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Last updated: Jan. 4, 2018

111 Qantas Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2018
29.11.17. We had arrived at Sydney Airport Departures well in time but it took a long time in line to check in. After finally it was our turn. We all showed our passports and bookings. Then the lady asked for our return bookings out of NZ. When I tried to show my booking on my phone's email my booking would not open due to bad wifi or not working wifi!! No matter how much I tried it just wouldn't open! To add to my problem the check in lady wouldn't help me and kept on saying to hurry up and if I couldn't show the email in a minutes time she would offload me! A Ms. G ** even gave her email ID and my son sitting in India (4 am in the night) sent my ticket by email to her email address 3 times but she kept saying she hadn't received it! I Tried making calls to my husband in India but in vain.

It was difficult to even make a call!

Tried so many times and with the check in lady threatening us that the flight would take off and that only I (**) cannot board as I had ran out of time! (Later found out that fly didn't go on time also). All my friends (4 of them) had to leave without me! I was asked to go to the TG (Thai airlines) office to get a print out of my ticket. As I came out of the lift. The wifi started to work and I was able download my ticket!! I took a screenshot of the ticket and went to show them at the Qantas desk. But on showing it they said they could not do anything about it now!! On requesting them to put me on the next flight which was due at 1:50 pm. They said they could not help me and showed me the way to the sales counter of Qantas airlines!!

I therefore decided to BUY a new ticket to be able to get to Auckland ASAP!! After finding out the cheapest way to get there I had to buy another ticket for the 1:50 pm QANTAS flight!! Which cost me aus$ 574/-!!! No way was it cheap!! It was very MEAN of Qantas airlines staff!! I also had an ongoing flight to Rotorua and I had to miss that flight too due to timings!! I want to claim the money I paid for both the flights!! I have written my complaints to Qantas and even received a complaint register number... 2017/** but to no response even after 40-50 days!!! Extremely angry!?? Shame on you Qantas!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

When flying with Qantas I was very, very disappointed. I was seated at back of plane, food and service was very bad, I was seated next to two men, the seats were so small we were crammed in like sardines. I would not recommend Qantas to anyone and I would never fly with them again, very, very bad experience.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2017

We have been Frequent Flyers for many years and choose to fly Qantas or partners. We paid $7646.90 for return flights Brisbane to London and one way to Budapest. We flew with BA from Singapore to London return by World Traveller Plus which is equal to Premium Economy but were not credited the correct amount of points. I have sent numerous emails with all the relevant details but get numerous people with different excuses. The last one today said as we got either an upgrade or complimentary upgrade, we were not entitled to the missing points. This is just a cop out as we did not have an upgrade. I would not expect to pay $7646 for economy flights or else someone has ripped us off. We know how we travelled and it was Premium Economy or equivalent. As for ringing them I spent 70 minutes on hold on 9/10 for another matter which is a joke. Shame on you Qantas for ripping off the little people.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

I was booked on a return ticket on 21st September to Sydney and returning to the Philippines on the 13th of October, 2017. Due to circumstances, I needed to book an earlier flight back, and been given a ticket to fly on the 5th October, due to changed of date. I had to pay a fee of 300 dollars Australian. When I reached the airport, the Qantas attendant at the check-in counter informed me, that I am not allowed to fly because I only have a one way ticket, that I should possess a return ticket because I am holding a valid Australian passport, and she said that Australian passport holder should have a return ticket on hand for it is the International law. As I remembered, I flew to the Philippines on January 30, 2010 on a one-way ticket only and I got through, due to the fact that I am a Filipino descent. So, I just turned around and buy new set of return tickets for me and my husband.

Qantas Airline charged us 500 Australian dollars for the "NO SHOW" at the airport. Why? The Qantas attendant did not even let us enter the Qantas lane. And then, from the very beginning of changing the dates, fees and more fees were added to get the proper tickets to enter my country of origin. As I was traveling with my 92 years old husband on a wheelchair, don't you think this is absurd? Where is the humanity in this? And the true fact is, we needed to borrow the money to buy new sets of return tickets so we could fly back which also in fact, not necessary, because as we entered the Philippines, the Immigration official stamped our passports on a whole year stay, and what then for the return tickets we have, can those be refunded? If so, please have it refunded so we don't have to shoulder much paying off the borrowed money to get those tickets.

I know that your employees are just doing their jobs, but please let them know also the sorts of waiver that your airline should follow. Can it be more lenient especially to those people with disabilities like of my husband. We could have more enjoyable flight with Qantas if this matter was given attention through and through instead of leaving us on distress. We were frequent flyers of Qantas Airline for more than 20 years now, and this last flight was a horror. Thank you and regards.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

I was onboard a Qantas flight from Canberra to Melbourne the 15 of February 2017. I was allocated an exit row seat 14 F. When the cabin crew member was informing us of the dangerous situations and what to do under the circumstances such as fire or water, the flight attendant ended it with "most importantly make sure you stay away from the Arab looking guy." The statement was extremely racist and totally unacceptable! Being an Australian Arab I am deeply offended and insulted with this behaviour. I was humiliated and embarrassed, the crew member was creating terror and fear for customers onboard. Qantas is a partner of Emirates which has "Arab guys." I am sure they would not find this behaviour funny or acceptable either! I am surprised and flabbergasted still of what happened.

