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I am an owner and dialed I don't know how many numbers and one was a recording and hung up. The other sent me to Flip Key who I do not have an agreement with. I not sure they didn't steal a booking from vrbo. Finally got someone who kindly put me on hold till eternity. It's a lousy company to do business.

I ran a restaurant for 3 years and used TripAdvisor. In the 3 years, I had nothing but headache, anger, and lousy customer support from them. If a customer posted from my place (after I had logged in at the same location), they penalised us as having written our own review. We were knocked from number 2 to number 15 on more than one occasion. There is NO FEEDBACK CHANNEL for business owners except for clicking options on forms. When you express your discern for the services they offer, they give you canned responses. It's the most infuriating customer service anyone will ever encounter.

I went to TripAdvisor as it had never let us down regarding reviews, but never purchased and never will again. Besides it charges everything in dollars which means I have to pay conversion fee (Wichita is not cheap) adding £10 and upwards to each booking. I made a booking for Indian shores Florida and got an almost immediate response from the owner. So I thought this is good, but that was the start of a disaster. About two weeks later I got an email from TripAdvisor telling me about a property in Indian Shores and asking for monies. So I sent monies and then realised it was a different property to the one I had original purchased so I immediately cancelled and explained to them that their email had made me panic and send monies not knowing that it was a different property. Any way what company sends you more properties when you have already booked one with them!!!

Any way the response I got from them was that they would contact the owners and ask if they would reimburse the monies. How ridiculous can you get I ask. I am still fighting them for the return of the monies, but all of a sudden they have stopped replying. I have lost £190 with exchange rates and I do not know how they can get away with it when it is their fault by sending out another property after I had payed for another. Please learn lessons from this. By all means read the reviews of properties, but don't buy from them. They are highway men hiding behind a good review service.

Good luck trying to reach a human being if you call them. First, there is no option to press "0" to reach a telephone representative. Instead, you have to listen to all the options and when they don't mention one that applies to you, you have to listen to them all again and pick one that is the closest. Then, guess what, they transfer you to someone else and you get to wait again. Looking at my phone screen I see I've been at this for 33:09 minutes and counting... still on hold.

Their website has no telephone number listed ANYWHERE and I'm an Owner, not a Traveler. No "Chat" option either. (I'm not going to finish this review until I know how long I was on the phone so I can tell you.) "We apologize for the delay in answering your call, please continue to hold and one of our representatives will be with you as soon as possible" in a voice that sounds like Julian Assange. 41:30 and still on hold. Monday morning 9:15 AM - looks like no one showed up for work.

Just found this on a TripAdvisor "support forum" which I will paste here: "How do I CONTACT TripAdvisor staff? Most questions can be answered by posting it in the TA Support Forum where they will be answered by fellow members; getting a response is usually faster that way. But to get a hold of a TA staff member, use a "Contact Us" link in the Help Center." Well there is no CONTACT US link on a Owner's website, only a Traveler's web view. 61:04 total time on the phone. All I wanted to know is what the ** fees are!!! And the telephone reps are in Manila **!

I booked 3 different apartments for my holiday in Italy. Of the 3, only 1 has returned my 'breakage deposit'. This is a month after my holiday. There were no breakages on the other 2. I am €300 out of pocket - plus bank charges of approx £20. I keep emailing Tripadvisor, and get no reply. Dear reader, be aware of the 'breakage deposit' scam, and don't use Tripadvisor to book an apartment, unless you're prepared to sacrifice your 'breakage deposit'.

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I have used Tripadvisor many times in the past and been very happy, BUT NEVER AGAIN!!! I booked a house in Ypres for a party of 7 in November 2016, but had to change the dates of our trip. The same house was not available on the new dates so I had to book another. I am now unable to obtain a refund of my deposit of £89. Tripadvisor is blaming the home owners small print on refunds (which I cannot find) and the home owner is saying it is Tripadvisor's policy not to refund a deposit. At the end of the day someone has my money and I would like it back, I gave them enough notice (4 Months before my trip).

