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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

You want objective and accurate reviews for traveling but TripAdvisor won't give you that because they suppress the bad reviews so that you never see them so their hotel reviews are WORTHLESS. Don't trust TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor is a total scam, never use them. Go through owners instead. After cancelling my reservation with the blessing of the owner, I spent hours on the phone with TripAdvisor getting the run around in India receiving false information and delays and ended up paying $162 booking fee despite canceling within 12 hours of the reservation. Buyer beware, never use TripAdvisor.

In order to contact a potential host one must first book dates. Even if one's question is about dates or policies not listed online, one must book dates. This is where the real irritation begins. Tripadvisor's drop down calendars do not work. Period. I tried touchscreen, keyboard, Windows, Android, you name it. THEY DO NOT WORK. Consequently, one CANNOT BOOK A RESERVATION OR ASK A POTENTIAL HOST A QUESTION. People who lease out their properties need to be aware of how much business they are losing because Tripadvisor does not function in any capacity.

I wonder if it is owned by a hotel conglomerate. Whatever, I will NEVER AGAIN TRY TO USE TRIPADVISOR AS THEIR SITE DOES NOT WORK AND THEY DO NOT SEEM TO CARE. And I have yet to find a way to get support from them because they have made it impossible to contact a being. That being said, I hope you don' t support a company so unresponsive to its customers.

I booked a holiday letting in France but unfortunately had to cancel it two days after booking it. They would not refund my deposit. On their website it stated that you had a number of days to cancel but this was false to my amazement. Buyer be very aware. The web looks amazing but the customer service is terrible. Their service is not for the customer. They look after the company not the customers.

I posted a complimentary review for a travel agency which made arrangements for a trip for my family to Peru, however, TripAdvisor spent a couple of weeks "reviewing" and then rejected my review. It seemed to be a generated response stating I needed to comply with TripAdvisor's guidelines, however, I did follow the guidelines. Also, when I tried to review my submission it is nowhere to be found. I really want to provide information and compliments for the travel agency, Cusco Punku, and feel they deserve the review, but TripAdvisor will not allow it. VERY disappointing!

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I booked a room last night through TripAdvisor. The 10% discount code is WWSAW. Over and over I went through the checkout process, scrutinizing the place to enter it. There was no place. I went ahead and booked thinking I could just contact them to get it corrected. Of course, there is no way to get contact and get this apparently false advertising corrected. I will never, never use them again. I lost a lot of money. I called the hotel. If I had booked directly they match the price and give senior and AAA discounts. Don't be fooled. There is no financial benefit to using them.

I booked one of my hotel based on the positive reviews posted on TripAdvisor but to my utter dismay, the hotel was complete opposite to what was described on TripAdvisor. Moreover when I tried to put my genuine review of the hotel, they put it on hold mentioning pending of approval. It is clear that TripAdvisor is just a fake website and only put fake reviews. Please avoid it as you may be fooled next.

We found and booked and PAID for a residence thru TripAdvisor flipkey and followed all the instructions on the specific residence from TripAdvisor's site. WE WERE SCAMMED. TripAdvisor has been evasive about their responsibility. I guess their site is not monitored as to the authenticity of any of their offerings. This sucks.

I booked an apartment/vacation rental in Curacao using my iPhone. However, when I wanted to cancel the booking, it was impossible to cancel via my iPhone and I had to find a computer to access the "Cancel Booking" button. I was at the hospital with my father in ICU (hence the need to cancel the booking) and so this really was NOT a convenient option. I messaged the vacation rental owners as well as TripAdvisor and each time I was provided the same response - which was a script and did not resolve the issue I was having. Then I was told to call TripAdvisor at a UK number. The whole experience was unnecessarily stressful during an already stressful time and not appreciated.

I made a booking for my wedding accommodation abroad which was very exciting (since it was a surprise for my fiancé). I was given a set period of 7 days to pay the balance. On the 4th day my handbag was stolen when I was out shopping which was incredibly distressing. Amidst all the chaos of losing all my bank cards one of my realizations were that I wouldn't be able to pay the balance of my accommodation as the bank couldn't get my new cards to me in time. I emailed TripAdvisor twice and the owner of the accommodation. No response from either which isn't very encouraging at all. I then called TripAdvisor. They directed me to 5 different people, most of whom were in Bulgaria and although nice, couldn't understand what I was saying. Eventually I spoke to someone in India and they told me it was tough. I would lose my deposit and my booking. So, in effect, I was mugged in the street and then mugged by TripAdvisor, both equally traumatic.

