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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Emirates Airlines?
    • 4,462,919 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed May 11, 2024

    One of the worst cabin crew staff first and last experience to waste the money on Emirates, staff is very rude. If you ask them any help they will disappear and it seems like they are paying the money to us to travel. Will never ever travel on Emirates and even will advise other who are planing to travel on emirates to not waste your money on Emirates.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 1, 2024

    Emirates Airline may have a good service during the flight, but it has the worst customer service who do not have the ability to perform simple task. Even their complaint department does not bother to properly respond to every detail of your complaint. They are the worst airline ever that I had experience with their on land customer service and Dubai Airport.

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      Customer ServiceOnline & AppStaff

      Reviewed April 25, 2024

      Emirates. We had flight to Delhi via Dubai on the 29th to be there for Easter morning. We reached at 5:10pm for 9:50pm flight. We stood in the check in line for almost 2 hours before they even acknowledged that there is a delay and then another 45 minutes before they told us the flight is cancelled. When we tried asking for them to find other options since their only next flight was the following night they said they weren’t equipped to check flights at the airport and made us call. They didn’t even know the flight is cancelled or why more confirmation that it was due to the lack of customers on Good Friday and so they rescheduled to save money. They already told us nothing was wrong with the plane and couldn’t provide any valid reason for the cancellation.

      Plans made months in advance and money spend for the celebration of Easter and couldn’t without any good reasoning for it. They couldn’t answer any questions or give any information it was the worst customer service I’ve ever received or given. Others missed their cruises everyone was upset and they didn’t even know how to talk to us properly.. the staff walked around a lot got one another involved in each person's situation to try to figure it out. I mean each of us there talked to each of the staff to help find other options or whatever the situation may have been but no supervisor. They knew nothing, it was terrible service.

      Did I mention that they didn’t notify us beforehand but they knew already it was cancelled since they didn’t allow anyone to check in at the airport for that long. Then they forced to check in our carry on in Dubai because we had 3 but our infant is allocated one so harassing us when we followed the rules was even more insulting. And this is just on the way there. The day we are due to fly back as we are getting dressed I checked the app just to check and see a general notification that the flight is cancelled and all flights to Dubai is cancelled due to severe flooding again no notification on app or email or text nothing.

      We called at 3pm and we weren’t able to finalize rebooking till after 7pm after being on hold for 2 hours and being hung up on and having to call back. I understand it’s not their fault but providing customer service and resolving problems and situations is. Finding flights home is their main job and understanding traveling with an infant is very difficult. We had to get supervisor involved Jrose involved finally after an hour and the final result we have to fly 3 flights instead of the original 2 just to get home without being fired from work because they have no flights from Delhi.

      How is Emirates still running with service like this. They have no cooperation with other airlines to be able to help us in these situations their greed causes us more harm than good in these inevitable situations. Do what you’ve to get us home if that means other airlines other airports then so be it but try to find the best option for the customers not for Emirates. We’ve other options to fly to India in the future even if Emirates is supposed to be best and they’re terrible at least the others can find better options in these type of situations. Worst airline customer service and I’ve flown internationally many times even with other airlines. Oh and the food was terrible too.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed April 18, 2024

      This was the WORST most INHUMANE experience we've ever had to date, with any airline. no support or guidance from the Emirates team - in fact they shouted and laughed at us. Flights were cancelled the Tuesday before we were due to fly because of extreme weather, which is understandable, BUT the Wednesday after we were still told to come to the airport, even though no Tuesday passengers had flown. Our flight was rescheduled 6 times, and then eventually cancelled just after midnight. We were told to stay at the airport until 9am the following day to maybe get a flight.

      NO FOOD, WATER OR ACCOMMODATION was provided at all, and when I asked for a blanket to sleep on the floor I was laughed at. My reason for asking was I have very severe arthritis and my hips are fusing together so sleeping on a marble floor was very painful - this was not respected or taken seriously at all. There was another passenger with Type one Diabetes who was also accused of making diabetes up as the staff did not know what it was. There has been no information or system in rebooking flights, Customers from Thursday onwards have been checked in, but all of the Tuesday and Wednesday passengers have been TOTALLY ignored and bullied into buying incredibly inflated new tickets.

