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Firstly, their dreadful website doesn't allow one to complain via email (page loads stating 'Access Denied'). We bought tickets via a third party website (Priceline) and we called immediately to upgrade our seats for our Frankfurt to Los Angeles flight. One assistant informed us that United had to assist, we called United who told us you had to assist. We called you back and you told us to call the next day. We did and one of your assistants said the price to upgrade to Premium Economy was $650 (approx). We agreed we would call back the next day (yesterday) to book. We called last night and another assistant informed us that your rates department would have to send us an email containing the upgrade price and we have 3 days to confirm. We expected the price to be around $650 but he said it could be cheaper.

I got the email this morning. It contained no price. It told me to call urgently. I called. Your assistant informed me the price is $2500!!! Are you kidding me?! I spoke to the manager on offer. He blabbered on about a cash upgrade not being available. We went back and forth and nothing got resolved and he was most unhelpful. I simply want to upgrade my wife and I on the Frankfurt to LA flight and expect a reasonable price as offered by the first assistant I spoke with. Furthermore, the website offers seat choice for FREE but it's impossible to find a free seat. They all cost $35. This has been a very very disappointing experience thus far. For an airline with such credibility, this is nothing short of scandalous. I look forward to being offered either the $650 upgrade to Premium Economy or a FREE seating choice as displayed on the website.

I tried to work with Lufthansa for months (3 months to be exact). First, I called them several times. Each time I was on hold for 45 minutes, if not more. I finally got through on one of those calls and explained the situation with wrong charges on my credit card statement. They advised me to email the customer support as “it is the fasted and best way to resolve the issue” and “they will be able to correct the issue and provide me with copies of my receipts”. Three months later, I still have $3200 on my credit card instead of $400 I was quoted when I rebooked the tickets.

I cannot believe this is happening and there is nothing can be done: this airline has billing issues and the worst customer support I've ever seen. It took them more than a month to provide me with a generic response that nothing they can do for me and the charges were made in accordance with the company's policies. It took multiple emails to get that and they still did not address my concerns and request for the proof of purchase. The second response from Lufthansa came within couple of hours when I send them one of many follow-up emails and said that I will file a complaint with federal regulators. It is simply wrong to do things like that to travelers.

On September 16th, 2016 I was returning home to Canada from Zagreb, Croatia. It was flight #1713 (Lufthansa) Air Dolomiti. The plane was very late and everything was rushed when arriving in Munich to make my connecting flight to Canada (flight #494) Instead of having time to easily connect to my (Lufthansa) plane for Canada… I had to run like a marathon runner to make it on time. I watched as other individuals, much older than me (75+) were running alongside me!

I was upset! This is TOTALLY unacceptable for your planes to be THIS late without informing the passengers as to the reason why or EVEN that it was going to happen! What if this very long stressed run precipitated a heart attack on someone!!! I have always like Lufthansa as an Airline BUT this makes me think twice, to perhaps consider another Airline. A fair number of other people, continuing on to Canada (having been on your plane with me) felt the same way. This has tarnished my overall memory of this trip.

My flight got delayed at Frankfurt airport (FRA-SJC) because of a security incident at the airport. First off, the airport staff was completely lost. They had no PA system. Some confused airport staff directing people in random direction. Finally a guy comes up and says "I feel sorry for you and sorry for myself". Half of the people cannot hear what he is saying because he has no PA system; just shouting at the top of his lungs.

Finally, after over 3 hours delay (we were provided no water or food) I manage to board my flight. So many people missed their flights. A flight attendant tells me mid-flight that my baggage is not on the flight. What??? I filed a lost baggage claim at the SJC airport on arrival. I was told that I would get the baggage next day. Nothing! I keep calling the San Jose airport and Lufthansa customer service. Nothing!!!

Finally after a week they ask me to send them an email with the contents list (PDF) of the baggage. I turn that in promptly. I call them next day and they tell me they haven't received it. Seriously??? It's been 15 days. They have no idea where my bag is, they don't have the contents list. (I sent 2 emails already.) How more inefficient can you get? Someone or the entire airlines is not doing their job right! What a lame airline. I WILL NEVER EVER FLY LUFTHANSA AGAIN!!! Also, if I don't get my bag I am filing a small claims case against them. They will wake up after they get a summon from the court.

