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NEVER FLY SPIRIT AIRLINES! I purchased my ticket through cheaptickets.com and figured it would be cool to save a few dollars, oh boy was I wrong. My partner and I decided to book a last minute trip to Vegas to celebrate her promotion at work, as well as her birthday, somehow a trip to celebrate turned into a bigoted disaster beginning with the customer service reps at LaGuardia airport.

Our flight was delayed by two hours before we even reach the airport, which unbeknownst to us, would result in us missing the connecting flight in Detroit. Going up to the ticket counter a representative by the name of Shaquille, greeted us with a irritated fixed expression, informing us that our flight that has already had been delayed and will be delayed again, which will result in us missing our connecting flight in Detroit.

With a blank stare the rep then asked, "so what are you going to do? We can either refund you, or rebook you." Options, options, options hmm. "Okay, so when can we be rebooked?" The customer service rep said, "We can fly you to Detroit tonight but the next flight to Vegas isn't into tomorrow at 7:45 Pm." My partner and I glance at each other and say, "well it's only 5:00pm on 5/12, are you telling us we a flight to won't leave to Vegas into 5/13 at 7:45 pm?" The representative said yes in a condescending tone then said "so what are you going to do?" I responded by saying, "I guess we have to rebook," the representative then said, "I don't need your ** sarcasm." Yes customer services at its finest.

I proceed to tell Shaquille that my sarcasm and frustration isn't directed to him, and he then says, "You ** you, you **" and throws our ids at us. His colleagues look in disbelief but appear to not be surprised enough. One of the representatives that works there slides us his name and badge and states that he behaves like that all the time. Shaquille's female friend who also works as a customer service rep says, "** them, don't help them, cancel the trip," to Miguel, the rep who jumped in after Shaquille stormed off. Shaquille was observed peeking out of the office to see if my partner and I were still there. Meanwhile Miguel, the rep who was trying to deescalate the situation pleads with my partner and I to just ignore him and make a formal complaint. I ask for a supervisor multiple times; however no one came out to meet with us.

Customers, in the back of the line who are also delayed, shook their head in disbelief. Thinking that this is the end of it we wait an additional hour to board our plane and two more hours before we take off. We land in Detroit at which time we spoke with customer service reps from Spirit there which basically said we are stuck in Detroit for the night.

Our flight the following day was scheduled to leave at 7:45, however around 2:00 pm we receive a daunting email that stated that our flight had been delayed AGAIN! At this time we have already checked out of Hotel room and are stranded at DTW from 1:00 pm to when the plane eventually takes off at 11:00 pm. Our trip to Vegas was ruined before we could even land. The flight attendants were rude and slipped up and told us the plane was delayed due to maintenance issues, when IN reality the delay is due to Spirit being the worst airline carrier EVER! During the flight my partner started to experience motion sickness and started throwing up, at which time the flight attendants give her a bag and said "if you want water you have to purchase it." What a nightmare!

I attempted to contact customer service multiple times to tell them about my horrific experience but of course, I'm either disconnected, or told nothing can be done. Please whatever you do don't fly spirit! I think the LGBT community needs to stand united and boycott spirit for allowing bigots to work as customer service representatives in one of the busiest, gay friendly cities in the world. I am disgusted and appalled! No one should have to pay for treatment like this. It's very safe to say that I will never fly spirit again.

I flew Spirit for the first time in approximately 6-7 years. It was never the best, but it was convenient and it was economical. I chose Spirit for my flight to Las Vegas because the cost was about a $150 total savings from the other airlines. NEVER, EVER again. First, there was a 2 hour delay before we were to depart Philadelphia. Second, the seats, new, are so hard - be prepared to have to shift multiple times in your seat because your backside will be very uncomfortable in the same position for any length of time.

Third, the seats don't recline AT ALL - it is not an option, there is no recline butting. Have fun on a few hour, red-eye flight. Then it gets better. My return flight to Philadelphia - ANOTHER 2 HOUR DELAY. If that doesn't all sound awful, and believe me, it IS awful, then keep in mind that carry-on, if not booked prior to check-in, costs $100. $40 if prior to check-in. Oh, that's EACH WAY. So carry-on can cost $80-200 for a full itinerary. Or, you can do like I did - pack a book bag and take that in for free - dimensions are printed in their website.

