pay off your minimal garbage coverage for someone with no accident history?! So she leaves it at "Sorry, have a nice day..." I was so livid yet speechless.

    I could have paid the premium or monthly at any point throughout this. Had I of known everything would be terminated if she tried to run the payment, I would have gone a different route. But honestly a blessing in disguise. I made a long time coming switch to Nationwide, got literally triple the coverage for an even smaller premium. Paid off in full! Thank you Nationwide!!! Screw you General... NEVER GET GENERAL INSURANCE!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

    Five years ago I was somewhat forced into allowing this company to insure me because I had to carry an SR-22 for a year. So I did. Five years later and no accidents, ticket or problems, I notice that my rates continue to increase annually, so I switch. They send me a bill after switching, and then send it straight to collections. Totally garbage company.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

    I got car insurance with The General in June 2017. In August 2017 my car was stolen in another city. I called, put in my claim and I spoke with my adjuster one time and was not able to reach her until 4 days later? During that time I had other adjusters helping me. When I finally talked to my adjuster she told me an investigator would be in touch with me to come out and talk with me. So the investigator came out two days later to my home and treated me like a criminal. On the first 48 she kept proceeding to tell me she retired from the police station in the area my car was stolen 15 years ago?? Prior to her coming to my home I was getting a lot of mail from The General that has very big bold letters about fraud and the letter was only a one sentenced letter but the bold fraud print was a few sentences.

    I thought it was odd and I felt as if they were trying to say something. Anyhow when the investigator was at my home she record our convo and then it ended and she turned the recorder off when she did she said to me that she did a thorough background check on me and the people that I was involved with at the time and she told me my background had nothing really on it and she said to me "Do you want to lose everything over a few bucks???" How she got to this was because the people who helped me out as far as picking me up and taking me to the police station didn't want any parts in this so I didn't give her correct names of them. Their first names were correct but not last names. However I did give them the right phone numbers to these people. They just didn't want their name involved and I don't know why.

    But the sad part is because of that she was saying we were all lying. It freaked me out so bad I just gave up and told her to cancel it out. It was an option she gave me as she was leaving. She was so sarcastic and non caring. She asked where I worked, how long I been there? She wanted my bank account info? And my phone records? I can't get my phone records At all cause it's prepaid and she couldn't get them either? At this time she already calling me a liar??? The way she put it all out there as if I was nothing??? I was so scared because of how she was saying "Oh this person is your ex" and "Oh this use to be his car" and so forth and so on? Then she proceeds to say that I knew the lady who I bought the car from?? And I don't know her at all???! It's just a big mess because they didn't want their name in it.

    This lady was so sarcastic and she was more worried about my ex. She also told me while in my house that she tried calling the 2 people who I was with that day and she said she cant get in touch with them but they said she never called or left messages. Anyhow I'm out of 2,500. Damn!!! Hundred dollars and my car is just gone in the wind?? This is the worst thing that can happen to someone... But wait after she was so sarcastic she's leaving my home going down porch steps and say but you always can cancel this case and we are done or proceed on and deal with the consequences??? Then she is outside taking pictures of cars in my driveway. She kept circling the corner smirking and laughing. At this time I gave up and I really think that was her goal.

    Now I feel lost and sad. I'm mad at friends who didn't want to be involved and at the same time I was thinking to go on with the case but this lady was so mean I felt that she would of made my case a nightmare cause she has that power. Never go with General. THEY DON'T CARE AT ALL ABOUT ANYTHING. She made me so nervous to the point I couldn't think right. I COULDN'T REMEMBER THE DAY OF LOST OR ANYTHING WHICH MADE HER FEEL SHE GOT OVER ON ME MORE! JUST SAD.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 26, 2017

    Everyone should stay away from this company. They are the worse you can deal with. Customer service is non existent and if you sell your vehicle and want a refund they refuse to refund your money and refuse to talk to you. The company should be put in liquidation.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 24, 2017

    This company is an absolute rip off. My car was a total loss in an accident and they are giving the run around because they don't want to cover. They don't even want to provide me with a rental even though I was paying for it on my policy. Stay away, I'm telling you. Do not use them, all they want is your premiums, nothing else.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 22, 2017

    2 years ago my local independently owned Insurance Company merged with The General. My local company had always been great and I like to think of myself as loyal so I stuck with them. Big Mistake. I pay my bill by phone every month. I called to pay my $113 bill on the same day every month and the automated voice said I owed 489. I had never missed or been late for a payment. So I call and they had added my 15 yr/old who just get her learner's permit without my consent. So I explained my daughter has her own car and is insured under her father's insurance. She does not drive my vehicle at all. Never.