We got to Frankfurt from Toronto with 4 hrs delay on July 29th. After spending another 4 hrs in Frankfurt, finally we left with no luggage. I spent 3 hrs of my 16 days in Frankfurt looking and calling Lufthansa and had no luck. On my 5th day in Germany, I received one bag and still after more than a month I am waiting for the other one. I did not have any clothing or any shoes and not even my gifts for my family.

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I am looking for two days to reserve a aisle seat for my upcoming trip. The site, (seat reservation) on manage my bookings, is closed for the last couple of days. Today I called them and I was told that I have to pay $70.00 for the seats. I travel with my wife. Now I asked, "Why $70.00 when to reserve one seat is $35.00. The second one isn't classified as premium as it is a middle seat."

"Mister", I was called, "you want a aisle seat for yourself and a seat for your wife next to you. You reserve two seats". "Yes" I replied, "but my wife's seat next to mine isn't classified as premium. After all you owe us seats in this fly or the price we paid is for a stand-up flight?" "No, no mister" he replied, "just for requesting to seat next to your wife is considered a 'reserved' seat." Then of course, I have read how they separated a 4 years baby from his parents, a 90 years woman away from her daughter, etc. How our God isn't punishes them for this? How are they allowed to do business in this country? How much do they bribe out officials and representatives that they get away with thinks like this?

Lufthansa cancelled consecutive flights because not enough tickets were sold. This made me lose the connections, the booked hotel and the meetings. The flights never even got planned and they knew in advance but noticed me and the passengers 10 minutes before departure with an ironic sms "your flight is cancelled, please find an alternative". Very bad service and very bad taste.

Been waiting months for a response to a customer service request. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. It doesn't exist!! On hold for special hotline number that is suppose to clear up backlog... Been on hold 20 minutes and no response. Going to fly another carrier.

I had to edit my departure date due to a death in the family and Lufthansa told me that it would a $450 charge, I accepted that charge. When we received our credit card statement we noticed that they had charged us the $450 and without our approval they also charged us $4,401. After 2 weeks of emails and 2 hours on hold, I finally got in contact with "Kevin". He told me that he can't help me because it's Lufthansa's policy to charge for a new ticket whenever you make changes to your ticket! I have contacted my credit card company, and neither I, nor my family will ever fly with Lufthansa again!

I flew with them before and didn't have a lot of issues. This time I booked a flight with Lufthansa and somehow they just decided to cancel my flight without even notifying me. I have been calling them past 4 weeks and sent so many emails however they did not get back to me. Every time I call, I get someone new and all they tell me is they are reviewing my case. Several of their customer service agent admits that they have cancelled my flight by error however, they were still not able to resolve my issue. I am flying in couple weeks and I am hoping that someone will contact me before that or they will just refund my money due to cancellation. I highly doubt that Lufthansa is even reading this reviews but if they do my case number is **.

My outboard journey From UK to CA Via Frankfurt. I would like you to be aware of what happened to myself at the airport in Frankfurt on May 3, 2016. I know that Lufthansa is a very reputable airline and, after having talked to another representative from your airline, they encouraged me to write to you directly to let you know what transpired and our concerns about it.

I am a 75-year old person who needs wheelchair assistance within the airport in order to make her connections. Knowing that I needed additional wheelchair assistance, I made sure that everything was in place as well as ensuring I was flying business class to give myself more room due to limited mobility. When I came to Frankfurt (May 3) on flight LH901, the airline did not pull up to a bay but ended the flight on the tarmac. Unfortunately, what happened was that I was not met with any wheelchair assistance at this point of time and waited patiently on the plane for further instructions since I knew I needed to be the last person off the plane if assistance was being given.

When no wheelchair appeared, I was asked to leave the plane and a stewardess helped me down the steps and into the last bus, which was taking passengers to the main terminal. The bus was full and fortunately one of the passengers (a woman) stood up so I could take a seat. The stewardess said that the driver would look after me at the other side. However, when I arrived at the terminal and everyone left the bus, the driver did help me down but he did not speak English. He indicated a lady in the terminal. When I approached this lady she said it was nothing to do with her but she would contact the people concerned. She told me to take a seat and phoned. She said someone would come and she then continued to work.

At this point another couple arrived also needing a chair. The first lady rang again and said that someone would be on their way. A suited lady who worked for the assistance program turned up and at first could not find my name for booking for a wheelchair. I knew that I had arranged this and showed her my ticket. The suited lady then found my name and said not to worry. The wheelchairs are coming and she had ordered two. This lady then left after she had given Mary this information. The other passenger (part of the couple) asked me to look after her bag when she went to the washroom. Her husband at this point was wandering around. Upon her return, I needed to use the washroom so asked the woman to look after my bag. When I came back the couple had gone and my bag was on the seat.

