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Last updated: Nov. 11, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2017

Flight from Dublin Boston 5 November 2017 - The flight was cancelled and we were given no reason. The alternative offered was a flight to NYC then GROUND TRANSPORTATION to Boston. The staff seemed to know nothing. The result of all this is that we arrived at Boston Logan at 2:45am 6 Nov instead of 7:30pm 5 Nov. A lot of passengers had no luggage at NYC. Aer Lingus refused to pay for hotel. All transport from Logan had finished when we arrived. It was VERY costly to get to Rhode Island. It was truly awful. Never again.

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Original review: Sept. 9, 2017

On July 26, 2017, I flew Aer Lingus from Munich, transferred in Dublin, and continued to LAX. My luggage never made it. There were about 20 people on my flight also missing their luggage. After an hour, a clerk filed reports for us and said our luggage would be delivered within 24 hours. It's been over 6 WEEKS and still no luggage. I understand that happens (although not sure why in these days of technology) but the worst part is that Aer Lingus IGNORES MY NUMEROUS PHONE CALLS AND EMAILS! HELP! When I call their corporate office, I'm on hold for 20 minutes, repeat my story each time, and am told someone will call me back in 48 hours. Never happens. Help! I don't know what else to do.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

HISTORY: PAYMENT 1: Purchase date 27.08.2016: Transaction date 30/31.08.2016 recorded on my master card statement 48: I originally reserved and booked two seats 3A and 3B for flight **. 07:10 Outbound 01/03/2017 to Malaga and seats 3A and 3B for the 12:20 pm inbound to Dublin. My record shows I paid 47.96 Euro's @ 87.949 = £42.18 including transaction charge of £1.12. PAYMENT 2: On the 13.01.2017, through Aer Lingus "Manage your Booking" I upgraded my reserve seats to "Premium Class" seats 4H and 4K. My MasterCard statement 52 recorded a further charge of £103.58 in addition to the previous £42.18 I had already paid.

On the 14/04/2017, Aer Lingus credited my Master Card, statement 55 with a risible £20.36 for the cancelled seats 4H AND 4K on the 29/03/2017. This sum is half the price paid for the original reservation of seats 3A and 3B. It does not take into consideration the upgrade price paid of an extra £103;58. It is this money that I am claiming a refund since 30/03/2017. Every enquiry is met with yet another CASE NUMBER, So far these are the references or case numbers I have been given. 30/03/2017 Ref: **. 30/03/2017 Aer Lingus Case No **. 08/06/2017 Aer Lingus Case No **. 22/06/2017 Aer Lingus Case No **. 22/06/2017 Aer Lingus Case No **. 26/07/2017 Aer Lingus Case No **.

The reason I have claimed a refund was because Premium seats 4H and 4K were not available as there had been a change in aircraft. I was allocated seats by the check-in-clerk without the priority boarding I had initially had with my reserved seats. My claim has become a saga. Please assist me in the matter of refunding the second payment of £103.58. electronic ref: ** and **. I would be truly sincerely grateful.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

I flew back home from Dublin Airport. We checked one bag and when we got to O'hare the bag didn't show up. We filed a "delayed" baggage claim. We were told it was an airport software glitch and they were hiring more employees to deal with all the "delayed" baggage. That was on July 6th, 2017 and it's now Aug. 3rd, 2017! I've left over 20 emails to Aer Lingus and not ONE has been responded to. I spent 45 minutes on hold and spoke with a supervisor who said they were doing everything they could to tend to the backlog. That phone call cost me $75.00! Every link on their website takes you back to delayed baggage. I can't even find a claim form. I've left numerous messages on the USA phone lines provided and again haven't received one call back. I even emailed Dublin Airport and miraculously I received a response from them giving me Aer Lingus's contact information!

I'm at a loss of what to do. My entire wardrobe was in there. I'm not overstating that fact. All my work skirts, shirts, undies, shoes as well as several gifts purchased in Ireland. Sadly, my daughter's keepsake from her father was in there! It was something he gave her before he passed away when she was 2 1/2 yrs old! I don't know where to turn now and appreciate any suggestions.

