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While traveling back to United States from Accra, Ghana on Flight BA78, the pilot made an announcement that due to possible insects they must spray the inside of plane with an dissecticide that they claim is not "harmful " to humans. All the times I and husband have traveled, we have never encountered such an incident. The other passengers like us looked shocked.

As soon as the announcement was made, the section before the Economy section was closed off, 4 flight attendants with "Roach Bomb" like aerosol can was opened and this spray they held over their heads walking up and down the aisles smiling. Quickly my husband used his baseball cap to cover his nose and mouth. EVERYTHING WAS MOVING SO QUICKLY! I suffer from asthma and eczema. My husband suffers from Sarcoidosis and Heart Failure. I don't know if there were any pregnant women on board. I don't know if there were other people with any health concerns nor did British Airways.

Later our throats and chest started burning. I did not have my inhaler onboard. Thank GOD I didn't have an attack. Thank GOD my husband didn't have a more serious reaction with his heart. The following day I called our physician to document what occurred and they both said that they have never heard of such a thing. That it was weird and scary. As I write this I am still feeling some of the negative effects. NEVER AGAIN BRITISH AIRWAYS!!!

Let me give you the background first. I am just an ordinary person with no high expectations but I do expect to receive a service that I paid for. BA's first class from LHR to Kuala Lumpur in their much vaunted first class cabin. Poor service even before the flight started. 3 weeks before the flight I tried to book a massage in their exclusive lounge. The reply was "it was full". Really? I wrote again to say how unhappy I was and was told to get a walk-in slot on the day. On the day the only space they had was 40 minutes before departure and I was only offered a massage chair for 15 minutes. Then boarding came and their priority lane was crowded (certainly not an exclusive experience).

On board the seat was ok but nothing special. I'd say the seats are like what you get in business class with some other airlines. No Wifi offered. Toilet (only one for the first class cabin) was no different from what you get in a low cost airline. Cabin crew while ok were very very slow, off the mark and could not anticipate passengers' needs. Entertainment choice was very poor with very little selection. When I arrived in Kuala Lumpur I asked the chief stewardess about Fast track but she could not be bothered to help. She just said "we don't do Fast track". In fact I could go through the priority lane and I figured this out myself.

On the return flight the first class lounge in Kuala Lumpur was excellent, staff very attentive and food was very good but this is a Malaysia Airlines lounge and not BA! Return flight was also very average. Poor service. I slept for a few hours and when I got up I rang the bell. Nobody came. I watched a documentary and had to call again after more than one hour. When the stewardess came I asked if I could order breakfast. Her reply was "of course but we start serving from the other side". Am I supposed to know that when the whole concept of flying first class is dining on demand???

To summarise the best experience of this trip was in the lounge in Kuala Lumpur which is not even BA as it is a Malaysia Airlines lounge!!! BA should know that people pay for first class for the whole service and experience and not just to have a flat bed in a cabin with nice cutlery. BA's much publicised First Class in their 787-9 is a major disappointment and is light years behind the La Première service and experience with Air France. It is definitely not worth the money.

I am writing to you because you're a serial entrepreneur with very strong understanding of organizational culture and I believe an organizational culture is a top down process. By the way I am neither a BA employee nor a social activist. I am a small time entrepreneur in Boston, MA in Healthcare IT sector. I am writing to you not to complain, but hoping that this letter will help you in building a better organizational culture in British Airways.

I live in Boston, due to my business and family connection in India, I frequently travel to India. Past six years, except for couple of times, I have been using British Airways to fly to India. Honestly not because of service, but for the connectivity and time convenience. But after my return trip on August 8, 2016 on BA flight BA-256 from Delhi to London, I no more desire to travel by British Airways. Again, I do not want to talk about my experience on this flight as I have no intention of complaining. But want to make you aware of certain organizational culture and behavioral improvement needed by your staffs in London to India sector.

Every time I fly from Delhi to London, I find those grumpy faces, rude behavior which can be duly classified as racial discrimination from BA flight attendants. Few times I thought that might be because of the long travel and inadequate rests for the flight attendants. But that cannot be true every time. There is an Indian proverb which translated to English would be 'One can eat bitter food, but cannot swallow bitter words'. Both you and I are in service industry, you're in Aviation and I am in Healthcare, though I am a small startup and you're a billion dollar company, we both serve people. Every penny we earn because of people's willingness to spend that money on us, not because they do not have any other choice. Irrespective of their color, race, religion and food habit, they put their faith on us and give their business to us and it is important for us to respect that.

It is true that flights from London to US are always pleasant and the flight attendants are very helpful, always smiling. But on the contrary, BA flights from India to London always lacks quality food and service, grumpy and unapproachable attendants with 18th century British colonial mindset. For curiosity, I checked on Twitter and Facebook for British Airways + Racist and I could find thousands of post in social media for racist behavior of British Airways. So I am not alone.

Please note that India is growing faster than any other country, and India now have more millionaire than Great Britain. India now have more entrepreneurs and C level executives than Great Britain. India is a huge market and I am sure British Airways would not want to lose on that.

The new millennials from India wants respect and they know how utilize the powerful tool like social media to take their voices to public. So unless British Airways want to lose out to competition, this arrogance needs to change before it is too late. I could have sent this email to online customer suggestions in BA website, but that would not have changed anything. If anything needs to change, it needs to be a top down approach. Last summer, when I visited India with another family friend, he insisted that I travel in Emirates for once and I did. I could definitely see the difference in service and crew behavior on flight from Dubai to Delhi and Delhi to Dubai. So for me, after this flight experience on British Airways, I know my choice will be for my future flights to India.

