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Hilton Grand Vacations

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Last updated: Oct. 10, 2017

479 Hilton Grand Vacations Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

Jennifer from Hilton Grand Vacations called offering a 3-night package for $199 plus taxes with no blackout dates. Initially she did not mention anything about the timeshare presentation. I am Hilton honors member and she sounded like she is offering me a "great deal" as I am honors member. I have plans to go to Orlando and of course I gave my credit card information along with my travel dates to reserve. At the very end she mentioned the catch of the deal which is the 2-hr timeshare presentation. She also insisted that my husband need to be there. My husband's travel is not confirmed yet so I told her not to confirm my reservation. She hung up the phone on me. I called Hilton again and found that my reservation has been confirmed. I explained the customer service the entire story and requested to cancel my reservation. This is the first time I have ever fallen into a trap like this. Stay Away.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

I am going to try to sum this up. I firstly would like to mention the Hilton Rose Hall in Jamaica where I stayed was/is fabulous. One of the best low key all inclusives. I Highly recommend. In July, while staying in my family home in Jamaica, I called the Hilton property that is near to my location after researching reasonable well rated all inclusives. They transferred me to Hilton reservations to book our room. After doing so, they informed me I was selected to receive a promotional offer. I casually agreed. They informed me I could choose either Orlando or Las Vegas, 4 day stay for $150 US. They did explain I would have to attend a 2-hour presentation.

They also told me it was good for up to 4 people but 2 of them would have to be myself and my husband. Fine. They also told me, I would receive an additional $200 credit for an American Hilton hotel. They told me I have 1 year to book. I agreed to let them charge my card to "lock in the deal" on the promise they would email me all the details and follow up once I returned to Canada.

Shortly after my return the following month, I received a call from David at Hilton Vacations. I explained I saw my card was charged but hadn't received one single email from them. He said that was strange and that he would get right on it. Note as I write this on Oct 10th I still have never received a single document. Then he changed his tune when I asked to book Orlando for 4. Myself, husband and 2 kids. All of a sudden he is "unable to find accommodations" for 4 people.

I had stressed on the initial call if children were allowed as we have 6 children but 2 of them are very young and would most likely travel with us. I was assured that young children were allowed. So no room for 4. Then I said, "Ok fine." How about mid February for our anniversary. Oh yes! That is perfect... except one catch... according to David, that is an American holiday weekend therefore I am now subject to a "premium". *rolls eyes*

He quotes me like $130 or more and I told him, "No thats ridiculous." He tells me he is going to put me on hold (I am an escalations manager, this is a sales ploy) comes back and tells me his "supervisor" agreed to lower it to $65 plus tax. Fine. I agreed but also explained and stressed I still need documentation and details of the stay in writing and what our obligation was. Nothing. Zero. Now I can't get a hold of "David" and have initiated a dispute with my credit card bank. I may end up having to eat over $300 Canadian for this which is so unfair. I mostly feel stupid, gullible and scammed.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

    2017-October, Where do I begin. We have been members since 2010. We have 10K points and a huge debt. We have used our timeshare often without problems. Fast forward to now. We booked a trip to the BVI for April 2018, well we all know what happened to them. I did buy point protection so I can get my points back, but I cannot get my 260.00 booking fee back. The sailing company will be up and running but their route will be altered. We signed up for a trip of our choice not the sailing companies.

    Stay away from Hilton they are thieves. In addition we are trying to sell our timeshares, we reached out to Hilton and now they tell us our properties are only worth 3500. each, are you kidding me? We will continue to pursue our sale and use our points. But I will make sure that whenever I see a couple on the way to a presentation I will stop them and warn them of the thieves.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

    My wife and I are on a trip to Hawaii as part of a promotion where we agreed to a timeshare presentation. Of course, presentations like that don’t have the best of reputations, but we approached it with an open mind. A lot of people on here have described “high pressure” sales techniques. We heard people at the pool complaining about the same thing. That wasn’t our experience. We had a very pleasant discussion about the Grand Vacations program. I’m not an impulsive buyer, so we didn’t end up signing up. But they made the point several times that we make a decision that makes sense for us. It’s difficult to know whether the complainers on here had more aggressive sales staff or whether they didn’t approach the experience with an open mind. I just know we are strong enough people to say no if we weren’t interested and we didn’t feel at all bullied to sign on. We would still consider such a program in the future.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

    I have been a Hilton H Honor member for years because I used to travel a lot for work. Sometimes in 2016, I called Hilton to make a reservation and they told me about this "great" deal where I can lock in a 2 nights stay in NYC for 499+tax. On top of that, I can get the voucher to Royal Caribbean that's worth another $499. All I had to do was to pay 249 that day, and then the remaining when I book my vacation. And... Booking is only a phone call away. Everything sounds so easy and convenient that it's too good a deal to pass. Of course I signed up and gave them my credit card. Here's what happened:

    Instead of charging me 249 as discussed, they charged me the whole thing of 499+tax. I have to call to call back so that they would honor the terms as discussed. When making the reservation, they told me about 99 additional "weekend" fee when I checked in on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Clearly, it was a surprise to me because they didn't bring it up when trying to sell me the great deal. I tried to tell them it's unfair since I wasn't made aware of, and they told me it's covered when they said "additional fees may apply". I guess I should be glad it's only $99 and not another $499 "additional fee" in this case.

