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I'd like my money back for the ticket and to be reimbursed for the paycheck that Delta cost me. I waited 8 hours for a plane that never came and was given the runaround by multiple Delta employees. I was travelling to Florida for a business conference and a much needed paycheck. I am furious and have never been treated so disrespectfully in my life. Don't fly with Delta.

I had to check in my bag to find that there was plenty of space in the cabin. Attendant did not even close the cabins that were full but close them at the end. Now I have to pick up my bag at 4 in the morning.

I searched on for round trips flying from Omaha, NE on 10/25/2016 to Guangzhou, China and returning on 11/10/2016. showed that delta had the lowest price. Adult fare was $708 round trip, child fare was $680 round trip and an infant in lap was $103 round trip. So I proceed to to purchase tickets as I did not want to pay booking fees. I proceed to and purchased two adult tickets from Omaha, USA to Guangzhou, China for $708 round trip per adult on 9/7/2016. Right after I purchased two adult tickets, I called delta customer service to purchase tickets for my five-year-old and my one-year-old as would not allow me to buy their tickets online for children under 13.

The delta agent told me that for my one-year-old in lap the ticket price is $103 and for the five-year-old the ticket price is $850. I asked the agent why delta charged more on a child fare than an adult fare. His answer was that their system set the price and he just let me know the price. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. Supervisor said she checked with pricing specialist and pricing specialist told her the same price for a five-year-old and that there were two seats available for this flight. I told her I would rather pay an adult fare than purchasing a child fare for my five-year-old. She said they couldn't do that. I got frustrated and I asked her to cancel the entire reservation.

About half an hour later, I was curious how much would quote me for the same trip and the same passages. I was quoted the same price before I called delta customer service. Up till today, two days after the incident, I still don't understand why they charged $850 for a child fare for the same trip while they charged $708 for an adult. I still don't understand why delta quoted $850 for a child fare and quoted $680 for the same trip. I really wish I have taken a picture of cheapticket's pricing and post it here. Delta is a big airline company. As a big company, Delta should have offered the same price for the same price to all people regardless of their age and color. But charging differently for the same service because of age difference is just wrong. Shame on delta. I don't think I want to fly with delta again.

I purchased a ticket on a domestic Delta flight for my wife using Delta SkyMiles using miles to pay for an upgraded (Delta Plus) seat. When attempting to purchase a companion seat using a credit card awards program the upgraded seat was not available (there were six open companion seats on the seat map at the time). I therefore purchased a basic seat and planned to pay separately to upgrade the seat. Delta states that it is Delta policy to classify the exchange of a seat for a new seat available four rows up on the same flight as a "rescheduled flight." The cost in my case exceeded the purchase of a new upgraded ticket. My complaint: Delta will not permit the purchase of a seat/class upgrade to an existing reservation. Delta has declined to direct me to this policy on their website.

August 8 2016 I arrived at the airport in Atlanta at 3:00 pm, my flight to DC was at 5:20 pm at gate T1. At 5:00 I noticed the information on the monitor was incorrect, I then spoke with a customer service rep and was informed that the gate was now at A28. I rush to get to A28 and see the information is now correct and the flight would be delayed until 6:20. 6:20 came and Delta changed the info on the monitor again and kept changing the departure time. Around 9:00 Delta let some staff members go home and had us run around to different gates, never admitting there was a problem. So we stood in line after line only to be lied to, after 12 midnight I had to call my job and inform them I would not be in. So I missed a night at work and had to use leave.

August 9 2016 At 5:20 am I received a text saying that my flight was rescheduled for 7:30 pm, at this point I had been stuck at the airport for 12 hours and they wanted to keep me there another 14 hours, never admitting there was a problem. At 6:00 am Delta's main staff started returning to duty. I explain to customer service that I had to be back in DC before 1:00 pm to make a Dr. appointment and was given a seat request and was sent to another terminal. Luckily I managed to make that flight at 9:00 am. I had not showered shower in 24 hours and really felt bad for the passengers that had to put up with my stench. Also I had not brush my teeth either.

The bottom line Delta did not live up the original agreement, to leave Atlanta on August 8 at 5:20 pm. Instead I was lied to, given the runaround, missed work, and was late for my Dr. Appointment. I was never offer any accommodation, they kept me at the airport only to spend more money with the overpriced vendors. Delta candor is a joke, now they want to buy me off with a 200.00 voucher with stipulations and a gift card??? The voucher means nothing to me because I will never let Delta put me in that situation again. I believe a full refund is the only thing to make this right. I kept my end of the agreement. I did not pay them with counterfeit money but received counterfeit service. Why would I want to ever do business with a company that lacks scruples? P.S. put yourself in my shoes how would you feel???

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On August 12, I purchased a ticket to fly from NYC to Spokane on August 14 in the afternoon using 17.5 K miles. After a few hours of purchasing my ticket, I decided to try to change my ticket and leave in the morning of August 14 instead. I tried to do the change online, but although there were tickets available for a similar flight (JFK-Sea-Spokane) leaving in the morning for 17.5K miles, I got a message that the change had to be done over the phone. I called Delta. There was an automated message saying the wait time was over 2 hours so I left my number and after almost 5 hours a Delta representative contacted me.

