The ticket price and schedule are usually the main factor consumers consider when choosing an airline for a specific trip, but customer care, rewards programs and seating options all factor into how enjoyable a flight will be.

Sticking with one airline for all of your personal and business air travel can wind up saving money in the long run thanks to rewards programs that offer free flights, early boarding, waived fees for checked baggage and other perks for frequent travelers.

Top 10 Best Rated Airlines

Founded in the 1930s, Alaska Airlines' fleet of Boeing aircraft serves more than 17 million customers per year and flies to more than 60 cities in three countries. The airline offers customers the Mileage Plan awards program.
Cebu Pacific Airlines is a Philippines low-fare airline that primarily operates domestic flights. Starting in 2009, Cebu Pacific removed fuel and insurance surcharges for all domestic and some international flights.
Ryanair, founded in 1985 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, operates over 550,000 flights yearly to 33 countries. They have an unblemished 31-year safety record and carry more international passengers than any other airline.
Aeroflot is the largest airline and the flag carrier of the Russian Federation. It is one of the oldest airlines in the world, with origins dating back to 1923, and is undertaking an unprecedented fleet modernization program.
After being privatized in 1969, Korean Airlines evolved into a major global airline. Its fleet of 158 planes (and counting) serves 129 cities in 46 countries. Korean Air is a member of the 20-airline SkyTeam global alliance.
Kenya Airways is the flag airline of Kenya, and considered one of the leading sub-Saharan air carriers. The airline is the fourth largest in Africa and has one of the largest seat capacities among African airlines.
Delta started in 1924 as a crop-dusting operation. Today, this Atlanta-based airline serves 328 destinations in 57 countries and operates more than 15,000 daily flights. Its popular rewards program is called SkyMiles.
Founded in 1999, JetBlue operates more than 900 daily flights. Based in New York, it's the fifth-largest U.S. airline. Billed as a low-cost carrier, its fleet of 216 planes serves 97 destinations, primarily in the United States.
Qatar Airlines, founded in 1997, is one of the youngest global airlines to serve all six continents. Their fleet of latest-generation aircrafts connects to over 150 destinations on the map.
Southwest Airlines serves more than 90 destinations and operates more than 3,800 daily flights. Customers' Rapid Rewards program points don't expire as long as their accounts are active at least once every 24 months.

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What features matter most?

Customer care

Airlines that offer additional services or just a little bit of extra care can make a big difference for some consumers. When dealing with the stress of flying, a good customer service experience can make all the difference.

  • No missing bags: Lost luggage can be a major inconvenience while traveling. Even if the airline locates the lost suitcase, delivery delays force travelers to spend money on wardrobe additions to fill the gap. If an airliner loses or damages your bag in the United States, the Department of Transportation requires that the airline compensate you up to a maximum of $3,300, but it can be difficult to prove.
  • Easy rescheduling: When something happens to change travel plans at the last minute, knowing that the airline can and will accommodate changes with no hassle is important.
  • Boarding assistance: When corralling several children or dealing with a disability, having a helpful attendant or getting priority boarding can keep everything moving.

Tiered seating

Having the option to pay more and upgrade seating can be important when booking business travel, for those who need extra space on a plane or those looking for a luxury experience. On the other hand, having the option for cheaper seats is just as important.

  • Economy class: Typically the least expensive type of seating, economy combines a lower price with the least amount of space per person. These seats are best for those who aren’t concerned with luxury and want to get somewhere inexpensively.
  • Business class: Some airlines offer business-class seating, which typically includes extra leg room and upgraded food and beverage service. These are best for working men and women who have to travel a lot for their occupation.
  • First class: Top-tier seating is rarely available on domestic flights, but airlines that offer this white-glove option give fliers plenty of space, extra attention and possibly gourmet meals. First class can range from extra and bigger seats to fulling reclining seats and a private space divider. These seats are best for those looking to travel in luxury.

Reward programs

Most airlines offer some type of travel reward program for frequent fliers. Different programs offer different benefits.

  • Early boarding: Customers who fly with the same airline on a regular basis may earn enough points to get additional benefits such as early boarding or boarding right after or with first- and business-class passengers.
  • Automatic upgrades: Rewards members with a higher rating/points range may be eligible for automatic seating upgrades, free travel for companions, food and beverage services, extra luggage allowances or other benefits.
  • Free flights: Airlines may offer the ability to earn rewards that can be redeemed for travel/tickets on future trips.

