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Delta actually gave a cash back refund, just did not tell the other department that we talked to that. Thank you Delta for understanding a special circumstance (see the previous review).

Original Review

My great-great-aunt lives in New Orleans, and is 103. Twice a year, my grandparents fly down to New Orleans in order to pick her up, pack her, and bring her to her second apartment in New York during hurricane season. They always fly Delta Air Lines, and my grandparents use the Delta AMEX card for everything. They had me, their grandson, purchase their tickets to New Orleans. Right after they arrived, my great-great-aunt fell, and cracked a vertebrae, so obviously, she would not use her return flight to New York. My grandparents called to request a refund for her ticket (not theirs) to New York. They called Delta and a representative for Delta assured them they would get a refund.

Today, my grandfather called Delta and talked to one of the people on reservations. She said that a refund would NOT be available due to it being a non-refundable ticket. My grandfather explained the situation, and the person said that a flight credit would be available to her until June 15, 2017. He stressed that she would probably never fly again in her life, and asked them if he was allowed to use her ticket credit for somebody else, and the agent could not do anything. They are very disappointed, upset, and angry with Delta Air Lines. I might have forgot to mention that my great-great-aunt used to be an attorney for Delta. Some way to show gratitude for consistent loyalty.

I am a Delta 4 M Mile Flyer and have a Sky Club Membership. However as I am flying with another airline today, they want $29 for me to enter the Sky Club. Delta truly practice and educate their staff on the art of "treating your best customers worst."

Contact Delta customer service representative to find out if I could change my flight from a round trip to a one way, that I had just booked about 3 hours ago. First the wait for a response was over 2 hours for a return call, second the representative did not call me by my name. He called me mom instead of asking what it was. Third he told me because it was just booked that I was eligible for a refund, then changed his mind and told me it was only available in the form of a voucher.

When I asked him why did he changed from a refund to a voucher he became hostile repeating "mom mom mom" trying to talk over me. I said to him "you can stop calling me mom cause I can hear you and understand you perfectly. I'm not deaf, now explain to me why all of a sudden it changed from a refund to a voucher." He threatened to disconnect the phonecall because I was questioning him about his error, I asked to speak to a supervisor like 4 times before he decided to transfer me to one. Then the supervisor David gets on the phone and is just as arrogant and short as his employee. They should both be fired, when I asked him why his employee told me one thing and then told me another he didn't answer me either. He kept repeating "you can either have it in the form of a voucher or a refund. Which one do you choose."

I've heard some stories about this airline but as I can see they're true. And to add insult to injury I asked for a refund and David intentionally puts me on hold for another 30 to 40 minutes stating he was having some issues with completing the refund. You should be ashamed of the staff that you hire and the way they represent the company. Let's hope the flight isn't like the customer service representatives.

I travel often. Traveling with my children and mom (first time for her in 8 years). We upgraded to first class for a once in lifetime experience for my mom. Flight became delayed for an "issue," according to the Captain. Flight number: DL2213. We were told we can change flights, because they are uncertain if the issue can be resolved. The mechanic would arrive in 25 minutes or so. I spoke with one unfriendly gentleman working for Delta, that he couldn't give us our upgrade nor refund us our price to upgrade. So we were out the additional ($600) money, with no service. Another worker, Athena worked with us and was helpful, but we had to fly out of Orlando (yet we are in Melbourne). They wouldn't pay for shuttle not lodging. So we waited.

The flight finally got the all clear from maintenance and "Delta engineering." No longer could I get dinner for my children, because our layover was cut to only an hour. We boarded the airplane, quickly. Only to sit and wait for nearly 2 hours on the taxi. Assuming we will be cleared then for take off. Although, now it's the fault of Atlanta airport, according to Captain **. "Not to worry" the flight attendant says, "Delta will automatically rebook your flights." So yet again I will lose $600 and arrive at 12:35 in the morning, with two children who haven't eaten since 11:30 am. Delta unfortunately has let us down again!

My very first experience with Delta airlines has been as horrible as it can possible get. I had a full day interview at Memphis on 11th July. I had a direct flight from New York to Memphis on 10th eve and a indirect flight back on 11th eve - Memphis to Atlanta and Atlanta to NY. The flight from NY to Memphis - DL 6243 was delayed by 4.5 hrs; announcing the delay one hr at a time; because the pilot hasn't come to fly the plane from Memphis to NY. The flight that should have reached around 8.30pm in Memphis, reached around 1am. I hardly had time to get any sleep for the next day's interview and I was stranded in a unfamiliar place in the middle of the night.

