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Valerie of France, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

The most surly and dishonest customer service in the airline industry. What a nightmare! Don't count on ever getting money back that Air France owes you. They have been giving me the runaround for my refund for the past 4 weeks.

Daniel of Saratoga, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I fly abroad at least twice a year and fly in Economy Class. Air France has amazing service even in their Economy Class cabin. I took a trip back in 1998 on Air France as a teenager and they gave our family really good service. Last year my Father and I had to make a last minute trip to Israel from San Francisco and Air France served us very well. This summer I booked Air France from SFO-CDG-SFO on the Airbus 380. They offer such amazing service from the Inflight Entertainment to the meals and friendly service. You get little extras that the American airlines don't give such as eyeshades, comfortable headphones, Champagne, a fantastic meal with a menu, fresh baguettes, and a Digestif like Pear Liqueur or Cognac in Coach. The seats are pretty comfortable and you have a footrest to rest your legs on.

They are very good with serving these mini bottles of wine throughout the meal service, plus in the back they will gladly give you more drinks. Also they offer Ice Cream. All of our flights have been on time and our bags made it. What more can I ask for? The flight attendants airport staff have been very friendly and if you try to speak in French you get better service. Domestic flights on Air France are also good and even a chocolate croissant and coffee are most welcome. Did I say Air France serves some of the best coffee of any airline strong and damn good. You get a menu with two hot choices equally good so if one is not available you can get the other one plus a la carte meals, and special meals.

You either adapt to the culture or fly another airline. We were never treated rudely and in fact the Flight Attendant gave me extra bottles of the Pear Liqueur to have during the night and I slept really well. Plus prices are so reasonable. I got a flight for $1092 via Delta on the nonstop Air France flight while Delta one stop flights were pricing out at $1100-$1200. I would pay a bit more to fly on Air France.

Varun of Cambridge, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Pasting the complaint email I sent to Air France. In return they gave me a $100 Delta gift voucher. -- "I am Varun ** a supposed customer/passenger at Air France and I would like to voice my grievance due to Air France's treatment and response when faced with the situation detailed below. On October 16, 2016, my wife's mother passed away owing to which my wife and I made expedited trips to Mumbai. Our work visas were due for an extension. While my wife got her extension immediately, my visa went through additional processing, which took over sixty days, owing to which I couldn't make the first leg of my Air France flight.

My wife called Air France (US) on the 29th of November, 2016 at 1:31 PM Eastern Time, informing Air France that I would not be able to make the first leg of my journey (departing on December 7th, 2016 from Boston to Mumbai). She was promised by the Air France representative that I would be able to fly back with her and would also given a voucher for my missed first leg. She called back on December 2, 2016 at 10:55 AM to confirm if the information that she received was correct which Air France did confirm.

On December 27, 2016, I tried to web check-in and was unable to do so. I called the local Air France on Mumbai and was told that either the Air France website didn't have a provision to enter the US visa that I had (it only had resident permit #, re-entry ID #?) or there might be a technical difficulty with the website. I was asked to try again or check-in at the counter directly. Following her advice, I went to the counter, as I wasn't able to web check-in. Owing to a general lack of organization at the Air France counter my wife and I stood in the queue for over an hour, I finally reached the counter with two hours to spare (12:10 AM). Much to my chagrin, the agent at the counter told me that she wasn't able to check me in as the first leg of my flight was still open. Upon conferring with another agent and them calling Air France support I was informed, by her, that I wouldn't be allowed to fly.

I called Air France support (US) and they confirmed what the agent at the counter told me. Additionally, the Air France agent told me that I would have to call my travel agent (I had one and a half hours to catch the flight) and that Air France had no control over the ticket. Firstly, I was flying 'Air France' not Secondly, why wasn't I told about this earlier, ie the four conversations I had with Air France? While I asked the agent to confirm that the information provided by Air France to my wife was a mistake on Air France's part, he seemed non-committal much like every Air France interaction post the debacle. He gave me an option of paying $284/$287 in order to rebook my ticket. However, the reservation counter at the Mumbai (outside the airport) opened only at 9 AM and there was nothing much that could be done.

During this time the agent on the phone promptly hung up. I again called Air France support (US) and was greeted by another agent and was given the same information. I asked her to pull up the information on my wife's call to Air France but she said she couldn't and that nothing much could be done. By this time my wife was off-boarded her flight/her check-in was canceled. As per Air France's advice (latter advice) I called my travel agent and they first told me that Air France had control of the ticket and could change statuses as they pleased. However, they were kind enough to consider my case and negotiated with Air France on my behalf.

