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We are a "mature" couple, i.e., in our seventies who wanted to avoid dragging our luggage around to the ticket counters for our four segment rail trip through England. I logged on to the RailEurope.com site and proceeded to purchase our tickets. The website is a confusing horror - thought I had threaded through the maze after the third try and clicked "purchase". My wife's ticket was omitted and the reserved/nonreserved mess and options would try anyone's patience. I immediately called them and asked them to cancel the entire process. Was informed that they would/could not and I would be billed. At the moment my credit card company is trying to extract me from this mess. I don't know why Google allows them on the 'net.

Unfortunately, I bought the Rail Europe Rail Protection Plan that assured me I could make changes to my tickets. Firstly, SNCF (France) and RENFE (Spain) don't recognize Rail Europe as a partner. Secondly, SNCF and RENFE definitely didn't honor their change policy or Rail Protection Plan. I'm out $300 because I booked with Rail Europe. Choose a country other than US when booking through SNCF! Unfortunately, SNCF automatically redirects you to Rail Europe if you mark that you're a US Resident. HORRIBLE AND DECEITFUL.

Don't trust them. After confirming our train days earlier they emailed me on the day stating they no longer had tickets available for us and every other train was booked. They are useless middlemen.

Unfortunately, I happened to visit RailEurope website and found Stockholm to Oslo train with price of $46. I received the confirmation letter with same price. However, few days later, they said due to the market price, ticket price went up to $202 and there are other options something like $50 2nd class or same price with departing at some odd time. I refused to select other options and then they send me the itinerary and confirmation letter with total price of $202+$50+$50=$302. Wonder if this company is normal business unit. Somebody should stop this nonsense site.

These rogues stole over 600 euros from my 2 credit cards, still waiting on my cash back after 3 weeks. This left me short for my holiday which was ruined. I then had to travel to a strange country and waste 200 euros on taxis and another 360 euros on trains I had paid for before I went. Disgraceful service.

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We purchased our France rail tickets from this "travel agent" monopoly several months ago after speaking with a representative. We discussed our exact itinerary at that time and ultimately purchased a 5-day pass. Because 3 of the trips were on TGV, we also made reservations. The first train reservation was made 6 days away from the last. Nothing was ever mentioned, including on the email purchase confirmation that it was 5 days "consecutive." So our return TGV ticket was paid for was worthless as they sold us a ticket for which we can't use and never timely responded to emails, website portal contact or Facebook Messenger chats.

I would not recommend this company and we will never use them again. Better to just book directly with the specific rail service if possible since this company can't do their job well, evidencing why most travel agencies are out or going out of business. Unfortunately RailEurope has a monopoly with several of the European rail companies.

I booked an train from Venice to Rome on 27th of April. When I was at the OTP payment option, the website froze and boot me out of the system. Well, I was shocked by how lousy the system was and went looking through my email for confirmation of purchase. However I saw NO EMAIL regarding the issue, thus I went to contact my bank to cancel the transaction. The bank explained that the credit was on hold and it would not be deducted if the merchant didn't collect it, and it's normal the merchant won't collect the money if product was not sold. Therefore I decided to ignore this matter and waited.

On 5th of May I checked my bank statement. I realize that $80 EUROS was deduced. Therefore, I decided to lodge an complaint for refund as money was deducted without purchase. However the customer service insisted they send me an email on 28th of April and just send me my confirmation letter on the 5th of May. WHAT THE HELL SO LATE? I HAD MADE ANOTHER BOOKING INSTEAD! In actual fact, I didn't receive any email on 28 April. I check inbox, junk mail and spam before I decided to ask for an refund. Even if they did send me an email on 28th April, it was one day late and deem as the sales didn't went through. Their system boot me out which reflects that they are not welcoming of me purchasing from your site. It was the technology glitch that the company should be held account for.

Thus in all circumstances, it was consider a scam. IF I DIDN'T COMPLAIN, I WOULD HAVE PAID YOU MONEY FOR NO SERVICE. However now I am in a situation with double set of rail ticket as Rail-Europe insist of not refunding me for their technical glitch, does not have proof they emailed me and does not reply my email from them on. The million dollar question: Which customer has to "lodge an complain" for a refund before an ticket is issued? Is it an good service? Please show evidence before accusing me and pushing away the blame. Dissatisfied Customer.