Lastly, you being a busy executive, I am not expecting any response to this email. Moreover I do not know whether this email will reach you or your secretary will gracefully delete it. But if you read this, hope you'll try to bring some changes. Otherwise more Indian will stand up and unlike me, they will take the path of social media which will be damaging for British Airways.

BA managed to lose our bags on the journey out to Sicily and on the way back! Going out, 1 hour queue just to drop our bags off as we had checked in online (only 1 counter open for all BA flights), had to run to other end of airport through security just to get the flight, good thing we were there 2 hours beforehand. Got to Sicily, online tracker didn't work or wasn't updated, customer care just cut us off with 'we are busy, call back later', had to return to Catania airport every day for 5 days (driving & parking in Catania is a nightmare).

Twitter replies only set us to the online tracker and aforementioned customer service. Got back lost bag again! Reply from BA? "Sorry, but you agreed to our terms and conditions when you booked." I thought I was dealing with a reputable company, how wrong was I. Doesn't say in the terms and conditions that they reserve the right to lose your luggage for 5 days and give you no means of tracking it. If they lose your luggage, you are on your own, find it yourself!

And it causes a chaos. Everyone is used to flights being constantly delayed in Gatwick, however one flying business class (at least that's what they call the economy seats front row with a "better service") or with a Silver/Gold tier expects to wait in a BA lounge sipping a cocktail waiting for another belated boarding. Guess what- BA does not have a lounge now, instead they are using nr1 lounge subject to capacity. And when 5 flights are delayed, guess what happens- no capacity even for business class passengers. Does BA ground staff care about it? The "computer says no" attitude prevails together with the usual BA familiarities and sorry that means nothing. Try to be more professional and show some respect, time to grow up! Now the customer service is non existent and no one cares about anything. If I want no frills I fly EasyJet.

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The worst company and customer service ever. On the flight from CALGARY to LONDON then Paris the 11 of July the BA left almost 2 and 1/2 h late from Calgary and they promise us to be on time for our connection flight in Paris. Then the other flight from LONDON TO PARIS was 3 hrs late SO we missed our connection flight. I had to spend the night with 2 young kids (4 and 7 yrs) and my wife in the airport of PARIS and re-book another flight the day after late afternoon. AND when I contact their customer service here is their answer ==

"Dear Mr **, Thanks for letting us know what happened when you and your family were travelling from Calgary on 11 July. I apologise for the delay in response. I completely understand how frustrated you must have been when your flight was delayed, especially as you missed your connecting flight. I’m so sorry for the problems we caused you. Our Operations team investigate the reason for every flight delay and this tells us where we’re going wrong. From what you’ve told me about your delayed flight, I absolutely agree we’ve let you down.

"We always want to maintain a stable operation and we’ll only delay an aircraft if we really have to, particularly as it affects our customers and their plans. If you speak to a staff member at the airport, or call our contact centres, we’ll do our best to rearrange your travel plans to suit you. I'd like to inform you that we're not liable for any consequential loss a customer or third party may have as a result of a delay, so I'm afraid I can't reimburse your re-book expenses. We generally direct customers to their travel insurance company who may be able to help."

My aunt died and so I couldn't use the outward leg of a BA return flight. (I had to get an earlier flight to get to her funeral. BA and Expedia were going to charge a cancellation fee plus flight difference which I could not afford. A new One-Way ticket with Aer Lingus was cheaper). When I checked-in for my return journey to the U.S., the BA agent denied my return seat. I was forced to buy a new seat costing £1191.52 sterling. Essentially, they had sold my seat that I had originally paid for in dollars - ($1093.60). The agent said "If you don't get on the outward journey, you can't get on the return journey," and "that was 'BA policy'." They're refusing refund – saying that it was 'just my aunt' and not immediate family. That's cold, but really not the point.

I was prepared to lose money on the outward journey, but did not expect to be stung with a new, extortionate, ticket price on return journey from the funeral. My credit card company in the U.S. will refund the original flight price, but they need proof that I didn't use that ticket. BA and Expedia are being totally unhelpful and are passing me back and forth – telling me it's the responsibility of the other to provide this proof. This BA policy should be banned. It's just an excuse for them to take money from people.

Bad experience with the 'British punctuality' company. The crew arrived one hour late due to traffic in Lima! For this unprofessional reason, the flight left an hour late from the capital of Peru, and arrived an hour late to London-Gatwick, although, one member of staff said to us in Lima, "these delays are common and then the time is recovered during the flight".

For this reason we missed the connecting flight in London and we had to buy a new ticket to fly on the same day for 200 euros per person with another company. A shame the alarming lack of professionalism of the crew and the impossibility of finding a solution to buy the connecting flight with another company. The helplessness of the client in these cases leaves only one way: don't recommend ever to travel with this company. You can be sure that me, my family and all of my friends will never fly with British Airways.

This year I booked a trip from Miami to Moscow with British Airways by purchasing a package of hotel plus flight ticket from Expedia. I paid the amount Expedia charged to my credit card. But in my card account statement another charge appears directly from British Airways in the order of $960.00. I asked Expedia about it and they told me to contact British Airways. This I tried to do.

I have sent 4 messages using their website and I do not get a single answer after more than 2 months. I have also tried using the direct telephone lines, and nobody answers. It is obvious that this airline is too big to care about their customers. I DO NOT RECOMMEND FLYING with THEM. If there is a slight possibility of having to make date changes and you have to get in contact with Customer Service, forget it. Do not become their customer. They do not have the slightest courtesy, inclination or intention to serve you using Customer Service. DO NOT FLY with THEM.