My wife and I were finally booked through Delta Airlines for a cost of $689.67 for my wife's ticket and $292.12 for my ticket. These charges included an Air France penalty, a penalty we incurred because of Air France's misinformation. Apart from this, I was on a call with my travel agent for one hour and forty four minutes. This was on roaming at a $1.76 per minute charge, which totaled to $183.04.

In short, owing to Air France's misinformation, my wife and I missed our flights; we couldn't get here the day we intended to and we had to pay an additional $981.89 on the ticket and $183.04 on the phone call to my travel agent. I don't think we will ever travel Air France again simply to avoid the feeling of frustration of having no control of our travel. There was a lack of professionally and information on Air France's part. There is clearly a difference in service between Air France and the other airlines that we've travelled by. I do hope that you take this matter seriously and refund the amount that we have spent simply due to Air France's inability to provide us with the right information. I am also posting this on social media."

Paula of Troy, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I was charged for a carry-on that was not overweight by the company Air France and the Hardship that I didn't have any of my bags when I arrived to my destination. I was staying at my destination for 3 days exactly. I received my bags 2 hours the night I was leaving back home. I was going for my father's funeral. I had to buy all my necessities, clothing that I was supposed to have to go to the funeral with. It was such a hardship that I will never forget. When I filed the complaint on the Air France website, I received an email to please "send me all the receipts and hardship you had and we will process the complaint". It took me the whole month of December 2015 to talk to the person that was on my case. I called every day, left messages, emails.

The lady that is assigned to my case has a very bad attitude. She doesn't know how to do her work due to her messages is over booked on her machine for two weeks. She opens someone's else's file and tells me that it's under my name. SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THAT. REALLY IT'S SO TRANSPARENT THAT SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO OPEN FILES. Oh and tells me that she knows how to do her job and I should not tell her how to do her job. Also, her email doesn't work and "why did you sent the files on this email"... "Hmmm because you told me to send it to this email." Then she says "ok. Let's try to fax the information." I did to the 2 fax numbers she gave me.

To my surprise, she didn't receive it correctly and telling me that who "I see only one receipt page and it's in chicken hand writing." "Ok. But I have proof from the fax machine that you have received 18 pages. So where does the problem lay... You probably didn't see where the all pages are because you are so LAZY and don't want to see where are the files." And when I wanted to make sure she received the other pages, she tells me "please don't tell me how to do my job"... "Well I'm not. I'm asking if you found the other pages." And tells me "ma'am I don't appreciate your tone. Please you need to hang up and call me later." "I'm asking a very simple question. Do you have the other pages or do you need me to send it again??? I had a tone through my voice because you are not understanding me and you just want to hang up so that you can just get me off your back. Well lady you're not going to get rid of me this easy."

And to top it off she hangs up on me and puts me on hold with music. And dot on the street can do your job better than you. Her name is SALANDRA **. Her phone number is **. AIR FRANCE IDS THE MOST WORST AIRLINES EVER KNOWN. VERY BAD SERVICE ON THE AIR AND ON GROUNDS. Will never recommended it or go on it ever again.

Emedo Steve of Birmingham, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Nightmare caused by Air France. Since my 34-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer my life has never been the same again. He is the most loved of all his siblings. My 30-year-old daughter and I have since been catering for him. A happy news was brought into the family when my daughter announced that she was getting married to her boyfriend in Nigeria on 30 December 2016. My family was looking forward towards going to the wedding not realising that Air France will ruin it for us.

We all bought our air tickets from Air France, four tickets for four passengers. Prior to purchasing the tickets, we called Air France to enquire if I could travel on an expired Nigerian passport as I have indefinite right to remain in the UK visa on it. Air France customer advisor person we spoke with said, "SURE YOU COULD." He went on and added that no one can stop me from travelling to my home country even if I was holding an expired passport. My intention was to renew the passport in country to avoid the stress Nigeria High Commission in London put people through. On arrival at Birmingham Airport on 15 December to board our flights Air France staff at the airport refused me boarding. We were astonished over their decision. My terminally ill son even told them that he is terminally ill and I am his carer yet the staff bluntly refused me boarding.

However, they later looked at my ticket and informed me that the ticket was fully refundable that I should contact my travel agent and tell him to contact Air France trade department to process the refund. The advisor added that when speaking with the travel agent I shouldn't take 'no' for an answer if they ever say that the ticket is non-refundable as though she could foresee what I am now experiencing.