    During the course of discussing the weekend fee, they made me feel like they are handing out free food for homeless people, that I should be happy when I can get a room. The attitude is definitely different from the people that sold me the "deal". They are NOT flexible at all when it comes to booking the touring time. It cannot be the day when I check in and out. And, they told me they can put me in the 9:30 spots which ended up being 11:30 and NOPE there is no way they can help me out there.

    So... I am paying the airfare, and 499 plus tax, to go to NYC to tour their property during prime time when I should be having my vacation. Makes absolutely no sense to me. I really can't see the deal I am getting here. I have not attended the touring when this review is written and I am very skeptical in the Royal Caribbean thing they promise because one thing I learned about them is they are not flexible, they are not what they say they are, and they have extensive fine prints. If the process of booking the tour is already difficult and unpleasant, how can I convince myself this Grand Vacation timeshare will be great for me. I am literally flying myself there at my own expense, pay for the hotel at a slightly discounted rate. This is probably the worst travel decision I have made ever, and I truly regret it. Want to share here so that less people fall into this trap. Really wish I had visited this site before I pay for the "great" deal.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

    I booked a vacation to NYC via Hilton Grand Vacations and was promised 5000 Hilton Honor Points and $100 to spend in NYC while there. My husband and I attended the 2-hour presentation and were very interested in the Penthouse Suite, which would have cost us $133,000. Now comes the good part. They wanted us to put the amount of the purchase on our credit card so that we could obtain Sky Miles for the purchase. No way to finance a purchase of that size; we walked away, needless to say.

    Now it is 10 days past our departure and we STILL have not received the promised 5000 points, NOR the points for staying at the hotel. I have made several phone calls. I talked to Amanda at Hilton Grand Vacations. She said points should be there in 5-7 days. No points. I talked to Sandy who was very helpful and transferred me to Bianca, in the management division. I was on hold for approximately 10 minutes and suddenly found I was disconnected. I called back and asked to speak to Bianca. I was on hold again, and the man who answered came back on the line saying Bianca had "taken care of it". I guess she didn't feel it necessary to speak directly with me. So far the points are not there, but I will check in an hour.

    DO NOT BOOK ANYTHING THROUGH HILTON GRAND VACATIONS. They do not communicate with Hilton Club, (who was responsible for trying to sell the timeshare), nor the Hilton Hotel Chain. IT IS A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE. While we had a good time on our trip, the hassle and the runaround from Hilton Grand Vacations, and the way they do business puts a bad taste in our mouths. I will never recommend them to anyone.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

    I will never stay at a Hilton based on this experience! I got sucked into purchasing a 3 Day Vacation with the hitch of attending a timeshare presentation - which was ok. My husband is not able to travel so I was going to attend with a friend who is a homeowner as well. DENIED!! So I got totally scammed since my friend was actually interested in a timeshare but since I am married, he needed to attend. He said should have said we're divorced!!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

    As sometimes happens, things take place that cause you to change your vacation plans, sometimes more than once a year. This package is good for 6 months and then you pay $99 to extend it in 6 month increments, which then turns into 3 month increments if it happens too many times. I could have taken a 5 day vacation a short drive away for less than it cost me to re-up this "vacation" that is nothing more than a stay in the on-site hotel (usually not the most comfortable stay at that), a 1+ hour presentation of timeshares that few people truly want. Yes a lot of things happened in the 3 years I continued to try to take this vacation, but it cost me more than a 4 nights stay at a hotel. At least I saved the airfare.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

    I purchased the initial vacation package after being transferred to this company after booking a Hilton hotel stay. I thought it was a good deal until reading all the reviews on this page. I decided not to book any dates or even return any of their annoying calls to try and get me to set a date for my trip. I figured I'd eat the $200 bucks. They then charged my credit card another $50 after 45 days went by since I never booked anything, which I'm fighting now. This company is nothing more than a scam to get people locked into a contract with low quality properties and inflexible arrangements. STAY AWAY! I'm strongly considering switching my loyalty away from HILTON HOTELS due to this. Hilton should be ashamed of their practices.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 26, 2017

    I am so happy I read the Consumer Affairs reviews on buying a Hilton Grand Vacation Rental timeshare! Thank you Consumer Affairs. I read both the positive and negative reviews and found them to be very accurate. The Timeshare sales people are very persuasive and want you to sign immediately. I was ready to sign, but my husband wasn't. We wanted time to discuss the purchase between the two of us, to think it over, which the sales people do not encourage. They know once you leave the sales office, you most likely will not buy the product (and there is a reason). We left the sales office and then discussed the pros and cons. One of the cons that the sales staff does not go into detail about is the annual maintenance fee. It increases every year, so on the surface it looks like you will be saving money owning a timeshare.

    However if you take into account the increasing maintenance fee costs, you may not be saving money. (We verified this with my in-laws who owned a timeshare and eventually got out of it.) It might costs the same as staying at a hotel, but you are locked into staying at their hotel for the rest of your life. If you always want to stay at a Hilton Brand for the rest of your life, this may be the right purchase for you. Also, you are not guaranteed to get the weeks you want. I tried a trial membership and bought one week of a timeshare. After trying to book it for two years, I was never able to get the dates I wanted. I like variety, I have kids and am restricted when I can travel, and will shop for the best deal. A timeshare was not a good fit for my lifestyle.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

    This correspondence serves as official notification that we, Murray and Martha **, are formally initiating steps to dissolve our relationship with Hilton Grand Vacation Club. As we reflect on the entire experience of dealing with this company, it is apparent to us, as we have found via research also others that the entire operation is a nothing less than an incredible, slick and dishonest marketing scheme. A scheme which employs market deception from the time of contact to the very timing and execution of closure.