I think the application or platform to write reviews is a great way to see a common thread, good or bad for what you are interested in, TripAdvisor is a great place to come for that. The problem (at least for me and anyone concerned about animal welfare) is that they support tour companies that base their profits in the use and abuse of animals. For example they promote elephant rides. Tourists should be informed about the cruelty involved in the "breaking" of a wild elephant called "Phaajan" (look it up) by giving certain tours a "rating" so that the common tourist is prompted to become an informed traveler. Some people just don't know that their new & exciting experience has been at a very high and cruel cost to the animals involved. TripAdvisor can and should do better.

I found what I thought would be a wonderful birthday gift for my husband - a 3-day stay aboard a yacht in Annapolis, MD. The post for the yacht had many nice pictures, but no real information about the boat, the amenities, available activities or their prices. I asked for further information but was informed I could only ask the owner questions AFTER I made my non-refundable deposit (over $1000). Stupidly, I paid deposit. I contacted owner about details - location of yacht, contact #, FAQs from previous guests, what we should/shouldn't bring etc. After four months of back and forth and partial answers (the owner didn't give directions but the name of a restaurant in Annapolis where we might find parking - I live two states away!), I noticed listing was no longer available on TripAdvisor.

I contacted customer service who assured me that my booking was valid and that I could cancel trip within 24 hours of arrival if property wasn't what was advertised. We did manage to find where the boat was moored and we're greeted by the wife. We then had to take a water taxi to boat (moving bags from one moving boat to another not exactly safe). The 'yacht' was a second-hand, stripped out Charter with no TV, wifi, or A/C, spotty, limited electricity and limited fresh water. The owner had only bought boat 2 years before and had no prior experience with boats or sailing - he bought it because he likes to kite-sail or rather is obsessed with kite-sailing. He complained about the cost of the boat and the repairs and how he had wiped out his life savings to buy it. He gave us a quick run through on the boat, equipment, etc but forgot things like how to turn on stove!

We had asked several times about going sailing and he had promised to find us a captain, but still hadn't by the time we arrived. The first evening was manageable - overcast, humid, got very little sleep due to heat but bearable. The following day was hell. We went into Annapolis in the morning and by the time we returned to boat it was 108 degrees (real feel) on the ship. Our phones were dead and the only way to charge them was to switch from the solar panels to the battery (which owner didn't want us to do because it cost money). There was no WiFi (though owner said there would be), so my husband used his cell as a hotspot (which costs a lot of money). We were stuck in a sauna, moored in the bay (a marina would have been more expensive), with nowhere to go (you can take water taxis to different areas, but unless some restaurant/store would allow us to hang around until the sun went down, we were stuck.

Thankfully, I had brought water and Gatorade (there was nothing on the boat) and put them in the refrigerator which was only slightly above tepid. We couldn't use the freezer because of lack of electricity. After hours in this sweat box, we were at pure survival mode. I was putting wet wash clothes into refrigerator to use to wipe down to keep cool and we took cold shower after cold shower just to keep from getting heat stroke. We would have left then (or until water taxis stopped at midnight) but were literally too drained and exhausted and feeling nauseous from heat we couldn't do anything, let alone drive the 2 1/2 hours home.

At around 6, the wife called us about sailing. She said her husband couldn't find a captain and he was busy but would take us out for $400 which was twice the price we were quoted. We informed her we were leaving the next morning due to heat and she asked if the breeze wasn't enough?! The wind was approx. 3 mph and wasn't going to cool anything let alone the boat. She was very flippant - 'sorry you had bad weather" (Weather?! - It's called summer) and 'at least you know what it's like to live on a boat' - A boat that just sits in a bay without moving might as well be a van in the middle of a parking lot.

We only learned that this couple made bad financial choices and decided to use their glorified garbage scow to con people out of their money. I tried to contact TripAdvisor, but you can only leave feedback if posting still listed - which it wasn't and in fact, the owner's name now appeared as 'unknown'. A simple checklist of amenities, basic information, FAQs at the time the rental was listed should be mandatory - not picture of girls in bikinis in the Caribbean which have nothing to do with a stay on the Chesapeake. Eventually, their lack of vetting and due diligence is going to result in something devastating or even deadly for the people who use this site. I will never use it again.

