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During a long and delayed layover in Dallas our baggage was left in the elements. When we arrived at our hotel and began to unpack we realized our clothes were soaking wet - everything. It was our 40th anniversary trip. We raced back to the airport and received a passive aggressive attitude instead of help. "Doesn't your hotel have a dryer?" Things in our suitcases were ruined. Now we are in a position where we have to collect receipts and dry cleaning - on our vacation! Southwest has the WORST customer service! We called customer relations and got the same no care attitude. Hey Southwest, thanks for ruining our trip, giving bad service. Oh yeah, how about replacing your lame in flight jokes with actual customer care?

My girlfriend uses Southwest Rapid Rewards Chase Credit Card for a while. She bought me several flights recently using her rapid rewards points. I just recently applied the same credit card. Thus, I decided to transfer 35,000 rapid points to her as payback. When using Southwest Transfer Points website, I only got not clear and ambiguous instructions for transferring the points. First, in the Step 1 box, you could see the info ''I want to transfer 35,000 Points: $350.00''. To me, this means 35k points is equal to $350. I DIDN'T get any very straightforward information saying that $350 is the transfer fee here. Second, the right side "My Order" box gives you the Purchase Information: where you could get the following information: Points to transfer 35,000 points. Remaining Balance ** points. Cost of Points: $350.00 USD. Total Charge: $350.00 USD.

Again, when you see "Cost of points: $350", it verifies me again that 35,000 points is equivalent to cost $350. At the last "Total Charge: $350", which tells me that I would be charged for $350 in total for the transaction, which is the 35,000 rapid points in total. For the whole transferring process, you won't see any clear instructions that you will be charged for any transfer fee. All the information on the transferring website try to mislead you to believe that you won't be charged for transfer fee, but only for rapid rewards points(35,000), which equals to amount of money($350). But the truth is that, I was charged for 35,000 points and $350 in total, which is not matching the website saying "Total Charge: $350.00 USD" either!

After I finished the transaction, I realized their cheating "tricks". I called them to ask to cancel my transaction, refund or anything they could do for my lost. But they keep saying there is nothing they can do for now! The only thing they could do is to document the complaint about their transferring points website to improve it. I googled online about the transferring points complaints from Southwest and found that there are many other persons having the same cases from long time ago. If they did have improved their website and gave us very clear information about the transfer fee, I wouldn't transfer it! I can't agree more with the person saying that "THIS IS A SCAM!"

It is around a year and a half back that we (3 adults and a 2 year old) needed to go to Chicago as my mother in law was on her dead bed and we missed our early morning flight but they were very helpful and put us on the next available flight from Charleston to Baltimore. I don't remember the person who attended us. Another person named Vibhua ** managed to put us on a flight from Baltimore to Chicago. We reached and saw my mother in law. Am really thankful to the person I don't remember her name and to Vibhua ** for all their help that day.

I have not flown Southwest yet, my issue is with the group reservations. I have 22 customers that I had to go on flight but 2 couples (4 people) had to cancel due to an emergency. The flight is not until 08/19/16. I tried to cancel & they said no refunds. Now as group reservations should know things can change quickly especially when dealing with a number of people. So I should have been able to cancel up to 24 hr before the flight as a common courtesy. I am deeply disappointed that this is how Southwest conducts business. We are now out over $340.00 per ticket or approximately $1,360 that Southwest has now gotten for free, no services provided. If I would have known I would have made reservations with a more flexible airline. We for sure will never make group reservation with Southwest again & we book this event every year.

We were one of the thousands affected by Southwest's fiasco at the end of July, when flights were canceled for several days as a result of computer difficulties. The way the airline handled it for us, as for so many others, was more troubling than the initial problem. My wife was left at the airport all day before being told near midnight that she would not be able to board a flight. In fact, she was only able to reach her destination 60 hours (!!) after she was originally booked to arrive. This for an Oklahoma-Newark direct flight.

