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On the return trip from Kona back to Oahu flight HA 189 a day that started at 0200 ended with me still waiting to leave at 1700. We normally book later return flights to cover any contingencies knowing that there are usually no problems with changing return trips. Wrong. My whole unit was able to change their flights, except for myself who had gotten there earlier to drop off an excess baggage delivery before everyone else. I was prompted to check in my bags after I checked in, so that I could then change my flight. Knowing they had custody of the item I thought nothing of it. Only to be told that there were indeed seats available on the 2 hours earlier flight but they refused to change it because my item was already checked in for the later flight.

I let the attendant know that I had just handed it to the TSA personnel just 4 feet from us less than 2 min ago. She then responded that TSA wouldn't allow the change to which I responded by going to the TSA agent. They had no issue with the change. It was on the airline to just ask their workers in the "back" as the attendant described earlier to just change it. The TSA agent even came to the desk to ask why they wouldn't change it. The response was simply "we can't." After this, to add insult to injury, the flight was over an hour late. I'm actually still waiting. I will have to work out alternate transportation when and if I finally get home tonight. One word for this airline, Horrible.

This is a problem I would like to share hoping that other Hawaiian Airlines customers have suggestions or similar experiences. My account online reservation modification feature has been "disabled" for the past several days. As a Pualani Platinum member the feature to change a reservation online is important and not having it is very inconvenient. The error message I get online when attempting to change a reservation is WEB: BK 100? I have spoken to the HA web support agents as well as emailed the company with no explanation what the problem is and that calling into their reservations department is my only alternative to making changes.

It seems the control of this and other features offered to customers are being withheld without our knowledge and without respectful explanation at the company's discretion. Anyone care to comment? I have given up and will have to call them for assistance. And by the way a Pualani Platinum member has to travel at least 40,000 miles per year.

This terrible experience began with booking. We booked with our miles, and was told that we can only upgrade our seats 24 hours prior to the flight. Okay, we then called exactly 24 hours before take off, they told us, "Oh no, you have to check with the gate agents." I insisted them to check for the upgrades. They then told me, "Oh yeah, please pay this much, we will upgrade you right now."

The call got dropped by them, called back, dropped again, called back. They was told, "Nope, you have to get to the airport and upgrade..." At this point, I am totally confused. I asked to speak with the supervisor. She came on after 15 mins, then told me that the seats are sold out! After being told 3 different versions of their OWN policy, no one seemed to be on the same page. And we lost our seats. If you can avoid booking with Hawaiian Airlines, please DO!

My wife, kids and myself flew into SFO late last night from Maui. We had to wait about 20-30 minutes to receive our strollers at gate check. We were the last family to receive ours. We ran to the restroom to use the bathroom and changed diapers. We then proceeded downstairs to baggage claim at approx 10:50 only to find that our bags have already been removed. We then spent the next hour and a half trying to locate them with no success. There was no Hawaiian Airline representation that we could find. We checked with airport services and they suggested we check with the check-in counter or use the white service phone to call them. The check-in counter was already closed so I called the 1800 number and the guy informed me that unfortunately the baggage service department is closed and he could only provide me with the number but I would have to leave a voicemail.

We then proceeded down back stairs to baggage claim and spoke with the JetBlue representative that was there and she tried to call the number and she had no luck. I proceeded to the Alaska Airlines baggage service which is across the hall and asked their representative if he had any suggestions and he said Hawaiian only has offices and no official baggage desk at SFO but most airlines will deliver. I tried the 1800 number one last time in hopes of getting a different response but unfortunately the representative apologized and said there was really nothing she could do besides provide the numbers to the departments that were already closed. So from 10:50-12:30am we ran around the baggage claim and the airport with a 4-year-old, 2-year-old and 4-month-old that were overly tired trying to find someone to help us find our luggage.

Finally we gave up and figured the best option was to drive home and call in the morning to get the bags delivered. I called the next morning and spoke with a representative who informed me because it was our fault they would not deliver and we had to pick the bags up from SFO, but we drove back to our home in Sacramento. I pleaded with her on what happened and she said it was still our fault and they would not deliver. I asked to speak with the manager and she handed the phone to Gladis who stated the same thing and said per the file a representative waited until 12 for us, called us and paged us. All which never happened as I received no calls and we were in the baggage claim until 1230 with my wife crying and our 3 kids. I told Gladis this and the steps we tried to take to get our luggage.

I also informed her about the 1800 number and she said they would have not told us that and they would have connected us to baggage because it is 24 hours. And she also stated that someone waited for us. This was very frustrating as I felt she wasn't listening to anything I was saying and basically stating all my statements were false. I expressed this to her and she got very defensive and expressed the best she could do is send our luggage on a United flight to Sacramento. This appeared to be the only option as we also tried to speak to another manager, Ryan, and I attempted to call customer service line and speak with a manager but the rep, Hershey, told me I had to submit this online. This experience honestly was terrible. I understand things happen and if they pulled the luggage and we had to drive home without it, there are worse things that could have happened.