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Original review: July 28, 2017

Booked two tickets from D.C. to Dublin using their US partner JetBlue. Due to "servicing" the plane, our flight was over an hour late departing, so we missed our connecting flight, even though Aer Lingus knew there were three people connecting from our flight And we could see the plane sitting in a queue. Aer Lingus couldn't manage to get us on a flight until almost 24 hours later, causing us to miss one entire day of our vacation. There was no help getting a hotel, a refusal to offer any amount of compensation in the form of an Aer Lingus voucher for our lost vacation time and to add insult to injury, the manager of the airline at Boston refused to meet with us. I will never buy another Aer Lingus anything again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2017

I flew with Aer Lingus recently for an eight day holiday to Bulgaria. My luggage arrived four days after I did. I had paid 110€ in baggage charges. I had to go to the airport to collect my bag as I was told that Aer Lingus don't deliver. I forgot to get a receipt. I only spent 161€ on essentials and that was all Aer Lingus would pay in full and final settlement. They had suggested I claim from my insurance. Why should my insurance pay? It was Aer Lingus' incompetence so they should pay. I requested a refund of my baggage charge as they had not fulfilled the contract to transport my luggage with me. I was informed that they do not refund baggage charges and referred me to the or terms and conditions. They refused to refund taxi fares without receipt. They refused to pay compensation for spoiling my holiday. I was very fair buying only essentials. I don't think their attitude has been very fair in return.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 9, 2017

When I flew to Chicago my luggage went missing. I do understand that this happens from time to time and that airlines do their best to retrieve it. And retrieve it they did, but they sent it to another passenger who had also lost luggage, 3 hours from Chicago in Milwaukee. To add insult to injury, having promised to get it to me by FedEx overnight fast service, they sent it FedEx standard service. I only received my luggage (after much to-ing and fro-ing) the day I departed back to the UK.

But added to this is the fact Aer Lingus have appalling customer service procedures. There were errors on the website and in documents e.g. the missing baggage claim form should be submitted when you have not received your luggage after 72 hours, yet on the form it says it must be submitted "within" 72 hours. Another form on the website is described in one place as "customer relations form" and in another it is described as "guest relations form".

Getting hold of anyone by phone in the US was nearly impossible and they do not update the missing luggage website. To this day it states that my luggage is still missing. Back to the flight - we had paid for seats with extra room, but the video and music player did not work so we had to move seats. A refund for the extra amount, as they don't reply to e-mails I may give up. But not giving up with regard to compensation for their cock-ups getting the luggage to me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 6, 2017

Rented a car for a period of 14 days during my stay in Ireland over the website. When I arrived to collect the staff member insisted I upgrade and made an effort to advise me how much more economical a Diesel engine is over a petrol engine. The actual cost was double the cost of the original petrol vehicle. Anyway I accepted and happily went on my trip.

The issue I have now is that Europcar made an unauthorised debit amount of AUD $383 stating that I damaged a lock box where keys were kept in storage. Here is my statement: I arrive at the Europcar depot 2:00am in the morning to return the car in order to comfortably make my 5:55am international flight. Upon arrival the Europcar depot is closed and signs on the locked gate stated opening hours were from 5:00am.

I now continue to drive around the compound in the early morning hours hoping to gain access and hopefully find a safe place to leave the car. After a few minutes I am approached by a person in a car who seems to be on patrol and I advised him of my concerns. He politely guided me to a terminal drop off zone within the airport and after following his advice I found myself gaining access to the Europcar terminal drop off zone. It's now 2:30am and the area is unmanned and I leave the car in a parking bay. I now remove my personal items and ready to lock the car but with nowhere to leave the keys.

There is no drop off box for key returns but instead a lock box with a 3 digit numerical lock. This is not a safe as it's very fragile. All I could think of is to leave the keys inside but had no way of opening the box. After examining the box I discovered that the door was flexible and could easily pull it back slightly allowing just enough room to slide the keys in. My intentions were honest and genuine and all I had was the security of the vehicle in mind.

The attempt to slide the keys in failed because the lock box that was used to store keys was very fragile and in my attempt the small plastic clip broke and this disengaged the lock and the door opened. This clip that broke was so small and fragile that Europcar felt that AUD $383 was sufficient to cover the cost. This amount equates to 250 euros and I am not a happy customer who wanted nothing more than to return a car with the keys.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 15, 2017

They cancelled a flight from Chicago to Dublin due to weather, and diverted the plane to Detroit, a city right in the path of the storm. This was a stupid move, but by the end of this review you will see this was actually the least of their mistakes. So upon cancellation, we are instructed to collect our luggage and stand in an incredibly long line. Eventually, you learn from others that the line is only to receive a hotel voucher, and that they are providing NO HELP in re-booking flights, with some lame excuse that it's not their expertise (apparently too unintelligent to use Google Flights). By the time you learn this (HOURS INTO THE LINE) their customer service call center has closed for the night. Of course they run out of hotel vouchers by the time you get to the front of the line, but that's irrelevant - you won't be sleeping, because now you have to wait until so, so late into the night before you can get them on the phone.

