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I tried saving a few bucks by flying Spirit but like always you get what you pay for. I purchased bag fare & wanted to cancel or better yet I wanted to credit it to my return flight. I was denied & rejected, so now I'm assed out of money. Not only that, I found out customer service is in the Philippines. Spirit is outsourcing our US jobs. Will never fly them again!

Spirit Airlines needs to be out of business. How do they even get to operate? $45-$65 per checked bag and similar for carry-on bags. Savings? Total bait and switch! Have to pay for water on the flight too! You can join their rip off club for $60 / year to save a whopping $9 / bag. Woo-hoo! Never again Spirit.

Well as everybody already know, Spirit is the worst airline ever exist. Very small room, uncomfortable chair and flight is always delay for every reason. I was told my flight is delay because the aircraft is having technical problem and for the safety of the passengers they have to wait? I was given a free round trip ticket. When I try to use it, they told me to pay 70% of original price for taxes and fees. I was so surprised. What a free round trip ticket is it? And I had to spend over an hour with the representative about this issue, and they told me to call back. The worst airline ever for every reason I can give. And their worthless customer service exist for sales not for customers.

SPIRIT IS THE worst airline you can travel with! Their website is bad and their customer service is the worst and even if you book a round trip with them they charge you for luggage twice - I paid 412.00 for two carry on and two luggage. Please stay away from this airline - if you ever find yourself with a question you will not find the answer with website or customer service because they never answer and if they do it's a two hour wait because everyone that travels with them has complaint, therefore their call volume is ridiculous!

I have been screwed by Spirit once too often now. You people are out to mislead, humiliate and generally steal customers' money. When my wife and I went to your ticket counter on Sunday to give them our bags (which you had already screwed us on), we were told the bags total were 10 pounds overweight. We told them they were crazy because they were the same bags we checked in New Orleans without an "overweight" problem. We brought nothing in Las Vegas so we added no weight to the bags.

We then reluctantly ponied up our AMEX card to pay the $30.00 fee. Your ticket person then announced to and anyone else standing nearby that our AMEX card had been declined. I asked her to run it again because I had just used it with no problem. She again announced that it had been declined. We gave her a debit card which then paid the $30.00. I called the credit card company about the decline and they told me that YOUR ticket people had keyed in the wrong CCV not once, but twice!!! Pretty embarrassing. I had to demand a receipt before I was given one, a copy of which is attached. I also requested a statement from AMEX about the incident.

And on another subject, the flight. We got on the flight and were seated in back of a ** family. After your crew closed the doors, a flight attendant proceeded to start with the safety spiel. While she was doing her thing, the father in the seat in front of us was showing his son a picture on his phone. When the attendant was finished, she walked over to the father and pretty much accused him of taking her picture or recording her in some way. The father told her he was not doing anything but she insisted on having him delete I guess his phone or something. He told her again that he did not record anything. I guess she figured she should drop it before she got into a bind. Looked a little bit racist to me. Might want to think about a little more training for her. You can be assured that I am going to raise a stink about this to anyone that will listen to me or has a complaint line or website. But, for now, you can say that you screwed another sucker.

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In March 2016, I was trying to check in for my flight and was using a kiosk. The kiosk (computer) asked for my information and then asked if I had any bags to check. I said yes, because I had a small purse that I was carrying on. I swiped my credit card and got an error page saying that I needed to see the attendant at the counter, so I assumed that I hadn't been charged the $55 baggage fee. I never received a receipt or boarding passes from this kiosk. The attendant that checked me in said I didn't have to pay for my purse that I was carrying on because it was so small, and I went on my way.

When I got to my destination, I noticed that I had a $55 charge on my bank account. I later called Spirit and they told me they couldn't refund the money, but they would email me with a credit for my next flight. I never received this email. I contacted my bank to have them dispute the charge. Recently, they got back to me and said that they found the charge to be accurate. How is this charge accurate?!? I paid for something I didn't need to pay for, and was never given a receipt for! I would've disputed it at the counter while I was at the airport if I thought that it had gone through! I never got a confirmation from that kiosk! I will never ever fly Spirit again!!!

