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I was flying from Cancun back to JFK yesterday (July 18, 2016). Flight was scheduled to depart at 7:03AM. Boarding was at 6:18am. I had to get up around 2am because I was about 2 hours away from the airport. The plane is at the gate and the crew (minus the pilot(s)) shows up at 6:15am. Everyone is there at the gate getting ready to board when they announce they are going to start 10mins later. Then they just announce the flight is delayed for an HOUR. The reasoning? None given.

While we're waiting, they announce the flight is delayed again for AN HOUR AND A HALF! The reasoning? None given. When we finally do board, we are all seated & buckled in and we wait to go on our way. But of course we don't. We sit and sit, for 40 MINUTES, at the gate, the door still open. We see the crew and the pilots and some other guy in regular clothes (maybe air marshal) just chatting and doing whatever they want besides acknowledging us, the human beings, the paying passengers that have been waiting to get home or catch their connecting flights in New York.

No, they continued to just lean up against the walls and talk some more. I saw one of the pilots laughing away like the plane was totally empty and actually went to the bathroom TWICE during this time. Oh, the reasoning? NONE GIVEN. Not once did they explain what was going on, why we were delayed or what the status was of anything, NOT UNTIL AN HOUR INTO THE FLY. We aren't a herd of sheep American Airlines. We paid money to get on your plane but instead we were ignored and treated like luggage. Oh, also no complimentary snack was handed out. Only looked to be purchased food that was available. Last time I'm ever flying American.

I'm not going to provide a lot of detail but AA was completely awful and unprofessional during this particular trip. The pilot was as ditzy as terminal agent. There were extenuating circumstances but were very poorly managed by staff which created an anxious frenzied and late cabin. After boarding a second time and waiting for our bags to load a second time our flight was eventually cancelled after pilots announced he ran out of hours. I purchased another airline ticket while sitting on this stuffy plane in Tucson and took an Uber to the next airport, which was 2 hours away. The "sorry but go ** yourself" attitude doesn't work for me. I don't care if the pilot has a speech impediment and avoids communicating. It's no excuse. Once the airline has your money you're not getting it back, so choose a good carrier I guess.

In all my years of traveling I have never experienced anything like this. I was not aware that an airline could be this bad. Delayed flights, lies and rudeness. Charlotte hub is a disaster. An assault to the senses, lights, noise, disorganization, lines, angry travelers, lack of signage. The distance to walk to connecting flights was shocking. No motorized walkways, no trams or shuttles. I will be traveling by automobile from now on. If I must fly, it will not be with AA.

We went to check in for our flight and there were two lines. My daughter is a minor so after the first line we were directed to the other line which was for minors. The second line had no one before us and there were three girls talking and laughing in circle and ignored us. Finally, they noticed us and told us that if she has luggage it's too late to put on the plane, so I said she doesn't need her luggage, they said they will ask a manager. The girl left for about three minutes, came back and said that her manager will text her to see if my daughter was able to board the plane. The girl then said that it was two minutes too late and that I have to pay $75 so she can take another flight.

I asked to talk to the manager David and they said he was in the bathroom and he left his phone. We went to call her nana to tell her what happened, and then we spotted David the manager. He said we have to pay the $75 and she can fly out the next day. My daughter was in tears. If the three girls were doing their job and not waiting for their boss to text them, my daughter would not have missed her flight.

On our flight back to DTW we missed our connecting flight due to our original flight being delayed. They never communicated to us why our flight was delayed and that if we missed this flight on Saturday home we couldn't get out until Monday morning. We actually rented a car and drove 10 hours home. They lost our luggage. They refused to give it to us at our connecting airport and now 48 hours later my bags are in Chicago which had connection to any of my travel plans to Myrtle Beach, SC. Long story short btw the actually airline staff the customer service people and baggage dept. we have gotten nowhere. No one had returned my emails or calls to resolve the refund of my cancelled flight or location of my lost luggage. These people are horrible. There were 5 of us flying and I will never fly American again.