Then the next day, the Memphis-Atlanta flight DL 1778 was announced to be delayed by 25 mins. I thought I should still make the NY connection flight. We were boarded on the flight after the 25 mins delay. The flight starts moving on the runway and after a few mins, instead of taking off, the plane stops moving. And then they announce that the permission to take off to air has been received one hr from now. We were made to wait inside the flight, in the middle of the runway for 1.5 hrs before the flight took off.

By the time I reach Atlanta, I missed my NY flight by a few mins. They put me on a morning flight for the next day. They said they can't give accommodation because it's not their fault!! No food voucher! Nothing! All the food chains were closed by that point. And I starved. I finally found a Mini suite to finally take some rest, but paid $130 for it! The 25 mins delay was apparently due to weather but what about making us sit in the place for 1.5 hrs because you haven't got some permission to take off?? The next morning I landed in NY literally sick, with a really bad headache and ready to throw up due to all the sleeplessness and starving.

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I would like to say how unprofessional Delta's arrangement with MU China Eastern was yesterday. My flight MU271 was scheduled to leave BJ at 2:05 and did not leave until 5 pm. Half of the plane had a connecting flight DL186 scheduled to leave Shanghai Pudong International at 7 pm. more or less. Maybe 7:30. The service was absolutely horrible. Not only was the flight delayed but when it came time to actually board, we were crammed into a bus that Sat on the runway for 30 minutes. I swear they actually pushed us out to make room for the Nanjing and yet another Sh flight leaving from that same gate. Following such we were finally boarded, we Sat on the runway for another 45 minutes with no water or snacks. Hot. By the way we Sat in the terminal for 3 hours yet other flights to Shanghai Hongqiao had all boarded and left.

While we were given some sorry excuse about weather as if Hongqiao airport was in another city other than Shanghai, sometimes we were given no explanations at all as the time continued to pass. The latest, while sitting on the runway for 45 min being air traffic control, seemingly we were the only ones who had not taken off. We arrived in Shanghai sometime after 7. By that time it was still grey and we were hopefully the other flight would wait for us. That turned out not so. On top of that we had to pick up our own luggage. Why is it that Beijing, Shanghai, two supposedly most advanced cities in China, and Delta couldn't organize for the luggage to go from one flight to another flight? My friend who flew China Southern to LAX had NO issues like such. The luggage went from Chinese city A to B, to LAX with no problems transferring luggage from one carrier to another. Absolutely sloppy Delta.

We were left with instructions to get our luggage and head to the 3rd floor for further instructions. What a surprise when I got to the third floor after waiting a half hour for luggage and Delta had no emergency team to notify anyone of anything. By that time I and others still had no idea if our flight to LAX (DL186) had left or was still waiting. I was funneled between 6-8 people and many different desks to find answers and then deal with the ramifications of missing a flight. No one wanted to take any responsibility. I even had to fight to be given a hotel since in the end I had to re-book my flight. If Delta is going to arrange connecting flights through a partnered airlines it is best to choose one with a reputable account. The fact that there were no Delta staff waiting for the passengers from flight MU271 also shows very poorly on Delta. This is the 3rd incident with Delta where no one seems to want to take any responsibilities.

I have experienced both missed flights and food poisoning on DELTA. I have one credit flight with Delta that I must take and after the credit is used I will not be flying Delta again. I will find a reputable carrier with benefits and proper customer service. I'm absolutely appalled. As I write you a day later I have yet to leave Shanghai and am awaiting yet another flight. This time it's not even direct to L. A, further delaying my arrival home. Delta has lost a SkyMiles customer due to repetitive issues with no compensation and no ACTION to apologize on behalf of Delta.

I am a Medallion member with Delta Airlines. I travel a lot for work and will try to book with Delta when I can. I had to change my ticket with more than 2 weeks notice. They were going to charge me $200 to change the ticket, plus the change in fare another $118. $318 to change my tickets... Or if I purchased a new ticket through Delta only $276 or American Airlines $201. I explained that their business practice made no sense and I bought the cheaper ticket. Delta does NOT take pride in its customers, is not loyal, and has lost a long-term Medallion member because of their greed. They have quickly gone downhill. Are there any good airline companies left?

