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My brother has been with State Farm for many years. He has 2 old trucks with full coverage. In June 2016 a driver in a pick up ran a stop sign and hit him. Travis was told it was the other person fault, here is all their info, they will pay for damages. He then contacts his agent who shortly informs him that the driver was not the owner of truck and refused to pay. He said to his agent, the driver said he was insured and one of the policies was the driver's. At first his agent said he would have to claim off his policy but he would take care of him. Travis's first mistake he did not get a lawyer.

About a month and several phone calls and office visits he is told he would get replacement value. He said "that is all I want." Trying to be a good person he asked what he need to do to get the ball rolling. State Farm said he need to get a lean release for a clear title to move paperwork on. 2nd mistake. He does that and State Farm sends him a letter saying his truck is only worth $4300. It is a 93 Dodge Diesel club cab. Motor and trans strong. He calls and talks to someone saying it was not enough that truck is worth more like $8800. He is told that he needs to have an adjuster look at it. State Farm said they did not have an adjuster who could come out but they would pick it up and take it to their office then they would give him a better price and get him a check out.

That was more than 3 weeks ago. It was picked up on Friday July 29th. The following Mon he called them back and asked when he would be getting his truck back. The truck was completely drivable and his transportation. State Farm said they would not give it back, he could not have it back. When it was picked up it was drivable and the right side from wheel to wheel was damaged. Then they said they would only give him $3800, it is totaled and he could buy it back out of the $3800.

After many phone call, many hrs with State Farm, Sheryl said "well we have his truck and that is more than I would pay for that truck." Her complaint was it was dirty and needs a paint job. He did not decide one day he wanted a new truck and was going to sell it. If that was the case detail and paint job and they sell for $12,988 like his. I mean sell, people pay that. All he wants is enough $ to buy a like truck not a nicer. When I went to pay my Farmer's bill I asked my agent and he said they should pay at least enough to buy one of same on low side. But Sheryl with State Farm claims said "we have his truck and what are you going to do."

The worst part is he has Parkinson and they know it. They cannot understand him over the phone so he had to go to his agent's office until he knew he was not helping him. After 3 crazy calls from him to State Farm telling them to talk to me because he could not take the stress. Now I have sent the about 20 emails with like trucks selling for $7000 to $20,000, most of the ones that were for sale last week are already sold. If you have a claim with State Farm get a good lawyer because they do criminal acts.

State Farm's insured admitted fault at the scene in front of the police officer, who wrote it in the police report. Still SF refused to pay and it was just for my scratched fender. Now I'm going to have to file a small claims case, which will cost SF much more to answer. I have never dealt with more problems than I have with State Farm.

I just attempted to call and provide information about an accident. I called the main number, gave the claim number, then I was sent to someone else who was so rude and unhelpful that I asked to speak to someone else. While on hold again, I decided to call my local insurance agent instead, who redirected me back into your system. Why would you have a system that is so OBSTRUCTIVE to someone actually calling to provide information about an accident, and seeking some assistance about the process? I come from a family of policyholders for State Farm, spanning over 100 years. I no longer recognize their dehumanizing and hostile claim processing system and rude call center employees. I used to speak with claims processors directly, sometimes in person!

They actually were "like a good neighbor" back then. Now the local insurance offices just sell policies (and have been getting pushier) but no longer help with claims in any way. For those of you who never want to deal with people directly, and are satisfied with website only interaction, State Farm is for you. Times have certainly changed. Once this claim is finally processed, I will be switching insurance companies. Probably to my Credit Union, where people are still personable (for now).

My experience with State Farm Auto Insurance was chaos. From adjusters to inputting wrong information such as name and social security while having verified with them on multiple occasions to the lack of professionalism. I've had State Farm for almost a year before I noticed that State farm was a bright and shiny apple but rotten in the core and useless. The adjusters being stoic and careless with information was the cherry on the top. I do not recommend State Farm at all. The timely matter of how state farm handles their claim is as long as the drought we have in California. I don't usually create reviews but state farm is an exception to this rant. Thank you State Farm for the horrible service.

