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Cathay Pacific Airlines

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Last updated: Nov. 13, 2017

116 Cathay Pacific Airlines Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

I booked a flight to Asia through Priceline. I have spent so far 3 hours trying to reach customer service via phone. I started putting it on speaker phone at my office at various times of day and no answer. Terrible customer service and the info I need is not available online. No possibility to contact a real person and no email communication. Next time I will take Emirates.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 21, 2017

I had purchased 2 tickets from CEB to HKG for myself and my Fiance Flying out on a Friday Evening. While I alone flew into CEB via a AA booked flight, AA could not book me out of CEB, I paid around 490 USD for 2 one way tickets to HKG in COACH. Well Fiancee was flagged at Customs that she could not travel until she attended a mandatory class according to Philippines Government. We had processed thru customs about 2 hours prior to our flight time. Immediately I requested a re booking. "NO THAT COULD NOT BE DONE" according to Cathay Pacific, BUT they could cancel my flight no problem.

So they cancelled the flight, insult to irony, that flight was delayed a hour and 50 minutes before departure, which would have put us into HKG so late no other transportation options existed save for a VERY VERY EXPENSIVE TAXI FARE to our hotel. I'm not sure we could have even kept our reservation arriving that late had we been able to take that flight. SO AFTER WE WAITED THRU THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND and after even more stress completed our required customs class, we booked our flight.

IT COST US EACH 150 USD for CANCELLATION PLUS 68 USD for a total of an additional 436 USD in addition to the original 490 USD paid for a COACH FLIGHT OF 2500 Miles, THATS 926 USD for a Coach Flight. I have complained and attempted to get both a refund and the AsiaAir Miles their own site says Im eligible to get, despite being told by Customer Service my ticket class was ineligible to get air miles. Never mind their own website was a joke, it worked about 10% of the time and then only partially.

Handicapped services were hit or miss. I did get a wheel chair coming into CEB but going out, HKG nothing. I have difficulty racing from one end of a terminal to the other and walking long distances. Pain and cramping spasm is not a good thing to deal from hiking so far in a terminal with when facing a 16+ hour flight from HKG to USA, All I have received from Cathay customer service is professional apologies but NO ACTIONS OR REFUNDS, Not even my earned AirMiles they say im not eligible for. CRIMINALS are what they are. Do not trust them to have ANY INTEGRITY in their actions. DOCUMENT AND PRINT AND SCREEN SAVE EVERYTHING. They will deny you what they published to give you. WIRE FRAUD is what that is, even when furnished with a screen shot of their own site page and highlighting the actual tickets codes ( eligible for Miles ) they still deny air miles and REFUNDS

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2017

I am a diamond mender of CX and I will not going to review because I am fed up with this shifty airline. The hit rate of delay is almost 100%. I travel between Milan and HK and the flight CX 233 is famous of being delay for any reasons you can imagine. The customer service staff helps nothing - I will suggest people try to avoid CX if you have other choice.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2017

I was flying last Tuesday (the 13th of June) from HK to Chicago. A 14-hour flight when I encountered a 6-month-old Indiana baby crying screaming and then having a drummer toy play all 12 hours NON STOP! His mother help him and seemed to not care - MAYBE SHE HAD EAR PLUGS IN as well as I did but this kid just never stopped. But 2 hours off and on and had his toy drummer thing batteries not wore down he would have done it all 14 hours. My question is WHY ON EARTH DIDN'T THEY PUT THIS BRAT AT THE END AND GIVE US NORMAL PEOPLE A BREAK - I mean I would have taken even a WATER BOARD OVER THIS KID! Wow it took me almost a week to get over this out of my system! I have flown many times but this has to be the worse I have had in my life and if this is the norm for Cathay Pacific - I will walk back from HK somehow!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 15, 2017

On the 12 June 2017 at around 14:50 we purchased 2 tickets under reference **. Before purchasing the tickets we checked that there are business class tickets available to upgrade, therefore purchased more expensive tickets in order to upgrade. But when we tried to do the upgrade on memberships ** & ** we were unable to do it. After much frustration, we sent an email requesting assistance with the upgrade.

Reply was received as follows: "Please reach out to our Asia Miles Team at a toll-free number 0800 99 0647 to confirm the upgrade." I then phoned Asia Miles to do the upgrade telephonically only to be told that we can no longer have business class upgrade, as tickets are no longer available. We have waited for a very long time to be able to upgrade and we were unable to do the upgrade straight away due to no fault of ours. Now we are stuck with the very expensive tickets and without the upgrade. We then requested a full refund (on the morning of the 13 June which was not even 24 hours from purchasing the tickets) and we are now told that we must pay cancellation fee.

