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Last updated: Jan. 17, 2018

102 Singapore Airlines Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 17, 2018

On the 16th August we booked and paid for a trip in March 2018. We booked because they offered everything we required including choice of seat. Which was upstairs on the aircraft. A week ago a month from departure we received an email advising our plane and seats were being changed. On checking our new seating arrangements on SeatGuru we had been pushed way back to the rear of the plane in seats rows of 3.

We emailed customer services to see if they could provide better seating as I have back problems and need to move about quite a bit to be comfortable on the seat, (the reason we booked 2 seats at the beginning)... and the reply was we have 2 seats, they are emergency door seats and they cost £75... but you will have to be available to help in the event of an emergency if booked. After several other emails I found that customer service really were only interested in one thing increasing profit. They didn't care about my problem or anyone else with issues. We have supported them for years... but this will be our very last trip with them. Very disappointed. Very angry at this outcome.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2017

As usual some banks credit card can use their point to redeem for airlines miles. And can also redeem the points to any of family members as Long they have airlines members too. So I redeemed my credit card points to my husband KrisFlyer account so that he can redeem flight ticket too. He made 2 bookings on Mac17 for my son from Singapore to San Frans on 11th Dec, & return from LAX to Sin on 25th Dec. Suddenly we got their email on September 17 said name mismatched & wanted me to submit required document. I submitted immediately. Then on November we tried to book two air ticket for my daughter but failed. I asked & they said my husband account under audit. They said we breached of KrisFlyer contract that pooling miles from other members! It's ridiculous as in their system totally not allowed to pull miles from anyone to 3rd party account. So I leave it for audit.

On 8th Dec I tried to do web check for the above 2 booking but it's missing & found out they cancelled the above 2 bookings & returned point to my account. But only refund 1 ticket payment. They totally no official email or call to inform us for the cancellation. Luckily I tried do web check in or else I totally didn't know it was cancelled. Now I have another 60 hours plus to fly & found out this bad news, what should I do or any legal action can be taken? My main question is WHY THEY CAN SIMPLY EASILY CANCELLED OUR AIR TICKET WITHOUT ANY OF NOTICE AND INFORM OR EMAIL TOO! I've tried the best & found another ticket to SFO but for return still under searching. So this is truly disappointed and disaster which has spoiled and ruined our family trip to US to attend my daughter's graduation. Our domestic flight & hotel all booked! Truly sad & mad & worrying right now!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

Flew Perth to Singapore. We were 1.2 kg per person overweight. We had 3.6 kg extra. Got told to take it out. Childs meals have to be ordered now so my 3 year old had no food as the curry was too spicy for her. They don't use common sense. What do you think a 3 year old eats? Vietnam to Singapore no coffee as the seat belt sign stayed on the whole flight. Wife never got her meal. Sorry this airline is going backwards fast. Used to be 1 of the best airlines. Now I rate it a 3 out of 10. When complain they say, "Yes you were overweight 3.6 for all 3 customers so you have to take it out." So really are they telling me you want to lose customers. Think twice before you fly them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

My husband and I chose Singapore Airlines (SIA) for the 1st time to visit my brother who lives in Singapore. We thought it was one of the best company. Unfortunately, it has the worst customer service we’ve ever seen. Our return flight (SQ336 17th July)) from Singapore to Paris was delayed by 3 hours so that we missed the connecting flight with Air France in Paris. All the flights to go home were full for the following 2 days. We had to buy ourselves 2 train tickets (188 euros) to go back home.

Our Air France tickets that we couldn’t use because of the delay were non-refundable. So we lost 246 euros because of SIA. After several mails to SIA (because they don’t reply to emails), the company doesn’t deign to pay 246 euros to compensate us. They only want to pay the difference between the train tickets and the Air France tickets (52 euros). Not logical. Plus, they don’t want to spend money to reply with postal mails. Only answers by email.

This way to do show how tightfisted is Singapore Airlines. They don’t have consideration for their customers. They don’t take responsibility when their delayed flights have consequences on customers. We had suffered many inconvenience because of Singapore Airlines and they give no compensation for that. We will never fly again with Singapore Airlines, neither my family nor my friends in France and in Singapore.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

There is NO finer, no better service, planes, airport, food. It does NOT get better or more ENJOYABLE than this. Once you fly Singapore Airlines, you will NEVER fly anyone int'l again…

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2017

My mother in law, she came on last Wednesday on Singapore Airlines for first time. Being such reputed airlines, you would believe best service. But we were sooo disappointed as she lost her baggage. We booked her wheelchair, but she was not given at Sydney Airport. For the missed baggage, we gave them all details with claim form, but there is till today no reply whatsoever. Their staff is sooo rude. They hardly care about customer. Their DNATa baggage service is sooo pathetic. Never ever book Singapore Airlines. Their airport staff is so careless. My mother in law had all her clothes, medicines, reading glasses all in that bag. She has thyroid & blood pressure so need medicines daily. We advised them numerous time that we need this bag asap due to health reason, but they seem to be don't care at all. They don't even bother to give you any compensation, not a single dollar... Such ridiculous airlines...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

Over 2 weeks ago we received notification from Singapore Airlines that part of our flight with Silkair had been cancelled and an hour later I received a booking from Scoot Airlines (a cut price airline which is a subsidiary of Air Asia) for a flight with them (who I hadn't contacted at all) for 12 hours after the original Silkair flight which would arrive in Singapore after our flight from Singapore to Melbourne leaves). I have emailed their customer services many times and received apologies and being advised that the email would be transferred to the correct department only to eventually being advised that the ticketing arrangements need to be phoned through. I have phoned them 3 times now and spoken for over an hour each time only to be told that a staff member from ticketing would call me within 48-72hrs and have not received a phone call back from them at all.

