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I was contacted by Global Travel International, offering discount travel packages. After agreeing to let them charge my credit card $1 for a $100 store rebate router, and a $350 travel voucher, I received nothing! After numerous attempts to contact them by telephone to cancel, which were unsuccessful, due to the fact that their phone numbers are survey lines and other runarounds. They charged me $99, which would happen on a monthly basis.

Apparently this company runs a pyramid type scheme, where you become a travel agent. You are then required to sign others up for their program, with the promise of big commission paychecks. All a scam and this company goes by various other names,,,, and DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ANY OF THESE COMPANIES, AND DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER!!! Also, if you have been scammed by this company, contact your banking institution's fraud department and file a claim!

We booked Maya Koba Hotel in Cancun for 4 nights with Global Travel Travel agent IATA card and saved $1400! The regular rate was $500 per night and we received $150 per night daily rate. We also recently booked Southlake Hilton and saved $162! The regular rate was $278 and we booked room for $116 with Global Travel agent IATA. I am not sure why people don't give Global Travel a chance before criticizing it. There is no better deal for travel with any MLM and you get free FAM trip cruises and vacations as a member! Sign up today at and start saving! It only cost $159 to sign up and sometimes only $99 specials! I have saved thousands over the past decade and never regretted one moment! I am only a member of Global Travel and no way an owner or investor, but just giving a true testimony.

I booked a cruise from them a year ago. This year, they snuck a $99 renewal fee on my credit card without my consent or knowledge. How crooked!!! Will never do business with them again.

I have tried to cancel my membership with these people for TWO years and received nothing but rude people the whole time and telling me I have to cancel between certain dates. Well this year I FINALLY was able to cancel but they were so rude and it was like 10 seconds after I cancelled that my account was inactive and OFF! NEVER again!! We shall see if I still get charged anyway. BEWARE!!!

I booked this place for 1 week while on business in Jacksonville. I spoke to Jovanna at Global Travel International. I made it clear I wanted clean place to stay with desk as on business trip. I was assured very nice and clean with desk. I paid upfront and booked for week. I called back and asked if I have an issue when I get there, will I be able to get refund and if so from, who do I contact. I arrived at the hotel, asked to see the room before check in. The room had stinky odor, food crumbs on chair, rusted appliance, beer bottles and cigarettes, on ground around building, signs of where people loiter and hang out in parking lot drinking etc. and even the lobby had odor. I informed I did not want to stay here at all. The lady at desk said ok and I could get refund from the 3rd party.

I attempted to call Global Travel International (GTI) from hotel, but no answer as no one available on weekends. I did call GTI first thing Monday morning and went over what happened and stated I wanted a refund, now I am told it would be up to the hotel. I was told I'd get a call by Wednesday on the refund, but there would be cancellation fee, I said fine I will pay fee just want to get the rest of money back. They promised call back by Wednesday and it did not happen. I called back Thursday and they said would get on it, then I got call back and was told there will be no refund and they was escalate up to manager. The manager called back later and said he is working with hotel owner to get refund but they currently are not wanting to refund me the money.

This whole set up appears to be a scam. I am out 1 weeks paid hotel stay, at a very nasty and disgusting place that the health department should shut down and was completely deceived by the VRBO advertisement and Global Travel International agent. I wish I would have googled Hawthorne Suites by Wyndham Jackson, I would have seen all the photos and write up about the roaches, spiders, bed bugs, nasty odor, and issues with non-guest hanging out and drinking in the parking lot. This has taught me big lesson, do not trust what is posted on VRBO, do not work with this Global Travel International as they clearly are misrepresenting the properties they list and post here on VRBO and their site, and never stay at anything listed as being associated with Wyndam Jackson.

