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For all of you who cared and UNcared about our trip from Bangkok to Barcelona on Sunday 14/08/2016, we would like to share the events. We had to travel in flight KL876 at 12:05 belonging to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. As acquainted tourists, we arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport on time and at 9:50 we already had our luggage checked-in. We passed the corresponding controls, and finally, around 11 we got to passport control. Either because of weak organization, or because of the recent attacks, document processing was really slow. Around 11:20 we began worrying because of the advancing time, but our ease came from the fact that we were immediately behind a group of people from our flight. Besides, we paid attention for last calls from the company. However, they did not come!

Anyway, after a tremendous sprint through the airport, we managed to arrive at the boarding gate at 11:57, needless to say – late. The plane was there, the jet bridge too. And Mr. Punnavit ** too… He said that we were not getting on that plane because we were late. He asked for our tickets with a smile, and we still thought that we would fly. He scratched off the tickets and refused to give them back to us, although we demanded them. His explanation about why we were not flying was that he was the SUPERVISOR and he decided so, i.e. that the impossibility to fly did not come from other circumstances, but him. After this several-minute conversation, he ordered our luggage to be removed from the plane.

We charge KLM represented by Mr. ** of an absurd behavior towards their clients. Even as we were crying, which would be understandable for those who want to put themselves in our place, he was manifestly enjoying, and believe us, his smile was not provoked by his kindness, but the celebration of His Mastery. The humiliation and the impotence were crushing.

We charge KLM represented by Mr. ** of personal attitude towards us, because we were not the only ones who did not meet the deadline for boarding (as we previously mentioned, there was a group of Dutch tourists immediately in front of us who definitely did not meet the deadline either). If Mr. **’s decision was not subjective, but principle, he would have taken off our luggage before he saw us (because baggage cannot travel without a passenger).

We charge KLM represented by Mr. ** of inactivity and inflexibility in work organization in emergency situations, and disinterest about passengers. It is natural that employees know the distance between the passport control and the gate, and opportunely inform their passengers with a last call, so that they can ask for a quicker passing.

Now we are going to count the days until someone appears and humanly explains what led to this situation. The answer that we were late we have already heard it by KLM representatives in their office in Bangkok and on phone calls. Please, do not suit us with PR and jurist replies. All they can say, we had already read it in provisions. Please, give us at least one reason in order to convince us that we did not depend on the favor of one and only person: for instance, that the retention of the jet bridge for a minute costs the company a lot of money, while luggage removal is free. Or that your company policy is to discipline your much too relaxed passengers after their holidays, (by the way, aside from having travelled around Thailand, we also took part in the project “UVolunteer”).

So, we start counting the humans in KLM and their reactions. Or all of you will pretend that you have not read this and you will secretly think what your supervisor said aloud: “You are welcome!” Yet, it does not matter how much it cost us (not only financially), the formal cause – our delay, will comfort your consciousness.

Racial awful comment By KLM flight attendant for my child. Carry on baggage issue. Racial Flight Attendant. Lost our baggage - trying to locate.

KLM suddenly decided that all Indians are vegetarian... I traveled in their flight from Delhi to Amsterdam and back and in both flight they announced that they "proud" to serve only vegetarian food as if all the Indians are vegetarian, or at least if they travel in KLM they are forced to be vegetarian... KLM people please understand more than 70% people in India are non-vegetarians. You can very well make a meal where the main item you can switch from veg and non-veg. In that way you can satisfy the total group. In my trip when I pointed out this to the hostess, he rudely told me "This is the food for you... eat or starve." I am frequent international flyer, and my experience tells me that if you are a vegetarian and can tolerate racial discrimination then only think about KLM... otherwise it is better to avoid them.

I am writing this to explain the horrible experience that I faced because of your staff at Indira Gandhi international airport India. I planned to travel India via KLM Royal Dutch KL871 flight on May 27 with ticket no ** and reservation code ** with my two kids from Toronto Pearson YYZ. At the Toronto airport, staff inquired me if I wanted to take my hand baggage with me to the cabin or wanted to check it in with the other 23 kg bags. I agreed to check in my hand baggage with the big suitcases so I did not need to worry about carrying them with me.

Now all of my baggage were according to the standard measurements as explained on your site. I had no problem in check in from Toronto to India. Problem started when I was returning back to Canada on June 27, 2016 from Delhi. We took the same flight KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIR LINES KL872 and I had the same luggage with me as I had when I took off from Canada to India.

When I went to check in at Indira Gandhi airport, I found that the staff was very rude and non-cooperative with the passengers. They said that I could not carry these hand baggage in cabin as these were oversized. I told them that these bags were under measurement (25 pounds and 43 inches) and they could measure it with the measurement tape. She said they had no time to measure it. This is weird for the same flight taking off at different airports and following different policies.