    I was told by a super young sounding voice I would first have to pay the almost 500 bill and then they would remove her. WHAT??? I would never pay 500 for Insurance ever. I felt scammed by this company. So of course I cancelled immediately and switched to Geico and my bill was actually cheaper each month. The General says I owe them money and has sent me to collections. I would have stayed with them for years to come but their GREED got the best of them. This company really is the worst.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 15, 2017

    Absolutely the WORST insurance company I have ever had in 30 years. All of these reviews are dead on right! Even the IRS gives you a grace period, not the General!! Lowest rates? HAH! The HIGHEST RATES EVER. For nothing. Customer service has to be from a rent a drunk temp service. They are IDIOTS. Cannot wait for them to beat it and be out of business. Shaq must be a total idiot too. People should harass this moron in public until he QUITS being their spokesperson! I have a 20-year-old car with a PERFECT SAFE DRIVER driving record, and for BASIC coverage my insurance is 170 bucks a month!! They send you these idiotic emails all during the month WEEKS before your payment is due saying you owe this NOW. They treat you like you are a criminal. THE GENERAL INSURANCE IS THE WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD! PERIOD!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 10, 2017

    Every month when calling the automatic line, it glitches. You will spend hours of frustration dealing with it. Customer service is rude, and insurance is subpar at best. Finally got rid of them and upgraded to a better insurance. If you choose this company, get ready to deal with a whole lot of nothing for an insurance that gives you nothing. There is NO customer loyalty.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 7, 2017

    They were very helpful and the prices weren't that bad but a little high for my taste though. Very friendly and courteous. Would definitely recommend them for anyone to try.

    Original review: July 6, 2017

    They added my brother to my policy without my consent. Colorado State auto insurance regulations state they can't do so. They rejected my refusal of consent letter after taking my payment. They say they added him because he lived with me. He never lived with me. He overnighted on Thursday night to get to school Friday morning. He had been overnighting since early December which is when he wrecked his car. Classes also ended in late December.

    I provided my lease and its terms which he is not listed on. I provided our school schedule which shows class was 1 day a week for 3 hours. I provided his car info and auto insurance info which lists his living address. I wrote the removal letter denying my consent for him to be added as instructed to have him removed. I called in several times and requested he not be added and if so he be removed. I also sent in a copy of the Colorado State auto insurance regulations. I also contacted the Colorado insurance board. They still added him and insist I pay for him.

    They lapsed my insurance and said the only way to reinstate it is to pay for him. They also say that's the only way to remove him. They also sent this all to collections saying I owe them. How do I owe you for something you did without my consent and against state regulations. How do I owe you for something that I provided all proof and documentation of but you rejected trying to be greedy. I will never do business with them again or tell others to. You only get 1 star because I have to. If it was up to me you would get none.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 6, 2017

    This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. As soon as my son received his drivers license they send me a bill for 500. Mind you I paid the insurance up for 6 months, I never authorized them to add him in because he was not driving at the time, then on top of that she gonna add. This company is not a standard insurance company. Well why take people money if you gonna be the one making decisions on other people account. They will never receive a dime from me ever again and will make sure I tell everyone I know not to use those scammers. You are a complete Joke! I hope you go out of business???

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 5, 2017

    I was with The General for a year. At the end of the year, they automatically renewed my policy and took their money, $151.61. Two days later, they tell me that my policy has gone up by $20/month due to claims that they've had to pay in my area. I didn't want to pay more so I canceled my policy. Long story short, they covered me for two days, but refused to refund my $151 for the month. I live on social security and they screwed me out of $151. When I canceled, the lady was rude and couldn't have cared less. I'm with Liberty Mutual now and I have much better coverage.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 29, 2017

    The commercial shown here in Hawaii and the information shown in reality is not as simple. It is advertised you can get insurance as little as 20 down and you can get your insurance card same day. It's misleading in a sense because you cannot only pay 20 and get proof of insurance. It'll cost more than twenty dollars down and a printer is necessary.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 28, 2017

    We was pushed from one person to another & never felt we was treated fairly. The customer service was awful & didn't seem to care that our vehicle was stolen & wrecked. There was a police report & the person who stole it was under age, caught by the police & arrested. Because that person didn't have a valid license our claim was denied. General Auto customer service Reps need better training & they continuously denied us anything in writing about our denial of our claim. 20 or more calls were made & our calls were transferred to others. This went on for a year with no help from the company. When your car is stolen by someone, you have no control over age, gender, or if they have a valid license. It cost us & we learn not to do business with them again. The claim was never settled & we changed insurance companies.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 26, 2017

    Just want to throw this out there; If you are looking for auto insurance don't waste your time on The General. My insurance was about to expire so I contacted TG. Unfortunately I should have read the reviews. I contacted and paid the premiums for 6 months TG on 05/03/ 2017 for a start date of 05/04/2017. I contacted my bank and was given a partial refund and then a couple weeks later an additional refund. Now I am receiving a bill for the the full amount. How does a company refund you money and then bill you for a cancelled policy?

