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October 9th I was rear ended, my passenger was injured. I was told by a rep of The General that they would handle the claim. As of October 14th I got a letter from The General denying my claim. Guessing I rear ended myself. Don't understand what the ** I'm paying insurance for.

I was hit by my parked car and the person had General Insurance so I had called their 800 number which did not worked. So I called their broker and the person answered the call spoke very broken English and after calling them for 10 days they finally gave me the claim number and I was told that somebody from General Insurance will call me next week. And nobody called me after few weeks so I had to call my own insurance. Wow, I never such a bad company and I am glad that I have a insurance from Allstate. Shame on you General Insurance because this is very unethical and I wonder why you are still in business. I can also wonder you have a broker who does not speak English and run your business.

They are the worse company to deal with. I moved five miles away so happens at the end of my policy. So I was up for renewal. Their system generates bills like 30 days in advance. So naturally these dumb ** quoted me for the old neighborhood. I didn't realize and paid the amount owed. Well when my address updated one would think they would just adjust the bill. It showed no adjustment to the amount previously paid by me just a whole nother high quote. I called about this at that time. They then told me, "No worries. We will just ask for the difference owed" and I'd be good to go. I paid that. Then before we hung up they all of a sudden said my address is coming up as an area they don't cover, but again, "No worries, we'll take care of it."

Mind you they knew I moved 30 days ago and gave me another price accepted my payments twice. It's been a week my old policy ended at midnight. They say I'm covered right now lol but after paying 100 my bill online still shows as I owe 95. I don't even know where they got that number from. They said the only way to get out of this is to fax them a letter. I don't want another chore on my only day off, but something has to give. It seems illegal what they have me stuck in right now. To top it off when I look at my driving record on the site it has the years wrong on the offences. When you call the people are so rude too. It's not like I'm calling with a claim. Just trying to get my coverage straight.

If you're desperate for auto insurance because of low credit or bad driving history take the higher rates through other companies as it will cause you less of a headache than dealing with the General. I've had this insurance for less than six months and have zero intentions of renewing their policy due to constant cancellation notices being issued after 12:01 on the payment date. They give a date and expect payment before the first minute of the date shown on your statement if you pay even early morning your policy will still cancel and reflect as a lapse of insurance for each cancellation; not to mention the difficulty of getting your due date changed to suit their idiotic billing cycles. Likely I will never use this insurance company again and urge anyone who has thought about them to turn the other direction as this company is the absolute worst.

The worst, absolutely the worst car insurance experience I have ever had. I have had them for 8 years and never needed anything from them just feeding them my money. Got in an accident last week, when a stupid person ran into me, not paying attention that everyone was stopped at a red light. He just so happened to have The General as well. Well, let me tell you it has been a complete nightmare even getting ahold of anyone!!!

First they messed up and filed the claim under my own policy, when I specifically asked them to make sure they were not doing that at least 3 times!!! Every time I call no one knows anything about anything and it is always starting from scratch. Last I talked to someone was 5 days ago and they reassured me they had filed a claim on the other person's policy and someone will be contacting me by Friday. Well today is almost Tuesday and I have heard absolutely nothing from anyone!

Try to call their claims department and all you will get is a voicemail, their customer service reps know nothing as they state they have nothing to do with claims so once again you are transferred to a voicemail and no one ever calls you back! I have left messages for claim adjusters and supervisors... nothing! Tomorrow I am finally contacting my lawyer and I am also filing a complaint with the BBB and needless to say I am taking my business elsewhere. Oh, they are also extremely rude, especially one woman there who is a claim adjuster named Krystal **. I have recorded all my conversation with her and I will be sending it to my attorney as well. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these people! DO NOT GET A POLICY WITH THEM!!!

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All I can say at this point is, this company is the Prime reason why people distrust insurance company. I have been driving since I was 16 and have never had been in a serious accident were I needed to contact my insurance company. In May of 2016 I was rear ended and injured. I could not get in touch with the claims department for about a week. It was severe hold time and once you spoke to someone they would transfer and disconnect you or you would have to leave dozens of messages.