I asked if I could change my flight without paying extra miles, and he said yes. So the ticket was changed and I received a confirmation email but I did not notice that instead of 17.5 K miles, I was charged 32.5K miles although I had explicitly asked if the price was the same as the old ticket. (Even If I noticed the new price it was too close to the departure time to do anything about it.) I have spent hours trying to contact Delta about this and have submitted 3 complaints through their website, but have not received even a single confirmation email. I would not have changed my ticket if the Delta representative had mentioned the number 32.5K to me.

I purchased 3 tickets to fly Delta from Texas to Maine. When I inquired about the points, I was told it was only for my ticket even though I paid for two additional tickets with Delta. I feel Delta is going bait and switch compared to other airlines that allow points for all tickets. After a 40 minute hold time I was told that Delta was part of the "legacy" airlines and therefore didn't adhere to the other airlines. This kind of bait and switch activity is on par with Wall Street of 2007, the banks that went under for fraud, and flat out consumer deception. Americans spend a lot of money on travel and like most, I'd like rewards. Unfortunately for Delta, the business model is to keep stockholders happy and the consumer biting the pillow!!!

I purchased a flight from ALB to LAX leaving Aug 9, 2016. 1 connection in ATL. The flight cost me $313. I needed to be in LA by August 10 for a job interview. Upon arriving to the airport, I was informed by a Delta employee that both my flights had been cancelled. I was informed of my options: purchase a different flight (Delta would waive the change fee), the next available one at a cost of $730. This would put me in the hole around $1000 total, while I would await Delta's promised ticket refund and a $200 voucher per cancelled flight for up to 2 weeks. My other option was to not risk getting another Delta flight (as they had already cancelled around 3000 flights at this time), and to purchase a more affordable flight at a cost of $463 with JetBlue.

I really needed to get to my destination, I opted to go with the latter option, booking a flight on my own with JetBlue. I would put the (2) $200 vouchers toward my return flight from LA, as hopefully Delta's system issues would be resolved by the time of my return. I was informed by the Delta employee at the airport that I should go ahead and reach out to customer support to confirm my refund and vouchers. Great. The flight left early the next day, and fortunately I was able to reschedule my interview by a day.

I went home, and tried to contact Delta's support via phone (2 hour wait, disconnected twice while on hold), email, website contact form, and Twitter. I was unable to connect with anyone from support, and still am yet to receive any response via email or contact form. It wasn't until 4 days later (Aug 13) that I received a response via Twitter direct message. I informed support of my situation, and that I needed confirmation of my refund & 2 vouchers. I outlined the situation and support told me my refund and one (1) voucher were approved. I was ineligible for a voucher for my second cancelled flight (ATL to LAX) because "that flight was not cancelled, and you were rebooked". I let support know that this was the first time I was hearing anything about being rebooked - I had been informed that both of my flights were cancelled and had acted accordingly.

Even when looking for my ATL to LAX flight on Delta's flight status on their website that day, I got a message saying "No information is available for the flight number you entered". Support disagreed with me, saying it was my fault I hadn't made it to my Atlanta flight, it was my fault I didn't know it was rebooked (although I was told something completely different by their employees / website) and they couldn't provide me with a second voucher. I'd be eligible for a second voucher if I had waited all day and had another flight delayed. I told them this wasn't fair, I was out a lot of money, I was getting different information from different employees, and it ultimately wasn't my fault that they had messed up. I just wanted to get a return flight home with the 2 vouchers I was told I would receive - it was the least they could do to try to alleviate some of the situation. I was told "You are not eligible for the voucher", and support stopped responding. I let them know the situation wasn't resolved.

Fast forward - 2 weeks later, I attempt to reach out again via Twitter, getting a response from a new support person via direct message ("QB"). QB asked me to re-explain my situation (which was fully outlined in my communication in the very same direct message. QB told me they had no new information for me - I was ineligible because I didn't stick with Delta & somehow make it to Atlanta for a flight I was told was cancelled. If I made it to Atlanta and that flight was additionally delayed, I would be eligible.

Support stopped responding at this time. I felt incredibly disrespected, I felt that support was not attempting to help me, nor trying to understand my situation. I asked for this support employee's full name but they did not respond. The entire experience basically put the nail in the coffin for myself and Delta. I tried to be understanding about their system failures, but when it came to their support being downright rude "Thanks for sharing", I could no longer tolerate it. Not only had their airline failed technically, they had failed on their support side as well.

I know other people have had major issues with Delta, and I felt my experience was an important one to share, and hopefully it will shed light on how this company treats their customers. I should also note that I had two (2) fraud notifications from my financial institution since the time of Delta's 'system failure' and have since cancelled my credit card as my information seems to have been compromised. I am not sure if these are related to Delta's 'system failure', but they started on August 10.