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Regard flight 339 on July 16, 2016 into Dallas, Texas and connection to Newark: flight 132. We arrived on time and a wheelchair transport was provided for me (my husband was traveling as well). We had 1 hour and 25 minutes to make the connection. Our transport person was also given an unaccompanied minor who was making a completely different connection. Once we went to baggage, we located our 2 pieces immediately, however to a 12 year old child; all black bags look the same. It took him 20 minutes to find his luggage and we had to get from B terminal to A terminal. We missed the flight.

Was put on standby priority 1 & 2 boarding on the last flight out of Dallas to Newark, now had to go to completely different terminal. 20 minutes before that boarding we are bumped down to 3 & 4 by 2 individual travelers with no disabilities at all. I had half my foot amputated 18 months ago, in addition to other disabilities. We were given a room at the Marriott overnight, $24 in dinner vouchers (ha) and $14 for breakfast. Made flight 2262 the next morning. This whole process was unforgivable and careless on the part of American Airlines. We travel 3 times a year here and there and will avoid using American Airlines in the future. I will plead with associates, friends and family not to use American Airlines. The compensation that was provided for our situation was a slap in the face and a joke.

AAdvantage program is a joke. If you take their credit card you get 50k points after spending 3k. They told us that you can get a free ticket for 23k point without black out dates. They didn't tell us everyday is a different point valve. Instead of pay 46k on 2 tickets, the date I am leaving it would cost me 60k points. But I could buy 50k point for $1500.00... IT'S A RIP OFF... PS... I will be cancelling my card.

I left going to ohio from Italy because my mother was DIAGNOSED with lung cancer. On second leg of the trip from jfk to cleve. ohio as we boarded the plane they were still sucking the crap out the toilet which smelled like hell. So as we take off it times for snack a beverage, stale pretzels, a water soda but sorry there's no ice on the plane -- mind you they gave me an express connection pass to make my flight no on their return flight. My flight to jfk went from boarding to canc. so the re-route me to philly, switched on 2 different flights from philly to London.

Now I get to London and tsa working is having a day after I was told that he wish he could detain me for 6 hrs. After my shoes being swabbed and my backpack and patted down I complaint to his boss. As now I am running like oj simpson to make it to my gate. AA knew it was too risks for me to make this flight as I have a form of sickle cell and I am 59 yrs. old mind you. I get in Italy 2 hrs. I should of wit a crying baby halfway through the flight from philly to London not to mention after giving aa over 1,000 euro I have to buy food at the airport in philly where I sit for 5 hrs. and I have to waste more of my time because all the numbers for aa you can't talk to anyone. Damn shame.

Before boarding the gate they call the first class group, the people that needs extra help and people who's in the military. As my husband and I about to board since he is in the Navy, this lady name Cara (She works in Honolulu Airport for American Airlines) who was scanning the tickets so we could board she said we couldn't board yet because my husband needs to be in uniform. Keep in mind I flew with American Airlines before and Cara told us that it's the "policy". I was so upset and felt so embarrass.

We showed her our ID as proof and even said his uniform is in his backpack but she still didn't want us to board until our group was called. There were me and my husband then there was also another couple who's in the military had to go sit back down. When we got to LA the lady who was boarding us because it was a connecting flight. I asked her if my husband needs to be in uniform she said, "No, that's not the policy as long as he shows his ID". My husband serve this country and gets treated like that. Just ridiculous.

I paid $1,100 in March for a first class one-way ticket on AA from Bangor, Me to LV July 9th. 2 weeks before the trip they notified me that there was no first class on the flight from Bangor to Philly. They refused to give a refund because "we might change the flight." They cut my connection time in Philly from 3 hours to 30 minutes. Then the flight with the screaming child was late and I had 15 minutes to get from Terminal F to Terminal C. Only 1 baggage person (they took our carry-on bags away when we entered the flight) was helpful and rushed my bag to me. No other AA person would give any info: what gate, how to get between terminals, nothing. With a bad knee I ran thru Term F, jumped onto a shuttle to Terminal C and ran forever from the farthest point to the gate, where the door was closing. I made it to LV, late.

