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Christos of Oslo, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

In December, I had bought a plane ticket for a trip from Oslo to Cancun with KLM. The ticket included two transits, one in Mexico City, one in Amsterdam. KLM gave me a ticket with Aeromexico for the flights between MXN and CUN. My scheduled return date was February 22nd. Suddenly, I received an SMS four hours prior to my first flight informing me that my flight from Amsterdam to Oslo was canceled, due to a storm in Amsterdam. According to that SMS, they were working on finding a solution. Soon after this, received an email informing me that I could book another flight for free. I clicked on the link, but couldn't get a ticket for free, the system was charging me for the ticket change as usual. Then, I tried many times to call them, but got no response. I sent them a msg about that on Facebook, but after 50 mins. I hadn't got any response and couldn't reach them on the phone either. This is the first part of my complaint.

Then, I rushed to Cancun Airport in the hope of changing my ticket there. I contacted Aeromexico, since my first flight was with them. They looked indifferent and impolite from the very beginning: they told me they didn't have access to the database of KLM and couldn't do anything for that. I ask if there was any representative of KLM in that airport, they said 'no'.The only thing the did for me was to call Delta, another sister company of KLM.

When the Delta employee who tried to help me asked for the flight number of my Aeromexico flight, I asked the employee of that company about it. She said in a rude way that she doesn't have access to my passenger information and that she couldn't help me. I told her many times in Spanish and English that I only need the flight number of the next Aeromexico flight to Mexico City. She kept on repeating that, although I was trying to make clear that she didn't need my passenger info to find that. At the same time, she wasn't working with anything else, she was playing games on her smartphone and listening to music. In the end, I was threatened by another Aeromexico employee that he would call the police. I had to walk 30 m and see the flight number myself. then, the Delta employee had hang up and I had to start over again rebooking my flight.

The whole rebook took me over 45 mins in the end. This is the second part of my complaint: if KLM sells me a ticket with another air carrier, they needed to guarantee me that the other company would give the same service as KLM would give to me. This means full access to my passenger information, helpfulness and politeness.

My negative surprises with Aeromexico don't stop there. When I would finally fly back to Oslo, on Feb 27th, got the same msg, that my passenger info wasn't available. After 10 mins, the employee finally found me. However, she gave me a new boarding pass with another seat than the one I had got the day before when I checked-in online. The new seat was much more uncomfortable for a big-sized man like me. Again: if KLM sells me a ticket with another air carrier, they needed to guarantee me that the other company would give the same service as KLM would give to me. This means full access to my passenger information, helpfulness and politeness.

Anet of Novato, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I called to book a new flight with a confirmation number of a past flight I had to cancel. The first person I spoke to say since the charge would be in pesos (at this time I'm in Mexico) they would have to transfer the call. After 5 minutes waiting on the phone, the next person answered the phone but said I would have to be transferred to another person who could speak English. Stayed online for another 12 minutes.

Then a girl came on and it took over an hour to rebuy a ticket. First she put credit card information in wrong and said my card was denied. I asked her to read back card and three numbers were wrong. Then I looked at my watch and explained to her I had been on the phone for over an hour and had to go to work in 10 minutes. She said we are just about done. Gave her my email address 3 times and then said to her "I just received the charge on my credit card and I wrote down all the information you told me". But, I now have to get off the phone. I asked if she was done and she said yes and would send the email to me. I got to work and checked my email and it says, "Your set and soon will be on your way." I scroll down to look at info and it was the old info from the cancel ticket.

I called back and was transferred 4 times only to be told she never completed the process and canceled the ticket. Then because she canceled I would have to rebuy the 2 tickets and pay double the price. What??? Because she was incapable of doing her JOB correctly?? I was transferred to customer service and then was informed they have to start a case, even though I was already told they could see she had all the information but just never finished. Customer service girl said it will take up to 10 days to investigate and fix the problem. Unbelievable and I still don't have the tickets and I'm pretty sure, based on my last experience with Aeromexico this will not get taken care of to make it right. This will be my last time flying on Aeromexico.

Asif of Ramanagar, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

My baggage has been miss out when I travel Mumbai-Amsterdam-Mexico-Santo Domingo. Received baggage after 3 days with damaged condition. Who to I contact as airport authority/airline is not responding.

Jaime of Denver, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been given the run around from AeroMexico about my stolen items since 1-20-17. I have been sending several messages asking for status on what they plan on doing to make this right with my stolen items and still no response from them. I have written customer relations as well as contacto equipaje where they sent me a response after my first letter that they will get back to me with the outcome and as of today 3-17-17 nothing. I have contacted the number on the corporate office 1-800-237-6639 with no luck. This is the line for reservations and recordings. I also contacted the corporate office in Mexico 52 55 91324979 with no luck. All they did was transfer me to the recording extensions. You can never get a hold of anyone on this airline.

I had a iPhone 7 stolen along with 5 pair of puma tennis shoes, 5 Levi jeans, 2 used phones, 12 pair of Adidas socks, 1 jacket and 1 blue tooth. I also had to pay for a room for the night in Mexico City as the flight was delayed due to the pilots did not arrive on time in Denver which made my connecting flight delayed until the next day. I had family members having to spend the night in Guadalajara until I arrived the next day. My luggage did not even arrive with me until 4 days after my arrival in Guadalajara. When the guy brought my luggage that is when I noticed things missing.

I was never told they were sorry or if there is anything they could do. They really do not have any customer service skills nor do they assist in making sure things run smoothly when it is their fault not mother nature nor the customer. I am trying to get this issue resolved but I keep on getting closed doors. They hide the owners and you cannot get anyone to assist you to get this resolved. You cannot get any of importance to answer your questions and get answers. This company needs to put out some phone numbers or e-mail addresses of their executives in order to get issues resolved.

kathleen of Burnaby, BC on
Satisfaction Rating

Message for Wende of Peterborough, ON - I had a very similar experience with Aeromexico to you. Absolutely horrible customer service this airline has. I was blown away by the ignorance and unwillingness to help in any way. I also had ticket credit with Aeromexico from last year when I had this horrible experience. I went to book another flight with them this year to go to Mexico again. I am totally opposed to flying with them again but I have a $800 ticket with them that I did not want to waste.

I called to book another flight that was about the same price as the original around $800. There was a whole bunch of hidden fees that I was not told about at the time of the cancellation. They quoted me OVER A $1000 for another flight that was the exact same price so they actually wanted me to pay more than the flight was actually worth?! I am absolutely furious with this company. They should not even be allowed to operate if this is the way they treat people.