I made reservations for train journeys in Italy and paid by credit card. I received a confirmation but shortly afterwards received an email from their fraud department stating that my booking had been cancelled and that any money paid would be refunded to me. No detailed explanation was given... I can only deduce that it was cancelled due to suspected fraud. However, the payment went through my account. A whole stream of emails followed between me and a person with the name of Cijie ** with absolutely no result. The booking was made on 18 April 2016 and as I write this on 12 May 2016, the matter remains unresolved. My advice is... AVOID THIS WEBSITE LIKE THE PLAGUE...

Rail Europe (USA site) is the worst site to get information from. I have received incorrect phone numbers for handicapped services in France. I called several times and was given incorrect information. I attempted to fill out forms that were only available in French and Rail Europe refused to guide me through it, in order to properly fill out the form so that the requested form could be sent. In addition, I received a lot of information from several customer service agents that was incorrect. It frightens me to think that this sole Representative for Rail Europe is so unhelpful.

Be aware of this website, it is a rip-off. I rebooked the train tickets for France and canceled the previous one due to I only could print out 2 E-tickets instead of 6 tickets. They charge me 7% penalty/per ticket plus the booking fee of $7.95. If I go directly to French website (www.sncf.com/en/passengers), their price are mostly lower or the same and they don't charge any booking or penalty fee for the kind of tickets I bought (flexible).

2 days after I bought a ticket for $119, I have got this email from RailEurope: "Thank you for booking online with Rail Europe. Your order has been placed on hold because the requested fare is no longer available. However, we are holding the lowest available 1st class fare for a grand total of $181.95. We are also holding the lowest available 2nd class fare which is $97.95. Please reply to this email within 24 hours to advise us how to proceed." I called them and they said they are sold out. But I check their website and I still get the price as $119.

Do not use RailEurope if possible. I bought a 2nd class rail pass and a ticket from the RailEurope before the start of my journey (at the end of Oct 2015) but mistakenly bought a ticket for 1st class seat. I went to the RailEurope office and informed them of the error. The staff there told me the ticket was invalid, and that I needed to buy another ticket and then to request for refund of the first ticket. I thus bought another ticket from RailEurope, then returned the first ticket and asked for refund (and this request was made at least a week before the start of my journey). But a few days later, RailEurope told me that there would be no refund because I bought the ticket by mistake. That answer was totally unacceptable. They told me the first ticket was invalid - and if so - I paid for nothing. RailEurope ignored my request and even ignored my response that I would tell other travelers about my experience in this case.

Rip off - not full disclosure of additional cost and restrictions. Really impractical/inflexible to make reservations and changes. Cost resulted much higher than buying on the spot. Added stress and frustration.

RailEurope is the worst! We purchased tickets for our recent trip. Paid extra for the protection plan. Our flight was delayed 4 hours so I called to change the tickets per RailEurope's policy (and the only way to exchange tickets), but their offices were closed. They've now denied our claim because we didn't exchange our tickets before departure time. Cost us $333 to purchase new tickets in Paris ---- Do yourself a favor and purchase tickets at the train stations in Europe! It's more convenient, easier to use and you won't get ripped off. #RailEuropeRipOff.

I had purchased five first/second class fare tickets on the Thello overnight train from Milan, Italy to Dijon, France for passage taken in July of 2015. When my family arrived at the Milan train station at 11pm for our passage, we were told that first and second class cars were closed due to no air conditioning and if we wanted to travel on that evening train it would have to be in the economy class cars if we could find a seat. Since we had connecting trains the following morning to complete our journey and not traveling that evening would have made us incur or forfeit another $1,000+, we were forced to board the train and try and find accommodations for our group. We were traveling with our three girls and had paid over $1,000 Dollars for the first/second class passage. We were forced to separate from our girls into two separate cars and my husband and I ended up in a compartment without air conditioning anyway.

The five plus hour journey without air conditioning during the hottest period in Europe that summer caused us to be physically sick when we arrived in Dijon the next morning. The experience was akin to rail travel in a third world country. Upon return back to the US we sought a refund from Thello through RailEurope whom we purchased the Thello train tickets from for either the full fare or the differential between the first/second class fare we purchased and the economy class fare we ended up taking. After several months of fighting with RailEurope and Thello, and RailEurope being completely unresponsive to our request, we received only a $134 refund from Thello. Repeated emails to RailEurope on how they can prove the differential in fare cost is only $134 have gone unanswered. I believe the rail passage in Europe is extremely unreliable, although continues to be very costly to consumers.

