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On Sept 5, 2016 I purchased a round trip ticket from Iberia. (Rome-Miami-Rome) I flew the first leg which I upgraded from economy to business at the airport paying $484.00 cash. While in Miami, I had to make an emergency business trip to China which meant I would not be able to make my October 17, 2016 return flight Miami to Rome on Iberia.

On September 28, 2016 I began calling the Miami Iberia reservation number (800-772-4642). It was extremely difficult to get thru since as the recording said "all agents are assisting other customers". All probably meant the only one agent on duty. I would hold and listen to the scratchy awful music for up to 27 minutes sometimes. Call after call, I got the same damn recording.

About 3 days later, I got lucky and a real live person answered. I gave my booking number, explained that I needed to change my return flight. The agent then put me on hold while he tried to figure out the change fee on my ticket. After about 15 minutes he came back and said he could not find the change fee amount, so he has to send a request to Spain. They would get back to me in a day or two. On the fourth day I called back and again was tortured with their music on hold endlessly. Finally when I got thru to a live person, I was told they had a reply from Spain. I didn't care what the change fee was, I just needed to move forward. I stated that I did not have a new return date, so was it ok if I called back when I did. The agent said no problem.

On October 1, 2016 I tried to reach Iberia to make the change only to have to be put on hold ENDLESSLY!! I arrived in China on October 8, 2016 and immediately began calling Iberia Miami to confirm my new return date. Finally, on October 13, 2016 I decided to hell with Iberia, I will dispute the charge on my credit card. I called my card company and the lady asked if she can call Iberia to try to resolve my issue in order to avoid the dispute. I said OK. She was able to get Iberia agent on the line in a jiffy. I confirmed my China contact telephone number with Iberia and my card company and I was put on hold. After listening to music for 32 minutes, the call dropped. Since then, no one has called me back to finish this ordeal.

My conclusion is STAY AWAY from IBERIA. If you want to book online, first you must check if they offer changes/cancellation on their site. If not, you will have to make calls and listen to awful music as I did. IBERIA is NOT QUALIFIED to DO BUSINESS in the USA. I hope I can help save one of you out there from the agony I experienced.

Traveling from CHI to Boston to Madrid. Three pieces of luggage were lost. Two were recovered within 3 days, and we are still waiting on the 3rd piece. They NEVER update the information. Iberia reps are impossible to deal with and so rude. They act like it's your fault. There is one flight a day that arrives at 6:30 AM. I checked all day and then started making calls. Only when I called both AA and Iberia did we finally get the first 2 pieces of luggage at 8:30 PM that night. Never in the system did they update that it was coming. If UPS and FedEx can tell you where your package is at all times why can't airlines do the same with luggage. We pay a heck of a lot more for flights than sending packages. #discussedwithairlines

On August 16 I booked a flight to Madrid from Pamplona. The flight was to leave Tuesday morning. They checked us all in, gave us a boarding pass and we all went thru security. We waited and waited for the flight to leave. Baggage was put aboard the plane. Hours later the baggage came out, brought to the front on the terminal without an announcement. Buses were brought in and we were bus(ed) to Madrid airport. Now, they will not issue a refund... twice... Once they said my baggage was on the plane... true, but then Iberia took it off. Second go round said that the ticket was non refundable in case of a cancel or no show. I did not cancel, I was there. So a 30 euro bus ride cost me $384.30. This airline is a scam.

My daughter was flying to Madrid from New York (JFK) on 21 August, 2015 to start her college semester. We came to the Iberia's check desk around 4:00 PM, representative could not find her ticket using her passport, said her ticket was cancelled, and told me to go to the Iberia sales office. At sales office, Iberian representative also didn't find her ticket and suggested that she can purchase a new one (at the price over $2,000). We refused and instead found a flight by Royal Air Maroc for 19:30 with a stop at Casablanca. My daughter had no choice but to take that flight.

It turned out that my daughter's flight was the next flight, flying out at 8:55 PM. We came for 5:30 PM flight because I brought a wrong printout. :( Now I'm trying to get a refund for my unused ticket but after a month of messing with me, Iberia just refused to pay without any explanation. Customer service at Iberia is the worst service among all the companies I know. What they did is a plain thievery.