If I could rate zero stars, I would. Spirit Airlines in my opinion conducts unethical business practices. I have traveled across the globe since 1985, have over 2 million miles and consider myself knowledgeable. Summary: If you want to pay +250%, receive zero service and have failing technology in a website, combined with horrible flight service, use them. The good news is you will learn to appreciate other airlines just doing a poor job.

Here the catch: The base ticket is supposed to be cheap, $429 R/T booked 6 weeks in advance. But if you get on a plane with more than a wallet or small purse it's another $35 each way, a standard briefcase is too large and cost $35 each way. To check on a small overhead bag it's $52 each way and that's if you book in advance. A check on the day of travel is $100 from Denver to LAX. The total trip turns out to be $670 with bags from LAX to Denver? In comparison America is $168 one way and $339 R/T.

My ticket was booked via Expedia on Spirit as a cost savings measure. This means Expedia cannot help you: You must call 1-800-401-2222 and work with an automated system from 1982 that never gets to a human being. In a dozen call with every possible way, no person. The website does not work and actually tells you "we are having difficulty with that functions. We will forward the password soon." After a week, I gave up. I sent a request for help to Spirit via their "customer service email," the auto response said "we will get back to you in a week." I actually called Expedia who had a different number 1-800-397-7117 and Spirit answered. Jay, nice guy, could do absolutely nothing. I've flown over 50 global carriers and Spirit is by far the worst and most unethical I have experienced.

I dropped off my daughter three hours prior the miscommunication and misinformation between customer service reps, making my daughter do the line three times missing her flight. On top they want to charge us for rebooking her on a new flight. There were 10 people that missed the same flight because of their poor customer service. Avoid this airline at all cost. Booking at a higher price with another airline will give you a pleasant flight and better customer service. This is one of those situations that you get what you pay for???

I have had 8 cancelled Spirit flights this year. On several occasions no money was even refunded to my originating credit card. I went to the FAA and have an email address of a government worker who is building a case against Spirit and he wants to know of all these instances. His email is ** and he is a sympathetic ear and he will get you results.

Terrible airline, terrible customer service. I was not able to check in via one of the hundreds of emails they sent me, so I spent 20 minutes talking to a robot on the phone trying to check in. Of course, this didn’t work either, and I was told everything would be fine at the airport. Upon arrival, I was told I was 3 minutes late to the desk and was not allowed to check-in. My father flew the same flight the day previous, and his flight was delayed 7 hours. The company obviously overbooked the pissed off customers from the day previous, and disabled online check in as traffic control.

After speaking with 3 different customer service representatives, I was told they could do nothing for me. The lady at the desk was extremely rude, and while the girls on the phone were nice, they were clearly following ridiculously flawed protocol. I was offered no compensation, no vouchers, no upgrade, not even a complimentary beverage despite the utter incompetence this airline has flown. Needless to say, I will never fly this airline ever again, and I will implore everyone I know to never fly this airline. One Google search will reveal how poorly this company considers the satisfaction of its customers. Do yourself a favor and rent a horse before you buy a ticket from these clowns. You'll probably arrive at your destination sooner.

They charge you for a carry-on as well as a damn checked bag. The cost to save, increases with trying to board the damn thing. Never book with these people. One star is too much of a high rating. I literally think this place needs to be boycotted and never used again. I will never in my life.

I booked a flight from Vegas to Tampa 2 hours early at Spirit's request. Upon arrival was told that the flight was delayed. This went on for the next 12 hours. Every hour assuring us that the flight would board but was still delayed. Finally around 12 am we boarded and arrived in Tampa in the middle of the night. Too late to do anything but book a room and go to sleep.