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Nina of Vancouver, BC on
Satisfaction Rating

I need to write a good review for Aeromexico. They did lose my luggage at Mexico City, but they kept in touch via email all the time to let me know about the progress of finding it. The registration process of the lost bag was easy. They were very apologetic and delivered my bag in 2 days to a small town in Panama. They sent an automatic credit to my credit card for $100USD. Air Canada lost my bag once and it was way worse.

Clau of Tampa, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

They closed the door in our noses and made us pay $900 ($450 per person) otherwise we would have been stranded in Mexico. Need to say more? NEVER use this airline even if you feel like is cheaper. Their missed flight policy is a scam!

Jackie of New York, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Avoid Aeromexico at all cost. Aeromexico is the worst airline I have ever experienced. Worst customer service ever. They deliberately made us miss our connection in Mexico City. They're incompetence and disrespectful. Unprofessional agents are in a class by themselves. They certainly convinced us (a group of 14) that Mexico is not a place we ever would set foot in again. After 40 years of travel all over the world I can honestly say I never want to go near Aeromexico or its horrendous staff of incompetent rude and lazy workers. Which certainly rules out Mexico for me. Plenty of nicer places to go in this world with much better customer service. If you are unlucky enough to end up on Aeromexico stay clear of this agent.

Wende of Peterborough, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

Well everyone I'm at home. I did not make it to Nicaragua. I took my flight into Mexico on the 10th at about midnight and arrived in Mexico at about 5am. The connecting flight was to leave at 9:20am. When leaving from Mexico there is no gate numbers on your ticket. I was advised by ground staff that the gate would be posted and announced about an hour before the flight was to board. So Whiskey and I waited, and waited and waited... No posting and no announcement!! I started asking any ground staff if they could help me/direct me to where to find some information. "No English" was the only answer I received as they just walked away. I just could not believe it!!! I started to cry. I just didn't know what to do or where to go.

Finally a young couple noticed and came over to help me. I showed them my ticket with the flight info saying I had not heard any announcement or seen anything posted. They took me to a small counter and asked the woman about my flight. She advised them the plane had left!!! I spent at least an hour trying to get help only to miss my flight!! One lady said to me "welcome to Mexico". Aren't they great??? (sarcasm). I was told in broken English that I had to go to a different area to get my luggage. I couldn't find the area so I went back, told the young lady that she would have to show me. You should have seen the look... She took me to a very small hallway where they took my ticket and passport and said I would have to wait.

1/2 an hour later someone came to get me and show me where to go... A nice gentleman got me a cart for the luggage and out I went to where I didn't have a clue. Thank God Sterling was on the phone helping me!!! I go to an Aeromexico counter to get some help and advice. I was told that to get the next flight to Nicaragua would be $848.00 US!!! Are you kidding me??? No he said... No offer of taking the cost of my connecting fight off that I had already paid. Nothing!!! To go home would be 400.00 and something US. Guess which one I took.

Anyway that flight was not until 1am in the morning (12th). It was now 2:30 pm on the 11th. A porter saw me in tears again, probably looking like a deer caught in headlights and came to help... God love him. He spoke English!!! He took the cart with all my luggage and took me to some hotel kiosks to try to get a room for the afternoon. Well guess what... Most of the hotels and people do not accept service dogs!!! Well we finally found one!!! I thanked him. Gave him a huge tip. He as was so kind and helpful and I could not thank him enough.

Off to the hotel we went. Poor Whiskey. What a day for him. His first long trip and this was what he had to deal with. We got to the hotel. I got him some much needed water and food then we both relaxed for a bit. After about 2 hours we went for a long walk just up and down a small park across from the hotel but enough for him to get a run, have a very long pee. Then back we went. I had to be back at the airport by 9pm. So off we go. I guess what... The same treatment. No posting, no announcement. But it was only 9 so it would be a couple of hours. So we waited... I did meet a wonderful lady from the Amazon and we talked for at least an hour. I asked at the little kiosk if there was a gate yet. This was about 10:30pm. Yes gate 62... Off I went to the other end of the airport.

I started talking to a couple that were off to Ecuador at 1am. We talked for a bit and the man went to check on the gate for their flight. They came back at about 11:30 telling me that their gate number and time had changed and that I should check mine as a few had been changed. Off I go back to my starting place. The gate had changed to 75B and it was on the board!!! No one was there... So I asked an Aeromexico ground person. He told me to go down to the Aeromexico counter at the end of a different area... Off I go. No listing people boarding for somewhere. Nothing for Toronto. Back I go to tell this man. He turned his back on me!!! I go down towards 75B, saw a Aeromexico lounge and thought I could ask in there... No one there. Lady for the airline speaks no English.

A man comes over, asks if he can help and points me to the right counter and it is not the counter the rude man told me to go to. Off I go... And I get the gate number it changed. 67 dear god. This change was not posted at all. I almost missed a second flight. Get this... The agent did not offer to use my 2 outstanding tickets to get me back to Toronto. However I can use them as a credit before November the 8th. There is more to the story... Later. Now I have a ticket with a credit. Why could they not use it at the time???

Lili of New York, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Use Aeromexico at your own risk. This is by far the worst airline. If you like to feel on edge about missing your flight then by all means use this airline. I was suppose to leave on vacation to Cancun from New York City last week... well that never happened... why? Because Aero Mexico decided that it was ok to leave one hour and 10 minutes early. If you look through the comments there are many who say they have missed their flight because the flight leaves early. Aero Mexico has this "policy" that says they can change the flights time whenever they want without informing its customers. This policy is a BIG deal to any customer and should be promoted everywhere within their website... but instead they have it in really small letters in god knows what page on their website.

And guess what happens if you don't make it at the time they change the flight to? You have to pay $400 for EACH PERSON. I don't know about you but I do not like taking risks. It doesn't matter how much you complain. They won't refund you or give you anything free or put you on the next flight. Not sure why the flight left early since JFK airport was empty and terminals were empty so it wasn't about "traffic" within the airport. It's just a scam to get more money (the flight was for 7:10am). Also other airlines that were scheduled for a certain time waited until that time to depart but not Aero Mexico. Aside from that if you get there really early they do not tell you your gate number so you are just there wandering around waiting for it. And sometimes they put it up last minute and that's how some people miss their flights as well even though they were there 3+ hours because they only inform the people that got there later.