And she was compensated with a voucher for a future SWA flight that certainly did not cover the inconvenience of 60 hour delay, not to mention her having to make alternative arrangements to stay an extra 3 nights, her missing a family funeral and visit with family from abroad and from the other side of the country, and a 6 day trip shortened to 3 days. The customer service by Southwest was simply atrocious. Would highly advise against flying this airline, even when they offer the lowest rates. It's simply not worth the hassle.

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Five months ago my fiance and I were approached in the Baltimore Washington airport by a sales representative for Chase Credit Card Services and Southwest Rapid Rewards. We were told that if we each opened a credit card account for $99 each we would each receive 50000 points and then we could transfer the points to one account and receive a companion pass. A companion pass allows one person of the couple to fly free. Now that we each have more than 50000 points on our accounts, we attempted to merge the points only to find out that transferred points do not count toward the companion pass and it will cost $10 for every 1000 points we want to transfer, bringing that grand total to a whopping $500. THIS IS A SCAM!!! After hours on the phone with Chase and Southwest Customer Service representatives and their supervisors, we are being told that there is nothing we can do now.

My fiance and I were one of the many affected by their glitch in their system a couple weeks ago that cancelled thousands of flights worldwide. I completely understand that things happen, but it's how they handled the situation that has me so angry. The glitch happened on July 20th and our flight (#2155) was leaving July 21 so when we heard this news the night before we double checked and our flight still said on time. We get to the airport, and see how insanely long the Southwest line is and then a couple minutes later our phone rang and it was them telling us that our flight was cancelled so they didn't even notify us until we were already there and in line. We then waited in that line for 3 hours because they only had 2 employees working. I'm sorry but if you have a major glitch in your system you should have all hands on deck and be ready for what you know is coming.

We finally get up to the desk and the employee we dealt with was extremely rude and unapologetic. She told us that she could not get us to our destination until 2.5 days later which was completely unacceptable since we already had tickets and activities booked. We needed to get out to Vegas that day. I then asked her if she could assist us in getting a flight with a different airline and she said no, that they do not help with other airlines. Now if you have a massive line of people that you know are dealing with cancelled flights, should you not have an employee going out to the line notifying people that you do not assist with getting flights with different airlines?! That would have been nice to know 3 hours sooner when there would have been more flight options still available.

By the time all of this happened there was only 1 flight option left with Delta and because it was such a last minute flight across the US it costs us $600 a person for one way. That is more than we paid for both of our original roundtrip airfare combined but again we did not have a choice because there were no other options left by that point. We also had to deal with a layover in JFK which our original flights were nonstop. With all this chaos and layovers and delays our travel time ended up being 21 hours. We lost pretty much our entire first day of our trip and also had to pay that $1200 for the last minute flight.

It is now August 8 (This all happened on July 21) and we have yet to be refunded for our cancelled flight. So I called their customer support line today because I also emailed a complaint 2 weeks ago and have never heard back. After spending 2 hours on the phone with them today nothing has been resolved. They claim that everything is delayed from that glitch and that we should be getting our refund soon, and they are doing nothing to make up for that $1,200 we had to spend because of their mistake. The only thing I was offered was a 50% off coupon which is pretty useless considering we won't be going on another trip anytime soon. I requested to have 2 roundtrip free flights to make up for this and he said he could not do that only the 50% coupon.

I don't understand how you can't offer customers free airfare to make up for this especially when it costs us so much unexpected money. When I explained what a terrible experience this has been and how it was the worst customer service I've ever dealt with his response was "Well Delta just had an outage too so it happens to other airlines too." Well let's hope that Delta actually cares about their customers and handles their outage better than you.

Southwest Airlines incapable of transporting my wife from Hartford CT to West Palm Beach. Baltimore to West Palm leg cancelled Saturday July 30th; rebooked for Monday Aug 1 (nothing available on Sunday). Hartford to Baltimore leg cancelled Monday, after she had arrived at the airport. Didn't look like weather at any of the earlier flight stops, according to Intellicast. If it was a maintenance issue, someone should be fired. On-condition maintenance isn't always the way to go. Maybe Southwest should entertain claims for time and gasoline. Southwest's early fire and enthusiasm seems to have vaporized like Jet A-1.