As soon as you do get them on the phone, (it's 2:30 AM now) you are promptly told they cannot help you because you booked using credit card points, and that you must call your credit card, which you learn when you call them that THIS WAS A LIE. They were supposed to help you; they cancelled the flight, it's their responsibility to re-book. But this won't even be their only lie. They later refuse to book you on another flight because they say you lack a transit visa for Canada, THEIR SECOND LIE. Going on the Canadian government website and pointing out that US citizens do not need such a visa doesn't help, however, because their goal is to avoid helping.

These lies delayed our re-booking by hours, and we watched as flight after flight filled, pushing our departure back day after day. Their lies, a blatant effort to avoid having to pay another airline to re-book us (since they have so few flights) has cost me the opportunity to be in Dublin for Bloomsday, a dream I've had for years and one I prepared for by powering through Ulysses in the past week. There is no language strong enough or crude enough to express just how AWFUL AER LINGUS IS. Their culture of taking no responsibility, and of deceit toward their customers have truly earned them this, my first APOCALYPTICALLY BAD REVIEW.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 27, 2017

I have contacted Customer Services numerous times about flights that I have taken but that were not added to my AerClub account. All the missing flights appear on the "My past trips" list. Every time I contact AerClub about this issue, they imply that I had made a mistake by not having these flights associated with my AerClub account at the time of booking. This cannot be correct because the flights are obviously in their system under my account (they appear in the "my past trips" list and I was logged in when I booked). Furthermore, I am a premium customer (platinum) and I do not see why I should do the admin work to make up for system glitches. Overall, the apathy and unhelpfulness of customer services are unworthy of a quality airline.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2017

Flew Izmir to Dublin 23.5.17. We were herded in loading tunnel for 20 mins. Very hot and sweaty finally boarded plane which was then delayed for 30 mins. Flight was ok but legroom is very cramped. No inflight entertainment at all. Landed in Dublin and had to leave plane down metal steps. Walk across tarmac to main building and then TREK 1/3 MILE TO PASSPORT CONTROL. This trek was a disgrace. We are fairly fit and found it stressful so god help older folk or the infirm. We don't book half luggage as Aer Lingus costs are extortionate in my opinion, BUT they let us put our luggage on hold FREE OF CHARGE??? WE ONLY FLY AER LINGUS CAUSE WE DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 5, 2017

This airline is a hazard to health. Many seats are crammed and there is no room to move in the cabin to prevent DVT which I have been living with the consequences.

Verified Buyer
Original review: April 29, 2017

I've been on hold for 27 minutes now to speak with a representative about a simple issue - checking in online (website had an auto message stating "Oops this is not available now, contact a representative if it persists"!!) and getting my seat assigned.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 12, 2017

Traveling from Dublin to London: Aer Lingus charged me 1,000% to check a bag full of clothes and toys for my Ethiopian foster kids (I live in Ethiopia). €198 to check a bag on an hour and a half flight. Customer support told me they're sorry for my disappointment. My family and I created this website ( to draw attention to how Aer Lingus screws over its customers and explain the impact it has on my foster kids, who have nothing. Please never fly Aer Lingus.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 11, 2017
I had a heart attack two weeks ago. Reached out to get a refund on the ticket. Can not get one. Can rebook for another flight with a surcharge, must do so within two weeks of the original flight. I am not sure if/when I would be healthy enough or would have friends and family that will be going again if I am healthy and not sure when. (if I were to rebook to try to save my $, pay the surcharge and had to change it again, if even possible, would probably have to pay another surcharge).

I CAN NOT BELIEVE THEY WOULD NOT REFUND THIS DUE TO A MEDICAL CONDITION. Here is what I sent to Aer Lingus: "I have a reservation for March 14 to Dublin, returning March 21. Unfortunately, and certainly not in my plans was a heart attack I suffered on February 17th. I will be unable to fly during this period. What do I have to do in order to get a refund on my ticket?"

This is their reply... "Thank you for contacting Aer Lingus. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. The fare you purchased is a Low economy fare. The ticket is non-refundable. In the event of cancellation, you may claim your unused government taxes within one month of travel date, less a refund administration fee (if applicable). In order to preserve the value of your ticket, you must change your flight at least two hours in advance of departure. Tickets cannot be held without flights for future use. Fare difference, if any, and a change fee of €100/$150 assessed per person per direction and will be collected at the time of change.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 26, 2017

Travelled from Chicago, Illinois to Dublin, Ireland to Malaga, Spain round trip beginning February 16, 2017. Signs of trouble with the airline and adherence to their policy was when it was demanded we give up 2 standard size backpacks instead of allowing us to stow them under our seats when flying from Dublin, Ireland to Malaga, Spain. I essentially travelled without my passport, cell phone was in the bag live, and thousands of dollars out of my possession. We had to give up the bags just before entering the plane and we expected once we got off the plane they would be handed back to us. No, they were found on the baggage carousel!