On the 30th June 2015 flying from San Sebastian Spain having a stop over in Madrid, and of course Iberia had almost an hour Delay. We then just made it on our next flight with the same airline to Rome. Arriving in Rome one of our suitcases never came round the conveyor belt :( After going up to lost and found and speaking with a lady who worked for Iberia, she told us our luggage had been left in Madrid and will be on the next flight to Rome and we would get it the next afternoon. She even gave us the flight number and time it would arrive! So of course we had confidence!

It never showed up! Tried to call them the number that was given was invalid! We were leaving Rome the Next morning, got back to the airport, get there early 5am and of course no one is working in lost and found at that time. We search through what suitcases we could find and there was no sign of the suitcase! We had no option but to get on the flight to Croatia that we had already booked and through Facebook, which was my only point of contact I could tell them we have moved on and give them another address to send the case. This happened for 2 months of traveling. They had no idea where the bag had gone, no phone numbers were working, no sign of the bag, no compensation had been given.

Getting back to Australia, I have made contact through phone a few times, but they keep saying that lost luggage is not their department and they will call me back! They are in Spain and I am in Australia, they will never call me back! I have made claims and sent all claim information by mail and through email! All the emails we have received are no reply emails, and they are very blunt! They still have no idea where the suitcase has gone and they have told us that they have sent a cheque in the mail, that was almost a month ago and we have received nothing! I have sent everything through registered post and been calling and Facebook messaging them as much as I possibly can!

Apparently the cheque they have sent is only worth 700 Aus dollars. If this is the case this does not cover the suitcase and is pretty insulting. I have and will be trying to pursue this and get what we are owed even if according to the 'Montreal's convention' it's not as much as we deserve, they don't deserve to be an airline if this is how they are going to treat their customers from around the world. I have been harassing them and I know they are not enjoying it as they ended up blocking me on Facebook! It's not good enough and the airline should be ashamed of their actions. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle but I will keep on fighting!

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Greetings. My experience from (LHR) to (ALC) with a connection at (BCN) was an experience I will never forget. Flight 7453 from (LHR) had a brakes problem so the flight was delayed. I missed my connection to (BCN) Flight 5461, and was put on a flight to (Ibiza) for a connection. The Iberia personnel said the flight was delayed and I am sure to get my connection to (ALC). I argued not to put me on that flight if I was not going to make it, because my research showed there were more flights out of (BCN) to (ALC) but she insisted. After I arrived in Ibiza, the flight had already left. I was very upset. I went to the Iberia desk to figure out what was I supposed to do.

After explaining my position, the personnel showed no interest or concern. They repeated, "the next flight was back to (BCN) is at 840 am in the morning." There happened to be another passenger there with the same problem. After asking to be put up at a hotel for the night, then she started making calls, handed us a slip, and told us take a taxi outside. She told us, "They will know where the hotel is." We both went on a taxi line, which was a 45-minute wait. It is now 1 AM. Once we got there, the man informed us we were at the wrong address because the name was spelled wrong. The man called another taxi for us to take us to the right location.

After arriving at the second location, I tried to get in touch with my family because they had not heard from me in almost twenty-four hours. My phone connector was located in my suitcase but I did not have it in my possession. I borrowed a connector from the hotel and subsequently incurred roaming charges on my cell phone because the hotel has no Wifi. I had no personal items with me, due to me not having my suitcase. The next morning, I called a taxi and headed for the airport, which was one hour away. I was told would be given back my taxi expenses at the airport, but there was no one there to handle the claim.

After arriving at (BCN), I once again inquired about my luggage. Still, there was no explanation for where my luggage ended up and so I was forced to put in a luggage claim. One bag finally arrived on Monday the 27th late in the evening and the other near the end of my trip on Wednesday the 29th. However, I was there for an anniversary celebration and was forced to buy more apparel. I was practically lost, with no personal supplies, and none of my necessary clothing. I am totally shocked by the behavior of the Iberia personnel who did not seem to care very much about their customers satisfaction.

There should be compensation for all the stress and items I had to purchase but it's without a saying there is no amount of compensation that will counteract this dreadful experience. The job is to hand you a slip - no apologies, no interest and give no reasoning to why things are done like this. I travel all over the world with different airlines, never called half an hour before the plane is schedule to leave to board, so the flight never leave on time. So there is always the chance of you missing any connection, only if it is about three hours away.