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I received an offer for a 14 day trial membership for with the promise of a gift card from stores like Walmart, Target. No card came so I called they said not to worry it was coming and my cancellation date was on Oct. 17, 2015. On the 16th I received a trial membership to a rebate club where I have to spend $100 a month at a store to receive a $25 rebate. I called Journey Pass to cancel and got an automated system that doesn't work. The next morning I emailed them since I couldn't get through to them on the phone. They emailed back my cancellation but on the 19th they charged me. You can't get through on the phone so I e-mailed.

I found out that Journey Pass goes by several other names and has all kinds of scams and offers running. They are Global Travel International and Value Pass. Address is 2600 Lake Lucien Drive Ste 201 Maitland FA 32751. Phone number is ** but they have lots of phone numbers. You can get a person right now but it did me no good. They may drop numbers as people find out about them. If you read other complaints for all three names you'll find out the extent of the fraud.

We had asked for reservation for 3 people for 2 rooms having a kitchen. They mentioned that it had been done in a reputed hotel with free breakfast and parking. I believed them. Gave a call to the hotel and they too mentioned that it has been done. But it wasn't so. The hotel did not have a kitchen, neither had free breakfast nor free parking. I had to pay hotel more than 300$ for this which made me very unhappy. Also for all this we had to fight with the hotel which dampened our holiday spirit.

I booked a trip with clients in January of 2014. At that time, the invoice showed a commission of $1242.56 was taken. I emailed Viking and was told it would be paid after the cruise in April 2015. In May of 2015 I called or emailed Viking and they said they sent the check to Global Travel in April, right after the cruise ended. In June, I called, and Global Travel said my primary agent was no longer a member and therefore I would not get a commission. I paid another $200 so that I would now have primary status and get paid. The checks would then be issued at the end of June. Well, I finally received a check. Viking Travel sent Global Travel a commission totaling $1242.56, but the check I received was for $394.45. - 32% of the total.

When I talked to GTI, I was under the impression that the check would be for over $1000. After I finally got the check and called them, they said the check was for 5% of the base - which would have been more than what I received. I was never told the commission would be 5%. GTI is a rip-off. They generate their income by your payment to them as a travel agent and the large commission they take, but they do not honor the system by paying you the commission they receive from Viking.

Pushy salespeople. They refused to provide almost any information. So, I did my research. Found that GTN has terrible reviews by BBB, Consumer Affairs, and almost all online review sites. Got a call from "Quality Assurance." I was asked why I wasn't interested. I told them that I couldn't trust a company with such poor reviews. The lady rudely told me that I was "entitled to my opinion but it's just an opinion. We have great reviews."

I knew from the start of the presentation they were full of BS as the sales lady ** kept changing her information. We were promised in writing that we would receive a $200 South West gift card for sitting through a sales presentation. We did and at the end told them we weren't interested in buying anything. Well lo and behold, they "just" ran out of gift cards. They had me write my address on an envelope and they'd mail it to me. That was 2 weeks ago and surprise, surprise no gift card. I will be filing a formal complaint against this company for it's fraudulent practices.

When I received a call from them about travels and huge discounts I spoke to my girlfriend at the time. Which she loves to travel. And when we sign up at office. Few days later making reservations to travel somewhere nice. Calling into them-- nothing. It ringing and ringing I decided to go into office-- it was empty out! Now it's on my credit report which I me having a hard time getting rid of.

I called within the 14 days to cancel my membership and was told that it was taken care of. I then received a letter saying that I owed them $549.45. They are claiming in the letter that they did not receive my request to cancel. It seems that they are doing this to a lot of people and its unethical. I am interested in starting a class action law suit with the State of Florida against this company. If anyone else is interested in joining me email me at **. I am confident we can prove to the State we have been wronged and mislead by this company and that their business practices are unethical and misleading to confuse a consumer into monthly charges.

I travel frequently, and was promised, both by ad and in a phone conversation that if I joined Global Travel, I would get travel at huge discounts. I signed up, thinking it's a one time, trial agreement, and never booked any travel. The prices were higher than I could get through regular, non-membership web sites, or through the websites of the airlines or cruises themselves. I am now told that I have signed up for what amounts to a lifetime membership which costs $169 per year, and which I am supposedly unable to cancel except during a very limited window each year! In my opinion, it's a scam and others should be aware.