Keep in mind a brief case, purse, laptop case, or tote bag is your ONE allowed personal item --- or a book bag for which I packed my purse in it. Seriously, by the time you figure your carry-on AND purse, tote, briefcase or laptop case, and if you've wised up and could catch a "big seat" for your trip, you're actually paying MORE than the competitor's prices. I won't give Spirit another chance. They are a huge FAIL with a big, fat, bold-red F.

After purchasing round trip tickets for my family the customer service agent keyed in the wrong date for the return flight after the reservations were booked. We had several email trails and were able to show it was entirely their fault. The customer service is extremely poor. We were told by a supervisor that it was the airports problem and they could make it right. No one would take any ownership of the situation.

A supervisor at their HQ stated we could pay an extra $600 and change the flight date. Finally after giving up, we decided to do this and was directed to go to the front counter @ the airport. The agent stated they can't do that as it's not an option. My family was stranded and they could care less. Ultimately we lost $900 and Spirit is still unwilling to make it right. I say this with full conviction - Spirit airlines are a bunch of Crooks. We ended up paying $1,400 to fly out of Dallas where we were stranded. This airline will be obsolete in a few years at the rate they are going.

I thought I was saving some money with the cheap flight. OK only one carry on bag, my big purse with laptop computer. I checked my bag with the CPAP machine (a breathing device for people with Sleep Apnea). No only did have to pay an additional $104 for my check bagged, but an additional $25 to replace the tubing for machine that mysteriously disappeared. It was not there when I unpacked my luggage, therefore I unable to use my machine the entire trip. I will never, ever, fly Spirit again. I rather pay the upfront fees in the ticket, and can carry machine and laptop on board.

Had the worst experience flying out of LAX to BWI. Missed the flight Sunday night just because we were a little late for baggage checking. Instead of helping us that time they were adamant to put us to the next day flight even though we had two kids traveling with us. At the middle of the night we had to find another hotel. The next day they put us in a connection flight and the flight from LAX was delayed by more than 5 hrs and when we mentioned that we may the connection from fort lauderdale they acted as if that was not their concern at all. Never, ever will fly in Spirit and will not recommend to anyone I know off.

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Flight 219 8/8/16 Atlanta to Boston. Spirit Air was the worst experience. First of all their bag weight limit is 40 lbs and they charge you $30-over $100 depending on the weight. I was at the airport 2 hours early due to an email I received to be there 2 hours early due to high volumes with my 9 year old son. The boarding time was 12:25 for the 1:10 flight. At about 12:20 they did a gate change for our flight. There was a flight that came in from LA--they gave the flight that came in from LA our plane that we were getting ready to board.

We went to the new gate and they then called for a delay to 5:30 due to a part that needed to be changed on the new plane. Then at 5:30 the part was still not there. They then delayed our flight until 7:30. They told us that we would be boarding soon that they were just trying to cool off the plane. 7:30 came and went it was now 8:45 and they told us the pilots "timed out". The people that worked at Spirit were not helpful at all. They would tell us the bad news then disappear from the desk. Once they announced the pilots timed out they said that they were waiting for new pilots to come in.

We finally started to board at about 12:00 AM. After back and forth with the flight crew they finally closed the doors for departure. Then someone on the plane wanted to get off the plane. More calls to the cockpit. They announce they are letting the passenger off the plane. They have to shut the entire plane down. We are sitting in darkness and the plane was getting extremely hot. They start the plane back up after about 10 minutes. Then the pilot comes on and tells us that when they shut the plane down and tried to turn it back on again something fell off the plane and he was waiting for maintenance to call back to see if it was something they could fix and get us out that night on that plane. The pilot came back on that the plane wasn't able to be fixed then. They said they had another plane we could leave on. It was at another terminal.

We all get to the next terminal. After about 20 minutes the crew and pilots start to walk away. We ask where they are going they told us the flight was cancelled. After being at the airport for 17 hours they cancelled our flight. We then have to go back to where we originally checked in. They tell us they only have 25 hotel rooms so if you weren't the first 25 people in line then you didn't get a hotel room.

Spirit is not affiliated with any other airline so if you wanted a flight out from another airline you had to buy the tickets. Spirit didn't have another direct flight to Boston for 3 days later. All the other flights were either overnights or took over 12 hours to get back to Boston. By the time we got our new flight booked 3 days later it was 3:30 AM. My son was exhausted. Then they give a $50 credit for our next tickets we book with them. I will never fly Spirit again. When we checked in for our new flight 3 days later they tried to charge me another $55 for my overweight bag. I refused to pay the bag fee again. I talked to the manager he said on my way back to Atlanta I would have to pay the bag fee then. I will never fly Spirit again!

