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On a month long trip to France I booked several locations through It was user-friendly and felt secure with many reviews and options especially for cancellations. My experience was not what I expected. My main complaint lies in their policy that does not allow one to leave a review on a location when you do not pay to stay. My situation was I showed up at the location and it was completely unacceptable from odors in the home to a swarm of bees flying in the ceiling on the upper floor where we were booked to stay. I paid the cancellation fee and left. To add insult to injury the will not allow me to review the location because I did not stay there. Catch 22 and not customer supportive. Use another method to book your stays.

I attempted to reserve last remaining room at The Milner in Boston via l chose the room I want no pay till on property room because I must coordinate with other people. It's a work trip not leisure. I clicked appropriate button. I then got confirmation room is non refund room. Within 4 min asked for refund with no fees DECLINED. So disappointing. I understand if I called next day etc, it was 4 minutes. It was an error by and I take the expense. So hard to not book us I g then since they are monopoly of discount sites. Consumers lose again.

A booking confirmation number does not guarantee a room as I discovered today. After a long drive I arrived at the hotel booked via At 22.30 Only to be told no booking had been received and they were full. A phone call to was fruitless as they called back 30 mins later to say they could not find a room in Coventry (U.K.). Fortunately with the help of the receptionist where I should have stayed I found accommodation ironically through A very dodgy place with people with tattooed faces and many of east European origin. Not cheap at £120 per night. Be warned and use with caution or not at all.

When I went to cancel online it said it would cost me one days booking or $67. I contacted the actual hotel, Econolodge in Cartersville, GA. They were great. Said there was no problem canceling and that I would not be charged but to contact because they often will charge for cancellations, not the hotel. I did call to make sure there would be no fee, telling them I had already contacted the hotel and they confirmed there would be no charge. But if you do not call, and you do cancel online, you will be automatically charged! Be careful!

I booked two rooms on one order with free cancellation and I cancelled 5 days before the final date. Despite this, the hotel charged me for one night, claiming I canceled one room and not two. I wrote to and they simply not taking any responsibility. In addition, the information they publish is not reliable and in cases of incompatibility order they are not taking responsibility.

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Myself and my partner wanted to book a weekend away so decided we would use as this is supposed to make this a easy experience searching for the right place. We finally found the correct hotel for us but once we had booked we had very quickly realised that we had selected pay on arrival which means the hotel take the money between that date until we arrived. This did not suit us so we called within that hour to cancel. We have asked for a refund and we have an email to confirm this within 15 days and still no money. We have been patient and waited all that time bearing in mind getting charged for being in overdraft. We have had to call again to then be told 'we are really sorry and you will get this money back in 5 days'.

I have been told over the phone by the customer relation team she will look into my case. I wanted answers there and then to only be told that they have done their job and that I should feel lucky to have the money back in this space of time and most of these cases it takes months. Should feel lucky in this situation... I don't think so! As a customer we have had a month of waiting around for to do their job. The customer service team are not great at communicating and will never book through this company ever again!!! I will also tell everyone I know my experience and this will then be passed to another 10 people. No compensations for a whole month of stress and anxiety. Never again with are crooks. Booked for 7 nights at Riviera, Grand Cayman having seen it priced competitively on Advert on quoted facilities which included bar, restaurant, gym and free use of bikes and boats. Arrived and found no facilities available whatsoever other than one broken and unusable bike. Informed that restaurant/bar had lost its license. During my stay, woke up one morning to be informed that the hotel had been sold and I was required to vacate by midday. I was given cash refund for remaining nights and left to find own alternative accommodation. Subsequently found to have been charged £150 more than the original booking quote which I was nicked was for taxes and additional charges not originally quoted for. may appear cheaper at quote but will sneak in extra charges which make them more expensive in the long run. Very poor/non-existent after care. Avoid these cowboys

I booked a Hotel in London for next May for 1 week. I found a hotel which I liked through and on their website, it had a 65% off as a deal which according to them was going to end in less than an hour. So, having found this good deal, I booked it then I purchased the flights. 2 Days later, I received an email from telling me that there was an error in rates. As I sent them an email explaining to them that when I made the booking, they specifically state that I had locked a good deal. So this means that they do not honor the bind and can change the prices even after you complete the booking. In my case 2 days later. They told me it was an 'obvious' mistake. I'm sorry but how will I know what's an 'obvious' mistake? Not only that, they canceled my reservation without even giving me time if I want to consider accepting the new rates, which I defiantly wasn't going to.