But what really frustrates me is the interaction with Gladis and the baggage department in refusing to deliver because it was "our fault" and they had a file note (third hand story) on what happened. I would love to see the phone records of the person that tried to call me that night, or we can talk to the JetBlue or Alaska Airlines representatives who tried to help us and they can attest that there was no one there after 11. I also am attaching a picture that was taken at 11:43pm (8:43pm Hawaiian time) that shows us in the terminal at the time there was supposedly a Hawaiian Airlines rep there waiting for us according to the "file". I have flown with Hawaiian before and honestly it was great and the flight to and back was excellent.

However this situation really disappointed me and how I and my wife were talked to is unacceptable. I really hope this is an isolated incident and not representation of your company’s culture. I felt this information needed to be passed along because it completely is against your mission of being passionate for customers and people. My phone number is **. I would love to speak with a live person that is willing to listen and not be defensive and engage in an argument like the previous interaction.

They over inflate prices for even the people that live here that utilize their services consistently. Their website and web support services which is likely not based in the United States is cannot even resolve their own issues such as log in and recognizing your frequent flyer number. I have been a loyal customer for the past decade. It is unfortunate that the State of Hawaii pulled the Hawaiian out of bankruptcy rather than Aloha airlines as their services represented the people of Hawaii. There is no longer any reward for loyalty. They have "Hawaiian Airlines" credit card whose bank and policies are based on the east coast and therefore base their late charges on east coast time rather than Pacific time which for most of us who live here is such a farce and another way of inflating costs for the people of Hawaii.

It has been such a monopoly on the airline industry in Hawaii probably because of huge political pull. At this time I have not only been unable to get into the website to book a routine flight but it has no longer recognized my frequent flyer number and they have not resolved this for the past week and their web support services lack any insight or assistance.

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They are dishonest, offering low fares then stating "oh they were already purchased but we have seats available at a higher price..." What a load of crap. Please fly anyone but them. If we can put them out of business the next airline will think twice about lying and giving bad customer service. Tell your friends "Boycott HA," run them out of town.

Don't fly Hawaiian Airlines if you have an alternative. They lay many traps for the unwary. Their service is terrible. I went to the VIP HNL customer service counter with a question. The senior agent, Linda, told me to go to the regular line. When I told her I was a gold member she walked away, leaving me with the intern who didn't know anything. If you call you will get an attendant in the Philippines. If you can decipher her English, you will be put on hold until she calls someone else for the answer. Waste of time.

I missed my connection and asked for a refund. Was told I could use the ticket on another flight, but had to pay a $100 penalty, which is about the cost of the ticket. I had some dry ice in a frozen fish box. It took over 1.5 hours for the attendant to fill out a dry ice notice form. I missed my connection because I could not get my luggage to connect on time. My wife and I had 2 free bags checked. Because we knew we would lose our ticket, my wife went ahead, while I stayed behind. When I checked 4 bags the next day, had to pay excessive baggage charges on the automated machine. HA has no way for customer service to give a preferred customer a break. Conclusion: HA policy seems to be to unfairly extract every dollar they can, despite record profits. They do not properly train their employees, who are quick to blame the customer or another airline if you complain. Avoid them if you can.

Hawaiian Airlines customer service used to be so pleasant. Now I am regretting choosing them and we have not even left for our trip yet! The first Hawaiian Airlines reservations agent could not assure me that my granddaughters would be the same charge (for making a change to leave from Kona rather than Hilo), even though we have the same flight number, same day, same time, etc. Had to figure mine first, then go back and figure theirs separately... made no sense; either way, it was 2 people and 2 people. Then, I had to help her with the math as she would have double charged us based on the per person price she just quoted us. It took 45 minutes to make one small change.

Today I called to clarify a question about arrival times because it didn't add up with the departure/arrival time and the time change. The agent couldn't understand my question apparently, so instead of asking another or agent or her supervisor, she went silent and either walked away or put me on hold and left me, without telling me this. She could have at least had the courtesy to say she was unable to communicate and pass me on to someone else.

I booked my return flights with them for NZ from SFO-HNL-AKL. I was supposed to fly to Honolulu and wait there for 3 hours and connect to a flight for Auckland. I went online to check the status (I check every few weeks to make sure everything is okay) and sure enough this great airline changed my flight from Honolulu to Auckland to next day which means I will be there for 30 hours, not 3 hours.

I will be losing 1 entire day already planned in Auckland, reservations made in Auckland using my point - will all go waste. I will have to change all my plans because this irresponsible airline decided to make changes as they wish without, simply at loss right now. I called them and they won't offer any help... Customer service agent says "Sir I don't know what to tell you," like it's my fault for booking with this third grade airlines.