I suggested to them that when I look online at the Singapore Airlines website I see they have a Malaysia Airlines leaving from Kuching at a similar time to the original booking and that it would be acceptable to me to fly with Malaysia Airlines through to Singapore. The last customer service representative actually quoted that flight to me and told me they would book me with them but alas, still no call back from them. I travel with them many times but must admit this will be the very last time as their service is appalling when like this time things go wrong.

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Original review: April 29, 2017

Very very bad airlines, beware before going. They don't know what they are doing. The flight was April 26, 7 pm boarding. My parents were traveling to Nepal from Houston. The lady in the reception was a ** woman who was of course a racist. Then to make the matter worse, she said, she cannot board my parents because they don't have green card or a citizenship of US and they will need that to land on Manchester, England. She said to go to another airlines and book. I told her my tickets is non refundable to which she replied that's not her problem and called another customer. It's only when my mom started crying that the manager came and told that there is no such requirement and they are good to go. I cannot explain what kind of mental torture happened during that time.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 17, 2016

I have several issues with Singapore Airlines that none has been resolved. The worse customer service on this entire Universe. My first and major issues, was when about 5 years ago, I booked a First Class flight to be in Singapore for an event, then to Hong Kong to join an organized cruise with friends. My flight was cancelled and the only way I found out about this when I called to make sure if I had the seat 2A and my book the cook was ordered and everything was in order. To my surprise I was told that the flight was cancelled due to the runway being closed in NRT and an emergency. So, my flight would be delayed by 2 days that meant that I would miss my business event and also miss the cruise. I told the agent that they can book me on a flight from SFO, she told me that it was best if I called LAX ticketing office. This was a shock as with most airlines all agents are competent of rebooking in case of involuntary irregular operations.

I called LAX (I had to call so many number to get a hold of someone). Then I was told that I have to book my own flight to SFO which I told them that was fine. She promised to call me back, however I was not called back. I called again and this time I suggested, "What about if I take the Nonstop business class aircraft and get a refund for the difference between First and Business?" She told me since I used miles this would be impossible to get any kind of refund. I went back and forth with some other agents, some really rude and treated me with such disrespect especially a Chinese woman and an Indian woman at LAX. I also called the ticketing office in SFO and it seemed that nobody could get me on another flight that day or even the day after. I told them aren't they responsible to rebook me on another airline because of irregular operations? I asked them to see if they can put me on Asiana via Seoul and I was told no.

I ended up missing my event. Two days later I was rebooked on the 747 via NRT to SIN. I was in 2A. My entertainment system was broken. Then did not have a pajama my size. I ended up with a tiny size S. On the 2nd leg of the journey from NRT-SIN when I asked the Purser if he can give me one my size that I can wear he told me that I already had one. I told him, "What about if I booked these flights separately? You would have to give each passenger a pajama and an Amenity kit." I was also not given an Amenity Kit as I was told that they were out. What? Is this Singapore Airlines that I always hear about? The Flight Attendants were nice and very robotic with lots of make up and very animated but not genuine. It seems that it was all robotic although they were nice. The Purser wrote some report however I never heard back from anybody from Singapore Airlines.

The only seat that I could move to was the last row which was very loud. I ended up sitting in 2A with no entertainment on SQ for nearly 18 hours. I was never compensated for any rudeness, not being rebooked and never got any compensation. I even wrote to the CEO office and never heard back anything. From what I gather and from my recent experiences on Singapore Airlines, they do not compensate customers unless one takes the time and takes them to small claims court. I have not had the time to do this. Plus at some point I was considering to work for them in Sales so I did not want to take them to court. Plus, I was afraid that I would be blacklisted from flying on them. Sometimes one needs to have an option to fly on airlines as we travel a lot.

I was told by the Purser on this flight that I can try to get compensated for a hotel money lost for the first couple of nights and try to get my hotel room paid for by SQ at the airport on my way to HKG but this did not happen. I talked to so many supervisors and it was a waste of time to explain myself. Plus, I could not take advantage of their First Class lounge because it was under construction and I had asked if I could get a voucher for a future visit and I was told no. I liked the SQ Flight Attendants and some of the onboard product, food and drinks, however their customer relations is another story. Plus, they are very argumentative and really crazy with their rules.

On my way back via Singapore there was no arrivals lounge and when I tried to go to the First Class lounge or Business class lounge at the terminal I was told that my flight had already landed and there was no way that I could go to the lounge and use the facilities. I just wanted to refresh and take a shower and use the internet. The SQ staff are very robotic and they have no common sense and if you want to get any compensation from Singapore Airlines for any inconveniences that they cause forget about it.

