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Shelley WebbSenior Products Contributing Editor

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Headquartered in Chicago, Ella Walk-In Baths is a manufacturer of walk-in bathtubs that distributes its products across the United States. A division of Ella’s Bubbles, LLC., Ella Walk-in Tubs are designed to be functional as well as aesthetically stylish.

  • Style: Ella Walk-in Tubs are built with style as well as function in mind. Walk-in bathtubs have removable stainless steel and tempered glass doors, and can be outfitted with swivel trays that give users easier access to bathing products.
  • Variety: Ella Walk-in Tubs boasts a large selection of bathtub options including a dual seat companion tub, wheelchair transfer tub and walk-in showers.
  • Infusion Microbubble Therapy: Ella’s Infusion Microbubble Therapy infuses pressurized water with tiny oxygen bubbles that move around the user and provide a relaxing massage.
  • Dual drain: All Ella walk-in bathtubs are equipped with a dual drain system that consists of two independent overflow valves and two ADA compatible extension handles. This draining system can empty the tub within 80 seconds.
  • Ozone sterilization: Ella walk-in tubs can be outfitted with NuWhirl’s micrOzone water sterilizer. This system generates ozone to eliminate bacteria and mold to sanitize the tub.
  • Low step-in height option: Some Ella walk-in tubs models have a 2.5-inch threshold. This low step-in height is safer than most average thresholds.
  • Best for individuals with chronic pain, people who want a luxury bathtub, senior citizens and those with limited mobility.

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