Destination cities

Not every airline flies into every city or every country for that matter. Choosing an airline often depends on which departure and arrival cities are available.

  • Major cities: Most airlines offer flights to major cities, making commuter traffic a possibility for those that need to travel frequently.
  • Vacation destinations: Some airlines focus solely on vacation destinations such as Las Vegas, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York and other top tourist destinations.
  • International airports: Many airlines support domestic travel, but only some offer flights to international destinations.

Added fees

Cost of travel is often a deciding factor in airline travel, but some airlines add fees for different conveniences. Those who are budget conscious should be aware of these.

  • Larger seats: On most airplanes, seat size is fairly standard. Upgrades are available for certain travelers, but a fee is normally added.
  • Baggage: The amount of luggage you can carry for free varies by airline. Normally baggage is weighed in pounds, and a fee is charged if the luggage is over a certain set weight. Some airlines offer one bag checked for free but will charge for extra checked bags.
  • Pets: Airlines often assess an additional fee for passengers traveling with a pet, but the amount can vary dramatically. It is important to check the airlines rules on the matter because a certain crate or other materials may be required.
  • Reserving a specific seat: Some airlines are now charging passengers to want to chose their seat. This is especially important for families who are trying to be seated together. If you want to guarantee you’ll be seated together, you may have to pay a fee.

Ticket pricing and policies

The price of an airline ticket can be the most important factor when booking a flight, so it is important to keep in mind other policies that can affect the total cost.

  • Discount flights: Discount flights for commuters may come with very low ticket prices and hidden fees. Be sure to look at the total cost of any trip to get the actual lowest price.
  • Refund policy: Before booking a flight, check into the refund policy. Some airlines only offer refunds on full price fares, so buying a refundable ticket might cost several hundred dollars more.
  • Transferable tickets: Businesses often book multiple flights for conferences and meetings. When one employee can't make the trip, transferring the ticket is a must. Look at the cost and policies involved if a last minute schedule change results in a different employee making the trip.

What are different types of airlines?

Business-class airline

These airlines offer business-class travel between major hubs worldwide. Most airlines in this class offer no economy seating.

Passenger airlines

Passenger airlines provide safe, fast and reliable travel for passengers. Aircrafts used for passenger service usually have limited cargo capacity suitable for luggage transport.

Budget airlines

Offering some of the lowest fares, this category of airline also tends to have the fewest amenities and a more complex fee structure with added charges for checked baggage, in-flight snacks and other services.

Regional airlines

Some remote areas do not have easy access to major airports. Regional airlines fill the gap and provide commuter service between small, often remote, communities and larger airports.

Who's it for?


Limited vacation time often puts travelers on a plane to reach their destination in time to enjoy it. Flights make it possible to live in temperate areas and vacation in the tropics.

Business travelers

Business can take people all around the world to handle logistical problems, line up contracts or close sales.

Frequent fliers

People who travel often for business and personal reasons can rack up a lot of miles in the air each year.

Holiday travelers

The holiday season brings many individuals and families to the airport for trips to a relative's house.

Company reviews

  • American Airlines

    American Airlines is the world’s largest airline by fleet size and revenue. With headquarters in Ft. Worth, TX, they have an extensive international and domestic network with 953 aircraft making it the largest commercial fleet in the world.

    • Track your bags: From check-in to carousel, you can track your bags from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.
    • Business Extra: Travel reward program that earns your company points toward traveler awards while the employee continues to earn his or her AAdvandage miles.
    • Oneworld: American has an alliance with the world’s leading airlines which gives their customers access to 1,000 destinations in 150 countries.
    • Global Support: If your flight is delayed and your connection is in jeopardy, the Oneworld Global Support will do their best to allow you to use dedicated fast track lanes through immigration or security.
    • Travel with your pet: If you follow the rules, you can travel with your pet to all 48 contiguous United States.
    • Best for International travelers, vacationers, business travelers, pet owners and frequent fliers.
  • Delta Air Lines

    Originally founded as a crop-dusting company in 1924, Delta is now one of the largest airlines in the world. Each year, more than 160 million travelers fly Delta.