On a different occasion, SQ cancelled a flight from Istanbul in business class to Singapore. They moved my date to an earlier date which was ridiculous. I had flown in on Turkish from Capetown for an event in Istanbul and I was only there for less than a day and they wanted me to fly on an earlier date. I kept calling them their ticket office, saying that I need to go a day later. Then finally I was rebooked one day later, coming to my surprise that the aircraft was a substitute from a lie flat business class to an older angled business class.

Plus, I was trying to make a documentary about my trip and I was filming myself, not the crew or the aircraft. I was approached by a very angry Indian older male Purser and told to put my camera away. I see so many people logging their flights on youtube. Why did he pick on me? Again, no compensation from Singapore Airlines. If anyone has an email for someone specific in their customer relations office please email me. I have a few other bad situations with them. I am tired of writing this.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2016

My son was travelling with the school to Hong kong for a 9 days school trip. On the way home to Singapore on SQ891, 27 November 2016 (Hong Kong Singapore). He placed his handphone underneath the chair as per the advice of the safety video clip. When the plane is about to land he went to take the phone that he realise the phone is wet. Being a teen he just clean it and try to dry it without telling the cabin crew on the plane. When we met him at the airport, he told us about the incident and I tried to call up SIA to report the case. Apparently there is no number to call to report such an incident and I left with no choice but to call the baggage lost number and was advice to write to SIA customer service to feedback.

Only after many days the customer manager wrote back that they did not get any feedback from the cabin crew about any water leak and hence cannot ascertain any damage to the hand luggage. I tried to ask for escalation, but only get held back by the Customer service manager that the company management empower her to represent the management and there is no point to escalate beyond her. I manage to get hold of the CEO email, but sad the CEO still point back to the same manager. I felt unfairly treated and no ground to speak. SIA seem to be defensive, fear of customer making claim then to really investigate into the matter.

This is the reply. We would like to reiterate that our engineers have confirmed that there were no anomalies related to condensation in the aircraft cabin on this flight. Our cabin crew on this flight have also confirmed that there were no incidents of condensation or leakage observed in the cabin. In addition, we have not received similar feedback from other passengers on this flight. As such, we are unable to ascertain the cause for the damage of the mobile phone on this occasion. Just because no one reported the incident, SIA is so quick to conclude there is no issue then to investigate into the matter. I'm very disappointed with the SIA customer service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2016

My boyfriend & I traveled to Bali in September 2016. We didn't have checked luggage on our outbound flights, only backpacks. After 12 nights in Bali, we had amassed many gifts and purchased a small two wheeled suitcase to check in for our return voyage. Our suitcase was only 15 kg & at least 5 kg lower than the max amount for economy class. Our voyage home took over 63 hours - having an 18 hour layover in Singapore & a 23 hr layover in San Francisco - hence we didn't want to lug around any extra baggage. We arrived in San Francisco to find out luggage wrapped up in shrink wrap. When we unwrapped it we discovered nearly 100% of one of the zipper seams was completely ripped; the new luggage ruined. As a result, many items were missing.

We immediately began the claim process with Singapore Airlines. Long story short, for the last month & a half, we have been jerked around by Singapore Airlines regarding our claim. If it wasn't "their email system was down," it was "since you left the airport we are denying your claim," (even though their website states a person has up to 7 days to file a claim), repeatedly asking for provided information ("what was your itinerary number, did you wrap the bag in shrink wrap yourself, do you have the receipt for the bag," etc, etc). The only compensation that has been offered to date is for the ruined luggage. In article 16 on their website, it clearly states they are liable up to $20/per passenger per kilogram of checked luggage.

Under which, in our situation, they are liable to reimburse us $40x15=$600. They are not going to honor this, and instead are saying since there is no proof of what is missing, they are not liable. This begs the question - how does one "prove" what is missing from a destroyed piece of luggage? In my most recent email (last night, 11/20/16) from some no-named customer service representative, the responsibility for reimbursement has been passed to the traveler's insurance company - an entity which was not named & no contact information provided. I have over a 20 email thread of the back & forth emails between me & Singapore Airlines. It is full of inconsistencies & confused statements on Singapore Airlines' end.

This entire process has been & continues to be, unprofessional & absurd. I have demanded to speak to a manager regarding this matter & only time will tell if they provide any contact information. We are deeply disappointed with this ridiculous situation & shocked by its handling. We are avid travelers & have never had a situation where a checked piece of luggage was destroyed & a myriad of items lost before! We have followed all protocols & have demonstrated much patience in dealing with this matter. We will not be flying Singapore Airlines in the future. I strongly advise others to think twice if considering flying with them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 14, 2016
I want to have short vacation with my old parents to United States. I choose SQ because I thought it was the best airlines and there was a little promotion price. My flight was start on 26 September 2016 from SUB boarding at 6.40 PM with sq 5225 (operated by Silkair) to SIN. Then the next flight gonna be from SIN - JFK with 1 stop on Frankfurt FRA. Boarding from SIN at 11.55 PM and arrived in early morning in JFK (I forgot the time). All of the passenger have to go inside the airport then moving to the connecting gate. Around 40 minutes waiting in FRA was and pretty long walk to the gate we still able to see some 24 hours store.