When looking at you will find many places that charge a higher fee for Free Cancellation, and NO FEE needed at the time of booking, BUT read the fine print! Many say your credit card will be charged at time of booking for the FULL amount, or at the least one full day of payment. We first realized this then booking a weekend away in Maleny Qld Australia. We chose the higher fee for the above reasons, only to find within 5 minutes of booking we had an email from the hotel asking for a $70 deposit fee. Clearly a contradiction of what is claiming. Won't use again.

Unable to locate the hotel with GPS. No lobby in the hotel we booked. Permeating smell throughout the building since room was located above a restaurant. The quality of the hotel was below average. Had to go through a back alley to access the room. Cancellation was posted on reservation and I had every intention of staying at the hotel before arriving there but when I saw the accommodations which we unacceptable. I felt unsafe and did nothing to help me. My dealing was with them not the hotel directly which they were representing. Very unpleasant experience. Will never use again. Beware when using this company, they do not help you when there is a problem. I was told the hotel was paid already and nothing they can do.

I have used nationally and internationally for many years. I once had an issue with a hotel saying we had shown up unexpectedly with an extra person when we had booked for three. just assumed I was wrong without questioning and I had to document that I had both booked for three and emailed the hotel directly. So first, they assume the customer must be wrong. That was my experience again recently when I confirmed a hotel in New York with a price including taxes and was then told it did not include taxes. They would not rectify, talked over me on the phone and hung up when I tried to talk. This might have been a website glitch, but they are either incompetent or crooked--and don't care much about customer relations.

I was charged £800 because of problem with system failure but they did nothing about it. For my toddler daughter fell ill so we had to cancel a 15 days holiday hence the booking with hotel Amadeus Royal Berlin, so I cancelled on time as stated by the hotel policy. I got a message on the website stating that the booking has been successfully cancelled so I was satisfied. A day before the booking my calendar reminded me that I have a booking the following day. When I went back to, the booking was still intact. I called the hotel and the receptionist only spoke German so she could not understand or she pretended she did not understand. Then I called explaining the situation but they totally ignored the system having a fault and left the problem with the hotel. The hotel is so ruthless that they did not even let me speak with the GM or responded to my calls or emails.

I was willing to provide the evidence that my daughter was indeed ill but it meant nothing to the fully booked hotel because they got some extra cash for the month. Emergency cancellations can happen at the last minute. There is a reason why emergency is called emergency. Both the hotel and has acted shamefully given my circumstances were genuine and uncontrollable. I did not cancel my hotel for a better deal, I just could not make my holiday. I am still waiting for a reply from I was also given the impression that the hotel is looking into the matter and waiting for the reservation dept. I was still waiting for a response and my booking was cancelled without my consent the day after. It is simply not an ethical. I was even willing to pay some of the nights but no they had to keep my £800 in full. So that is my annual holiday done for this year. I hope both hotel and have a great year.

Booked a one night stay in Niagara Falls within walking distance to all attractions due to the fact my 74 year old mother isn't able to walk long distances. I checked the rating of the hotel that I booked through and all the ratings said great location. The room we stayed in was unclean and in terrible disrepair and there was a party with loud thumping music directly above with people coming and going all night.

As if that wasn't enough, my friend, who decided to take the first shower in the early morning (since we all got very little sleep) was repeatedly being scalded due to the fact the water would randomly turn hot. Needless to say, my mother and I didn't even get to shower. I have since received a credit to my satisfaction from the hotel. has contacted me to ask me to rate my experience and the ONLY question asked is how I would rate the location! There is no other way to rate the hotel that we stayed in (i.e. cleanliness, experience, etc.). Wow, I will NEVER book with again. What a scam.