Southwest made everything right and more. It took some persistence. Everyone else was spectacular in helping me pick up the pieces to a cancelled flight. I did speak to one rep whose advice was not helpful and even a little misleading. I almost gave up. Very glad I didn't.

Original Review

Flight 4545 to Ft. Lauderdale was supposed to leave on July 28 at 9:00 p.m. First delay 10:50. Second delay 11:15. Cancelled 12:00 in the morning. The gate handler at A-3 in BWI announced that the flight was cancelled for lack of a co-pilot, something no one else I later spoke with would admit. The gate attendant then proceeded to be extremely unhelpful and nasty. He wouldn't answer any questions about what to do next and there wasn't anyone from SW to address concerns. No announcements about baggage. People had to stand in line for 30 minutes to discover where their luggage was (on it's way to Ft. Lauderdale) and how to retrieve it. It was like a scene from a third world country. I'm disgusted with Southwest. In fairness the people I've spoken with on the phone have been wonderful, patient and helpful, and the check-in people on Thursday night were also very pleasant.

I'm a frequent flyer with SWA traveling every other weekend. I was supposed to be on my way to Chicago from DC on Thursday. I get a notification email from SWA that my Thursday flight got delayed by 30 mins. I get this notification an hour before my departure time. I get another notification that it got further delayed after 15 mins from first notification. After 30 minutes I get the flight got cancelled notification. Spoke to agent, that took 45. SWA agent mentions there are no flights for Thursday. Had me rebooked for Friday evening. Instead of providing a direct flight, they have me stop at St. Louis. I get to airport on Friday and I get another two notifications on my flight got delayed due to some mechanical problem. There are 11 direct flights from DC to Chicago and they couldn't put on none of those flights and had me wait for St. Louis flight.

I finally arrive at St Louis and to my surprise my flight to Chicago already was in air. There were 10 people who were supposed to be on that Chicago flight and they couldn't wait 15 minutes. And worst part is that the SWA agent gives me attitude and was rude in St Louis and was not apologetic for this situation. She doesn't even provide me a hotel voucher since there were no flights for Friday night. After talking to her for 40 mins they gave me a hotel voucher and put me on a early morning flight. I'm sick of this airlines and to think I would travel rest of the year with these idiots is a big eye opener. I don't care about their stupid sale.

My 5:00am # ** flight was cancelled this morning with no advance notification. I drove to the airport at 3:00am to find no one working behind the check-in terminals to help with re-booking. While I don't hold that against them, I do hold them accountable for not providing any alternate arrangements. When I reached the head of the line at MHT, the SWA agent told me my only options were to wait on standby until a seat became available, or re-book for another day. All SWA flights to Chicago are sold out all day, in all surrounding airports, so I had no choice but to last minute cancel all of my Chicago relocation move plans I made months in advance. Asked what my options were, the agent said SWA would refund her ticket. BFD!

What does that accomplish for all of my prior and extensive relocation arrangements made for this day? She went on to tell me SWA has no inter-airline agreements, so it's SWA whenever or you have to buy a O/W ticket home. She also made a point to tell me that my tone was too confrontational(!??). My advice: fly a legacy airline, and you'll get to your destination more quickly than hollow promises from a presumed airline discounter. SWA has completely lost my trust.

Southwest is horrible and I would strongly recommend booking with any other airline! They had a flight cancelled and my flight was delayed which messed up our connecting flight! On Friday morning multiple families were told they couldn't get a flight until Sunday night and were given no apology or additional benefit. I was supposed to get to Utah at 2PM and didn't get there until 12:30! They also only had 3 people rebooking about 100. I waited in line for 2 and a half hours!

After speaking with Customer Service who referred me to Customer Relations (all with substantial wait times) they said the only way to file a complaint to POSSIBLY get any retribution was to fill out a form on the website. So that was the start of the terrible customer service. But regardless, we had a connecting flight from Greenville to Atlanta which was canceled 15 minutes before we arrived to Greenville. We were getting a ride from a friend to Greenville and then had to go back home, and get our car, and drive to Atlanta. (Not to mention that flight was 5 hours delayed.)