Also the night before my flight I did not sleep so I was checking the times to make sure the flight wasn't cancelled or delayed since it was raining a lot in NYC. Well... I saw something fishy... I saw that the arrival time was one hour early than its original time but the departure stayed the same. Why the hell would you just change the arrival and not the departure?! Very suspicious. Too bad I had to learn the hard way when I finally got to the airport. AFTER the plane had left that's when the departure and arrival changed. How sweet of them.

Anyways... don't end up like me and my boyfriend... We decided if we would've paid $800 for the next flight (which wasn't even going straight to Cancun, it was going to Mexico city then we had to take another flight which means more $$$) we would've lost more money. So we decided to stay. We lost $1300 in total and were very sad and upset that we couldn't go on this vacation.

Curious little me decided to check the flight for the day we were suppose to return back to NYC. I checked the flight and guess what? They had changed the flight time and it left early again!!! I am pretty sure some people missed their flights and were probably stuck in Mexico. I personally would rather be stuck in my home country than a foreign country and feel lost and confused. I don't know what's wrong with this airline and leaving extremely early (not just by a couple minutes) but it's clearly a scam to get money out of people who aren't there REALLY early. Like if you are the type of person who wants to wait 8+ hours in an airport to "make sure" your airline carrier doesn't leave you then go for it. But it's honestly a waste of time when you can use another airline.

Honestly, pay the extra money and use American Airline, Jetblue, United, or Delta. Even though these airlines might have flaws as well they would never change the flight time last minute and not inform their customers from my experience. They usually leave on time or a few minutes late. I rather be delayed than miss my whole vacation. Oh and let me not forget to add that after we "missed" our flight because they decided to leave early they make you pay a $200 cancellation fee... in what world?! I didn't miss my flight... AEROMEXICO set us up to miss our flight. I don't live across the street from the airport. A true nightmare in itself that nobody should go through.

Jim of Los Aneles, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

We file a complaint online with Aeromexico airline, and contractor Swissport Company. Since our incident on December 19, 2016, we have not heard from either companies. My wife purchased 2 tickets to flight to Guatemala City, going through Mexico City to spend possibly the last Christmas with her ailing 90 year old parents. The tickets were presumably purchased through an "employee discount", using my wife's credit card from Wells Fargo Bank, these tickets were paid on 10/03/16. Our flight was schedule for December 19, at 1:20 A.M. flight #631. We check in that day with no incident. We arrived to Mexico city at 7:20 A.M. and waited 8 hours for our connecting flight #678, which supposed to leave at 4:30 P.M. We were indicated to go to gate #58.

We were there ready to check to our final destination, when an agent from Aeromexico called our names and said we had to go to their office because there was a problem with our tickets? We run to the office, after we already had been check security, got to the office asking for a supervisor. Finally one of the employees called another employee, he was the famous supervisor "Mr. **". This individual check in the computer and he was just wasting our time and saying that there was something wrong with the tickets, my wife said "How can that be? We left Los Angeles airport with no problems, what is wrong" she said? Then he finally said that the tickets were cancelled, that the airline had refused the payment because the tickets were too cheap?

My wife was furious and told him to stop lying because the bank paid since October 3rd. He didn't care. Said "Oh well. Too bad. Now if you guys want to continue with your trip, you have to pay $ 3800.00 dollars?" Why we ask. He said "Because that is the price now." We said we didn't have that kind of money, and we were not from Mexico. He laugh and said that was not his problem. We said "Then send us back to Los Angeles with the same tickets." He said no, and even if we paid the airplane had left and the next flight was not until December 21st. Then he left. Another agent came and ask what the problem was. We had to tell him everything again. He said well his supervisor was right, the tickets were cancelled.

We had to pay to come back to Los Angeles, $602.00. We never made it to Guatemala. My poor parents and family were devastated when we called them and gave them the bad news. On top of that one of my suit cases went to Guatemala, another problem. My wife had to send a copy of her passport to luggage dept. in Guatemala, so that they can picked up that bag. Very inconvenient.

If agent from contracted companies with Aeromexico are not authorized to provide discounts, your company has the responsibility to disapprove tickets prior to any initiation of a flight, and not during a connecting contracted flight, which amount to extortion. We feel we should be reimbursed the full amount paid of $1012.47, plus the loss of expenses on gifts for 400.00 the total of $ 1,412.47. We are not including expenses of our emotional, distress, and disturbing occurrence. This was our 30 hour nightmare. For all of you reading these stories, please do something about it, these abuse has to stop. Someone has to do something. Please HELP!

Irma of Ontario, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought 2 tickets on September 30th, 2016 to go to Guatemala. These tickets were offered and sold to me through an employee, (employee discount?). My credit card was charged on October 03, 2016. These trip was scheduled for December 19th, and coming back on December 27. We did leave LAX to Mexico on 12/19/16, arrived to Mexico on the 19th at 7:00 A.M. We had to wait 8 hrs to take the next flight to Guatemala City. Right when we got to the gate to board the plane, one of the agents from Aeromexico (**) called us to the Aeromexico Desk. When we got there he said that his company had reviewed the price we paid and they had cancelled our trip?? What a heck.

I told him that he was lying, Aeromexico took the money from my bank, Wells Fargo, and that if they cancelled the trip I was never notified nor my husband. He said "well! It is cancelled." And to continue our trip we had to pay $3800.00 dollars. Out of his mind we said, we begged to him to let us go to our country because it was not our fault that the tickets were sold to us at that price, and he had to honor the price $352.00. He said nope, we had to pay $3800.00. We said we don't have that kind of money. He said even if we paid, the next flight didn't leave until December 21st. We ask him then to send us back to Los Angeles. He said yes but we have to pay. Mr. ** was sarcastic, rude, unprofessional, and careless. Never again Aeromexico, never again Mexico.

Claudia of Deerfield, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

What an awful company to be dealing with. They lost my luggage and the person that I am still dealing with said that they have 21 days to find my suitcases. REALLY? When they said they had to leave some luggage behind they said they would only get suitcases for people that would stay in Mexico City not the people with connections to other countries. What a shame of company. Now I am still waiting and there is nothing I can do for the meantime. The service and the people that work for this airline are so rude. Never using this airline ever in my life. What a frustrating time.

nancy of Fairfield, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

We upgraded our seats to premier with promises to be the first ones to get in the plane, first ones to get out, and first ones to get our luggage. After paying the $270 for the upgrade, we got nothing in return. We had to get in the long lines with our young daughter and wait and wait and wait for our luggage to come you. Aeromexico totally stole our $270.