Fast forward to my return flight. Same story worse outcome. I arrived 2 hours early to avoid delays (as requested by airline) just as my first flight immediate delays only this time after waiting 5 hours no flight was there to take. Yep CANCELED UNTIL MORNING and the kicker is they comped us no room for the night, no voucher... NOTHING! Just a new flight 11 am the next morning and a bunch of sorry sorries. STAY AWAY from this airline. If you don't wanna take my word for it, then just do a simple Google search for "spirit airline reviews" and watch how many one star and negative reviews pop up.

On July 10th had a flight to leave at 1:27 pm to Chicago. I arrived at the gate at 1:12 to be told the gate is closed, but I can see the plane there. I told the agent. He was like "it's closed. You had to be here 15 minutes prior to departure." I was like "I am but your gate was already closed when I walked here." I was not the only passenger who was not let on. I asked when is the next flight and was told at 11:35pm so I was furious because I told him "you didn't bother to call my name as you can see I checked in and I paid for baggage and front row seats." I received back seats and waiting 10 hours. I sat in front of that gate and saw that their other flights they closed the gate 10 minutes before departure and one flight they closed 8 minutes to departure, but when a passenger came in 7 minutes to departure he was let on to my amazement.

I contacted spirit via email because over the phone you're not able to get in touch with them. I was told the next day that they can close the gate up to 10 minutes prior to the 15 minutes and that I arrived late. I responded I did not arrived late but the back and forth talking with the agent who could not care took 3 to 4 minutes before he told me about the next flight and that what I witness when their so called 15 minutes prior story. It seems they close the gate anytime they feel like and not even check to see who has checked in and a courtesy call like other airlines. Nowhere on my ticket did it say we can close gate 15 minutes or 20 minutes or 25 minutes before departure and then my flight leaves at 1:23 when it stated 1:27. So I guess Spirit makes up rules as they go. They can change whatever they want because all those extra charges they put on is for the bull crap they come up with.

I flew from Las Vegas to San Diego. I won't mention all the ridiculous charges that they do, which is just unheard of. I checked the bag for 45 dollars?!? But it was must so I did it. Just a backpack because other small laptop purse was considered my carry-on luggage. Anyway, I land and go to baggage pick up area, zipper on my backpack was not closed properly like it was before the flight, and item was missing of course. Now I am reading the reviews of spirit and I see that is happening very often, items missing from checked in luggage.

I used around 15 different airlines around the world, including cheap low-cost companies in third countries, where you would expect something like that, MAYBE, but it never happened. Now in the USA, high top security country this happens, with Spirit airlines. Of course I called them but nothing can be done. So shocked things like are happening, never never never again with Spirit, even for free. Please people pay attention! Not to mention they are cheaper only 20 bucks from regular companies like American Airlines. Do yourself a favor and save those 20 somewhere else, not on the flight with Spirit.

We did had our flight at 11:30am. They did not notify us that the flight was cancelled until we waited in line for 30 minutes. They would not put us on another flight from another airline. The only option was to fly the next day. No hotel voucher, no meal voucher. Horrible. Attendants did not care. They only had one person helping over 65 people. Crazy bad company.

I purchased 2 tickets to fly to Cleveland for my mother's memorial service. I am bringing her ashes and did the research to see that flying with cremated remains was OK with the airline. What I didn't realize is the crazy cost for extra bags and what would have been a simple and easy booking for JetBlue turned into a total hassle with Spirit and two round trip tickets for my husband and I with 1 check bag and my mother's ashes cost over $800. I will never even consider Spirit Airlines again. Sadly I haven't even left for my departing flight.

For both our journeys for onward and coming back to ATL from FLL flight was delayed. I mean how will you feel when you get up at 4 am for the flight for the long weekend only to know that the flight is delayed after boarding for more than 1.5 hrs. Thanks to the wonderful beginning. Again while coming back, they first send a mail that flight is delayed by 50 minutes, ruining our next day to work when it's already a late flight of 10:20 pm (start time). Then at 8 pm we get an alert not from spirit airlines but from FlightAware where I just registered for alerts. Accidentally that flight is now going to run a bit early.

