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An American Nightmare. I am a million-mile traveler on American Airlines. Yet my wife and I endured treatment on our last trip that would have been shabby for a group of prisoners, let alone loyal paying customers. We deserve both an apology and just recompense. Our nightmare occurred in connection with flight AA2500 from Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ) to Dallas (DFW) on August 12, 2016. Severe weather prevented our landing at DFW, and the plane was diverted to Austin. On the tarmac at Austin there were several planes, all but three American Airlines.

For some reason, a United Airlines flight, a British Airways flight and a JetBlue flight were able to leave Austin. Similarly, after about four hours on the ground, all the American Airlines domestic flights were able to disgorge their passengers at Austin and leave. Four American Airlines international flights remained, but, by law, were required to release their passengers after the four-hour limit. While inconvenient, none of this was cause for complaint: weather is weather, and safety rules must be followed.

We expected that we would not get home until the next day and that American Airlines would assure that this would be done in a reasonable fashion. How wrong we were. The worst horrors of our ordeal came after we deplaned at Austin. The bus let us off at Immigration and Customs. We encountered a crowd of about 600 passengers (the occupants of the four American Airlines international flights stranded at the Austin airport), waiting for their luggage to be delivered from the planes. Most were standing, many were sitting on the floor, and some were sleeping on the floor, tired from their 4 to 5 hour imprisonment on the tarmac.

A fortunate few occupied the 40 or so seats in the luggage arrival area. Exhausted and hungry (most had not had a meal since they boarded their planes hours before: for my wife and me it had been 10 hours), several infants and some adults were in distress. There was only one water source; a single-user fountain on the second floor. My wife and I, both in our late 70s, stood stoically, fighting fatigue and the pains of aging. No one knew when the luggage would be delivered (or indeed if it would) and what was to be done after we cleared Customs.

This is the real source of my complaint: total lack of communication from American Airlines. Could you not have made some announcements concerning our plight and your plans to alleviate the problems? Are we cattle? The torment continued. Our baggage finally arrived an hour and a half later, after midnight, and we finally cleared customs. We then looked for the American Airlines ticket counter, where we found a lone ticket agent whose only function seemed to be pointing to an exit where we would find a bus going to Dallas.

There was no driver at the bus. Seating and baggage loading was do it yourself. My wife and I were the last passengers seated, and someone opened the baggage compartment for me to stow our suitcases. We considered ourselves lucky because we were on the last bus, though we were not the last plane passengers. (How did American Airlines handle the stragglers? I shudder to think.)

After a four-and-a-half hour, very uncomfortable bus ride with one twenty-minute rest stop, we arrived at DFW. Again, without any direction from American Airlines personnel, we made our way to the ticketing area, where we found a long line snaking toward a couple of ticket agents, evidently re-ticketing the unfortunates from yesterdays missed flights. I noticed shorter lines at the priority counters, so, armed with my priority boarding pass from the day before and my Ruby AAdvantage Gold card, I approached the area.

I was intercepted by an enormous bouncer who reminded me of a Thomas Nast Boss Tweed cartoon. I showed him my ticket and card. He informed me that only first and business class was allowed to pass. I started to object, noting that I always went to the Priority line with my Gold card. He said he was not an American Airlines employee, but a contractor and he had his orders. Noting that I was twice his age and half his size, I decided that I was not going to get past him. That's what I get for my million miles? We returned to the hoi polloi line and spent an hour and a half getting to the ticket counter, where we were issued tickets for San Jose.

Finally, relaxed and confident that we were on our way home, we had breakfast the first meal we had in 24 hours. We went to the gate (9) indicated on our tickets and were surprised to find out that gate was for San Jose, Cabo. We were redirected to gate 13, where the plane to San Jose, California, was waiting. We got in line to board, Gold card being accepted, and handed the agent our tickets. Mine had been cancelled! Twenty-seven hours with no sleep, bullying from a contractor and treated as a cipher (look it up) instead of a customer by American Airlines! I lost it.

Who in hell would cancel my ticket and why? Our luggage was going to San Jose without us? Not if I could help it! With great effort I was able to cool down while the ticket agent worked on the problem, though it did not help that she was freely giving boarding passes to standbys while we watched. Finally the agent found a way to get us on the plane. We were the last to board, seated far apart. I asked my seatmate if he would mind trading his middle seat for my wife's aisle seat, mentioning that my wife and I have been married for 56 years and didn't like to travel separately.

He agreed. We appreciated the kindness that he showed. It was far more than we received during out 36-hour trial on American Airlines. In sum, the treatment accorded us by American Airlines was substandard under any circumstances. That the airline would treat a loyal customer, a Gold-card member with a million miles under his belt, with such disregard is, frankly, contemptible. We were treated as cattle. As customers we deserved better. I expect an apology and some sort of restitution so that my wife and I can begin to put this horrible experience behind us.

In a nut shell, tickets from Lax to Ogg was 621 via - price went down 200 on the same flights, called AA - SUPERVISOR Carrie ** stated I could not have a credit. I asked why, she first said "if passengers all called in when they had a difference in the fare, we would not be able to handle the call volume." I questioned that. When her first answer made no sense she began to read the Corp policy. 1st and last time traveling on this airline, no wonder the stock is dropping.

I bought a round trip ticket through American Airlines traveling LAX to BOG on July 29th. It took me two days to get to my destination after hours of delay and finally at midnight July 29th it was announced that flight 8262 DFW was cancelled until Saturday July 30th 9 a.m. guess what following day same thing. By that time I went to the counter for American Airlines and requested a flight to Miami so I could get to my destination through another airline. American Airlines in my opinion lacks honesty, integrity, and overall customer service to their clients who are paying top dollar for the flights. They gave out a food voucher for $12.00 at the DFW airport. What can you buy? Coffee?