The staff member also said, "Policies are different at different stations for the same flight." We were shocked to hear that. She said not to argue with her and if I have to travel then l have to pay $180 for two bags to be checked in. I told her that I was not carrying that much money at the moment. And she replied back and said, "Either pay or miss the flight." I felt being harassed by the staff. I was traveling alone with my kids and had no contact with the family at that time as I did not have any cellphones on me. I was scared and was feeling helpless. I did not want to miss the flight and did not want to spend $180 which I didn't have anyways at that time.

After a while, one passenger who was also traveling in the same flight with us guided me and said that I should wrap two handbags into one baggage and pay for one bag instead for two. He said that I have to pay anyways so why not pay less? I asked the staff person and she said yes. Thus, I end up paying Rs.350 to wrap my luggage and another 4760 rupees ($90) with receipt no **, dated June 27.2016 to get my baggage checked in. I also checked online and found that the fees for extra baggage is $75 CAD not $90. That means she could have checked in my handbags but she forced me to pay or miss the flight.

Also, I want to draw your attention on another incident. At the same time when the same staff member was harassing me, she was doing the same thing with one other family. She forced them to pay extra money for hand baggage. She was telling them that their handbag and laptop bags all in together should weigh 12 kg. As I know laptop bags are never counted in as baggage to pay. She also instructed other staff member to not give boarding passes to that family until they pay that extra money. I witnessed that the other family was even ready to take their tickets back and miss the flight because of the behaviour of that particular staff member. They were even ready to have hand to hand fight with that staff member. Their kids were so afraid to see all that. In the end, that family also ended up paying extra money.

Unfortunately, I forgot to get the name of that staff member. Time was passing by and we had to get in the plane on time by passing through immigration and security line in one hour. However, your record can tell you the name of the staff person that was working that day. This incident has led me to never choose KLM airlines for future destinations and would recommend my friends and family to not take it because of their rude behaviour and non-cooperativeness. This is one complete issue of harassment. I would appreciate if you can look into this matter and take strict actions against that particular staff member.

Since when does a major airline allow you to only check in ONE SUITCASE weighing only 50 POUNDS on a TRANSATLANTIC FLIGHT? Since KLM started to behave like a low cost airline, apparently. I paid around 800 euros (NOT low cost!) to fly from Amsterdam to Brazil round trip, and realized the night before that I was only allowed to bring one suitcase. So I had to repack everything, and was still a little over weight. So when I got to the airport, I hoped to find someone nice at the counter, but instead a computer was weighing my bag and telling me I had to pay 100 euros (!) for 2 kilos overweight. So I was forced to throw away protective packing, stuff presents for my friends into my pockets, and layer up my clothing in order to get the suitcase weight down and please the machine. I'll definitely skip KLM next time -- unless, of course, their fares are low enough to justify low cost airline behavior.

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My parents were travelling from Mumbai to Vancouver. Mumbai to Amsterdam they had Jet Airways and Amsterdam to Vancouver they had KLM Airlines.They had booked Business Class Tickets and had requested for wheelchairs for both of them. At Mumbai Airport they were provided the wheelchairs but at Amsterdam Airport they were told that there is no request for wheelchairs. Upon showing them the ticket which mentioned wheelchair request printed on it, they said it is not showing in their system, and hence they had to walk all the way. In a telephonic talk from Amsterdam Airport, my parents told me to reconfirm about the wheelchair provision at Vancouver Airport. I called up KLM office Vancouver and they said there is a booking for wheelchairs so it will be provided when they land at Vancouver Airport. At Vancouver Airport similar story repeated. There were two wheelchairs but there was no one to drive those wheelchairs.

After waiting for 30 minutes my parents walked through the airport. Later on I raised the issue with the KLM and in a response to which they provided me 2 vouchers each one worth 200 Euros. I called KLM office several times and each time I got a response stating "Sorry we are unable to pull up the voucher". I even put the issue on their Facebook portal but there is no response solving the issue. It is almost 24 hours since I put the concern on the Facebook. I WILL NEVER BOOK ANY TICKETS WHEREIN KLM IS INVOLVED. ALSO I WILL NOT RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO TRAVEL USING KLM AIRLINES.

I bought a direct (non-stop) round trip flight (New York - Istanbul). You changed my flights to 1 stop (Amsterdam). Big problem is my returning flight (New York to Istanbul). There is a incredible waiting time. (11 hours!!) Although that tickets was not cheapest, I bought those tickets because they were direct flights. When I was realized that change, I called your customer care service but they didn't find a real solution for me. They gave me a 100$ coupon for next flight but I don't care this coupon because I never use Delta again. Please take it back!

It didn't end with that. When I was arrive Amsterdam I ask to KLM responsible people more comfortable place for waiting because I had to wait 11 hours! Because that was fair! BUT they never help me. IN FACT a KLM responsible lady (I don't remember her name) said to me: "here is a very big airport, you can find a place for waiting." This is not acceptable!! This is a impudent behaviour. As you know KLM has a lounge in that airport and I give 45 euro for using that. You are profitable! Congratulations!!! #neveragaindelta #neveragainKLM

First, when I attempted to book tickets for two passengers on KLM, it repeatedly refused to recognize that there were indeed two of us, so I had to do it over the phone. Then I was told I could join their frequent flyer programme by phoning a certain number. That number had nothing but a recorded message telling me to go to their website, so I did so, and filled in the registration form. The website then kept highlighting my perfectly ordinary first name and telling me please to fill in my name as it appeared on my passport -- which I had, of course, done.

