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I booked two Air India tickets for my parents to join me in US for a holiday. Unfortunately, in the mean while my mother fell ill, was hospitalized and operated on soon after. Her doctor declared her unfit for travel and recommended complete bed rest for the next three months. When I called my booking agent, they informed me that airline cancellation charges for each passenger was $150/person. Unless Air India feels that your case can have a medical waiver. I submitted all the required documents to them and was fully expecting to receive the medical waiver. However to my dismay, I learnt that Air India only waives off the cancellation charges in case of "death".

So according to them the only valid reason for not traveling is if you die. Too bad. Otherwise they see no reason not to extort money from hapless and helpless passengers. I have to say that with this negligent attitude about customer satisfaction - I am deeply distressed and disgusted with Air India. Especially when their reason makes no valid sense. I would discourage people from traveling with them unless they are 100% sure of their ability to travel - this airlines would not care if you lost a leg, or is paralyzed until of course - you're dead. Then you may not be charged.

Worst policies with this gov't. airline. Wrongly typed name on ticket with spelling mistake of just 1 character. Indigo re-corrected the name within 2 minutes and sent the itinerary but Air India being highly rude refused to change that 1 alphabet of name's spelling and asked to cancel the nonrefundable flight and book a new flight. If services are so bad and cannot help on customers on such small issues too, then why would people prefer gov't. airlines.This proves private airlines are much better than Air India. I would never again book a flight with Air India and will make sure none of my acquaintances did.

Worst airlines administration I have ever seen. Flight attendants behave as if they are in a dance bar. They will be drinking free liquor all the time and won't even listen to you. Even if they listen, they laugh at you. They rescheduled my flight from Bangalore to Delhi. I had to literally beg the Air India guys to make some arrangements (has to keep following the guys who was trying to make some kind of arrangement).

Somehow they managed to put us in Jet airways. Had only 1 1/2 hr to collect my baggage and re-check in my baggage. I was literally running carrying my baby and baggage. Somehow managed to get on board Chicago flight. They didn't give baby bassinet as confirmed during ticket booking and also while issuing the boarding pass. Leave about bassinet, they didn't give even the shawls and pillows. Had to carry my baby on the lap, literally shivering in the cold. When I went to ask for a shawl, one bastard laughed at my face.

On 21 Aug 2016, after waiting for hours at Departure Lounge at Rome, it was announced that Flight AI 122 stands cancelled. It took more than 33 hours for me & my wife to embark AI 1122 on 23 Aug 2016. This uncalled for step caused us tremendous stress, etc. in a foreign land - resulting in cancellation of our connected travels & schedules back home. Our Insurance Agency having taken cognizance, have asked us to get Property Irregulatory Report (PIR). May I request AIR INDIA to quickly furnish it to us. Thanks.

I was returning to the UK from Calcutta, India on the 23rd July 2016 AI 763. When I reached the airport, I was informed that as there was NO business class in this type of aircraft I had to travel in economy class to Delhi where again for my other part of my journey I would be in business class. The duty manager on the day confirmed with me and also gave me a letter signed and stamped that I would be refunded my costing for the downgrade, but unfortunately when I arrived back in the UK and contacted the travel agent to get my refund, they replied to me saying that Air India is not refunding any money to me because of my downgrade because there is a clause 57 in their book which I have never been informed before booking. I am now so angry and feel cheated that I will not be travelling on AI anymore and also my friends and family. I am also going to highlight this theft on social media that the public come to know.

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My mother-in-law went Melbourne airport to fly India. AIR INDIA canceled the flight and said, "You can go tomorrow, or maybe next to next day." My mother-in-law has to go same day because of her government job. Air India did not arrange another flight for her. Air India did not refund any money. They eat our 700 dollar worth ticket. How crook Air India is. Air India is eating people's money by canceling their flights every month. Don't book ever Air India. Very ** service and very rude staff, and I don't know who gave them license to run this company.

I have missed my flight due to Air India employee delay. I reached at Delhi Airport for Air India Domestic flight before 1 hour with some extra luggage. After that he delay in processing and replied me that "you are late and flight is closed. Now you can not go on that flight. You shall book another flight then you can go from Delhi to Mumbai." I am very depressed with the Air India Employees behavior. Please help to return my ticket amount.