I will never fly Spirit Airlines again. I flew once and that is one time too many. Warning, Spirit Airlines practices deceptive sales tactics. You basically have to read EVERYTHING in the fine print. Get your magnifying glass ready. The deception starts from fees related to checking in your luggage down to reading the fine print on their $9 club.

Note, if you sign up for the $9 club, in the "fine print" you are opting in to an automatically annual renewal that will cost you $69.95 (that is in Aug 2016 and I'm sure it will increase over time). Unlike other reputable businesses, Spirit Airlines believes in making revenue not by providing good customer services but rather by trying to scam its customers. On the annual renewal fee, they will not notify you even with one email that you are enrolled. You will just get a charge 12 months. To make it worse, once you cancel your membership, you lose 100% of the remaining benefit. So if you cancel the membership the day you see your charge, you are basically losing 364 days of the plan.

They are relying on the fine print to legally scam their own customers out of money. Reading the other posts, I can see it's only a matter of time before the word spreads about "Spirit (fleece your customer) Airlines". I'll be happy to see them out of business so spread the word to all your friends and family. DO NOT FLY SPIRIT AIR.

I have never experienced such a horrible company. I would rather WALK than fly Spirit. I booked a flight for a minor on my credit card. The first situation we changed the flight because there was a cheaper flight a week later. They told me they could not issue a credit they could only issue a flight credit to the account. She doesn't fly often but fine we figured we could use it on their OVERPRICED luggage. So few days before she went to leave she attempted to use her credit. THEY CHARGED MY CARD FOR $42!!! So of course I am thinking no big deal mistake I will call and they will fix it.

They try to tell me that they cannot issue a credit on my card which I did not authorize and offer another flight CREDIT. I had to call my bank and try to dispute it on that end cause I did not approve this charge. I more than likely will have to end up paying it but it makes me FURIOUS. This is the worst company ever. Will they ever revamp? Will they ever care about customers more than money? Probably not. I would give them 0 stars if I could.

I can't even fathom how this company still manages to operate and get business. First off, the check in staff were more than 15 minutes late, which already began to stress me out. I flew from California to Costa Rica, and I had no idea that the check-in weight was only 40 pounds, compared to most other airlines weight limit of 50 pounds. So I quickly had to cram stuff from my luggage into my carry-on, and I checked online later to see if I missed the weight limit rule and I couldn't find it anymore, nor did they mention anything about it during check out for my ticket. I also had a layover in Houston so I needed to pay for all my bags four times.

We were late leaving Houston going towards Costa Rica as well, as Spirit let random people on instead of sections so everyone had to keep getting up to let others in their row get in. I had a taxi scheduled to pick me up from SJO at midnight (long after when we were supposed to have landed!!! and the poor guy had to wait until 2 am for us because the pilot didn't pull up far enough to the terminal when he landed. Basically, everyone had gotten up ready to leave, but then were told to sit back down while we waited for a tow truck to pull us forward three feet. This was another 45 minutes stuck on the plane and my host was already staying up so late just to let me in, and the taxi driver charged me another $10 for the wait (which I can't really argue about, I would be pissed too although it wasn't my fault).

Anyways, I'm writing this from IAH now. I've been here since 4 am with no money for food (since it all went to Spirit's scams of hidden costs and fees), and my flight has been delayed by four hours. By the time they land here, I should have already been home!!! I will never, ever fly with this company again, I guess you really do get what you pay for. I don't even know how the way they treat their customers is legal to be quite frank, I'm looking forward to the day this business fails and no one has to get scammed by them again. PS the seats are tiny, don't recline, and apparently have the least legroom of all airlines so good luck with being sore for a couple days. I know, I really enjoyed it!!!

Spirit airline is the worst airline ever in the USA. I have flown with Spirit airline 10 times. The main reason was the cheap price. But oh boy, I had to pay dearly for their delays and poor services. They nickel and dime you so you end up paying about the same as other premium airlines but with the worst service and tiny cramped nasty seats. Their cheap prices do not justify for their poorly trained personnel, and rip off policies. They will leave you stranded with no compassion for you, the cheap second class citizens. That was my experience with this horrible Spirit airline. Sitting here at IAH airport, stranded again, I chip in my 2 cents.