On holiday in Abu Dhabi we used the BA "manage my bookings" to confirm our flight home. We were allocated seats on 19th August, which surprised us as our booking was for the 18th. Same flight number, same time, so we assumed there was a delay and the flight had changed. As I say, we were given the date and allocated seats. To cut a long story short, on arriving at the check-in desk with my family we were told we had missed our flight by 24 hours. I showed the check-in supervisor the confirmation but they (Emirates) could do nothing as they are only BA's agents. I spent 1 hour on the phone to BA costing £150 in call charges only for them to request £600 to change 4 tickets. They would not accept the evidence I had from by verified by check in staff. So I was transferred to new ticket sales who advised me. I had spent 1 hour being told a load of rubbish.

They changed the ticket there and then. However, by this time check-in was closed!!! Couldn't believe their incompetence! So we stayed in the airport hotel for the same flight 24 hrs later AND had an email this time by BA with our tickets. 24 hrs later we turn up at check-in again and present the email tickets. Guess what... "Sorry sir your tickets have been cancelled by BA." Really??? Another hour goes by and thanks to Emirates staff we are on the plane. However, the family were split up and there were no kid's meals that we had paid for. I have complained to BA through their proper channels and chased them up. But here we are 18 days later and still no reply. Appalling Service.

I am a senior citizen aged 77 underwent reconstruction of both the knees recently. I was accompanied by my spouse who is also a senior citizen. Our confirmed return booking in business class from San Diego /Chicago /London/Chennai on 31May 2016, by BA7912 (American Airlines 10.40 AM) business class confirmed/BA0294 club class 31 May 18.05 confirmed/BA 0035 club world confirmed by BA as back as 16th Jan 2016.

When we came to San Diego airport at 7.30 am on 31 May, we were informed that our booking by BA 7912 American Airlines from San Diego to Chicago to leave at 10.30 AM had been cancelled due to the time between flights being short. We were not notified of cancellation by BA. Instead BA rebooked to Dallas in economy class of AA at 12 noon flight/ BA192 Club class May 31st, 18.10 to Heathrow London/Heathrow London Chennai club BA0035.

AA flight though left on time from San Diego on 31 May, landed at 10.30 PM (6 hours delayed) with the result we missed the connecting flight to London. BA could rebook our onward journey on 2nd June BA0192 club class to London/BA0035 club world Heathrow to Chennai. We were forced to stay three days in Dallas. We made 3 trips to airport to retrieve our luggage (60 miles per trip). We were forced to stay for two days in Chennai.

Our A/C train ticket booked for ultimate destination Madurai resulted in no show and paid extra charges for rebooking train ticket. I took up the matter for compensation with BA Customer cell BA accepted their mistake and intimated compensation of €600 per person €1200 for two of us. And requested me to submit bank details for credit of compensation. With regard to forced stay in Dallas etc I was informed that they had referred to AA and also asked me to take up the issue with AA. When taken up with AA, they expressed regret for any compensation without assigning any reason.

As desired by BA I submitted bank details for credit of €1200 besides insisting for adequate compensation for forced stay in Dallas etc. BA and AA played ping pong with me. When insisted for credit of €1200, I was informed by BA customer wing that their commitment of €1200 was 'incorrect' on the pretext that delay took place by operating airlines namely.

August 16th I booked business class for my daughters and myself to fly from Seattle to Amsterdam. We left on an American flight which eventually connected to British Air in Chicago then on to London and Amsterdam. Our baggage never left Chicago. Some would question whether this was American's fault or BA however, if that was the only problem I wouldn't be writing this. Our once in a lifetime trip has come and gone with NO baggage to speak of till this day (18 days later). One of my daughter stayed to study over in Spain (one of our stops) for an additional 6 weeks with NO LUGGAGE! We spent half of our trip back and forth to airports to check on our bags only to speak to people that just give you a blank stare and say they can't help us.

We spent countless hours on international calls trying to trace our bags as they apparently were being shipped to us and our different locations even though day 4 into the trip we consistently called, reported, told every BA employee we just wanted them shipped back to our permanent address in the US. I would call twice daily and be told something different each time. There was NO accountability on BA's part. Every day our bag would be in Amsterdam, then back to London then to Spain then to Washington DC then back to Madrid and till this day we have NO BAGS! We live in a modern society - everything is scanned. UPS/Fed EX can tell you within seconds of where your items are at any given point.

Why is it so difficulty to track down where our property is that you have in your possession? You have computers, so you are telling us it is your employees that are completely incompetent, unapologetic, rude! I have never written a bad review but this has consumed me trying to get our property. Note: 1. Avoid flying BA. 2. travel with carry-on only! British Air shame on you!!! You should be embarrassed of your reputation and accountability!

My 16 year old son, Robert **, recently spent six weeks of his summer vacation volunteering for an amazing organization Flying Kites. Please spend a few minutes and learn about this amazing organization at They do Gods work... Robbie left home for the first time to service others. He went way around the world! He is a compassionate, giving and remarkable young man. How many 16 year olds do you know that would give their summer away?

I am writing to you to tell you that his experienced ended on a very sour note that should never ever should have happened. A true misunderstanding by a novice traveler and Robert missed his scheduled flight. He thought he was coming home on Wednesday, not realizing that he was to leave on Tuesday. In airline terms, he was a No Show. There were seats available on the same flight the following day but we were required to buy a very expensive one-way ticket. This actually cost more than his original flight. He was volunteering his time for a not-for-profit, where every single dollar matters. I will never understand why British Airways couldn't have been more understanding and put him on the next flight without charging us. This is just WRONG.