I had to travel with my infant and kid (5yrs) old alone. Thought of direct flight to India from SFO, so booked in Air India. In the first flight from SFO to India, everything went well (thank God). While coming back in AI 173 from New Delhi to SFO, me and my son got separated so I asked the other parents to switch the bassinet seats so that I can stay near to son who has nausea. The other parents were very kind to switch the seats and both of our babies got bassinets, luckily my baby (6 months) got a nice seat with seat belts. The other baby (4 months) got the bassinet without the seat belt and unfortunately the seat was lean down (actually fallen down one side) and I had to catch before the baby falls (as her mother in restroom, father got separated from the baby coz of the shuffling in seats) down.

When I was asking the flight attendants to change my son seat near to me they asked to ask the passenger who got the seat. But that lady doesn't want to change the seat at all (I don't know the reason why she doesn't want to change). On top of that she was yelling on my son to scoot to his seat in the middle. I was so surprised the flight attendants weren't even saying a thing. Finally the manager came and the problem solved. But my questions to Air India that if I wasn't in the changed seat and my baby would've fallen down and something would've happened to her... who is responsible for that?

Traveled from Kolkata to Sydney via Delhi to visit my daughter in Dubbo. On arrival in Sydney, my luggage was not available. I was told it would be sent home the next day and I should purchase any essential items and keep the receipt. The luggage did arrive several days later with no information available when I called in the interim. I provided the receipts to the airline but after several months, the reimbursement is yet to be issued. I also called to reschedule my return flight due to poor health and was told to show up in Melbourne in person!! I am at my wits end!

Air India: On 14 May-16 we were supposed to fly to Newark (USA) at 2:00 am. But due to damaged runway the flight got delayed by 22 hrs. The way Air India handled the situation was very poor. It is totally poor crisis management. There were too many employees roaming around without any help and knowledge. It was totally chaos and I heard later that they were giving hotels till morning 7:00 am.

I went to home in frustration as the authority promised me to give me to and fro transportation charges next day. But when I went next day, they made me run around in a such a way that I gave up of hope of transportation charges also. I had some sound recording also I these air India persons will make you run around.

Everybody knows that you must get into airport 3-4 hrs before for International departure. Their mail came at just 2 hrs before which I read in airport only at 4:00 pm mentioning flight is at 6:00 pm again as usual regular flight cancelled and they said one which coming from New york will be again send. Again delay and at last 11:30 pm on 14th May-16, it took off.

Conclusion: Poor crisis management. I saw Jet Airways managed it well and all travelers got hotel. They do not know processes of refund or hotel management etc should be given to travelers. Poor in updating status. On next day also the schedule on board was of previous day. They nicely sent link to give feedback but Feedback server was down. Good Digital India, keep it up... :) Exactly after a month there was again failure of Air India that they fail Bangkok flight.

I reached the airport at 2:15 and waiting in a long queue. After waiting for about one hour in the queue, thinking that I should wait like everyone is and I should respect the queue as the norm. Surprisingly, as I reached the check-in counter, I found the employee telling me "Sorry the counter is closed and you missed the flight!" The case was the same for me and about 10 other passengers. The employee, as named "Asheesh" was very rude while facilitating this. He was not even looking at me while I am talking to him, typing something on the screen facing him and when I asked him to show some respect and at least look into my face while talking to him, the reply was simply "Sorry I have other work!!"

I insisted that he should solve this problem for me as it was not my mistake, because: 1) no land hostess checked my ticket before I get into the queue to make sure of my flight priority. 2) No vocal or mic announcement was made. 3) I was already there before the time, but there was a long queue with very limited number of counters serving multiple flights at the same time. I had to be in Mumbai on the other day to catch my international flight to Egypt. However, it did not end at that stage! I went to the booking office in the airport trying to rebook in the next flight (Delhi-Mumbai), and they mentioned that I can't reschedule but only to book from scratch and losing all the previous ticket value. Also, very cold and unhelpful attitude was shown from your staff side! Then only because I urgently had to leave Delhi, I found no option except to rebook a ticket with expensive fees for an issue that was not my mistake!!

