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Global Vacation Network is celebrating 16 years of sales and service. GVN is the largest independent distributor for Global Connections, Inc®. What began as a buying service in 1971 has transformed into a world premier travel club. Today, GCI boasts a property portfolio with prime inventory in destinations around the world, plus develops and owns resorts in some of the most popular resort areas in U.S. Today, Global Connections, Inc® is one of the most respected travel club developers and travel fulfillment providers in the vacation industry. There have been over 250,000 participants who have attended a travel seminar at Global Vacation Network.

GVN is excited to announce that it is working diligently to provide internal marketing and incentive capabilities. Our intention is to foster the best relationships with our clients by eliminating all third party affiliations and with the vendors who are currently shipping the promotional items to each and every client. Global Vacation Network is committed to providing the best possible customer service before during and after the presentation of our products and services. While we realize that everyone is working diligently, we strive to upgrade and streamline our internal marketing and promotional efforts for the best possible results.

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Consumer Reviews and Complaints

We are very happy with our experience with Global Vacation Network. At first, we were reluctant to go to the presentation and had discussed that we were not going to buy anything. We only wanted the free trip so we did not pay attention but then we became interested and listened more. They were thorough, informative and answered all our questions. We didn't like the original price because it was too high but we negotiated with the manager to bring it down and that's when we signed up to become a member. We use it every year to go to the beach, Florida and Disney World and every experience that we've had was pleasant. The locations and condos have been wonderful and above our expectations. The trip was topnotch quality and we enjoyed it. Their call center people have been very helpful and wonderful in accommodating the dates and locations that we want.

The experience I had with Global Vacation Network was great. We haven't used it in a couple of years, but we went to Hawaii on our first trip and it was wonderful. We attended a presentation a year ago. It was very nice, and signing up to become a member was fine. I was really pleased because I couldn't have taken that kind of vacation without them. I have told people about Global, and my great experience with them.

Global Vacation Network has been very good for me. I had a very good experience to all places I’ve been to. The only one that was probably less than 100% was the one in Fort Lauderdale because the property was being renovated and it made it a little difficult to get around. And I have to say Hawaii was my favorite vacation. It was wonderful because we had a chance to explore a lot of other places. I’ll be leaving in two weeks for a vacation in the Cayman Islands using one of my weeks.

As I remember, joining GVN is easy. Their folks are available to explain things if I have questions about the way my benefits and stars and weeks work. I’ve been very satisfied. I hope that the yearly membership dues does not continue to go up. It’s like the rate that it has been but I don’t have any control over that so I am a little bit concerned.

I would like to express my thanks to Global Vacation and their representative Andrew in bringing my dispute to a successful conclusion. My wife and, I enjoy our vacations through them, and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks again for your prompt handling of this situation.

Original Review

My wife and I have been with Global since 2010. The reason for going with the vacation package, was to spend a month in Florida in February. They said "No problem that can be done..." Everything went well for the first 2 years, then they said they could not put us in a condo for one month, and would have to do it in 2 week segments. Driving from PA to Florida, I did not want to make several trips to accomplish my vacation... this brings us to the present day. I sent a request in on March 10, 2016 for a vacation date of February 2017... According to the original contract your request are handled on a first come basis. I have at present received 2 locations. One was for Kissimmee, Florida and the other was for Ruskin which is in the middle of nowhere. I stayed there in 2015 and did not want to go back.

In other words if you don't take what they offer, you may not be going anywhere, even though you have spent a considerable amount of cash. I personally think they have a tier system and if you want to go on vacation, you better pay for their promotions... I ask them to refund my money, but to no avail... I am currently considering hiring an attorney to sue Global Vacations, and also reporting them to the BBB. Thanks for reading.

Told me did not need wife to listen to presentation. I did not buy because of cost. Told her I have a better deal with another co. Suppose to get a voucher for a free vacation. Julie said because my wife did not attend I will not get voucher. I feel I was lied to and scammed. I was referred by a friend who is a member. He will get a mouthful from me. Not happy!

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We don't understand what others complains. We bought this star credit membership in 2004, and we are using a lot more now than ever. And I must say it's been great! So easy to use and understand. There's no hidden charges. I would definitely recommend the Global Vacation.

Hello. I wanted to thank Global and their representative, Cheryl, for a very productive and informative meeting this past Saturday with Wayne and me. It was excellent how you explained everything and now I really feel I can take a better advantage of this wonderful vacation club. You have a way of putting it all in a hands-on process and I was even able to book a getaway for this summer. It was a great offering and thanks again for explaining it to us. It was a pleasure to meet with you.