I went home from the Airport sad, or should I say depressed as it is every mother’s wish to see their daughter being given away in marriage by their dad. I quickly contacted Air France customer service on the phone in respect of the refund and they confirmed the same thing I was told at the airport that I should contact the travel agent Hyper Air Travel to process the refund. I contacted Hyper Air Travel, one of the staff at their office called Joe was so rude to me on the phone, without even contacting Air France he concluded that the ticket was non-refundable, adding that Air France does not issue a refund in cases like this. I phone Air France again, they told me that there was a refund on the ticket but I could not process it on my own as the ticket was bought by a travel agent.

Since 15 December I have been chasing Air France and Hyper airline to refund my £1150 ticket fee so I could purchase another ticket as well as obtain an Emergence Travel Certificate to see if I could make it in time for my daughter’s wedding. AIR FRANCE HAS RUINED MY CHRISTMAS AND MY AIM OF BEING PRESENT AT MY DAUGHTER'S WEDDING.

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Punam of Vienna, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

My and my traveled on Air France last week. The seat for pre economy are not comfortable at all. Not much move room and they have in the middle for about 12 inch for the arm rest. Who need that much arm rest. They should have made half of the size so the person can move easily. The food was horrible. They served a small piece of bread and you won't believe it was like a piece of rubber and I asked the flight attendant that "is this everyone eating, cannot even bite". Then he went to business class and brought a soft piece of bread. Second time I got veggie and the naan was so hard to chew. The service was horrible. No flight attendant came for the fresh warm towels when time to wake up. I have traveled other airlines too. This was the first and last time I traveled with Air France.

nazli of Lawrence, KS on
Satisfaction Rating

This is the third time in a row that I have been harassed by airport personnel--not by police but by gate agents--during boarding for an outbound flight to the United States, all three consecutively and traveling via CDG, twice on Air France and once on partner airline, Delta. The most recent incident occurred on March 5th, 2016. An almost identical incident had occurred last year on January 12, 2015. This was during boarding on an Air France flight (codeshare with Delta flight 8504), departing 10:50 am from Paris to Atlanta, GA.

During boarding, I was selected for the third time for secondary screening. I asked very politely why I was repeatedly selected. This prompted the gate agents to harass me further. Specifically, they confiscated my passport and my green card. I was later told that Euro authorities have no right to lay claim to my green card. I was then intimidated by gate agents to not be let on this flight. One person told me I could go. When I asked where my passport was, I was thrown someone else's passport. And then screamed at 'do not touch it'. After I finally located my passport and green card, I was told I could go. Another gate agent rushed at me and said I was unfit to fly b/c I was so agitated. I threatened to call the Turkish embassy and reiterated that I have every right to return to the US where I am a lawful permanent resident. They backed off.

My documents (passport and green card) traveled from hand to hand between gate agents and they intimidated me indicating that if I insisted upon boarding the plane, they had the power to stop me from leaving Paris. They also conversed among themselves, one of them saying 'let's let her go' and the other one disagreeing. Finally one of them threw my documents at me, which I had to pick up from the floor. Then, while I was boarding the plane finally, they rushed after me again barring my way, stating that I had used a sarcastic tone with them in 'thanking them' and again trying to snatch my passport back from me.

After I boarded, one of the flight attendants came to me and said that she thought I was unfit to fly b/c I was so upset. I held firm and said I was going to call my lawyer before they shut up. After I landed in the US, I called Air France and realized there is no accountability because the staff are third party agents. I used to regularly fly with Sky Blue - never again. I have to dish out an extra grand to fly Turkish from henceforth.

This is unacceptable treatment. It is clear profiling based on country of origin and possibly based on assumed religion. Second, the gate personnel have absolute zero authority to confiscate either my passport or green card. Third, they were unprofessional in leaving the desk unattended while other passengers in line had to wait just so they could come after me. It was clearly personal. Furthermore, this is the third time in a row transiting through Paris. I've already reported the incident to Paris CDG security and to Air France.

Benedict of Indianapolis, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought a ticket @AirFranceUS website and I was told that my return ticket will require that I collect my luggage(s) in Paris and switch airports which I read and understand. But upon arrival at the airport for check in from my origin airport on the return trip, I was told I can't board the airplane since I don't have a Visa from France to which I can pass through customs with since I will have to switch airports and be passing through Customs. That was how I missed my flight and I had to pay extra amount of money to board another plane (KLM) totally the next day after my schedule for other programs have been successfully interrupted due to the lack of honesty which @AirFranceUS is operating on.