Stay away from this online money guzzler... They will book you in the worst places disgusting shabby hotels on the planet and when there is the slightest problem you would be left on own your own to deal with whomever the crooks they sell rooms for.

I booked one night at Kondalilla Eco Resort just north of Brisbane on which was $270/night. I decided to book an extra night so contacted the place directly who were happy to book me for the regular price of $220/night. I couldn't believe that added $50 to the regular booking price for doing next to nothing. That's highway robbery! Use to find a place but then make the booking by contacting the place directly.

After checking into a hotel that was clearly not what we had booked we left and demanded a refund. They refused to refund our money and were not willing to let us speak to a supervisor. Will never use this service again.

I have booked two visits to the hotel I've visited before having booked with In the past, I've paid at the hotel in local currency using a credit card which I keep specifically for overseas use. For these latest visits, I thought I was being asked to give any card number merely to secure the booking, NOT to make advance payment, and so I used a different card. The upshot is that payment has been taken in advance of the stays using the wrong card and I've been charged nearly £30 for currency exchange. My own fault for not reading the small print but it would have seemed more honest if this change of policy had been signposted by

I booked a room in Germany through The paid receipt I received says "Change or Cancel Anytime!" which in fact is why I use booking sites rather than do it myself, because I need this policy. When I went to drop one day from the reservation (still a month in advance of the reserved date) I was told I could not. I sent them a screenshot of the receipt and they said I should have known that meant I would have to pay full price to change or cancel the reservation. I will never use them again. There are plenty of booking sites that actually have and honor such a policy of changing in advance without a fee. Oh and the complaint process required multiple phone calls and emails. Use Expedia.

Booked a room in London. Headline rate was £280 for 2 night. Billed £230 over two separate charges from property's agent, an extra £50. Queried with and advised it was a standard cleaning fee. Thought there must be an error and that it was a higher charge for excessive cleaning (unlikely as travelled alone and am currently pregnant so hardly a party animal). Made the point and was told that it wasn't for specialist cleaning it was just a standard charge.

My argument was that it should be included in the room rate. Was told it is in fine print. Checked fine print and it is listed in the section for Deposits and Bonds. Now in the UK as long as there is no damage both of these items are refundable or not charged at all... so why is a fixed standard fee put here and not in the room rate? Raised with customer service. Pointless, advised they are legally able to put fixed costs under 'Deposits and Bonds Section' and for the advertised rate and 'total price' NOT to be the total price. As a comparison site is unreliable as you cannot trust the headline room rate or the 'total price quoted'.

Me and my family planned our travel to London a year in advance to avoid any unnecessary trouble during the trip as we are to travelling with our 1 year old daughter and our 60 year old mother. Unfortunately we made a HUGE mistake choosing BOOKING.COM and CITY MARQUE to handle our accommodation. We booked a service apartment with the address 21 Lower Marsh Waterloo, London for the dates September 19, 2016 to September 23, 2016 and paid in full before our scheduled travel. We called the customer service hotline once we reached the apartment to get some help, as we cannot access the digital door of the apartment (while we were waiting outside the apartment with our baby and mother). We were shocked when the customer representative informed us that they emailed us about the cancellation our booking on the day of our flight!

We tried to reasoned that we did not get to read the email as we do not have access to our email during the flight, to our dismay CITY MARQUE didn't even bother to booked/transfer us to a different hotel/apartment and asked us to booked our accommodation on our own expense. Same goes with the as they offered no help at all. In addition to our disappointments, both CITY MARQUE and BOOKING.COM makes it really hard for us to get the refund for the cancelled booking. Will appreciate if anyone can give us any suggestions how to deal with CITY MARQUE and BOOKING.COM with regards to refunds of cancelled booking and poor service.

Made a reservation for wife getaway weekend. Got confirmation and explained I can't cancel without paying. Many hours later got email saying "sorry not sorry but you don't actually have a reservation". Good luck finding something. They will lie to you!!!

Made a reservation at Gaylord Palms Resort for one of my employees and paid for the room. When my employee showed up with his family he was told that the reservation was confirmed but payment was not made. I paid direct off the phone with the resort. This was the worst experience!