I fly frequently out to my holiday home in Mallorca from London. I normally fly with British Airways. Their planes are by far superior to any other airline that goes out there and I don't mind paying a little more for the comfort and civilized manner in which I'm treated. The seats in both economy and business class are both spacious and comfortable. Drinks - including alcohol and a snack or a meal are included. On my recent trip out from London City Airport I was given a full English breakfast. The airline staff are polished and professional. I am a member of their frequent flier program and have access to business lounges, priority check-in and boarding regardless of the cabin I've selected to fly in.

So I question why on British Airways online site where I book my flights, you are given an option to also book a BA coded flight with Iberia Express? My story is this. Yesterday evening 26/09/15 I flew back for the first time with Iberia Express from Palma to London Heathrow. This was the only available flight for me and I naturally expected the flight and service to be of a similar standard to that of BA's. When I boarded the plane I was instantly shocked by the seating. It made Ryan Air look like a luxury airline! The seats were tiny and the cabin looked like it had been designed to cram as many seats in as possible to transport an army of midgets.

The gentleman sitting next to me was 6'7'' and had wanted to fly in business class but had been informed that there were no seats available. His legs, which I've taken a photograph of (this will be sent to BA along with a further complaint) were crushed partly under the seat and partly out in the aisle. In my opinion and others sitting around us this must have breached what must be considered airline safety and also health and safety. This gentleman asked if he could pay to sit in Club Class when it became apparent that there was an available seat but was told by the senior member of staff, "No, we cannot do that".

When I stepped in and argued that that was not acceptable she seemed unable to get her head around the fact that he could not fit into the tiny seat and that he could easily get seriously hurt if the flight encounter turbulence. Her attitude was very trashy and dismissive. Thank you Iberia for employing such intelligent staff. I question how the airline staff would respond in an emergency?

And the other issue I'm seriously annoyed about is that the on-board service was similar to Easyjet. We had to pay for our drinks and snacks??? The plane was both old and filthy. I'm 5'2'' and my head was inches away from the seat in front of me and I was constantly assaulted by a dirty curtain hanging in front of my face which was suppose to divide business class from economy. The business class section looked very basic too.

Finally I'll now argue with British Airways that they should not sell Iberia Express flights on their website. The type of person that books flights with BA expects a good if not excellent level of service and Iberia Express are a basic 'run for the plane', trashy airline staffed and 'who wound up the elastic bands to take off' airline who should not be selling seats via the British Airways online site. I and just about everyone else on last night's flight were disgusted and stunned by such low standards. Needless to say I won't be flying with this airline again!

The background: I had bought a ticket with vy1871 and vy 2268 for 8th September from Copenhagen to Sevilla through the Vueling website. I never received a confirmation by Vueling, even though my credit card account stated the purchase. I called Vueling customer service all times of the day in 4 days and could not get through on single time! The morning of departure I was desperate and called the mother company Iberia. I talked to an agent about my problem. I told her I was booked with Vueling and that it was impossible to get through to their customer service.

The sales agent said she should check my name on the flight since both Iberia and Vueling were operating the same flight. She came back and said I was not on the flight and that I must buy a new ticket. I did, with Iberia for 560 euro plus and insurance. She said that this was the only solution for me to get on the flight. I really was had to be sure I could go that day so I had no choice. I had already paid 250 euro with Vueling for the same flight.

When I came to the airport I found it was Vueling who was operating the check in. No Iberia staff in sight. I told the check in agents about the problem. When they searched their system they could only find the Vueling ticket that I never got confirmation for. They also said they were from another company, not Vueling, just a handling company so they could not do anything about my double booking. The Iberia ticket I just bought did not exist, they said. They gave me a boarding pass for Vueling.

I called the same minute, before departure, to Iberia customer service to tell them about the problem and to cancel the ticket that did not exist and give me back the money. The agent said he should file a report and call me back. He never called back. I called the next day and they promised again to make a report. I have since then contacted Iberia customer offices in Sevilla, Barcelona, Madrid and I have called many times. I have made a written report in paper and on internet. Thus far nothing has happened. I have paid over 900 euro for a ticket to Sevilla one way from Copenhagen. It was the sales agent of Iberia who did the mistake telling me I was not on the flight and forcing me to buy a new ticket!