I even called the customer service and the agent was telling me that since I did it myself online am suppose to know that I will need the visa before I can switch airports and was asking me to pay $523 after He waived $300 from the route change fee that I would have supposedly pay. I was utterly disappointed that adequate information is not provided at their website and the customer service agent said if I had gone to meet an agent, he/she would have told me what I needed. I have decided not to deal with such airline again and make do with the ones that tells you how and what you need even if you had to do it online yourself and not blame you for using your personal computer in the 21st Century.

I have arrived at my final destination safely and with glad in my heart. But I can't just let this slip just like that without saying a word. It was my first experience with the airline and certainly my last. You all should be careful. They will make you choose such connecting flight and after you done paying they will tell you to pay to reroute you since you don't have a valid visa. I wasn't the only victim. We were like two and we were made to pay extra to get on the next day KLM flight. Y'all just be careful when selecting your tickets. PEACE.

Will of N Palm Beach, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

My company used Air France cargo to ship freeze dried bacteria. The container was perfectly wrapped and with enough dry ice to last 4 days. Departure was 8 hrs late, missed all connecting flights and after assuring me they would refill the dry ice, they failed to do that. 12 days later my package arrived, original bags I put in were in box and condensation had destroyed my product. Cost to manufacture and replace product and all expenses approx 8,000 dollars. They offered me 2700,00. What's worse consign worldwide transport LLC/Sonia a freight forwarded out of Miami still wants to get paid for her service. Air France sucks. I will dedicate one hr per week for a year to advertise what they have done. P.S RETAIL VALUE APPROX 40,000 EURO.

Adell of Dubai, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

More than an 1h on the phone - Great time: AIR FRANCE ON STRIKE. I am now starting to understand when they are not on strike. I took a flight to Miami where I am still and trying to book my flight back with Air France call center. I can write 200 lines here to explain my frustration trying to do so. I finally asked for a refund and the agent was not even able to tell me what it could be. I checked online as he suggested and they said, "Fill a form and we will tell you later". I made one mistake: I have a connection to another country on the way back. So my only option now is to buy a new ticket or I will lose the flight with the other company. The worse is a Friend of Mine who joined me for this trip came on Emirates and he was laughing that I booked on Air France. And I replied to him: Come on, I am sure they improved. THIS WAS MY LAST FLY. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN on AIR FRANCE.

Hanh of Portsmouth, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Air France is indeed the worst airlines in the world. They are all about the money. I booked a ticket from London to Paris 2.5 months before the actual trip and chose Economy Flex because it claimed on the website that it allowed "refundable ticket without fee" given it was 4 times more expensive than Economy Mini. So the tickets for the round trip was 263. 2 days after the booking, however, I had to change the outbound date 1 day later than the initial one due to some personal reasons, and they charged me roughly 326, which meant I had to pay 589 in total, which was a ridiculous amount. So I wanted to cancel the booking and asked for a refund. I tried to do so on the website but I didn't allow me to.

So I called the support team, which could be reached "on 0207 660 0337, option 5, then option 5 again". When I called, there was no option 5, and of course, no "option 5 again" on the automatic answering machine. So I just pressed any number that allowed me to talk to any of the support team members. After 8 phone calls and 5 minutes waiting on the line, I finally talked to a staff, who basically said that it was impossible to get a refund, given on the website, it said in the Fare Conditions bit that "refund before the trip has started: allowed at no extra charge", which was right in front of my eyes when we were talking. I was speechless and did not know what to do. So I sent them a complaint and haven't heard anything back from them since. This is definitively the worst customer service experience I've ever encountered.

Raed of Alpharetta, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

I started thinking about my vacation this year six months ago. Was excited to book and pay for my tickets on Air France thru delta back in January. As a good traveler 24 hours prior to my travel, I went to the website and checked in and got my boarding passes to Paris. At the airport on the day of travel I was advised that I will obtain my connection boarding passes from the air France transfer desk. Everything was going fine until we got to the transfer desk to get surprised that the agent is saying that my tickets are on standby and there are no seats on the plane!!!

Are you kidding me! I got these tickets 6 months ago and started my travel with the Web check in 36 hours ago. Was it a surprise to air France that I actually made it to Paris and was looking for my boarding passes. The ignorant agent was telling that it should be no problem to route me to Frankfurt then arrive my destination 3 am in the morning instead of 8 pm, adding 7 hours more at least to an already very long trip!! What a mess!!! Very bad service and horrible customer service. Scratch off air France from the books. Do not complain about bad financial status. You shouldn't be in business servicing customers!!

mandya of Farmington Hills, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

My travel from Cincinnati to CDG on a onward journey to Bangalore was filled with lots of issues. First of all, the plane take off was delayed by 3 hours. Connecting flight was delayed by 30 minutes. The counter staff were not sure the baggage makes it to Bangalore on same flight. Upon arrival to Bangalore, the luggage was not there. They didn't announce our names in the plane for delayed bags. We had to wait 1:30 minutes first doubt bags have not arrived. Even the baggage service guys don't respond in timely manner to trace and send luggage properly. I recommend passengers not to use Air France or its services in future. I still don't have my luggage after 5 days.