The parking fee was $112 for the 7 days. Not only was this beyond inconvenient driving 3.5 hours with two kids both there and back when we arrived at 9:30 at night, not getting home until 2:30 AM (because when you're with kids you have to make stops), but this fee was nothing we planned on. Southwest so far has refused to do any refund on the return which is horrible customer service (or relations!) but we also have incurred this parking fee along with gas driving for 7 hours, not to mention arriving 2.5 hours later in the middle of the night.

We did get an email saying they would give us half price tickets if we bought them by October 31 and used them by January. We are not wealthy people. Our travel is limited to at MOST once a year and after this trip weren't planning on going for another 2 years. Now in order to get any reimbursement we have to travel in the next six months? Southwest is going to get a horrible reputation if this is how it handles their mess-ups. I used to like this airline, but apparently they are only okay if everything goes according to plan.

This started for me on the 07/17. I left Charlotte and made it to Baltimore. When I was suppose to be in Jamaica for my vacation on Southwest, I did not make it until the 07/18... My flight was cancelled the 07/17, after having us in the air for more than 3 hours, bringing us to Atlanta to change planes and then bringing us back to Baltimore where our flight originated from. Our flight left on the 07/18 with no incident. They never gave us a straight answer as to what was going on.

Coming back on Monday, 07/25 the same thing happened on the flight from Jamaica. After having us sit there from 11.15, they finally cancel the flight at 10 pm. Did not leave Montego bay Jamaica, until 07/26 at 9:30. Got to Houston at 12:05, then had to sit there from that time until 8:50 pm. Landed in Charlotte NC after midnight. To add insult to injury, the agent attempted to tell me that this did not warranted my getting a food voucher, had to get a supervisor involve to give to me. They do not need to fly international until they work out the kinks in their systems.

I had a Southwest Airlines flight on July 21st from IAD airport. When I realized the flight was cancelled, I went to the Southwest check in desk, and the agents, who were very disrespectful and the manager was not even concerned to show up in person. Finally, I got a Southwest flight from DCA airport which is approximately 28 miles from IAD airport. When I reached the DCA airport, I came to know the new flight was also cancelled. I waited in the Southwest check in line at DCA for about 3 hours to get a refund in check form to purchase ticket from another airlines.

I got another flight for the next day but I was nowhere looking to fly again in Southwest Airlines after such disastrous experience. The Southwest Manager, Charissa **, at DCA airport, was very rude, disrespectful and least bothered, even after knowing that, 2 consecutive flights were cancelled within hours and spending hours to get into the flight. My wife dialed to customer service phone, but the agent over the phone also turned out to be least bothered and was very rude. I'm never going to fly in Southwest Airlines, which is never bothered about the customer problems. I don't recommend this flight to anyone!!! I 'm giving rating one because there is no option to give zero rating!!!

I am usually supportive of Southwest as they provide reasonable prices and good service. The seats are great compared to others and you rarely find a nasty flight attendant. They board using the cattle system and I usually moo as we board, others follow suit and it's all in fun. No luggage fee helps and they are usually on time. Compare them to the gouging big players with 10 seat prices, and food that will never digest.

My wife's flight was cancelled this morning after Southwest's router failure yesterday. While I don't hold that against them, I do hold them accountable for getting her home to Denver. When she reached the head of the line at SAN, the SWA agent told her her only options were to fly standby until a seat became available. All SWA flights back to Denver are sold out through tomorrow, so her chances are slim and none to get home. Asked what her options were, the agent said SWA would refund her ticket. BFD! What does that accomplish for her getting home?

He went on to tell her SWA has no inter-airline agreements, so it SWA whenever or you have to buy a O/W ticket home. I had to spend an additional $400 on United tonight, but at least she will get home within a day of the cancelled flight. As for getting a refund from SWA, I have read other's complaints of it taking a year for a refund. My point here, fly a legacy airline, and you'll get to your destination more quickly than hollow promises from a presumed airline discounter. Trust is what you earn, and SWA has lost ours.