I was now getting very concerned that I was going to be late for her next flight to Canada. My connection time was 1 hour and 25 minutes. At this point, at least 25 minutes had already passed. I waited again and another suited lady turned up, spoke to me, made a phone call then went away. At this point the original suited lady turned up and it is 1:00 pm Frankfurt time. I said that my flight was at 1:30 pm and made it very clear that I was very concerned about making this connecting flight. The suited lady said "Don't worry, it is on its way" and she implied that "there was no problem with getting you there for your flight on time". Shortly after (1:10 pm), an electric cart appeared and I was told to get on it. I then thought I would be taken straight to the gate.

Off went the cart and the driver stopped at several points (where there were actually empty chairs) and she chatted to these colleagues. A couple of them got on the cart at various points and had a lift to the next place. I was then driven to another area, which appeared to be the assist company's booking office and waiting area. The driver had not spoken to me and I was simply told get off and go to take a seat and have a coffee. By now, I knew that it was after 1:30 pm and that I had missed her flight.

I was now sitting in an armchair with a cup of coffee and the agent came over and said that they can rebook me on the flight tomorrow. They said they would put me in a hotel overnight. My answer was "No way. I am on my own. How am I getting to the hotel? Who is there to assist me? Who will be there to bring me back tomorrow?" The agent said they would pay for it all as if it was no problem. I refused to take this offer since there were too many things that could go wrong.

The agent went back to her desk and came back with another possibility. She said they could get me on a later flight (Lufthansa?) which arrived after midnight in Vancouver. I said "I would have missed the ferry and would be stuck in Vancouver. Can't you get me to Victoria since that is my final destination." The agent comment was "Where is Victoria?" I explained it was on Vancouver Island and that was why I needed a ferry and help. At this point the agent threw her hands up in the air and went back to her desk.

I then sat there for a while longer with her coffee and a lovely little Asian girl appeared with a wheelchair. This girl said: "We are taking you to the Lufthansa office where they have more access to other flights." Although I was sitting in a chair and the office desk was quite high. They first offered me the later flight to Vancouver and I explained why that was not possible since I would need to get a ferry and the ferries would have stopped running by that time. They asked where the ferries would be going and I told them Victoria and they said "Why don't we get you directly to Victoria?" I said that would be great.

Since Lufthansa is an air alliance member with Air Canada and it was obvious that the flight was booked through Air Canada, the agents then got onto the phone to see if there was an Air Canada flight leaving from Frankfurt that day and getting into Victoria. They were on the phone for about 30 minutes and came up with a plan. I was to take AC 877 at 5:15 pm (Frankfurt time) arriving in Toronto at 7:30 pm (Toronto time) then connecting onto AC 191 leaving at 9:05 pm arriving in Vancouver at 11:18 pm (Victoria time). I had arranged for wheelchair assistance again for returning flights.

My return journey From Ca to UK Via Frankfurt. 23.05.16. Victoria to Vancouver. Was collected via a wheelchair and taken to the plane. Vancouver to Frankfurt. Travelling from Victoria to Vancouver. When I arrived on this section of my journey I was taken off the plane and taken to Hospitality/VIP Lounge, I was then collected and taken to plane to catch the flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt.

24.05.16. Having arrived in Frankfurt. I was taken by wheelchair to the airport centre and given a red card. I then got put on an electric golf style buggy having shown the Red Card to the gate where my plane would be eventually departing from. Was left there with NO access to a drink or toilet facilities even though I was travelling First/Business class. I was expecting to be taken into the hospitality/VIP lounge. Instead to my disgust, I had to try and make my own way to the point of boarding, when the man on reception took one look at me and immediately let me through with my Red Card. I still had to walk down to the plane and the Airhostess had to catch me as I nearly fell on entry into the plane.

On arrival at Heathrow, was eventually met by a man with a wheelchair, who took me again to an electric buggy with two other passengers. We were taken across the terminal and through customs. We then went to baggage reclaim, I saw my bag and told the man. So he said "never mind. It would come round again", and he went in search of a wheel chair. As the luggage trollies were to hand out, I went to get one, and turned round to see the driver of the electric buggy disappearing leaving me and the two other elderly passengers, one in a wheel chair, to reclaim our own baggage and make our way out. I don't know how I managed but I got my bag off the conveyor belt. I then proceeded to exit, pushing my trolley to where my son-in-law was waiting. He saw me and jumped over the barrier to help.