What happened to respect, equality and basic human decency! I am extremely disappointed, honestly I would like to know what Qantas leadership and Management think about this behaviour and how they allow their employees to behave in this manner and taint the Qantas brand name and jeopardize their partnership with Emirates. I made a formal complaint to Qantas, they said they will investigate however they did. It perform their due diligence. I requested an apology several times however never got one. Qantas did not take the unlawful discrimination matter seriously at all and there is no resolution.

I am now taking a legal approach to this matter and my lawyer advised I have a very strong case as I have evidence of the Discriminatory comments being made by the crew member. I am seeking justice to ensure this unlawful discrimination behaviour will not happen ever again on a Qantas flight and creating terror and fear for customers against a race on flights will be diminished. I am also in the process of collating other passengers experiences of unlawful discrimination to highlight the pattern of behaviour and strengthen the lawsuit case. Shedding light in the media is also crucial to eliminate this discriminatory behaviour. Please reach out if interested. Thanks.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 31, 2017

I booked a return flight Sydney to Colombo with Qantas. I am a Frequent Flyer. I have my dietary requirements set to vegetarian. When attempting to confirm my flight online I noticed that the second leg of my flight from Singapore indicated vegetarian meal as not available. I attempted to phone but left on hold. I used the chat facility and was made aware only then that this leg of flight, although having a Qantas flight number was with Emirates. I was told it was my responsibility to contact Emirates and arrange vegetarian meal. I explained that as I had booked with Qantas, it was easier and appropriate for Qantas to do this. I was told again it was up to me and was given two phone numbers neither of which worked.

I complained to Qantas using their complaint feedback form on 4/7. I received an acknowledgment saying I would receive a response within a maximum 15 days. 30 days later I have had no response. My return flight is soon and I am receiving the same intransigent treatment. The complaint link provided this time does not work. Surely if Qantas subcontract my seat and seat preference, they can also advise their partner of dietary requirements. I am very disappointed in Qantas' customer care.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 23, 2017

DON'T TRUST QANTAS CASHCARD!!! While traveling in the UK May/June 2017, one of the forms of funds I took was Sterling on Qcashcard. Nearing the end of my stay, apart from my credit card, the cashcard was the last of the other 3 forms of cash availability I took. It suddenly stopped working and I couldn't withdraw money from ATMs or use it for retail transactions as I had been. After much stress and heartburning and a very protracted call to Australia from a friends landline, MasterCard was able eventually discover that F flyer had sent a new card to my home address and cut off the card I was using due to status change. No response from Qantas other than automated emails at 1.5 months and 4 emails to different departments. An entirely unsatisfactory action and totally unsatisfactory response from QANTAS. BEWARE!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 31, 2017

I had booked a return Qantas flight Auckland to Bangkok 27th April 2017, Bangkok to Auckland 29th May 2017. On the return flight I called Expedia 5 days before flying as they were my travel agents to ask Qantas what were the criteria to fly after surgery and if I could get a priority booking. Expedia had me on the phone and returned saying all that was required was a letter from my surgeon giving clearance to fly. I had a laparoscopic surgery for weight loss 7days prior. I turned up to check in with the doctors letter. The check-in Qantas person proceeded to issue my boarding pass for myself, my friend who has also had the same surgery and also my 24 year old son. Two wheelchairs were provided. We said we could walk.

Then we were left waiting for some time unsure of what was going on. The Qantas supervisor had turned up and wanted to know why we required priority boarding. She apparently proceeded to tell me that we could not board the flight because our operation needed to be at least 10 days prior before being permitted to fly on a Qantas aircraft. We had just arrived from India to Bangkok where we had the surgery which was a 6 hour flight. I could not believe we’re not going to board the flight. The supervisor had spoken with doctors from Sydney and they confirmed that we could not proceed to board. I am not sure on what information though. I had called my surgeon who spoke with the supervisor but she was not going to allow any changes to the phone conversation she had with Qantas Sydney Doctors.

I asked if I could speak with the Sydney doctors so I could relay my condition with them. This was not permitted and so I requested that they have a doctor give me a checkup. The Qantas supervisor nor the manager had no medical knowledge. As for myself I am married to a doctor and my companion is a practice manager for Surgeons in Rotorua. We probably have more medical knowledge than the Qantas manager and supervisor put together. The supervisor tore our boarding passes very cynically. I asked what we’re to do if we did not board the flight and were we going to get replaced tickets and were we going to get help with accommodation.