Jen of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I recently booked a flight Aeromexico 193 on Nov 23rd at 11:42pm. Confirmation # **. I arrived to the Tijuana airport with plenty of time, checked my bag, got my boarding ticket, went through security and checked on my gate which no one was boarding at yet. My friend and I went to the bathroom and to grab some food and snacks. We arrived back at our gate with 23 minutes until take off at 11:19pm. However, the woman at the gate had already shut the gate and given the order to remove our bags from the plane. IT WAS 23 MINUTES BEFORE TAKE OFF!! Her name was Violette **. She was extremely rude and clearly incompetent because the fare rules for Aeromexico clearly state that you need to be at the gate 15 minutes before takeoff. We still had almost 10 minutes to spare. She refused to let us on even though it took more time to get our bags off than it would to just let us on the plane.

We could literally see the plane and could have easily still boarded had she been a reasonable person. That was the last flight leaving that night. We had to rebook for 7am and sleep in the airport. This was such a horrible experience with Aeromexico. Rebooking for 7am also cost us an additional $180. We had to pay this charge for a flight that we should have not missed which is extremely frustrating. I should receive a refund for my flight and the woman at the gate was named Violette ** and works at the Tijuana Airport. Also the response I got from Aeromexico that she had marked us tardy is not acceptable. I'd like to see the security camera footage for that night at that gate. That would be clear proof that we were not tardy.

Saul of Etobicoke, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

My mother, who is a senior citizen, was traveling from Mexico City to Toronto. She unfortunately lost her mexican immigration slip, which can be easily obtain by any Aeromexico agents at the airport counter, and the airline agents didn't let her board the plane and kept sending her to different offices where no one offered any answers or help and due to all this she lost her plane back home. Right after that they asked her to purchase a new ticket for over $500. Once she paid for a new ticket, she saw clearly how it was so easy for the airline agents to provide anyone with that slip and even help people fill it up. It was extremely frustrating for her and due to the lack of customer service, courtesy and information from the airline she lost her flight and had to purchase a new ticket. We will never use this airline again.

James of Laredo, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased tickets on Oct 4th from a trip to Merida. Leaving out of Qro through Mexico City to Merida. The tickets were charged to my Chase Visa card and I received an email confirmation from the airline. I checked my account and the charge was made. Confirmation number: **. A week before that flight I called to have seats assigned. I was told that it would be a $ 50 dollar charge per passenger per leg to have seats assigned. I decided to wait until 24 hours before to have seats assigned. I called 24 hours before the flight on Nov 22nd and was told that my flight had been cancelled. I was told I had to purchase new tickets. The agent told me that I must have used a US credit card. She said US credit cards cannot be used to pay for something in Mexican pesos.

I purchased new tickets. Confirmation number: **. An hour later I received an email from Aero Mexico asking me to Web Check-In for my flight the next morning. I called and was sent to the US to speak with someone in English. He said he though my flights still existed but since I purchased it in Mexico I should talk with someone in Mexico. He sent me to a woman who said that my flight was still active but that I had to pay for it when I reached the gate. I asked her to confirm this because I would then cancel the new tickets I had just purchased. She said that it was risky to do so but if I wanted to she would refund them. The new flights were to leave at 9am and the original flight at 1:53pm. It did not make sense to keep both tickets so they were cancelled.

When we arrived early for our flight we were told there was a 1 hour delay which meant we would miss our flight to Merida. This meant staying in Mexico City for the night. The cost for the new tickets we were told was double the original cost because there were only seats in Business Class. I argued and finally they agreed to keep the same cost. We had to pay for the hotel. There was no offer to assist even though the delayed flight was the airline's responsibility. We made it to Merida after 20 plus hours of flying very frustrated and tired. We are traveling with my in-laws who are nearly 80 years of age.

On the 25th of November I receive an email suggesting I can assign seats and upgrade to first class for 600 pesos. On Saturday the 26th of November I called to have seats assigned for our return flight. I was hoping for the upgrade seats. I was told that there was no reservation for three of the guest. There was only one reservation under Confirmation code ** for Howard **. The other passengers had no tickets. I hurriedly looked through my email and found a new reservation for three of us Confirmation code **. The agent had no idea why the reservation had been split. I was told they could not assign seats unless I paid $ 26 dollars per seat per leg and that first class had been sold out.

When I began this process with Aeromexico I was told that there was no charge for seats assigned within 24 hours of departure. Each and every call with the airline took nearly an hour. The day before our outbound flight I was on the phone for 3 hours. This is one of the worst flight experiences I’ve had. We will go to the airport this morning with no seats and hope to make it home.

Beverly of Monett, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

My flight left from Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport flight Aeromexico 2683 operated by Aerolitoral doing business as Aeromexico connect. It left about 15 minutes late. Landed in Mexico City approximately 2 and a half hours later. I was in the back of the plane. It took an unusual amount of time to start leaving the plane. We were all loaded on a bus and taken to airport entrance where everyone got off and proceeded to walk to a very long line. It was about 1030pm. I began speaking to women who were traveling alone and making connecting flights like I was. Is my flight to Lima, Peru was scheduled to leave at 1155 flight number 48. The line was moving very slowly and occasionally some man would come over to the line speak to some people and opened the rope that they had used to create the line to let about 6 or 7 people through to obviously go to a different line. We talked amongst ourselves and wondered what was going on.

One of the women was catching the same connecting flight as I was to Peru. I learned that she did not have any baggage that was checked. I was informed at DFW airport that I would be required to claim my baggage, take it through customs, recheck it on to my next flight. We stood in line for about 30 to 40 minutes moving slowly. Eventually we as a group, one of us was able to speak Spanish, talked to the man who was pulling people out of line we got to change lines, in an attempt to speed up the process of security checking, looking at our passports. We were also assigned the immigration card. The clerk aimlessly pointed me in my next direction off to get my luggage. The woman who was going on my same flight told me “I will see you at the gate.” She did not know the gate number to tell me at that time.