Then all the passenger check in again and boarding. The plane was already moving then suddenly stop. After about an hour on the plane, the captain give announcement that there is something wrong with the plane and they need further checking for about 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes of waiting, the captain told us that there is a technical problem and there is no free hangar for us to wait in the airport. So all of us have to wait inside the plane. The captain also said that he was waiting for the ground technician to come and find out what's wrong with the plane. 30 minutes waiting and the technician came to check what's possibly wrong. Another 30 minutes for checking. Then come a solution that they need to clear the fuel and refill again because there is a contamination. They hope it will fix the problem and we have to wait for about an hour for this activity. An hour passed, then they recheck again for about 30 minutes? And they can't figured out what's wrong so we have to wait for another 30 minutes.

For about 5-6 hours waiting inside the plane, with only water and peanuts, it's really not a nice experience. I even saw 2 babies with no food (luckily the parent bring banana for the baby so they are not too starving). Then the captain said we all can go down to get our refreshment on the restaurant while waiting for the problem solved. We all are starving and eat for about an hour and half (I still see the babies got no food, the parents looks so mad because of it, even the ground crew can do nothing about it.) 40 minutes asking for explanation of what happen and what we supposed to do because there is no other flight to JFK at all and we have to wait until plane ready or night come first so they can give us hotel to rest. Then suddenly all the stewardess walking so fast to the gate, people look at them and see enlightenment that the problem was solved.

Some of the passenger were cancelled their flight but for us which doesn't know anything about German have to continue our journey. The monitor in front of me have problem so I can't used it at all, so all I can do just try to rest & sleep. Arrived at JFK at almost midnight and we got water bottled and cookies only. We missed our train to DC and just want to go to hotel and rest. Luckily we have friend on NY that pick us to rest as soon as we arrived on JFK. What a long journey and the worst news is, after I email them so much to ask about my rights when there is delay flight, they offered us 75SGD inflight voucher for the compensation of this horrible experience. :) It's really something awful, even our lost Amtrak train ticket was cost almost 200 USD.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 17, 2016

My wife Anupama ** travelled on Singapore Airlines from Melbourne to Coimbatore last month Feb 2016 and her return trip was booked for Mar.19, 2016. Due to her sudden illness, me and my wife decided that we would change her date of travel since the cold, fever should not be passed on to any other passenger in airlines when she travels on Mar.19, 2016. She visited the doctor and doctor advised her that she would not be fit to travel in the current condition. He also provided a Medical Certificate which was shared to Singapore Airlines 2 days ago. For the past 1 week, I have been following up with Singapore Airlines in 13 10 11 number and my wife has followed up in India #. When my wife approached Singapore Airlines India they have informed her that please contact Singapore Airlines Australia (Melbourne).

I have spoken to Rebecca, Naja, Sheela and everyone have told me that you will get a call from concerned team in 24 to 48 Hours. All their 24 & 48 hours are gone and promises/commitment are never met by your team. First Rebecca told me that there might be charges approximately to 407$(AUD) and then in the evening of the same day I was advised 632$(AUD). When I asked your team, as a customer we were worried about other passengers should not get infected during the travel and it's not advisable to travel with illness. But never your team felt for us and they are just behind money asking us to pay fare of 632$ more than one way fare just because we asked for the tickets to be upgraded to Flexi Economy and travel on a different date. Your customer service team have passed on information to me whenever I called but never I received a call back from your concerned team who authorize change of date promised a call back.

Is this the service you provide for customers (No call back promise met, No commitment, No Ownership and just behind money). You can very well check your database since August 2000. I have been travelling Singapore Airlines under my name Venkatakrishnan **. In Feb 2014 me and my wife traveled from Bangalore to Melbourne via Singapore. We had problem in the connecting flight from Singapore to Melbourne. When we asked for Veg Food they said that they don't have any, just 1.

We made our booking online and we also clearly mentioned that we need only Veg Food. August 2000 Chennai to Sydney. Apr 2002 Sydney to Singapore. Apr 2002 Singapore to California. August 2004 Chennai to Singapore to Los Angeles. Nov 2004 Los Angeles to Singapore to Chennai. Dec 2008 Bangalore to Singapore to Manila. May 2009 Manila to Singapore to Bangalore. July 2013 Bangalore to Singapore to Manila. Nov 2013 Manila to Singapore to Bangalore. Feb 2014 Bangalore to Singapore to Melbourne.

I am writing this mail with complete frustration and anger that when money is paid no service has been delivered. I am going to share my feedback and write about your service in my office intranet so that my office (MNC with 180,000 Employees) would consider to book other airlines for all our employees. Why is your team not able to provide any customer service, call back promise, waive off fees for the customers who have been genuinely asking for help, notifying about the problem, considering other co-passenger health and supporting your airlines in all ways. We are ready to pay reasonable charges for the change of date but not as an entire amount that took more than a single fare. At last after seeing this mail, I hope we will get some response from your team with some ownership, accountability and trustworthy to provide us better service and not bitter service.