Trying to catch the flight home from Dublin, Ireland to Chicago we were denied access to the flight. We arrived at the airport around 10:50 am and the flight left at 12:50 pm. We tried using the Kiosk and couldn't get it to work. Went through the check in line, got to the counter, and was told the flight was closed. Here's the kicker... The flight wasn't supposed to be closed until 75 minutes before the flight. That means the flight should not have been closed until 11:35 am. I was denied access around 11:15 am. I was directed to a different desk and complaining by 11:20 am and thinking to myself if they would just let me go, we can make it. I got excuses after excuses and timetable differences after timetable difference.

Long story short around $700 USD extorted from me in change fees, etc and have to catch a different flight tomorrow. No more Aer Lingus for me. Always wanted to visit Ireland, but after this experience and reading other reviews, I will have to figure out how to do it without going through Aer Lingus and will advise people to avoid this carrier.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 8, 2017

l had connected flight From (Turkish airlines) Antalya - Istanbul -> (Aer Lingus) London - Cork at start 08.01.2017, l delivered my baggage to Turkish airlines and they confirm l will receive it at Cork. When l arrived Cork airport 09th evening l didn't find my baggage at airport. l informed airport officers l have to join vessel tonight and we leave immediately, if find my baggage send it back Turkey. l filled lost baggage form, given my personal mobile number and also email address after that l joined ship. We sailed immediately that night.

After very hard 3 weeks sailing without any clothes and any personal equipments including toothbrush or anything arrived first port in Turkey at 27.01.2017 night. l left vessel 01.02.2017 and my baggage still no news. Later l contacted Cork agency who assist me join vessel and they informed me my baggage sent Turkey via Turkish airlines cargo and given me airway track number.

l contacted many times Turkish airlines and finally detected my baggage stuck in Istanbul Turkish airlines cargo services. l reach and speak with them but unfortunately they request 80 euro cash and also l have to visit them with my passport for delivery, not possible send address or not possible taken by 2nd or 3rd person. l write complaints to Turkish airlines and waiting answer. Also sent email to Aer Lingus about solution but they answer me only one time for send us receipts. l try contact facebook but it's very far helpful, l think maybe robot answer me, send me regular links.

Today 08.02.2017 and still no solution, no have answer, no have baggage, without my fault there is a lots of mistake and l request claims from this 2 airlines. First Aer Lingus why delivered my baggage to agency and closed my file without my permission or information, why 2 airlines didn't send me sorry message by phone or by email. l find my baggage by myself but still 2 airlines very far to try helpful. After past 1 month still no baggage arrived my address. Who will pay my claims. International regulations clearly and Aer Lingus clearly responsible of all this problems. l want to take PAYMENT CLAIM from Aer Lingus immediately.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2016

I booked a flight to San Francisco from Bristol via Dublin. When I arrived at Bristol check-in I was told I needed an ESTA to travel to USA. I overlooked this detail just before I traveled due to a family bereavement and must admit my mind was all over the place, and thought I had already done this because I have been to the USA before. Anyway, I was told I can easily apply on the airport's coin-fed computer but, unfortunately, this computer was very slow. As time was running out the check-in girl came over to see how i was getting on and I said I'm struggling to complete so I suggested that there was a 3 hour wait in Dublin. I can finish it off there. She then told me that her supervisor (who was nowhere to be seen) is not letting us on the plane with no ESTA.

I offered to buy tickets to just Dublin but was told the flight was fully booked. Is it against the law to fly to Dublin without an ESTA? Would the airline get in trouble for 2 passengers to fly to Dublin without an ESTA? Anyway we got the ESTA and the next day flew to Dublin only to find out after the check-in girl told us that everything was arranged that we were not on the San Francisco flight. (She lied.) The flight was overbooked. After a lot of distress we decided to pay 100 euros each (as a goodwill gesture. Can you believe it?), fly to Los Angeles, then pay £200 pound each to fly to San Fran taking one and a half days off our holiday, and losing one night's prepaid hotel stay.

The whole episode started in Bristol when they wouldn't let us on the plane for not having a document that we did not need until we departed for the USA. I am still disgusted with Aer Lingus. After all the tickets were over £1000. I would think that they would be more helpful to their customers. I will never fly with them again and even the thought of flying with Aer LIngus again makes my wife feel sick. A lot of people must complain about them because the waiting time for replies to complaints on their web is about 60 days.