I am really hoping that I can update this with a higher rating by the time this is all settled, but right now I am pretty discouraged. My husband and I were in a collision 375 miles from home. It was entirely the fault of the other driver. There is absolutely no dispute about that. The problem is that because it was a Saturday, the only car rental agencies that were open were at the airport.

State Farm does not work directly with them and will not pay the airport fees. Bad enough. Airport rental agencies are also more expensive. We will end up paying about $150 a week out of our own pocket. The car will take at least two weeks to fix (if it is not deemed a total loss). My husband will have to take time off from work and drive 375 miles each way to get the car back. He has a bad back (mine is even worse) so it will take 2 days each way -- SF will pay for one night in a motel. The rep didn't mention fuel or any other expenses. I thought if we traded the vehicle here at a off-airport car rental agency, we could get a rate that was within the insurance limits.

No go -- State Farm won't pay the relocation fees. In the end, this accident is going to cost us a lot more than the person who caused it, and I will have a 3 year old car that has lost value because she ran into it. I haven't asked about that yet, but I am sure they don't cover that either. I've had auto, home, and life insurance with State Farm since 1980. Disappointed is a huge understatement. I hope the situation improves and I can upgrade my review, but I am not encouraged at all.

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My daughter was in the passing lane on a divided highway and was hit on the passenger side by an elderly woman who came over the center line. It was stated in the police report that woman crossed the center line and also improper lane usage. Both drivers are insured by State Farm but they do not want to pay the full damages to my daughter's car. They want us to pay our deductible even though it wasn't my daughter's fault. They don't care what the police report says. They state the woman isn't admitting to crossing the line.

I can't afford an attorney to fight this and I'm sure that would cost me more than the deductible but it's the principle. My daughter had control enough of her car not to get into the median and roll her car which could have been extensive and caused injuries or even her death. I feel we're getting screwed by a big company that could care less. They keep insisting on applying that claim under my policy even after I told them I didn't want that filed under my policy but they did it anyway. We have never had a claim on our policy with State Farm or my previous insurer, American Family. I know they are trying to pay as little as possible and from other articles I have read, this is a common practice for them and has been for years.

When State Farm, with whom I already had homeowner's insurance with for 16 years offered me a lower rate on car insurance, I left my auto insurance carrier of 20 years and signed on with them. It turned out to be a big mistake! Today, just a little more than a month after making the change, I came home to find a check in the mail from State Farm refunding my recent payment with a one sentence statement that my policy was closed and to contact my agent if I had any questions. I have received no written notification that my policy was going to be cancelled, no explanation, and worst of all no time to protect myself by finding another insurance carrier.

I am 69 years old and have a nearly perfect driving record. I am the only source of transportation for my adult son who has a disability. I really regret ever laying eyes on State Farm. Now I have to start all over again, but I will and we will be fine. Just having a sleepless night tonight with this unexpected shock. Good riddance State Farm!!!

I was in an accident almost a year ago and have yet to settle. I was driving with a guy pulled out in front of me. This was scary for me and my daughter and also life changing. The agent, L. **, was kind at first and I really thought she was the to help me through it, but then she went lock on me. She was rude and attack my motherhood. I was and am very upset. But thanks to how disrespectful she treated me, I am now going to seek a lawyer in Alabama. Let them deal with her. It's depressing enough that I have to wait to settle and me and my daughter are still dealing when the after effects. Why do we have to see a therapist just to get a settlement. Why can't I just keep praying to God to heal us.

We were involved in an accident caused by a texting driver. Our claim was immediately filed with our insurance company, State Farm. For the 2 weeks we have been dealing with them, we have consistently received incorrect information from the majority of people we have spoken with in the claims department. Each person we are transferred to tells us something different than the last one we spoke with.