The General Insurance company has made this experience the worst. Their main goal is to be sure there is no monies coming out of their company. Once I tried to leave the company, I found out that they reported to BMV that the accident was my fault, which made my new quote for insurance go up an additional $100.00. I found it very disturbing that many of these low rate companies work with each to control the car insurance market. Advice to readers, double check fine prints on these sites. American Family Insurance is part of The General Insurance. Many of these companies are doing false advertisement. Beware!! And hope you don't have to call your insurance company. Most do not have their customer's best interest.

First let me say that the commercials are overrated! It is not cheaper than other insurances companies. I signed up last year and my payments were 179 per month. In one year they charged me for my premium and changed my plan and charged my credit card for over 700 dollars. I called them and they told me that I was the one that changed my plan to charge my cc. I argued with them and 30 days later I received a letter that I need to pay for my month charges. And I didn't have insurance.

I am freshly out of a severe domestic relationship & have fled my abuser as my new independence & safety was just stolen by the general insurance fraudulent company!!! I had to pay a couple of old fines & get sr22 insurance to reinstate my license. I went through 4 different steps, paying over $800, just for them to steal my 2nd mo's payment of $100 & then cancel my coverage @ week later but not without immediately informing the DMV, resulting in me unknowingly driving suspended for the last 10 days!!!

If I get another $800 driving w-o privileges, I will most likely get my license taken! All of that $ paid to get my license, now I am unable to even drive to my new job, making $16 an hr. Completely extinguishing my chances of survival for my animals & myself as I live on a farm out in the country & work is 12 MI. Away, one way & cops everywhere! They have finished me!!!

The day, one commits suicide from their whole means of survival being diminished, stolen, toyed with by a bunch of vile demons, they will be finished! Saw another woman's ad, she was crying because her husband cannot drive to work anymore because of these thieves! I don't have a lot of $$$ but I am suing!!! E-mail me @ ** Let's start a suit now!!!

They gave me 20 different quotes: 66 to 300. I tried to call them and they are rude and they don't help you at all and every buddy I talked to that had it said they gave them run around. If you need to be covered go somewhere else.

Cancelled 2 wks before insurance bill was due. Was charged almost $200 for leaving them. Representative went on to tell me it was like a cell phone contract "If you terminate before the contract is due you get charged an early termination fee. Same deal, it's in the contract." I'm like the whole reason I ended it was because I was paying more than my car payment. So they felt I should pay them what I was saving? What's worse it goes on your credit report if you don't pay. I don't recommend them to anyone after this!

I purchased insurance with The General for my son's car that's in my name. After being unable to download insurance cards like you are told you will be able to, I wound up having to just add the car to my own policy at State Farm. The cost for over month was $84 and some change. After being unable to even use it for what I needed it for, which was the very next morning, I started trying to call. I was on hold for an hour at a time, I was hung up on several times, so my next attempt was to try a online chat.

First time, I couldn't get anyone to even respond, next time it said it was down and I could send a message, which I did. I told them to cancel it, to call me, to talk about it and still nothing!!! Then today I had enough! I called the 800 General number and instead of choosing I have a policy already, I chose that I wanted to purchase a policy. Guess what? I was answered immediately! She then told me she was in sales but would send me over to customer service. That took about 25 mins.

I finally have someone to help and she tells me that my refund will be a whopping $26 freaking dollars out of $84 for what should have been one day of coverage! Even if it were a week, how could they pro-rate it and come up with $26? I will tell you how! The crooks charged me $41 to cancel the worthless policy then prorated it a week which was not suppose to even be a week! Don't go with this company unless you have absolutely no other alternative and then just consider maybe taking a bus or getting a bike, or horse because they will take your money! I'm sure I probably won't even see the $26! And wouldn't be surprised if the monthly installment is taken out next month. This place shouldn't be in business at all!

I got car insurance through The General back in April when I purchased a vehicle. Come to find out they jack your rates up after you purchase a policy. The monthly cost was more than my car payment was. I found a cheaper car insurance company with way better coverage and more trustworthy in my opinion. Please stay far away from this company. They are crooks and dishonest. I don't know why they are still in business. Their customer service is horrible and rude and condescending. Buyer beware!! There are better reputable car insurance companies out there. Run far away from The General.