I tried five times, starting over each time, and got the same response. When I then phoned their so-called complaints line, and pressed various numbers to get through to someone I could speak to about the Frequent Flyers programme, I was put on hold for a few minutes, then told that if I wanted information I could go to the website... and the phone went dead. No mention of a complaints person or department anywhere in the process. They really do have the most bizarrely uncooperative website and the rudest customer service of any organization I have ever dealt with.

We bought a ticket online, that said it had ONE stopover, in Amsterdam, so we bought it, thinking we could get a hostel and rest with our young daughter. When we purchased the ticket, the itinerary didn't match, saying that the 18h flight had a 2 hr stop over in Amsterdam. So I wondered where all those travel hours were to be spent, surprised to see only two hours stopover in Amsterdam! I called customer "service" and got attended to by the rudest girl I have ever talked to. Zero customer service skills. Informed me of a stopover in Cali (Bogota-Cali)!!! Which was written nowhere on any itinerary!!! I tried to explain the situation and was cut off and told to hold, which she cut the call. It said "all personnel are busy attending other customers."

So I called back, thinking, this airline must have a bad apple working for them. I tried to explain the situation and the bad service to the next "service" agent, and he was not at all apologetic, rather super rude. Made me retell him the reservation code five times, and then proceeded to tell me that there was no stopovers, and that the 18 hour flight was direct from Bogota to Amsterdam with a two hour layover in Amsterdam then to Madrid, our final destination. Well mathematics lets me figure out quickly there is something not right in that, 18 hours of travel, direct flight Bogota to Amsterdam, two hour stopover in Amsterdam, then two and half to Madrid, so I said "where are all the extra travel hours, if that totals to 15 hours of travel and it tells me online that I have 18 hours of travel?" His answer? "I don't know." And puts me on hold. Comes back with no information, and I asked for his name, and he hang up.

WORST customer service I have ever experienced. No one recognizes the errors on our tickets, nor apologizes, nor says anything understanding or comprehensive of our situation, now we have a surprise stopover, maybe? I am not sure because no one will tell me anything. 18 hours of travel multiple stopovers, not sure where, false advertising, bad customer service. Anyone reading this I advise you to AVOID this airline at all cost. Not excited to get on an airplane with absolutely no philosophy, no service, wow. Lesson learned.

We found a good price for a specific flight, decided to book right away. We gave all our details, but couldn't complete it because of an error. We tried several times over several days, finally we spoke to a KLM representative. He could see the same flight and same price on his screen. He couldn't book it either. There was a price issue. We could book that same price but for a couple of hundreds dollar more per person. Our daughter had exactly the same experience half a year ago. If KLM doesn't want to sell for the cheaper prices they shouldn't have them online. The flight was offered for USD 840, they could book it for us for €1177, almost double!

My wife and I are frequent traveler between USA and Europe. January 2016, we were traveling from New Delhi to Amsterdam. We had confirmed adjoining seats. At the New Delhi airport, the issued boarding passes showed our seat to be ten rows apart. KLM apologized and said the flight is oversold and there is nothing KLM can do. We insisted to be seated together. KLM gate crew advised that once we were in the plane, the cabin attendants will try to find us adjoining seats. KLM cabin attendants were helpful, however very snickering about it. This seat changes confused the flight attendants, and our special diet meals were lost, hence no food for the 9 hours flight. The 747 economy class seats seem to be designed for the people weighing less than 100 pounds, definitely not for the normal adults, it was like being stuffed inside a cardboard box for the 9 hour flight. We will never use KLM again.

KLM stole my laptop. A completely untrustworthy company. Do not use them. No one at KLM helped me. No one at KLM looked into the theft or bothered to find the KLM staff that stole my laptop. When I emailed them it took weeks-months for them to reply, if they bothered replied at all. My last emails were completely ignored. So rude, arrogant, unhelpful, and unprofessional. More to the point. Someone that works for them stole my laptop and was not held accountable. So that person still works for KLM. I was flying with KLM around 16+ times a year for work, and I will not ever fly with them again. I highly advise that you fly with an honest company that won't steal your belongings.

This below experience is shared by my sister and brother in law and I am filing this on their behalf. Their itinerary starts from Mumbai to Delhi via Jet Airways operated by KLM, which was really a smooth journey. The next flight was KLM flight number KL0872, scheduled by 2.35 am on 28th January from Delhi to Amsterdam and the final flight was KL0685 from Amsterdam to Mexico city.