In some ways, I feel less aggrieved about the criminal who stole my bag since they didn't pretend that they were anything other than dishonest and uncaring and they probably are in need. TripAdvisor is arguably worse, since they pretend that they are professional and caring and they certainly don't need my $$$s which means an awful lot to me as it represents my wedding. Very poor show. Think very carefully before booking accommodation with them. If anything goes wrong, your deposit is forfeit. This would never happen with or Airbnb. And good luck getting through to anyone at all. It took an hour for me. I checked with Trustpilot and there are lots of very bad reviews about TripAdvisor or FlipKey keeping people's deposits. Don't trust either of them.

I posted a review of a Holiday Inn in Charlotte and described how my prepaid reservation wasn't honored and it caused me a major inconvenience as I arrived at 1 am. They comped me one night but said I lost confidence in them. TripAdvisor has withdrawn my review 3 times. First time they said I could not review something I didn't experience. Assume hotel suggested if I didn't get my room how could I file a review. Next time my review was too judgmental. I finally submitted a clean factual account. They said it still didn't meet their standards. I cannot think how I could write my review more objectively. What is up? I believe TripAdvisor has to keep peace with big chains like Holiday Inn to suppress negative reviews. Beware of the reviews you never get to read.

If you post a negative review on a hotel you booked through them they delete it... I posted about Extended Stay America in Denver, CO on Easter Ave having a thief among them which is the truth and it never made it to their website! Never stay there and never use Advantage Car Rental. I will never book through TripAdvisor again.

I usually check TripAdvisor for actual reviews written by travelers on places to check out, what to eat and how to get them, where to stay and other travel tips before I go out of town with my friends or family. So far, the reviews proved truthful and very helpful for me. They also allowed me to save a few bucks on several occasions. I also always end up trying the specialties of a restaurant when I see their wide-eyed logo stamped on the door or menu and I'm seldom disappointed. Recently, I attended a friend's destination wedding and checked-in at a b&b that was highly recommended by their site. Their contributors described the place as clean, homey, relaxing and that the home-cooked food was a must-try. True enough, I experienced all of these when we went there and I'm extremely happy that I checked their site first before I chose the place and booked our stay online. I'll definitely continue using TripAdvisor for all my future travel plans.

We reserved a room through TripAdvisor (Getaroom). We got to the hotel and they said they had no record of payment. Our receipt from TripAdvisor said paid in full. I called the Getaroom number and they did straighten it out. We should not have had to do that. The hotel was not very apologetic. They just said, "You should not use booking services and should call the hotel directly." So this makes me wonder if it is the hotel's fault or if it was Getaroom's fault. I don't think the hotels want you to get a better rate using a booking service, so they'll just charge you twice! Yes, I am being sarcastic, kind of.

I used to like TripAdvisor but they have no complaint system and they require at least 100 characters, so I will not bother doing reviews for them again.

It WAS a total pain with the constant pop-over ads on TripAdvisor's site. They now appear to have killed all the links to the subject business. The "website" shows as a link but does not work. That's with Safari on iOS and Safari on Mac. So, no way to get out of Trip Advisor without doing another Google. Our secretaries at work stopped using Trip Advisor a while ago. Too much garbage to wade through. I stopped once the website links stopped working.

Own a bar business in Indonesia, went pretty well until TripAdvisor came along and allows fictitious reviews to be uploaded by random people. So many times has my venue been the victim of angry people, competitors and the likes, who have never even been to my bar. I've recently received a (yet another) horrible rating on my TripAdvisor with an author claiming that we sell Gin and Tonic for 50$... Who sells Gin & Tonic for 50$??? When I go to the TripAdvisor admin. to try and get this review removed they do nothing even when I prepare a photo of our menu that proves this information is incorrect. That's a 1000% exaggeration on my pricing and still they do nothing... Honestly, my bar does fine without TripAdvisor; but it's when people leave ridiculously made-up reviews that really destroys a business.

Where do I begin? The biggest thing is this company hires overseas staff. When I call (no toll free number) customer service I can barely understand anyone that answers the phone. The booking fees are outrageous! Why would any renter pay a booking fee when they can go on other websites that do not charge one. As a rental property owner, I lost bookings because of the fee. Also, the cancellation fee is unacceptable. My rental property sold prior to several rentals. I offered the renters several other cottages on the same beach and they declined. I, as the property owner, had to pay the $150 cancellation fee!!! I will NEVER do business with this company again nor any of their affiliate sites. Big scam and horrible customer service. Renters, go to another site where you don't have to pay a booking fee. No need to pay one!

When I log into my TripAdvisor account I can see that my calendar is up to date, however when I sign in as a prospective renter and visit my rental on the TripAdvisor site, my calendar is blank. There is no assistance from anyone at TripAdvisor; when I call all I get is a recording offering situations I do not request. I have also requested that my "automatic-renewal" be cancelled, as I no longer wish to list with FlipKey as their site does not function properly and there is no customer service. It is very frustrating getting request after request and the dates are unavailable, but not showing as so on my TripAdvisor online calendar.