We did not do anything wrong and Asia Miles system mislead us to believe that we will be able to upgrade and we therefore do not accept that we must pay a cancellation fee. Please can we have a full refund back so we can purchase tickets through another airline. The whole experience has been a time consuming & unpleasant all around. We have used Cathay Pacific on many occasions and never had such a terrible experience. SHOCKING...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 23, 2017

"Cathay Pacific sold air tickets that they said would be honored but they never did honor them. Cathay Pacific is the worst and most dishonest airline around. They will lie to you to get a sale and customer care will not do anything to help you. Just end up going round and round". We ended up buying a new ticketing from another airline, cause Cathay Dragon just simply canceled the ticket in advance and there is no way to take the next available flight, cause in holiday season the ticket was sold out to others and no refund. The customer service is the worst. We'll never take Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon again. Paid $600 more.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 8, 2017

April 3rd 2017, I was in Los Angeles Airport and a Cathay Pilot made inappropriate gestures and could not stop staring at me inappropriately. It was as frightening as a serial killer. I happened to overhear his name "Paolo" and hope he never represents any airlines as a person like that takes advantage of their position and claims power.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 28, 2017

Cathay Pacific sold air tickets that they said would be honoured but they never did honour them. Cathay Pacific is the worst and most dishonest airline around. They will lie to you to get a sale and customer care will not do anything to help you. Just end up going round and round. I lost about 8 London the Manila returns and they just did nothing. All too easy to lie to make a sale. Customer care all but laughed and never even tried to sort it out.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 26, 2017

For the last 17 years, I have traveled for leisure to various destinations in India, US, Japan and Singapore. I have taken various airways including domestic ones including Singapore, United, US Airways, Emirates etc. My experience with Cathay Pacific for the return flight (KA169 on Feb 23, 2017 Kolkata to Hong Kong and onwards to San Francisco) from India was best described as horrendous. Please indulge me for few minutes and I will explain why. All these 17 years I have carried my laptop bag and a carry-on bag/suitcase. There are weight limits on carry-on baggage of 15 lb which could be a suitcase or a duffel bag of certain size as per airlines specifications.

If you see the ticket for the baggage specifications, this information is provided by Cathay Pacific airlines clearly. The ticket does not say that the combined weight of laptop bag and carry-on baggage should not exceed 15 lbs. This does not mean I stuffed my laptop bag with overweight sweetmeats and other heavy items. What I had in my bag is laptop (Mac), laptop charger, earphones, some travel documents and a book (pictures included). These are standard items I carry on every flight I take nothing extraordinary.

I was never asked to weigh my laptop and the check-in bag together in my 17 years of flying. This time it was different with Cathay Pacific flight from Kolkata to Hong Kong. The staff of Cathay Pacific consider themselves nothing less than a gazette government official at the check in. They asked me to put the laptop bag and the carry-on together on the scale and obviously, it weighed more than the 15 lbs carry-on limit. So, I complained to the supervisor, who said he would not issue the boarding pass if I did not reduce the weight or pay the overage. I refused to budge so he made me wait till all the passengers were checked in. He said he can help me only if I would help him (You might not understand how I could help him). I wanted them to go on record so I pulled up my phone camera and started recording and the supervisor did not like the idea of my filming the entire episode.

When push comes to shove, you must swallow the bitter pill. Since I had to join the job I decided to take the flight. The supervisor made me take out the book and other items, put the items in the check-in and made me pay for 2 kg overage charges for $100. I felt I was cheated even though I could easily afford the amount. I wish that I could weigh 2 kgs more and probably Cathay Pacific would not charge me this extra amount but still waste fuel carrying my weight from Kolkata to Hong Kong. If Cathay Pacific is looking at this article and wants to improve on their customer service and loyalty, then it should take appropriate steps to either have a coherent policy of baggage specially if you are traveling to and fro. If not charge $50 extra per ticket and not complain about the overage of the laptop bag. I am totally fine with that. What is unacceptable that Cathay Pacific insult the passenger just because of extra book and charger he/she is carrying.

Consider that I am a rogue passenger and complaining but how about the lady on the same flight who has 1 year baby and she was also complaining about Cathay being inconsiderate for her request. For sure, Cathay Pacific has lost me as a customer, I would rather fly by other airlines who treat the customers with some respect and not as herd of sheep. I am so disappointed with the attitude of Cathay Pacific officials in Kolkata, shame on you guys.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 14, 2017

Before boarding the aircraft CX 288 flight Frankfurt to Hong Kong, 12 FEB 2017, I was queuing in the lane for Premium Economy Class and Marco Polo Green tier members. When I was boarding, a German Lady, oval glasses, middle age, who was in charge for the boarding announcement, told her her colleague: "This guy is not looking as if he could afford a Premium Economy ticket, I guess!" I consider this statement as severe discrimination against me since I was dressed in a proper way. Cathay Pacific should be ashamed to have a ground crew in Germany who is treating customers in such a rude way!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 13, 2017

On January 11, my wife and flew from Vancouver to Hong Kong on flight CX 889 and were supposed to connect to a Dragon Air flight CX 5061 departing at 0805 on January 12th. The CX 889 flight should have landed at 0700 but the pilot announced we would be landing late. I then requested flight crew to notify Dragon Air because the schedule was very tight but both of the crew I asked said there would be no problem. We got off the plane at 0720, 5 minutes before the boarding time and the Dragon Air departure gate, 501, was in the satellite concourse on the other side of the airport. At least 15 minutes away. I had booked a wheelchair and was directed to the exit where ground crew were supposed provide the wheelchair and get to my wife and I to the boarding gate. This area was in absolute chaos!!!