The bottom line: I lost hundreds of dollars (the full price of my trip) when I had to cancel or try to change my flight through Spirit Airlines. I only received $50 credit back, which I definitely will not use since I will not use Spirit Airlines again. Even after buying "Travel Protection" to avoid monetary loss in the case of cancellation or changing flights, Spirit Airlines or any of the three travel insurance agencies they thought I was covered by were NOT able/willing to help. Definitely not recommended. Will never use Spirit Airlines again, even if I could save $200 on a trip.

I decided to book Spirit Airlines through Orbitz, since it would save me money on this flight. I was annoyed that they charge even for carry-on luggage and that they advertise cancellation fees. Yesterday I found out I had to cancel a flight from the east coast to Los Angeles for personal reasons and was told the travel protection I paid for (advertised as "Pay $___ so you don't lose the [ticket price] if you have to change/cancel your flight") was only valid if I were medically disabled and not able to fly. Even when I found a way to only change the departure city instead of cancelling the flight completely, one of the foreigners helping me did not recognize the name of the state of Utah and assumed I meant Akron, Ohio(?), even after explaining myself on four attempts.

This gives you an idea of what customer service was like, but it is a moot point. There were two nice foreign customer reps I talked to (including a supervisor), but even they were not able to do anything for me, instead transferring me yet again to three different travel insurance agencies. I have never written a negative review before, having been in business management and having a knowledge of the influence a negative review can have. After getting transferred four times in customer service and spending 5 hours the little free time I have, I decided this to be worth my time to save anyone the hundreds of dollars I lost from this terrible experience with Spirit Airlines. NOTE: Since I was never able to actually use the flight, the rating for Comfort only reflect the overall experience I had with the airline and its customer service.

This is the worst airline I've ever flown. I knew nothing about before buying the tickets (my bad for not checking into everything) most airlines allow 50 pounds, this turned out to be 40!! My suitcase was 44, they charged us $85 for 1 bag! Also, $50 for a carry on!!! Are you kidding me?!?! The seats were ridiculous and no padding, they even charge for a bottle of crappy water... I've never been so uncomfortable and annoyed with an airline in my life, NEVER AGAIN!!!

I had a flight on 8/8/16 from Cleveland to Las Vegas. I couldn't print ticket at home so I get to Cleveland airport 3 hours before. I was suprise to be there and comes to find out they canceled my ticket and put on my reservation that I called and canceled in which I didn't. They would not do anything and offer to purchase tomorrow flight same time land and arrive for $280. I ask why can't you just give me a free ticket, they said base on what your reservation states, called and canceled. The supervisor would not do anything and walked away while I was still talking. Overall experience I had to miss a whole week of work just because of their thefts.

I thought after a few weeks passed my opinion would change. BUT I am still upset and disgusted with this airline. My trip was in July to Costa Rica from NY. To begin - they have you pay for carry-ons. So, since I had a connecting flights, (to and from) I had to pay for the carry on 4 times! The same was true for my luggage. I had to pay for it 4 times. When I get to the airport, I saw that the max weight for luggage was 40 lbs. (Most airlines are 50.) DO NOT get fooled that they are the best price. They find many ways to add fees. When coming home we had to pay for a tax to leave Costa Rica for the US. It was approx. 30 dollars. Other airlines include this tax in your ticket, not Spirit. Spirit just makes you wait in another line to pay the tax and fool you into thinking that your ticket 30 dollars less. BUT the problems for me began when we were about to take off.

As we are taking off, the plane starts shaking and there is smoke coming from the tires. The pilot told us we have to go back to the gate to check things out. Well, that took a while and we were sitting in the plane the whole time. We pull out of the gate and head to the runway. For some reason, we are parked outside the runway, but planes are taking off and landing. A good amount of time passes and the pilot tells us that the tower does not know where to have us take off from. This was odd to me. Shouldn't a pilot know where he is going as he pulls out of the gate? After a good amount of time, we are now heading back to the gate for a second time. Some people get off the plane while others are losing patience.

The best part of Spirit was their airline stewards and stewardesses. They were trying to do all they can to keep the people calm. That was a difficult task since we are parked outside of a runway while planes are landing and taking off and we are doing nothing. We finally get off the ground and land in Ft. Lauderdale around 10 pm. All connecting flights were missed. Make note that we boarded the plane at 11:30. We were on the plane for close to 11 hours. Many of us, including myself, did not have lunch or dinner. At Ft Lauderdale they booked my flight for the next day to leave at 8 PM. We leave for Hotel. When we arrive at the Hotel, there is NO restaurant. Spirit gave us vouchers we could use in the airport, but everything was closed and now they sent us to a hotel that has no restaurant. The disaster is not over yet. I had to check out of the Hotel by 12.