      The airport itself is chaos and a huge health and safety violation. Yesterday there were 35,000 passengers in the airport and only 2 members of staff on the help desk. Everyone received the same information which was totally useless and just sent everyone around in circles. The web chat kicked people out immediately and the phone lines were impossible to access, the ONLY people that managed to get through were those who requested that relatives they have in INDIA call to reschedule their flight.

      So far we have had to spend 48 hours on the airport floor with no support, rude mocking staff and have had to fork out more money finding a hotel locally which emirates have expressed no intention to help with at all. This is the WORST experience I have ever had with any airline, Ryan air was more comfortable and had much kinder and respectful staff. We still have no idea at all about when our flight will be, according to Emirates they can't do anything because on their system we have already flown, which is absurd.

      I understand that the rain was out of their control, but it's been over 72 hours since the rain and their organization and procedure to help guide us through it has been totally appalling. I would avoid this airline at all costs, all they care about is money. We can't even register a complaint or apply for a refund because our flight still hasn't happened so they won't let us register a complaint.

      Sales & MarketingOnline & AppStaff

      Reviewed April 3, 2024

      Let's first say I was very excited about flying with Emirates. This would be both me and my first time. We are traveling to Dubai for the first time on our 11th anniversary. I called customer service six times before I booked and looked through the website multiple times before I booked our flight. Through the conversations with the reps and reading through the website, I was told I could use miles to upgrade my seats. I was also told how many points I needed to upgrade my seats. So I opened the Emirates card to get 60k miles, joined the Skyward program to get 10k miles and other benefits, transferred miles from other points programs, and purchased additional miles from Skyward.

      I bought the ticket in March, and now I am being told (April) that "the upgrade with miles is never guaranteed. It completely depends on the flight statistics." None of the previous reps mentioned this, nor is it visible on the website. Had I been told this, I would have never purchased all this and taken those steps to get miles. I was scammed. All I want is to use my miles as I was told I would be able to. I have never had a miles program that does not allow you to use the points immediately.

      I have had Jetblue for years and never had an issue using points. I thought this airline was supposed to be upscale, so I didn't expect it to be a scam. So disappointed. So, the last rep I spoke to told me that there was nothing anyone could do and that I could only submit a complaint. That is sad. Hopefully, this helps others not get scammed like me. If it's like this before the flight, I can only imagine what it will be like for the flight.

      Customer ServicePriceStaff

      Reviewed March 17, 2024

      I traveled with my wife and daughter. Roundtrip from Montreal, Canada to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, departed on Feb 23, returned on March 14, 2024. When we checked in at YUL on Feb 23, the agent at the counter just asked us to also check in our two carried-on bags without weighting, we did and everything was fine. However, when we checked-in for the return flight from Ho Chi Minh City on March 14, 2024, flight EK 0393, the agent weighted our carried-on bags and said Emirates allowed only 7kg/each, and our 3 bags are over 30kg. This agent did not issue boarding passes, he asked us to remove things inside to make them 21kg in total, and come back to get boarding passes. We went out the airport to where our relatives were waiting to give them things we have to remove. When we returned to the counter the agent did not reweight our bags; he just said: "next time don't bring overweight" and gave us the boarding passes.

      I asked if our bags will be checked-in like what happened when we departed in Montreal? He answered "no", so we have to carry them on. It took 1.5 hours to pass the carried-on bags issue, but it did not finish yet! After we passed the boarding gate, the Emirates people ask us to weight our bags again! This time they found our 3 bags still overweight. Those people told us that we have two options, one is to pay, and other one is to get rid of our things to make them 21kg. We were ready to take out more things but this time we don't have our relatives with us. We had no other choice! I asked how much I have to pay for the overweight? One Emirates guy said $250, I said, "OK, I will pay." That guy then went to talk with his group and returned with paper and pen. He started talking that our overweight is two "pit", each "pit" cost $250, so I have to pay $500! I was stunned!