In general, I have used TA to book restaurants and hotels. I write fair reviews and they are usually good to excellent. Yes, my opinion but I support it with examples. OK. Here's the problem. My husband and I recently booked a B and B that was highly recommended by TA reviewers. We booked directly. When we arrived, I couldn't believe how shabby the place was. I felt like we were being put into someone's grandmother's attic. The bathroom was tiny 1970's style. There was random old furniture around the room. No decent chair to sit in and read. The owners were lovely so I didn't write any review at all. The cost was very high. But how can this be???

After placing an order for a hotel room, I then had to cancel due to a storm. When I contacted TripAdvisor, they told me that was fine. I never received the money in my account, so I contacted them again. I was then told I needed to contact a different company in order to obtain my refund. Why was this not disclosed from the beginning? They make it so easy to pay them, as long as they don't have to pay you back! It seems this company is not interested in helping people, but would rather scam them. Just contact the hotel directly, or I have had great service with Thanks!

Hi folks. I just was in Peru in September and after a long time searching, I find that Eco Path Trek is cheap and great, and I went to all of my tours with them to 5 days Salkantay trekking way to Machu Picchu, and Manu Amazon jungles 4 days, and short 2 days trekking to Ausangate, and simply I can say that I was so happy with them that I prefer to buy touristic bus ticket to Puno and also Uros Island tour from this agency!! Before arriving there I was thinking the quality should be low because their price is so cheap and good, but I was shocked when I saw how it was good. The manager Elmer is so lovely boy and too professional. That was amazing and simply if I come back to Cusco (definitely will happen), I don't need to search again and I will go definitely with this fantastic agency for sure!!

They told me 1 amount but took a whole different amount out of my account for a city view in Ocean City but I booked an ocean view. Now I'm stuck at the beach watching cars go by...never again.

I was a faithful user and believer in TripAdvisor and relied on it for all my travels. I booked a very expensive room in a chateau in France. Upon our arrival, we were shocked when we saw our room. It was filthy, no window and the size of a cupboard (700 euros a night). We immediately complained to the owner and wanted to leave. He would not refund our deposit or give us another room. We told him we would write about our experience on TRIPADVISOR. His reply was "GO AHEAD! WHATEVER YOU WRITE, I WILL HAVE IT TAKEN DOWN." Well, we left that chateau and wrote about our experience and the room quality. Surely, our negative but TRUE review WAS immediately removed, never to be seen by anyone. How is that possible and how reliable, truthful and legitimate is TRIPADVISOR? We will NEVER use them again. VERY DISAPPOINTING AND A SCAM.

I will never EVER book through these people again. Between them and FlipKey, I thought I was going to lose my mind. And beware, if you book a home through TripAdvisor, you may be dealing with FlipKey... which adds another layer of confusion. Never again.

I own 2 hotels in Buckie in the NE of Scotland. They have always been number 1 and 2 on TripAdvisor for Buckie. Recently we added a tablet to our reception area at Rosemount so that guests could give reviews on tripadvisor rather than write in the visitor book. Tripadvisor have now deemed all of the reviews made to be fraudulent, removed previously live reviews and downrated Rosemount from 1 to 4 in the ratings. I have tried to talk to them but just get told to email. I have sent several emails and received no sensible reply, other than a lesson in statistics. One email told me that the fact that so many reviews were made from same IP address "tripped" their system yet another email from another person told me this was not the case. They will not address the issue and reinstate the reviews, neither will they reinstate our previous status in the ranking.

I have also involved their CEO to no avail. One guest (a regular visitor) whose review was removed has kindly written us another one from his home but Tripadvisor have not published it but will not respond to my question as to why. Neither of the establishments in the number 2 and 3 slots (our other property being in the number 1 position) have had newer reviews, neither have they as many reviews and neither have they the amount of 5* reviews that Rosemount has yet still Rosemount remains in the downgraded number 4 position. This is extremely detrimental to our business and tripadvisor has offered no assistance of any sense despite me explaining what we were doing and clearly stating that we are no longer using the tablet, them having pointed out that this has caused a problem. I am just going round in circles and my business is being affected which is totally unacceptable.