I had two flights booked from Venice to Barcelona and they were cancelled. I received no email notification for this and was told that the next available flight was not until the following afternoon. This was the Friday night of the Biennale film festival. We had no accommodation and Vueling were offering no assistance, apologies or suggestions. Our best choice was to fly with another airline to get us to Barcelona that night where we had accommodation booked and paid for. This cost us 300 each and I was told by Vueling that I could get a refund but it was better for me to request this online. However there is no online request for refund form and in order to talk to customer service it costs about 90 cents a minute. Thus they are making more money from their poor service.

I received an email apologizing for the cancellation with a 20 voucher for my next booking. If the refund is available to me why don't they send me one instead of the voucher? I am very upset about this because all up it cost me 350 to get to Barcelona instead of 50. I have lost faith in low cost airlines and I want to warn others to not fly Vueling because there is no easy or economical way to communicate with them if things go wrong. They don't care.

My NYC to Madrid flight on August 15 was bad. Security check was disorganized and tedious. Check in was same as for economy except the line was shorter. I never encountered such lines for business class in any other airline. Once we boarded, pilot didn't make any announcements. I asked stewardess if the plane could be cooled off as it was stuffy. She said "No!" that I would need blanket later!

Return flight from Madrid to NYC. Check in was lousy with this grumpy old man and again quite a line at business counter. First security check was quick and they singled me out for a pat down. Passport check was fairly quick. We decided to leave the lounge a bit earlier so as not to rush to the gate. A real nightmare started there. The passport clerk told us to go to his supervisor who said my daughter was selected for random security screening. To our horror, there was a huge crowd of people waiting for this and the line was barely moving. We have 30 min to flight departure! After 5 min, I asked and the clerk said "so?" Finally after another 5 min, my daughter was called. They rechecked her backpack and patted her down. Mind you we both wore tights and slim t-shirts so hiding anything on our bodies would be impossible!

We made it to our flight on last call! We were so upset that we kept going to the bathroom every hour. Once at JFK, passport check was fast, luggage came out very slowly!!! And our bags were screened for the third time!!! It appears that Iberia singled us out as terrorists or smugglers! I never had my bags checked this many times or had both myself and my daughter patted down. It was horrible. We have no criminal records, smuggling, no suspicious travel etc. Never again, they can go to hell.

I have called at least fifty time Iberia and send via email the documentation for my Dad to be able to change his flight before his date. After a week of calling and complaint no one have never called back and they refused to talk to me. I send medical documentation from hospital. My dad is leaving tomorrow and I need to find a good lawyer to start a lawsuit! I have work in airline and we change flight due to emergency. This is unacceptable. It's disgusting and go behind any human right. I will never fly Iberia anymore and I need an answer and all of those people that I dealt need to get consequences. My dad need to have a surgery, this is not a joke. They tell me that someone will call me.

My wife and I traveled to Spain for our tenth anniversary with Iberia. As we were bringing a wedding dress and suit, I wanted to make sure they would be on the plane- we had no bags to check. My wife said it would all be placed on a closet on the plane at no cost, but I emailed and called Iberia multiple times to be sure. I finally got an agent on the phone, who noted I needed to do an online baggage check for $128, which I did. At JFK, an Iberia desk agent noted that was wrong- it would be placed on the plane at no charge, and said to go back online to get a refund. Months later, after Iberia lost my first complaint form, they said it was not refundable. No reason. No concern for a lifetime of flight income loss for my wife and I, who are thinking of moving to Malaga.

On 02.07.15 I booked online with Iberia Express to travel with my husband on 30.10.15 from Tenerife to London. It involved a flight from Tenerife North to Madrid and a connecting flight from Madrid to London. On 29.07.15 I received an email from Iberia Express to advise that the flight from Tenerife to Madrid was cancelled and offering me an alternative flight. I rang their customer service because the alternative flight arrived in Madrid two hours after my flight to London had left! Iberia then went on to offer me a flight the day before with no offer of overnight accommodation. They then offered me only one seat on an earlier flight that would connect with the flight from Tenerife to London.

Customer Service were absolutely useless and I had no alternative but to cancel the flights and request a refund of monies paid. I am still waiting for my refund despite numerous telephone calls. Iberia have made all sorts of excuses even advising that the banks hold on to my money! I have been greatly inconvenienced by Iberia because I have had to look and pay for alternative flights. Never again! I would never recommend this company nor would I ever consider using them again.