There were 2 Cathay ground personnel there and 4 or 5 wheelchair attendants who were contractors from a company called Worldwide Flight Services. The 2 Cathay ground crew seemed to have no control over who was doing what. Of course we told both of these people our concern about the time and asked if they had alerted the boarding gate. The female ground crew member said yes. These 2 ground crew were yelling at the attendants who seemed to ignore them. 3 times I was told to get into a wheelchair and 3 times I was told to wait. Finally I was loaded into a wheelchair along with 3 other Canadians 2 of whom required wheelchairs. The ground crew seemed to be completely indifferent to the shortage of time and we wasted about 20 minutes here. We arrived at gate 501 before 8 but the gate was closed and they would not let us on the plane, THE PLANE LEFT AT 0810.

The Dragon Air man who appeared to be in charge (Mike) told us he had tried to contact the Cathay ground crew several times but either no one answered or they hung up. About 1 hour later some Cathay personnel showed up at the gate and then all 5 of us were wheeled down to the arrivals area to try to get an alternative flight. At about 1045 we got our new flight on Brunei Air to Bandar Seri Begawan and then on to BKI. We were given about 2 hours in the Cathay lounge and eventually arrived in BKI around 8 PM 9 hours late and exhausted. Summary. This whole mess was caused by failure on the part of the Cathay air and ground crew. Here are my specific concerns:

1. Inept and indifferent Cathay ground staff.
2. Failure of the flight crew to communicate Dragon Air gate crew.
3. Failure of the Cathay ground crew to communicate with the dragon Air gate crew.
4. Completely inadequate wheelchair facilities.

5. No offer to compensate the 5 of us for our misery. 2 hours in the lounge doesn't cut it.

I look forward to a response from Cathay Senior Management.

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Original review: Jan. 9, 2017

I have travelled from Indianapolis to Chennai on 5th Dec 2016. Initially there was a delay in Indianapolis flight departure and 1:15 mins delay in Chicago to Hong Kong. Due to this delay to reach in Hongkong I could not get the connection flight to Chennai. I was arranged for a flight to Chennai with one transit as Singapore location. I was informed that I need to collect the baggage in Singapore and I need to redo my baggage check-in since the carrier flights differs from Cathay Pacific.

When I reach Singapore I have checked my baggage, the baggage information service took 15 mins to get the update and I was informed that my baggage was missing in Hong Kong itself and I need to collect my baggage in Chennai. Due to the baggage inquiry I could not onboard to Chennai flight. I have approached to the Cathay Pacific service desk for my baggage query and the subsequent flight missing incident.

The service desk people told that my baggage is sent to Chennai with the flight which I have missed to onboard. Within 10 mins they told that the baggage is missing in Hong Kong and after 10 mins they told that the baggage is received in Singapore and will be onboard the baggage along with me in the JET Airlines(rescheduled travel).

After reached Chennai after 13 hrs delay, I came to know that the baggage is missing in Hong Kong itself. I got frustrated due to the information that they have provided me on frequently changed information on my baggage and also I was tired of travelling more than 36 hrs with layover time. I made register an compliant at JET Airways about my missing baggage. Till now I wasn't provide the information in either email or mobile or any other communication about the status of my baggage.

I really don't know who did the mistakes and where is baggage now. I have faced problems because of mishandling baggage in transit and moreover I wasn't provide correct information for my baggage status. Very very very worst Cathay Pacific customer service desk, whenever I tried to reach them there will be at least 15 min waiting time even I have tried as a first caller to the help desk. Even though I have connected to them they didn't update me the status, instead they rerouted me to other channel which is not a valid one. I have lost my hope for the baggage status. Is it happening because I have travelled with "Economic Class"?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 6, 2017

I have been a long time Marco Polo member and used to be enjoying flying with Cathay Pacific. However, the quality of service and their crew had been disappointed me from time to time in last couple years. I would say Cathay Pacific is charging consumer premium price but offer a low quality service, particularly for those Marco Polo members. I was in the top tier for a few years and did not find any values at all from what Cathay offered. My recent experience with Cathay Pacific was I spend most of my time now in Taiwan. Getting service and help from their SME TPE team is extremely bad and frustrated. Since about a year ago, they switch the service for small business account via email. Great, never ever get back to you on time!! Recently I have inquired some of my upcoming trip to SFO or YVR with a few of options in my mind.

