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Best 2-Person Walk-In Tubs

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    Ella's Bubbles and Boca Walk-in Tubs
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    Walk-in bathtubs are similar to regular tubs, but they have seats and doors that allow you to enter and exit without stepping over a wall. Two-person walk-in tubs, also called companion tubs, are slightly larger, providing space for more than one person. These tubs are ideal for older adults who want to have more room for bathing, couples who enjoy bathing together and people with limited mobility who need assistance cleaning themselves.

    What are the best 2-person walk-in tubs?

    In order to determine our top picks for two-person walk-in tubs, we started by cataloging walk-in tub manufacturers that produce two-person or companion-style tubs. From that list, we compared them based on their:

    • Pricing
    • Safety features
    • Comfort features
    • Warranties

    Our final picks had to have built-in or optional safety features, built-in or optional comfort features and a transparent warranty statement online.

    Our pick for capacity: Ella’s BIG4TWO walk-in tub

    Ella’s Bubbles offers a few different types of two-person tubs, including basic and luxury models. Many of its walk-in tubs have a glossy acrylic shell, upscale faucets and a frosted glass door for added privacy.

    ella's bubbles two-person tub
    • Pricing starts at $5,400
    • Fast-drain technology and slip-resistant flooring
    • Therapy jets and heated seats
    • 145-gallon capacity
    • Professional installation recommended

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    Ella’s largest companion walk-in tub is the BIG4TWO model, which measures 36 inches wide by 80 inches long. The tub has a centered, outward-swinging door and dual drains, which can empty your tub in minutes. It comes equipped with both hydro and air jets and a built-in 360-degree swivel tray. This walk-in tub also has an independently operated foot massage tub with four hydro jets.

    With the BIG4TWO, you have the option of adding a number of extra features, like a complete shower kit, digital controls, a heated seat and a headrest. MicroBubble Therapy and Chromatherapy LED are available to provide a relaxing and therapeutic environment.

    Our pick for features: ARIEL Bt-150150 Bathtub

    ARIEL’s two-person tubs are designed for relaxation, with hydro-massage features and a built-in speaker system. Its whirlpool tubs for two are all triangular and made of fiberglass-backed acrylic.

    ariel two-person bathtub
    • Prices range from $1,799 to $4,300 without installation
    • Optional grab bars and anti-scald faucets
    • LED chromatherapy and a built-in sound system
    • Satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day return period
    • Professional installation recommended

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    The ARIEL Bt-150150 Bathtub offers a spa-like experience. It's triangular to better fit in the corner of your bathroom and measures 60 inches wide by 60 inches long. The tub is constructed of fiberglass-backed acrylic, making it durable and easy to clean.

    The Bt-150150 has LED chromotherapy lighting and 14 massage jets (six adjustable water jets and eight air bubble jets). You can also listen to music while you soak; the tub comes equipped with built-in speakers, an FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

    Our pick for a lifetime warranty: BOCA’s Two-Seater bathtub

    BOCA Walk-in Tubs specializes in walk-in bathtubs with some of the lowest step-in entries on the market. It offers six different sizes of walk-in tubs, including a two-seat model, all of which are made in the U.S. The company’s dealer network spans the country, with the majority of its partners in the eastern United States.

    boca walk-in tub logo
    • Custom-built, so prices vary
    • Low step-in heights
    • Quick-drain and optional therapy features
    • Lifetime warranty on all parts and components
    • Professional installation recommended

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    BOCA’s Two-Seater bathtub measures 32 inches wide by 62 inches long and features two seats facing each other. BOCA’s tubs all come standard with a low step-in height of 2 inches, a fast fill time and a leakproof design. This tub is made of fiberglass with a marine-grade gel coat and a mold-, mildew- and bacteria-resistant finish. The tub also has safety features, like slip-resistant flooring and grab bars.

    You can also customize your Two-Seater tub with therapeutic upgrades. Users can enjoy whirlpool jets, air jets, chromatherapy, aromatherapy, heated seats and a surround sound system.

    2-person walk-in tub costs

    Consider installation costs when determining the cost of a two-person walk-in tub

    Walk-in bathtubs can be quite expensive, and two-person tubs can be even more so. Basic two-person tubs cost at least $2,000. Models that are larger or come with more luxury features, like therapeutic jets and heated seats, are typically more expensive. High-end models might cost as much as $20,000, though you can realistically expect to pay about half of that.

    When choosing a walk-in companion tub, it’s essential to consider the cost of both the basin and the installation. Installation prices can range from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on where you live and the complexity of the installation. More expensive tubs do not usually cost more to install than cheaper ones. However, you can expect to pay more for installation if you need more extensive work done in your bathroom.

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      Is a 2-person walk-in tub worth it?

      While they may be pricey, two-person walk-in tubs are an excellent option for older adults and people with limited mobility who need assistance bathing. These bathtubs have doors, low step-in entries and enough room for two people to sit comfortably. Be sure to look for a model that has safety and comfort features that fit your or your loved one’s requirements. If you want to learn more about walk-in tub features, costs and installation, visit our guide to finding the best walk-in tub companies.

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