Delta Airlines rolled out their Delta One Flights targeting Business customers. However, I frequently book such a Delta One flight only to find that a week or so prior to departure, they downgrade the plane. Now they take your dollars and instead of providing the class of service they promised, you are on a different plane. One that is nothing like the flatbed style they originally promised to provide. It gets worse... They split up you and your husband. Even though you are paying business class passengers travelling together - now they have you in separate seats - you are not even on the same aisle. It gets worse. They call you up to alert you that now they have you sitting in Row 1. The seat that has no under seat storage (because you are in their old MD80s now - not the Delta Comfort you paid for).

PLUS... There is no overhead storage for ROW 1 in business class because Delta EMPLOYEES store all their stuff in the overhead storage area around ROW 1. THIS IS A TOTAL JOKE ON BUSINESS TRAVELLERS. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON DELTA BUSINESS CLASS FLIGHTS. United at least treat you with more respect. You don't. Have to fight with the staff for the overhead storage you more than adequately paid for but is given to the Delta staff instead. And they don't do this bait & switch that Delta frequently engage in.

Flight arrived from Punta Cana on Sunday 8/21/16. Was supposed to connect with Flight DL4200, due to depart NYC at 8:20PM, for arrival to Philadelphia. Then it was postponed until 9:40. Upon arriving in NYC, I was told our flight had been cancelled and no other flight was available until 8:20 on 8/22/16. OMG what do I do. I have my daughter and three grandchildren with me. We went back to Delta's desk and they told us to get Ground Transportation into the city. We proceeded to get transportation which cost $125.00 including tip. When we arrived in the city we were instructed to get the Mega Bus, to Phila which cost 65.00. Upon arrival in Phila, we were able to catch a taxicab which was another fee of 45.00. I spoke with Sara at Customer Service, who is processing a refund for this flight, but what about our other expenses. The ticket numbers are **.

Myself, my wife, my 4 years old daughter and my mother in law (63 years old) were flying from DTW to LAX on Aug/27th/2016. The flight had a connection at MCO. Hence, let's call from now long "F1" as the flight from DTW to MCO and "F2" from MCO to LAX. Due to weather issue (as per DELTA), F1 was late (about 40 min), consequently me and my family have lost the F2. DELTA moved us to the next available flight to LAX (the following day - Aug.28th - at 7h 40am), 12 hours after the original F2.

As the flight's delay was because of weather (according to DELTA), DELTA has not commitment with hotel staying, or other Airline ticket, or etc. In addition DELTA gave a 50 dollars voucher for each of us. So, with all that said, DELTA moved us to a 12 hours after flight... Left us these 12 hours at the airport (no hotel for us including a 4 years old child and a 63 years old lady) and gave us vouchers, kind of "forcing" us to flight DELTA again. During the time we've expended at the Airport I've notice only the 4 of us were there, none other passenger (which I am concluding, all were arranged into a hotels). Only four of us were not treated as a decent customer and had to sleep at the airport because Delta argue there was a weather issue.

THEN, IF IT HAPPENED WITH US, COULD HAPPEN WITH ANY OTHERS. Despite of the weather, the root cause on my point of view were (1) the short time in between the flights, not capable to absorb any delay and (2) shortages from DELTA crew taking care of passengers with so "delicate" connection (in terms of time).

Then my conclusion is that DELTA shown me a very poor consideration with customers and a most even poor understanding of the customer expectations because the re-booking was something basic (must be did) but a voucher instead of a decent place to stay in (remember, 63 years old lady and 4 years child) was something very small (which is pretty aligned with the crew shortages previously mentioned). PS: To expend the night at the airport DELTA put available to us some of that red blankets (the same offered during the flight) and some snacks.

I recently booked two one way tickets with delta on the 16th to be exact. I had the okay from my employer to fly and opted for the non refundable ticket. I was later told I can't leave that date and thought perhaps I can change the date. I was told I have a dead ticket by Delta. I can not get my money back. I can not change the date. I contacted the insurance company. Even if I had insurance not a guarantee that I can get my money back. If I pay cancellation fee it's more than my ticket. This airline is just a bunch of crooks! There is two weeks left until this trip. I could provide documents stating why I can not make my trip but delta representatives just kept ma'aming me and repeating the same thing over and over again like robots.

I would say this is the worst airline I have ever used. First I took my flight from San Antonio to new mexico with one stop to Dallas. That flight got delayed and I was sent to a later time. Not to mention they misplaced my luggage. Which had my medication I needed. I finally received my luggage after I bugged them for 2 weeks (my stay in mexico city was a month). That's not the worst part of my entire trip. Once it was time for me to head back I got to my plane 2 hours early. To which the Delta customer service informed me I was late. Nowhere it was stated I was to arrive 3 hours early. My flight was set to leave at 4:40. I was there around 2:30.

After arguing with him about my ticket and that I was supposedly late, he finally tells me flight took off without me. How could it take off. It was barely 4:20. He then stated I had to pay him $200 to board on to another plane. SO I pretty much paid twice to be able to go back home. Yes, I did make a claim with main delta office to which they told me they couldn't do anything about it since he entered I talked to him at 4:20. PLEASE don't waste your money on this flight, they will end up charging you twice.