The other surprise was that your staff in the booking office were giving me only the most expensive tickets...10,000 rupee and above, while I found cheaper tickets online available and they did not agree to book for me on the cheaper flights!! I finally went back home and asked a friend to book for me online with the cheapest rate!! I had traveled to more than 15 countries and this is the worst flight experience I had ever faced! Air India staff has to learn how to be professional before being too strict in applying the rules of closing the counter 45 min before departure. Teach them to make sure no one on the same flight is stuck in your long queues!

This is my second email after 11 calls to your call center since today morning. I am in a situation where none of your agents are helping. It was technical glitch for the same asking a customer to pay entire fare is not correct. I was booking my ticket on regular interval with Air India and Jet, but the experience which I am going thru with Air India is very sad and disheartening. While I was booking the page got automatically refreshed while asking for a passport, instead of July I got ticket booked for July. After speaking with customer care for more than 2 hours did not get any support. I am just requesting for a some sort of support to help me to change by 8th of June date to 8th of July 2016.

On April 30, 2016 myself, my wife and two of my kids (6 year and 2 year old) supposed to travel in Air India flight AI 987 from Chennai to Hyderabad. We went to Chennai domestic airport as the travel is domestic. Flight time was 6:00 PM. We tried to go inside the domestic airport entrance at 5:05 PM, but the guard told us Air India flights are in international terminal. Finally we all (myself, my wife and small kids) walked from domestic to international terminal, we were in the queue at the entrance and finally we went to Air India check in counter at 5:20PM, but they said it was closed already and they didn't allow us to board into the flight.

I called the Air India customer care and Make my trip (my ticket booking online agency) but they didn't help. Why a domestic flight has been operated in an international airport..? All the other domestic flights are operated in domestic terminal which is next building (around 500 meters away). Why it's not communicated to the passengers clearly when it's been operated in an incorrect terminal. After we were not allowed to board the flights, I checked my ticket printout and I didn't find the location of the flight as international airport. At one location in the paper I found Terminal 4, but nowhere in the airport it's given as Terminal 4. One or two boards shows T1/T4, but it's not at all clear for the passengers.

Air India company misleading the passengers and playing with their life and time. On the same I had to book another ticket with another airlines for that I paid a huge amount. All these losses are because of Air India company misleading and lack of clear information. This is not just with us, I have noted many people came to Domestic airport for Air India and finally they ran to International airport after knowing about Air India. If someone can help and let people know about the issue they can be aware and they can have a safe.

My daughter she was suppose to travel by AI 921 on 5th may 2016. She reach airport by 10 am as flight was at 12.30 pm. She went to baggage counter and weighed her luggage. The on duty staff ronnie ** said it's over excess baggage and wrote 10 kg excess, so my daughter said "I will remove it" and she go back to reduce her weight. When she came back by 10.40 am to counter ronnie rudely says "Pay and come." Then my daughter said "Why should I pay 10 kg as I reduce around 5 kg." So he said "Go and contact on duty manager." When she ask for him he was not there and about 11 am he found him. Then that guy doesn't response her, later about 11.10 am he said "What's problem?" She said "like this problem." So manager said "You have to pay anyhow 10 kg." Then when she argue and make her too nervous. My daughter never cried till now. First time she cried like crazy.

Then I told her to go police and one of the policemen came and talk to manager and when as policemen gone the manager called ronnie and said "Close the counter. We don't need any more passengers now" and so my daughter couldn't fly. I will keep this article on all social media, as when my daughter said "I will log complaint" they say "Ok do whatever you need" and took her pp no. And I will advise all indian and foreigners that no one should travel by Air India in future, and I would like Air India superior to take action against those guys as they don't know how to care customer and especially women and as per now in india new laws. If anyone treat badly with women, should get jail.

My mother was travelling today from Delhi to JFK, NY. We requested for wheelchair for her as she is a patient suffered from cancer and is diabetic. She is travelling with my 10 months old daughter. But on check in counter they never gave her wheelchair and they are saying it's not on the system. We called 2 months ago and I got it confirmed and yesterday also I called to get it confirmed that if wheelchair is there with my mother ticket. Customer service mentioned "yes". But when I called today that my mother is waiting for hours in the airport for wheelchair they are saying we made request but it's not confirmed.