My phone call to GE Capital to pay a bill when their website was malfunctioning was intercepted by a promotional "opportunity" to get a trial period for Valu-Pass and Journey Pass out of Maitland, Florida. Turns out Global Travel International is the parent company. I think I was softened somewhat by having been reached by them through a company that I considered reputable. GE Capital has assured me they were not having a promotion for this, so I am unsatisfied with having no answer to the question: "How did they intercept this call?" So it's a "congratulations! You've been selected ... blah, blah, blah" and I went for it. The call was being monitored. More than once, I said, "I am authorizing $7.84 ONLY!" They insisted they understood. They now have taken more than $80.00 from my bank account. My bank can't shelter me for some reason, and I've had to cancel my check card so they can't get any more money. We need consumer protection in the country. We need it now!!!

After I read all those negative comments on the website so I'm a bit nervous on what gonna happened to me because I just sign up there free trial for 14 days and they charge me $59.99 but they told me It's a money back Guarantee. Is there any possibility if I will going to cancel my free trial, am I able to get my full money back that they charged me after I sign up for the Free trial.

I signed up for this membership online for month to month service. I love to travel and thought I could at least make enough money to cover the monthly fee of $39.95/month. Unfortunately, this was not the case. I booked over $13,000 (9 travelers) in international airfares and made $34.00 commission. Needless to say, this took the sail out of my wind and it changed my outlook. The booking took place after the 14 day period. I thought I could cancel anytime since I was paying month to month. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. I had to pay $199 to cancel on top of paying already paying the monthly service fee of $39.95 for two months and also forfeiting the $34 commiss that I made.

Personally, I THINK IT'S A TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!! Everything was generated online and the only time I ever reached out to them was to cancel this membership. The cost to them was minimal. They could have waived the cancellation fee and kept the monthly service fee already charged. BTW, the full cancellation fee was $399. They did me a "favor" by reducing the fee to $199 and upon further discussion with a "supervisor" they saved me another $50 by reducing my cancellation fee to $150. So, in 45 days time, this is how much I paid: $39.95 X 2 (membership times 2) = $79.90 plus a reduced cancellation fee of $150. My total loss or expenses with GTI Travel was $229.90. I am not telling you what to do. I am just sharing my experience so you can make an informed decision because I wished I read the comments posted here before I signed up for it.

I received a membership renewal at around July of 2013 and I returned it and say that I'm cancelling my membership since it's of no use to be a member of GTI since I already have my own ARC# and I can affiliate with a big host companies that don't charge any membership fee. All the while I thought that everything was okay until now when I checked my bank account and I was charged with a $169 renewal membership fee. It's like giving away my hard earned money to something that is of no used and a company (GTI) that is only after making profit without even providing a good and true service to their travel agents. I was told that I should have called a certain number to cancel my membership but that renewal letter is enough to let them know that I don't want to renew the membership. They will always have alibis just to get the money from a small time travel agent, like me, who just want to earn extra money to survive. To all travel agents out there, please don't ever, ever experience to what I had with GTI. Just be aware of their modus operandi...

After being with Global Travel International for a few years, we decided to cancel it because we were not using it, and it felt like it was a waste of money to pay for a membership that we would never use. Therefore, we called to cancel it, but they kept on saying we have to pay for it this year and they will cancel it next year because it was past the due date. Well, three years has passed by with the same ** and we are sick and tired of this. It seems like they would never cancel the account and they keep on charging it every year even though we have requested it to be cancelled numerous times. They are definitely cheating on people by charging them on continuous basis even when a customer says enough is enough.

We have called so many times in the past three years, wrote a letter and talked to supervisors to ensure the membership will be canceled but nothing seems to work and they somehow have some stupid excused to recharge the credit card. I don't recommend them to anyone and I really hope something will happen and they change their cheating system.