I returned from vacation on 8/18/16. Today is 8/22/16. I still haven't received my luggage that they have lost. Now a lot has happened since 8/18/16. They stated my luggage was still in Kenya, and I will have it within 24 hours. They have only emailed me stating incorrect information. They even emailed me on two occasions stating my luggage was delivered and guess what? It wasn't. They have given me 4 delivery dates already and all four dates have come and gone. Still no luggage. They gave me a phone number to call and it goes right to a message stating "this mailbox is full". Then it disconnects right away. That's usually a pretty good sign of a department that can't handle customer service.

I've requested someone to call me personally and no one ever has. I've literally probably have almost 35 emails sent out regarding my luggage. Then today they actually called me asking for my correct address. I told them they had my correct address in file. They said they were trying to deliver my luggage to an incorrect address yesterday. How can that be when my address is correct on their own website?? This has been a horrible experience and Delta Air Lines have literally done nothing to help me. They lack customer service, compassion, and just flat out don't care. I have every single email I've sent them, and everyone they sent me. I'm keeping them in case legal action is needed. We spent 2 weekend in Africa and there is a lot of irreplaceable items in my luggage. It's not like they're going to pay for another trip to Africa to replace those items.

I don't even know where to start. I am absolutely fuming with the service I have been given by Delta airlines. I will do all in my power to make everyone aware which won't seem hard at all as the customer rating is so poor already. I was supposed to be flying with Virgin. I wasn't aware until I turn up at the airport. I called Virgin many of times asking why I was unable to check in. Never did they tell me I would be flying with another airline that is so poorly run. They gave up my seats on my connecting flight! To then be given separate seats from my partner who has epilepsy. It took ages for them to find seats together. Once on the aircraft we was moved twice! Food was the worst I have ever tasted - bread was rock hard! My partner was given no blanket or headphones. Once asked they replied "we no longer have anymore. Someone must of taken yours!" The most stupidest thing I have had heard!

We arrived and over 30 people didn't receive their luggage - not a care at all from front desk. Extremely rude! 3 days later I have received my bag with damaged locks, broken zips, the suit case looks like it's been chucked all over the place!! I had a few things in my luggage which has been smashed! My partner also paid $100 for overweight baggage which did not get delivered to where it was supposed to! I was also told my bags would be dropped off at my home address. Did that happen? NO! We was told it needed to be collected! Great! I will be staying far away as possible from Virgin airlines if they are partnered up with such a disgusting airline as Delta. You should all be ashamed of your customer service. Overall was -10 for me!! You are also known for your delayed flights and baggage problems!! Clearly you are doing something wrong - out of your hands down to the security they blame.

Delta is the worst airline I have ever been on, I usually fly JetBlue or Southwest. Staff is super unprofessional, rude, I almost missed my flight because of a rude flight attendant. Very disappointed in the service, I will NEVER fly Delta again.

This must not be the norm but I have never once taken a Delta flight where I actually took off on time. Never once. I've flown them about 30 times over the last 2 years. Unbelievable. And always a problem when we land getting into a gate. Who runs this company and how do they stay in business?

This was the worst experience ever. My original flight was delayed which would mean I will miss my connection to New Orleans. After 1 hour on hold I was able to get on a delayed flight out of Newark that was to leave at 7 pm. That flight was delayed to 8 pm and then to 9 pm. Again, I was going to miss my connection. I was put on a 9.55 am flight out of Atlanta and was also told that in Atlanta I will be given a discount for a hotel. When I got to Atlanta the shuttle was not working as it was too late.

The airport is HUGE. I could not find the Delta desk and had to find a hotel on my own. The 9.55 am flight on 8/13 was delayed again. At the airport I found out that in Newark SOMEONE AT DELTA MADE A MISTAKE and I was NOT on the 9.55 am flight and that the next open flight is at 4 pm!!! I was able to get on that flight as stand by. I WASTED money on a hotel and I want a FULL reimbursement for the hotel or a voucher for a flight to New Orleans to be used in the future. I understand weather related issues but someone in Newark made a BIG mistake that cost me money. I will not stand for that. I am contacting BBB and customer affairs. This is ACCEPTABLE!

Family of 4, first time flying Delta from Chicago to Las Vegas. Was attending a family reunion in LV on July 23, I booked our flight in January. Our flight was scheduled to leave Chicago on Friday at 1:00 pm for a connecting flight to LV. Our flight to Cincinnati was delayed 2 hrs which made us miss our connecting flight to LV. They re-scheduled us to a 12 pm flight on Saturday to Minneapolis with a connecting flight to LV. There was an hr. between 2 flights. our flight from Chicago to MN left an hour late, needless to say, we missed our connecting flight again. In MN, they re-scheduled us to fly from MN to LV Sunday morning meaning we had to spend the night in MN (which would have meant additional hotel expense). By the way, they have counter people in the airport but they "supposedly" do not have access to all the flights available so I had to talk to someone over the phone.