The actual problem started when we were boarding KLM flight number KL0872. The ground crew of KLM gave us the boarding pass, where we gave one of our cabin baggages to the crew so that we can receive it in Mexico directly. There we were told that our bassinet request has been accepted and were allotted seats accordingly. Considering a smooth and safe journey, we were about to aboard the flight. Before entering the gates, we were told by the KLM officials that we need to deposit all our cabin baggages and moreover they said that the flight has less space, it is mandatory that we have to submit the baggage. "Anyways you will get them directly in Mexico and this service is free of cost" as if we are beggars asking for free services.

We simply told them that we are carrying infant with us and the baggage has all the stuff required during the long journey of 10 hours in the flight. The second problem started inside the flight when we found that we have been given different seats rather than the family seat where bassinet facility is available. We then had a talk with officials, especially the purser of the crew, asking for the bassinet seats. She replied in plain words that "we cannot give you the bassinet. Moreover your child is looking overweight". We told them that my daughter's weight is 10kgs, and asked them what is the maximum allowed weight of the infant? They said "10kgs is maximum but we do not consider that she is 10Kgs". We thought as if we were standing in front of the court of law. There was a huge argument just to tell that my daughter is 10kgs.

Then the purser checked whether I had really given a request or not and found that I was availed with the bassinet facility, but the seats are wrongly placed. They simply gave us the answer that "we are sorry, this is a mistake of the ground staff. We are not at all responsible for that". We were given too much of mental torture for next 30 minutes after boarding the flight. Finally, they allotted us 3 seats and told us that "you can place your child in between." Helplessly, we had to accept the offer, but during the 10 hour journey, we were always stressed that at any moment of time my daughter may fall since the seat belt was not completely fitting her.

The next problem is that flight crew took our stroller which was a brand new one. But when we received in Amsterdam, it was damaged, such as the handle was bruised and there are many scratches on it. The whole stroller was in damaged condition and we complained about it we were simply told that "you can make an online complaint". In the final journey from Amsterdam to Mexico in KL0685, we again confirmed with the ground staff whether the seats allotted are having bassinet facility and then they replied us positively. Inside the flight, when we asked for the bassinet, then we were told another important news, that the maximum weight bassinets can carry is only 9Kgs and not 10Kgs.

We again told that according to standard weights of infant between 0 to 2 years, my child exactly falls in the range and she is just 11 months old. Again the purser of the flight said that we are only considering the safety of the child. But then we asked them that it is a 10 hour journey and how is it possible for us to carry the child on our lap. If this would have been one or two hours, we would have simply done that, but this is really a painful journey of 10 hours. Moreover we have already travelled for almost 23 hours, it will be difficult for us to travel like this.

There is also no rulebook which specifies the dimensions of the child like a luggage. Then the purser simply said that we can give you the bassinet but you must keep that on the floor. We asked her if you keep it on the floor in front of our seat, how can we sit. She simply said "that's not my problem". If on one side she is talking about the safety, how can she make us to stand in the flight, which is totally ridiculous and unsafe. Kusum started crying on such an abusive answer and this mental torture again continued for next 20 minutes.

PLEASE SHARE IT if you have been ever discriminated against. I had the worst flying experience of my life! I'm a very disappointed frequent flyer! I get to Midway Airport and find out my flight is delayed and it's OK; but due to many problems with my flight delays and multiple cancellations with connections, the check-in counter upgraded my ticket to Business class seating throughout my entire 3 flights out of courtesy, and issued me my ticket--yet with unconfirmed seats in my flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam. I got to the boarding gate in Atlanta and was told that I cannot sit in Business class and there is no seat for me there. I showed the lady at the boarding gate my ticket (which said BUSINESS) and she disregarded it and called for a supervisor. Eventually, I was reassigned to a Comfort Zone seat, which I appreciated. Yet, as I walked through the plane, I noticed that the business seats were entirely empty except for one seat.

I still continued to the Comfort Zone, yet when I sat down in my aisle seat, a very large lady sat next to me, and she literally occupied half of my seat plus hers, pushing me so far that carts, people, bags, coming and going were hitting me. I got up and kindly told the flight attendant about my problem--a flight attendant passing by agreed and said she saw my dilemma. I told them I'd sit back there while they found me a different seat as to not offend the fellow passenger. Later I was moved to a new seat. When the lights all went out, I attempted to sleep but there was a light above me shining in my face, which I tolerated for 4 hours before I got up and notified someone. They came to turn it off and as soon as they left, it kept flickering on and off. I called someone twice to fix it, same issue. It had already been 4 hours and I hadn't had sleep in over a day because of many issues with Delta leading up to this.

I went to a Business class seating, where a supervisor came and told me to move immediately, and took me to the kitchen to speak. She was extremely rude and condescending from the beginning. I showed her my ticket and pointed to where my ticket said "Business" with my finger. She took a pen and SHOVED AND POCKED my finger aside, talking over me and telling me that Delta doesn't have anything to do with KLM and they did something wrong giving me a Business seat. I asked her if she just shoved my finger, and she said she did no such thing and stuck her finger in my face "imitating" me and yelling in my face. Then she told me to either move back to my seat--the flickering light one--or "sit here in the kitchen". I sat on the kitchen floor until she walked away, crying for a few minutes. She came back a few minutes later after talking with her coworkers and gave me an eye cover and ear plugs.