I couldn't make this stuff up! Our family of 6 were stranded in Toronto after a cruise to Alaska. We booked airline tickets with American Airlines for our return flights. Upon disembarking from the cruise in Vancouver we called to verify our flights the next morning at 8 am, with connecting flights. We learned that our second leg of the trip from Toronto to Charlotte NC had been moved up from 7:15 pm to 5:10 pm. We didn't arrive in Toronto until 3:45 pm. This time change seemed awfully close. I questioned the airline that we would not have a problem making our connection and they assured me that we would not, but I was concerned. I did my due diligence and asked and was given an answer. The next morning we arrived at the Vancouver Airport at 6 am for an 8 am flight. Much to my surprise when we checked in they would not tag our luggage and give us boarding passes for all three legs of our trip.

They told me that I had to pick up my luggage in Toronto and recheck in and go through customs, etc. I insisted that this would not work for sure there was clearly not enough time and the lady told me "you are sitting up in the front (row 8) you should be able to get off quickly and get your luggage. I, again, insisted that this would not work. She said there was nothing she could do. I tried calling American Airlines and Sat on hold until it was time to board with no help. We get to Toronto, of course, and are in a panic to get our luggage and find the departures terminal to get in line and recheck in. It is now 3:45 pm and we do not get our luggage until 4:30 pm. I leave my family and run through the airport to the check in counter at another gate and address a clerk at American Airlines with my dilemma. He tells me that it's too late we've already missed the boarding check in and to get our luggage and come back to get booked on the 7:15 pm flight.

We race back up, now it's 4:50 pm and expect to go right away to the desk to take care of this issue. We are told to get in the line. The line is 2 hours long. All the while we are expecting to get re-booked on the original 7:15 pm flight. By the time we get up to the line it's 6 pm. Getting close to missing the 7:15 pm boarding time again. We get up to the counter to be told there is no 7:15 pm flight. It's Saturday August 13 and we are told there are no flights to our destination until Tuesday the 16th. Ok, what are we supposed to do? I have me, my husband and 4 children traveling. They offer us no assistance. This is unacceptable. Come to find out they changed the flight from 7:15 pm to 5:10 pm on August 9th while we were on our cruise. We looked at all of our correspondence and were never notified of this change.

It wasn't until I called the night before our departure after disembarking the cruise did we find out and were told it would not be a problem to get out flight. The nightmare gets worse, but this is the part pertaining to the airline. Long story short, we could not find a hotel in Toronto, we were never offered hotel vouchers or anything for the 3 nights that we were supposed to stay before catching their next flight. We ended up taking a Greyhound bus to Buffalo NY to be able to get a flight out on Monday morning instead of Tues. We incurred over $3000.00 in additional costs for transportation, lodging and cheap food for 6 adults, missed days of work, missed days of school etc. and no consideration whatsoever. It was basically, "well there is nothing we can do". On top of it all there is NO consumer relations phone number for me to call to discuss this with American Airlines. I have to submit this in an email.

They created an impossible situation and took no responsibility. I called other airlines and explained my situation and was told numerous times that this was on their end and when they made this change they should have had a plan in place for us as far as refunding our money so we could book with another airline, or hotel accommodations or something. I am totally dumbfounded at the customer service policies of this Airline. Oh, as a result my one son's return ticket home to NY had to be reschedule on JetBlue and they didn't even charge me a change fee when I explained this story and called them at 4:30 am, when we reached Buffalo, on the same morning he was suppose to fly back to his home in NY.

I began flying on commercial airlines in 1968. Starting in 1970, my job required moderately frequent flying and AA soon became my favorite airline until ~1972 when two bad things happened. First, we were in Phoenix with reservations to fly to Washington DC in late afternoon. We planned to sight see until it was time to leave Phoenix, but we decided to stop at the airport on our way out of town and check in our luggage for some good reasons I no longer recall. AA refused to check in our luggage as it was too far before our flight (~5-6 hours). That irritated us, and then, when combined with event #2, we decided to stop flying AA and have never flown AA again (10 of our last 12 flights have been international business class).

Second, flying from somewhere to DCA with a stop in Chicago, a stewardess spilled a cup of hot coffee in my lap (not my coffee. I don't drink coffee). This was back in the days when people on airplanes dressed up, and she made a mess of one of my business suits. AA made no offer to clean my stained pants beyond the stewardess giving me a "hot towel" to mop up the hot coffee in my lap. Thanks a lot. For some reason, probably triggered by having a planned business class flight to Europe wreck by Delta's recent debacle, my misadventures with AA popped into mind along with the recollection that I never before told you why I won't fly AA. Now you know. So I tried to send the above to AA on Aug 15, 2016 but I could not do it because AA's website refused to accept my home address as a real address--how stupid are these jerks that they think I don't know my address?

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My experience was very bad. My daughter was flying for the first time. Her 1 carry bag was exact size. It was measures before we got to the gate. The 2 women on gate 44 Terminal 8 for the 1200pm flight to Charlotte SC were rude and very nasty. Pushed her to get on to the plane. Tried asking them a few questions, and they just walked away, and grabbed her bag. I might add the plane was 20 to 30 min late. we paid $336.26 for 1 person. TICKET **. Never use American Airlines again. I see there are a lot of bad reviews, but it seems like American Airline could care less.

This review is based on past several experiences with this airline. Flights consistently delayed. Extremely poor customer service. Staff less than helpful and often rude. Airline will not hold accountability when a customer misses a connecting flight. Overnight accommodations not covered by airline even when is their fault. Please do yourself a favor and choose another airline when possible. This type of corporations are so large that they can get away with this type of issues and the customer has no recourse. They believe that they don't need to offer good customer service or good value. It is very disappointing and frustrating.