What is this going on. If something happened to my mother what will happen. Only 10 mins left to board the flight and I asked customer service if they can at least get the wheelchair confirmed at JFK airport. They are saying passenger her to speak to Air India officials and file a complaint at airport. Where my mother will go now to speak and knock the official's door with and an infant and luggage. I am in really a bad situation that cannot help my mother who is suffering a lot because of Air India negligent system. And would to tell you that this how you represent India with Air India airlines.

Earlier when I was travelling given a seat so that I can have a bassinet for a baby. But it was broken that it could not be attached/hanged to the wall across and air hostess kept bassinet on the floor and advised me to put my daughter in the bassinet which was lying on the floor. I did not liked that idea as the seat was too close to restroom. Flight is awful and no respect for Sr. Citizens and minors also.

Our experience traveling by Air India was pathetic. We travel regularly by different airlines and this Air India travel was our first. AI0116 from London on 6th March was delayed by 2 hours. Our flight from Guwahati to Mumbai via Kolkata flight no. AI 0773 on 19th March delayed by 5 hours for technical reasons and our flight from Mumbai to London on 30th March flight no. AI 0131 delayed by 2 1/2 hrs for technical reasons and we missed our Air Canada connection in London and had to stay overnight.

Air India counter at Heathrow gave us a chit for Air Canada flight next day but when we went to Air Canada they had no record of that booking. Does Air India care for its customers' comfort and convenience? We had to wait at the London airport for 8 hours due to Air India's incompetence and lack of communication with its Star Alliance partner. Bathrooms throughout were filthy and the staff did not care about it. Air India bathroom cleanliness stinks specially for long flights. There is very little consideration for passenger comfort. Inconvenience to its passengers is very acceptable to Air India. We will never travel again by Air India and we strongly request Consumer Affairs to look into that. It is very acceptable for Air India flights to be delayed almost on regular basis.

On February 9th, I flew from Air India with reservation #**. I was told by Air India Customer service and as per listed on their site: YOU may travel with 2 checked bags and 2 carry-on luggage. When I got to the airport, they stated 2nd carry-on luggage which has to be a laptop bag with working laptop. I had damaged my laptop in India due to which I was not able to turn it on. But there is no reason to have the bag with a laptop in it. Due to which I was forced by Ghanshyam at the counter in order to have the carry-on luggage, I will have to pay $230 extra so I can bring the carry-on luggage with damaged laptop back.

When I asked for a manager, he stated he will let me switch all the stuff out of my carry-on luggage into my checked luggage and pay the difference in price for the extra weight. I mentioned that the laptop is broken but it is still a laptop and as per Air India I can have a second carry-on with a laptop and I had my asthma medications in the bag too. He stated he does not care and only way they will let me pass is if I drop both of the items inside the luggage bag and pay the difference since my checked bag will be overweight due to that reason. I even mentioned and showed the manager the information on Air India site and he stated I can call Customer service and deal with them directly but he won't let me pass with my second carry-on luggage.

I was forced to pay extra $109 and was forced to remove my medications and put them in the checked-in luggage. Due to which throughout the whole flight I could not eat or drink and had to stay up. Knowing if I had an asthma stroke mid-flight I would not be able to access my meds since I was forced by Air India Ticketing Manager to insert my medications inside my check-in luggage. I would like Air India to refund the amount charged to me since their website even says you may bring second carry-on luggage. Information can be found on to verify this case. Had to file a BBB complaint on this airline. Don't travel with them. You will hate it.

My wife (Parul **) and daughter 15 months (Desna **) traveling from Abu Dhabi to Ranchi. In Abu Dhabi as well as Delhi Airport staff told me "you will got both luggage on final destination" mean in Ranchi, But when I reached at Ranchi, no any luggages. I asked to Air India staff. They told me, "You have to claim on Delhi." And I send all the documents like boarding pass, tickets, luggage pass, passport, but still no any reply. Even they are not reply on phone also.