Well, what was I supposed to do until 8 pm? Yes, I can go to the beach, but we don't have a room to shower and get myself ready for the flight home. Why they couldn't put us on an earlier flight or extend our stay at the Hotel was inconsiderate. I understand that all the flights may have been full, but Spirit should have taken care of the Hotel situation. I lost a day in a Hotel Lobby. MY advice for everyone - Don't fly Spirit. Funny part was I get a $50.00 coupon from Spirit to use on any future flights. At the bottom it says, "expiration - September 2016." With such a small window, I wonder who would have used it. It will take another 4 weeks to get over the trauma they just put me through.

I spent extra money to upgrade to better seats for my wife and I, daughter and husband as the first leg of the flight was approximately 4 hours long and the flight left at midnight. One day before my departure Spirit notified me that the plane had been downgraded. I called and they informed me I could change my flight date because of the downgrade however they could not explain what was different as my seat numbers did not change. I asked if I still had the same seats and they confirmed I was still booked on my original flight with the same seat numbers. When I boarded the plane the seat configuration had changed. This plane did not have two seats side by side on each side it had three seats and the center seat was occupied by a complete stranger.

On top of this these were second row seats and they did not recline. What a letdown, I guess I now know what a downgrade means. Now to the money reimbursement part, Spirit claimed they did not have my email address to reimburse me for the seat downgrades although the itinerary, boarding passes and all of their promotional garbage seemed to find their way to my email account. Additionally I had 60 days to use the reimbursement on another Spirit flight, they will not refund your money. Seems all this airline cares about is finding ways of charging for everything they can think of and then offering lots of excuses and non-cash reimbursements when they can't deliver what they have promised. No doubt this will be the last trip I book on Spirit.

I could have flown an airline that cares about people and offers a lot more for very little if any additional money. On the return trip they had a pilot walk off the airplane causing a 1 1/2 hour delay. We had to deplane when this happened. When we finally re-boarded they never offered a complimentary bottle of water or anything for the delay. NEVER AGAIN SPIRIT you folks are all about stuffing money in your pockets and giving folks the illusion they are saving money. This round trip experience was in June of 2016, Denver - Fort Lauderdale - Punta Cana.

So let me see. They will charge you if a bag is 1 inch over the size, (the wheels on the bag made it taller 12x14x18) but when they delay a flight for 1 hr Spirit Airways would not pay anything. Today I came to the conclusion Flight Spirit Airways is a big scam. They will charge you more in bags and other fee than the ticket. I'll never in my life will fly back with them.

I arrived on time for my flight for my 6:30 pm flight only to see one person checking in bags for an entire flight going from Baltimore (BWI) to Las Vegas (McCarran). My family of four (Myself, wife and two kids) have yet to receive a suitable answer as to what happened to our flight to Las Vegas from Baltimore on August 6th, 2016. I would estimate that over fifty people missed flight 695, and the person checking in bags left the counter at 6:30, and there was no one to give us a status update or any information until 7:45 pm (An hour and fifteen minutes).

The Spirit representative decides to see us on a case by case basis. Spirit only had one person working for fifty people. I was told that I need to pay an additional 582.00 to fly and my flight would leave within two days. The flight would also be different from the previously scheduled two-hour flight and it would change to an 11-hour flight. Spirit did waive the 582.00 transfer fee because I missed my flight. I've called customer service several times, and either no one answers the phone or there English is very poor/ limited.

Wow! I've never ever flown on such a magnificent airline! It was such a great experience having my flight delayed an hour! Nothing makes me happier than having to sit around an airport for hours when I've only had a few hours of sleep. I love how considerate they are with charging people $55 dollars for 1 carry-on. JUST ONE CARRY-ON! Isn't it great?! I love their other charges as well! They charge for snacks on the plane as well as the seat you sit in! But, hey?! If you don't pay for seating arrangements, they give you the option of not paying for seating arrangements at all granted that they pick a random seat for you!

I love the spacing they have on the seats as well! There's plenty of space for you and a complete stranger to share! The best part is the landing! Oh! The landing! Nothing's better than a hard, rough landing when you're trying to relax after coming from about a few thousand feet in the air! Best experience of my life! Oh, Spirit! You're the best airline ever!