I tried to call AA Customer Relations which must be in the Witness Protection Program because they have no listed phone number and numerous transfers get you nowhere. I will never fly American again. My LV to Manchester flight on Southwest was pleasant, took half the time and cost 1/4 that of the miserable American flights. I will never fly American again.

I traveled from Sacramento, CA to Charlotte, NC on a 6 AM flight which got me into NC at 2 PM. I was scheduled to take the 10:00 PM flight to Canada. There were two other flights in between which I tried to get on only to be told that they were both full and could not allow me to fly standby. After I struggled to keep my sanity from sleep deprivation for about 8 hours at CLT, I walked to my gate an hour before it was scheduled to board. As I looked at the screen, it stated in bright red colors, "CANCELLED." I was shocked beyond belief! There were other flights departing as scheduled however AA decided to cancel this and then put the blame on weather conditions.

To make matters worse, I was given another ticket for exactly 24 hours later! What the heck am I supposed to do at this airport for that long?! I am sleep deprived with no access to my luggage. I was given a voucher for a hotel room. I called the number only to be told that they were all overbooked and that no more room at a discounted rate were available! I returned that voucher to the lady behind the counter and told her exactly what I was informed after calling the number which she told me to call. I will make EVERY effort possible to avoid flying on American Airlines from here on out.

In business related travel, consistently over an 8 month period, AA has not been on time. Not a single time. How is it possible to remain in operation with those stats? Horrible customer service and support, no concern at all if customers are unhappy. Would book a more expensive carrier rather than AA, ever.

While on American Airlines website, my connecting flight had only upgraded seating for the connecting flight. Because of that, I tried to cancel the flight rather than spend more money. Unfortunately, I was told it was too late and that I was stuck paying for the flight. I attempted to fix this issue ASAP (immediately after the flight was booked). Staff were rude and sarcastic "Yeah, uhh that sucks, sorry but you booked it, your stuck with it." Really! Nice attitude. I find it hard to believe that I can't cancel a flight and receive a refund to my account 5 minutes after booking. Nice company! No wonder you have horrible reviews.

My flight on June 23, 2016 to get back home from seeing my father who was in hospice was a very stressful event! The weather was perfect - sunny, no rain, no wind. American Airlines cancelled my 1st flight out from the Waterloo, Iowa airport (probably due to not enough people on the 1st flight). The next flight out was delayed because now there were too many people on the plane which caused a weight issue for the plane. We had to wait for volunteers to get off the plane! I was worried about getting into Chicago to make my connecting flight, but I needed not to worry because that flight had almost a 2-hour delay as well!! The weather in Chicago was sunny, no rain, no wind!

I advise the American Airlines clerk I had to get back home today when I realized I was going to miss my connecting flight in Charlotte. She was very rude to me and lied to me when she told me the last flight out to Augusta was full, and I would have to fly out tomorrow. This caused me to panic, I thought I would have to rent a car and drive home which she stated they would not pay for. I called my husband who then called me back a few mins later and told me I was booked on the last flight back to Augusta. He said they had plenty of seats!! So the rude agent flat out lied to me!!! I ended up getting home after midnight and had to be back at work the next day!

You can't speak to anyone in the complaint department of American Airlines, they refuse to speak to you, all you can do is fill out a form and they send you a pre-written response telling you flights were delayed due to the weather!! I wrote them back and told them there was no way weather could be the issue. It was weather perfect in all 3 cities I flew into! They continue to lie to me stating it was due to the weather and no refund will be offered! So my advise to you is: never fly American Airlines if you have to be somewhere on time!! Cancelled and delayed flights are very common with them as well as very rude employees!

Just had knee surgery - need to change a return date for a ticket I booked with airline miles, have to have another surgery on it that's why I have to come back earlier. Plenty of seats available on the plane not even half full - still want to charge me $150 change fee bc there's a mile difference. So they basically have to send all my miles back to me, charge me the 150, and rebook it. Not very handicapped friendly airline. And you wonder why they're the worst rated airline, you would think they would focus on CS.