They had mentioned no reason on why the flight was delayed. It was not the weather. It was another flight which was supposed to reach FLL hadn't reached on time hence our flight was delayed. Are you kidding me on that? Then they rush us to board the flight after the flight arrived at 10:20 pm and finally it took off 1 hour late. Then when we reach they say you have last train in next 15 minutes where we had to run to catch the train. It was the worst experience ever to both START and END your trip.

Worst customer service imaginable. Mechanical failure caused flight delay, which then lead to cancellation because of weather. The customer service agents informed the entire flight, because of the weather there were no comps going to be issued and our option was to get a hotel or sleep in the airport. They offered no solutions to get us home and told us we were out of options with them and if we wanted to book with another airline (at our expense) it was our choice. Worst airline and would recommend you not waste your time and potential vacation to save $20 in upfront ticket cost.

I've travelled with my two Chihuahuas several times with no issues. This time when flying from Denver to Phoenix one dog got terribly sick in the carrier and had diarrhea. I tried to get up to go bathroom to clean out the carrier but this god awful red-headed beast of a stewardess would not let me. She was incredibly rude and inconsiderate. I understand that it's policy but in a case like this they should make an exception. Because there was diarrhea in the carrier the two dogs desperately tried to get out and broke the seal to the container. They kept violently attacking each other so I had to separate them. The stewardess kept coming over, lecturing me and forcing me to put them back in the bag where they were attacking each other.

If she would have just let me let them lie down on my lap they would have gone to sleep and not bothered anyone. Instead the hour and 45-minute flight was spent with them crying and whining and disturbing the people around me. I was in tears because I felt so awful for my poor dogs and for the people around me that had to endure the smell. It was the most humiliating moment for me and it all could have been avoided if they would have made an exception and allowed me to bring the carrier into the washroom. Never flying with them again.

My husband and I bought tickets together to fly from Chicago to Atlanta. However, my husband's plans changed and we had to cancel his portion of the trip. When he cancelled his ticket from his Spirit account, the airline also cancelled mine since we had purchased the tickets on one bill. However, Spirit gave no refund for the tickets and kept the $320 they originally charged us. When I called the airline to tell them that we had no intentions of cancelling my ticket, they told us that they could not reinstate my ticket and that I had to repurchase the same ticket for the full price, i.e. pay twice for the same ticket!!! Their website was responsible for this mistake in the first place! Are you serious!!!

There are many things God awful with Spirit Airlines, such as bad service, martinet-like stewardesses, and flights always be delayed and cancelled. I would never recommend this airline to a friend even if I had a gun held to my head. I would rate my experience at Spirit Airlines a 1 Star and if there were a lower rating in the negatives I would vote for that. As soon as you walk into the airport you see the line of about 250 people and then you see how many people there are checking them in and there are 3 workers there taking their blessed time. Your "slogan" says "less money, more go" but if I were to come up with one I would say "less money, more problems, more headaches, longer lines and suicidal thoughts." If someone asked me which airline I recommend I would say JetBlue is the airline to fly. "Less money, more go" said no one ever. Thank you and I’ll still be waiting on my 5-hour delay.

We just had a family trip ruined because Spirit Airlines cancelled their LGA-ORD flight at the last minute. No accommodations. No rebooking on anything else. They offered a flight on Sunday for a 4 day weekend. This is absolutely the worst airline. We fell for their low prices even though we had doubts and really regret it. Worthless. PLEASE DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE.

Upon completing my first domestic trip aboard Spirit Airlines, I have vowed never to fly with them again under any circumstances. Their attractively low advertised prices obscure the deceptive and deceitful business practice of services by á la carte for the passengers. This is further compounded by poor service at the check-in counter and while in flight. Advertised fares are very attractive; however, tucked deeply within the fine print of their terms and conditions reveal a $52 checked baggage fee. This chicanery notwithstanding, they charge $100 for carry-on bags that exceed their prescribed size limitations. Unfortunately, you don’t learn about this until you are at the gate ready to board when you have no alternative but to pay these atrocious fees.