    In early 2016, we began receiving weekly calls, often daily calls, from representatives of this organization. Because we have caller identification, we were able to recognize the toll free calling number and chose not to answer these calls. Clearly, the marketing approach changed and representatives began calling from what appeared to be local numbers of which we were more likely to answer.which we did.

    The representatives were not rude; rather cordial, engaging, and passive aggressive in their marketing approach. The marketing pitch was that we, because of past stays with Hilton properties, were being offered this very special deal to vacation at one of their prime properties. We were offered both Orlando and Las Vegas. Initially, we declined both in light of the fact that we both had been to Orlando numerous times, and although, I, Martha had visited Las Vegas a number of times, neither of us had a particular interest in visiting at that particular time.

    During the second quarter of the year, Murray reconnected with a first cousin living in Las Vegas, and since he had never visited Las Vegas, we decided at some point to plan a trip by end of fourth quarter to visit his cousin. Coincidental with this decision, we were still receiving calls from Hilton. We decided to investigate accepting their offer should they call again which they did.

    The offer, as I best I can remember, required a deposit of around $189.00 to secure the visit which included a three day two night stay at one of their properties. We were offered the Trump property as well as the property we chose to reside for the stay. The offer also included a 200 bonus credit usable at any Hilton facility. The only stipulation was to listen, at no obligation or pressure to buy, to a sales presentation regarding the properties available in their timeshare bank.

    At the time of agreement and payment, via credit card, we were told that we needed to travel within six months. Unfortunately, as the six month expiration period approached, due to some family illness, we were unable to book the trip and at that time were willing to forfeit the deposit. We were then told they would “work with us” and give us a grace period until the end of the year to book. We accepted the offer.

    During a social gathering with friends, we casually mentioned we were planning a trip to Las Vegas. At that time, our neighbors and long-time friends (also a retired professional couple) mentioned that they too had planned a trip to Las Vegas. In talking with the wife, she shared it was also via a Hilton Grand vacation offer. They already owned a time-share and was going to Las Vegas purely for the convenience of the trip. We agreed to travel by the end of the year and began making plans for air travel, etc.

    In retrospect, one of the first “alerts” that something was not quite right was during the booking process. Our neighbor called first and secure the date for visiting, afterwards calling to share the specific information with me so that we might coordinate. I then called and asked for the same date and during my conversation with the booking agent mentioned that we would be traveling with friends who would also be attending a presentation during the same time frame. The tone of the representative immediately changed from cordial to an aggressive, rude reaction in which she responded “It is against company policy to book people from the same area at the same time” I was totally shocked and upon questioning her she became more adamant in her statement.

    I then told her to keep the offer and I hung up. We shared our experience with our friends and she advised I should just call back in a couple of days and try to rebook. I called back in perhaps three days and was connected to a different representative who without question, booked us at the same, but different slots, as our neighbors. She also accommodated us at our own expense, of course for an additional nights stay. In order to be available for the presentation, both couples had to come in a day early because of the limitation of flights out of Columbia as well as Charlotte.

    On the day of the presentation, our neighbors were scheduled for an early morning presentation. She later shared that it was initially a cordial presentation, but noted that as they persisted in telling them they already had a timeshare and was not interested in purchasing another, it became more high pressured and less cordial. She also said as of this date, they never received the promised $200 coupon for attending the presentation.

    Our presentation was scheduled for the afternoon and we planned around and devoted the time allotment as requested for the presentation. We also booked reservations that evening for a show. Upon arrival for the presentation, we were seated in a reception area with other potential clients. Snacks were available as we waited. We checked in at least 10 minutes prior to our presentation and after waiting for at least 15-20 minutes past our allocated time, we again checked with the desk and advised them we were on a tight timeframe. It was obvious that our time was taken for granted and not respected. We were assured that someone would be with us within a few minutes that the person was wrapping up who had been assigned to help us that they were experiencing a high volume of interested clients and were running a little behind.

    The gentleman that was sent to talk with us was casually dressed, had the aura of a “low-key, I am here to help you; learning myself attitude”. He engaged us regarding our family and shared tidbits regarding his. After about 40-45 minutes past our assigned times, we advised them we were leaving as we had plans for the evening. We also were clear that our time was just as valuable as theirs and were quite agitated and disappointed with the waiting situation. Upon our threat to leave, someone “miraculously” was free to meet with us. We were escorted into a cubic arrangement of offices and listened to the same guy who had initially been sent to the reception area to engage us. We had initially determined that we definitely would not buy a timeshare, however; after listening to the presentation and asking a lot of questions some of which he could not answer or pretended that he could not, we did change our opinion.

    After being bombarded with questions, the representative called in another person (we now feel this was orchestrated and this person was indeed the “closer”). Even as listened and became more interested we kept going back to the statement “We do normally make what we consider major purchases without input from our financial advisor”. To that response, the closer quoted the number of doctors, lawyers and other professionals that have and continue to invest in these properties. The following reasons for investing were also outlined to us. Legacy --- The property can be passed on to our granddaughter and would allow her unlimited international travel opportunities. The resale value of the property will only grow in value due to the relocation of the Oakland Raiders and other anticipated sports teams.