I can't remember the last time I had an AA flight that actually went where it was supposed to go at the time it was supposed to with my luggage. I get bumped, my ticket gets sold while I'm standing there boarding and I have to sleep in a rocking chair all night. Chaos reigns with employees who have no clue of flights are delayed. Every flight involves customers screaming and yelling and angry. It's a horrible experience flying this company. But they have no competition so they don't give a ** about their customers.

I received a call from a Customer Service Rep, who was very professional and sounded nice. She told me that my reward points were going to cancel on Sunday the 10th of July, 2016. She told me I could extend the time for a fee of $150.00. I have a lot of points and wanted to use them this fall for our vacation so I begrudgingly paid the fee. I expressed my disappointment to her about this transaction and THEN she told me about other options. One option is to join the AA Dining program, when you dine at an affiliated restaurant you earn more points and extend your time by 18 months.

I told her to cancel my transaction as I would just do that and I signed up for the program while I was on the phone with her. (I found a place in spring hill TN where I could buy a burger meal for under $10 and get the same benefit.) At that time she started to backpedal and tell me it might not make it in time, the transaction may be delayed and I would lose my points etc... I told her no, cancel it.

AFTER all of this she told me, the transaction already went through and it was non-refundable. I told her she should have told me about the other options first, and she certainly should have told me it was non-refundable before I agreed to it. She claimed that she would have a supervisor "try" to do a refund. After several minutes of waiting (and she came on the line every minute or two to tell me she was still waiting on her supervisor, which was nice and professional) I was told that the supervisor could not do a refund. First a non-refundable item is a policy, not a requirement. I was very upset and I told the woman so. She apologized for her mistakes in not telling me things up front and "swore" she was not trying to be deceptive. I found the choice of words interesting as I had not accused her of lying or any attempt at deception at all up to this point.

Bottom Line: this is a scam to get you to pay up or lose your points. How many points expire on Sunday instead of a weekday, and why wait till LATE FRIDAY afternoon to call and "make me aware" of the impending loss of my points. I told her that I would contact my credit card company and tell them to NOT pay the charge. She really did not care whether I did or not. The only reason I did not was due to my wife calming me down a bit and saying, "Let's just use the points up and then Never use them again". So we will, you got my money, but that is the last money AA will get from me. When my points are gone, I will NOT use American Airlines again.

I don't even know where to begin with American Airlines. I always refuse to never fly with them again however, they seem to always be the only airline left to fly when booking flights. Today was definitely another for the books. My last four trips with this company has been cancelled each time flying to New York. Considering, I don't fly through the same airports each time, it cannot be the airport. It is definitely American Airlines. What makes it worst is their customer service staff is HORRIBLE!!! I had to deal with a lady named Diana today at YYZ and her unprofessionalism was a shock to me.

NEVER have I been treated that way and to be honest, the only reason I DID NOT say anything was due to my frustration already. I was being mindful of my attitude and mannerisms as I know I would've snapped. To anyone who is going on vacation, do yourself a favour and stay away from American Airlines. I had to cancel my ticket since my flight was cancelled and fly with Delta. I had a connecting flight to Thailand which I missed and had to repurchase a new ticket. I'm rather disgusted and frustrated with this airline and will never fly with them again.

On June 26, 2016 I was scheduled to fly from Chicago to Raleigh. I got to the airport 5 hours ahead of time, because I needed to be back home that night for an interview early Monday. There was an earlier flight than the one I was supposed to take, and I asked if I could take it. The American Airlines employee that tended the counter was extremely rude and shrugged me off. I sat down to wait on my flight for that night, AA 2469, which happened to be a full flight. We began receiving deceitful messages, saying the plane was late, the crew had to rest, the new crew came in, the pilots were ready, but "maybe they were not going to be willing to fly"(???), etc. A total of 5 messages continuously changing times, delaying the flight over and over and even changing gates...