What is wheel chair assist? When I was travelling to Australia and in fact on my prior visit to Canada, I was met and taken from the check in desk to the arrival point every time by an aide with a wheel chair. I was lucky that I can walk short distances. I don't know how someone else would cope such as those with no sight.

Having complained to FRA Services at Frankfurt airport they have made me aware that the wheel chair assistance I was booked for was WCHR. And I should have been asked by Lufthansa at the check in desk in the UK and Vancouver what form of wheel chair assistance I needed e.g. Could I climb stairs. In my case no. Therefore I should have been down as having WCHS (Wheel Chair Assistance Stairs). Lufthansa never put me in the VIP Lounge or even asked if I would like to go there even though I was booked business class. The service provided by Lufthansa and Frankfurt airport was disgraceful.

We booked round trip flight from San jose to Bangalore. While flying back from Bangalore to Frankfurt, all of us got random seat locations. My kids were not comfortable seating with strangers. While booking it was told that since we booked six tickets under one reservation code, we would get seats together but may not be preferred seating. That was OK for us as long as we get seats together with kids. They would not do anything and could not justify why they gave so random seats when reservation was made under one code.

I booked 3 ticket from Ankara to Munich for LH1787 at April 27, 2016. The flight was cancelled without any excuse less than 36 hours and Lufthansa did not offer alternative flight for us (actually there was one flight). I requested refund of cancelled and I wrote many time to Lufthansa but they did not refund. There were only 8 people and they cancelled that flight. It was not profitable. They are liar and unreliable.

I traveled aboard Lufthansa Airlines from Los Angeles, USA to Rome, Italy; round trip on June 1, 2016 and returned June 11, 2016. On the return flight to Los Angeles the in-flight service was atrocious and abusive. Two Flight attendants, ** are unprofessional and lack customer service skills. These flight attendants rolled their eyes to passengers requesting complimentary drinks; one passenger was scolded for requesting water; after requesting coffee. Flight Attendant ** told the passenger that she should have requested both the water and the coffee at the same time!

I was discussing the lack of customer service with another passenger, and Ms. ** rambunctiously came at me yelling, “We’ll see what the purser has to say, we’ll let him settle this.” She was literally a bully. While Ms. ** continued in-flight service, Ms. ** sprayed me in the face twice, while opening carbonated drinks. Once could possibly be a mistake, but twice; deliberate and measured.

I strongly encourage Lufthansa Airlines to instruct their flight personnel to stay at home if they are having a bad day or do not feel like coming to work. Flight Attendants ** are at the front line of Lufthansa Airlines – this is an enormous liability to the entity. I will not be using Lufthansa another time; I will not pay to be ill-treated by angry women.

I booked three tickets on Lufthansa own website for my pregnant wife and my cousin and I from Amsterdam to Budapest on 3 June. The trip experience was horrible. Our flight departed from Amsterdam after one hour delay, therefore we cannot catch the connecting flight in Frankfurt. We were re-booked in Frankfurt for a flight at 16.20 (after 4 hours) and given 10 euro per person meal voucher. In fact, this voucher was only valid for hot meal which means the bakeries in the airport didn't accept. We had to spend extra 30 euro to have lunch in a hot meal restaurant. In the afternoon, we were about to get on board but we were told that the flight was cancelled due to the defect of the plane. We had to walk all the way out of the security check to the check-in counter to get re-booked again to a flight at 21.30 (after 5 hours).

While we asked for a full compensation for dinner, Lufthansa staff refused and was so arrogant that threw a booklet to me and said "you can find your traveler right in this book. if you are not happy, go find a lawyer and lawsuit us. Now leave the desk. There are many people need to re-book." I can't believe these words were said by a service company. I believe I didn't ask for something too much but just a full compensation for dinner. We were supposed to be in Budapest around 2 pm but in the end we arrived in Budapest almost midnight. I have claimed the compensation following the small booklet. However, it was rejected by Lufthansa with a very simple reason: bad weather, fog. I think Lufthansa must have a very strong legal team therefore they can totally ignore the customer experience. I have flew with more than 10 airlines, and Lufthansa was the worst. I will never fly with Lufthansa again in my life.