    No money down today to execute the contract. Sign and walk away. They will handle all paperwork for filing title, deeds, etc. Units are moving quickly. "Just look at the number of clients here. Once in a lifetime offer at this location feel certain that given your lifestyle the financial advisor would see as a good investment." False Urgency was created to make us believe we could never receive this offer or a comparable Hilton one at a later time; and, we had to definitely purchase that day only. Rental Opportunities for positive income. We were told that if we chose to rent the property, the income would cover the yearly cost of the program. Can immediately begin booking time. Units are being bought by professionals such as ourselves so it obviously must be a good value.

    Because of our “perceived” good credit we would have a greater advantage of return on our investment, because we would be able to immediately secure almost an additional 60-80K (will verify #) points by opening up a Hilton American Express account. We shared we already have AMEX accounts and questioned why we could not use them for whatever the incentive might be but obviously there is a financial arrangement between Hilton and AMEX. We did, in fact, open up two different accounts of which $750 was placed on one card (Murray has since paid this off) and $2800+ on the other (I am only paying the minimum on this account). This allowed us to immediately coveted bank points towards vacation timeshares. We were even shown properties in Scotland and Ireland and told these would be available to us.

    The credit line for us AMEX was together $35,000 and we were told and encouraged that using the card to pay off the property was an option most people do not have. We are very clear now why they would want a third party to totally assume the debt. Once property paid off it was ours. (We, however, now realize that the reoccurring maintenance fee was never fully explained to the point that it is ALWAYS attached to the property... so we in fact would never really own it). We were told that we were not limited in the time we could stay in a property (upon reading the contract, there is a 30 day continuous stay limitation). The HGVClub was on the Las Vegas strip which supposedly as a value added component in order to resell the property for a profit later.

    In retrospect, we realize that the material covered in this presentation was greatly diminished because of the time constraints as a result of the fact that we were boxed in with time. I do not know if this was by design. After the first representative brought the closer in we reluctantly agreed to purchase. In the aftermath of this decision, we now realize that a plethora of information was put in front of us and explained in surface terms. In late February, I still had not signed the paperwork to begin an automatic draft to begin payment on the unit. Someone named Michelle from the corporate office began calling on almost a daily basis regarding the paperwork. She was very rude, and eventually I asked her not to call our house again. I finally sent it in and the first draft of 237.17 was taken out on March 3, 2017. Effective, July 27, 2017, I placed a permanent stop payment on this draft with our bank.

    We have chosen not to pay the enormous yearly bill which we received about two months ago. It is almost $1500. We strongly feel that the product was grossly misrepresented and that we were lied to about many features and benefits of this product. We have been constantly bombarded with calls about booking vacations, of which we have not done or plan to do. After one of these calls in mid-June, Murray told the representative we wanted to get rid of the timeshare and was informed that someone would call him from the Resale department within 20 days. We never received a call, but instead the email of July 6 from Senior Resale Specialist, M. Elena ** who advised we were in no position to sell the property and if we choose to proceed it would have to be paid off in full prior to the sale.

    Needless, to say, we were absolutely shocked the value of the property was not what they said it was the day the sale was consummated. A drop in 15-16K in less than 6 months... it's paramount to fraud. As we were told the value of this property would increase in the future as it was selling out fast. Your email of July 6, 2017 from your representative in HGV Resales Department totally contradicts this. We continue to receive daily calls and advertisements from various representatives attached to the Hilton Grand Vacation family wanting us to attend owners meetings and encouraging us to book trips on specials many of them to upgrade our current purchase. We have refused all these offers. We have also not used the $200 incentive voucher. Our objective is to totally separate ourselves from affiliation with this organization. This is the exact letter we wrote Hilton. Disgusted. Wish we were never owners.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

    We purchased our "Hilton Vacation Club" in 2009, and just recently sold it through their resale dept. We spent approx. $42000 for a NYC location, and only received $12000 back from Hilton. That was one of the reasons we bought in was because they offered to buy it back. Course, they didn't say for how much, but at least we got something back unlike some other timeshares out there. However, we aren't happy about losing nearly $30K. First, I'd like to comment on the positives. For the only 3 times we used it, the Hilton properties were gorgeous, and the front desk personnel were top notch customer service. The places we used it were Orlando, Hawaii, and a Disney property through RCI. We have a longer list of negatives which is why we wanted to get out of it. Recent maintenance & taxes were running around $1200/yr.

    We weren't gaining much after paying for fees when making a reservation and paying the taxes and maintenance. In fact, we never did use the NYC property because they were going to charge us an $85 maintenance fee and a charge of $25/day for parking. Yes, that was cheaper than a NYC hotel, but it was more hassle than it was worth and didn't feel it justified paying more fees. For the years we didn't use the points, we converted them to Hilton Honors points, but yes there is a fee for everything! When we signed on to the club, they told us our exchange would be 50 pts to every Club point, and there was no charge. That worked fine the first time, but then they changed it to 25 pts to every Club point when I tried to exchange a few Club points left in my account for Hilton Honors, and then they wanted to charge me $95 to do it.