On December 4th 2015 my grandparents who are 92 years old were scheduled to travel from Delhi to Pantnagar, Uttaranchal. We got to the airport 3 hours in advance and waited there peacefully, until Air India employee Mr. M. ** said flight won't depart due to bad weather in Pantnagar. We were told flight is cancelled and issued a letter signed my Mr. M. ** and stamped by Air India stating flight is cancelled due to bad weather in Pantnagar and we should be provided full refund. Later when I called Air India to the refund, they said that flight did operate on December 4th and we traveled in it.

Undelivered lost luggage that was damaged and inconvenience suffered to retrieve luggage at another address. I traveled on AI 116, AI 19 from London-Delhi-Ahmedabad on 17th Dec. and suffered distress and inconvenience when on arrival my luggage was missing. I filed in paperwork at AHM when AI promised to deliver to my address in Songadh, Gujarat.

On 19th Dec I got a phone call at 1 pm from Amin ** from Shri Nath Courier Company based in AHM. Shri Nath Courier refused to deliver my bag to Songadh and offered to deliver to Bhavnagar on Monday 21 Dec., hour and half journey from Songadh. I offered Amin ** option of delivering to Novotel Hotel in AHM by 2.30 pm to uncle who would have brought it to Songadh but Amin ** could not manage until 4/5 pm despite having 2 hours at midday as sufficient delivery time. Amin ** was rude, kept cutting off my phone calls, and has still not given a proper address in Bhavnagar from where I will have to pick up luggage on Monday, 21st Dec.

Why has Air India given responsibility to such a bad company whose owner has negated his contract and shoved on his responsibility to passenger? He even threatened to send back luggage to Air India but I convinced him with great patience and long phone calls to accept delivery at the nearest point because I have been without clothes for 4 days. I should have had luggage on Friday, 18th, 7.30 pm but will have to wait 4 days until 4 pm on Monday, 21st Dec. I have had to change my forward travel plans to Jamnagar and have missed a family wedding. I have had to make a special trip from Songadh to Bhavnagar to collect bag. I have wasted time and money on 2 hours of phone calls with a rude courier company to negotiate how best to retrieve luggage. I have had to buy clothes and toiletries to last for 4 days.

All above problems have added to stress, continual replanning of itinerary and terrible inconvenience. I strongly suggest Air India not to use the bad Shri Nath Courier in AHM in future. After 4 days I had to travel to Bhavnagar to collect my bag from the courier's chosen depot and found that it was broken. Not only were my contents all rotten inside but my clothes had been stained too because the chocolates had melted inside. I also had to buy a new bag for my return journey to London.

On checking in at Ahmedabad airport on 2nd January 2016, I was told I was overweight by 4 kg and had to pay a charge of $1600! The counter staff harassed me and eventually I threw stuff away and reduced the weight to the allowance. However I had noticed that another foreign person had put in luggage totaling 50 kg in front of my queue and was allowed. Why was I harassed in such a way? Is it reasonable for counter staff to demand 1600 US Dollar for 4 kg overweight? I could have tweeted about this at the time but did not want to damage Air India's reputation. Have vowed never to travel with this airline again!

Avoid if you can! Check-in nightmare! Our tickets, Air India to Shanghai then United to San Francisco. Clearly stated no charge for up to 2 bags each of up to 23kg. When we presented our 4 bags within these parameters, the desk agent refused to check us in unless we paid an extra US $400. We refused and appealed up 2 levels and finally got checked in. Even though we had arrived 3 hours before departure time, because the whole process took so long, we were rushed to make our flight. The flight itself was not bad. The plane, food and service were fine. Lost luggage! 1 week after arrival, our luggage has never arrived. Is this because of incompetence or some kind or revenge because we did not pay their extra fees?

Meantime, news feeds about Air India just in Dec. 2015, include:Tax-payer funded bailout of poorly run operation. Managing director Ashwani Lohani, said "Air India's issues are due to years of neglect." Many pilots quitting and signing with other airlines. Rat in cabin forces turnaround. Cracked windscreen forces emergency landing. Bus collides with plane on tarmac. Ground crew member sucked into engine and killed. No more Air India for us!

