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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Oct. 12, 2023

I had booked timed tickets to the Arc de Triomphe through Trip Advisor (Yo Tours) several weeks before I left for Paris. I did this with all activities so I could print tickets as I was not going to purchase an international data plan. I was told repeatedly by TripAdvisor customer service that the tickets would be provided the day before. They said there was no way to get the ticket ahead of time. Why not, if they had my money and were a reputable company. And they had a no refund policy. So I had to purchase an international data plan so I could get my ticket the day before my visit.

The day before, nothing. That morning, nothing. Finally, as I was leaving the hotel (8:30 am) I bought another ticket directly from the Arc de Triomphe as I was not sure if I would have cell service. Just before 10 am the ticket was sent, an "upgraded" flex ticket. My complaints to the tour company were met with the rudest, most unprofessional behavior I have ever experienced. And worse, Tripadvisor backed them. They continue to do business with this company despite multiple reviews citing similar problems and snarky responses to reviews from the company.

The tour company said that providing tickets hours before the event is "how all tour companies operate." I beg to differ as other companies providing the guided tours to sites and museum tickets with audio guides all provided tickets prior to my leaving the US. I realize that Tripadvisor contracts with many different tour companies. But for them to continue to partner with this rude, unresponsive company has made me vow to never use them again.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Sept. 17, 2023

This "community as they call it" consists of very rude people. They give their opinion on every word you say BUT answer the question you are asking! It's actually frustrating to post something on their forums.

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    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Aug. 28, 2023

    Copy of Message to TripAdvisor --- The Pictures of the Schoolhouse B&B in NOTL Ontario show a different name on the building for this property. There are pictures of horse drawn carriages. But it seems as if the ownership has changed and the old name is not in use, nor are there horse drawn carriages ...or the old breakfasts which previous guests enjoyed. The pictures are "off" in a way that resembles other places with the "same situation" --- There is no room name assigned to the pictures so one must look through all the pictures to discover which room does not have stairs... There is only one review with remorse for the change... This reminds us of another property where the owners sold but no mention of new ownership is posted.

    We were shocked to see years later than nothing has changed at all from when we got our own shock and surprise thinking we were going to stay at our favorite place only to endure hardships and safety issues never dreamed of... Who puts candles out in the hallways on a carpeted floor during a power outage and says nothing to the guests? And it was the same scenario with the breakfast - used to be great, now like a motel. Perhaps some additional information on the current owners would be helpful for travelers and let them choose, to try the new ones and ask some questions before they get shocked, or tricked some would say. And you at Trip Advisor are a part of this and we note that lack of responsibility and think less of you for it, and... We lay that now publicly at your feet.

    Would you please offer the world less pain with a little kindness and customer service and honesty? Thank you. I found out at that you apparently do not care about such things. So we will proceed with other options for travel from this moment on. AND if we use your site at all, it will be with extreme caution! We are so disappointed!

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    Customer ServiceContract & Terms

    Reviewed Aug. 15, 2023

    We recently registered our business with Tripadvisor with a number of agreements to include Tripadvisor wiping reviews from another similar business at our location (different business name). A new account should have been set up instead of adding our business to an old businesses account. We requested that reviews of the previous business be wiped, as well as requested that dated pictures of the property and pictures that were not of the property be deleted. Tripadvisor didn't follow through on any of the agreed terms and went silent after our account was set up and billing was established. The account manager stopped answering his phone and there is no phone number for a general customer service for property members.

    In 6 years (we didn't actually have a membership for the first 5 years) we have had a total of 12 reviews through Tripadvisor and have had hundreds of review through Google,, & Expedia. Half of the reviews are from bad customers that we had to kick out and they went on Tripadvisor to burn us. We have high ratings everywhere else. This indicates that the service is outdated and simply not used. We bought a membership this year (our 6th year in business), hoping that we would be able to clean up our account. We are cancelling our membership and stopping payment. Google is a more reliable source of review information.

