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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Jan. 17, 2020

        THE ABSOLUTE WORST. Lufthansa customer service has

        1. Dropped my calls.
        2. Not interested to help.

        3. RUDE.

        Had notified customer service that I would not be able to make it to my OUTBOUND flight. I REBOOKED for the following day with Swiss Air and Lufthansa CANCELLED MY RETURN INBOUND FLIGHT. I repeatedly called and spoken to customer service to notify that I would not make the outbound flight while also rebooking it. Yet without advising me they cancelled my return inbound flight. No one made note of my calls. And when trying to figure out why my return flight was cancelled they kept telling about their no show policy. Which does not apply to me because I had consistently told them that I had to cancel. My money has been wasted and my whole trip ruined. As a frequent flyer I WILL NEVER FLY ON LUFTHANSA. I am devastated and furious (to say it lightly). Please be aware and absolutely DO NOT fly on this airline unless you want your money wasted and to be treated without respect.

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        Rated with 1 star
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Jan. 6, 2020

        CAUTION! LUFTHANSA ARE THIEVES! We had purchased 3 tickets and we were assured that the cancellation policy was lenient if we needed to cancel our tickets. One of our 3 travellers was not able to travel with us due to health issues and we wanted to cancel 1 of the 3 tickets. Instead, Lufthansa cancelled all 3 of our tickets and kept all the money ($4000)!!! I advise everyone to stay clear of this "World Class" Airline as they are nothing but a bunch of LIARS AND THIEVES! - Jonathan ** (Case Number: **)

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 22, 2019

          About 8 days before my Lufthansa flight from Vancouver to Sweden to spend Christmas with my family (the first time in 4 years that we would all be in the same place together), I noticed that my last name was printed twice on my e-ticket. I realized right away what had happened: a simple computer autofill error (you know, the one that’s supposed to save you time when you’re filling out online forms) caused my last name to appear both in the first name field beside my actual first name, and in the last name field on the booking. I immediately called Lufthansa customer service to notify them of the error and ask them to make a correction. The customer support person who took my call told me that the correction could be done easily, but had to be requested through the booking agency who reserved the ticket on my behalf: Flight Network. Lufthansa would not help me directly with the name correction.

          I called Flight Network immediately and asked them to fix the mistake right away. I sent a copy of my passport (as they requested) to both flight network to verify my identity. 8 days before my flight departure date. The travel agency got back to me within a day or two and told me that Lufthansa was unable to correct the name. I let them know that the Lufthansa customer service agent I spoke with told me that it was possible, and asked them to try again.

          I also called again and spoke with another Lufthansa agent, who told me again that they would love to help me make the correction right now, but could not deal with me directly since Flight Network made the booking on my behalf. They assured me once again that the correction could in fact be made. I told them that my travel agent was having some difficulties getting that answer from Lufthansa on their end, and I was given a travel agency support line for Flight Network to call to sort out this error. I was also told to email a copy of my passport to Lufthansa to expedite the process, which I did immediately. I called again and told this to Flight Network. They tried again to proceed with the name correction, but to no avail.

          Lufthansa’s travel agency support representatives would not correct the name for them when they asked. Apparently the Lufthansa agent told my travel agent that since the first leg of the flight was run in partnership with Air Canada, they were unable to do any name changes at all (excuse #1). Upset by this answer, I told my travel agency that, based on what I had been told, this didn’t make any sense.

          Flight Network then conference called me on a new call to the travel agent Lufthansa support team. When my agent told Lufthansa that when I spoke with customer service they had said it was possible, the Lufthansa agent told my travel agent to tell me not to call their support line again because it was only for customers who booked through Lufthansa directly and I was not allowed to call their agents at all. Lufthansa said again they would not do the name change, and advised my agent to tell me I would have to pay to purchase a new ticket if I wanted to fly to Sweden at all.

          After the conference call, I was devastated. I had already spent $2,200 on the first ticket. I had already checked online. To buy a new ticket last-minute would cost me waaaay more than the original $2,200, not to mention that that cost would be on top of the original ticket I already paid for. I simply could not afford that option. My agent advised me to call Lufthansa customer support again and ask to speak to a manager to plead my case and ask for an exception.