I put on the eye cover and while I was adjusting it, she SLAPPED my forehead and slapped it off and boldly said, "go back to your seat!" I was appalled and asked if she'd just slapped me. She said "I am going to call security on you." I asked what did I do wrong to call security on me, when I'm the one who has been poked and slapped and abused for 5 hours and all what I am asking for is to relax the couple hours I had left in the trip so that I'm able to function the 14 hours left to reach my destination, and she's the only one who can help. She said "not everyone has to be comfortable." I said "I haven't slept in 36 hours." She said "I don't care what you went through." I told her I want to file a complaint and asked for her name, she refused to give me it and said she doesn't have to give it if she doesn't want to. Furthermore, she said I can use the site to complain. I went back to my seat and put up with the light for the remainder of the flight.

To sum up, this was the WORST customer service I've ever seen or been through in my entire life! I cannot stress that enough. It was absolutely terrible from the minute of boarding @ KLM in Atlanta I booked until I landed in Amsterdam. Only very few people tried to help me. As a frequent flyer, all I asked for was comfortable seating. As a supervisor, she demonstrated the worst possible customer service, leadership, communication, and people skills. She was being completely racist and prejudice. If I was a European flyer, she would've just helped me and would've never acted so terribly even though I'm an American citizen.

Worst of all, she couldn't even be humane. I had to put up with all of this, terrified of security and the possible unjust outcomes that could come of this, especially on Christmas Eve. Unjust outcomes seem to be the style of this flight when supervised by this leader. Enough messed up family plans and disappointments happened because of this service, leading to having the first Christmas gone wrong in my life. What can I do about this?? Or what can you do for me about this inexcusable experience I've dealt with?! My family is in a world of hurt knowing I spent my Christmas Eve crying on the floor of KLM's flight service section.

On the flight Amsterdam to Bangkok we had to wait 2 hours grounded due a "small problem". This "small or minor problem" was a total failure of the old Boeing 777-300's hydraulic system backup, however we proceeded to Bangkok because it was "not dangerous" and we arrived to Bangkok just 1 hour later. Captain managed to maintain a cruising speed of more than 1000 km/h all the time.

From Bangkok to Amsterdam an arrogant and rude Asian girl staff forced me to move 2 kilos of overweight from my baggage to my hand luggage in front of the rest of passengers at the checking-in desk. No problems with the same baggage/weight flying the low-cost airline Thai Smile (Thai Airways), in a domestic flight and the ticket costs around 1500 baht (38 euros). My KLM ticket was almost 900 euros but it seems that actually, KLM became a Ryanair partner.

The flight Bangkok-Amsterdam took 12 hours while the usual is about 10.45-11.00 hours, to save fuel and reduce costs of this low-cost airline in disguise. It seems that some KLM passengers, especially the ones flying to Bangkok are not an example of politeness and discipline. Impossible sleep or relax, most passengers are noisy or rude. Seats are very uncomfortable, especially for long distance flights, and there is no legroom. Food, it's OK. Economy class.

I never had any problem in more than 11 years flying to Bangkok with other airlines twice per year. There are better airlines I've flown to Bangkok: Qantas, British Airways, Swiss, SAS and Finnair. More expensive than KLM, but definitely better and with friendliest passengers and crew. Not surprisingly the duo KLM-Air France are the worst airlines in Europe, for many.

On October 6, 2015 my husband and I had a flight to Amsterdam with KLM at 11:40 a.m. This flight was cancelled and we waited for a hotel for a very long time. At 10:00 p.m. with high difficulties they promised us a hotel in Oakland. They promised us to pay all expenses and reschedule for the following day. They gave us only one voucher for taxi and hotel, they promised to feed us twice. Since it was so late at night they didn't pay for our food. On the following morning, we didn't have a choice but to pay for our own taxi to the airport which cost one hundred dollars, since the voucher was for a one way. The company failed to pay for our expenses, we had lost a full day, which made our trip much more complicated and difficult.

With reference to my booking **, I board flight KL417 on October 19th for Amsterdam and confirm at the time of boarding pass that I would like to cancel the next flight KL1807 for Cologne due to other appointment in Amsterdam but while coming back, I will board flight from Cologne. I have been advised by KLM that I can cancel next flight at Amsterdam airport, at KLM counter after immigration. I found KLM counter after immigration and before exit at Amsterdam and request the same for cancel one flight KL1807, it was confirmed to me by KLM that they have cancel my next flight.

On October 23rd, I reached at Cologne to board my return flight where I had to pay 278.89 Euro again for my return flight to Dammam and advise me to talk at Amsterdam for refund of this amount. I checked for refund at Amsterdam and come to know, I should put a customer complain for refund due to misguidance of airline's employee at every point.