After a couple days, what I received was an extremely useless and meaningless response as following: "Hi Christopher, Would please check availability & fare of all your possible options through our website: You may advise us date/flight which you need to book after making decision." Wow, what a useful response from so-called professional team to handle consumer. What make me feel confused and uncomfortable is that in the response email from the SME team, there is a slogan "SME Corp Team is always devoted to offer satisfactory and impeccable service. We cherish each chance we can serve you and thankful to you for the faithful support." Is your team really mean it or it is simply trying to say something nice? I just found that extremely ironic. I don't need to wait for two days to get such BS response.

If I could do that via the website, what is the core values of such SME team to consumers/members? Should this team be dissolved and finding real task to work on? On the 3rd day, I had received a call from their office trying to explain the situation. To me, those are quite nonsense. The lady explained to me that they had quite a bit of emails to handle last few days. Well, that is not my problem and that should be the concern being raised to their management. She also explained to me that the date I inquired has no availability. Well, does the response actually inform me on that? NO, NO, NO. From what I am seeing is that the staff don't even bother to work with the case.

Now, the lady is trying to sell me something for small business account and try to get them get everything from the portal offered for small business account. In other words, what they are saying is "you guys should deal with that yourself, good luck". Nice try, Cathay Pacific. Good luck in keeping your long time members around. BTW, there should be an option of giving out NO STAR in customer service and value. I am being forced to give them one star, which is way far from how bad it could be.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

The Hong Kong scheduled flight time and date was December 25, 2016 at 8:05 PM. The flight was scheduled to arrive in Manila at 10:15 PM on December 25, 2016. Instead, the FLT CX913 left Hong Kong at 1:25 AM on December 26, 2016 and arrived in Manila at 3:55 AM on December 26, 2016. The Cathay Pacific desk personnel lied to us, telling us that the flight delay was due to the typhoon. All other airlines made their scheduled departures and landings, including all Philippine domestic flights during the FLT CX913 flight delay in Hong Kong. For example, two (2) Philippine Airlines flights left Hong Kong (to Manila) left Hong Kong at precisely 6:31 PM and at 10:45 PM. They were scheduled to leave at 6:20 PM and 10:30 PM.

The Cathay Pacific flight delay actually brought us closer to the typhoon. It was not raining and the weather was good at the scheduled landing time but was raining at our actual landing time. We have a home in Paranaque, 3.3 kilometers from the airport runway. Cathay Pacific's non-weather related delay caused us to miss Christmas with our children. At the airport in Hong Kong, the Cathay Pacific staff told that the airline does not keep a copy of passengers' rights at the counter, as required and also told us that they had no phone number or any way to contact a Cathay Pacific manager. Additionally, for medical reasons, I qualify for pre-boarding. I showed my US Government issued disability document and was told that I could pre-board, but the first class passengers were announced before me. I was treated rudely by the boarding personnel.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 11, 2016

I have a layover at HKG of 23 hours 55 minutes but the check in staff at O'Hare refused to through check my baggage to my final destination. They made me pick up my bags at Hong Kong and recheck them after going through customs. Cathay is fairly inefficient if they cannot through baggage at Hong Kong which is their biggest location. I tried reasoning with them that no one mentioned this to me while booking the tickets but unfortunately the wheels of bureaucracy are pretty gummy. I think a lot of praise that people heap upon Cathay is just blind adulation or a case of "better amongst the worst". I have had better customer service from US carriers at times. Very unfriendly check in staff at O'Hare.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2016

So, after 17 years and 1,266,000 miles with Cathay Pacific I am officially back to square one and embarking on my Green tier membership once again. Cathay Pacific used to be a premium airline but over the years the focus has shifted from excellent service provider to corporate objectives of ensuring the bottom line. I understand ensuring bottom line, but neglecting your core values and principles will eventually hurt your bottom line.

I appreciate the fact that the lounges in Hong Kong are very nice and appreciated by most. As soon as you leave Hong Kong it's a different story. What do Cathay offer that is better than any other major airline? It's hard to come up with anything worth mentioning. Over the past 2-3 years I have started to use Turkish, Emirates, SAS & BA a lot more and finding really great value for money. A lot less expensive but the service is the same or better than Cathay.

As you get older you get wiser. I can not begin to tell you the number of times in the past that I have chosen Cathay purely to retain my status. You, unfortunately, get conned by the strive to maintain your status. You will book silly flights and make silly trips just to maintain your Diamond status. I did. I now realize that instead of spending money on flying Cathay, I find a nice bar at an airport, have the finest Champagne and realize that I am saving money. Before boarding an equally good airline with a flight crew that seem to care. I read through the About Us for the Marco Polo Club and wanted to lend my helping hand in making the website more accurate.

SUGGESTED NEW VERSION: Marco Polo Club is the loyalty deadbeat programme of Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon that is designed to benefit Cathay Pacific/Dragon and will reward some customers, preferably Business Class travellers, during a specified time period with pretty futile benefits and services that may or may not enhance their travel experience. The service and terms may be amended at any given time by the deadbeat programme manager.