After some hours, myself and many other passengers requested to be put in a hotel at around 11:00 pm, when it was obvious that the flight was never going to leave Chicago. The employees at the gate lied and told us that "they could not yet do that, because they were waiting on the pilots' answer on whether they were going to agree to fly or not"(!!!) and at around 2:00 am, finally, someone dared to say that the pilots were not going to fly, and that they were sorry but all hotels in the Chicago area were booked for the night. SHAME SHAME SHAME on this ridiculous airline. THE FULL PLANE WORTH OF PASSENGERS were then walked into a "lounge", and we had to spend the night trying to sleep on sofas and on the floor.

What is this??? A lesser airline, a fourth-world country airline. I will avoid booking another flight with this incompetent, liar, company. I can just imagine how they take care of their airplanes if they cannot take care of simple matters like assuring a plane full of passengers that they are going to be treated with some respect. They sure saved a buck by having us sleep in the "lounge" but I am sure that they lost many customers that night, including myself. Shame on the Chicago American Airlines employees that lied to all of us that night. I hate that I have to give "one star", when this people deserve something below 0.

I was flying from Philadelphia to Nashville when they made me check my carry-on. When I got my carry-on in Nashville, I had my items broken and my $180 Ray-Ban sunglasses missing. AA is the worst and they treat customers as crap. They are thieves. I have been calling their baggage claim, TSA and PHA lost and found and they don't cooperate to find it. I will email to the senior executives in AA about this. If my items are not safe on a Flight then I will never fly that airline and will tell everyone about it to stop flying it.

British Airways should beware! American Airlines is delivering dump service. This is the worst services that could be reflected in a partner airline. On July the 4th we lived a nightmare to come back to Italy! We had to leave at 7,45 pm for London and then take a connection to Rome through British Airways. At about 8,15 pm we had been picked up on bus to the aircraft. As arrived to the aircraft the bus returned to gate! No explanation, only a communication on the main screen of a delayed status.

After some hours we were said to change our flight plan, going to NY JFK and then without changing aircraft to London Heathrow. So we had been picked up again to the aircraft and we enter at about 11 pm. After about one hour we started to see some teams working on both the wings, particularly around the engines. The flight takes off at 2,30 am!!! We arrived at NY JFK and we were said to go out of the aircraft and to enter a new aircraft!!! They took our boarding passes and we enter... there were a lot of people and our seats had been assigned casually! We lived with two hours of delay, at about 11 am and we arrived at London at 11 pm... there were no people of AA waiting for us (at LA they said there would be AA people waiting for us in order to be assisted), all the desks were closed and the first flight to Rome was scheduled at 7,05 am of the next day. So we had to wait for opening the desks (5 am) sleeping inside the airport on the floor.

At the really end we arrived at Rome with a delay of about 18 hours!!! We are trying to have a refund but it's very hard to understand the web procedure and there are not guarantees we could be refunded for this disaster. We are really disappointed of this behaviour, after having paid a lot of money. How can we find a solution to have our money back? In any case don't fly anymore with American Airlines!!! Be very careful, their behaviour is unprofessional and quite dangerous, because we enter a flight without credentials and this is incoherent with the actual security protocols!!

It is coming up on the one year anniversary of my dream trip to Rio de Janeiro that American Airlines totally ruined, and never compensated me for beyond a ticket refund. I requested time at work for exactly 10 days in RIO, and went through extensive preparation. A visa is required and forced 3 trips to the Brazilian consulate alone. I rented a flat in Rio and paid for the days in advance. I bought adapters, printed maps, and purchased other items related to the trip. With my bag packed, I proceeded to the airport early, just as advised. It was announced there was a technical difficulty and we would have to wait. Why a different plane was not use is still a thought in my head. As it turned out, my plane was 5 and 1/2 hours late. I missed my connecting flight in Miami. The only care shown to stranded passengers was an announcement over speakers to call a number.