Yesterday I just had a terrible day due to unfairly treated by this company. So I had a very important interview at 10 am in DC, booked a ticket to fly there in 1 hr. The flight would depart at 6 am, so I have to get up at 3 so that I can't miss it. Then things got dramatic, first, we boarded, after waiting for 15 mins, they said something went wrong, we have to get off and reboard.

Ok, after getting off and waited for 15 mins, they begin to hand us reservation contact card so we could call to manage our reservation, but when I called, the staff in phone told me she got update saying it's going to depart in 15 mins. I was like, "ok, not too bad." After 15 mins, the time changed to another 15 mins later. Then the gate staff said it's very likely to cancel, at this time, it's 50 mins.

So I called again to ask if I can get a refund. Then the terrible staff in phone said, "No, we can't give you a refund because it's not cancelled," but the staff by the gate said, "It's most likely to be cancelled." "Well, you see, it's most likely" "I had an interview..." "We couldn't get you another flight this morning because it's all booked." "So how long do I have to wait to know it's cancelled?" "I don't know." "Oh, so I can't get a refund, and if I want to book a ticket from another company, and your flight is working again after 3 hrs, I can't get a refund then??" And she was like, "Whatever".

Never experienced such rude customer service. I have to ask the agent by the gate, but it's a long line, finally after 5 mins, it's officially cancelled? Wtf? No, that's not the end of story, never doubt the ability they have to make you feel like living in hell. So I called after for refund, surprisingly, it's the same agent "Well, it's finally cancelled, can I get a refund?" "Ok, what's your locator..." and I said "E". "What" letter E, empty E... didn't she understand English? "Do you want a full refund for your ticket?" Yes. Ok, I thought I was done with this **, so I have to spent almost three times of the price for a ticket to DC in another airline.

My return flight with AA is at midnight, again, it's delayed, for 40 mins or so, finally when I was on board, I got kicked out. Why? Because they cancelled my ticket, and saying, "When you asked for a refund, all your trips are cancelled?" Reallly??? And last minute, the agent in the phone told me I can't get a refund for a non-cancelled flight, "Now you cancel my ticket for a non-cancelled flight?" She said, "Well, the flight is full, yes, you can't get home today." It's my fault. I ask for a refund.

When I asked for a refund, she never told me my other fight is cancelled, "Just give me a number so that later I can go to website to get refund. "Oh, yes, how come I don't know a refund will cancel all my other flight, because I'm not a fully trained staff who work in your company and know them all!! I don't know what kind of people can do things like this in the middle of night, they totally ** me up, and insulted me.

Getting up at 3 and had all these things almost made me pass out, I have to spent another 300$ for hotel and another flight... and the taxi dispatcher insulted me for not speaking loudly. I can still stand there and walk is already a miracle. I tried my best to speak. he just like mocking people. Well, none of this would ever happen if I don't use AA. In the end, I ended up paying for over $800 for everything that resulted from the cancelled flight which is only 142. So advice for anyone who value life and time, stay away from AA. And I wonder why they even want to put money on free inflight entertainment, no, that's not where they should use money, it's the customer service!!

With professional respect, I write this review at 11:27 PM here from DFW airport Terminal C, Gate 27 wherein there is a plethora of American flights delay today evening clearly a hoax on the weather and when Staff announce "Cannot address questions at this time" - Business means ownership - I Quote South West associations boycotted their own CEO for culture and the CEO, COO came public to face it. Seniors and children and 100s of passengers tired and fatigued here - No refunds, No rewards the Best Customer service does not work - American Phishy as always.

No wonder American has to compete with others by acquisitions since you forget the customers. Your staff are trained to not meet in the eyes and speak like robots when the questions inquired are Yes/ No. We do understand delays but once a flight gets delayed over 4 hours and 5 reschedules - Is there any accountability? Your Ops, Air traffic, Field staff, ITES & Customer Service - What kind of integrity does American reflect as an organization? You cannot allow reschedule to future date beyond weekend, you won't refund, you won't even keep up your next flight time posted. Is this anywhere close to Fair business practice?

I do encourage you guys to not forget the customer is the king. You need example - Spirit Airlines. So much is being done with so little and yet they can be profitable - Why cannot you guys? What kinda airlines gives a passenger a ticket printed legally from their RES system for travel date 08/12/16 time 1:10 AM when my flight is on 08/13/16?

I purchased my tickets from an online travel agent. I received a $300.00 ticket for $200.00... I received my confirmation and when attempting to pay the company I was going to pay wanted me to send it PayPal to a specific person whom was not a part of the transaction, that caused me to do some research which unraveled a scam... I did not have to contact American Airlines because the tickets were already paid for, but I did. In the conversation with the agent Wendy in the fraud department, she made me feel like I was a criminal instead of a victim.

She never offered me to replace the ticket with my personal credit card, she did not even allow me the chance to buy a ticket thru her for the same price as the original $300.00 ticket. They did nothing and now I am out of the $200.00 which I am getting back but now I have to pay $397.00 for a ticket. ALL this for being honest and truthful... It is hard to tell someone to be honest when American Airlines treat the innocent like they are criminals especially when it was I whom informed them that there was fraud in the transaction... NOT good business at all.

On July 10, 2016 at 4:55 pm, I boarded flight 2059 from MIA to LAS as a First Class Passenger. There were many situations. I will be as brief as possible. A flight attendant and a customer got into a disagreement. The customer put her hands on the flight attendant in the manner of a slap. The customer was never removed from the flight. Our flight was delayed over 2 hours due to a signature from an engineer. The engineer seemed to do a quick review, signed off on one area, and left. It seemed the Pilot needed another signature on another portion of the document which the Pilot stated to the engineer in the initial discussion.

