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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Sept. 24, 2023

HOLY - "WOW!!" Hilton Grand - TUSCANY VILLAGE - ORLANDO... Can NOT wait for this: JORDY - JESSIKA - SARAH - MARYLIS - KATEREH... The Hilton Grand Franchise! Welcoming - attentive - pleasant - personable - courteous - knowledgeable - accommodating (beyond words) - sincere - well-groomed - etc. - etc. and CARING - CARING - CARING....so much that their personalities made us sing to them ALL songs which even brought out even more warmth. This IS the BEST we have ever experienced at any - any property, regardless of brand! We can NOT say enough POSITIVE about the above mentioned HILTON GRAND ALL-STARS.

Now HILTON GRAND CEO / BOARD CHAIR and any/all in management positions let's see YOU lead by example and do what needs be done,

RECOGNIZE - PRAISE - ACKNOWLEDGE - and APPRECIATE this group who are in the trenches AND they DO make HILTON GRAND shine while NOT being on the phone - on another line - in a meeting - away from their desks - NOT in touch-in the "REAL" world of HOSPITALITY....They ARE HILTON GRAND _ TUSCANY GRAND ORLANDO: JESSIKA - KATEREH - MARYLIS - SARAH - AND JORDY -- NOTE: Order of import IS NOT an issue. JOB PERFORMANCE "IS!!" !!! Most SINCERELY - STEPHAN-BARBARA ** - ELMIRA, NY

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Contract & TermsCoverageStaff

Reviewed Sept. 22, 2023

Our experience with Gold Key was satisfactory-even pleasant, but after Diamond Resorts acquired them, my wife and I pressured to upgrade, which increased costs and decreased the quality of our vacations. The staff at Hilton Grand Vacations urged us to convert our contract to HGV points, but all the promises made turned out to be false. We were not informed of the annual maintenance fee or legal right to rescission. The staff told us our points would cover 100% of the cost of flights and cruises, but only about 40% was covered. Availability is scarce at best, making the timeshare virtually useless. We've spent over $27,000 just to be taken advantage of. We are left to wonder if the staff intentionally preyed on us because we were elderly. We want our old Gold Key membership back.

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    Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

    Reviewed Sept. 21, 2023

    We had purchased a promotion package through HGV and had attended a tour 2 months back upon which we were to receive Hilton honors points which are still nowhere in sight. I have followed up multiple times with customer service and have received some weird responses without any clear indication on the status of the points. I am stunned more coz had never expected such a scam like behavior from a reputed brand. Do not fall for their promotions!!!!

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    Contract & TermsSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 20, 2023

    Hilton Grand Vacations bait and switched us. They offered us gifts to attend a ‘meeting’ in which we were coerced into signing a contract with them. We were there for 4 hours, when we were told it would take 1 hour, at the most! We declined the salesmen’s offers several times, but they did not listen. The sales reps were coming and going like there was a rotating door in our meeting room. Hilton distinctly described this as a REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT. Timeshares are NOT an investment; I can assure you!

    Hilton also LIED about the unlimited availability this purchase would offer us, but every time we go to book a reservation, there is nothing available. We told the salespeople we like to travel spur of the moment and we were assured that wouldn’t be a problem, in fact, they said most people do that. Turns out, if you want to book a reservation, you must do it AT LEAST a year in advance. We’ve never booked a vacation a year in advance, and likely never will. This timeshare is completely useless to us.

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    Contract & TermsSales & MarketingPriceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 19, 2023

    The last thing we expected was to be dissatisfied with such a trusted brand name as Hilton, but here we are. We have purchased from Hilton in Utah and Nevada and both times we were misled by the sales agents about the benefits, cost, and availability of the unit. Since our purchases, the truth has slowly come out. The things they sold us on do not match our contract and what we signed for. We had faith in these sales reps to truthfully explain what we were purchasing, and they were not even capable of doing that. They never informed us of our 16% interest rate, recession period, or Public Offering Statement. So, if you are thinking about purchasing a timeshare with Hilton, don’t.