The customer service person over the phone said there were no other flights leaving MN that evening, meaning we would miss the family reunion that night. After begging them to find us a flight out of MN, they said we have 2 choices, either fly us back to Chicago and get a flight on Sunday (from Chicago) or spend the night in MN. At this point, aggravated and stressed out, I told them that is unacceptable and I want them to find a flight leaving that evening. They know that we are already missing the reunion which was the reason for our flight to LV. In addition, I was already paying for a house that I rented in LV and did not even use for 2 days. Long story short, after a very very long phone conversation, they found a flight to San Francisco, then a United flight from SF to LV. When we got to SF, we had to exit gate 1 then to all the way to gate 3 thru xrays again.

As we were boarding the flight to LV, we could not board because supposedly Delta did not download our ticket information to United. We were about to miss that flight to LV again, United called Delta and they were put on HOLD! Finally, the United lady said they had to get it done in 6 mins because the plane was leaving with or without us. They finally let us board as they were fixing the problem. We got to Las Vegas at 12:20 AM Sunday. We missed the reunion completely, 2 full days of our vacation, I paid for a house that I didn't use for 2 days, and paid more for my rental car because I had to get the rates that were available at that time.

Delta did not only cause us stress, but cost us extra money as well. Through this entire experience, I cannot point out a single time when I could say at least it was good customer service. Their people were not empathetic at all, as if this happens all the time and they are just so used to it. Going home, our flight to Detroit was also delayed 40 mins which meant we had to run from gate 77 to gate 50 to catch our flight to Chicago which was already completely boarded. During the flight to Detroit, there was no announcement or anything for anyone else who had a connecting flight, again, they just don't seem to care.

Delta is complete clown show. On my outbound, they canceled the flight and did not send any notifications to me or 10 other people I know who had the same flight. I found out on the way to the airport. My email address and cell phone are in my profile and reservation. On the way back, got stuck in Minneapolis due to a "mechanical." I am missing a major work event that will have long term consequences. Oh, and even though they are making tons of money due to extremely low fuel costs, they still charge for baggage and a seat that an adult human can fit into. Nice. No matter what the fare difference, take another airline. You will be better off in the long run. And if you want to really get even, take Delta to small claims court. Show up if you want, but they will be out of pocket for legal fees no matter what.

We were flying Delta Airlines non-stop, round-trip from DTW to LAX and back. Our flight on August 9 from LAX to Detroit (Flight 1506) was cancelled at the last minute with no notice leaving us stranded at the airport with our 6 month old daughter. After being offered a layover in Phoenix where we could have been stranded again we were forced to book a new non-stop flight through Spirit airlines that cost us $737. Our total payment for the flight on the way home was $527.20. The refund we were offered was for $432.18. This barely covered half of our total cost to actually get home not to mention we only got one of the 2-$200 vouchers we were offered. The flight issues were enough to make us not fly Delta again but the issues with refund and complete lack of customer service have made us want to warn other people about flying Delta Airlines.

When I returned from my trip in Las Vegas, my 2nd stop was JFK. They kept changing gates which is a 7 min bus ride between terminals with a 2-yr old which is not easy. Delta announced that they were downgrading their plane although there were people on stand by. They failed to say that they left some people suitcases in JFK. The agent in Montreal says they would put the suitcase on the next available flight which they didn't. I called and complained, they said no one should of told me that. It's the next day and I still haven't received my luggage. I will never fly with them again.

Being a public school teacher, it takes years of saving and planning to take a "dream vacation" since educators aren't exactly at the top of any pay grade. After two years of saving and planning I had done it! My husband and I were traveling to Saint Martin to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. Eager to begin our trip, we arrived at DFW at 4:00 am for our 5:40 am flight and this, my friend, is where the nightmare begins. Please review the following documentation:

Day 1 - Arrived at DFW at 4:00 am for Atlanta flight. We were told that Delta was having computer issues and our flight would be delayed until approximately 8:30 am. Did not actually depart until after 12:00 pm. Arrived in Atlanta and went to the ticket agent because we missed our connection to Saint Martin. No other flights available so they put us at the Best Western South. Ice machine was broken. Front desk would not give me quarters for vending machine. Air conditioning was loud and inefficient. Called the resort and they would not work with me on the first nights payment nor would any of the excursions re-book anything for us. We were reminded that everything was non-refundable. They did not seem to care about the Delta computer crash.

Day 2 - Arrived at Atlanta airport early for our 9:40 am flight to Saint Martin. Flight delayed until 12:50 (no pilot). Flight delayed again. Didn't arrive in Saint Martin until after 7:00 pm. Another day of our vacation lost. Resort had cancelled our reservation, in spite of my phone call the night before - had to wait over an hour for them to get this sorted out.