As I boarded the plane, knowing I had missed my connecting flight, and had no idea what I would do in Miami, I discovered the number was simply customer service/reservations. They told me there was nothing more available at least until Saturday (it was Thursday). Not knowing what to do in Miami, and knowing I had now lost several days to my trip, I began to raise my voice on the phone. One of the flight attendants yelled at me to keep my voice down. I told him I had no idea what I was going to do in Miami, and my connecting flight was gone. He seemed very unconcerned with my situation but threatened to kick me off the plane if I was not quiet. He actually seemed amused at my predicament and laughed. He offered no useful advice to me but did tell me "that's it", grabbed my passport out of my hands, and without any supervisor present, walked me off the plane. There was no choice but to comply.

I imagined TSA agents and all sorts of people getting physical with me if I did not obediently comply. I repeatedly asked the other attendants outside the boarding area what the name of the attendant was. They all refused to give me his name. One attendant began looking for another flight for me, and said maybe an affiliated airline could help me. A flight might be available tomorrow night. The reservation agent I had spoken to under the number they gave stranded passengers had not even mentioned the possibility of using affiliated airlines. I didn't know if they wanted me to re board the plane I was just humiliated on, or catch another. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor arrived, after a wait so long the plane left, and informed me the flight attendant that escorted me off had broken procedure by not consulting a supervisor before he took it upon himself to snatch my passport and walk me off.

I knew by then my trip was ruined. I felt traumatized of using the airline, or their services. Having realized the trip was ruined, I honestly thought they might try to make it up to me somehow. There followed an equally unfortunate period of calling the airline about the incident. There wasn't any complaint department or customer service that handled bad incidents. You must log in online, and are given a number through your email. The number given me kept leading me back to reservations. If the reservations people seem friendly about spending your money on a flight, their attitude is very different when you tell them you want to report a complaint. They tell you it's not theirs to handle, yet the number you are given for complaints go straight back to them. When you tell them this, their attitude is very different. When you finally find one that understands the procedure, and is willing to take down your story...then you must wait to be called.

American Airlines has no department you can call about bad experiences. After waiting, and re calling multiple times about the incident, I was informed nothing would be done for me beyond the refund. No disciplinary action was promised against any of the attendants that broke procedure in kicking me off the plane without having a supervisor present; laughing at my frustration on the plane, or those that refused to give me the name of the flight attendant. Once a year is it possible for me to travel like that, and still more rare is it possible to fund the trip and make all the preparations.

I was cheated out of my vacation, left with very unpleasant memories of their service, and the frustration in realizing they would do nothing for me short of me paying for an attorney to pursue the matter. I will never use their airline again, and neither will my family. I share my story so others may learn from it. It was the worst experience I ever had with an airline and I've flown on many airlines in many third world nation. None showed the disrespect and disdain for their customers I felt with this airline.

I flew American Airlines from Sydney, Australia to LAX on the 4th of July. A big deal bringing my partner to meet my relatives and to celebrate my 30th birthday only the next day (5th), I was excited. :) Now, my partner is 6'5" - not fair to make him sit in coach really! So I paid AU$482 for exit row seats that were part of their 'main cabin plus' section.

We took off and shortly after, the bad news came. Unfortunately for those sitting in the main cabin plus (rows 16-19... A good 30 people) sorry to say the entertainment system isn't working in the section. No movies, music, games nothing... For 14 hours! Ok, ok I get it, technology fails. HOWEVER, the crew all knew about this well before we took off! But decided not to tell us until we had no other choice but to sit with whatever else we brought on for entertainment.

We were then told of course that the crew would take good care of us and try to make it as comfortable and painless as possible. Sadly didn't see that.

I asked for a glass of sparkling wine (my bday, I'm celebrating of course!). I was told they didn't have it on the cart, "it's up front, you will have to wait..." Never got that wine. :( We were told there is wifi on the flight, something to do! Couldn't get on. I asked several times about it just to hear 'I don't know' and then they would walk off. Finally DID get one of the attendants to check and I was informed they have not been able to get it working. Well that sucks. But thanks for FINALLY checking!