When Robbie and representatives from Flying Kites were at the airport in Nairobi trying to get him home on the next available flight, my son was texting me telling me he was having a panic attack. He felt like he was having a heart attack. He is 16 years old. I was helpless. We wanted to explore less expensive options for him to get home but that was really not an option when one is having an anxiety attack.

I have sent letters to British Airways requesting they do the right thing. I am asking for the airline to make a charitable contribution in travel vouchers to Flying Kites. Upon his return, Robbie was planning on using all the money in his piggy bank to sponsor a young boy he grew to love. He is still very, very upset that his mistake cost so much money and he no longer has ample funds to sponsor his friend. His first night home he was crying in his sleep.

I am familiar with the airline industry and I know that making a charitable donation is not asking for much. The staff at Flying Kites flies back and forth from Boston-Kenya several times throughout the year. How hard would it be for British Airways to make a charitable donation to an organization that would greatly benefit from the contribution? It would also help my 16 year old son sleep at night, understanding mistakes happen and there are lots of good people and organizations in this world. BRITISH AIRWAYS HAS NOT ACKNOWLEDGED ANY OF MY CORRESPONDENCE!!

The idiot that talked to me about my complaint left me with more to complain about!! Even to the extent that an earlier operative had promised to refund the cost of the call I had to make to chase my refund, then the customer relations guy said they wouldn't! and I have proof as I taped the entire conversations! Here's my original complaint:

Right, let me make this clear, whoever reads this is not to fault, and I do not hold you responsible for the absolutely disgraceful service we have received from BA (Bad Airways!), you're just the poor sod who has to try and resolve this case before I take further action! Starting at the beginning - We booked the holiday of a lifetime through our great travel agents, Imagine Africa, a holiday that took us 4 years to save for. Mistake no 1, I specifically asked for the flights, wherever possible, to be with BA as I thought "the world's favourite airline" mmm, NOT! Would make our holiday be a stress free experience!! Honestly, that's what I thought!! (what a pillock I am!).

I checked the flight status, with regular excited vigour, as I wanted to make sure my wife and I sat together. Now I know you can pay extra too, as your website claims (read as lies) "guarantee that your party sits together" mmm, BUT I didn't really want another charge. I could see that the proposed plane, the fantastic and reliable, mmm, A380, has seats in pairs on the upper deck. These are the seats we looked forward to getting on. I promised my wife that if these seats started to disappear, I would pay the extra and book them, begrudgingly, I admit!

So fast forward to about the 9th july 16, and I checked the seat progress. FANTASTIC!!! There were exit aisle seats available!! Whoopee, oh gosh, I couldn't believe my luck! Imagine a little tear of joy running down a poor old man's face, and you'll have some idea of the odious joy I felt! (though you're probably guessing there's a but coming!) So with a shaking hand of joy and a debit card in hand, I booked these seats and for the next week, even the latest news of doom and gloom from our government couldn't wipe the smile of my face :-).

An 11 hour flight is not an enjoyable experience for anyone really, and in cattle class, it's an experience akin to being in solitary confinement at camp 22, North Korea (to save you googling it, that's considered the world's worst prison) But the joy of being able to stretch your legs and not have the person in front reclining their seat into your lap, was a joy to behold! On to the day before, what could possibly be an enjoyable flight!

At approx 19.10 hours on 16/07/16 I went to check in online, as your website says that this will save time at the airport! err, WHO FOR?? More on this later! (sorry is this lie no 2?) mmm. I logged in and I saw that we had been given seats 33E and 34E WTF??? I thought! so I checked seatguru and these seats didn't even exist on the A380!! Must be some mistake I thought? Anyway, these seats aren't even next to each other, and let's face it, what idiot with the brain the size of a broken cornflake would put a husband and wife in different rows?? No, must be a mistake!!! I know! I said, "I'll ring your help line, that'll sort things out!" (I refer to calling myself a pillock again!)

I spent a very enjoyable 17 minutes on hold!!! A quick side question here, does your company earn from the cost of the call? I'm serious, I want to know this! Then I finally got through to a supervisor called Manoj **, he said he was the highest member of the team in the building at that time, and if you expect me to believe the boss answers the phone then perhaps I have got a chance of winning Miss World? Anyway, he informs me that the plane has been changed and that there is nothing he can do, even though I pleaded with him to just put us together!

Now I know things go wrong, particularly with the "world's favourite airline". Actually, I don't think you use that slogan anymore do you? I WONDER WHY?? And if there is a different plane then so be it. BUT!! Your website claims "If we have to change planes, then we will always put your party together in the first instance" I refer to seats 33E and 34E!! I paid for exit row seats, and now my wife and I are in different rows!!! DISGUSTING!! So Mr. ** said NOT to check in online, as I would have to have those seats, and that they would change it at the airport. (lie no3, I think. lots more to come though :-))

Well that night, and with little sleep, it had me worrying about the fact that I would have to sit with a stranger either side of me on a long flight, and the embarrassment I would feel when I had to wake them up to use the facilities! AND THE SAME FOR MY WIFE!!! But all is not lost I thought, (I'm being a pillock again). All night I was worrying that if a plane that held 469 passengers was replaced with a plane that held less than 300, then maybe I should just take the worst seats that some idiot decided should be ours?