Please advise us on the final charges (Reasonable Fare and not 632$) for change of date as per Flexi Economy and helps us with the request at the earliest. I hope you can help us with our concern on fees and customer service delivered in a better way. As mentioned earlier let this be a reasonable fare and not entire one way fare (632$), that's too much for an upgrade to Flexi Economy. Awaiting your reply and status on our ticket to Flexi Economy with reasonable charges.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2016

My wife Sandhya ** and kids (Shravani ** and Shruti **) traveled from LAX to BLR on July 6th,2015. They checked-in one 32” TV with Singapore airlines. During check-in, they said “We will give extra care for Fragile stuff, you need not worry”. When we checked-out the TV in Bangalore, there was a hole for the box. When we asked Singapore airlines authority, they said “Might be routine check-up, TV would be good”. After going home, when we opened the box, there was a big hole for TV. Entire screen damaged. When we contacted Singapore airlines, they said we can do anything. Singapore airlines authority to made me to pay custom tax on dead TV. This is nothing but operation on dead patient. This is so ridiculous answer and worst services I have ever had in my life. I don’t know what to do!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 17, 2015

I attempted to book my flights online, but Singapore Airline had just had a makeover of their website and the booking could not be completed. I finally booked through the reservation line where I was told that I would not be charged the $50 per ticket for not booking online. When the tickets were issued, I was charged $100 for the $50 per ticket. I talked to their line and was told they would refund it. When nothing happened I called back. I was then told it would be refunded after I completed the trip. I contacted them two times after the flight, but there has been absolutely no response. It is very poor business practice, because I now wonder where they are cheating and cutting other corners if $50 a ticket is a major problem for a refund. I will not fly them again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2015

First of all let me tell you the ground staff at Melbourne for Singapore Airlines are very rude and unfriendly and very racist when it comes to weighing their check in luggage. Anyway I finally boarded the flight and as I was very sick (due to 4 people literally attacked me verbally at check-in counter). I forgot my black leather jacket with valuables on seat 37K in flight SQ238 from Melbourne to Singapore on 10 September 2015 which landed at Changi at 4.00 pm local time and within 1 hour I reported my missing jacket but was told that the flight left the terminal and they could not retrieve any item from the aircraft.

I was told to do written complaint at my next destination which I did and was told by ground staff at Ahmedabad that it is high likely that I may ever recover it. The question here is who took my jacket except the cleaning staff at Changi Airport who took advantage of blankets to wrap in it. But the airlines denied the claim. Do I want to travel with this dishonest airline again. The answer is NO.

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Original review: Oct. 14, 2015

Hi. I sent an complaint to you via email on 30 Sep and received an auto-reply to tell me that your customer service will reply within 10 business day. However, totally no reply from you till date. I am very disappointed by your service. I am writing in is to feedback about 3 mistakes made by your services staffs and the miserable experiences I had from you. 2 days ago (28 Sep), I was flying back from HK to SIN by SQ861 with my family. This is my first time flying with SQ with my big family and we all agreed we should choose SQ for all our future trip. However, something unpleasant happened. I discovered my luggage surface was damaged badly (deep scratches on the surface) while I putting it into my car.

Therefore, I went back to the SIA information service counter to report the damages and seek for assistance. I spoke to one of the lady staff and she was trying to call the lost and found office to check if I can make report for this case via email due to I had unloaded all my belonging into my car and the whole family is waiting for me at the car park and my young child and old mom was feeling unwell due to tires and hazy air. However, no one pick up the call although she tried to call few times.

After that, she asked me to fill in a form and told me will call the security to assist me in this case. I asked the staff if I can bring the security assistant to my car to check and scan the luggage because I had put all my belonging into my car. The 1st mistake your staff made, she said "YES" to me. 2nd mistake was made, she asked me to wait for the security assistant near the counter, without telling me and passing the message to her colleague, she went off from the counter. 3rd mistake was when the security assistant came, I told her that the lady told that she will follow me to my car to scan the damaged luggage.

The assistant and the rest of the staffs telling me that this is not the process and told me that I have to bring my luggage back to the office. And they all giving me the unpleasant face and the expression that I'm trying to find trouble from them and even raise their voice when talking to me. I told them that I had a young child and an old lady mom with me. I am not able to make them waiting for me at the car park and because of your staff told me that the security assistant is fine to follow me to the car park so I agreed to wait at the information counter. No one willing to listen to my concern and understand my worries at that moment that my family is waiting for me to send them home.

I am from banking service line as well. I always make sure and telling my staffs that when a customer encountering a problem, they already in a very miserable situation. Therefore, we shouldn't give customer the wrong direction to add on their worries. Telling customer the right things to do and guide them the right way is always our job and our responsibility. What is our service level agreement? Assist the customer to solve their problem, understand customer's problem and needs, reduce their worries.

However, I couldn't find any of the above from your staffs. I hope you really can look into this case seriously and reply my email as I am able to provide the case form filled by your staff and the photo of my damaged luggage. Does that mean I have to prepare to get a new luggage each time I am taking SQ. Do I still can look for your assistance if I am encountering any problem if I choose SQ again?

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2015

I have been downgraded from premium economy to economy on my flight from Manchester to Singapore due to lack of planes with the new format. So beware if you are going to travel premium economy you can't trust Singapore Airlines. Choose a different airline. We were offered 75% refund on that leg plus a 100 Singapore dollar voucher the day before we were due to leave. That's insufficient compensation so don't get caught like me. Book with a different airline. I would have thought an upgrade on the return service or free flight would have been more of order.