I purchased unaccompanied minor tickets for my daughter to travel alone to Spain 4 months advance of her trip. The Iberia agent whom I purchased my ticket from on the phone "never put in my payment information" even though I provided it. This resulted in my daughter's ticket being cancelled without any notification or warning. I called Iberia to find out why her ticket was cancelled & they told me I must pay an additional $1,000 to re-purchase the tickets since the price had gone up.

Fast forward 3 and 1/2 hours later, 5 phone calls later, 4 times being hung up on by customer service reps who were "transferring me to their managers," they finally "resolved" my issue. Luckily, I had an email confirmation with a day/ time stamp. I provided that information plus the phone # I called from when I initially made my reservation. The manager was able to locate the recording of my original phone call, he listened to the 40 minute recording & confirmed that I INDEED paid initially!

I INDEED provided credit card information! The customer service rep then ONLY offered for me to re-purchase the tickets for the same price I paid. Again, this is after 3 & 1/2 hours of endless frustration. They offered NOTHING for all the inconvenience. No upgrades, no apologies, nothing. This is a horrible airline. I am a frequent flier to Spain & I would NEVER fly with them again. Run now if you value your time, sanity and your money.

On 11/07/2015, I traveled by Iberia (Cub Class) from Ibiza to London. The quality of service was generally poor; and the designated aircraft seating area was filthy. To top off what must now be considered my worst air travel experience ever, upon arrival at Heathrow, I discovered that an item of my luggage had vanished in transit ("Lost Luggage").

I subsequently made a series of requests for information from Iberia Customer Services (12/07; 13/07; 14/07; and 16/07/2015). These requests were met with general disinterest and, at best, inaccurate feedback in relation to the location of my Lost Luggage. Please also note that many Iberia Customer Services staff appear to possess what used to be politely termed, "limited English skills". Bizarrely, I was initially led to believe that my Lost Luggage had been sent through to Heathrow on a later flight.

With this in mind, on 16/07, I wasted 5 hours and incurred an additional cost of 40.00 going back to Heathrow in an attempt to recover my Lost Luggage. It was only as a result of assistance from BA staff at Heathrow (who have proved considerably more helpful than Iberia Customer Services) that I found out no one has any idea where the Lost Luggage is. Further note that Iberia only finally acknowledged this after I pointed out what had happened at Heathrow in 16/07! I then demanded to speak to an Iberia manager - Iberia Customer Services refused to refer. I have since heard nothing from Iberia - even after making a written complaint. Needless to say, they'll be hearing from my solicitor in due course. Quite frankly, I don't expect this sort of service, business class or standard, and have no intention of travelling BA/Iberia again as a result.

Inhuman IBERIA. Last afternoon I took the kids to airport to fly Athens-Madrid-Oviedo. Kids are 13 and 11 years old. Iberia policy is that kids under 12 are obliged to buy the unaccompanied minor service and over 12 is optional. Said service costs Euro 65 for Athens-Madrid leg and Euro 40 for Madrid-Oviedo leg with Iberia both flights. So I bought the service for my kid of 11 for total Euro 105!!!! When the kids arrived at terminal 4 Madrid airport, one lady to the youngest to the UM room and LEFT THE 13 YEARS OLD ALONE IN THE AIRPORT ON HER OWN!!!! FOR 3 HOURS!!!! Outrageous. Their argument: We are not a NGO (non governmental organization)!!!!

I never actually flew with them because they cancelled my flight and left me hanging so that I had to make other arrangements myself. Their "customer service" is appalling and the reps were absolutely useless and rude. They kept telling me to go on their website to submit a claim, which would never have been resolved before I was due to leave. Their English was very basic so they couldn't understand me properly, which only added to my frustration. In the end I lost all the money I'd paid for my tickets and had to pay for another flight myself. A total nightmare.

Booked tickets for my daughter 6 months before travel. She arrived at the airport and the checkin demanded that she produce the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets. I am in Australia and she is in Lisbon, how on earth does this work. Does that mean that nobody other than the passenger flying can book and pay for a ticket. They demanded that new tickets were purchased, apparently to prevent fraud (seems like the only fraud taking place here is Iberia on its passengers). I would not fly with them again and warn everybody of this scam. Surely after 6 months they could determine that the payment of the tickets was not fraudulent.