    • Business service: In addition to offering business-class seating, Delta also has a Corporate Travel Management division designed for the business customer.
    • Chef-curated menus: For a small additional fee, Delta passengers can enjoy a full meal.
    • Worldwide destinations: Delta offers flights to more than 325 destinations in 60 countries across six continents.
    • Trip protection: Add trip protection to your flight so that any cancellations or problems allow you to get reimbursed for the cost of the trip.
    • Vacation price pledge: Participating travelers can get a refund for the price difference if the same vacation package is available for less, plus additional credit toward future Delta vacations.
    • Best for Vacationers, business travelers and holiday travelers who enjoy top quality service.
  • United Airlines

    With 723 aircraft in their mainline fleet and an additional 510 aircraft operated regionally, United Airlines has one of the largest passenger fleets in the world.

    • Easy rewards: United Airlines has one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use rewards programs out there.
    • Tiered seating: Business-class, first-class and business-first-class seating is available to let travelers relax and stretch out during a flight.
    • Free checked bag services: Business- and first-class passengers fly with no additional fees for a checked bag, barring oversized luggage.
    • International travel: In addition to offering domestic flights, United Airlines travels to 57 different countries and offers services such quick checks on visa issues related to travel.
    • Flight info on the go: United Airlines has an app that lets users book flights, check in, follow flight status info, see seat maps and more.
    • Best for International vacationers, business travelers and frequent fliers who want more travel options and upgraded service.
  • Southwest Airlines

    After incorporating in 1967, Southwest Airlines did not start taking passengers until 1971 after a long battle through the court system. Today, Southwest is the largest budget passenger airline in the U.S., launching more than 3,800 flights per day on peak travel days.

    • Discount pricing: Southwest is best known for its low-price philosophy and offers very competitive prices on flights throughout the U.S.
    • Cargo flights: Southwest combines passenger flights with cargo to offer fast shipping when needed, with top-tier options guaranteeing delivery on the next flight out.
    • Budget corporate travel: Businesses that do more than $100,000 in travel per year can build a customized travel program.
    • Bags fly free: Southwest offers every passenger two free checked bags that weigh fewer than 50 pounds.
    • Package discounts: When booking airfare and ground transportation through the Southwest website, access to exclusive discounts are available.
    • Best for Vacationers, business travelers, holiday travelers and frequent fliers.
  • Jetblue

    Founded in 1999, JetBlue has become known for innovation and leading-edge technologies. In 2013, they were the first airline to offer personal electronic device connection from gate to gate.

    • Multiple destinations: JetBlue offers flights to and from airports across the U.S. and in Central and South America.
    • Partner airlines: For international travel outside of direct flight paths, JetBlue has 40 airline partners with worldwide destinations.
    • Plenty of entertainment: At every JetBlue seat passengers can enjoy 36 channels of live TV, helping to pass the travel time more quickly.
    • Rewards program: The TrueBlue rewards program offers point redemption with no blackout dates, and earned points never expire.
    • Stretch out: JetBlue offers the most leg room in coach for anyone flying economy class.
    • Best for Business travelers and frequent fliers looking for a flexible rewards program and unique services.
  • Alaska Airlines

    Founded in 1932, Alaska Airlines is now the seventh-largest passenger airline in the U.S. It is a West Coast favorite with corporate headquarters in Seattle.

    • Mileage plan: Rewards program members can progress through reward levels to gain access to premium services such as priority boarding, free meals and other amenities.
    • Credit card rewards: Obtaining the Alaska Airlines credit card gives users the ability to add an annual companion fare, check a free bag and earn triple rewards on Alaska purchases.
    • Bags fly free: Local travel in Alaska comes with up to three free checked bags and a free carry on.
    • Military service discounts: Active-duty military members get up to five free checked bags and relaxed weight limits.
    • First class seating: Get extra amenities and more personalized service with first-class fare from Alaska Airlines.
    • Best for Frequent fliers, business travelers, holiday travelers and vacationers visiting West Coast destinations and Alaska.
  • Frontier Airlines

    Founded in 1994, Frontier Airlines now launches more than 375 flights each day to destinations throughout the U.S., Mexico and Jamaica. Today, this relatively new airline employs more than 3,000 aviation professionals.