RailEurope's lack of response and support in our refund request is unacceptable and should serve as a caution to anyone considering using their firm to purchase rail tickets. You pay a premium to use their service, however receive nothing in regards to customer service or support in return. I would highly recommend against overnight rail travel in Europe, but if you must just purchase the tickets yourself on the rail site and save the additional expense of this unprofessional firm, RailEurope.

On June 1, 2015, Eurostar had to cancel train service to Paris. I bought the ticket on Rail Europe and they will not give a refund. I had to take our group of 4 to Luton to fly to Paris. They keep telling American Express it did not happen but Eurostar gave us documentation about the cancellation and I sent it to them. They tell American Express I did not let them know about it and I have proof of mail delivery to them. I have been on the phone to their "no" customer service line for hours. I do not think it is a real company. DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM RAIL EUROPE. GET THEM FROM EUROSTAR.

Do not even get involved with this pseudo business. No people on the customer care. You wait 3 to 4 hours for one call. It is the biggest scam in the USA. Good for nothing. Pitiful. I tried to communicate on June 14 telling them that due to the Tropical Storm in Houston I will miss my connection and I will never make to the rail station on time. When I arrived in Munich 11 hours later I saw that they called me. There was nothing I could do. 800 numbers do not work from Germany. I had to buy another ticket for 154.00 Euros. Do not try to buy from this company or you will get hurt. If I could, I will give these company a minus 10 stars. They do not have a C.E.O. They have a stupid idiot running the show.

I made a train reservation with Rail Europe on June 19th for a trip to Europe, while making the booking I realized that there was a booking fee and that should have sent up red flags but I continued with the booking. I had to cancel the booking a few days later (on June 22), so I sent an online request to do so, however I tried to cancel the booking on my own online and I noticed that they were only going to refund me 93% of the ticket price. So I emailed again asking for my ticket to not be cancelled thinking I could find a way to make it work rather than lose $17 between the "service fee" and the "booking fee." Of course, they canceled my ticket, although the clarifying email was sent immediately after.

I got mad and sent an email to customer service and nothing. Then I called and asked to speak to a supervisor. I was directed to send an email and of course the same woman who cancel my ticket told me that the refund policy states that you are only refunded 93% of the ticket price. But this is not an accurate explanation of what is stated on the website. When you buy the ticket online, you are charged a "ticket price" and a "booking fee," and the policy states that if you cancel before 2 days of travel you will get a full refund. And then it states that where applicable you are charged a 7% "service fee," but of course it is never clear when this policy is applicable.

So of course, I called to speak to a supervisor again and am told that it was my fault because I did not read the policy in its entirety. The thing is the policy is written so vaguely that there is no way I (or anyone else) would know that under no circumstances are you refunded your full ticket price. This company has the worst customer service I have ever come across and I strongly discourage anyone from using their service.

I bought rail tickets through the Rail Europe website after the French SNCF website basically threw me out and switched to the Australian Rail Europe site. Having found the ticket I wanted, I clicked on it to buy and got a message saying there was a problem with the transaction and I would have to wait until the charge to my card cleared and try again. When I tried again, it worked (magically) but now the price had increased. When I checked on the SNCF website I could see the same ticket was still at the same price and cheaper than it was offered on the Rail Europe website.

I consider this to be basically a bait and switch routine that appears to have quite often. Complained to Consumer Affairs in Australia who did nothing... Now when I book train travel in France I use the SNCF website and just tell it that I am in France or will pick up the tickets in France (they come as a PDF or code anyway, so you don't need a paper ticket), or I have also used the excellent Capitaine Train website which is really simple and works.

When my husband and I were planning our first trip to Europe, we wanted to travel by train to get from country to country. Rail Europe had the most user-friendly website, and without independent knowledge of how to coordinate trains between countries, we assumed Rail Europe would be a good place to use. We were absolutely wrong. After our purchase, everything seemed okay -- we were able to print tickets for England and France at home, and it simply said that when we arrived in Italy we would need to enter our confirmation code to print tickets at the stations. It seemed simple enough. However, when we arrived in Italy, we discovered that all trains were Trenitalia, and that the confirmation codes issued through Rail Europe were invalid.