VVV of Cambridge, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Worst experience! My parents were to catch a flight from Mumbai (India) airport to Houston (USA) on March 27th, flight number AF 217. The first leg (scheduled to arrive in Paris) was delayed by several hours jeopardizing my parents' ability to catch the connecting flight (AF 0636) to Houston (IAH). My father, who is above 65 years and has heart trouble, repeatedly requested at the Mumbai airport for a wheelchair to be assigned to him at CDG, and repeatedly requested that they be put on a different flight from Paris CDG to Houston, but to no avail.

After they arrived in Paris, they barely had a few minutes to catch AF 0636, which they missed (naturally). Then they were put on a flight not to Houston but to Atlanta (USA)! After having paid for a single stop-over travel, Air France forced my old parents onto a never-ending 2 stopover travel, and this nightmare didn't end at Atlanta. They missed the 2nd connecting flight from Atlanta to Houston. Why? Because they had to go through immigration and the connection was too tight. They're old, they can't run. So what was supposed to be a 24-hour journey transformed into an above 30-hour nightmare. But this is not the end of the story. Their bags were lost at Paris and never made it to Houston. So after an additional delay, we finally received their luggage. Which was damaged of course! Delta (Air France partner) airlines paid for the damage, and for that we are thankful. But, you guessed it, this doesn't end here.

When they caught their return flight from the US (Houston) to Mumbai on June 1st, we were all very apprehensive about Air France's ability to take them and their luggage safely to the destination. We weren't wrong. Predictably, one of the flights (AF 0639 and AF 0218) were delayed but this time mercifully my parents were able to make it to Mumbai without having to undergo multiple stopovers. But guess what? Their bags have been misplaced yet again! With my mom's personal items worth well over 50,000 INR - lost with the luggage! Is this an airline company or a joke?

joan of Park City, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

At Barcelona, the Air France ticket agent asked us to check our carry on, as the plane was small. He said we would not be charged, so we agreed. Catching our connecting flight home in Paris, the Air France agent there said we owed them 70 Euros for the checked carry on. What? We were in a rush to catch the flight home and paid the amount but sent a complaint and refund request to Delta the minute we got home. Delta confirmed we should not have been charged and send a request for refund to Air France. That was over a month ago, and no refund. It felt like a shakedown. Air France is despicable, I cannot believe Delta would associate with them.

Fred of Streamwood, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I've flown to and from Paris many times. This time, I was flying there from Tokyo. My business class ticket cost was $5,800- roundtrip. Before takeoff from Tokyo, a certain child, sitting in front of me, was acting up and was out of control. I understand that it can be very challenging for a child to be seated for more than 10 hours without acting up. That, in itself, is fine. However, when the parent(s) ignore their children, it becomes an entirely different situation. After 3 hours inflight, you can see that most of the surrounding passengers were becoming fed up. We finally asked the chief FA for assistance. Her response was unexpected. "The passenger is the wife of France's Consulate General in Tokyo, so we are unable to ask her to control the child..." Need I say more? The circus went on most of the flight. Such a response from Air France is absurd.

CC of Manchester, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

As a previously regular Air France passenger, I can confirm that all these reviews are typical of Air France, and the type of service one should expect. On my last flight I was told along with my girlfriend to move from my chosen seats to elsewhere (to balance the plane). Maybe next time we will be Sat on the wings in order to keep the planes balanced, whilst other passengers push the plane in order to give it a head start.

On a previous flight (which was 4 hours long) Air France had chosen to take a deportee back. From before the flight took off till landing this deportee was shouting, "Piiiiilooooot, pilooooooottt" for 4 hours. On another flight I had booked the seats, received my confirmation through email, waited till 1 day previous to check in (AF email reminded me to check in) then when I tried to check in I was told the booking was made but the financial transaction was not confirmed due to a staff error. Of course as this is AF, the staff member makes the error and I have to purchase a NEW ticket for an INCREASED fee.

The AF check in staff at Manchester are the rudest staff I have ever come across. You are consistently made to feel it is your fault the staff had to wake up at 6 a.m. to come to work, with their just out of bed hair look and eyes still half shut. However upon reading other reviews of the Air France circus it would appear there is an across the board training program to make these staff rude and arrogant. (The staff actually get worse in Paris.) On my last trip there was a film on the entertainment system. It was in French, with no subtitles. Less than 10% of the passengers were French speaking.