I've received the worst customer service I've ever experienced in my life. My family and I travelled to Spain last week. Our flight from Toronto to Barcelona was delayed causing us to miss our flight with Iberia from Barcelona to Jerez. I went to the Iberia desk at the airport to explain the situation and ensure our return flights were not cancelled. They assured me that they would be fine and gave me a receipt saying they were revalidated. The next day I received an email stating that our return flights had been cancelled due to "no show". I subsequently spent the next 2-3 days on the phone with Iberia explaining our situation.

I spoke to 3 different representatives and was hung-up on 3x. I was told someone would call me back with a resolution in 48 hours max. No one did. I tried to call multiple times with no response leaving my family to purchase a new set of tickets to return home through another airline. Now back in Canada I've called 3x, spoken to 3 different customer service representatives and once again hung-up on 3x after being on hold for over an hour. I'm disgusted in how they've treated their customers and have yet to hear back regarding my request.

I had my luggage damaged by Iberia while flying on vacations and then filed the damage claim locally at Guarulhos airport. After much against time with arbitrary answers trying to sorting out the problem through claim forms on their website and by telephone, now they want me to provide them with a "certificate of irreparable loss provided by the shop substituting the item", on which of course no one here is willing to do so. The shop only sells brand new items! Additionally by the phone they informed me to pay a maximum of 150,00 € for my damaged luggage which will be subject to approval.

Filling a form in their website simply does not work, calling their support number no one was able to address the problem or provide me a solution, last but not least, filling-in a complaint in the website does not work as well as in the last moment you are told the page expired. Was all this done on purpose? Maybe yes, maybe not, however I will never ever book a flight anymore with Iberia. I don't care how cheap it is. I urge you to stay away from them. Save yourself the headache and time!

The cyclone "Niklas" retained much of Germany on alert in the days 31/03/2015 and 01/04/2015 - longer possible displacement in various parts of the country, making it impossible my trip to Frankfurt airport and making me delay for my flight in two hours. Even with this natural disaster, Iberia company denied me the possibility of relocation in a subsequent flight even though I agreed to pay additional fees.

In extremely hostile tone company officials told that the only option would be to buy a new ticket (about 1500 Euros) and wait for 36 hours in the airport lobby. Not agreeing with the "solution" suggested by the company, I headed to another company and had to buy a new passage in the amount of EUR 1050 and wait for 12 hours. Very unfortunate the attitude of the company. I am starting to lawsuits, recover my loss of money and compensation for moral damages.

I bought 4 tickets from IBERIA homepage with Mastercard. I received an e-mail from Iberia Confirmation Code: ** (15/11/2014). The total amount was blocked from my credit card. When I arrived at the airport (12 days later, on 27/11/2014) there were no bookings at all. I never received any e-mail from IBERIA informing the cancellation. I was left alone with my 3 children to fly Brussels-Madrid-Sao Paulo. As I needed to travel urgently, I bought 4 new tickets, with an extra cost of 603,84 Euros. Iberia puts the claim in the Mastercard company. Mastercards says and has proofs that the money was available for them but IBERIA didn't book it within 12 days. The fact is that IBERIA were very unfriendly, and the personnel at the Airport in Brussels told me that the same situation have occurred many times. After an Odysee in many e-mails and phone calls, they shift the problem to the others.

22nd February 2015, booked and paid for 2 business class flights from Rome to Athens return on the Iberia website and got confirmation they were business class flights. Had to phone Iberia Customer Service about luggage allowance and was told the airline that was operating the flight was Vueling, who I had never heard of, was a cheap airline and did not have a business class on its planes.

1st Customer services contact **, would not put me through to a supervisor then told me the supervisor had just left the office and would be back in 2 hours. I am of the opinion I was lied to. Phoned back 2 hours later talked to ** who told me she would put me through to the supervisor. I then waited 30 minutes before the line went dead. I am of the opinion I was being fobbed off. I put a complaint in via the Iberia website and got a message, "your message has been received at the Customer Service Centre." There was also a reference number for the complaint.

A few days later I tried to see how far my complaint had advanced, used the reference number I had been given on the Iberia website and got a message that the complaint did not exist. Obviously all complaints to Iberia go through the internet to Iberia and then straight in to the rubbish bin which saves the centre the hassle of actually dealing with it. There is no way of contacting the actual Customer Service Centre. When you phone, you actually go through to reservations. Iberia Customer Service Centre has no direct phone number, no fax number, and no e-mail address. They seem to be only contactable by post or carrier pigeon!

