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I checked their site for pet travel. It plainly says that there is no problem to carry a pet, in the right bag. After we were seated in the plane, an attendant showed up asked about our little puppy and demanded $100 fee!! There was no room for protest or negotiation. Later I rechecked their site, below the explanation about pet travel, there are FAQs, many unnecessary stupid questions I would never pay attention to, the last one, down below was: "Is there a fee for pet travel?" Only when you click on that question, if you ever happen to see it, the answer is YES, $100 for each direction!! CROOKS! They should have posted all the relevant information right there at the top of the page, something like "For a fee of $100 on each direction we will allow a pet on board..." and not hiding it under FAQ which is an optional reading.

The workers were very helpful, and we didn't have any complaints about the airline. Everything went very smoothly. I would definitely recommend to other patrons. The miles program is very good. You really get a lot for being a loyal customer. They are very easy to earn and use. A round trip flight was very reasonable. It is just about the cheapest in the region. A very good value for a long flight.

The customer service was spectacular! Everything was taken care of and my flight was the most comfortable one I've had. I highly recommend this air service to anyone who flies for business or even leisure. The rewards I receive are airline miles and cash back. I use my miles to cover the cost of my flight when I have enough and when I don't I use my cash back points to cover the remainder. I have personally never had to cancel but with the policy it is very agreeable and same as most of the other flights I take for my business and leisure. If I do ever have to cancel, I will follow the policy. My perceived value of the flight was splendid. The attendants were very helpful and their service was amazing. The value of all the employees to the passengers was great.

Our flight was delayed over four hours, and we were lied to multiple times. The employees continuously said that the plane was fifteen minutes away... for hours. Also, the flight attendants were extremely rude. I feel like the trip was during a tense time or something. I'd try again to see if it's any different. I wasn't offered any rewards for the flights I booked. So, that really lessens the interest I have for them. They did have decent airplane food and similar airline options, such as that, but it's not better than bigger airlines, such as American or Delta.

I didn't end up canceling any flights. My family booked about a month in advance, but we went through with every part of it, as planned ahead of time. So, for us, cancellations were not an issue at all. I didn't actually check their policies, but I would say they'd probably be fair. It was a good flight. The planes they had, (in addition to all of their services and such blah blah blah), got us where we needed to go, so I can't complain. The whole purpose of taking a flight is to get from one place to another, and they succeeded in doing that much, at least.

They were friendly and happy. They took good care of us. I was traveling with my infant son so I was nursing. They were very sensitive and caring that I was comfortable and so was the baby. I did not get any rewards for flying with Allegiant. I don't recall even being offered any when we booked the flight. The cancellation policy is fine. It's very similar to everyone else's policy. Most places have a charge if you need to make a change or cancel flight. Allegiant is a great airline with great value for the flights. My mother in law uses you ALL the time. Always happy with the price and we always use Allegiant.

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The staff was professional, courteous, friendly and helpful. It was an altogether rewarding and pleasant experience. The cabin was clean, comfortable, and fresh. The food and drink was good, and the service was attentive. I did not use the rewards program, as I do not fly often enough to build up rewards, nor do I acquire rewards from any other source. Those who do use rewards would, of course, be getting a good bargain. The cancellation policy is as fair as any other airline; sometimes a customer may have a good reason to cancel, and the airline cannot pay a penalty for those circumstances that do arise. I have not had to cancel, so it has never been a problem for me. The value of flying this airline is quite good. I always like to find a real bargain when I travel, and I am satisfied to pay the regular fares required by this company.

I thought they were very helpful and very friendly and were willing to go the extra mile for you. They were very polite and accommodating for everything I needed. I think the rewards are very good. I am always happy when I collect them. You give different choices to pick from More than other airlines. Their cancellation policy isn't Bad. As long as you cancel in the right amount of time you should have no problems with the cancellation. The airlines prices are priced very well. The prices are good and you get your money's worth down to the last penny even if you don't think you do.

Everyone was very accommodating and friendly. I felt safe and in good hands. I had no issues but if I did, I felt confident that it would've been resolved professionally. I love a good rewards program and honestly, this is one of the better ones out there. Very satisfied and I will be a repeat customer. I've got to keep those rewards coming. I have no experience canceling a flight. But, I'm sure if I had to, they would've been very accommodating. Maybe in the future I'll find out and then post about it. Inexpensive flight, relatively speaking. I've flown several airlines in the past and feel I've really gotten a great value.

I just love, love, love them so much as a whole company and they are the greatest ever in my book. You can't get any better than this. This part is pretty season in my book overall and a loyal customer. They rest me and I should be treated. They are just the greatest. I adore this part of their service. You can't ask for anything better than this part they offer to their loyal customers. They know how to treat a customer all around. No complaint about their policy. This is so great as I accustomed. I just love how they are willing to accommodate the loyal customer with how they run their business in general.

Customer service was pretty good. Every time I needed something or had questions I could call and my concerns would be met in a timely manner. It was great service. The rewards that are offered are free miles and whatnot. They have a great rewards program that I use a whole lot. It is one of the best that I have seen in the industry. Cancellation policy is one of the best in the industry. They will refund your money if you are not satisfied or have a problem with your service. They are very courteous and polite. They have a great value that I use over and over again. They have some of the best values out there.

Air attendant made sure my family and I was comfortable. Provided us with adequate service. Booking the airline was not a hassle at all and would recommend others to fly with this airline. The rewards are fair and you get great rewards with points. I was able to get free baggage claim when I reached a total of 100 points. And the points are also easy to accumulate. Once I did had to postpone a flight, they were very understanding and gave me another ticket for a later date for only a small fee. I think anywhere else I would have had to pay much more. I truly would recommend this airline. I felt safe while flying, as I am usually quite afraid. The people working for the airline seem to have good values and value their customers to keep them flying with them.

I will recommend this company to all my friends that want to book flights in the near future, and I will leave positive feedback on this company's website. I like this flight company very much. They have helped me very much in booking flights, I love this company. I like this company's value very much. They work very hard to make the customers service very good. I will tell this to every one of my friends I know.

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