Day 3 - Totally exhausted from our travels - long lines - crowded seats, etc. etc. At this point we only have two days of our four day trip left. We make the best of it. Day 5 - Sadly, the two days are gone and it's time to return. We tried to stay longer, but the only flight from Delta on Saturday had THREE connections and would take over 14 hours. My school year begins on Monday so this is out of the question. Our flight home is EXTREMELY complicated by ridiculous and unbelievable inept practices at the Atlanta Airport immigration points. Painfully long wait lines that have us convinced that we will miss our connecting flight to Dallas that we arrived 3 hours ahead of time for. Finally make it to the gate. We are told that the flight has taken off, but to check the gate anyway. Well, in true DELTA fashion (based on this trip) we find that the flight had been delayed. Our 8:30 pm flight took off at approximately 10:30 pm.

We have never been so happy to end a trip. I know that Delta has a lot to offer. My cousin has flown for Delta as a flight attendant for well over 20 years which is a big factor as to why, when we fly, we've chosen Delta. MISSED TWO DAYS AT THE RESORT - $721.00; MISSED TWO EXCURSIONS - Bus tour - $142.00; Beach excursion $250.00; TOTAL: $1113.00.

I am seeking monetary restitution for your airline effectively ruining my trip. I'm not ignorant to the fact that this happened to many others. Believe me, I've been reminded of that time and time again by your airport agents. However, I'm not interested in speaking for anyone other than myself, and my husband; nor am I curious in hearing platitudes or apologies. I want my time back, my money back - all things that are forever gone, but at the very least, the responsible party, DELTA, should address these complaints and make every effort to show us, as customers, that someone cares. Time is a commodity that is truly irreplaceable as my husband and I (sixty-nine and fifty-eight) are most acutely aware.

I woke up Wednesday, August 10th to see a text on my phone telling me that my "Delta flight DL2593 from JFK is cancelled. We're rebooking your flight now & will text back with more info" They did not rebook my flight, so I hurried to JFK to do it in person. I tried to rebook online, but the website said it could not help me with my booking at this time. The ladies at the ticket counter could not find a flight to get me to the Home Shopping Network tv studios in Tampa to make my LIVE TELEVISION TAPING which had a production call at 12 midnight. Nothing, nothing they could find could get me to Tampa by 10:30pm that day. I was dumbfounded. Nothing? I demanded to speak to the manager.

In order not to make a scene, I asked her to have a private conversation, and told her my fragile predicament. This was a live television appearance I was making to be a guest on my one hour television show on HSN selling my struggling fashion handbag line Emma Fox. I had to get to Tampa. She said the best she could do is fly me to Orlando, and then provide me with GROUND TRANSPORTATION (whatever that would entail, I don't know) to Tampa which was 80 miles away. I figured I would accept that and then just go upstairs to the gates and just figure out what on earth I'm going to do. I called my husband and even he was searching online to find me another flight to get me to the studio on time for my show. I told the agent I was never going to fly Delta again - You know what? I said it, yes, because I was just so upset. She replied, "Well, if you are never going to fly Delta again, then I won't bother booking you on this flight." Ok.

Let's talk about this. Yes, if she were my mother, this reply would be acceptable. But, she is not my mother, and no way is that a decent reply to say to a customer who is under the stressful situation that I am facing. She clearly needs to have management training all over again. I don't care how tired and overworked she is. I myself have been tired and worked to death, and YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR COOL in this kind of situation. Delta was caught with their pants down. They saved money by not keeping their computer systems state of the art, and now they stand naked for all to see. So eat it Delta, and be humble with your customers.

Here is the best part. I'm upstairs at the gate, just taking a mental health break. Quiet. Just sitting by myself, I must have looked defeated. I'm thinking that I just made a terrible mistake with this ridiculous trip I'm about to embark upon. I hear a voice. "Miss, can I help you?" I look up to see a young man. "Oh, do you work for Delta?" I ask enthusiastically. "No, but I think I can help you. I'm from Florida, and I heard what the Delta counter agents were doing to you, and I can tell you right now... you're not going to make your show at HSN. My grandma watches that channel. Can I help you? I know the traffic patterns outside of Orlando, I'm telling you, you just aren't going to get out of there. Let me try to help you."

He was Gati, a 20 year old University of Florida student on his way home from a semester abroad. He sat with me, took my laptop and started searching and searching for about 5 minutes. He booked me on a JetBlue flight leaving in 2 hours, direct to Tampa. We chatted. He wants to work for the UN someday. Boy, I hope he does! He was my guardian angel. I got to HSN at 8:30pm that night and we had a terrific show. It was fun! The host was terrific and we genuinely had a good time on tv. Gati and I are still in touch, and I want to send his grandma a gift from HSN because we are all so grateful for his saving our show. The HSN production team were calling and calling me so worried that I would never get there, and just couldn't believe my story. From now on, we simply cannot rely on Delta Airlines.

I don't even know where to begin. We booked a ticket for my nephew through Expedia on Delta Airlines from Bloomington, Illinois to Tampa, Florida... We're originally from South-Africa and he flew back from Africa to Chicago to make it in time for his 5h50 am flight on Friday morning but got stuck in Germany with his flight completely cancelled. He had to stay a day later and missed the 1st leg of his flight to Tampa. We alerted the airline meaning Delta of the problem and no one wanted to help us only to find out they now cancelled the entire ticket even the 2nd leg returning from Tampa.