I was so distressed and upset from these unexpected turn of events. My husband who had been trying to contact me found that on the Qantas website it stated if I traveler had laparoscopic surgery flight could commence four days after surgery. It was too late. My son managed to board the flight but my friend and I were left with wondering how we were going to get home. When we were more composed and not so upset we went to Bangkok help desk to ask what we could do. They suggested we go to Thai Airways booking office which was right on the same floor we were on and we booked a flight with Thai Airways for the following evening a direct flight from Bangkok to Auckland which cost us $899.00 each. We went back to the help desk who directed us to floor 2 to book accommodation close to the airport costing us $78 for the night. I will never fly with Qantas again even though I was a frequent flyer. Cold and heartless.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 18, 2017

I don't normally write airline reviews and am not in the habit of complaining, but QANTAS was SO BAD that I really feel it needs to be made public. I am a 58 year old lady and was traveling with my husband from Christchurch to London. This involves a very long journey and three different flights, first from Christchurch to Melbourne, then from Melbourne to Dubai and finally from Dubai to London. The total time of traveling was something like 29 hours and the middle flight something like 13 or 14 hours. We fly quite a lot and use all sorts of airlines, including low cost airlines. I am not a fussy person and quite happy with just an ordinary seat, particularly as I am not very tall. If food and service is good it is of course a premium but I would be satisfied with most things.

Unfortunately this time, I managed to break a bone in my foot just the day before our flight. The foot could only be bandaged until I reach back home as otherwise I would have been unable to fly. The medical center did the x-rays and the doctor prepared a medical report for me to take to an orthopedic surgeon in London and a copy for the airline. I was very worried how we will manage to fly, as I could not walk at all. I was just hopping on one leg for a very short distance with some crutches we managed to buy, and then into whatever wheelchair or car. So of course we at least try to come very early to the check-in to see if they could help me a little bit for the flight. The desk attendant in Christchurch managed to change our seats to one which has a spare one in the middle for the (relatively short) flight from Christchurch to Melbourne.

This was very useful as I could raise my leg over the empty seat and over my husband's lap, which helped a lot with the pain and the swelling. The doctor stated clearly in writing that there is an additional risk of DVT particularly as my leg had to be tightly bandaged to stop getting worse. It was a real struggle to go to the toilet with the crutches and even using the toilet. Nevertheless, the check-in assistant in Christchurch claimed that she could not arrange anything for the two other flights (Melbourne to Dubai, the longest one, and Dubai to London, fairly long also) and that we had to speak to staff at each location. I doubt that very much and just think she could not be bothered.

Anyhow, at Melbourne, staff just parked me and no one talked to us. Our tickets were given to a check-in staff who simply changed our exit seats to normal seats, with absolutely no consideration taken with my broken leg and my pain and difficulties (we had booked these seats months ago at an extra charge, but they cannot be used in case of mobility difficulties). I then spent the next 13 or 14 hours in absolute agony squeezed in my seat with my sorry leg, occasionally struggling like crazy to use the toilet. There was no sympathy and no help from staff. On the contrary, at one point I was so desperate on leaving the toilet that I briefly sat on the seat that the hostesses use during take-off and landing and was swiftly told off. I know I can't do this but I was so desperate and no help was offered with anything.

For the third and final flight, we were told again to speak to the staff at check-in, and again this was totally useless and we were simply told that there were absolutely no spare seats on the flight and they could absolutely do nothing. I was in tears by then, because it looked like I had to endure another 7 or 8 hours flight with no consideration and in agony, particularly as it become quickly clear to me that there were the odd empty seat here and there that could have easily given me a lot of help and relief if only the will of the airline and the staff was there. Indeed, frustratingly, directly behind me there was a seat with no seat in front which would have helped my leg massively. The person sitting there said that they paid 180 dollars extra for that seat. So basically no one was asked to move and no one was prepared to move.

After I finally lost my temper and started shouting at the poor cabin attendants in desperation, and a few hours into this last flight, a more senior looking staff member finally suggested moving us upstairs to the business or first class, and I said I was not sure I could make the stairs. Then finally the person sitting in the seat behind with the space in front offered to go to the business or first class upstairs and give up that seat for me. FINALLY, relief at least, after being for about 20 hours in total pain and discomfort. Why could they not have done this from the start of the flight, and for all the flights? The person I dealt with was then full of apology but for me it was way too late. I would not be surprised that this whole episode made my break even worse, because on getting home and finally seeing an orthopedic surgeon, I needed an operation to put the bone right so that it heals properly. This was my worst experience of flying with any airline ever.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: May 16, 2017

Flew QF51 from Brisbane to Singapore on Monday, May 1. Seat 48B. Wrote a letter explaining my bad experience 15 days ago. Have not heard back from them. Card Board Box Service. Understand the cost saving advantages from removing tray service and replacing with cardboard boxes, retail cakes and desserts. However, I have the following comments:

Increases the mess around the cabin. Increases requirement of guest participation in service procedure. Aisle customers constantly having to pass items to neighbours. Increases expectation by cabin attendants that seated customers will assist them in food delivery and waste collection. Waste collection is performed with all the management and style of janitors cleaning a football stadium after the fans have left. Retail packaging is tossed into bags at floor level (Sometimes from a distance.). Dumbs down the service. Flying Emirates two days prior, service still provided by tray cleaner, more efficient, more stylish, less disruption to seated guests, little or no required participation by seated passengers for service delivery and waste removal.