There are four tiers in the club: Green, Silver, Gold, and Diamond and each offers its members a range of so called benefits, that may be amended when required, that, may or may not, make every journey something to look forward to... but definitely not if you are the unlucky one that has to travel from Shanghai. Your tier is only valid for one calendar year and the way your miles/points are calculated is very complicated and Cathay Pacific/Dragon is not able to explain how we have come up with this way of calculating the points you earn... but it works for us? Welcome to the Marco Polo Club! (for a token fee of US$50).

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2016

My mother had an extremely bad experience at the departure gate 15 at Hong Kong airport on Oct 31, 2016 for Cathay Pacific Airline CX890. After the announcement of early boarding for elderly, handicapped, and passengers traveling with children, she (77 years old, walking with cane) followed the line but was stopped by the staff at the gate. The CX staff let other passengers to board early except my mother. She told them she could not stand too long but they ignored. Their attitude was bad with no respect. She was kept standing for extra 5 minutes!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2016

I have made and prepared for the flight of my dog through Cathay Pacific Cargo. 2 hours. That is TWO hours before I leave for my initial flight from YEG to YVR, they called to tell me that they CANNOT send my dog on the agreed flight. And my dog has to stay an additional day with them. I was to board a flight scheduled 2 am, 10 mins before my dog's agreed flight schedule. So no one could be with him then. They had said no one would walk and watch him if he stayed, so I obviously opted to not let pit through such agony to wait an ADDITIONAL DAY in the cargo area, in his kennel on top of 20 hours of transit. It's cruel, and it's heartless. It's animal abuse.

So at the last minute, I had to find a dog sitter as I had to go on my flight since it is a very important one before I see my family - whom I have not seen for years. When I got to my destination, I found out that my intended dog sitter bailed on me. So now, while in a foreign country, I find out that the well being of my dog is in question! An event that would NOT have happened have I given enough time and ALTERNATIVES. I have to reschedule my flight back in a few days just to fix everything. This was to be a permanent move. Now, I do NOT know how to proceed in THIS aspect of my relocation.

There were NO alternatives offered by your staff. Now, I have the hassle, and problems facing me because your staff did not give me anything other than an "I have to leave already coz I'm off" and no one was answering the phone when I phoned back! The hassle that I went through to get all the preparations done, all the TIME SENSITIVE papers I have vehemently accomplished for my dog. The hassle I am putting on a few people - who all know what happened, back in Edmonton. The costs for me to rebook everything, from flights to hotels to rentals, not to mention the fees I paid for my dog to get everything ready in time. I expected better. We expected better considering your reputation as an airline company.

This whole ordeal is mentally, physically and financially STRAINING. It's frustrating, and it's disappointing. I have NEVER encountered such poor customer service from a GLOBAL company. I hope you will fix your system, and most importantly, TRAIN your staff better. Bad staff and bad system is poor marketing. It sets back the millions you spend on advertising, and it drags the company's name into the dirt, along with the work of some of the good people working there.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2016

I was calling the Cathay Pacific customer service to ask about baggage inquiry. The lady in the phone said the limit was 50 pounds. I misheard it and thought it was kg, so I cut her and asked "did you say pounds or kg?" She responded but sounded annoyed. Afterwards, she continued talking about extra luggage cost, and I asked her that I'm flying business class so please give me the cost for the business class baggage cost. She stopped and said to me "You gotta listen and stop talking if you want me to answer your question."

I was like WTF. I flew with Cathay Pacific ever since I was 5 years old and my family members have been loyal customers for more than a decade. This is how you treat your customer?! I called the USA customer service and I'm not going to lie, the girl who picked up the phone call is very rude and obviously doesn't put the customers first. Cathay Pacific's customer service in Asia is absolute class. They're so respectful, kind, etc. This girl I just called (British accent) is rude. Yes she answered my questions, but with little respect. She didn't have to ask me to shut up and listen to her, simply she could maybe listen to my new question and answer according to my new question about business class luggage cost. I don't care about the economy luggage cost. I wish I could rate that call.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 8, 2016

I am a Regular flyer and use Cathay pacific as my Carrier also for Friends. I purchased a Refundable ticket for my Friend and alas had to cancel the ticket and was promised a Refund of £780:90 after over 60 was taken off. This refund was sent to my Old HSBC account in error as your staff were informed this account had been closed for some months.

At the time I asked for a refund and calling Twice thereafter I was informed by Reservations at Cathay pacific UK who spoke to the refunds department that My recently used New bank card at Nationwide would be the card this £780.90 refund would be sent to, indeed they give the correct last Four Digits and Correct expiry dates of my New Bank card!