This is unacceptable and we will never fly this horrible airline again, the service we received calling from Africa was appalling and non helpful. So you book a ticket online at your own risk and no customer service at all. I am deeply disappointed that an airline would just take your money and cheat you like this. No apology from them so I ask is it because I'm not American that they don't care or do they treat everyone like this. Shocked and deeply disappointed and will NEVER FLY THIS AIRLINE EVER AGAIN. Regards. A disappointed African ex customer.

Third time in a row Delta has caused me to cancel my flight and try again with the day that follows. I hope the owner goes out of business and goes bankrupt.

On April 29th, 2016 my mobility scooter was damaged on a flight from Portland, Maine to New York-LaGuardia with a final destination on Pittsburgh, PA. Three and 1/2 months later the repairs have not been completed. In July, I contacted Customer Care who put me in touch with the Delta Management in Portland, ME. The airport staff in Portland tried to correct the issue by arranging repairs and offering to pay for parts I had purchased and taxi fare the 4 times I had to get the device to the shop for repairs. A check was mailed to my home but, was payable to the repair shop. When I brought this to the attention of the airport, I was asked to return the check and a new one would be issued.

The day after I dropped the check off, I received an email from Delta Corporate stating since I went through the airport to resolve the issue that my name/information has been "flagged in their database to delay or prevent future baggage claims." In addition, Corporate advised the airport to discontinue their involvement. Corporate is now saying the check that was mailed to me was never intended for me. I am feeling intimidated by the Corporate staff and feel that I am being mistreated. At this time, I have been advised by my attorney to file an complaint against Delta with the U.S. Department of Transportation Carrier Access Division and the ADA.

I already have future non-refundable travel booked on Delta but, fear I may arrive at destination to find damage to the scooter again and leave me stuck in the airport. I feel Delta should pay for the repairs, issue me the promised check and remove the flag in their database. Corporate makes the whole company look bad. I have flown Delta for 20 years and no consideration is taken for me being disabled nor being a loyal customer. I truly hope the government complaint would change their mind but, I highly doubt it.

I'm leaving this review for a friend well kind of a friend to me who was stuck in DC because Delta cancelled the flights 3 times. My friend mostly know as ** who has over 14 million people who count on him was stuck not being able to do his work which is very stressful. The flights were cancelled for nothing since the weather was fine. I would not recommend this company to any of my friends unless they want to stuck for days costing them time and money in a different country or state. This wasn't fair on not just Mark but the other people that don't have the money or a friend to stay with and their jobs are at stake and they just want to get home.

Delta loses power to system causing all flights to be grounded for 2-3 hours...thus causing the trickle down effect. Not one employee was ever rude to me, never once did they treat me disrespectfully, they had a tough job and everyone I encountered at the Daytona airport and the Atlanta Airport into Albuquerque was still polite and was the passengers who were rude and disrespectful. I told one man who was cussing and yelling that it was not going to make him get anywhere any faster and that the 75 people waiting in line behind him were in the same situation as him, so just take care of business and MOVE!

The passengers caused us to lose our takeoff time and if they realized that their snail pace movement caused us to have to sit for another 1.5 hours for another take off time, maybe more would check their luggage. I give Delta a lot of credit for dealing with so many irate people...(I was not one of them). And, my luggage was still in Atlanta when I arrived in Albuquerque so I had to go to file a claim, and that woman was very nice also. My luggage will be delivered today. Plus I am getting a refund for my ticket and luggage. I would say that Delta did the best they could in the crisis. Happy to be home although it was six hours late, but I was able to get home. I am sure people who had to catch a cruise ship or missed a wedding or funeral were angry, but I was not one of those. Thank you Delta for getting me home!

8/8/2016 @ 5:30 pm. Flight #5234 DTW-YUL. This was my second flight coming from SAN (redeye). The redeye was fine because I slept through the whole thing. Female flight attendant rude. Said nothing to me but pushed the customs form at me, then put a smile on and spoke respectfully to the other customers. I then said good morning and she blew me off. It's common courtesy. In addition to the plane being delayed for THREE hours, now there is a mechanical issue and we have deplaned, then replaned just to deplane once again an go to a different gate. While this is happening, she proceeds to gossip about customers at the bay with the other steward.

Then she kept talking the whole time about everyone else and everything else. Which was annoying. Next, another uniformed Delta employee boarded the plane and complained to the other crew members, "I want to go home". Why on earth did I pay for first class to be snubbed, and be made to listen to gossip and complaints. I have my own job where that happens and I would prefer more of a professional environment when flying. The behavior from this young woman is appalling as we are not hormonal high school children - we are adults. I do not enjoy being treated as if your employees have a personal issue with me, or anyone else for that matter. While there's a maintenance delay, turning your back on the passengers and gossiping is not appropriate. So I arrived 3 hours later, and my boyfriend had to keep switching things around to pick me up since the departure times/planes/gates kept changing.