Service. Cabin attendant walking backward up from the back of the plane yelling out, DRINK as each seat row was reached. Surely, more effective if attendant walks forward from the top of the plane so passengers can see she is coming down with a drink to offer and no need to shout out. Two hours into the flight before any food was served. Only water and a single drink option was offered earlier. No initial bar round offered with drink, crackers, nuts. No forced delay was noted. Seatbelt sign off at around 25,000 feet.

Request for extra cheese and crackers ignored. (Provided during main meal.) As stated above, retail food items simply passed to me with expectation that I will complete the service provision to my neighbouring passenger. No smile, recognition or thank you. (Like it was my duty.) Expectation passengers are responsible for waste collection and deposit into the large bag purposely positioned at below seat level for this reason. No smile, recognition or thank you. (Like it was my duty.)

Request for a beer during the service of noodles was met with the Fawlty Towers, "A BEER!" spoken with loud voice that could be heard several rows away. No polite exchange, no offer of selection of beers, just the deposit of the beer onto my table tray. (Neighbouring passenger noted and commented to me on the rudeness of the exchange.)

Food. Selected Biryani. (Poor selection on my part. Over optimistic due to the excellent green chicken curry from Emirates two days earlier.) Lacking sauce. Lacking vegetables. Leathery naan bread served inside the dish. (Should be served separately.) Basically, a plate of rice. Most importantly, the dish was not spicy. Or no option was provided to make the dish spicy through the addition of a spicy sauce. This is a very important service omission for Asian customers. Noodles served in a cardboard box were soggy and inedible.

The plane was full, so obviously business is good. The above comments may or may not have any effect on your business success. But although economy class passengers have long let go of the glamourized impression of air flight, other airlines (most notably Asian and Middle Eastern) are at least working hard at aspects of the guest experience with professional service, attendants with at least competent communication skills and basic manners (more often high class service professionals), sensible menu selection (recognizing the limitations of air flight catering) and good food.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 5, 2017

Just flew Brisbane to Sydney. The staff were all helpful and friendly. The new business lounge in Brisbane was well equipped, well staffed and toilets were clean and modern. The in flight meal was tasty and everything was on time. Altogether, a good start to a holiday and everyone did their job well and were an asset to the business.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 6, 2017

Disgusting customer service practices and lack of care or regard for long term customers. I wasn't contacted regarding a flight change for my girlfriend and only found out myself by chance that the flight had been changed, plus frequent flyer details were removed from the flight. After speaking to their "team" both via phone and via internet they basically couldn't give a ** and didn't care or make and effort to deal with my frustrations or concerns. They also said that they didn't have the phone number to their own complaints department (wtf?), I found the complaint department number myself after thorough navigation of their website, but speaking with them was also in vain. /:(

I find the fact that I can't even call to make a complaint bloody ridiculous, their "staff" didn't take any responsibility and passed me onto this stupid form to fill out which fyi was also down. No effort was made to improve my experience and it also sounds their "team" isn't even based in Australia anymore. Which is disgusting considering their our national airline. /:(

After flying with their services every year for the past ten years, if this is the way they treat their customers then won't be flying with them anymore. /:( And based on my previous conversations I doubt they care anyway. Considering my girlfriend could have missed her flight and be stuck in china and they didn't seem to care about the gravity of this situation is quite concerning. DON'T FLY WITH QANTAS. I WON'T FLY WITH THEM OR THEIR AFFILIATES (JETSTAR) EVER AGAIN.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 10, 2017

I am a Qantas Frequent Flyer, which I have been for many years. A simple task which I asked Qantas customer service to perform, as changed my further patronage of Qantas Airlines, both domestic and international. The simple task asked of them was to send myself in reply via email answers to questions that I had sent them both by their website and by email before an international flight of which was booked through Qantas.

I was under the belief that I would receive an email answering the questions in no more than 2-3 days. But after 2 weeks and still no reply solely automated responses from their website saying nothing, I have then tried to call "Qantas Customer Help". All I experienced was a 1 hour waste of time on a phone call listening to music and recorded messages saying how good customer service and flights with Qantas experience are. In fact, nothing could be more further from the truth!