Original review: Sept. 6, 2015

I was visiting Manila (Philippines), travel date 29th of August 2015. Upon the arrival in Manila my baggage was misplaced by the Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines had no idea where they have misplaced/lost my baggage. I had to go through a lot of issues. As it was a business trip I had my office important things which were required for my meeting. I just had one baggage which had all my things (office documents, all personal belongings including my ID, CC, DC & also some money etc...). It was a more than 3 days that my baggage went missing & it was delivered after my business meet got over just in the evening of 2nd Sep '15.

My LOSS. Inconvenience & very bad experience, mental stress & trauma: I had to live on the same clothes which I was wearing while I traveled for the next 2 days (assuming my baggage will be delivered which the airlines people kept saying). After which I had no choice but to borrow money and buy clothes for the meeting & office purpose. It was just so insulting and stressful. I had a lot of expenses because of the baggage not delivered by you. Expenses which I do not even have the bill e.g. - traveling expenses to the mall etc. & I had to buy a winter wear jacket for the weather conditions --- costing more than 10,000 INR.

As this is my business trip to Manila I had gone thru an extreme stressful time and days due to the delay by the Singapore Airlines. I have messages & emails the proof of my follow up with the airlines people till the baggage was delivered. Due to this inconvenience, my visit to Philippines has been a very bad experience and a great trouble attending my business meeting. Please adjudge. To add to this two of my other office peer groups baggage was again misplaced after we came back to India.

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Original review: Aug. 30, 2015

I had to call KrisFlyer due to some redemption matters that could not settled online. Called KrisFlyer and I am left waiting on the phone for more than one hour and they cut off the line. That is for service for premium airline.

Original review: Aug. 20, 2015

I had a great trip from SFO to Singapore and even switched flights with no fee. The food, experience, everything was phenomenal. While in Vietnam, however, I had an injury and had to return to the US immediately for medical help. I was able to cancel my old flight and book a new one. I checked one week later and they said the refund for the first flight was being processed and takes up to two weeks.

A month later, they said that they contacted the office (in Cambodia -- this later became a common excuse -- it's in a different country, even though we handle all international issues), and suddenly there was not a note saying it was processed. Two weeks later -- no refund. They call headquarters. Someone let someone else know. It's in a different country, blah, blah. This call ended with a PROMISE to call me the next morning with an update.

Three days later, and they tell me, once again, they don't know what is wrong, that the supervisor just called headquarters, but was unavailable. After I asked how the supervisor managed to make such a call while too busy to handle my case, suddenly I was on hold again waiting for the supervisor. He also didn't know why, would contact headquarters, blah, blah. I had a complete meltdown before he agreed to do something more (which means just calling me back, not actually resolving the issue).

He actually did call me back and the woman handling my case was not at her desk. He promised they would "try" and I corrected him, letting him know that it was not a matter of trying, it was a legal policy and they need to do their job. And of course, no one is allowed to give out anyone else's name, and no one has an extension or direct line.

I am a pretty logical person (I teach composition and rhetoric at the college level), but I do feel that there is an element of swindling going on here. I have been flat-out lied to multiple times about this refund and its status. If policies are in place for a multi-billion dollar corporation that allow them to earn thousands of dollars for a single ticket, but suddenly those policies aren't upheld when the money is intended to go the other way, there is a problem.

I get the impression that due to the extreme amount of hassle and disregard, that perhaps the company has policies that allow it to delay, which would most likely result in the person losing his or her money. I plan to take legal action if this is not resolved, mostly on principle. It's unfortunate that my experience ended this way as I will never take this airline again, despite another planned trip overseas this winter.

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Original review: Aug. 14, 2015

My name is Fadzil ** and I was on board Flight SQ 226 boarding from Perth Austrailia to Singapore on 11th August 2105. During flight, I happened to be seated away from my family. However, during the flight meal were served by your crews. However, your air stewardess, came to me to inform me that I will be served on a special meal. I had informed her that my meal was supposed to be a Muslim meal. (How special can it be?) She then told me that she will look into this. However, I have been waiting for very long but no meal was served to me until I had noticed that every one around me including my family had finished savouring their meal. Thus, I was extremely angry, with your staff Ms. Pamela and Pauline for not being attentive enough and forget about my meal. Thereby, I had refused to take my meal as I was too angry with the very poor service that your crew had rendered to me.

Although, they had asked for apology and offer to serve the late meal, I was so angry that I had refused their offer. Although Mr. Azhar, the overall incharge of your cabin crew came to pacify me, I was rather perturbed by the fact that your staff have shown such sloppiness in the so called "Service Quality" (SQ) airline. The above occurrence should not happened if your crews had shown such care and concern towards doing their duties. Albeit the compensation of S$75 worth of inflight voucher was given to me, I still think that SIA had given me an unsatisfactory service so far.

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Original review: July 9, 2015

My family and I were traveling with Singapore Airlines SQ 960 from Singapore to Jakarta on June 24, 2015. I have traveled with SQ all my life since I was probably 5 years old (I'm 40 now). The story started when we arrived at GATE 2 @ Changi Terminal 2. We arrived at exactly 12:30 PM and our flight is scheduled for 3:20 PM. The staff at the counter, Ashraf **, told us that he need the credit card that I used for booking. My wife gave him her credit card which she used to pay for the booking. Then he told us that it is not the correct credit card for one of the ticket, my son's ticket, which I found very confusing because my ticket, my wife's, and my son's ticket are all paid with one credit card which is my wife's credit card.