Flight was scheduled to leave at 9:15 a.m. Now pushed back to 3:30 p.m. Six hour delay?! Refuse to offer any type of compensation. HA manager Jenny said she was going to call police because I said I was going to post negative reviews for Hawaiian Airlines on social media platforms. Said I was threatening her? Trying to silence me. Nonexistent customer service. FLY ALASKA AIRLINES!!

I am a frequent inter-island traveler, so I purchased a travel package from Hawaiian Airlines. It includes 4 roundtrip tickets from one island to another, since they are bought all together, there is a discount. But I've been unable to use the discount fares because of the many restrictions. I've noticed now that my ticket package actually just doesn't work for more expensive times. Which is crazy. I've included two screenshots, one with the discount applied and one without the discount applied. You can see that for the weekend flight I tried to book there is one available flight when the discount is applied, but without the discount there seem to be plenty of expensive fairs available. I already bought tickets, they are gouging me twice here!

I am very unhappy with this airline, never again. I was not allowed to check-in for being 35 minutes late after being in a line for at least 10 minutes. I mean the flight was still on the ground for goodness sake. The agent tells me they can put me on stand by for the next day's flight. Stand-by... Do they think money grows on trees? Then they say, "we can change your flight to a different airport, okay." Change fee is $200 and a new one way flight ticket is $230. They think I am stupid or something. I never leave review but bad services cannot be tolerated!!! Departing from Maui, OGG to San Jose, CA.

We booked a flight coming back to CA from Hawaii on 4/6/2016. We booked a mid afternoon flight, giving us plenty of time to travel the three hours home from the airport, get our dogs from the kennel, and still have plenty of time for sleep so we can go to school and work the following day. However, about 30 minutes in the air there was something mechanically wrong with the plane, so we turned around.

From there on it was downhill. After we returned to the airport it was a mess. The agents were irritated and rude to about 90% of the customers, nothing was organized. It took over 2 hours to get a plan on how to pass out food vouches (that didn't even over a meal, and we were only allowed to purchase a hamburger), and just the way customers were treated blew me away. No sense of customer service at all, like we were such an inconvenience. And that wasn't even my issue. We were put on a much smaller plane over 3 hours later. We had to book a hotel room, since we were now getting in after 2 am.

I'm not asking for our airline tickets to be refunded or anything extreme. I'm not asking for compensation for being forced on a smaller plane where we were cramped and squished, for the stress it caused myself and my family (including a child who was now scared we were going to crash), I'm not asking to be compensated for missing work or speeding home so we didn't have to pay for an extra day at the kennel, I'm simply asking for our hotel to be reimbursed.

For heaven's sake, that is not too much to ask for. I've filed a complaint with Hawaiian Air and they are refusing to reimburse our hotel room. They are offering air vouchers for more than what our hotel room would be (we don't want the vouchers). The correspondence with this company has taken almost a month, and I can't call because somehow my call is always disconnected, it takes almost a week for the agent (Matthew) to respond, and he will not get me to a supervisor.

My name is Luz **, economist, of Nicaraguan Nationality (identification # **) with passport No. **, married to Paul **, who is North American and lives in Hawaii, but of an alternate manner, I come to Hawaii every few months and he comes to Nicaragua as we both have homes in our respective countries. Approximately 3 weeks ago my husband and I went to the airport of Hilo to complain over the discrimination that I suffered due to your company and they gave us a card with a telephone number and an address in Honolulu.

As a result, my husband called HAWAIIAN AIRLINES in Honolulu to denounce the mistreatment and discrimination of which I was subject the 5th of Dec 2015 by your company HAWAIIAN AIRLINES. A man answered and said his name was Moses. (He would not give his last name as he said it was not permitted). We gave him our complaint over the phone. My flight No. from Honolulu was on Ticket: **, Seat No. 22A. Thus the # CN-** was assigned to my case.

I have had many years of traveling in different airlines: COPA AIRLINES, UNITED, SPIRIT, AIRWAYS, AMERICAN AIRLINES, ETC, and always have taken no more than 2 beers, (though only 1 & 1/2 this time,) before entering the plane because upon becoming airborne it makes me panic. This is what I did in Honolulu. I also brought my laptop with me and put it under my seat to use it whenever I want because it could otherwise be damaged. I have never had a problem with that. Nevertheless this day despite my laptop being below my seat when the plane lifted off, a stewardess passed without saying anything to me. Many persons had small backpacks below their seats. I also had my purse with me. The majority of persons do this and this day many persons carried their things in this manner.