To begin with, some random employee in the claims department took it upon herself to assume that our vehicle was flooded based solely on the fact that it is sitting in a wrecker yard somewhere near Baton Rouge, LA. Due to this erroneous assumption, an entire week was wasted with bouncing our claim back and forth between the total loss department and the catastrophe claim department, with nobody taking the time to listen to us when we tried to explain that we were able to confirm with the wrecker company that there was absolutely no flood damage to the vehicle.

Furthermore, it has even gone so far as us being told that the vehicle is a total loss, resulting in us participating in a conference call with the total loss department and our finance company to iron out the details of State Farm's payoff for our vehicle, only to find out 5 minutes after ending that call that the vehicle is now not considered a total loss due to the claims adjuster applying incorrect assumptions to our vehicle's value AFTER the payoff arrangements had already been made with our finance company. We have actually been told 3 separate times that the vehicle is a total loss, only to have someone inform us shortly afterward that a mistake has been made and they are moving forward with the repair process.

This is just a small part of what we have had to endure in dealing with State Farm's claims department. These employees and supervisors are apparently not capable of communicating with each other or their customer to determine the facts of each claim, and they have proven that they are completely incapable of providing accurate information in a timely manner to their customers who are paying a premium price for the insurance that is supposed to protect them in these exact circumstances. We are very disappointed in this company and would strongly recommend to anybody that they look elsewhere for their insurance needs.

I have been a State Farm customer for 22 years. In October of 2015 my son, who is insured on my State Farm policy, was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle. The driver who hit my son was also insured by State Farm. The driver of the car was found at 100% fault but everything has been a struggle with State Farm. The driver of the car never told his insurance that an accident occurred so after a few days I called State Farm to initiate a claim.

They immediately began demanding my son get the motorcycle out of the towing lot impound, threatening to not pay the towing bill if we didn't act fast. He was injured and our lives were turned upside down but that was their main concern - making sure the motorcycle was removed from the towing lot storage. I had to pay all of the towing and storage bills up front and wait months to be reimbursed. Lord knows what poor people are supposed to do because those bills can be steep. I had to put everything on a credit card and make payments until the check was mailed to us.

We did manage to settle the damage portion of the claim but they will not cooperate with us at all on the medical and personal injury portion. Without notice we have been assigned to three different claims agents who claim to not have any of our records when I call them. I send them bills and documentation through their portal email which is as good as sending into a black hole. It sometimes never reaches the intended destination or takes a week or longer to get to our agent. They NEVER answer the phone when we call them and always seem to be missing some piece of information they need to make their decision to offer a settlement. They also told me that they send out a request to the hospital, doctors, employers, etc. one time for documentation and if they receive nothing in return they don't do anything about it - the case just sits there until the records are provided.

Mind you they never tell you what is going on, it just never gets taken care of, so you are unaware that you are expected to collect the records and send them in. When I asked about the progress of the case I found that nothing at all had been done because they hadn't received the records they requested. They told me if I wanted things resolved I should request the information myself and send it to them. That is what I did but I still have not received any communications from them indicating they have the documentation that they need or if they need something further. Everything just goes into a black hole and no one ever calls or emails me back. I checked with the hospital and doctor's office and they both stated they never received any request from State Farm for my son's medical records.

I have given up and have hired an attorney to get my son's settlement. It should also be noted that the agents and other State Farm staff we dealt with made no effort to be polite or professional with us. They spoke to us in a very rude manner. Sometimes, when I was able to get in touch with a live person, I could hear an audible sign on the other end. Unbelievable. After 22 years we are leaving State Farm. My advice is to stay away from them, they are horrible to deal with.

I've had State Farm Insurance for over 50 years. I always thought it was the best insurance in the US. Because they were not there to help me when I needed help, I plan to go to a different company. When leaving my grocery store, I inadvertently locked my keys in the trunk of my motorcycle. I have had State Farm insuring my motorcycles since I first owned them in 2006. I actually thought I was covered. When I called them for help, I was turned down flat. I got no help from them and now I'm so discouraged about my State Farm Insurance that I plan to change companies as soon as I can.

