African safari tours can be extravagant, but they can also be affordable, depending on what amenities and features you opt for. Arrange an African safari tour for as little as a day or as long as a few months, for a daily price as low as $200 per person.

African safari tours can be customized to suit your physical abilities and your budget. Options include:

  • Luxury safaris
  • Camping overland safaris
  • Lodge safaris
  • Self-drive safaris

Top 10 Most Reviewed African Safari Tours

Micato Safaris is an award-winning safari provider committed to giving back to Africa. For each safari sold, they'll send a child to school. Micato offers a luxurious experience in 11 different African countries.

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What features matter most?

Tour locations

African safari tours take place throughout the continent, so tourists have an excellent variety of scenery, wildlife and local culture to choose from.

  • Saharan: These tours take place in or near the Sahara desert, located in the northern half of the continent. This area is home to many desert dwelling creatures, including hyenas, fennec foxes and dromedary camels. The towns and cities in this area are built up around water sources and feature ancient buildings set near historic ruins.
  • Sub-Saharan: The area below the Sahara desert is referred to as the sub-Saharan, and it offers a different ecosystem in the southern half of the continent. Lions, elephants, leopards and giraffes are common wildlife in this region. Accommodations range from tents in small towns to five star hotels in bustling large cities.
  • Coastal: Beautiful beaches line Africa's coasts and offer ample opportunity for beach-front vacations and African wildlife tours. The coastal wildlife includes many migratory bird species, whale sharks, sea turtles and rhinos. Coastal cultures range from isolated fishing villages to sprawling South African cities.


African safari tours offer many price points for travelers to consider before choosing an option.

  • Under $1,000: These tours provide the best pricing by keeping the amenities and tours simple, with tent based accommodations and scheduled group safari routes.
  • $1,000 - $5,000: Mid-range African safaris may offer higher quality accommodations in hotels and lodges, private vehicles, driving routes away from common tourist areas and access to longer safari vacations.
  • $5,000+: Luxury tours go all out to provide tourists with top-class amenities, truly unique African safari experiences and many bells and whistles. The price of luxury safaris depends on the package and whether the adventurer is creating a custom experience.

Local culture

Travelers have a variety of distinct local cultures they can experience in Africa.

  • South Africa: This country has many of the modern amenities travelers are used to and many English speakers.
  • Kenya: This area is a popular safari destination and offers an excellent opportunity to engage with the 40 African tribes living here.
  • Zimbabwe: The Shona tribe is the most populous in Zimbabwe and has a vibrant culture, with emphasis on traditional dance.

Familiarity with area

Highly experienced tour guides who live or grew up in the region provide significant depth of knowledge on the safari.

  • Expats: Travelers have the advantage of exploring Africa with native English speakers who have lived in the area for years. Tourists can get an outsider's perspective on the local culture and area while still getting to see sights the locals love.
  • Locals: A safari tour led by locals provides travelers with experienced guides who show off sights that only the locals know about. These tours help support the native population, leverage the deep knowledge of people who have lived in the area all their lives and provide immersion into the local culture.


Travelers can choose many accommodation options, from a tent to high-class hotels.

  • Camping: Safari camps let travelers enjoy low-cost accommodation under the stars.
  • Lodge: These midrange to luxury hotels provide modern amenities and comfort for tourists, such as bath tubs, concierge service, room service and fine dining restaurants.
  • Villa: These large houses provide excellent accommodation for larger safari groups.


African safari tours are available in a variety of package types.

  • All-inclusive: These packages provide everything a traveler needs, from the safari tour to accommodations. The tourist doesn't need to pay additional fees for lodging, food or safari tours, as these services are included in the price. Some packages also include the traveler's flight costs.
  • Photography: Many photographers take stunning photos of African wildlife on tours specifically designed for photography.
  • Self-driving: Instead of going on a set safari route with other travelers, a self-driving safari gives the tourist their own vehicle to drive around. These self-driving packages are often paired with camp accommodations to bring down the cost.
  • Custom: Travelers get to pick and choose every detail of the safari in a custom package, which tend to be the most expensive safari options.

What are different types of African safari tours?