After this refund was made on the 27th April 2016 I was left to phone around wondering where my money had gone to, Phoning my new Bank and Cathay Pacific several times. Finally Cathay Pacific Reservations said the refunds department had sent my refund to my Old Closed HSBC account Not what I was informed twice before by them, and I should call the bank myself and ask for a Cheque to be sent to me, Literally washing their hands of it!

HSBC did not wish to know telling me it's up to Cathay pacific "They sent the funds!" was all they said and I had to wait over 30 Minutes in a phone line to hear that! MORE EXPENSE! Cathay pacific were contact several times by phone since with this update and asked where my refund of £780:90 was, and finally You're VERY slow to respond to emails and phone calls 'UK Cathay Pacific Refunds department' actually called me (7th May 2016) while I was left to again contact my Old closed bank at HSBC. HSBC said Cathay pacific should contact them and ask for a "Payment Raise" (a Search for funds). I had to contact Cathay Pacific UK Refunds Via your UK Reservations to explain this again.

I was informed finally on Friday 6th May 2016 by Your Cathay Pacific Refunds department who still had No Idea where my Refund of £780.90 had gone, they may know more by next week she said apathetically? Several expensive Phone calls later to all concerned, Including Cathay pacific UK Reservations, Refunds, HSBC, CAA, Financial Ombudsman etc, etc I still have NO Idea when I will get my £780.90 Refund and this whole appalling Unprofessional Treatment has left me Financially in difficulties, with Huge phone costs and extreme upset that has led to ill health due to the Burden of Phone calls, Time & energy attempting to resolve this mess and distress unnecessarily created by Cathay Pacific UK Refunds Department etc.

I am Utterly appalled at the way I have been treated as a Loyal Cathay pacific customer who thought Cathay pacific was Better and more professional than this? Still My Refund of £780.90 is nowhere in Sight. I have made a complaint To the CAA and will be pursuing this vigorously I will be reviewing my Experiences in Consumer Reviews across the globe and contacting BBC Watchdog to name but only a few. I am seeking compensation for the costs incurred etc and a Full refund. This is Disgraceful the way I have been treated and I am horrified at the deliberate Indifference of all concerned at Cathay pacific concerning this Mess. No customer let alone a Regular Loyal Cathay Pacific customer should go through this Unprofessionalism.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 2, 2016

On January 29th I flew from JFK to Vancouver on Cathay Flight CX889. This night flight then refuels and goes on to Hong Kong. I was in seat 65D (Economy) and had an empty row. I decided to lie down and sleep for a portion of the flight using the pillows and blankets provided. Towards the end of the flight and after landing I started to itch small bites on exposed skin on my hands, arms and neck. Two days later, as I write this, I am absolutely covered in clusters of itchy red welts especially on arms, torso, neck and face and more are appearing daily. (Apparently bed bug bites start to appear within hours and can keep showing up days later after the initial bite). It is clear that the seat and row I was in (or the pillows and blankets) were infested with bed bugs and that they feasted on me while I slept for 3 hours. I guarantee that anyone sitting in those seats before or since will be experiencing the same thing. It is absolutely disgusting.

I have written to Cathay to complain about this but heard nothing back. I think it is disgraceful that the airline does not do a better job of keeping their seats and cabins clean. These seats probably have people sitting in them for up to 20 hours a day as the plane goes back and forth from HK to New York via Vancouver. The airline is simply failing to take the necessary precautions to properly clean (deep clean) and vacuum the seats and crevices where these bed bugs inhabit. The pillows were not in plastic bags and for all I know were used on the previous leg. I call on all travelers to boycott Cathay Pacific until they can prove to the public that their planes are bed bug free and that they have improved their cleaning and hygiene standards to prevent their customers from being eaten by parasites. Unless they are very nice to me(!!!) I will now use only Air Canada who flies the same route.

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Original review: Dec. 25, 2015

My family and I traveled from Singapore Dec 23 2015 CX690 to Canada via Hong Kong. The flight was delayed for more than an hour at Singapore. We managed to get on the plane to Toronto at Hong Kong but our baggage were not. We were told that we were get our baggage delivered to our house the next day (Xmas eve). Our baggage did not show up and nobody bother to call and leave a message. We were waiting at home the entire day so we can wrap our xmas presents before Xmas. I had left a few messages at their Pearson airport. I always regard Cathay as an elite airlines but I have to discount it now.

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Original review: Dec. 7, 2015

On 5 Sept. 2015, my daughter bought tickets (promo for 2) from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul on 23 Nov, 2015 and back to Kuala Lumpur from Seoul on 3 Dec 2015. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she has to leave for Seoul on 5 Nov, 2015. We have called Cathay Pacific office in Kuala Lumpur two times and also went to Cathay Pacific Penang to ask for a change of name but was declined and we informed that then we would have to forgo my daughter's ticket to Seoul but will come back to Kuala Lumpur on 3 Dec 2015 on the return part of the ticket. NOBODY at your office CAUTIONED us about the CONDITIONS set about the PROMO for 2!! I had to foot another RM811 to be able to travel to Seoul on 23 Nov and my daughter's ticket was 'burned' just like that. Is there anyway that Cathay Pacific Airways give me some percentage of refund?