I have been cheated by somebody recommended by TripAdvisor. I have paid the house rental and also 1000 euro deposit as asked by the owner (possibly non existing). I want this euro 1000 back, as the fact that he asked me this deposit is your fault. I consider all this story unacceptable. Not only I am losing 1000 euro to a thief but I do not know where to take my family in vacation. FYI, I was going to buy also the plane tickets to Sardinia!!! Please inform me ASAP if you can return me also the 1000 euro. Anyway I will enter a BIG NEGATIVE FEEDBACK ON TRIPADVISOR THAT I WILL NEVER TRUST AGAIN IN MY LIFE.

I accidentally double booked our vacation house and within an hour called the vacationer to explain what happened. Then I tried to get TripAdvisor to refund their money. I explained I wanted to be sure the vacationer was not charged and was allowed to make other plans. TripAdvisor said sure they could release his deposit but I would be charged $150. This was taken off my next payment from them. I just had finished a booking with them for 10K extended stay. And they charge me this ridiculous fee for something I took care of immediately. My concern was to quickly reach the vacationer. Their concern was to make money off them or me. I am not happy with this kind of service. My vacation home is very popular on all sites I have it listed on. I have not had this kind of service on other sites. I am very disappointed! I will be using other sites.

I am new to using TripAdvisor. I have had two guests to date, unfortunately, I had to cancel a 3-night reservation due to an emergency situation. I attempted to contact the guest two times, and offered an alternative place to stay, but received no response. In respect to the guest, I called TripAdvisor customer service to assist with this cancellation. The customer service representation was unfriendly, and said I would be charged a $150 cancellation fee. Shortly thereafter, I received a confirmation that my next reservation would be debited $150. There are several alternatives to TripAdvisor (VBRO/Airbnb) where customer service is easier to contact and more user-friendly. I have removed my listing from TripAdvisor.

It's so hard to contact TripAdvisor to make a complaint. They try to isolate their property owners and when you do manage to make contact an automated response is received, which in my case never answers my question. This leads to increased frustration. I found this email address which works currently - I assume they will shut it down before too long:

You want objective and accurate reviews for traveling but TripAdvisor won't give you that because they suppress the bad reviews so that you never see them so their hotel reviews are WORTHLESS. Don't trust TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor is a total scam, never use them. Go through owners instead. After cancelling my reservation with the blessing of the owner, I spent hours on the phone with TripAdvisor getting the run around in India receiving false information and delays and ended up paying $162 booking fee despite canceling within 12 hours of the reservation. Buyer beware, never use TripAdvisor.

In order to contact a potential host one must first book dates. Even if one's question is about dates or policies not listed online, one must book dates. This is where the real irritation begins. Tripadvisor's drop down calendars do not work. Period. I tried touchscreen, keyboard, Windows, Android, you name it. THEY DO NOT WORK. Consequently, one CANNOT BOOK A RESERVATION OR ASK A POTENTIAL HOST A QUESTION. People who lease out their properties need to be aware of how much business they are losing because Tripadvisor does not function in any capacity.

I wonder if it is owned by a hotel conglomerate. Whatever, I will NEVER AGAIN TRY TO USE TRIPADVISOR AS THEIR SITE DOES NOT WORK AND THEY DO NOT SEEM TO CARE. And I have yet to find a way to get support from them because they have made it impossible to contact a being. That being said, I hope you don' t support a company so unresponsive to its customers.

I booked a holiday letting in France but unfortunately had to cancel it two days after booking it. They would not refund my deposit. On their website it stated that you had a number of days to cancel but this was false to my amazement. Buyer be very aware. The web looks amazing but the customer service is terrible. Their service is not for the customer. They look after the company not the customers.