I will never fly this airline again. I did not realize that they roll over your $9 year one membership and charge you $69.95 every year after that. My fault for forgetting to cancel after I booked my first and last trip on this airline. I find this to be absurd. Their program is misleading and there is NO value in paying $69.95. This rollover policy is, no doubt, a profit center for them. Their phone system is a joke and they have no interest in providing service. Never again.

I purchased the "cheap" tickets only to find out that I had to pay an additional $82 to check in luggage (that was under 40 lb. each). Had they been more, it would have been more expensive. The flight was delayed, which could happen to anyone. Then, when we were in flight, the attendant came around asking, "would you care to purchase anything?" When I said I only wanted water, they wanted to charge me for that as well. Very disappointing. How easy would it have been to provide at least some water at no charge to make people happy? Oh, yes, the flight attendant said I must pay with a credit card as they are not allowed to accept cash, because the airline doesn't trust them. All of this while being crammed in a seat, although that too is typical of today's airlines. But the one restroom in coach added to the terrible, cheap experience.

Up until today I have been a loyal patriot of Spirit. While it remains true you get what you pay for and the lack of customer frills (like decent leg room) is an annoyance, I preferred Spirit for shorter trips because I liked having a cheaper option. However, this is only true if the company remains honest and does not attempt to cheat its customers -- which unfortunately is my recent experience with Spirit.

On my most recent trip, I received an email stating that the flight time had been changed, and out of courtesy Spirit gave me the option of picking a new flight with no penalty. I chose a new flight after the original and received confirmation. When I went to register for the new flight a few days later, however, I saw that it was not there and I had been charged as a "no-show" for my original flight. I called Spirit and they said that I had not properly confirmed the new flight (even though I received a confirmation), and therefore I was charged for the original flight as a "no-show".

The agent I spoke with was less than helpful, and I requested to speak with her supervisor and received the same party line -- once my reservation appeared in their computer as a "no show", there was nothing they could do about it, it was a system problem, etc; though ironically the supervisor continued to try and sell me a ticket for the same flight I was planning to be on that they said was not "confirmed" (albeit the flight was now $50 more expensive). It's disgusting that a company does not honor its reservations, and instead attempts to stick customers for the price of a service that they don't perform.

Well my family of four had missed our flight by two minutes on SUNDAY. I was informed that we could not get another flight until TUESDAY, who does that? In the meantime what am I supposed to do until then. So I have to get my family that have jobs to go to on MONDAY. So I rent a truck which cost me more money to get back to Cleveland. Once I saw that I was not going to get any of my money back I broke them off a piece of mind and boy did I let them have it!!! And I feel better even though I'm broke. Don't forget you get what you pay for sometimes.

2 FLIGHTS CANCELLATION/OVERPRICE CHARGED - My mom and my husband were stranded at the airport in Texas. Flights were cancelled by giving crazy excuses. Same experience while returning from Florida with my son --- Finally, we are done with Spirit Airline. It should be and will be out of business soon --- I promised. Many people are complaining about this useless airline. From Dallas to BWI, Flight #**.

I have been flying on airlines since birth and will continue to fly as I enjoy traveling. Spirit is beyond the worst airline I have ever flown on. It is a disgrace that this airline is still operational. Although the company may feel that one little consumer won't affect its profits, more and more people are dissatisfied with the quality and customer service of Spirit Airline. I want to be clear, no matter how affordable the flight tickets are, I will NEVER fly with Spirit Airline again. I have had enough. Every time I decide to give Spirit another go, it is an extreme disappointment. I will make sure I let every person I know the lack of customer service and that they are better off paying a little more to another airline, than to fly with this low class, low quality airline.

On July 31, 2016, my mother whom is 64 and 20 month old infant was denied access to board a Spirit Airline plane in Detroit Michigan, after being in the airport two (2) hours early and being at the gate 20 minute before take off. We were told, Spirits policy is that you must be at the gate 20 minutes before the scheduled time of your flight. This is absurd! No announcements were made.

First, there is nothing on the website or found on our ticket that states the "20 minute" policy. Second, if this is Spirit's policy, it is NOT universal, as I have never been told this in any other airport in which I have flown Spirit. Third, if the policy is somewhere on the website it is NOT conspicuous and therefore it is not reasonable that a consumer should have to search for the rule. Fourth, the staff has little training in customer service. When an elderly woman and an infant child are being told they cannot get on a plane that is still on the runway and stayed on the runway for another 25 minutes, there should at no point be a rude, condescending attitude.