Nevertheless before the plane arrived in Hilo, another stewardess passed and told me to put my small backpack in the overhead space. I told her no because it could damage my laptop which was in it, but I would push this more below my seat like everyone else. Though the stewardess was very upset with me for this, she left. Later this stewardess passed and told me to put my purse in which I carried my money, passport etc., in the overhead compartment. Of course I could not comply with this, but so she would stop bothering me I also pushed my purse below the seat and she left; much more upset with me. It was curious that only with me she got upset, because she did not say anything to the others that had their thing below their seats.

A while later I asked for a Mai Tai and the stewardess brought me one. It was the first time that I had asked for a drink on an airplane. I did it this time because other times in going to Hilo, the airline offered a courtesy Mai Tai. Because this time the airline did not do so, I decided to buy one. I thought I could pay cash for the drink, but when the stewardess arrived with a tiny bottle of Mai Tai and a cup of ice, I tried to pay with cash. She got furious with me and said only a credit card could be accepted. I told her I had not brought one with me and she got even more furious; so much so that a young man who spoke Spanish in the aisle seat behind me and to my right, said not to worry because he would pay with his credit card in order to calm the stewardess down.

I immediately opened the bottle and put half in the cup of ice which the stewardess had brought me. I was about to take a drink when the stewardess appeared again and told me that I could not drink what she had brought me because the plane was about to land in Hilo. I told her I would take it rapidly, though she wanted to grab it from my hands. I told her she could not do this and I rapidly drank this half of it, then put the other half in my purse that I had below my seat.

I decided to not say anything more to the stewardess and make a complaint about her after I disembarked. Upon leaving the plane two (2) airport security men appeared. I asked them where I could make a complaint about a stewardess. They told me that they already knew what had happened as the stewardess had called them and said I could not pass. When I told them I was going, one of them took my arm with so much force that it caused marks on my arm. He forced me to sit down, telling me he would do what he wanted. As he continued to cause more wounds on my arm, I told him he was not a policeman and even if he was he had no right to mistreat me.

In any case I said to call the police because they (security) were mistreating me so much that they only had failed to handcuff me... Then one of the security men begin to make fun of me saying, "Ahhh you want the police... OK, I will call them and they will imprison you..." I told them that my husband was in the airport waiting for me and to look for him. I gave them his name, but they did not look for him.

When three (3) police arrived I requested someone who spoke Spanish, but they never brought me someone to hear my version of the security men, leaving me defenseless. I told them to call my husband; that he was in the airport, but they did not. They only asked for his telephone number despite the fact that I said he was not at home because he was waiting for me at the airport. I asked them to call him by loudspeaker, but they would only call his house number as though it was a requirement and nothing more. Later they took everything from me: my backpack, purse, my jacket, wedding ring, earrings and even the money I had in my pants pocket, without counting it before me. Then they handcuffed me behind my back and put shackles on my legs in a manner that they wounded me further. I told them they were wounding me, but they ignored me, pushing me roughly into the police car.

When we arrived at police headquarters, I again told them I needed someone who spoke Spanish, but they did not give me a translator. Instead the three (3) policemen laughed among themselves when they looked at me. I told them they were racists and that they were violating my human rights... They showed me a photo of my husband which they had found on Facebook and asked me if he was my husband. When I said yes, the three (3) of them laughed... Later they gave me two (2) written papers to sign. I told them I would not sign anything as I did not understand English and they should translate for me. Then one policeman signed a photocopy.

I continued to insist on a translator, but they ignored me. Later they brought me to a cell. I told them I suffered from asthma and had medicine for this in my purse. I asked them to give it to me, but they would not do so. After an hour in the cell I began to feel I could not breathe and through a communicator I said a number of times I was feeling bad and please pass me my medicine, but they would not do so. However, I always carry a tiny pill in my pants pockets for asthma which will act in more or less a half hour. It was urgent that I have my asthma spray that acts in one minute, but I put the pill below my tongue, laid down to do yoga exercise to calm myself and wait or the pill to react without putting the light out.

In these moments my husband arrived, but they would not let me see him. They told him I had asked for medicine and he knew the medicine I use, but they would not sell it in a pharmacy without a doctor's name and mine on the label. I could have died of asphyxiation if I had not carried that pill with me. When it took effect I felt like crying, and I begged the new shift policeman to call my husband. He then told me my husband had been looking for me and that he would arrive at 6 AM. I begged him to call my husband now as I did not feel very well... He was the only nice policeman that I found in that place. He called my husband who arrived rapidly with the required cash, to bail me. And I was cited to go to court on 05 Jan 2016.

After leaving the jail I was depressed for several days, and obviously this matter destroyed my vacation with my husband because in place of enjoying 5 weeks enjoying Hawaii with my husband, we had to dedicate our time to searching for lawyers etc. Also my husband and I have talked about the matter and he said he had been told that I was very drunk, which was false, because if this had been the case the stewardess never would have brought me my Mai Tai... And for this falsehood when my husband arrived at the jail they would not let him see me and told him I was asleep though this was not the case and they did not even turn off the light. It was only an excuse so that he would not see me and think that I was OK and not all drunk. Furthermore they lied to him saying they had brought me someone that spoke Spanish and that I had refused to speak to this person though it was the opposite as I had repeatedly asked for a translator.