Flight experience with Southwest Airlines was everything but pleasant. A simple one hour flight turned into delays due to their systems failing, a 40 minute wait sitting on the flight line and another hour wait for bags. Choose another airline, Southwest is not worth the headache!

I was a passenger last year when the flight attendants sold the Southwest Air affinity credit cards in flight. The paper applications bore the initials of each attendant and they shared there was a competition among them. The benefits of the affinity card were misrepresented, by the SOUTHWEST EMPLOYEES who staffed the flight... When contacting customer care - Sara assured me that she confirmed with the attendants DID NOT market the cards or provide paper applications etc. She researched and it is not their job. She maintains that the flight attendants do not and did not market the cards in flight. Anyone else open their Southwest card in flight? (NOTE: Terminal kiosks are not staffed or marketed by Southwest employees.)

We have always had a great experience when flying with Southwest and with their customer service. For this reason, we have always been willing to pay the extra dollars to book our flights through them, as opposed to booking with one of the cheaper airlines. However, the last 3 times we have flown Southwest have been just awful. They lost our car seat the first time, our luggage the second time, and then the third time we experienced a 3 1/2 hour delay followed by a cancelled flight at 9:30pm. On top of this, we have encountered terrible customer service every step along the way in dealing with these stressful circumstances. Each time we traveled the personnel working at the ticket counter have been unbelievably rude. Great way to start the trip.

When items were lost, instead of being helpful and accommodating, the customer service agent working in lost baggage was very brisque, took out her anger on us and actually yelled at us, and then refused to do something as simple as validate a $7 parking ticket for my husband who had to park and come in to help me with the situation since I was traveling alone with our 6 month old. Finally, when we were flying home to Denver, our flight was delayed 3.5 hours and then cancelled. The entire time the woman working the gates to the flight was yelling at people and being extremely rude. We all had to wait 1-2 hours in line to rebook our flights, and then we found out the next day when we called in that they never even rebooked a flight for us.

We will be leaving 2 days after our expected and paid for departure date. On top of all of this, we have not been compensated for any of these inconveniences. Apparently, it's a lot to even ask for an employee of Southwest to be polite, respectful, apologetic and understanding towards their customers in a difficult situation that they have created. This behaviour and treatment of paying customers and families flying with Southwest Airlines is unacceptable. I think Southwest has officially lost their touch. We were going to get credit cards through Southwest but after these recent experiences we will no longer even fly with them. It's very unfortunate to see an airline that used to pride themselves on customer service, fall to such an extent.

I was on flight 771 on 7/14/16 from Raleigh to Nashville. As I boarded the plane the flight attendant did not even make eye contact or say welcome aboard. He was not busy doing anything else at all! As I entered the plane none of the all-male flight crew made any attempt to welcome me aboard or assist in any way. It was more like we were inconveniencing their day. The plane was hot as hell and did not begin cooling off well past 10,000 feet. Everybody was reaching up and adjusting and re-adjusting the cooling vent. I unbuckling my seat belt to ask for a drink. Cary, the male flight attendant in the rear of the plane rudely asked me if I noticed the seat belt sign was still on? I looked at it and said "OK I see it", then he rudely asked me to return to my seat. He could have said "please return to your seat" instead of "I'm going to have ask you to return seat" in a rude tone.

Later when he was passing out drinks and I complained about it being hot Cary said in a dismissing way it's because the doors were open for so long at the last airport and that it would take awhile for it to cool off. This was not my first airplane ride I gotta say, and I knew that line was crap. Basically, none of the flight attendants smiled and when you broke the slightest rule they acted like you were endangering the safety of everybody on board. All I have to say is they (Cary in particular was very rude and unprofessional).

I booked a flight for my wife and I but when I did online check-in I was only able to get a boarding pass for myself. The site would not let me print hers even though we had the same confirmation number. Called SW and got no reply. Very dissatisfied with the experience.