    It wasn't worth it. Bottomline is that they charge you a fee for everything, and their whole exchange system has gotten so confusing. You better stay on top of things, because you will lose your points if you don't do something with them (for a fee) at the end of the year. So that's why we got out of it. We'll spend our $1200/yr somewhere else where we can vacation where we want and still come out ahead. If you do go through their resale Dept., allow about 12-15 weeks to get it all done. It would behoove Hilton to rid themselves of all the fees and make it easier to reserve a location at a time you want it, so the owners don't feel so duped.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 31, 2017

    My wife (Hilton Honors member) and I received a 3 night / 4 day stay at the Hilton Resort in Myrtle Beach SC. This was offered to us at a very discounted rate with the expectation that we participate in the HGVC presentation of their ownership business model RE: vacation stays. The presentation would last 90 - 120 minutes. Also, we were going to get a certificate for $200.00 regardless of our decision after the presentation. We talked about it and decided take advantage of it. In retrospect, we should have stayed home.

    The Hilton Resort was OK. Rooms antiquated and parking not convenient. Also, the elevator lines were miserable. The presentation venue was not within walking distance as promised and was in fact ~ 8 miles from the resort. Doesn't sound like much but when it starts at 0830, you get the honor of driving through the rush hour traffic of US 17. Took us about 30 minutes to get there. Upon our arrival we checked in and were told to wait for our salesperson. Coffee and snacks were offered.

    Salesperson arrived, introduced himself. He seemed nice. He led us to what I would call a large sales war room. This is where about 20 sales reps (including ours) with their respective clients to go over things like, goals, dreams, bucket lists, etc. Of course he spoke highly of Hilton, great reviews, customer centric, billion dollar company, etc. Nothing specific... Very vague. Lots of noise in this room. We got to listen to stories about the rep's travels, how many places that he visited, etc. We could do that too if we joined. We were told that by the end of the presentation, they needed a yes or a no. A response of "we'd like to think about it" was frowned upon. He says that 1 in 3 sign into the program. As we spoke, he was jotting down notes on some paperwork. Sometimes he was acting like he is writing something down, but simply underlining words that have already been underlined.

    After 2 hours of that, we were taken to view the condos. When I say we, I mean not only my wife and I, but the others (reps and clients) as well. Still lots of noise and kind of awkward navigating through these condos, dodging the other clients and reps. I felt like we were cattle being herded around. Next stop... The "seal the deal" room. Another large venue with glass along ocean side of room. Here we got to talk to not only our sales rep, but also the financial person. He seemed nice as well. This person (from what I could gather) goes from table to table working out deals with the prospective clients. He presents unrealistic financing through the Hilton credit card, recommended points, etc. By this time, the initial paperwork has points, numbers, underlined words and percentages peppered all over it. I ask to have a contract to review at home. Nope everything stays here. Can I have the paper with all the financial information... Nope, stays here too.

    What I can have is a white, hard back notebook, with all of documents in plastics sleeves. I can review it in the seal the deal room, which would equate to trying to concentrate inside of a jet engine... Loud and lots of hot air being blown around. By now we are well into our 3rd hour. They presented the financial information and left us so we could talk about it.

    As we were talking, I see one of the other sales reps do something that really surprised me. As this rep passes our table, I noticed she is kind of like dancing towards the other end of the room, where the financial person is standing facing her. Like a victory dance of sorts... Not blatant, but kind of like signifying to the financial guy that she has "got one". She opens a desk drawer grabbing from what I could tell was a authorization form for financing, spins and closes the drawer with her hip, accenting the motion, reminiscent of Mae West. Really goofy.

    Our sales rep returns, we tell him that we appreciate his time, but our answer is no. He stands up and moves us to another part of the closer room so another person can sign us out. He disappears. We are 3.5 hours into this by now. Shortly, a used car salesman slinks to our table, sits down and tries to sway our decision by offering vacations, etc. He makes every attempt to sweeten the deal. At this point we just want to leave. "You'd be crazy not to take advantage of this" he says. I (we) must be crazy. I still ask if we can think about it and he says yes, but all of this is off the table. I ask to be able to call our rep if we have questions and he says they do not take calls from clients. Really? What kind of place is this? Reluctantly, he signs us out and gives us our gift certificate for $200.00 on our next Hilton stay. 4 hours after we arrived, we are now free to go. We were exhausted.

    My wife was reviewing the $200.00 "gift" certificate. The fine print reveals that there are a number of Hilton properties/hotels where this is not valid. So many, we had to Google the list of properties/hotels run by Hilton. I still have no idea where we can use it. Also, you have a window of 25 days to use it. If the gift has restrictions and surprises in the fine print, what horrors does the HGVC contract hold? This entire experience was totally worthless to us and quite frankly a little insulting.