My tray table was broken and my seat would not stay reclined unless I put weight on it, which meant when I tried to adjust my position to try and get comfortable (I can't sleep on flights but I try) it would pop back up. I can only imagine how annoying that was for the guy behind me. I also ordered 2x vegetarian meals for us (no egg included as my partner is and I decided since I don't always eat much on flights that if I get the same meal, he can have what I don't if he is still hungry). For some reason our first meal, only one came out. At least the other meals got two but how did you guys mess that up?

I got so stir crazy on that long flight! We were then all informed that they called ahead and someone from management would be there to talk to us about it. Great! Had 5 hours to kill. Why not. But NOPE, no one there. Two people that looked like possible candidates to talk to had no idea what was going on. We explained what happened and what we were told. A good 10 minutes there to hear... "Just go to" Seriously? Almost all 30 there to hear this, we naturally all walked off pretty pissed off by then. I tried then talking to customer service at the airport once we got checked into our domestic flight (which by the way, got tickets in Aus for that flight and they couldn't even sit us together!). Same thing... "Go to our site."

The thing is, I get that we had a fault that didn't stop the plane from safely flying, I would have chosen to fly without the units rather than have a cancelled flight. However, they handled it wrong, TELL US! Tell us when we check in! I would have grabbed my computer charger so I can watch what's on that! Didn't know then? TELL US before boarding so we can purchase something to entertain us! I would have purchased a charger if I knew. Or an adult coloring book, magazines, something! But nope. Decided to let your crew take the heat and screw us all over. Including a couple small children. :( I have asked for my AU$482 back, the least they can do. But a bit concerned reading other reviews about it possibly taking 60 days, if approved at all??? Ugh. NEVER flying AA again! They did NOT care one bit about us!

We were on a flight from Dallas to Honolulu on June 17. The aircraft was changed and I was assigned a different seat than I choose. I arrived at the assigned seat and it was broken. It was a bulkhead seat and the tray table had a sticker over it saying it was inoperable and do not use. Huh? They knew about the problem, the plane was on the ground in Dallas for more than 6 hours between flights - the place they have the most available resources, and THEY CHOOSE not to fix it.

It was a nine-hour flight with no leg room (bulkhead) and no tray table. I pointed it out to the flight attendant before the flight and she said just use my lap... and there were no other seats available. During the flight she came around with a box meal, a cup of ice, a can of coke, and a bag of pretzels... I asked her what I was supposed to do with all of that and she suggested I share someone else's tray and offered me a complimentary set of earphones.

I reported the problem to and still have not heard back (3 weeks later) so not only didn't they care when they chose not to fix the seat but proved it when they didn't even care enough to address my very civilized complaint (Note - two different reports were submitted for different issues with the flight - first one was responded to with a "Too bad, deal with it" response).

I had a flight from phoenix az to chicago. After takeoff we had to return to the airport due to mechanical problems. My flight departed originally at 8:52am and we didn't get back to the gate until 10:30am. I needed to get a connecting flight in chicago to Detroit. The projected time arriving in chicago was after my flight departure to Detroit. The airline was very unhelpful and very unapologetic. They put me on a 10pm departure to Detroit from Chicago. I told them this was unacceptable and I needed a sooner flight and compensation. They did put me on a 650pm departure from Chicago and told me I have to email customer service for complaints.

My flight boarded again in Phoenix and we sat on the plane while we waited and waited for a new crew. Then once they get there finally, we couldn't leave because the flight plan wouldn't print. We finally left phoenix at 230pm phoenix time. My original connection flight was already boarding during this time. By the time I landed in chicago, my second connection flight had already departed. Now I am waiting for a flight that leaves at 10 pm chicago time. Putting me into detroit at 1230am. 6 hours after I should of been there! I have contacted their customer service through email. I will never fly this terrible airline again.

British Airways should beware! American Airlines is delivering dump service. This is the worst services that could be reflected in a partner airline. At the moment, there are approximately 250 passengers without a flight from LAX to London Heathrow. The current plan is to head back to the hangar without a backup plan for passengers to complete their travels on a holiday weekend (July 4).