As I entered the area where a carousel was wait for my luggage I met up with another woman traveling alone with her 11-year-old son who was waiting at the carousel for her luggage. We were on the same plane coming in from Dallas/ Fort Worth. We waited at least 30 minutes for our luggage. At no time were uniformed personnel the airport to which I could ask a question. When all the luggage was retrieved ours was nowhere to be found, mine and the woman that was on my same flight coming in. Then we got the attention of some uniformed personnel that came out of nowhere and asked us what we were doing in sort of an incredulous way. She pointed to another area that was out of sight and said that that's where our luggage was according to our flight information. We walked around the corner and sure enough there our luggage was. It was just our luggage that was left there. I had 2 pieces. She had 2 pieces.

We headed to the next stop that we were aimlessly pointed towards, no description verbally. It was the customs line and my baggage was searched and I was pointed to an area to put my baggage on a conveyor belt. This I understood was going to get my baggage on the next plane. I was again aimlessly pointed to an escalator saying that that's where I would find my gates. I began asking people if they spoke English to try and find my gate. What gate number. I finally got to an information desk where I was 3 or 4 people in line. I asked a man in front of me if how I could find out what gate I would be leaving from coma pointing to my boarding pass. He said with some concern that he had just heard the last call for the final boarding call and pointed to gate number 59.

I rushed over there. My passport, my money belts, my items that I had had in my purse that had to be removed in order for me to go through security check again all on the counter and I told my name to the clerk and she rudely said to me “Why are you late?” shaking her head disdainfully and shamingly. I started to explain and she cut me off and said it doesn't matter the plane is gone. I pointed out that I was arriving before the departure time of 1155. It was actually 1152. She stated "oh well it's just a few min minutes." Very sarcastically. She wrote on my boarding pass "late 11:55”, which was a lie. I was there at 1152 and I expected to get on that plane. So apparently the plane departed early. She said she called my name "so many times" and she further stated “You did not check your bags.” It was so loud and hard to understand. I explained to her that I just got through checking them and put them on the conveyor belt.

I begged her to let me on the plane. She said “I'm sorry you cannot get on the plane. The plane is gone.” And I asked her what am I supposed to do now. She aimlessly pointed and said “You must go to L2.” I asked where is it. She pointed and said “You must go to L2.” I was crying. So I gathered my things, put them in a safe place and I proceeded to go find L2 and turned out to be the Aeromexico counter for departures. I chose the shortest line. I asked someone if they spoke English. The nice lady I talked to informed me that this was the line to buy tickets and she pointed me and even facilitated permission for me to go ahead in the line to another desk. At that desk I explained I missed my flight, and I was told to go back to that short line and buy another ticket. I stood in line for about 10 minutes and then the lady behind the counter began tell us in Spanish, and I asked her for English, that the desk was closing and would reopen at 4 am.

Asked the lady where am I supposed to sleep. She told me there was a hotel on the airport property and I decided that I would get a room so I could feel safe, rest, have Wi-Fi connection that I could actually use to try and communicate that I would not be making my connecting flight in Lima, Peru. It cost me 222 dollars. My boyfriend was meeting me on Sunday morning. By this time it was about 1 am. I decided to try and call Aeromexico to inquire about a ticket to get to Lima, Peru. I was informed that because I missed my flight, after he quizzed me as to why did I miss my flight and ascertained that it was no fault of the airport or airline. Then he told me that I would be charged 300 dollars as a penalty for missing my flight and that my one-way flight to Lima, Peru would leave at 5 pm the next day and would cost me 1000 dollars.

I did not have access to 1300 dollars, not to mention I felt I would probably have to buy new tickets to continue my connecting flight in Lima to Cusco. No funds to do that and I felt I was being scammed and robbed. So I began inquiring about what it would cost to get me back to my origination of this trip that I started only hours ago. I had to pay 650 dollars for a one-way ticket back to Dallas/ Fort Worth. I got a confirmation number. I slept for about 2 hours, fitfully not resting. I woke up at 415 am and went down to the airport straight to the Aeromexico office and inquired about my baggage. I thought that it might still be in the airport. I was told that because I missed the flight that the bags were taken off the plane. I commented to the clerk "So they took time to take my bags off the plane but they couldn't let me on the plane?"

I was aimlessly pointed in the direction to check on my baggage. I asked a few people along the way and I was taken to a doorway where there was another security checkpoint. I explained why I was there to look for baggage. A gentleman who spoke English was summoned. He took my passport out of the room for about 5 minutes. No explanation was given and I felt very nervous that I did not have my passport in my possession. He came back and motioned me to follow him and I was taken to a desk where I inquired about my baggage. I was told after about 25 min that my baggage did end up on the plane and was gone to Lima, Peru. This gentleman processed a baggage claim for me and we seem to have worked out the details that my luggage would be flown back to airport in a timely manner.

During that 25 minutes I spoke to a woman who was traveling alone who I had seen in some of the lines I had been in and she was crying so asked her about her situation. She had many complaints about Aeromexico customer service, that she had missed her flight also come that it was not her fault. I must add that me or this woman never left the airport. All of the time we had between flights frantically spent trying to gain information and communicate with rude, mocking and dismissive airline personnel for Aeromexico. So she spoke Spanish and was able to communicate and obviously had the funds to purchase her continuing flight to her destination and was going to be late and extremely inconvenienced herself. After I completed my baggage claim I had to get back upstairs for departure my newly purchased one-way ticket back to Dallas/ Fort Worth airport.

There were never any clear signs pointing to how to get to the departure area so of course I asked someone and I was told I had to walk back through customs. So I showed my passport. I explained I had no luggage because it was on its way to Lima, Peru. My carry on scanned again for the 5th or 6th time. I was allowed to walk around some lines of people to through an area that I knew would take me to escalator to get back upstairs to the departure area. I went straight to the Aeromexico office again and explained to them I had just completed a claim to my baggage and I asked how do I find out what gate my flight is at. When I had talked to them earlier I had already gotten my boarding pass, there was no gate information on it. The gate had not been assigned at that time but I was pointed again aimlessly and told to go to K hall. I was told that I had to be one hour before departure.

I did find a screen departures and I watched it until it was time for me to just go to the gate area and search more how to find out what gate. I asked a few people who spoke English. The nice girl took me to a desk and asked if anyone knew what gate the flight was leaving to go back to DFW. About the same time the gate number was finally showing on the screen and I knew where to go. I caught my flight and came back to DFW. Was back at the FW and going through customs a nice officer inquired about my trip and briefly told him that I never got to finish it and that my bags were in Lima, Peru. He asked what airline was using and he said that the representative was going to be coming through there in just a moment that I should wait and talk to her. Was the first real customer service experience that I could say was excellent. He was just a customs officer for Dell for airport.