When all these mistakes happen, don't even bother calling customer service. After the regular chiming music which goes on for 5 minutes you are met 50% of the time with people who have little grasp of the English language, and whose sole mission is to palm you off or actually try and charge you extra for the inconvenience: "Oh we seemed to have not registered your transaction despite confirming we have done so. That's ok, if you pay 160 euros extra. You can book the same ticket you were supposed to go on, a week later."

Fortunately for me Austrian Air have opened a route for the same route I use twice a year for the last 8 years. Now I don't have to endure this circus act anymore. And it's half the price. What is shocking is how Air France have the audacity to blame striking workers for profit losses. Maybe it's because Air France is run by people who have absolutely no respect for the paying customer, have no sense of loyalty towards customers, and even at times give the impression they loathe their customers. To cap it off they send an email for you to rate their service? Unbelievable.

Roberto of Rio De Janeiro, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Going from Rio to Paris, Air France sent me an e-mail inviting to an online check-in. In this e-mail there was an offer to get better places by paying an extra. Accepting the offer, I changed my wife's seat to 19B. When I tried to the same with my seat, the site failed and even with several calls to the phone help, there was no solution. Some hours before the departure, I was on 37 D and my wife in 19B! After making a complaint via Air France facebook, I got an international call (in English) that solved the problem. Not happy with all this trouble, Air France gave wrong information regarding the transportation of a guitar.

I tried several times to argue that my instrument is very fragile and I could get it with me in a soft case. The company denied any possibility and suggested buying an extra seat! I asked for a contact with Air France at the airport to check any other means. I did not carried my guitar and could not participate on a show. But, during the real check-in I was informed that would be no problem if I took my guitar and during the flight there was another passenger with a hard case guitar, condition that Air France classified as totally forbidden. Resuming, Air France information is not reliable, the Brazilian attendants are arrogant and doesn't know what is happening in real world.

Dorra of La Soukra, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I have experienced many issues with Air France before such as cancelling flights and not taking responsibilities for rebooking, however this issue specifically shocked me! I was on a flight from Tunis to CDG Paris on February 22nd (Flight AF1085) and when I got to my seat I asked the steward to help me put my small bag up because I am 5 months pregnant and although it wasn't heavy I am short and it takes quite an effort especially when pregnant to get anything up there, and all he said was "I can't help with anyone's baggage. I'm not allowed to!!!" Then on the way back home on February 23rd (Flight AF1784) I flew back in Business Class and the stewardess had no problem putting my bag up for me even without asking! I can't believe how low the French airline has gotten to the point where they mistreat customers in Economy. So pregnant, old, disabled, I don't think it matters to them at all.

Lars-Eric of Stockholm, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

From Paris to Havana Dec 08 and from Havana to Paris Dec 29. Many things go wrong on this flight. I did many trips to Havana and back, with AF in premium economy class, but now I am tired of this extra costs they charges for the premium tickets. The chairs and the food is not worth the 500 Euros extra, and the service could be way better. The constructer of the chairs in the premium class must be stupid or affected with another problems when he or she created the chairs. Next time I will change company. Thanks for these years.

Shruti of London, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Flight from London to Bombay moved to 4 hrs earlier than what I had booked. I found out when I tried to check in online the day before. Customer care claims an email was sent 5 months ago (flight booked 6 months ago) but I have no record of it. I wasn't called texted or sent repeated emails to confirm this change. Called customer care and their answer was - 'We did our part by sending the email. We don't care if it went to spam or what happened to it. You should have checked your flight status before hand.' Who checks flight status once they have booked a flight? You just go and check in the day before (or not. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had not checked in online and landed at the airport in time for my original flight). Very rude and unsatisfactory answers from customer care. Not expecting anything better from the flight crew.

h of Patchogue, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a reservation for months to go on a Best of Europe Tour from New York. The tour was paid for. I got vaccinations and visas and other necessary things. I had never been to Europe. This was a college graduation trip tour. I checked in and waited a long time. At one point there was an announcement for a passenger with my last name with a different flight number. I have a common last name and since it was a different flight number I did not respond.

After a period of time I learned that the flight number was changed and the flight left without me. There was no later flight. When I complained the lady said "we issued the announcement" and she walked away. I think that nobody would respond to an announcement like this. If it had my first name I would have responded even with the wrong flight number. It was clearly their mistake for using the wrong (new) flight number. I wrote multiple letters to Air France and they would do nothing to set things right.