I showed him the receipt from the airline and in there it said clearly the digit of my credit card. And the receipt stated that the tickets are all paid with one credit card. He insisted that the number on his computer display wasn't the number of my credit card for my son's ticket. Now, as far as I can remember in the past 10 years I traveled with SQ and never in my experience a staff at the gate asked for the matching credit card. After 5 minutes of debating of what credit card number being used for the booking, he called his superior by the name of Gilli (or Dilli?) I don't remember his first name. Instead of trying to solve this problem, the superior said exactly the same thing: they need an exact credit card in order to issue the boarding pass (Again, in 10 years, this is the first time they asked me for a matching credit card). It's either I provide this or my family and I cannot board the plane.

Then, after a heated 10 minutes argument, the superior told me the last 4 digit number of the credit card used for the booking, which he should have told us the very beginning. I quickly recognized the number as my number I used to pay the penalty charge because we changed our departure date. I told the superior that I used my credit card to pay the penalty for the changing date of departure. The original booking was all under my wife's credit card! Without apologizing to us nor comforting us, the superior was still blaming the number of credit cards mishap on us. I said something to him that it's their communication fault. They should've said something about the LAST credit card used for penalty. But Ashraf ** and the superior defended themselves by saying "We are not ticketing. This information is ticketing only (I don't even know what they're saying)."

Here's when the story became really strange. I saw the superior talking to another staff (a woman) pointing at us and the woman then walked toward us and stood behind us watching our luggages. She was standing next to a really big luggage cart. Her acting was out of the ordinary and we got very suspicious, my wife asked her is there something wrong, why is she looking at my wife all the time. We boarded the plane and landed in Jakarta at 4:50 PM. We were waiting for our luggages for a long time and one small luggage arrived, the other 3 luggages never came out. Someone from Jakarta Airport Baggage Service called my name and told me that our 3 bags are still in Singapore (1 bag arrived in Jakarta). They will be delivered with the next two inbound flights to Jakarta, SQ 964, at 5:22 PM (arriving in Jakarta at 6:09 PM).

We are the only passengers on that flight whose bags were left at Changi Airport. I start to believe that my suspicion has becoming real. Either Ashraf ** did it or his superior did it, or they were in cahoot did it on purpose. I guess the female staff was told to transport our luggages to the other flight (Maybe they think it's funny imagining us running around Jakarta Airport looking for our bags after all, it's payback time, right?). And the luggages were not in the next flight but next two flights so we had to wait a long time at the airport for them. The staff at the airport told us they could deliver the bags to our house.

Now, our bags finally arrived in front of our apartment lobby at 9:50 PM. Our keys are in one of those bags. We had to wait almost 5 hours to get into our own apartment. My sister in law's medicines are in one of those bags. We went to Singapore to accompany her check-up. The people at Jakarta luggage service and SQ office can't give any explanation to us on why the bags are being left out. Look, we arrived 2+ hours prior departure time. The people on the ground (Jakarta Airport) told us it's unlikely to happen if we check-in 2+ hours prior.

Update: I wrote to SQ and they got back at me with something like: "We're sorry but Ashraf (the gate staff) is new. Please understand that we will give him more training so that this won't happen again." According to the customer service staff when they investigated the incident, Ashraf was "panicked" and caused the mishap of the luggages. This means Ashraff ** aware of this incident, and leave a room for REASONABLE DOUBT that he MIGHT HAVE DONE IT ON PURPOSE (Just as you know, he didn't look "panicked", he looked "vengeful")! What customer service are you running? You sound like running a two-bit hawker at outskirt of Jakarta. Shameful.

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Original review: July 7, 2015

I am an Australian citizen residing in Queensland. I have not received the 2 pieces of baggage which I had checked in with Virgin Airlines at Brisbane International Airport to Perth during my flight to Cochin. I have been following up with this issue since the 27th of June. I have not received any response concerning my baggage which frustrates me. The contact numbers which Silkair, Cochin had given me to follow up do not work. I have not been able to contact them so far despite repeated attempts, which even involved looking up the contact numbers on the internet. The Singapore Airlines, Brisbane office plays the blame game on Virgin Airlines. I do know how to approach this matter but I am determined to get back my luggage.

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Original review: May 18, 2015

Hi, I called Singapore airlines office in Kolkata to check on the flight details to Australia. There was a lady called **. She was so hostile and gave very vague information in a stern voice like it's not her job. First time experience. BAD!

Original review: May 4, 2015

This my first experience boarding on Singapore Airline (SQ) on return flight from Jakarta-Melbourne transit via Singapore. The first trip was great. All the crews were very helpful when we only got 20 minutes time and almost late to catch the plane from S'pore as our connecting flight was late for about half an hour. The airport crew rushed us with efficient speed and direction so we could board on time.

