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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaffProcess

Reviewed Nov. 7, 2023

Ryanair is the absolute WORST airline I’ve ever flew with in my life. HUGE waste of money!! And the staff do not care whatsoever!! Never flying with this airline (as already planned after I booked this ticket months ago) ever again!!!! Because I had trouble checking in on my phone, they charged me 55 euros at the airport! They literally rob you for your money at every chance they can get! I was never informed of this process ahead of time and there is no flexibility or accommodation with this airline whatsoever.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Nov. 3, 2023

A word of warning: NO!!! Ryanair is terrible in my experience. Let me explain. We scheduled a flight from Tangier to Lisbon with a layover and plane change in Paris. Due to a bomb scare in Paris, our flight went to Belgium. From there, we sat on the plane on the airstrip for about an hour with no answers as to what would happen next. Then, they made us all get off the plane. No communication, just left there. I had to go to the ticket office to try to book another flight. There were no flights available, so I had to research nearby airports for possible flights.

I found a flight to Lisbon from Brussels. I then had to get bus tickets to take us (there were 5 of us, all family on vacation) and an Uber from downtown Brussels to the Brussels airport, buy new tickets on another airline at high prices for same day tickets and got us to Lisbon very late that night. Ryanair did not help in any of this at all. We were basically left stranded in another country with no way out. I then filed a complaint with Ryanair about this. They asked for my confirmation number, passenger names and email address, which I provided. I have now asked several times what they would be willing to do to help. No response to date. They have just ghosted me. I paid for 2 flights to get me and my family to Lisbon. I got one flight to Belgium. Worst experience with an airline ever!

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    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2023

    I bought a flight on Ryanair from Portugal to Hungary after flying them from Morocco to Fort Trickle. When I showed up at the gate, they said my bags were too large. I showed them a picture that they fit, and I was abused, bullied condescended they actually asked me to stand in a corner and wait to the very end, and then I said I’ll pay I don’t care. I was trying to get business and I paid for priority, Etc. And when I showed them the picture, they said you’re using this against us now you’re going to board last I have the power I’ve I’ve seen it from Customs once in a blue moon but I’ve never seen a power trip like that.

    I paid them C$180 for my carry-on, which was not going to be checked I could still carry it on and I said, "OK please let me board," and they said, "No we’re gonna punish you," and that’s exactly the words inside. She said, "You’ll be the last one on board and then I have the power and I will decide.." and I stood there and said, "I’m sorry if I offended you let me talk to your supervisor," and they brought someone out there as I found out later was not a supervisor they wouldn’t give me their names..

    I saw two children try to scold a 60 year old, senior citizen, and stand in the corner because they had power and as she said, I have the power whether you fly or not, I never raise my voice. I didn’t swear I simply wanted to get on the plane with my carry-on bags that I’ve taken on for other flights in the last two weeks, including their airline, and when they said no, I paid the money which the bags were still going on board with them instead of underneath and she made me stand in the corner and said you will be the last one on board or maybe I won’t let you because I have the power and I told her to go after herself and walked away. Bought a flight on the Sansa and says see you later. It is the worst experience of my entire life and I will travel agency and I’ve flown to 62 countries.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 1, 2023

    Ryan Air's own website says it publishes fares at least 6 months in advance, and sometimes up to 1 year in advance. For over 4 months, I have been trying to book a flight from Paphos, Cyprus to Amman, Jordan. Flights haven't been released to book yet. It is now under 5 months away, and flights still haven't been released to book. Ryan Air isn't keeping its commitment. When you text, or chat, or call - you get the same response with everyone that works there. "We don't know". "Flights haven't been released yet". "We don't know". "They don't tell us". "We don't know". "We're clueless". "We don't know". Somewhere at RyanAir, Mr. Wizard, the only guy that must know anything, is sitting behind some curtain, and he's derelict in his duties, and not following his own company policy. Will someone at Ryanair please wake up Mr. Wizard so he can released the Paphos to Jordan flights for November.