During the delay, the woman who takes the tickets at the gate opened the airplane door before speaking to the Pilot to make him aware and get clearance. As the Pilot went to discuss this, he and the woman (ticket taker at the gate) began to argue at the top of their lungs. This was very unprofessional in every way. This woman also put all of the passengers' lives at risk by not getting clearance from the Pilot. I am very disappointed in the way I felt during my flight to LAS. This was an unacceptable and very sad trip which American Airlines provided.

On June 9th 2016 we, as in myself, my two young children and my husband, decided to take our first trip with American Airlines from SLC to MCI to go back home for a wedding of our close friends. We had a connection through DFW, which ended up being delayed by about an hour or so, no big deal. However, on our way back home on June 13th 2016 the flight kept getting delayed leaving MCI due to weather, completely understandable. Out of your guy's hands, I stood in line at the gate to talk to a agent for almost 30 mins because there was other people line.

Once I finally got up to the counter, I encountered a lady named Pam. I was hoping that she would be a little bit more helpful with our flight but she wasn't. I asked if we were going to miss our connection from PHX to SLC, she said she didn't know. When I asked if the pilot would hold the flight for us since there was 4 of us and a few other people that I overheard were trying to get to SLC, she said she didn't know since that was up to PHX. I get that, not at her discretion to make promises. I asked if we could call and see if they would hold the flight because if they weren't I didn't want to get stuck in PHX, because apparently ALL the flights out of PHX to SLC were booked. I would much rather stay in Kansas City since we have family there.

She said that it was asking too much to call over there and find that out, which completely took me by surprise since I work in the hospitality industry. She then told me that the next flight out to SLC from MCI wasn't until Wednesday, June 15th 2016!!! Which we ended up getting booked on because we had no other choice because we didn't want to get stuck in PHX or DFW.

After all of that I asked for our luggage that was checked, just one bag. Pam advised me that the baggage manager had said that no bags were going to be retrieved because they were already loading the plane. I explained to her that all of our clothes were in that bag and that we needed it. Pam didn't care. She made no additional effort to retrieve our bag. Mind you that we are now in Kansas City for 2 extra days without any clothes besides the ones we were wearing. Pam told me to go to baggage claim and so I did.

When I got to baggage claim there was of course another 30 min wait, however when I got in to talk to the agent, she was extremely pleasant, very nice young lady, I'm sorry I don't remember her name but it was about 6 pm on June 13th. I spoke with her and explained our situation. She gave me a couple options, 1) request the bag be sent back to MCI but explaining that by the time it got back to MCI it would most likely be Wednesday night (6/15/16) and our flight left Wednesday afternoon (6/15/16) or 2) just have the bag delivered to our house in Draper, UT once it landed in SLC so it would be there when we got home. Obviously, we said, "Just have it delivered to our house since it would not make it to MCI in time to benefit us". Our file reference number for our bag claim is **.

We also got charged for our bags to be checked because I forgot to bring my Citi AAdvantage Credit Card and they couldn't just look at my reservation and see that I booked it with that card and waive the fees associated with it. On our way back from home MCI to PHX to SLC on 6/15/16 we also got pushed back to the back of the plane although I had paid for upgraded seats closer to the front for all 4 of us. I get that other people on that flight did the same but my MAIN issue with the flight from PHX to SLC was the fact that our seats were assigned to where my 5-year-old daughter was sitting by herself away from us. I had to BEG someone to take her seat somewhere else so I could sit next to her and the lady that I was asking wouldn't do it and didn't want her 17 year old sitting away from her.

Fortunately the gentleman that was sitting next to my husband and 3-year-old son offered his seat to my daughter and switched with her so she wouldn't be sitting next to two strangers by herself. If you ask me, that was extremely irresponsible and inconsiderate, imagine being 5 years old and having your seat assigned next to two strangers. Imagine being a mother and being told by the flight attendant that there is nothing she can do to help me with the situation and that I had to ask random passengers myself to switch seats with my daughter. With everything going on in today's world I am extremely disappointed that a American Airlines employee thought that it was acceptable to put my 5-year-old girl next to two random strangers and being told by the flight attendant on the plane that there's nothing she can do and that hopefully the two people next to my 5-year-old aren't traveling together.

You will find receipts that I am hoping and expecting to get refunded for since we couldn't get our bag off the plane to stay 2 extra days in Kansas City so we had no clothing. I would appreciate a refund and then some considering we saved American Airlines money on Hotel expenses since we choose to stay with my mom for the extra 2 days. My husband had no sick time or vacation time so he missed out on 2 days of pay because of this whole ordeal and I had to use 2 extra vacation days that I really needed for my brother's wedding in September in Kansas City.

I purchased two AA tickets, one for my mother of 80 years, the other for my son of 24 years. The two family members were to fly together. American Airlines, without even notifying me, changed my son's return flights without changing my mother's flights. The result was that my 80-year-old mother would be stranded for 4 hours in a little island airport and then have to transfer, on her own, in San Juan to a distant terminal.

I happened to look at the status of their tickets and noticed the change. I called right away. My son's flights were irrevocably changed because his final flight connection was no longer available. So I tried to change my mother's flights to match my son's newly airline-assigned flights. American Airline's policy is to charge a $200 fee for flight change regardless of circumstance. I ended up paying an extra $280 to put the two family members back together on the same flights. I can see a policy put into place to deter people from changing flights routinely, but when it is the airline itself that makes the change, I don't see why the customer must pay to match their change for parties traveling together.