I had to pay two times fare for Cologne to Dammam on October 23 plus additional penalty for same flight. Apart from refund, I want to understand following: I had misguided by KLM at Dammam, Amsterdam on October 19 for cancellation of next flight to Cologne and at Cologne and Amsterdam on October 23 for refund. Without my request or intimation by KLM, how could be my return flight cancelled? If the return flight cancelled by Airlines, why do I need to pay penalty 106 Euro. If I had to pay any penalty, then why do I need to purchase again one more ticket (172.89 Euro)?

We (4) were booked on a return flight on KLM on October 10th, 2015 from Florence Italy to Amsterdam. Prior to boarding the gate agent made an announcement that "due to wind" and concerns from the pilot nine passengers are being denied boarding and will need to make other flight arrangements. The gate agent then proceeded to call out the names of the passengers that would be denied travel. Our party of four was called out along with five other passengers. Now, I don't take issue with having to reduce weight on a flight due to safety concerns, but where I take issue is with KLM not offering up for any passengers to volunteer (for compensation - up to 600 Euros, hotel and meals if necessary, etc.) their seats prior to arbitrarily pulling passengers from the flight. After explaining to the gate attendant this concept of asking for volunteers she told me in a terse tone that "it doesn't work that way".

As I continued to plead with her for the sake of our 30 year old daughter who is 7 months pregnant (of which she has doctor's consent to travel) and shouldn't for the health of the baby endure any delays in air travel. As I explained this is the reason we booked economy plus (more room) and the shortest flight duration to our final destination. To this plea the gate attendant who was only paying half attention to what I was explaining, finally out of her own frustration and in some way to try to appease us half heartedly called out (not over the intercom) "is anyone interested in volunteering to be taken off the flight, KLM can give 200 euros if you are interested". Maybe half the passengers in the boarding area heard her voice. She then turned to me with a bit of a smirk "see, nobody is interested".

She then shuttled us onto a bus that took us to lost and found to claim our bags and then started our very frustrating and painful 25 hour return journey which included a bus trip to Pisa for our eventual departure, missed connections and running (literally running) from gate to gate. KLM is very mismanaged in my opinion and showed ZERO compassion and the welfare of a pregnant woman and her unborn child. During this trip we had purchased 6 tickets for the family to travel. Of all the airlines we dealt with on this journey (KLM, British Airways, Delta and Canadian Airlines) KLM was by far the worst! British Airways was the best! I will never again fly KLM and will be sure to advise my friends and associates to do the same!

On July 24 2015 my sister and I boarded our flight @ Houston Intercontinental airport (IAH). Flight 662 economy class. Jet Boeing 747. We were so happy to be on our way to Istanbul, Turkey to board a cruise ship for a 14 day Mediterranean cruise. I paid ~$2,800.00 for our round trip tickets. We took off at 3:00pm. (I know because I was writing in a journal for our scrapbook). We were about to fly 5,212 miles in 8.25 hours according to the pilot. We sat in seats 37A & B . The passenger in C moved and that gave us more space. My sister is chubby so the rows were tight for her. We read ahead of time how one should walk around the cabin, flex your feet and exercise to prevent swelling of our feet. But we could do none of this!!! The guy in front of my sister reclined his seat into her lap! He had headphones on and pretended that he was unaware of the discomfort and inconsideration he was causing us.

We tapped him on the shoulder to ask if he would raise his seat up a bit. We knew he had a right to recline but NOT into her lap. He ignored us. So later, when dinner was served, my sister could not lay her tray down for her food. A male attendant tapped his shoulder at the same time as I did. He then shouted "why is everyone ** with me?" We were shocked. We immediately thought he was a terrorist. So we motioned to the attendant that we will just eat on the tray beside her as she turned sideways to gain more space. He refused to raise his chair even as he sat forward to eat!!!

The chair remained in her lap even as I needed to get by to use the restroom. I almost tripped down trying to get to the bathroom. We were frightened to death. What I'm most unhappy with is the fact that the attendant didn't offer us any other options. We felt that we had just as much a right to fly comfortably as anyone else. Certainly on an airline that large they could have given us a seat change or something! We arrived in Amsterdam @ 7:00 am. Our ankles were swollen and we we exhausted. I am writing to find out what type of recourse can you offer.

KLM lost my baggage when flying from Seattle to Bucharest via Amsterdam. On September 10, 2015 I checked in my baggage at Seattle airport, and when next day I arrived in Bucharest I didn't find my baggage. I complaint to the lost and found department responsible for KLM flights, and they said it will be brought in 8 hours with the next plane. Today is September, 25 2015 and still I did not get my baggage.