Luxury safaris

Travelers get access to the best food, resorts and safari locations in Africa. These safaris provide every amenity available, high-tech vehicles for the tour and other perks.

Overland safaris

These safaris use trucks, campers and other vehicles to take travelers on cross-country adventures. Tourists typically sleep in camps with these tours.

Lodge safaris

Lodges provide a comfortable environment for sleeping away from the wilds. Some lodges have resort amenities, although many are similar to midrange hotels.

Self-drive safaris

Tourists who want a more DIY vacation can get outfitted vehicles to use for a safari. These tours are typically self-directed by the traveler.

Who's it for?

Nature lovers

Instead of seeing animals at the zoo, nature lovers get to see them in their natural habitat. African safaris offer up-close and personal access to wildlife.


Africa is full of scenic, untouched wilderness, creating perfect photo opportunities. Photographers can go on safaris specifically designed to maximize the available photo ops.

Outdoors lovers

Untouched jungles, deserts and beaches are available throughout Africa. Outdoors lovers get access to many recreational options on their safaris.

What do the experts have to say?

  • Micato Safaris

    Founded in 1966, this family-run safari tour company focuses on high-quality tours and sustainable practices.

    • Best for Travelers looking for a top-quality African safari experience.
  • African Overland Tours

    African Overland Tours, run by native South Africans, has a wide operation across the continent. It has many adventure experts and experienced tour guides on its team.

    • Best for Tourists wanting access to a variety of safaris throughout Africa.

  • African Safaris Consultants

    African Safari Consultants focuses on creating unique, high-class experiences through a network of trusted partners. Their safari tours focus on South and Eastern Africa.

    • Best for Travelers wanting custom safaris and unique experiences for affordable prices.

  • African Dream Safaris

    African Dream Safaris' founder, Michael Wishner, started the company to help other people experience the untouched wilderness of Tanzania. This safari tour company works with Tanzanians to provide a truly local experience.

    • Best for Travelers who want an in-depth tour of Tanzania, away from typical safari areas.

  • Rhino Africa

    Rhino Africa was started by adventurers, tour guides and people entranced by Africa's natural beauty. This company is an online travel agency that helps the local community through social responsibility and green practices.

    • Best for Adventurers who want a custom safari without going through the trouble of arranging all the details.

  • Thomson Safaris

    Thomson Safaris' founders have lived in Tanzania for over 30 years. They have personal experience with everything the country has to offer, plus local friendships and partnerships forged over decades.

    • Best for Experienced world travelers seeking quality, unique experiences only available through guides with deep local knowledge.

  • Boundless Journeys

    Boundless Journeys started when its founder, a world traveler, wanted to help other tourists connect with the local culture in a meaningful way. The company has 20 years of experience creating tours that focus on the local culture as well as the attractions.

    • Best for Travelers wanting to focus on learning about the local culture alongside the safari tours.


    This independent travel agency is based in Africa and provides custom tours with a focus on responsible travel with safari options throughout South and East Africa.

    • Best for Travelers wanting quality safari tour experiences throughout Africa.

  • Londolozi

    Londolozi got its beginnings 90 years ago when the families' grandfathers found the Sand River and were entranced by its beauty. Thirty years ago, the Varty and Taylor families focused on conservation efforts and long-term sustainability to maintain the area.

    • Best for Luxury travelers wanting a focused experience in one area.

  • Jacada Travel

    This experienced travel agency provides world travelers with private tours designed by frequent adventurers.

    • Best for Luxury adventurers wanting someone else to handle every last detail.

  • Perfect Africa

    Perfect Africa is based in southern and east Africa and works with travel consultants who know the area inside and out.

    • Best for Budget travelers looking for a better African safari tour deal.

  • Kensington Tours

    Kensington Tours is an award-winning luxury travel agency with deep ties throughout Africa with safaris in Kenya, Rwanda, Tunisia, Zambia and Ethiopia.

    • Best for Luxury travelers looking for a private safari adventure in Africa.

  • Abercrombie & Kent

    This global travel agency started in 1962 and has grown to 52 worldwide locations and 2,500 employees.

    • Best for Travelers wanting every bell, whistle and luxury from their African safari.

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