I was involved in a fender bender a couple weeks ago, the other driver backed into me causing a couple thousand dollars in damage. He was clearly at fault and admitted it to me and the police. The police report is a slam dunk and there is absolutely zero doubt he was at fault. I don't have State Farm I have another insurance provider, the party at fault does have State Farm. I have called them 3 or 4 times and even provided them the police report. All they keep saying is they are trying to contact other witnesses. I'm sure they read the police report I provided them where it clearly states who was at fault and who was given a written warning for unsafe backing. It is terribly frustrating when you do everything correctly and you have zero liability and you get such horrible treatment.

My car was involved in an accident on 6/21/16. They didn't send an investigator out to inspect the car until 7/28/16. I called on multiple occasions to get status to see when someone would come out and each time I spoke w/ a different person and each time they gave me a different answer. They are the epitome of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. It's important to know that my experience occurred with the agency in NY b/c that's where the accident occurred but I also corresponded with the agency in MI b/c that's where my insurance was purchased and the MI agency was much more knowledgeable and helpful than the NY agency. This is also vital to the story b/c in NY there is alternate side parking so my boyfriend and I had to take time off from work each week that passed and the car was still sitting and waiting for them to inspect.

When it came time to submit the paperwork basically handing over the title of my car to their staff (car was deemed a total loss), they forgot to give me the name of the company that would take my car so that was another phone call to get clarification. The turnover for receiving the check was timely but the overall experience leading up to the finality of the entire experience was painful. Best of luck to anyone that has to work with the NY agency if you're ever involved in an accident. It's hard enough losing your 1st car but it makes it worse not dealing with a competent agency.

Wow. I have never seen anything like this. Not one call in over 30 days in response to a claim. They wanted the rental car back before they had paid the claim. Obviously she could not get a car until it was paid. They then told me how to fill the power of attorney out and when I refused to fill in information that I could not vouch for they refused to pay. I called the insurance commission. I called the supervisor. Over 30 days. No payment. And to make it even better, my husband had died on the 10th of July. I spend over 30 days calling them to resolve. As I write this, I have still not been paid. These guys are crooks. Do yourself a favor. Do not buy insurance from them.

Buyer beware! I've been with State Farm on and off since '77. They have NEVER EVER paid on any claims, lie about every claim you turn in. Tell you it's covered only to find out... they have claims adjusters that can say anything after they tell you you're covered. I had full coverage with catas. added. I was in Wal-Mart for dog food in and out 10 mins. Tops a blizzard a hit while in store. Someone hit my car, pushed it sideways took tires off rims. I called right away. They claimed my car was in 4 accidents and my 0 deductible went to $2500.00 and only covered wheels tires and undercarriage on awd. I was pissed.

Went elsewhere but on disability went back 'cause cheaper than everyone. New agent just took my 74.00 bill per month, auto withdrew $198.67, no warning or notice. Overdrafted acct. I called and owner told me I had fees for switching to car on storage ins. with them for multi-car discount, when I had to have some maintenance work done. When I got car back and switched back, charged again and never told about these hidden charges. I called ins. companies, said no charge for this as 16 other State Farm companies. I'm so done, gotta fight to get overpayment back. Done never again. I will pay more for HONESTY.

I was told by my agent I needed a appraisal on my car. Spent 250.00 to get the appraisal. Car appraisal was for 20k but they only want to insure my classic car for 13k. Gave my car a value of 1k and 12k for upgrades. Even worse drove car over a year thinking I had proper insurance to find out I had liability insurance. My agent is great but the underwriters ask for appraisals but won't warrant the appraisal... these folks are a joke.

This guy and his entire staff are amazing! He will guarantee the lowest premium and will beat any competitor offer you bring. They answer the phone as if they were expecting you to call and they're excited you did. His office is in the opposite end of my state, so I've never seen them in person. Great team!