I have been a Lufthansa Miles & More customer for a while - as I am a Silver Member of British Airways and a cardholder of Alitalia. This is to say that I have experienced widely different service, and Lufthansa can qualify as a joke. I contacted the customer care in 2 circumstances: once because I lost my PIN, another time to book a mileage flight (because the website was another joke, but let's not get into that). In the first instance I called the customer service, who asked me for a bunch of data only to tell me that they will mail me (yes, mail me, not 'email me') the PIN and that would take almost 3 weeks.

In the second instance after yet again another long wait on the phone, the customer care person told me that a mileage flight to London would cost me like 3 Easyjet flights on the same distance because of allegedly 'airport taxes'. When I asked to understand more, she rudely replied that that was the rule and I could make my choices as I pleased, as that was not her problem. The result is that accumulating miles with Lufthansa not only doesn't give you any benefits of any kind in terms of flights, but it doesn't even qualify for basic human courtesy.

I traveled from Singapore to Frankfurt last March 8, 2016. The whole flight was smooth, FAs were very nice and professional, food served is delicious. The tie interval between my arrival and my connecting flight to Berlin is only 1hour. Upon seeing the queue in the immigration I know I will miss my flight. True enough, I missed my flight. Fortunately, Lufthansa service counters already knew about this, claiming that this always happens and they always rebook because they can't do anything about Immigration policies. She just called her supervisor to authorize or check on something but definitely they are rebooking my flight. Tired but happy! Thank you Lufthansa!!! :)

Our flight from Frankfurt to Amsterdam was canceled. We were issued train tickets instead... Our luggage did not accompany us. The train was overbooked and my husband had to stand for part of the journey. After 7 hours of constant trying, the following day, we could not get any information as to where our luggage was. We spent that time phoning and emailing every contact we could find and eventually reached the baggage dept. at Schiphol airport only to find that the baggage was not in Amsterdam. They arranged to have the suitcases with all of our belongings delivered after 48 hours to an address in Holland.

I have been issued 6 Feedback ID numbers from Lufthansa in response to my 6 emails of inquiry and complaint. After sending a registered mail letter to Lufthansa Customer Service in Peterborough ON, I received a phone call. I was not home at the time... no callback number was left. They denied my request for a refund for the ticket as we did get to our destination. I have since tried to find a phone number for Lufthansa Customer Relations to speak to "Christine" but there are no contact numbers to be found. An email to the company about the situation resulted in another Feedback Number.

We are senior citizens and after literally running for 20 mins. to make the train, we were exhausted and hungry. There is no way that standing in a train for that long, with no food, not being able to find our bags and having to wait 2 days for them to arrive is an unacceptable situation. We did not pay for that... we paid for a short flight to Amsterdam, with food available and our suitcases on the aircraft as well. Lufthansa owes us at the very least, a credit to be used on a Star Alliance Flight of our choice in the future... if not a full refund.

I must mention that Lufthansa did leave the message that if we emailed in our receipts for any clothes or personal items that we may have purchased during the time we were without, they would pay for that... However, we have insurance for that and I have already submitted that information to that company. When I wrote to the address that Lufthansa left for me... there was no response... again.

Lufthansa, either don't give any Visa requirement advice or give complete advice. When I called Lufthansa within 24 hours of booking flight to confirm my understand of Visa stuff, they said I don't need any transit Visa. For a safety check I rechecked in German embassy website day before my flight. There were some confusion. When I called back Lufthansa, they said I cannot travel in this itinerary without transit Visa. I explained them how their half baked info put me in situation. Agent simply told me either pay $300 change fee or face port of entry denial. His tone was so insulting. At the end of the day I had to pay price difference + $300. I can't explain the mental stress I gone through when dealing with Lufthansa.

This German airlines are ripping me off. After having refused to merge miles from a temporary card to final one, they make me wait for more than 5 weeks concerning a refund of a cancelled flight. Their website announces proudly they reimburse flight cancelled within 24 hours, what I did for 485 flight 10 hours later.

I have noticed they show they pay back in 2-3 days... **! it is more than 5 weeks I am waiting, I have been calling customer services support, and got some not competent persons stating to me they did reimburse me, but my bank was blocking... I called my bank, nothing true.

Then I sent 10 to 12 mails asking for reimbursement, 3 only were answered, "sorry we are technical support we forward to right department", but no answer never came back. They still owe me 485 and refuse to let me escalade within their group my complaint. I am tired of this bloody airlines, and I repeat this story so much, that besides me, they are losing client every day more. Don't go for them!