Flight #6278 YUL-DTW. I arrived at the airport at 0300 for a 0538 flight in which I stood for an hour and a half until the attendants realized that this was a global issue and they issued me a manual ticket. I checked one bag and went to my gate where I sat for over 5 hours until we could finally board the plane. Once boarded, we still took off late and finally arrived at DTW.

Flight #833 DTW-SAN. The Delta team were instructed to merge flight #600 and #833 together, and that caused not only a late plane arrival I'm sure from the chaos, but also we sat on the tarmac for almost 2 additional hours until we FINALLY were set to leave, which of course was late. We took off around 1330, after hearing several other times for take off. It was the longest flight ever. I asked simple questions such as, "What is our expected arrival time?" so that I can arrange my pick up, and the first answer I got was, "Yep, don't know" then later followed by, "Add up the time." WHAT?! This is definitely NOT the right time for attitude - not like it ever is, but definitely not a professional response. There are better ways to handle these questions if one does not know.

Once we finally arrived in SAN-5 hours later, I received a voicemail stating that my luggage did no make it on the plane??! Seriously? So at this point I made my way over to the baggage claim service desk where the young lady whom was pleasant, informed me that they "think" my bag "may" be on that flight, but "not sure". I then ask to have to have the bag delivered, to which she replied that they cannot deliver my bag, that your company lost in the time in which I need it. So, after only receiving 2 hours of sleep, and being stuck in airports for a total of 15 hours, I cried. I left the airport crying and shaking.

In addition to this, I missed work today, which in turn means that I have missed pay. Now I must go back to the airport tonight to look for my luggage that "may or may not" be here, thus spending MORE time in an airport! Between the delays and not just this worldwide delay but the first one I experienced going to Montréal, the attitude, and the lack of concern for my belongings, there is no evidence of service recovery. Why on EARTH would I EVER want to experience this negativity ever again??! The part about this that really burns me up is that I paid for FIRST CLASS on EACH flight and instead I paid double to be treated terribly. I just opened an LLC, and as a business owner, I understand that things go wrong sometimes. But this is a SERVICE industry, and I feel cheated, and like I have ripped off. An EXTREMELY disappointed customer.

8/8 @ 10:15 pm. I AM NOW ADDING AN ADDENDUM TO MY COMPLAINT THAT I SENT OUT EARLIER WHICH IS ATTACHED. My baggage has been missing for almost 12 hours at this point. I received a voicemail saying that my baggage was not on my original flight, and that it would be to me around 7:30 pm. I arrived at the baggage claim office in San Diego and asked that my luggage be delivered to me tonight, and the customer service agent told me that there was nothing that she could do, so she called the manager. I waited for the manager to come, who never introduced himself and he said that my baggage is now coming at 10:30 pm. I told him that I cannot keep coming back and that I need it to be delivered to my house tonight. I work in an operating room and I have things in my luggage that I need for work, not to mention that I have already lost a day of work due to the massive delays!

He said it would be at my house around 2 am. I then asked for a tracking number or something in which to follow up, and he then raised his voice at me and said, "I ain't giving you anything. I told you it would be there, and it will". I cannot trust that it will arrive at my home just because he said so. I don't even know who he is! I asked again and I insisted saying "I NEED a tracking number or something in which will make it easier to follow up " and he responded again to me, "I don't have to give you any of that" as he angrily flicked a piece of paper in my direction.

I lost my temper. After being stuck in first Montréal and then Detroit for a total of 15 hours on two hours of sleep, and I responded, "Don't give me any ** attitude. I don't have the patience and I just need my bag.". He then yelled at me and said, "I am going to call the Harbor Police on you. They will straighten you out ". So I also proceeded to call the police to have them come as a mediator.

Once the police arrived, I told them that I needed a mediator because there is information that I need that he, as a manager in customer service, is refusing to give me. I asked them to stay and ensure that I get the information that I need. None of the customer service representatives knew where to deliver my bag, they did not have my phone number but told me it would be delivered? How?? I was told that my bag would be there at 7:30. What happened there? More importantly, threatening to have me arrested for cussing is not an arrestable offense, and is COMPLETELY inappropriate in handling a customer service issue in which he proceeded to yell at ME in the first place!

When we were waiting for the police, he told me that he had 3 other witnesses to me cussing at him, which I perceived as another threat. There was a young woman from an eastern European country that stared at me while nodding her head, as if to say that she will back him up, as well as an ** male that was there to reroute bags. I bought all first class tickets on Delta, and have literally had the WORST experience of my life! I understand that sometimes things happen, but this is COMPLETELY unacceptable and utterly disgusting behavior. I would like a formal apology, and there needs to be service recovery done on Delta's part for the utterly appalling behavior in which I have been subjected, both on my way to Montréal and back home to San Diego.

I am also suggesting anger management training for the manager that yelled and threatened me, because I am sure that as a worldwide organization that Delta is not supporting the aggressive tactics that are being practiced in the San Diego baggage claim office. At this point, I will now lose more sleep waiting for my bag to arrive at my home, to which I am skeptical that it will even arrive after this vile incident. I would like a follow-up email for record keeping addressing this issue.

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