My flight was overbooked by quite a few seats which entailed standing in line waiting for answers about what was happening, Finally given another flight which was delayed then canceled and another plane to replace it. Did not get my connecting flight. Given a voucher for hotel (1st voucher sending me to Buffalo NY not Hartford CT). 2nd voucher sent me to a hotel that wouldn't honor the voucher. Clerk sent me to another Sheraton Hotel. Which would not honor the voucher send me back to the first hotel.

I went back to the airport and was given another voucher for the Holiday Inn. Got a room for one hour and had to return to the airport to get my flight to Hartford. Just to be clear I arrived at LAX at 6:30 am 7/2/2016 arrived in Detroit at 4:00am 7/3/2016. Most of the time I was standing in line throughout the whole day. At the first Hotel they had took in 42 rooms for Delta and the second hotel had more. How many people got displaced? Who knows. I will never fly Delta again.

Wife's 74 year old Mom, left Nashville Monday afternoon, supposed to get to a connecting flight in Minneapolis to be home by 11:30pm - Stewardess is busy announcing relationship with captain on intercom and then announces flight is diverted to Chicago because of weather. Landed in Chicago - had to wait for 2 hrs on Tarmac - could not leave plane. Fine. When they were supposed to depart (connection still possible) they were then held up another hour due to computer problems! That resulted in the connecting flight being missed in Min. She finally took off and got to Minneapolis where, with flight gone she was told no options until next day, and was offered a mat to sleep on the floor. Nice! No hotel voucher because of weather. What about the hour delay due to computer problems!

Delta gave her an Air Can Flight 9 hours later - where she stayed at the gate all night - trying to board next day with no sleep. Air Can said she didn't have the proper Paper from Delta - So she ran back to get it - then ran back to the Air Can gate ONLY to Find they left 1 min early on departure. Nice for Air Can to wait knowing a 74 year old was running. So in tears she went back to Delta who put her on a standby flight 3 hrs later only to find they overbooked that flight by 4 people.

So now she is boarding the only flight possible that will get here to at Least Regina - a 3 Hour Drive away from Saskatoon that we will be making right after work to go get her and another 3 hour drive home!!! Our family, especially Her - will never Fly Delta or Air Canada Again and will tell everyone we can about the negative aspects she was subjected to. WestJet or Nothing! No wonder people hate flying with representatives like these!

I purchased a RT flight to Newark because a family member was dying. Due to fly out at 12:30 am with arrival at 5:30. I received text and email, flight would be delayed 1 hour which left me 17 minutes to catch my connecting flight so I had to change my flight. Due to living over an hour away and having to be at the airport 2 hours ahead I couldn't make any morning flight since it was already 9:00 am. Wound up switching to a 2 pm flight got in at 9:45 pm. Same thing happened on my return flight. Delayed an hour, couldn't make the connecting flight. Switched my flight get to the airport and the flight is delayed. Getting close to boarding, thunderstorm comes in so they locked the gates so no one could board over an hour. Other airlines were taking off and coming in, we are still waiting. Almost 2 hours before we could leave. Rarely fly Delta and I know now I will never fly Delta again.

Recently, I had a round trip from Portland, OR to Los Angeles. Bought ticket from Expedia. When I self-checked in, ticket indicated seat to be assigned at gate. Five minutes before load, seat was assigned. Same thing happened at return trip. I asked reason. First answer was to accommodate passenger with children. Second answer was my ticket was cheap one. I do not believe my Expedia ticket is not particularly cheap. I flied Alaska, United, American, nothing like this happened. It seems to me that Delta treat solo flier as a second class. So, fellow solo flier, do not fly Delta.

I booked my friend (who is a US Marine) a plane ticket from ILM to EWR with a short layover in ATL. We received confirmation from Delta, but when he went to the ticket counter the morning of his 7 AM flight he was told his flight isn't until tomorrow, even though his ticket CLEARLY stated it was that day. After waiting to fix this problem they then tell him his seat for the layover flight in ATL was taken by someone else. They told him he was #1 on the list for the 10 AM flight out of ATL, but if he couldn't get onto that flight he has to go on a 7:55 PM flight.