Lufthansa is one of the most expensive airlines with typical German unfriendliness. Now they are charging for every checked luggage at least 30 Euros. In Germany you always are surprised by some peculiar rule that costs you money or makes your travel inconvenient. Customer support in Germany doesn't exists. Very unfriendly country. Will avoid as much as possible. Wanted to charge extra for forfeiting a leg of a flight. Crazy!

I purchased a 1350.00 dollar round trip ticket and decided to stay after the one way. When I called to cancel and get a refund for the second half of the ticket the person said there is a 240.00 dollar cancellation fee and there is no value left on the ticket for any kind of refund. Really? WTF, a total ripoff. Unfair, I will not use Lufthansa again, buyer beware!

I booked 3 tickets only. In the cart the total amount was $3289.65 with trip insurance. I entered my credit card info and hit 'pay' to find out that I had been charged $3800 instead. This constitutes fraud. I did not authorize a $3800 (3600 plus 200 for insurance) charge. I don't know where this increase came from. I was looking at my chart with the $3289 when I hit pay. I called Lufthansa immediately, no one had a clue. They told me to wait until the next day to speak to online booking. I decided to wait. However, later in the afternoon, I received a notification one of my flights had been cancelled... I cannot even tell which one from looking at the email. Called again to cancel flight and have been told it will take 7 days for my card to be refunded. So I cannot purchase a new one until I get my refund. Very upsetting and inconvenient. This was the worst experience booking a flight I've ever had.

I booked a ticket at Lufthansa online on 12 Feb 16 and clicked online refund button on 14 Feb 16. I rebooked another ticket immediately on 14 Feb 16 with different arrival date of same passenger details. I only received the tax refund on 16 Feb and called Lufthansa. I was told that I need to purchase another ticket to get full refund as I cancelled my ticket over 24 hours. I booked a new ticket right away of 2 passengers on 16 Feb 16 but I have already rebooked another ticket on 14 Feb with same passengers that was a misunderstanding. I booked 2 extra tickets I actually did not need just to get the balanced refund that is approx. £780.

I have kept chasing Lufthansa with the balanced refund since 22 Feb 16 and I was told to wait as the money arrive in 5-7 days. On 29 Feb, a supervisor told me he just authorised the refund. I wait again. On 7 March I have not got the money. I complained Lufthansa online. I received the call from custom relations and asked to wait for another month on 10 March 16. I told him, "No need to call me and ask me to wait for another month. I need to know when I can get refund!" I feel I was conned to buy another ticket in order to get refund that is not needed for the actual refund. But where is my refund???

I called Lufthansa many times and I could not get hold of supervisor as I had to hold very long period time and the telephone bill is high. Please be careful when you click refund button online as there is no warning or instruction. It looks easy but you will end up losing money. I was happy when they agreed a new ticket can guarantee me a refund but Lufthansa did not do it was promised. I feel hard to trust this company who treats its customer in such a poor manner. The money came out of my account very quickly but it takes ages and uncertain future for the refund I should get. But I will keep chasing and use my legal right if necessary. A very angry and unhappy customers.

Boarded on a Lufthansa flight from Birmingham uk to Germany a connecting flight to Saudi Arabia. When we got to Frankfurt we were on time but according to the staff at the boarding gate we were 2 mins late? They made us think we were in the wrong and made us issue new tickets. They were being rude and very ignorant. They said the airport time is wrong. How silly is that? What liars. They were laughing at us and made us furious. They have no respect. We had to pay £2000 for new tickets. Ridiculous. And then we caught the other flight a day later after being stranded in the airport with 4 young children who were shattered and distraught.

The trip was relatively fine except for a change in seat with no reason, and for absence of the special meal on the outbound flight that I had ordered. The problems as usual occur with the very rigid and unpolite customer service. I got to know that in case of emergencies (such as family members with life-threatening conditions) airlines contribute to the fare ticket cost, as this happened to a relative flying with another company. When I called Lufthansa they brought up generic excuses for not being able to do so. I believe an important company as Lufthansa should be more big-hearted especially in such critical moments as other companies are with their customers.