I hung up the call after 1 hour as life is far too short for such wasted time dealing with such incompetent customer service. All I advise other passengers after experiencing this terrible service is if you are unfortunate to be flying with Qantas take out some serious travel insurance and life insurance because if there in-flight safety and service is anything similar to what their customer service shown to a frequent flyer. Look out! I WILL MOST DEFINITELY BE CHOOSING A DIFFERENT AIRLINE NEXT TIME I CHOOSE TO TRAVEL. NEVER FLY QANTAS!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 4, 2017

Last September I booked a trip from Philadelphia to New Zealand through Expedia, via Qantas. Due to circumstances, I had to change the dates to April of this year. Expedia advised me that because my flight was within 24 hours, I had to contact Qantas to make the change. After calling Qantas and explaining the situation, their customer service rep told me to go online and change it. I did, and received confirmation emails that my flight was now in April. Months went by, and I received several emails from Qantas advising of minor changes to the flight times in April. Each time, I called to confirm these changes as directed, and the reps simply advised that it was now om, changes have been confirmed.

Last week, I called to see if I could move my flight forward one day and was told "you contact Expedia to do so". After getting a run around from Expedia for a week, they finally told me that Qantas advised them that because the original flight was booked through Expedia, the change made on the Qantas website was invalid and that I had no ticket for the April flight I had been confirming for months. They gave me two options; pay and additional $1000.00 to update my flight to April, or cancel the ticket (which they said I did not have) and get a refund, minus a $500.00 cancellation fee.

After fighting with Expedia, they agreed to pay the cancellation fee and I was able to book a new flight with Air New Zealand, but because I was not booking as far in advance now, the flight cost $700.00 more than what the initial cost was. Not one single person, in 4 phone calls to the airline and 6 to Expedia in the past 4 months let me know there was a problem with the ticket until now. I will never ever give either of these companies a single cent again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 2, 2017

Took a flight from London to Christchurch in February on QF9 and QF8766, the latter being operated by Emirates from Sydney to Christchurch. Baggage received at Christchurch frankly vandalised. Qantas say it is down to Emirates to deal with this. I fail to see how that can be the case if the luggage was passed to Qantas' care in London and not seen again until Christchurch. Won't be using again. Makes RyanAir look benevolent.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 7, 2017

Booked a flight on Qantas London Heathrow to Perth return, received tickets, etc., 10 days later was informed by Qantas "Your flight has been cancelled" due to a filing error with the price I paid. Left me 1200 out of pocket as I had booked nonrefundable hotels & car hire. Qantas won't answer emails or talk to me on the phone as they say I need a valid booking to speak to an agent. Worse airline experience I've ever encountered. Will book with one of the Middle Eastern airlines in future. Can't understand how airlines like Qantas survive with such bad service.

Original review: Dec. 21, 2016

Where can I start? It was a terrible experience from booking, to trying to get a customer service rep online, which btw costs money, to extremely long call hold times. When flying from Auckland to LAX, the tv screens did not work for over half the passengers, the flight attendants were rude, and the food was sub par. I would recommend any other airline to anyone flying in their routes. What the heck, it can't be any worse???

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2016

Bought a return air ticket from Blackall to Brisbane return for $281.70. I changed the date of travel from 21 Nov. to 18 Nov. for the Blackall to Brisbane leg and was charged an additional $364.00. For simply a change of date and no extra mileage this is clearly another example of a monopoly taking advantage of the consumer. In my view Qantas is a disgrace and given a choice would never fly with them again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2016

I noticed some bad reviews here, so had to post a positive one for balance! We recently flew London to Melbourne return on the QF9/10 flights. As we are getting older we went the extra mile and booked Premium Economy. Even though the cost is expensive, we made the right choice. The extra space for comfort and leg room were a bonus, and the staff were so nice. For us the downside was getting the entertainment touch screen to respond, and the Premium menu not being down to earth enough. Not all people can eat curry or spicy foods (Me!) due to medical problems.

The duty free in flight gifts on offer are too up market, not everyone can pay 300-400 AUS dollars for a watch or jewelry. Thought needs to be taken to include young people, perhaps junior captain badges, stewardess wings, or model A380 with a stand. The small glass used for wine etc should be engraved with the Qantas logo and sold as a pair in the gifts catalogue. We would have bought that! We would have appreciated the chance of souvenirs with the Qantas as logo on, such as a small dish, or condiment set etc. Traditional should not be overlooked!

With a little exploration and patience, the right department for concerns can be found. Overall, our worst points have to be with the airports and not Qantas. Heathrow is the worst of all, making us walk for miles when we got back after a grueling 23 hour flight, with nowhere to sit in the corridors. The older generation need to be remembered please.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2016

On Sept. 6th I traveled from Singapore to Sydney economy class. The level of service was terrible. We were handed a menu that stated "Snack," "Fresh fruit," and finally "Breakfast." What we got was something indescribable in a box for a snack. It looked like a tired hot dog, that came with no napkins and a bar of Kit Kat. Next I was waiting on the fresh fruit that never came. A few hours later I inquired about the fruit and the steward told me, "Oh sure. I'll get you some." Obviously they were too lazy to deliver it to passengers.