He pointed out the woman as she walked by and I asked her if she had a. I tell her about my experience over the last 12 hours with her airline Aeromexico. She dismissed me and said “I do not have that time.” Asked her if I could have some time with customer relations. She seemed to perk up and say “I can get my supervisor to talk with you but you will have to leave this area.” So I went in the direction she pointed again aimlessly and when she walked by me she avoided eye contact but I got her attention and asked her if her supervisor would be coming to meet with me. She pointed to me to go sit down and said that must her supervisor would be there. The supervisor never showed up. I was merely dismissed and rudely pacified.

I will never use Aeromexico again and I will tell everyone how incompetent, rude, mocking, dismissive I was treated and I will tell everyone now to attempt to make a connecting flight through Mexico City airport. My wonderful vacation my boyfriend and tour Machu Picchu, my first trip internationally, has been ruined. I have been traumatized. I feel like I have been price gouged, and victimized by a money making, discriminatory, vindictive acting Mexican business.

Manuel of Rockford, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

Expedia is not to blame. Aeromexico, you have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I arrived with plenty of time for my flight and experienced a delay due to your employees not properly informing and attending customers. After waiting in line for one hour, I finally by-passed everyone in line to speak with one of your representatives about only having 30 minutes until my flight took off and needed to check in. I was informed the gates were closed and un-able to board. I called your customer service just to be told to file a complaint with Aeromexico customer relations website and to speak with Expedia.

Your airline is completely un-organized and by all means the worst. After been told there was no refund and denied any other possible option that did not involved more money out of my pocket, I can safely say, enjoy your $600 dollars you stole from me. I will never fly with you people again and I will make it my life's goal to advise everyone I possibly can to never fly in your badly managed and rude airline.

Carlos of Long Beach, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Hello. Yesterday I experience the worse with a Mexican Airline. I heard bad things about them but yesterday I lived it. I was coming from Guadalajara Mexico to Los Angeles. When I was ready to board my plane and the lady check in your ticket before you board the plane seen my carry-on bag and told me that my bag was too big and I told her, "It's fine. Send it to the bottom of the plane," and she said, "No you don't understand. You have to go outside and pay for your bag."

I told her "But I don't have no time." She said, "That's your problem, you have 15 minutes to do it or you're missing your flight," so I ran all the way to the first lobby pay for the carry on bag $1,200 pesos, ran back through security, ran all the way to the gate, made it on time thank God, but made me think how this Mexican airline don't have no respect for the customer. Never again will I flight with Aeromexico! And I will tell people about my experience with this airline. Thank you.

Armida of Rialto, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a pleasant vacation from Puerto Vallarta. Flew to Guadalajara. Layover 5 hrs there to head back to Ontario CA. Until we found out our stuff was stolen from luggage. Electronic devices, Bose speaker, jewelry, cellphone. Big disappointment. Such a shame that gives you a bad taste especially for my older grown up kids. They won't want to go back again. Will make other destinations.

Amna of Sacramento, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I don't even know where to begin...but here goes... I planned a trip for my husband and myself Columbus day weekend from SFO to Puerto Vallarta via Aeromexico through because AM was the only airline that had departures that left late night (After work hours). Well, when we arrived at PV 8:43AM the following morning, our bags were MISSING. Apparently, no one knew where the bags were, eventually after pestering every AM agent I could in PV, they said that the ticket agent in SFO tagged the bag wrong and it wouldn't arrive for another 24hrs. So imagine my shock and horror to realize that we had no clothes on a beach vacation in the tropical jungle (Thank god we didn't bring our 1 yr old with us!). So we had to stop at the Walmart in PV and grab whatever clothes we could at $57 for a pair of shorts, basic t-shirt, leggings, tank top. WTF?! (I kept the receipt because I am filing a claim with AM.)

Eventually we got our bag the next afternoon. Sigh. Then departing PV on AM is what the real issues started: their plane departing for Mexico city was delayed for several hours, which meant we were going to miss our connecting flight...which we did miss. It was eventually reassigned to us to connect another flight out of MC, which we did. That flight took us to Guadalajara, MX. The AM gate area is a serious cluster ** of no one speaking english, gates overlapping, no gate assigned and old fashioned bus systems that take you to the tarmac and make you walk up 50 stairs into the plane. The worst part of this was the fact that there was now over 500 mosquitos inside the plane. ZIKA ANYONE?!!

Seriously, everyone complained-- flight attendant said it was normal. NORMAL??? So, it's normal to have over 300 people inside a crowded airplane with over 500 mosquitoes headed to the USA? I mean what the **? A little girl in front of us broke out an allergic reaction from the mosquitos and I am pregnant. Was bitten multiple times. So, now I am going to get tested for Zika (precaution measure). Not to mention no one's seats reclined, the tvs up above didn't work, the air was off and everyone was busy swatting mosquitoes that the 4 hr and 23 min flight seemed like it was more like 9 hrs. It was the most disgusting thing I ever witnessed. Oh, and no veggie option for the snack. Just a ham and cheese sandwich for EVERYONE. This airline is single-handedly the worst in the industry. I wouldn't ever fly them again-- I do plan on pursuing a refund from them. Otherwise, AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Anna of Camarillo, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Flew AeroMexico from Mexico City to LAX. I purchased a one-way flight for $500. When I arrived to the airport I made sure to arrive 4.5 hours before my flight. I checked in at the check-in counter and the lady wrote some notes on my boarding pass and instructed me where the gate was. At the gate, when they finally began boarding, I went up to the gate agent and said I didn't understand what was written on my boarding pass. He told me that since the flight was overbooked I was placed on standby but most likely wouldn't get a seat. And he was right, the flight took off without me. This has never happened to me in the past, and made absolutely no sense since I bought a one-way ticket and at no point in time was EVER told I was on standby.

By that time there were no more flights flying out to the US, and after being bounced around for over 2 hours from customer service agents, I was told that they could put me on another standby flight in the morning to LA but that flight was overbooked as well. I had to be at work at 9am (which was the whole point of spending $500 on a one-way ticket to come back from my trip early) so the option of being placed on standby and potentially not getting on the flight did not work for me. I had to buy another ticket on another airline to get home. I was given a piece of paper and told to email customer service, simply to get me out of line.