Our MYQ-BLR flight (AI-9514) scheduled to depart on 01-DEC-2015 was cancelled by Air India on 30-NOV-2015. We were 3 ladies (one senior citizen), traveling with a 3-year-old. We had specifically selected our vacation destination (in Kabini) based on the fact that it was close to Mysore airport (MYQ). We did not want a location that would involve a long drive. We had made a prepayment for 3 days at the hotel we would be staying at. Air India canceling our return flight from MYQ without making alternate arrangements was not only an inconvenience, but also ended up being much more expensive for us. It caused us to:

1. Make last minute alternative arrangements: in this case, a round trip car service all the way to BLR. Other travel arrangements would not work for our party given our age and time constraints. This trip cost us Rs. 16,000. 2. Sacrifice vacation time: We had to check out of the hotel early in order to ensure that we had sufficient time to make the second leg of our trip (BLR-BOM, since only the MYQ-BLR leg was cancelled). Even though the hotel cost us a substantial amount per night, we had to leave 5 hours earlier than planned for the 7-hour drive to BLR (instead of the 2-hour drive to MYQ). 3. Worry about travel arrangements during a short vacation: When our main focus should have been peace-of-mind and relaxation.

Furthermore, Air India was very callous in their handling of the situation--informing us about the cancellation via email, and not automatically refunding that leg of the trip. We expected more from a trusted company like Air India, with whom we have been flying for many years (we are frequent international travelers). Worst of all, we sent the above text to 2.5 weeks ago, requesting a refund for the leg of the trip that we could not fly since it was canceled by the airline. We received NO RESPONSE to the email. We are shocked/disgusted at this treatment of a paying consumer.

I travelled from Toronto to India via Mumbai. All of the passengers on my flight got their luggage but I didn't. One of my two bags is missing, so I made a complaint. Two days later I got my bag. It's completely damaged. They break the locks of the bag. Stolen my electronics worth more than 1500$. I tried all the possibilities to make a claim for loss. No response at all. I know Air India is the worst of all airlines... but due to bad fate I made my choice to travel in Air India. I recommend everyone please don't chose this airline at any worst case. I will even cancel my journey but never ever will take an Air India flight.

Air India flight ground staff Mukesh ** was very rude and unruly and refused to allow me to board my AI 8 am flight for which I had reached the boarding point at 7:49am. There was only one paging call made and I had made it a point to rush immediately. Mukesh and his lady assistant seemed to consider it a personal agenda to disallow my boarding quoting 20 mins prior boarding rule. I was travelling in a sick condition and subjected to the discomfort. I had to pay Rs 5500 and book a flight again and this time boarding commenced only at 11:12am for an 11am departure flight. The reason quoted was Air India had some delays. This is absolutely outrageous customer service and Air India seems to be operating as per their own whims and fancies. Would need a revert from Air India staff at the earliest to my mail ID.

I travelled from Mumbai to Newark on 18 December recently. After landing in Newark, I came to know my baggage was removed due to weather related problems and the plane was too full. They told us we should receive the baggage in 2-3 days time. I have been calling them, sent the emails regarding the status of my luggage, there is no reply. It is frustrating I have my medicines and other important stuff in the bags.

I would never use this airline ever. Very irresponsible and inhuman... Sad part is they are part of Star Alliance, that's how I took this flight. I saw on the site they are using this flight for the cargo purposes so they keep removing passengers' luggage because it gets too heavy to land and take off. They are making more money at the expense of passengers. What are they doing with the delayed luggage, no idea!! I want an answer from them. Nobody should use this airlines if Cargo is their priority not the passengers.

My daughter Amelia ** took the flight AI 0309 from Melbourne to Delhi on 17-Dec-2015 but could not get back her check-in baggage on arrival at Delhi Airport. Consequently she lodged Property Irregularity Report with id/number ** and Tag Number **. Please advise the whereabouts of her baggage. Your Bombay Office (Contact Centre) gave me the Delhi phone number 011-49637540 to contact. However nobody picks up the phone on that number.

Being a British, whenever I need to travel to India, I prefer Air India because of its Indian food and people. But sorry to say with my recent experience, I feel scared in choosing Air India flight again for travelling. Recently I travelled in air India from Kolkata - Mumbai - Heathrow, London. As a rule, an international flight needs check-in to be done at least 2 hours before the flight timings and that's what we did. We had flight from Kolkata to Mumbai at 740 pm, and we reached Kolkata airport at 5 pm. When me and husband went for check-in, the people at counters didn't do our check-in. To our surprise, one of the senior officer of Air India told us that the flight which we were supposed to be boarding at 740 pm was actually took off at 5 pm (preponed) and we have Missed our flight.