When breakfast arrived that left a lot to be desired. There was no tea or coffee served with the breakfast... unbelievable for an airline like Qantas. No wonder you're making mammoth profits cutting down on service like that. I will warn everyone I know not to travel on your airline. Shame as it used to be up there with the best. You should take a long hard look at Emirates for the perfect example of how an airline should treat its passengers.

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Original review: Aug. 21, 2016

Shocking. Delayed flights and lost luggage. When I finally got a call from the Qantas guy in NYC that the delivery guy was downstairs I asked if he could bring it since my apartment block doesn't have an elevator and he say no! I had arranged for friends to meet me the day I arrived specifically to help me with the luggage. AND I was in business class. Don't fly Qantas, Asian and Middle Eastern airlines much much better.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 5, 2016

Lost baggage on Melbourne to London flight. Fair enough it can happen. But then no communication. 5 days later I can't get through on the phone. They only have an Australian number but I have had to hold for 30 min at a time with no response. Looking in Twitter there are many who have been kept holding for 60-90 minutes before the phone is answered. Their customer service website helpfully sends an auto response saying they do their best to reply within 15 days. There is a presence Twitter but then no ability to do anything other than apologise and provide links to customer complaints forms (that will be answered in 15 days). I can't recall a worse customer experience. I have been flying this route for six years. Never again. I will find another way don't care what it costs.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 10, 2016

My wife, daughter and stepmother supposed to fly from Chch to Sydney, and then Sydney to Jhb on the 22nd Dec. When arrived at the airport at Chch, they were stopped and not allow on the airplane due to "not have the right affidavit forms" to go into South Africa. They went out of South Africa with the then presented forms in SA on the 5th December, and only want to return to South Africa. What they did had was a signed consent form from me, my daughter's dad, and a certified unabridged birth certificate. What they did not have, according to the lady (at Qantas check-in), was an official document from SA immigration that also need to be signed and certified by SA police. Due to this they missed their flights all the way to Jhb, and now I was required to change the bookings and pay a hefty fee of ZAR14,500 to get them back to SA.

When we left South Africa, SA authority looked at our documentation (Unabridged certificate + consent of the parent not travelling), there were no problems. They asked if we have return tickets and we could show them - all paid in full. Although South African authority let as through 17 prior coming back, Qantas decided, "No, that is not the case". What would have happened if I had not R12,150 to pay for the additional "changed" air tickets? Would Qantas paid for their stay and immigration fees that they could stay longer? It was sort sighted of Qantas and I'm furious that I need to pay for "continuous improve your experience".

The day my wife have been stopped at the counter they first advised I, her husband sitting in South Africa, can forward what they think the right documents are, to a fax machine. I had it all done within 10 min and for 20 min tried to send the forms to that fax machine and it was the whole time "busy". So they could board the airplane on Qantas "requirements", but because the fax machine was busy, could not get the documents to them. Then they advised after 15 min of struggle to get a fax through, I can use an e-mail address. I've tried the e-mail address, and still it indicated it could not send the documents.

The next day when we made the new bookings, they brought a whole stack of documents that went through after my wife left after they closed the gates the previous day, indicating Qantas system was backlogged and could not immediately received faxes and e-mails. I'm furious that Qantas think that I can afford spend on additional tickets! According the right procedure would have been to allow them through that if there was problems that they would have been blocked in South Africa. Yes I agree for people visiting South Africa while they staying in New Zealand (or Australia for that matter), it is correct to be sure they have the correct documentation. But not for returning South Africa Residents that have already been through SA customs and been allowed through.

This has been logged with Qantas on the 24th December 2015, as well as again on the 11 Jan 2016. I've only received an automated e-mail indicated it will be forward to customer care and will come back to me soon. They did not. I then logged a customer complain on QANTAS Facebook. Once again they indicated they will come back to me. They didn't and that was 3 months ago. Please advise what I should do regarding this event.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: May 11, 2016

I bought a ticket for $160 USD. In two days, I noticed that the date I picked the ticket for was completely different than what I actually selected. The website bugged out, fine. I called Qantas customer service and asked them a simple request, change the date. I found a ticket that was identical, the same location/times/price, the only difference was the date. After a representative agreed to change it, I discovered my credit card charged $210 USD more. I found out that this was because they upcharged me for the ticket (that was the same price when I found it) and also charged me simply for calling in. Their customer service sucks over email and they CHARGE if you call them.