This year my mother was hit while stopped at a red light. State farm put her vehicle as total loss when it was not. Only the left doors needed to be fixed on the Honda Odyssey. They only cover one weeks car rental while we had a receipt that stated 2 weeks! We had to pay the balance to the car rental service! State farm announced that our policy would be cancelled after they gave a rebuildable title.

After we found a new insurance, state farm then would not cancel our insurance policy. After calling back A THIRD TIME, an agent told us that we needed to give them PROOF of another insurance before they cancel our insurance. YES, we had the other insurance policy on hand but State Farm made the entire process intrusive and difficult. What does it matter to them that we want to cancel? It's quite frankly NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS what insurance company we joined, if any.

Geico and other insurance companies that we have had in the past were never this nosy or difficult. This woman told us she would not cancel our insurance unless we sent her paperwork! I was extremely pissed off to say the least. They screw up our minivan, gave a rebuilt title, and made it difficult to cancel the policy in which they initially wanted us gone from! Our new insurance policy offers way more coverage at a much cheaper price. The very thought of state farm and its associates gives me a headache.

We have been loyal State Farm customers for nearly 35 years. Our agents have changed twice during that time due to retirements, but they have always been great to work with. We have our homeowners and auto policies with them. Last week, we received a notice via regular mail that our auto insurance was being cancelled. I was stunned. Our account includes my daughter and my mother in-law (they were added within the past 3 years). Both have had a minor accident within the past 3 years. I hit a deer four years ago (a no fault - unavoidable accident). We have no tickets in the past six years (I have never had a ticket).

After contacting them, we were informed that we were being cancelled for being high risk. Upon further inquiry, it turns out that they are also including the driving record of my elderly father in-law who has never been on our policy and has not driven since 2010 but was insured by State Farm. Our agent was stunned and apologized profusely. He has been unable to get anyone at the Corporate Level to do anything or even to respond. Apparently this is a corporate computer review and is not subject to appeal. I have paid them scads of money on both my auto and homeowners policies (never a claim on homeowners policy). We are being discarded like toilet paper (but surprise, surprise, they want to keep our homeowner's policy). Like hell they will. So much for "Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There".

My family has been with State Farm Insurance for approximately 50 years; auto, home and life insurance. This year, we were hit by teenagers who were at fault. They had Direct Insurance which is not a known insurance company. We were told to use our State Farm Med Pay for the medical injuries and Direct Insurance would reimburse State Farm at the end of the year, due to the extensive injuries sustained. This was approved.

After 2 months of billing, the State Farm Medical Department started stalling; refusing to pay; became extremely rude on the phone to parties who provided treatment; refused all treatment codes provided by the medical treatment providers; would only accept Orthopedic Doctors treatments; and for pain management and cranial therapy which work hand in hand, admitted that they did not know anything about these treatments and told the providers they were stupid, did not have training, and since they had not heard of these treatments, they would not be paying. All accident treatment does not necessarily have to be treated with more drugs, pain meds or surgery; which causes people to become sicker and have more problems in the long run.

The Case Managers from State Farm have been extremely rude on the phone; they are not knowledgeable about medicine and medical treatment; and only believe in conventional medicine. This is 2016, there is more to medical treatment than pushing more drugs to provide treatment. There is no need to be so rude and condescending over the telephone. After our family being with State Farm for 50+ years, and using our Med-pay for the very first time, this is a wake-up call. If State Farm treats customers this badly, who have been with them for 50+ years and are using them for the very first time, who needs this insurance.

We will not be paying another dime to State Farm after this type of treatment and will have to cancel all three of our State Farm Policies. This has been horrible treatment by State Farm and absolutely unreal for loyal customers who have never had to use their insurance... and to be treated this way is unbelievable and horrible. I hope all insurance companies are not like this. I hope there are some good companies out there. Frustrated and Astounded in Georgia.