So I set the alarm to coincide with the opening of your call centre, at least then I wouldn't be on hold for 17 minutes, IT WASN'T!! HOORAY, it was only 15 minutes!! I still need to know if you earn off of putting people on hold! Don't forget now! And the operator, who was actually quite friendly! As Mr. ** wasn't, he couldn't of give a crap about my problem! Side issue no 2. please listen to all the phone calls I made please and you'll see my point! There were 3 in total, 1 on the 16th, 2 on the 17th. From the 2 calls I made on the 17/07/16, I was assured I could change the seats at the airport (if your fed up of reading this now, wait till we get to the airport part!!) CHECK THE CALLS and the proof will be there!

On to the airport! This is where a disaster becomes a calamity of such proportions, not one comedic scriptwriter could even begin to dream up a new episode of "One foot in the grave". I am a belt and braces kind of guy, well, probably severe OCD, that means I am incredibly well organised and I do not take any chances, so check and double check things, which led us to the airport a full 4.5 hours before boarding. I would always like to be hours earlier than 1 minute late, and I wanted to take my time, get through security and have a nice relaxing meal before the flight from hell! (you're probably ahead of me here, yes, I'm being a pillock again!)

We arrive at Terminal 5, I believe this is your own terminal? So everything will be smoother than a baby bottom? Wouldn't it? Yes, of course it would!! (I am spelling pillock right? Aren't I?) Now we only travel once or twice a year so don't always know the full workings of the airline industry, I'm beginning to think your company doesn't also!! So I ask a nice (lie number whatever!) young lady "sorry, can yo..." "I'll be back to answer your question in a MINUTE!" was the curt reply!! Didn't get her name, but if you have a collection tin for members of your staff who failed charm school, then please inform me! So off she went to move a barrier, answer someone else question, came back, "could you pl..." , said me. "I'LL HELP YOU IN A MINUTE," came the response. So she went off to move the SAME ** barrier AND answered someone else question.

AT THIS POINT, I SMELT MY ARMPITS!! Nope, they're fine! Back she came, and I managed, I did, honest! to ask the full question! HOORAY! "Is this the line for the BA 055 flight?" "YES" she said, and then went off to move the barrier another inch to the left, safe in the fact that she'd REALLY had a good day helping people!! I have been in some slow lines before, but this was ridiculous!! Apparently this was because the automated check in machine WEREN'T working!! (more on this later :-)) Maybe I'm stupid, well for asking for my flights to be with BA, certainly, but if the machines are out of order, wouldn't you put signs up saying so? You would, wouldn't you? Well you DIDN'T! And I took photos and a short video to prove this!!

So hundreds of people were trying to use a machine that DIDN'T WORK! Who's in charge of T5? Mr. Bean? Actually people were tweeting hashtagt5chaos! not that I do twitter! Now as the queue was taking as long as my entire education, I saw another part of check in had a lot shorter queue, so I went over to ask if I could join it for flight BA055? I was told "no, this is for a disrupted flight". So I went back to join my wife in the queue, via another quick question to the same happy harriette as earlier, just to check we were in the right queue. She answered me straight away this time! and said YES! The woman from BA said yes!! Good! (any news on that spelling of pillock yet?)

Just over an hour and a half later we got to see a smiley face at check in, who then proceeded to tell us we were in the WRONG QUEUE!!! To say I wanted to find the chairman of BA and insert a large garden gnome up his backside was becoming overwhelming, and a quick search on Amazon found me the ideal implement!! Luckily this nice lady, yes she was nice, you should have her stuffed as proof, took pity on us, maybe the tear that rolled down my wife face helped? Seriously though, you can annoy me, but look out when you push my wife to tears!!! And she kindly took us to where we should be, funnily enough, it was the shorter queue that I asked if I could join!!! (order placed with amazon!)

The nice young man at check in, yep, that's 2 nice members of staff!! A record? Understood our dilemma of having to spend an 11 hour flight IN DIFFERENT ROWS! And couldn't understand how that could have happened? NOR COULD ANYONE WITH A BRAIN!!! And I asked him if he could do anything, as I had been assured by your call centre on more than 1 occasion that it could. He went, kindly, and asked a manager. Now I couldn't hear what that manager was saying, but by the way he waved this nice young man away. I guess he just thought we were lucky to get on the flight at all! He said the best thing was to take the seats we had been given IN DIFFERENT ROWS, and ask the stewardesses to ask someone to move for us.

Now after being on this flight, it was obvious that there were many single flyers on it, probably business people, so again I reiterate that I need to know how we were put in DIFFERENT ROWS??? He did say that there was a later flight that we could even have exit row seats, that we'd payed for on it, but that would get us in at the same time of our connection to Hoedspruit would leave, and best to take bad seats, at least we'd get our connection then!! (guess what? Yep, ANOTHER LIE!!)

So by time we'd been in more queues than a Russian food shopper. We just about had enough time to go to the nearest food outlet available, something like the pilots lounge? And proceeded to ask them to rush through our order of 2 breakfasts, which came to, with 2 small lemonades, to just under £40!!! I then saw there was a weather spoons, so thanks for getting me ripped off!! So with a breakfast expensive enough to please Iain Duncan Smith's expenses sheet, we went to the gate. And there she was, a plane that would finally take us on our hard earned holiday, a sheer piece of engineering excellence, all shiny and with a proud British flag on her tail wing :-) (spoiler, there's a but coming!).

