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Greetings. Me and my boyfriend are two students who decided to go to Rome for a few days. We booked a flight with Ryanair and paid the total amount of 567 euro. Unfortunately, I was not allowed on the flight, because they did not accept my residence card. They wanted me to present my passport. Their policy states that ID cards are acceptable and state authorities that issued my residence card informed me that it is my ID card. I could not present my passport because it was at a Canadian embassy awaiting visa. My boyfriend had his passport (he does not need a visa: he is Canadian) but he did not want to go without me. I would not be complaining if we were refunded the ticket money. However, the company has refused to refund.

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I needed to book 2 seats on an afternoon flight of Ryanair from Thessaloniki to Athens in Greece. After trying their website for long time with no progress since the screen froze all the time, I decided to try to make a telephone reservation, even though I had to make a costly call to the UK from Greece. They did tell me that a telephone booking would cost 20 per seat extra but I insisted. When I reached payment they said my credit card was not accepted so I tried another one which was also not accepted. I asked to try another one but they did not allow that. After speaking to a supervisor, I did get to try another credit card which was also rejected. After failing to make a booking, I telephoned my bank which confirmed that my cards had no problem and that they could not see any attempts to charge my card!

I telephoned Ryanair again, but after some attempts they said that there was a problem with their computer systems and they could not make a booking, and I should call back in an hour. I called again, knowing full well that I had spent a fortune already in phone call charges. Of course, time had passed and the flight was not available anymore, even though they told me I would find a seat when they asked me to call back in an hour.

I am completely disgusted with Ryanair and vowed never to fly with them again. Their booking system, either via the web or telephone is hopeless. There are 2 important points to be made about this unfortunate experience. One is that they may well NOT WANT to sell me the tickets and just pretended that my cards were not accepted. When there is a great demand for some last moment seats they may have promised them to specialist travel agents at higher prices. The other point is the particular travel time, 3:15 pm is unique to Ryanair. No other airline has this option which may make it very difficult to book. This seems to be a very unfair lack of competition. How come Ryanair have the monopoly on this flight?

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This airline it was supposed to offer really affordable budget flights. But guess what? That has changed radically... I mean I travel with Ryanair at least 8 times in a year and with sadness I have to admit that the prices are higher every time. Especially this summer, the tickets are extremely pricey and so is the price for an extra bag. I pay for a bag every time, I am used to do that, but the price in everything has gone up and I can not do anything about it, because only Ryanair provides the specific flight from my hometown (China) to Cyprus (Paphos). And I can not understand why is happening that, I not that is 3 flights per week, quite the contrary there is a flight every day. And every day is very pricey and don't get me even started about the leisure plus or the business plus fares, especially the business ones.

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This airline offers really affordable budget flights! Their rates perfectly suit my limited student budget and is one of the main reason why I could afford to backpack around Europe. Ryanair is the first website we automatically check for our weekend warrior travels around this continent. Very generous in the allowed cabin luggage too - they allow two, unlike EasyJet where you have to stuff all your stuff into one carry-on (my Paris experience still left a bad taste in my mouth). Wish the seats in the plane could recline though.

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I have been traveling all throughout my life and never have I seen such bad service ever. Like EVER! I was flying from Barcelona to London and was at the airport way ahead of time (2.5 hrs). Got through the security and was waiting near the gate to board the flight. The agents appear at the gate 30 minutes before departure and there is this mad rush. The agent looks at my boarding pass, asks me to step out of the line and wait. She said your visa check is not complete but as a person who has lived in 4 different countries, visa check to me means the police officials/immigration officers checking your visa and stamping your passport, which was done.

15 minutes before departure, the ** agent tells me that I need to go to their office and get a print out and have a Ryanair official graciously place a stamp on my boarding pass! ** I ran my heart out but the airport was too big and the ** at the Ryanair asylum was stupid to waste another precious 5 minutes staring at my wrong visa that I was 2 minutes late and missed the flight. The next flight costs an additional 100 Euros. RyanAir is the only airline that has this crazy policy. When they print visa/passport check on their cheap ** boarding pass, most people misunderstand it for the normal immigration process. I mean just say that 'It must be stamped by their honored stupid staff' and it supersedes the routine immigration process.

No matter how much more I have to pay to any other airline, I am never flying this crappy airline ever again. It's bad enough that they have this way to rip off people; even worse is how they treat the customers. If that stupid ** hadn’t asked me to wait and the other stupid ** hadn’t wasted time skimming through my passport as if she has never seen a passport with multiple visas, I would have still made it. But then no, in that case, how do they rip you off? Another incident I got to witness while this was going on was another girl who couldn’t check in online as the site was 'temporarily unavailable’. I mean she was standing right in front of the agent and showing him her cell phone but he wouldn't budge. He was like pay me 70 Euros. She totally lost it and threw her credit card at the agent asking him to make it all go away.