I did get reservation for two night at the Hampton Inn in Queens, via The price was set and clear. When I asked to check out at the hotel, the front desk lady pressed a button and told me that I have been charged to my credit card and that they would email my statement. I asked for a hard copy and got one. I discovered they had charged me more for the second night. These charges were not in accordance with the shown price. The front desk lady would not change the bill even when I showed her the Booking papers. She stated that she could not determine what Booking price was about. I had to catch a flight so I could not do more on the spot. I have tried to find a website or a procedure to make my complaint at the against the hotel, but strangely I can not find this anywhere.

My family and I have been using for national and international travel for over 6 years. None of us have ever had a problem, every detail has been precise and accurate. We always book refundable rooms as that way there is no issue. It is up to the consumer to be aware and do the right thing and then you will have no problem. I know if a hotel says non-refundable then that is what it means. Only once did we have one unclear issue and that was cleared up for us in record time by I would use them any time. P.S. I am a retired senior and do not work for

This is the second time I have experienced this problem and I am fed up with an unhelpful company. On two separate occasions I have booked a room and the total has changed after I have submitted my credit card number. The first time it was double the advertised rate because of an extra person fee, the room was $120 and the extra person fee was $120 which was not disclosed until after I received my receipt in an email. Today the rate I booked was $123 and when I received email confirmation it is $146. These people are crooks. quoted me one price $98.70 for 10-day stay at Wyndham Albrook hotel in Panama City, Panama. This price for my stay was accurate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. Weekday prices were $105.30.

I searched for accommodation in Sydney. And when comparing prices and locations, I booked somewhere for a total price of AUD$ 400. For my surprise, when I got my visa bill, it was $793. Apparently does not show the total price. There was some fine print saying there was an additional $155 cleaning bill and $55 service fee. When I contacted the accommodation, they said that they have asked to include the full charge of the accommodation, not additional amounts in the fine print. Sucks, as we would not have booked it if we had known upfront!!! Will not be using again.

I booked a hotel room on Tybee Island, Georgia to celebrate a friend and my father's birthday. I did not pay the extra money for a reservation that allowed for cancellations. Here comes Hurricane Matthew barreling towards the East Coast. Even though my reservation did not allow for cancellations, the customer service representative I spoke with received permission to offer me the option to either change my reservation or cancel it. Obviously our travel plans are peanuts compared to the lives and well-being of everyone in this hurricane's path, so I feel rather petty for worrying about getting a refund for a hotel reservation. But I am grateful they were able to help.

I made a reservation with to stay at the Hyatt Roseville in California September 25-28. The reservation was for 3 days; however, I had a family emergency and had to cut the stay by one night. The Hyatt was happy to cancel me but said it was up to to reimburse me. So I emailed It took them almost a week to get back to me and when they did, they said that it was up to the Hyatt to decide if they would reimburse me and that they would have to check and get back to me. It has been a week and so far no one has gotten back to me. I have emailed to no avail.

Meanwhile, they want me to edit my review on my stay at the Hyatt (why?) because it does not meet their guidelines and they keep sending me more offers. Please!!! I do not want any more offers until they can address this issue of mine. I'm tempted to give it 2 stars but I'm talking about $200 and I just think I should have been contacted by now. OK... 2 stars for the actual service, 1 star for response time.

I searched on to book a hotel in Boston October 28-30, 2016. I found what appeared to be a decent rate at Milner Hotel Boston - which I booked but read a few bad reviews and decided I didn't want to chance it. I found another hotel on (Club Quarters Hotel) and booked there. I went to cancel the Milner Hotel and said they couldn't do it but the hotel might... Might? I contacted the hotel and they said would have to cancel it. Neither are being cooperative. My credit card has a pending charge of $471.76 for a hotel I CANCELLED!

The explanation given is that I was offered at 10% discount... 10% and they want to charge me $471.76 for a hotel that has bad reviews and for which I cancelled in less than a minute of booking. The hotel is now saying (through mind you) that they will not cancel without a full 100% penalty. This is unreal. How can they treat customers this way? I intend to troll and comment on both and the Milner Hotel Boston until I am fully refunded.

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