Very briefly put - if you have possibility to fly with somebody else go for it. KLM may look cheaper but this is only because the pure fact that you have to pay for checked luggage extra. Today we missed our flight because of delay of first flight. This could definitely happen. But if it happens any civilized air company will make anything it can to somehow make the incident bearable. I was said by the employee of KLM that I get new boarding pass and 2* hotel and this is the great favor she is doing for me. There was absolutely no sign of human approach. For them you only are figures no humans but what can you await of Dutch? So thank you KLM and never more.

I traveled with my 16-year old daughter from Amsterdam to Bangkok on Sunday, KL 0875. We were seated in row 31 in the center, seats 31 E & F. We noticed that passengers in front in row 30 had at least 4 very young children (two less than 18 months and two aged about 4 years) who were crying and climbing all over the seats. The father of two of these children sat next to me on the outside. The kids were continually leaving their seats and taking a lot of the attendants efforts to locate them to their seats.The flight departed and the father next to me took the 4-year old boy and had him sitting on him or two persons on that single seat.

Likewise the father at the other end took his children to do the same! We could not easily leave our center seats for the toilets! We were blocked in the middle of a 4 seat row being occupied by 6 persons, two in each end seat! I eventually got to the toilets where I was told I should be sitting as the 'seat belts sign was illuminated.' Informed the flight attendant that this was my 'first chance to get off my seat' and I informed her of my issues! She agreed as it was 'unsafe' and 'unfair' to me and my daughter! She said she would speak to the flight purser and he would later speak to me! I asked if I could be 'relocated.' The kids were not sitting in their allocated seats!

Now I have traveled with my two kids when they were young but they were very disciplined! These young kids just 'did as they wanted' despite the flight attendants efforts! The flight was a nightmare! The 4-year old boy was jumping around on his father and due to limited space was continually bumping and kicking me! The purser never showed, despite the mayhem of the flight, the anger of many passengers, it went annoyingly on. I asked the father to sit in his son's end seat in row 30 but he said the younger boy was sleeping on the floor in front so no leg room!

There may have almost been 'conflict with the father.' My flight space was non existent, it was a terrible flight for all nearby passengers especially me who had the kid to endure! This was poor management by KLM, poor passenger service! Lack of understanding and walking away from any corrective action! Needless to say -- Never again!

My wife and I flew KLM from Budapest to Amsterdam. Upon reaching Amsterdam, we discovered that our checked-in baggage had been unlocked and some items taken from it. We immediately contacted KLM Customer Care through their website. It took them more than 2 weeks to respond. And they asked for a police report. We lost the items in a flight and we reported it to the Budapest Airport and to KLM, but that is not good enough. There is no guidance in their website when you make a property irregularity report or lost items report that you must get a police report. I am now claiming through my travel insurance which does not require a police report - just a report to the airline. This is compounded by the fact that it took them more than 2 weeks to respond, by which time, we have long returned home. I will never fly KLM again (I fly very regularly for business and pleasure) and will ask my friends not to.

I live in Netherland and my mam come to visit me from Egypt. Unfortunately I book for her on KLM airline (for the last time, never again with this company). Her flight was KL0554: Cairo (CAI) - Amsterdam (AMS) / Sun, 02 August 2015 at 03:30. When she was by the check-in at Cairo airport, KLM staff told her, "Sorry the plane is full." She was surprised and asked then if it is real plane or bus! She was denied the boarding due to the overbooking of the flight and she was offered an useless apologies with funny receipt with 75 Euros + other flight ticket by Egypt airline after 10 hours! They say, "Sorry that is what we can do."

We still have the receipt. We don't want the money. I will write complaints about KLM company and reviews in internationals website for international airlines evaluations as much as I can to warn people from this company, and I will make more effort to move our negative experience to others. I am freelance and writer and I gave already many articles since yesterday in other languages to warn people from you guys. I know also Dutch but I wrote in English to give chance to more people to read this review. I think that you need to know that people's time, emotions, stress, plan and commitments worth more than the 70 euros and in general more than money. Never again with KLM.

I purchased a ticket and was denied the boarding due to the overbooking of the flight (KL1750 on 17/07). I was offered no apologies and when I make a claim of the refund company makes a ping pong with me instead of acknowledging their mistake. Recently, there was a big discussion about your rights as a passenger but this company does not seem to take it seriously even if this is clearly their fault. I am being sent to travel agency to claim my cost of the ticket, but when travel agency contacts the airline, they give a contradictory information that I should contact them. If I do, KLM asks me back to go via travel company. Is it really the respect that the airline wants to give to the customer service and passenger rights respect? I would like therefore to warn you absolutely of this company policies and remember to get a proper insurance if you have to take their flights.

I travelled from Cardiff to Kuala Lumpur via Amsterdam. My check in baggage was damaged and I recorded the same immediately at the KL airport. After that I wrote to KLM customer care and they advised a senior support executive to handle the concern. First he was on leave and came back and asked one of his approved vendor to collect the bag for replacement. The vendor called me and said I have local brand. "Are you okay with the replacement?" Since mine was a American Tourister bag, I requested the vendor replace with the same brand. First he said he will take one more week, then he said that he needs KLM approval. After few follow-up and email I got a reply from senior sales executive that this is not a damage and is only scratch and they cannot replace. Overall poor customer care and still the bag is not returned. Hope to get my damaged bag soon.