    • Get the works: Frontier Airlines offers a package price that includes services such as refund-ability, free change service, priority boarding, extra carry-on and checked bag allowance and more.
    • Exclusive discounts on fares: Travelers who join the Frontier Airlines Discount Den get access to low-rate fares only available to members. Members can book flights for up to six people on the same subscription.
    • Manage flights online: Through the Frontier website, travelers can check in, book flights, make changes and check on the status of their flights.
    • Economy-plus options: Get the same low fares on economy-class seating but nab an extra 5 to 7 inches of legroom with stretch-seat options. A small additional fee gives passengers that little bit of extra space.
    • Choose your seat: Many airlines have moved away from assigned seating, but on Frontier passengers can select a seat that lets groups stay together in the air.
    • Best for Vacationers, holiday travelers and frequent fliers who want extra room and more control over their experience.
  • Hawaiian Airlines

    Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaiian Airlines is the eighth-largest commercial airline in the U.S. It has the distinction of being the oldest U.S. carrier to have avoided a fatal crash.

    • Island destination: Hawaiian Airlines offers nonstop service to Hawaii. Travelers can book flights from major cities in North America, Asia and the South Pacific.
    • VIP club: Buying an annual membership in the Premium Club gives passengers access to early boarding, additional free checked baggage and more.
    • Vacation packages: Book a flight to Hawaii and entertainment, such as cruises or tours, all at the same time.
    • Regional service: Hawaiian Airlines offers flights into Honolulu and flights between all of the islands for local travel.
    • Delightful food and drink: Food and beverages are not only included, they are also delicious. A sommelier and chef choose each menu item and its wine pairing.
    • Best for Vacationers and holiday travelers.
  • Virgin America Airlines

    Even though the licensed logo and Virgin name are on the tail, Virgin Atlantic only owns 25% while the rest is owned by private investors who are U.S. citizens. Since its launch in 2007, the California-based airline’s mission has been to “make flying good again.”

    • Fun, innovative amenities: Cabins feature mood lighting, custom-designed leather seats, power outlets, fleet wide in-flight WiFi and video touch-screen at every seatback.
    • Eco-conscious: The company has a brand new fleet of A320s, which have up to 20% more fuel and carbon efficiency than the average U.S. fleet. They are the first domestic airline to offer a carbon offset option in-flight.
    • Seat-to-seat delivery: This feature allows guests to send a cocktail, snack or meal to a fellow traveler onboard their flight using a digital seat map.
    • Elevate: The company’s frequent flyer program has no black-out dates or restrictions, and has 3.8 million members.
    • Travel Change Fee: This allows for same day travel change (if available) for a nominal fee of $25-50.
    • Best for Business travelers, holiday travelers and any type of travel between major international cities in the U.S.
  • Ryanair

    Ryanair is a Dublin based low-cost airline that is Europe’s busiest international airline by passenger numbers. They fly 1600 flights daily to 185 destinations and boast the most on-time flights of any airline in Europe.

    • Won’t lose your baggage: Ryanair claims to have the most innovative way of handling baggage which they boast is nearly “perfect”.
    • Low cost: They don’t hide that they are the cheapest for a reason and they’ll do anything to keep air travel affordable. In exchange for unbeatable fares, be prepared for non-reclining seats, no seat-back pockets, safety cards on the back of seats and life jackets stowed overheard.
    • Price guarantee: If you find a cheaper fare on a qualifying route with another airline, then they will pay “double the difference” between the air fare paid to Ryanair and the lower fare quoted on another carrier, but watch the fine print.
    • Newest fleet: Ryanair claims to have the newest, greenest and quietest fleet of aircraft in Europe (primarily newer/retrofitted Boeing 737s).
    • Business Plus: Even though they have the lowest fares, they offer a Business Plus program that can help you get through security faster.
    • Best for International vacationers and business travelers.
  • Qantas

    Qantas was founded in 1920 under the name Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited. Today, this airline is the largest in Australia for both domestic and international travel and one of the nation's largest employers with a roll call of more than 30,000.

    • International flights: Get a nonstop flight from Los Angeles to major airports in Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland and Sydney.
    • Business Essentials program: Easy management tools allows businesses to manage travel itineraries from a single platform.
    • Flexible baggage allowance: The number of free checked bags varies based on itinerary, so longer trips may come with more free checked bags.
    • Extensive partner network: With 28 partnering airlines, Qantas offers travelers multiple opportunities to earn points and rewards quickly.
    • Seat selection: Qantas travelers have the option to select a seat location during check-in or buy an upgraded seat with extra legroom for a small additional fee.
    • Best for Qantas is best for vacationers and business travelers going to or around Australia.
  • Korean Airlines

    Headquartered in Seoul, Korean Airlines is the largest airline in South Korea. This airline's combined passenger and cargo divisions offer service to 127 cities worldwide.