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    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed April 6, 2023

    THE IRISH FAMILY THAT CONVENIENTLY FORGOT ABOUT IRISH HOSPITALITY. This company is abysmal. They take advantage of people. The unfortunate piece is that they have such a hold on the short flight industry in Europe that you don't have a choice if you want to get around Europe. They claim they are the cheapest and they are if you have no issues at all with your flight experience, you want to bring one bag and sit in the most uncomfortable seat made by in the industry. I ended up paying $502.66 for a roundtrip 2 1/2 hour bare bones flight (including one checked bag) from London to Palermo. The original flight was $265.81 which IS NOT CHEAP, it was $170.85 to change my flight because I missed it due to issue on another intercontinental flight and $66 to check in with a human person. I also had to pay for a night in a hotel that I didn't expect and a night at the place I was supposed to be staying.

    This experience cost more than my flight from the USA to London. The man at the airport who took 3 minutes to check in me told me "Darling, you should have asked a friend to check you in" when I let him know I was having issues with my phone an unable to check in on my phone. He was condescending and an unhappy human. The man I talked to when I knew I was going to miss my flight was also awful, he told me to just take care of it online. I learned with a little research that some of their staff may be unhappy because on average a Ryanair cabin crew person makes £557 - £3,547 per month. They pay their staff way below minimum wage while the company generated 1.6 billion Euros in the '21/'22 revenue cycle.

    They don't care about their passengers or their staff. They are the antithesis of what it means to be Irish. In the end, I can thankfully afford this, but what about the aging person without a cellphone or the non English speaking people who are taken advantage of on a daily basis. My ancestors and his are turning in their graves when they hear the name Michael Kevin O'Leary and Ryanair (data from Glassdoor and Statista).

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    Reviewed March 30, 2023

    Before leaving our remote Oregon location by car for SeaTac Airport, I made very thorough prearrangements via the only resource available - my laptop. The destination was a hernia clinic outside of Krakow, where my husband could have expert surgery at an affordable cash cost. Every detail worked like clockwork, EXCEPT FOR THE CHECK IN INFORMATION RETENTION BY RYANAIR. It cost us an extra £110, because the service representative could find no record, online, that I had conducted this procedure with them AND THAT THE PAGE HAD CONFIRMED OUR CHECK IN.

    There were people awaiting our arrival in Krakow whom we could not let down, so we cursed our luck and forked over the extra £110 they wanted from us to be able to get on our prearranged flight. The service rep was polite, but we felt poorly served by the company itself, in that respect specifically. The subsequent flight service was up to par. So no complaints there. This airline is a valuable asset to Europe, but the check in record keeping and policy needs both upgrading and moderation. Employees should not have to bear unnecessary ire from outraged commuters.

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    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Jan. 6, 2023

    Tried to modify flight within 24 hrs. for no fee as they advertise. Website only allows a few changes, then charges you a fee! Customer Service in Ireland is not helpful and would not allow me to speak to a supervisor. Paid the huge fees $241 to make the changes and will fight this extra charge by involving my credit card company. Try not to use Ryanair....

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 11, 2022

    I was traveling from Valencia to London at 5:55 am. I was one of the last ones on the boarding queue, and in front of me was a person with a oversize bag refusing to pay for the extra size. One of the Ryanair staff came to and told me that my bag was oversized as well and I would also have to pay (even though I’ve been traveling with this back for 6 months and I never had to pay extra for it).

    I agreed to pay and I was waiting patiently my turn to pay for the oversized bag. However, with the confusion with the person in front of me refusing to pay extra money, the Ryanair staff decided to close the gate and they kept me outside of the airplane. None of the the staff tried to explain to me what was happening, they only speak Spanish at this point and I lost my flight. On the way to the Ryanair desk the securities told me that this happens all the time.