Lately I've been getting the runaround from American AAdvantage Customer Service and since my requests have been ignored, I decided to post this very unfair situation that I am experiencing. The trend that American Airlines has been using in recent years in communicating with its customers is done solely or exclusively through emails. This "back and forth" of email exchanges are unproductive and time consuming to say the least. What American Airlines is doing is hiding behind a computer screen is to avoid direct contact with its customers. It is intended, no doubt, to give customers both vague and non engaging responses.

To put it in a different way, I would say, their responses are, for the most part, an automated reply with an easy fit for all hoping that customers will, in return, give up and abandon their quest for a reply. I can only imagine the frustrations of older people in similar situations since they are not acquainted with communicating via emails.

The changes American Airlines has made recently to their AAdvantage Air Miles Program was done exclusively to their advantage to the detriment of its customers. American has reduced the benefits of its Air Miles Program and at the same time has increased air miles requirements to redeem an award travel. I joined American AAdvantage air miles program (also called "AAdvantage Loyalty Program") in April of 2004 and have accumulated to date hundreds of thousands of miles.

I have found in years passed that American AAdvantage was (if compared to others) one of the best frequent flyer programs as far as flights and dates for rewards availability. Yet, since the merger of American Airlines with US Airways in 2013 things started to change. I have, for the most part, always used my miles to travel to Canada from Miami during the summer months and have always booked award travel months in advance.

Beginning in the spring of 2013, I have found that flight availability for MileSAAver awards has become scarce on the daily nonstop flights service to Montreal. The flights that were being offered had connections with terrible layovers. The nonstop flights were available but at the Economy AAnytime award requiring double the mileage (25K) for a one-way segment. In 2014 and 2015 the same situation took place and I have not been able to book and get decent flight schedules for the MileSAAver award travel to Canada. This has forced me to use the two other air carriers' air miles programs I have > Delta's SkyMiles & United Airlines' MileagePlus.

The merger with USAirways may have been a good thing for American but not for their customers. I say this because in the past, I have, on occasion, used my US Airways Dividend Miles as an alternative to travel to Canada but because of the ongoing merger with American, it was difficult to find award seats on US Airway at any of the lower two mileage redemption levels.

Now in the spring of 2016 things have gotten even worse. American has decided to increase award levels for travel to Canada to 15K from 12.5K. Now for travel within the 48 contiguous US States, American came up with a new sub-category of their economy AAnytime award (coach class) with 2 award levels: the economy AAnytime Level 1 requiring 25K miles and economy AAnytime Level 2 requiring 30K to 40K miles and this again, just for a one-way segment. This excess in mile requirements is called "gouging" as far as I'm concerned. The new sub-category platform now used on American flights to U.S. and Canadian cities is just another way for American to gouge its customers out of as many miles as they can. I feel the recent changes are totally unfair.

Not only has American increased award levels but has also changed (re-shuffled) the Reduced Mileage Award Program by eliminating several U.S. and Canadian destinations from it. What is the reason behind this move? Why was this important benefit for Citi Card & Barclaycard credit card holders taken away? The remaining U.S. cities on that list - at the present time - are not all prime destinations and they are for the most part small towns destinations.

The reduced Mileage Award offers miles reduction up to 7,500 miles on a round-trip ticket for premium credit card holders. I am paying a $95 Annual fee to Citi card to keep my Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard and also $89 for my BarclayCard Aviator MasterCard for the reduced mileage award benefit. Now that this benefit has been highly reduced, is it worth it to keep these credit cards?

In May, I sent a letter to American Airlines' VP Marketing at their headquarter in Dallas and also to the Director of Customer Relations in Phoenix AZ, requesting an explanation regarding the recent changes made to the AAdvantage Miles Program. My letter was sent to a representative in the AAdvantage Customer Service Dept. The rep only used her first name and her last name initial and she has been communicating with me only via emails. The response I got from the representative did not address the concerns I have regarding American's recent changes to their AAdvantage Airlines Program.

What I received was a bogus and an easy fit for all responses for the sole purpose of dodging my questions hoping that I will give up and abandon my quest for a reply. I have sent the anonymous representative a 3rd email requesting to be contacted by phone to further discuss this matter. I have always felt that the best and most effective way to resolve an issue with either a vendor or supplier of services is to communicate by phone.

I have also informed the anonymous representative that if I do not get a call back from her or someone else within her department with satisfactory responses, I will pursue the matter by posting this unfair situation to internet base consumer's complaint websites. Since my request for a call back has been ignored, I decided to post this unfair situation on this website [Consumer Affairs]. As I said in the beginning of this expos, the AAdvantage air miles used to be one the best Air Mile Program available, but now it has changed to the point that it should be renamed DIS-AAdvantage air miles program.

The idea that stellar customer service is one of the core priorities of a successful business has apparently lost its focus within the American Airlines Group and overshadowed instead by investor relations, shareholder value and profit and loss statements. Flight 826 en route to Salt Lake City was scheduled to depart Philadelphia International Airport at 6:00 pm but was instead cancelled approximately 5 hours later due to American Airlines negligent contingency planning. Scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia from Fort Myers Florida, flight 826 was delayed several times due to mechanical problems and was subsequently cancelled because of American Airlines failure to have standby crews available to fly the plane from Philadelphia to Salt Lake City. This is an irresponsible oversight and very shortsighted planning given that Philadelphia is a hub location for American Airlines.

The disappointed travelers included folks trying to get back home to their families, a mom and dad trying to get to their daughter's wedding, several domestic and international people trying to explore the wonders of Yellowstone National Park and my wife and I who simply wanted to spend a couple of days with a friend and backpack through the Wasatch mountains. I completely understand that from time to time there will be circumstances that one cannot foresee and that getting travelers to and from their destinations safely is your top priority. However, the way these circumstances were handled by American Airlines was unacceptable both at the departure gate and by your customer assistance personnel. The lack of leadership provided by American Airlines staff at the departure gate was clearly obvious. If not for another flight departing from the same gate your staff would not have had a presence whatsoever.