Furthermore, I did not write until now because remembering all this makes me cry, but I have to find the strength to do so. All this matter had its origin in the behavior of the stewardess with me, who was not sufficiently satisfied with her discriminatory manner with me such that she called security so that they would not let me pass to make a complaint against her. I hold HAWAIIAN AIRLINES responsible for all the physical, moral, psychological and economic damage that I have had as a result of the discrimination of the stewardess with me.

In October 2015, we booked and paid for three assigned seats from Sacramento to Honolulu. The flight date was Spring 2016, departing at 8:45 a.m. We had an obligation/commitment in Hawaii for the day after our flight. Well in advance of our flight, we arranged for 6:00 a.m. transportation to the airport and boarding for our pets. We did not discover until the evening before the flight, that HA had moved the departure time up by nearly 2 hours! HA's customer service agent Stephanie, called this a "minor change." In order to make the flight, we would have had to leave our home at 4:15 a.m. instead of the 6:00 a.m. time we had arranged for our transportation to the airport and drop off of our pets.

Stephanie, the HA customer service agent, said that when HA changes a flight time, it is HA's policy to email one flight change notification to its customers who paid for confirmed seats on that flight. She said that HA controls for a response from the seat holder, that the seat holder is aware of the change. Stephanie said that in December, HA sent us one notification email of the time change, and that their records reflected that they did not receive an acknowledgement from us. HA did not send us any other notification of their decision to move the flight forward by nearly 2 hours, despite their knowledge that we were not aware of the change. HA was willing to resell as standby the confirmed seats which we had paid for six months earlier, leaving us without any air transportation whatsoever!

There was no way that we could accommodate HA's change of the flight time on such short notice. HA offered to change our flight to the next day, but that it would cost us another $1,244. That was in addition to our October 2015 purchase. We told them that HA's one December email notification that our flight was moved forward by nearly 2 hours was insufficient notification, and that we should not have to pay over $1,200 for their substandard notification policy. Stephanie put us on hold while she consulted with her supervisor. When she returned, she said that her supervisor was not available. She referred us to HA's complaint department for a refund of the $1,244 charge.

Last Saturday February 27 2016 we flew from Maui to Los Angeles and arrived without our luggage. As we had to fly further to our home in Germany with another airline, Hawaiian Airlines promised to send our missing bags via FedEx to our home. The bags were sent but unfortunately as freight and not lost luggage and get this... COD. Meaning we have to pay! On top of this Hawaiian made a false customs declaration so that now we have to pay duty on our own luggage to get it back. We contacted Hawaiian per telephone and email several times to no avail. Have asked to speak to a supervisor, they refuse to call back. It is now Friday, March 3rd and we still do not have our luggage and see no end in sight to this nightmare.

HA has a 25 lb limit on carry-on bags. Never heard of it anywhere else. Obvious way for the airline to make money on their committed travelers. We will avoid HA in future.

Went to check in but we were late so the HI. air booth had already closed for the day at 9:55 a.m. Instructed to call courtesy desk, no help. Called the airline, told to call booking agent. On hold/callback for 2 hours. End result we pay $980 for just getting there to HI as fees would dictate. So we chose not to go as this was 160% higher than the initial fee which is now trashed. Our 2 week vacation and all the plans included are dust in the wind.

I will never use this airline again - read in the fine print before giving credit card info. We had to cancel our flight a month prior and it ended up costing $400 - a $200 cancellation fee for EACH person. That is ridiculous. We will find another way to get to Hawaii next time. This airline is GREEDY and CORRUPT. There is no aloha spirit about HA. HA is an insult to Hawaiians.

I engaged Hawaiian airlines in several types of communications and the end result is that they were able to assist me with an agreed upon solution to my problem. All though their policy remains the same I would highly recommend users to FULLY read policies before making the mistake that I made. Yes, it was my own oversight that Hawaiian airlines assisted me with correcting.

I would like to add that the flight from Seattle to the islands was absolutely amazing, it was made amazing by the flight crew that we had on our trip there. The plane, decor and food were about average, the in-flight entertainment was a bit pricey but overall the flight to was just what I wanted for my family.

Original Review

I booked a trip with Hawaiian Airlines. Directly on their site not an affiliate or secondary company through which I would have gotten a better rate. I am a long time Alaska Airlines frequent flyer and I understand how the fees and fee structure work. I was completely unaware of the outrageous fees and the lack of understanding on behalf of Hawaiian airlines. I wish I would have done my research and paid a little more up front with Alaska Airlines and flown with them.