When we first had the problem, we waited in a long line and nearly missed our train to talk to Trenitalia staff. Multiple staff members became involved in our case, and none could figure out the problem or how to use our confirmation codes from Rail Europe. Despite their best intentions and trying to be helpful, the best they could offer was to sell us a new ticket and ask for a refund from Rail Europe.

We boarded our first train with the instructions from Trenitalia staff to explain the situation and buy a ticket from the conductor when he came by. He never came, so we did not have an issue on this ride. However, in the meantime, we emailed Rail Europe for advice. It was a kind email. When they responded (which was not immediate, so we had to deal with this issue again before we heard from them), they evidently did not read our initial email. We clarified that we did not need a refund, but that the Trenitalia staff didn't know what to do with us except tell us to contact Rail Europe and perhaps get a refund and re-purchase tickets in Italy.

Rail Europe denied us a refund we did not ask for. They also blamed us for nearly missing our train, stating that because we booked the first and second legs ourselves, the 25 minute layover was insufficient so it was our fault. They completely ignored the fact that we could not GET our tickets. They also booked us various trips with multiple legs with much less than 25 min layovers. I was infuriated to receive their response, which not only did not address our concern or offer any solutions, but in fact blamed us for the problem. I responded stating that their response was completely unacceptable and stated that they needed to respond to me urgently, as all the remaining tickets we had were booked in Italy through Rail Europe. They never responded again. My husband and I wasted valuable travel time getting to every Trenitalia station early to see if anyone there might be able to help us. No one could figure it out.

As a result, we rode trains with only receipt/confirmations, but not actual tickets, worrying the whole time that we would be fined for something we could not control. The stress and time this took was ridiculous. Finally, the very last station had a man who figured out how to issue our tickets. Unfortunately, his English was not great so we do not know what he did to make the confirmation codes work. We had to handle the entire thing on our own. I NEVER heard back from Rail Europe, despite various emails including stating that I was completely disappointed and would ensure that review sites heard about their unprofessional, unacceptable practices.

So, buyer beware. Book through Trenitalia directly if traveling in Europe. Someone should penalize Rail Europe for taking money from consumers and not providing the service/ticket that they say they are. I hope someone may read this and it may save you the stress, anxiety, and time that we had to spend trying to resolve it.

You would think you are safe with an e-ticket and your credit card debited. NOT with RailEurope --- This is my story: I arranged a trip first class for my 92 years old mother from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Brussels using RailEurope.com website. First, like many other customers I did not receive any email confirmation. I found that suspicious, and I immediately contact my credit card company. The funds were already debited from my account. The next day, first thing in the morning, called RailEurope. If you have to speak with someone in that company, be ready to wait between 30 to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Finally, when I could talk to someone, they could not find my reservation, and gave me total assurance that they did not debit my credit card someone else did. At that time I was sure to be victim of another spam, phishing or criminal operation. Then tried to book directly with SNCF France. Impossible because from US you can't access those 'green numbers'. After about 12 emails and non-sense reply (like automatic reply that have no relation with your questions) and spent about 3 or 4 hours on the phone to contact customer relations, accounting, etc.. Never got anyone on the phone.

Finally I was advised to redo the booking. I did, And you know what? It works. I got immediately a confirmation and a few minutes later got my e-ticket printed. And the next day I got an invoice pro-format printed also. Great. My mother can travel safely. She is now in the plane between LAX and Paris (probably Greenland or Ireland), and will be in the TGV train in 8 hours. Well, you will not believe that... Just got mail from RailEurope.

"We are here to assist you." "I may have canceled your ticket in booking ** in error." "If this is the case, please purchase a new ticket at the train station...." "I am sorry for any inconvenience this issue may be causing you...." "It is our goal to provide excellent customer service." LOL!!!

Conclusions: With RailEurope, you could have an e-ticket, proof of payment be in a foreign country with a cancelled e-ticket. Is it legal? My advice: Stay away from RailEurope, try booking combo airline + train. Will tell you end of story in few hours.

My bad as I booked tix online and I didn't receive tix. On phone for almost 15 mins. First agent couldn't help resend tix to correct email so on hold for another 45 min. No way to reach anyone or search by reservations unless you have an account which I didn't want one. Will not use site again and high complaints now after looking to post my own. Please do not use this service!

