How much do walk-in tubs cost?

Walk-in tub costs range from $1,500 to over $20,000

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The cost for a walk-in tub varies from about $1,500 to $20,000 or more depending on the size, type, brand, level of customization and selected features.

The average cost of a walk-in soaking tub is generally between $2,000 to $5,000. Models that feature hydrotherapy average $5,000 to $7,000, while special models like bariatric or combination air and water walk-in tubs start closer to $10,000 and can cost up to $20,000 or more.

How much does it cost to install a walk-in bathtub?

On average walk-in tub installation costs $1500 or less.

Walk-in tub installation costs range from about $700 to $3,000, though most average $1,500 or less. If installing your walk-in tub requires you to get larger pipes or a wall surround, installation costs will go up. You’ll also have to pay for labor costs, which may or may not include the removal of your old tub.

Most walk-in tub companies provide an in-home consultation so you can get an accurate estimate of the costs based on your situation. Because this is a major purchase for most homeowners, many companies also offer financing options or flexible payment terms to make it more accessible.

Compare walk-in tub prices

There are several types of walk-in tubs, each with their pros and cons, and varying price points.

Walk-in Bathtub TypesPrice rangeAdvantages
Walk-in soaking tubs$1,500–$5,000Safety and affordability
Hydrotherapy walk-in tubs$5,000–$7,000Soothes muscles
Walk-in tubs with air baths$5,000–$9,000Improved circulation
Combination air and water jet walk-in tubs$7,000–$10,000Versatile therapies
Bariatric walk-in tubs$5,000–$10,000Handicap accessibility and comfort
Walk-in tubs plus shower units$2,500–$6,000More bathing options
Luxury walk-in tubs$9,000–$20,000More features and design options
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Are walk-in tubs covered by Medicare?

Medicare doesn’t consider walk-in bathtubs to be durable medical equipment (DME) and will not cover the cost of the tub or installation except in a few extreme cases, such as accommodating somebody with a spinal cord injury. Some Medicaid plans provide reimbursement, but you’ll need to file a claim with details about why the walk-in bathtub is medically necessary.

Are walk-in tubs tax deductible?

Walk-in tubs are only tax deductible if they are purchased because of medical safety reasons.

Walk-in tubs are only tax deductible if they are purchased because of medical safety reasons. If so, they can be claimed as a Medical or Dental Expense. If you are the caregiver of an elderly person and install a walk-in tub, you can claim the tub’s cost under the Dependent Care Tax Credit.

While your walk-in tub may not be covered by insurance or be tax deductible, you can often work out a payment plan with your walk-in bathtub company. Some companies even offer low-interest financing for qualifying customers.

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