This is outraging because anyone who knows about the military, the chance to actually come home is rare, and when you do get the chance the time is very short. The reason why we wanted him to be on a 7 AM flight. When he questioned them about why he wouldn't be able to get onto the 1:44 PM flight to JFK they told him there were no seats, yet I could have just bought them online. As he was waiting in ATL to hear if he got a seat on the 10 AM he gets told he is now #16 on line and 10 people in front of him got seats already. NO COMMUNICATION. The person from Delta at ILM did not even bother to call ATL to make sure they knew what was going on, instead my friend looked stupid because they had no idea what he was talking about. Delta threw him to the side like he was nothing. Someone messed up on Delta's end, and no one seemed to care or want to help. I will never fly with Delta again.

On June 30th my wife and I had reservations make 2 month prior. The morning of our flight we were to fly out of Wilmington NC to LaGuardia then to Syracuse leave at 5:45 am and be in Syracuse NY by 10:47 - not one part of our reservation went through. We ended up getting a flight at 7:30 to Atlanta then went to LaGuardia then to Syracuse and got to Syracuse at 2:47 in the afternoon. Delta's employees are nasty, not customer friendly and just don't care about customer. This is my word I will never fly with Delta ever again after this excursion and I will tell anyone that even thinks about flying Delta do not. We were surprised the planes even flew for Atlanta to LaGuardia. The ac nozzle was broke off so could not be shut off and my wife about froze to death. I told one of the stewards. She gave me some tape to cover it up. The planes are nasty.

I rarely if ever use FB or social media to vent but today was the first and last time I will ever fly Delta. They SUCK period. Started last night with text and email claiming the flight was delayed to due to weather in Houston. REALLY?? I live in Houston and yes it rained but not long enough to delay any flight crew 6 hours. WTF?? They let us book on alternate flight leaving 1 hour later this morning. Ok NO PROBLEM. Lo and behold this morning same thing crew is behind and they knew DAMN WELL we would miss connection. "Oh no sir, they will hold the flight for all of you." So we land ATL 12:26 flight departs 12:37 arrive gate C18 and have to go to gate B1 again. WTF??

Get to B1 at 12:32 says plane left and we all saw it sitting there with gangway backed away - could have held it with no problem - nope now have to wait till 1:50. Flat out ** - will never fly DELTA AGAIN!!! #deltasucks #deltaairlinesworstever #neverflydelta #deltacustomerservicesucks #delta89percentontime #southwestalltheway. Again not a huge ranter or hashtagger but no call for this. Please like or share if you would or want to. Gut told me to fly Southwest like I always do but didn't this leg of trip - glad I am Sunday night. Enough ** - Happy 4th of July weekend to all my friends.

Beware!! Detroit Delta (DTW) does not fly out on time! Fly United! I was on standby and my flight was to leave out at 8:30 pm, there were 63 seats open and I was number 58! As the list got shorter and I got closer to my seat, the manager purposely delayed the 8:30 flight to let 9 people ahead of standby. Now I do understand how standby works but we were expected to be in the Air at 8:30 pm not holding the line/flight so a group can get through TSA. If you snooze you lose, in other words they should have been on time! What's the point of flying standby if you NEVER get on! This occurred at the Detroit (DTW) on 6/27/16 at gate A60 or A64 flying to Atlanta at 8:30 pm! Not to mention they constantly got on the speaker in the airport stating you must be at your gate 20 min before schedule flight or it is subject to be cancelled! Corporate needs to roll the tapes and get a grip on the foolishness! NEVER will I fly Delta from Detroit again!

They've done this to me numerous times. They don't budge; happy that they can sell your seat twice. Their website advertises how to use miles for traveling, but when I ask about paying the change fee with miles, the reply is that "...miles have no monetary value..." My response to that gem is, "If miles have no monetary value, then why does your website say; "PAYING FOR YOUR TICKET..." when it's explaining how to use skymiles? That makes no sense. Sounds like one may use miles for travel, but with a gotcha catch. Explain please." I'm not optimistic about getting anything back from them. I am optimistic about never flying with Delta again. Ever.

My husband and I traveled from Doha to Atlanta via Amsterdam. We upgraded to economy comfort to make sure we would have enough legroom and entertainment for the 9+ hours between AMS and ATL. Unfortunately, the entertainment system was down for all passengers on the first half of the right side of the plane. When we asked about the issue, the flight attendants apologized for the inconvenience and wondered why nobody had informed us about the problem before boarding the plane since Delta employees knew about it, and the attendants reiterated that we would all be contacted via email by Delta right away about the issue. They NEVER called us, so we contacted them, and after a long wait on the phone, they said that we could be compensated $25 for the inconvenience. We told them they could keep the money, that amount is absurd. They are cheap.