Shalane of Edenvale, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Need to swap ticket with my 6 yr. daughter & she will travel with her father & I with her disabled grandfather. I have to cancel the tickets & pay 400 USD & an additional 700 USD. We will pay an extra 1100 USD for the same flights. Surely there's a mercy clause in cases like this. I'm so disappointed that there's no humanity left in the corporate CO. It's just greedy. Money grabbers.

Goutham of Sunnyvale, CA on
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My parents who are aged 50+ had a Flight scheduled to depart on 5th of November 2015 from San Francisco (SFO) to Bangalore(BLR) with a layover at Paris. The journey was supposed to last for 23 hrs including layover and transfer. The Flight took an ugly turn for the worse and the total journey period was over 45+ hrs with 2 layovers one at Paris and one at Delhi. The flight attendant and crew were very disrespectful and cunning and had no respect towards passengers.

We weren't offered any facility nor help and were stuck in a different country for hours. My parents were on two layovers and suffered a severe jetlag which affected their work and mental conditions. This is completely unacceptable and we need a compensation from your end, for creating such a havoc and disastrous situation for my family else legal approach will be taken. Details of the flight: AF0083 departing from SFO to BLR at 14:15 on 5th Nov.

h. w. of Hindhead, Other on
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Our online booking was originally correct and confirmed but when tickets were issued the names for one member of the family were reversed; surname and first name swapped, we had to pay £51 to change this back in order to be allowed to fly. Last time with Air France!

Judit of Seattle, WA on
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I'm never flying Air France again because of their carelessness and unsympathetic treatment of passengers. My flight from Paris to Boston was about to take off until we encountered technical issues with our plane. We had to sit on the runway for nearly 3 hours until they took us back to the terminal and had us wait another 2 hours until they cancelled our flight. For 5 hours, all we had were bags of peanuts, pretzels, snacks, and beverages but no lunch or vouchers for food were provided. Passengers (myself included) were becoming increasingly nervous and agitated the longer we waited.

After 5 hours waiting, we were rebooked onto another flight to Boston that Friday night and I eventually arrived 7 hours later than expected. My bags, however, did not make it to Boston with me. The worst part of my experience with Air France was their carelessness with my bags. I had a wedding to attend that Saturday night and I was informed my bags (which had nearly all of my belongings) would arrive the next morning in time for the wedding I would attend. They did not. I was then informed my bags would arrive later that night.

I explicitly asked Air France to hold the bags at Logan Airport so that I could simply pick them up from their kiosk before my flight out of Boston the next morning. For some reason, they did not follow my request and instead sent my bags to my hotel, unbeknownst to me. While I was at Logan Airport Sunday morning, ready to pick up my bags, I was informed that they were actually at the hotel I had just checked out of!

This carelessness caused me unnecessarily high levels of frustration, stress, and time spent on the phone. Overall, it took a total of 10 phone calls and 6 days until my bags finally reached me in my home in Seattle. I strongly encourage you to find alternative airlines to Air France. But if you must fly Air France, I hope you have a much better experience than I did. Good luck!

Hugo of Maputo, Other on
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My wife, son and I traveled business class from Lisbon to Paris and connected to Johannesburg on 4 September (flights AF 1195 and AF 990). Firstly, the Sky Priority Service and the service at the airport lounge in Lisbon leaves a lot to be desired. Flight AF 1195 was delayed in arriving in Paris which gave us just enough time to for the duty free procedures with Customs, but not enough time to cash the money at one of the agents. We have more than 1,500.00 of uncollected value added tax benefits. Your business class seats are not as comfortable as those we experienced with KLM on our way to Europe and we did not rest well. My son luggage did not arrive and we filed the complaint at the airport on arrival (reference **).

Waiting for the luggage and filing the complaint ate away two hours of our time. As the luggage contains important items we need in South Africa we booked at the Garden Court Stanton Hotel expecting the luggage to be delivered the following day (6/9/2015). Wrong, we are still waiting and today is the 8th. I have made a myriad of calls to (011) 9616842 and one to your offices in France 00 33 1 55 69 84 68 from my Mozambican number ** (at considerable roaming costs) in answer to an e-mail they sent. The latter call was useless as the person who attended the call (17:00 hours LT) could not access the file created at the Johannesburg airport. The online system to access the file ** is not updated properly, necessitating frequent calls to your service center.