          I called Lufthansa again. This time, their customer service line told me that they could not make the name change because their policy would only allow 2-digit alterations, and my last name was 4 digits long (excuse #2). I would need to cancel the ticket and book again. I asked for help with this. They refused to help me find a new ticket, and told me they could not help me any further. I asked to speak to a manager. After waiting on hold for 45 minutes, the supervisor (there was no manager) finally answered the phone. They told me that name changes to tickets were only ever eligible in the first 24 hours after purchase (excuse #3). And that since I did not catch the mistake immediately, I could not board the plane with the ticket I purchased – even if I had called weeks earlier. That would leave a $2200 ticket paid for with absolutely no one eligible to use it.

          I begged, I pleaded, and I cried. I had no shame asking for a miracle from Lufthansa to spend the holidays with my Swedish family. The agent conceded to refund my ticket if I was able to find a Lufthansa flight leaving from the same location on the same day, and arriving at the same location on the same day as the original ticket – 3 days before my departure day. I asked them to help me find a last minute flight. They refused to help me, and would not look in their database to see if there were, in fact, any flights available. They told me I needed to call back my travel agency to communicate this with them and ask for their help.

          Back on the phone with Flight Network, I told them what the supervisor said. They got to work right away looking for flights. They found 1 option. For $6000, I could purchase a new ticket. One with the correct name – a name with my last name printed on it only once. But again, that was not an option I could afford. Who has the money to spend $6000 on a holiday plane ticket? Not me.... So I cried some more. Then asked my travel agent what I should do now. They told me that I could try to show up at the airport with my passport, and all of my emails, and that the airport staff could read the notes on my file about the name change and that they had the power to make a final decision about whether or not they would let me on the plane. It was a risk, but at this point my only option.

          I knew that the first leg of my trip was run by Air Canada. So I called their customer service line. After waiting 1 hour and 45 minutes to speak with an agent, I finally got connected. I told them I was calling about a name correction on my ticket. I gave them my confirmation number, and the agent immediately asked me if it was about the duplication of my last name, which was clearly a mistake. I said “yes! Can you help me?”

          She said that since the flight was booked through Lufthansa, she couldn’t make any changes, and advised me to contact the Lufthansa customer service line for this simple name correction. I explained to her that I already had, and that they wouldn’t help me. She said that if it has been Air Canada’s flight, she would have done the name change right there and then. But since the booking was owned by Lufthansa, she couldn’t… I asked her to put a note in my file that I had called with this request so the ticket agents would see it when I tried to check in the next day. She did. And apologized that she couldn’t do more.

          It was just a waiting game now…. Just over 24 hours to my flight, and all I could do was show up and hope that some understanding ticket agent could help me in person. I looked online one more time for an eligible replacement flight… nothing was available. My mom, called another travel agent to get a second opinion. They told her that the ticket agent at the airport should be able to see the notes in the file and make the name change when we arrived to check in in person.

          So on December 20th I showed up at the airport just over 3 hours in advance for my international flight. I got in the Air Canada check-in line, and waited to speak to an agent. When I got to the counter, and explained the error, the agent told me she could fix it no problem… and then she looked at who was operating the second leg of the flight. Unfortunately, she said couldn’t change just the first part of my ticket – I would have to talk to a Lufthansa agent. She told me to go to their airport help desk kiosk and ask them to do it now.

          So I went over to their ticket agent help desk location… only there was nobody at the desk. Not a single staff member. Apparently they are only available in person at the airport at specific times to help their customers, and this was not one of those times. I asked an airport staff member for help locating their office. There is no office. The best they could do was to give me a customer support number to call... I started dialing, but I already knew what was coming before the phone even began to ring.