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 21, 2017

    The General is BY FAR the WORST insurance company I have ever experienced in my life. On May 1st 2017, I was hit by a tractor trailer who fled the scene. I had PHOTOS of the vehicle, their license plate number and the name of the company who hit me but The General was convinced I had fabricated the claim and I am still mirrorless on my driver's side, while they "investigate" me for "fraud". I was asked multiple inappropriate questions by the company such as "why do you have two vehicles", "why is your truck so big" and was then told that while they investigate, I should drive my other car because "you have two. Drive your other"...

    I traded the second car in for another vehicle and it took them more than a month to put Insurance on it because I had opened my policy two years ago with a Blue Unlimited Wrangler and had just purchased a Black Unlimited Rubicon... which they were convinced was the same Jeep. They didn't even have similar VINs but I was again being investigated because they thought it was the "same" Jeep and I'd been hiding it, uninsured. I've since received a ticket for no Insurance because my company refused to just add a vehicle without having receipts, bills of sale and all the dealership documentation. I've purchased a vehicle every 6 months to a year for 8 years and have never had such a difficult time.

    These people are too stupid to function. Save yourself the headache and search, search, search for insurance even if you're "high risk". There are options out there that do not include The General! Today is June 21 and The General has YET to clear up my "fraud" investigation or give me any information. They also, have not followed up about adding my new vehicle to the policy that I have been trying to add for almost a month now. This is insane... Don't waste your time.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 16, 2017

    I was a customer of the General for many years. When my new yearly policy came into effect this year my insurance bill went up $30.00 a month. I called to find out why, as I have NEVER filed a claim. I was told that the "statistics" in my area formed the new insurance rate. I told them I was going to shop for a new insurance company and they said "okay". When my husband called to cancel the policy after we switched to a new company they didn't even care. I guess the General wants to get rid of customers that pay their bills and never file a claim. There is a lot more out there to choose from, DON'T CHOOSE THE GENERAL.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 13, 2017

    On the 21st I could not pay my bill because the account was locked. The 22nd I called and paid my bill. The lady said I needed information. I sent the information in on the 22nd. She took my payment on the 22nd. Three days later my policy was canceled. That I didn't know for 16 days that I had no insurance. I called four days ago. Three people stated that I had no insurance. Even the general app said I had no insurance. The gentleman today said they corrected it. Four days later and they're still charging me for the 16 days that I did not have insurance. So they did a cover up just so they would get paid.

    Do not trust The General. They just want your money and don't care about your business. The gentleman on the phone said he didn't understand my question because they fix the situation 16 days after my insurance has been expired. He said, "So you'd rather get the money back then fix your insurance." I said, "You're making me pay for insurance that I have not had." That I said, "If I would've got pulled over or couldn't get onto work because I work on a military base then that would been my fault or your fault." He said, "Well you would've had to call us to get it corrected." I said, "So you guys did not know I had no insurance for 16 days." I said, "I did not get a phone call stating that the information I sent was not good enough. You just took my payment and then canceled my insurance." He said, "Ma'am we fix that but you fixed it."

    16 days after I had no insurance and when I had to call and question it I had to screenshot a picture of the app stating I have no insurance and emails from three different employees that work there. That I had no insurance for 16 days. Now it's a cover-up. I hope they get their money and run hell and their business goes to the **.

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    Original review: May 30, 2017

    I had purchased the insurance and literally a half hour later was in a fender bender. The General wouldn't cover it claiming my policy wasn't in effect yet even though I paid via debit card and they took the funds immediately and sent me a confirmation I had insurance. So I paid out of pocket for the accident. Then the license branch sends me a letter about needing proof of insurance or my license would be suspended. So I ask The General to send this proof and they do. Now if you denied my claim saying I don't have coverage at the time of accident how can you turn around and tell the license branch I did???

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 26, 2017

    I was rear ended by a customer of the General Ins Co. My car was totaled and they wasted no time getting my car and the title but 1 month later I still have Not received my settlement check. The General paid me for 8 days of a rental car. The adjustor stated they only have to provide a rental up to the time I accept their settlement offer. So I have had no vehicle, no check to get another vehicle for A month now and no rental car!!! So if you want to purchase poor quality ins and really screw the person you hit if you Cause an accident then purchase the general ins. Next time I will go through my amazing ins co and then let them deal with that crappy ins co. I'm planning on filing a personal injury claim as I was injured in the accident but I may need to retain a lawyer for that!!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 18, 2017

    My mom's car was hit and they sent an adjuster out who told her they would give her one hundred dollars to fix her bumper. I pay over 7000 a year for 3 cars and she only got 100 to fix a bumper that will eventually fall off. I am cancelling this account and found another company half the cost for premium coverage. This company steals DON'T GET THE GENERAL. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!!