I booked through Ryanair because I have never flown with them. I wanted to try it and am glad I did. This is a lesson I would never forget and they do set a new low for the saying - you get what you pay for. Is it even legal they do this? They are not trained professionals to validate the visa or immigration procedures. How can it be justified that they do not let someone fly who had a valid passport, visa and boarding pass by not just some cheap stamp that no one else validates?

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On August 15, 2010, my husband and I booked a flight for September 25 from Malaga, Spain to Barcelona on Ryan Air. We printed out the electronic tickets and left the next day for our vacation. Unknown to us, Ryan Air sent us an email dated August 18 informing us of various restrictions and penalties. When we got to Malaga Airport we were in for a shock. Because we did not have our boarding passes printed out, we were charged 40 Euros per person plus 18% VAC tax. That's over $100 for them printing out our boarding passes. The airline does not have a kiosk available so you can do it yourself.

We complained to Ryan Air management at the Airport and they were absolutely rude and unsympathetic telling us they never waive this penalty. We were told that this information was given to us upon booking. We showed them the electronic tickets where nothing was mentioned. Apparently, it is okay for Ryan Air to send an email three days later informing you of that fact. Unfortunately, by that time we were on our way and we don't bother to check our emails while on vacation. The next shock that occurred was that as we were boarding, I was pulled aside telling me that my regular (on the small side) handbag is also counted as a carry-on. If I could not put it into my standard size carry-on, they would charge us an additional 35 Euros.

With all the delays, they started to close the doors and because I could not put my handbag in my carry-on as it would not close, we were charged the additional 35 Euros ($45.00) if we did not want to be left behind. There was absolutely no attempt of trying to help a customer. If anything, the staff was belligerent, hostile, nasty and harassing. They, again, wanted to see our passport asking for our visa to enter Spain. We explained that we had been in Spain for over a week and isn't it up to the Spanish Customs Officials upon entry to check on these things. In addition, Spain does not require a visa from visiting Europeans or Americans.


When I booked a flight from UK to Ireland I could not retrieve my booking to print out my boarding pass. I emailed Ryan Air about the problem but got no reply. I was not able to access my details stored on their website to check it there was a mistake. I arrived at the airport two hours before the flight. The staff at the airport sent me to a special counter to get a boarding pass. They could not log into to 'Manage my booking' either on my details and had to use other information. I was charged 40 pounds to print a boarding pass that their website would not allow me to print. I feel that Ryan Air engage in internet fraud and everything about Ryan Air is dishonest. I would never again travel with them.


This is a complaint against staff at Ryanair in Madrid who through misdirection caused me to miss my flight FR2013 from Madrid to Tenerife on the morning of April 5, 2010.

I arrived at Madrid airport just before midnight on April 4. I caught a brief nap and then lined up at the Ryanair queue at 4 am for the 6:15 flight. After weighing my bag and checking my printed boarding document, the agent told me that I needed an exit stamp. He directed me to another agent at the end of the same counter he was working at who was supposed to help me. This was the first misdirection since he should have told me to go to the office which was on the opposite side of the hall.

I went to this person and asked him for the exit stamp. He told me that I might or might not need the stamp but should go to the gate and would find out there. Of course, this is all nonsense in retrospect but having slept little the previous night I was tired and simply accepted this second misdirection. I went to the boarding gate around 5:30 am. This gate was quite far from the security checkpoint. By this time, there was a large line in front of me. The agent checked my boarding document and said I needed an exit stamp. I asked if I had enough time to make it back for the flight and he said he wasn't sure but I needed the stamp.

I rushed back, quickly got the stamp, rushed through security and ran most of the way but the same agent said it was too late to board the flight. I went back to the office and another agent told me that I could have received the stamp nearby the gate. So it seems I was misdirected a third time.

I spoke with your manager, Javier ** afterwards and he was embarrassed that this had happened. Although the agents involved had finished their shift by the time I returned, he helped sort out their names. The first person was Pedro **, the second was Mori ** and the third person at the gate refused to give me his name but instead provided his official number (although I noticed the name Tariq on his identification badge).

I not only lost the flight but also the first night at the hotel I had reserved in Tenerife. Furthermore, I had 2 Ryan Air flights which I couldn't use from Tenerife to Madrid and Madrid to Trapani, both on April 16. I went through a great deal of mental, physical and emotional torment as a result of the action of Ryanair staff and rushing frenetically around the airport, which itself is dangerous at my age. Not only did I endure a horrible experience but my vacation plans were ruined. I think the least Ryanair can do is compensate me for the missed flights and hotel charges. However, they refused to acknowledge any responsibility.


For the second year in a row, Ryanair have cancelled winter flights from my local airport in Reus (Tarragona) Spain to Dublin. Last year they tried to use as an excuse a technical reason--slowdown in servicing of their fleet by Boeing--but this year they have just simply cancelled all flights from 2.11.2009 to 27.3.2010. This has resulted in me having to pay 5 times more to re-book with national airline Aer Lingus at short notice, pay higher parking charges at Barcelona airport, travel further.