I have now written to Luis Gallego, the CEO of Iberia and who knows, I might even get a reply but there again I still believe in Santa Claus! So, when is business class not business class? When you book with Iberia. When is Customer Service not Customer Service? When you try and contact Iberia with a compliant.

First of all - if you wish to make a complaint about Iberia may I recommend making an official complaint. All businesses in Spain are required to have a complaints book (libro de reclamaciones) to which your complaint should be submitted. Whoever is responsible (in government) for Consumer Affairs is then supposed to investigate your claim and respond to you within 10 working days. Or just file it in the "round" drawer - you know, the one that gets emptied every night by the cleaners. Still, if enough of us complain, hopefully someone will start listening, or a lawyer looking to make a few euros might take up the case.

In my case, I have bought a ticket through Expedia, for a flight from Manchester to Barcelona. The flight is with BA for the first leg and with Iberia for the second leg. That second leg is a code-share flight with BA. Unfortunately it is a flight that BA have cancelled. Even more unfortunately they either HAVEN'T told Iberia or (more likely) Iberia haven't bothered to listen so they're still selling tickets online.

Expedia are now unable to issue my e-ticket. They are also unable to issue a refund which would be meaningless in any case. It would take til after I am expected to leave before I'd get my money back. And there isn't any other way for me to get back to Barcelona without spending a fortune - given that prices have risen 300% since I paid for my ticket. Expedia are only following procedures - they expect the airlines with which they deal to run a proper system to handle flight cancellations. Iberia on the other hand are acting incredibly irresponsibly with seeming impunity.

This airline is the worst in the history of airlines. They lie and are incompetent. Their customer service representatives out in Miami are liars. I booked a round-trip flight for my 12-year old son from Accra to RDU. The itinerary was Accra-London-Raleigh and Raleigh-London-Accra. All flights were Iberia flights operated by British Airways and American Airlines. When booking the ticket over the phone, I asked the reservation agent if I can add unaccompanied minor service to the reservation. Her response was "if he is 12 years old I'm pretty sure he will be okay. No need to add that service." So I didn't and I booked and paid for the ticket. She then told me that I needed to go to a British Airways or Iberia or American Airlines ticket counter at a nearest airport and show my credit card and driver's licenses to prove that I'm the owner of the credit card I used to book the reservation.

I drove 45 minutes to the airport and went to American Airlines counter. The lady there told me there was an issue with my ticket. She said they wouldn't let my son board the AA plane in London because he is a minor and AA does not let minors under the age of 14 travel alone. So I called Iberia again. The agent that I spoke with this time told me that I must add unaccompanied minor service to the reservation and that it cost $100; he told me the fee is to be paid at the airport in Accra. So I left the airport and went home. The next day (one day before my son is supposed to be traveling) I called Iberia again to make sure that everything is in order. The agent I spoke with this time told that it is impossible to add the unaccompanied minor service to the booking because the flights are not operated by Iberia. She was so rude for no reason and told me that my only option is to call British Airways and AA and figure it out with them.

Mind you that I purchased the ticket from Iberia and not BA or AA. So I called BA, they said the service is not required for minors 12 years and older. Then I called AA; they said though the service is required, they cannot add it because all fights from departure to arrival are not operated by AA. My only option now is to cancel the ticket. So I called Iberia to see if my ticket is refundable; the person I spoke with told me that it is, but I had to pay a penalty of $215. She said the refund will be issued in 3 business days. So I cancelled the ticket. I called Delta and booked a flight (cheaper) with unaccompanied service with no problem whatsoever. The lady was very courteous and took the names of the persons who will dropping and picking up my son at the airports. She assured me that my son will be well taken care of.

I called Iberia the next day AGAIN; spoke with a different agent. She told me the penalty for cancellation is $215 + $25 service fee. I RECEIVED A REFUND RECEIPT TODAY. MY REFUND IS $589.88 which is $500 less than what the Iberia agents told me when I called. So I called Iberia AGAIN and asked where is the rest of my money. The agent said the $589.88 is what they owe me because the legs of the trip that flown by AA are not refundable. It doesn't say that anywhere on my reservation. How come the legs operated by BA are refundable and the AA ones are not, if all legs are Iberia flights? How do they come up with the calculation that resulted in a refund of $589.88??? Don't ask because only God knows. I will never never never ever book a flight with Iberia. I don't care how cheap it is. I urge you to stay away from them. Save yourself the headache and time.