They don't give you a chance to change your reservation! You have 2 choices you lose the whole amount or you lose it! That is it... buy a new ticket!!! We always lose. They get all the money. Another airline going down! I never had the opportunity to fly Delta and I will never give them a chance. They got $166.00 of my money. I hope that will keep them in business.

While most of the Delta employees I dealt with were pleasant and helpful, the two gate agents and pilot that I dealt with while traveling home from Las Vegas (June 20th, Delta flight #204 at 11:25am) were truly some of the meanest human beings I've ever encountered. They laughed at me and mocked me during a medical scare. They made no effort to apologize or be kind or gracious in any way for my flight delay of almost 24 hours or the fact that I was very sick and needed medical attention. Below is a summary of my experience.

1) When our flight was delayed, I went to the service counter to get information on re-booking my flight. I waited for an hour and a half to speak to the one person at the counter helping approximately 75 people in line. The man at the counter told me (and two other customers who were flying to Chicago, New York, and DC respectively that we'd have to come back tomorrow). When I asked why (we'd have a flight delay of 24 hours for flights to a major city), he said, "So sorry! There is nothing I can do! Call (the Delta customer service hotline)!"

I told the man at the counter that I'd been vomiting non-stop (both on the airplane) and at the airport. I was very light-headed and thought I'd faint. I told this man that I wanted to document his name tag in order to report this (being rude to the customers and telling us to come back tomorrow), and he threatened to call security. Then he told me, "Go sit over there, and I'll call a medic... If you really need one."

I found out from the medical team that I was likely very dehydrated (despite drinking water and Gatorade all day, it was 113 degrees in Vegas). I then returned to the counter and told another gate agent that I'd take the plane tomorrow morning (22 hours later) if there was nothing she could do. I then asked for the hotel and meal voucher that had been given to the other passengers. She told me "Why don't you just call your mom and have her pick you up?!" (I had called my mom when the medical team was there as I was afraid I'd faint. But she lives in Chicago. Also, I'm 29 but look a little young for my age). The pilot joined in while I was waiting for the medical team and said "Ma'am! I don't know what you want us to do! We can't fly a broken plane!"

2) The gate agent then basically threw my meal voucher and hotel voucher at me. She told me I'd have to wait at least an hour for my bags (with a smirk). 3.5 hours later, my bags were nowhere to be found. The woman in the baggage office told me they'd meet my in Chicago. I came back the next day to fly home, and when I got home, my bags were still in Vegas.

3) I then submitted a written account in the "Comments/Complaints" section of documenting my experience (as I was instructed to do by both women at the baggage counters). When I hadn't heard from anyone on the third day, I attempted to call the customer service hotline. After waiting for 40 minutes and being told I'd called the wrong numbers, the woman I spoke to said (in a monotone voice): "I understand your disappointment. We can give you $125 gift card for the inconvenience."

4) I asked to speak to someone else, and she said they'd be calling me in 1-3 days, but couldn't promise anything because "they were so busy." I'm truly saddened and disappointed by how people at Delta treat people. Everyone on my flight was incredibly nice and patient given the delay, and to be shouted at (and treated so meanly) by the employees seems really unfair. Then to not even be compensated in the amount of my ticket (for this flight from hell and losing all my clothes) is a joke.

First, let me apologize for the long review, but please take the time to read it. It may save you some time, frustration, and money down the road. I would like everyone to be aware of the issue we are currently experiencing with Delta and Delta Vacations. This year we decided to book our annual couple’s trip through Delta Vacations because we "thought" they were very reputable and they "claim" to be committed to their customers; however, I have recently found this to not be true.