Unfortunately, during our fly back to Jakarta from S'pore, I had horrific experience with the security officer who was so rude and ignorant. Getting off the SQ from Melbourne on 3 May 2015 at 4.10 p.m we immediately ran to catch our SQ connecting flight as the departure schedule should be on 4.30 pm. We didn't want to miss the plane. I read the information board that the gate has been closed. My colleague frantically sped our sprint to gate F33, feeling exhausted and nervous after such a long flight from Melbourne. We passed the security check and had our boarding pass scanned without much problem. Without second thought we rushed to the entrance door leading to passage for boarding into the aircraft. No stand by officer from SQ was at the door and no body stopped us for entry. We thought "Oh dear, did we just miss our flight?" We heard no announcing information and our focus was to catch the plane. So we ran.

In front of entrance door to the plane, the stewardess seemed surprise to see us and asked whether we had the boarding pass. We showed it to her and she was trying to call somebody. We waited. Confused. And we saw the plane was empty. We thought "What happen? Did we board on the wrong plane?" Unable to reach anyone apparently, the stewardess asked us to proceed to our seat. Another stewardess greeted us, surprise as well. We asked her why the plane was empty. She said it was ok as the others would board soon. We felt something amiss but we just were too damned tired to think.

As we sat, this male arrogant officer approached us with stern face and started to get angry at us for boarding the plane while others still waited in the waiting room. He refused to listen to our explanation whatsoever and kept throwing rude words as if we were two retarded women in scarves. He kept repeating over and over again his rude words as if we were too stupid to understand any single word he said. My colleague and I were so offended. We knew now it was not time to board yet but how we should on earth do we know that when nobody directed us? Hello.... The plane should be leaving at 4.30? We did not make this mistake on purpose and we had apologize. But this rude officer was too ignorant. He kept lashing the same words and treated us like we were two criminals. It was so horrific.

He could have warn us with less arrogant and rude ways. After all we did not breach the protocol on purpose. If he showed us a bit of understanding, we would totally understand. Should security officers at SQ act that way? He was so rude and never in my whole life did I experience something like this. This lesson gave me a chill experience and I don't think I would board on the plane anymore. My company should better use other aircraft in catering its employees in travelling overseas.

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Original review: April 8, 2015

My SQ flight was booked online starting from Jakarta-Sin-Melbourne-Sin-Jakarta. The flight on board was enjoyable with the hard working crews but... The heartache was when I wanted to made a change to the date of the return flight from Sin to Jkt. Online changes is not allowed. Tried calling the Jakarta SQ office, only open on office hour, a costly matter due to endless waiting in queue. Remember it is on an international call. Tried calling SIA 24 hrs office at 2300hr, never get to speak to an operators after holding onto the phone for 15 minutes .

Tried calling this morning at 0745hr. 1st try: same, a 15 minutes wait in vain. 2nd try: after 10 mins wait, l was told to submit my phone number for a call back with a stated time. I did but nothing came back. On my 3rd try 30 minutes later: I managed to speak to an operator and get the changes done. This operator is in India. Probably SIA outsource out her operators, SIA reputation is in their hands.

This matter was also reported to SIA years ago, my report was still kept with me, the respond from SIA was the same la, probably from a computer... abc... xyz. There was not a slight improvement till today. I suppose, SIA got junk quality robots in the top management.. that got no eyes to see nor ears to listen. My heartache for my favourite national airline.

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Original review: Feb. 4, 2015

Arrived by Sq4282 operated by Air New Zealand from Auckland to Singapore at 6:50am but were not permitted to board subsequent flight sq422 to MUMBAI due to depart at 7:45, even though there was enough time to change terminals. Changi has got the best facilities and if flight changeover is not possible in 45 mins, then Singapore Airlines should stop selling this combination. No explanation from Singapore Air, though Air New Zealand took the responsibility for 5 minute landing delay.

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2015

Flew from sfo to changi. Brand new bag damaged. Agent at airport said company would contact me in a few days. After a few days man comes to collect my bag to fix it. After another four days they call and say will replace with identical bag. Then after another few days they deliver a flimsy bag that is not equal to the damaged bag, even the delivery man thought it as too cheap. So, I rejected it, they said they would call. After another six days they called me and told me they would not fix the bag, if I did not want the cheap replacement, that they would offer me cash but not the amount I purchased it. Or they would return my damaged luggage and I could submit a claim and perhaps get my money back sometime in the future. So essentially they wasted 3 weeks of my trip to tell me to file a claim. The representative on the phone was a bit rude and impolite as well.

It is really sad that a great airline has such poor service when dealing with damaged bags. Most international travelers do not have three weeks plus to deal with this customer circus. I am still optimistic that sq will fix this problem. People fly sq for the service. If sq has terrible service why choose sq? I paid a lot more to fly sq airline. In the future, I am not sure I will make the same choice. Sq airline your customers deserve better.

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Original review: Jan. 13, 2015

I recently tried to book a flight on Singapore Air with my 9 month old baby. SQ charged me USD900 and an infant rate of USD1200!! For an infant who doesn't have his own seat and will be sitting on my lap. When I queried this, SQ informed me that they don't offer discounted infant rates. They do however offer discounted child rates for children over 2. So in effect, my 7 year old, who will have a seat, can fly for USD700. I would have to pay USD500 MORE for the privilege of having an infant on my lap the entire 12 hr flight. Surely there is no justification for these fares? I have checked on 4 different Airlines and not one came back with an amount of more than USD200 for an infant. In fact some airline only charge the airport taxes. Why am I having to pay nearly double the price for an infant ticket than for a child?

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