    We checked out of the Hilton Resort early and spent the remainder of the week in Pawleys Island, SC to cleanse ourselves of the experience. Lastly, assuming you've made it this far in my review, we've decided that we are not going to stay at any Hilton properties moving forward and I will not be using them for my business... Not that it matters to a billion dollar company like Hilton.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 26, 2017

    I was sold 2 vacation plans. $99.00 each. Several months later I was told I couldn't use them because a red flag was on my account for non-payment of maintenance fees. No such fees were showing on my account. Then I was told I couldn't have a refund. Total rip-off. So I guess I have to join the over 5,000 posted complainer on your site. Why is it there is nothing consumers can do? Big business wins again. Our country has given over to not we the people but the big companies rule even in our vacations too. They don't care just about their bottom line, screw you and the horse you rode in on. Yet we still buy in on the sales hype. We are the sucker born whenever. The only relief I get when I read of other who have lost far more than I have, this is truly too sad. They are hurting more than I am.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 26, 2017

    I was a fool to be convinced that Hilton Grand Vacation Clubs was anything but a heartache and financial burden. The sales people have you convinced if you wanted to sell your property at anytime you can. Yet when you reach out to the Resale Department you either have a message on the phone say due to the heavy call volume you will probably not be reached for 21 days. If you email resalehgvc.com you get this response “Thank you for contacting the Resale Department at Hilton Grand Vacations. It is our service goal to reply to all emails within 21 business days. *THIS MESSAGE IS AN AUTO REPLY. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE*” which is utter the WORST customer service I have ever received. DO NOT BUY FROM HILTON GRAND VACATION CLUB. It is the worst.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 24, 2017

    We bought into HGVC in summer 2014, thinking it would force us to take vacations, and it did. But the trouble is it's almost always complicated to use, slow website, fees yearly plus fees to book. The good part is we've stayed in much nicer hotels/resorts than we would on our own, but the properties are limited except when trying to use the RCI option... which never seems to have anything we want when we want it. We signed up again in Park City, UT. (Many thousands of bonus points, somehow sounded good again!) But this time I remembered the fine print in the contract that lets you opt out with a certified mail letter... but hurry up since the window is only a week! Our kids won't want the inherited timeshare due to annual costs (over $1,000) for fees & taxes so we're at a loss as to what to do. I'm going online soon to try to use my leftover annual points which now they won't convert unless you make a reservation at the same time.

    Original review: July 10, 2017

    I sat through a 2.5 hour timeshare presentation and received a $200 Rebate for a Future Hilton Stay. I stayed at a Hilton and submitted the gift rebate. I mailed it for the rebate and the rebate was refused because I had mailed it in a couple days over the 25 day time period. Don't believe any rebate offers they give you. It's a sham!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 7, 2017

    We were solicited on the phone for an opportunity to travel to a time share presentation in exchange for a 3 night stay at the resort. We should have realized when we arrived at the hotel and the first two rooms we were given were unacceptable along with the 3 hour wait to get a room. Unfortunately we bought into this program. DO NOT DO IT! I strongly urge you to walk away. We have been members for 10 months and have yet to secure a reservation at any property. They are always booked, unavailable, we are calling too early (10 months early) to secure a reservation. The rules are ridiculous and very inflexible. The Hilton product is not worth the frustration and expense. Marriott's product is superior but saying that I would not buy into any of these programs. Just book a hotel when you need one and save yourself a lot of angst. Do not buy at Hilton Grand Vacations.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 23, 2017

    I was solicited, as a result of a phone reservation I made with a Hilton hotel, to participate in a timeshare presentation in Florida. In return for attending I was offered a supposedly deeply discounted 3 night stay at a Hilton Hotel and a $200 "spend a night" certificate to use toward an additional stay. I was advised when scheduling that if I were married my husband would also have to attend. When I told the agent that my husband and I are separated (living 100s of miles apart in different states) and that we have no common assets and each own our own homes and make our own purchasing decisions and that he would surely not accompany me to a presentation in which he had no interest and no role, the agent said they would denote me as single.

    I signed on and then paid the approximately $200 which was my share of the cost of the 3 night stay. (While this was a discount over what I would have paid for 3 nights without this agreement, the savings turned out to be not nearly enough to compensate for the ensuing aggravation.) Things went from bad to worse as I tried to schedule my visit and incompetence ensued. Errors and misinformation abounded and when I couldn't stand it any longer I complained to a "supervisor" who offered me an additional 10000 Hilton Honors Points as compensation for my wasted time and inconvenience. (All this happened prior to the trip.) Once in Florida, things got much worse.

    I had been advised to call Hilton Vacations on Monday to arrange my transportation to the presentation that Wednesday morning. However, when I called Monday, I was advised to call Wednesday morning. When I called Wednesday morning, after reiterating my transportation requirement yet again, I was finally told someone would be there to pick me up. No one came. Called again. Told they were on the way. No one came. Called again. Finally, after a delay of more than an hour, I was driven to the appointment site. At this point I was introduced to a sales agent who (perhaps knowing what I'd just been through) may have assessed me as a customer not likely to buy, because she immediately began grilling me about my marital status and then after absenting herself for a few minutes, returned to tell me that she was refusing to give me the presentation on the grounds that I was married and there without my husband.

    She assured me however that under the circumstances I would still receive the compensation promised and that I should just leave immediately. I was provided with a case number and a phone number, told not to worry about a thing, to "have a great day" and that someone would be calling me later in the day. Of course the call didn't come. Finally, after several calls and messages from me, someone finally did call me back and told me she would get back to me that afternoon.

