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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Aug. 3, 2023

PLEASE DON'T BUY A TICKET FROM THIS AIRLINE. This is the worst airline in my whole life. I had a flight from Antalya to London at 11 pm, after 3 hours delay, they informed us by email that our flight was cancelled. They suggested that we go to our website and buy the new ticket for Londen and mentioned we will refund your money shortly. Any assistance from this airline was not available in the airport. Due to this issue I lost my connecting flight to Montreal. I had to purchased one way ticket around 2000$ and with two stop 5 hour layover in London and 15 hour layover in Malaga. Finally after 24 hour delay I arrived my home.

After one month of follow -up and sending more than 5 emails, finally today they responded to me. "We do not guarantee or accept liability regarding your missed flight and subsequent flight. In addition, we have found that the reason for the disruption of your flight does not qualify for compensation." I strongly recommend never buying a ticket from this airline. Since this airline and customer service department are so unprofessional and disrespectful towards their client. And when something happened they didn't accept any responsibility and caring.

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Reviewed Oct. 25, 2022

Four people in our tour group made our own reservations for a trip from the US to Paris. The travel day began with the initial flight and then Easy Jet reservations were made to fly hours later to Lisbon Portugal. We landed on time at CDG airport and received notification from Easy Jet that our flight to Lisbon was delayed for 90 minutes. No issue there for us - just a bit more time to stretch our legs. The communication from Easy Jet came in a text. I still have a picture of the text received.

We arrived at the gate prior to the original departure time to find that the flight was only 11 minutes late and because we were not at the gate two hours prior to the original departure time we were not allowed to board the airplane. The gate agent would lend absolutely no support. We were not the only passengers that were left that day. We each purchased our ticket and a carry on bag for the flight. There were no other flights from CDG airport available to Lisbon that day which was not an option for us as we had to meet our tour group. We each had to make reservations for TAP Portugal out of Orly Airport - about an hour Uber Drive from CDG. This expenditure cost each of us nearly $400 - the Uber Drive, the last minute flight and the baggage.

I reached out to Easy Jet upon our arrival home. The emails have been non-stop with sending our information, picture of the text message received and basic pleading to have our money refunded. We were only issued the tax on the flight which came to $19.06 Euro. We will never travel Easy Jet in the future. We will share our experience to whoever will listen and get the word out that this company takes no responsibility for their lack of customer service and their lack of communication. The deal we received in booking this reservation was excellent so in good faith, reimbursing each of us would not have broken the bank for the company. We are VERY disappointed and do not want anyone else to experience September 14, 2022 like we did.

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    Reviewed Oct. 8, 2022

    Paid for upgrading baggage before flying then they charged us extra for hand luggage when boarding. £50 was extremely excessive and will never ever fly with them again. Never had an issue with Ryanair who are a budget airline.

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    Verified purchase
    PricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2022

    Important things to know about (not so)easyJet:

    * On easyJet you must pay extra for baggage that won’t fit under the seat in front of you. The standard easyJet fee for hold baggage seems to be around €50. For carryons that go in the overhead compartment, easyJet plays games with the fees. If you buy an extra-legroom seat, an overhead carryon is included. The fee for an extra-legroom seat can be anywhere from around €50 to just a couple of euros, depending on when you reserve it. The prices go down the closer you get to the departure date, but then you run the risk of none being left. You can also pay around €30 extra for just the overhead carryon and take whatever packed-in-like-a-sardine plebian seat they give you.

    * easyJet baggage fees, both hold and carryon, apply to each leg of your flight. So if you have a round trip with one connection each way, you’ll have to pay that baggage fee four times. Decent airlines only charge one baggage fee for an entire booking, not per flight.

    * If your easyJet booking involves connecting through the god-awful Luton airport near London, then some entity called Dohop comes into play (possibly because of Brexit; thank you very much Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin), splitting your booking into two chunks - the outgoing and return flights between your departure and Luton and the outgoing and return flights between Luton and your destination. And for this Dohop intervention you are then charged an additional sneaky fee of around €50.

    * Do the math and after the baggage and Dohop fees that great-sounding €370 fare to Iceland is suddenly a not so great €580, a price you could have gotten upfront from a decent airline without the games and being relegated to crap parts of crap airports and treated like a loser (see below).

    * easyJet online fares and fees are sometimes shown in euros and sometimes in pounds (and possibly other currencies), but when those charges reach your bank they’ve all magically been changed to pounds so that even if you thought you were paying something in euros to easyJet your euro-based bank will charge you a currency conversion fee.

    * Because easyJet is such a cut-rate airline they are usually relegated to cut-rate airports, such as the god-awful Luton airport near London and Terminal 2 in Lisbon, both of which are more like cattle stockyards than the full-service airports you may be used to.

    * Within those cut-rate airports, easyJet gates are usually at the farthest extremities, meaning you will often have to walk as long as 20 minutes to get to your gate. And even when you get to the “gate” it’s often just the beginning of a trek up and down stairs (no escalators or lifts) with all your carryon baggage to get to the actual exit to the plane.

    * If you are unfortunate enough to have an easyJet booking with a connecting flight at the god-awful Luton airport you will also have to go through a UK passport check in a long line at both your origin airport and at Luton. Then you will be dumped out into the Luton entrance area and have to go through security again. Not sure if this is some stupid Brexit thing or what the justification is but it doesn’t make any sense.

    * easyJet flight crew will try to upsell you over the intercom throughout the flight. Even the captain gets in on the fun.

    * The beverage/snack cart that comes through on every easyJet flight is all extra charge at about twice what you’d pay on the ground.