I originally booked a ticket with Lufthansa in August 2014 for a flight for a Newark-Milan round trip schedules for May 10-June 13. I decided to place that ticket on hold and plan a new trip to be rebooked before the August 18 deadline. Unfortunately, although my rate request was processed and an itinerary emailed to me, Lufthansa never collected payment from my account. I received no email notice or any indication that the airline had let my ticket expire. Fast forward to Dec 18 when I tried to check in online for my flight. I was informed that I had to purchase an entirely new ticket to board the airplane. After spending countless hours on the phone with customer relations, I was informed I would receive a refund as the ticket expired through NO FAULT OF MY OWN. Although the ticket was originally non-refundable, I was due a refund due to the special nature of my case.

Now the airline is telling me that my refund for the ticket has been processed the 23 Dec. Everyone that I speak to on the phone has told me to check with my bank. Each time that I speak with Chase I am informed that they don't see anything from Lufthansa and it doesn't help that I am unaware of the amount. So this is the main problem. They have never collected a payment from this account thus letting the ticket expires. Rather than giving me the refund they promised on the phone, the airline has not even REPLIED TO MY EMAILS! So I basically wasted the 700 dollar credit. I would never have even gone on a new trip with this terrible rotten airline had I known. Now I'm out my original 700 plus an additional 1600.

My wife and I flew (first class) from Frankfurt to Victoria, BC in Oct/15. The flight from Frankfurt to Vancouver was a bit late and we were unable to make our connection to Victoria. There were 12 travelers with the same circumstance. The Lufthansa rep indicated that we had the option to stay overnight and take a flight the following day (for which they would provide vouchers) or find our own way home and accept a cash equivalent. We opted for the second choice...$6.00 Cdn (for a first class flight). Although we have asked for an explanation of the value, we have never heard back from Lufthansa.

Recently, whilst travelling to Frankfurt to cover an International Conference (Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe) I was 'denied boarding' by Lufthansa ground staff at London City Airport. This completely prevented me from getting to the 2-day event. As a result, I was consequently unable to produce a full show report for which I had been commissioned by the organisers (IQPC), I was unable to fulfil other important obligations for clients who were in attendance, and I was unable to carry out all-important networking (this is Europe's biggest annual show of its type and vital for generating business as I am a freelance). I completely lost my unrefundable flight and travel tickets. And I now have to pay back my hotel bill which a client had agreed to pay.

Even more importantly, I lost fees and business, I lost business opportunities, I lost credibility and I lost face. The situation also put other parties that had commissioned me in very difficult positions. All because I was prevented from travelling (one of my 'inalienable EU rights') by a junior clerk at the boarding gate for Flight LH929.

The grounds for Lufthansa denying me boarding was that my passport did not have three month's post-visit validity left on it (it expires 21st April 2016). However, the UK Passport Office, the German Embassy in London and IATA have all confirmed unequivocally that my password was indeed valid and that British Citizen passport holders only require a passport to be valid at the time of entry for travel to Germany.

Nonetheless, Lufthansa have stated publicly that they were relying on a programme called "Timatic" developed by the International Air Transport Association and have completely washed their hands of the incident leaving me completely high and dry, despite the negative publicity this is generating from them. This whole incident has serious implications for all travellers and needs to sorted out quickly.

The first incident was minor, with a stupid flight attendant at the boarding gate saying I should have purchased business class in order to take my bag on the flight. It was the legal size, but they checked it in. I felt like saying to her, "Well, are you going to pay for business class?" but I knew she would be too stupid to realize the stupidity of her comment. So I let it go. This was flight 772 from Frankfurt to Bangkok. Boarded the flight. I was in seat 51D, and the man next to me in 51E kept on leaning his leg against mine. I put my handbag next to my legs, under the seat in front of me, to prevent him from touching my legs. For ten hours, he would kick the bag and it would hit my legs. I complained to the flight attendant, who spoke with him. However, this continued.

The flight attendant referred me to the bursar (purser?), the man who thinks he owns Lufthansa, who told me, "Well I didn't see it happen". I told him I was going to sue Lufthansa and he was an **. The man ended up kicking my leg full force when I placed my handbag back into place after he had shoved it. This is criminal assault.

I went to Bangkok for 2 days to attend to business, and on my return I had the same flight attendants on LH 773. The bursar was the same man, and he confronted me, saying he knows I was the one who threatened him, and if I started trouble again, he would throw me off the plane and report me to the German police. I told him that was already done, because I reported Lufthansa to the German police in Frankfurt, as well as this man who kicked me. This is a rude, pathetic airline, greedy, and very Nazi-like. Remember people, these are the ones who massacred so many innocent people without an ounce of guilt. Don't think that their psychology has changed, because it has not.

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