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Original review: Sept. 30, 2016

Aer Lingus lost our bags when we were traveling back from the US. It took a week for them to finally find our bags but we had to purchase an item costing us 173 euros while we waiting for them to find our bag. We have contacted them three times regarding our costs. Also we got a bill from our phone company today charging us 15 euros for calls to their baggage line no - 1-890-800-147. We have not yet heard a reply and it has been over one months since we submitted our case.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2016

31/08/2016 - Flight LY 0343 "Tel-Aviv - Zurich" (ELAL) and flight EI 0349 "Zurich-Dublin" (Aer Lingus). Our luggage was sent to Dublin from Tel Aviv. We didn't receive it after arrival and reported to Aer Lingus "Lost & Found". We received it after 4 days delay (20:15 4/09/2016). 10/09/2016 - flight EI 0344 "Dublin-Zurich" (Aer Lingus) and flight LY0344 (ELAL) "Zurich-Tel-Aviv". This time we decided to send our luggage to Zurich, and after it receiving in Zurich to send it to Tel Aviv. NO CHANCE! We didn't receive it in Zurich after arrival (it was sent to Madrid). We received it in Tel Aviv after 3 days delay. Summary: the last company I trust is Aer Lingus.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2016

Two sisters journey to Ireland to see where their grandparents and great grandparents were born and lived. Our first flight was E10138 Boston to Dublin, September 1st departing 21:00 arriving Dublin 8:05. As we waited in line to get our boarding passes, we were told the flight was overbooked so we voluntarily agreed to fly to Paris on Air France for compensation and continue via Aer Lingus to Dublin with only an hour layover in Paris. We only agreed to all this after asking the following questions and receiving the following answers from the floor manager at the boarding pass area.

"What time will we be getting into Dublin on our return trip instead of our original 8:00 am?" We were told 11:00 am. We were not given any Aer Lingus Boarding Passes for our flight back from Paris to Dublin but only a piece of paper that said Passenger Itinerary. When we questioned this, he said, "Don't worry, it's all in the computer." "How will be get our boarding passes?" "When you get off the plane, there will be a terminal right there. You'll go into the terminal and an Aer Lingus representative at the desk will get you your boarding passes." "How will our luggage get to Dublin if we are going to Paris?" "Don't worry we will send your luggage to Dublin before you get there."

This is what happened: the manager walked us speedily over to Air France. We took the flight from Dublin to Paris. When we got off the plane, the terminal was not our connecting terminal. We were bussed to two different terminals and sent through multiple security lines. No Aer Lingus desk and no representative anywhere. We were directed by airport personnel to two different gates to try to get an Aer Lingus flight to Dublin because they told us there was no Aer Lingus rep in the airport. Security would not let us through any gate without a boarding pass! Our time between flights was supposed to be 70 minutes. It was gone by now.

After asking everyone and running all over the airport, the only way to get to an Aer Lingus desk was to leave the arrival terminal which meant we had to go through immigration and then reenter the terminal which we did. After finding the Aer Lingus counter, we waited in line for 45 minutes to speak with someone. The counter help said he could not issue us a boarding pass from the piece of paper we had been given in Boston. After some time at the counter and many calls, he directed us to the GH (ground handling) Team in Hall 6. After waiting in line again, the staff there said we would have to pay for our flight from Paris to Dublin. We declined and stood our ground.

After some conversation and what seemed to be a supervisor, we were told to return to the counter in 20 minutes and they would give us documentation to get a boarding pass. We were given an 8 euro allowance for food which did not buy anything. One of the travelers returned early to the desk to wait, and was told, "Here is your documentation, run for the plane." That was 12:20; the flight was 13:05, 25 minutes. She rounded up her sister, and off they went with little time to spare back to the Aer Lingus counter to get their boarding passes. Luckily the clerk saw us and called us to the front of a very long line. We barely made the flight. That was EI 523 flight leaving Paris at13:05. It was exhausting and very stressful.