My daughter was in an accident. The other driver insured by The General was ticketed. Long story short The General advised no coverage due to non-cooperation from the insured. AND in my opinion added a threating note stating: "Any person who knowingly presents a false or fraudulent claim for the payment of a loss is guilty of a crime and may be subject to fines and confinement in state prison." No court or judge is needed based on their comment. The General appears guilty of not paying for damages due to their lack of effort in contacting their insured client and nothing else in my opinion. I hope Shaq stops his endorsements with regards to this outfit before his good name is damaged by The General.

Got insurance with The General June 18th. Kept receiving cancellation notices and my payment was not due until July 18th. The General took my premium payment on July 16th and cancelled me July 19th because of 3 different claims that I reported on my application. Not sure if they are going to give me my money back and now I need to buy insurance with another company. They are stealing people's money by doing this. Please do not buy insurance from this company. I forgot to check the reviews before buying. Dishonest company. We need to get together and hire an attorney.

My son's car was hit by one of their clients. Their client received a ticket. The company denied my son's claim and can't give a reason why. I spoke to numerous supervisors who would just hang up on me. Bunch of idiots.

I had one of their insured hit my vehicle in a parking lot and when trying to deal with my adjuster got passed around. In damage negotiations I was unsure if ALL of the bills had been paid so I kept calling. I never got a return call and when I finally got an agent they were very nasty and unaccommodating. This company seems to employ females of color who have serious customer service issues. It is alleged that they only insure the undesirables and I would never consider becoming a customer.

These people are so stupid. I don't know what possessed me to sign up with them. Twice! I get a "Notice With Intent to Cancel" 11 days before my premium is due, and they send me at least three "reminder cancellations" at least three times a month. My premium is due on the 30th of every month and I pay it on the 29th of every month. They cancel it on the 30th, then send me a "reinstatement" on the 1st, like they've done me some huge favor. It's my own fault for staying with them as long as I did, but they are seriously so incompetent, I don't know how they stay afloat. I wouldn't recommend this insurance to Satan himself.

This company is garbage. The day they have the best rates, I was paying more for insurance than my car payment. They didn't even supply the insurance I asked for. I found a cheaper company with better coverage. I do not and will not ever recommend this horrible company to anyone.

I had went online to check quotes. I was going to go with the General real but decided not to so I did not confirm service. Before I knew it they were withdrawing money out of my account!! I called them and made numerous calls to a rep there. She just kept saying she needed to talk to her supervisor to charge my account back. I gave up. I had to close my account to avoid them from stealing more from me!!

This insurer charges a full 10% of the entire year policy if you cancel - even on the day you sign up. Never use this company.

60 days ago I paid off $70 debt to General Insurance co. where they put collection. I told come off 30 days and still there. They play your credit and you pay debt. But they too sorry take it off. This sorry company, and crooks, and liars. I truly wouldn't recommend them or progressive ins. either. Same company.

I was rear ended by a woman carrying this insurance. I was sitting at a stop light at the time, and the accident was clearly her fault. Despite having a police report, this company refuses to help me. They determined I had no loss from the accident. I have a damaged bumper and two very expensive car seats that need to be replaced! How is that no loss? I am contacting an attorney to help decide what to do next.

We paid our insurance in July and my husband got in a small wreck and got cited for no car insurance. He got it reinstated requiring an sr22 - we paid six month in advance. They failed to send his sr22 to the bmv again a couple of months later. So now he's lost his license again and has been driving without a license for four months and we are fighting with the bmv to get the 10 points removed from his license. Stay far away from them. They've screwed up our life. My husband may not be able to work now!

My story is exactly like the complaint from Andrew dated May 20, 2016. The exact same thing happened to me. Can this be real? Is this company a scam? When I read his complaint, it was like I had written it. Now I know I'm not the only person. I'm sure there are many people who are experiencing this treatment from this company. Customer service was horrible! Something has to be done. I have never been treated so poorly from an insurance company. How dare they add someone on to my policy that has nothing to do with me. I told them no one drives my car but me. This is a nightmare!