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    Reviewed June 8, 2023

    Several times now I try to book a hotel with a "special price" for Tripadvisor Plus members. I keep getting error messages about my credit card info not entered correctly - I have meticulously entered credit card info for 3 different cards, all of them in very good standing. I sign out and sign back in and, of course, then the "special price" is gone. It's impossible that this is just coincidence that it has happened at least 3 times.

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    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed May 31, 2023

    DO NOT prepay ANY hotel through Tripadvisor. They do not visit hotels before they upload the hotel. When you arrive at hotel it's not as the pictures & then you are out of luck for getting a refund. Tripadvisor does not get hold of the manager for the approval of a refund and they just deny it saying they couldn't get hold of the manager. Always check the hotel and room before you actually pay the hotel.

    Gordon by The Beach in Tel Aviv had beautiful pictures online but misrepresented itself and it was a flea bitten, mold infested hotel with no locked front door, elevator, phone or safe in room. There is never a manager on site. The sitting area in the Deluxe suite had a ragged sofa and a sheet covering the cushions to cover the filth a holes. No elevator which they specifically omit in their write up. The exterior stucco is crumbling. A greasy front desk receptionist. No restaurant as posted. The Bathroom was mold infested health hazard and no working light. The bedroom had mold and damage from water leaking. DO NOT STAY at any hotel under the Olive brand anywhere.

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    profile pic of the author

    Reviewed May 9, 2023

    They reject reviews without any solid reason. As such, the reviews on their site cannot be trusted. Customer reviews are all important, even when they are negative. Customers deserve to read all reviews.

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    Reviewed March 19, 2023

    The whole thing is fake. Tripadvisor ONLY promotes restaurants or hotels that will book though Viator and pay a 30% fee. All the other legit companies will not be rated. That all started about 5 year ago when Viator bought Tripadvisor. I'm in the top 3 in my area but you cannot find me there as I refuse to pay that 30% booking fee.

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    profile pic of the author

    Reviewed Jan. 30, 2023

    I wish to inform all businesses that are thinking of signing up with Tripadvisor, that you read and understand their policies. They are very strict about not removing any reviews from their website even if they are detrimental to your business. They won't even let me close my account to remove my listing. I can only say that my business is closed. All the reviews will remain online forever. As long as the reviewer seems to be within their so-called guidelines, they will let it be posted. Please look elsewhere for review companies that allow some sort review management. I have over 36 reviews on Tripadvisor. Two of them are negative and over 5 years old. If you do I search for my business on Google, the most negative review always, I mean always shows up first in a search. No rotation of reviews whatsoever. Here is the canned response I received from the so-called support team:

    "We have completed our investigation into your concern and have also evaluated all other aspects of the review in question. The review complies with our submission guidelines. Tripadvisor does not remove reviews after a certain date. However, older reviews are weighted less when factored into our Popularity Index, which determines a property's ranking relative to other properties in the area. Therefore, as time goes on, past reviews will count less and less toward your rating and popularity. Since the review in question complies with our submission guidelines, it will remain published on Tripadvisor."

    I hope this helps someone with their decision if they are thinking of signing up with Tripadvisor. I would definitely reconsider. This has been a horrible experience for me and a blow to my business.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Jan. 28, 2023

    I made a booking for a Hilton hotel 6 months before my reservation. 5 days before my reservation they sent me an email that said I can cancel or go to a different hotel that was outside of the city. I called 3x getting different stories, but the email was true. I’m TripAdvisor plus. I pay $99/yr for good deals. This is not acceptable. I can’t trust them now so I will never use them again. They were no help when I called. Take the hotel or cancel basically is what they said. I cancelled. What if I had been going on my dream vacation. Think about this before you book with them. Will you be ok if you get this email 5 days before your trip. I have always liked Tripadvisor, but now I know what happens when things go wrong.

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