As the consumer, we are paying our money for the services. Don't ever think Spirit is doing anyone a favor, there are several other airlines in which we could choose (and I will choose from now on). The nastiness and lack of respect from the Spirit airline staff is unbelievable, given the fact they would not have jobs, but for the consumer using the airline. To be told they will not answer any more of your questions and then to be left standing not knowing where to go or what to do, in an airport that you are not familiar with is ridiculous. Spoken to as if they could care less that you have spent your money on a ticket and not even be given the common courtesy of trying to assist is literally a slap in the face.

After the incident occurred and my mom, infant and I found our way back to the ticket counter, we decided we never wanted to step foot on a Spirit Airline ever again. So we spent another $500 to fly American Airline, which showed us respect and assisted us in every way they could. The additional money to be happy and treated as a consumer should be was worth it. I am so disappointed in Spirit Airline, but as they say "you get what you pay for", and we definitely did. Low price and low class service.

So like someone said, "Where do I start". First off our flight was cancelled five minutes prior to leaving then changed from on time to cancelled. Got an email like half hour later. Wait let me back up. It's my first time flying and have a Handicap so I was told "oh I will take you to the ticket counter so you're not waiting in line" since I was in pain and swollen for sitting when I should have been on my way home and was left standing in a group of people not even in line and was left there. But I didn't know you were suppose to plan to not get home on time, maybe a delay but a cancellation that happened three times for the same flight.

Anyway they gave cots to some. Offered cots to some. Not to others like people in wheelchairs so we just took them not saying we need special treatment but offered some people discounts, food vouchers, refunds. We didn't get ** but a different flight that was a split flight. But some got straight flights to their destination.

We had to go from Texas to Salt Lake City then to Phoenix and there we had to drive to Flagstaff. No food vouchers and we had to pay for luggage on the new flight with no reimbursement for luggage from this airline. So left us broke with no money for food. I ran out of my blood thinners and didn't have time to get any since it was 1 am. They also ruined our luggage. Told us they would email us. Other people got tickets showing proof but they didn't want to deal with people so we were just tossed to the side and said take it up with Spirit in Phoenix, so we did and they were even more rude. Said we should have wrote a complaint in Texas and get refunded there. So I called and thank goodness I got someone with knowledge and common sense and helped me but could only give us tickets for 50 bucks each for the next flight.

Really. You think I'm going to do this again. Yeah! Good thing to give out no one will use them and got reimbursed for the luggage in 7-10 business days. Um hello, we needed it asap. Other people got reimbursed right then and there but they had to get loud and they called the police, what!!! Let's just say you get what you pay for, just **. I'll never fly again!!!

Sorry this review is all over the place. I'm sooo pissed but screw this airline, they also stole people's stuff out of their bags and treated everyone different for the same thing. Such **. Oh wait. There was one lady who was willing to take us to her house if she wasn't working and she was the one that even told anyone about cots. The other workers weren't too happy about that because they had to work more. Poor things. All I know is her name was Diana and just lost two family members to cancer and that's what I'm battling. And flying with my family was on our bucket list, since my cancer is terminal so want a memory for my husband and kids. Thanks SPIRIT, change your name to BREAKING SPIRITS.

Spirit Air's customer service is horrible. 4 of us booked flights for 7 am down to Florida to go on a cruise. We found out that 2 am that morning, Spirit technicians were working on the plane to fix some "communication issue" to be able to talk to the stewards over the intercom system. However, Spirit kept delaying the take off by an hour until it was too late for us to go to another airport and book a last minute flight to catch our cruise. Needless to say we missed out cruise. So when it was too late and another updated delay, we decided to get our bags and go home disappointed vacationers. Upon trying to get a credit for the airfare, we were only given the option to have a "credit shell" which is basically a credit to fly another time since our flight wasn't cancelled at this point. So instead of waiting another 4 hrs (which would have been over 12 hrs at the airport) we decided to take the credit.

The following day we found out that the flight was cancelled. We called customer service (not the airport) and asked for a refund. Customer service told us that they couldn't do anything because we did the credit at the airport (Atlantic City, NJ) and would have to go to the airport (over an hr away) to get the refund. Since we missed our vacation because of Spirit's mechanical issues and continuous delaying of the flight when they knew 100% that the flight was going to be cancelled, we drove down to get this credit rectified and changed to a refund based on the customer service representative. Well lo and behold, the airport told us that they couldn't do anything and to call customer service. So we called customer service again while at the airport and all the person kept repeating was the company's ** line about how they can't refund the money because we took the credit.