    * easyJet has an undependable computer system. Gate processing is often sluggishly slow. In one case, there was a single ticket-agent manually searching a printed list and marking off each passenger with a pink highlighter. The flight was over an hour late taking off.

    * Even after the easyJet ticket-agent processes you you’ll often have to wait a long while like a herd of cattle in some unheated/unventilated internal gate holding area with no seating for either a bus to show up or for you to be released to walk to the plane. You’ll then usually have to climb a rollup staircase with all your carryons to get into the plane.

    * On arrival the entire stressful process repeats in reverse with everyone stuck in the packed plane for a long while waiting for the stairs to be rolled up, then the long walk or bus ride over the tarmac, then more stairs climbing with all your carryons, then the long hike from whatever extremity of the airport easyJet has been to banished to like some leper colony on the outskirts of town.

    * easyJet flights are usually late. I had the misfortune of taking five flights (two bookings) with them and four out of the five times they were over 30 minutes late. The last one caused me to miss a bus connection.

    * The only point in easyJet’s favor is that their personnel are very polite (but maybe that’s only because they get to have a good laugh after you leave with your dignity in shambles).

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    Reviewed May 13, 2022

    We were flying from Preveza which we had visited to buy a boat. We were sitting at the front of the plane having paid extra for the experience. Service started at the rear of the plane so that those at the front had no choice. When food arrived we're told only two of the options were available. Later whilst awaiting to use the toilet one of the unavailable options was taken through the pilot door! Flight itself was OK.

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    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 22, 2022

    If you want your holidays to get spoiled even before it starts make sure you book your flight with EasyJet. As the name suggest it's easy for them to do anything e.g. rip you off for every single bag you carry, talk down to you like you are some kind of dust on the floor, no respect from ANY members of staff whether it's ground staff or air crew. Just awful. I personally think it pains them so much to be pleasant to their passengers. The HR Dept has some serious reevaluation to do with their recruitment as this is not what customers expect or want to be treated after paying money for the service. Maybe their policies are cheap flight but also cheap service and they do follow that without fail.

    I have travelled so many countries but NEVER EVER encountered such rude and bad mannered staffs in my entire life. So appalled by the whole experience. My first time with EasyJet but also my last time with them. I would rather pay more money and get the respect and service my whole family deserves. After the pandemic, one would think thank God they got their job back and now they will value and cherish that job and go above and beyond to keep the airline afloat and to succeed but blimey they are hell bent to do the opposite. They don't respect their own jobs so how can they respect their customers.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this airline gets a reputation of being tacky, cheap and disgustingly staffed. I am so shocked that I still can't believe how people like these lots got a job in the airline. Piece of advise for HR, put some more effort into screening your staffs when recruiting as they are meant to uplift and represent your brand not tarnish and bring it to the floor which let me tell you they are doing a fantastic job at that.... For now airline to be avoided at any cost unless you like to be pushed around and mistreated.

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    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 22, 2021

    I booked 2 tickets 28th Dec on Easyjet Gatwick to Geneva to go to France for New Year. I booked Easy Jet insurance in case things went wrong and I could not go. I am a flightclub member and TYPICALLY spend thousands a year on Easy Jet flights. France banned UK residents from coming to France so now we cant go - we are not allowed - IT IS ILLEGAL!

    Easyjet will not refund the flights as it is to Geneva (airport is Swiss & French) as it's not France!!!! Easy Jet insurance claims they do not cover this either. Hence this review - I booked Easy Jet to try to help them after their pandemic woes - with insurance in case it went wrong. Easyjet are not doing the right thing and refunding flights when a country tells you "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COME HERE!!"

    This is completely outrageous behaviour for any Easyjet customer who has booked in good faith - They are showing the ultimate bad faith to their customers. I spoke to Flightclub customer service who told me I could have a voucher. But with insurance I would have to call the insurance number to get a refund. After a few days i got thru to Insurance who told me my insurance did not cover governments telling me I couldn't go to their country! I then called Flightclub back who then said no voucher was available as I was flying to Geneva - not directly into France! So all I could get back was my taxes! This is completely dodgy and so "below the belt" that it means you cannot trust Easy Jet - they used to be like this but had been better - I tried to support them - and they have kicked me in the teeth. If you are in a similar situation please complain as this is outrageous behaviour!

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    Reviewed Nov. 14, 2021

    Never again with EasyJet. The deal is never worth it! Standard hand luggage isn't accepted anymore, unless you pay an extra fee of 24 English pounds per trolley. Think twice, and choose a different airline and save yourself the trouble of missing your flight or the extra payment.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Sept. 16, 2021

    Upon arrival at the gate in Crete Greece EasyJet employees charged €29 from everyone with an handbag/trolley although it's the standard size approved on their website!!! This is a scandal, a shame for this airline to earn this way, many of the passengers protested, but they were threatening that they would just leave without us, we were forced to pay for 6 persons €174!!! Funny thing is that when you paid you could take you trolley on board! Never again flying with this airline.

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    Reviewed April 30, 2021

    Easy Jet lost my luggage on an hour flight from Portugal to Madrid last year before pandemic hits. No help at all from their customer service. I had to ask the guy from the ticketing desk to help us find my luggage but of course we didn't find it. I submitted a claim online and after over a year of back & forth emails, they finally paid me $324 only for my whole luggage which has all the stuff I bought from Portugal. I was devastated, frustrated and felt so helpless. I don't understand how they have no trace where my luggage went or maybe someone took it. It was me and the other passenger from California that lost a luggage, both of us from USA. I will never recommend this airline to anyone even if it's cheap because of my traumatic experience and the poor customer service.

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