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    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 18, 2023

    We attended a sales presentation last week at their Virginia Beach sales office. A girl at our hotel talked to us shortly after we arrived about listening to a 90 minute presentation and in return receive an 8 day 7 night stay at Oceanaire for taxes and fees so approximately 400. We went to the meeting open minded and make all decisions jointly. We met with Noah from 11 to 12,:30. At first it went well. He established rapport and got to know our travel habits. He showed us wonderful locations on his flat screen tv. After so long I finally said, "What does something like this cost?" He brought 2 offers. The first one was the only one we would be interested in as it should get us two weeks vacation per year and we normally do three. This plan cost 28k and we needed to put down 5k today and there is another 2,051 per year in fees associated with this plan.

    He tried to sell us a Hilton Amex at 0%for 12 months for the down payment. He left so we could discuss. I expressed concern price and even when the 23k is paid in 10 years we still have the annual fees. Then when you do the math this costs us 1,136 per month. If we break the 5k down to pay off before Interest accrues I said we simply cannot add that to our budget at this time. He showed us three more less expensive plans but these won't get us enough points to do at least two vacations per year so that is not going to be of any benefit to us.

    I also explained I switched jobs and am still not sure how my bonus will work yet and that is how we typically budget for our vacation each year. When we finally gave him the hard no Noah became enraged and verbally attacked my husband. He said, "You are holding her back. She wants to go and do this. You don't care about her making memories. She travels without you. That is a red flag to your marriage. You only wanted our free trip. Nothing I could do would have sold you this. You are holding her back and don't care."

    He also slammed our folder down on the table. This was after numerous times saying there would be no hard feelings if we walked away today. They pressure you, do not give you a chance to leave and talk about it. He said these deals are only good for today. This was the worst sales experience ever. You don't always buy a car from the salesman but you don't expect to be verbally attacked when you do not. I have called to speak to their sales manager Dom and sent two emails. No response as of now. I doubt I will get one after reading many reviews.

    I am thankful to God we walked out without purchasing anything from this crooked organization. It may just be Hilton Grand Vacations but it is still associated with the Hilton brand of hotels and that is what we primarily use on our vacations. This is very disturbing that they allow this practice to go on under their name. Read all reviews. People that did fall for this are very sorry they did and often cannot use their points so you are better off planning your own vacations just as I have our 23 years of marriage. And by the way there are no red flags in my marriage. I travel sometimes with a dear friend who is like my mother to treat her

    and we have a great time. And my husband is confident In our marriage and never holds me back from this. Please do not buy these expensive useless timeshares. You will regret this.

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    Contract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 16, 2023

    Our stay at the Trump Hotel with Hilton on the Las Vegas Strip for Christmas 2019 turned into a terrible ordeal. Upon arrival, we were forced to attend a presentation to get a room discount. What was promised to only be 90 minutes, turned into a 3-hour ordeal with multiple relentless salesmen. These salesmen presented us with outrageously high offers, only to lower them slightly after our objections. The $11,000 offer we eventually received was still exorbitant, but we were led to believe we could travel to dream destinations with ease. The salesman conveniently omitted important fees like maintenance, operational, and reservation fees. We've since discovered that we were misled about the flexibility of our timeshare.

    Adding to the disappointment, I lost my well-paying job due to COVID-19, making the financial burden unbearable. Despite faithfully making payments for over three and a half years, we haven't been able to use our timeshare once. Our stay at the Trump Hotel was marred by deception. I demand release from this contract and strongly advise against engaging with Hilton's sales team if you value honesty and transparency.

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    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 9, 2023

    My wife and I have been misled by timeshare representatives with Hilton Grand Vacations. We feel defrauded as we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in upgrades that have yielded no benefits, despite repeated assurances from salespeople. We were not provided with information about our interest rate, leading us to accumulate a significant amount of debt without our knowledge. We fell for the trick of attending "owner updates" that were actually sales presentations.

    Furthermore, they apparently used fake websites during the sales presentation that showed abundant availability at all the resorts, making it appear that we could travel the world on a moment’s notice. However, this was not the case. As an example, in 2017, we attended an owner's update at Mystic Dunes after booking a trip there. We were paired with a representative named Juan ** (lic#**). Juan promised us that if we upgraded, we would have access to a website exclusive to Platinum owners with boundless availability at all our preferred vacation locations and dates. If only that were the truth.