We've been hearing ominous things on TV from Ohio about people who are very displeased with the way Global Vacation handled getting people in to listen to the spiel. They feel like they've been taken and some of the prizes that were promised weren't up to what they should be. But we have used it and we've been pleased with what we've had. The resort we went to in Pennsylvania was a little outdated and could have some renovations and better upkeep, and the one we went to in Myrtle beach recently was a big resort. It was okay, but it was the off season so it wasn't too bad. But the resort in Tennessee before, The White Oak, was really nice. It was newer and we really liked that one, and as far as experience, it's been okay.

We've had three parties just from bragging about Global Vacation Network and we probably made them 18,000 here in this rec room. Everyone we had here for about each time bought double. Everything's been great. We've been to Aruba three times and we had to get it a year ahead. Then my son had used it to go to Cabo. We've had no problems with the people and the places that we stayed. They're not the high rises or big hotels, but they're nice places. They're even better because they're not congested and they're paying a lot more than we are to stay in these timeshares.

It was easy signing up with GVN. We've always had good luck with units and not having problem booking them. Everything's worked fine for us.

They were very accommodating whenever we've requested vacation condos and the places that we've stayed had been very good. Every person that I've had contact with Global has been nice, polite and very capable. Our experience with them has been very positive.

Global Vacation Network have always been pleasant. Our trip in Gatlinburg was a little bit dumpy but otherwise, the rest had been good.

We've attended one of Global Vacation Network's presentations and it was pleasant - not too long and not too boring. Then we've signed up in person for a membership with them. We've taken a couple of vacations through them. As far as the vacations, a hell of vacation is always nice to get away. One of the things that we've had problems with is booking the right time of the year to get to places that we want. It seems like we always had to settle for the second or third choice. They never had our first choice or it was already booked. One of the places we've stayed at in Florida was less than what our experiences had been, it was still all right, but it wasn't what we were expecting, but other than that, for the most part, everything has been fine.

We went to South Carolina and we went first to their office down there to check in and get our key. We eventually got to the condo that we were staying in. There were some minor problems and we stop back, head to the office instead of calling them or whatever and talked to them. They were very pleasant, approachable and did what they could to try to take care of the problem in a timely manner. We're happy with them. It was a very pleasant experience and overall, the cheapest way to go.

I had had a contract with Paradise and they told me I had a certain amount to use it. When I went to schedule it, they had cut it off before the time. Global called and said that they had to pick up for this company, and then I paid a bit more money hoping to use it all up and get my cruise - eight days, seven nights. Global thought that my program is only for a few years, but my program is for life which lasts forever. So I told the one person, “If this is the way it’s going to be, then I lost more money, and stop calling me.” Then they realized what they’ve done after they looked at it and they don’t call anymore.

I would’ve had a good experience if people would quit calling me to use my plan because my husband is still sick and I can’t use it. People who aren’t from Global Vacation, steals from Global, calls and harasses me. That’s why I’m getting ruder when I answer the phone and someone says how I’m going to owe thousands of dollars. But if the people calling are from Global, I'd talk to them. We have not been on a vacation yet, but when my husband gets better, I will come down, fulfill the first part of it, then take the cruise and we will be done.

We had a wonderful vacation, there is no doubt about it, and we couldn't have done with it without Global. We haven't used it in a couple of years, but we went to Hawaii on our first trip and it was wonderful. We are both retired and it is pretty tough out there. Put it this way: Living within our means has been a challenge. So putting any more into a vacation program is really not where we can be right now. We're glad we were able to sign up for this. I would definitely recommend them, and I have. But like I travel in the same circle as my age group and we're all out here trying to figure out how we're going to make things stretch. But I have told people about Global and that I couldn't have taken that kind of vacation without Global, and so I was really pleased.

Everything is great with Global. We had a great time in Sedona. The room was nice. Everything, including the scenery, was great. We were very pleased with our accommodations. The only negative thing is sometimes its hard to get places when you want them. Now we are going to be going back to Phoenix, Scottsdale area in March. We have placed it for two weeks and we had to fight to get that like a year in advance. We hope to do the same thing again for next year but it took us a long time to be able to get those two weeks.

We've been with Global Vacation Network for years. Their program is nice and we're beginning to use more of it. We've been to a number of vacations and we've always enjoyed it. Facilities have always been good. We've never had any complaints about any of the places except for our most recent trip in Nashville at the Wyndham. The room's TV had a problem and the ice maker didn't work but those are minor issues. Then we wanted to go to Tennessee but their website doesn't have everything they have. So we called and the girl said she would look in to see what she could set up for us. She did and I felt like she went above and beyond. Global Vacation is worth your dollar.