So we wait for boarding, and we wait, and wait, then finally!! Yes, please! Boarding call? NO!! Message to say they regret there will be slight delay in boarding as the plane is too hot to board,. Yeah, and I'm slightly regretting the day I asked for flights with BA!!! Apparently you have just implemented a new automated system at check in? Hence the machines didn't work, but the old system worked? A quick tip - IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!! So I went and had a word with a nice young man at check in (that's 3 nice people, well done) about the chances of: A- getting on the flight; B- getting our connection, which he said BA would be liable for if we missed it; C- could we get on the later flight, as that might be a safer option. He goes through his screen and it appears that this plane has the same fault as the A380 had, and that's what's caused all of our heartache!!!

You're probably thinking I might be screaming at the guys there by now, who could blame me? But it's not their fault. I just got back on to amazon to order another gnome!!! Well, we finally boarded the plane, over an hour late, but we boarded and we can ask the stewardesses to ask someone to move, which we did, of course they didn't bother!!! So with the prospect of my wife not having my whittling repartee to keep her company for the next 11 hours, she asked the kind man next to her if he would kindly move? Luckily he took pity on us, and I will always be in his debt.

Back to the prison cell that is the BA 777. Now when we boarded we assumed, (hello, where's that confirmation on the correct spelling of pillock?) that we'd be off shortly! WRONG, we spend over an hour and 15 minutes waiting in a hot plane to take off, with 1 ** glass of warm water to help keep us alive!! Thanks.

Actually I made a blog of this part of the episode on my IPAD, a minute by minute, kind of, blow by blow account of the whole sorry episode which I will gladly send as an attachment. But WARNING: the language is choice as your company had finally broken me!!

So, the take off finally arrives, with the prospect of our connection definitely missed! Actually we would have been better off going on the later flight, as I believe that landed before ours!!! But BA to the rescue!! da dada dada da dada da da! We have an announcement that there would be a team of people there in jobber to help with our missed connections! Well SHE was there, yep 1 ** person for a flight full of people all desperate for her attention! And information! So I pushed my way to the front and was told our name was NOT on her list, so go to the desk!! I go to the desk, and the very UNhelpful person there said we weren't on her list, so go and see SA express, who's connection we were with.

Now the first leg of our holiday was at A near £500 a night safari, and I miss a night, then look out BA, YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE!!! Well there was NO room on the only other connection to Hoespruit that day. Cue my wife's tears, AND NOW MINE!!! 4 years of scrimping and saving to be treated like crap!!! Luckily I contacted our travel agent and he sorted out a later flight to another airport, and a 3 hour transfer to our lodge. We finally arrived 9 hours later than we should have, but missed our first game drive, which makes up the huge cost of a safari, which I hold your company responsible for!!

I also hold you responsible for the near £20 phone call it cost me for the call to our travel agent, £1.40 a minute!!! robbing b......s. And that's before we even START to talk about the stress and hardship we were put through through the inadequacies of your company!! I hope you take this seriously, and I can assure you that I will use all my power and energy to make sure that BA is held accountable for this disgraceful service, and will use my consumer rights and social media to let people know about how BA treats their customers if this is not resolved to our satisfaction! Yours, hoping you even read this and not send an automated reply!

My daughters and I flew from London through Dublin on our way home to Chicago on British Airways. We wanted to make sure our Luggage would make it there because we didn't have a lot of time to change flights. The "customer service" people at London Heathrow were absolutely horrible!!! We purposely woke up at 4:00 am to make a 7:30 am flight so we could talk with customer service and make sure our bags would make it home. Not only were the two customer service attendants rude and unresponsive, but the woman (Jordanne) refused to get her supervisor. We were told by Jordanne and Matthew that we didn't have a chance of making our connection in Dublin - so our bags would definitely not make the connection. She said they didn't want the liability for the bags. I couldn't believe it!!

We ended up leaving Jordanne and Matthew and walking to bag check and just checking the bags through - and the very nice gentleman who checked our bags said that there is a note in the system that he "shouldn't check our bags"! He said he didn't see a problem and worst case if they didn't make it - they would come on a different flight to O'Hare. We ended up making our connection and although the bags were late - AMERICAN AIRLINES was extremely helpful in retrieving our bags. I WILL NEVER FLY BRITISH AIRWAYS AGAIN - NOR WILL ANYONE I KNOW.

I book with Malaysia Airlines in Jan 2016 from Perth to Amsterdam so I could fly business with my wife. Malaysia has always been great for last five year but now we go through Heathrow to get to Amsterdam. Now there it just goes downhill. We cannot book our baggage straight through so we have go through Customs pick our bags then book in again. Go back through Custom again. What can I say, have been through third world countries that do better. My advice would be that if you can do not fly through British Airways because when they agree to work with other airlines in Oneworld to give great service I find they lacking. Maybe we are only ones to be look after so well. (Good luck British Airways for the future.)

I have been traveling on BA (previously BOAC) for some fifty years. Unfortunately I have perceived a great decline in efficiency and service with a focus on generating money and failing to take care of customers. My recent return trip from London to the USA provides a good example. First, I received an email the day before my departure indicating the high desirability of checking in online because of projected high volume of passengers at Heathrow.

I was, however, unable to do so because of system glitches that (a) prevented me from accessing my flight information and then (b) prevented me from checking in because, despite the fact that my U.S. passport information had been entered into the system for my outbound flight, I apparently needed a visa to come back home. I spent in excess of two hours unsuccessfully trying to check in, including having a BA representative trying to help me over the phone. Hopefully BA has rectified the system so that U.S. citizens can check in online without the absurdity of BA requiring visa information for them to come back home to the USA.

Second, despite the fact that I had paid $120 to reserve a two seat combination by the window, my wife and I were placed in the middle of a four seat configuration. Though the staff could have helped us into other seats we would have been satisfied with, they refused to do so, moving instead a passenger who had not prepaid for a seat into one of the seats we would have happily occupied.