    It was roughly a week later that I finally received an email that I would not be billed the difference for the rooms but when I asked when I would receive the $200 certificate and 10,000 points I was also owed, I was informed again via email that "My supervisor said you will not be receiving gifts. Have a great day." They must have decided that since there was no justifiable excuse for denying me what I had been promised, they wouldn't even try to come up with one - hoping that I would just forget the whole thing. But they are so wrong about that. This company operates in an unethical and dishonest fashion. If this isn't resolved here, I am prepared to face off in Small Claims Court.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 25, 2017

    Save yourself the time and hassle of what looks like a great deal. The high-pressure marketing of this company will drive you insane. They will call your home number, your cell phone, any phone number they have on file from any of your stays to throw high-pressure sales at you. We've received more than one call a day, at times for four days in a row. Numerous attempts and asking nicely to be removed from their call list did not work. It took an FCC complaint to get them to stop contact us.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 21, 2017

    At the Hilton GI in Albuquerque, NM I received a receipt for 213.02 and was billed to my bank account 243.97. When I called about it I talked to the Assistant Manager and she said the difference was an incidental bill that is posted at the front desk. I think that is fraud that I was not advised of this by the clerk at the front desk who gave me the paid bill. Never again will I darken the doors of that hotel.

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    Original review: May 12, 2017

    When they called they said there were no restrictions on which hotel I selected as well as no black out dates. When I made my selection, they said that date was not available. I then asked what dates were available, and they said no dates were available. I then agreed to stay in a lower rated hotel, only to be told that I had to attend their meeting on a specific date and time yet to be determined. I told that our meeting needed to be flexible, and they said I would have to attend whatever date and time they told us, or we would have to pay full price! I requested a refund and was told the purchase is non-refundable! STAY VERY FAR AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE! THIS IS A SCAM!!!

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    Original review: May 12, 2017

    Nearly impossible to use. At the sales meeting I was very clear about how my family and I like to travel. We like to be within driving distance of NYC and I even gave them our favorite locations. They said it would be perfect. So far we have not been able to book anything without using all our points on 3 or 4 nights in a hotel. They flat out lied and said what I wanted to hear to make a sale. I guess I expected more from Hilton. I was a Hilton point traveler and now until I can somehow rid myself of this burden. I will recommend all to avoid Hilton.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 10, 2017

    We attended their tours in Las Vegas. The salesladies Kimmie and Korina were bluffing through their teeth. We had done our homework prior to attending the tour. We are aware of the resale value of Hilton timeshare; you would be lucky if you could recoup 20% of what you paid for. Most owners had to give away their units, literally, just to get out the contract. So these 2 salesladies were saying things like: "Hilton timeshare increase in value every year by $10k, you can't buy these units for these prices we are giving you if you were to come back next year, the bonus points you are offered are worth at least $50k in value, you have made history!"

    Anyhow, our advice is do your due diligence before you go to any timeshare presentations/tours. All timeshares tours are the same: high pressure, deceptive selling. The resale value of timeshare is the equivalent of an automobile vehicle. You use it, the value depreciates. Whether it is Hilton or Marriott or Wyndham or Welk's or Diamond's or Hyatt or Ritz-Carlton, all timeshares lose value over time just as a car does. If you really want to buy a timeshare, buy it direct from an owner through sellmytimesharenow.com. You are not only helping owners who are trying to get out of timeshares, you are also preventing those hotel/resorts companies from continuing their deceptive selling.

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    Original review: May 8, 2017

    My 88 year old father had a cardiac event and is now requiring additional testing, treatment and possibly surgery. Our vacation package is scheduled for arrival on May 11th and I called Customer Service as soon as I realized we would not be able to make the trip so that I could reschedule due to my father's medical issues. I was told I would have to pay $120.00 to cancel or change the reservation even though it was due to a medical emergency. I am very disappointed and upset that I am being charged this amount, especially since the rebooking is due to a serious health issue. It makes me seriously question whether I want to do business with a company that is so callous towards the needs of their guests, especially guest who are potential buyers. I could understand if I was arbitrarily changing the dates, but since it's due to a medical issue for which I offered to provide documentation, I feel a waiver of the fee or a more reasonable fee would be warranted.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 5, 2017

    Extremely dissatisfied. The Hilton sales agent misrepresented the benefits of buying a Hilton Grand Vacations Timeshare. The RCI program for discounted travel (the reason I considered and purchased my Timeshare) proved to be unusable after 5 attempts to book a discounted vacation. I was able to book the same vacation property I was denied using the RCI program at the same price as a non RCI customer with no difficulty. Availability using the RCI travel program proved nonexistent. Hilton Grand Vacations proved to have little to no market value contrary to the sales agent's claims.

    I hired a firm to me get out of the Timeshare lease at a cost of $4,500. The Timeshare was sold by them on eBay for $35.00. I paid $18,000 for the Timeshare. I was so disgruntled I never took a single Timeshare vacation and will forever blame myself for my stupidity in buying a Timeshare and for believing the information the sales agent presented as the benefits of owning a Timeshare. It is one huge rip-off. There are companies that have the sole business of getting Timeshare owners out of their Timeshare agreement. My feelings are that once you are a Timeshare owner you are locked into the contractual agreement forever, and that the value of your ownership is nearly nonexistent in the open market if you decide to sell or marked your ownership at a later date.