Global Travel International charges a fee for working at home on commissions for travel booked which they will not pay for. I kept getting the runaround and received no monies had I made it possible for them to make a hefty commission. They want to charge additional money for adequate training which they should include in the initial membership fees. This handicaps you by not being competent enough to know the business you are working. They bombard you with emails trying to sell travel to the consultants and that is what you desire to do, it's sell not to be sold to. You put money in up front in good faith and never get a dime in return. The accounting department keeps you holding on for a long time as to get their story together as to why you are not being paid for the work you do.

I signed up in 1996, and they also promised me that I would make good commissions and discounts on travel. When I tried to book to go to Europe, it was much more expensive than the other travel sites or airlines. I did not renew my membership and had to cancel my credit card because they told me, I should try for another year because I did not want to spend another dime for something. I could not make any money. It is nothing but a scam and I have no idea why they are still in business.

I became an Independent Travel Agent with GTI just a few short years ago. Things seem to start out pretty good, as I already had a cruise to book through them, even before joining. Although I was paid a small commission from that cruise, I never received commission from our own travels, nor did I get commission from some friends who joined through me. When I tried to get my questions answered, they would blame my lack of payment on the vendor that the trip was booked through not paying them. They completely ignored my question as to why I wasn't paid for the people who signed up under me. I was aware that the commissions wouldn't be huge individually, but I did expect them to act like honest, professional business people. When my issues went unresolved after several attempts at trying, I cancelled my membership.

For months, I would receive calls from their solicitors wanting me to sign back up with them, offering sign-up discounts; however, when I would tell them why I was no longer interested, I would be treated very disrespectfully. And once I was even laughed and cussed at and had the phone slammed in my face. As someone interested in learning to be a Professional Independent Travel Agent with a reputable and upstanding agency, I can honestly tell you to save your money and research until you find one that has all of those qualities. GTI in my experience fails miserably!

Global Travel lies about benefits you get with their travel agency. If a customer calls customer service to book a reservation through my website and gives them my travel ID number, where is their proof? I'm getting the credit? I believe they are not giving me and others the proper commission for our client bookings. I have a website that tracks hit to my Global Travel site and those hits were thousands, yet my travel bookings didn't reflect this through Global Travel. I've personally used Global Travel for travel and I did not get the discounts they told me when I signed up. Lies. They bribed me to a discount when I complained about their business practices. If I renewed, they would lower my fee.

If you click on a website affiliated through your Global Travel agent page to book a reservation, it does not give you your Global Travel agent ID number on their page. They keep calling me but I won't answer my phone. There is more bad business practices of this company; I can tell. Please do not use this business. I believe in my heart we were suckered into a travel business that milks people out of money just to pay for their employees and CEOs. Scam.

They Scammed Me For 12 Years - My father joined Global Travel International between 1997 and 1998 to save money on his frequent business trip. At the time, he worked for a company in San Diego, CA but lived in Portland, OR and had to travel between the two cities a couple of times a month. He also traveled to China, Brazil, Italy, England, Austria and Thailand and many other places as well. In the beginning, he saved quite a bit of money and had no problems getting his commissions, booking trips or getting travel visas. In 1999, I got pregnant and really wanted to start a business that would allow me to stay at home with my son. I talked to my dad about Global Travel and its benefits several times. I checked out their website and googled them to see what others had to say about them. It seemed like a perfect fit for me and if I signed up under my dad, he gets a bonus check for my membership referral. Plus, they were running a special that month, if you refer x number of new agents in 4 weeks, you get $x and the more agents you sign up, the more money you receive.