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Original review: Nov. 7, 2015

We flew from KUL to SFO via HKG on the 5th Nov 2015 with CX722. We didnt get our luggage at SFO airport and had to wait nearly an hour to check with baggage officer. We were promised that we will receive our luggage by the next day latest by noon and were quite unhappy that we didnt get it even by now at 6.15pm. I have a meeting to attend tomorrow and all my documents are in that bag along with my clothes. This is terrible as you are not professional in handling such simple issue of delayed luggages. Tag number of our luggages are ** and **. Cathay compensated both of us 70 dollars each and I wanted to ask you what can we buy with that little amount of money in SFO. We are really not happy with Cathay. I hope you can sort out this problem as soon as possible because we need our bags.

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Original review: Oct. 11, 2015

Our KA622 flight with Cathay (connecting flight DragonAir) was a horrible experience. After 15 hrs of waiting in HK for a connecting flight they delayed us by 3 hrs to 10:20 pm. An hour before the due departure they update us via the airport screen - flight delayed again until 11:15 pm. We went to the counter of Cathay Pacific/DragonAir and all 5 staff were either playing on their mobiles or looking away. I had to stand in front of one staff and basically had to say hello to her 3 times to get her to look up.

I asked her about the gate number as the flight was about to leave in an hour. She said it was too early to tell and I would need to speak to DragonAir (literally sitting next to her). Do you have no common sense? Or is it just pure laziness? After asking her several times she finally decided to turn to her right and ask her colleague from DragonAir.

After 2 delays, we are still sitting here at 10:20 pm and no plane in sight. Cathay Pacific and DragonAir (HONG KONG) have incompetent and horrible front desk staff. They don't care about customers, feedback and don't want to take responsibility for anything. Never again. For anyone flying in the EU or USA who have experienced delays go to Unfortunately doesn't work for us as it only applies to those countries. We should have stuck with our usual - Emirates, Singapore, Qantas, Airasia and Jetstar.

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Original review: Oct. 10, 2015

I had boarding pass to Cathy Pacific Airlines from HK to Sydney on 9 Oct 2015 (CX111 6:50 pm departure). Due to the networked airline delay, I was put on to the next Cathy Pacific flight to Sydney (CX101, departure 11:55 pm), and offered Cathy Pacific Lounge. At Cathy Pacific Lounge, I was asked to wait, because computer did not tell them I have been awarded Cathy Pacific Lounge. So waited and waited, staff at front counter were not busy, but no sign of help.

After several push, a small woman known as Rachel ** said, "We have nothing to do with XXX Air. You should talk to them, go to 21 floors (?) and to their office, go and talk to them, not us..." I asked her to call instead; she said it is not her problem. I explained about meaning of Airline Alliance. She said, "We are alliance, but it is their problems, not ours etc." What a bullshit reason to reject a customer? I expressed this directly to her. She threatened to cancel my flight if I do not apology to her and she did.

Several managers came, did not act against her bad behavior, but advised that if I say sorry to her, I would get into the Lounge and get on my flight, because she is a Manager. I was shocked such person could be a Manager. The worst counter staff among all the staff at Cathy Pacific Lounge. I note that there are many web-based complaints about Staff at Cathy Pacific Hong Kong are rude; I certainly add my world worst experience and pointed out the poorest customer services by the manager Rachael **. She (Rachel **) is manipulative, rude and with poorest communication skills. She should be send-off for re-training, or be suspended off her role as a manager. I am a professor in Transport Logistics. Well traveled around the world for over 30 years. Has been worked in Hong Kong in the late 1990's for 5 years. I witness the worsened poor customer service and communication at HK Int'l Airport.

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Original review: Sept. 10, 2015

My parents flew with Cathay Pacific from Indonesia to JFK. They were returning with CP as well. We checked in online according to the ticket we bought, with routes JFK to HK with 2 hours transit in HK and then from HK to INA. At the JFK airport we were helped with a young guy. We were told that one of the baggage was overweight and has to pay $100. We tried to negotiate but he's insisted us to pay so we went to the cashier to make a payment but the cashier said "It's OK. It's FREE". We went back to the counter and the young CS gave us the boarding pass to my parents without saying anything about the ticket from HK to INA. We expected that all the tickets had the same exact schedule from the time we bought it.

My parents went in through the security and to the gate. We drove back home and 15 hours later received a news from our sister back in INA that was communicating with our parents that got stuck in HK without realizing the boarding pass from HK to INA was not match with their initial tickets booked in INA. Our parents couldn't negotiate much with the CP's CS in HK due to a lack of speaking English. Basically Cathay Pacific has been neglected to inform our parents that the initial schedule couldn't be meet. But instead they cheat and tricked us. We wish to pursue this complaint to a legal action against Cathay Pacific.