My understanding was that airlines could not simply cancel a flight just because it was unprofitable. Ryanair seen to be adopting a policy of accepting reservations (AND your money) until the level of reservations justifies or not the flight in question. Is this legal? I imagine that this has affected not just myself but the 100s of customers who have bought tickets in good faith to travel from november to march inclusive, & not just on this route. Irish citizen resident in Spain


I booked a return flight, on-line, for my lttle boy and myself to London.I booked it around 6 weeks prior to departure. In the meantime, my little boy's name changed by deed-poll. It was now different to name on booking. When i was sent notification to check in on-line, i was unable to, for this reason. I telephoned the call centre, who advised me to check in at the airport as they needed to see the official legal documents for the change of name.

When i got there, i explained to the Ryanair assistant all of the above. She proceeded to have a whispering conversation with her colleague, which i timed. This went on for 1 min, 45 sec. Then she spoke. She explained that tere was no record of the conversation i'd had with the call centre on file, therefore, she could not prove i did speak to them. Then came the sting. She said, regardless of the issue concerning my little boy, i should've have checked in on line. Failure to do that meant a penalty of 20. Coupled with his name change, and inability to check in on-line for him, meant another 70. 90 in total.

I strongly protested and she reluntantly, as she said 'waived' the costs. But insisted i checked in on-line for the return flight. No reference was made to terms and conditions of this. On my return, i tried to check in on-line. I was one minute over four hours prior to departure, and was told to check in at the airport. When i arrived and tried to do this, i was charge 20 for my ticket and 20 for my little boys ticket, penalty, for failure to checkin 4 hours prior to departure.

I queued up at the reservation centre. There was around 30 people in front of me, and more behind, all queing for the same reason. Of course, failure to pay the penalty, meant no permission to fly. I asked the assistant why i was being penalised for this and he said it was purely a penalty so that people would remember to check in online four hours prior to departure!!!! 600 was taken by Ryanair in 15 minutes flat for this!!! Surely, this is illegal?

I was so frustrated, having a little boy with me who was bored queing, i started to cry with humiliation. The assisiatant said nothing. I was made to feel as if i had been stitched up, for i couldnt travel Without paying the penalty. The assistant was cold, un reassuring and totally used the power of this situation to his advantage. When i told him i wouldnt be using Ryanair again, he just said 'up to you'.


Last week I booked two flights for friend from England to come and visit. I was charged 16 pounds for my debit card transaction which showed as two transaction at 8 each. I thought this must have been a mistake so I contacted Ryan Air to advise of what I thought was an error on their part, only to be told by a very unpleasant customer service operator that Ryan Air charged 4 per person per way, a total of 16 pounds. When I advised that I thought this was incorrect as only one debit card transaction had taken place regardless of how many people where traveling. I was told this was Ryan Air policy and there was nothing I could do about it. Surely there must be somewhere I can take this as an official complaint.


I booked a flight for 2 and paid nearly 400 pounds, then there was a schedule change so i had the option to cancel her flight on the web booking sys. I heard nothing from Ryanair, no confirmation, nothing. I kept checking for updates on refunds up to and including the date of flying out. No updates, told the checkin person the 2nd person was not travelling. While I had taken the outbound flight Ryanair then cancelled my return travel segment and charged me an additional 292 euro for the privilege of flying home. I have written on numerous occasions to no avail. They have refunded my return portion only, I think 147euro.

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From the front desk of a busy FBO to the captain's seat of a commercial airliner, Erika Armstrong has experienced everything aviation has to offer. She is the author of A CHICK IN THE COCKPIT and her aviation articles can be found at Consumer Affairs, Plane & Pilot, Flying.com, Disciples of Flight, NYC Aviation, Contrails, Mentor, General Aviation News and Business Insider.    More about Erika→

Ryanair is a Dublin based low-cost airline that is Europe’s busiest international airline by passenger numbers. They fly 1600 flights daily to 185 destinations and boast the most on-time flights of any airline in Europe.

  • Won’t lose your baggage: Ryanair claims to have the most innovative way of handling baggage which they boast is nearly “perfect”.
  • Low cost: They don’t hide that they are the cheapest for a reason and they’ll do anything to keep air travel affordable. In exchange for unbeatable fares, be prepared for non-reclining seats, no seat-back pockets, safety cards on the back of seats and life jackets stowed overheard.
  • Price guarantee: If you find a cheaper fare on a qualifying route with another airline, then they will pay “double the difference” between the air fare paid to Ryanair and the lower fare quoted on another carrier, but watch the fine print.
  • Newest fleet: Ryanair claims to have the newest, greenest and quietest fleet of aircraft in Europe (primarily newer/retrofitted Boeing 737s).
  • Business Plus: Even though they have the lowest fares, they offer a Business Plus program that can help you get through security faster.
  • Best for International vacationers and business travelers.

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