To top this off, when we got to Dublin, we had no luggage, so more running around searching and trips to customer service. We literally spent hours away from our vacation plans shopping for clothes and toiletries which we now have to jump through hoops in order to recoup these costs. We also spent much time calling and talking daily with the Baggage Tracers. We finally received our luggage in Galway, 5 days after our arrival. (We were told over and over again by the baggage tracers, it was in Dublin, but then it wasn't.) I feel our only fault was believing that an employee for Aer Lingus was speaking the truth to two women who thought it would be fun to be in Paris for 1 hour. This was a 60th birthday trip that was nearly overshadowed by lies told to us starting in Boston and seemingly continuing in Ireland. You can only imagine the stress on a 60 and 69 year old pair of sisters.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2016

Booked a flight through a Travel Agent as thought it would be no stress. Aer Lingus when asked for assistance as we both have walking difficulties have spent the last 2 weeks asking for medications we're both on, and today want us to get our GP to fill in and sign a form re us. I consider their questions not just rude but an invasion of my privacy.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2016

My husband and I traveled to Europe on July 29, 2016 to attend my son's wedding in Ireland, and vacation in France and Italy afterwards. We flew on KLM from San Francisco to Amsterdam, and to Ireland on Aer Lingus. July 30, 2016. Upon arriving in Dublin, we found out that our luggage did not arrive. We filed a Lost Luggage claim with Aer Lingus in the Baggage Claim Area, before leaving the airport. We indicated in the claim that we were in transit to Sligo, in the West of Ireland and would be leaving Dublin the next day. The Aer Lingus representative assured us that our bags would probably be on the next flight, and that they would deliver them to our hotel in Dublin.

July 31, 2016. Our baggage was not delivered to our hotel in Dublin. Contacted Aer Lingus. They told us that there had been a problem with the conveyor system at Schipol in Amsterdam, and that there was a big delay in receiving the baggage in Dublin. That's probably not true, but at that point I still believed in Aer Lingus. They indicated that only one bag had been found, and that they were looking for the other bag. They promised that as soon as our luggage arrived, they would send it to our Hotel in Sligo. I mentioned again my son's wedding, and how we were without formal attire, or any basic belongings, and we were running out of medication, which I need to take on a daily basis. I also let them know that we were leaving for Paris on August 2, and provided the address of our hotel.

August 2, 2016. At the Dublin Airport, on our way to Paris, we stopped at the Aer Lingus "Customer Service" Phone outside the Baggage Claim area. Tried for 30 minutes, no answer. We flagged down an Aer Lingus representative who was coming out of the baggage claim area and explained our problem. He gave us a pass to enter the baggage claim area and talk to a rep there. I talked with one of the reps at the counter who let me look for my bags in the sea of lost/misplaced luggage they had.

I found one of my bags, but at that point we were late to go through security for our flight to Paris so the Aer Lingus rep offered to put the bag on the same flight to Paris right away. I was stupid enough to believe that this was going to happen, and once more I trusted their customer service. That was the last time I saw one of the bags. We had to go out and buy clothes and other necessities, because at this point we had been wearing the same clothes for three days.

August 3 and 4, 2016. Called Aer Lingus in the morning, only to be told that they were tracing the missing bag, and that the bag they had was in-route to Paris at that very minute, and they would deliver it in the afternoon. Well, at the end of the day on August 4, still no bag, and we were going to be traveling to Rome the next day. I had to deal also with Aer Lingus rude customer service representatives hanging up on me. AER LINGUS DOES NOT CARE!!! And as soon as I called and gave them my claim number, they would hang up on me.

8/5/16. Went to the airport for our flight to Rome. We had a couple of hours to spare so we decided to pursue the Aer Lingus claim with their representatives at the CDG airport. They sent us from counter to counter, until my husband finally got a hold of a floor supervisor at the departures counter. She flagged down one of the Baggage Claim reps, and I was able to enter the baggage claim area to talk to an Aer Lingus representative in person. This lady looked at my claim online, and assured me that BOTH bags were at the airport in Dublin. She called the Aer Lingus Rep in Ireland to confirm that, and also to advise them of the changes in the delivery address. Since the Aer Lingus rep did not update the information, she entered the new information herself, and assured me that they would deliver my bags in Rome in the next couple of days.

8/6-8/8/16. NO BAGS. I called every day, and every day they kept changing the story. One day they would say the bags were in Dublin, the next day they would say they were arriving that same afternoon. Blah, blah, blah, blah. ALL LIES!!! Same problem I had before, I would call, they would hang up on me. Provided my addresses in Florence and Venice, just in case.

8/9-8/13/16. Called everyday from Florence and Venice, the story kept changing. In the meantime, no record updates online. But now they said that actually only ONE bag was found, and it was at the Dublin Airport. The other bag, they were still "tracing" it. They confirmed in Paris that BOTH bags had been found! At that point I asked the representative to send whatever bags were found to my permanent address in the US.

8/30/16. Still NO BAGS, NO ANSWERS. We submitted a claim for a refund of daily expenses, but at this point, I don't have much hope of even getting some compensation for the lost luggage. I still call them every couple of days, but as soon as I say my claim number, they HUNG UP! September 5, 2016. I have called everyday, and now Aer Lingus immediately hangs up on me. There are no other communication options. All the paperwork has been submitted. No acknowledgement. No further communication. It has been over a month.