After I emailed them, they refunded me $90. Great! And then charged me ANOTHER $280 without even a confirmation or explanation for what. Seriously? By the way, customer service is INCREDIBLY rude. I got yelled at and interrupted multiple times even though I was talking very calmly and politely, even though I was obviously very frustrated. TLDR: Due to their inability to do their jobs, I was charged 160+210-90+280 = $560 for a ticket that should have cost $160. Do not use this company if you value your money.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 3, 2016

Immediately after making my booking I was able to choose my seat, including an exit row without extra charge. So I boarded the plane on the day of the flight and shortly afterward a friendly steward arrived with hot towels. After takeoff I was offered a choice of meals – all available, and a tray of good quality food arrived. I could even use metal knives and forks. After dinner I was offered a cognac – very nice. I used the restrooms and there were a range of scents and creams. The toilets were clean and fresh. During the flight I was regularly offered drinks and snacks by smiling friendly staff. I used the in seat entertainment system which worked fine and provided a great range of up to date entertainment. I had plenty of leg room and a comfortable flight arriving on time at my destination. Great for an economy flight – £100 cheaper than my previous flight to the same destination.

Only problem was this was not with Qantas. It might have been 20 years ago – but is no longer. More and more people I speak to express surprise that it has taken me so long to change airlines. I have been loyal to Qantas for over 40 years. But they no longer provide a sufficient level of service, no longer respond to complaints, even letters written directly to Qantas Customer Relations and no longer provide a reliable service as our 9.5 hour layover in Dubai recently demonstrated. So, bye Qantas. It has been a long and sometimes lovely relationship but time has come for us to go our separate ways. It's not you. It's me. No hang on – that’s not right, IT'S YOU!!! It's over.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 9, 2016

We booked our RT fare to Sydney from SFO a couple of weeks ago on Qantas. Last night I got an email from Qantas offering a "surprise sale" that would take about $400 off each ticket. The flight days and numbers would stay the same. The first customer service couldn't find the sale info and said he couldn't help us unless he could see it. We found that info on their website and called back. After much research the customer service said - "you can cancel for $500 and rebook or keep the existing reservation". They don't give price matching on their existing tickets. Doesn't say much about Qantas or the early booking experience with them.

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Original review: Feb. 24, 2016

Except for emergencies, I stopped flying with Qantas several years ago. It was after hearing the new manager of the Qantas Frequent Flyer loyalty program giving a sycophantic account of her duties. When describing her work priorities, she said that maximizing profitability was her number one goal. I thought that it was Alan Joyce who took on that role? There was no mention of how loyalty would be created and nurtured, the way it used to be done; no there would be none of that. The new manager of Qantas Frequent Flyer loyalty program wasn't going to let Customer Loyalty get in the way of her doing her bit to increase profits and the illusion of reduced operating costs was achieved by making it impossible for anyone, including hard won loyal customers, to communicate with Qantas Frequent Flyer, or anyone else at Qantas for that matter.

I say it's an illusion because I imagine that a new expense has arisen in Qantas' Marketing, where they are having to replace the large numbers of customers that the Qantas Loyalty department have discarded like trash, every week. Of course, Qantas management wouldn't have a clue because there is no way of contacting them. Even though I use competing airlines for most of my travel, I am still forced to suffer at the inadequate hands of Qantas Frequent Flyer staff. I have spent over seventy thousand dollars this year on flights with Qantas Partner airlines, Malaysian and Emirates. The claims I submitted for Frequent Flyer points were rejected for most of these flights. I called the Qantas Frequent Flyer help desk and a day later, spoke to a person.

The lady I spoke to was rude and suggested I was lying about the flights. I had kept all the boarding passes and tickets and had a copy of the American Express statements showing the ticket payments had been made. I sent the proof to Qantas nine months ago and heard nothing from them. A Google search shows that this is a common complaint about Qantas. Currently, Qantas are flying high on the back of cheap oil prices, but the cost of fuel will eventually rise, and then maybe someone at Qantas will start to wonder where all their frequent flyer customers have gone. Qantas should get rid of their Frequent Flyer department and employ people who focus on creating loyalty, and retaining it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 15, 2016

Our Premium Economy seats on QF127 SYD-HK 5 JAN 2016 were downgraded to Economy without sufficient notice nor our acknowledgement. Compensation details were not provided at that time. Fare difference not refunded. Subsequent (2) customer complaints ignored and still no reply received as at to date (15 Feb 2016).

This was what happened: With just under 24 hours on 4 Jan 2016 10.32am, we received an email of the downgrade with no explanation nor compensation details. The email indicated to call the QANTAS general number for enquiries. We called and was informed the queue would be 1 hour 35 mins. We waited for 15 mins without being directed nor able to speak to any operator. We arrived Sydney Airport 2 hours and 40 mins prior departure time, checked in at the kiosk and waited 10 mins at the Qantas Assistance counter and was only then told the plane was changed and there were no Premium Economy seats, thus all Premium Economy seats have been downgraded to Economy. The customer service staff stated each person will be compensated AUD 200 plus a refund of fares difference between Premium Economy and Economy.

We have subsequently called QANTAS customer service in HK on 6 Jan 2016 to further confirm when the fare difference refund and compensation will be given. However was informed the only refund given is AUD 200 per person. As instructed, we submitted posted a complaint on QANTAS' website 'Customer Care' complaint on the 7-Jan-2016 requesting a fare difference refund. There has been no reply (except for the auto reply emails) nor we have been contacted by Qantas customer service.