I travel often with KLM and I book through their website. As I often end up transferring in Paris for one reason or another I might end up on an Air France flight. The problem is that there may be subtle differences in the rules regarding how airmiles are awarded. I have just lost out on eight flights worth of airmiles because of a technicality in the type of ticket that I bought. Despite the fact that I paid just as much for these flights as I would normally, these flights turned out to be so called 'mini fare'. These types of flights do not award miles. The problem is that this is an Air France issue and is not made clear on the KLM website. Buried in the small print after selecting a flight there is some ambiguous line about Flying Blue members not earning points if someone does not take their flight. Certainly no mention of 'mini fare'.

Also neither the email confirmation nor the ticket mention this at all so it is impossible to go back and check this. After finding out about 'mini fares' I have no way to check if my next flights, which I have already booked, are also 'mini fares'. I have already taken 19 other flights with KLM/Air France this year alone. In addition to my most recent flights and the ones that I have already booked the total would be 31. With that amount of customer dedication I do not expect to suddenly has 8 flights taken away from me. The customer service assistant on the phone acknowledged the issue and agreed that this was a problem and that there had been many other complaints. However her only advice was to write an email. I have written several emails but have had no response. At the moment I feel very cheated.

Am writing because of my experience regarding KLM compensation. My flight was booked for 2/05/15 to depart Nairobi at 8.25 am. Flight number was KL 4140. On arrival at the airport very early in the morning, I checked in my luggage and was now waiting to board. When I went to the boarding gate there were no people around and I asked the staff who were in charge as to what's happening and they didn't have an answer. Later on many passengers gathered around and demanded to know what was happening. There was an announcement that our flight will be delayed and in one hour they will announce again. Of course the next hour there was another delay and the next hours there was nothing. Later on many hours later they cancelled our flight. We were to rebook and it was chaos as usual.

I managed to rebook and I also managed to rebook for my two German Nationals who I just met at the airport. So we spend the rest of the day together and later on we were sent to a hotel. Our next flight was scheduled at about 10.25 pm. However on checking email it was again delayed till somewhere midnight. Finally we got the flight. Being exhausted we were all glad it was over. When I did the math I realized I will not make my connecting flight from Amsterdam to Basel which was a morning flight. I went to the transfer desk and I was on a waiting list. But whenever I checked my KLM app there were still some open seats which were not yet purchased. I failed to understand why they could not straight away put me on the next flight. To my shock I didn't make the next flight and I had to go back to the transfer desk and I was on the next waiting list. I think I was in 4 or 5 waiting lists.

Finally at night I managed to be on the last flight only because one of the KLM staff thought it's time to get me a seat in the last flight as I was really waiting for over 8 hours. My trip lasted close to 24 hours. I was happy to get to my destination. In the meantime KLM didn't want to know what I ate during my 8 hours waiting time. I remember an incident where I was waiting and on looking at the Klm app 3 seats were available. A family of 3 came and begged and they got the seats. I guess that's how it is in the KLM airport giving priority to European citizens first others can wait.

My two German friends wrote to KLM to ask for a statement as to why the flight was delayed and later cancelled and KLM gave them each 600 in compensation I guess because they are European. Myself I wrote them and I received 200. I wrote them again to ask why my friends got each 600 and myself 200 and their response was that they were very sorry I feel disappointed but no further compensation. Then I asked what is the difference between the duo who got 600 and myself 200, was it the color maybe now that I come from Africa?? I hope one day they will answer. The funny thing is that my two friends, one didn't miss her connecting flight and the other waited half the time I waited but they got the highest compensation. KLM should tell me why the double standards, where are the human rights on equality?

After ignoring the advice of many of our friends, my family and I flew from Saudi Arabia to London this month and got separated from our luggage due to the incompetence of KLM staff at Schiphol, which is another story. My complaint about KLM is that they "promised" us that our luggage would be flown from Amsterdam and couriered to us that same day. After many calls (always us calling them, they never called us) we got our luggage 48 hours later. The courier told us that it was actually scheduled the next day. We explained that we don't live here and have literally nothing in terms of clothes and hygiene products. Their attitude all along was very bad and unhelpful.

I wrote to their customer care section on the KLM website asking for answers and an explanation but got a standard template response with my name inserted into it which did not address a single question I asked. We get the feeling that their attitude is "Thanks for your cash, we don't care now". Stay away from fellow KLM travellers.

I had a paid, confirmed ticket for a flight NWI - AMS - SIN. At the check-in, I was told I had been put on standby for the second leg of the flight. No email notification to warn me, no choice to cancel the ticket. Two KLM agents said this is normal practice for airline and "happens everyday". While waiting at the airport, I checked their website: it was still possible to book tickets for the already overbooked flight.

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