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Original review: Sept. 3, 2016

Flew from Cardiff to Dublin (Stobart Air for Aer Lingus) and then Dublin to Pearson Int (Toronto). Stobart Air was absolutely fine, no complaint there. Our flight to Toronto however was far from good. The aircraft was too small for Transatlantic and was very cramped. Visited the toilet and found the lighting was very dim due to the fluorescent tube being defective and giving off a dim glow. Worse still, trod in feces which was on the floor and all down the side of the toilet bowl. Absolutely disgusting.

On arrival at Toronto, it was over an hour before baggage started to arrive. Whilst waiting for the second of two bags, a member of staff (not Aer Lingus) took us aside (with many others) and told us our bag had not arrived. So someone knew in advance that many bags had not been loaded. We filled out forms and were told the missing baggage was still in Dublin and would be sent on the following day's flight. Lots of very irate people in the same position. I would guess that the aircraft couldn't handle the weight of a full baggage load.

Our bag contained shirts and shorts for the very hot weather, toiletry items, and formal wear for the family wedding we were attending. Day 2 - no phone call so we rang to enquire about our bag. We were told it hadn't arrived but was being sent by freight the next day. Had to buy shirts shorts and toiletries. Day 3 - no phone call so we again rang to enquire. It is on its way we were told, so no need to buy replacement clothes. However, the bag didn't show up. Day 4 - Wedding day and no clothes. However, a local taxi turned up with the bag late morning. Alas, too late for the wedding we had especially flown over for.

No contact at all from Aer Lingus. Tried to complain to staff at IAD Washington before our return flight, to be told I could only complain online!! Return flight was also cramped and our meal was spilled over us when the occupants in the seats in front decided to recline, despite cabin crew instructing them otherwise. A complaint brought little action from the cabin crew who looked harassed and under pressure. Trying to complain online and the Aer Lingus site keeps crashing before I can complete. What a shambles from a third rate operator. WILL NEVER FLY AER LINGUS AGAIN... NEVER!!!

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Original review: Aug. 21, 2016

Will not be using this airline again. Rude staff. not good service. Was on my way back for Dublin going home to Scotland Glasgow airport had already paid for my tickets online before hand. Got to the airport on time and went to get boarding pass etc was told a morning flight had missed it even when I had printed it out and it clearly said it was a night flight on the booking.

After this I went to the information desk and the staff looked bored and not helpful, said what had happened and had to buy a new ticket 155.99 and went to get halfway there. I looked in my bag and my passport had fell out had to go to the Garda police to get it back. Went back to the desk explained what had happened. The staff said there would transfer my onto another flight by this time, was tired anger and feed up so had to hung about the airport for another four hours.

After this went to get the flight and was told that they had not transfer my on this said would have to pay a charge to do so after being told that this had be done as required at this had it with them just wanted to get home to Glasgow then back to Fife Dunfermline asap. So had to phone someone to get my flight with Ryan Air they did and was on the Ryan air plan got ticket go the gate and was on my way and back in Scotland. Would like a refund of them it is my money and will not be using them never again to go anywhere.

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Original review: July 16, 2016

When I read Martha's post, I really couldn't believe that we had had almost the same experience: a) a 'demand' that we check our roll ons (we never check baggage), b) lost luggage going to IAD, c) no way to communicate with Aer Lingus as they gave us no case number to register our lost luggage even though we filled out all their required forms, d) complete inability to communicate with Aer Lingus as they simply do not answer the phones.

Surprisingly, a very nice lady in the Washington DC area (who also had HER luggage lost by Aer Liingus two days prior to ours) kindly called us to say that OUR luggage was on her door step when she arrived home from work! They put the wrong address for forwarding. Yet another foul up. Rather than trust Aer Lingus to follow up on this ridiculous scenario, I drove the 343 miles back to Washington DC to collect our long lost luggage seven days later. Had it not been for the kind lady in D.C taking the trouble to call us, our luggage would still be lost.

I wanted Aer Lingus to know about this and tried to notify them, but .... if you don't have a case number, (the number they "forgot" to supply when we told them our luggage did not arrive), they won't accept any response from the customer. I can see why this might improve their complaint statistics, since it is impossible to complain within their own system without that critical case number. We will NEVER (NEVER) use this airline again.