We waited until 26 Jan 2016 before submitting a follow-up complaint, again no reply or call has been received. We condemn Qantas to be ashamed for being the biggest airline in Australia, where a simple complaint does not even get attended to. Or is this the usual practice where Qantas just ignore customer complaints totally? It is unimaginable where such customer service will lead Qantas in the future?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2015

Thoroughly disappointed and frustrated that Qantas have not accepted responsibility for their actions. Due to incorrect information given to me by a customer service representative, I have had to re-book an already booked flight, costing me an additional £236! I have written to complain and ask for a refund, but Qantas have replied saying that they're unable to offer me a refund because "voluntary changes to your ticketed routing usually involves fees". Well, this was not a voluntary change!

To explain: I have booked a flight from Hobart to the UK, which goes via Sydney. I asked whether I could cancel the Hobart to Sydney portion of the flight and board the flight in Sydney instead. Qantas said that I could do this. Because they said it was possible I proceeded to book flights from Hobart to Brisbane and then to Sydney. Several hours after this, Qantas emailed to tell me that it wasn't possible to cancel that part of the flight. They have now explained that if I didnt board in Hobart, I would be considered a no-show and that this was standard policy. If this is standard policy, why didn't the person I spoke to initially tell me?

I have now been charged £236 to board the flight in Sydney and I believe that out of decency and fairness Qantas should refund me this amount. It is thoroughly frustrating to be penalised for something that is not my fault and I would like Qantas to acknowledge this. However, after several phone calls and emails, they are refusing to do so and when asked if they could upgrade me as a gesture of goodwill, they've said they're unable to. Instead, they've wished me an enjoyable trip to Australia! Clearly this is a company that feels no need whatsoever to offer any customer service and I have become one of many who have filed complaints against this airline.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2015

My flight from Melbourne to DC was cancelled after a 7 hour delay. As a result I was not going to make my flight from DC to Mexico City (on American). I requested a change of destination, but was booked to DC anyway. When I arrived in LA I asked for help changing my flight to Mexico rather than DC as I would miss my flight from DC to Mexico anyway. I was told I would have to call a ticketing agent as they couldn't help me at the desk. I was on hold for 35 minutes before anyone picked up. When they did we spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to make this change happen. I was put on hold several times as the agent tried to change my flight and then I got disconnected.

I called back and was on hold another 25 minutes before the agent told me they couldn't change my flight because the reservation system wouldn't let him. He said I would need to purchase a ticket to Mexico and follow up with Customer Care for a refund. There were no Qantas flights to Mexico City so I had to purchase a $262 ticket on AeroMexico instead.

I emailed Qantas Customer Care on September 21 and received an automated response informing me that they "aim to respond within 15 business days". After 17 business days of with response I emailed again. 2 more business days and no response. When I tweeted to @Qantas I was asked to private message them with details. I did. They said they would forward to Customer Care and get back to me soon. 2 more days with no response. When I tweeted again I received the same message and a promise that they would follow up soon. 2 more days...same response.

After 2 more business days Customer Care finally responded. That is 5 weeks (25 business days). They did not apologize for or acknowledge the delay in response. They informed me that even though they canceled the flight that caused me to miss my flight from DC to Mexico and purchase another flight with my own money, they would not reimburse me since my DC-Mexico flight was on a different airline (American which is owned by One World Alliance just like Qantas). They also informed me that I should have bought flight insurance to cover such a problem. Really? I should spend extra money to buy insurance from Qantas to cover me when Qantas makes a mistake? Thanks for that tip. I am shocked by how long it took to even get a response and then amazed that Qantas will not take responsibility for the mistake and the money it cost me as a result.

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Qantas expert review by Erika Armstrong

Qantas was founded in 1920 under the name Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited. Today, this airline is the largest in Australia for both domestic and international travel and one of the nation's largest employers with a roll call of more than 30,000.

  • International flights: Get a nonstop flight from Los Angeles to major airports in Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland and Sydney.

  • Business Essentials program: Easy management tools allows businesses to manage travel itineraries from a single platform.

  • Flexible baggage allowance: The number of free checked bags varies based on itinerary, so longer trips may come with more free checked bags.

  • Extensive partner network: With 28 partnering airlines, Qantas offers travelers multiple opportunities to earn points and rewards quickly.

  • Seat selection: Qantas travelers have the option to select a seat location during check-in or buy an upgraded seat with extra legroom for a small additional fee.

  • Best for: Qantas is best for vacationers and business travelers going to or around Australia.

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Erika Armstrong

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From the front desk of a busy FBO to the captain's seat of a commercial airliner, Erika Armstrong has experienced everything aviation has to offer. She is the author of A CHICK IN THE COCKPIT and her aviation articles can be found at Consumer Affairs, Plane & Pilot,, Disciples of Flight, NYC Aviation, Contrails, Mentor, General Aviation News and Business Insider.

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