My family's one way trip to Puerto Rico. First, I am 48 with Parkinson's disease and disabled because of my disease. This is my short version. Three adults and three dogs, one which is a service dog, boarded our first flight out of Denver. We were sitting in the plane for around 30 minutes when the pilot said they were having technicals problems and would need to pull back into the gate. Once we were at the gate the flight stewardess announced all passengers would reach their connecting flights except for the three passengers going to Puerto Rico. This is when the abuse started.

A stewardess came to our seats and said "you three need to get off now and we are flying you to Florida, and you will stay the night there." My wife explained my medication was in our checked baggage and we only carried on enough for our flight to PR. They proceeded to loudly tell me how and where my medication should be kept and it was my fault if I didn't have medication with me. At this point they said "you need to leave the plane," so I grabbed two of my dogs while my wife and family member carried the other dog and the two carry on bags. When I stood up and started walking the stewardess loudly said, "Sir you're gonna have to move faster."

I tried to quietly tell her I had Parkinson's disease and was moving as fast as I can. The stewardess loudly said "Sir, you're going to cause all these people to miss their connecting flights," and she actually walked up behind me and used her body to push me and my dogs down the aisle. The entire time I was having bad tremors and could barely walk. Once we were off the plane a stewardess said they did find a flight so we could make our connecting flight to PR. It was apparent I could not walk because of the tremors and we only had 15 minutes to make it to the next flight. My wife asked 3 workers for a wheelchair and no one did anything.

At this point we had to make our flight so my wife ran ahead to tell the next flight her husband was disabled and please hold the flight. Once we boarded the second plane we went to the back seats by the toilet, this is where I must sit because I can't walk on a plane while it's in motion because of my disease. When we Sat down the stewardess said, "Sir, I'm allergic to dogs. Can you move to another row?" I explained to her I was disabled and must sit where I have safe access to the toilet. At this point we continued to sit down and get ready for our flight.

Once we were sitting we heard the stewardess call and asked to be moved to another flight or moved to a different section because a man refused to sit elsewhere with the dogs. At this point her supervisor came up and proceeded to ask us to move to another seat. Once again I had to announce my disability and told her "I had to sit here." The supervisor and stewardess went to the back and we could clearly hear them talking. The first stewardess said "that ** man isn't disabled. He needs to move." They came back to our seats and again asked us to move again. This time my wife said "I'm starting to feel like you are discriminating against us for my husband's disability and our race."

Once she said this both flight attendants exited the plane, then the other flight attendants left. Meanwhile our family member was outside still waiting to board the plane wondering what was taking so long. At that point she saw all of the crew by the door and they actually stopped the boarding and were discussing kicking the ** disabled guy off the plane because of the flight attendant's allergies. Finally they continued boarding and we arrived in PR. During the entire flight the same stewardess waited on us and never showed signs of allergies nor even acted as if she had a problem.

During our flight we heard several racial and discriminatory remarks made behind our backs and were generally treated like prisoners. Like I had done something wrong for having Parkinson's. The above is only a small fragment of what we went through. This was the worst treatment I have ever experienced, and to be called out publicly because of my disease is unforgivable and unacceptable. The story gets worse when my wife called Southwest to complain. She called and filed a complaint and asked for a refund, they only offered a 200 dollar voucher and said the flight attendants needs come before a passengers.

My wife once again told them I was disabled and the supervisor she had on the phone said, "It doesn't really matter. Our policy is to move the customer to a different flight if we have an employee with a dog allergy." They refused to refund our money even after the abuse and discrimination we suffered. At this point my wife told the lady "this is a clear case of discrimination by a Southwest Airlines employee, not just one but 6 employees." Southwest didn't care, they said "that's our policy and you will not get money back."

During our flight we were humiliated and made to feel guilty for my disease. Our poor sweet pets were locked in their carriers for 15 hours without a break and were crying in agony because of cramping and they needed to potty. We originally had everything worked out so our dogs could potty and stretch between flights but the airlines made sure that didn't happen. The story is too long to write but this is a short of what we went through.