Disastrous. Not only because the plan does not work but because there is no alternate plan to get passengers to London on their holiday. When asked the flight attendants and service crew what the backup plan is for all of the passengers, we were told that there is no backup plan. American Airlines should reconsider their commitment to their clients and passengers. The current situation is disastrous as the fundamental premise for delivering passengers from Los Angeles to London is not possible. All of the flight attendants and service personnel are also not helpful. In fact, they are dismissive of each passenger question and laugh at the situation. Going forward- AA will not be the airline of choice for transatlantic flights. Nor British Airways. I will opt to go with United Airlines and the Star Alliance airways henceforward.

I purchased a ticket to take a mini-vacation. Almost two weeks before the trip was scheduled, my dad ended up needing surgery for an aneurysm and there were complications. American Airlines WOULD NOT refund my money. This circumstance was beyond my control. Their customer service department sent me an email with what I am sure is a standard email they send to everyone, explaining that I had an option to reschedule the trip with of course extra fees for which I could not reschedule due to surgery complications - I will not be able to travel for a while.

How insensitive can a company be? I hope no one that works for this company ever has an emergency. On the website, it asks for medical records to be provided - there are privacy acts in place to prevent personal info from being made public. This is theft and mis-trust in the worst way. I will NEVER recommend American Airlines to anyone. If they can't be sympathetic to life changing events, they can't be compassionate or human about anything. It's sad that American Airlines has no conscience about how they treat their "customers". Never again.

Talk about horrible. On my way to the US Virgin Islands with my significant other yesterday, I was told I was being removed from the plane while I was quietly reading a magazine. This has ruined my 50th birthday which is tomorrow. All the reservations at hotels I made months ago are now non-refundable. Our luggage is missing. AND WHY because the stewardess said I slurred. REALLY??? Some people have a drink. I had two beers before I got on the plane. I went through security with no problem. The records can show what time I got there and checked in. I only asked the stewardess if I could be seated next to my significant other. She moved all the people around me and actually I changed my seat to accommodate others. I never raised my voice. I never used bad language. I never physically did anything. I am not even 5 feet tall.

As soon as I got off the plane I started to cry and the guy in charge said he was looking for another flight immediately. Obviously that is how drunk I was. Why would they try to put me on another flight immediately? I certainly was not a threat and the stewardess did not like that I was a small woman. Why does she have the right to judge if I was drunk if I did not do anything wrong...?? Obviously the airline feels they can treat people horribly. I have never had this happen and I can say I have gotten on an airplane very drunk and drank even more in my 50 years. Also, no one ever said I was a problem. I have never had a DUI and I have a very responsible job. My vacation was ruined. I'm guessing I lost a lot of money, luggage still missing and the idea that a person has the right to do that really stinks.

This company should truly be embarrassed. The customer service is severely lacking here, and it seems like there's nothing being done about it. While in Mexico, I had my belongings taken which included my wallet. My bank agreed to overnight a new card to their location closest to my hotel but it wouldn't arrive until after my flight was scheduled to departure. I completely understand and read before I book, so I knew the flight was unable to be cancelled without a fee.

I called and spoke with a very nice gentleman who explained my options. I asked if there were any that included no fee's and he listed one (for me to pay to re-book a new flight, and put the other money I used to book the original flight towards a future flight). I took it. Come to find out, it did have the outrageous $200 fee attached. I contacted AA, because had I known that the option included a $200 fee, I would've kept my original flight. Plain and simple. AA's response was "we've pulled all the calls and find that although we did give you the wrong information, a cousin of yours called and we explained it to him, from there it's his responsibility to explain it to you." I literally laughed. After several emails back and forth, I just gave up. I'll never take this airline again, that's for sure.

Ok so I've flown a few time but this takes the cake! My flight got diverted from Knoxville on the way to Dallas for over 3 hours, which made me miss my flight to Ontario. Had to sleep in a chair at the airport because all the hotels were booked. The next morning I again missed my 8:30 am flight to Ontario because I wasn't notified that the gates had changed. Overall just a very bad experience and I don't think I'll ever recommend or fly with American Airlines!!

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