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    Original review: May 4, 2017

    Will keep it relatively short. Usually stay at Marriott properties but got talked into a Hilton Grand Vacations club stay with required sales pitch when exploring well located 3-4 star hotels in west midtown Manhattan. When making the reservation, I was asked if I would like to hear a vacation package that Hilton was offering to all of their Hilton rewards members, no matter what the level. Sounded good so I stayed on the phone and listened to the entire presentation. I knew it involved a sales pitch for timeshares, but I was actually interested in the process even though I was not enthusiastic about buying. Ended up staying at a Hilton property that was on my shortlist anyway, the Central Park South Hilton Garden Inn, which I admit is a very nice property and treated us very well. Research done after our stay revealed we paid top dollar for that room. I was expecting at least a small discount, whatever!

    The meeting with the Hilton grand vacations club salespeople was an entirely different matter. It is amusing to me the similarities experience by others no matter what the location. Our salesman and his initial cohort, which I did not see again, claimed to be from the same area in Pennsylvania as my wife and I. What an amazing coincidence! I can honestly say I did go in with an open mind, despite my disdain for timeshares. My wife and I have more time to travel so I wanted to see what Hilton grand vacations had to offer.

    Several of the properties shown during the video presentation, including Mexico and South Florida, are known to me and are nowhere as nice as depicted on the screen. Our salesman kept dropping names of individuals who have purchased timeshares from him, like I care. I felt like saying, that even though I do have some money, I did not recently sell a chain of jewelry stores, as he described one of his customers. His thinking was that we probably would feel that we elevated our social position by buying into the grand vacations club as did those individuals.

    When I finally informed him that I am a rather hesitant person and could not "earn his business today", he promptly scowled and disappeared without a thank you or an FYou and was replaced by a very nice ** gentleman who is obviously his boss. This person attempted to squeeze $1700 out of us to "hold" a VIP status and ensure 7000 points for a stay in New York within one year. I told him in any event I'm not placing any money down today, at which point he abruptly left the table and told us he would meet us downstairs. We never saw him again or our original salesperson and wandered to the exit table on our own where we received our special gift, a 3 to 4 night Bahamas cruise. Further inspection of this gift provides you with the worst cabin unless you're willing to give an extra $500 or more to "upgrade".

    I highly doubt I will be using this cruise after this experience as I will give Hilton grand vacations none of my money. They should be ashamed of themselves for their high-pressure, low-brow tactics and their rude and dismissive behavior when you did not agree to lay down almost $40,000 to get even a base vacation package. This was two hours of my life that I will never get back. It got me to New York however to visit our daughter and that I feel was worth it. I felt however the need to shower after my interaction with these people, I will be calling Hilton grand vacations club to obtain the exact charge on my credit card, as I do not trust them with my credit card information.

    It's probably never worth it but if you can get a good deal on a nice place and have to suffer through this two hour presentation, I would recommend that you considerate it. Be careful, however, because they are good at what they do and I can easily see many people agreeing to the deal they propose. With the two grifters that I dealt with, I wanted to asked him why, at their age, they are lowering themselves to rip off people selling timeshares. I realize the economy is bad but come on! It is not my place to judge them however. I feel sorry for those who buy in because by no calculation is it worth it. If you do go, relax at the accommodations which are usually nice, do not under any circumstances write them a check, and enjoy the rest of your stay. Good luck!

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    Original review: May 2, 2017

    If Hilton Head Grand Vacation calls you hang up. First of all they promise you a stay at their new resort in Hilton Head at a discount price. In exchange you would have to listen to a 2 hr. sales pitch for the timeshare. Also they offer a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas. Liars. Instead they put you up in an old Hilton Garden Inn near Bluffton. Also If you read the fine print concerning the cruise, you may be charged extra. This is a switch and bait scam. I tried to cancel and they would not give my money back. These people are the scum of the earth. I am so mad that I fell for this scam. I can get a better deal if I booked these myself. Scam, Scam, Scam.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 25, 2017

    Misleading marketing department. I purchase a 4 day 3 night with Hilton Grand resorts and each time I tried to use it there were never any accommodations. Finally, I realized this wasn't going to work and requested a refund. Hilton refused to give me my money back stating my time had expired. if I wanted to reinstate it. I could pay an additional 30 dollars to reinstate it and use within three months.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 24, 2017
    I figured I would give the Hilton Grand Vacations "deal" a try. My work season is very busy during the summer, so my mom and I decided to get away to Vegas for a few days. When I booked the deal I paid a certain price for three nights/4 days. The sales reps or booking agents promise you this wonderful experience and all you have to do is attend a "no pressure" sales presentation. We stayed at the Trump International Hotel and the minute we came encounters with the hotel staff -

    we were treated poorly. The customer service associate at the front desk was extremely annoyed by my questions. I was simply asking about wifi and a courtesy shuttle to some of the casinos. The room was far from nice. The carpets in the hallways were filthy and had a stench to them. There was no blankets on our and then we went back to the front desk and the same associate was rude when we asked for blankets.

    There is no housekeeping and when we asked for more towels the front desk acted as if we were asking for some unreasonable. So the next day we were driven to the sales presentation and the greeter at that location was also rude. I had to repeat my last name several times because the employee could not get it straight. She proceeded to be rude to me. They give you a mini breakfast after you check and that was nice, The sales guy who was nice at first said, "Oh yeah this is no pressure- blah blah blah." I listened to his presentation and was not impressed with the product. You are shown a timeshare room and while it is nice. Again no big deal I was then insulted that I could not afford the timeshare when I politely declined. My mom and I were highly offended and advised the sales rep that I made a good living. The whole experience was downright daunting and I am glad it is over!

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