We experienced numerous discriminations based on my disability and our race. The calls to Southwest made by my wife were traumatic to say the least, it was obvious Southwest doesn't care how their employees treat customers with disabilities, not to mention a service dog. I will say this again, this is only a small fraction of what happened and we are needing an attorney to fight this. Also, the early bird flight check in is not what they claim. Just another form of legal fraud to take money from passenger.

I continued to pursue this with a written complaint, now including a complaint regarding how I was treated on the phone. To their credit, a Southwest representative reviewed everything in my email and did all the research before calling me back (the next business day, kudos) such that I didn't have to argue the case verbally again. They were apologetic and acknowledged the mistake and we came to an acceptable solution. Beyond the initial glitch, it seems maybe I just had one really poor customer service rep.

Original Review

I booked a flight for myself and a friend. Everything looked fine from my end at booking. However, apparently through some glitch it only booked my friend and not myself on the flight, but charged me for the two tickets. I didn't notice this until I checked my reservation a week before travel. I talked to a couple levels of customer service and they even confirmed that their historical records show that the going rate on the day I purchased was half of what they charged me per passenger, thus proving my case as straightforwardly as possible. Simple, right?

Well, they refused to fix the situation by giving me a 2nd ticket or even allowing a refund. Their argument is that somehow I made their system charge me more and I chose to pay twice as much for one ticket, because they're system only ever showed one passenger, refusing to acknowledge that if the glitch happened at the initial completion of the purchase, that's exactly what they'd see. The cognitive dissonance required to see I paid twice as much as their own records show I should have paid for the 1 booked ticket, yet still claim everything is right, is beyond words.

They offered me nothing except to CHARGE ME EVEN MORE for a 2nd ticket, at the bogus 2x rate they charged for the first one. Because they were holding the rest of my trip and reservations hostage at this point (and refuse a refund anyway), and at 1 week out competitor prices are no longer better, I had little recourse but to give in to their ransom. Clearly I will continue to contest this going forward.

I have flown with Southwest a number of times, and I have yet to be disappointed. I love the fact that I can check in two 50-pound bags for FREE, as well as bring two carry-on items with me on the plane. I can also choose my own seat upon boarding, which is a really nice. I never get stuck sitting next to someone I don't want to sit by. Aside from the perks that Southwest has to offer, I have been thoroughly impressed with their excellent customer service. I can always count on Southwest to offer the best deals along with the best service.

Southwest delayed my evening flight 3 hours, and then told me that I could hop on a flight the next day at 5:30 am instead. They only offered to refund the points I originally paid (a small amount compared to the cost of buying another flight now) - not like that's going to do me much good at this point. They don't seem to understand that it's not about the points for me, but it's about getting where I need to go on time. I have a very tight schedule and leaving the next day is not an option for me. Because of this delay, I had to break countless plans that I cannot remake by taking a flight the next day. I should have flown with a larger airline that could have transferred me to another flight the same day. The customer agent said that I should choose to fly with another airline if I'm not happy with this sort of treatment. I think I will next time.

I booked the flight on Monday June 26th, and purchased 5,500 points for a total of $151.25. The next day I received an e-mail message that there is a promotion effective June 28th, 2 days later, for a 50% bonus. That would be 2500 points. When I called they refused to give me any credit for the promotion. THE SUPERVISOR AT CORPORATE said that they do not control their own promotions. There is a company called Points Plus that is in charge. Therefore Southwest obviously farms out a lot of their business. I am surprised that a company as large as Southwest has little or no control over their point system. Be warned that this can happen to you at any time. And when you speak to the customer service representatives they sound like they're reading from a book. What a joke!!

I booked a flight recently with my 2 children, ages 12 and 9 through Southwest. I was not able to sit by my kids because there is not assigned seating. My 12-year-old had to take a seat in the middle of 2 strangers, and also my 9-year-old girl was forced to sit in between 2 unknown men in which she was very uncomfortable, not to mention scared of flying anyway and wasn't expecting not sitting near her mother during a nervous situation(flying). We were all separated on different parts of plane. I understand now this is the way they seat. I never expected this though as I have never flew with Southwest. I even checked in early online approx. 20 hours prior but was still one of the last to board the plane, so this is how it goes.