    As if it were not enough me missing my flight due to staff miss communication, on the Ryanair desk the lady reschedule my next flight to 5 hours later, in addition, made me pay €100.00 (one hundred euros) for it, which is an absurd since I lost my first flight and it was not my fault. On the Ryanair’s website explains that that is not their policy, and even if I was trying to explain this to the lady on the desk, she still made me pay for the next flight. I did not just missed my appointment in London, but I payed extra money and help from Ryanair was offered for overstaying 5 to 6 hours at the airport.

    The worse is to come: on Ryanair’s desk there is a not saying that, voluntary or involuntary boarding denial and the rescheduled flight is after 2 hours or more, they should compensate me or provide me some food, which they refused as well to do it. Obviously I recorded this situation as proof of this absurd. I am currently at the airport trying to contact Ryanair because the staff refused to give me any contact or email that I can complain to.

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    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2022

    I flew with Ryanair from Bucharest to Sofia. The Staff at the counter in Bucharest was awful, I have never experienced anything like that in a decade of frequent flying. I had purchased my wedding gown from Romania and carried it with me as a carry on baggage on the flight. The lady at the check in yelled at me consistently to fold my dress, she just wanted to see it folded before I get on the flight. The yelling took place while I waited in line in front of the entire plane passengers, I was mortified. Additionally I kept explaining I will fold it in the airplane so it will fit for sure. The dress was close to 2,000$ and I explained to her that my wedding is that weekend and I cannot ruin it but I will make it fit. She kept arguing with me rudely in front of people and wouldn't stop.

    If I was in the US she would be fired. Please train your staff at the airports to be more accommodating like Turkish Airlines who go above and beyond for its customers. I will NEVER EVER fly with this crappy airline ever again. Oh and to put the cherry on top I was charged an additional 77 euros for my luggage for no reason...Was a little confused with this charge. Awful experience, pay extra and fly with another airline. I only chose Ryanair because the timing was convenient for my travel dates. Next time I will inconvenience myself to fly with a trusted airline.

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    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2022

    I recently had an unpleasant experience with Ryanair going from Barcelona to Budapest. The flight was delayed by around 3 hours due to reasons I wasn't told. This has caused spending an extra overnight stay at Budapest with hotel and transport expenses from my own pocket and booking a new flight the next day. Because the flight was delayed by so much I have lost my connecting flight for which I had a 2 hour layover window. No desks were operating when I got to Budapest at around 23:00. Received no apology or guidance at the time of the need. Disappointing experience being a frequent Ryanair flyer. Caused me a lot of problems. I have filled the Ryanair form and also sent an additional query. Have not heard back for almost a month now.

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    Ryanair author review by Erika Armstrong

    Ryanair is a Dublin based low-cost airline that is Europe’s busiest international airline by passenger numbers. They fly 1600 flights daily to 185 destinations and boast the most on-time flights of any airline in Europe.

    • Won’t lose your baggage: Ryanair claims to have the most innovative way of handling baggage which they boast is nearly “perfect”.

    • Low cost: They don’t hide that they are the cheapest for a reason and they’ll do anything to keep air travel affordable. In exchange for unbeatable fares, be prepared for non-reclining seats, no seat-back pockets, safety cards on the back of seats and life jackets stowed overheard.

    • Price guarantee: If you find a cheaper fare on a qualifying route with another airline, then they will pay “double the difference” between the air fare paid to Ryanair and the lower fare quoted on another carrier, but watch the fine print.

    • Newest fleet: Ryanair claims to have the newest, greenest and quietest fleet of aircraft in Europe (primarily newer/retrofitted Boeing 737s).

    • Business Plus: Even though they have the lowest fares, they offer a Business Plus program that can help you get through security faster.

    by Erika Armstrong Airlines Advisor

    From the front desk of a busy FBO to the captain's seat of a commercial airliner, Erika Armstrong has experienced everything aviation has to offer. She is the author of A CHICK IN THE COCKPIT and her aviation articles can be found at Consumer Affairs, Plane & Pilot, Flying.com, Disciples of Flight, NYC Aviation, Contrails, Mentor, General Aviation News and Business Insider.

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