The Spirit Airlines Check-In Counter included Kiosks at the entrance. Initial attempts to access the Kiosk failed, so I moved to the counter to check-in. The Attendant asked for a Boarding Pass, whereby I indicated I was unable to obtain one through the Kiosk. The Attendant directed me to return to the Kiosk as she couldn’t assist me unless I had a boarding pass. As I walked away the attendant sat down and continued texting. Returning to the Kiosk I was able to obtain a boarding pass and return to the counter and checked in. The attendant was too lazy to assist me, and was more interested in texting than helping a customer. How hideous and insulting!

Once aboard the plane and on the way to your destination you are alerted to their advanced electronic capabilities to conduct all business “Cash Free.” This was complimented with yet another indication of a far more insidious façade perpetrated by this business, as none of the in-flight snacks or beverages are complimentary. If you want something as simple as a glass of water, you must pay for it. It matters little what you are thirsty for, or hungry for, you will pay. It would appear Spirit Airlines has pushed a significant amount of their costs to the flying public; one would legitimately have a reasonable expectation the quality of service by the flight attendants should be among the best.

Again, expectations do not meet reality. The initial instructions provided by the flight crew were choppy at best and seemed as if the first time they had ever seen or read these words. The attendant made a feeble attempt at a joke and it fell as flat as their customer service. The inarticulate abilities of the flight attendant failed to provide at least this passenger with any level of confidence in their abilities to handle routine tasks, let alone maintaining control in the event of an unexpected situation.

Alright if there is a rate for "** service" I would give this company exactly that. Because it is really **. I booked a flight last week exactly a week from today. I was suppose to leave to Vegas at 9 am, guess what they did. They send me an email at 5 am that same morning to tell me that the flight was cancelled. I tried to call them 3 times. They did not answer. So, I decided to book a new flight with another airline. Finally I got a hold of them. I asked them to cancel my flight and refund me back the money in my bank account. They said they'll refund me the money, but it will be used as a credit to purchase the next flight with them the ** "Spirit Airlines" in the future, but I have to travel within 60 days in order for the credit to be available. Seriously, who would be stupid enough to use their service again after this happened? Bottom line is this airlines is a pure scam. Do not reserve any flights with them.

Well I and my adult travel partner along with my 2 grandchildren are still in Atlanta airport waiting to fly home 12 hours after scheduled flight was cancelled. We have been refunded only 1/2 the money we were told we would receive from Spirit gate agent who promised us and the entire plane passengers we would be credited actual money to our cc for full round trip ticket price. We were sent to their ticket desk to obtain said full refund. When I called them on the phone to find out why we did not get full refund it was because I had accepted 1/2 for it and now I could no longer get full refund.

I was also told 2 different things. One was that we could in no way get a flight out today and that they had already gotten 2 people out today. And that because I had been savvy enough to book a flight at 2200 tonight on SW and not used them to book, I was not going to get any voucher or money back on my cc which means it will cost $1000 MORE to complete a trip that Spirit sold us for $171.00 per ticket. They purposefully deceived us about the sequence that one must take in order to not be tripped up by their tricky refund (or no refund) games.

One star is way too high! They are always late, they lie about being late, they offer vouchers because they are so late. When you get back from your trip and try to get the voucher it's not there! Spirit offered $50 voucher to the whole plane because we were over three hours late. We received nothing! Don't fly them!! By the time they are done nickel and diming you to death you could pay for a real airlines! I started thinking if they are this irresponsible do you think they maintain the planes in proper manner?? I think Spirit airlines is a risk... Risk of your safety and most certainly a risk at getting to your vacation on time!

Terrible service, rude flight attendants, very poor customer service. They will charge you for everything, changing your seat, a coke, a carry on!! They did not let us change our seat after boarding despite empty flight! I will never fly with them again.