The flight was delayed several times (from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm to 11:20 pm to 12:45 am back to 12:30 am then to 1:00 am and finally to 2:00 am) but yet no presence of American Airlines staff to provide any information that may have helped travelers inform alternative travel plans. Instead of providing any personalized customer assistance at the gate your staff chose to manage this unfortunate situation passively by leaving us to sit helplessly, at the mercy of our electronics, for the status of our flight and wondering if we were ever going to get to Salt Lake City at all.

It was not until approximately 9:30 pm (many of us were at the gate at 4:30 pm) that American Airlines staff informed travelers that the flight had departed Fort Myers en route to Philadelphia. Finally a ray of hope as one would think. However, your staff failed to mention that American Airlines had not secured a crew to fly the plane from Philadelphia to Salt Lake City. A small detail that was overlooked and not made known until 45 minutes later. Finally at approximately 11:30 pm, 5 hours after the scheduled departure, the flight was canceled. It is unbeknownst why American Airlines failed to have adequate stand-by crews at one of its hub cities. Contingency plans must be in place to mitigate against these unforeseen circumstances.

There is only one conclusion to draw from this indiscretion, that is, American Airlines is indifferent toward customer satisfaction. You chose to burden, us the travelers, rather than your flight crew. Shame on you. If your lack of leadership and indifference were not enough, we now had the pleasure of dealing with your airline's customer assistance staff which displayed no empathy for us the travelers whatsoever.

The role of customer assistance is to turn a bad experience into a good one. Customer assistance is about serving people; it should be genuine, personalized, and compassionate or, simply put, human. These characteristics seem to have been completely foreign to the customer assistance manager that was on duty the night of July 21st. This person did not seem to have any concern or sense of urgency and was unsympathetic in regards to even helping her own staff address the needs of the inconvenienced travelers. For example, as we reached Customer Assistance there were four (4) representatives ready to serve approximately seventy (70) or so disappointed travelers. After nearly 15 minutes, three (3) of those representatives left their work stations and went home.

It was evident that they were not motivated to solve any of our needs such as providing hotel accommodations, meal vouchers, ground transportation and booking alternative flight arrangements. To further irritate the travelers this manager was uninterested in helping the only remaining representative and was apathetic to the circumstances at hand. She handled the circumstances so poorly that airport security had to be call upon to restore some sense of civility.

It is clear that this manager has nurtured a culture among her staff that trivializes the traveler's experience. She does not care about her work or why she does it and it is obvious that her skills are not an appropriate match for customer assistance. Maybe some back office position but never should she interface with the traveler.

Travelers are entitled to reasonable compensation in light of flight cancellations. However, American Airline policies that pertain to such are complicated and include many conditional terms and conditions. For example, many of the travelers who were fortunate enough to get a hotel voucher were told that American Airlines would not provide ground transportation. American Airlines has instead chosen to shift this burden to the traveler. Likewise, an elderly couple, who were overwhelmed and exhausted from this ordeal, were told that American Airlines would not provide them with hotel accommodations simply because they resided in the greater Philadelphia area.

Sometimes common sense and common courtesy need to prevail and your customer assistance staff should have the discretion to assess the situation and make a judgement call to override such a policy. Lack of leadership and contingency planning at your hub cities, marginalizing customer assistance and antiquated company policies all indicate that customer assistance is just an afterthought to the American Airlines Group. Unfortunately the traveler, your consumer, is paying the price until you figure it out.

Boarded plane at 5:30 PM. Finally departed at 7:30 PM. First the flight crew said the delay was due to being low on catering supplies (cups) then they said traffic was heavy. At 6:59 PM I got up to ask for a cup of water because I've just been sitting here parched for an hour and a half; and the flight attendant said no; that I'd have to wait until we're up in the air. And there's no wifi, no spot to charge mobile devices, and no in-flight entertainment. Terrible customer service, terrible plane, and terrible timing. Will absolutely never fly with this airline ever again.

My son and I were flying from Orlando to Portland, OR with a stopover in Phoenix. I want to say upfront that every ticket agent (with one exception) and flight attendant that we encountered in the process of this journey was wonderful. The day to day employees of the airline and airport were nothing but helpful. However, this was our experience.

Plane delayed out of Orlando due to thunderstorms. Gate attendant booked us on later flight out of Phoenix so we could still get to Portland as planned. Upon nearing landing in Phoenix thunderstorms forced us to circle for 1/2 hour then divert to Las Vegas to refuel. Flew through horrendous thunderstorms to Vegas. We were not allowed to deplane to continue on from there though we were closer to Portland and north of the horrible weather that was affecting flights. Flew back to Phoenix through worse weather and circled again for almost a half an hour before being cleared for landing. Our connecting flight had not yet left so we went to the gate to check in. American Airlines boarded the entire plane, closed the overhead compartments and then notified us that the crew would not be able to fly as they would reach their maximum time in flight. Deboarded entire plane.

Another connector was still available. Checked in to that flight. Informed an hour later that flight would be unable to fly due to a lack of flight crew. Informed that we would be given a special, exclusive phone number to call to reschedule our flights for the next day. Called the number at 3:30 am and the agent tried to book us to Portland, Maine instead of Portland, Oregon then informed us that we wouldn't be able to fly out until 10:55 the next evening. I asked if there were any earlier flights and was told I could go standby at the airport if I wished. Called the number again at 9:30 am and was helpfully booked onto an earlier direct flight to Portland. Weather is outside of the control of the airlines but customer service is not. American Airlines' utter lack of customer service was appalling. I will not fly American again.