This news was a shock to me and husband and into deep argument as how the flight can take off 2 hrs before scheduled and that too without informing us. In Return, the air India officers did realise their mistake and gave us compensational ticket but this time not via Mumbai but Delhi. So from Kolkata airport we took flight to Delhi at 830 and reached Delhi safely to board London flight. We board the London flight on time and reached London Heathrow airport next day morning scheduled time 530 am. Me and my husband were happy and thinking that finally after so much of hassle in Kolkata airport, we will soon be landing in London. Waiting, waiting and waiting for landing, when suddenly the pilot makes an announcement that because of very dense fog in london, pilots were unable to see the runway.

They trying for last 2 hours over the Heathrow airport to land but unsuccessful. And because the flight has travelled extra hours, their fuels was going to be finished soon. Me and husband got frightened to hear that the flight in which we are sitting don't have fuel any more to fly further plus no chance of Landing too. Suddenly, on looking the screen map, we realised that our air India flight is heading towards Paris. After 30 mins of fly, the pilot actually realised to inform passengers about their intentions and told us that flight is having an emergency landing in Paris.

It was already 845 am London timings when we reached Paris, with no clue what are we supposed to do, how long we will be staying in Paris and what's next. On the other hand, my brother who went to London airport to receive us couldn't get any informations from air India officers as where is the flight and why didn't it land. He was in airport since morning 530 am till 930 am when finally me and my husband managed to make a call to them know that we landed in Paris and are safe.

So my dear friends, the story of Air India arrogant service didn't finish here. In Paris, we along with so many other passengers, were not allowed to get out of the craft. With No announcements, no crew members around, everyone on board so frightened and make chaos to know what's actually happening. Suddenly, few Crew members came and said flight might take off in an hour. And that one hour didn't end for next 6.5 hours, With no water, no snacks, no drinks, no food. Crew members didn't bother to think as what the passengers might be doing without food or drinks. Didn't bother to arrange any. Toilets were dirty and people were losing their patience. Little children were crying and there was chaos everywhere. After the long wait of 6.5 hours, we got the news of flight take off and finally landed in London Heathrow airport at 4 pm, where we were suppose to land at 530 am.

Felt a bit relaxed, thinking thank God we are back home, safe and sound after almost 24 hours from Kolkata airport to London airport. With so much of hassle, mental torture and harassment to me, my husband and my brother who just went haywire in Heathrow airport for us, I would like to tell the officer-in-charge of air India service to improve their service not only travelling wise but also behavior and humanity side wise too. Thank you for such an unforgettable moment with Air India, don't know if I or any of my family member will take the risk of travelling in Air India again in future.

I was traveled on 09th Oct. 2015 from ABU DHABI to MUMBAI by Air India flight AI946. I was not found my bag on belt. It was contain laptop & new brand wristwatch. I launch complaint & repeatedly request them to show me camera footage but they didn't show me the footage until 30 days. I feel it was done purposely. They wait until footage overlap. This indicates that bag was not misplaced. It was grab by some racket. Air India crew is most culprit in this matter.

I wrote a mail to AIR INDIA'S MD, Security lead & HR lead but no one is giving me even reply that's why they doesn't showed me footage & why they wait until footage overlap.

My flight were 1st October 2015 flight no AI 114 from Birmingham International to Kathmandu Nepal. Lost my baggage on that time. Now I came back UK but didn't get my baggage or compensation. I Applied for my baggage compensation but nobody reply my email. My baggage tracking no is **. I want tell everyone don't with Air India flight. Many thanks Air India management because flight was delayed from the Kathmandu then I came Heathrow. Overall very bad experience.

The entertainment system was not working throughout the flight. We had informed at Mumbai itself. The cabin crew stated that they will restart the system. If they had been notified before takeoff, it was their responsibility to get the problem checked and fixed. The screen was not even switching off and we could not sleep due to the light of the screen. We could not use reading lights, place attendant calls, nothing! Terrible experience! Have done video recording as well and can provide the clips.

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