We paid close to $20,000 collectively as a group of 6 couples. Half of our group made it to Jamaica as planned and the remaining couples did not as Delta had mechanical issues with the plane. To make a long story short we lost a full day of our vacation and were told my numerous Delta representatives that we would be fully reimbursed for our expenses and the lost day. We are now being given the run around and were only offered vouchers for future travel with Delta Vacations. However we have vowed to never travel with Delta or Delta Vacations again, and would like to be reimbursed in cash. This matter is still on-going and we hope to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Delta needs to rethink their business to remain competitive. While the newly revised planes with free in-flight entertainment allowed for free entertainment for the family which helped the flight go quicker and was much appreciated. They lack in other areas that are extremely important such as getting passengers to their destination. Hearing customers on the plane state they only have 10-15 minutes to catch their flight and a bunch of people lined up because the plane was delayed in Fargo by 20 minutes (because of known construction); then there is something wrong. We were in a similar predicament with only 15 minutes to get off the plane, get our pink tagged luggage and stroller for our special needs child (who is paralyzed) and get from Gate A# to G#.

A Delta employee at the counter told us to catch the cart at C# which we caught right away and still did not make it. We had an hour in between flights when I booked/reserved the flight but was changed to 1/2 hour in between due to summer season or something like that. We arrived at the gate and the plane was there but we were told that we could not get on because we were too late. Doors were closed. We were told that they left the gate on time at Fargo and not responsible for sitting on the runway due to construction.

We were given two options: (1) Catch a flight to Tucson the next day which would mean spend the night in the airport or a hotel at our own expense or (2) catch a flight to Phoenix (whereas our destination was Tucson) which means rent a car at our own expense. We are not the only ones complaining of the short delays between flights. It seems to be the norm with Delta depending on route being taken (from/to). With so many complaining, Delta needs to relook at their flights and consider their customers and at no time should 1/2 hour between flights having to get from Gate A to G at a big airport be considered reasonable.

I've never ever heard of a business charging for personal use medical supplies, specifically a dialysis machine. My family and I flew Delta four times during our vacation, and it wasn't until our very last flight home that we encountered this issue. None of the check-in agents had a clue what to do about the medical equipment and told my father-in-law that he would need to pay for his dialysis machine and supplies since it was "additional luggage". After trying to reason with them that not only we had done our research on transporting a dialysis machine in advance, but we hadn't had this issue with Delta until now, they suddenly said OK but that they would have to charge an "overweight" fee for both boxes, which is also incorrect.

Personal use medical equipment is exempt from all baggage fees, which they should have known. The supervisors were also no help. After getting nowhere with the agents or by phone at corporate, I will never be flying Delta again. My father-in-law depends on his dialysis machine to LIVE. Unbelievable. The staff is so poorly trained that it's amazing they are still in business. I would give 0 stars if it would let me.

Two and one half hour delay. Flight changed 3 times. Connecting flight missed, had to get hotel booked and connect next day. Is this any way to run an airline? Their boarding number system 1, 2, 3 loads in random order too. I wonder about their airplane maintenance at this rate. Flight number DL4474.

This is got to be the best service we have had so far. Great food comfy seats movies internet, I mean whats better? Nice planes leg room is pretty good, very nice service. One of the pilots on Delta even let my child sit in the pilots seat! I mean how cute is that and nice! Very nice we fly with you Delta all the time. We love love love this airlines very much! Never had a problem buying tickets or rebooking! We love you Delta!

On June 20, 2016 my family and I boarded a flight from BWI to Raleigh Durham. We arrived at 11am our connecting flight was at 130. We sat at the gate the entire time waiting for them to call zone 3. They never did so we went to the counter to ask what was taking so long where we were told "oh it left." Her reply was "didn't you see all the people leaving. You should have gotten up to see why everyone was leaving." Poor service especially considering it was my daughter's birthday. Never again will I use Delta.

Had a ticket to leave Sat. June 18 to WORK in Elko, NV. Unfortunately Delta is the only airline that goes there and the plane was delayed, and I could not make the connecting flight. Got a new ticket to leave Sun. a.m. and ready to go, and there was something wrong with plane. Flight canceled. (How well are these planes maintained?) Everyone off. Called, waited, got agent. When looking for flight number agent hung up...guess I took too long. Called again and was on hold 35 min. No answer.

Got an email with my Salt Lake City to Elko flight, but nothing for home to SLC! Called (left call back number which only took 15 min) and was told the only flight that would make my connecting flight was full. Looked online and saw there were first class tickets. They made me pay $665 to go first class (for a part of my flight). When questioned, they said I could have them for $665. REALLY! I talked to supervisor and was told they do not make upgrades without charging & that "everyone had to be somewhere." Missed one day work. Person whom I was replacing had to change his whole family's plans. Will avoid Delta at all costs. Very undependable.