    When we returned home, we found that the website looked the same as before, and we couldn't book any new destinations with our preferred travel dates. We called the exclusive Platinum Owners number for assistance, but it turned out to be the general phone number with long hold times. We were unable to find our dedicated travel consultant or receive our new exclusive login.

    Furthermore, in 2023, we attended another "owner update" hoping to find resolution to these issues, and asked to speak with an experienced supervisor. We managed to decline buying into the "uppermost tier" (which we had previously been led to believe we already had) that "would solve all those issues". Under pressure by the timeshare sales manager to not miss a "VIP opportunity", we actually ended up buying an additional "VIP Package" from Aubrey ** (ID#**), that we thought would allow at least one week of priority access. That ended up being a deception also! We had no priority in booking the week, and holiday times are not included.

    To add insult to injury, we both have to be present that week and attend another sales presentation-which we were not told of at the time of purchase! We finally realized that these various deceptions have been intentional, and that the only outcomes that timeshare personnel are seeking are in regards to their own benefit, regardless of the devastating loss to honest, hardworking families.

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    Sales & MarketingPriceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 8, 2023

    First time going to their pitch because I had a cheap stay in Vegas. Would I do it again? HECK NO! Its not worth the money I saved or my valuable time. Let's break this down so you know what to expect if you go (Don't Do It!) or if you are thinking about doing it...

    1. Sales Pitch - That's all this is, if your kid is going to become a salesmen then bring him to one of these pitches and you will see everything from good cop, bad cop to used car salesman. You can only check- in 10 minutes before your time, then they introduce you to your salesperson. Then they bring you in this 15 minute presentation where the guy shows you "Look at all the fun I had with my family doing this.." blah blah blah. After that you are walked back to your sales guy desk, he shows you a survey you took and highlights some of the key points that you said, butters you up talks about how much you are going to spend in ten years of traveling. Shows you to a suite you can book when you become part of the program and then after that the used car salesman comes out. "If you don't like this offer let me get my manager and he will customize one for you." The NUMBERS don't add UP.

    2. REASONS TO SAY NO!! - The numbers Don't add UP, they kept going on about if you vacation for 10 years at 30 days a year you will be spending $60K .... Actually that's wrong because you have to account for travel to where you are going to go, food and XYZ. So Off the bat the present to you well if you have 22K points to use instead of money they you could spend those points at this destination, or this one... Well points don't get me to where I want to go and how much do they want for 22K points a year. $140K, yes $140,000 just to get you into the program and get started with those points.

    So in 10 years you're saying I'm going to spend less than half that cost but you're asking me to give you that much money just today. Then after today I will be spending points but I still need to spend money on getting to those destination, food and whatever else I need but I'm "saving money". On top of that there is a yearly fee of $5k, yes $5,000 so in ten years I'm going to be spending $50,000 just for the yearly fee. So, I'm going to spend just a little under what I was going to be spending just on your yearly fee than what I would have spent on my vacation....

    See the numbers just don't add up and it's not worth it at all, none of these timeshares are worth it from what I researched. You want to do a timeshare, just invest in some property and it will do you way better. Heck you might be able to find someone else who wants to invest in property and it's your way of a timeshare without the middleman.

    Anyways I hope this help you to decide on not doing this presentation. TRUST ME just save your time and so you know my wife and I did say NO but if you do go make sure you wait until the guy comes to sign you out so you get whatever points that are awarding you and also it shows you were there during the whole presentation and they can't charge you extra that you saved for your room stay because they would say (well our records show you didn't stay the whole time so now we have to charge you full price for the room you stayed at). Take care and hope this helped to save you some time, grief and everything else in between.

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    Sales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 8, 2023

    Me and my husband were scammed $63000 of our savings money to purchase a Diamond Resorts/Hilton Grand Vacations timeshare that was all a complete lie from beginning. The sales person at Cabo Azul resort where we were vacationing took advantage of the fact that I have cancer and sold me a dream that was a lie. Showed me Hilton properties and told me I can stay at many Hilton locations with my points. That was a lie! He said we will have priority as owners when it comes to bookings, that was a lie too. There is NO Hilton property we can choose from, the properties that are available are cheap and not what were shown at time of timeshare presentation! Even the cheap hotels have no availability at any of the dates we want to book. Hilton Grand Vacations and Diamond Resorts is a scam. Wish someone would go after them and help all of us.

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