State Farm cancelled my auto insurance, without any warning or communication. I received a letter – not registered mail, just regular postal service – notifying me of cancellation of my policy, effective date was A MONTH AND HALF ago. I've been driving around with no insurance for a month and a half unknowingly. And of course I'm reading this letter after office hours for my particular agent. So I called the customer service number to see what is going on and if I do in fact have no insurance and should stop driving my vehicle immediately. The first agent I spoke to refused to saying anything but a scripted line telling me to call my agent tomorrow. When I asked for a supervisor he hung up on me. This is by far the worst experience I've had with customer service, and not to mention very stressful considering how lucky I am that I didn't get into an accident while not insured.

While attempting to buy a new car, it was discovered that Carfax had an error on my report. They show my car was a 'total loss' in July of 2008. I was told that all I needed was a 'Letter of Experience' from State Farm. If they can verify that there wasn't a claim on or around July 30, 2008 in the state of Missouri (I lived in IL at the time), then Carfax would remove the error. After 9 phone calls, several transfers and holds, talking to numerous reps, spending over a total of 5 hours of my time (over the course of a few weeks) nothing has been resolved.

EACH person I spoke with CONFIRMED there was never a total loss reported on my VIN, yet NOBODY would put it in writing for me. One rep told me State Farm had nothing to do with that accident or Carfax. (Meanwhile I'm unable to trade-in my car because of their refusal to help me.) I was instructed to go back to Carfax, request the police department and case # of the accident and contact the police department myself. This could easily be resolved with a ONE sentence letter from State Farm. I am so happy I am no longer a customer of State Farm and due to my recent experience with them, 5 of my co-workers have dropped State Farm.

I love State Farm. They did an awesome job handling my claim a few months back. I don't say many negative things about them but my one issue is with their website. I wanted to send this information directly to them but saw no avenue to do so on their website. So I have to resort to public forums and hopefully they can read this and make some changes.

I went to add a driver to my policy since I'm getting married in two months. So I filled out all the information - there was even a box to click on to show that the added driver is your fiance. But then I get a call from them stating that I cannot add any drivers online nor can I add my fiance to the plan. I really do not understand why anyone would publish a form specifically for adding a driver on a website and then turn around and say you actually can't do that because they can't use any of the information they required you to enter. They said it's not safe to transfer sensitive info over the web... but if it's so unsafe then why did they require me to enter it in the first place??

I wouldn't be so frustrated if they hadn't had the option to add a driver online. Either take that off the website or put some kind of disclaimer on there that the form you put on your website does nothing and there is no point in filling it out. Because apparently it's not safe to put that info online even though they require you to enter it? I just don't understand. I really love the company but my one critique is it's not super tech-friendly for the millennial generation. I think a lot of millennials (myself included) really want to see that change - and soon.

On July 28, 2016 while driving east on Florence Boulevard in Florence, Alabama, a State Farm insured entered the roadway from the south side (from Burger King as I recall) and struck our vehicle in the right rear door causing damage in approximately $2,000. The police were called and the report was written as required. We had been in our middle lane of traffic for over two miles and the State Farm insured for some reason did not stop, just ran out from the side and hit our vehicle.

The State Farm insured did not report the claim and was contacted by the State Farm adjuster over a week later. When we called him, he stated that the State Farm insured told him a different story and that he was denying our claim. The damage to our vehicle was to the right rear door and the damage to the other car was on the front end. How could it possibly be any other way than she pulled out and hit us? Even if the fault was subject to doubt, there is no reason for the State Farm adjuster to be rude. He treated us as though we were trying to steal from State Farm. Surely State Farm does not teach its adjusters to be rude. State Farm adjuster knows that their insured was at fault but denied the claim anyway. Now I will have to present a claim to my collision carrier, pay my deductible and wait while my insurance company goes about the business of subrogation.