I started a policy 3 months ago. When I signed up, asked if another drivers in household would be on policy. I stated 'no' and started policy. 3 months later I get my monthly reminder that a payment is due and they add that driver that I stated would not be on policy. Then when I talk to customer service (which is a joke) they claim that they sent a letter that would add said driver if I don't respond. (I am on paperless, so why send a letter?) They ask to prove that said driver is insured (which I can prove) but I feel it was their mistake and should fix it. They are asking to pay for the time said driver was on policy, but I will not pay as it is their fault for adding said driver. I will NEVER do business with General again and if anyone does, it will be at your own risk!

This company advertises great low rates. However they are actually much higher than most other car insurance companies. I have a great driving record and have never reported a claim to them. When my rates continued to climb and they would not lower them I switched to another company with a savings of over $1000 per year. Now that I have canceled they expect me to pay over $400 for a policy I am no longer using and can not properly justify these charges. I feel sickly cheated and would not recommend their services to anyone! Please consumers beware of this false advertising and unjust rates!

I got with The General because of their promise of low premium on tv and plus I had let my car insurance go so I had a recent lapse in coverage. First, the premium was not low and I had to find out the hard way that even one day late on your premium means they consider it a lapse in coverage and your policy starts all over again. There is no grace period. I dropped them and went with GEICO, who I've been with over a year and if I can't pay the premium on the day it's due, they have a feature online that I can delay my payment up to ten days and it does not fault me in any way. I could probably shop around, but they have been too good to me.

I started a policy 3 months ago. When I signed up, asked if an other drivers in household would be on policy. I stated 'no' and started policy. 3 months later I get my monthly reminder that a payment is due and they add that driver that I stated would not be on policy. Then when I talk to customer service (which is a joke) they claim that they sent a letter that would add said driver if I don't respond. (I am on paperless, so why send a letter?) They ask to prove that said driver is insured (which I can prove) but I feel it was their mistake and should fix it. They are asking to pay for the time said driver was on policy, but I will not pay as it is their fault for adding said driver. I will NEVER do business with General again and if anyone does, it will be at your own risk!

The General offered me the highest rate of 5 companies, after all the ads about "for a great low rate you can get online". The General said $91 mo. for simple liability. I signed with State Farm for $27.93 mo. for the same coverage. After reading many of the reviews here, I'm glad I didn't sign with the crooks here. I have faith that State Farm will be helpful and informative if I have to make a claim. I have dealt with them in the past, always satisfactorily. Too bad that consumer reviews can't overcome massive advertising where General is concerned. Hopefully, they will find their coffers full enough to get out soon; They seem like a "take the money and run" type of business. Speaking of run, you would be well advised to do just that!

I had a very bad experience with this insurance. The customer service is horrific to say the least. People are very rude. I spoke with a supervisor and they were not willing to help me solve my problems at all. It seems like they are very quick to collect your money each month but do very little to make you feel like a valued customer or live up to their promises. I would not recommend this insurance to anyone. Save yourself the trouble and look for insurance elsewhere.

I got into a car accident on my birthday. If that wasn't bad enough. I couldn't get in touch with the claims department. It kept telling me it was closed. Where it says the claims line is open 24 hours on the automated system. To top things off the party who hit me didn't have insurance. So, I get this adjuster who is horrible. She is such a liar. I do understand that I'm not only person with the company with a claim. Do not lie to me about the process and what's going on. I will very much understand if you would be truthful with me. I've been getting the run around for about a month now! IT'S ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! They don't care how it affects you because they still get paid at the end of the night. I wouldn't suggest anyone go through them for insurance. They are high as hell, and send you a cancellation notice every month before your bill is due. ** worse experience of my life! Progressive is definitely the best! Low rates too.

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Permanent General Auto Insurance is a licensed insurance agency that offers insurance in many states. They have been in business for over 50 years and have been recognized by A.M. Best for their financial stability.

  • Accepts drivers regardless of history: The General offers insurance for most drivers, even if they don't have a perfect driving record or have let their insurance lapse.
  • Electronic payments: They make it easy to pay monthly bills online via their electronic platform.
  • Low down payments: They keep their down payments low and affordable so that drivers can sign up for insurance, even if they don't have a lot of money upfront.
  • Continuing to expand: The General is continuing to expand their coverage and has taken on new states such as West Virginia and Nebraska.
  • Great customer service: The General has excellent customer service that makes it easy for drivers to contact a representative and settle claims.
  • Best for Drivers with a poor driving history and drivers who want a low down payment.

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