I booked to stay at a bed and breakfast in Burnaby from July 22nd to Aug 6th of 2016 through TripAdvisor many weeks ago. Within a day of booking my husband and I decided that we wanted to stay at the B and B for a shorter period of time. I went back to the website and could not find a way of changing the booking so cancelled it and rebooked it. I phoned TripAdvisor but was told they don't deal with it that I would have to go through one of their partners, Flip Key or VRBO.

I was told by one of them that the booking fee $348.00 had been sent to the owner of the B and B and that I should talk to him. The owner said he doesn't see it until my husband and I are actually staying there, even though it is a cancelled booking fee and we have rebooked. He said that he cancelled through VRBO but then said if he cancels it through TripAdvisor they will penalize him. I wrote one more email to TripAdvisor but was told the owner would have to cancel but we could not... I don't mind paying a down payment but not getting a cancelled fee back seems truly bizarre and crooked.

CAUTION!!! Do NOT book your travel reservations through "TRIPADVISOR" or their "BookIt" partner. My Bryce Canyon Lodge (National Park) room could have been booked through the National Park, but I thought what the heck, I'm here on TripAdvisor, it's good, right? So I booked through them. It went to some English travel company, Miki Travel, and they have a $97 cancellation fee!!! I am so unhappy, to be canceling a week early, plenty of time for them to re-book the room and be treated this unfairly. What a scam. NEVER AGAIN!

I booked a horrible cockroach and mold infested unit in Atlanta called Downtown Urban Pioneer, owned by Richard **. I was in there five minutes and texted the owner that I could not stay there due to the mold. He apologized for my ordeal, and TEXTED ME THAT HE WOULD REFUND ME IN FULL. I was in the unit 5 minutes. He did not initiate the refund as promised. TripAdvisor would not help me in any way. They processed the rental anyway, in spite my not staying there at all, extracted the money thru PayPal, and PayPal also has walked away and will not help me get back my money. I am out 543 dollars, and I did not even receive the security deposit back for a unit in which I did not stay. I was advised to "Go after" Richard ** the owner.

TRIPADVISOR IS A HORRIBLE COMPANY. THEY DO NOT PUBLISH NEGATIVE REVIEWS!!! on their properties. I innocently thought that Richard ** of downtown urban pioneer was a new unit with no reviews yet. But after I reviewed them and the review never showed up, I realized that Trip Advisor just doesn't publish the negative reviews! Do not ever book anything under TripAdvisor. And PayPal is in their pocket. They have the written texts from the owner and the management company and will do nothing to put back the money they took out of my account. A guaranteed security deposit return and the deposit is never returned!!! An absolutely horrible experience. And I had to get a hotel for a day or two just to try to get some sleep, and then was hopping from colleague to friend to complete a work trip while basically homeless.

I chose TripAdvisor because I was hoping to save money. I am now out double the money! And so far behind in the work because I had no place to set up a computer and get any work done. I was homeless in Atlanta. The minute the money left my PayPal account, was the end of any services from TripAdvisor or PayPal. I had to beg for the address to the unit!!! Absolutely no customer service, once you have paid. I called them immediately when the promised refund did not occur and to cancel for certain the stay and Matt of TripAdvisor told me in plain English that they would do nothing to help me. I should get help from PayPal. PayPal does not help in any way! PayPal!!!

I am shocked and horrified. I am in the process of getting a police report, as it is lies, and theft which is a crime. It was my first experience with TripAdvisor, and now I know better, but PayPal? I was developing real confidence in PayPal. They will not help against TripAdvisor. There is some evil partnership going on there, and even PayPal is useless. They can take your money but even with a police report and the written promise of a refund, PayPal will not do the right thing if it involves TripAdvisor. Avoid TripAdvisor at all costs, and do not believe it's ok, because you pay with PayPal, they will leave you in the lurch.

We recently booked in TripAdvisor hoping it's a big company and they will never fool their consumer. I booked last March 16 but the next day I have to cancel due to emergency. I called the customer department and they are NOT helpful at all. When you booked online for a vacation USUALLY they have a policy that you have 24 hours to cancel the least they can do BUT not with TripAdvisor. Once you click the button that's it, they will never return the MONEY whatever your REASON. They will screw you. NO SYMPATHY WITH US CONSUMER!!!

I never write a review but I have to say this is the worse experience I have ever had booking a place. This was the first time I used TripAdvisor and my last. It was a horrible experience. Customer service representatives aren't friendly and seemed to be bothered when you are concerned about the reservation being wrong. 3 days prior to the arrival date promised to be called back. Did not happen. I had to call back to try to resolve the mistake made.