I booked my flight and put in the incorrect dates. I was off by one day on my return and tried to correct with Hawaiian airlines. Big mistake and a lot of frustration. Each member of my families ticket cost $502.00. In order to change the ticket it is a $200.00 per ticket fee not to include any separate fee it may cost for the cost of a different leg.

I attempted to contact Hawaiian airlines with absolutely no respect, understanding other than I could pay them more money. Yes the ticketing change fee is 40% of the total fare cost. Fair warning for Fare alerts. Consumer beware as I am now afraid of how my actual flying experience will be. Want-to-be back on Alaska Airlines. My bad.

Had paid for the Miles Maximizer for our last trip. Cannot pay just for one person, it applies towards everybody on the ticket. When the mileage was put on my credits the miles that I had paid for in the Maximizer program were not accounted for they were accounted as if I had used my charge card to pay for something. If this was the case I would not have paid the extra money.

On an other story, when Hawaiian and Bank of Hawaii merged to form the miles and banking system, I had no choice as to what charge card I used. Now the catch I have had this charge card since it started; I do not keep paperwork unless it is for taxes. I did not get the promised 35,000 miles because I am an existing customer. That is a good way to treat loyalty or stupidity. They said that it was all in the contract. Remember, my old charge card was converted, I had no choice and why not give people the 35,000 miles for charging $1000 in the first 3 months.

Good catch, should just give everybody this and no need to hide things in fine print. I guess that is why they call this FINE PRINT. Tried filing a complaint online on their website. It will not accept. System problems they say. Who wants complaints on their website for new customer to see and WHY DON'T THEY RESPOND TO THE COMPLAINTS ONLINE LIKE THEY DO ON YELP? Have pride. IMUA.

When my 92 year old mother had a stroke, Hawaiian Airlines used a variety of "techniques" to avoid having to refund a round trip ticket to Kauai from Los Angeles. Ultimately, they said that they would not accept her physician's signature and that a "certificate" would be required but refused to indicate how to obtain one. After hours on the phone, dropped calls, and having been sent to non-existing websites such as "www.hawaiianairlines.com/cao" which displays the Hawaiian Airlines logo and the statement "This webpage does not exist," their ploy is obvious. They refuse to accept any forms to cancel any flight for any reason. I've concluded that Hawaiian Airlines is a disreputable organization undeserving of any future business.

Booked an inter-island trip on HA website and clicked the button to use the website to book a rental car and a hotel. Big mistake. As others have found, when doing this, you are no longer doing business with HA but with an affiliated broker. No change or modifications, lots of fees. The customer service people are in the Philippines. Nice but totally ineffectual. Their definition of "Aloha" is to be as ineffective and expensive as possible, and to take as much from the local economy while contributing the minimum. The HA website is bad. Very unstable. I don't trust this company.

I flew Hawaiian airlines from Sydney to New York. On both flights the temperatures were freezing. Passengers had on down jackets, knit hats, gloves and scarves throughout the entire flight. Note to Hawaiian airlines, if passengers are dressed for an arctic blizzard it's way too cold. Thanks for 22 hours of frozen hell round trip. And then with plenty of seats available, I requested a seat without a baby next to me on my second long leg to NYC after being exhausted from my prior flight due to one. Staff were rude and condescending. Never changed my seat. The entertainment system is outdated and expensive. The touchscreen does not work. The movies on every other airline for free cost $8-9 each here. Get it together HA.

Long story short: I purchased a R/T flight from Maui to San Jose but had to cancel the trip. The wording from HA is that I get full credit but when the times come to re-use the ticket there will be a $200 "re-booking" fee. It's the highest fee in the business and we're not dumb. Just say there is $200 cancellation fee. Cost of the ticket at the time was $408. Now it is time to re-book.

HA website fare today is $398 for my flight of choice. I cannot re-use this credit on-line so I am forced to call in my reservation. HA wanted to charge me $200 for the cancellation + $30 for booking over the phone +$10 - the fare difference!!. Through persistence, 4 operators and 55 minutes later I managed to get a "one-time courtesy" waiver of the $10 and the $30. For me it is not the money, it is the principle and this is criminal. HA touts themselves as the airline of "Aloha" which is maybe the greatest insult of all. At Honolulu airport the agents are the worst in terms of helping customers change flights, change seats etc. They are towing the company line which is charge for everything you possibly can and they do. No help, no Aloha. But they sure can smile while they do it.

I recently booked two trips to Honolulu for work. As I was booking my airfare online (through the Hawaiian Airlines website), I saw that they had deals on hotels. So I purchased an airfare-hotel package. What I didn't know (because it isn't stated on the website) was that doing this "moved" my reservation from Hawaiian Airlines to what they call a "3rd party travel organiser".