My mother arrived 1.5 Hours before her flight was supposed to depart, and they said that she missed the flight because she had to be in 2 hours prior to departure. This is absolutely ridiculous. They told her they could transfer her to another flight for the sum of $750 on top of what she had already paid for. At this point, I bought another ticket from another company and told their rep to shove the ticket up into his cavities. Never buying from this airline again.

I fly American airlines all the time. I have no complaints about the service or flying experiences. AA offered to sign Me up for their diners program. What a waste of time. I went to 4 diners using My correct card and never got My mileage posted. After going into the restaurant many times to tell them I didn't get My rewards points they directed Me to AA diners club direct.

I was given the ride of My life and nothing but hassles from beginning. They told Me to fax the receipts to them THEN when they received them they didn't like the receipts the restaurant gave Me. Because it was a delivery I only got a receipt with the date/how much I spent and the restaurant name on it. They said those receipts were not acceptable. When I asked why 4 purchases weren't automatically posted they said it was MY responsibility to prove My purchase so I contacted My credit card provider who sent Me the statement. They didn't like this either because it only had the last 2 credit card numbers on the statement (I had written the last 4 digits by hand which matched the last 2 on the statement).

I told them the CC company refused to place the number for security reasons but they said without the machine printed credit card number they would not give Me My rewards I earned. So much for EVER using the American airlines diners service. It DOESN'T work. ALSO AA will not issue a credit card to a person with a 700+ credit score and NO late payments for 3 years. Go figure...

We are on flight 1378 to Liberia. Flight was supposed to leave at 11:38, but has been delayed. It is now 8:00 pm and we are still sitting on the plane. Being delayed when awaiting an amazing tropical vacation is never fun. The problem is not only the wait, but there is a horrible flight attendant, Diana, who has cussed out several passengers.

A man asked for some water after being on this plane for hours and was denied. She told him he wasn't first class and wasn't in a top seating class and therefore gets no water. The man was still nice and explained to her, it is only water and will take her only 2 seconds to get it and she told him, he was bitching at the wrong person and to stop bitching! Super rude! We are now on the airplane for a second time and again have been on here for hours. We have a new pilot and crew, but are still waiting. I do want to thank Elizabeth, another flight attendant, for being so kind. She brought everyone water and has been nothing but sweet and has had a smile on her face.

Violates DOT's DISABLED accessibility rules under Air Carrier Ac. Because AMERICAN AIRLINES is not reliable. I decided to purchase FIRST CLASS PRIORITY seat due to a major back surgery with implanted artificial discs, that had not yet fused. The way down to Jamaica was fine. The return had 12 delays causing us to depart over 2 hours late. There was NO WHEEL CHAIR, so they stuck me on an electric cart, with no driver in a remote hallway. I sat there for 30 minutes, while my husband ran around looking for a driver, to no avail! I was ticketed all the way through to have a WHEELCHAIR and I paid over $2,000.00 for (2) FIRST CLASS tickets on the return so my husband could sit with me. Connie ** in the TEXAS AA office took weeks and me going in TWITTER to even get a call back.

She never followed through with the refund of $600.00 she promised as we had her on speaker phone and wrote it all down. Then she said, because I was "angry" she was going to have someone else call back. That only took 25 days, and they emailed us (2) $300.00 vouchers that we will never use. How can I trust them to do the right thing? Disabled people are not required to pay for FIRST CLASS to be accommodated. Even when you do, they do zero to make sure it happens. NO ACCOUNTABILITY and no refund. I am filling out the complaint form to DOT, which comes with a MINIMUM fine of $275,000.00. NEVER AGAIN.

Disabled people have no rights and good luck finding any attorney to take these cases. They are all too lazy, greedy and they only handle death. Not only that, I have been on 2 flights #880, out of MIAMI to MBJ, that had to turn around to make emergency landings. Another flight out of JFK to MBJ, they lost my luggage for a week. Last week, a plane caught on fire and is finally being serviced. WHO WAITS for that to HAPPEN before they respond? Negligent, violators of ADA, and general morons at the top, handing out useless "store credit", that I said I did NOT want.

My RECORD LOCATOR number is below, that shows the itinerary and all the changes, plus it took 2 days and an overnight in Miami INTL Hotel at a cost of $168.00, plus the dinner we did not get. Carter in Miami re-booking, was part of the problem as she handed us half a leg with NO SEAT # on it. The lady who was finally pushing me (Aura) told us to not take the ticket and "make her ticket you all the way through with an actual seat number." She of course was backed by those flunkies in the Texas executive offices. NO HANDICAPPED person should ever go through what I did.

My husband and I booked a flight to the Bahamas. Shortly after, we found out I was pregnant. Our doctor, and even the hotel representative at our destination in St. Lucia, told us to cancel the trip without question due to the zika virus in that area, which can cause horrendous birth defects. The time share program and hotel cancelled our reservations with no penalties even without the insurance.

However, American Airlines charged exorbitant fees of $200 per passenger and would not help us even if we provided a doctor's note. A supervisor told us that St. Lucia is not on their list of locations with the zika virus. I asked if I could send in a report from the center of disease control, but was told they cannot do anything unless it is on American Airlines' list. If we cancelled the flight, we would receive NO refund - a $1,200 total loss. We then looked into changing our flight to take a state-side trip, and for a flight two states over, we would still owe fees. We didn't even ask about baggage fees! All the customer service representatives were very kind, but the company's policies are unacceptable. I will never fly with this company again.