          When I called Lufthansa support AGAIN, they told me that the name change was possible (yes!), and that they would do it for me (yes!), except that I had to get my travel agent to call on my behalf (no...). Total déjà vu. I said “I’ve heard this before… are you sure?” She said yes. 100%. I asked for her name and her call back number, and told her that I would get Flight Network to call right back. In a race against the clock, I called Flight Network and by some miracle got connected with customer service promptly. I told them that Lufthansa was willing to change the ticket right before my flight, and convinced my agent to call the number and ask for the representative I was speaking with. I went on hold.

          When the call was re-connected, my agent told me that he was unable to talk to the person I talked to, despite his request, and that Lufthansa would still not fix the name. I felt like I was on the worst roller coaster ride of my life – the last week had been a series of hopeful highs followed by sudden drops of despair. I cried. Again. He told me he would conference call me with a Lufthansa agent again to explain one more time as the clock ticked closer and closer to boarding time.

          Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Air Canada was trying everything they could on their side to get the ticket fixed. I could see least 3 agents at the desk with me working on my case. They told me more than once that if only it was their ticket, they would change it in a heartbeat. This is what human compassion and decency looks like! Air Canada showed some real holiday spirit.

          Back in the conference call, the Lufthansa agent told my Flight Network agent and me that Lufthansa would still not change my ticket. She said that the manager had already offered a refund. I clarified that that refund was based on the mandatory purchase of a $6000 ticket. And I simply could not afford it. I begged again for a different option. I told her that Air Canada would approve the ticket change. It was just Lufthansa’s own unreasonable policies that were holding me back. Plus, I was already at the airport! I had been there for almost 2 hours already. I was probably the only one who could even take the seat for that flight at this point. Just let me buy that one back at the same price!

          I asked to speak to the manager. She said the only person higher than her who worked there was the (unhelpful) supervisor that I spoke to before, but that I was not allowed to speak to the supervisor again. It was their policy that a customer could only speak to the supervisor once ever, and I had already had my turn, so I was not permitted to speak with them a second time to plead my case. I then asked to speak to the supervisor’s manager. She said that the only other person who had more authority was a ticket agent. I said “great, I’ll talk to them!” She said that I could find them at the airport. At the kiosk. I told her that there were no staff at the kiosk at that time, and that Lufthansa had not created an office in the Vancouver airport for their customers. She said that was too bad then, there was nothing she could do. I asked for a number I could call to speak to a ticket agent. She told me that they did not give out those numbers to customers.

          She then told me that I should be satisfied that I had already been approved for a refund, and that was all I could get. “Wait,” I said, “a full refund? Unconditionally? Without buying another ticket?” She said yes. I asked again. She confirmed that refund did NOT require me to purchase another ticket. Both my travel agent and I heard her. I thought for a minute, but I was still (understandably) upset about the ticket I had already purchased – a ticket with my name on it (and one extra addition of the last name).

          I told her that Air Canada’s policies and customer care were far superior to theirs and that they were bending over backwards to try to help me – fully willing to make the name change on their end right up until I boarded the plane, and that Lufthansa really should take a page from their partner’s book. She told me I was lucky to even get a refund at all, and that she would take it away if I continued to be rude. I couldn’t believe she said that. She threatened me with even worse customer service (who would have thought that was possible?).

          I thought long and hard about my next move. The refund wasn’t ideal, but at least I could try to find a new ticket online that might be affordable without their restrictions. I told her I was disappointed, but I would accept. My travel agent put me on hold to take action on the refund. I had 45 minutes before my flight departed, and I was told that I needed to accept it before it finished boarding or it would expire. A few minutes later, he came back on the line. He told me that the customer service number the Lufthansa agent had just given him to process the reimbursement was out of service for the day because business hours were over. Unacceptable, I said. He said he would try another number he had on file.

          More time on hold. A long time. When he came back on the line, he told me that there was bad news about the refund. It was not an unconditional refund at all. It was the same rules I had been restricted by before – the refund will only be honoured if the passenger books another Lufthansa ticket leaving on the same day from the same city and arriving on the same day in the same city as the original ticket. But it gets worse – there were no other tickets left! Unacceptable!!!