This was 2 weeks ago and I've emailed customer relations twice with no response. I've called the airline and they told me that customer relations is a completely different department and they have no phone number. I feel helpless and scammed and so incredibly frustrated that there is nothing I can do. I can literally get no help from them. All the woman on the phone said was that I continue to wait for an email.

Danielle of Santa Ana, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a really interesting experience with Aeromexico check-in which almost ruined my trip. I had planned my trip since May to go to Cancun. I used to book my flight and hotel. One month after purchasing my tickets I was informed that my departure airport had changed from LAX to ONT - that was fine, even though I was a little disappointed because I wanted to leave my car at the LAX. So on the day of my trip. I went online on to check my itinerary for my trip that night, and my inbound flight had disappeared from the Aeromexico website. So I called Aeromexico and I was informed to call - because there was a problem with the tickets. So I was on hold for an hour for the problem to be solved. The lady from told me the problem was fixed and that she was on the other line with Aeromexico.

After a few hours I was able to see itinerary again online saying leaving from ONT at 12:37 am - Fine I went to the airport with my fiancé. We were at the airport around 10:30 pm when the lady said that my flight was going to leave LAX at 11:35 pm - she even told me that I "still had one hour to make to LAX." OK I live in CA and I know that from Ontario to LAX is more than one hour, also because of traffic it would take much longer. I told her that no way that I had the itinerary on my hands and it said ONT airport. Her name was Miriam and she told me that there was nothing she could do that I had to contact my booking agency and Aeromexico. I call Aeromexico and the lady did NOTHING - my flight was right about to leave. They told me to call, so I did - the lady told me the same thing.

More people had the same problem at that same flight not just us, we were all on the cell phones calling Aeromexico. I told this lady Miriam from Aeromexico that she needed to help us, she needed to contact somebody at Aeromexico to fix our problem. Not only my fiancé and I were having problems as well 8 other families. Miriam from Aeromexico told me that there was NOTHING she could do, that it was not her fault that she couldn’t see our air tickets. She also said that THERE IS ONLY 8 FAMILIES WITH THIS PROBLEM IN A FLIGHT OF 175 PASSENGERS??? So 8 families doesn’t matter in a flight of 175 people? How about my vacations that I planned months in advanced and paid dime per dime. So at ONT they helped everybody and left us at the end.

Finally after just few minutes boarding and all the frustration and stress Aeromexico finally fixed the problem. Of course the good chairs that I had reserved were no longer available, so we had to go to the emergency rolls. I am really disappointed with the Aeromexico customer service, you guys should perform better training. I will also report this problem to Again I was not expecting going through so much stress on a trip that I was waiting for such long time.

guadalupe of Stockton, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

On July 15, 2016 on flight 789 from Sacramento CA to Guadalajara at 11:15 pm at the check in counter. Asusena told Guadalupe that she could take her carry-on bag with her. When it came time board plane Asusena came, took her carry-on bag by force away from her and Guadalupe told Asusena she had breakable items in carry-on bag. Asusena took the carry-on bag with her. Guadalupe jewelry was stolen from her carry -on bag. We have contact Mr ** on July 16, 2016 at 8:00 pm and until now have not heard from him at all. It has been three months.

elisa of Pittsburg, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

We became late to our flight due to bart having construction. Routed us by putting us in a bus taking us to Daly city. Then boarded another bart that was also late. This delayed our trip and they did not care not one bit. I talked to them about putting us in another flight. We're told to call Expedia. They have to deal with it. Called them. They couldn't do anything about it. They said it was Aeromexico that could do something. Called them. We have to pay 200.00 penalty plus 150.00 for missing the flight. We decided not to take the trip. I am so glad I didn't go after all. After seeing all these terrible and horrible reviews about people experiences I am surprise they are still doing business. Why haven't the government done anything about this injustice. I could just imagine if we would have gone, it seem that everyone is routed to Mexico first. Why are they haters. Aren't they happy making money.

Diana of Otyaea, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

I had the worse experience with Aeromexico. The attendants are rude and heartless. I book a flight from Montreal to Havana with my mother and my 12 years old son. My mother was retained according to them she had no visa. I had already verified that she did not need it because she was going to stay only at the airport. I was told by the immigration officer that she had to stay in transit and that 1 hour before her flight they will bring her to the gate and take care of her luggage. I went on trusting. When I got to the gate I ask the attendant from Aeromexico about my mother and he told me that they will bring her when I was ready to board the plane. I ask again and he told me that she was already inside the plane.

As soon as I got in, I search for my mother. She was not inside. The attendant told me that he did not know my mom. I was asking them to call transit or somebody in the airport. They told then my mom was lost in the airport. That I was delaying the flight. I was told to leave the plane. That it was not their fault that my mom got lost. They cancel my ticket. I had to buy a new one for the 3 of us. I want a refund. This airline is the worse. PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL TO MEXICO. IT IS A SCAM. Very rude, no compassion. My vacation was ruin. Never again. I will make sure that no more people go through this experience.

Kimberley of Lakewood, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

We left Los Angeles California on Aug 4th to attend my sister's wedding in Cancun and the flight was booked via travel agent on Aeromexico. Our flight leaving CA was late leaving by 2 hours, we had a connecting flight in Guadalajara. While checking into our flight we wanted to upgrade and went to select a seat. The seat we selected wasn't available so we went back to the seat we already had and we had to pay $35 for additional leg room. Not only did we just pay for a seat we already paid for, upon boarding the flight the seat was no bigger than any of the other seats!! We flew from LAX to Guadalajara uncomfortable and late, we get to Guadalajara to have to run through the airport and through immigration. We turned in our papers and was never given anything back! We were told by an Aeromexico agent in Guadalajara we would get new documentation upon our departure.

Now here we are today, August 7th. We board our flight from Cancun to Mexico City at 815a. No one provides any immigration papers. We ask the flight attendant upon exiting if we needed anything for our connection, she responds "No, I don't know!" We exit and walk all over the airport to our connecting flight gate. We wait there while waiting I approached the gate agent to ask if the flight was full and if we could upgrade. She responds "are you on standby", I said "No, is there room?" She responds after taking a deep breath "It's almost full...", I ask again of the flight was completely full because we wanted to upgrade, she responds "you will have to pay". I responded that's ok, she then responds "oh no the flight is full".