I called Delta regarding merging my Northwest Airlines WorldPerks account with my Delta Skymiles account. The representative didn't seem to be aware of the merger of Northwest Airlines and Delta. After some explanation, she said she would put me on hold to check my Northwest account. That was before I even got a chance to give her my Northwest WorldPerks account #!

I asked her to update my address. I spelled the street name five times in phonetic alphabet. Yet she got it wrong five times and each time for a different reason. In the end, she said she had updated my address in my account. I wanted to see what address she eventually used in my account. I created a login to see my Delta account online. Guess what, no change was made in my address after a long phone conversation!

I flew from Africa back to the United States on KLM and Delta flights. To prepare for the trip, I logged in and purchased 1 extra baggage. But when I got to Amsterdam, I was charged an additional 240 euros for the same luggage. When I asked why, the Delta agent stated via a KLM manager "No negotiations, she must pay the 240 euros!" There I was for 2 hours at the Schiphol airport weeping and not knowing what to do with the extra suitcase. The Delta manager did not care that I was only in Amsterdam on transit and had therefore nowhere to take the bag. Had I had known before the trip that I'd wind up paying over $500US for a bag, I'd have left the excess baggage at home.

Why wasn't it indicated on the KLM/DELTA website when I purchased excess baggage that I'd need to pay an additional fee midway to my trip? Is this some sneaky way that these partner airlines use to saddle consumers with extra costs? The KLM manager understood my plight and had agreed to waive the additional cost but only if the Delta manager at Schiphol would agree. The Delta manager would not even meet with me to understand my plight but acted worse than a machine and gave me the options to pay the 240 euros or throw away my suitcase at the Schiphol airport!!! When I got to Los Angeles I lodged a complaint on the KLM/Delta website and have not heard back from Delta. Needless to say, I shall NEVER fly Delta again, they have just lost a once loyal customer at the hands of their inhumane unprofessional agents as well as their nonfunctional website!!!

I had to change a flight from Florida to New York to the following day. First I was put on hold for 1 hour and 30 minutes, and after I was able to change the flight, they have lost the connection. After 1 more hour and 30 minutes, they told me that the new reservation was not valid. I had to pay 4,000 in penalties. Eventually I was able to pay "only" 2,000, but not to LaGuardia but to JFK. In addition to filthy bathrooms, overworked personnel, outrageous prices, and horrendous food, it is impossible to contact them.

Dear Delta Airlines: My wife & I took a Delta flight on May 14th, 2016. We left Moline IL & headed to Panama City Florida with a stop over in Atlanta. We checked two bags (New bags that we just purchased) before our flight from Moline. When we arrived in Panama City & I went to get our two bags. I noticed that one of our bags was full of grease and the bag was all mangled. I took the bag to the Delta counter in Panama City & showed the bag to them. There was a lady & a man that took charge right away. They made a claims form out & gave us another bag to put our clothes in so the mangled bag could be sent somewhere for repairs.

These two employees were very nice & very helpful in our new found problem and should be commended for their service. After we got home for about two weeks or so, wow, here comes another brand new bag from Delta to replace the damaged bag that could not be repaired. We were very impressed with Delta, the Delta organization, and its employees. We thank you very much for your kindness in our time of need.

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From the front desk of a busy FBO to the captain's seat of a commercial airliner, Erika Armstrong has experienced everything aviation has to offer. She is the author of A CHICK IN THE COCKPIT and her aviation articles can be found at Consumer Affairs, Plane & Pilot,, Disciples of Flight, NYC Aviation, Contrails, Mentor, General Aviation News and Business Insider.    More about Erika→

Originally founded as a crop-dusting company in 1924, Delta is now one of the largest airlines in the world. Each year, more than 160 million travelers fly Delta.

  • Business service: In addition to offering business-class seating, Delta also has a Corporate Travel Management division designed for the business customer.
  • Chef-curated menus: For a small additional fee, Delta passengers can enjoy a full meal.
  • Worldwide destinations: Delta offers flights to more than 325 destinations in 60 countries across six continents.
  • Trip protection: Add trip protection to your flight so that any cancellations or problems allow you to get reimbursed for the cost of the trip.
  • Vacation price pledge: Participating travelers can get a refund for the price difference if the same vacation package is available for less, plus additional credit toward future Delta vacations.
  • Best for Vacationers, business travelers and holiday travelers who enjoy top quality service.

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