Understandably the airlines cover themselves to ensure that they are not liable if they fail to provide reserved seats. They should, however, set up a system that expeditiously provides passengers with at a minimum a refund of the money paid. What we encountered were promises and what appeared to be an effort to wear us down so that we might not pursue the refund. Since the BA representative on the flight who listened to our complaint and took down the relevant details said she would file the complaint for us, we believed the matter would be taken care of. However, the result was that after 13 days we received a form letter telling us we need to file a form to obtain reimbursement. What was intriguing about that letter was that the person writing it had looked up our record and seen that we were booked on another flight on BA a few months later and stated that he hoped we would enjoy that flight.

Despite taking the time to do that he did nothing to expedite our claim for reimbursement. I followed up with call to the BA customer service department (312-843-5794) and after four unsuccessful attempts to get through, and a half hour wait to speak to someone, I was told that she would take care of filing for reimbursement for me. Hopefully that will occur and I shall receive my refund.

One final word of advice to passengers on BA who pay for reserved seats. When you reserve your seats make sure you print the receipts that show the numbers of the seats you actually reserved. When it comes to checking in for the actual flight those seat numbers may have been changed and you will not have proof that the seats you are getting are not actually the ones you reserved.

My wife and myself were booked on BA0053 from LHR to SEA on 17th July 2016. We were tele-checked in via booking reference number ** and came to the counter at LHR to drop off our bags and also for passport and visa verification. On receipt of our boarding passes we were allotted seat no 47A and 47C. As we had booked for disability assistance for my wife we were then directed to the counter which handles this activity.

When we reached the counter (enclosure) we were roughly and rudely turned away by the lady at the enclosure saying we were late and that they did not have any agent to push the wheelchair. Then she asked us to walk to gate B34 from the entrance which was quite a long walk. We then had to proceed for security and had to negotiate the escalators which my wife could not since she was nearly 70 years old. At one stage she nearly missed her step and would have fallen. All along she had to wheel her cabin baggage with her.

We had to get on a train to change our terminal and we barely made it to the gate. My wife was panting and had to be seated for nearly 10 minutes. She could not get her breath back, I was afraid that she would swoon and fall down. I feel you should streamline this activity at LHR where the attention is defective, faulty, and treatment not very polite. You should see the callousness with which customers are being treated at this disability counter.

British Airways pretends to be a company that stands for quality and high standards. They would like to be differentiated from the often highly criticised low budget airlines but in actual fact, they practice the exact same crooked, customer ripping off tactics that the low budget airlines practice. I have today spent over 35 mins on the phone with their customer support staff, based most likely in Delhi, India as is the norm nowadays for all so-called "British" companies. Trying to change my husband's booking to the correct date and time I had tried to select from their website. I had originally tried to extend my husband's return flight date from the 23rd July to the 29th July 2016. After having the website glitch on me for over an hour, I then received an email receipt confirming that the dates for my husband's flight had now been changed to the 29th of September. You can imagine my shock at this as I had 100% correctly selected 29th July 2016.

The BA customer service were completely unhelpful. All they want from me is another 100.00 to change the dates from the incorrect 29th September back to what I had originally selected. How can they possibly justify charging me twice for their dodgy website. I am completely horrified by the treatment I have had to endure. They are absolutely despicable and do not give a crap about their customers or satisfaction at all. All they want is your money and they do not mind what underhand techniques they use to get it. Stay away from the website if you want to change your bookings for any flight. In fact just don't fly through them. Awful customer service!

Today the family had to fly with BA, since the problems in Turkey, thought a top rated airline would be pleasant and a happy experience for the children. We arrived at Heathrow T5, at 7:15am. We were directed to the family area, thought great idea, looking after the family especially children as they don't need to be so stressed. The other areas was to be used by anyone. To our horror the other sections were moving at the speed of light compared to the Family Section. (even though this was supposed the other way round).

For a simple check in it took more than 1 hour and 30 minutes, and by the time we were done all my kids were in tear for fearing that they will miss their flight again, through no fault of their own. From a top rated airport and airliner I would have expected 1st class service. But I have had a lot better service from 3rd world airports and their airliners. It would have been a lot easier and cheaper to install machines at the airport rather than employing humans that act like machines. Not recommended at all, will not use even as a last option.

Today my daughter just spent 14 hrs. at Milan airport. The flight was cancelled only through an email, and early in the morning there were no BA representatives at the airport counter. All passenger waited all day without receiving any explanations or apologies. My daughter now has to fly with Iberia to Madrid, and then to Mexico City. BA didn't offer a meal, hotel or any compensation. How could they if there is nobody to take care of customers? Really? And this is a 4 star rated airline? It was great and I used it every year to go to India, twice a year.

Now I will have to file a complain to get a refund for the cash I paid for a good seat on the long haul flight. It's difficult to comprehend what has happened to this once great airline. Extremely poor service, food is average, planes are not very clean inside, many complaints online. Financial difficulties? Unions? Brexit? Competition? New management? Not my problem. I used to be a very loyal BA customer, and often flying Club World and taking my family as well. I will never recommend this airline again, and I will absolutely never fly with them ever again, unless is the only option and as a last resort. Very dissatisfied to say the least.