In the past you checked out a place, eg. a city, and immediately with TripAdvisor you got access to their reviews. Now you are about ready to read their recommendations and you lose it and must transfer to the Trip Advisor app and the place you were interested in is no longer there. You must start over. A REAL PAIN.

This was a message I forwarded to Yelp previously, it puts TripAdvisor into perspective. "I just wanted to reach out and thank YELP for being true to its roots. My girlfriend & I have been utilizing a plethora of social media platforms including Yelp & TripAdvisor to boost our 'foodie' presence. Having posted upwards of 100 reviews on both sites, I can say without a doubt that TripAdvisor is a scam and that Yelp is the only honest forum for reviews out there.

Consistently and without fail, TripAdvisor refuses to post anything other than favorable reviews, particularly when they incorporate extremely negative experiences. That's not what they advertise, and that's not what they claim they are doing, but regardless, it is what it is. Yelp however, does not play the censorship card... so in short, thank you Yelp. I'm sure there are not many people out there reaching out to glorify your company in comparison to a competitor, but in the most truthful sense, we appreciate you and the standards you've set for your image.

It is a lot easier to see when you post identical reviews to both sites and only one publishes, that censorship is real and unjustified. TripAdvisor is a joke... and Yelp. Well Yelp is simply the best. Cheers Yelp, - Love B & C" Truth is, TripAdvisor sucks... and they should not claim to be transparent when they are shady in their operations and censorship - nonbiased opinion in light of identical post on both sites yielded this review.

Untrustworthy. Submitted two reviews to tell of my wife and I's experience at the hotel in Bermuda the Fairmont Southampton where my wife was robbed. I did not see the reviews posted. They said they were pending. When I contacted TripAdvisor they said they violated their terms of service as it was not my experience. So I would have had been robbed at the Fairmont to submit a review to let people know the Fairmont was not safe?

I never take the time to write reviews but TripAdvisor/Flipkey is soooo bad I have no choice. First problem, the calendar on their website doesn't work well. It let two bookings reserve the same week. Even though it was their website that made the error, they still charged me 150.00. They provided no help to the guest. I had to cancel. I found the guest another place to stay. The agent was not only rude to me but they were just as rude to the guest. I have spoken to so many people there regarding the 150 dollars and ZERO has been accomplished. Their business name should be "I'm sorry" because that's all they ever say to you on the phone. I'm sorry doesn't fix or solve problems in the real world.

Second issue, there was trouble depositing money into my PayPal. I have NO idea why they had trouble but they kept releasing the funds into that account even though it kept coming back blocked. It wasn't until I made SEVERAL calls to the customer service - each call just as frustrating as the last before they realized there might be an issue. I seriously thought I was in the twilight zone. After another half a dozen calls trying to fix the problem, I was promised funds would be released three times before they actually released. A call asking if the funds have been released ranged from 25-40 minutes.

The call center is in India and unfortunately, it doesn't seem like they are well trained to handle calls off the script. Once I honor the last six bookings, I will no longer do business with this company as a host or guest. The company I have found to be great to deal with is Airbnb. Easy to deal with and great customer service. If you are using TripAdvisor currently...good luck!

Prior to TripAdvisor purchasing, my property was listed both on FlipKey (a subsidiary of TripAdvisor) and I pay a yearly fee for my listing on VacationHomeRentals and pay a per encounter fee for leasings on FlipKey. Guests also pay a sizeable leasing fee when they go through FlipKey (averaging 1/2 the actual cost of the rental - ex. a recent rental for $852, the guest is charged $1215), this does not include the fee that I pay. Despite the fact that this is outright gouging the guest, this is all legal (I guess).

After the purchase of by TripAdvisor - all of the reviews written by guests on now go directly to TripAdvisor. My old TripAdvisor account disappeared with any previous reviews written about my property. The kicker? Now people are sent directly to the FlipKey site from TripAdvisor. I've not seen any mention of this and wondered if anyone else has found the legalities of this "double dipping" questionable.

In previous years, I was listed on Flipkey as a paid subscriber and on with a free advertisement. In the past year, FK and TripAdvisor have blindsided their paid subscribers (who can openly communicate with querying customers and don't have to use the FK payment system) by subjugating their queries and channeling most through the FK/TA sites which DON'T allow open communication with their querying customers. Instead, FK/TA's objective is to force homeowners to ONLY accept payments through FK/TA which costs more than 10% of the rental payment. Moreover, FK NEVER answers the phone. Their customer service is abominable. I am very unhappy with FK/TA which have, in my view, deceived their paying subscribing rental homeowners. PITIFUL!!!

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