          More time on hold. Okay, they were willing to move the departure by 1 day later, and my agent found a flight! The same Air Canada – Lufthansa partner flights as before, just with different layover cities. This time it was only $2400. That was a much better price than the $6000 I was quoted before. Affordable, even! The only catch is that there was a 17 hour layover in Seattle (a 3 hour DRIVE away from Vancouver), which meant it would take me 35 hours to get to Sweden. I hesitated only briefly, and then told him to book it. He told me that I would have to pay to book this ticket first, and then they could process the refund from Lufthansa.

          By this point I was exhausted, and slightly relieved. But I should have known that this was only another peak in the roller coaster. My travel agent called me back. The refund wouldn’t go through. The other little caveat in Lufthansa’s rigid reimbursement offer that they didn’t mention was this: The ticket I booked had to be entirely through Lufthansa themselves. One of the legs of the alternative flight we had JUST booked was with Air Canada. So. No. Refund. Even though the ticket was basically the SAME as the one I had originally booked because it was a partnership with both providers. I took another deep dive down the rollercoaster of despair.

          My travel agent told me there was nothing more he could do. He tried to call Lufthansa and they would not do the booking for him. They said there were no tickets left at all that would meet the requirements of their highly restrictive refund offer. He cancelled the ticket we had JUST bought for the departure on the next day so I wouldn’t have to pay double, and advised me to call and try for myself. I asked him if he thought it would do me any good. He said he knew it was the very last option, and what did I have to lose. So I call Lufthansa to make a new booking. Guess what happened next? No tickets – no tickets, and no help. Are you surprised? Me neither. The rollercoaster was over, and it ended on the lowest of the lows.

          After 8 sleepless nights, and countless hours (and I mean HOURS – I have the phone bill to prove it) spent on the phone with Lufthansa, Flight Network, and Air Canada, not to mention all the emails and scanned documents, I was refused boarding on the plane by Lufthansa customer service. I was refused a name correction in advance of my flight, I was refused a full refund, and there was no real option to rebook to a new flight instead. Lufthansa kept the $2200 that I paid for a plane ticket with my name on it, and made sure that I never even got to leave the terminal. All because of a computer’s auto-fill error which showed a duplicated last name, that was caught in advance, but no-one was willing to correct it.

          Flight Network really tried everything they possibly could to get the ticket corrected by Lufthansa. Air Canada was nothing but reasonable and accommodating on their end, telling me at every avenue that they would have changed the name if it was their ticket. Lufthansa stood there and watched me ride the roller coaster of despair until the clock ran out, and there were no more peaks of hope left to climb. All I got from them was a variety of contradictory excuses which weren’t even supported by their own customer support staff OR the policies held by other airlines, and a couple of outright lies. If you’re wondering what happened next, I didn’t manage to book another flight. It breaks my heart, but I simply don’t have the money for a new ticket. Looks like I’ll be in town for the holidays after all...

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 13, 2019

          Booked around the world trip premium econ from Melbourne to Singapore 3 nights-UK via Frankfurt -5 weeks, after river trip Budapest to Los Angeles 5 nights-LA Auckland 3 nights- NZ to Melbourne. We had a problem at Budapest as our Visa to the USA had a typo error and we couldn’t board. We manage to get the visa corrected within 2 hours but the gates had shut. We fully realize we are at fault here but the Lufthansa help desk at the airport wouldn’t even consider we pay for another flight at our cost to be able to continue our once in a lifetime trip.

          I mean there is no more work for the airline as the bookings continued from LA six days later. The help desk said they would continue the trip for $9000 AU, if that is not calculating corporate greed to leave us stranded in a foreign country with limited funds with absolutely no compromise or kind judgement from them at all, we practically lost most of our US and NZ bookings for hotel car hire and transfers as well. Not to mention getting home somehow. We feel that someone in your management system requires a humanity adjustment as that was one low down grubby money grabbing act. Feedback ID **, James William **, Lorraine Edith **, Budapest Airport, Wednesday 17th July, Flight No LH1675 @ 08:50 Hr.