    • Free checked baggage: Korean Airlines offer up to two free checked bags for economy-class passengers.
    • 24-hour cancellation: Travelers can cancel a flight and get a full refund on the purchase price if plans change and the flight is canceled within 24 hours.
    • Rewards program: Membership in the Korean Airlines rewards program offers an extra free checked bag, access to the priority check-in desk and more.
    • International currency options: Korean Airlines accept payments in a variety of currency options such as USD, EUR, GBP and more.
    • Partnership airlines: Travelers can earn rewards on flights booked with any Korean Airlines partners. That's more than 33 different airlines to choose from.
    • Best for Vacationers and business travelers heading to Asia.
  • Virgin Atlantic

    Founded in 1984 by Richard Branson, the owner of legendary record label Virgin Records, this airline started with a single plane. More than three decades later, Virgin Atlantic is now the second-largest long-haul airline in the UK.

    • Comfortable business class: The award-winning business class seats in the Upper Class Suite turn into the longest and most comfortable flat bed in the category.
    • Eco-conscious: Virgin Atlantic recently retooled their fleet with the addition of 15 new planes that use 27 percent less fuel per passenger.
    • Travel worldwide: Virgin Atlantic offers flights to more than 200 destinations around the globe.
    • Free baggage allowance: Depending on the type of ticket, passengers on Virgin Atlantic can check up to two suitcases at no additional charge.
    • Free cancellation: Last-minute flights, anything booked within seven days of the travel date, come with a 24-hour cancellation window for a full refund.
    • Best for Business travelers, holiday travelers and vacationers who have international destinations and long-haul flights.