The experience we had with Global Vacation Network in April of 2014 was good.

We always have good vacations with Global because their price is right. We did an update last year and we've done 19 weeks now since we owned up, so we use our vacations a lot. And they've been very good every time we've contacted them. I'd highly recommend them.

We're very satisfied with Global Vacation Network. I'm not good at doing things online so I got to call for help and they're always willing to help. However every once in a while it's been hard to get a hold of someone. Maybe all the agents are busy. There's a lot of numbers they have for different things and you just got to be a little patient getting a hold of them.

The very first vacation I had with Global Vacation Network was a little rocky and it left a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth. But overall, I'm okay. I've had a little get together at my house and invited a couple of friends and both of them joined. I wouldn't do that if I wasn't happy with the company. The guy that came out and did our party was very good and knowledgeable. When we went on our last vacation at Daytona Beach, I stayed at Sea Shells and they had representatives there that treated us top-notch. I was very pleased.

Our experience with Global Vacation Network has been good. We went to a few condos that have not been satisfactory but most of them were okay. When we went to get Lindbergh, that really spoiled us, it was beautiful. They had it set up so nice. I would recommend them but there have been a few things that haven’t been good. Sometimes they say there is complete kitchen but it's not and there are only a few pots and pans. Also, the Hydra Bed in the condo in Ohio was absolutely horrible.

We first heard about Global Vacation Network through a seminar and it was very informative. Signing up wasn’t difficult at all. So far we had a good experience with them because we are regular member. If we stayed in Gaston it would not be so entertaining. Most of our stay have been very good but the last one we had this year was ugly. Victorian in Galveston condo that we stayed in was filthy and the whole building was already rundown. The staff there told my wife, “This is no hotel” and that pissed me off. We’ve been with Global now for 9 years and that was the first time that we’ve ever been dissatisfied. We haven’t spoken to their representatives yet but I know it wasn’t their fault. It was the location. Global did what they had to do. So, as far as I’m concerned, Global has been excellent.

We've had a lot of good experiences every time we went with Global Vacation Network. We've been to Myrtle Beach, Tennessee; Sedona, Arizona three times; and we've been to Florida three or four times. In every place that we've went with them, they were all up to my expectations. I haven't used it a lot in the last few years but prior to that we used it a lot. I liked the part that if I don't use it, I don't have to pay the dues and keep the term until I use it. What I didn't like was the 120 days that one has to call prior to getting a vacation spot. We didn't have to do that before and we wanted to go to Myrtle Beach. But since we upgraded to the next level, we won't have to worry about that anymore.

We had a really good experience with Global Vacation Network. We had a fabulous three weeks in Hawaii. We were blown away by the places we stayed at. The accommodations were fantastic and the prices were great. We've recommended Global Vacation Network to a lot of people, even to people that we met at the facilities we were at.

Our vacation with Global Vacation Network was very enjoyable and interacting with their people worked well. I heard about them from my friend and I would recommend them as well.

Most of our experiences with Global Vacation Network has been very good but the last one we had this year was ugly and not entertaining. It wasn't Global but the Victorian in Galveston. It was the building rundown and our condo was filthy. The staff there told my wife, "This is no hotel" and that pissed me off. We've been with Global for 8 years, and that was the first time we've ever been dissatisfied. But I would still say their the best. As far as I'm concerned, they have been excellent.

We have been members of Global Vacations for one year and have attempted four vacations. So far only one has worked out but only after about two months of going back and forth negotiations. Every time we choose a vacation destination, they either don't have any connections in that area or they cannot accommodate us on the dates we want to go. When we signed up, we were told they had condos all over the world. We have not asked to go to any remote place. Actually all of them have been to major vacation destinations and yet they can never seem to accommodate us.

Signing up with Global Vacation Network has been a good experience. We went out on a couple of trips with them and we really had a good time however I've gone through moving from Michigan to Florida since my husband died so I haven't used them for a couple of years.

We went to a Global Vacation Network presentation where they explained their current programs. We weren't sure about a lot things - how they work, etc. but once you get into it, you learn. We've been on a couple of vacations with them. I have children who have used them too and they've been quite pleased with GVN. Except for one experience, most of the vacations that we've taken have been very nice. We've recommended Global Vacation Network to many people.

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