I posted a complimentary review for a travel agency which made arrangements for a trip for my family to Peru, however, TripAdvisor spent a couple of weeks "reviewing" and then rejected my review. It seemed to be a generated response stating I needed to comply with TripAdvisor's guidelines, however, I did follow the guidelines. Also, when I tried to review my submission it is nowhere to be found. I really want to provide information and compliments for the travel agency, Cusco Punku, and feel they deserve the review, but TripAdvisor will not allow it. VERY disappointing!

I booked a room last night through TripAdvisor. The 10% discount code is WWSAW. Over and over I went through the checkout process, scrutinizing the place to enter it. There was no place. I went ahead and booked thinking I could just contact them to get it corrected. Of course, there is no way to get contact and get this apparently false advertising corrected. I will never, never use them again. I lost a lot of money. I called the hotel. If I had booked directly they match the price and give senior and AAA discounts. Don't be fooled. There is no financial benefit to using them.

I booked one of my hotel based on the positive reviews posted on TripAdvisor but to my utter dismay, the hotel was complete opposite to what was described on TripAdvisor. Moreover when I tried to put my genuine review of the hotel, they put it on hold mentioning pending of approval. It is clear that TripAdvisor is just a fake website and only put fake reviews. Please avoid it as you may be fooled next.

We found and booked and PAID for a residence thru TripAdvisor flipkey and followed all the instructions on the specific residence from TripAdvisor's site. WE WERE SCAMMED. TripAdvisor has been evasive about their responsibility. I guess their site is not monitored as to the authenticity of any of their offerings. This sucks.

I booked an apartment/vacation rental in Curacao using my iPhone. However, when I wanted to cancel the booking, it was impossible to cancel via my iPhone and I had to find a computer to access the "Cancel Booking" button. I was at the hospital with my father in ICU (hence the need to cancel the booking) and so this really was NOT a convenient option. I messaged the vacation rental owners as well as TripAdvisor and each time I was provided the same response - which was a script and did not resolve the issue I was having. Then I was told to call TripAdvisor at a UK number. The whole experience was unnecessarily stressful during an already stressful time and not appreciated.

I made a booking for my wedding accommodation abroad which was very exciting (since it was a surprise for my fiancé). I was given a set period of 7 days to pay the balance. On the 4th day my handbag was stolen when I was out shopping which was incredibly distressing. Amidst all the chaos of losing all my bank cards one of my realizations were that I wouldn't be able to pay the balance of my accommodation as the bank couldn't get my new cards to me in time. I emailed TripAdvisor twice and the owner of the accommodation. No response from either which isn't very encouraging at all. I then called TripAdvisor. They directed me to 5 different people, most of whom were in Bulgaria and although nice, couldn't understand what I was saying. Eventually I spoke to someone in India and they told me it was tough. I would lose my deposit and my booking. So, in effect, I was mugged in the street and then mugged by TripAdvisor, both equally traumatic.

In some ways, I feel less aggrieved about the criminal who stole my bag since they didn't pretend that they were anything other than dishonest and uncaring and they probably are in need. TripAdvisor is arguably worse, since they pretend that they are professional and caring and they certainly don't need my $$$s which means an awful lot to me as it represents my wedding. Very poor show. Think very carefully before booking accommodation with them. If anything goes wrong, your deposit is forfeit. This would never happen with or Airbnb. And good luck getting through to anyone at all. It took an hour for me. I checked with Trustpilot and there are lots of very bad reviews about TripAdvisor or FlipKey keeping people's deposits. Don't trust either of them.

I posted a review of a Holiday Inn in Charlotte and described how my prepaid reservation wasn't honored and it caused me a major inconvenience as I arrived at 1 am. They comped me one night but said I lost confidence in them. TripAdvisor has withdrawn my review 3 times. First time they said I could not review something I didn't experience. Assume hotel suggested if I didn't get my room how could I file a review. Next time my review was too judgmental. I finally submitted a clean factual account. They said it still didn't meet their standards. I cannot think how I could write my review more objectively. What is up? I believe TripAdvisor has to keep peace with big chains like Holiday Inn to suppress negative reviews. Beware of the reviews you never get to read.

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