      I asked how many kilo for one pit? This Emirates guy did not answer, he kept talking about overweight and "pit". My wife got angry and asked the guy why he said $250 a moment ago and now said $500? To my stun, this guy said he would not talk to my wife because she is angry! Then an Emirates woman showed up, she warned us that the plane will depart in 25 minutes and if we are not on board we simply miss the flight! I was getting more upset and kept asking how many kilos for a "pit"? But still no answer! Then another Emirates guy showed up and told me he will handle this case. Again I told that guy I need to know, one word, how much I have to pay so that I can decide to pay or to get rid of my stuffs. God bless us, this guy went away and after 15 minutes came back with a paper, I have to pay $250 (see photo attached).

      With all information about the whole trip with Emirates anyone can see I was treated like being blackmailed! I paid almost $9000 for this trip, Emirates blackmailed me to make an extra $250, I have no choice, what I can say is that, Emirates, this is the first time but also a last. For those who look at Emirates to book a flight, particularly who want to go to Vietnam, should you keep this review in mind.

      Profile pic of the author.
      Customer Service

      Reviewed Feb. 27, 2024

      I recently traveled with Emirates from Dallas to Dubai on flight EK222 and the experience was far from the world-class service I anticipated. As a frequent flyer, I understand the unpredictability of air travel, but certain aspects of this journey require attention. Firstly, the presence of crying children can be an inevitable part of flying, but when seated next to two infants for an extended flight, the disturbance is considerable. While I recognize the limitations of the cabin crew's influence over children's behavior, the lack of intervention or alternative solutions was disappointing. Moreover, an incident involving hot coffee being accidentally spilled on me was met with a mere apology, with no first aid or proper assistance offered. I was surprised to learn that such an incident wasn't even reported by the cabin crew, as per the airline's response.

      The response from Emirates' Customer Affairs was equally disheartening. An automated-sounding reply with no acknowledgement of the coffee incident nor any offer of compensation does not align with the high standards that Emirates purports to uphold. My return journey compounded my dissatisfaction, with multiple wheelchair-bound passengers, including my mother, being placed in an over-capacity compartment. This experience has unfortunately left me dreading future flights with Emirates. The service did not match the premium we paid for our tickets, and the response to our complaints has been lackluster. I am hopeful for improvement and will reconsider my stance based on my future experiences with Emirates.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Feb. 11, 2024

      Arrived to JFK this afternoon from Dubai in first class which worth around 17k for a ticket. When we arrived at JFK the luggage carousel was a mess with people going from one to other (they have 2 carousel because it was a big plane). I took an identical luggage to mine by mistake. I happened to have a driver from Emirates and we were about to get into Washington bridge when me phone rang and someone from Emirates airline is telling me that I took a bag by mistake and I have to return it now or pay for the shipment of the 2 bags. I told them I’ll come back now (we literally on the way for around 1 hr and another 1 hr to get back to the airport). When I arrived at the airport the supervisor for Emirates station at JFK refused to provide me with any ride saying the airline has done that already and this is not their policy. I explained to her I know couple of friends/family who had similar experience like this and the airline was generous enough to take care of their customer.

      Profile pic of the author.

      Reviewed Dec. 28, 2023

      During my trip using Emanates traveling from Toronto to Dubai, my luggage and its contents were damaged (my MAC Book Pro was dented, and my iPhone 12 screen was broken). When after spending a significant amount of time claiming and waiting, the airline refused to compensate for the damage it caused! I highly recommend you avoid Emirates and protect your health and property against their non-civilized behavior.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Dec. 26, 2023

      We booked as a family to travel from Boston to Bengaluru, via Dubai. We have always traveled by Qatar and they always assigned the family seating together, but not Emirates. They put each of us in different middle seats, including our child. When we requested the check in agent he was so rude and didn't even listen to us. One of us has a health issue and needed an Aisle, but they wouldn't do anything even after we offered to pay.

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