This gate agent was short with dark curly hair and was at gate 59, this was for flight 538 to LAX. MY husband then asks her the same question and she informs him, that he would have to ask the counter agents. Now he only went to ask her because I could tell she was not willing to help me. The gate agent proceeds to make the pre-board announcements and my husband goes to the counter to inquire about upgrading. At the counter they only asked for our boarding passes and informed it was $150 USD each. He paid and they upgraded us with no problem. My husband asked if that was all we needed to board and he was informed by the counter agent, "yes".

My husband returns and we move to the Priority Line. The flight begins to board and the agent collecting boarding passes asks for our immigration papers. I informed her we were not given any. She rudely says "you need to get them, get out of line and go to immigration!" We ask where and she points aimlessly down the terminal. We ask a security guard for directions and he points us to a kiosk.

The guy at the immigration kiosk holds us there while he's looking at our passports. Another couple attempting to board the same flight show up and the young man speaks Spanish. We waited at the kiosk for 10 min and he says we have to go to the immigration office, he can't help us. We all 3 go to the immigration office. We wait there for another 10 min. Once we receive an agent he informs we have to pay and it can only be done in Pesos. We did not have Pesos so now we're running to an ATM. On the way to the ATM, we see the Aeromexico office.

We enter and wait in line there for several minutes. My husband leaves to go to the ATM and I wait. I am seen by "Tanya" who is the only English speaking agent and she informs me the flight left. I ask her for assistance to get on another flight and that we have paid for an upgrade and everything. She informs that since the ticket was booked through a travel agent I would have to contact them. The entire time, Tanya is not friendly, compassionate, understanding nor shows a willingness to assist.

I step out the office and speak to my travel agent, who then gets on the phone with Aeromexico and her travel company. She is told by Aeromexico to speak to the desk agent. I go back in to speak to Tanya and ask if she can speak to the travel agent and she says "No, I can't". I informed her that the corporate office of Aeromexico is saying she is able to assist and she says "no". Her supervisor comes over and they begin speaking in Spanish. She asks for our passports and boarding passes, they hold another conversation for about 5 min in Spanish. At this time I'm still on the phone with my travel agent.

I ask Tanya if they are able to assist us, she says "well no, not now, they have canceled your tickets, you need to buy new ones and it's $1000 USD each!" I ask her, who canceled our tickets and why she replied "my supervisor, they said you delayed the flight, sorry go buy need tickets". I am now in tears because we are stuck in this country and no one from Aeromexico is willing to help us, not one person!! My travel agent ask if she can call her. I go back in to ask if the travel agent can call the desk and "Tanya" says no... at this time I asked for her name so that my travel agent can give it to the people she spoke to at Aeromexico and they can call. That's when, she says her name is "Tanya".

I wanted to be sure I had it correct and asked her to write her name down for me and she said "No, anyway I don't have anything to do with this situation". I told her why I wanted it, to provide to the travel agent and Aeromexico as she knew what happened and was the only one who spoke English. She said "NO!" And left us there. We then left and in complete tears I had to call my friend in the states to find us a cheaper ticket as we could not afford $2000, especially after we had just paid $300 to upgrade. We went back to immigration, who could not assist until we had a flight. We have 2 boys at home and only flew to Cancun for my sister's wedding, we need to get back home today!!

My friend found a flight that didn't leave until 920p (I am sending this email while I still sit in the airport... waiting) but was $640 USD each! We spent an additional $1300 USD for Aeromexico to fly home for something that was NOT our fault and didn't receive not ONE helpful agent. Not only that but while we were here dealing with the agents, my travel agent was receiving more terrible service via telephone. It appears to me that the customer service culture at Aeromexico is that of carelessness, lack of compassion, lack of understanding, a severe unwillingness to help and a very apparent showing of greed and taking advantage of those who do not speak Spanish!!

Such behavior from a large corporation is deplorable and should be exposed. With the air competition, Aeromexico should pay much more attention to their PAYING customers and provide customer service training for ALL their employees from the gate agent to the desk agent. When my travel agent asked to speak to a manager at Aeromexico, she was told one was not on duty and to send an email. The other couple who missed the flight as well gave us a number to call for Aeromexico and I did, we were told to email. My husband and I have been sitting in an airport for over 6 hours with rude agents who could care less if we ever made it home and they made sure to show us!!!

I am requesting a refund for the initial $35 spent, the $300 USD for the upgrade and a refund of the tickets I had to purchase just to get home safely. It is by far the LEAST you could do as my experience with Aeromexico has been HORRIBLE from beginning to end, in person and via telephone. I will be sure to tell everyone I know NEVER to fly this airline!!! A very unhappy client, still sitting in Mexico!!! I hope you never get stranded in a country you're not from and encounter the likes of.your agents!!

Julita of Santa Monica, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

All the staff members were rude and barely spoke English. On the way to our destination flight attendant didn't provide us with all custom forms needed so we had to stand in customs line twice. One of our luggage was damaged, zipper was broken, and suitcase was open as a book on baggage carousel. When we decided to write a complaint we were told that we will be late for our connecting flight if will do so. Mexico City airport didn't have wrapping station or even any sort of tape. In Mexico City airport for connecting flight we had to pick up our luggage and submit it for new flight. Baggage carousel wasn't working so we had to carry our luggage to check-in window.

Our flight back home was even worse. I and my husband got so sick so we couldn't fly out on time. At the Santo Domingo airport, Aeromexico office representative wasn't willing to help us at all. All he did he provided us with phone number to call but didn't even gave us area code. We tried to call provided phone number with no luck. We had to search it on the internet ourselves. When we called given phone number and tried to explained our situation to representative, she didn't even want to listen. All she kept repeating was late fees and charges that we have to pay if we want to fly.

It cost us new tickets. The only available flight Aeromexico had was the next day. My husband asked representative to make a reservations for us. When he called back the next representative didn't see our information in the system and no seats were available for that flight anymore. So we had to take following flight. It was a HELL ON EARTH being sick and stuck at the airport.

Isaac of Chicago, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

This is the worst company that you can ever use to fly. Going through the airport in Mexico City was the worst experience ever. Super slow, evenly disorganized. On a connection flight your baggage can not be checked all the way to your final destination. They send you to the wrong places to drop off your baggage. And then to another place that is wrong. No empathy. No one wants to help you even if you speak Spanish. Pure insanity. Your bags obviously are not going to come home on time. I have never wrote a bad review, but I'm working everyone out there do not rebel with Aeromexico.

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