Today I was advised that the lost luggage would arrive in flight AF 990 which is delayed and will only arrive in Johannesburg at 19:00 hours LT and that it would be delivered to the hotel tomorrow. I insisted that they do so today so that I can finish my business early in the morning and be on my way to Maputo sometime tomorrow morning. This episode has caused a lot of stress, delayed our business engagements, made us miss recovering the VAT in Paris and generated unforeseen additional accommodation and food expenses for which I wish to have reimbursement from Air France.

Joseph of Bethesda, MD on
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I paid for a ticket for a girl who was in Paris. She scammed and defrauded me that she has to come to USA to see her ailing sick dying mother. So I paid $770. Instead of her coming to the USA she cancelled the flight and used the credit to travel in Europe. Now Kayak, Expedia, Orbitz and many other Airlines will issue leftover credit to the person who paid and not to the traveler But AIR FRANCE keeps the money.

H. Y. of Seattle, WA on
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After a 3 weeks vacation in Paris, we reluctantly set out to Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2 on August 22 2015 to take an Air France flight back home (Paris to Vancouver). Little did we know the nightmare that was about to ensue. In fact, the experience was traumatizing to the point that we made the decision to never travel Air France again. We checked-in for our flight electronically, and proceeded to another electronic station to weigh our luggage and ship it off. In the security line, we were selected from the crowd and asked to step over to a carry-on luggage weighing area. I want to point out that there were hundreds of people in line with luggage that looked far bigger and bulkier than ours, but for whatever reason, we were the ones chosen. We had to weigh both our carry-on and our hand-held together.

Our luggage clocked in at about 13 kg, which slightly surpassed the 12kg limit, and we were told rather abrasively that we needed to go back to counter number 2 to have them weighed by Air France, which we did. At the Air France counter, we were told that we either had to discard items or pay 75 euros to ship the suitcase. Since that is absurd for being only 2 pounds over, we painfully parted with some clothes and newly bought goodies. The Air France agent approved mine with 12.7 kg and my daughter’s with 12.5 kg. We then headed back to the gate and got back in line, our bags having been cleared and labeled with a tag. However, the same lady who sent us to counter number 2 flagged us down in line to reweigh our suitcases, despite having told her that Air France had cleared them.

She said that it was not her problem, and that they were still above 12 kg and that we needed to go back to counter number 2, which we did with increasing frustration (at this point our flight was going to start boarding in 15 minutes and we had not yet passed security). Air France sent us back to security saying that the excess was approved and so back to the line we went for the third time. The very same woman tracked us down in line and once again made us re-weigh our bags (yes this was getting very redundant). Another security officer was helping my daughter weigh her bag and told her she could go with 12.5 kg, but the woman overheard and stormed over telling her that she was going nowhere until it was under 12 kg! At this point, we were feeling incredibly aggravated over the situation, and very anxious about potentially missing our flight.

We had no idea what this woman’s problem was, especially since her colleagues were letting people next to us pass with over 13 kg! I completely lost my temper and exchanged some rather fiery verbal altercations with her. I told her that I refused to abide to her irrational demands and that I needed to talk to her superior or a police officer. She proceeded to alert a police officer who accepted to escort us to Air France (counter 2) and he handed the issue over to Air France staff. There were no less than 6 agents at the counter, and although they agreed that the situation was getting ridiculous, not one of them offered to go talk to the security woman to let her know that we were in fact cleared. We pleaded with them to end this ordeal and told them that we were going to miss our plane at this rate.

How did Air France respond to the situation? Well the woman who was la responsable simply asked me to go apologize to the security woman for being aggressive with her. Really? You want me to apologize to the woman who just made our lives hell for over an hour all because of 2 extra pounds? I don't think so. I am a 60 years old College Professor who is very passionate about traveling. I share my stories with hundreds of students each year, and I will not fail to enlighten them on the customer service I received throughout this infuriating ordeal. I will ask them to share it with their friends, their families, on Facebook, twitter, etc.

I’ll write a letter to our local newspaper, on the internet to inform people that customer service with Air France at CDG terminal 2 means that you, the customer, will be asked to apologize to a security worker who inexplicably decided to launch into a completely unmotivated power trip. Numerous people have voiced similar or worse concerns about the treatment they encountered with Air France and CDG airport. The ignorance of staff and inadequacy of service is very unsettling and disconcerting for a company of your size and standing. I will be sure to tell everyone I come across to avoid Air France at all costs.

Zenab ashley malika of Houston, TX on
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Air France is the worse company I ever seen in my life. I will never travel with them again. I arrive at the Air France counter at 8h10pm in Abidjan and they were supposed to close the checking counter at 8h40pm so they told me that I can't travel. How is that possible? They are not professional at all.

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