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Original review: Aug. 28, 2015

My horrible experience to USA by Cathay Pacific Airlines. The reason for opting Cathy Pacific was complete flat bed experience and reaching Hyderabad and then to Vijayawada at a a shortest possible time. Moving from one terminal to another terminal in Chicago as per your team's advice was literally unbearable and surprisingly team at American Airlines nor at British Airways were cooperative with us and they just treated us an unwanted guests to them. Probably this could have been avoided with the presence of your team member with us.

When we approached Cathy Pacific after returning from AA, to our surprise they said they have closed the office and they could not assist us in way. After lots of pleading they rerouted through British Airways. They could have consulted us before rerouting but they themselves brought the itinerary and gave us Flight Interruption Manifest, and they left off without even listening to our requests.

When your team doesn't care their guests, why will British Airways listens to us? Again, after lots of discussion they gave us a boarding pass till Mumbai and asked us to take the delivery of our luggage to transfer them to domestic. We reached London Airport at 10 a.m. on 15th July, 2015 and we were just idle in that lounge till 9 p.m. We went to BA office to accommodate us in BA flight to Hyderabad which was scheduled at 3 p.m. but they ignored our request and informed us that there is no Cathy Pacific counter in London. (We are not aware of the fact even today.)

We were taken for a task at Mumbai Airport. When we approached Jet Airlines, they said, "No booking was made by Cathy Pacific and they don't have to honor your Manifest without any reservation." The next alternative they suggested was to buy a domestic ticket for 9600 each which departs at 4 p.m. and have to pay the excess baggage charges of 300 per kg. We got the Indigo flight which departs one hour before Jet Airways and purchased the ticket for 8200 each and paid Rs.13,750 as excess baggage fare. I was under opinion that Jet Airways is also a partner of Cathy Pacific but as we travelled by BA they said we will not be eligible to get miles on our Jet Privilege Card.

In Mumbai we were asked to go to domestic terminal which is again at distance and you should think about our situation after travelling about 45 hours non-stop from Detroit. We also could not buy any duty-free items for our kids as they have to be checked in with excess baggage. As per the original plan, we were supposed to reach Hyderabad by 12-10 midnight of 15th and purchased tickets in Aircosta which departs to Vijayawada on 16th, 9 a.m., and those tickets got wasted and we finally reached Hyderabad at 5 p.m. on 15th July. We took a cab and reached Vijayawada at 1.30 midnight.

In this entire episode, if at all we did any mistake, that was buying the ticket from Cathy Pacific Airways. It is the mistake from Cathy Pacific to keep a very small time gap at Hong Kong to Hyderabad connection. During our onward journey to Chicago from Hong Kong on 29th June also our flight was delayed by more than one hour and we could not recognise the impact on that day.

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Original review: Aug. 11, 2015

I had checked in at Brisbane airport for my flight CX156 at the business class counter for my return journey to Delhi via Hong Kong. I have a 10 hour transit time at Hong Kong airport and wanted to know from the girl at counter if hotel accommodation is provided and what are the rules. She put me across to their manager Mr. ** when my ordeal started. He was brusque and rude and dismissive about my queries and asked to step aside after check in till he checked about my eligibility.

After waiting for about 5 minutes he was trying to give some excuses about my ticket not being booked correctly but all this while he was very evasive. When I persisted with my query and my eligibility as per international rules politely he became rude and agitated and tried to become confrontationist. I was appalled by his behavior and made a quiet exit without resolving my issue. It was a sad experience despite spending on business class travel when at the counter a manager level person with good experience behaves in such a shabby manner. Sad state of affairs indeed.

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Original review: July 27, 2015

I fly with Cathay Pacific from Sydney to ChangSha, transit from HK in May. Our flight delay was delayed for one hour. When we arrived HK airport, we meet with Cathay Pacific’s ground staff. He took us along with the other two ladies on board to Dragon Air. One of the lady asked the staff about the luggage, his asked was DON'T WORRY, the luggage will be in the Plant. When we arrived ChangSha, the luggage wasn’t there. Both my husband and I can't speak Mandarin, and no Cathy Pacific’s staff to help. Lucky one of the lady explained to the airport lady we are with the tour, can't come back to pick the luggage up in the airport, and they said I will had it the next day and will send to our hotel. It was after one hour I leave the airport. The picked up driver and the other passages had to wait for us.

Thanks to Cathay Pacific, we didn't get the luggage after THREE DAYS. We had nothing to changed, worst is all our MEDICATION is in the luggage. My husband need his daily. We not happy at all. When we fit back, SAME THING to the other passages too. As far as I concern, Cathy Pacific just don't care the customer have the luggage with them or not. I mean if you know the luggage is not in the plant, why tell LIE? I will never fly with Cathy Pacific any more. I wrote to your office and complained before, still waiting for the answer. I think like your guide line say. I am fair and honest, and have right to complain.

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