I tried to book a brief trip on the RailEurope website. After giving them my credit card number I clicked on finish and the site informed me that there was a problem with my credit card. I used the online chat and was given a number to contact. After going through the long voice menu I was told that there was a 3 hour wait to talk to a human and they would call me back in three hours. In less than 3 hours I got a call but I was placed on hold. In other words there was still a wait. After about 45 minutes I hung up. My credit card statement indicates that they actually did accept my card and placed the amount of my ticket on hold. I have no ticket or access number for an e-ticket.

I booked a Railpass with RailEurope back in January 20015 for our trip to Portugal and Spain in March through April 2015. In the last week of January, I got my Railpass + seat reservations for Lisbon to Madrid trip. Since the seat reservations for my selected trips in Spain were not up yet, I was advised to call back sometime. I kept calling back, but each time I called, I was told that 2 to 3 reservations were not up yet for purchase. A few more weeks of calling and waiting and again and again, I was told the same thing - one or two reservations were not up yet for purchase.

In addition, I was told by two customer service reps that they will send me an e-mail me as soon as they come up. Liars, not one e-mail was sent! My intention was to book all the reservations at once so that I won't to pay for the courier if I booked 1 or 2 reservations separately. Less than two weeks before our departure and after so many calls, I already felt edgy and suspicious that something was really wrong. I have the Railpass but no seat reservations!

I called again and told the female rep about my situation and what other reps have told me. I said that the Granada to Madrid trip was my big concern because there are only two trains per day, and I would like my family to be on the AM train as we have a connecting trip to Toledo on the same day. I told her that seat reservations were holding me back from buying the rest of the reservations that I needed. After a long wait of being on-hold, she came back to tell me that the train was fully booked. Can you imagine the horror on my face when I heard that!

I explained to her that I had been calling since January to purchase reservations only to be told that the train was full! She was empathetic and all that, but what else can she do! She gave me an alternate route; instead of the direct Granada to Madrid train, we were re-routed to Granada - Antequera - Madrid, which means that we had to leave @ 6:45AM and that we had to pay a new set of reservations as we're switching trains! That was so expensively frustrating to say the least! Long story short, I got the reservations at an extra expense except for one (Segovia - Madrid which I was told wasn't showing in their system). I was able to book it in Spain, no problem!

Not only that...when I was finalizing our tickets/reservations 5 days before our departure, I discovered that I was lacking one reservation for the overnight train from Lisbon to Madrid. I called back and told the rep about the situation. It was remedied, but I just can't imagine how inefficient these people are! Imagine that you have prepared and planned for your trip months before only to be ruined by these reps who are ill-trained! I hope that those customer reps at RailEurope who almost jeopardized my family's trip read this. You have ill-represented this company and, because of this, I won't buy your products anymore.

My son was traveling to France and we thought to buy the rail pass to get from Paris to Angers. He also wanted to travel to Italy to see Rome, but you need reservations on all trains when traveling. After booking the reservation from Paris to Rome, he was told it would be another $350 dollars on top of the $380 we had already paid for the pass. My son decided to take a little bit of risk and fly to Paris and buy the ticket directly at the TGV terminal at CDG. It was no problem, he actually got the ticket for $52 one way and $90 round trip to Angers. The trip to Italy will have to be put on hold, but we now know that buying tickets at the terminals is the way to go.

Don't prepay for your tickets on any website or get a rail pass. It's so much cheaper getting them there. We eventually returned the rail pass and got $303 out of $380 back from Eurail and limited our losses. I'm still pissed about losing $80 and will continue to post my message! Hopefully it will cause many people to not purchase and I can get some satisfaction knowing I've informed the public.

We purchased Eurail Global Pass Flexi in April 2014 in advance of a 90-day trip to Europe. We used Eurail passes several times since our first experience in 1996, and each time they were terrific, providing flexibility and a wonderful travel experience. Unfortunately, this time they were useless. Due to the unavailability of reservations available to Pass holders, we were unable to find reservations that met our travel needs, even when planning several weeks in advance. We were unsuccessful finding reservations on the website and figured we were doing something wrong. We then went to the Ivrea, Italy train station where we activated our passes and were told we had to go to Turin because we were seeking reservations from Turin to Paris.