I had a business class ticket to travel from Dulles Airport (IAD) to London Heathrow on July 1st. I stood in what I understood to be the business class line to check in with other passengers. Suddenly two or three passengers came through another line to my left and when asked by the gate assistant, they said they were in business class. So, I joined that line and when my turn came up, I was served by Sharon and she told me me that I was "jumping" my turn and I have to join the business class line. When I asked her about the business class passenger she just served, she told me that he was a special passenger. Sharon was very rude to me and treated me in a racist fashion. I was humiliated in front of all the passengers and did not appreciate it one single bit.

When my turn came to get served, Sharon called me as she did not have passenger she was helping but I looked at her and told her loudly that I do not wish to be served by her and will be complaining to the person in charge. The person in charge came and apologized to me but that did not take away the racist attitude of Sharon and the way she treated me. I felt first time in my life what it means to be a ** in terms of receiving service from the elite British counter staff attendant. Needless to say, I will never fly British Airways again.

Flew to Athens. Booked in 2 pieces of luggage but only 1 arrived. Going on a cruise but had to wait over 3.5 hours for other baggage to arrive as they "forgot" the first one! Luggage arrive with contents totally upside down and a mess. Got to ship with 15 minutes to spare but had to take own taxi! Trying to get in touch with BA to complaint impossible. Message on phone - busy with previous problems, try again! Did 5 times. Complaint on website doesn't cover my complaint. Written to Head Office - no reply! Very very frustrated.

Really frustrated to find I have to pay Euro 80 to check in one piece of baggage now - didn't have to do this two weeks ago. AND THEN I am asked to pay for my choice of seat. As an Exec Club (albeit lowly grade, was previous gold) I really didn't expect this. I will now avoid BA if I possibly can. I used to think Air France was poor - now I think again.

My opinion is that the seat allocation is a money scam to get you to pay extras for not having a middle seat. I keep getting a middle seat, is that just luck or strategy of BA? Think the latter. Last time I am flying BA. Will choose KLM or Easy jet next time!

I give 0 stars in terms of customer service. I just finished a long haul flight with BA, where I was given no opportunity to select seats. As others explain above, this may be due to OW customers being able to choose seats in advance for free. However, my substantive complaint regarding seating is on behalf of my grandmother, who flew business class, and who brought medical/disability information to the airport as requested, however was also not given a chance to choose the seat. We were told instead "there are no more seats", "the flight is oversold, you should feel lucky that you are getting on this plane at all". This level of customer service was not commensurate with an internationally recognized and sometimes highly acclaimed business.

Furthermore, upon attempting to gain guest access to the business lounge I was informed that my grandmother could enter, but she could not bring a guest. Imagine my surprise when I returned to collect her, and watched the very same staff member inform another passenger that they were not able to bring a guest, but the rules may be bent on this occasion. So assisting my partially blind grandmother was not an appropriate reason to allow entry to the lounge, however, a British couple demonstrated sufficient reason. Her ticket was marked as mobility assisted, but no assistance was given, and my assistance was prevented. Indeed, a review of the admission policies online reveals that a single guest is allowed to all lounges except the arrival lounge **.

BA is a hopeless airline, and this was a woeful experience. Customer service was lacking, to the point of being discriminatory or at least inconsistent in the application of lounge entry rules. Furthermore, may I mention that the in-flight entertainment was extremely dated, with movies from 2015 rather than 2016. There was no way to view a complete list of films, rather, the customer is expected to sift through genres, several of which contain the same movies. The TV had no content within any genre, and this is not up to par with their competitors.

The booking system is designed to milk money from travelers, and I can only echo others' sentiments that after paying thousands for a business class ticket, being gouged for another $500 for a seat choice is insulting. However, we were not even offered that choice. I will not fly BA again, and I suggest alternatives such as Cathay and Singapore, where customer service is still central to their business philosophy.

I dislike the new seating system in Club World, especially the aisle seats that are like perching on a hospital gurney in a busy corridor. So I'm forced to use the pre-seat selection service that costs over $100 to reserve a seat in advance. I booked a window seat, paid $100 and received a confirmation for seat 11A Window. When doing my online check in today, the tickets was for a paid seat reservation in the aisle (seat 4J). I phoned their customer service center in India who after putting me on hold for 30 minutes said they cannot give me a refund.

Three issues here that are much more than a confidence trick of a seat booking fee. How can BA claim to be a full service airline when they use budget carrier tactics like charging for seat bookings. How can they extort money for a false seat booking system? How can they claim to be the World's Favourite Airline when the data shows the opposite?

My parents came to visit me in Dublin and on the way back their flight was delayed by BA by two hours. So once they got to Heathrow their flight to GRU was gone. BA just gave them 2 vouchers of 5 pounds to stay in a hotel and told them to find something by themselves. Considering they are 75 years old with almost no English, you can imagine how difficult it was. So BA didn't pay for the hotel, didn't give them another flight and they now have to wait in the airport until 9 pm to see if they will have another flight. What a nightmare! I will make sure they never use BA ever again. Thanks for the appalling customer service BA.

My aunty and grandmom was travelling to toronto with british airlines today. We went to collect our boarding pass. Counter lady ask us boarding instead. It very unprofessional. Later she asked our flight no. I could find my flight no. on my ticket. I ask her to check. She refuse and told to find by myself. I found out later and she scan our passport. Her computer was having some problem and said ** sake. Very rude counter. Name was sonia. Very old lady.

This is the first time we chose to use this airline for a nice vacation. The airline ticket price dropped almost $300 per person and we have NO recourse. And the cancellation fee is $300 per ticket, so we can't even cancel our tickets at a nominal fee and rebook at the lower price. Absolutely NO ONE will help. WE WILL NEVER CONSIDER using this airline again. We feel CHEATED. Is this anyway to treat a new customer?

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