I had changed my flight from Thursday to Friday over than one week before, but one day before they noticed by email to do check-in on the check-in for my canceled flight of Thursday. I called them to understand why they didn't change my flight from Thursday to Friday, as it was confirmed online, I also have the screenshot from the confirmation. They just said the system didn't get it, they can't do anything and I had to pay $200 of charge to change to another flight.

It wasn't my mistake and they want to charge me now to change my flight again (if it was already confirmed to another date).

They even have the same time I chose before. Was kind of ghost flight. It never existed. It is also a very cheat company. Anything else they put charge on you, very expensive fees, and they have a very poor service. When you see how much you have to pay in the end for the other fees they put after, it is the same as you pay for a good company. Never buy from them!

Here we go. Consumer beware. Do not fly Spirit Airlines. Our outbound flights from LAX to Florida to Jamaica were fine but the customs agents warned us that this was a bad airline and they never will use it again due to flight delays and cancellations. On our way back home we experienced the bad service. Our Jamaica flight was delayed by 4 hours due to mechanical reasons. We were told we could still make our connecting flight in Florida to LA. The flight then got delayed another hour and then all the people that were in the same boat as us gathered around the gate counter to try to figure out what to do. They tried booking us on other flights but there were none until the next morning. We were given hotel vouchers and 1 meal voucher for $7. Then the flight was delayed another hour and more people came to the counter because they were also going to miss their connecting flights.

It was crazy, people were really upset and then security came to ensure the safety of the airline personnel. We finally got out of Jamaica and landed in Florida. Before going to the hotel we went to the Spirit counter and found out there were other flights out of Florida to Chicago with another connection to LA. We got all our tickets changed and then flew all night to get home. We were exhausted because as others mentioned the seats don't recline so it is very difficult to sleep. I will never take this airline again. Not even worth making a claim because I think it will just frustrate me when they probably don't even reply. I do need to mention that the crew and staff were very nice and I feel bad that they work for such a poor managed company.

ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE & ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY. I understand that diversions occur, but diverting us to an airport non-equipped to provide fuel, let you off the plane, and even be able to tow you back to the runway was a MAJOR mess up. This wasn't even the first of the issues. The first issue started with not being able to check in online. I was told that I had to call and check in. When I called the agent on the phone said he could not check me in and I would have to check in at the airport. Great. Both times I had to that where I was stuck with middle seats and not able to switch.

For my Vegas flight to DFW I arrived more than 2 hours early at the airport where Spirit had the longest line is history for checking in bags. People were screaming and yelling because they were going to miss their flight even with being there 2 hours beforehand. Your check in agents didn't care or mind that the line was extremely long and kept checking people in with a complete lackadaisical work effort. I barely made it to the gate to get my seat.

I would expect a complete refund with an apology letter, and instead you send a credit voucher for $50.00, and an apology letter not even apologizing for diverting us to the wrong airport not able to support your plane, fuel it up, or get back on the tarmac. You gave us ONE glass of water while we were being diverted to the wrong airport with a bag of peanuts. When we landed and were stranded for 2 hours no one was served water. We couldn't even get off the plane while you fueled since we were at a Southwest Gate because they wouldn't be able to take responsibility for your passengers.

After 2 hours the plane was hotter inside than Las Vegas in 110 degree heat. That's when your captain finally came out and said he will take responsibility for us and let us off to get drinks and whatever the vending machines had since ALL restaurants and stores were closed!! A $50 credit voucher is really what you expect to make this entire horrible experience all right again and that would help me take your airlines again. I've already missed a half day of work which is another $500 out of pocket thanks to Spirit Airlines and your mistakes.

If you actually wanted to make this right and have a decent customer service experience after a horrible experience you would refund my ticket in full along with an apology letter stating the full facts of what happened instead of telling me diversions do occur which I've known from my over 250+ flights, but typically the airport normal airlines are diverted to are able to support the plane unless it was an emergency, which I don't believe this was. If this is not resolved I will be taking my matter to the Better Business Bureau and social media.