I am currently in Colombia trying to change a flight back to London. To do this you have to go via the local Iberia office in Bogota. The website says you can change flights but you can't - you just get an error. The Bogota office of Iberia is useless. Always have to queue, I have been cut off several times and when I am speaking with the, they haven't got a clue what they are doing. Their customer service Facebook page is a waste of time as well. They suggested I call a number in Madrid and refused to follow it up internally for me. Sending an email to their frequent flyer club email address is also pointless, as I still haven't received a reply. My advice to anyone flying Iberia, DON'T!!!! To/from UK and Colombia, try Avianca. I will NEVER use Iberia again and will tell everyone I meet thinking of travelling to/from Spain or Latam the same.

I have talked with Iberia customer service in last 4 months. They are rude, and want to get off the phone as quick as they can. I wanted to get refund for my flight from NYC to Spain, since my wife just becomes pregnant after ticket is booked. I never get the process going through. They want me to give up over $1,600. I will never book tickets from Iberia airline again.

At the Iberia website I set up a purchase of tickets using Avios points. There is a special section of the website for this purpose. After locating the tickets I wanted, I transferred over 200,000 points from my American Express account to Iberia. Then I located the tickets and completed the transaction at Iberia's website. Immediately afterward the tickets appeared as "Cancelled" in my account and the points returned to my account. I set up and completed the purchase again, and immediately afterward, the transaction was "Cancelled". All of this can be viewed as history in my account at the website. So I phoned, and was told, there are in fact no tickets available for purchase with points during that entire month (July 2015).

When I said that the website allowed to purchase the tickets, the woman said, “Oh yes I know, it is a problem with our website, the tickets are not actually available.” However, she could not return my points to American Express nor could she find me tickets. She said what I could do was to submit a complaint at the Iberia website. As many have already mentioned here, it is not possible to do that. I filled out the form 4 times, but each time an error came back "Status field must be filled out". There is NO status field on the form. And there is no phone number to call where they will submit a complaint over the phone. I want them either to honor the purchase (which STILL appears as available for purchase with points at the website) or else void the transfer of my points from American Express.

I booked flights for my husband and myself on Iberia Air to fly from Miami Florida to Madrid Spain on Sept 10 returning on Sept 26th. I paid a additional $160.00 for the trip back to Miami to upgrade to more room seats. When checking in we were told that the seats were no longer available due to a plane change. When I asked how to get the $160.00 back they said I had to go to customer service. I went but it was customer service NOT! Went again in Miami and got the same terrible treatment and told to call the 1800 772 4642, finally after repeated calls they said they would refund the $160.00 in 30 days. That has not happened and I really do not know where to turn to as no one will help and when you ask to talk to a supervisor the response is "that is impossible." I really don't understand how this airlines stays in business the customer service is the very worst I have ever encountered, from the ticket counter people to the stewards on the plane, the customer service counter, to the people on the 1800 number it is like they are rewarded for being rude. I will never fly with them again so no repeat customer here.

I booked 4 tickets online via Expedia from Madrid to Las Palmas and Back. This was for a destination wedding we were attending. We bought these tickets a month back and just recently found out that the wedding was called off due to personal reasons. Since there will be no wedding, I called Expedia to cancel the tickets (basically offer me a credit/coupon towards a future travel). Expedia indicated that they didn't have control and that I should call Iberia. Iberia desk tells me that these tickets are non-refundable, non-changeable, non-transferable and the cancellation reason "not good enough". As much as I understand rules are made, $1000 is not a small amount to forfeit. I can understand this may have cause the airline some inconvenience, but in today's world, tickets to places like Las Palmas get sold out too fast too quick. As a matter of fact, I had to select a later flight because most morning flights were sold out.

I think this not fair practice to just eat all of the ticket fare and not allow for any changes. I offered to even buy insurance on top of this but was refused access. I think IBERIA is the worst airline to deal with and are the most inflexible set of folks to deal with. I know I lost $1000 but I will NEVER ever travel this airline again. #IBERIAWORST #WORSTAIRLINE #NEVEREVER.

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