AA cancelled my flight, so we moved to the next day. I called my client to explain, but they told me they have planned other activities. So I tried to move my return to match their needs. The agent that only identify himself by the name of Angelo told me they were not able to move the date unless I pay $200. I did not cancel, AA cancel. Why should I pay? I asked for the supervisor who recited the same story. I asked for their full names so I can make a formal complaint. He say no and hang the phone. These people only look for the fees for changes, no mater what. He denied to identify themselves. This is not the first time AA do this type of things to me. That's why I use other airlines every time I can. I never get solutions for the problems that AA create.

My daughter wanted to visit her friend in Los Angeles. She paid with her own money. My daughter is 16. The next day we had a accident in the family and we had to cancel the trip. I called American Airlines. They were kind and told me it was within 24 hours and no problem, she would get a refund. It had been a month. I called American and spoke to an extremely rude supervisor Ellen and she told me it was NOT refundable even though my daughter fit all the rules she was NOT going to refund her 80 dollars!

I was explained that if I gave a death certificate I might be able to get a refund. That sounds great, let me go ask my stepfather to cough up the death certificate to get 80 dollars. I was a travel agent for 20 years, worked hand in hand with American Airlines. NEVER have I been treated so disrespectfully!!! I called back again to get my daughter back her $80 dollars and nothing.

I canNOT believe what this airlines has become!! We did NOTHING wrong and went by all the rules and STILL canNOT get our money back!!! $80 that a young girl paid with her own money and we canceled within 24 hours which was THEIR rules and she can't get her money EVEN when she was TOLD THE REFUND WAS BEING PROCESSED. I will not stop, I have contacted my local TV station, any company who steals from kids and anyone needs to be stopped.

Flying out of O'Hare on 7/28/2016. Flight first delayed from 3:20 PM to 5:00 PM. At 2:50 PM flight cancelled along with over 50 additional flights. Ticket counter couldn't help, no flights out until the next evening. Tons of many angry travelers berating the airline employees. Luggage had already been checked, tried to get luggage back, stated it will be a 2-hour wait. I found out the reason was the luggage had already gone out on the next flight that left. Our group of 5 business travelers who needed to return to work the next day finally found a rental car which took 9 hours to get to Columbus, OH due to traffic getting out of Chicago along with construction on Route 65. This is the 3rd time I have traveled to Chicago and my flights have been cancelled. Have not had an issue with other airlines. Don't plan to travel with American in the future.

I purchased an Economy Ticket from Doha to San Francisco. I later upgraded the flight to Business Class. After the flight I requested a receipt online. It was inaccurate. I contacted Customer Service. They said, "yes it is inaccurate but you must contact another Customer Service online." I did. They sent the same inaccurate receipts. Four emails later they said I would need to pay $15 for a receipt to be mailed to me as they could not send by email (though they had already sent one inaccurate one) which may also be inaccurate. I cannot be reimbursed by my company until I present an accurate receipt. I am out of $4,496.18. I will never use this airline again.

Can someone tell me what happened to the service from American Airlines? We were in St. Maarten waiting for our flight (878) when we were told there will be a delay. Once on the flight we were told we had to stop in San Juan to fuel up. After spending about a hour and half there once in the sky we were told they don't have enough food on the plane for everyone. Ok so we figure we can get through this. Once we clear customs in Philadelphia we went to the American Airlines' counter and was told our flight has left and there was nothing they can do till tomorrow. I was very upset we miss our flight because of their irresponsible and all they can say is "Either you leave the next day, get a hotel on your expense or sleep on the floor in the airport." REALLY. These customer service representatives were rude, nasty and very unprofessional.

American Airlines knew this was the last flight coming out of Philadelphia to Newark and you had travellers on the flight that they made late. Why didn't they delay the last flight leaving Philadelphia to make sure everyone got home safe? Not American Airlines. They are in one word PATHETIC. I will never use their service again.

Don't fly American Airlines! We experienced an hour and half delay with little status updates, poor customer service, lost luggage and they charge for everything! I called Customer Care and it took three hours to get a return call. Which said, "it's still in Houston with no action." That's kind of why I called. "I'll send Houston another message, but they are probably overloaded with baggage and just haven't 'gotten to yours' (very comforting to hear). I will try to get it on a plane to Austin". All my daily items and some necessary medications are in that piece of luggage. Shame on you American Airlines. You lost two customers today.

We recently flew from Washington Dulles to Miami on an American Airlines flight, leaving Dulles around 6 arriving in Miami around 8:45. I have flown all over the world and this was the most frightening flight I have ever been on. First, we all boarded and then proceeded to wait an hour while they checked on a cargo problem. They had people on and off the plane due to a suspicious piece of cargo. Finally, we were cleared to take off. Even lift off felt shaky. We were flying toward some bad weather in Miami. The first event was that we must have hit a storm cloud. The plane banked and dove and shuttered violently. Everyone screamed. The pilot said nothing.

Soon after, we were beginning our descent to land. Suddenly, the plane jerked upward at a steep angle, again everyone onboard screamed. After a few nervous minutes, the captain came on and said he couldn't see well enough to land and had to go south then turn back. He also said we would be landing at 1:05 instead of 9:05 and never corrected the mistake. After flying out for a long time, we finally turned and landed. As we deplaned, the flight attendants were nowhere around, and the pilots stayed in the cockpit and didn't greet or speak to the passengers at all. Very strange flight. I think we must have avoided disaster. Scariest flight I've ever experienced in my life.

This was very difficult flight and rude staff. My wife only had 2 bags. Why the agents demanded of her to pay for 2nd bag. $200 at San Francisco going to Beirut and $300 for second bag coming from Beirut. $500 extra for second bag? I don't appreciate the extra charges and the inconsistency in charges. Their website says charges apply for 3rd bag? Most airlines allow 2 bags for international travelers and the ones who allow only one they charge $150 not $300. American Airlines website says 2 bags.

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