So I purchased those two short trips. Once everything was paid, I tried to print out receipts so I can submit them to my employer for reimbursement. I was on the 'View & Manage Trips: Upcoming' and clicked on the 'Options' button so I could view and print my receipts. Once clicked, I was brought to a page that displayed a reservation code and said: "This reservation was made by a travel agent or a 3rd party travel organizer. Please contact your travel agency or travel organizer to make changes to this reservation."

I called up Hawaiian Airlines Customer Support. I was told to contact my travel agent. The needed to "escalate" my request so someone could help. I was transferred to Orbitz.com in California. On the phone, I spoke to about three different people who had no idea of what I was talking about. Eventually, I was told that I needed to talk to someone at Hawaiian Airlines Vacations. I then called Hawaiian Airlines Vacations and was told to call my travel agent... And it's been going on like this for almost a week.

My employer is requesting that I submit my receipts NOW, but for the past three days, I've been spending hours on the phone... to simply get a receipt for the two purchases I made. I'm told that an email will be sent to me, and no emails are sent. They question me and says things like "Maybe you have not looked properly into your Inbox". Not only do I look everywhere on my email client, I even contacted my technical support at my hosting company to make sure that my emails are not being automatically "spammed" or deleted - and they are not! I do web development and work with computers all day long, and I can tell that no receipt was ever sent to me.

We I call back, I end up being transferred (or "escalated" - as they say) to someone else who then tells me that an email will be sent. This morning, I even received a voicemail from Los Angeles (?) telling me that an email was sent to my account, but nothing on my end. When I try to call back to 'Travel Vacation' (at 213 666 1099), an automatic message tells me that "the number I have reached is not a working number". And to make matter worst, the person who left the message in my voicemail didn't leave her name.

Right now, I don't know what to do. I guess I will have to submit my credit card statement as proof of purchase to my employer, but since they told me clearly that expenses need to be authorised ahead of the trips, there is a good chance my expenses will not be reimbursed! I would strongly urge everyone to NEVER EVER book anything other than airfare on the Hawaiian Airlines website. Quite frankly, it feels to me that the Hawaiian Airlines Vacation Packages is simply a "link" that automatically redirects all purchasing requests (other than airfare) to Orbitz.com. They probably take a percentage of the sale and wipe their hands clean out of it. It actually feels like a scam. DO NOT USE HAWAIIAN AIRLINES VACATIONS.

We have had a horrifying experience with Hawaiian airlines. My husband and I flew from Maui to Honolulu on 10/17 with our respective emotional support animals - my dog Sammy is 45 lb springer spaniel and my husband's ESA 45 lb border collie mix any problems. As requested we had called 48 hours prior and they assigned us bulkhead seats. They did check our letters and letters were considered valid. There were no problems, dogs stayed in the assigned seat without barking. We decided to fly back early from Honolulu to Maui. We called the airlines Tuesday morning to fly Tuesday PM and airlines issues us new tickets to fly with our ESA. We booked bulkhead seats and advised them about our travel with our pets. They let us know it was not a problem. We arrived to the airport before 4 PM for a 6:22 PM flight but were held in customer service and they kept delaying a response regarding the reason but did not issue us a ticket.

We got different answers regarding the reason for denial. We got managers involved. We asked to speak with their lawyer to let them know it was illegal to deny us. They asked us why our 2 letters were written by the same professional. “Are you guys married?” I said "Yes we are and that it is not uncommon for family members to see the same providers for medical care." I asked them to put in writing the reason for denial and they finally put down that letter was not from a valid "mental health professional”. Our letter is from a licensed family marriage therapist - federal regulations say they cannot question the medical necessity or deny us travel with our ESA. They called security even though we were calmly trying to reason with them. We Sat there for 3 hours without food or water for ourselves or our dogs while they gave us the runaround.

One employee mentioned Hawaiian airlines wants us to publicize such incidents as “They want to discourage people from flying with their pets. FAA is cracking down on us”. They said Maui had make a mistake and that “2 wrongs don't make a right.” We again tried to board a Hawaiian airlines flight at 9:40 PM. We had checked bags, no food for our dogs, no car and no place to stay. We were denied and not offered any options. They told us bags would be returned on 11:40 flight from Kahului. When we went back to baggage claim at midnight, it was closed and we could not retrieve our bags. We could not find a hotel reservation so we had to sleep in a rental car. We treated inhumanely and felt discriminated against and harassed. We finally flew back on a small interisland commuter flight which allows pets to fly in cabin.

We had to be separated as only 1 pet is allowed per flight. Our dog Sunny had seizures from the trauma and stress of this experience the entire flight back. My husband and I cannot stop sobbing about this nightmare and will never fly Hawaiian airlines again. This is unfortunate as we live in Hawaii and this is the largest inter-island carrier.