Their policy only allows families to board first in order to sit with your kids if your kids are 6 and under, so be aware if you have a 7-year-old or up you may NOT get to sit with them! On one of the flights (we had 4 flights) a man offered to move in order for me to sit by my daughter, which was very kind of him. But because he did the stewardesses were in return very rude to me and made me feel like I was a horrible person for taking this gentleman up on HIS offer even though it was his suggestion, not mine. So yes, this was my fault for not checking out the seating policy - first come, first serve (which I will now be aware of), but to all who may want to sit with their children be advised! I will make sure I fly in the future only with airlines who have seating where I know I will be able to sit with my kids.

On September 17, 2015 I bought a plane ticket for my son from Seattle to Austin for $127. I later decided to extend his trip and paid $282.98 to extend him on December 3rd. The money from his original flight was applied to the extension and I paid an additional $102. Then December 4th I saw they had a better deal and changed his flight again for the original price of $127 leaving me with a credit for $102. So today I went to purchase him a ticket using the $102 in funds however, they are telling me that those funds will expire on September 16, 2016. The fund are supposed to be good for a year. They want to say they're good from the date of original purchase but I spent those funds and purchased a new ticket on December 3rd.

They are stealing my money and refuse to allow me to use them 5 days after they supposedly expire (9 months after issue). I want him to fly on September 21st. This is ridiculous. The money was spent on December 3rd not September 16th. I am so disappointed in Southwest and want everyone to know they are stealing my money.

I have flown this company for 15 years and I have sang their praises for the last 10. I have supported them and even had my friends fly with me so they could see how good this airline was. But... So on Tuesday SWA screwed up my reservations... I got it resolved by an employee named Roger... Strike 1. Thursday I show up to fly home and the walk flesh would not accept the "ticket" that they issued to me. I have to go back to the gate and the supervisor of customer service takes my ticket to go argue with the flesh at the walkway that yes it is a ticket... Strike 2.

I call to file a complaint with customer relations (what a joke). The flesh on the line Tiffany takes my complaint and assures me that she will call me back at 10 am on Friday... She didn't. Turns out they can't return the calls. She was lying to me... Strike 3. I talk to customer service today which is a subordinate of customer relations and the flesh named Elaine who is a "supervisor" tells me they don't call back, that Tiffany misspoke and that the only way they will investigate and return a call is if I put it in writing... Strike 4. DO NOT FLY this airline has I have made it my personal mission to let the public know how bad this company is!!! I know that this unethical company just a scam on TEXAS. Shame on SWA!!! Shame on Gary C Kelly. This is not the same company that Herb Kelleher strived to build!

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From the front desk of a busy FBO to the captain's seat of a commercial airliner, Erika Armstrong has experienced everything aviation has to offer. She is the author of A CHICK IN THE COCKPIT and her aviation articles can be found at Consumer Affairs, Plane & Pilot,, Disciples of Flight, NYC Aviation, Contrails, Mentor, General Aviation News and Business Insider.    More about Erika→

After incorporating in 1967, Southwest Airlines did not start taking passengers until 1971 after a long battle through the court system. Today, Southwest is the largest budget passenger airline in the U.S., launching more than 3,800 flights per day on peak travel days.

  • Discount pricing: Southwest is best known for its low-price philosophy and offers very competitive prices on flights throughout the U.S.
  • Cargo flights: Southwest combines passenger flights with cargo to offer fast shipping when needed, with top-tier options guaranteeing delivery on the next flight out.
  • Budget corporate travel: Businesses that do more than $100,000 in travel per year can build a customized travel program.
  • Bags fly free: Southwest offers every passenger two free checked bags that weigh fewer than 50 pounds.
  • Package discounts: When booking airfare and ground transportation through the Southwest website, access to exclusive discounts are available.
  • Best for Vacationers, business travelers, holiday travelers and frequent fliers.

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