We have just moved to a new area and are building a new home and will need builder's risk, homeowner's, personal umbrella and possibly term life insurance. At the time of the wreck, I had already gotten a quote from a. After this experience, there is no way I will do business with State Farm and would recommend that my friends and relatives reconsider buying from State Farm.

Been with State Farm for a very long time, worse communication ever. Went in today 8/1/2016 around 1 PM to Agent ** in 6616 S Broadway Tyler, TX 75703 to pay my husband's bill. We received the billing mail which was due August 2 - total of 360.22. I get there to make my payment today and they tell me it's 460.22 because we took the rental policy insurance off. I understand that was "some kind of discount" but however we were never told that our insurance was going to go up and never did we get that notice in mail or a call or anything plus our bill states 360.22 not 460.22. I am very upset I don't think we should pay that in our end. That is something they messed up on. I will be definitely be looking for another insurance.

I would like to say I was a loyal customer for over 15 years with State Farm until we were in a bad car accident where an 18 wheeler hit us from behind. Not only was State Farm not "there for me" neither was my agent todd ** of albertville alabama. It took us over 1 1/2 years to even settle and I had $90,000 in my own policy which was never offered to us until we retained and lawyer and filed suit. I called his office several times to talk to him and even stopped by but he never returned calls and was never there. I started out with a great agent when we began but todd took over when that agent moved up the ladder. I am writing this in hopes that no one else has to go thru what we did.

My son and I were involved in an accident on Father's day while visiting my daughter out of state. We were T-boned at a high rate of speed, the other driver (insured by State Farm) did not see us. I have an attorney for bodily injury so I can only talk about a limited information. However, we were abandoned by State Farm for 7 day when I finally realized I better figure out on my own a way to get home. 10 days later I found out the driver was insured by State Farm, and started to contact THEM, they still had not called me one time yet. I had already rented a car and paid for it out of my own pocket.

It is been over a month and a half and we still have not settled on the property damage. I had to ask for a different case worker due to the poor customer service skills the State Farm team worker that was assigned to me treated me as IF I was out to get State Farm... I was the one violated here... I will never in my life do business with State Farm. What a disappointment... They have not been any help to me in this situation, they have added to my anxiety and stress to my unfortunate situation.

OK so let me be upfront and help others out. State Farm is an insurance company, a business. They are not there to be your friend, and reading the reviews on here I think people have some strange belief that they are there to help you out. They work like any other company. They want profits to please stockholders. In order to profit while also raising pay for the higher ups, they need to intake more money and pay out less money. That's just the way it is, and you have to understand that. That being said, you have a right to get what is owed to you, so don't let this bully win. Get a lawyer if you have a claim. It is worth every penny, and they actually get things done.

OK so on to my experience. I was hit violently by a State Farm insured driver while I was on my motorcycle. I was stopped to make a left-hand turn waiting for oncoming traffic to go by. The driver hit me from behind, going ~30mph (based on police estimate. I can assure you it was faster). She was over the yellow line as well, and didn't brake until after my body impacted the hood and windshield. Young girl, about 18, and I can only guess that she was on her phone. (Good luck convincing the police to get a record of the cell phone use. They won't do it unless a court orders it.) Police find her fully at fault. She gets off with nothing but a pay by mail ticket for assured clear distance. My lawyer filed a claim the next week with State Farm for my property damage and injuries. Can't talk about the injuries obviously, so this is in regards to the vehicle damage.

Good luck getting a hold of anyone at SF. They pass you around to different 'teams' on a whim. Call one day and its 'Mary', call 10 minutes later and 'Sue' is in charge of your claim and has no idea what you just talked about when on the phone with 'Mary'. Happened to me for about a week straight. Finally found out after 2 weeks that my motorcycle was being declared a total loss (no crap). Released it to their total loss department so they could get it from the tow company. Didn't hear anything for the next 2 weeks about it. So I called my lawyer and he made a call, got the name and number of the total loss adjuster. Lawyer said to contact him and give him the details of my bike (fully custom, hand-built, classic, rare parts, etc).