So my sister, her husband, our brother and a couple people my dad worked with and his partner from his new side business all signed up at the same time. My dad agreed to pay for my membership, as a "baby shower" gift, and put it on the same credit card he had his membership on. For several years, he used his membership with no problems, as did most of the others that signed up at the same time I did, but only for their own travel. As far as I know, none of them tried to make it a business and open the website to sell to others. I was the only one who wanted to start a business. After my son was born, I tried to make the business profitable. I tried to open the website and encountered problem after problem. When it was finished, a friend of mine tried to book a travel through my site and found that not only was it hundreds of dollars more than other sites for her trip, but they messed up her reservations and wouldn't fix it without charging more money.

She booked with my website to help help me out with the commission, but the month after she booked her trip, I received nothing. I called customer service and was told that because I didn't book the trip with their booking agent over the phone, then send in a paper confirmation by fax, I was not entitled to a commission. Then why did they give me a website if I have to book the trips over the phone to earn commissions? They also told me that because they had reduced their commission % and added a new term to the contract, I wouldn't have gotten a commission anyway because the amount I earned from her trip was below $x and I had to earn more than $x each month to get paid at all.

So after 2 years of struggling to make this work while also working another job and raising my autistic son alone, I gave up. I never made enough each month to receive a commission check, each booking was so much work and hassle, and my customers were paying way more to book with me than they would have with any other travel agency. So it wasn't worth the money I was paying them each year to keep trying. So my dad canceled my membership. I continued to receive flyers from them once in a while and we thought it was because they were trying to entice me into coming back to them. My dad kept his membership and every year, they automatically took the money off his credit card.

As the years went by, the company continued to change their terms and conditions without telling their current agents about the changes. Booking with them became more and more difficult and customer service was terrible. In 2010, my dad was getting really sick, he had heart trouble for years but it was getting worse and his kidneys and liver were failing as well. He stopped traveling all the time and decided that his GTI membership wasn't worth the $169 he paid every year and he canceled his membership. He continued to get flyers once in a while just like I did. Once again, we thought they were just trying to entice us to come back with their great travel packages and low rates.

In July of 2011, my father passed away after months of dialysis and a new pacemaker/internal defibrillator and many other medical struggles. During that time, he didn't really pay attention to the bills. Everything was on automatic payment and his company paid him by direct deposit so he knew the money was always there for the payments to go out and he wasn't really concerned about what was being billed to him. Today, I received a letter from GTI asking me for my renewal payment of $169 because when they tried to auto bill me, the credit card they used wouldn't pay it. We cancelled all my dad's credit cards after he died.

So after about 10 years, I found out that they never cancelled my membership and probably didn't cancel my dad's either. Now I have to find out why it wasn't canceled after my dad made dozens of phone calls, wrote a letter and filled out the paperwork they requested 10 years ago when he originally wanted to cancel my membership. That's at least $1,690 they've taken from us, without permission since the papers my dad filled out revoked their right to take automatic payments from his credit card for my membership. What they are doing to people is not only wrong, it's illegal and they should be shut down and prosecuted! Why won't the authorities do anything about these scam artist? All they have to do is google GTI and they'll find hundreds of people willing to testify about how they were ripped off by this company. Many of them with the paperwork to prove it. So it can't be lack of evidence or victims that keeps them from arresting and filing charges against the owner/operator of this company.

Do not ever give GTI any of your personal information and especially not your credit card number! If you cancel with them and they won't stop trying to get the money and you cancel your card to stop them, it will only get worse because then they'll take you to collections and ruin your credit. So what can you do once you've already given them your card number? Lose. Either your money or your credit rating. In the very beginning, this was a reputable company. I mean in the first year or two it was in operation, then slowly it morphed into a huge scam. I don't know if they had always intended to rip people off or if the company was sold to someone who ruined it or it just sort of ended up turning into a scam without meaning to because they got greedy. But whatever happened, it's not worth the time or money or stress.

I joined Global Travel in January 2011, because I went through their site that had a special free trial for 14 days and if you stay, they will give you $100 Visa Gift card. They charged my credit card $100 and it said to fax my credit card information, in order to get the $100 gift card.