11 – 49 Best Rated Airlines

TAM Airlines is Brazil's largest air carrier by market share and fleet size. First Class cabins on the airline's new Boeing 777 aircraft feature spacious, stylish rooms with a sofa, dining area and chef-designed meals.
Avianca Airlines, founded in 1919 has 180 planes in their fleet. With over 5,600 flights weekly, they serve more than 100 direct destinations in the Americas and Europe. They have been recognized for providing world class service.
Singapore Airlines is the flag airline of Singapore and the 10th largest in the world in terms of international passengers carried. The airline places an emphasis on its female flight staff, known as Singapore Girls.
Air Canada has been Canada's leading airline since 1937. They serve over 38 million passengers annually and are committed to connecting Canadians to over 190 destinations around the World.
Cathay Pacific is the flag airline of Hong Kong and has won the World's Best Airline award four times, more than any other carrier. Since 2010, the airline has upgraded its cabins with more comfortable seats and larger screens.
Founded in 1984 by Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic is known for operating the world's first commercial flight using biofuel as well as its innovative customer service. Virgin offers a three-tiered Flying Club rewards program.
Great Lakes Airlines is a regional American carrier headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyo. The airline flies to 21 destinations in the United States, including 13 rural locations for the U.S. government's Essential Air Service program.
China Airlines is the flag airline and the largest carrier of Taiwan. Its Premium Economy Class features 12-inch screens and 39 inches of legroom, so that passengers don't encroach on the space of the person behind them.
Virgin America was founded in 2007 and is based in California. The company is proud of it's new planes, their service and their innovative amenities, which include mood-lit cabins, leather seats, power outlets and more.
Tiger Airways is a low-fare airline based out of Singapore. It flies to popular regional destinations in Southeast Asia, India and China. Passengers with long layovers are offered free sightseeing tours of the country.
Founded in 1919, KLM is the flag airline of the Netherlands and the oldest airline in the world that still uses its original name. Renowned for its safety record, it allows customers to organize trips using a Facebook app.
AirTran Airways was an American low-fare regional airline that was acquired by Southwest Airlines in 2014. At the time of its integration with Southwest, AirTran served 69 destinations in the United States and Puerto Rico.
Qantas is an Australia-based international airline founded in the 1920s. It operates Australia's largest domestic wide-bodied fleet and is committed to investing in fuel-efficient next-generation planes over the next decade.
Asiana Airlines is one of South Korea's two principal airlines and serves 90 international passenger routes. Its new A380 Airbus offers First Class passengers a private booth and Economy Class passengers 18-inch-wide seats.
Copa Airlines, founded in 1947, is the flag airline of Panama. It serves 72 destinations in North America, South America, Central America and the Carribean. In 2015, it placed an order for 61 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.
Aer Lingus is the second largest airline in Ireland and flies to destinations in Europe, North America and Turkey. Its longer flights to Europe and North America include a KidZone, where children can access special entertainment.
Air France is France's flag airline, operating independently despite a 2004 merger with Dutch airline KLM. Its Economy Class seats feature winged head rests and large touchscreens, which passengers can use to choose their meals.
Lufthansa is a German airline and the largest in Europe, by passengers and fleet size, when its subsidiaries are included. Its Business Class seat measures 6.5 feet in length and can fold down to a horizontal bed.
British Airways is the flag airline of the United Kingdom. It flies the most Boeing 747s of any airline, with 42 still in operation, but recently has upgraded its fleet with Airbus A380s and A350s, and Boeing 787 Dreamliners.
United Airlines is a major U.S. airline that serves 342 airports in 58 countries, and has more than 4,600 daily departures. United has hubs in the four largest U.S. cities and offers the MileagePlus rewards program.
Frontier Airlines, headquartered in Denver, markets itself as a low-fare carrier. Customers choose options from an "a la carte" menu. It operates more than 275 daily flights to more than 40 cities in the U.S., Mexico and Jamaica.
Fiji Airway, founded in 1951, is Fiji's proud flag carrier that travels to 15 cities and 10 countries around the world. The company currently offers travelers the option of their new Airbus A330-200 aircraft.
Iberia is the largest airline and flag carrier of Spain. Founded in 1927, Iberia flies to over 102 destinations in 39 countries. Iberia merged with British Airways, which created Europe's third largest scheduled airline.
Founded in 1929 and based in Honolulu, Hawaiian Airlines has 52 planes serving the United States and several Asian-Pacific destinations. It's the 8th-largest U.S. commercial airline and offers the HawaiianMiles rewards program.
Insel Air is the national airline of Curaçao and serves 22 destinations in the Caribbean, North America and South America. Frequent-flier members are offered the chance to win a return ticket in Insel StarMiles on each flight.
Founded in 1930, American Airlines is now one of the world's largest airlines by fleet size and revenue. On an average day, the American Airlines Group flies approximately 530,794 passengers.
As Italy's largest airline, Alitalia operates more than 4,400 weekly flights to 97 destinations. They are known for their award-winning menus, winning "Best Airline Cuisine" for six consecutive years by Global Traveler Magazine.
Spirit Airlines, founded in 1980, is an American low-cost carrier. They operate scheduled flights to over 50 destinations throughout the U.S. as well as the Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America and Canada.
Air India is the flag carrier airline of India and is India's most extensive flight service provider. The airline operates a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircrafts serving Asia, Europe and North America.
Austrian Airlines is well-known for their family-friendly services and benefits including Family Check-In, priority boarding, specialized menus for children and babies along with entertainment programs and free ice cream cones.
Easy Jet is one of Europe's leading airlines, which has 2,000 pilots and over 4,500 cabin crew. The company has a fleet of over 200 Airbus aircrafts that travel to more than 30 countries.
Founded in 1934, South African Airways is an airline that serves 56 destinations. Their values are to be customer focused, to be accountable, to have integrity, to be safe, to excel in performance and to value their people.
Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East and operates flights to 148 cities in 78 countries. Its new Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 aircraft feature an entertainment system with 2,186 channels of video and 1,230 of music.
Awarded "Europe's Leading Airline - Business Class" for five consecutive years, Swiss International serves 102 global destinations from Zurich and Geneva. They are committed to offering high quality service and products.
AeroMexico, based in Mexico City, is the only airline in Mexico to offer inflight wifi. Their menu includes meals with special options designed by prestigious chefs and complimentary bar and snack service.
Aeroplan was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. This Canadian company is a loyalty program, which has issued more flight reward seats than any other Canadian program.
Caribbean Airlines, founded in 2007, operates more than 600 flights weekly to 19 destinations in the Caribbean, the Americas and the UK. They are committed to providing high standards of service, reliability and value.
Mexicana Airlines, founded in 1921, was Mexico's biggest and oldest airline before ceasing operations in August of 2010. Med Atlantica Group bought the airline in 2012 to try to save the company from bankruptcy.
Kingfisher Red, founded in 2008, was India's first low-cost airline. They ceased operations in 2011 due to declining flight demands and lower profits than their sister company, Kingfisher.