    Original review: May 6, 2017

    My 17 year old daughter purchased a car. I went with General Insurance because at the time they offered me the cheapest rate. Three months into having the policy I added comp and collision to my vehicle. I was told to email pictures of the vehicle to prove no existing damage. I did that. Later that day my vehicle was in an accident. Now the general is investigating me. This happened on 4/19/17. As of today 5/6/17 they are still investigating me, questioning the pictures I emailed them, wanting receipts from merchandise that I added to my car, wanting to know why I had a college parking decal in my window when the picture was taken but not when the adjuster came out to look at my car.

    I have answered all of their question, turned in all the information that they asked me to turn in but still I am out of my car. I can't drive it because of the damage to the front lights and the general is my insurance company. My daughter attends college and had to drive my car a few times when her car was being serviced. She used her college parking decal on my car to keep from getting a ticket in my car while parked on campus. When she got her car back she removed her decal. Is that a crime?

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 3, 2017

    I signed up for auto insurance. When my next payment was due they sent me a cancellation notice instead of a statement. This went on for about 5 months. I kept emailing them and received no response. After the January payment the cancellation notice was increased by 25 dollars, with no explanation. When I tried to call I received a message to call during business hours. No phone number or office hour timeline was provided. I sent them an email advising, They were canceled due to Billing practices. I went with another company. I responded to numerous email requests to reinstate my policy, my response advised I was not a customer any longer. They sent me a bill for 38 dollars with a letter threatening to report me to credit reporting agencies.

    I called their customer service number again and was advised the 25 dollar increase was a reinstatement fee because they processed a payment 2 days after I paid it. I Was advised I need to forward an email when I canceled them. When you reply to their emails you always get an error message stating to log in. When I discussed this with the customer service representative, she requested another email to prove I canceled. After some searching I forwarded an email confirming I had canceled them and advised I will not be paying anything unless they do damage my credit, then I will spend thousands, all the way to Federal Court if necessary. I warned them numerous times not to send cancellation notices. When I do business, you send me a statement and I pay it. This practice of sending cancellation statements every month is unprofessional and insulting. I would not recommend any company with that practice.

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    Original review: May 1, 2017

    I quoted car insurance for my 21 year old son. He has to have full coverage since he finances 800 monthly. They say because he is 21, because of where he lives. How can a 21 year old afford 800 a month car insurance.

    Original review: April 27, 2017

    Every month I get my bill it says it's due on the 8th of the month. I paid it on the 8th. I just talked to them because they added a $15 late fee. Apparently it's due no later than 1:00am on the 8th. But the bill doesn't say that. I'm a Senior Citizen and on a limited income. They refused to take the $15 off because they said they done it once before. It makes me wonder how many other people have had to pay late fees because they don't put the actual date on their bills.

    To me this is just a way to rip people off. All my other bills whatever they say the due date is I have til midnight on the due date that it says. This is confusing especially to older people who have a limited income and have to pay their bills after their small monthly income and have to do it on the date they say it's due. The supervisor talked to me in a rude voice even. Will be looking for a more trustworthy Insurance company. If a bill says it's due on a certain date that's the date it should be. Unless it says otherwise which the general don't. Thought this was supposed to be a reputable company. It's not.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 18, 2017

    I have never seen a company pass the buck as much as The General. They never explained the process of how this is done. They have a third party settlement company that they use- IAAI and their employees are contractors. It has been a nightmare because I keep getting referred back and forth between the two. I sent my notarized paperwork via USPS overnight and they received this on 04/12/17 and now IAAI has issues with the documentation. Meanwhile I am without a vehicle in Phoenix, AZ. It's hot and in the 90's now. Our public transportation is also terrible and only comes to my area once an hour.

    Permanent General Auto Insurance (PGAC) expert review by Matthew Brodsky

    Permanent General Auto Insurance is a licensed insurance agency that offers insurance in many states. They have been in business for over 50 years and have been recognized by A.M. Best for their financial stability.

    • Accepts drivers regardless of history: The General offers insurance for most drivers, even if they don't have a perfect driving record or have let their insurance lapse.
    • Electronic payments: They make it easy to pay monthly bills online via their electronic platform.
    • Low down payments: They keep their down payments low and affordable so that drivers can sign up for insurance, even if they don't have a lot of money upfront.
    • Continuing to expand: The General is continuing to expand their coverage and has taken on new states such as West Virginia and Nebraska.
    • Great customer service: The General has excellent customer service that makes it easy for drivers to contact a representative and settle claims.
    • Best for: Drivers with a poor driving history and drivers who want a low down payment.
    Profile picture of Matthew Brodsky
    Matthew Brodsky

    Insurance Contributing Editor

    Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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