I made up a nice excel worksheet that contains all my receipts in PDF format (over 300 receipts) and provide a build log of work that was done to the bike. Got a $100 estimate for the amount of labor I put into it, and photos of the motorcycle before the build, during my build, after the build, and then photos of after the accident.

I tried calling the adjuster to find out where to send the files to (over 200mb and 400 pages of documents). Left messages on his voicemail 5 times over the course of 5 days. Never got a callback. Oddly, my father got ahold of me and said that a State Farm adjuster was leaving voicemail messages on his cell phone. How State Farm got my father's number, and why they call it, is beyond me. No one ever gave them his number, and I always left the proper phone number to reach me at when I left voicemails. So I tried calling this adjuster back and you guessed it, voicemail.

Got fed up and called customer service and they told me to email the files to Well 3 days later my father called again to tell me someone from State Farm left another voicemail saying the files can't be read. So I called customer service again, and they tell me that "you can only send JPEG or PDF with a max of 10mb per email." I tried to explain to these idiots that I have over 200mb worth of files (all in PDF format) and the only way to send them is via a ZIP file. She said they can't open compressed files. Complete idiots. So I said "Screw that. Give me the mailing address and I'll print out every single friggin page and send them certified." She didn't like this idea but I persisted. (Once you talk about 'certified' and ways you can track delivery of items they freak out. They don't want any paper trail so they can continue their 'delay' tactic.) Got it all printed out and sent it in a box that day. Was delivered on Monday July 25th, 2016.

Still haven't heard back at all from the claim adjuster about my total loss. Do yourself a favor folks and print out your state's administrative code, the pages that refer to insurance claim fair practices. Send them certified to the insurance company to remind them of how they are supposed to treat you. This also shows that you mean business and won't take their crap. I'm letting my lawyer handle it from here out.

I have been a State Farm insurance customer since 1998 and I was in an auto accident in 2006. After my accident I couldn't work so State Farm insurance told me I was entitled to loss wages. Don't do it, they make you pay it back if you collect another disability. How can State Farm make me pay back for a service that I paid for? State Farm insurance is a scam that hurts people and it ruined my life because now State Farm has a judgment on me to make me pay back for a service that I was entitled to.

I've been a State Farm customer for over 36 years and have never been treated as disrespectfully as I was in Ryan Tyler Agency. Office manager Carly, lied to me over the phone to keep my car policy. I'm currently getting a divorce and she told me my soon to be ex husband threatened to drop my car policy. This was a complete lie which has now escalated the divorce proceedings and has cost me a ton more money. I called Ryan Tyler personally and he covered for Carly saying he heard the conversation but I have a witness also who heard the conversation. Ryan wasn't apologetic nor sympathetic. He didn't care at all. He was very condescending. I will be transferring all my policies from that agency.

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State Farm is one of America's largest and most popular full-service insurance companies. The company was founded in 1922 by retired farmer George Jacob Mecherle, and it has since grown to become the No. 41 ranked company on the Fortune 500 list of the largest companies.

  • Teenage driver discounts: State Farm offers a unique program called the Steer Clear Safe Driving program, which affords families with teenage drivers insurance discounts if they complete State Farm's course on safe driving.
  • Emergency roadside service: The company offers policyholders emergency roadside assistance should drivers run out of gas or oil, have a flat tire or lock their keys in their car (in addition to a myriad of other auto emergencies.)
  • Rental reimbursement program: Drivers who get in a collision and have to rent a car while theirs is being repaired are reimbursed for the cost of the rental car by State Farm.
  • Educational resources: The company offers customers and potential customers tons of helpful educational resources via their website, including helpful tips for purchasing the right car and equipment for the lowest insurance prices possible.
  • Specialized insurance offerings: State Farm offers a selection of specialized auto insurance, including not only classic car insurance, but also antique car insurance, for cars that are older than classic cars.
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