When I tried to redeem the gift card, they changed the terms where you had to then refer people to the company in order to get a monthly $10 gift card which was not the original promise when I joined. So I gave up on that. Then after not hearing from them for months, I received a letter in February 2012 saying they were renewing my membership in November 2011 and that I now owed $169. How dare they? They then proceeded with charging my credit card without permission, after I changed my card number I originally gave them.

A few months ago, I received an unauthorized charge to my credit card. I recognized that it was done without my approval. I followed by calling the company to cancel and issue a credit. I was told that I cannot cancel it due to date expiration, which was a day after the charge took place.

Since then I made few attempts to resolve it and asked for the company president’s name and contact number. I was denied. The card was never activated nor used. I have no other choice but to contact you to resolve this issue and at least warn other people from such an abuse. This behavior is simply a desperate attempt to create business by unsuccessful company.

This fraudulent company also operates under the following names:,,, and Global Travel International is a total scam artist. This company sells monthly/annual membership of various information that offer a bunch of worthless travel vouchers/deals that contain so many hidden restrictions that it's also impossible to get any benefit out of it. This company also operates several other branch businesses that offer a variety of memberships that are worthless as well. The websites often use false advertising in the name of free gift card, free travel packages just for signing up with them, but once you give them your credit card, they employ various method to charge you the membership fee before delivering the promised free gifts/vacation trips.

The membership offers only has a tiny link to their extremely complicated terms and conditions after you've already been overwhelmed by their enlarged free gift card/free trip advertisement. This link will be what they will use to defend their charges against you. Their T&C contains many hidden hoops that the ultimate goal for them is to charge you the membership fee as soon as possible and make it as difficult as possible for you to cancel your membership, get refund or simply use the "promised" benefits entailed as a part of the membership.

If you've been scammed by any one of their services, please file your complaints to the following agency: Florida BBB and Florida Attorney General Office.

I filled out a questionnaire from an email and they asked for $5.95 for postage to find information on a home travel agency. So like a fool, I gave them my debt card number. Not getting the $100.00 gift card or information on the travel business, I had forgotten about it after four weeks. Then going to pay my rent, I find my bank account 100.00 dollars short. Checking with my bank, I find GTI got the $5.95 and another $99.00 from my account. So trying to call them, every time I say "why did you take $99.00 from my account?" They would hang up.

I registered a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, and we'll see what comes of that. I'm going to post on every blog that I can find and if anyone wants to start a class action suit I would be glad to join. E-mail *************

I was charged $99.00 for a membership that I never used. I attempted to cancel this membership and was told since I was cancelling after the 14-day trial phase, I would not be refunded for a service I never used.

Global Travel is a scam. I wish I had read the many complaints before trying the service. I signed up for the 14-day free trial, which is really not free. They charged my account $258.95 for one year and when I canceled within the 14 days, they only refunded $249.95. When I called to ask about the $9.95 difference, they were very rude and told me I didn't read the fine print and that it was a nonrefundable processing fee. Also, I noticed there were hits to my Web page when I didn't even have a Web page so I emailed my agent account and it said it was an email from Global Travel. The deals that they have are not really deals.

I paid Global Travel International to become a member in November of 2009. As part of this membership, I supposedly can get discounts and commissions selling own and customer travel, and have my own personal website. On April 13, 2010, I cancelled my membership because the personal website supposedly set up as my own leads it back to the main Global Travel International website. Therefore, anyone trying to search for deals are in the GTI website and not mine. Secondly, the travel deals on their website are not competitive with other travel sites like Priceline, Travelocity, Kayak, and other sites. I actually purchased my international airline ticket with another travel agency to get a good price, flying out of the country in May 2010 and returning in June 2010. Although my membership renewal is due in November 2010, I canceled ahead in April 2010 to make sure my cancellation is in their records/system to prevent future renewal charges. I spent costly membership fees without gaining from it.

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