We were not ready to use our pass yet, so purchased separate train tickets to Turin, where we were told that neither the Italian nor French ticket office could help us and we had to go to a travel agent. We then walked from the train station to a travel agency who was also unable to help us. At that point we ended up purchasing additional tickets for travel from Turin to Paris as we had previously booked a cruise departing from Paris.

Upon return from the cruise we again attempted to find reservations for our passes to return to Turin, but were unsuccessful, so purchased ANOTHER ticket. We searched and searched for other options, and the only one that met our travel needs was FIVE WEEKS away for a one-way trip to Rome to catch our return flight to the US. We continued to search for travel options over the next weeks, but were unable to find reservations that would enable us to utilize more than 2-3 days of our 10-day pass, so we elected not to use the pass at all and purchased ANOTHER ticket from Turin to Rome.

Out attempts to cancel our Eurail reservations to Rome were fruitless. The Trenitalia website was unable to find the booking number, so we AGAIN went to the train station in Ivrea. The ticket office was closed after 12:30 that afternoon due to some sort of labor meeting, so we returned the next day, where we were told we could only cancel the reservations in Turin. This made no sense to us, but the agent was unwilling to help us. We chose not to purchase another ticket to Turin, and therefore we were unable to refund our reservation fee (and, we presume, other Pass holders were unable to secure the reservation and/or Trenitalia missed the opportunity to re-sell the seat to another customer).

We subsequently curtailed our travel plans within Europe and ended up purchasing point-to-point tickets for all the trips we did take. Consequently, we did not use our Global Pass at all. We provided documentation for all of the above issues to the Rail Europe office to request the 85% refund, and were told that although we did not use the tickets AT ALL, they would not refund our money because the tickets had been validated and the Italian organization would not honor the refund. With all of this information and all of our documentation, it seems reasonable that they could have made a management decision and issued a refund. I don't think we'll EVER purchase rail passes again.

I am booking extensive train travel in Europe, and some of it on RailEurope. Their website is buggy and unreliable - different computers or times of searching gave different prices for the same trip. Eventually, I managed to book Swiss travel passes and TGV Tickets from Paris to Zurich. Only to discover that the TGV Tickets were for the wrong type of travel pass. Trying to sort this out has been a nightmare. No phone number to call, emails take over a day to be replied to, refusal to admit any responsibility for a poor website - always blaming the consumer. There are better websites out there, so avoid this one at all costs.

I made an online train reservation for first class on AVE in Spain, but I got a Turista Plus, "middle-class" ticket. The difference is that there is a meal served on first class, but not on middle class. I sent an email of complaint to RailEurope Japan, but did not do anything to help me. If they are professional people, they should be responsible for what happened to me. Whether a meal is to be served or not makes a big difference to me. To make matters worse, they do have any contact address for international customer service. Maybe, they do not care. I am disappointed very much with their unprofessional people and unprofessional service.

I bought a pair of tickets for Paris to Frankfurt and reluctantly chose the postage option since the print @ home option was greyed out. (Later found out it was because I had chosen to pay with PayPal instead of card - for peace of mind!!! - In the first transaction since I was paying for two trips, Milan to Paris and Paris to Frankfurt tickets) Milan to Paris was easy as it was printed at home but lo and behold, the post had lost my Paris to Frankfurt tickets. Despite their tracking system saying it was delivered, I had nothing.

Contacted bookings@raileurope.com and all they could say was those tickets had monetary value, I could not get a refund, and I should buy new tickets. I contacted the post and lodged an investigation with no avail. Called travel insurance only to talk to a guy who was probably on his first day on the job, the whole shebang. All everyone did was send me in loop circles and I gave up.

What I don't understand is these tickets have the traveler's names on it, which should mean these tickets were under the said names and it should not be a problem to just contact the issuer/train company for a reprint of these tickets?! If not, they should have at least fought with me on the post investigation and did everything they can for utmost customer satisfaction. Instead, I am repeating what most people have already said on here and all they did was shrug their shoulders and said TOO BAD. I am located in Australia and the Raileurope office here does not even have a phone number to deal with matters on a more personal level than email. Really disgusting. $200 down the drain.

Very bad website. Though logged, it asked me many times to "log in". Also, does not provide phone numbers for customer service. I have a problem (my wife's name is incorrectly stated) on the booking confirmation received from Rail Europe, but just don't know whom to contact to resolve this. Buyers BEWARE!!!

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