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Nov. 29, 2019

          I flew first time in business class in Lufthansa airlines. From Dallas, USA to Delhi India. Very bad boarding, very bad food. No service. Very uncomfortable seats, no privacy from other customers. Legs, feet, arms, crash to each other. I will never fly Lufthansa again in my life.

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Nov. 25, 2019

          I had 2 business class round trip tickets to Germany with Lufthansa and in October, 2018 needed to make a change in date. While on their on-line site I inadvertently clicked on "cancel flight" instead of "change flight". When I called Lufthansa to explain the mistake, they said that "a refund had already been processed and there was nothing else they could do". The refund was $95 for $9,000 worth of tickets! The $95 refund was sent immediately (imagine that) and that closed their case. After several communications explaining the on-line error, they continued to say that "because a refund had been sent (for $95), there was nothing else they could do". Of course the responses came from another company that appeared to be from India. Beware of dealing with Lufthansa, it cost me $9,000 and I received nothing.

          F. ** New Hampshire, USA

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Nov. 22, 2019

          I booked a ticket on third of this month. But, Lufthansa made me cancel my ticket because of their cabin crew union strike. Now, it's been three weeks since I booked ticket and I haven't got any refund yet. Their customer service is pretty rude too. I am sure most of the positive reviews are filled by Lufthansa employees only. Maybe one day they will go on strike for not paying enough for writing a positive review!

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Nov. 14, 2019

          I had purchased a round trip tickets on for Atlanta to Budapest from Oct.26 to Nov.11. On the outbound to Budapest on Oct. 27, I missed one session of flight at Frankfurt when transferring. The Lufthansa cancelled my inbound returning ticket for the reason of no show on outbound. I had no intention to miss the flight which I paid for and confirmed, technically the seat on the plane was sold to me and should be arranged by me. Worst part of it was, Lufthansa had not informed me before or after cancellation.

          From cancelling on Oct. 27 to inbound returning flight on Nov. 11, there were 15 days between. If I had got a note to tell me about cancellation, I would immediately to search a new option or to purchase a different and cheaper flight, instead, on the day Nov. 11, 2 hrs before the scheduled departure time and when I got ready to check in at Lufthansa counter, I was just told my ticket was cancelled.

          I wonder if they intentionally did this way so I got a surprise, stressed and had no time to search out anything else but to purchase another ticket from them in order to get back to Atlanta on time. One seat been sold twice, and missing one session of one direction and get being cancelled for another direction. If cancellation was to some reservation which is understandable, but not for something sold and confirmed. IS this kind of way of practicing business ethical? I would never flight it again when this airline had no consideration about passenger and treat customers careless and ruthlessly.

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          Rated with 1 star
          profile pic of the author
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Nov. 7, 2019

          Due to airline fault my flight was delayed and subsequently missed my connection from Frankfurt.. After being stranded at Frankfurt I was put through an ordeal as nothing was provided by the airline and made me kept running from one terminal to the other. I finally reached my intended destination 12 hrs after original planned. And Lufthansa has neither refunded my fare difference for change in class on the new flight nor have they compensated me for the delay as per EU regulations. Their team said the delay was due to Heathrow Airport and they won't be issuing a refund. Unbelievable! Never flying Lufthansa again.

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Oct. 17, 2019

          I flew from Prague to Barcelona via Frankfurt on Sept. 28/19. No luggage arrived from Frankfurt, as the belt was not working in Frankfurt. I know technical issues happen. However, the airline knew that no luggage was on the plane and did not bother to inform the passengers. I waited over 3 hours in line to put my claim in, then left 2 days later for my home in Toronto. I followed the claim online - my luggage flew to Montreal on Oct 9, then to Toronto on October 11. Then NOTHING. No one has ever contacted me from Lufthansa. I PHONE ALMOST every day - and now I can't even track any updates, as I no longer have access to my file. Just to make matters more complicated, Lufthansa wrote me an email - no reply allowed two days before my original flight, cancelling one part of the flight - no other comment about rescheduling. I had to phone them to make other arrangements to get to Barcelona. TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!

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