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Original review: June 29, 2016

When we were boarding our Aer Lingus flight at London Heathrow, returning from our holiday in England, a very rude gate agent told us we had "Too many carry-ons". We had the legal amount and sizes based on the Aer Lingus website, but he refused to let us board the plane without checking our small roller bag. So they checked it to our final destination of Washington Dulles Airport and gave us a baggage ticket. They had no luggage tags to put on the bag and he said there would be no problem. Naturally, the bag never arrived in Washington. An airline rep at the baggage claim gave me, as well as several others, a form to fill out. What she didn't do was give us a claim number.

It has been 4 days so far and I have called leaving messages, emailed, and never yet been able to speak to an individual. There doesn't seem to be a way to find out if anyone has heard my messages, assigned a claim number, or received my emails. It is very frustrating. I did receive a 'Do Not Reply' email that said I would hear from someone but so far nothing. This is the first time I've had difficulty reaching an airline representative and it is more than exasperating! I don't think I'll fly Aer Lingus again. Although the flights were all on time and check-in was quick and easy, the feeling I got from the whole experience is that they are not very customer-focused. I will give an update if I ever hear from anyone with a satisfactory response, either getting my bag back, or adequate compensation.

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Original review: June 22, 2016

I was stuck in Faro, Portugal for 4 days without money. I had previously changed my ticket, and paid the £35 fee. I could not get into my flight details online, and I tried many times to contact Aer Lingus in Portugal, their UK office, and their main office in Dublin. The phone either rang out, or the line was engaged. After being unable to gain access to my account, as I wanted to change my flight again to an earlier date, and which I was prepared to pay the £35 change fee again, I was denied access to my account details.

As I could not afford the next available flights I had to book a NEW ticket for four days later, which was the only one I had money in my account to book, so I had no other option. I then had to phone a friend to ask if she could send me some money, though she didn't have any herself. So I lived on bread, ham and bottled water for three days. I had been staying in a pension and the owner was aware of my problem, so he let me stay until I was able to get money through, the day before I left.

When I arrived at Faro airport for the flight home, the new ticket which I had bought at £65, I was told I was book on the flight but my luggage was not. I was also told that I had requested and paid for a particular seat, which I have never done in my life. I was told I could fly, but my luggage could not. I didn't have the money to pay again for my luggage. When I asked to speak to someone from Aer Lingus, I was told there were no Aer Lingus staff in the airport. I was then directed to the Customer Service desk of Portway in the airport.

I was very distressed, and I had just spent four days in a distressed condition due to the inability to contact Aer Lingus. When I explained my problem to them, they sorted it out within five minutes. They apologised for my distress, and for the actions, or inaction of Aer Lingus and suggested I contact them when they arrive home. I want Aer Lingus to refund the money for the new ticket I had to pay for, and I also want them to compensate me with the money I had to borrow from my friend to pay for the four extra days and night I had to spend in Faro. I will NEVER fly Aer Lingus again, and I am embarrassed that they are the national airline of Ireland. They should be very very ashamed.

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Original review: June 16, 2016

My husband purchased a coach ticket and after the plane took off and people were allowed to move about the cabin, he immediately reclined his seat and went to sleep. He was abruptly woken up and told he was not allowed to recline his seat so he flew for 9 hours bolt upright. He and I will NEVER fly Aer Lingus again!! Never! I will tell everyone I know not to fly Aer Lingus! Hate them! He was so sore and his back hurt and he hadn't slept - he was a mess when he landed. Not a good way to start a holiday.

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Original review: May 17, 2016

My daughter (and her roommate) were stuck in Dublin on March 20 when a French air traffic control strike forced Aer Lingus to cancel their return flight from Dublin to Barcelona. Aer Lingus told them they had to stay in Dublin for at least 3 more days before the airline would be able to get them back to Barcelona. As that was not acceptable (they are students and had to get back to classes in Barcelona), I booked them on an Aer Lingus flight next morning (March 21) from Dublin to London Gatwick airport at a cost of $400 (each), and then on a flight from London Heathrow (a $70 taxi fare from Gatwick) to Barcelona on Iberia, at a cost of another $278 (each).

Despite Aer Lingus's website saying under "Flight Disruption Info" that if your flights are affected by a disruption, you can change your dates of travel free of charge and free of any fare difference, I have been unable to get Aer Lingus to refund any money at all. They offered to refund the unused portion of the round trip fare from Barcelona to Dublin (about US$120), but have not done so (it's been 2 months), and they offer no explanation why they will not honor the statement on their own website about allowing change in date and fare when there is a trip disruption. I'm not even asking them to refund the Iberia fare from London Heathrow to Barcelona, just the $400 I paid (times 2 for the two girls) for the fare from Dublin to London. Getting nowhere at all. Should I have the opportunity to fly into/out of Ireland in the future, I will never use Aer Lingus.

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