My daughter's fiancé who is a fireman took her and their combined families on a dream trip to Hawaii this past week. They woke up the morning of their flight home to find the 15 yr old had a horrible earache. They took her to urgent care immediately as they had an afternoon flight to catch. The doctor said she could not fly for two days. In attempting to reschedule their tickets they were initially told the new tickets would cost them $5000!!! A transfer to a different agent brought the tickets down to $2646. Almost as much as the original tickets cost. Is Hawaiian Airlines serious?!!!! I have flown Hawaiian before but never will again. And will do anything I can to make sure none of my friends ever fly this airline again.

Last night's Hawaiian Airlines Flight 36's pilots, flight crew, ground crews and staff members in both Honolulu and Phoenix are to be congratulated for their outstanding professionalism, courtesy and safety consciousness when a faulty generator caused us unexpectedly to return to Honolulu to switch planes. The pilots' calm communications, as well as the harmony and spirit of aloha the flight crew demonstrated erased any anxieties that may have initially arisen.

The smooth landing, easy transition from plane to terminal waiting area to new plane and reloading of luggage were seamlessly accomplished. Erica and Cindy met passengers at baggage claim in Phoenix, answering questions with kindness, humor and aloha at 2 a.m. The many families aboard traveling with young children are also to be commended for superb parenting. No crying babies after such a long day of traveling? Take a bow, moms, dads, grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles - you were amazing! Born and raised on Lānaʻi, I've flown Hawaiian Airlines all my life because they are No Ka Oi. Keep living aloha! Mahalo nui loa, Everyone, for pulling together.

My boyfriend and I were scheduled for a 8:50 am flight OAK-HNL on 9/22/15. We got stuck in 2 hours of traffic on our way to the airport. We completely misjudged traffic and the 3 hours we thought would give us plenty of time to arrive just didn't work out. So nevertheless, we arrive at Oakland Airport and approach the Hawaiian airlines bag check-in. As we walked up there was no line, the 2 women behind the counter did not acknowledge us or look up from their computer screens as we stumbled back and forth trying to figure out which line was which.

After a moment one of the women, Wanda, finally spoke and asked what we needed and as we approached her counter to tell her we just needed to check our bags she just shook her head while still looking at her computer screen and said "bag check ended at 8:05, it's 8:11." Which left my boyfriend and I puzzled as we had no idea bag check had ended. Wanda was extremely rude and would not make eye contact with us as she spoke.

We asked if there was anything we can do because the rest of our group had already checked in and were at the gate. We had all been checked in since the day before so we literally just had to drop our bags off. The rest of our group informed us that they still had not begun boarding and there was no line at security so there was no way we wouldn't have made the flight. We still had 40 minutes until departure.

Wanda was very unhelpful as we asked our options she coldly told us we can get standby for tomorrow's flight at the same time. As if it's no big deal, we are just missing ONE ENTIRE DAY! I just could not believe that 8:50 am was the last flight of the day and to top it off we were forced to miss our flight and an entire day of vacation we had paid for all because we missed bag check in by 6 minutes. We asked if we could just check our bags and let them arrive the next day on that next flight and she just told us no we had to be on the flight with our bag. Which is crazy since airlines lose people's luggage all the time and most people luggage isn't on the flight with them then. Extremely disappointing. Especially since no one had told us our bags must be checked in 45 minutes prior.

The least Wanda could've done was act like she cared. I could respect so much more somebody that at least tried to talk to TSA and just asked if they could take 2 more, if not, that's one thing but it would've been nice for her to even try. Instead she was just very cold and couldn't even give us her attention while she talked to us. At Least look up from your computer screen. We even tried to change our ticket to a flight out of SFO but were told by a woman on the phone it would be $600 each so $1200 total. Nope.

And to top it off the 2 male flight attendants on our flight the next day 9/23/15 were rude as well. We tried to purchase drinks pretty much our entire flight and kept being forgotten even though we asked multiple times. We kept being told after lunch... after beverages... after trash... Finally 4 hours into the flight we were able to flag down a woman flight attendant that came and helped us. Overall this was a very disappointing experience for me. I wish I had checked the consumer report regarding their customer service. This was my first time flying with them and I'm sure it'll be my last. I have never encountered such a bad attitude on any other airline.

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Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaiian Airlines is the eighth-largest commercial airline in the U.S. It has the distinction of being the oldest U.S. carrier to have avoided a fatal crash.

  • Island destination: Hawaiian Airlines offers nonstop service to Hawaii. Travelers can book flights from major cities in North America, Asia and the South Pacific.
  • VIP club: Buying an annual membership in the Premium Club gives passengers access to early boarding, additional free checked baggage and more.
  • Vacation packages: Book a flight to Hawaii and entertainment, such as cruises or tours, all at the same time.
  • Regional service: Hawaiian Airlines offers flights into Honolulu and flights between all of the islands for local travel.
  • Delightful food and drink: Food and beverages are not only included, they are also delicious. A sommelier and chef choose each menu item and its wine pairing.
  • Best for Vacationers and holiday travelers.

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