Again, we took the credit because that was all that was offered to us since the flight wasn't cancelled at this point and we weren't waiting another 4 hrs until it was. They already screwed us on missing our cruise and now they are screwing us on the credit to refund request. I will never fly Spirit again after I attempt to use up my credit. I'm sure there will be an issue with that and not customer service to help or deny the issue. I hope people refuse to use this airline. I get it's a cheaper airline and you get what you pay for, but I wasn't the cause of the issues. If the issues were our fault, I would understand better however they weren't. I really hope this company goes down the tubes and people stop flying with them. So disappointed.

Do NOT purchase airline tickets from Spirit Airline. They have the WORST customer service. They will change and cancel flights at any time, on your expense. I have traveled with them several times, always disappointed but wanted them to redeem themselves. That is impossible. I will NEVER travel with them again. I booked a flight with them in April, they decided to cancel my flight months later, with no compensation whatsoever. They refunded my money (which they made it seem I should thank them for this). They no longer offer the travel into the city I was traveling. I'm now forced to spend 3 times the amount looking for a last minute flight on another airline. I will not make this mistake again. Customer service "supervisor" was zero help at all. I told her several times what my name was. She could see my name written down and kept calling me another name. How on earth Liza employee # ** is a "supervisor"? Very telling on how they conduct business. I wish I could give Spirit negative stars.

First of all, they charged our credit card three times. DON'T FLY! CHEAP TICKETS ARE A SCAM! Their ticket prices might seem cheap enough to make it worth it, but they are not. Especially since you have to pay up to $100 for your carry on plus up to another $100 for your bag that you check and if it's over 40lbs (10 lbs less than any other airline) they charge you another $55! And then you have to pay for all of your drinks and snacks, nothing is complimentary and then you pay another $10 to check in at the airport. So when it's all said and done, you pay the same amount, if not more, than you would to fly any other, better airline!

Then THEY THREATENED TO NOT LET MY KIDS AND I GET ON OUR PLANE! Today I was denied a gate pass for my mother to help my two young children, eight months and five years old, and me through to our flight. When I asked the attendant to speak with a supervisor or manager he told me that they would not be able to speak to anyone for several hours because they were busy. In addition, when we asked why she could not be issued a gate pass they told us it was because I clearly did not need help. Finally, after refusing to move until I spoke to a manager the attendant finally called one and within minutes he appeared. When I explained to the manager what happen and asked why she could not have a gate pass to help me through, I was told that it was not a policy of Spirit, but TSA to not allow her a gate pass and that if they said it was ok they would issue her one.

So, we had the TSA supervisor come over and explain to the attendant that they did not have a problem with Spirit issuing a gate pass, the attendant still refused. At that point the TSA supervisor asked to speak to the manager to resolve the issue. At which point the attendant walked away to the back and get the manager, they both came from the back looked at us and TSA supervisor and walk way.

After several minutes the manager came back and talked to the TSA supervisor and then turned around and told us too bad you're still not getting one. When I asked why he was being so difficult he threatened me by saying "You want to see difficult? I'll make sure you don't get on your flight". It was the most stressful flight experience I have ever had. This is the ONLY airline that I have flown with that REFUSED to allow someone to help me through to our flight safely, AirTran, USAirways and Continental have NEVER denied my request to have someone help me. I will NEVER fly Spirit again. I will be sharing my poor experience with every form of social media and airline review company possible.

They let us wait for 3 hours on the Baltimore Airport. Then they canceled the flight and the only thing they gave us was discount for hotel room (which was 65 dollars + taxes after discount). Well, I'm looking forward what adventure waits for me tomorrow with them.

Made a reservation and booked a flight for the next day. They said you could cancel within 24 hrs. I booked the flight and the next day to check in for your boarding pass they wanted me to sign up for their club. Had to give them all my personal info or I couldn't print the boarding pass. I refused and after 30 minutes on the phone with them they told me the only way to get a boarding pass was to go to the ticket counter. But that would cost $10! For a ** boarding pass. Then I told them to cancel the flight as I made it within 24 hrs. They refused as the ticket had to be for travel after 7 days. These people are the biggest rip off I've ever seen. They should be shut down by the FAA. Nothing but a scam!